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Archives: November 23, 2007

Alberto Gonzales, the Symptom, begs for Prosecution

US general says Iran helping stop Iraq bloodshed

Sweden Turns to a Promising Power Source, With Flaws

Solar energy to bring billion growth to Velux

Iberdrola Renewable's Unit IPO Set For Dec 13

Soaking up the sun, car curbs pollution

Zoning ordinance would allow for backyard wind turbines (in Middletown RI)

Opposition MPs Pissed At Not Joining Canada's Delegation At Bali Climate Conference

Bright idea (community purchase plan) cuts cost of solar power

Surrounded by oil, Israel fights addiction

Arup to design world’s first ‘solar city’ in Arizona

Towards A Low Carbon Future: EU Strategic Plan

Renewable energy goal based on GDP

UK to build largest (350 MW) biomass power plant

A question about small-biz solar installations

(Canadian) Opposition MPs take up Montana death row case

Increased Role Sought for G.I.’s in Iraq Training

Cellphone Tracking Powers on Request

44 Years After JFK's Death, New Assassination Plot Revealed

100 parachuters in free fall, 100 parachuters

No turkey for us today.

Need Xmas gift suggestions for a 3-4 y.o. girl

I got three Christmas gigs

Well, thanks to the cold front I have the wood burning stove going, for the first time this season.

Our Thanksgiving

Who else is eating a late Thanksgiving dinner?

March of the Penguins is on Animal Planet right now. Rebroadcast at 11:00

What TV Sitcom Did You Really Hate With a Passion?

This New Movie "Charlie Wilsons War"

Who else misses "Dead Like Me"?

An Iroquois Thanksgiving Prayer

This is soooo funny!

Can anyone tell me what the song in this clip is?

I am incredibly serene, considering certain idiosynchracies in the family Thanksgiving.

My B-I-L roasted the turkey on his Weber charcoal grill. (PIC)

Help needed-not for me, for Mom

Songs you REMOVED from your iPod

Trapped in an S/M relationship....

Talk about bittersweet.

Wow, finally a hot sauce that delivers on its promises

I've sneezed so hard my nose is now bleeding

Anybody have a shotgun? If so, put me out of my misery.

Tomorrow, for the first time in almost 15 years, I'm sleeping in.

A friend of a friend hasn't been out of the house for 3 years.

Live music and auto pitch correction software.

I just called Bailey "OBAMA"; ask me anything!

Things you regret.

Tofurkey & "Giblet" gravy. I like it!

Attention WOC Troops: The Orange Beetle Only Eats On Fridays...

987 posts! Should my 1000th be significant and political, or should it be about Britney?

Next week: Green Bay vs. Dallas

If an egg and a half cost a penny and a half... how much would 12 dozen be?

Who Owns Dennis?

Charlie Rose to Karl Rove *What makes you so evil?*

What state does Rudy Giuliani live now?

Canadian immigration question

Why is it that there is nothing about JFK on any news ?

War Supporter gets license to counter-protest

Warning: projectile vomit alert: President Bush's Recipe for a Perfect Thanksgiving

C=Span: Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, Max Cleveland, Barry McCaffrey

MSNBC is having "PREDITOR MARATHON" least that was the "TG" promo

Corker ‘underwhelmed’ by Bush’s knowledge of Iraq.

White-nationalist Leader Kevin Alfred Strom Not Guilty of Sexual Enticement

Project "Speechless" Video Featuring Sean Penn

Conservatives caught distributing pro-terrorism propaganda leaflets

(TOONS) Steve Bell on Bush: The Thanksgiving Collection

Lawyers for Poisoned Russian Agent Take Case to EU Human Rights Court

State Could Easily Count Vote Ballots


The Ayn Rand Appreciation Thread

HELP -- Another Arm of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy??

Powerful words by Carl Sagan

Mandatory Turkey Day Malloy Truthseeker check-in!

X-Post from the Lounge: The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/22/07

MSNBC Poll: How much do you expect to spend this year on holiday shopping?

I hope all of you had a good thanksgiving with friends and family

Leonard Pitts: Sexism is still okay, why are all female politicians 'unlikeable'?

O.K., so do we need forums for Tasers and pit bulls?!

Has Bush caused the death of America and we just don't know it yet?

