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Archives: November 19, 2007

The Philosophical Riddle of the Maher Arar Case

Opinion: How are Iraqi refugees any different?

For CNN, Campbell Brown Is Not Damaged Goods

Seizure of Iranians Failed to Validate Bush Line

Novak, Obama and Hillary: Don't Fall for It

Guardian UK: We must not tolerate this putsch against our freedoms

Hirst to install £1.5m solar power system

(Toledo) Area a world leader in promising method of panel production

Climate 'will undo Asian success' (BBC)

63 dead after coal mine blast (AP/CNN)

People were killed by Three Mile Island & other nuclear disasters

Indo-US conference on healthcare to begin from Monday

Australia: Iraqi footballers vanish, seek asylum

Bombs strike children, US troops in Iraq [3 dead]

U.S. struggles to restore Iraq water

State Dept. Tries Blog Diplomacy

Zimbabwe 'ready for UK invasion'

Iran leader dismisses US currency

China not fighting off e-waste nightmare

Cost of Elderly Care Is Double Prior Estimates

G20 in warning on world economy

gregorious - "YMCA"

Toilet-themed restaurants open in Taiwan

Scotch tape smells weird. Also, I licked some and it turned sticky

Experiment 1: Can I eat enough breath mints to make my esophagus go numb?

So, good news... career-wise

Don the flamesuits!!!

It's PUNKIN pie, dammit!


Delete. Damn triplicate post.

The Heat Waver is back!!!

Let's go Pat!

Top 5 influential rock guitarists ever. According to me

Pie is awesome, but melons are juicier and have a terrific fiber content

DU sure has changed in the last 4 years

Back pats for Mr.LaraMN.

I am so tempted to chop of my hand

"If this is food what have we been eating ."

Should I disown my mom?

I am so tempted to chop suey

How do you feel about the Gov't auctioning off analog frequencies?

My son's birthday -- an initial skirmish against temptation before the holiday onslaught

$150 leather sport coat - cool, huh?

I am so tempted to chop off my hair.

Ever see the movie "Code Name: The Cleaner"?

Hee hee - Droopy went to a Unitarian Church and made a trinity of posts to tell us about it.

Geddy Lee should be an American Idol judge, and he should be given a gun with unlimited ammo.

People who still listen to vinyl records: Check in!

GERSWIN - Rhapsody - piano version -------------LOVE you all n/t

"Do us a favor, don't throw your garbage onstage, we don't want it."

Some guy called my husband a name I've never heard before, tonight at a restaurant.

I just got a 15-pound turkey for FREE!

Dream interpretation?


I don't get the thing with female sideline reporters on NFL telecasts

I am *not* seeking medical advice....just wondering....

I found a cassette recording of my father reading my poetry.

Have you heard about the new French economy car?

What's your opinion of meeting people on internet dating sites?

Looking for a good groundnut soup recipe. Meatless.

Help! I need your funniest YouTube videos,

My thread on John Dean in GD-P...

I am not so tempted to chop off my sausages.

I'll be spending Thanksgiving in Florida this year

7-year-old boy nearly 12 feet tall

I wish I could have a clove cigarette.

I have 27.4 fluid ounces of imported beer and and 1 hour left before I must go

Update on my father-in-law (diagnosed with MRSA):

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/18/07

CaliforniaPeggy in GDP

My niece is in labor.

SophieMN: "I told grandma that I wear size six and she wears size 'short fat'."

Is Thanksgiving anyone else's favorite holiday?

Is anyone else a Dwight Yoakam fan?

What's the best way to stop negative self-thinking?

Some lady told my husband 'menj el a jó kurva anyádba hülye paraszt'

Let's go Pats!

Remember when DU used to be FUN?

Rant--on the kind of family shit that

My Dad is in the hospital

Need to fill my DVD que. Recommendations?

Thanks DU! I just called a guy an "asshat" in front of his family!

My latest YouTube video: Walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain

Post here and I'll swear at you in Hungarian

I went to a Unitarian Universalist church today


John Edwards Rocks Grist Global Warming Forum (This one works)

The Faces of "Free-Range" Farming

Mike Huckabee Ad: "Chuck Norris Approved"

Malnourished twins found near dead woman

Our Only chance to Elect an Effective Progressive

U.S. struggles to restore drinking water to Iraqis

U.S. quandary: What to do with Gitmo detainees who will never be charged?

Gore to receive award at International Emmys

Dr. Justin Frank (Bush on the Couch) on AAR now...

Lessons On Teamwork From The Geese

The Lottery Industry’s Own Powerball

Auto Sales Could Hit 15-Year Low

"Turmoil in money markets to continue"

PBS/"Ms. Pritchard Fans" (Brit PM Trying to Make difference)...Episode Five is 9:00 p.m. (est)

Puppy-killer Judi Giuliani re-emerging to "soften" Rudy's image

A world dying, but can we unite to save it?

Operation Iraqi Facism

FOX News Channel studio in New York infested with BEDBUGS!

My Dad is in the hospital

Impeachment was never been on the table, never will be.

Valtrex... I feel better now.

"Is that Camera on?!"

When will the Second-place Democratic Candidate concede?

Terrible cyclone in Bangladesh - Death toll 2,300, could reach 10,000

So..the surge is working... so they say.

Hillary getting heckled at the Global Warming forum (VIDEO)

Tomgram: John Brown, Invading Washington

"They defeated Al Qaeda because they are Al Qaeda," he said. "They are just wearing new masks."

Not trying to sound like Scrooge, but...

About Bush and Iraq: Feint praise defined

Pentagon propaganda goes to the movies

Guardian UK: Dollar denial

G20 in warning on world economy

Lozen says:

Why Democrats won't take the short cut to ending war (not letting funding bill to floor)

Bed Bugs Found in Fox News Channel Newsroom

About that plan to "speed up" Thanksgiving air travel...preposterous

The Monster Raving Loony Party... the only party that makes sense!

Mayor of Fresno, CA puts people in the Tool Shed

My personal congratulations and thanks to Skinner and the gang

Do you ever feel as though we're LIVING the Python "Election" sketch?

Ok, someone please help me re: radical Islam

Less Safe, Less Free

Is it legal to turn off water fountains in a public building?

