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Archives: November 22, 2007

Sleight of Hand Surge

Afghanistan 'falling into hands of Taliban'


The Peak Oil Crisis: Wall Street Comes To Reality

Brown rivers are 'more natural' (BBC)

LEDs will light up Rockefeller Christmas tree (AP/CNN)

Billions of jellyfish wipe out N. Irish salmon farm

Hardball Chris Matthews Scroll: Bush,Cheney, Rove involved in coverup of CIA leak plus

Iraqi interior ministry discharges 18,000 staffers

New Hampshire Presidential Primary Set for Jan. 8 (Back to First-in-Nation Status)

CBS strike could put Democratic debate in disarray

Ex-Iraq commander says bring troops home (Gen. Sanchez supports Dem legislation)

U.S. aircraft carrier denied access to Hong Kong

Howard begs Australians for another term

Foreign Fighters in Iraq Are Tied to Allies of U.S.

Report: Taliban Control Half of Afghanistan (Country in "Serious Danger" of Being Taken Over)

Foreign Fighters in Iraq Are Tied to Allies of U.S.

Soldiers deployed to quell riots in east Indian city of Calcutta

Australia row over fake leaflet

Strike Update: Elizabeth Taylor Halts Strike For A Good Cause

Expert Who Helped Start Stem Cell Battle May End It

Mayor resigns, claims abduction by Satan worshippers

Australian party hits whalers (Labor promises to send out the navy)

US reports ‘phenomenal’ drop in Iraq violence

Three arrested in Natalee Holloway case

MrSG is making apple butter pumpkin pies, and WOW, do they smell great!

Former Skynryd drummer Artimus Pyle's mug shot (arrested for failing to register as sex offender)


Munchkins Get a Star on Walk of Fame

I am a Ripper

A Thanksgiving thought for the Lounge.


Prayer For San Simon

I got a flipper

Sad and weird: Collector killed by his own hoard (BBC)

Well, we are having a huge thunder storm going on now, the lighting is

I got Flipper

Things that sound dirty at Thanksgiving, but aren't.

Wow, a contractor friend of mine just gave me a $240 gift card for a day spa!!!

i'm debating whether to go to karaoke tonight

what are some types of clients you'd like to work with?

Today's high temperature: 89. Current temperature: 55

Any DUers with digital cameras and grandchildren who have

Thanksgiving at the White house, with Dick, Condi, and Laura too

HELP! Need opinions on which car to drive to Wichita from Texas, quickly!

Every day I wake up and it's Sunday

29 degrees out; should I keep the eggs and cake in the car outside?

This morning I saw a truck with "Starry, Starry Night" Painted On It

It's so quiet, damn it!

"Ain't no mountain high"....tammi and marvin 1967....

c'mon, Daddy, color me. c'mon, Daddy, dance me. c'mon, Daddy,

The Cranberries - Linger

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special from 1973

Just Sayin'

So -- who has finished their shopping already?

Deputy Suspended after Dog Shooting; Family Suing County

Stupidest DVD ever:

It's cold as you fade into the sun.

I've been afraid of changing 'cause I built my life around you

The turkey version of "Cows with Guns"...

Neil Young - A Man Needs a Maid.

Name a song that became a favorite AFTER you heard it as part of a movie or TV soundtrack

So SPK Jr. Is Down In Louisiana...

Traveling where the four winds blow, with the sun on my face, in the ice and the snow

At what age does one's singing voice usually reach its final range?

There will be no white flag above my door

Name a kitschy era you love

Have a great day tomorrow, Loungers

Anyone running a race tomorrow?

Need help. What is the parody Site that makes fun of Thomas Kincaid?


If you have a digital camera and want to get your mind off

Cooking segments!1 Please, NO MORE cooking segments!1

Ed Wood movies


I am watching To Kill a Mockingbird and frying turkey number 3,

Zombywoof, dude, this is for you and your wife. Happy T-day, man.

