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Archives: November 17, 2007

Hamish Mcrae: These are perilous days for the US

Where's The Leadership?

Preserving a republic

E.J. Dionne: What Are We Fighting For?

US bolsters platforms to defend Iraq's oil

Barry Bonds vs. Howard Krongard: And the Winner Is…

Tony Blair: ‘I wanted war – it was the right thing to do’

If Kucinich launches impeachment hearings,will this make him a front funning presidential candidate?

U.S. could face $2 trillion lending shock: Goldman

The dollar's decline: from symbol of hegemony to shunned currency

U.N. Report Describes Risks of Inaction on Climate Change

Brown's drive to use UK's wave and wind power

... Colorado Wants a Solar-Thermal Plant

CSI (Canadian Solar Inc.) to deliver 60 MW of modules to City Solar

Saudi builds security force of 35,000 to guard oil - Reuters

Atlanta may have to drink the dregs

Renewables booming in China: Report

What percentage of GW is caused by humans?

Lots of sun and roofs: Why can't we go solar?

Democrats unable to bring troops home

Mistrial declared in case of prominent bird watcher who killed cat that hunted threatened bird

Police: Gas price fight ends in death

Appeals Court Upholds Primary Smackdown

Good news: WGA, WGAE & AMPTP resume formal negotiations 26 Nov.

Army desertion rate up 80 pct. since '03

Senate panel issues subpoena for Utah mine owner

Giuliani says he'd appoint conservative judges --

Report: FEMA Wasted $30M on Trailers

The Mothers of Invention, Po-jama People

Mother Big Jugs On Speed, ya motherf'rs

Commissioner Gordon to Britney: "You're no longer allowed to drive with your children in the car"

I feel

Contrary to popular belief - I did not start the Witch fire

Just a heads-up.

Are snaussages saussages or snuff?

I'd really like to pffft on a desk

have a great weekend, ya hosers!

Would some one please lecture me to get my ass in gear!?!

the huddled masses

A Walloon,a Ligurian and a Sorb walk into a bar.

I just put 2 really obnoxious Hillary shills on ignore.

I gotta go to bookclub....and this time, I didn't even buy the book.

Yesterday I got my first anti-pneumonia shot.

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

picture says it all

Thanks for the help on the video posting.

Been sitting here for over an hour with my stereo headphones on.

What has the boogonish done for you?

CNN Breaking News: Wolf Blitzer finds graffiti in CNN washroom

what are those black military grade humvees

I truly dislike beholding a .38.

Very cool puppy pic.

Wow, thanks whoever donate for me.

Watch the dancing bandit video.

Anyone familiar with JrNYLC?

Barenakedlady thread post

sexy pigs are attractive

I truly like holding a 36B

What's your favorite Thanksgiving sitcom episode?

ThomCat got me buzzed and didn't call a cab!

What is it about me that just gets you happy in the pants? (Read disclaimer)

O-M-G! - My son actually brought home TP and milk!

I love pigs

Ever feel like you're on the edge?

I got another Duzy this week, this time for an OP....

Woohoo! It's Friday night.

I truly like being a 90B

King Kong going apeshit right now on TCM.

Obscure artist everyone should know: Jo Serrapere, from Ann Arbor, MI

Mods: Please lock this thread ASAP

Whoever said crushes are from the devil, you're right.

Kim Kardashian says she posed for Playboy because "girls today need to see a normal body"

When did DU jump the shark?

no reponse necessary

This thing is fast asleep in my lap, and does it ever stink!

$ saving tips for new and expecting moms & dads

the chenis.

I am buying my first ipod. Tips? What do I ask for? What is the Nano? I knew this

Anyone else getting antsy awaiting the weekly DUzy thread?

The Appreciation Thread for People Who Haven't Had An Appreciation Thread

A broken nose and sex

OK, confess: who else reads UFO books

The Friday Night J-Rock appreciation thread...

w00t! the celtics are 8-0

My niece just had her baby today!

