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Archives: November 20, 2007

Barbara Ehrenreich: Luxury Grub

Ted Rall-Musharaff (yeah him too)played W and took our money AND should have been the war

Mardi Noir: France faces 'Black Tuesday' ... Is this President Nicolas Sarkozy's " Thatcher moment"?

Chris Matthews teased segment by asking whether Clinton is a "She Devil"

Dollars no good for the Taj Mahal

Newsweek: America the Unwelcoming

Dr. Gerry Lower: Is The Question "Who is Bush" or is it "What is Bush"

Winds Of Change: The Future Of Wind Power In Maine

Front Page, Wall Street Journal - World May Hit Oil Production "Ceiling" By 2012 - Energy Bulletin

Pakistan invites China for solar energy cooperation

GE to build two power plants in Turkmenistan

Is the future for solar energy really so bright?

Double-edged drought

US joins critics of Japan whaling

Dispute Between U.S. And WTO Over Internet Gambling Could Cost The U.S. Billions

FBI reports hate crime were up nearly 8 percent in 2006

Sex scandal hits Atlanta-area megachurch

Oil Officials See Limit Looming on Production

9-11 group blasts GOP hopeful Giuliani

Hillary: It Takes a Clinton to Clean Up After a Bush

Writers' picket lines swell with addition of new groups

New Zealand bars British man's 'fat' wife

BREAKING News photographer in Iraq accused of insurgent ties

Iraq Arrests 2 U.S. Guards After Shooting

Venezuela plans new oil deal with Total

Actress who played Klink's secretary on "Hogan's Heroes" dies

Demand in Spain for Venezuela Coup Info

"60 Minutes" preparing report on Siegelman case

California suing voting machine maker (ES&S) for $15 million

'Beware a Labor-Greens axis'

Environmentalists vow to ram whaling vessels

women in shorts. Well done movie presentation. Nice music too

Gods, I hate temperature inversions

Britney WARNED about goldfish in the same bowl while wearing a wig that looks just like her dog


Mom is Santa

one ring to rule them all

Post or pm your butt and I'll tell you if it's big..

Anyone else getting spams that sound like Beck lyrics?

PM me a scan of your credit card and I'll let you know if it makes your butt look big

Eww! Freeper version of GOP Bathroom trolling! ( yes, in a "port-o-let")


I found a mouse

Forget Austen--what would a Dostoevsky club look like?

go for the gold

See what happens when you wear Old Spice!!!!

I will now let loose a primal scream to illustrate the depth of my hatred for Billy Beane.


I have a shiny new shaft. Ask me anything.

I'd Nail That


I just grunted for 15 minutes straight. Ask me anything!

physics can be fun

If it weren't for the 16 oz. Jimmy Dean sausages, my ass wouldn't be the size of Texas.


Ick!!! Kitty sneeze in my face! Ick!

Mr. Whipple has squeezed his last role of Charmin

Which sounds cooler?

I have found the perfect DU Lounge picture

I have survived 20 straight hours of grading papers!

OOOH, a COUNTER-OFFENSIVE: Britney hired P.I. to prove K-Fed drank beer, smoked dope around kids

Anyone know anything about gas emitting organs?

Oh boy, tomorrow is my first test of morality in my MBA program

ok - that was kinda creepy

Is it my imagination or has restaurant music become more obnoxious and loud?

Anyone watch Top Gear on BBC America??

I'd hit that

Our psychotic cat knocked over our stained glass lamp and broke it

I'd tap that

Adorable T-shirt.

The Whitehouse Christmas Tree is from my country

lend me your ear

Signs that a book is going to be bad.

I've come to a conclusion, and you cannot change my mind.

Well, I had surprisingly good day

The Whitehouse Christmas Tree is from my county

I think I've officially become an uncool curmudgeon

On PBS now - how Dallas reporters covered the assassination of JFK

My church has a new campaign to support Iraqi refugees.

Keith Olbermann on the Simpsons

Favorite Thanksgiving food

The T-Shirt of the Day

Oh, good grief. (pic) -Edited by req to make a LOLCAT

To the moon!

WEEDS is the best show

That's life

Signs that Tonya Harding eating Jimmy Dean sausage is going to be bad

The "Tonya Harding Web Site"..."1556 fantasy stories and messages, all about Tonya Harding"

Anyone know anything about gas convection ovens?

HELP!!! I have an 80-lb. boil on my backside and it won't go down!!!!!

Ever have one o' those days when all you really want

Those newfangled ATM's confusternated me....

Foo Foo Fighters --"Baker Street" because you deserve it

Let's all make fun of North Carolina and see if we can get wildhorses to show up

"Hero's" What happened at end. **SPOILER **

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/19/07

Vibe request--it's a big one

Today is my birthday and I spent the day at the beach walking with the dogs.

Parents - whatever your kids did today, show some perspective: they could have done this.

Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee...

I need some help from any DU telecom experts (I know we have some here).

my granddaughter strikes a pose

I just went to Wal-Mart. I am a hypocrite.

I'd bang that

Some people add salt to food before tasting it.

I swear, if he picks on me ONE MORE TIME, I'm moving OUT

Post obscure songs that people should hear but won't otherwise.

Does your family have a traditional "family recipe" you make every Thanksgiving?

Toxic Toys: A Poisonous Affair

A people's VP once upon a time: Al Gore explains Clinton Admin policy towards Iraq

Bill O'Reilly in the O'Sexxxy factor

Veteran Suicides, PTSD, and Election 08': DOES AMERICA CARE?

Red State Update in Vegas for the Dem Debate

Did Gore say anything yet - Is he still silent??

RIP Dick Wilson (AKA Mr. Whipple).

Tom Brady: Perfectly Perfect or The Most Perfect?

War Contracts To Controversial Companies On The Rise

Scott McClellan Grabs A Seat At The Former-Bush-Aide-Turned-Author Table

Imran Khan on a hunger strike

SO it is 40 whatever days til Iowa -

Have you seen the latest Polls? Major Movement in top 3!

Send Bush a Christmas Present

Giuliani, Clinton Extend Leads (Clinton at 52%)

Freepers ready to bomb Iran and Venezuela

Bush was right," in commuting Libby's perjury sentence this year as excessive, the report said. But

Pickles and her pet chimp will be appearing tomorrow...

Why allow those people to pull you into their power/profit-usurping confusion?

Hate crimes rose 8% in the US in 2006

Is it "bad" to wish my life ON those who have power over mine or,...

TPM Cafe: Whither Go Real Wages?

Assuming that your favorite does not win the nomination,

Ted Kennedy Jr.’s firm sues healthcare lobbying shop over political intel

Bill Scher: Shall We Help Big Oil Get Bigger?

Delete: Misread

New York City Fire Chief is nailing Rudy

HAH!!! Rove teaching the scumbags how to run away from Chimpolini

Damn... Keith can wear a suit!

If Huckabee were to win the Repub Nomination that would cause Dem Strategists A Big Problem...

Yet another RW sex scandal.. its a daily thing again

When was the last time a Repub Sen or Rep Mentioned Bush's Name on the Floor????

Jane Smiley: Why Human Rights are More Important than National Security

Naomi Klein's visit with Bob McChesney on "Media Matters" has been posted -- mp3 or RA

Ga. Boys Ages 8 and 9 Charged With Rape

Poor pitiful Michael Savage was comparing Venezuela's Chavez to

Global stocks fall on credit fear

War on the consumer: China's alchemists turn lead into gold while endangering your kids.

Bush is Winning This War!!!!

Is It Now Too Late For Gore To Enter The Race?

My comment on Vancouver airport taser incident

Republicans and Race

Einstein says - if WWIII ever gets fought.

Support the troops: Soldier decries AWOL arrest at hospital

A day late, but still you should read this: Musharraf to US: "Put up or Shut up."

