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Archives: November 26, 2007

Giuliani: Ease Burdens on Business

Kilbuck police disbanded

Paul Krugman:Winter of Our Discontent

In Island Village Of Kivalina, AK Natives Prepare To Leave As Beaches Disappear Under Rising Seas

Nature - Hudson Bay Census Shows Youngest, Oldest Polar Bears Died First In Early Melt Years

My Grandma the environmental "alarmist" :D

Starbucks to distribute used coffee grounds for gardens

Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Hit New Record In 2006 - AFP

US company plans to expand India profile

Returned refugees still in danger in Iraq (asylum-seekers ousted from UK)

US obtains Swiss records and flies in British witness in BAE investigation

Natural disasters have quadrupled in two decades: study

Short of Money, G.O.P. Is Enlisting Rich Candidates

Bolivian protesters clash with police, storm jail

Ex-black militant becomes Eagle Scout (Cleveland Sellers-Orangeburg Massacre)

Armed Forces Face 'Failure' In Afghanistan

Howard's official website suspended

Pressure for Results: The Politics of Tallying the Number of Iraqis Who Return Home

Two arrested in ‘Baby Grace’ case

Huckabee: America enslaved to Saudi oil

New York Manhole Covers, Forged Barefoot in India

Military training program for teens expands in US

Chavez to Freeze Relations With Colombia

What John F. Kennedy Might Have Said To George W *

my friend was cutting a holiday sausage tube

Snickerdoodle Time!!

Marge Simpson is the worst person in the world!!!

Guys! Just in time for the office Christmas party

Go Pats!

Have you ever mistaken a dream for an actual event?

Simpsons SPOILER

I'm tired and cranky. Whose lap do I curl up in?

Help! I am getting a Spartan warning

Help! I am getting a Mesopotamian warning.

Home Makeover Has Helped 100 Families

I don't fucking care what you say

tales of the toddler.

Aunts and uncles

Help! I am getting a Mycenaean warning!

Dear online retailer, this may shock you, but I do not wish to pay $27 to ship a $30 item.

Paula Deen is on Iron Chef!

Smoothie recipes?


When did Shark Week jump the shark?

Damn nicotine withdrawl...

Did anyone watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition tonight?

I'm not mentioning any names, but a certain writer who lives near me put a curse on my bike

$3.8 Million for unpopulated 1-house Texas town


What sort of gift is good for -1-year olds?

"A Christmas Story" was just on TNT, but it's re-running again

i really want to expose myself

I found this LOL cat

Anybody got a kickstand?

For Christmas.... I mean the holidays...

My kitty is awesome but..... my hands are scratched up

What is with all the post whoring going on?

Do you ever slur your posts?

I'm callin out lost-in-nj

OK Who keeps recommending the posts!?!?!?!?!

When did '21 Jump Street' jump the shark?

This song is so fucking sad

WOW did this weekend SUCK... SO glad it's OVER

What are yout favorite charities? (since this is the time of giving)

Screw The Patriots. Da Bears Win in OT!

Mexico to spend millions to protect Monarch butterflies

A question regarding pornographic films and penis size [NOT A SEX THREAD]

I know when Laverne and Shirley jumped the shark

I buy my christmas things all year long...that way I don't ruin my bank account and do NOT have to

How's this for a 'Sniglet'? "Interette's Syndrome"

What the hell is with that banner ad along the top '100% Certified Christian Singles'?

I have this job tomorrow... and I don't know whether to look forward to it or not.

I killed a tree today

I killed a mouse today - why do I feel so sad and guilty?

I have a DU forum question...

"Cold Mountain"

When did Shark jump the shark?

When did the Brady Bunch jump the shark?

Does this sound mean? A question regarding penis pumps [NOT A SEX THREAD]

When did Jaws jump the shark?

If I were married to Jessica Alba, the LAST f**king thing I'd want is for her to turn INVISIBLE...

If it was announced that aliens live among us, which celebrity would you suspect?

Here's a screencap of a droll pair of topic headings from a few minutes ago

Is there anyone who DOESN'T want to sleep with Marcia Brady?

i have a really good idea for a ben stiller vehicle

Who is Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

Anyone watch Dexter on Showtime?

i have a really good idea for a ben stein vehicle

OMG I am watching Extreme Makeover Home edition!

What do you consider to be the best way to deliver...

Patriots 11-0

My roommate has dropped out of grad school and moved home.

When did the NFL jump the shark?

Somewhat dorky confession:

"Schlong"-- the origins of the word...

What sort of gift is good for 0-year olds?

Question about those plants that eat bugs...

Post Your Screams Here!!!!!!!

How come every time you come around.. my London, London bridge want to go down

State your case: why should I take you off my ignore list?

Is there anyone who DOESN'T want to sleep with Tom Brady?

Have you ever mistaken an actual event for a dream?

The American President - Nice Speech - Sometimes I Just Love My Naivite !!!

NBC Report on Violence against Iraqi Women

"Michele's Farm" starring Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann

Support Kucinich: System of a Down - Aerials

The Siege: Denzel's Anti Torture speech (1998)

Expectations and Delusions in Iraq and Afghanistan

Missed Point Award: "Will Congress meet the Smithsonian's desperate funding needs?"

Sad day son leaving for the Air force tomorrow

Cost Is Key Concern For Schwarzenegger Plan Requiring Californians To Have Health Insurance

Okay, Christmas shopping is done!

Neocon POS Riichard Perle Discusses His Dinner Parties --->>>

I buy my christmas things all year long...that way I don't ruin my bank account and do NOT have to

Wow, I found out this weekend that the majority of my family is really racist

Who is Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

Interesting test - fascinating article.

Gore for Kucinich

Call it whatever the hell you want to.

the simpsons are taking HUGE shots at fox noise

Race and IQ

Bushbot 'Fanny-pack' finally explained ..... (pic)

Middle-income blacks are downwardly mobile. Why?

Obama's Campaign Just Offered Me a Job!