Nellie McKay! Where have I been?

How many more "Die Hard" movies should Bruce Willis make?

"Cruelty is always afoot with the most devoted sons of Abraham"

I'm looking for a simple Thanksgiving blessing or grace

Have you ever wanted to put someone on ignore for something they posted to someone else?

G'nite, people. The smoke has finally cleared and I am exhausted so

Rockstar names and more!

Man, I love Netflix!


Country wars! Where would you rather live:

The BEST and funniest 10 minutes on Youtube.... especially the last minute..

This will blow your mind. (Especially for ChavezSpeakstheTruth)

Hello from Buffalo!

Should professional boxing be banned?

Has anyone seen "The Mist"? (maybe possibly spoilers - who the hell knows)

PS: I Love You (youtube)

Mac OSX users - anyone use VMWare fusion?

How well do you know your classic films?

"This is the Truth" by Doug Hall

Red State Update at the Vegas Debate, Part 2

It's Christmastime in Washington

Elizabeth Edwards at a New Hampshire House Party - Part 1

JFK: Jim Garrison meets Mr. X

Memories of a Press Conference: Scotty McClellan Writes a Book

i dont know who's worse billo or this idiot witch standing in for him.

No Dirty Tricks: Sneaky signature gatherers at UCSB

Gibson: Whoever outed Plame derseves a medal.

Greg Palast: You're Not Supposed To See This... (New DVD)

D Telekom to sell iPhone without contract (for $1,500 USD)

Judge Cancels Vitter Testimony in 'DC Madam' Case

I clicked on Patrick Fitzgerald's website and got this:

Bob Cesca: Crazier Than Bush (Giuliani)

(TOON) Steve Bell on Sarkozy and the strikes

Dear Great Pumpkin... Please bring me impeachment papers or

"A Stain on Lady Justice"..Siegelman in jail, Rove writing for Newsweek.

If you are going to have a turkey over for dinner tomorrow don't read this

It's snowing and windy here in SE Iowa.

Jonathan Turley just suggested that Fitzgerald's investigation wasn't that aggressive.....

Rancho Cordova Man Freed After 28 Months in Jail

3rd time - I figure - you do/say something wrong - you know is

Is Keith Olbermann married?

{Animal Rights} Campaigners hit by decryption law (BBC)

Data on 25 million Britons disappears

Fresh Pain for the Uninsured

A post to give thanks and remember those we have lost - from Andy to OMC's wife

What I'm Thankful For

Protest oil wars by not consuming oil

Poetry Professor at West Point Seeks Pathways to a 'Soldier's Heart'

We've been suckered. Again.

Good coverage of the McClellan bombshell on Hardball now.

Bloomberg Crams On Foreign Policy: Proof That He's Planning '08 Bid?

Joe Wilson on Countdown w/ Olbermann Coming Up

Col. David Hunt, Faux News Contributor: America Has Failed Our Veterans

Ex-US Iraq Commander Backs Democratic Plan To Withdraw Troops

White House man points finger at president over CIA leak

U.K prime minister apologises for careless data handling

Japan health system in crisis

Remember Darfur This Thanksgiving

A brief history of Thanksgiving

If you have a digital camera and want to get your mind off

Democratic presidential race tightens, reveals generation gap

I am trying to ask that Joe For Clark be removed from the

Very funny bit by Bruno...Ach ja !!!

Let's give thanks for what we have, right before we out and buy a whole shitload more than we need

Firefighter appreciation thread

Fifteen minute fame

Upper right hand thing -IT DOESN'T WORK


Anyone find it amazing the we are talking about Natalee Holloway?

One thing to keep in mind about the McClellan statement

Do you believe our nation is being purposefully destroyed...

Faux's John Gibson, AKA "Bathtub head"

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! with Johnny Wendall

CA initiative to change Electoral College vote will be on 2008 ballot?