Beware the rightwing infiltrator. Current divisiveness at DU has made it his/her playground

Can somebody please tell me what the hell "Clean Coal™" is?

Canadian firetruck responding to U.S. call held up at border

Regarding Saturday night's thread about American Indians in the southern US: Let me tell you

Food Pantries Struggling With Shortages - reporting increased demand and drop in donations

For those who believe the DOD

New Zealand bars British man's 'fat' wife

Guess what, GHOULiani is "moderate" & therefore our biggest threat!1

Credit losses 'may reach $400bn'

Court Bars Secret Papers in Eavesdropping Case

Archival footage- Kennedy and more

Does anybody know how Elizabeth Edwards is doing? Thanks. nt

Fox News host advocates violence, on air, against anti-war protestors...

Harbor Fright..... please tell me that the tools that we all purchase

I wonder - you guys really don't think there is a difference

Chris Dodd moving to Iowa for six weeks before caucus.

Help - lost without Air America in San Diego!

For ALL the haters--

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Our dollar has lost a ton vs the Euro

Anybody else watching KO think that Olbermann may be supporting Clinton?

The Ten Greatest Hoax Gadgets of All Time

Chris Floyd: Rain of Terror: Storm Warnings of More Tyranny to Come

Seven Incumbents being investigated raise $1.2M

FISA and the “State Secrets” Privilege: Court Bars Secret Papers in Eavesdropping Case

Kids are cute!

Rep. Mike Ferguson (R-N.J.) will not seek reelection

Full Stall Justice: Bad News for Reps Lewis and Calvert = FBI's Still Probing

The weakness of the dollar is a sign of the US Empire comming down

Mukasey's NEW? DoJ: Paulose Offered Justice Department Position

Wes Clark is answering questions on Iraq, Turkey and the Kurds...

Chavez pisses on Venezuela's laws and citizens....preach on Brother Keith....

US prison system 'costly failure'

LOL Right wing blogs in MO to be sued for defamation

CBC: Windsor (Ont) ambulance carrying critical heart patient held up by US Customs

Intimate pictures hidden for 40 years capture the innocence of the Kennedy era

The real truth about Nuclear Energy - a history lesson

so why did Edwards not run for re-election as senator? HE is AWESOME

Oh, dear.Does anybody know if the Publix Pilgrims are safe to use for Thanksgiving?

George Clooney does right by the writers. Will the rest of Hollywood do the same?

Pasadena, Texas' Joe Horn is a murderer.

I just saw Alberto Gonzales live and in the flesh (dial-up warning)

You have to see this! The answer to our oil problems!!!

Any chance yet that we can all agree on an Edwards/Kucinich Ticket --- ????

CSPAN2 off the air in western PA?!? (Comcast)

Pictures from SOA vigil

freepers hate bush now?

Evolution opponents in Florida rising up against what they call "indoctrination."

That music on Tweety's intro is making me NUTS!!

New Iowa poll: Obama 30%, Hillary 26%, Edwards 22%

How ironic? CNN doesn't even mention the new IA poll showing Obama leading!

The Clinton News Network Holds a Vladimir Putin Debate (Brent Budowsky)

Poll Analysis: Majority of Iowa Democrats interested in "new direction and change" over "experience"

Townsend Says Election Is Potential Terrorism Target - WTF?

ABC/WaPo poll: 52% of Iowans have attended a campaign event compared to 34% this time in 2004.

Photo: "Bush holds a can of Bush's Baked Beans." 1 year, 2 months, 4 days, 11 hours left.

List of Past winners of the New hampshire primary and Iowa Caucus's

Tweety Slammed Al Gore Again

Interview with (the always interesting) Cuban PM, Ricardo ALarcon - CSPAN 8:30pm EST. ON NOW

Poll: Obama's New Ideas Garner Favor in Iowa

Democrats Say They Won’t Back Down on War

Where is Edwards going to direct his attacks now that Hillary is no longer the frontrunner?

Now that a more complete video is available

Obama is the only guest tonight with Tavis Smiley

Where you live sucks so bad...terrorists wouldn't bomb it.

AFLCIO: What would YOU ask the Repuke Candidates?

Republicans Like Obama or Edwards as Democratic Pick

Women for Biden gather to announce their support

Edwards shares message of hope

Hillary Clinton has inspired all 1800 of my "A" friends to register and vote for her in '08

The Clinton News Network Holds a Vladimir Putin Debate

Rudy, Romney, And Thompson All Beating Clinton in new Florida Poll

Pakistan’s top court dismisses challenges to Musharraf’s re-election

At this point, how is John Edwards doing?

At this point, how is Hillary Clinton doing?

At this point, how is Pat Paulson doing?

I'm perfectly happy that the Clinton fans are making an issue about the "elderly woman" video

Obama was right to be firm with the annoying lady.

At this point, how is Barack Obama doing?

Barack Obama has inspired my girlfriend to register to vote for the first time!

Does the Clinton News Network (CNN) only discuss their polls on TV/web?

Obama did not yell at anybody

Out of 44 Iowa polls this year, only three favored Obama: All three are Washington Post-owned

To the Edwards and Obama people, are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?

Let the primal scream be for Hillary in 2008

i think Dodd needs a theme song

How would have you answered the "elderly woman" asking Obama the "question"?

If Democrats don't make an impeachment attempt before Bush is gone, how upset will you be?

Calvinball and Chicken Pickens

Obama Campaigners Work the Switchboards

Hillary: It Takes a Clinton to Clean Up After a Bush

Diamonds or Pearls?

How the Iowa Caucuses Work, A 6 part series

There is a method to the Pelosi/Reid madness. And only time will tell

Hillary's business ties are a legitimate campaign issue, such as her ties to Entergy

Full video of Obama smackdown of Right-Wing voter!

Video: Kill the Messenger.. about Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds

Rumor; Kerry not happy with the way media effecting campaign; may endorse DK

Hugo Chavez is Olbermann's Worser Person of the Day

Clinton Library Sells Secret Donor List

Jeff Cohen: "the last Clinton in the White House subverted the progressive agenda."

Does anyone get the idea Obama or Edwards will win Iowa, and Hillary will win New Hampshire?

Hillary is absolutely correct on Obama's bullshit social security crisis

When AWOL Is the Only Escape -- A Patriot's Story

How to deepen a widening quagmire in one easy step: Just think like the Bush administration

The Economist: America's vulnerable economy

The Fate of a Free Presidential Election in 2008 May Now Depend on the Senate

The President and the Courts: Uribe’s Attacks on Colombia’s Highest Judicial Institutions

Human Rights Watch condemns sentencing of Saudi gang-rape victim (Where's George Bush?)

India unwelcoming to investors: Branson

Great New Source: The Real News Project

What Obama Must Do To Beat Hillary

FDL Book Salon welcomes Naomi Klein!

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy: The Supreme Court's Wrong Turn -- And How to Fix It

Robert Redford, Julie Taymor: America At War

Jane Smiley| Why Human Rights are More Important than National Security

Megachurch leader in mega-sized sex scandal - AP

In Iraq, the Momentary Good News and the Depressingly, Lastingly Bad

NYT editorial, The Scientists Speak: A ray of hope in climate change gloom

Normon Solomon: US Media Poodles

Robert Parry: Iraq's Laboratory of Repression

NYT op-ed, Release Justice Department Secrets: "World should know we reject tactics of the enemy."

They tell us work and play by the rules and you'll be rewarded

Privatized Hell Revisited

Northern Rock shares suspended SIX times in meltdown on stock exchange

The Unforgivable!