I always liked being a 36C but then

HOLY SHIT! I won a DUZY!!!!!


Could someone who knows more about slang help me. On a Ford truck ad Toby Keith

Stop me from buying the new computer components!

Can you ride a unicycle?

Tired (Stupid) Husband Moment of the Night:

Sarah McLachlan appreciation thread

Fuck!!! My father-in-law has just been diagnosed with that new

Boogie Nights is on IFC tonight at 9:05

True or False: 50% of male sex symbols are the product of media manipulation.

Ok, I think I have finalized my Spring Course schedule:

To davsand, I had a similar situation.

Have you ever used Craigslist to sell stuff?

Hey bi-baby and sniffa

"Sexy" celebrities that you do not find attractive

My name is HughBeaumont. I now have 7,000. And so do I.


U.S. Army Desertion Rate Soaring

All Hail the Street Medic!

Joe is Right on CNN's Situation Room

Las Vegas Democratic Debate - CNN stacks the cards

NBC Political Director talks about the Biden Buzz in Iowa

A New Christmas Song

Hillary Clinton Laughs About NAFTA

Las Vegas Debate: Being honest about taxes (97K is not middle-class)


Wounded Vets Fight Red Tape To Get Benefits

Draft law to allow former members of Hussein's Baath Party to hold gov. jobs is unconst

Gonzo's Got Some 'Splainin' To Do-Fired WA State USA John McKay-on what Gonzales could be facing

America suffers an epidemic of suicides among traumatised army veterans

John Zogby: Redefining National Security: Homes and Health are New Concerns

I feel some stratergizz'n go'n on... ante up biatches.

The World Is Flattened

"If people want to read an agenda into it, that's their prerogative,"

Roger Ebert reviews Redacted.

John Dean: George W. Bush's Presidential Library (Will Bush/Cheney destroy The People's history?)

Civil Rights Protesters Surround The Justice Department, Demand More Focus On Hate Crimes

Newsweek Editor: Who Cares If Bloggers Criticize Us? As Long As They Link Us, We've Succeeded

Anybody else finding it impossible to donate to DU? PayPal isn't working.

Possibly a Darwin Award here: Woman Finds Boyfriend Dead In Cat Door

Charlotte Prostitution Ring. Expensive services, High Powered clients

Senate panel issues subpoena for Utah mine owner

Saw Jim Hightower last night.

Giuliani says he'd appoint conservative judges. The Supreme Court is vital

Jeopardy final: Go Doug

What time is it?

It's about the person, not the party

Okinawa's war time wounds reopened (BBC)

We're the Vocal Minority of the Silent Majority

Robert Parry: Bush's Clever Cognitive Dissonance

Oh, Keith: A mistake during World's Worst Person.

The Free Speech Sale

Thousands Rally in D.C. to Urge Hate Crime Prosecution

The Repression of Students in America

Chairman Henry A. Waxman on the testimony of Howard J. Krongard

Are you familiar with a Hugh Hewitt?

Loser CEOs, Raking It In

Jeb Bush joins CNLBancshares board

Plan Dropped to Force Diplomats to Iraq

Everyone Hates the Dollar ..... Even at the Taj Mahal

Oh Brother! You too, can buy land on the moon! According to

What Does It Matter if the Surge is Working?

Good news! Army desertions are up only 42% over last year....

What's the closest thing to a one-party state?

Hundreds decry lack of affordable housing Hurricane Katrina

ABC’s Good Morning America Visits Mt. Washington Observatory for Monday National Broadcast

Women! Especially Obama Loving wives of Hillary supporters

Let's plan the NEXT Fun Run.. (My attention span on this one's exhausted)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

CCR hopes to flood Oval Office with 25,000 copies of the Constitution

Who will crickets freeze?

"The decline of the dollar...may be so entrenched that some experts now fear it is irreversible."

Ron Paul's been advertising on my local progressive radio station

Anyone consider this sexist?

Maybe if Barry Bonds had......