Just got an email from a Republican friend......


Enough already with the condescension and elitist attitudes w/examples

N.J.'s debt burden tops $38B

Why Did The Bush Presidency Happen?

Washington Post: Whale Stranding in N.C. Followed Navy Sonar Use

Watch the Movie Sicko and then tell me Hillary

I AM A MYTH!!! KKKarl Rove says "this administration was against the Iraq war...

If JFK was shot today, in 2007,

WTF! NYT AWOL on the McClellan bombshell two consecutive days. Will Friday make three?

I'll believe that people are really suffering from the ever-increasing cost of gasoline...

44 years ago today

Zapruder film 44 year later. Must read!

We NEED a Joran van der Sloot DIVERSION from the s**t that MATTERS, boys 'n' girls...

Maliki's public feud with Sunni official highlights Iraq's divisions

Robert Fisk: Holocaust denial in the White House

It's awful that all holidays are now military holidays

Kucinich...Why I Voted Against the Patriot Act

CAPTION the Boy King and his Cabana Boy

Is Edwards the Howard Dean of 2004?

this video reenacts CIA stress-position torture...

Christian Newswire: NYC schools favor Jews & Muslims over Christians

By Poppy Bush's definition, his son, & Cheney, & Rove, & Libby, & Armitage are TRAITORS

Trading Edwards for Obama in Iowa

Anecdotal evidence doesn't mean anything but

Did the NY Times....

Karl Rove thinks you'll say things about him on the Web that you wouldn't say to his face...

A South Carolina State Senator supports Joe Biden...

JFK: May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963

What Happens to Republican Morale if Obama Gets The Nod?

Has Andrew Sullivan gotten even weirder than usual?

Will Oprah's recent decision to hit the campaign trail for Obama put him over the top?

Bill Richardson: "2013 is too late!"

The Nation: President Rudy's War Council


Law and Resistance: The Republic in Crisis and the People’s Response by Prof. Francis A. Boyle

Manufacturing Consent for World War III by Michael Barker

Massive Student Demonstration In Support Of Constitutional Reforms

Thom Hartmann: Whatever Happened to 'We the People'?

If Conservatism Is The Ideology of Freedom, I'm The Queen of England

In McClellan's Own Words...* (Excerpt from Scott McClellan's blockbuster expose', "What Happened")

New High Tech Weapon to be used in Iraq! (microwave gun boils blood)

What Can We Do About It? By Alan Adaschik


An Enduring Corruption

Colombian president takes aim at courts

Venezuela: Still A Democracy

Globe and Mail: A plan to attack Iran swiftly and from above

Iraqi Children Bear The Burden of An Uncalled-For War

Joel Hirschhorn: First Woman, First Black, First Latino, or First Honest President?


The Future Of The Corporation By Robert Kuttner

Dishonored nation (Idaho Mtn Express editorial)

Palm oil industry closer to "green" labeling - Reuters

Mexico's Natural Gas Imports Soar 23% October Over September; Sep. Oil Production Off 116K b/d

Nancy Nord - Hard At Work For Consumer Safety, Flying To Japan To Lecture Their Government - WP

UNL Drought Monitor Update - 11/20 - Sonny's Prayer-Fest Didn't Help, It Seems . . .

New guidebooks help vacationers go green

The Guardian: Eden restored

(Delaware) State officials order windpower negotiations to continue

Guardian - John Howard Facing The Fire Of World's First Climate-Change Election

Dubai builders fall foul of green laws

Group questions (Kansas Gov.) Sebelius' influence in wind case

So here we are on November 23rd and there's a big honking hole in the Chukchi Sea ice pack to 74N

Kenya moves to avert looming power shortage

Carbon dioxide at record high, stoking warming: WMO - Reuters

Early Climate Change Victim: Andes Water

Methane Emissions from Landfills - Converting Landfill Gas to Energy! Why hasn't this topic come up?

Ocean-going ships look to wind power

Canada's National Energy Board - US Should Expect 30% Less Canadian Gas Exports By 2015

Forbes: Why conservatives should join the left's campaign against nuclear power.