Excuse Me, Please, I’m Having a Bad Decade


The GOP Has Become the Party of Moral Depravity

Whites Take a Majority on New Orleans’s City Council: "A smaller, whiter city"

Nobody Said Saving This Democracy Would Be Easy

Reforming Venezuela's Constitution

Decline of the Tenure Track Raises Concerns: "Professors with tenure a distinct minority"

UN Leader Witnesses Climate Change Effect in Antarctica

'Locavore' is the Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year

AlterNet: Wal-Mart’s New Greenwashing Report

US splashes out on solar energy

Air Polluters Sail the High Seas

Ku Maloob Zaap Field Production Falling In Tandem With Cantarell - Oil & Gas Journal

Ancient Chinese town on front lines of desertification battle

SMUD and D.R. Horton Sign Solar Homes Deal (187 SolarSmart homes, California)

PBS "Online NewsHour" - U.N. Panel Warns on Climate Change in Report

Homeowners Associations and Solar Panels Don't Always Mix

Anyone know a good place to buy recycle bins?

Nova Scotia Power Investing In 240 MW Of Wind Power

Fall Rains Down By Up To 90% In Southern China's Rice Belt - Reuters

NJ Transit to install solar-power system at maintenance complex

Oz Foreign Minister To Push For "Climate Declaration" At Singapore Conference

Hamlin Wrestles With Wind Power

Gordon Brown - Too Little, Too Late On Climate Policy - Telegraph Op-Ed

UN - Carbon Emissions By Industrialized Nations Rising Sharply After Decline In 1990s- AFP

New Geothermal Energy Project in Halifax to Use Cold Energy Storage

As Primroses Bloom And Tadpoles Emerge, Scotland On Track For Warmest Year On Record - BBC

Rapid Growth In Brazil's CO2 Emissions 1994 - 2005 Outstrips Economic Growth Rate - AFP

Cyprus Drought Clamps Down - Reservoirs Reduced To 9% Of Capacity On Average - Gulf Times

Death Toll From Saudi Aramco Natural Gas Pipeline Blast Rises To 38

Erie, PA - Continental Announces Temporary Flight Cuts - Cites Fuel Costs, Lack Of Flight Crews

Green jewerly/Jute a hit at trade fair!

Rock Center Tree Lights Go `green'

More Evidence We've Entered the End of Oil

Rice University - US Gas Independence Impossible, Even If Closed Areas Are Opened to Drilling - AFP

Check out Nancy Skinner's new blog post on Global Warming

Australian Farmers Bulldozing Citrus Groves, Vineyards, As Water Cost Rises Tenfold - SMH

Australian Olympics Team Charges Chinese Government Not Releasing Beijing Pollution Data

I was in Dunhuang this summer- Water situation- NW China

I emailed the scientist quoted in the "Sea Ice Gone By 2010" article and he responded:

Remove CO2 from air? Experts working on it

Ontario blows it: Dealing with erratic wind power brings huge costs

Court Bars Secret Papers in Eavesdropping Case

Miami child abuse cases mishandled, state finds

Venezuela, Cuba Preparing to Bring Cienfuegos Refinery Online

Global crash imminent, warns expert

Ted Kennedy Jr.’s firm sues over political intel

US firm APCO launches operations in India

Man reports death threat after cat shooting trial

Poll: Majority at ORU want Roberts gone

Reports: Grand Jury Investigating Blackwater Guards

IRAQ: Extremists fuel anti-women violence in Basra

U.S. soldier charged in Baghdad fuel theft

Military wants more money to aid Pakistani paramilitary fighters

Hogan Family in Denial?

(Pennsylvania - Allegheny) College criticizes invitation-only political rallies

Report: Denver airport de-icing firm fed test answers to employees

Report: KBR Dominates Iraq, Afghan Contracting

US military chief refuses to rule out military option over Iran (Admiral Michael Mullen)

Gonzales' tour stop bit rocky at UF

Pakistan Says More Than 3,000 Freed

[Guatemala] Adoption changes wrench American parents

Soldier Arrested; Says He Was Seeking Treatment

Radiation Detectors for Border Are Delayed Again

CIVIL war is breaking out in the US - WATCH CSPAN LIVE

Franco bill divides Spaniards

Sex Scandal Hits Atlanta-Area Megachurch

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 20

Polygamist leader gets 5 years to life

Pfizer's anti-smoking drug linked to depression (Chantix)

Senator Kerry Replies to Pickens' Moving the Goalposts

Whites Take a Majority on New Orleans’s City Council: "A smaller, whiter city"

FEC Eases Rules on Ads Before Elections

Dems Obey and Murtha Say Pentagon Using Scare Tactics: Goading Congress into passing war spending

Bridges Burned in U.S., Political King Maker (Dick Morris) Hits Africa

House: Ferguson Retirement Creates Another Competitive Open Seat

Colombia okays Chavez-FARC rebel chief meet: Chavez

FBI Details U.S. Hate Crimes Rise

Infomercial pitchman found in contempt for misleading TV ads

US Agrees to New Talks With Iran

Bruning (R) pulls out of Nebraska (US) Senate race

Report: U.S. Attorney taps Ashcroft's firm for big money deal

Bush: Clinton Understands White House Pressure

Voting machine maker sued by Secretary of State

Fed forecasts unemployment bump in 2008

Former GOP official resists new trial (NH Phone Jamming)

Disgraced Political King Maker Hits Africa (Dick Morris)

US helicopter crashes in Iraq

Fortified Green Zone mortared

U.S. prison system a costly and harmful failure: report

Clinton mocks Obama on foreign policy

Lansing-built Cadillac CTS Shines As Motor Trend Car of the Year

Former Virginia governor running for U.S. Senate

Supreme Court to Rule on Union Law

Nationwide French protests put pressure on Sarkozy

Somalia Crisis Dubbed Worse Than Darfur

Vick faces $900,000 bill for dog care

Former aide blames Bush for leak deceit (Mcclellan)

Stem Cell Breakthrough Uses No Embryos

Scott McClellan's Book Coming in April -- Admits Wrongdoing in Clearing Rove and Libby in CIA Leak C

Wounded Soldier: Military Wants Part Of Bonus Back

Victor Rabinowitz, 96, Leftist Lawyer, Dies

No suspension for US bridge players over anti-Bush protest

Border Patrol goes zero tolerance in Laredo...

Ex-Rhodesia leader Ian Smith dies

China state press says officials uncover thousands of illegal land grabs

Supreme Court to Hear D.C. Gun Ban Case: Will raise political issue in time for '08 election

Putin Says Russia Will Not Tolerate NATO Military Build Up

Things I've learned today...

Sorry, but I'm calling this sock puppet name.

We all would love to see electric motors replace the gas engine in cars

Unfettered Common Sense has invaded GD?

How do I get words to stop pre-filling in my Google search field?

James Taylor is on the Tavis Smiley show right now....

A Musing from the Mind of KitchenWitch

BREAKING! Jennifer Lopez took Republican Congressman Gary Miller's grandchildren!

Tonight's earworm...courtesy of the late, great Frank Zappa!

Another earworm, for those who don't like Zappa...

My head hitting the keyboard says it's bedtime

My dog just told me it is my bedtime.

My dog hitting the keyboard says it's bedtime

Stay off the roads!!!!

Customer Service Call From Hell-Not Work Friendly

So, in the dream I'm having,

Do you know what "Metonymy" is?

Blue Suede Shoes

Signs that a first date is heading to bed...

I have 20 pages of writing for two different classes due tomorrow, but I've got to get some sleep.

Monday, Nov. 19. William Shatner's Thought of the Day:

I am recording my Smothers Brothers tapes to DVD, found a few more tapes.

Whew! I dodged a bullet tonight!

Onion News Network: "Americans Enjoying Thanksgiving Tradition Of Sitting Around At Airport"

If I click "Mark All" on the DU front page, will all of us have 666s on our foreheads?

is this song liberal, or critical of liberalism?