Atlanta may have to drink the dregs

Palfrey subpoenas Vitter. Will he blow it? Or will she?

So, it seems....

Police: Gas price fight ends in death

CNN was caught planting questions with students at a 2003 Dem debate!

Katie Couric Mocks Dan Rather In YouTube Video


Simpsons Fans: "The President Wore Pearls"

WTF? Latest Faux crap

wealth and class. The peasants are fighting each other, who wins?

A poll about DU polling...

DU: Do YOU prefer diamonds or pearls?

Why the hell is Gore in the DU Fun Run when he isn't running?

Bumper Sticker Survey

Did anyone hear the RESULTS of TOM HARTMANN'S telphone pole today----????

What the hell happened to compassion in America?

Interesting article on Country Music and politics:

Diamonds vs. Pearls??

Chicken Pickens "weaseling" out of Swift Boat offer

Fox Noise is at it again:

Chris Matthews on Hillary Clinton: "I Hate Her"

Hillary could have raised her stock if she had told her supporters NOT TO BOO the other candidates..

T. Boone Chickens (Swiftboater) Reneges on Bet with John Kerry!

Look! The Hubble took a picture of God!!!

UN: climate change will have 'abrupt and irreversible' consequences

Al Gore Fans: Did You Know Gore FIRED Mark Penn?

If 911 was "blowback" for the old kinder-gentler imperialism.....

I hate the New York Post, but their headline today was classic: "What an asterisk"

***DUzy Awards for week ending November 16, 2007***

Do you believe that U.S. MSM is now being actively used by those who control it to...

Book TV Schedule: November 17th - 19th

Spaghetti Monster Featured At Religious Conference

State IG's Brother Quits Blackwater

Court rejects early Michigan primary

I heard commentators suggest only 2 names can come out of Iowa, but

Seymour Hersh: Obama only Hope for US-Muslim ties

Does Hillary lie so much that she needs an Asbestos pant suit?

If you lost a debate to Dick Cheney you would..

Finally seen a Hillary supporter!

If you lost a debate to a guy who lost a debate to Dick Cheney you would..

Hillary: Master Politician, it is OK to admit it.

Edwards supporters: Who is your second choice, or do you not have one?

Are you seeing that just the MEDIA think Hillary will win?

Iowa Poll: Obama Strongest General Election Candidate

Have your top two or three choices evolved over the last few months?

Need advice - I got my application for a mail in ballot today.

If you could impeach ONE of the following it would be... Clinton telling the truth about Edwards and Healthcare.

This is the best analysis of the debate I've seen.

The Daily Howler responds to Krugman's suggestion Obama is a "fool" & a "sucker"

Tech Leaders Endorse Barack Obama

Obama in Orbit (NYTimes/Int Herald Tribune)

Stealing from your grandchildren....

Which D vs. R matchup would be the most fun to watch?

Edwards Tops Iowa Independent Democratic Power Rankings

$97.000 is middle class in the most blue cities in America

Here is a big what If........after Iowa Edwards finishes third and quickly becomes Obama's VP..

New York Times: Chavez "likely to win" referendum. Sorry Chavez' haters

Can someone please tell me why Kucinich is and has been the highest...

Bush to Honor Noble Prize Winners at White House Monday

Since Tweety HATES Hillary,

Has CNN or YouTube posted the entire debate from last night

AP falsely suggested Obama said his state Senate records do not "exist at all"

Do you believe Liberty Dollar is an illegal currency?

Will the disaster in Iraq eventually be blamed on the Democrats?

NY Times: Questions about Carville and CNN

Obama's Got the Youth Vote, And They Can In Fact Vote

Rasmussen: Clinton 7 point "slide" in IA, 6 point in NH

So I saw Bill tonight and here's what he said

Clinton was slinging mud with both hands last night.

Olympia protest videos you might not have seen......

Clinton says National Security is more important than Human Rights. Obama disagrees.