Growing market: Ever more rich people want mega-yachts costing up to $50m (BBC)

Wheat Biopiracy The Real Issues the Government is Avoiding

Detroit named nation’s most dangerous city

Kucinich Campaign Hoping to Roll Out Energy-Efficient Computers Cooled by Veggie Oil. Seriously.

Faith Hill "support our troops"

Where do you draw the line when it comes to

Should Airlines Hire Evangelical Christians as Pilots?

Engineers Begin Critical “Cooling Down” of Arctic Doomsday Seed

DU Group Suggestion

Pucker Tucker talk'n bout Dennis.

Dick Durbin Responds to "Impeach Bush" Cards sent to congress

Oh, God, WHY? How could anyone do that to a poor innocent orangutan?

Please sign this petition and don't shop at Penney's

Bars Ignore Smoking Ban Rather Than Lose Customers (Ohio)

Don’t Let “The Appearance of Normalcy” Dissuade us from Taking Back our Country Before it’s Too Late

Should Musharraf be appointed as the new head of CNN?

US wants to know where $$ is going in Pakistan--But what about Iraq?

Frank Rich column today on Giuliani - it's a pip

Will Tom Reynolds (R-NY) Retire?

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Hillary

Aunt Benazir's False Promises, by Fatima Bhutto

Pakistan: Princess Ferragamo at the Barricades(It's about Regime Change)

Economic Report: Renters feel impact of sub prime mortgage crisis

For DU'er Fans of PBS/ MS. Pritchard the Brit PM "Making a Difference" Coming up at 9:00 p.m. est

All six of CNN's "undecided voters" were Democratic operatives 

Win or lose

23 Organizations Issue Damning Critique of Wal-Mart’s Sustainability Initiatives

The Independent: Interview with Elizabeth Kucinch

New Wisconsin And Minnesota General Election Polls

Class of working people, "an immoral reality"

Support Your Candidate, first and foremost!

Would Hillary dare smear Obama? Probably not; but Mark Penn would

6 weeks to go till Iowa

Rudy Giuliani supporters/backers behind the California scam to rig 2008

Rove says religious conservatives might swing toward staying home

What one word/phrase best describes Obama and his current campaign?

Attention Clinton Haters!

I am not moved one way or the other by the recent "Reagan made racist statements" headlines.

Edwards Criticizes Clinton Over Iraq (saying her position is tantamount to "continuing the war")

Isn't that nice....

Journalist Cheat Sheet: Ten Tips for Reporting the Youth Vote

One little tactic the Dems could use, but don't - really pisses me off...

One thing Conservatives need to remember is it was Bush I who started the Somalia

Obama criticizes Clinton on NAFTA.

Will you take anyone you now have on "ignore" OFF "ignore" once our nominee has been chosen?

More Obama Desperation: talks about Hillary and Bill's secret pact of ambition

Hey, Are You Talkin' To Me?

Anyone have the info on major shareholders in AOL/TimeWarner/CNN?

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland - Hillary's VP?

John Edwards could stand to learn a lesson or two about LOYALTY

Was a sitting president powerful enough to fight the Harry and Louise commercials in 1993?

Steney Hoyer Attacks Obama for daring to Challenge Clinton in the debate

Kucinich = no shot? Read this; "Is 2008 a 1932 moment?"

John Dean on Broken Government

Edwards on Clinton and NAFTA. Why Clinton is the corporate candidate.

Novak: "Clinton would not reveal it because she is such a good person."

Crisis in the U.S.: 'Plan B'?

Tackling the fossil fuel juggernaut (BBC)

Larry Beinhart: Bad Intelligence: America's History of Bungled Spying

AlterNet: Six Degrees of Exploitation: Anti-Sweatshop Activists Target Kevin Bacon

John Murtha: "Flawed Policy Wrapped in Illusion"

Truthout: What Real DOJ Trial Attorneys Say About Torture

Digby: Defining Deviancy Down

Vista security threats to rise in 2008

The New Yorker: Bush's Foreign Policy Disaster & The GOP

The Nation: Crisis as Opportunity

The road to energy conservation By Allen E. Smith

Content carve up of net begins (BBC)

Bush Death Watch: Countdown!

International Labor Organization Criticizes Venezuela, Praises Colombia

Will Bad Mortgages Hurt the GOP?

Bush Is a Disaster, But It’s Good for Republicans

Roaches in the World's Most Expensive Dessert by Barbara Ehrenreich

Coup D’État Rumblings in Venezuela by Stephen Lendman

Krugman: Republicans and Race

America’s Health-Care System Could Learn from Cuba

The Most Dangerous War in the History of Journalism

The institutionalization of activism on campus is culprit in the absence of visible youth movements

Freedom's Watch Focus Groups War with Iran

How The Media Fails In Covering Elections

Some Cleared Guantanamo Inmates Stay in Custody-Lawyers call US system of hearings a sham

The Fate of a Free Presidential Election in 2008 May Now Depend on the Senate

‘Safe’ Uranium That Left a Town Contaminated

Unlocking America

Let's call them the REPUBLIC PARTY.

Say it isn't so!

Chinese Espionage Cited As Top Risk To U.S. Technology Industry

The Real Story of Thanksgiving by Rush Limbaugh

Mysterious Jet Crash Is Rare Portal Into the “Dark Alliances”

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 315

Greens Accuse John Howard Of "Extreme Negligence" On Climate

Australia's Rudd will sign Kyoto pact if wins vote - Reuters

NZ's 12 Biggest Glaciers Melting Fast; Unlikely To Regain Former Mass w/o "Extraordinary" Cooling

Starting Tuesday, plastic bags illegal at big San Francisco grocery stores

World Heritage Site - Sundarbans Islands - Apparently Took Brunt Of Cyclone Sidr

Backyard Farms turns 1, expands (New England's largest commercial greenhouse)

In Energy Sector, Renewables Get Less Federal Support (GAO report)

Inclusion of Renewables in Energy Bill Receives New Political Support (update)

Xcel Energy Plans for Long-Term Increase in Renewable Energy

Fuel costs push truckers toward brink (Maine)

Japan urged to recall whaling fleet - Guardian

IPCC - Start To Act Now - Right Now - On Climate, Or Inhabit An "Unrecognizable" Earth - AFP

US utilities sceptical over nuclear energy revival

John Howard - "World Not Coming To An End Tomorrow" On Warming - Wants "Balanced " Approach

Just One Problem With This Week's IPCC Report - Probably Too Optimistic - Der Spiegel

Problem with the article about sea ice being gone by 2010... help?

