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Archives: November 2, 2007

Are Tasers Being Overused?


NYT editorial: "Consider how Bush has degraded the office of Attorney General."

US mayors meet on climate change (BBC)

Tennessee town has run out of water

Arabs cold shouldered by US candidates

Union Wins Case Against Josephine County (get re-hired with more than a year's back pay and benefits

Bush tells Dems war denial is dangerous

Obama Introduces Iran Measure (Bush Has No Authority for War With Iran)

Edwards Eligible for Public Funds

China Feels the Fuel Pinch

US official warns Iran on nuke program

Kohring found guilty on most corruption counts (Alaska legislator bribery)

Fuel Fraud Latest In Army Contracting Woes

Thousands of Somalis Flee Fighting in Capital

Bear Stearns CEO says pot smoking story untrue

Industries Paid for Top Regulators' Travel: Product safety agency heads got trips from manufacturers

Race to save Mexico flood victims

Faulty Intel Source "Curve Ball" Revealed

Hollywood Writers to Strike Over Royalty Dispute

Gore tells mayors it's time for a new global-warming treaty

Ex-Saudi ambassador: Kingdom could have helped U.S. prevent 9/11

Giuliani follows hard-liners' script (Neo-Con Godfather, Norman {bomb Iran} Podhoretz leads the way)

Troops clash with Venezuelan protesters

Man, Halloween in Vancouver is nuts, once again

Some observations about this blog...

Flags at retirement communites nation wide ordered to half-mast...

Are your children learning cursing writing and at what age?

I set my sister's computer up with ICQ, She loves it.

Is youre children's learning grammaring and what aje at. ?

Is it possible to win this game?

Why was the Jesus post deleted ?

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Moylans White Christmas Belgian Ale (Wit)

405 year old clam found

How much of your personal life do you share with your co-workers?

for the first time in 5 years, i'm changing my sig pic.

Official Cheer Up billyskank Thread

Acchhh! These vegetables are making me gassy!

any opinions on biofeedback?

The Tubes!

Tuuuuuuuesdays goooooooooooooone

Mr. Woogums

Whew! I've made it back to DU

Who did you gas last night night?

50 States of Mind.

My tot is insane

Any studies on eggs fried in bacon grease?

Do you ever feel like the dumbest of all dumb asses?

50th anniversary Saturday!

Mrs. Peel, I need you.

heck of a job brownie sundae

I just had two cops come to my door...

"Emma Zunz" translated by the "shitty babelfish translator"

Is The Lounge Like Jr. High?

I am sad tonight...

Eeek, Dell had the first real Christmas commercial tonight

I figured both of my books out!

What do you think of South Park this half-season?

Are your children learning cursing and at what age?

Your favorite Franz Kafka

I finally got a job......

Whats Your Favorite Moody Song

Don't you hate irresponsible people?

Ready for the cinematic return of Joy Division?

Hello! Question: Is there a way to view the PMs that I sent ?

I flew my UFO to the Olive Garden today.

I've made michelle malkin's blog yet again

The Twelve Most Important Drinks of the Day.

I am sad tonight...

well, the pain is on its way: student loans

'Dog' Chapman sorry for using N-word

"N " word question

Bonds says he'll boycott Hall if record-setting ball has asterisk

A puppy showed up today. Oddly enough she was in my dog house?

Republicans push to kill Veteran's Bill

Bush continues to define WoT in religious terms (aka Jihad).

Climate Change & Wildfire Hearings: Rep. Markey's Questions

The Possibility of Hope - Children of Men Extra (part 1/3)

The Possibility of Hope - Children of Men Extra (part 2/3)

The Possibility of Hope - Children of Men Extra (part 3/3)

Sebastian Kunz Reports: Smashing Diebold Voting Machines

Olbermann: State Dep't Employess React to Mandatory Iraq Service

"One man's torture is another man's CIA-sponsored swim lesson."

Olbermann: Rumsfeld's Snowflakes Show Manipulation of Terrorism

Dennis Kucinich for President Telling the Truth at Debate

The world according to Bush (1-8)

Who did you go as last night?

KO - The Pres plays the 9/11 card to get the Mukasey appointment

Chimpy: "...It's no time for Congress to exercise Congressional oversight."

11-1-2007 DU GD straw poll of all announced candidates

Memo to Mark Warner: Make Gilmore Denounce the Davises' Fundraising Tactics

The Incompetent Guy Who Lost The War In Iraq & Let Osama Go Is a LIAR

I'd like to pose a theory regarding Al Gore

Bu$h*s Note to Congress: ‘We’re at War’

Damn - I thought of this really funny thing - the only thing I

Bush says, "We're at war." Question: Who are "we" fighting against?

Glen Beck is such a tool. He's whining about how "GI Joe is no longer

Do you get a flu shot each year?

Please say something nice about Tweety

TSA to Begin Requiring ADVANCE Permission to Fly???

Great LTTE in response to Time Magazine article on the Supreme Court

Documents: Jailed 'Prophet' confessed 'immoral' acts (AP/CNN)

So- no 30 Rock this week? Al Gore Episode canceled?

Do you have a spare Christmas card?

Nasty Texas and Illinois shame shame!

Um, excuse me, but I posted the Zogby/Gore thing a month ago and was ridiculed! WTF?

Oh, god. Caption the Jack-O-Lantern (graphic)

Hillary writes a letter, Obama tries a do-over bill, but can they stop the Chimpenfuhrer?

Help Kucinich in Northern VA

Don't you ever underestimate what you have done here -

Suicide or murder? Iran blames US after 152 dolphins die

Dan Abrams isn't letting the wingnuts spin their bullshit.

Pilot, 1st Officer Slept While Approaching Denver, Lawmaker Says

I fucking LOATHE Pat Buchanan

John Dean: Political Processes Matter

I'd like pepperoni, green peppers and E-coli on that pizza, please....

How do you tell a Shiite from a Sunni?

Leopard upgrade hits Mac firewall (BBC) {and turns it off}

"Republican Stategist" Rachel Marsden: "One man's torture is another man's CIA-sponsored swim lesson

No Waterboarding. No Dictatorship. No Mukasey. And while we're at it, No Wiretaps!

Kerry Pushes for Blackwater Contract Details from Bush Administration

Old news already about Federal Reserve rate drop but I'm attempting to

Report: Lead Poisons Kids At Lower Levels

An interesting statistic I came across ...

Did anybody else just watch "My Name is Earl" make fun of

Why the hell does Glenn Beck even have a job?

Stop the Insanity: No War With Iran Blog by Gov Richardson

Hey ad agencies, stop using kids to get me to sign up with AARP and

Cheney doesn't look so good

A lot of people don't realize what's really going on.

Bush Attacks " Bloggers," Gets Standing Ovation From Right-Wing Think Tank

Jerry Seinfeld is on TDS tonight. On Colbert,

Russia China blocking Iran Sanctions

a virus-----an arab womens blues


Is the shit going to hit the fan or has it already?

The real "trickle down" effect...

Kucinich: Rumsfeld Memos Corroborate Targeting of Iran

How is, let's say ......

why is everyone piling on the Dog man? Lighten up.

On Facebook? Like Gore?

...And furthermore (on the evils of corporations):

You Bleached Blonde Mullet Headed Motherfucker

Undecided Schumer May Be Key to Mukasey's Chances

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Edwards, Bumper Stickers, and Rumsfeld's 'War on Terror'

An email from Al Gore

cspan 1 is carrying Bush speech of today from Heritage Foundation

When you get your flu shot this year, ask about getting a Pneumovax as well.