Hillary picked the perfect night to shine: It was the highest rated debate in primary history

That Biden Magic

Put you're votes in on who won Vegas debate - Hillary- Obama-or Edwards

Who would be the strongest candidate in a general election and why?

Each campaign received 22 tickets to the debate. THE REST WERE INVITED BY THE NV DEM PARTY...

Edwards the caped phony performs hero imitation

More on the Nevada Debate Crowd

The Real Story Behind That Las Vegas Debate Crowd By Someone Who Was There

Now that Edwards has completely tanked, who will rise to third place?

The American Prospect: Giuliani's Awful Record on HIV/AIDS

State Department ‘Weenies’ Do Have a Point

Vitter to fight the supoena--'the details were best left between God and his family. '

In Name Count, Garcias Are Catching Up With Joneses

The Electability Conundrum

AlterNet: Thou Shalt Find It Impossible to Live Like the Bible Tells You to

Bike sex case sparks legal debate

Barnum & Bailey & CNN

Cars ruined by Katrina sold in Bolivia

Old McDonald Had a Farm…and He Got Arrested?


A Bad President Doesn't Deserve A Pension

Pentagon: Budget cuts, layoffs...Desertions way up...Watchdog watched...

The Nation: Confronting the Global Timber Barons

Jim Hightower: Bush-Cheney Really Are Planning to Attack Iran!

Bush's emotion without reflection

Democratic Debate in Las Vegas on Nov 15th – Performance Evaluation of Edwards, Obama and Clinton

The Atlantic/Andrew Sullivan: Goodbye to All That

Momentum Builds in Support of Venezuela’s Constitutional Reform

Will John Boltons head explode? This guy should chill!

When Two Wrongs Make a Right



Downtown Portland project could be among the first urban buildings in the U.S. to rely on wind energ

U.N. Climate Panel Warns of 'Abrupt' Warming

Welcome to a world of runaway energy demand

(California) PUC adopts low-income solar incentive program

In Maryland, sea slowly claims a historic island

Pump pain heats up pressure for new energy law

Power companies focus on clean deals

Putting the wind in Windy City

Bahrain Propels Wind Energy to Urban Future

Vestas to ship wind generators to Canada

Home & Garden: Using the Earth as your Furnace

Saudi to give $300 million for environmental research

NYT: Break-In at Nuclear Site Baffles South Africa

Boulder county government pursuing solar power

IPCC must read report

Possibility of hypoxic oceans

Citizens tout benefits of 'small wind' ordinance to reduce home energy bills

Ohioans are liking this little electric car (ex-Sparrow)

NYT: Brothers, Bad Blood and the Blackwater Tangle

Chavez Meets Top Colombian Rebel Leader

La. (US) senator subpoenaed in prostitution case

2 plead guilty in Cuban militant case

Climate change department faces £300 million cuts

Pastor's estranged wife wants share of church in divorce

India's ruling party leaders defend nuclear deal with US

Tony Blair: ‘I wanted war – it was the right thing to do’

Saudi gang rape victim sentence 'unjust'

Bike sex case sparks legal debate

Could U.S. military gains in Iraq outlast Bush? [leave office without failture?}

Mass grave unearthed in southern Baghdad

Grim climate change report prompts UN call for 'breakthrough' [action]

Army Desertion Rate Up 80 Pct. Since '03

Bush wants tax legislation from Congress

Bush criticizes Democrats over Iraq war funds

Dirt from bomb site triggers new fears

Death of ex-cop's wife called a homicide

California: Power lines cited as cause of largest wildfires

Democrats: Bush hinders new Iraq course

Emergency to stay for now, Pakistan leader Musharraf tells US

Two Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Officer Suspended In Connection With Fires At Capitol

Divided OPEC meets for summit(a private meeting mistakenly broadcast to journalists revealing spat)

Police to search for guns in homes

Dubai could allow Pakistan TVs to resume broadcasting

Halabja Women Victims Complain of Neglect (little treatment for chemical attack survivors)