Australian commando killed in Afghanistan

Denmark convicts men in bomb plot

Blasts in three northern Indian cities kill 13

Canada's third Taser death sparks 8th concurrent probe

Russia disappointed by U.S. shield proposal: report

Pitt quits Hollywood remake of BBC drama

At least 13 killed in Baghdad market blast-police

Lebanese fail to elect president

Bombs kill 26 in Baghdad, northern Iraq

UNHCR says time not right for large-scale Iraq repatriation

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 23

Japan stands by its renewed 'scientific' whale slaughter

European aquariums boycott Japanese goods in whaling protest

Brazil shocked by jail girl rape

Taser gets litigious over suggestions the device causes deaths

Saudis make up 41% of foreign fighters in Iraq

Transgender politician fights fraud claims

Vancouver airport officials to announce Taser-incident changes in two weeks

Rev. Billy's crusade to save shoppers from themselves

Collapse of Rail, Subway Strike Is a First Success for Sarkozy

Rudd ahead of Howard but Australian election is close

IRAQ-SYRIA: Lack of money, visa problems prompting Iraqi refugees to return home

Chavez calls 'no' voters 'traitors'...

Sharif to return as Commonwealth suspends Pakistan

Mankind 'shortening the universe's life'

20,000 vets' brain injuries not listed in Pentagon tally

Dollar hits fresh record low against euro

Firefighter Help on Terrorism (spying raises privacy concerns)

Canada holding up climate-change deal at Commonwealth

Iran hints it could halt nuclear enrichment for a quid pro quo

U.S. Navy steps up fuel deliveries to Gulf forces

Cruise ship sinking in Antarctic waters

Sex Offenders Banned From Owning in Amarillo Subdivision

Iraqi school guard, wife beheaded as children watch

crim son - I am putting you on notice!

Canadian sign in two languages

the thinking kitty

Understatement of the Year

What's the best way to save a youtube vid to your hard drive?


had my first 'food fight' at the dinner table tonight - i'm 26

August Rush

Anyone else working tonight?

60 seconds in the life of a puddle

'Stewie, don't eat dirt! It's disgusting!'

Note: Turtle pie is DECAdent!

I didnt have any dessert

No day is complete without some sort of mishap or drama

I felt nekkid this morning ....

Oops, it's not selling selling again: Britney's comeback album only sells 430000 copies in 1st month

Recipe question

Turkey cooking question.....

Waaah! The product I ordered, on Monday, won't arrive until the 26th!

Geek Dating Flowchart

This will be my first Xmas ever without my family with me.

Router question with VOIP

Not my job

what stores are having sales online today?

My 1000th post: Black Friday Blues (grim looking Linda & Nick Hogan carrying a s**tload of swag)

Gin-Soaked Craig Kilborn Shows Up Broke, Homeless At SportsCenter Studio

I just got all of my Christmas shopping done in about an hour.

So, I finally got to see "Chocolat" last night and...

What does the pretty screaming magenta cable do?

As Emperor of the Lounge, I wish to take up the task of reforming Dana Perino

The Romantics sue Guitar Hero


What is dust?

Have you felt like you have no purpose in life besides what you can do 'FOR' people?

I have bad news and good news

Do you like to dislike the use of smilies?

I just cut the grass I hope for the last time this year, it is around 50 outside.

Who else is at work?

Well, we had 25+ loud Irish people in one room, drinking like fish for hours, and

Video: It's not just for sushi anymore! Dweeb snorts a fat line of powdered wasabi. Kanpai!

A Republican Helps the Poor

Something good for left over Mashed Taters, Potato Pancakes.

i had the best thanksgiving ever.


A great trailer for one of the scariest movies ever made...

Now,what do you do with all the leftover turkey?

Very "interesting" pic from the lolcat generator

Is this AT&T?

We had snow last night! (western PA)

Help... Opened an email and got a trojan virus called Exploit-ANIfile.c

The drunk blond at Thanksgiving dinner.

Who's having leftovers?

A lawsuit waiting to happen: two bands called "Asia."

The drunken old coots next door are at it again.

awww... talking kitties

How will KitchenWitch react to the Torii Hunter deal?

Not for nothin'

Video: A guy Xeroxes his ass and things do not go according to plan

I'm in such a freakin' good mood

After yesterday I think we all can relate to this kitty cat!

Pie for breakfast!