Caption this photo

The solution to the question of Waterboarding;

Television and screen writers to strike

Most wicked of the evil Bushies, current or former.....

China 10% increase on gas and diesel

Breaking: No new Hollywood dribble. Writers go on strike

Senate approves children's health bill 64-30

How about carbon holidays? One day a week, non essential services

Clinton supporter said Russert 'should be shot'

I said I wouldn't turn to war anymore - I don't think I did

Dear god - a plea- don't let this thing happen -

Photographer took pics of Sharapova's crotch.

Kucinich: Rumsfeld memos target Iran (Press release)

duncan hunter is a freaking genius

CLINTON criticizes Bush's Hitler, Lenin analogy

The American Prospect: Homeowners on Shaky Ground in California

We are already in Iran with forces, the war is already underway

The One and Only Reason There Are Not MORE U.S. Troops in Iraq

BlackwaterUSA acquires Idaho-based Backup Training Corp (online police-training video company)

Dan Abrams trying to cover Timmy's f***ed up debate.

Letterman: "The TV producers who are cowards, cutthroats, and liars"

They're drafting diplomats!

Dean: "Having lost all credibility, Bush is now just making things up"

Senator Edward M Kennedy: " Waterboarding is torture. Torture is unacceptable. Period."

Atomic bomb dropper. Tidbitz or whatever his name was wants

Heat Builds On Blackwater: Congresswoman Moves To Ban Private Security Contractors

Bush: No attorney general if not Mukasey

MediaBistro Poll: Was Tim Russert a Fair Debate Moderator?

Imus fans get their wish. He's back.

1 out of 196 people to lose homes nationwide.

Dear Abby: I have this "friend"...

Colbert '08 Official thread (spoiler alert West Coast viewers)!!!

700 -800 dollar profit for horse eat'n killers WARNING GRAPHIC

I believe in UFOs

Alright, All You Baby-Boomer, 1960's-Hippie DU'ers...

Blackwater: the entire disturbing picture

Krugman: Prostates and Prejudices (Exposes Lies of Rudy's Ad)

On 4 Nov 2008 I will vote for Al Gore.

I should pay more tax, says US billionaire Warren Buffett

The most influential US liberals, according to the Telegraph (UK)

on the death of Paul Tibbets

My cousin is coming home from Iraq tomorrow....

Bill Moyers Journal...Friday night. Media, Poor, Pentagon March

You know - maybe I did "do a lot of threads " about one point.

I think - there are more like 20 divisions - assuming they are

On the road to fascism

Wellstone investigations --- and there are many . . ..

Would you support Al Gore if he ran as an independent?

Dancing with the Devil that Brought Us

TOONS: Election 2008 / The Choice Is Clear ===>

You're not progressive if you don't accept science

Is criticism of Hillary over her debate performance fair and legit or is it unfair "piling on"?


MN Bridge inspector leads Halloween tour of spooky spans, rated lower than the 1 that fell August 1

Obama would engage Iran if elected, he says

It Shouldn’t Take a Natural Disaster

Canada's Harper Government is getting more and more like the...

Economic Report: 1.8 Million U.S.Veterans Have No Health Care

Millions of women each day watch "The View" and this is what they are hearing about Hillary's debate

What’s Hillary’s Foreign Policy Agenda for US if elected…?

Go Left TV: News for November 1, 2007

From the campaign trail to the 'Trick Or Treat' trail: John, Jack and Emma Claire Edwards

NY DAILY NEWS: As front-runner, Hillary Clinton will be slammed by left, right

Senator Clinton criticizes Bush for comparing Democrats to those who ignored rise of Hitler, Lenin

Well, judging by DU, Hillary has succeeded in changing the subject

Bill Clinton on NewsMax cover?

NYT, Gail Collins: Everybody vs. Hillary

New York Times Magazine Profile of Obama and His Foreign Policy

Hillary widens lead in South Carolina...

House Panel Likely to Approve Tax Bill, Despite Offsets

In 2000 Bush ran on a platform of "change."

Myspace's Colbert for President page

Obama is better at one on one interviews like this

NYT: Obama pledges new Iran relationship

Google Video: #1 Blog Buzz Video - John Edwards "Heroes"

Just sent this to my senators and rep regarding Mukasey.

New York Times Interview with Barack Obama

Top Republican insults gays, diplomats, and military in one quote.

Heres another example of where our society is rapidly heading...

What Hillary won't say about Torture

Kucinich got easy questions?

Which of the top 3 candidates you trust the most on the IRAN issue and WHY?

Obama's Sister Joins Campaign

A new poll .... just in .... wow!

Which 2nd or 3rd tier candidate do you trust the most on the IRAN issue?


Gov. Bill Richardson: Stop the Insanity: No War With Iran

Tomorrow I Say Goodbye To Draft Gore - a dKos poster

Rebranding Time: What would be a better name for the SCHIP program?

Please urge your senators to support Obama's effort to stop war with Iran.

Yes the Democratic party should accomodate "divergent" viewpoints...

Since people are still posting clueless McClurkin apologies...

Who do the Republic candidates remind you of?

MOS-How the River is Fucked Up For All of Us

New Poll finds Guillianni would win over Hillary but, Lose to Obama

I oppose Michael Mukasey by Senator Edward M Kennedy (now liveblogging on dKos)

New York Times has PDF of Obama's "No war with Iran" resolution

Photos: Barack Obama speaking today at North Carolina Central University in Durham, N.C.

Biden is on a roll - - - the ONLY candidate showing POSITIVE momentum in the polls. . .

Should we oppose Mukasey because he refuses to acknowledge that this Admin approved torture?

Anyone wanna reach out to Dog the Bounty Hunter?

Note to Clinton: The Issues Are Fair Game

The Hill writer apologizes for lying about Hillary Clinton

Is there a "Man Card?"

Sexism and double-standards

When Joe Biden talks you end up knowing more than you knew before.

Biden's History Lesson to Fourth-Graders

Who's Your Second Choice? (Gore/Colbert not included)

Obama campaign accuses Clinton of changing her position on Iran

Do we have the votes to keep Mukasey's nomination in committee?

Sen. Clinton undecided on U.S.-Peru free trade pact

Obama takes questions from 5-year-old

I'll be with Hillary tomorrow. Any questions for her?

Bush Sr.: Race No Longer a 'Gimme' For Clinton

Obama introduces Iran measure

Mr. Bush, Your Legacy Awaits ...

HRC, at Wellesley, explains why she chose Yale's Law School over Harvard's.

confusing Obama picture

Gaywired: Bye-Bye Barack! Obama walks tightrope, compromises gay & lesbian voters

I'm for impeachment and accountability of this criminal administration-starting with Mr. Cheney

Had enough of the circular firing squad?

Details on how Florida worked with the GOP to set the early primary date.

Udall said to be reconsidering a run for Domenici's senate seat.

Obama is anti gay!

Who's tent's not big enough......

Jane Smiley| Bring it On

Whatever Happened to the Good Life?

The Nation: The time is right for a Great Debate on America's purpose and place in the world.

US network names Iraqi who pushed US case for war -Curve Ball

Homeowners on Shaky Ground in California: Foreclosures seem to be powered by their own Santa Anas

America, Open For Business, Closed To Freedom


The sheer obscenity of VISA's "Healthcare Gift Card".

Medea Benjamin: George Bush and CODEPINK: Women for Peace

A soldier's story: Nowhere to go

Michael Stipe: "I Love My Country... But I Don't Love Where It Is Right Now"

AP urges news industry to embrace online ("stop pining...")