I know I'll get flamed but

Pentagon threatens 200,000 civilian jobs to pay for occupation Congress refuses to fund

Telegraph UK: George Bush 'Misled Public Over Spy Leak'

Question for DUers

Karl Rove for the hour on Charlie Rose tonight - NEW! - Includes Scottie McClellan stuff

Interesting debate/discussion tonight on The News Hour

Mitt Romney's Willie Horton?


I was never a big fan of John "Cougar" Mellencamp,

AFP: US general says Iran helping stop Iraq bloodshed

Who are the ever-present 'morons on the lawn'?

Fred Thompson and his young wife get in the holiday spirit here:

McClatchy: Commentary: Good riddance to them all

Reverend Huckabee "rides evangelical wave in Iowa"

Former President of Common Cause Is Talking Impeachment: Will Group Take A Position?

The Turkey will Taste Bitter and Sour for the Bushies tomorrow..the table talk will be about weather

I spent last night with Edwards, Browne and Raitt.

A Thanksgiving "Thank you, DU" thread.

Okay, it's Thanksgiving. FUCK YOU, George W. Bush

Anyone notice the NY Times' delivery of GAP brochure today --- ????

How much does the Iraq war cost your State/City?

Utah trooper zaps driver with TASER over speeding ticket

I Thank You For Your Service to our Country and our People.

Jets games: men at a Gate D pedestrian ramp chant to women to expose their breasts.

Woman Dies Of Meningitis After Tongue Piercing (WCVB)

Calif. Lawmaker (Doolittle) Finds Tepid GOP Support - AP

A Clinton Distancing Act: "Triangulating her husband"

Tis the Season to be Partisan

A question for those who actually know our candidates


The angst is killing me! I want to donate to Kucinich, but I can't. Why?

Happy Thanksgiving

Generation Gap emerges in tightening Democratic presidential race

Novak is sticking by his story and his democratic source

How FreeRepublic looked 6 years ago.

Today's national Reuters/Zogby Poll: "Obama gains big...Clinton drops 10 points"

A friend of mine told me that Brit Hume has serious dirt on Robert Novak...

Dick Morris vouches for Novak: "He's never proven wrong. He's always right"

Why is only 100 of 100 Senators greedy when greedy people comprise 100% of the world population?

As the case the impeachment becomes more iron clad, DK benefits.

If Clinton or Obama win the White House will we be able to hold their Senate seats and.....

By entering the race what party will Mayor Bloomberg hurt the most?

Why are only 16% of U.S. Senators women, when women comprise more than 55% of the U.S. population?

99.99999967% of Americans aren't Hillary Clinton. Why are a mere 99% of US Senators not HRC?

Presidential Politics and the Resurgence of Health Care Reform (New Eng Jour Med)

Why is only 1 of 100 Senators black when blacks comprise 13% of the U.S. population?

3 Questions...

Maureen Dowd is a Narcisist Who Will Write Political Propaganda For Anyone For Attention

Tom Vilsack - Hillary was the face of the Administration on Foreign Affairs

Clark: "I think Iraq's going to go away as an issue...Democrats fell right into the Republican trap"

Since when has having been first lady considered experience?

A Bitch for President

"Experience" is meaningless.

Bush is the greatest president ever.

Mayor Resigns, Claims Abduction By Satan Worshippers

A survey worthy of our media's political coverage

Likudnik Hawks Work to Undermine Annapolis

Gary Hart: Thankful for Thomas Jefferson's Trust

Blackwater Worldwide and the terrible irony of it all

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Plight of the Huddled Masses: A Hard Time for Thanksgiving

Holocaust Denial, American Style

Good riddance to them all

Is there something wrong with Neil Youngs web site?

Sidney Blumenthal: The Choice

America's Forgotten War Against the Central Banks

Naomi Klein: Shocked to death

Chris Hedges: Hands Off Iran

Rake That Muck: The truth shall set us free

Black Friday: Onslaught at the outlets

Elites & Fascists are beginning to realize that the internet is their ultimate enemy.