Need A Little Bit of Research Help...

Kucinich and Naomi Wolf will be on KPFK Monday morning

Ed Mayne, Utah State Senator and President of the AFL-CIO Utah, has died.

State of Human Rights in US 'Appalling'

Iraqi Shiite leader defends Iran from US charges

Could You Have Passed the 8th Grade in 1895? ...Take a Look:

Two arrested in ‘Baby Grace’ case

Here's a wingnut (Jack Kelly) who says were winning in Iraq

If Social Security goes bust, shouldn't student loans be forgiven?

Minorities hit hardest by U.S. housing crisis

Let's celebrate, MAY we? Our Aussie bloods threw HOWARD out!1 n/t

If you MUST shop, drop a buck or two at Sears.

Archbishop of Canterbury blasts US over Iraq.

***Urgent question: Christmas break and recess appointments ***

Old Man Thompson He LOVES Him Them GUNS ---pix--->>>

Stench of conspiracy at BAE Systems -- US obtains Swiss records and flies in British witness

Now that quite a bit of time has passed , what was the point of hanging

The real war on Christmas

"The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush"

This article from the Guardian says it all: A "Lost Decade". For Australia. For us, too.

Salon: The Republicans Who Would've Impeached Bush?

Saudi Says Rape Victim Was Adulteress

New Aussie PM vows to tackle Iraq policy (withdraw troops)

Condaleeze Rice hopes to rewrite legacy with mideast conference

NCLB and dentistry

Hey, don't forget, Keith O on the Simpsons tonight! nt

A plan to fix 'dropout factories'

What are your favorite charities? (since this is the time of giving)

Senator Clinton, former President Clinton, NAFTA, Perot, etc...

170 people killed in Pakistan by 1 year old infant strapped with bombs

Creating lifelong readers

It's rather frightening and disturbing...

Advocates for the homeless plan a ''sleep-in'' at the site of the televised GOP debate.

Are a majority of die-hard pro-War folks Racists?

Thrown in a garbage can at birth - now a law student

They say I am one of the ideological purists

What Americans REALLY need

Of birds and ..... well, of bees...

Reading matters...

Why can't Dems say, ''We support troops by bringing them home and protecting them from future...

Comic book from the 1950s predicts Bush energy policy.

If everyone stopped shopping...

Where are the Headlines! McClellan Points to Bush-Cover Up Collins/Scoop

Who ARE You People?

Soliciting clarification from Edwards supporters.

Tell us your first 3 choices, in order of preference

it's official, there IS a Bushbot.......(pic)

Telegraph UK: America Hates Hillary Clinton and Co

In February 5 States, Clinton Still On Top

Are you an advocate of party loyalty, or an advocate of asinineness?

Does this constitute extortion:

Without An Enforcement Mechanism, Clinton's "Mandate" is Optional

Biden: U.S. has no credibility until Iraq situation is resolved

Another Iowan Endorses Biden - Fayette County Chair

Well, today I saw them collecting signatures to split the Calif. electoral votes

By Hillary Clinton's logic, another Clinton Presidency would be in violation of the 22nd amendment.

Which candidate do you consider to be the most electable? (General Election)

Just heard republican Ron Paul's campaign ad on Air America - XM radio.

Was Perot right?

Is there a current Democratic presidential candidate who is NOT Christian?

I love kucinich but I'm not sure about this (re: ron paul)

LOL. Earlier today someone asked in jest if Hillary is in with the Illuminati

Clinton Glory

Our Repug paper did a front page

We may not agree with Ron Paul...

Founder of "Largest Southern California" online site for Obama abandons Barack for GOP

Oh God, please make it stop!

Obama addresses urban issues in Iowa (message to inner city youth: "Pull up your pants!" )

Thankgiving visit leads to politics and reflections on these complicated times

It's Kucinich Time!

Let's not.........

I encourage my fellow Obamites to give some dough to Joe Biden.

MUST SEE! Lapdogs of the Corporate Press

"I'm thinking about Ron Paul" as a running mate - Kucinich

Paul/Kucinich and deciphering bullshit stories and sloppy reporting

Hillary 2nd largest recipient of health care industry contributions...

Front Page Story on Drudge about Hillary having a lesbian affair with her assistant

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"You need to embrace Christ precisely because you have sins to wash away"

Sen. Obama's Shifting Positions On Health Care For All

Iraqis Detail Shooting by Guard Firm

Forging new bonds for the left

Jay Rosen| A World Made More Opaque: Why Scott McClellan Had His Job

Smoking gun against Iran?

Death and Sedition in Bolivia!

AlterNet: 120 War Vets Commit Suicide Each Week on Average

Guardian UK: A decade of John Howard has left a country of timidity, fear and shame

NY Times: Trying to Guess What Happens Next (How Bad Could the Economy Get?)

Is Our Worship of Consumerism and Technology Making Us Depressed?

Ann Coulter's holiday loneliness and anger drinking peaks early

The Just-Nominated Second in Command at the DOJ Helped Bush Steal Florida in 2000 and Clerked Under

THE UFOs Are Back at the Post (literally)

UK Guardian: US meddling in Russian elections, Putin claims

Chavez: Colombia Relations on Ice

It's none of your goddamn business, George!


Ask Rockridge: Ending the Amnesty for Abusive Employers

Resurrecting the Star Chamber

Larry Johnson: Did Security Contractors Kill Colonel Westhusing?

Impeachment is Back on the Table

American-backed killer militias strut across Iraq

Ex-girlfriend is killed after 'no' to TV proposal (UK)

Well folks looks like the national campaign has already begun

Was Ross Perot Right (and Hillary wrong)?

Reckoning: The Economic Consequences Of Mr. Bush

Stunned by Lack of Outrage, Not Outrageous Acts

Huckabee: America Enslaved to Saudi Oil

America hates Hillary Clinton and Company

The Myth of the Oil Weapon

NY Times: Australia’s Path Bends Away From U.S.