I've asked before and now I feel I must ask again: If someone announced, "I'm pushing forty"

"Journeyman" is a suckshow

My gosh! In five minutes I'll be...

Friday *4AM*---Kohl's

For all you pranksters, here's an interesting Craigslist offer:

Dorney Park pics for Redstone, dialup warning, lots of pics.

I went to a fantastic concert last night.

Yea! I made it back to the States yesterday

A popular WW2 ditty. Here we go....

Day Three: Still no puppies. Why does flvegan hate America?

It's 4:00 in the morning, the end of December, I'm writing you now

Girl breaks leg in cross-country foot race at finish line. Guts it out till the end.

Rapper Lil' Romeo signs to play at USC

FASHION-it's what everyone will be wearing at Holiday parties

Post here your outstanding achievements and fantastical accomplishments here.

Ever wonder why you're feeling so depressed...and then it turns out you're just ill?

Thanksgiving traditions

Zombie movie fans..."Fido" is available on DVD

can excel equations handle trig functions?

So, I dreamed I was a secret agent in a class war

My ass is actually shrinking as I age?????

Star Trek or Fashion?

Who Else Likes The Smell Of Moldy Rice

NOBODY cross Midlodemocrat today.

lost-in-nj appreciation thread!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm so jealous of LeftyMom i could hurl

Off goes my cellphone, closed goes my email

A Friend Of Mine Is A TeleMarketer

My dogs are idiots! They keep coming over and butting me

anyone see Y2J last night?

Any Curacao travelers???

Day 2 on my new job...and I finally got my computer!

Neil Diamond reveals who Sweet Caroline is - Trust me, you will like it!

And here's ANOTHER reason I'm pissed.

First Snow in MA - November 2007

trends: modern teenage boy haircuts

I just saw the new trailer for Cloverfield.

I couldn't wait for lunch so I dug in now

Will someone please come to my house and

Daft Bodies - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

I've got a headache and it smells bad outside

One of our secretarys was fired for stealing cash.

Performance art that doesn't suck

Black Friday 2007 Daily Updates ( 40+ store deals all in one place! )

Help with "a poem, advice or a memory for a soon to be married couple" ??

I'm going to see The Hooters tomorrow night!

I'm going to see the hookers tomorrow night!

Do you want to see what a deer jumping if front of your car looks like? This is wild

ooh! new freeperisms! Does democrates rhyme with Socrates?


Wow, what a day ALREADY.

is the recent "Chronicles of Narnia" any good?

Celebrity patents.. (I knew there was something odd about Penn Gilette)

I'm going to see the hookers with a hookah tomorrow night!

pencil test...

It's 65 degrees here!! And the one visit I had scheduled for this pm

"The Onion" says that Pot may be "uncool"

Which Star Trek

El Lay - it may be a clusterfuck but its our clusterfuck

Do you have anyone in your life who can't seem to get their life together?

I Don't Like Mondays

Not a happy Tuesday

Pron on DU

Neil Diamond: "Sweet Caroline" was Caroline Kennedy

How Cool Are You? "I Am So Cool That . . . "

Is This Sexy or Disgusting?

Just the punch line

Weird. I'm not sure what to think.

Any Madeleine Peyroux fans?

Why doesn't Jesus ever close the door?

Who here hates Winchester Cathedral?

Who here hates Charles Emerson Winchester?

Impending Doom

undeniable proof that Kim Deal is the awesome

how do you like your yaks?

John Belushi: Brilliant entertainer or goofy bastard who got lucky?

How do you like your gams?

Am I insane for already having the house decorated for Christmas? (and BONUS KITTY PIC!)

ummm...yeah, i was looking for Juliana Hatfield videos and found this

I just had two Jack in the Box tacos, the 2 for a $1 kind.

Woman Stabs Dog That Attacked Her Cat

Dear God, I am having a totally shitty morning.

"As God as my witness..."

Cheer Up billyskank Thread

What will you do this "Black Friday?"

Bee bee bee bee bee bee bee bee bee...

Divorced/separated DUers: is it bad to feel good about it?

British Woman, 102, Bares All as Miss November for Nude Charity Calendar (PIC)

Crap, I just sprained my ankle

My God! This soccer mom in an SUV nearly ran me over as I was skateboarding

Photographic proof answers age old question!!

Projects and Impending Doom (Graduate school)

Proof that eating organic foods makes you stupid:

something that made me sad (its kinda long and boring and you dont have to read it)

Fake Rumor Thread: post it here!

Us Weekly: Britney Spears' early-career "wholesome pop star virgin" image was a "PR blitz"

long distance relationships

who won the office football pool?

The Munchkins get a star on Hollywood Boulevard.

you know what i was thinking? there hasn't been a goodbye thread in the lounge

Audio: Truth to Power!!! -Enraged Red-Stater vs. Jimmy Dean Sausage!!!!

Dread Zep..because you deserve it

Testing to see if I can post pictures

Where the hell is graywarrior!

With rap around for nearly 20 years, how come it's only NOW that "ho ho ho" is deemed offensive?!

There's a new snake in my yard!!!

Best Bumper Sticker That I Only Saw Last Fall

A mouse

So, I've basically been ordered to get a Flu Shot

Now if you were a teenage boy (16)...what (within reason) would you want for the consumer holiday?

Neil Diamond Or Pearls?

The Ballad of Nick Saban.....bwahaaaaa...

Lez Zeppelin..because you deserve it

OMFG!1!! Neil Diamond reveals who 'Sweet Caroline' is! THIS IS HUGH11!1 IM SERIES!!11

Beyonce @ The American Music Awards. Kim Kardashian @ the supermarket. YOU decide.

I'm bored. What should I look at on the internet right now?

Gals, a helpful film for those having guests over.

Goodbye DU

For the last time... RedQueen IS a replicant

The best video ever: Make your frig match your mood!

Post here if you REFUSE to post in the response thread to the thread "The Only Thread That Matters"

Nov. 20, 2007. Checkov's Thought for the Day:

Next Monday there's no school because it's the first day of hunting season.

If Pez Candies, Inc. were to make a Parche Pez Dispenser, what would it dispense?

mmmmm... Nice big piece of Pecan Pie...

For God's sake, quit telling me about that damned Free Rice website!

Nov. 20, 2007. Bob Dylan's Thought for the Day:

Washable suits-for Men and Women

It's Aye-aye time again.

Which Sucks Worse?

What film would be a bad idea for a Broadway musical?

so i was just on the elevator with three women

How NOT to make a good first impression:

I Need A Beverage. Big Business Deal Fell Through

I have one credit card. 0 balance. Why is the SAME company pre-approving me for a SECOND one?

*The* Charlie Brown Holiday TV schedule for 2007

Do you agree with the smoking bans in bars and clubs?

The only thread that matters

Guess who's fucking birthday it is today?

This is a really cool item (oops, warning. artistic nudity):

I get to go back home for Xmas this year

Post here and I'll swear at you in Pynchon.

Where can I get crystallized ginger?

New update on my dad (GreenLantern for DU oldsters)

Quentin Tarantino

Bush vs. the Zombies

When do you think the Singularity will happen?

Have a stress free Thanksgiving....

It's still there...

Barenakedlady Is Awesome Thread

DUers that live far from where their heart calls home, are you homesick?

why don't men call???

BREAKING NEWS...Kim Kardashian is still Kim Kardashian, this time in a velour track suit.

I need a kitty fix. U cn post Kitteh pix plz?

non-fiction sports books

how do you like your yams?

For the last time... Deckard is NOT a replicant.

The Only Thread That Mutters

LOST fans! Check in here! (Special LOST never aired scene, too!)

The Future

Neil Diamond reveals who Sweet Caroline is - Trust me, you will like it!