Effort to Save Everglades Falters as Funds Drop: Bush expected to veto funding bill

From our William Rivers Pitt

John Nichols: Calling the Question on Impeachment of Cheney

Smashing secret vote counting in San Francisco, giving away the vote in New Hampshire

Remembering the day I chose to be straight

America Is Watching You

A Bank of Their Own: Latin America Casting off Washington's Shackles

Prostates and Prejudices (by Paul Krugman)

Canadian truckers fined $84,000

Heck of a Job, Hughsie- -Karen Hughes throws in the towel

Hillary's Bush Connection

Kinda stale but sad "news"...

The Peak Oil Crisis: After The Peak?

Oman tells the truth about the oil peak! What's next, an outbreak of flying pigs?

The necessity of protecting the natural world

Amid Drought, Australia Has First 'Water Rage' Death

Ferriera Construction's "Net Zero" Headquarters Recognized by State of NJ

GE Unit Invests in Texas Wind Farm

California’s first Big Solar power plant in 16 years clears hurdle

N.Y. firm looking at power plant on (Mississippi) river

$100 oil prospect fuels clean energy stock

Team assesses viability of Antarctic windfarm (NZ Scott Base)

U.S. mayors meet in Seattle to push for a green revolution

Unfolding commuter convenience (lightweight folding bike)

Wall of money' set to flow into Asian renewable energy (Financial Times)

Bill Clinton: "Green" economy offers great rewards

California Poised for Fundamental Change with Green Credit Trade

Independent UK: Britain's colossal food waste is stoking climate change

Climate bill seen as sign of political shift

crosspost: Tennessee town has run out of water

NYC mayor urges carbon tax to cut individual taxes

Noel has become a hurricane (and deadliest storm this season)

Rare leatherback sea turtles hatch in Walton Co., FL

Question for the phycologists among us

So I'm planning a wild homegrown local organic "traditional" Thanksgiving

A Small Victory from Tehama County, California-- A Very RED Area

New seagoing robots read oceans' vital signs

NRG to test CO2 capture at coal unit

How do you cope?

Industries paid for top regulators' travel

World powers to discuss Iran sanctions

Police Say Principal Dressed Like Woman (Kentucky)

Myanmar to kick out top U.N. official

Tennessee town has run out of water

Britain Praises Iraqi Kurds’ Efforts to End Crisis

Congress Questions Passport Fees

Military pressure to recruit is strong

Troops clash with Venezuelan protesters

Polish soldier killed by mine in Iraq, 3 hurt-media

Former envoy: U.S. driving Turkey, Iran together

Gay Republicans come out of the closet

Mexican floods strand 300,000; more rain ahead

Secret source of phony Iraq intel outed ("Curveball")

U.S. strike kills at least 5 in Pakistan-witnesses

Crocker defends Iraq embassy decision

Dirksen hit again by fire

CPSC chief traveled on toy makers' dime

5M pizzas recalled for possible E. Coli---Totino's and Jeno's

Republican Party sends last minute anti-gay, anti-Muslim mailer

Has John Edwards' Moment Arrived?

Bush attorney general nominee gets key Democratic support

Bush vetos Water Projects Bill

Drew Carey Defends Medical Marijuana Online

Debate Fallout Has No Immediate Impact on Clinton Poll Position

Report: Pilots slept on overnight flight

Report: Army short on personnel to supply troops

Rice to be subpoenaed in espionage case

Leahy won't support Attorney General nominee

EMC Doubles Its R&D In China To $1 Billion

Teamsters Sue Countrywide Financial For Alleged Artificial Inflation Of Stock

Rice to face subpoena in espionage case (as well as Hadley, Abrams, etc)

Librarians Say Surveillance Bills Lack Adequate Oversight

US disappointed in China, Russia response on Iran sanctions

Bolivian president says rich nations must pay for damage to third world

Police probe series of fires near Capitol

Bush: No attorney general if not Mukasey

Allegheny College launches crusade against handpicked audiences at campaign events

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 2

White House Edits ABC News Then Takes it Back

John Woodruff, 92; 1st black athlete to win gold at 1936 Olympics in Berlin

Audience members disrupt VP Dick Cheney's Dallas speech

Thousands Rally Against Georgia’s Once Popular President

Rice calls Kurdish guerrillas a common enemy but Turks demand action, not words

Three US airmen killed in Iraq

Cheney: GOP will win in '08 (There's no question in my mind)

Tennessee Town Has Run Out of Water

Bush vetoes water projects bill (but veto proof in Both chambers)

Merrill's credibility and stock take hit

Citigroup calls emergency board meeting

Man falsely links son-in-law to al-Qaida

F.D.A. Is Unable to Ensure Drugs Are Safe, Panel Is Told

Schumer, Feinstein back Mukasey

Arizona nuclear plant on lockdown

Kucinich says he will force House vote on Cheney impeachment

Japanese Fishermen Clash with Anti-Whaling Surfers, Celebrities (Taiji whale and dolphin slaughter)


Thursday, November 1st. William Shatner's Thought For The Day:

Hours of Entertainment for Children's Book Fans

Aren't they the cutest?

"You've got to be carefully taught"

I just killed a tiny insect and I feel very bad about it.

I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me...

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I'm on a Highway to Bellevue !!

I'm jumping in my bed !

Owosso High School closed today; MRSA

* and Pals Punch Out Paper Dolls!

Please Don't Reply

Wow! That fucking board is so fucking great !

Happy Happy Joy Joy...Happy Happy Joy Joy...Happy Happy Joy Joy...

My friend - Buddy Blue (RIP) singing Gunsale @ The Church

I've made Michelle Malkin's bog yet again

Lounge! We have a confirmed Yak attack!

HOw many DUers used to think that the lyrics to "I'm your Venus" was actually

Now that the baseball season is over, I have no shame in saying this:

The Day The Yak Attacked

"Aces High," indeed!

Winner of the 2007 World Backside Championships

Britney Spears: $737K/month; No Savings; No Money Spent on Education

Father...I want to kill you...

Lookit me, posting during work hours!

Dude, where's my Jesus?

Robert Goulet remembered as "epic prankster"

I wanna Rock n' Roll all Night...

do people still really believe that the lounge is just a place where freepers come to inflate

Olympic marathon trials tomorrow LIVE on NBC (5 laps around Central Park)

Money for nothing and your chicks for free

I just saved one cat from the other...and now she is meowing for him!

What's all this fuss about Global Worming?

How come sight is arguably the most dominant sense....

Imus returns to radio Dec. 3rd, joins WABC's "Galaxy of Stars" (Hannity, Limbaugh, Drudge)

Judge: Jail for Eagle's Coach Andy Reid's sons; a family 'in crisis'

Question for DUers: What are ya gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?

rest easy, people

Tell me Global Warming isn't here: UAE is getting its second tropical system of the year

Oh lord, the Yaks are attacking in NJ.....

UFO Hotspots

Why is the letter "x" still in the alphabet?

Woman takes out ad to sell breast milk

As if we need MORE evidence of a dogs loyalty.

Why Tony Oliva should be in the Hall of Fame...

Miracle Whip Lovers Unite

I am drinking wine

Could you still love your cat if your cat looked just like Adolph Hitler

Mary's Club Gasoline Jacket or Mary's Club Hoodie?

