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Archives: November 21, 2007

The Damage Done-How the war in Iraq has hurt America


Americans first (Good Read)

Too much aid to Afghanistan wasted, Oxfam says (Reuters)

How John Edwards Got His Groove Back

McClelland Confirms Bush et al Conspired to Leak and Cover-up the Leak of Plame's Identity. Impeachm

SERIOUS about recycling: Jute Coffins (

"I don't mind conceding Al Gore was right ..." Non Sequitur 'TOON!

(Xpost from GD) Simple new free services to STOP JUNK MAIL (the paper kind)

Indiana approves 630 MW Duke clean-coal plant - Reuters

Nevada coal power costlier than renewable: study - Reuters

Congo to protect great ape {bonobo} with rain forest reserve (AP/CNN)

Fish dumping 'will ruin industry' (BBC)

Poor Polar bear

Oil is back up to $98.90 / bbl.

Summary for Policymakers of the Synthesis Report of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report

John Goodwin gets on CNN & discusses his 100 MPG, biodiesel, plug-in 1959 Lincoln Continental

Groups Say Dangerous Toys Still On Shelves

Edwards is late, students wait

US to Extradite Ex Bolivia Minister

Moussaoui judge questions government

Governor Won't Restore Dental Benefits For Low-Income Ohioans

Congressman’s 3 grandkids reported missing

Dalai Lama might pick successor, report says

Iran Argues Nuclear Case In Letter To "World"

Military Says Bonus Letter Was A 'Mistake'

Are you dreading spending time with family on T-Day?

two blurry cell phone camera images

'We can be the people we've been waiting for".....DK and ANI

OK. So I tried to get Mr. Moneybags (aka George Soros) to buy 10 million V masks

Bands you've seen live

Need a big hug?


YES, a video of Paris Hilton taking a bath CAN be boring.

Lounge Threads Don't Get Recommended Enough

The newest member of the Puerco-bellies household.

A news story reminded me of a story from my childhood.h.

Anyone else missing their passed away sanity?

Who else is working on Thanksgiving?

Mac+Cheeze plus 2 buck chuck equals

Ever feel like you're beyond being continually antagonized by someone...

God two glasses of wine and I still say my supervisor is complete asshole!

abandoned village

Breaking News: Abe Vigoda IS still alive.

Best feel good story ever! Sweet Caroline! dah dah dah.....

Post here and I'll swear at you in Pollyanna.

Oh DU computer wizards, WHY can't I install my new modem???

I'm a wreck.....

Post here and I'll love on you in Hillbilly

Computer is driving me nuts

Smokey the Bear Sutra

Computer's okay.. thanks for everyone's help!!!

Charlie Brown is on right now ABC

Please give me some ideas for creating a post topic.

If Coltrane had lived until 1991, just like Miles, would he have...

Not your ordinary I need a hug thread...

The We Are ALL Awesome Thread!!!!!!!!!

Feed the hungry and increase your vocabulary at the same time

We are one good lookin' bunch of folks.

Thanksgiving Pie?

I have exactly 666 songs on my Rhapsody player

Do you ever do something really stupid


Bruce Springsteen rolls out 08 Tour!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/20/07

bigwillq appreciation thread!

Simple new free services to STOP JUNK MAIL (the paper kind)

Sean Penn's "Into the Wild" is superb

I forgot how enjoyable Stanley Clarke is to listen too! What other guitarists should I look up now?

New LOLCat Fragrance: "Flavor"

Charlie Brown was a Replicant.

What are you thankful for?

What are you GREAT at?

Are Dysons worth the price? Anyone have other recs?

Doctors use vodka drip to save dying man

Aeroplane In A Bottle: One Appropriate For Turkey Season (Images)

A Thanksgiving Wish...

Lounge vibes, anyone? We lost Solly.

Kitteh blooper movies, just 4 funz

Best/worst movie opening sequences?

I have decided. I'm going to earn my doctorate at Costco.

Ten bucks says we're having the biggest crowd for Thanksgiving:

Viet Nam veterans involved in a brawl

Rudy, Judy and Bernie, Part I...

The Lying US Government...

The Godfather - Rudy Giuliani for President NOT!


Olbermann: Countdown: Conspiracy Theories (with John Dean)

The Shock doctrine Armenian Genocide Turkey in Kurdish Iraq

The Brutal Reality of America's Police State

The real owner of America not you American...

Bring Back the Dark Ages. Vote Republican

Put him under oath tomorrow!

Chilliwack, BC man hit with Taser in extremely critical condition

NYT covering up for Rethugs some more

WaPo "analysis" lists Osama as a past - not a present - Bush "foil," despite failure to capture him

University of Wisconsin, Kyoto University Scientists Make HUGE Stem Cell Breakthrough

I have an idea about boobirds at the debates.

My E-Mail to the White House regarding the names for the two pardoned turkeys

CPSC Commissioner Nancy Nord leaves out an important word in her "Top Safe Shopping Tips"


Here is why no photos of the Iraq "surge" success. Haifa Street is like our Times Square

Reid: President Holding Troops' Funding Hostage To Score Political Points

VERY Short Christmas Wish List

CNN's smiling Jack Cafferty left out GOP filibuster in reports on Dems' failed Iraq legislation

list of toys NOT made in China

Murtha asks "Do you believe the Pentagon?"

Shouldn't a national emergency be declared?

AP falsely claimed Social Security program "is forecast to run out of money around 2041"

Likelihood of Iran Attack Gains Credence

Olbermann Leading With McClellan Story

Obama on The Exchange tomorrow morning

CNN's Beck falsely asserted that Novak "said it was an insider on the Clinton campaign"

Fifth 21/7 London bomber jailed (BBC)

Bill Maher: George Bush: Pardon All The Turkeys

At it again Millions of voters lost 75% minorities

MoveOn Takes On Facebook

San Francisco to give illegal aliens ID cards (Reuters)

Sometime in the future the American people are likely to once again lose their collective mind ...

Dalai Lama 'may pick successor' (BBC)

Flying Spaghetti Monster Inspires Wonky Religious Debate

Dan Abrams: Pentagon has reversed course

Moussaoui Judge Questions Government.

The real reason Bush met with Musharraf.

Bill Hicks' Legendary One Night Stand, 1990

Full Quote From Michelle Obama (Playing the race card)


Xerox send cards to the troops that you create

Malloy is hitting the Scottie/Plame thing really hard right now. Check it out:

VisibleVote08 - Out of the Closet, into the Voting Booth; Today's Top Story

Trustworthy Democratic Candidates: New Poll Data

Jacksonville: Second Man In 48 Hours Dies After Police Use Taser Gun

Universal Human Rights Index from the UN - Pick a country

Tonight on FRONTLINE: "On Our Watch" (about the inaction in Darfur, Sudan)

The primaries should be a "murder board" for our presidential candidates.