I am getting sick of that Diet Dr. Pepper commercial...

Star of "The Bachelor" attacked by the woman he picked to marry. Cops: "alcohol was a factor"

Where's Texasgal?


Texas vs. Texas A&M game thread

Welcome to New England! 65 degrees yesterday; less than 40 for a high today, and


"Modern Toilet"...Diners in Taiwan theme restaurant sit on toilets, eat from toilet "bowls"

Today is the 20th anniversary of the Max Headroom TV hijacking incident

Well, Old Dan Tucker, was a fine old man,

Should I play hookie from work tomorrow?

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Happy Birthday lost-in-nj !!!!!

Should I be a wookie for work tomorrow?

on one side of the street, a homeless man sleeping in a doorway

No matter how far you are from the ones you love...

"Girls Gone Wild" founder: "Oklahoma prison guards wanted to strap me naked to a chair for 48 hours"

I'm going to be collecting bad manners today.

Is the DU Lounge a good place for threads about Stalin?

WAL-MART Appreciation Thread! Check in here if you love Wal-Mart!!

WAL-MART Non-Appreciation Thread! Check in here if you loathe Wal-Mart!!

A while back, someone asked me to post pics of my jewelry when I got the chance

Who wants to run away?

Here's something I don't understand: Why all the hate for the emo kids?

Would it be tacky if all the Christmas presents I gave this year were products made by my employer?

DU women, what do you want for Christmas?

I'm not going to ask you to refrain from shopping this weekend. But, as a person

LBN: Dennis Kucinich Multiplies Loaves, Fishes

Where do Croc's go when they die? When the fad is over....

Tom Paxton "Buy A Gun For Your Son" 1965...on Pete Seeger's PBS show

Kucinich, Dean, + Biden on: Peak Oil, Ron Paul, + 9/11 Truth

Unsubscribe campaign - Waiting for the Guards (Torture Video)

Become a Black Republican

wasteland of the free

2008 Presidency: The Importance Of Reading

A Medal For Outing A C.I.A. Agent

Olbermann interviews Joe Wilson about McClellan's book excerpt

The Obfuscation of Karl Rove - Excerpt of Rove on Charlie Rose...

We sure do fly a lot in this country.

Olbermann 'gets' it - Gonzo interrupted by protesters

Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicks Separation Of Church And State

Yes or no, will you pledge to abolish corporate personhood?

Sean Bedlam: Iran-Spelunking for Truth

"General dishes out hugs to the troops"... and in OTHER Baghdad news

Here's why "illegal" immigrants are "illegal"

Will they turn themselves in?

Any "Media Whores Online" experts here?

Put a fork in me I'm done

When you've had your fill . . .

He served less than a thousand days.. a lifetime ago..and yet

Shooter Says He Mistook Cow for Coyote

Wal-Mart seeks to seal documents

Marc Emery: Prince of Pot Vs The U.S. Government

20,000 vets' with brain injuries not listed in Pentagon tally

What happened? * and his 19% neocon bloodmongers were right and everyone else was wrong!! Achtung!

Abortion foes' strategy advances

3 Iraqi soccer players tried to defect in Australia

a disconcerting observation made while watching the history channel

Deadly blast in Iraq

What I was force-fed for Thanksgiving

Horatio Alger doesn’t live here anymore

There are some bad cops out there

'I believe in the war, but being here sucks' (Guardian Unlimited)

As someone who hasn't had Black Friday off work, ever:

They lied about..

Bush visits wounded on Thanksgiving...don't view if squeemish! (link)

FYI: FDL's Jane Hamsher coming up on Wash. Journal, CSPAN, 6:30am CT. nt

It is now Black Friday. Do you know where your kids are?

Plan Increases Role of G.I.’s in Iraq Training - Deja Vu?

Check this site out, see whose contributed to each candiate

More than 500,000 "stop-and-frisks" last year in NYC, most of them black or Hispanic

Spreading Democracy

delete dupe

Conservapedia and the homo-obsession of its readers

Anyone else see those two shoppers on MSNBC

Can Biden pull a Huckabee?

Amazing that millions will stampede stores today...

13 Dead, 58 Wounded in Baghdad Market.......

Democrats' Iraq War Bill: 'More Holes Than Swiss Cheese'

Did anyone hear "Alice's Restaurant" yesterday?