So I'm leaving for the dentist in 30 minutes and here I sit eating M&Ms

You Dig?

friday night flick - smokin aces

T.O. to Eagles coach Andy Reid...

yyeaaarrarrrara caaa uhh ooooarrraaarr nuh - trainwreck Amy Winehous video

Crap! # 2 beautiful coworker just told me she is quitting...

oh show me the way to the next whisky bar

Anyone else think that, in the little ad for "Lions for Lambs" on the left of your screen,

I love having onions

I love having onions

I dont like Chinese

I have finally become one of them. I've been riding my bicycle 20 miles every day

BTW - officially I am F**KED!!!

Welcome to L.A., Joe!

Happy 500 to me!!!

I hate having bunions!

I got gas!!

Tonight's concert Son Volt opening for the Black Crowes

I love having minions.

So I'm gonna have to buy a new MP3 player - what should I do?

I love Paul Bunyan

Is it me, or did Parche and Orrex have simultaneous strokes of brilliance?

THEY flee from me that sometime did me seek,

I hate when Parche posts simultaneous copycat threads

Damn those Bugaloos!

I didn't know people were so passionate about onions.

I love having opinions.....

I Love when Orrex post stimulating copycat threads

Anyone read Stephen King's Cell?

madinmaryland is officially on my forever and ever shit list

You know who REALLY sucks?

The Price Of Diamonds

I am very discouraged....

I am naught but a bed for a parrot.

This thread is only for DUers who want to bitch, moan or e-f**k

Goddamn underpants!

my dog has the hiccups!

You know what REALLY sucks?

Got my $50 check for doing the fitness stuff my health insurance wants

After being on DU five years, and recently beginning to post more,

Great YouTube Performance

Great thread in GD. Deserves a DUzy!!1!!

Cagney and Lacey in the john.

Word of the day is "LynneSin". Replace any word in a thread with "LynneSin"

I Love Paul Lynde

SHOCKING NEWS!! Midlodemocrat buys the souvineers at Cracker Barrel!

Dear Asshole "Neighbor"... ~~ (Sounds that I hate!!!)

In honor of our 5th wedding anniversary today

Damn those Bugaboos

Our Cat Loves Me So Much - I Need To Show Her I Love Her Too

Might want to avoid I-95 in Connecticutt today - Driver was doing it wrong

straight edge

World's largest spider.

Let he who Is without LynneSin cast the first stone.

Say. Did I tell you all that I can Time Travel???? Here's the proof...

I have these two neighbors having this bizarre war going on...

Mich. man get probation in pickle-assault

Damn you..chinese food menu !!! Damn you to hell !!!


Look! Behind you! .. I ain't falling for that oldie!

I got this lazy ass neighbor who sleeps in til noon everyday, and

This trashcan has been good to me!!! nt

Holy crap! Right across the street from me!

I'm having a hard day. I just crossed a picket line.

Let he who Is without LynneSin cast asparagus!

I am having a Hard day. Just crossed a Prostitute

Damn those Bungalows!

Official Lounge Kvetching thread!

For anyone interested in my Danny's photo

I love Lynndie England.

Jesus: Regular Guy or Savior

Calling all Chuck Prophet fans

Hypocrisy thy name is lost-in-nj

I'm calling out another DUer!

Keep catchin' those bad guys Dog Chapman...

Do you like to fly?

Stash always tastes better after you steal it from your kid's

Hey Chavezspeaksthetruth: Guess what i had for lunch? PHO!! On review

I have a "shitty" job....seriously

candy always tastes better after you steal it from your kid's halloween stash

A rockin' start to your weekend!

I've got the rudest neighbor who runs the leaf-blower and lawn mower early in the morning

mazzy star

Which DU'r Has Committed The Biggest Lynne SIN?

I love having onions

Wild Horses..... Couldn't drag me away.....

Say what you want about MrCoffee...

So, peeps, I've accepted a print gig, on top of radio and TV

Prank Leaves 75 Gnomes Without Homes

Death to the Pixies

Name a famous artist that drew a picture due to drugs/alcohol

Who likes rock candy?

I spent my last 3/4 of an hour at work on the phone with an elderly customer

Comet: must see! (N hemisphere)

Post Your Favorite Stoner Song

Check out my Halloween costume. Let me know what you think. :-)

Do You Hate To Fly

In Jeopardy's final round, could one bet a negative number and intentionally get the question wrong?

I think we need another dumb Freeper pic thread

Do you like American music?

I noticed in the poll about comic strips...

Do we have enough National Guardsmen on hand if there's a TV writer's strike?

Name an artist that gave a good performance due to drugs/alcohol

Who says that we Americans lack ingenuity?

If you could, would you stay in your occupation or change?

Ugh--gall bladder attacks SUCK

Biogeek question: would it be feasible to implant male DNA into a sterile egg?

Anyone know how NewYawker99 is doing?

Remember Daylight Savings Time This Weekend

Do you know what day it is?

Would you try this?

i had to carry my stanky ass to the ER today

The Bar Is Open.......... Butt

Say what you want about DuStrange...

Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman’s "N-word rant tape" was sold to National Enquirer by his son

I get Pizza Hut for dinnah tonight...

I drank a really good bottle of wine...and am watching "Blades of Glory"

The Autumn Leaves remind me.. 11 years ago today, Eva Cassidy made her transition.

Who likes rock music?

Time to start planning my funeral

Ladies and gentlemen, The Polyphonic Spree

LynneSin tried to put a toll at the end of my driveway!

I have the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian 'situation'.

8-year-old twins gain fame for anti-wedgie underwear

Friday, November 2nd. William Shatner's Thought For The Day:

I am so damn mad at aol

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/2/07

How far are you from a city of 100,000 people or more?

I am teh smrt!! I passed my exam.

Name a famous DUer that had a bad performance due to drugs/alcohol

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

the "can't recommend a thread after 24 hours" rule is crap

How many times a week does a person need to go to church?

Who likes Rock City?

What song lyrics did you "mis hear" as a kid?

Composer you love his/her music, but HATE the guy?

happy 118th birthday north & south dakota

Huhhhhh garumpa rumpa

What are symptoms of someone with a cocaine problem?

15 Posts to the dreaded 700 club

Ahhhh, Mother. Her most recent brilliance.


Name a famous artist that had a bad performance due to drugs/alcohol

Yo Redqueen - big match tomorrow!

Post Your Favorite Stones Song

Our daughter-in-law has been diagnosed with a malignancy in her breast.

Nice smells that you dont like

Well the Maestros have taken in yet another stray cat!

Will someone please give me a happy earworm?

WHAT THE Fetch?!?!?

Missing Teenager. Please keep an eye out.

Radio Lady Reviews: "American Gangster"

House committee approves military tax breaks

Senators want Bush to tone down Iran rhetoric

Gates: Army contracting needs will be met

Congress still eyes Veterans Day for VA budget

Civil engineer deployments will last 6 months

Engine repair work consolidates at Tinker

Authorities investigating captain’s disappearance

Conway: Proposal to move Marines not a power grab

Guardsmen job complaints often aimed at government

Paratrooper pleads guilty in HIV case

Iraq violence still declining, Odierno says

Training in a mechanical zoo

AF wraps bribe probe of ex-AAFES officials

JASDF closes out airlift support mission

American Legion Head Visits Walter Reed

DoD, VA Coordinate on Patient Care

Mobility Warriors Garner Praise

MoH faker gets 34 months in prison

Stress Adds to Domestic Violence

Afghanistan raid kills 3, including 2 kids

Military Update: GAO upset with DOD medical system plan

Landstuhl hopes to start new brain trauma center

Privatized houses cut way back at 4 bases

‘War Stories’ returns to Fox News

Group Vows to Disrupt More Funerals

Report: Somali pirates want U.S. Navy to back off

Firm tracks brain waves to find stressed troops

Citing cost overruns, Navy cancels LCS 4

Is Iran trying to stem flow of EFPs into Iraq?