Ga. Judge Faces New Misconduct Charges (for signing and handing out blank arrest warrants to cops)

It's not too late to impeach...

Caption the Decider guy

Unintentional Right Wing Humor: RW'er is convinced that she is going to prison

Net gridlock by 2010 study warns (BBC)


Happy Thanksgiving! Oil rises above $99 a barrel

So McClellan has said the bush administration lied about outing a CIA agent

*Republican of the Week*-Nick Butterfield

What does this mean? Conservapedia's most viewed pages are ALL pages on homosexuality

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Good question on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" tonight:

The nuance of impeachment

Independent UK: Freddie Mac seeks emergency funding after posting $2bn loss

Okay, I gave Couric a chance....

I miss Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, truth. Sigh. Besides KO, where

UC Berkeley Law School to be renamed UC Berkeley School of Law ($25,000 consultant fee)

Oh what a delicious assignment

Iraq War Veterans to Launch "Winter Soldier" Investigation

Lack of Black Tech Professionals Hurts U.S., Bill Gates Says

America is NOT over.

Does anyone REALLY think that Snotty McClellan's book is going to make

Snotty Scotty Confesses like an alter-boy in his new book. So, will you buy it?

Concerning Scott McClellan's disclosure...

Republicans support the troops?

Why I have no respect for people like Scott McClellan, Colin Powell, etc

Dodd Calls on Mukasey to Investigate McClellan Charges of White House Cover Up

Feed the hungry and increase your vocabulary at the same time

Ex-Congressman Plans Book On Why U.S. Invaded Iraq

"Concerned Women": It's more important for women to break the glass ceiling **AT HOME**

Good Grief!..Some of the Stores here are going to Open at 3:00 AM Friday.

Hear! Hear! ........ **H**E**A**R**

Iowa & New Hampshire Really Matter for IF Obama Wins There, He Will Be the Nominee of Our Party.

That movie was too scary. I could NOT finish watching it. It scared the shit out of me.

Toyota working on a new 110 mpg Prius for 2009

So, Nancy, is impeachment on the table now?

Valerie Plame Responds to McClellan's Disclosure

The Most Significant Second Amendment Case In History

6,000 complaints from soldiers who claim to have been persecuted by Christian evangelicals;

Raw Story and Larissa Needs our Support

uh uh No No

So the President LIED and knew about Plame

From the Dodd family:

Clinton Mocks Obama on Foreign Policy; Obama responds

When will we hear from the Wilsons on Sweaty Scottie's latest?

Nobody's playing cards

I think Tweety prematurely went tonight because the interview didn't last long

Did Hillary PEAK to soon?

Obama admits to inhaling.

George Bush said today that Hillary is unelectable.

Mike Huckabe is coming up on Tweety for all you freaks that like to just watch MoM love

I don't remember - did Fitzgerald

Censure of Sen. Feinstein fails: Party staffer Bob Mullholland calls bloggers and activists “worse

Should Obama win the nomination, what will the republicans throw at him?

What I really want to know is? When are some of these big names going to get their heads...

Two Years After Murtha's Call: Another 1,800 American Troops Dead

Did Mika this morning get Fran Townsend to admit that the US tortures?

This ruling by the SC will cause chaos in the campaign, if they rule just before or just after

Feed the hungry and increase your vocabulary at the same time

Wrestler Ric Flair joins Huckabee supporters Ted Nugent and Chuck Norris

Is the "stratospherically laudatory" coverage of the Obama campaign justified?

I'm on a conference call with Hillary at 8:30 so don't call

McClellan finally tells the truth and MSNBC calls it "turning on Bush"

Was Christopher Hitchens Declaring Victory In Iraq While Being Interviewed.....

T. Boone Pickens a chickenhawk?

There is no difference between Obama and Hillary - they would both attack Iran and Pakistan

Are there any more Native Americans Running For Congress Other Than

I have no problem with Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Biden, Richardson, Dodd, Kucinich being our nominee

Edwards speaks with MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski

Imagine there are just three possible Dem tickets. You would pick...

Why is G.W. Bush repeating Clintonian talking points against Barack Obama?

The next time John Edwards will get to see the White House will be January 20th, 2009

Just a shout out to the students that protested Gonzales speech.

I think Rudy will be the Republican nominee

Which Dem would cause you the greatest heartburn to vote for come November?

Edwards backs Obama, responds to Clinton's attack

Which candidate do you find least honest,and ethical?

Voice Your Outrage Over Lashing of Saudi Gang Raped Victim

GOP Strategists Worry About Clinton Strength

Tom Delay says he "would like to bitchslap" Paul Krugman. Says Hillary will be next president

President Clinton vs Senator Clinton

Are Hillary's comments about Obama's experiences as a child

George Bush endorsed Clinton today. Enough said.

Which candidate do you find most honest,and ethical,

This minute's push poll.

Could Dennis Hastert's unexplained resignation be due to Sibel Edmunds ?

Elizabeth Kucinich has a tongue stud

Lou Dobbs thinking about running for President?

Edwards stands up for New Orleans

A story to put all the education discussions in perspective

Tid-bits and Oddities in the new NH poll (CNN/WMUR)

Edwards is late, students wait

View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck says she may vote for Hillary Clinton

For those who thought Oprah didn't make any difference? -> Sweet scoop: Oprah to stump for Obama

I just thought of something...If Hillary or Obama were elected,

Chris Dodd today: Investigate the President...

Resolved by 2008 Democratic Convention: No Presidential pardons for Bush and Cheney!

Clinton announces 6 LGBT Illinois delegates

"(Clinton's) attack today (on Obama) almost identical to this Republican

Fox in Denver interviews Howard Dean about the convention. Excellent video.

Needing Peace

The Middle East has had a secretive nuclear power in its midst for years

AlterNet: The End of America? Naomi Wolf Thinks It Could Happen

Barbara Ehrenreich: America's Rich Citizens Can't Escape Our Poor Public Infrastructure

John Nichols: Will McClellan Be John Dean to Bush's Richard Nixon?

Musharraf Plays Bush for a Fool

Gene Lyons: blogosphere not as radical as pundits think

Amy Goodman: How the Neocon-Christian Right Alliance Brought Down the House of Bush

Fallujah under a different siege

David Sirota: The Immigration Con Artists

Bush More Emphatic In Backing Musharraf

Australia's climate change election (Howard may be out due to the drought?)