Iraq: Number of children dying higher than when the country was under sanctions

Key Findings of UN Scientific Report

Makahs report death of whale was neither humane nor fast

His son killed in Iraq, dad takes on recruitment of Hispanics

Poland to end Iraq mission in 2008: defence minister

BorgWarner workers must vote again on union status

US writers agree to strike talks

Thousands march in US race rally

Chavez warning opens Opec summit

Petraeus Helping Pick New Generals

U.S. to Bolivians: Stop attacking ambassador

Union: Utility owes $115M (IPL, AES accused of shortchanging retirement plan)

FEMA Trailer Dwellers Seek Toxin Tests

Pastor of Ala. Church Bombed in '63 Dies

Casey says Bush wrong on war [Dem radio address]

Gunfire hit most of Afghan bomb victims

Parents [hundreds] ordered to court for kids' shots

US delegates say dangers of climate change unclear

Ex-Rebel Leader Ahead in Kosovo Vote

Clinton endorsed by SMART union

McCain calls for drug reimportation

Mass Graves Found outside Baghdad

The dollar's decline: from symbol of hegemony to shunned currency

Japanese Fleet to Hunt Humpback Whales

OH CRAP - My next husband, Chris Noth, to be a dad with his girlfriend

I truly like being a SOB

Has "Shark" jumped the Shark?

Just saw a house covered in Xmas lights

it`s time to get old school in the lounge.... Curtis Mayfield - Superfly Live

Imaginig the Tenth Dimension - Trippy mindblowing stuff!

I'm watching 'Rocky III' because

So, do tell, what was it like 'your first time'?

When did Jeannot Szwarc jump the shark?


Where can I obtain free condoms?

I'm afraid I might have Lymphoma...

Bush to (finally) Welcome Gore To The White House!!!!!

I can't believe that my post about locking posts about locked posts

War. What is it good for?

When did jumping the shark jump the shark?

Water Nymph or Jacuzzi Fairy

Fuck! I can't have anything but nightmares!

BabyCoffee did an awesome firehose impersonation last night

The question of the ages needs to be answered.

Y'know what I hate worse than people checking my receipt?

Had a great dinner with another DU'er last night.

lets make love...

Wow! so this is what Saturday morning is like

Brit Spy Chief is the ULTIMATE DEADHEAD!

Cheap contractors hiring (and exploiting) undocumented labor

Do you think I talk too much?

so i'm the DJ...pick a tune, any tune

"ADHD Warning Signs" (Warning, you say?)


Wireless Router Suggestions?


I wish I was... homeward bound

oh shit, I gotta go watch the game!


OMFG! Publishers Clearing House just informed me that I could win $10 MILLION! OMFG! Woo-HOOOOOOO!

Anyone want to tell me if i'd like Hoboken?

Does anyone have polychromic (darkening) lens?

Anyone want to tell me if i'd like Philadelphia?

Several people at work know that I can't get preganant

Several people at work know that I am preganant

Several people at work know that I can make women pregnant.

I am just so darn sad today...

Some advice for ladies who want to get a guy's attention...

sInce a big depression is coming, why aren't we all selling our DVDs and computers now?

The men of my house are sleeping, and I'm painting my nails...

Just found out a friend of mine was in a serious car wreck....

Anyone else see Beowulf yet?

My dad has been in and out of the ER over the last week with

For the last time people: decide what your kid wants BEFORE you get in the coffee line!

Everything is going to hell

Several people at work know that I am preganant


I'm whitening my teeth right now

To the MORAN who almost killed me on TX 161 this evening:

Do any other guys here really care for shtupping?


The grisly death of Alfalfa! (courtesy of wikipedia)

I can't keep my dog. :-(

Are the "holidays" starting to piss you off yet?

He Didn't Have To Be

has Photo Bucket been tombstoned by DU?

"Your hand on his arm,

Are you awake?

heh heh heh ... Grovelbutt heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh

Fun times over at the Moto Guzzi board


The helpful help-iness of people who post "That's Already been posted" in your threads. Discuss

The helpful help-iness of people who post "That's already been posted" in your threads. Discuss.