Attempts To Boost Chesapeake Blue Crab Populations Failing - Populations Down 2/3 Since 1993

MFG Announces Opening of New Manufacturing Facility to Support GE Energy's Growing Wind Business

US Climate Delegation Wants To Know What "Dangerous" Means - Will Support Voluntary Climate Measures

Iron is a tonic for climate-saving plankton (Iron filings ship is sailing.) - Reuters

Chinese Prime Minister Says China Falling Behind On Pollution Goals - AFP

Orinoco, Amazon Basin Freshwater Dolphins Heading For Extinction, Says Colombian Scientist

UK To "Study" Proposal To Cut Carbon Emissions By Up To 80% - Reuters

New carbon offset standard aims for transparency - Reuters

It's Ba-ack! Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Anomaly Chart Heading For -3 Million Sq. Kilometers

Greenpeace Slams ‘Unsustainable’ New Tuna Quota

EPA cleans up another 1,000 Omaha yards (Super Fund & lead)

International Commission Approves 1,000-Ton Increase In Bluefin Tuna Quote For 2008 - AFP

Tellurium supplies, as related to CdTe solar cells (First Solar Inc.)

Independent UK: A world dying, but can we unite to save it?

Kucinich protests Army training school

Blair unveils huge jobs plan to bolster Middle East peace talks

U.S. consumers fueling global electronics waste

'Cannabis' may halt breast cancer

Army's new $2.6 billion chopper can't fly in "bathing suit weather"

China's Wen pledges to balance trade, free up yuan

Afghan suicide attack kills seven

Trouble over tuition law

[7] Incumbents being investigated raise $1.2M

U.S. Hopes to Use Pakistani Tribes Against Al Qaeda

Ethanol Bust Makes Loser of Bush, Gates, Archer Daniels Midland

Dollar continues near record lows

Top Khmer Rouge leader detained

Somalia human rights group shut down

Khmer Rouge Leader Is Arrested

Court clears Musharraf re-election

Foreign guards arrested in Iraq-security spokesman

(Colin) Powell: Iran is a long way from having nuclear weapon

Iowa's GOP Moderates Not Ready to Rally for Their Party

Boys under 10 accused of raping girl

IRAQ: Contractors Detained (for firing on Iraqi civilian crowd)

Senate stays in session to block Bush recess appointments

IRAQ: Two die of cholera in Baghdad orphanage

Energy costs to hurt holiday spending

General: N. Iraq has become more violent

Loophole keeps FDA in the dark on tainted food imports

FBI: Hate crimes up nearly 8% in 2006

Embattled attorney to leave Minnesota post

Paulose to Resign, Accepts Position in DC

Bush homeland security adviser resigns (Fran Townsend)

Burma: Targeted Sanctions Needed on Petroleum Industry

Millionaires launch liberal 'mutual funds'

Hate Crimes Rose 8 Percent in 2006

OPEC Comment Drives Oil Close to $95

Goldman Says Citigroup Faces $15 Billion CDO Write-downs

Wall Street Plans $38 Billion of Bonuses as Shareholders Lose $74 Billion

Rep. Ferguson will not seek reelection

Poland having second thoughts about participating in U.S. missile defence

McCain to spend Thanksgiving in Iraq

Japanese whalers unwelcome: N.Z. premier says

Food pantries struggling with shortages

Crony US Atty Paulose finally gets the boot.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 19

New Orleans rejected for presidential debate

Victory Will Come as in Cold War, Rumsfeld Predicts

Atlanta police charge boys, 8 and 9, with rape.

'Mr. Whipple' actor Dick Wilson dies

State Dept. Seeks Workers for Hot Spots

For Bush, Advances But Not Approval

CBS News Writers Authorize Union to Call A Strike

Clinton Slips in Iowa Poll

Blackwater Guards Subpoenaed by Federal Grand Jury

U.S. struggles to restore drinking water to Iraqis

Calif. Sues Mattel, Others Over Toys Containing Lead

Ambulance carrying heart-attack patient delayed at U.S. border

US Plans Case Against AP Photographer

Huckabee's First Ad is 'Chuck Norris Approved'

Poll: In New Hampshire, Romney Rising While Rudy Drops Fast

Chavez, Ahmadinejad to work against US

Abandoned horses pose dilemma for ranchers

Give Peace A Chance - Group Says Wearing Their Shirts on Campus Has Caused Quite a Stir

Michael Vick surrenders to begin term

So I was posting in GDP...

A public apology for not donating to DU (right now).

Could I get some of those patented Lounge vibes on my birthday?

Post here and I'll swear at you in English.

Taking up a collection

Jimmy Page talks about Led Zeppelin gig

I had bad thoughts all through dinner....

One of my web pages is a Googlewhack! Ask me anything.

'The American President' is on

I have a sausage biscuit in my pants

Take a museum tour with me *pic heavy*

nice haircut - military


Is huskerlaw around tonight? I'm hearing sustained explosion noises in hollywood--wondering if you..

how the hell and I supposed to finished the crocheted Christmas presents

Weird phone numbers keep showing up on your caller ID?

I spent last night dreaming that we were moving to Singapore.

Weekend Restaurant Review - Kuma's Corner

That's it: I've definitely once-and-for-all made up my mind about my vote!

Gentlemen, I have found the Roger Ebert nudes.

Heather, you ignorant whore, quit calling me!

Anyone here interprets dreams??

Nice Monday. 8 a.m. and I have an L7 eyeworm.

Watched Children of Men. Won't be able to sleep for a while now. Shit.

why would a bank put a hold on a bank check?

Need help with the title for my paper on Bush as the Antichrist.

A critical office geek threshold has been breached. There are now TWO World of Warcraft players

Rants do work

Shit, I've done-in my life!

In this week of Thanksgiving who amongst us will join me and others... on the Group W bench????

I don't think the NE Patriots should be blasted for beating teams the way they do

Great * is in my town.

At the risk of starting another Hillary Clinton flame war....

Crack on wheels

Don't trust anyone over 47!