All The President's Liars: Where the Hell are the WaPo and NYT on McClellangate?!

George W. Bush-the Kathleen Parker interview

Bill Maher: Bush Should Pardon ALL Turkeys

The Question of Democratic Complicity

LA Times, Craig Childs: "Stonehenges all around us"

U.S. developing blood-boiling weapon

Tehran paper attacks Ahmadinejad (BBC)

Broken Tombstones

Law and Resistance: The Republic in Crisis and the People's Response

Mainstream Media Goes Over the Top

Bill Moyers: In FDR, My Dad Had a Friend in the White House

Mark Steel: A French lesson about the poverty of rich countries

Standing Up to the Schoolyard Bully

The Youth Vote, the Culture Wars, and Barack Obama

Can Dems come up with an Iran strategy?

Yellowstone Gets New Snowmobiling Limit (not a ban) - AP

Canadian Government Invests in Nation's Largest Wind Energy Project

Signs of the Apocalypse: Poppy Bush to utilize wind at Walker's Point (Maine)

Carbon-neutral Hydrogen on the Horizon

NJ Transit Gets Solar Power

More wind power for southern Alberta

Suspect arrested in connection with the daring break-in at the Pelindaba nuclear facility

TIF tax (increment financing) approved for Stetson Mountain (wind) project (Maine)

Progressive, environmental candidate Nancy Skinner on Hartmann's show today; fundraising challenge

Burning legacy: Bush is responsible for ignoring global warming

California's Lesson for A Low-Carbon Future

Chile: Stepping up the focus on alternative energy

Mitsubishi Plans Small Electric Car

GM to launch Volt by end-2010 despite skepticism

RWE to invest €1 billion per year in renewables; founds new company

(Hillary) Clinton says Nevada could be model for solar power

Termite guts may hold key to better biofuels - Reuters

Solar Shines As The Greenest Hotel In America Opens In Greensboro

Horses as transportation making a comeback in France?

"the cost of a two-unit plant will be on the order of magnitude of $13 to $14 billion"

Chrysler offers peek at electric concepts to debut at auto show

Ontario Is North America's Hot Spot For Solar Energy

Wind Power Project Decision Postponed (offshore, Delaware)

East African Agricultural Industries to Use Hydropower and Bioenergy

Billions of jellyfish wipe out N. Irish salmon farm (AP/CNN)

PV in Japan: Ulvac's thin-film push, Kyocera takes orders

Black Magic - $100 dollar oil is not all bad

Solar Systems making the sun work after dark (hydrogen as power storage)

Applied’s Solar Strategy Goes Very Large

The Power of Multiples: Connecting Wind Farms Can Make A More Reliable – and Cheaper – Power Source

Study Finds Decrease in Nuclear Power

Cellphone(s), solar panel(s) saved many lives (Bangladesh cyclone)

Solar-powered LED road markers could light future roadways

OPG retrofits dams to squeeze out more hydro (and retire coal-fired capacity, Ontario)

New Conservation Zones for North Canada - AP

Report: Global Wind Power Base Expected To Triple By 2015

French trains 'hit by sabotage'

Essex girl on the road to the White House

Iraq's Shiite prime minister criticizes Sunni vice president, widening rift

EFP kills 1 US soldier and Iraqi interpreter in eastern Baghdad

Crashed helicopter in Iraq was British: ministry

Asian Leaders Sign Vague Climate Pact

Former aide blames Bush for leak deceit

Consumer Sentiment Hits Lowest Level In Two Years

Anti-Psychotic Drug Marketed Improperly, Lawsuit Says

Judge Rejects Arguments To Dismiss Imams' Lawsuit (Muslims vs Airline)

Opponents of California Ballot Initiative Seek Inquiry

New stem cell leap

Japan starts fingerprinting all foreigners

Romney Campaign Referred Reporters to Anti-Romney Call Recipients ... They Were On Romney Payroll

News Groups: Access Denied to Gitmo Case

Thousands march in support of Bolivia's Morales

Retailers to Recall Lead-Based Jewelry

New Hampshire Primary: January 8

Utah Cop's Itchy Taser Finger Probed

Publisher: McClellan doesn't believe Bush lied

FEMA Flip-Flops, OKs $100K for La. Fish

Senate Judiciary Committee Demands DOJ Cases Using Discredited Bullet-Matching Test

Democrats jump on CIA leak case

Baker Botts Cuts an Iraqi Oil Deal -- and Draws a Backlash

Oil Prices Push $100 Mark

Romney on media: There's always FOX, talk radio

Sen. Vitter Spared Testimony in Escort Case

Judge proposes moving Wilkes, Foggo trial to Virginia

Radulovich, whose story turned tide on McCarthy era, dies at 81

White House denies Bush misled McClellan on CIA leak

Fallujah under a different siege

Iraq: Children with serious illnesses abandoned

USO Calls on O'Reilly for Support

Katonah's Saul drops out of 19th Congressional District race (John Hall's seat)

Japan's Whaling Fleet Sails Despite International Censure (Report: "violates international law")

State panel rejects 3 gun control bills

Military committe member slams war film

'Thanksgiving express' opens soon

Americans enter holidays in dark mood: Reuters poll

Bolivarian students arrived in the presidential palace

Ga. Court Overturns Sex Offender Law

Sarkozy vows no surrender to strikers

Resurgent Taliban closing in on Kabul - report

Saudis Defend Punishment for Rape Victim

Russian President Lashes Out at West

Jellyfish kill 100K salmon in N.Ireland

Senate meets for a matter of seconds to prevent recess appointments

Chavez Says Bush Belongs In Asylum For WW3 Comment

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 21

Defense Rests in Miami Terrorism Trial

Ex-president to utilize wind at Walker's Point

"Pay per post"? Rightie shills getting paid to "educate" online?

Its A Dark Road

I got most of LK's giftmas stuff tonight

No Where To Run

Could somebody point me to the "Minor Freakout Section", Please?


Aaah, forget it.

Aww... The Munchkins got a star on the Walk of Fame today

I apologize to the lounge for it's recent TK421 withdrawal......

Check in here if you'll be looking for something to do on T-Day.

There oughtta be a 30-second rule on editing your posts...

It is really unfair

Let me proudly present

"Carry On" -- Apply directly to the airplane...

I've gained 20 pounds in the last few months! I'm going to lose my mind.

They hate us for our subtitles

I'm taking my ITIL exam tomorrow

Holy shit!

Well...I got another good drunk buzz going...anyone else drunk tonight?

Is The Flaming Thread The Goal Of Starting A Thread?