NPR: Women in Combat

Olbermann impersonates Dana Perino; more Halloween hijinks

Smile (Rep. Don Young (R)

Director's Cut: White House Halloween 5

Mukasey & McCain

Barack Obama on Ellen

Olbermann: Bush - 'Give Me My Way or Perish'

What's So Funny About Elvis Kucinich?

Is America Driving You Crazy?

What if? Mitch McConnell on SCHIP etc...

No Plan. No Peace

George and Barbara Bush Heckled as They Went to Vote

What Is Supporting The Troops?

Ailes tops giggly "Countdown" Worst Persons (11/1) commercial .... Imagine...

Obama to Clinton: Stop Playing the Victim

Barack Obama on ABC World News Tonight 11/1/07

Biden-Giuliani Round 3

John Edwards: The Politics of Parsing

Man - you guys take care -

Yes, we should ALL be worried! We are bereft of talent!

Can Colbert ran as an Independent and will he???

Ruling by Fiat.. or decree

Campaign call reveals Clinton debate concern

Rape broadcast on Live TV - Big Brother, Africa Version, Rapist still favored to win

Broken: Darth Cheney's dog is a Sith Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 2, 1947: Hughes H-4 Hercules makes its one and only flight

'Instant' communication makes us all feel "important".......discuss?

Bush's Demise Vintage 2007.......

Ex-prisoner buys old Australian prison cell

I'm living in the wrong country.... Hillery where is my 5th & 6th & 7th &...

Bagdad woman charged with manslaughter in son's death

If the US had not nuked Japan, would they be more likely to have been used by now?

Priest sentenced for violent attack on church soloist

Can you run a dictatorship without torture . . . ? Should we have guessed . . .

Dec 10 will be the start of the Iran war , midpoint between Turkey day and the Iowa caucus.

Hey Texans.. who's gonna end up with Ron Paul's congressional seat?

"New California Poll: Hillary's "Negative Drag" ... LINK

Ethnic "cleansing" of neighborhoods via...

Heads Up: Senate Panel to Vote on Wiretapping Bill Next Thursday

Dog fights for life after saving owner from snake

Some Rob Rogers Toons

You Gore people do realize it's too late for him to run now?

A Vote for Mukasey is a Vote for Torture.

Naomi Klein: Rapture Rescue 911: Disaster Response for the Chosen

All of this infighting is getting so frustrating

Obama Introduces Iran Measure: Bush Has No Authority for War With Iran

World Toilet Summit opens in India

Republicker Sen. Warner responding to treatment for infection in his leg, aide says

Why want the Dem's label ****

Bush, Democrats and Hitler

A Bank of Their Own: Latin America Casting off Washington's Shackles

Maybe new strategy will keep Phelps too busy to protest

Public Gives Clinton Best Odds of Being Elected President

The Day The Yak Attacked

Clinton, Wal-Mart team up on climate change

WaPo: Industries Paid for Top Regulators' Travel - Nancy Nord

Industries paid for travel by top CPSC Executives..anybody surprised?

We have an Attorney General right now.

Report: Somali pirates want U.S. Navy to back off

Apocalypse 2012: A Scientific Investigation Into Civilization's End

Neptune’s Navy - Paul Watson’s crusade for Whales - New Yorker article

Cheney’s counsel resigns

WJ this morning: Should the Senate approve Mukasey's appointment?


America's first cricket stadium

Public Service Announcement: Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Republican

Cheney's Lawyer(Addington's Replacement) Leaving TOMORROW....LINK

Crocodile 'arrested' in Australia

Barney Franks really is upset----with mortage lenders--cspan1

Two Heads of Product Safety Agency (Nord and Stratton) Accepted Trips From Manufacturer Groups

Congresswoman Woolsey on Congress and the Bush Administration

What's the deal with.....

"Gone with the Wind the W Years"

McClatchy: Former envoy: U.S. driving Turkey, Iran together

Right Wing Wiki Update

My mom keeps getting depressed....

60 Minutes reveals identity of "CURVEBALL" & the idiocy of relying on him for iraq war justification

BBC - 'Missile hit' on Pakistan village

Joe Scab nailed it on the head re: today's economic numbers:

Just A Reminder Who's On Bill Maher Tonite

What will Chuck Schumer do?

HEY------Ameican people- Georgie wants you to understand this!!:

US Air Force struck Syrian nuclear site - Al-Jazeera

Mass protest in Georgian capital (BBC)

Army tests James Bond style tank that is 'invisible'

Just a simple yes or no answer is all...

As Virginia Tilts Blue, Will GOP Seek Texas-Style Redistricting?

If Leno, Letterman and the like are so talented...

Rep. Hunter Urges Bush To ‘Fire Those Recalcitrant State Dept. Personnel’ Who Refuse To Go To Iraq

.Before congressional committees, Casey falsely testified that the CIA was unaware of the shipment o

Caucus Chairman Emanuel on CPSC Chief Nord

== You big, fat pile of bacteria = By Mark Morford

The Democrats better appologize to president bush

Edwards on Clinton: The Politics of Parsing (video)

After four years of President HRC

The Neocons' Crazy Dream of World War III

"The number of foreign visitors to the United States has plummeted" since 9/11

White House press corps meets with Bush secretly.

Top Legal Adviser (Coffin) To CHENEY Resigns

If we didn't have the Internet, how much further down the Fascism hole would we be?

Washington Post jumps shark on Mukasey confirmation

After the Democrats win the Presidency and take a larger majority in Congress should they

1/2 of Sydney, Aust. drinking water has been rendered unusable

China birth defects soar due to pollution -report

PS3 network enters record books (Folding At Home)

Definitions for today. (terrorism)

Yesterday I called for the head of the CPSC to resign. Today I call for her to really, really resign

Bush vetoes water projects bill

Dick on Torture ------>>>

What Executive order did Bush* issue on Immigration recently?

Funny/Alarming Headline: "Feds List Chemicals Terrorists Can Use"

Burma: Girls Prostituted to Serve Military Officials

Canadian Dollar trading above $1.07...

Must See Video: The Politics of Parsing - Tim Russert? John Edwards? or Doubletalk?

Just talked to a builder here in KC. He is trying to keep from going under.

US diplomats don't want to be posted to Iraq. I say we close the embassy

Education secretary says 'No Child Left Behind' faces political head winds

The New Right-Wing Smear Machine (The Nation)

Chelsea Clinton Goes on Crime Spree

For Hillary Clinton, Surprising Celebrity Ties

OIL @ $95.23/barrel right now. eom.

"If A Song Could Be President"

on Nov. 15 Atlanta to reduce water by 16% to other states


Washington Post: Virginia Election Next Week Could Be 08 Bellwether

Weblog Awards - vote here - don't let Redstate Win

Why Diplomats Won't Go to Iraq

FBI involved in another 9/11 cover-up; "The Strange Death of Dr. David M. Graham"

Is Hillary Clinton hiding behind her gender to deflect criticism? Barak Obama thinks so . . .

I will be heartsick if Senator Leahy votes for Mukasey.

Here's something we can take with us to the streets !