Do you have someone on DU who dates you for no reason?

Your HEAD is shaking and your ARMS are shaking and your FEET are shaking

11/19/07 - date of The Great Lounge Chestnut Massacre

do you have the slightest idea what the "Match Game" threads are about

Is it just me... or

Get Bigger Peonies

Good morning, Lounge addicts

i'm confused about the FreeRice thing

Its just another manic monday...

A squirrel gave his life for our modern way of life yesterday.

Is anyone getting anything done this week?

I've still got a star - thanks to the generous donor(s)!

Shit I've done in my life.

Wake up at 4:45 am, start swearing at people in Hungarian, and before you know it

Yoga Bootie Ballet as a xmas present

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth-Grader?

Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

The lake in the fog.

Do they make bras that latch in the front?

Nice Monday. 8 a.m. and I have an L7 earworm.

How much would the Admins have to pony up to get you to moderate GD:P?

A sick irony

It's snowing!!!

DU 3.0???

“Brains x Attractiveness x Personality x Availability = A Constant."

trof has a small h pvn ug oo e c au oc gy k

ATTENTION! Bushboy has left the city

The Gordon Ramsay shows on BBC are much better than the Fox shows...

Actor who played Mr. Whipple dies

Fuck Verizon

Freeper Family on Turkey Day???

i think i might be feeling sad and or depressed

I want it.


Funny Looking Poker Faces (Dial up warning)

All hail Caesar!


Freerepublic 0.0..

568 toilet seats?

Adam Ant's "Goody Two Shoes?" Less of an ear worm, more of an ear cockroach. ENJOY!

Are there any steak restaurants left that serve your steak with a slice of broiled cinnamon apple?

Which is the worst company to deal with?

And I have coveted my neighbor's wife

It looks like Mr. Whipple has squeezed his last roll of Charmin....

ever feel like slapping the crap out of somebody?

Do you have someone on DU that likes you for no reason?

Photo: Julia Roberts shows her support of the physically challenged

Just a reminder.

RIP Dick Wilson (AKA Mr. Whipple).

I think I need some Lounge vibes today.

Kittens 'adopted' by pet rabbit

Post here and I'll swear at you in Pig Latin

i am outraged at the inconsideration

YouTube question: can I report a user for hateful language in its profile?

Pleaes help keep me from turning my fundie psycho aunt into a post-toastie

What is it with smacking?

Nothing but f'n assholes!

Apple wants to buy AMD - Fox blooper. Oh no wait its

I just want to thank all of you at the lounge for the outstanding job you're doing

Gum Chewers Unite

Why do people want to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving

God, I love our local police report...

Who Hates Them

(AP) Joplin, MO: Dog Returns to Vet who Neutered Him

Lloyd Dobbler vs. Dr. John Dorian

I'm up for a pretty major promotion - if I get it, on what should I spend the extra money?

Who Here Likes?

Is Sheboygan becoming an idiot magnet?

DUer needs your support!

Last nite on the local Fox news report...

Mike Tyson: 24 hours in jail & 3 years probation for cocaine possession & DUI (no one was bitten)

Who hates me

I have not achieved my requisite quota of sinfulness for the day.

Is Crawford becoming an idiot magnet?

Who here hates hate?

How does the BCS system function?

Who Here Hates People That Hate People Who Hate?

Another music video for those who are weary of Feist

I might be done thinking....

Best Lego Animation Ever!!! (Monty Python Holy Grail)

"Do you have a Flag?"

Who here hates the Dallas Cowboys?

People were talking about what to be thankful for on C-span

I got my communion taken for kicking ass today...

The Wooden Bowl

Seattle is getting a MLS team and they need your help!

How to stop child abuse before it starts

Skinner, the MAN himself replied to me in his 3.0 thread with this pic.

Would I Make A Good Pilot

Who here hates the Kansas City Royals???

Who Here Hates The Delaware Blue Hens?

Has Lady Freedom posted recently?


My dom built this for me 20 years ago

i may have found the funniest post on DU ever

I'm calling out flvegan.

I got my ass kicked for tackling at communion yesterday...

Best. Invention. EVER!

Pay to Par-tay...they want us to "chip in" for the holiday party at work

About the person who has donated in my name... Are they:

So Who Hates Me For No Particular Reason?

so who likes me for no particular reason?

Get Bigger Pennis

I just bought a thong on ebay. Does this mean the government knows about it now?

Family Guy is doing really well now. Ratings are great. Why the resurgence?

"Celebrity Apprentice" -- NOT kidding

help...can I email someone the picture of my kitty...I don't know how to put it here

I just bought a bong on ebay. Does this mean the government knows about it now?

I don't want Leftymom to blow a gasket so here...

I schmoozed with my Department faculty today...

It's not "porn", darn it! It's "living vicariously"!

Who Else Likes The Smell Of Condi Rice

Actually I wouldn't mind knowing who hates me, also.

A public thank-you to HypnoToad

1 2 3 4 don't wanna hear this song no more...

These people from Wisconsin I work with, they don't know from Mallocups or Moon Pies

Lisa and I are going to host our first Thanksgiving Dinner

Where'd my star go?!

women in movies. Short, well done presentation. Nice music too

I'll never understand why people are in such a hurry

Wish me luck- I'm playing with tofu

Who Here Hates the New England Patriots?

Sometimes you just gotta say

Chinese docs: Don't try sex positions shown in new Ang Lee film.

Why Is LynneSin SO Mean Today?

Got back from the doctor's...

HELP!!! I have an 80 lb. Lab sitting on my lap, and she won't get down!

Coolest present ever!

Big debut on Raw tonight...

I got my ass kicked for taking communion yesterday...

Help. My cats do not follow daylight savings time. It is 1/2 an hour before

Who is this woman?

"Hasselhoffing": a definition

who here hates George W. Bush?

Post here and I'll swear at you in Python

What Will You Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

What do I have to do to make you hate me?

Don't forget, our Annual Liberal War on Christmas starts this Friday!

The Front Fell Off. Must-watch youtube video - safe for work

I got my ass kicked for taking communism yesterday...

Anyone had a faulty tumbler on their ignition?

I noticed a long time ago that I have a large ass

In honor of IntravenousDemilo - post here topics you'd find on Freeper Jeopardy

Kids today and their music

I just noticed yesterday that my ass has grown a little large.