HEADS UP. On NPR news this AM, Olbermann adding viewers as he takes on BUSH. Coming up now PST

Circuit City is a Joke II

Uptick For John Howard In Polls - "Lazarus Stirs." Wrong - It Was Just The Flies Moving - SMH

CBS News Writers might join the strike *~* Hilarity ensues!!

African comes to US to evangelize...does that mean we get to eat them now?

I'm giving Obama a second look...

Flogging the consumer

Are people in police custody dying of "excited delirium"?

Trumpeting a credit crisis when larceny is the culprit

Get naked - stop Bush

Major Movement Seen in Polls

Pardoned Thanksgiving turkey had to beg: “Please don’t kill me.”

Did you go shopping this morning?

'Commander-in-Chief Reminds Americans to Support the "Decisions" of our Military Commanders,

Senate holds another quickie session to frustrate Bush

Keith Olberman's Jaundiced Rant

The Sound Of Silence....... Silence like a cancer grows

I'm giving Obama a second look...

Wounded-troops tally not even close to reality

Aides Choose Royalties Over Loyalties

US pledges to flush out PKK before May

UN refugee agency warns against return to Iraq

So my old (catholic) high school removed a student from student council because

Hillary Clinton has been subject to regular surveillance by Bush's Executive Branch

Thousands of Fish Stranded by Bureau of Reclamation

Waiting For The Guards

Scott McClellan Didn't Out Bush for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Cheney Did

Cruise Ship Doomed by Iceberg

Dead-beat soldiers refuse to return money

Gun Nut News - Holiday Edition: Bullet meant for dog kills owner.

Proof Republicans are stupid (like we needed that - LOL!)

Is Glenn Beck trying to mock Al Gore?

My German Wife's first and last experience at Black Friday....

Consider doing this for Christmas. Or any time.

Good News: Bush Ally John Howard has no chance now because of attempted false flag operation

The Rude Pundit: Pictures That Make the Rude Pundit Want To Freebase Cranberries

Digg the Candidates

Financial Topic: A slap in the face for the rest of the human race

Army: Wounded Vets Will Get All of Their Bonus Money

10-Point Swing Against Hillary In General Election, Hillary has lost Electability claim

Christmas tree shoppers should expect to pay 10 percent more this season

NY, CT, MA, RI: Pledge here to Canvass in Keene, NH for Barack Obama, SAT Dec.1


Nord leaves country on biggest shopping day

The Heroics Of Dennis J. Kucinich (great article)

Howard (AUS) election campaign hit by dirty tricks scandal

Bush Judiciary Manipulation in his Fake “War on Terror” as Grounds for Impeachment

Caption this pic.

Damn. Check out this calendar now.

A heartwarming Thanksgiving story...

Check in if you have bought NOTHING today.

'Mole Man' Lives In Hidden Home Dug Under City

Father, son meet face-to-face in Iraq after 19-year separation

Meerkats photo report was a hoax

What Would Jesus Buy?

growing fears that a big bank could go under as a result of losses in the US subprime mortgage and s

The Conservative Obsession

I just heard the author of "The Bush Agenda" say that the three

Cellphone Tracking Powers on Request-Secret Warrants Granted Without Probable Cause

Did anyone watch Mythbusters Wednesday night?

What's all this talk about a "holiday" ?

Letter says cop's wife sighted

The fascists are crawling out of holes: The House of Savoy

Man! Who's learning from whom?

Baby milk adverts banned to encourage breast feeding

Democratic Candidates and foreign languages ??

Obama more electable than Hillary in Iowa General Election Poll by 9% to 12%

Former Agent: Plot to Kill JFK in Chicago Foiled Before Assassination

WARNING; Explicit photos and vid of people who care

How the Bush stole Christmas

Duplicate, Please Delete

Trying to minimize corporate profit from holiday shopping, maximize the spirit of the season.

Citing Iraq war, mistrust of Bush, blacks turn away from military

Damn! Meant to post in the Lounge. Sorry peeps.

Let's not for get Bobby.

...BBC's first female TV producer, Verity Lambert, has died ...