NYT editorial: You’re Eating That? "Agencies to protect consumers whittled to incompetence."

Spinning Chávez

Targeted Growth and Green Earth Fuels Make Deal to Produce Camelina-Based Biodiesel

Part 1: What To Do With All This Waste? (biofuel)

Offshore R.I. wind power projects proposed

Xcel solar power plan catching on

'By 2020, fuel oil and diesel won't be used in Israel'

Waitresses Save Environment with Pin-Up Calendar

U.S. Global Climate Change Policy

China: Wind Power's New Force

Nuke to the Future

There are many simple things the Auto Co's can do to improve mileage- example: the Turbo

THE MAGLEV: The Super-powered Magnetic Wind Turbine

The criminal insanity of biofuels

Smarter energy storage for solar and wind power

Al-Qaeda Kingpin: I Trained 9/11 Hijackers

Smoking gun against Iran?

PR pageant officials probe pepper spray

President Of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili Resigned

Morales Leads March in Bolivia

Bush lends heft to Mideast peace talks

Iowa's political primacy pays off in federal dollars and influence

Obama discusses racial inequities

Iraqis may offer US deal to stay longer

(Trent) Lott to Retire by End of Year

The permanent Republican majority:Part one: How a coterie of Republican heavyweights sent a governor

New Australian MP gets to work

Iraq Kurds defy Baghdad on oil deals

Indiana pioneer congresswoman: I have terminal cancer

Giuliani Firm Fights for Washington Money He Vows to Eliminate

Microsoft Loses Bid To Overturn $142 Million Patent Judgment

Democratic Convention Throws Door Open to Bloggers

Putin slams "foreign interference" in Russia vote

US, Iraq deal sees long-term US presence

US, Iraq deal sees long-term US presence

Reckoning: The Economic Consequences Of Mr. Bush

Cheney - irregular heartbeat

Media Overhyping Iraqis' Return Home?

America hates Hillary Clinton and Company

In Cleveland, 6,000 apply for 300 Wal-Mart jobs

Supreme Court rejects Ala. death row challenge

Giuliani wants US to promote democracy

Cheney experiencing "Irregular heartbeats"

Representative Julia Carson Has Terminal Lung Cancer

Military wants more views on Iraq reports (say too much emphasis on Patraeus)

Bin Laden message 'to be aired'

'Reading Eagle' Gets Documents About National Guard Recruiters Altering Papers

Official: Insurgent disguised as bride held

Clinton: I have best chance against GOP

Bush, Maliki sign Iraq-US relations plan

Citigroup planning major job cuts-CNBC (estimated 17,000 - 45,000 jobs)

Markets plunge on credit woes

Leading Democratic Presidential Candidates Won’t Cross Picket Line

Oil prices edge higher after briefly surpassing US$99 a barrel on cold weather

Sen. Trent Lott to resign

Flight logs reveal secret rendition

Cheney has irregular heartbeat

Liberal Texas bloggers mustering political power

Regional airlines lower bar for pilots

2007 Is Warmest Year Yet for Hemisphere

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 26

Gore meets Bush, declares it 'cordial... substantive'

House Armed Services Committee leaders warn of “national crisis” in military readiness

Saudi official rules out handshake with Israelis

Blackwater probe stifled by conflicts

Nasty words to columnist (Ann Coulter) hit home

Chretien tells TV host he believes U.S. invasion of Iraq was for oil

Rejected math book raises brows

Fed Plans Liquidity Injection

US capital has severe HIV epidemic, report finds

Another Bogus 'Press Conference' Revealed, This Time at Homeland Security

Atlanta Hospital in Grave Condition

97 women burnt to death, 27 others killed in Kurdistan region in 4 months

Musharraf to quit army 'this week'

Bush opens Oval Office to Gore: 'Photo opportunity'

Democratic Candidates Look Good

Al-Qaida's media wing says it will soon release a new message from bin Laden

Gunmen slaughter 11 relatives of Iraqi journalist

New poll shows Clinton trails top 2008 Republicans

Gates says war on terrorism needs more help from U.S. civilians

Talk about a LETDOWN...Playboy's latest CyberGirl of the Week is...former first lady Barbara BUSH???

Tonight's remastered Star Trek: Space Seed

As God as my witness...I thought lizards could fly.

Two CUTE animal pictures!!!!!!!!

I killed the news today - oh boy.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 11/26/07

How many fingers am I holding up?

I'll be back in a couple of weeks.

Worst managers in the NFL?

Why can't I be 18 again?

My dog is 83% less stinky today!


why cant we get an 18+ lounge?

Tell me why I can't eat a live gerbil?

Quarterstaffs don't kill people. People kill people.

19 days till I'm a...

Today is Cyber Moday.

Banks have phones and computers, right?

Have a Greta morning everyone!

Oh man am I going to miss my nap today


How many people do you know in Iraq?

Delmarva Electric can kiss my ass if they think I'm gonna pay that charge

I killed time today - why do I feel so sad and guilty?

Here's some odd spam from Valentin in Russia

Heart/will of a champion- Miss PR wins pageant despite pepper spray sabotage attempt

No Joke! look what the Brazilians are up to

You know it's cold when...

If you like a funny story, beer, or hilarious satire --READ THIS

8,000,000,000,000,000 soccer fans die after stadium bleacher collapses

I'll give you $20 if you come over and do my laundry

Which is better....Keeping up with the Kardashians or...

No, you don't actually "choke" a, TRUST me, there's really not a chicken at all.

Anyone here a fan of the book "Fantastic Mr. Fox" by Roald Dahl....

WISCONSIN Man Shoots Pet Goat After His Wife Refuses To Buy Beer

Is going home for the holidays depressing for you?

Reasonable expectations on gifts to/from in-laws?

Reveal you travel profile

My town's recycling center held onto a check for 3 months

Hitler first gained office with 35% of the vote

Homemade Poetry!

The Miami Dolphins should have gone out on top and retired in the early 70's.

There can be only ONE!!

My dog. I think I'll keep him.