LLoyd Carr is a quitter

why do you hate me?

My mom built this for me 20 years ago

Signs that a first date is going to be bad...

Greenbriar's picture of her very cute kitten, Spooky!

A Serious Question...

What kind of person are you: n/t, nt, eom, or "Let them eat cake."

MUST-HEAR audio clip: Enraged Jimmy Dean customer leaves voicemail after sausage is downsized

I am OFFICIALLY sick of the Osmonds! (again)

He was only trying to help.

Who here hates Manchester United?

Who Else Likes The Smell Of Old Spice

Orrex!! Kewpie Bondage??-- "Somebody's been very knotty"

Signs that a restaurant is probably going to be bad

A Thanksgiving Prayer - William S. Burroughs

I hope a Dem. Vet runs for Mayor of Fresno, CA

Haven’t gone to war? You’re about to

Bomber kills 3 GIs, 3 children at toy giveaway

Va. Guardsman found dead at armory

Father fulfills fallen son’s last wish

Presidential candidate protests Benning school

2 Iraqis killed in incident with U.S. convoy

GAO plans second probe into KMCC

2 amphibs en route to Bangladesh after cyclone

Experts help soldiers bridge cultural gaps

Soldiers move into newest post

Alleged extortion, pornographic images latest twist in NEX theft

Fallon: Iranian behavior unhelpful

Lakenheath urges awareness as several fall ill

Environmental response team is the first of its kind for military in the Pacific

Wesleyan Puts Out Call for Veterans

OpEd: The Death of Duty

Airfare Discounts for Troops Fading?

Lawmakers: Nuclear power is future of Navy

Academy cadet acquitted of raping fellow cadet

Another computer with veterans’ data stolen

Unhappycamper-is this REALLY the active military's view of dems?

The Alberto Gonzales Legal Defense Fund

Dad's surprise visit home from Iraq

Police brutality

ignore-bad video link

Alice's Restaurant (18:33)

Bush, McCain, and Hillary attack Kerry for "study or get stuck in Iraq" comment

Former MLB player Billy Bean wants to ask the Repubs this:

WASHINGTON WEEK | Nov. 16, 2007 Webcast Extra | PBS

Kucinich weekly campaign update 11-19-07

Making Fun of George W. Bush Pays Off!!

Dennis Kucinich at the School of the Americas Protest

Just Two Weeks Under Bush. Want 208 More?

Naomi Wolf radio interview on "The End of America"

Christian Decadence

Trent Reznor - WARNING!

Top Ten Debate Zingers

Families pay for Bush's crusade....

Sen. Edward Kennedy: The Supreme Court's Wrong Turn -- And How to Fix It

Is Thanksgiving anyone else's favorite holiday?

Iran leader dismisses US currency

76% of Dems think Hillary says all troops out of Iraq within 1 year,

Porsche Cars founder introduced hybrid vehicle 100 yrs. ago.

"I took my hand off the fur-lined boot."

BP to sell U.S. convenience stores

Many thanks to whoever donated a star to me

We need more threads like this to wake us all up!

A Supreme Court Hand-Picked By President-Dismisses Challenges To Continued Rule

Another man dies after being shot by taser

Google Refuses to Accept Cheney Impeachment Ad

Abbas negotiator says no document for Annapolis--"Lecondel"

Mideast Conference Nears, With Few Plans-'No One Seems to Know What Is Happening,' Arab Envoy Says

"Made in America" /Chinese Free Chirstmas?-

Who is your Second Choice Candidate?

(kangaroo) court dismisses challenges to musharraf rule

Lobby to Hide Cancer Dangers Has Government's Helping Hand

According to my Sunday paper, Baghdad is now a virtual paradise.

Cspan "dems problem is kennedy" as in john (his monroe problem)

Rice-Based Word for Meeting without Results: LeCondel

Our bittersweet 16 - By Anita F. Hill

Tobin (convicted NH GOP phone jammer) seeks dismissal of charges

Feinstein Censure Killed Without a Vote

(Stacked) Court Upholds Musharraf Election

Bush’s White House homeland security aide resigns

Army Desertion at Highest Rate in Over 25 Years

Citigroup Gets 'Sell' Rating, May Face $15 Billion Hit

Dems stripping withdrawal timelines from Iraq bill?

TV Delirium in Twenty-First Century America

Twice as many economists now see recession in US future

ZOOM IN (Political Ad)

(Another) Shooting reignites Iraqi furor; U.S. issues apology

What do you think is more effective in this day and age a book or a documentary?

It appears Karl Rove has crawled out from under his skanky hidey hole..

Poll re:Congress' support of the troops needs DU love!

U.S. Struggles To Restore Iraq's Water

Interesting poll numbers from a right wing site

3 Iraqi soccer players seek asylum (in Australia)

Breaking News: Fran Townsend has resigned

Chavez in Tehran: "Empire of dollar is crashing" (Reuters)

David Vitter, Republican Strategists and the Prostitute’s Subpoena

Some win, some lose as dollar falls

A gift for DUers

Whenever Bush speaks a sentence, he eyes the audience with an intervening blank stare

Internet UNder Attack

How does Bush's new import safety "plan" bamboozle you? ... It doesn't mean what you think it means.

‘If It’s Secret, It’s Legal’

Need help to counter a Huckabee advocate

Something stinks.. this judicial appointment "bothers" me..

So what's next for Blackwater and the 14 murdered Iraqis?

The Official Monday Hillary Clinton Flamewar Thread

An unnecessary death. We really need Universal Health Care

Powerful poem for Thanksgiving. Each year at Thanksgiving when my

Gas-pumping tricks to max your money's worth

Death toll from third superbug soars

(Newsweek) Meet the new Baghdad: A thousand mini Green Zones

On This Date in Bush History 11/19 - BUSH'S 'GIFT' TO OUR KIDS

Fox host -Brian Kilmead -'for Tasing anyone in Code Pink'

Cyprus is in the same beached boat as Atlanta, Ga.

No Country for Old Men, and no world for old women!

Longtime Republican to Joe Biden: "I will be at your caucus.”

Bush Homeland Security Advisor Resigns

Great - We're going to arm Pakistani tribes

Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Dump the Dollar, China State TV Tells Viewers

Don't trust anyone over 47!