AA . the airline with NO emissions..2 across seating..short flights

My weather at 7:18 am

My Fundy, all-Natural, insane Cousin Refuses to Abort Her Dead Baby

The Flame, by Cheap Trick. Enjoy, BoomerDuers!

deceit kills the light,

Post here if you're going straight to hell

it's finally snowing!

I finally saw a pictue of my new great-niece

My cat hates me.

About my thread, "You Make My Ass Want To Chew Tobacco."

John Cougar on Colbert

Syd Barrett or Sid Vicious?

sittin at work. motivated to do nothing

Good morning, Greta

Larry and Britney duking it out. DU this poll:

Ultimate Turkey Poll

When did you know you were old?

Jimmy Rollins!

I need a distraction to help me stay awake until 1:30...

Is The Word 'Ditch' Offensive?

I am thankful for.....

The Obama campaign is pissing me off

I'm in hiding.

I never have gotten, or will ever get, Captain Beefheart

Is The Word "Hutch" Offensive?

This for all those traveling this week and everyone else

Okay let's be honest about this weekend

Ah, the gentle hum of CHAINSAWS in the morning

Help me. I am being dragged to Delaware for the holiday

Come on, an 8 foot scorpion!!!

Almost Thanksgiving, and not a Turducken thread to be seen.

Better than Turducken

Meet Matt Damon (The Golden Boy)

In case you missed it, I'm reposting the vegan turducken thread.

who here drinks ( or smokes) to "prepare" for family get-togethers?

it's snowing here!

This is why guns and alcohol don't mix...

"Oz" Munchkins get Hollywood star

Giant scorpion fears all genuine


I think THomcat will look Handsome, Suave and Totally HOT in his new scooter

best all time Kiss movie?

This dog loses its MIND and ATTACKS the neighbor's METH Lab

Is the word "Dutch Oven" offensive?

They bought their tickets... They knew what they were getting into...

OMG! Joltin' Joe DiMaggio had JFK shot! Say it ain't so, Joe!

I never heard of Natasha Bedingfield unti this morning....

WORST movie kiss

MOM! MOM! I got the White House intern position!!!!

Is The Word "wishbone" Offensive?

Oh! By the way,....happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Idiot "Buzzwords" used in Commercials (Post your most Unfavorite)

hot Turkey

Is The Word "you fucking dipshit asshat" Offensive?

Fried Turkey Gets Nutrition Nod

my friend's a HERO! she caught an VD exam error and kept several others from,...

my friend's a HERO! she caught an exam error and kept several others from flunking!

Oh dear god, tomorrow is drive all over creation day.

Come on, A six foot Scorpio!!!

Is it me, or has DU been reallyslow lately? (Slow as in

Anyone seen the Geico commercial with Peter Frampton?

Packers being investigated by NFL...

I have to have a root canal next week...

Any eviljournal users?

DUers in the medical field: Question on my injured finger (slammed in a car door last week)

Who out there is drilling their turkey this year?

PSA: Turkey Carving 101

6:00 is too damn early in the morning.

Fight for Kisses

I really gotta admit it...I do not like Thanksgiving......

Post your own Not So Famous Sayings!

bang bang

I get to go see Avenue Q tonight!

Help me, please. I have nowhere else to turn

Hard boiled eggs?

Anyone here read "The Book of Lists" - they have an interesting entry in the new edition

Are You A Turkey:

Obama's TOAST. (Do you think he has it buttered, plain, with jam...wheat or white, maybe sourdough?)

Okay, how are you doing your turkey?

Words/phrases that guarantee your thread will get multiple hits?

Is "doing your turkey" offensive?

The gorgeous Hana Pestle....

Proposed Bill Would Bring 4,000 Troops Back To Life

The man KNOWS how to carve a turkey

Amusing Little Helicopter Game

Is The Word 'Dutch' Offensive?

Happy turkey day evryone


Kitty with two faces - awwwwww!

Does everyone have somewhere to go for Turkey day?

I hate cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

anybody ever done the Dressing/Stuffing in a crock pot?

Les Nessman said "I beat my rug." to relieve stress.

Top 10 Myths About Thanksgiving

Meet your daemon (Golden Compass)

I am not cooking tomorrow; ask me anything

Tattooed people... I have a question.

Why is yours better than mine?

What's the agenda of French President Sarkozy? HUMOR

A male friend confessed he is in love with me.

Copycat born with two facets

As God is my witness.....

6 killed in wreck involving ex-Ala. football star Siran Stacy; victims include wife, 4 kids

"Public Hegemony"

Twatted people... I have a question.

The Floridians are at it again: Fireworks to celebrate Thanksgiving.

"Too fat to work"

I thought I was dreaming in Spanish..and then

I have a 5-day weekend!

Jon and Kate Plus 8 - Who else is horrified?

I'm going to the liquor store - anybody need anything?

Why does Vista suck so much?

Great quote from the movie "Three Kings"

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

Life Lesson #32876594

We're trying Alton's Tart Cranberry Dipping Sauce. Recipe:

I hate having cold feet

Here comes the circus!

76 degrees. 102% humidity.

I'm a strapper

If, like a turkey, I had a pop-up timer, it would would indicate I am "SO done."

Please send good vibes to Criss Angel (Mind Freak)...

Notice somethin' about pic threads?

Paul Potts wins.... nuff said

I use a Writer

Am I going to sleep good tonight or what?

Need info FAST about the Chicago airport (O'Hare)!!!

So tell me about your morning coffee...


Okay, what's everyone cooking tonight (or tomorrow morning)

A thread for Thanksgiving, Fall, or Holiday pics and funnies.

I'm Cold

I am a Striper

On my way to Walmart...

Brine? Or no brine?

Priest Holmes has retired.

Are You A Turkey?

William Shatner Vents Over Being Excluded From "Star Trek" Film

CHILDREN OF MEN: The greatest science fiction film?

I am a stripper

I got a stripper.

i just made 2 cheesecakes, i now have to remake one of them

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/21/07

So you think the roaches in your basement are big, check this out.

Cat born with two faces

I have not watched Karate Kid in probably two years, but for some reason I have this song stuck...

Caroline Kennedy can't be 50!!!!

Thomcat needs some good vibes

anyone know anything about irrational fears?

Dodgeball status and candidate support

Who makes the bed/s in your household?

PSA: Tonight is Amateur Night Supreme - one of the highest DUI rates in the year

If you're not having Turkey tommorrow tell us what you're having!!!

You know who had a lousy Thanksgiving?

So who is the best guitarist ever?

How do you mash your potatoes?

Who out there is grilling their turkey this year?

To one and all here at DU!!!(gobble, gobble!)