Need a new laptop. Is this a good deal?

Separated at birth: Sarah Jessica Parker and ....

*Ahem* ....Could I have a go on your Baps?

Grovelbot: timeless, omnipresent

Lasciante ogne speranza, voi ch'intrante.

My sister lives near Wilkes-Barre

I don't normally eat sweets, but I have one weakness...

SPK Jr. Is Now...

After Ending The War And Restoring The Constitution,

No, I DON'T want to be your sledgehammer. Don't bother showing me around your fruitcage.

Do any other guys here really care for shopping?

Who else has a "parents ganging up on their kids' friends" story?

Study says big-hipped women are smarter & have smarter children

I saw "No Country for Old Men" last night. Ask me anything!

Any Metalocalypse/Dethklok fans?

COBRA insurance is such a fucking scam

It's National Homemade Bread Day!!!

THIS IS HUGH!!!!1111 I'M WIRELESS NOW!!!!11111

Today's College Football Thread

GAH! that gravelbot avatar is freaking me all the way out

Update on my dad (GreenLantern for DU oldsters)

Hi Lounge

What was your favorite book when you were little?

Red Tailed Brunch

OMG My neighbor has his Christmas lights on! wha-huh?

I don't care what you say: Mozart was a frickin' genius.

Oh yeah? Billy Dee Williams or Harry Dean Stanton?

I'm at the office on Saturday working on a rape case.

I want a schnorkie

I want to start a saturday night pic thread: please post yours

Recommend a good book for my book club.

Meetup in Ohio on December 29th! (Reminder)

Do any other ladies here not really care for shopping?

I miss my sisters :-(

OK, seriously: Dick Morris. Is there anyone more repulsive??

Death to Grovelbot.

The helping help-iness of people who post "That's Already been posted" in your threads. Discuss

Gentlemen, I have found the Kyla Ebbert nudes.

Do you want to write an open letter to President Bush? Visit my new blog.


I really wish the weather would make up its mind!

Want a FREE headset for your cell phone? Really!

My artwork and writing must really REALLY SUCK!

Why the HELL do men wear cologne?

United States Department of Reason

Consumer Alert! The free prostate exams in the Safeway parking lot are a SCAM!

Men that wear cologne.... What kind do you wear???

Anyone want to tell me if I'd like Pittsburgh?

Part One of the Secret Novak File on Obama:

Raids target militants linked to May ambush

Judge rules vets can sue VA over data theft

House considers big changes for vet treatment

Police look at pitfalls of returning reservists

Senator, mother blast Army over Guard death

Navy: Dropped bomb was meant for training run

Mullen: Pakistan unrest no threat to nukes

IED attacks up in Afghanistan, down in Iraq

Senate leaves without passing war funding

DI gets 6 months for abusing recruits

Lt. col. to be arraigned today in Hadithah case

Latest SRB list is out

3 charged with stealing from Tyndall for meth

SF airmen come home after 10 months in Iraq

New outpost changing tactics in Narwan

Suspect in soldiers’ abductions in Iraq is detained

Large COLA jump in Italy, Germany

Yokosuka toughens community service policy

Soldier guilty in scam allowed to stay in Army

Senate Dems Blocks Iraq War Money

Geren Sees Opportunity from Calamity

Clearing the air around Atsugi incinerator

My JSF Is Stealthier Than Yours, Or Is It?

Army plans to reopen meat factory on outskirts of Baghdad

AFRICOM Confronts Stability Changes

Report: Loose fuel line caused F-16 crash

for those that only read thread titles-Suicide among Iraq/Afghan Vets (ages 20-24) is 4X non-vets

Super Hornet CO fired after DUI arrest

Would someone tell me the meaning of non-deployed

Death of a Nation - East Timor

Biden Talking Green

I Miss The Colbert Report

Videologblog: Writers Strike (Colbert Report writers)

JOE BIDEN on renewable energy

MIR: Annapolis - Dead on Arrival

Hillary heckler gets owned.