Happy Birthday to Tina Turner! 68 years young today!

Well, it's finally here: it's November 26. Time for all of you to sod off.

When will this day be over?

Video: Skateboard guy heads for railing and has a crash landing on the family jewels

"The Lorax" LIVES!!! it's real

Anagrams are fun

Battlestar Galactica: Razor - very intense and very good (no spoilers)

Ya like it?

A question for those who have seen Blue Man Group.

Hey, let's be prayerful out there.

Have you ever been attracted to someone and then find out s/he plays for the other team?

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss to tour in 2008.

Happy Late Birthday lost-in-nj

After 10 months of insured treatment my sister's insurance company

What's hot? Barbara Eden tied up, that's hot!

I swear to the flying spaghetti monster...

I'd forgotten how kinky Batman was

I think Mary Anne baked all of those coconut cream pies for Gilligan because she had intimacy issues

"Author Jenna Bush"

i want some venison sausage:

That "Simpsons" episode where Marge "disapproves" of Itchy & Scratchy

South Dakota town may rename Hooker St.

I'm taking applications for ignore

If you mated

A Post Thanksgiving Family Tale

so many things to worry about

This year cost of gifts in ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ rises to $78,100

Well our team didn't win the national championship but we had a great time in Florida

I'm considering canceling my cable tv .. the price goes up and the service goes

Attorney General Gives Out Phone-Sex Number In Press Release

When did SHARK jump the shark?

I found out the other night that I have been saying a word wrong

i want a small portable dish washer

Junior giant: Shock for 5ft-tall mother who gave birth to a 14lb 8oz baby boy

tree in yard, son on swing

i want some veinna sausage:

i want some veiny sausage

Help Finding a Rock Song

Kevin DuBrow (lead singer of Quiet Riot) has died.

This appalls me

A vainy sausage

Dumb Question: Do Pheromones work?

Did everyone see Keith Olbermann on the Simpsons last night?

If Vincent Price, Charlton Heston or Will Smith were the last man on Earth....

Lots And Lots Of Trains!

If you can provide home delivery of beef flaps check in here!

Well, tis the season to be Merry. one is donating to the office toy drive

3 brazilian applicants show up for 12 Walmart jobs in...

So what's going on at the Food Network?

2 million applicants show up for 12 Walmart jobs in...

Can you think of an indirect way to beg off participating in the office's secret Santa thing?

When you absolutely, positvely gotta have a movie bad guy, I suggest...

"Heroes" Hayden Panettiere is GQ's Obsession of the Year- PICS

If you can provide home delivery of veiny sausage check in here!

I am a human, I have been one since I was born. nt

Hawthorne Heights Guitarist Casey Calvert Dies Of Unknown Causes

SO...Hulk Hogan lied about being "surprised" by his divorce. Color me effin' STUNNED.

Does anyone else miss Kudzu threads?

did i really see an ad for a new "American Gladiators" show on NBC last night?

UPS - please use the buzzer. People might be home!

so I'm buying a macbook this weekend

Celeb sightings over the long weekend.

I'm forever blowing bubbles

Opinions on tankless water heaters?

I'm baked, anybody got any pie?

How can retail sales be "up"

I think my radiators need to be bled. Should I do this myself,

Do You Ever Wonder?

my post in Computer Help group...

A short true story about rissoles:

Should I return the extra hard drive, mouse, or both?

table for 5, please...dream dinner for fun:

How can I become one of those people to whom the law doesn't apply?

Some pictures from NY...DIAL UP WARNING

If you're NOT on my ignore list, then I will reply to your reply in this thread.

Science Fiction

Audio Al Discusses: Romancing The Girl Guinea Pigs

For Red Sox Fans:)..................

I haven't started a thread in a while

Cheney has irregular heartbeat

Some good vibes, please.

TEACHERS... here's an interesting video

If anyone can come to my home and get some of my veiny sausage, check in here!

I used to post here a lot. Now I eat crackers & meet bands.

Your day could have been worse.

Why do weather people say it's going to snow, when there's a 30% chance?

GD sucks

Tyra Banks is afraid that if you wake up next to her and see her real hair you won't call her again

How frugal are you?

On a scale of 1-5 how funny do you find constant thinly veiled sexual innuendo?

Making grown up decisions

The worst part of Thanksgiving is there is never ever EVER...

Random skills

I'm A Frickin' Klutz!!!!!

Awright! I am going out for a few hours. When I get back there had better be

What's the best way to take an old bumper sticker off your car?

A funny Irish joke.

Potential slow response/down time tonight

What sort of gifts do you give a BNL?

I've never laughed so hard at a dead chicken in all my life.

Ron Paul endorsed by Nevada brothel owner

I havent killed a thread in a while.

My daughter did her part on the WOC.....

BREAKING: Washington Redskins Safety Sean Taylor Shot At His Home Last Night

I think Jimmy Page should stick with the gray hair

In which fictional, fantasy or cartoon universe would you like to live?

So I baked my first pie ever

I really was born.


Who's your longest-standing internet friend?

APTERA Diesel-Electric Hybrid Car On Sale Now! (Title of Article) You really can only reserve it.

Rolling Stone's "25 Best Live Albums"...Yes, NO, maybe...

DUers check-in: The offical war on Christmas season has now begun....

Shea Butter - Has anyone ever used it much before??

Strangest thing you've done while sleeping

Is the "Elvis was abducted by aliens" joke EVER funny?

"Personal foul, 69, offense. He was giving him the business. Replay the down."


What sort of gift is good for 52-year olds? 60 year olds?

Gathering good vibes for my kitty...

Adm.: Shiites behind recent Baghdad violence

Sgt. reported missing along Oregon coast

Backtalk: Hold contractors accountable

Many missions, one command

Comfort mission: Public health or public relations?