Screw the family. If you hate them, chill with someone else's family.

How would you politely correct someone who kept calling you the wrong name?

The Giving Thanks Thread

I use a stripper.

This dog loses its MIND and ATTACKS the neighbor's Lab....

Belated birthday and holiday cheer for graywarrior.

I may do a Marathon on T-day holiday (Television lineups)

Wow, bad news and good news.


it's now my birthday

Best all time movie kiss?

Girly Thread: Which dress do you like better?

David Brooks thinks American music culture is fragmented and incoherent

oooooohhhhhh yeah!

The Two-Faced Kitty...

How to Stuff Your Parrot for the Holidays

Well, I think the day has finally come...

Helo crashes near Baghdad, killing 2, injuring 12

Rape, murder case of ex-soldier delayed a week

Gates: Attack on Iran remains an option

Warrant officer arrested, accused of stealing

All F-15s cleared to fly again

Bragg sgt. made sexual advances, women say

Military: News photographer, insurgents linked

Editorial: Treat problems early

Academy to host Mideast peace talks next week

Workers at U.S. bases in Japan go on strike

Troops to devour 171 tons of turkeys

Editorial: Down with blind loyalty

Backtalk: EOD knights

‘Boot Camp Flu’ has killed 10 in 18 months

Pentagon, Congress trade words on war budget

Holiday changes for Great Lakes sailors

Lieutenant threatened during red scare dies

Lawmakers grill admiral over oil spill

Editorial: Time off: They earn it

Backtalk: Work on Raptor’s fuselage, data link is way overdue

Tricare drops some dependents’ dental plans

Japan’s new immigration rules being implemented

Soldiers ease distribution of propane around Baghdad

2nd BCT happy to arrive home

Possible torture room found

Truman spending Thanksgiving in Naples

Attacking Iran Still an Option

An Explosion of Cost in SARs

Staticidal Zealotry

U.S. Agrees to New Talks With Iran

Bush Fingered in Plame Leak Deceit

Air Guard Breaks Ground on New Center

New 400-Hour Phase Inspection Equates to Lives Saved

First Black Marines Legacy Revealed

Border Strife Heating Up Arctic

Army Forges Partnership with 10 Colleges

Children See Children Do....powerful message

Elizabeth Edwards - the youth vote

BUY NOTHING DAY! November 23, 2007

Clinton Edwards Caught Conspiring

Oregon College Democrats: Gordon Smith, Running Scared

John Edwards' South Carolina Thanksgiving wish (TV ad)

Elizabeth Edwards - rural America

A Thanksgiving Threat

Olbermann Leads w/ McClellan Bush Revelations ('Bush Involved')

Barack Obama - Hope and Change

Washington Post caller asks Ron Paul about Dennis Kucinich

Kucinich Feeds Turkeys For Thanksgiving

NY Fire Chief: 'Giuliani Ran Away like a Coward on 9/11'

Depleted uranium toxic and making people sick

Ford knew of CIA coverup in Kennedy Assasination

War on democracy - School of Americas

Utah Highway Patrolman tasers & arrests man for refusing to sign a ticket

Simple new free services to STOP JUNK MAIL (the paper kind)

Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Lectures West Point Cadets About ‘The Military And The Media’

Come on, now - will anything really come from the McClellan revelations?

Good Story on Community Supported Agriculture(CSA) in my Local Rag

Fox Red Eye right now: Going on about Obama's stmnts today re teen drug use

Jon Elliot's show was sure interesting tonight (11/20)

Scottie, Plame and the bushies -- questions

The take-down.

Message of peace

Moussaoui judge questions government

Why? You Want To Know WHY They Are Doing This?

Americans worry about country

Gay rights group (HRC) raises red flag on Wal-Mart policies

== Give me sushi, give me death = By Mark Morford

Most victims were tortured and forced to confess to a variety of crimes

Has the "Pay No Attention to the Disgruntled Former Employee Behind the Curtain" meme started yet?

Thanks, DUers, for caring about the direction of your country and world!

British government lose computer discs with computer discs with 25m people's personal details

Military: Wounded Asked To Return Signing Bonuses

Why did the McClellan story come out now?

MoveOn Needs Your Signature To Protect Our Privacy:

Hey! Scottie boy just sounded a MAJOR CLARION CALL. The fucking SPOKESMAN for el presidento yells,

Virginia AG is "puzzled" by the concept of separation of church and state..

Giuliani is beating McCain in Arizona...

One thing I just don't understand...

Found: The Lupercal: 'Mythical Roman cave' unearthed

The Amero

NYT, WaPo, crickets are chirping

Long time, No C(heney)

Ab Fab Greatest Quote of the Day

Poll: Worries underlie voter happiness

On This Date in BUSH HISTORY -11/21-Hey Big Spender!

In the U.S. of A., we are all suspects now

Dow opening 100 points down

We have an executive branch totally out of control

This Peter Wehner on WJ is a genuine

Got an uncontrollable Freeper?

OK, we all admire Kucinich -- or most of us do

Blog rankings - who gets the news out the fastest?

Rest in hell, Ian Smith

I think Dennis Kucinich is good looking...

Googling your own name can be pretty interesting.

Larry and Britney duking it out. DU this poll:

Will Bad Mortgages Hurt the GOP?

Putting aside our personal discomfort and distress should we be glad oil prices are rising?

anyone watching Washington Journal?

Dow industrials drop 127 in minutes after opening bell

We're donating all our Christmas money to the Brady Center.

Looks like they painted a target on the bird..for Cheney?

I just want to say...

Immigrants sue over English-only job requirement

Do your self a favor and keep Politics off the table tomorrow.

Rove in Newsweek?

"Edwards Statement On The Rejection Of New Orleans As Site For Presidential Debate"

Time mag didn't hire KKKarl because they see him as unindicted co-conspirator in string of felonies

Oil closes in on $100 a barrel

CNBC's Mark Haynes is furious with the Bush Admin

Huckabee Becomes First Candidate To Respond to McClellan Book

(Tap, TAp, TAP) Beset by scandal, Craig sees his Senate clout evaporate

Independent UK: Freddie Mac seeks emergency funding after posting $2bn loss

Progressive candidate Nancy Skinner to be on Hartmann's show today; fundraising challenge

Giuliani Pays a NYC Fireman to Like Him

Will McClellan Be John Dean to Bush's Richard Nixon?

Once again, the religious right shows themselves for the hypocritical BASTARDS they are

The Youth Vote, the Culture Wars, and Barack Obama

Bush says Musharraf "hasn't crossed the line" in Pakistan

A small part of the big picture

Gas prices rise an average of 20 cents a gallon just in time for Thansksgiving

Birth Control Prices Set to Rise for Low Income Women. You Can Help...