If Pez Candies, Inc. were to make a Rabrrrrrr Pez Dispenser, what would it dispense?

Steely Dan: The DU Poll

Who Else At Du Hates Steely Dan

In-N-Out Burger vs Five Guys Burgers & Fries

For the last time... Han Solo shot first!

Post here if you REFUSE to post in "The Only Thread That Matters"

Quote: "You make my ass want to chew tobacco."

Who here in DU has absolutely no f-in taste in music whatsoever"

Googling your own name can be pretty interesting.

Is The Word 'Bitch' Offensive?

I'm listening to Steely Dan right now and I'm digging it!!

It is time for Obscure State Laws!

Best/Worst all time movie endings?

How did you get to where you are?

Stay classy, Jet Fans

Anyone else missing their passed away family?

Do you use internet slang in everyday conversation?

Nude man accused of causing I-95 crashes

Birdwatcher cat killer gets death threat.

Update on my found pup Lucy.

Strap in, shut up and hold on. We're going back.

Show Yourself DUers! I Wanna See Ya!

What do you suck at?

Best movie shootout?


Name the TV Show the Picture comes from game! (Rules below)

When did MASH jump the shark?

Military seeks charges against photographer

Hundreds to re-enlist for 3rd ID birthday

House Armed Services panel fills vacancies

VA nominee Peake’s hearing set for Dec. 5

Baghdad gains not matched on political front

Nigeria won’t house AfriCom

Navy, Marines to help after Bangladesh storm

Soldier arrested at VA hospital for being AWOL

Evidence against Hadithah lt. under review

Retired lt. col. elected mayor in Indianapolis

Acquitted of rape, academy cadet can graduate

17th may be reactivated for Africa missions

Request for CSAR-X bids revised — again

New UAV detachment stands up at Creech

Routing out the Taliban through talks

GIs use strategic town as base in search for missing soldiers

Prison management part of Iraq prep

JIEDDO will soon run out of money to combat IEDs

Pornographic images in NEX case belonged to U.S. sailor

Solar panels at Nellis could be win-win

Troops sharpen close-quarter combat skills at Camp Hansen

Eventful weekend leads to probe

Agreement’s dismissal upsets Aviano union leaders

Access to Coleman Barracks ‘smarter’

Outdoor smoking banned in Naples

Turkish Invasion of Iraq "Less Likely"

Fort Bragg NCO's Rape Case Begins

This Aid Fund Also 'Restores Faith'

Accident Places Focus on UXO Safety

Better Battery Breakthrough?

War Films Top Oscars Documentary Race

Reaper Drops First Combat GBU

please critique my 116th ltte-re:homeless vets,et al

The VoteVets have started a new blog-check it out:

Home sought for vet gravestone found in trash

'The Great Lakes Paperclip Co.'- this USED to be so absurd it was funny

Noam Chomsky on U.S. policy towards Iran



Musharraf Releases 5,000 Lawyers & Political Prisoners

Question for GOP (youtube debate) from parents of murdered gay man

from "You Might Be A Roadblock Republican If..."

NOVA on Dover Intelligent Design case, fundies lie under oath and send death threats

from "My Name Is Elizabeth"

Uncle Jay Explains the News 11-19-07

Feinstein Censure Blocked W/O a Vote

ABC News Poll: Obama Leading In Iowa

Habitat For Humanity

Fred "Daddy" Thompson: TPM on the myth and the reality

Rove to Republicans: 'Run Away from Bush' (w/Rachel Maddow)

Gonzales Protest At University of Florida (VIDEO Removed at YouTube)

Olbermann: Worst Persons in the World - Newsmax, Fran Townsend

Olbermann: Grand Jury Investigating Blackwater; Krongard Bros & Broken Gov't

Pat Robertson Endorses Rudy Giuliani

Barack Obama Answers National Security Questions

Olbermann: Hillary Clinton, Code Pinker & Politics of War

Three Taser-Related Deaths This Weekend

John Edwards endorsement carpenters


You Tube, Eddie Vedder, "Here's to the State of George W"

Happy Thanksgiving from John Edwards and family

Fleetwood:Ani & Dennis Kucinich Political Art Chowder

Kucinich shines at the Grist Global Warming Forum

Swiftboat Financer Lies about Kerry Again... and Again.

Protesters arrested at Gonzales UFlorida speech

Another protest, more arrests

Hey Nancy, Di Fi, Zoe, think you don't have the votes now?

I have not had good things to say about the American officer

Vietnam - From a Distance (especially good read for younger DUers)

U.S. joins suit against Lockheed and vendor

Military chaplains: Being a cog of conscience in the military killing machine

Murtha Fights Marine’s Defamation Lawsuit

Redundancy Question Returns With Townsend’s Resignation

A $200.000 plus Christmas Bonus for those who work on Wall Street as per one of the t.v. station's

World Nut Daily: "Letter from a future prisoner" (Crazy Fundie Whining)

It's time to bring back the Dunce Cap.

Very old people summarily kicked out of residence. . .

Jackson Browne campaigns for ***Edwards****

Wrestler Ric Flair supporting Mike Huckabee

Hate (like s#&t) flows downhill. This is the legacy of Bushco.

Five Million Civil Servants Join Strikes (in France)

Why aren't we seeing any videotape of the success caused by the "surge" in Iraq?

Puppet government in Iraq sells 2.6 million barrels of Kirkuk crude oil

California SUING Voting Machine Maker For $15 Million

Cindy Sheehan: A Blueprint For Impeachment

KKarl Rove's first product endorsement...

A Blueprint for Impeachment: The Constitution Still in Crisis

Announcing HuffPost's Polling Project: Putting Polling Under a Microscope

One child dies every five minutes in Iraq because of the conflict

Fire-starters.. the Modern Right Wingers

US soldiers killed handing footballs to Iraqi children

Lead testing kits are now available for home use on toys etc.

"60 Minutes" preparing report on Siegelman case

Corporate profiteering against Iraq vets?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Military To Charge AP Photojournalist? (w/ Updates)

Fixing the Ariline Delay Problem

Grand Jury Probe Goes Beyond Blackwater

On This Date in BUSH HISTORY, 11/20-"disastrous decisions"

Needing Peace

AlterNet: Howard Zinn's Rebel Voices: A Call for Civil Disobedience

The Thomas Friedman "Suck.On.This." video

Which of the Democratic candidates has the best chance of winning in Florida?

Poll paints lousy economic picture (from USA Today)

One issue voters worry the piss out of me

Why should Edwards' Senate record be ignored?

In lieu of pardoning, gwb renders turkeys to disney world

Can ANY candidate win without "the heartland vote"? (Hillary or Rudy)

Company drops effort to trademark 'Freedom Fries'

WP: US military providing "talking points" for Iraqi police chiefs regarding captured "AQI" leaders

If you missed Sunday's excellent W-ILL interview with Naomi "Shock Doctrine" Klein, here's a link:

Hillary Guru, Mark Penn was just on MSNBC....pumping his candidate...

Airlines used as billboards.. some clever ads..

New website puts its snarky political cartoon animations up on YouTube

Seems Like I'm Hear A Lot Of Crap About How The Situation In Iraq Is "Improving"

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Must see movie: "The Lives of Others"

Riyadh Fears an American Attack on Iran

It's official, the US is becoming a police state

Dick "toe sucking" Morris: Bob Novak "is never proven wrong. He is always right."

YouTube Videos of Mark Penn

Isn't it Illegal for Foreign Nations or Their Agents to Lobby The Congress?

Hmm. Gonzales Protest Videos Removed From YouTube?

WH to congress: "It is not us who is making any civilians suffer"

New to NY state, had a Clinton/Obama discussion last night

Congressman's Grandkids Reported Missing (Rep. Gary Miller R- CA)

Senate - gaveled in & gaveled out within one minute

"Bringing the War on Terrorism Home" more on HR 1955

Is it just me or has Cheney seemed to vanish from the media lately.