Hill F-16 pilots working the night shift

Guard unit feels pinch of doctor shortage

Air assault nets 13 suspected insurgents

Gen.: Training is key to war in Afghanistan

Strong yen dipping into troops’ pockets

Taxis to cap some rates, use dollar-based fares

Dogs therapeutic for recovering soldiers

Germany-based personnel unit goes to Iraq to ease GIs’ transition

Senator: Stop harassing wounded about bonuses

Fort Huachuca Was Targeted for Attack

Disabled veterans jeered at swimming pool

Fake out: Officer faces jail for phony medals

my 116th ltte-thanksgiving and supporting our returning vets

New UAV Raven B increases airmen’s vision

Commissaries not immune to weak dollar

One on One - Madeleine Albright - 24 Nov 2007 - Part 2

One on One - Madeleine Albright - 24 Nov 2007 - Part 1

Dodd Asks GOP Candidates about Restoring the Constitution

This is a must see We are under attack... and the time is near.


Kucinich Campaign Update 11-26-07

Fred Thompson Says Fox News Biased

Douchebag John Kasich interview Naomi Wolf about American gulags on Faux

John Edwards - "Born" TV Ad - South Carolina

Truer words have never been spoken...

Trent Lott resignation speech

Olbermann voices himself on "The Simpsons"

LGBT where is the anger?

State your case: why should I take you off my ignore list?

Two CUTE animal pictures!!!!!!!!

Looked up word phonetic orthography in 8th grade test

This is a question about Indian blood

Lies, scares and deception on FISA by Dan Fejes

Do You Have Fun Killing Animals as a hunter?

Question: Why doesn't Rachel Maddow invite Jeffrey Sachs on her

Drugs don't kill it is the people that use drugs

The Donald meets Rudi Julie Annie

Mideast 'Peace' talks....Iran was not invited.

See you guys after the election.

The last straw: "Church donations with a credit card"

DemocracyNow - author of "Monstering" (book about Abu Ghraib)

Short of Money, G.O.P. Enlists Rich Candidates

Dispatch From Down Under: John Howard is Toast!

PR pageant officials probe pepper spray

Specter/Kennedy-Working On Legislation That Would Challenge BUSCHCO's State Secret's Claim

A Look Back at John Howard's Iraq Lies

How many Senate seats will the Democrats hold after the 2008 Election?

97 women burnt to death, 27 others killed in Kurdistan region in 4 months

Extremists fuel anti-women violence in Basra

Bill Scher: Yes Nancy, You Have One Toy Tester

Musharraf to quit army this week - he'll be just a dictator, not a Military dictator

Is The Annapolis Peace Conference A Diversion?

Perhaps today someone will speak the truth about this American "democracy"

Give Democrats some better ''support the troop'' soundbites than Levin's pro-war me too-isms

CSPAN3 is rerunning 09/01/00 Panel with comments by Paul Wellstone and others...

From the Twilight Zone

Will the Stephanie Miller "News Show" handle Sen Lott's news w/ respect?


Maybe there's a book titled "How to go a year without buying anything made by Americans" over there?

"Liberals Hate America"

The sickest I've read in a hell of a long time

June '06: Iraqi Army Will Be 'Built' By End of Year -- Nov '07: not ready yet

Gore returns to the White House today

Leaked GITMO Operating Manuals Reveal Isolation, Sensory Deprivation Official Army Policy

The Rude Pundit: Suck on This, Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY-11/26:- Endless War: A Grim Milestone

Chavez: Only a Traitor Will Vote No

Now the wh is concerned about 'politicizing' the war?

Two Hummer Commercials - one false one true

Another Repub Sen to RESIGN --TRENT LOTT .... reports MSNBC LINK

Please don't hurt me... just CAPTION!

The Republicans who would've impeached Bush?

Arianna: What's That Sound? Why It's the Further Lowering of the Bar on Iraq

More conservative values from Larry Craig

Do you *really* want the government

Freepers are thrilled Lott is resigning

Is Facebook ruining Christmas?

Lest you think "Government Healthcare" is a bad thing-

OK Time to Make a List of Possible DEM VP Running Mates(No DEM Candidates for Pres, Please)...

Is Lott about to be outed by Larry Flynt?

Mark Warner is a centrist. Jeanne Shaheen is a moderate.

Global Campaign Vows to Fight Corporate Drug Monopoly

"The world is so big, no amount of human pollution could matter"...

“Gold is for optimists. I’m diversifying into canned goods.”


Let us be clear here - I am voting for whoever wins the Dem nomination.

These people are hard working, generally law abiding, sincere,...

A question for those who have seen Blue Man Group.

Who are you supporting for the nomination?

Ex-U.S. Treasury head Summers says recession likely

Military Recruiting Vans Draw Fire

Trent Lott Saga Update

If MS law calls for spec election within 90 days if Lott resigns before 1/1/08, then my guess

People actually want to "Save Tucker"?

Labor Relations Gored

A Trent Lott observation

Has anyone opened an off-shore bank account due to the dollar losing value?

If the Dems win big next year, do we get a full-scale purge of the federal government?

Another 'security' firm caught shooting Iraqis, and it's not the first time

Interesting lesson from today's Novak hit piece on Huckabee

Mike Huckabee wants this kind of America - listen to Chuck

here is what happened when Argentina's currency collapsed.. >Link>> huge debt, stupid war

Paul Krugman: Winter of Our Discontent

Goodbye Senator Helmet Hair and may you fade away completely from memory

War Czar: Permanent Iraq Bases Won't Require Senate Ratification

Critics raise red flag over fluoride in tap water

Sara Whitman: Holiday Whitewashing

Who will you be voting for?

"Indeed I Did Vote for the Other Primary Choice"

White House Releases "Principles" for Permanent Iraqi Presence

The worst part of Thanksgiving is there is never ever EVER...

Your candidate totally sucks.


Guess next time someone will spike the make up with poison

Rice Comments Prompt Mystery Of White House Email Policy

New poll shows Clinton trails top 2008 Republicans (Zogby)

Elect a Republican, End America.

Boo Fucking Hoo Mr. Lott ---pix--->>>

Has anyone heard of Earthships Biotecture?