Why We Shouldn't Celebrate Thanksgiving By Robert Jensen

Bill Moyers: My Father and FDR

Conason: Did Bush ask Scott McClellan to lie -- or didn't he?

NYT op-ed: J.F.K.’s Death, Re-Framed

If Reelected, John Howard Promises To Attend Bali Conference, Rejects Any Binding Emission Target

Rejecting Billions In Gov. Goodies, Elderly Australians Voting Against Howard On Environment, Water

Ambitions of nuclear power industry in UK are 'a fantasy'

As Bali Gabfest Approaches, Binding Kyoto Targets Flouted From Pole To Pole

Siemens' Power Generation Unit Wins EUR 170 Mln Worth Orders To Supply Wind, Steam Turbines In Spain

German firm wins solar power plant order in Italy (62.4 MW)

A Deeply Green City Confronts Its Energy Needs and Nuclear Worries

California: Guv Lauds Safeway for Green Leadership

Liangqiao - A Chinese Village You Never Heard Of Where 4 Of 5 Deaths Is From Cancer - Mainichi

New evidence brings arrests in teen's Aruba disappearance

French strike endures amid talks

Pakistan court clears way for Musharraf

duplicate - please delete

Western Union Empire Moves Migrant Cash Home

2 Iraqi Soldiers, 18 Sunnis Killed South of Baghdad

Remains of 40 found in mass grave

Mich. Governor Guards Transgender Rights

Mafia link to Roberto Calvi murder

US Warships Allowed in Hong Kong

ROUNDUP: At least 45 killed in violence around Iraq

New York hunger levels 'rising'

US Navy ships drop HK visit plan

US Navy ships drop HK visit plan

Plea to boycott Japanese goods by Ireland's National Sea Life Centre

Ex-Iraq Commander Says Bring Troops Home

End to French Transit Strike Seems Near

Immigrant Paperwork Backs Up At DHS: Delays May Deny Vote to Hundreds Of Thousands

Army Recruiter Facing Child Porn Charges

Bush Calls Troops With Holiday Greetings

Mortars hit Green Zone as Americans celebrate holiday

US leads world in jailing children for life

Pakistan barred from Commonwealth

Wanted activist Lucas may risk arrest (for action at dolphin slaughter with Hayden Panettiere)

Judge orders 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' back on stage

Supporters of high-profile hostage upset that Colombia revoked Chavez' mediation role

The name game continues in California: Odds increasing that electoral initiative will qualify

Greenpeace: Japanese Navy jams radar to cover whaling fleet's departure

Republicans use evidence of progress in Iraq against Democrats in campaigns

Long time no see!

When the hell is Martha Stewart going to invite me to Thanksgiving!

Who else is dreading spending time with all those damn people tomorrow?

I hereby salute the only state with it's very own physical manifestation of evil

I want that so bad?

Goodnight all - the pain meds are carrying me away.

The enigmatic Thanksgiving Blank Post Of the Day

Happy Thanksgiving!

Really funny Thanksgivng graphic.....

pft, i wish all i needed were pain meds...

This is what I predict will happen after Cheney dies

I get to be a brat all day today!

For those enduring/enjoying the holiday with tons of family: Let the role playing begin!!!!

Just a reminder!32 days till...

I am in pain, I am grumpy - I am going to GD!

How to Stuff Your Parents for the Holidays

I wish most of my friends were 10-15 years younger than they are...

I know this was posted yesterday, but not with my caption

Giant Porcupines Chased Me Back Down The Trail

how to spot a hunter with a DUI conviction

I Want To Sincerely Wish A Happy Thanksgiving To All Of You.

Sean Hayes, Von Hayes, Bob Hayes or Helen Hayes?

The official Butterball Turkey Hotline thread*....

Those new liquor-boxes with fancy glasses in 'em are cool

Girls! Be jealous!!

Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth for 60 years of looking the other way.

For Thanksgiving: America's best comedian reflecting on Puritan self-determination

Stan Sbornak or Stan Roper?

So.... what's for dinner?

I believe women invented the word "gutcheck" to trick men into talking about our feelings.

Big Fat Snowflakes just started falling

Speaking of big and fat...

What would you do?

Because of Wynn Dixie is on FX Right Now!!!!


Ahhh, I like not having to cook today...

England Eliminated from the Euro 2008 (soccer)


Anybody else being paid today but not having to work?

If you don't cook today you better do the dang dishes!


Happy birthday, kedrys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first Lions game I went to was Thanksgiving 1962, and they crushed the Packers

We had HR puffenstuff, The magic Garden....

Huckabee supporter wants to " take your old lady home and

JFK... May 29, 1917–November 22, 1963

Some Thanksgiving cheer...(pic's)

Stealing Kidneys

OK, it is only Nov 21 and already there are houses with all their Christmas stuff

Black Friday Ad Update: Target has AquaDots on sale for $13. GHB for everybody!

Everyone I know is sick...Thanksgiving is cancelled for me.

A poem for those among us who suffer...

Bamboo for Thanksgiving dinner!

5 posts to 700...


Seeing as it isn't Thanksgiving here

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Poll. What do you prefer?

Hahahahaha! England

"Days Like This" | A Thanksgiving wish for the DU community

What I Don't Like About You...The Romantics sue maker of "Guitar Hero"

Anybody want to have a Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Thanksgiving?

Buying a HDTV LCD around 30-32 inches....

I'm going shopping tomorrow

Very happy Squirrels seen on my walk to store.

I got my recorder programmed for tonight...

any turkey disasters yet?

Macy's Thnxgiving Day Parade Kitteh

Roasted Brussels sprouts stink!

TEN AND ONE!!! Packers!!!

Yay, No heat tonight!

The Cremaster Cycle

The Happy Thanksgiving for Sick Fucks Thread..

What cat servant doesn't know this to be true?

How cold is it in your area right now?

My Thanksgiving duck

Another Happy Thanksgiving thread. Here are some turkey images.

I stabbed my hand with a carving fork

Music for the War on Christmas

Amazon's $399 Wireless Reading Device, "Kindle"...this year's Pet Rock-slash-Rubik's Cube?

Now that the parade is over...

Neil Diamond, cool or not?

What torture loving sonofabitch created pants with buttons instead of zippers?

It's Thanksgiving in Boston, and it's 66 friggin degrees!

Thanksgiving tip: don't put the peels from 12 potatoes in the garbage disposal.

It's officially Thanksgiving at ChezMidlo. BoyMidlo just dropped the pumpkin pies

Everybody have enough to eat today?

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day Football Thread

Pushing Daisies: Best show on TV or...

Rough night!

If you don't love the Packers

Is it stupid, right now, to spend $1000 in certification training books?

Those spending Thanksgiving alone, check in here!

Notes from home...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/22/07

Especially for MonkeyFunk:

"Stop playing that shit"

"Wichita Lineman"- Glen Campbell

Alice’s Restaurant on Thanksgiving

If vegetatarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?

Jeebus H. Christos. The STBE decided we'd have one last Thanksgiving together,

How many here are *NOT* going shopping tomorrow?

How do you deal with being proselytized to by people you care about?

Photo Thread! Here's what I'm thankful for today...

So, I got this new cat, Salem.

Two cats talking. Insane cute. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

44 years ago today Kennedy was killed. Where were you?