Can we make Thanksgiving a military holilday?

Which of these Southern states will Hillary Clinton

And the winner is... KBR (Halliburton) - $16 bill in contracts for work in Iraq and Afghanistan

Townsend: Bolton's Labor Day resignation deadline is "an urban myth" - never communicated to her

We'd all love to see the gas engine be replaced by electric motors...

Report: Christie steered $52M contract to Ashcroft

New Home Construction Up Last Month

Vancouver Sun shills for the Amero (replacing dollar)

Stem Cell Breakthrough Uses No Embryos

The Gospel According to Saint Mark: And Verily I Say Unto You, She Hath 360 Electoral Votes...

Senators, Military Experts Discuss How Our Strained Military Impacts National Security

Cheney fan in AWE

McClellan’s tell-all implicates Bush in Plame scandal

It's A Good Thing The Violence In Iraq Is Over

Begging for a caption...

The History Channel has me scared to death

Eight US soldiers from Fort Lewis have died in (Iraq's) Diyala province in six days

Just one more thing I don't like about Hillary Clinton (okay, two things).

Very subversive video game reviewed. Clearly about the bush junta.

Former WH Press Sec.: Bush, Rove helped pass along 'false information' on Plame

TMW: Thanks to ____, I have to explain to my kid what ____ means...

If the election were held today,

It's a Good Day - FUNNY Video- We Need to Enjoy Life Too!

Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act Raises Fears of New Government Crackdown on Dissent


NYT Sat On US-Pakistan Scoop To Appease White House Concerns

Did you see the BBC special on Athens and democracy on PBS last night? Catch a repeat.

Neil Diamond reveals who Sweet Caroline is - Trust me, you will like it!

US General: "I soldiers: A good way to prepare for..Iraq is to watch the.. Sopranos"

the Worm Wormser on CSPAN advocating war with Iran. LIVE

Rep. 'Duke' Cunningham: Wilkes/Foggo trial may move to East Coast

The legacy of Jackie Kennedy...and Barbara Bush

Turkeys pardoned today named by Cheney....

A sad, fleeting encounter with an Iraqi occupation vet in an ATM...

Mistrial for birdwatching cat killer

San Francisco bans plastic bags

Naples bans smoking near pregnant women, children: city official

Why do I feel like I've been blessed by the hand of.....?

Feinstein Censure Killed W/O a Vote

Wes Clark is shilling for Hillary on Stephanie Miller show now

A thought on the current toy "crisis"...

Denial Makes the World Go Round - NY Times

Reid: Democrats' Iraq Bill Supports Troops, Holds President Accountable

Sex Scandal Hits Atlanta-Area Megachurch

Town bans saggy pants

L.A. begins voluntary trans fat reduction program

$20 Billion In Afghanistan, Iraq Contract Cash Goes To Unidentified Companies (Also, Top 100 List)

There wouldn't be any Media whores, Corporate Media...IF

Oops - delete

A death shrouded by war, mystery

Bill Scher: The Poor. The Struggling. The Hedge Fund Managers.

Vote Suppression Measure Hits the Mark

Egypt: Russia agrees to provide nuclear know-how

Iran to buy Russian passenger planes

Have you all contacted the FCC? Here is a GREAT letter!!

Fallujah Now Under Different Kind Of Siege; Residents Angry At Media Reports City Situation Is Good

More Evidence We've Entered the End of Oil

The (Clinton) Sidestep

Caption this pic

The Center for Constitutional Rights Fact Sheet on the "Thought Crime" law...

Lead News on every broadcast: PRESIDENT BUSH PARDONS THE TURKEY!

Al Gore wins another Emmy - this time it's the International Emmy Award

Constitutional sage Robert Byrd on same sex marriage....

Should cigarettes be banned completely?

Reid: Democrats Will Not Allow President to Evade Accountability for his Disastrous War Policy

For all those election pundits, 2 words: John Kerry

why on earth is anyone giving air time or print time to karl rove?!

'Holy Cow,' Exclaims MSNBC Host, Rove Thinks Bush Could Sink GOP

In These Times: Tax and Spend? Hell, Yeah!

More bodies....

Treasury May Discuss National Sales Tax

Russian President Warns NATO Against Expanding Along Russian Borders

George & the Turkey ---pix--->>>

Wal-Mart insurance company sues employee for having legitimate claim

Heh heh, I got me some purty squaw ladies...

Chalabi bursts Neocons bubble:"I don’t think that there are any Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Iraq

Pelosi: FISA Bill Protects Our National Security and Our Civil Liberties

Cost of Thanksgiving dinner up 11%

Soldier arrested for being AWOL.... At VA Hospital

Democrats decry Pentagon Iraq 'scare' tactics (threatening layoffs to free up money for war)

ThoughtPOLL: What is the greatest threat humanity faces?

John Fund Identifies The Obama "Rumor"

Sorry fellow smokers, I'm selling you out. I have a plan, millions $$$ upon millions

Constituents asking Reps about Cheney impeachment

Problem with my new American neighbor.

Supreme Court to take up DC gun case, 2nd Amendment

Did you see the Dan Abrams piece last night "Rudy the 9/11 candidate?"

Looks like that POS Warren Jeffs is getting sentenced today.

Ick! MSNBC to show reruns all day on Thanksgiving of "LockUp"

RNC is hung up on Hillary - what does this mean?

Before Newsweek, Time turned down Rove because they thought he was an unindicted felon.

Fox News featured footage of black preacher in story on Atlanta megachurch sex scandal

Now taking applications for naming rights for new Mega-Bunker Embassy

Fred Thompson campaign recruiting volunteers to “Phone for Fred” from home

Gotta love freeper racists...

hail storm detonates cluster bombs in Lebanon - good grief

Fed Sees Slower Growth, Less Inflation Next Year

McClatchy: Federal budget battle is mostly sound and fury

One mom's fruitless quest to boycott China

Dershowitz agrees to LaLa interview!!!!

US helicopter crash near Baghdad kills 2

So Ric Flair, Chuck Norris and Ted Nugent are standing before St. Peter....

Obey holding presser saying McConnell is the bugger. Tune in now

The Classic Journalistic Questions, Novak, and the "Agent"

Question about police (Shelton, CT)

Randi Rhodes - dead air?

I need some info

RS: "Mike Huckabee, Our Favorite Right-Wing Nut Job"

DID I hear this right? CBS News says NYC Food Bank is down 5 mil meals this holiday season?

The Future

Concerning the advertisement 'Condemn Bush's labor board', FDR would never

sorry to harp on this...

House Appropriators Dig in On War Funding Conditions

Breaking News!!! Mcllelan spills guts....Points to Bush directly on Plamegate.

Government hide trillions

Waxman Subpoenas McClellan

Media spinning latest IAEA Iran report

Guardian UK: Hang your head in shame, George Bush

White House hails stem cell breakthrough

A Christian nation?

Did everyone see the Sunday Opus? Funny stuff

Lieberman and McCain delivering the plastic turkey to Iraq this year

Why won't they Impeach?

FCC will decide on further media consolidation soon - Dec. 11 last day for comments

The Next Time Rove Is on a Paid Appearance...

Happy Franksgiving! ( Blame a Democrat! )

Rail group 'bans' help for kids-because of the risk of being accused of inappropriate behaviour

That settles it: I'm voting for "the Bitch"

It Appears Scotty's Book Accuses Bush Of Lieing To Public

Rahm Emanuel, Immigrant Bogeymen and NAFTA Profiteers

A must read prayer by Mark Twain.

We have a new record! (Benson, AZ)

Happy 90th Birthday, Senator Byrd!