World War III

The Daily Show writers make their case for the strike (with a cameo....)

John Edwards pickets at NBC


Hardball: Attacking Hillary's corporate support

The biggest improvement in political blogging (esp. at DU) is video.

Holy shit! The FCC Chairman looks like a 12 year old kid!

A Lower Dollar is Good News - Ask Dennis


Question for the next Republican debate. Do you prefer

I have a question to ask so I know it's not just me

Boeing has entire teams dedicated to spying on workers

Army Desertion Rate Up 80 Pct. Since '03 -4700 this year alone

Station Owner Kills Rival in Gas Price Fight

In the tradition of Foghorn Leghorn..."What we have here, a plutocracy"

FL: Rep. Allen gets probation for soliciting prostitution

im about to be on wasington journal phones

Clinton Seeks to Convince Voters She Won Debate (verbatim headline)

Washington Journal junkies check in

What would be the impact on climate change and energy consumption, if we made these adjustments

Report: States gaming NCLB system

Racial Costume flap imperils immigration post

Haha! I just realized that Chris Matthews' "HA" laugh is on Olbermann's "Oddball" segment

NYT Ed: Democrats Find Their Voice

KO flubbed the Worst persons' tonight - said 0 A.D. was date of Jesus' DEATH. Oops.

Court rejects challenge to wiretap program

Bad military strategy

If you live an Ann Arbor could you do me a favor?

Surfer Dude Stuns World With Theory of Everything Political.... LOL

Must we tolerate cyberbullies?

Key test in Iraq: Is the power on?

Group plans to flood Oval Office with copies of the Constitution

Dead trees spewing greenhouse gases

Is anyone else having trouble when clicking the "Discuss" link at the top of the DU page?

Billo unleashes Fox lawyers in attempt to sink critic's (Mike Stark) career

Wonderful Homeopathy

Have you heard the Giuliani campaign's Muzak?

Can anyone read between the lines with what is happening to Mussaref???

I need some information on the price of oil

Question for mods on FUN RUN-Is Poll Axer a one time step cut or does it last for 3 hrs?

OSU-Michigan the big game!

Gore, Schwarzenegger push climate forum

The wars are long, the peace is frail, the madmen come again.

Government's top watchdog warns of a coming catastrophe

Taking on the Goliath of Doom - Sea Shepherd and Japanese Whalers

They call THIS a Level 3 Menger Sponge?

Swedes want political refugee 'Snowball' freed

Election Watchdog Group Cancels Russia Mission

Re-run of BUGLIOSI on C-SPAN: "2 right wing crazies on Supreme Court"

Bush - Hoof in Mouth Disease

Contact links for Japan National Tourist Office (re: humpback whale hunting)

Roadside bomb kills captain, sergeant in Afghanistan

Far more U.S. soldiers desert as Bush occupations drag on - 4 years in Iraq, 80% increase

Bush wants Congress to listen to his 'military commanders' instead of the American people

Anyone watching former Senator Fred Harris on WJ

WAPO/WRONG-Bush did not "beat" Gore in 2000. Bush stole the election

Does anyone have polychromic (darkening) lens?

The Bush Countdown Clock-Expiration Date: Jan. 20, 2009 12 p.m.

Payday lenders to fess up

Bush, the Movement Conservatives and Justice: The Pact (Scott Horton)

U.S. Rep. Rush Holt: Stopping the Blank Check on Warrantless Spying

FLASHBACK: 109th Congress Tried To Defund Iraq Watchdog, Transfer Authority To Krongard

CCR Files Amicus Brief in First Guantánamo Case Before European Court of Human Rights

In Class Warfare, Guess Which Class Is Winning

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Condoleeza Rice's Middle East Photo-Op

Dissection of a wingnut-Minority (turncoat): Greed & incompetence (Henry BONILLA)

Chicago Police Taser 82-Year-Old Grandmother During Welfare Check

Taser death shocks Canadians' sensibilities: Summary execution for the crime of being disoriented.