Success: Low expectations for Middle East summit

Justice Stevens and the tipping point

He's the worse and the LUCKIEST President ever.

McVeigh archive quietly tucked away at UT center

Granny banned from sweet handouts

Had T-giving dinner with a very high-up fellow from the NYT

U.S. Official: Everglades Restoration Project on the Back Burner

Cardiac effects (2004 Canadian study of tasers)

Aother super typhoon in the Pacific: Mitag

Why is it ?

Jon Soltz: How To Make A Chickenhawk

Accused Double Killer Threatened To Kill Romney

The Economist Comprehensive Poll Data (Nov 19-20)

I just got back from Walmart and.....

I hate Wal-Mart

20,000 vets' brain injuries not listed in Pentagon tally

Should megachurches mixing with business interests still be tax exempt?

Blackwater aims high with unmanned aircraft

U.S. tipped to Musharraf emergency rule

French students protests privatization of universities

CNN: A half-hour of nonstop shopping reports...followed by a shopper's weather forecast....

Company Research on Genetically Modified Foods is Rigged

CNN: "Worried retailers breathed a sigh of relief as shoppers spent $20 billion on Black Friday"

GWB shares what percentage of his DNA with chimps?

George Soros is only the 80th richest man in the World.

Attacking Iran far beyond musings of a lame duck.. almost ALL successors similary bellicose

ThinkProgress: Bob Woodward Still Has Never Heard Of The Voter Suppression Tactic ‘Caging’

Just heard something on that


11-23-2007 DU straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates

Wisconsin man shoots 2 pet goats after his wife refused to get beer.

China furious at Dalai Lama plan to name successor

So Who Was A Black Friday Whore.....

There are about a dozen Ron Paul groups on our local meetup site

Democrats turn on money tap to help veterans

Cruise ship sinking near 'King George' island

Support Writers Guild of America - Help End Writers Strike

'Killing God' author's book gets pulled off shelves

"The Peak Oil Crisis: Wall Street Comes To Reality" (in baby steps)

I Just Grew A New Tin-Foil-Hat

Breaking on MSNBC: Oh my Gawd!

Human Rights: Halt Pending Demolition of 3,000 Units of NOLA Public Housing

Clinton stands behind centrist stances

LSU and Ark

Paul Krugman: Banks Gone Wild

French prosecutors throw out Rumsfeld torture case

Canadian cruise ship struck submerged ice off Antarctica

The best presidential candidate so far...

Houston police test unmanned surveillance drones

Should fireplace fires be banned?

Bless my daughter's little liberal heart!

A little practical info from an ex-retailer as we approach Black Friday

Eddie Bauer

Why are athletes crossing the virtual picket lines of the TV Writers Guild?


Can we please get rid of the nasty, sexist, rational responders ad

'Mythical Roman cave' unearthed

The Eagle Is Wounded


Happy plastic turkey day everybody

Forget Black Friday- Buy Nothing

Adios John Howard

Anyone here a reader of Joseph Ellis? He writes about the Founders

Keeping Iraq's Oil in the Ground by Greg Palast

Caption this pic:

for those of us that don't care for the top candidates.

The drunk blond at Thanksgiving dinner.

What a piece of work is Man...

America's Image : Home of the Cheat, Land of the Liar

Jim Hightower: How about impeaching for torture?

Kucinich: courage, judgment, confidence

Anybody catch Bindi Irwin on Today.

DUers speaking foreign languages ??

One less thing to buy: Menstrual Pads. Oh Noes!!! It's Menstruation Talk......Run Away!!!!

"We Must Fight the Net" - Pentagon

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Kucinich- Dems promise to end war "TOTAL FRAUD"

***DUzy Awards for week ending November 23, 2007***

RE: violent crime in inner cities. IMO we DUers must stop dancing around the political issue and

November 22 1963 Was Not the Last Day of the Republic

Political Persecution?? U.S. Seeks to Prosecute Pulitzer Prize-Winning A.P. Photographer

Huffington Post adds a Photoshop spin to a classic Norman Rockwell painting

Undecided voters give Obama hope in 2008 race

Daring Proposal? We've had 24 hour car-free cities. How about a 24 hour poll-free DU?