Ran my 5K

Gates considers delaying drawdown in Europe

Soldier arrested on AWOL charge released

Ex-sgt. accused of bribery for contracts

Rape, murder case of ex-soldier delayed a week

Carson soldier testifies in oral sex case

OSI investigating death of Grand Forks NCO

Kitty Hawk sailors wait out Hong Kong delay

A-10 pilots should have an edge next time they go downrange

Lynch: Waiting to see if Iran slowed arms flow

Marine Corps to retire several lieutenant colonels

Convicted DI sentenced to 2 years in prison

Iraqi air force spreading its wings

Despite gas costs, car often cheapest travel option in Europe

Japanese base workers protest pay-cut plan

Musharraf May Quit Army Saturday

New Black Hawk Unveils Latest Helo Tech

Combat conditioning plan focuses on core

USFK sergeant major addresses AFN issues

I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Air Force moving forward with synthetic fuel


Scottie tells All What Happened in Plamegate


Walter Cronkite and others reflect on his reporting of the Kennedy assassination

Eco/Green Interview with Elizabeth Kucinich

Inaugural Address Of President John F. Kennedy

Global Warming Worse Than Predicted

PBS News Hour: Horrible Situations of Chinese Workers

Kucinich on The Patriot Act 2004

Has anyone seen the new

For my fellow baby boomers, enjoy. This is too funny

Mitt's staffers try a Rove trick but it backfires.

Ron Paul Supporter Foots Bill For Full Page Ad in ‘USA Today’

To EVERYONE a sincere: 'Happy Kill a Bird & Chomp It Day!' ...n/t

The Word That Defines The Bush Administration

Bill Clinton on Letterman(repeat) a fabulous human being

The First DMV.

Oh look. DU has finally sunk to freerepublic's level...

Say, where does a guy go for a good argument around here?

I have posted this before but please listen the words are powerful although not well known

Must see TV: Judgement Day - Intelligent Design On Trial.

Ex-Top Commander Endorses Iraq Pullout Bill

Shi'ite and Sunni Muslims

Know what I mean?

A Modest Proposal from your Department of Defense

Whatever else you do today

Australia: John Howard in even more trouble after bogus pamphlet

Clemency Bids Backing Up For Bush

Broadway Corporations like Disney Make Millions as Stagehands Strike to Save Homes, Jobs

Two sites have a LOVER-LY PICTURE of bush they wish you to caption

here is another unbelievably sadistic and illegal attack with a Tasar >Link>>

Naomi Klein: Shocked to death

Remember the "old woman" Obama "yelled" at?

We're reeling them in. The anti-corporate platform is resonating with Independents.

How have the right-wing pundits responded to the Saudi Arabian rape travesty?

"We send our thoughts to the Elders & Children for they give us guidance & purpose to live in a good

What Will You Do?

Poll finds the mood in US growing darker

Couple gives THANKS by hosting free meal - really cool story!!

A copy of a letter I sent to Newsweek

Gladys Kessler (Dist Judge) let Vitter off the hook.. canceled the subpoena

Fitzgerald must indict Cheney or resign

Analysts worry that mortgage troubles could spread to auto loans

Parsing McClellan and Perino

Third Way politics and individual freedom

After surviving rape, Saudi woman attempts to survive her government

Shabby treatment of veterans: It's not new

Taser Factsheet

Is the GOP Ready to Nominate a Mob-Connected Man for the Presidency?

It's about time! Senate is technically staying in session to block Shrub recess appointments!

Bush and Cheney should be impeached

Mrrhh..guuuss.. hhrrhh. .hhmmmiimm..ssttts

Jellyfish wipe out an Irish salmon farm's stock.

FLASH! Laura dumps on Condi!!! (w/pic)


Just heard SENATOR Katherine Harris on AAR

A speech given by President Washington on Thanksgiving...

Work for the GOP for some Ramen noodles?

Hear the actual comments here:

Today's cop tasers man for no reason thread....

Krauthammer even more delusional than usual in op-ed

self delete

a Thanksgiving Day reminder of the true meaning of Christmas, circa 2007 A.D. . . .