Measure to impeach the Vice President is sent to Committee, and the MSM doesn't even blink

Far Right Records! Meet The Neo-cons! Bwhahahaha!!!

McCain's Support for Continuing Iraq Occupation is the 'Fringe' Position, Not Clinton's

A worthwhile project that I've donated to

Concerning hunting wolves from a helicopter.

Hello Japanese citizens

A green giant warms up to Wal-Mart

3 Great posters from HuffPo. "Events"

delete dupe

Independent UK: A world dying, but can we unite to save it?

UPS rate change December 31, 2007

FBI reports hate crimes rose 8 percent in 2006 among them Jena, La.

If they had to run TODAY, NONE of our "best presidents" could get elected

Good News! 27 More Foreclosures Dismissed

Analyst explains rising gas prices

Pentagon Cover Up: 15,000 or more US casualties in Iraq War

CNN: " If you want cheap gas, head for Tucson, AZ"..

Japan urged to recall whaling fleet - Guardian News

Did anyone watch the History Channel's "Andrew Jackson" last night?

Aljazeera says 10,000 expected deaths in Bangladesh and 1000 whale hunt

Interview with Elizabeth Edwards on Homeschooling and Education Policy...LINK

Starnge 3-Way - Clinton, Obama and Novak

Hillary should respond: "I'm the "B" that bring down Osama Bin Ladin"

Dr. Justin Frank on Thom Hartmann

ASEAN calls for democracy in Myanmar, bars UN envoy

Coup D'Etat Rumblings in Venezuela 2007

Gay Rights: "This has not been a long-term struggle yet."

David Sirota: The Immigration Con Artists

Slowpoke TOON: The Great Wingnut Walkout!

In your opinion..... who is the biggest neo-con nut case?

Just ONE of Obama's dirty tricks.

you know whose supporters really REALLY piss me of?

98,000 pounds of frozen sausage roll products contaminated

Rove's first Newsweek column is out now, FWIW(link only, in case you are brave)

"Bush on the Couch" is out in expanded paperback. Maybe now I'll

USNews: Bush will blame Dems if bill stalemate forces a government shutdown

The nastiest side of movement conservatism has been ... the fascist demand to simply eliminate.

* visits the Berkeley Plantation in Charles City, VA - pics

Who's most electable in Missouri? Thanks to DailyKos

Ex-Khmer Rouge head of state charged...with crimes against humanity and war crimes

Tweety is still smarting from that ass kicking Jon Stewart gave him

Barbara Ehrenreich: Luxury Grub

Na Na Na Na Hey Hey GoodBye (OPEC debating ditching the dollar)

Slick Phish

Is the middle class an aberration?

America Has Obligation to Right the Wrongs of Centuries Past

Does anyone know whether Sen. Reid has in fact acted on this?

Puke Alert: O'Reilly shows up in Afghanistan.

White House Pillow Talk, 2009 - Which Is the Deviant Democrat?

Japan child numbers at record low

Rep. Ferguson (R-N.J.) will not seek reelection

Me and my / our friend Bill and loads of Stone Wallers too

More good news for holiday travelers.

every time they say dems are the "tax and spend" party

44 Years Later, JFK's Words Still Resonate

My letter on torture and what we should do.

Blackwater Guards Subpoenaed by Federal Grand Jury

The Latest Weapons Against Urban Insurgencies

U.S. offers mild criticism in Saudi rape case (Reuters)

Finally! Fox News posts something critically important!

Twenty Thousand Protest at Fort Benning: Eleven Face Federal Criminal Trials

Another great LTTE from a bush supporter

Microsoft getting out of ETHANOL!

Obama "scream" issue is a bum rap IMO...

Iraqi forces arrest two U.S. security guards

CAPTION the spuds and the dud

If the mass media is the problem which it is .

WOW just WOW the "empty spectacle" hit another low today

Another * pic to caption

Latest Republican to spend more time with his family - Rep. Ferguson NJ

What an environmental waste - huge water park planned for Arizona desert

Bad News for Lewis and Calvert (R's-CA): FBI's Still Probing

Do you hate noisy computers?

Katrina rated largest U.S. ecodisaster

Presidential Debate Dates Announced

We are in a recession - why can't rethugs grasp this concept?

Pope calls for complete ban on landmines

One more RAT abandoning the sinking ship: NJ repuke Congressman, Michael Ferguson...17th repuke

Right Wing Schism Continues - Paul Weyrich attacks NRLC for endorsing Thompson

Flip and flopping and jumping all over the place

Karlschneider: This pilot wasn't you by chance? (from BartCop)

Congress Is Afraid Of Big, Bad Blogs -- Or Not

Looking for the numbers of donors to each repub and dem candidate

Sad...very, very sad

TV is one hidious frame of complete crap

Rumors of (More) War: Iran Attack Gains Credence

Remember the UK Airplane Bomb Plot? Looks like the "Ringleader" won't face criminal charges

Nearly 5,000 Soldiers Deserted Army in 2007 - NPR

U.S. commission schedules 2008 presidential debates

As the Media Merges with Politics, Can We Resist ‘Electotainment’?

Where are all the Hillary Clinton threads at? Is she still running?

Larry Flynt endorses Dennis Kucinich.


Check out this poll...They ask who you voted for in 2004, then

Capitol Police Officer Suspended in Connection With Senate Bathroom Fires

Department of Painfully Inappropriate Comparisons (Scott Horton on Townsend's resignation letter)

Tweety is such a...GIANT ASSHOLE!

Rachel Paulose plays seven victim cards

This Thanksgiving: The Bushes are thankful for STUPID VOTERS

Sen Dole Vulnerable Over Attempted Naval Airfield Siting...LINK

I am looking for the perfect DU post.

"Diamonds or Pearls?" . How about

Fran Townsend: "We know that al-Qaeda" tends to view elections

Why New WaPo 30% Poll for Barack Shows That Obama Will Now Win Iowa, 55 NET 1st + 2nd CHOICE vs. 45

Why do news operations LOVE holiday travel stories?

Did Bill Clinton win Iowa or New Hampshire in 1992?

Repeat: There is no military solution, but there is spin

Pasadena Burglar Shooting Update - continued

Holy JESUS! Nothing is sacred! Dylan does an Escalade commercial!