Veterans Groups Stand With Senate Democrats In Support of Largest-Ever Veterans Funding Increase

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Washing His Hands of Katrina

Media figures note Russert's repeat performance as Clinton's "opponent" during debate

A Handy Chart To Follow Senators' Positions On Mukasey at TPM LINK

Leahy to announce whether he will vote for Mukasey, today at 3 pm


Gossip: Mystery Dem candidate to go to Iran & address its parliament

Mukasey: If the Dems vote to pass.The Republicans will win everything for the nx 28475 fuckin years

Interesting Predictive Market Has Dem Candidate by 4% in General Election 08

Thom Hartmann just had a phone in poll.

Paul Craig Roberts: "Hegemony's Cost"

Caption Laura

Cheney: Hugo Chavez is the President of Peru.

Straw Poll

Neocon-AIPAC Espionage Case !

California has Recall capabilities for U.S. Representatives, yes? If so, Pelosi is on the table

Nader on CNN now.... Suing Dems for ELECTION fraud!!

Interactive map of all the "dropout factory" schools

Saudi Arabia Could Have Helped Prevent 9/11-If US Officials Had Consulted Them In A "Credible Way"

So I picked up Ann Coulter's new book

Seen in Chicago......... ........Lol

Rice: Kurdish rebels are 'common threat' - will help in fight against PKK

Hey did anybody hear that call to the Hartmnan show about polling

Chimpanzee Who Knew Sign Language Dies

The Air Force Report on the Minot-Barksdale Nuclear Missile Flight

Will Bush recess appoint Mukasey?

Jeez...anyone else watching Little Boots throw his daily tantrum right now?--on CNN

Here Ye, Here Ye -come get your daily dose of terra

Leahy to vote NO on Mukasey

TIME: Why Diplomats Won't Go to Iraq

Conservative dismisses waterboarding as a ’swim lesson.’

Merrill shares fall as credibility questioned

Breaking: Palo Verde Security Stops Worker From Driving In With Bomb

8-year-old twins gain fame for anti-wedgie underwear

Graham Drops Opposition To Mukasey, Rewarded With ‘High-Roller Fundraiser’

Reference the supposedly payroll surge Bush was praising due to his

Have the Petersons of the world run amuk? What is going on?

If Al Gore ran as an independent in 2008, would he be a spoiler?

Does Anyone Doubt That A Democrat WILL Cave?

Feingold Still Undecided (on Mukasey)

Mythical beast in Texas identified

Another damn * photo op - pics

Effort to Save Florida Everglades Falters as Funds Drop

Friday TOONS: Part 1- Iran, you ran, we all ran to see these TOONS

Lindsay Graham Drops Opposition To Mukasey, Rewarded With ‘High-Roller Fundraiser’ With Bush

Bush & The Poodle: Endless Love

Want to avoid $100s of millions in taaxes? here's how...

If the Bush Administration wants to turn torture into a litmus test, so must Congress.

"No American should need a classified briefing to determine whether waterboarding is torture,"

Homeland Security Chairman Thompson Exposes “TSA Cheating”

Butts are US.......

The Nation: Criticize Hillary: You're Sexist!

Schumer sez Mukasey "is the best we can get"

What I just heard: Bush is the best president we have ever had.

In report on debate "back-and-forth," CNN's Crowley rearranged Clinton's quotes

Obama, Biden did not sign Senate letter warning Bush not to attack Iran (Clinton did)

Friday TOONS, part 2- Love her or hate her, everyone's talking about Hil


D.C. Madam seeks subpoenas for Vitter, Ullman - 'former customers'

Impeaching George Bush Is Closer Than Ever!

Mayoral Candidate Nabbed In Toe-Tapping Toilet Tryst

Police: 9 Arrested In Men's Bathroom Sex Sting At Central Florida Mall

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed

Three US airmen killed in Iraq

Holy crap! Bush is now reverting to going to basic training (Pics)

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

George W. Bush Most Resembles________ From the Movie_____

How Cool Would It Be For Al Gore To Announce On Thursday?

Bush vetoes water projects bill; Congress has votes to override it

Warning some may find this offensive. Heh

Librarians Say Surveillance Bills Lack Adequate Oversight

Leahy to vote AGAINST Mukasey

Kerry: The Right-Wing Smear Machine Cranks Up

How to solve a vast majority of our problems, and answer many of our most important questions

WaterBoarding is the Water Shed Moment for the Pubs. It will be one of the defining issues

The Hindu: Students Follow Al Gore's Lead

Reid: *'s Veto Of Water Resources Bill Reinforces How Out Of Touch He Is With America's Priorities

Here's a little tidbit for all those pundits who say Hillary played the gender card

Climate Controversy Heats Up Australian Election

Jesus, Stewy, Family Guy, right-wing hypocrites and opportunists

Newts new book CONTRACT WITH EARTH??? Is it worth the $$?? Is it serious or a Gore wannabe?

Conservatives can't do comedy. So they do political commentary

Ex-Official Who Fired U.S. Attorneys Speaks Out (NPR)

NPR just reported that sources say Schumer has convinced Feinstein

Whatever Happened to the Good Life?

Bush Nominates another Dud (to head the VA)

Schumer (Still) Sticking With Mukasey

State Department faces Iraq call-up rebellion (only 12% believe Rice is 'fighting for them')

Feinstein's phones must be ringing off the hook

'D.C. Madam' Seeks Subpoenas for Senator Vitter and Harlan Ullman

Bandar Bush: Kingdom COULD HAVE helped U.S. prevent 9/11

Britain's oldest toddler-mother.

Chuck you schmuck!

Breaking: MSNBC, Someone has tried to drive a truck w/explosives into Nuke Plant

Why are Feinstein's approval ratings as good as Boxer's?

So Chuck, the elephant in the room lends me to ask "How do YOU feel about waterboarding"

Tweety is back to felating his guests on teevee

Thank YOO: "Congress doesn’t have the power to tie the President’s hands in regard to torture"

And we think we've got it bad (South Africa article)

If US bombed Syria shouldn't Congress be notified?

Question Regarding Impact Of Writer's Strike

A vote of Mukasey is a vote for torture

Secretary Of State Rice to be subpoenaed in espionage case

Giuliani’s dream VP: Dick Cheney

To Those People That Contend Al Gore Shouldn't Run Because He Can Best Affect Change

Here we are in November and it's 75 degrees outside !!!

The Subtle Corporate Screwing of America (Stealing from Us One Drop of Blood at a Time)

I'm confused

'Unwelcoming' US sees sharp fall in visitors since 9/11'

More proof of what a despicable piece of shit Bush is: Autism funding may face presidential veto

George Meets Marine Lt. Andrew Kinard ---pix--->>>

Dan Froomkin predicted the Dems would cave

600-year-old bratwurst recipe shows there were already consumer protection laws in the Middle Ages

Hey Congress!!! That sound you hear?

Employment Report Shows 166,000 Gain in Jobs....BUT

So Duncan Hunter is replacing the Foreign Service with

Randi: Lets replace State Dept employees with ChickenHawk Congressmen

Someone please tell me.....when is enough going to be enough?

A serious question: Why did violence in Iraq decrease lately?

ILWU documentary (Eye of the Storm)

I wish Gore would make a statement within the next two weeks.

Bush Administration Jobs Report Includes Many Made-Up Jobs

USAF Struck Syrian Nuclear Site!!!---Sept. 6 mystery attack.

What are you planning to do this winter to combat the cold weather?

Schumer's statement

Bumper sticker of the day:

Burger King jumps on torture bandwagon with disgusting new TV ad.