Sign the Pledge! Trim Bush from American History

N.H. seen tilting toward Democrats

Kaus suggests reason for Obama's 9 point drop in Rasmussen might be his response to Novak

Historically, which has won more presidential contests -- "Change" or "Experience" candidates?

Fun Quiz - Minnesota Public Radio's Presidential Select a Candidate

Can Cheney be pardoned now that Impeachment has been introduced?

Kucinich touts courage, judgment

Kucinich could get at least one serious opponent in 10th congressional

I am not 'Undecided' any more!

Are you glad Thanksgiving is over?

"Diane Fienstein is a great women"

Clinton camp spins possible Iowa loss

Why are some of the most active and nastiest posters from north of the border, taking such an

All in the Family: Barbara Richardson

Rudy: Yes, I Voted For McGovern, But I Actually Preferred Nixon

WSJ, pg1: Clinton Hits Rough Patch As Iowa Showdown Nears

Tales of success and betrayal from Rick Santorum

Clinton's years at Yale

24 hour poll free DU?

AP's assessment of the Democratic primary races through Super Tuesday

Clinton wins surprise support from former French first lady

*IF* Hillary gets the nod, how long until some DUers start accusing her of stealing the primary?

Biden-- on Air Travel Issues

NPR looks at Keith Olbermann!

Obama's Little Sis Says Barack A 'Feminist'

Rasmussen: Clinton Trails Giuliani, Barely Leads Thompson

Christian conservative novelist Tim LaHaye's plan for defeating radical jihadists: Mike Huckabee

Government Tracking Cell Phones Without Probable Cause

Ezra Klein - More Biden!

Impeachment ain't gonna happen but what about prosecution after they leave office?

Kucinich campaign: "Be the Beacon of Hope and Light Up Black Friday!"

Question for non Hillary supporters: If Rasmussen polls are biased then...

Washington State: Clinton comfortably leads Giuliani & McCain (McCain edges Obama, Obama edges Rudy)

How many former Republicans have registered Democrat or Independent?

Wisconsin man shoots 2 pet goats after his wife refused to get beer.

Hillary is an underdog in Iowa

David Ike: Hillary is the Illuminati candidate

Fred Thompson, Moose and Squirrel--sorry, Moose and Deer...

Be honest with yourself.

California Schemin': What's Rudy's Role in Electoral Vote Initiative?

A movie recommendation

I just got a call from Ron Paul. He said to go to

Is Armageddon our destiny?

If Obama gets the nomination, who does he need as VP?

Paul, Kucinich, Welch sponsor H.R.3835 “To restore the Constitution's checks and balances and

On No Child Left Behind, Obama compares Edwards & Clinton to Bush.

Obamaians - you will enjoy this -

Everything else aside, which candidate will make Americans feel safest?

Hillary criticized for press strategy

Same question: If Edwards gets the nomination, who does he need as VP?

Clinton Beats All Democrats AND Republicans In Total Dollars Received

Rush and his family...gasp...

New Wingnut Meme: Democrats Are The "Party Of The Rich"

How WIll they Finish in Iowa?

Polls open in Australia

Should candidates just say "Yes" to Gay Marriage to defuse it as an issue?

Senate Blocks Bush 'Recess' Appointments--I think this is GREAT....

Nukes' Seventh Decade

Hillary: I will not lie

11-23-2007 DU GD-P straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates

After the Michigan court ruling that the state primary will be on 1/15, what effect will it have?

Ron Paul for President pic

Biden: Anybody need some coffee?

Obama is in the best position to win Iowa

Kucinich blasts Edwards on IWR and credibility

Iowa’s David Yepsen on Obama v. Clinton: "Right now, fresh face is starting to outweigh experience."

Who (other than The Big Three) will finish in the top three in Iowa?

Clinton Trails Giuliani, Barely Leads Thompson (Nov 23 Rasmussen poll)

Clintonia is better than Jesus land

If the Clinton 20-Year Presidency Pact allegation is true...

NH Union Leader: The Politics of Dope- Obama comes clean

Bank of America's appointed political whore; Joe Biden

Elizabeth Kucinich: My Husband Would "Absolutely" Consider Running With Ron Paul

Obama at all time LOW.. 11.21.07 Since announcing candidacy

Unions Press Clinton on Outsourcing Of U.S. Jobs