Saudis Defend Punishment For Rape Victim

Not one damn dime to the Republicans who run the Brady Campaign

*Daily dose of dumbass*-Bush and airline congestion(LOL)

nought to worry - New KI tablets now available for 13 South Carolina counties

NO political progress in long will the media ignore this

Presidential Hopefuls as Sports Figures

The family political arguments have officially started!

Obscure doctrine gives former judge part of Boulder neighbors' land

Senator Dodd: "INVESTIGATE" The President

Ecuador protests mishandling of president at US airport

Pelosi On President Bush and Senate Republicans Blocking Iraq Funding

"Free" solar energy installation? Has anyone heard of this company?

Ignoring own history of smearing Gore, Matthews claimed "Gore got himself in those problem areas"

A Visit to the Hogwarts Academy for Ideologically Pure Republicans

Are you watching MSNBC right now?

This dog loses its MIND and ATTACKS the neighbor's Lab....

Haven’t gone to war? You will; Army IDs 37,000 soldiers who have not gone to war

Man indicted on charges he raped sleepwalking woman

Judith Miller: "You’re only as good as your sources"

Has it really been 4 years?

Romney's push-poll recipients were on his campaign payroll

High gas prices-inspired poll: How far do you have to travel for Thanksgiving?

Joe Wilson will be on the Ed Schultz show in the next hour nt

Military: Wounded Asked To Return Signing Bonuses

Bush's Plame-gate Cover-up-By Robert Parry


What Are Your Thoughts On This?

Anybody listening to Tom Hartman - who is this geek?

Public Education System (at least my experience)

U.S. Officials Demanding Halt To Indirect Israel Imports Of Iranian Pistachio Nuts

Just A Request During Congress Vacation

McClellan disclosure now on the front page on MSNBC!

Bush pardons turkey; Cheney shoots it anyway (captions please!)

Remember what HW Bush said at Fords Funeral

Amy Goodman: What Would Jesus Buy?

Let's not fool ourselves

Whoa! Huckabee: Bush’s role in Plame leak should be ‘investigated.’

Before Oliver Stone's "JFK" there was "Executive Action".

Sam Seder is on for Randi today.

"Well, Valerie is good with an AK 47 but I'm pretty good with a knife."

Cheer up, everyone!

It's time to put big googly eyes on Bush.

Why was the UN bloating the numbers of AIDS victims? Ignorance?

Thanks for George Bush's Supporters

National poll of intelligent republicans

Joe Wilson:Bush "is either completely out of touch or he's an accessory to an obstruction of justice

Every time you click on Giuliani's Google ads, it costs him money?


Do you think the shrub will be delivering a plastic turkey this year?

Subliminal Hillary - let's deport her

"Lapdogs of the Corporate Press" video - awesome!

Cop tasers guy for not signing speeding ticket

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Thanksgiving's Not-So-Friendly Skies

IF is a big word --

A Positive Sports Story For Thanksgiving!

What IS the World Coming To? Seriously.

It's up to you-a poll for thanksgiving weekend-of all announced Democratic candidates

Eric Alterman: Debating for Dummies

Report Card on the War on Terror...the Bush administration’s strategy has failed.

Tomorrow please remember to be thankful for firefighters

Overthrowing the New Slavery

Publisher: McClellan isn't alleging Bush took part in 'conspiracy to mislead'

Wiretap Issue Leads Judge to Warn of Retrial in Terror Case

Pentagon Official on Wounded Vet Story: "We're Not Sure What Happened"

A recommendation before going crazy on Black Friday:

Water thefts already occuring (Atlanta)

Can we talk Cell phone companies?

Brit Hume: "Thompson campaign has fallen and it can't get up"

Resurgent Taliban said to be closing in on Kabul

Happy in their personal lives, Americans worry about country

Hoping for a Keith Olberman Special Comment tonight, here

Sam Seder Sitting In for Randi!!

Sub-prime, Sub-prime, Sub-prime

Sam Seder: Are you ready for tomorrow's celebration of the First Illegal Immigrant Day....

Dean: audience's unfavorable reactions to the attacks worked well to putsuch things to a stop

Romney's Willie Horton?

AP: Georgia Court Overturns Sex Offender Law

More evidence that the Dem Establishment really hates you

Saying grace options

Fresh Pain for the Uninsured

Blogosphere not as radical as pundits think

So they won't impeach even though they have PROOF of criminal conduct now?

Scottie's so-called Plamegate revelation was just another cheap political stunt by the Bushies

My idea for a very special holiday global warming TV commercial

America - This will only hurt a little...

We know Oprah has endorsed Obama, but will she now stump for him?

Why can't I donate to DU??

Which politicians are planning to go to Iraq for Thanksgiving?

Caption your leader

Why New Orleans not chosen to host a Presidential Debate?

Senate Democrats plan to back down (again) regarding Iraq funding

We may be arguing over the foreign policy experience of our candidates but

Happy Thanksgiving DU boomers! And just Duers in general!

So how many families & friends are likely to be discussing the ECONOMY over Thanksgiving?

So, Snotty, if Bush didn't lie to you on purpose (highly unlikely), then who lied to him?

WTF: Oil reaches $99.29 a barrel

Loyalties in Border War sometimes cross the line to extreme


Afghanistan is about to fall to insurgents. Bet MSM ignores it.

Ass't U.S. Attorney Cowden Refuses to Testify at Vitter Hearing

FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! Hillary Clinton looking into

Ever get the feeling Bush & company are TRYING to screw up our country?

Do you think conservatives are a little obsessed with homosexuality?

I would like to say: Vote for Me

My sister sent me this...

Matthews just Reported That the WaPo Buried McClellan Story on Page 15.

A very simple question: If a faction of the government is able to get away with

Is Bush readying the plastic turkey for our troops in Iraq tomorrow?

The Prophecies of Asu-Words of power

April 2010 - Dana Perino's New Book

Get ready to run against a Romney/Huckabee ticket.

Skin cell breakthrough: "new method includes risky steps, like introducing a cancer gene"

MSNBC Breaking: An Arrest has been made on the disappearance of Natalie Holloway

Any ideas on how to get a better handle on drunk driving?

Plame affair post by Kpete october 21

Asshole Pat Sajak at the Claremont institute singing praises of the admin.

Senior HUD Official Resigns Amidst Investigation

IRS Failed to Refund $4 Billion in Improper Taxes

So when does the annual war on Christmas start?

Pardon Me! "Somebody said the two birds should be named 'Scooter' and 'Libby.'"