The permanent Republican majority:Part one: How a coterie of Republican heavyweights sent a governor

High at the Mountain Post-U.S Soldiers coming back with drug problem

Am i alone in hoping if Larry Flynt does have something good it will be on someone other than Lott?

Dana Perino: Bush would not mislead his press secretary

Osama is out of his box again, FEAR, FEAR, FEAR

Where did the absurd meme begin that recognition of a problem = cheering it on?

TPM: Flashback: Bush denied permanent bases

Has anyone ever carried an arbitron television radio monitor

I'm a hunter, and have been for decades.

Just-Nominated 2nd in Command at the DOJ Helped Bush Steal Florida in 2000 and Clerked Under Scalia

WH: "The president is very pleased" that both Gore and wife Tipper attending ceremony

6000 applicants for 600 Cleveland WalMart jobs. Analysts: "Bad sign for the economy"

So.. What has John Edwards totally and irreconcilably fucked up recently? Is he shitcanned yet?

Freepers continue to guzzle economic Kool-Aid....but a little reality seeps into Freeperland....

Who here is voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Primary?

In These Times: Kids LOL @ Navy Recruiters

Cheney on predatory lending: ‘the markets are working.’

White House Releases "Principles" for Permanent Iraqi Presence

Global Oh for Peace 2007: The Second Annual Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace

What would Hillary do about appearing on Christian programming?

Schwarzenegger Calls Ill Mother-in-Law the "True Terminator"

Be careful what you wish for.

David Sirota: Was Ross Perot Right?

I have not yet picked a Dem candidate.

The Democratic Difference

Who thinks Larry Flynt has something to do with all these Rethugs who've decided to retire recently?

Scary Study: Fake Photos Alter Real Memories

Statement by the President (re: detention of numerous human rights activists)

How long until Bill O'Liely starts that BS War on Christmas bile?

White House ‘downplays Gore visit.’

Press Secretary Perino is the most arrogant and snotty person that Bush** has

It's Cyber Monday, people. Shop, shop, shop online.....Forget that the world is turning to sh*t.....

Guam to have more say in Democratic Primary than Florida --

Gore goes to White House... Cheney goes to hospital?

Kucinich, Paul and the Alliance of the Elephant

Bush lays groundwork for permanent US military presence in Iraq

Why Does Tim Russert Repeatedly Give Carville And Matalin A Platform To Promote Their Candidates?

American Media: Put Down Lips, Back Away From President’s Behind

Gore Supporters : What's your choice?

The lesson of the next decade: Voting is no substitiute for direct action.

Military training program for teens expands in US

90,000 applicants for 60 Cleveland WalMart jobs

Quiet Riot Singer Kevin Dubrow Found Dead in His Vegas Home

I am SO SICK of religion

Cheney has irregular heartbeat A-FIB!!! Breaking

George and Condi — kindred spirits

Is the military encouraging soldiers to report "positive" Iraq stories?

You "Big city" folks need to get with it! My paper today-

Oprah's politics..

Trent Lott's Final Power Play

The oil curve...

I want SO badly to respond to my Repub senators oped-help me!

Global Warming is Clinton's Fault!

Stocks Plunge on New Credit Fears

"Leave the room so we can discuss a criminal investigation of Blackwater"

Government Study: Americans Reading Less

Kucinich Town Hall in Manchester to be Televised to 35,000 homes and KucinichTV

Ex-U.S. Treasury head Summers says recession likely

Will Cheney Heart Problems Lead to Early Resignation of VP?

Anyone know anything about Heifer International?

Tweety just can't stop being a schmuck of the first order...

Now That Hunting Season Is Mostly Over

The more likely root cause of our economy's problems? (updated)

New Mexico alien tourism ad stirs controversy

Massive job cuts for Citibank

Strange Quote by Ann Coulter


CORRECTION- Gore was NOT at the White House today

Interesting Article about Arthur Schlesinger's Journal

Your Thought on J. W. Fulbright

LOL. Romney on Blitzer show: "Reagan gets smarter as time goes on."

Scarcity of natural resources does not lead to war.

TEACHERS... here's a video that might be of interest

CNN's current LEAD story: "Joran van der Sloot stays behind bars." Their LEAD STORY.

U.S. Rep. Major R. Owens: A Leash of Decency for the Blue Dogs

What are your thoughts on having several political parties ?

Internment camps, jails, underground prisons, which one or none?

120 War Vets Commit Suicide Each Week

BREAKING: Man-made organism comes to life -- in a cesspool near you

Trent Lott is going to resign

Ten Years After - I'd Love To Change The World

Evil incarnate had another fibrillation today:

Tucker is about to show Al Gore at the WH

Response to the 3rd grade teacher who defends book and machine...

BakerBotts LLP - James Baker's Law Firm - Gets Client Blacklisted in Iraq Oil Deal

THE WITNESS: What really happened?

Alternative Entertainment and Apocalypse-Beckoning

Terra! Terra! Terra! on the US border (article and translation)

Bush and his puppet Maliki sign deal to keep U.S. in Iraq forever

Which scares you more?

Dear America, Take the RED PILL, not the blue one!

CHENEY in Hospital ..... The best medical brains are busy loking for his heart.

Conservatives can't count


Rival Students Clash As Holocaust Denier Turns Up For Oxford Debate

"You're never strong enough that you dont need help" Why business wants you to fear the Latino

So the U.S. WILL be in Iraq forever.....Quelle surprise!

BREAKING MSNBC: Doctors have found a human heart inside of Dick Cheney

Great Line from Bette Davis.

Will a hurricane, a plague or a meteor strike Pullman because of these basketball players and coach

Wounded vets asked to pay up

Ann Coulter's invective has boomeranged and resulted in threats at her Palm Beach home

I just went to GD: P

So when does television run out of scripts? Weren't we promised snow on the screen when this strike

Reckoning: The Economic Consequences Of Mr. Bush

Today I worked with Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn!!!!