Happy birthday to Joe Biden and Robert Byrd.

BRAD BLOG: Diebold Optical-Scan Failures Reported in FL May Now be Affecting CT As Well

"I'd like to kick O'Reilly' ass". My 77 year old dad said that earlier today

America the Unwelcoming: So why don't people want to come here?

Is politically "censoring" what's available in their 20% off DVD sale?...

Wow check out these great new ads from moveon

Here's something that needs to stop at DU.

was Scottie the only man in America

When did MASH jump the shark?

'The Fingernails Are Growing On This Corpse'

Oh boy! Fitzmas! Fitzmas!

So now Tweety is acting like HE has been on the right side of the Plame issue

McClellan blames Bush for CIA leak deceit

Sonny Perdue of Georgia: Worst. Governor. Ever.

Happy Birthday RFK

Scott McClellan points finger at bu$h* & Cheney in CIA leak--IMPEACH NOW

Who is the hero in this tragedy?

America's Second Harvest - LINK -Nation's Food Bank Net

Next time you get pulled over by a State Trooper on the interstate, think:

What's the price of a Supreme Court Justice?

tweety starts out strong then peters out

Pentagon and Congress squared off today - threats from DOD to

Why is Edwards stuck in 3rd place?

Heads UP! Did any DU'ers hear Bush's Turkey Speech today where he told Cheney joke?

TWO LAWSUITS Now Filed Against Voting Machine Company ES&S in California!

575 attacks A WEEK in Iraq doesn't mean the surge is working!!

GHWBush's 8 ft statue in the airport.. (copycat rat-bastard)

Obama discusses his teen drugs and alcohol usage... LINK to Nov 20, 2007 Article

"May they live the rest of their lives in blissful gobbling."

White House warns of Xmas military furlough notice, blames Dems

OH BOY! As if TASERS aren't a big enough police force is getting assault rifles!

Bush the faith Healer....

Everything's Just Swell In Iraq!- (the MSM & the US Military said so!)

Talking Points Memo Blogger JOSH MARSHALL Named A GQ Man Of The Year

Who, in your opinion, is the Best Supreme Court Justice?

Deputy Director of National Security says "Americans needs to 'Redefine' Privacy!!?"


Fitzgerald's Contact Information - Dear Santa Claus...

What if the "Christian" RWingers achieved all of their goals?

FDA probes Chantix, anti-smoking drug, for causing erratic bahavior

other aspects of peak oil

I am against brainwashing children with religion

School 1957 vs. 2007

Two-Thirds Oppose SWAT-Style Drug Raids: Zogby Poll

Laura Bush to tour Iraqi refugee camps

"The Worst Person In The World"? Worse than Bush?

Students Wear Confederate Flag Shirts To Oppose Peace-Shirt Group

Time rejected Rove as a columnist

The "haves" and media pundits who insist about being upbeat about the economy just don't get it

BUSHCO Thanks Troops By Demanding Wounded Soldiers Return Re-Enlistment Bonuses

CIVIL war is breaking out in the US - WATCH CSPAN LIVE

Abby Hoffman.....Many of us miss you.

Police: Boy, 7, Weighing 37 Pounds, Kept Tied To Wall

Other reactions on November 22, 1963

* and Gibson said the word "klieg lights" 3 or 4 times on ABC tonight

Who is the worst Supreme Court Justice? in your opinion

Bush Library Revealed!

What Are Conservatives *Really* Interested In? Conservapedia Statistics Reveal All

"Crazy columnist" (OPPENHEIMER) responds to O'LOOFAH & INGRAHAM

Wow! Wish I had $500 to have Thanksgiving with President Bill Clinton!!

Schwarzenegger Labeled One of "America's Best Leaders"

Ari Fleischer’s Freedom’s Watch Involved In ‘Marketing Sessions’ To ‘Sell’ Iran War


I thought Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars were YEARS away?

Situation Normal in Baghdad

Get your daily load of dumbass here- Bill board in Wash. state

Alberto Gonzales Heckled At University Of Florida Speech

Yesterday I felt the wind change directions, it does not feel like a Hillary victory anymore

Have you been to the video store lately?


Tubby Tax' on the way for obese travelers? Australia considers it. Can America be far behind?

Do you think that WHIG (see link) should be water boarded so we can know the truth?

'Hogan's Heroes' Actress Valdis Dies

Mike Allen on Tucker says "Scotty's Book not out until April! Suckers Leak!

Massive Sweep Creates Havoc for Workers’ Families

Alabama Football Coach Saban compares loss to 9/11, Pearl Harbor

California suing Nebraska voting machine maker for $15 million

Obvious flamebait.

Undercover at a turkey slaughter plant in North Carolina: The Thanksgiving people don't want to see

If the Secret Service investigates an individual and nothing comes of it,

I lost respect for Alan Alda

Pit Bull Mauling scares neighbors

I literally just woke up from the following dream this morning:

Damn I love the French! Shut the MoFo down! SOS!


Where Else Are Those On The Left Gonna Go?

**$20 BILLION** in Afghanistan, Iraq Contract Cash Goes to Unidentified Companies

The Mega-Bunker of Baghdad...the largest, least welcoming, and most lavish embassy in the world

Tuesday TOONS: Wingnuts...

Was Novak's Source a Democratic Superdelegate?

Hardball Chris Matthews Scroll: Bush,Cheney, Rove involved in coverup of CIA leak plus

Al Gore and the BBC win International Emmy Awards

I am so sick of the civil union vs marriage debate

Happy Holidays . . . Bush holds jobs of 100,000 civilian military workers hostage for Iraq money

The Quest for Human Rights in a Dark World: I’d Like to Say a Few Words about Amnesty International

Why would a liberal pub like Slate publish a series on “Created Equal”?

Strange photo of Bush with turkey

Post Your Progressive Holiday Gift Ideas HERE!

Wounded soldiers asked to return signing bonuses

Bush: "Musharraf Hasn't Crossed the Line"

WE are WINNING!!! ....(The Nutroots, the Bloggers, the INet Fringe)

Chuck Norris wants Bible classes in public schools

Biggest problem for this nation isn't Rove, Libby and WH were being protected by Scottie

Yes Virginia, there is a link, a strong one, between global warming and war.

Bonuses in the billions, hungry kids in the millions

Reason #1 to vote Democratic

Cynthia McKinney Is Considering A Run For President??

Ann Coulter: Skinny Bitch

Basically, I've been ordered to get the Flu Shot

I love the French workers: Huge new strike paralyses France

George Knocked Off Early for His Extra-Long Weekend ---pix--->>>

A Personal Request To Our Progressive Members

The Police State Is Right Here, Right Now

Anthrax, impeachment, and the broken Democratic spine: the fear stops here.

20,000 people protested at Fort Benning

Amazon's Jeff Bezos on Charlie Rose ... demonstrating a device that'll make geeks drool

Joe Horn defenders -- care to explain why you think

Fox News Host Endorses Tasering Defenseless Female Protesters

Rudy and Hillary - what a pair of shitty choices

Cost to produce these solar coatings is a mere 30 cents per watt!

Vista Woes push IT pros to look to OSX and Linux.

Nowhere left to go...

All the Democratic candidates are good

Are you in favor of tasing Code Pinkers?

What the heck is Sibel Edmonds' Case about? And why should I care?

Is Bush a Holocaust denier as alleged by Fisk?

Fitzgerald Subpoenas McClellan; Rove Flees Country: "Et Tu, Scot-tay?"

FL: Voter Suppression Measure Hits the Mark = "Blacks were 6 1/2 times more likely...."

Thanksgiving TOONS

Well, now I know what a stroke is - and had two yesterday morning.

Are you in favor of waterboarding detainees suspected of terrorism?