Rove Tries To Rewrite History: Claims WH ‘Opposed’ Politicizing Pre-War Iraq Vote

Dave Lindorff: Impeachment on the Thanksgiving Table (Hearing Would Lead Far Beyond McClellan's)

On This Date in BUSH HISTORY-11/22: Barney the Lump

A comparison of Reuters & AP headline feeds

Hear the actual comments here:

Ok, who flew or drove home for Thanksgiving?

Cheering for Ron Paul

Post Thanksgiving mistakes.

Chirac Under Investigation - embezzlement

Doctors untangle the strange case of the giant hairball

It's time to take a stand: "Hands Off Iran"

I don't want to "Rock their wish list" - I want to get out of debt - My peeps are cool w/that.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Name one thing your are thankful for ....

Spoiled brat needs babysitting

Delete...wrong place..

Total Americans dead in Iraq: 3874, Total wounded 28451


A thought on Jim Webb working on Thanksgiving

Join DU's [email protected] Team

China wishes children merry Christmas with its toys

All private security firms must close: Afghanistan

Does anyone know what the Constitutional succession is for the VP should he be removed from office?

Foreign Fighters in Iraq Are Tied to Allies of U.S.

A parade of lousy music

Produce. Consume. Die.

Washington Spectator: Back to the Future - Did Karl Rove Help Send an Innocent Man to Jail?

US leads world in jailing children for life

Don't Thank the Surge for the Drop in Iraq Violence, It's Mostly al-Sadr's Militia Laying Low til

The Thom hartmann show is LIVE today.

Elections Run by Same Guys Who Sell Toothpaste by Noam Chomsky

"Thanks for coming to America"

Munchkins Finally Get Star On Walk Of Fame

44 years ago Nov. 22 was on a Friday, and the world changed.

maybe Georgia should go waterless - at least the Justices

A Special Thanks on a Special Day.......from Dennis and Elizabeth

Caption this:

A Thanksgiving update on Dad

Coco Beach Jr/Sr. High bans Peace club

Anyone know anything about

Freaked Out: Teens' Dance Moves Split a Texas Town

From yesterday's Froomkin....

I am looking for a President that understands the need for change

I am so SICK of hearing about Pretentious George the Psychopath...(rant)

Topping for the pumpkin pie...Alice's Restuarant!

Sex Offender Mayor Won't Resign

*: Musharraf "Hasn't Crossed The Line" And "Believes In Democracy"

Holocaust denial in the White House

Audio of confusion after devastating S.F. ship collision:

T-Day Fun Poll: What would George Have Been?

In Trouble For Show And Tell

some of our artistic members need to get busy on Cafepress-

The Last Days of Mexican Corn

WTH? "Democrats' plan would still leave many (half) troops in Iraq" (for decades)

Bastard better not ask for money or time NEXT TIME AROUND.

Scott McClellan: Awakening from a Mickey Finn?

About those 'dog and pony' shows on Thanksgiving...

Scientists Find Fossil of Enormous Bug

Homeless man in Fresno, CA makes news on CNN

Count the FCC Violations with "The Count" ..This is FUNNY

Valerie and Joe Wilson: Treason is Not Old News, Mainstream Media Wants to Suppress McClellan Story

Do Fasts Have Political Impact Anymore?

For those of you who are defending the Utah officer's use

Former top CO in Iraq calls for withdrawal-will give Dem radio address Saturday

National Review's Thanksgiving Reflections on *Food Insecurity*

Ex-Giuliani partner Bernard Kerik has land parcels in Pasco County, Florida

FOX 4 News (Kansas City) just did a spot on Scott McClellan and the CIA leak.

I believe the use of tasers should be discontinued IMMEDIATELY because

The Mystery of Minot: Loose nukes and a cluster of dead airmen raise troubling questions

McClellan's Dish: Impeachment is Back on the Table

An easy way to thank the troops

Big Rise in Cost of Birth Control on Campuses

I totally respect and admire Al Gore, but will never understand his choice of Lieberman as Veep

Neocon Thug Richard Perle on the Hotseat on the BBC

Lieberman, Brownback, Bayh, Clinton Call for Review of Video Game Ratings Process and Standards

Senator Clinton Calls on Pentagon to Stop Requiring Wounded Soldiers to Return Signing Bonuses

A good response to all the GOPer gloating about the Surge

Why are so many children going hungry?