William Casey and Cheney and Ken Lay similiar fates

ABC and NBC covered Gore at WH Greeted by Chimp for Nobel's some info:

Ferry trip turns into uncomfortable experience with U.S. Customs

DU forums do I change how replies to a specific post appear?

Anyone here ever applied for a job with someone called "Grassroots Campaigns, Inc."?

The Dean Scream in 2008: "We're Going to Go to Alabama...

Bush's Updated Resume

TPM's Josh Marshall continues anti-Edwards Erroneous Headlines...

Gore & bu$h*

Best Buy vs CIRCUIT CITY (here's a treat from me to you)

Breaking: Redskins' safety Sean Taylor in "extremely critical" condition after being shot ...

So I went to our local annual craft show Saturday to get some gifts...

Sex and the College Girl

Help this straight guy out. Is Queer an OK term to use for Gay and Lesbians?

With today being Cyber Monday, does anyone know of sites giving links to good bargains?

Norman Solomon: The media are siding with corporations in the "class warfare" debate.

Many a queer will die today

Oh great, now Wi-Fi "causes" autism...

U.S. dollar could plunge up to 90% in value. Oh boy!

Just A Rumor: "Lott may turn out to be the latest member of the Wide Stance Republican Club."

Congressman Sees Bias in Chicago Traffic Stop

A Winner (L) and a Loser (R) PICS

Kucinich must be gaining traction.

Which Candidate's Bumper Stickers have you seen the most of....

I'm starting to see a correlation between poll love and DU wrath...

6000 people apply for 300 jobs at Wal-mart in Cleveland, Ohio

"Special right," my ass. Obama said on the 700 Club that

WhistleBlowers Ready To Tell Waxman: Supervisor MURDERED To Keep Him From Talking About Iraqi Fraud.

Potential slow response/down time tonight

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Mayor Claims He Was Abducted By Satanists

In Cleveland, 6,000 apply for 300 Wal-Mart jobs

JUST DAMN!!! I had to pay $3.22 per gallon for 'heating oil' here in mid-Michigan today....

The Permanent Repub Majority-Part 1-How Repubs Sent A Governor To Jail-By: Larisa Alexandrovna

Spotted in Virginia Today: Hillary Rodham Carpetbagger Bumper Sticker

Memo to Mark Penn: Zogby Has a Real Dataset out on HRC's Electability

Quit talking about free health care, and socialized medicine.

AJC says Gore called * ahead of visit to make sure he was welcome

Sean Taylor 'Clinging to Life'-NFL player shot last night

Who kills the animals you eat?

Pet Insurance... Warning: Exploding Head Rant Inside!

Can we get one thing straight?

New York Manhole Covers, Forged Barefoot in India.

Where the **** are folks getting the money for this nutso shopping frenzy??

New National Poll: Hillary Loses to ALL GOP Candidates, Obama Leads Them ALL

The most horrible thing you will read today

11-26-2007 DU straw poll of DU's top six announced candidates

Raise your hand if your wages have risen 22%.

Okay, so how do we get the "Holy" out of "Holiday"? Help me out here.

Dan Rather: "Every Other Person Has Taken The Money For Silence"

Carlyle + 300 Bush Cronies control 50% of ALL "bear shares" on US markets -- using offshore accounts

Bad, Worse, Worst and Beyond

If Cheney resigns, who will bushco name as VP?

I Guess I'm For Socialized Medicine, Then

Give One, Get One.. buy a wifi laptop for $399, and a kid gets one free

Are the Dems approaching a Super Majority?

Who gets thrown under the bus for YOUR health care plan?

Ford Fusion - 34mpg highway!

FBI investigating Prince Bandar so he hires former FBI director Freeh and Stanley Sporkin

this is breathtakingly cool

The Presidential election of 1896

Looking for a practical definition of a "Homegrown Terrorist"

Cops with cameras on their guns? Why would the GOP pitch this?

Hard Rain, Clean Water: The New Dust Bowl; Water Woes In the Southwest US

Paul exposes 'over-hype' of Internet's place in politics

If Kucinich wins nomination, Ron Paul could be his veep

WTF is this new talk of a Kucinich and Paul alliance?

REDUX?? The Legend of Trent Lott and the Weblogs. Considering media and the spin of the day.

Obama pledges to fix education system for urban youth.

David Yepsen, dean of Iowa political press: Front-runners losing luster?

In West Iowa, Obama’s Man Thinks Locally

Question about Gen. Sanchez and the Democratic Party

Oprah Making Campaign Stop For Obama

New Polls From New Mexico And Kentucky With Obama And Clinton Against The GOP Field

PrideSource: Obama tells CBN he "grapples with" abortion & gay issues

Oprah Winfrey to Stump for Obama on December 8th

Blue Bluegrass 2008? Clinton Leads Each Republican in Presidential Head-to-Heads

Senator Haley Barbour (?)

Democratic Candidates Look Good in Latest 2008 Trial Heats

Times of London reveals flight logs of US renditions.....

Short of Money, G.O.P. Enlists Rich Candidates

Obama Is Right on Iran

Mitt Romney asks Judge Tuttman to resign. Maybe Mitt should resign.

BREAKING NEWS per Trent Lott expected to resign from Senate by end of year. More soon ...

Nevada's key role in Democratic presidential nomination process: "Tilting Democratic blue"

Christians Reviving America's Values: Democrats Allow Illegals into America to Destroy Republicans

Prayerful? To weigh the potential sinfulness of their decision? I support your right to be evil.

Obama's standing in Iowa poll shifts contest -- but caucuses dificult to predict

Jimmy Carter is deeply religious

Nothing at Kucinich web site re Ron Paul "story"

Why is the media reporting "good news" in Iraq?

Do you think Bobby Kennedy, Jr , George McGovern, the people

Chuck Norris attending YouTube debate with his choice for Prez!

How carefully are they reviewing the GOP YouTube footage?