In Rambo III the Taliban were the good guys.

Mad Magazine strikes again!

Post your reasons why Bush should be impeached here please.

I'm watching the rerun of Keith Olbermann to make sure I heard correctly

Reid to Bush: No recess, no recess appointments-Sen. Webb on Senate floor Tuesday

Clinton gets caustic, Obama sarcastic (She questions experience -- he wonders what hers is)

Obama Knee-Caps an old Lady, and other Iowa Tales

Clinton attacks GOP candidates on the economy

Does the bickering between Obama and Clinton, help or hurt Edwards?

Obama eclipses Clinton in Iowa

Clinton would lose us Florida.

November 20, 1910 - The battle for Effective Suffrage

A top aide to mayor is placed on leave, Baltimore County cops investigate 'inappropriate behavior'

FEC decision could launch attack ads, watchdogs warn

The GOP smear machine bags itself a "two-fer"

John Edwards - the "deomocratic" wing of the Democratic Party

Obama leads 2-1 on trustworthiness/honesty questions

"You May Not Agree With Me, But You Know Where I Stand" - Which Dem Wins This Award?

Clinton's Economic plan

I think Kucinich looks a lot like Bob Denver, aka Maynard G. Krebs aka Gilligan.

Just finished V. Plame's book and I'm mad as hell all over again!

First time Iowa caucus goers v. previous caucus goers

What is Wrong with Presidential Campaign Financing

So, is Al Gore going to run or not?

If Edwards withdraws, who do his supporters go to?

Clinton, Penn Spin Day-After Poll

Obama cites childhood in helping shape world view

ABC, NBC "overinterpret small changes", even lie, about latest ABC/Washington Post poll

Edwards shares message of hope

Covering the Clinton Campaign in Seven Easy Steps!

"Homegrown Terrorism" bill flew through the house has gone to senate

Des Moines Register: Democrats fret over candidates' bickering

Poll: Decisive / Strong / Honest / Experienced / Ethical ratings among candidates

New Hampshire poll (Dec. 17, 2003). Dean 45%, Kerry 20%, 15% undecided

Talkin' ... Mac n' Cheese with Ma Edwards

Congressional retirements push GOP to the Right: Exodus of moderate Republicans

Obama Leads among women voters , 32-31

OR POLL: Obama best General Election candidate, McCain beats Hillary

I like Obama personally, but isn't he a little naiive?

Some things that are surprisingly popular on DU

Edwards Statement on Growing Problem of Hunger in America

LA Times : NH Poll -among men over 45, Obama leads Clinton 24% to 22%

John Edwards: Restoring Our Sacred Contract

Penn desperately tries to spin Hillary's poor Iowa poll results

Chart: Iowa and New Hampshire primary polling since 2006

Clinton Get's Heckled in Tama County (sounds like guy was drunk)

Mitt Romney pushpolling himself?

Breaking News!!! Mcllelan spills guts....Points to Bush directly on Plamegate.

Sen. Barack Obama: My Message to the Troops and Veterans

Professor (former TV Journalist) gets heat for Clinton endorsement...

Something to keep in mind about NH.

Nationwide Harris Poll: Clinton expands lead over rest of Democrats; breaks 50% barrier

Edwards in Iowa with Bonnie Raitt & Jackson Browne

The Rude Pundit: Unsolicited Advice to Markos Moulitsas on His Newsweek Column

Can somebody please explain to me EXACTLY WHY Iowa & NH are so important?

Republicans Like Obama or Edwards as Democratic Pick

Parsing the Polls: Inside the WP/ABC Iowa Survey showing Obama in the lead

Sen. Hillary Clinton: My Vision and Commitment to America's Military and Veterans

Celebrity culture keeps Biden waiting in the wings

My pledge to DU with this approaching Holiday season.

It's a two way race.

Bookmark this: Barack Obama's fact check web site

Overused rhetorical traps lately on DU

Michelle Obama: America will be viewed differently with a black president The Warning..Turn up the volume and click the play button…

All you really need to know about Mike Huckabee

Is Fred Dead or Just Resting?

Jerry Brown vs. Hillary Clinton

TIME passed on Karl Rove, "unindicted coconspirator in a string of felonies," as a columnist

so when is this picture going to make the rounds again?

Mich. clerks say too late for Jan. 15 (AP)

Biden announces energy and climate security plan

Can any one help me??? I just found out that my SiL who is supposed to be a dem

If The President Was Involved In The Plame Cover-Up Could That.....

Bush: Clinton Understands White House Pressure

Move On sends out emails without

The sad reality is that the 2008 election WILL BE VERY CLOSE.....


So If * Was Told The Same Thing By Rove & Libby That Scotty Was.....

IOWA Poll Trends

Tweety to cover Scott McClellan's story of Bush and Plame nt

Through Legislative Efforts. Biden and Obama Push Veterans' Issues to Forefront

MoveOn ad vote here:

Massachusetts Governor Patrick backs Obama.

Hypothetical: Nancy Pelosi vs. Hillary Clinton?

Obama vs. Clinton, the travel edition

The Surge is working!!! (Umm..what happens when we reduce the troop levels)?

Huckabee: Scott McClellan's allegations (re: plamegate) "not made under oath"

I just missed Dodd, will see Richardson Tuesday

San Francisco Files Lawsuit Against ES&S for Fraud, False Claims, Breach of Contract

Obama plan: reward teachers, lengthen school time

"On the issues" has a 08 candidate match quiz....

Guess we would have a lot of nerve telling the Saudi's they are wrong in rape case

Fred Thompson's former backers lose faith: "It’s almost like he doesn’t want it"

Edwards attacks debate commission for snubbing New Orleans

Biden: Timing is everything

Former Aide Blames Bush for Leak Deceit--Valerie Plame

Oh No! Tucker Carlson thinks Hillary's new ad is too partisan

If it all came down to raw intelligence...

should representatives persuade the populace or just follow its expressed majority will?

PELOSI - Leiberman spelled backwards....

DK & others signed the American Freedom Pledge.

New Hampshire CNN/WMUR poll sneak peek: Hillary losing ground in NH

Michelle Obama will host "The View" December 5

Photos: Barack Obama walking in the snow today in Alton, NH, as he arrives at Prospect Mountain HS

Can someone explain to me why it would make sense for Edwards to cut off the health insurance

Who would you rather have Thanksgiving dinner with?

"Now voters will judge whether living in a foreign country at the age of ten

"I do believe our candidate will beat her," Bush added...

Florida Poll: Giuliani Would Wallop Clinton in November Matchup

the PERFECT ticket- Chelsea Clinton/Amy Carter!

Poll: Obama Leading Clinton Among Women Among Likely Iowa Caucus Goers

A Thanksgiving message from Hillary

Prediction: Clinton will lead next Iowa poll released

AP/Yahoo Poll: Hillary tops in every personal quality viewed as most important...

Way to go Canada! Just heard that Canada will formally protest...

Why I Think John Edwards Will Be President

News Flash -- Kerry just responded to Pickens' playing Calvinball with his $1 million SBVT offer

Biden has experience in world matters

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Only candidate that can beat the "Republican attack machine"?

Associated Press Poll: Clinton 48% - Obama 22% - Edwards 13%

Hubby (my centrist, independent curmudgeon) finally figured out why he likes Hillary

Who is your 2nd Choice

A basic political poll-our Constitution takes precedence over partisanship in a democracy y/n?

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Clinton plummeting in New Hampshire

11-20-2007 DU GD-P straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates

Here is a simple summary of what I'm getting at.

Obama: Clinton and Edwards made a "serious mistake" in voting against suspending enforcement of NCLB

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How Soon After This Initial McCellan Book Sales Ploy Will He Begin To.....

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Huckabee is Gomer Pyle. Look at his eyes!

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