Desperate Repugs trying to Win do this Laughable Video! Chuck Norris/Huckabee/ "Guns on the Border!"

FBI Reports Upsurge In Hate Crimes

Sex Scandal Hits Atlanta-Area Megachurch

Heartwarming and cute

NY Times: Remember the War on Drugs?

Say It Isn't So... IT'S SO! Diebold Crashes AGAIN in Official Count

Mark "Marshall Plan" Penn on Winning the General Election

Telling Iowa Dem Analysis...IF Edwards wins, Why would Hillary want to finish 3rd?... LINK

A death shrouded by war, mystery-Soldier's family and friends want answers from Army

Special Comments on the Bush Administration's War on American Values (the book!), by Keith Olbermann

Army's new $2.6 billion chopper can't fly in "bathing suit weather"

Obama scandal?

No U.S. qualified teachers?

Bush, Republicans, and Nicky the Hot Dog Boy

MSNBC on Senator Obama

Mark Twain's unpublished anti-War short story: The War Prayer

Even Economy Cheerleaders are beginning to talk about Recession

Dow closes below 13,000 amid credit worries

Check out these Yahoo! finance headlines....Even the false "strong economy" can't fake it anymore

And here I stupidly thought oil was going to hit 100 bucks by turkey day...

Bars working around Nevada smoking ban

ISLAMOFASCI-POCRISY! Ann Coulter "hates Pakistan's 'Islamic savages' but loves their dictator"

Former anchor endorses Clinton

Whenever you hear a really batshit crazy politician speaking in Congress or on teevee ........

PC publishers ban dragon from breathing fire in children's book... because it's too dangerous

And now, a word from Jeff Masters, PhD, an actual expert on the weather...

Bangladesh tropical cyclone death toll feared 10,000 to 15,000.

Robert SuckMyAss Novak is still free to write crap and spread rumors because .........

Larry Flynt supports Kucinich

NOT the issue

The whole system is corrupt.

"Regarding Al Gore...I reserve the right to say this:"

"I know where you live! If you don't stop your AIDS activism it will be stopped for you!"

PAUL KRUGMAN: Republicans and Race

Caption *

Amnesty International: More than 270 TASER deaths in USA since 2001


MSNBC Breaking News: Obama Ahead in Iowa 30%

Are males simpler than females?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

The Sinking Dollar & The American Traveller: Advice?

Novak Attacks Buffett As ‘Hypocrite’ With A ‘Phony Message’ Who ‘Should Be Ashamed Of Himself’

First they taunt you...then they mock you...then they...JOIN you?

Think you know the Constitution?

Americans can text 'Thanks' to troops

Republicans betray elderly Americans

Check out this 911 tape

Obama tazes old freeper woman in Iowa.

Naval Academy Admissions

Television Eye

You Might Be a Roadblock Republican If...

No Secret Service for President McCain

The Pentagon is running out of IED defense money!

Rape charges filed against two 8 yr olds and a 9 yr old...

Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!... part 2

EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Ellsberg Says Sibel Edmonds Case 'Far More Explosive Than Pentagon Papers'

Baltimore Sun: "Here Come the Thought Police" - Re: Harman & HR 1955

"Edwards team... is the class of the field." (NY Mag "Escape From Iowa") LINK

Schools ban suggestive moves known as 'freak dancing' or 'grinding'

Don't Ask the Yankees to Wear Diamonds, or Tell the Red Sox to Wear Pearls, Mr. Penn

Rep. McHenry (NC) (R) (obviously) on bicycles . . .

HIGHLY recommended

Freeper writes book and sells 40 copies and thinks he will make the

On Naomi Wolf's The End of America - A Photo-intensive Summary

DemocracyNow Covering A.Q. Kahn and the Pakistani Bomb....


The DU Admins have something that we would like to show you... (IMAGES: LONG DOWNLOAD)

Thanksgiving Peace

Kucinich ties Iraq war, SOA linked to abuses

Lies that You Must Believe - The Money Party (3)

Townsend’s goodbye to Bush: ‘You are such a man.’

Gonna be a LOT of republicans scrambling for jobs soon.. let's anyalyze their qualifications

Mrs. Clinton's forgotten fling with the Killer of Karachi

Congratulations on the DU Fun Run!

NYT praises McCain for being "civil" towards Hillary

New MO Poll-The Hill Beats All ReTHUGlicans

Brent Budowsky:...memo to Joe Biden

After watching the debate again, a few things stood out.

My 2 cents

Pointing Fingers

In 2008, It's the Competency, Stupid!

Obama makes inroads with seniors

Hillary Clinton's NAFTA flip-flops.

Mike Huckabee enlists the aid of Chuck Norris to pimp the "Fair" Tax (a.k.a. "National Sales Tax")

Deadlocked Dem convention turns to Gore.

"Democrats, harping on a get-out-of-Iraq theme"

Rudy will appoint far right judges/justices

Giuliani style evokes concern among critics (Reuters)

If Democrats Chose Gore and Republicans Chose Hagel - from HuffPo

Hillary Clinton: Mudslinging hypocrite (smears John Edwards)

Some trivia about the Tancredo Scare Ad

Hustler publisher Larry Flynt endorses (drum roll please!)

DU this poll in

Democrats Should Have Voted Against Mukasey

Clean water elusive in Iraq. I thought they were fixin' that?

Romneys' theme song will be 'Boney Moroni' ...a little LDS humor? heh

Politics of Hope candidate says last generation can't lead, yells at one in Iowa, Obama supporters..

The Rude Pundit: How Democrats Can Explain War Funding Easily

CA Dem Party Blocks Floor Debate of Feinstein Censure - Caucuses Vote YES!

Clinton Shows Strength Across Racial Lines in South Carolina

Black man raises voice to white woman in large room, Clinton supporters outraged.

Congressional Vacations

Hillary strongest Democrat in Missouri against Repubs...

Both Obama and Clinton have every right to be dismissive of voters' questions based on falsehoods

What would happen if OPEC switches from the dollar...?

Obama supporters use discredited "journalist" Bob Novak to attack Hillary

If After * Leaves Office He's Brought Up On Any Charges Related To........