Florida Dems "No rooms at the Inn"

No More Dirty Tricks: Help us stop sneaky signature gatherers

I'll fire the first shot in the War On X-mas.

Police: Man Upset With Wife For Not Buying Beer Shoots Pet Goats

Old Man Thompson Explains Why the Ladies Love Him ---pix--->>>

Two reasons I hope that Huckabee wins the GOP nomination

Could Tweety be the catalyst in getting impeachment on the table ?

At least CNN is talking about the McClellan outing

All The President's Liars Where the Hell are The Washington Post and New York Times on McClellangate

BREAKING: Chris Matthews admits he is not a journalist

Pickens' Million Dollar Bet, Vyan's post, and DU. Why not take up Pickens' offer?

McClellan's still spinning for the WH. No reason to expect anything but lies from any of them

I think - I was so wrong to judge the officer corp of the US -

Bill Schneider's Top Five Political Turkeys of the year:

Can anyone tell me what has happened to Air America

Chicken Pickens

Publisher: Ford claims CIA covered up Kennedy assassination

A wish for you all on Thanksgiving eve. "When the Frost is on the Punkin"

More lawsuits filed against ORU & Richard "Dick" ROBerts today

Where's the recommend button gone on posts ?

Statement to the California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC):

Ohio Drops Social Security Card Rule For License Renewals

Perhaps when the Supreme Court mulls over "militia" and the Second Amendment...

A poem by my niece, please enjoy

Golly, I wish Cable News had More Coverage of People Traveling

Make it a Second Hand Holiday Season....Ten Reasons Why Seconds are BEST

Need some advice RE: Visitor Visa to the USA for my friend

Here come the THOUGHT POLICE

Do You Remember the Hoovervilles?

Larry Johnson: George Bush, Traitor and Liar in Chief

Disabled Couple Faces Foreclosure

Dana Perino says bush has never asked anyone to lie for him

It it okay to tamper with Bush/Cheney bumper stickers?

NYTs sat on Pakistan NUKE story for THREE YEARS -- then ASKS for permission to run it!!

is there a somber mood on the nation this thanksgiving?

Don't Do It

Is it enough now, Nancy?

So which DEM Candidate would you trust to hold Bush ACCOUNTABLE if elected President?

Just bumped into a republican at the grocery store

MERRY FITZMAS and a HAPPY NEW GRAND JURY. What will happen now?

FDA is FINALLY going to investigate Chantix. If you are using this drug BE CAREFUL.

Obermann yesterday said that Dems need to be asking "where did the money go"?

Why can't Americans realize the nation's worst problem is poverty?

What is Happening to the NY Times? Not One Single Word About McClellen's Bush Bombshell

"Ten million cancers over the last thirty years were entirely preventable"

Which Phrase is Most Overused by DUers These Days?

What are you Thankful for....?

In light of the newest McClellan revelation, what should the people's House do?

There is a rumor -that opec is going to try and drive oil

From Dartmouth University: The benefits of smoking

Guy James just trashed Democratic Underground, and I agree with him

1000 Days

Top 10 Myths About Thanksgiving

64 million (deaths) question: IF GOVT-FUNDED STUDIES IN '75 SHOWED POT'S ANTI-TUMOR EFFECTS, ...

Dennis Quaid Medical Screwup: How It Happened (his newborn twins given 2000X normal amount of drug)

Thank you, Supreme Court.

Republicans love judicial activism and love the current Supreme Court, the most activist in memory

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

I'm now supporting Huckabee for President

"ID cards that exclude gender" in San Francisco - high time...

Family of Woman Bitten by Snake During Church Service Suing Hospital Where She Died

A Modest Proposal for Dealing with Hate Crimes in the U.S. from a Public Health Standpoint

Student group pushes to carry concealed weapons on campuses

Did the Warren Commission cover up the truth about JFK's assassination?

Jack Cafferty just called for Bush's Impeachment On CNN

Indigenous Cultures - The future of our planet

Why I Fast At Thanksgiving- A Day of Mourning

I'd just like to say a big, fat FU to Capitalism.

Regarding the McClellan snippet

It should be clear that gun control is a big fat loser for dems

Posthumous book claims Ford knew of CIA coverup in Kennedy assassination

Dennis Quaid's twins given overdose in hospital blunder

Did the Kean Commission cover up the truth about 9/11?

The appeal of the handgun

Maureen Dowd mocks Hillary's experience. "Living in WH between ages of 45 and 53" is not experience

Everybody here claims to hate Fox news so much, but they're more than happy to use their tactics....

Who is the most beatable top Republican candidate and why?

Another Tuesday night phone banking for Obama

Political analyst gives Hillary 85% chance of winning nomination. 60% chance of winning presidency

Okay, Congressional Dems, here's a quick lesson in politics for you...

Blocking Recess Appointments

Another Clinton attack = another Obama campaign smackdown

Dodd Calls on Mukasey to Investigate McClellan Charges of White House Cover Up

Must-See: "The Women For Obama Story" (indie documentary-style video)

Whoever the Democratic nominee is

Obama's work as a community organizer

*The Republicans* #2

What drives people to vote, self-interest or altruism?

Undecided voters give Obama hope in 2008 race

Zogby National Poll: Obama Gains on Clinton

Major Political Mind Field Being Prepared for Congressional Dems...

Risky business: Edwards' attacks on Clinton:

Huffington Post launches the Polling Project to better understand how polling is being used

Here we go again. Bush & his OPEC brethren raising oil prices obscenely 1 year before the election

Pat Oliphant chimes in

The "surge", successful or not, does not spell victory

SHOCKING! "An Inconvenient Book"

Is Hillary like Rumsfeld and Cheney? Is Hillary dishonest and Obama honest?

How much do you rely on your "gut" when it comes to who

The New Yorker: The Relaunch of Obama

Is An Honest President Possible?

The Rude Pundit: The Saudi Arabian Justice System ...

Regan's Claim Reveals the Real Fox

Richardson closes in with Edwards in New Hampshire

Progressive candidate Nancy Skinner to be on Hartmann's show today; fundraising challenge

Exclusive: Romney Push Poll 'Whistleblowers' on the Romney Payroll

Rove's man Peter liar Wehner was on Wash. Journal this a.m.

I can't vote for Obama, his church is too freaky.

2008 general election matchups in Washington & Oregon

Top GOP recruit drops bid for New York Congressman John Hall's House seat

Early Iowa caucuses mean students will be on winter break: What effect for Obama?

What is the process for Bill co-sponsorship?

Michigan Supreme Court Rules January 15 Primary Back On. A 4-3 decision.