Dentist Danced While Drilling, Suit Says

Kos on Real Time tonight

Exxon Mobil: $9.4B profit in 3 months

An Open Letter to Senate Democrats of Good Faith

Yum Brands, the 2nd biggest advertiser on A&E's Dog the Bounty Hunter, pulled its advertising

Larry King Rooked In Life Insurance Scam? 15 Million

Wanted: Oil workers


Tell Chuck Schumer to Vote NO on Mukasey

Chris "Tweety" Matthews is such a whore.

Military "Pain Ray" is a giant outdoor MICROWAVE oven for people.

What is the purpose of the Democrats being in the majority?

So how do we go about trying to get our 2 traitorous Senators bounced off the Judiciary Committee?

A question about World War 2 and the current era...

Nord is one slick chick----double talk all the way. PBS news Hr now.

Giuliani’s dream VP: Dick Cheney

RawStory: US navy starts crisis response exercises in Gulf

News Hr, Lehrer doing good report on Nord, comsumer satey

If you waterboarded a kitten, you'd go to jail. Why should it be different

Writers Guild of America votes to strike.

When them terrorist dudes TORTURE OUR TROOPS...we can blame BUSH/GOP/and Schumer/Feinstein

Emal from a friend--Cell Phone numbers going public...READ THIS

Fears of an alien invasion created greater alarm in US than the threat of a Soviet nuclear attack

The Top 20 Most Influential Liberals in America: Daily Telegraph

Feinstein Says She'll Reluctantly Vote for Mukasey

FBI was told of O.J. Simpson plan in advance

F.D.A. Is Unable to Ensure Drugs Are Safe, Panel Is Told

We have GREAT Presidential candidates. I'm for Hillary!

Chris Matthews

Condi Rice Subpoena OK'ed by Federal Judge

Bush to Veto Water Projects Bill: "They Left out Waterboarding $$$," He Explains

AT&T and Yahoo email having issues-claim they will resolve by 4:30 pm Central time

Dear Senators Schumer and Feinstein

Fox News’ Hannity rails against Halloween, which ‘teaches kids to be liberals’

British Navy announces "Operation Orion '08" so as not to miss the fight!

Prisoners of Debt - Lenders keep debt discharged in bankruptcy listed until paid.

Hillary can't pull out the gender card, but Obama can play the race one?

Jeopardy watchers: Did they have an anti-war topic yesterday?

Kucinich To Introduce Priviliged Resolution To Force Up Or Down Vote-TO IMPEACH CHENEY-Next Week

A question about Rudy answered.

Barack Obama accuses Sen. Clinton of being evasive..but that's what he was on the Today show

Ilegal immigration and how to stop this

Latino Support for GOP Drops Amidst Increasing Hysteria Over Immigration

I have mixed feelings about what Tucker Chapman did

"Damnedest thing you've ever seen."

Feinstein & Schumer-Approve The Torture Of Future American Captives


Children - human right or a privilege?

the old name does apply to them: quislings

Barney Frank is ripping a new one to Brian Montgomery, Federal Housing Admin.

Whatcha gonna do, Mr. Gore?

Boycott the DSCC

Bush Vote Thief Caught in Senate Spotlight

NYT: Senator Schumer’s Statement

Chicago gas pumps read fingerprints

The Well's Run Dry

Alienating your base means alienating a LOT of volunteers and other useful campaigners

Is It Not Surreal That America Is Even Having This "Debate" On Torture?

During the 60's and onward we fought on every front. Now it is up to you to carry on.

From Senator Kennedy: "He doesn't deserve it"

HOLY SHIT!!! Subpoenaed: Rice, Hadley et al. in espionage case!!!!

Tim Russert Faces Debate Backlash

Why was the NSA trying to enlist the telecoms in a surveillance program before 9/11?

Mukasey Pressured To Protect Bushco From Prosecution (Scott Horton)

Tonight on Real time with Bill Maher Valarie Plame and Kos.

Draft Gore: TV ad + Please Vote!!

WRITERS STRIKE AT 12:01 AM MONDAY; Zero Chance Of An 11th Hour Settlement

What one quality best defines the government under Bush?

Will Waxman Investigate Ranking Member Davis for Shaking Down Contractors for Wife's Campaign?

About the Gore Draft....

Does anyone have that list "How to be a Republican?"

CNN: Saudi Prince Bandar Says 911 Could Have Been Avoided

Kucinich Will Introduce Privileged Resolution To Force Up Or Down Vote On Cheney Impeachment

Venezuelen students protest Hugo Chavez as constituional reforms are passed

DiFi & Schumer Vote Yes On Mukasey

Groups seek stop to Comcast Net meddling - Comcast caught blocking communications

Level 3 storm about to hit Wall Street

I just want to remind everyone that the bombing of Hiroshima was not justified

Why won't the movie industry call these people on their bullshit? Greed and fear.

For all of you who despise Hillary Clinton, what will you do if she is the nominee?

BREAKING: Schumer and Feinstein Will Vote For Mukasey

The Right-Wing Smear Machine Cranks Up-by John Kerry

Pleasant Dreams Chuck & Dianne - I've Provided Some Bedtime Reading Material For You...

Caption (or photoshop) this pic

OMG I found it I think we freakin did Bomb Syria (ABC NEWS)

Tweety won't be inviting Couter back anytime soon

Impeach and Indict The Bastards or Resign Your Office!

Enough UFO acrimony: Want to be part of the search for extraterrestrial life? You can.


An article that just kicks the **ever-lovin' shit** out of Tim Russert. Enjoy.

The de facto answer to right-wingers that excuse water-boarding...

The Immigration Issue -the hard questions......

Still Made In the U.S.A.

A Draft Gore Update from the MA people - & a Current TV video on their work

Please DU this waterboarding poll

What basic trades are YOU learning to prepare against economic collapse?

Hey look! Gay hating football coach is the GOOD GUY! 0:-)

Kucinich : BAN HAND GUNS

Kucinich: "I Hope That You're Going To Talk About More Than A Tongue Stud"

Feinstein and Schumer explain their support for continued torture:

***DUzy Awards for week ending November 2, 2007***

Missing Teenager. Please keep an eye out.

Parseing words and Piling on

Organized Money Vs. Organized People By Cindy Sheehan

Seems to me Obama is returning to being the Obama that inspired us all & not so much the politician

Pennsylvania- Clinton -52% The Ghoul 39%

Colbert's brief "entry" into this race was the highlight of this lame election

UPDATED with Contact INFO for Justice Comm..... my email to Congress on Mukasey.

Not sure if this has been posted here or not!

Democrats gamble by backing tax increases: "No political risk" or "Remember Mondale"?

I don't care if Obama is pro/anti Gay! It worries me he doesn't know when to give in and cut losses

Dionne: More significant than Clinton's supposed gaffe, is immigration -- the issue Democrats dread

My morning WTF? moment--Naomi Wolf on Randi, didn't know about Greenwald?

Voting As Political Narcotic

Obama Ad: Restore Economic Fairness

Funny crap - DLC is unwelcome in the "big tent", but bigots are invited with concerts....

Why Does Bush Have Audiences

Rasmussen: Hillary opens up double digit lead over Repubs in Pennsylvania

Key to a candidate's soul might be in the ignition

Must See Video: The Politics of Parsing - Tim Russert? John Edwards? or Doubletalk?

The Adventures of Testiculo, Starring Dennis Kucinich

This could be a done deal if Congress would just grant Immunity:

GOP to block Dem efforts to send appropriations package

A musing on Dwight Eisenhower.

Chris Dodd: The Questions I Wish We Were Asked

GK on why Iowa matters . . .