Obama PAC Is Active In Key Election States/Lawmakers Receive Funds

Should Democratic candidates appear on Christian Television?

re: the very hardened attitudes towards the Dem Candidates

My own-War on Christmas- thread

New Hampshire First Lady Dr. Susan Lynch Endorses Clinton

Colorado congresswoman Diana DeGette Endorses Hillary Clinton

A Day in the Life of Barack Obama -- Watch Tonight on Nightline

Novak slams Huckabee

NH Young Democrats’ President Gray Chynoweth Endorses Clinton

Separated at birth? Novak and... *gulp* Skinner???

Why would supposed Democrat Kucinich consider Race baiter Ron Paul for VP?

Coulter Has Problems in Palm Beach.....

Senator Joe Biden....Great Sunday article in Palm Beach Post.. Must Read..

Hillary Clinton's advisers too gung-ho on Iraq war, critics say

Trent Lott & Denny Hastert both to quit ..... Abramoff?

Mn: House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher & Asst.Senate Majority Leader Tarryl endorse Clinton

In North visit, Obama racks up lots of points

So presidential candidates should lie depending on which audience they are speaking to?

Kyl expected to run for whip post

Obama Touts His Time Away From Capital - "We need somebody to put an end to the game plan."

" showing a flirtatious Rice with bouncy curls and swinging hips,"

White House, Iraq Agree On "Principles" For Permanent US Presence

Edwards Wins Endorsement From Friends Of The Earth Action

Are you "prayerful" enough to have an abortion?

In Trent Lott's resignation speech he said he's quitting THIS YEAR! Why?!?

What is it?

GD-P is like "Days of Our Lives" ...

Rev. Barak Obama, president of the USA ... sorry I pass! n/t

Take this survey to find your ideal candidate

It's funny how polls are "completely meaningless"...

Hillary Clinton would lose to all major Republican White House candidates

Oprah to rally with Obama in Columbia, SC on Dec. 9th

In praise of Democrats in Congress who held on

Redford vs. Gore-Tapper and ABC

Republican Hostettler says book reveals Iraq war motive

Do Clinton Fans Know Who Burns Strider Is Within The Campaign?

Breaking from Hillary Hub: Edwards has a big house.

I see alot of threads attacking Obama's fundamentalist friends

Conventions Throw Doors Open to Bloggers

Dems Back on the Michigan Ballot?

Hilarious Republican's Letter to the Editor

Where is Hillary and her campaign?

DOJ steers $52 million in fraud settlement $$ to Ashcroft

So what holds true for Democrats when they change their minds doesn't hold true for Republicans

This Generation's Beatles is now dead. But will their music live on?

Cheney's twitchy heart and the GOP nominee. A chance for BushCo to become relevant again?

Hillary; "I have a healthcare plan that covers every single American. He (Obama) does not"

YAHOO ... Trent Lott is LEAVING the Senate!!

With candidates goaded by a tight campaign calendar, rapid response speeds up

Winning and Losing in Iowa


Dodd Gives Question To Repug YouTube Debate

A DUer suggested the Kucinich/Paul ticket over two years ago to destroy the Democratic Party.

The Hillary Nutcracker -#2 "stupidest" gift

The Evangelical Crackup

Voters quiz Edwards on policy booklet

Obama will lose in the GE

The beltway pundits, the cable talking heads and Drudge are all pushing Obama and trashing Hillary

Have You Heard Of "Conservapedia"?

Did anyone catch the hit piece on edwards

Will Kucinich take a hit on DU for Ron Paul as big as Obama took for Donnie McClurkin?

"They've been after me for 15 years, and much to their dismay, I'm still standing"

Watched an interview last night with Ron Paul on CSPAN regarding Kucinich

If Cheney needs a new heart, how soon will he go to the top of the list?

Edwards Officially Kicks Off "America Belongs To Us" Week

Centrist hawks urge Dems to ignore the "non-interventionist left" wing.

Indiana Could Turn Blue

Obama: "I don't think Michelle would claim that she is the best qualified person to be Senator."

How Reliable Is the Zogby-Journal Poll?

Cashmere Mittens For Every Iowa, SC & NH Voter

Obama casts himself as civil rights successor - Joshua

New Republican sex scandal: Did Trent Lott keep a gay rent boy?

The candidates' favorite TV shows

At least Hillary doesn't run around telling Democrats we should woo Evangelicals for their votes

Edwards on "Don't ask, don't tell"

Hillary's Prayer: Hillary Clinton's Religion and Politics

Hillary Clinton Leads Comfortably In South Carolina - Rasmussen

I Learned Something! "Responsible" Is A DLC Code Word For "Republican"

Clinton "evasive when asked about how she would enforce the mandate in her own plan..."

Obama's outreach to fundamentalists

In your view, were Clintons showing clear opposition to BushInc from 2001-2006?

Anybody still believe Gore might run?

Gallup: Hillary beats all Republicans...Obama tied with Guiliani

Obama open to legalization (for medical purposes) of marijuana

It's not that Obama is pandering to the religious wrong

"Because of You" - Biden reaches goal and places ad

Pay close attention to what Obama's doing:

Obama on Hillary's time as first lady....

Memo to Clinton: They went after Kerry for 30 years

Pimp pimps Paul

I can't express how much I really wanted to be an Obama supporter

Prayerful, my ass. I've had an abortion

Christian Presidential Poll: Which Christian are you planning to vote for?

11-26-2007 DU straw poll of DU's top six announced Democratic candidates

Weapons Industry Dumps Republicans, Backs Hillary

The problem with Edwards gigantic mansion

Ron Paul Advertising On Air America

Favorite fictional president vs your candidate

Obama buying endorsements?

Obama-bashing in perspective

Edwards Announces Plan to Take on Health Insurance Companies to Help Families

Edwards Launches New Television Ads in Iowa and South Carolina (video/transcripts)

New Zogby Poll: Hillary loses to ALL top Republicans; Obama and Edwards beat all

Why Kucinich may not be responding to Paul "story"

Have you changed candidates and why?