Romney: Thinking I'm behind the push-poll is like being a WTC conspiracy theorist"

I could never vote for someone whose own children won't talk to him/her or vote for

Should the Second Amendment, "right to bear arms" apply within the District of Columbia?

Would Jesus Support The War On Terror?

"I didn't sacrifice my soul for politics."

Why Do People Go to Jail for Justice?

Is the media narrative of Obama's surge overstated? Rasmussen has Obama dropping 9 points in 4 days.

Court clears way for Michigan to hold January 15 primary

Our treasonous media

The NY Times critiques campaign logos from yesterday and today.

Obama Pits Human Space Exploration Against Education

Joe Klein: The Tone-Deaf Democrats

*The Republicans*

For the Curious: Full-Page Ron Paul Ad in USA Today

Any thoughts on the latest Reuters/Zogby national poll? Hillary now down to 38%.

Edwards vows to be confrontational as president

Guys, lets take a break from 08, McClellan story is huge!

strong evidence that Romney's campaign itself was behind the anti-Mormon push poll

Clinton, Edwards, Obama to boycott CBS debate if no strike resolution

Biden Campaign: State Representative Hunter endorses Joe Biden

Edwards calls for renewed effort on hunger

Input requested: Is there consensus here that Richardson will probably finish 5th (or 4th?) in Iowa?

Those Who Call Hillary BUSH-Lite Are Using Faux News Tactics, Too

Photos: Barack Obama helping out today at the New Horizon's food pantry in Manchester, N.H.

How would Richardson perform as a general election candidate?

VIDEO: In Texas, apparently it's "anything to beat Hillary"

McClellan's Publisher Tries to Clear Bush, But What About Cheney?

Maybe if Senator Clinton wasn't so busy collecting food for the hungry

South Carolina Poll: Hillary up by 19 over Obama, 27 over Edwards...

Check out this Huckabee Ad for Iowa

GOP ballot initiative in CA. raking in cash

Open Left: Is Obama's Surging to Victory?

Biden spending Thanksgiving raising money for underprivlidged children.

Do you agree with these political labels?

Kucinich not short on confidence

So Mitt Romney needs to "read up" to decide whether it is bad

One question

Is Biden About to Form an Alliance With Kucinich in the Quest for the Impeachment of Cheney?

Strike Could Cancel CBS Debate

Hillary Speaks out on Saudi Arabian decision to lash Gang Rape victim...

Hillary Clinton did nothing but pass out canapes at Hubby's state dinners

Face the Nation- Edwards explains how he would "cut off congress' healthcare"

Obama handled the Novak "story" flawlessly

Tweety keeps braying Obaaaaama..Obaaaaaama

Retired Lt Gen Ricardo Sanchez supports Dem legislation that calls for most troops home within year

How about an nationally coordinated over-night action to wake up America?

Michelle Obama Canceled the View

How will IOWA CAUCUS VOTERS favoring 2nd tier candidates redistribute their votes?

ABC News Nightly News is reporting 1000 Iraqis a day are returning home.

Two Chances to Change the World

How Will You Deal with Your Right-Wing Relatives...

Experience - this is what it boils down to with Clinton

Hillary got fired!

How does everybody feel about a Huckabee/Obama match-up?

Edwards Statement On Saudi Rape Victim's Sentence

Anyone know what Saudi "lashes" are like?

Krugman vs. Krugman

Chris Dodd Criticizes New Clinton Ad

Edwards cancels TV appearance, citing strike

Is being First Lady executive experience? Depends on the Lady.

Christopher Dodd: It Is Time to Investigate the White House's Betrayal of Trust

Huckabee surges in Iowa, only four points behind Romney...

Poll: What candidate would you most likely invite to your Thanksgiving Dinner?

Obama gains big - Clinton drops 10 points MSN/Reuters

Face Time

Well, THAT sucked all of the drama out of the Lil' Scotty story: He "doesn't think Bush lied"

Biden connects the dots on air travel

Biden Announces 14th Iowa Political Endorsement

Dems Lash Out Over McClellan Revelation

Email from my brother-in-law about smearing political candidates

Essex girl on the road to the White House

Obama was FIRST candidate to put out a statement re: Saudi rape victim

BIden's statement on Saudi rape victim's sentence.

The Trouble with Thankfulness

Biden calls himself "the odd man out" among '08 Democrats

Is Obama's Iowa Surge for Real?

New National Zogby/Reuter poll...Obama gains on Hillary...

Clinton Refuses To Cross CBS Picket Line For Dem Debate

"Being First Lady isn't experience" is perfect example of how institutional sexism continues

MSNBC Breaking News: New Hampshire primary will be held on January 8th

Republicans sport a "do what we say, not what we do" political philosophy.

"Senator" Katherine Harris is a total whack job.

Attention Lurkers! Here's How It's Gonna Go Down ...

The OFFICIAL pile on Ghouliani thread!

Francis Bacon on George W. Bush (from 1601)

Richardson surges into virtual third place tie with one time VP nominee.

Tomorrow in NH, Kucinich adding BUSH to the Cheney Impeachment Resolution

Do Democrats want to lose this election?

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi

Hey IMPEACHMENT opponents! MLK Jr. calling!!...

Meet Ed O'Reilly (Desperate-Mass)

Bush applauds Clinton's experience, "very formidable candidate"

Publisher in Iowa asks why the media - and money- are picking our candidates for us?

Why is Obama in bed with Karl Rove?

Clinton Mocks, Draws Rebukes

Republicans love judicial activism and love the current Supreme Court, the most activist in memory

If you REALLY believe in Dennis Kucinich, check in here and do what

TPM's Horse's Mouth wonders about Carville on MTP Sunday with Matalin, Shrum.

Free advice to Edwards: If you believe K-E won in 2004 then start ACTING LIKE IT

Clinton's Lead Slips Seven Points in New Hampshire

Edwards for America... Dave Sirota, for the people...

How is that no good goofy looking fuck, Glenn Beck, allowed to plagiarize & mock Al Gore on CNN?

BIDEN picks up 14th endorsement in Iowa!!

Edwards can't can't snatch Congress' health care: Gets rare "Pants on Fire" ruling

Biden on Bush dealing with Musharraf -

Clinton crushes Obama: Electability: 69% to 10%, Tough enough to beat GOP: 50% to 13%

How Democratic Underground looked 6 years ago

If Edwards had been as aggressive with Bush in '04 as he is with fellow dems in '08...

For Edwards and Kerry, a Relationship That Never Quite Fit

2007 NCLB Prospects Are Fading

Biden agrees with Obama on the strength of his foreign policy credentials