So....IS the surge working?

State must give man wife's e-mail

Georgia Supreme Court overturns ban on sex offenders living near kids

Am I the only one here?

A White House Awash In Lies

One child dies every five minutes in Iraq

~ Happy Thanksgiving Day DU ! ~ '21 Reasons To Give Thanks'

"Marine Wedding". . . . . . . . . . (picture heavy)

Cocaine and psychoactive drugs on the rise in Europe: the Report 2007

Video: WKRP - Turkey Drop

MSNBC Breaking: Ronald McDonald attacks World!

Charlie Wilson's War. A good book, now a movie.

Homeless man rapes sleepwalker

Happy Thanksgiving. Republicans Suck.

Dixie Chicks - Natalie Maines WM3 - Call To Action

Foreign Fighters in Iraq Are Tied to Allies of U.S.

Rare interview with Jim Garrison in 1967 discussing his upcoming case.

John Gibson: Whoever outed Valerie Plame should get a medal

I'd love to meet the asshole who came up with the cockamamie code name "Operation Iraqi Freedom".

Iconochasms: Cool and tough quiz from political compass....

Expose a Bush LIE and Wham.....Natalie H. Appears Again

Economic truth in the Fashion section

So as I watch the extravagant Macy's parade I ask

Kucinich: Impeachment, The Occupation, The Right to Revolution and New Hampshire!

On Thanksgiving, it's not your job to bail out the retailers.

Sexist, ageist poll below:

Per haps humans are to sacrifice themselves in favor of an emerging species.

Foreclosures hit wealthier areas hardest

A FReeper Thanksgiving: They react to news that Food Banks are desperately short this year.

I Have Wtinessed the War on Christmas

A round of applause for Jim Webb and a few Senate staffers

I must confess to the DU....

My letter to Eliz Hasselbeck.

American Gangsters in the White House

$3.25 for a luxury item?

Circuit City is a JOKE

HEADS UP = PBS NOW - 11.23.07 - Oil, Politics & Bribes

Regarding Patrick Fitzgerald

Should the United Nations have a role in observing elections around the world?

$300 Camtasia Software - FREE -

What is going on with the terrible inter-discourse here!?!?

Big Oil's Influence in Washington . NOW | PBS = $82 million to candidates

Many A Deer Will Die Today

Thank you Swamp Rat

Ron Paul Supporters are planning a $10 million money bomb day (largest in history)


Edwards to Honor Writers Guild Picket Lines (cancels The View appearance)

I've posted this before... But since Rudy is facing a challenge to his manhood

Milestones: John Edwards

Obama needs to lighten up

Nov. 22 1963 The day John F. Kennedy was killed

The 5 Easy Steps To Civil Holiday Conversation (Even If You're In A Red State!)

Hillary against Israel??? Anybody know her stand on Israel? My boyfriend (Repub) swears that he

AP Video: Bush 'involved' in CIA Leak?

Do you like your candidate of choice?

Need help busting a rethug FAUX News morAn

Kucinich calls for end to war, blasts Bush

AP Video: AP-Yahoo Poll: Discontent With U.S. Direction

Nominations may be decided in one quick blitz

Larry Craig is assigned a new office (pic)

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The Gobama! and Happy Thanksgiving Thread.

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Happy Thanksgiving GDP.

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Scott McClellan

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WOW! Troops get a call from George Motherf**ker Bush, safe and warm at Camp David! USA! USA! USA!

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remember when Hill and her daughter went on that world tour

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Seriously... why haven't the Republican candidates said a word about the Saudi rape victim?

A Joke

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