Sikh Community in CA upset after getting snubbed by Clintons

Video: Novak Talks about Clinton and Obama Column

Kentucky Dems go after Senate GOP leader for upset in '08

Hillary supporters use right wing talk show (Scarborough) to attack Obama

Friedman: Keep Cheney on for another term.

Tancredo Confronted (by young Moslem woman) At Town Hall

Tom Lantos D-CA is getting a primary challenge

I don't care who you support

MSNBC's Shuster just made a bad mistake

Another repuke congressman joins the parade of rats deserting the sinking ship

The Obama video answering the "What will you do to keep us safe" question was clearly edited.

What FOX bloggers say about YOUR candidate

Democrats stronger in Missouri (All beat GOP in match-ups)

it's not possible to be "hard" and "brittle" at the same time

Clinton, Giuliani tied in VA, but McCain quite strong (survey USA)

What ‘That Regan Woman’ Knows by Frank Rich

Obama for President

At the risk of starting another Hillary Clinton flame war....

Tancredo ad

Debate Fatigue Sets In

Would Al Gore rather be rich than president?

Most plausabile explaination yet why impeachment off the table

"It’s Not a Resignation: It’s Continued Service That Won’t Be Happening"

It's the John and Hillary show!

Will Kucinich put the Flynt endorsement on his website? Is it something to be proud of?

Mark Warner's statement on news Jim Gilmore will be opposing him...

It is REVEREND Huckabee who is running for President.

Looking at the video of the alleged Obama yelling incident one wonders if the microphone. . .

Some House Backers of Thompson Are Starting to Lose the Faith

"Obama, Clinton Battle Over Novak Smear"...I doubt it and I'm

Why shouldn't we expect our candidates aggressively challenge the idea that Dems won't defend US?

Thompson: help pay for my TV ads

Gallup poll: Do Americans like the Democratic Party?

A very good article

Former GOP Gov. Jim Gilmore announces Senate run in Virginia

You can get about 4:1 odds on Obama winning Iowa. I'd take that bet any day.

Hillary will win Iowa because Teresa Vilmain is running the show there

Obama outlines community college plan.

ShortGate! Is Kucinich really the shortest candidate?

Letter to the Editor: Consider Bill Richardson

Politics and religion

Huff Post: Richardson Displays Presidential Courage

And this is why Iowa is good for democracy

Washington Post: Clinton Slips in Iowa Poll

Obama 1st, Edwards 2nd, Hillary 3rd in Iowa in question adding 1st choice plus 2nd choice.

How to get IT! A report from a Edwards town hall.

List of high profile veterans endorsing HRC

Chuch Norris looks whimpy in the Huckabee ad. I wouldn't tell Chuck that to his face... but...

Obama has the wisdom and experience America needs to lead and be respected in a multicultural world

Why Not Richardson?

Are you becoming more like your candidate?

Pelosi, Cheney, and the Fertilized Eggs

No Prisoners: How To Win In 2008

Tweety just said Gore deserved getting pounded by the media in 2000...

POLL: Obama Finds Help in Iowa With a Focus on New Ideas

An interesting tidbit I found buried deep in the new Washington Post Iowa poll.

Is Your Opinion On A Candidate Going To Change Between Now And January?

Creative help needed dealing with Repub underhandedness! Urgent!

Franken nets AFSCME backing in Minn. Senate bid

Paul Krugman: Republicans and Race

Clinton gets her Social Security talking points from The Heritage Foundation.

Many are wooed but few caucus in Iowa

All the bickering

Viva Obama?

"Obama yells at elderly Iowa voter." "The lady that heckled Obama."

Clinton vs. Obama on Health Care

Biden gains support in D.M. at event focused on women

Latest Rasmussen poll: Clinton-41%, Obama-24%, Edwards 13%...

Who will the Hillary supporters in Iowa pick when she is unviable?

Hardball: Washington Post poll just released shows Obama leading in Iowa with 30% of the vote

Al Gore to run ...

If Hillary Clinton is the corporate candidate, that must mean that Dennis Kucinich is the

Kucinich Comes to New Jersey, When Few Other Have

Circular Firing Squad

What's the weirdest thing you've noticed about Dodd?

Oh, What will the Hill do?

Edwards Hits Anew at Clinton on Iran (AP)

Tonight 7pm EST, on CSPAN: U.S. Policy Toward Cuba, (3 hour show)

A ray of hope on Iran? ...I don't know whether to believe this or not...¿?

The top issue in 2008 is going to be

WaPost Poll: Obama Leads Iowa with 30% of vote

Giuliani/Thompson 2008

After doing some canvassing in Iowa on Saturday, it doesn't look good for Hillary Clinton

Someone, please, explain the Hillary Clinton phenomenon...

Hillary Clinton's SMUG MUG & Her Bush-like Disdain For Dissenters

My favorite Joe Biden story-Nuts and Bolts

Immigration issue is perilous for Dems: GOP can't win if Hispanics tip several states Democratic

My time at The Presidential Forum on Global Warming & America's Energy Future.

Huckabee tied with Romney in one poll, tied with McCain and Thompson in another poll.

If Hillary Clinton gets the nomination

So who supports this guy Edwards?

Yesterday I got an email from the Ron Paul campaign

Obama: Listen you old bat, go soak your bunions and shut up!

Biden will take public financing

T. Boone Chickens

one more WTF? Obama moment

So with Obama actually leading in one Iowa poll...

Will Richardson tell his Iowa supporters to vote for Hillary?

Obama: Foreign family experience helps

Edwards digs himself in even deeper

"Having lived by the polls, Hillary Clinton is now panicked by them..."

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pantsuit

The real reason Impeachment is "off the table", according to US Rep. John Olver (D-MA)

Senate stays in session to block Bush recess appointments

The Lady That Heckled Obama

Win, Lose or Draw, Edwards Will Have The Most Influence On This Primary

I want the Democrats to win. I don't like Hillary. They're not mutually exclusive.

Novak Admits That Hillary/Obama "Smear" Column Is Second Hand

Can anyone here demonstrate that national polls are wrong?

Hatch-Biden Bill Cracking Down on Sexual Predators

The West is screwed again. U.S. commission schedules 2008 presidential debates

Edwards and Obama do not share a strategy re Clinton

Obama yells at elderly Iowa voter