Iraq: U.S. Diplomats Say Hell No! We Don't Want To Go!

"Clinton's Surprising Advantages" (Polling demographics vs. 2004)

"Civil Unions for all", the ultimate cop out...

Carter discusses UFO experience

Say some important legislation came up for a vote, and a legislator did not show up.

There Bush is again--using the troops as a backdrop, to try and prop up his failed Iraq occupation.

Republican rank-and-file open to third-party bid

Bush Veto of Water Resources Bill Sets Up Override Showdown

Pander.....I'm a racial minority....I've heard it all to often and know what it means.

Reid wants '08 candidates to be available for votes next week

Former S.C. chief justice endorses Obama

The problem is not "torture"

How many times do the Dems let Tim Russert hit them with idiotic and unimportant questions

Obama is PRO-IRAQ War...

Who has a grasp on public financing and what do expenditure limits mean for Edwards in IA?

The Rude Pundit ...

Obama will launch fifth ad in NH: Focuses on restoring tax code balance, protecting middle class

Harvard study "proves liberal media bias"

Obama not conceding CA. to Hillary despite polls saying she's 20 points ahead

Ya know what makes me laugh ...... ?

Am I The Only One Here Who Thinks The Dem Nominee Has Already Been Decided?

CNN: Leahy will vote NO on Mukasey as Attorney General!

Thom Hartmann had a call in poll just now.

Bush's articulate, inspirational, very presidential endorsement of Mukasey: "he's plenty qualified"

Media report proves conservative media bias

Sen. Clinton's driver license comments are being way overblown.

Edwards now eligible for public funds; Spending limits could put him at disadvantage

Is it time to reintroduce the say something nice about the opponent

Rasmussen- Clinton-43% Obama 21% Edwards 11%

richard dreyfuss and darth vader--twins separated at birth?

Young US voters may get scoop in 2008 (BBC)

Gay Republicans come out of the closet

Funny that two marginal candidates dominate the discussion here

Who's your VP Choice if Hillary is NOT the nominee? (Updated)

MSNBC Breaking News Ticker:

Condi subpoenaed in NSA/AIPAC Espionage case. Wouldn't it be great to wean our Dems from AIPAC?

Anyone have a clip of Biden raging out at the torture apologist in committee?

Caption Commander Cokespoon at the Fort Jackson (SC) Basic Combat Training graduation ceremony

South Carolina Dems remove Colbert from primary ballot

CNN's Blitzer gives Nader a showcase to whine amid speculation of his possible candidacy.

What'll we do with the losers?

South Carolina: Hillary 33%, Obama 23%, Edwards 10%

'American Vertigo', The Revenge of the Little Man

Remaining Democratic Presidential Candidate Debates

NBC's First Read: Obama Campaign Responds to Rudy

Debate Helps Clinton Solidify Lead*

Lawmakers contemplate ‘millionaire’s amendment’ for presidential campaigns

Feinstein and Schumer to vote for Mukasey (MSNBC breaking)

Please resign Robert Byrd.

Harry Reid conspires against Obama by scheduling SCHIP vote!

The reason why Hillaroids descend to ad hominem attacks

Does anybody know what the Senate voted on yesterday?

Has John Edwards' Moment Arrived?

Edwards Visits S.C. to Kick-Off "American Heroes Week," Commits to Standing Up for Working Americans

Biden and Lugar Introduce the International Violence Against

Has John Edward's Moment Arrived?

Clinton Says Criticism Goes with Lead

Some metrics of candidate support on DU > > >

OBAMA: Violence against women, at home and abroad, must cease

What is more important? Electablity or views?

Edwards Statement on Global Warming Legislation in the Senate


So, what will Schumer do? "All we are sayyyyyyyyyyy-ing, is Give Cheney's Impeachment A Chance..."

Edwards Campaign Releases New Video - "The Politics of Parsing"

The DU personal anecdote attacking another candidate MadLibs

On a day like today

Why Haven't We Heard More About the Village Voice Story About Rudy ......

Hillary sure has Obama & Edwards scared over attacking a woman

Wow...Obama at his best...

The Icing On The Hypocritical GOP Cake

"Hillary's Nomination Chances Just Dropped From 80 to 50 Percent"

If you want proof that Democrats know how to put a good ground game in the field...

question to the DLC:


What is a "Gender Card?" (I am really sick of the term)

Dianne Feinstine and Chuck Shummer turn the tables

1.8 Million U.S. Vets Without Health Insurance: Send ‘Em to War, then Forget Them

Emily's List to reach out to 100,000 women in Iowa for Hillary

Contact key Senators and urge them to vote against Michael Mukasey's nomination as Attorney General.

Hillary Clinton's secret files. HAVE to see this...the FUNNIEST video I have seen in a while...

Is It The Surge Or Have The Military Been Told Not To Place Our Soldiers In ....

White Supremacist Washington Times editor calling it quits

I forgot all about this crazy old twit and his campaign.

Twinkle Toes Matthews on Hardball is such an ass. Hillary is not

Key Dems enable Torture-Chimp..

How the Game is Played

Maybe we can have Gonzo give Mukasey a demonstration of water-boarding. Maybe Schumer and Feinstein

Chinese Currency Manipulation Puts Stranglehold on Middle Class

Obama to appear on Meet the Press with Timmy November 11th

Ralph Nader; spoiler extraordinaries about to do his best to

The Conservative Insult Generator

I shocked 4 republican co-workers today

How much money is being spent to push the idea that Hillary is a done deal?

Goodbye to All That

Thanks Mods

A Lot Of Talk On By MSM Of Piling On Hillary By Obama and Edwards - But.....

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi want to maintain their All Costs...

Breaking: Citigroup Prince to Resign - Mortgage Fallout

Since DU seems to like 2004 analogies, has Edwards become Gephardt?

Republican National Committee and John Edwards release ads hitting Clinton on debate performance

A Check for Social Security

Hillary 'no stranger' to piling on

Huh, introducing a Senate resolution is playing politics, but writing a letter isn't?

Dems Face Immigration Dilemma

Fact check: Giuliani's cancer stats

who wiLL you vote for?

Priceless, DiFi! Will ask for clarification on torture position after he becomes attorney general!

Bush strategy: bash Democratic Congress

I think the time has come for me to say good-bye to my above-average

Please Resign Feinstein and Schumer....

No candidate has ever beens savaged by moderators as Clinton was savaged on Tuesday

Funny thing about the new Edwards ad

Obama chides Clinton for playing gender card

Obama campaign clobbers Rudy

Joe Biden on "Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer" Sunday....Yipee!!

Pulling out the Gender Card has Always Been part of Clinton's strategy

Was Howard Dean a "poor widdle me" disgrace to manhood?

What is with Dianne Feinstein?

Beware! Karl Rove and Jeb Bush have Surfaced from the Swamp!

What if the reason the Clintons want their papers sealed is that

boy, I'm sure glad we took back the senate last year.

It's Official. Hillary Files her Candidacy for President of the USA and the NH Primary

Iowa Support For Biden & How He Might Break Into Top Tier To Win. IT IS POSSIBLE!

Biden continues to have fun with Rudy

Biden was the only candidate that cancelled campaign events to vote on SCHIP

Doesn't matter who our nominee is - if this CA. initiative isn't defeated NO Dem. can win

Obama is a genius

If You think you're for Hillary, watch This

Obama photographed during Pledge of Allegiance

Diane Feinstein..please change your party affiliation to Republican....

If Hillary is our leader, will she accuse other world leaders of "piling on"?

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