Pastor's estranged wife wants share of church in divorce

UFO over Belgium (video)

Army: $2.6 Billion Helicopters Unsafe To Fly On *Hot Days*

Vanity Fair - The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush, by Joseph E. Stiglitz

I am SO HAPPY! I just

We really do get it.....

The Nation: Blackwater's Brothers

DIRTY TRICK: Novak Gossip - Clinton has the goods on Obama

financial players have seized control of the oil markets

FLASHBACK: 109th Congress Tried To Defund Iraq Watchdog, Transfer Authority To Krongard

I wish Al Gore would turn down that invitation from George Bush

DU's two most loathed, often-maligned "corporate candidates..."

Veterans, a question if I may . . . .

Venison program helps fight hunger

Angry about "Excess Government Spending?"

Joe Biden claims to be one of the poorest senators in Washington.

Go here & "Elf Yourself"...

Pakistan army to launch big push in militant valley

TPM: A Guide to Firing Cookie Krongard

Who's paying for the Anti-Willard Push polls in Iowa and NH?

Costume flap imperils immigration post - J. Myers - gave award to ee dressed as prisoner of color

Manatee man gets first death sentence in county in almost 20 years

Healther Wilson says Schumer should apologize to the troops!!

we need a New Deal and a G.I.Bill for the 21st century.

Simple majority to impeach - 2/3 to convict

What is the rep of these businesses Greenberg Traurig and Deloitte Touche?

Does anyone else have trouble watching ANYTHING on the new Daily Show website?

Chrysler Introduces First Hybrids

Why the right equates 911 Truth Movement with Terrorism

WH nominates "movement conservatives" to top positions at DOJ. Mukasey is irrelevant.

11-17-2007 DU GD challenge poll of all announced candidates

13-year-old suffering from depression and ADD commits suicide over MySpace "relationship" hoax

Dodd's reason:

State Rep. Bob Allen Resigns

TX prosecutor: "he has volunteered and is otherwise good to go" (for his lethal injection)

Chris Matthews On Hillary Clinton - "I Hate Her" On Gore -"He Doesn't Look Like One Of Us"

If you're not nervous about the economy, you will be after you read this

Is BushJustice about busting Rich Black Men to create the illusion of justice

Jesus wants you to have a $23,000 toilet

Who else can't WAIT until votes are finally cast and the first primary results begin to come in?

does your toothpaste contain 'triclosan' ?

Wells Fargo CEO Invokes Specter Of Great Depression


If Mark Penn Violated Federal Wiretapping Laws, Will Clinton Dump Him?

Mercenary Forces

Does anybody really "Deserve to Die"?

does Boehner cry because he knows he is a criminal?

Saudi court increases punishment for rape VICTIM

########### Official DU "ISSUES" Poll ##############

Corporate whore media alert

Gitmo and the law

Mass Grave Found in Southern Baghdad

Wars are really about resources and greed, there is no such thing as an ideological war.

Edwards Statement on the Farm Bill

What will I do after the primaries are over?

Murtha Two Years Ago Today: Bush’s Iraq Course Is ‘Flawed Policy Wrapped In Illusion’

Patients Without Borders - Third World Mobile Medical Teams (in the USA)

Durbin, Obama target VA care-Bill aims to tighten hiring practices, improve conditions

Watada’s Victory Lets Military Off the Hook

AUS: Calamity John: Howard faces massive defeat

Poland to withdraw Iraq troops

Delete n/t

Now that Republicans have messed things up bad enough

Anyone else notice the New Credit Card Offers and Promos have Dropped Off Recently?....

Harry Taylor's (town meeting bush critic) diary at kos

Red Cross offers its own product line

A question for economists and the like: the causes and effects of the pay gap? Ways to combat it?

I Think I Side With The "D's" (Understatement)

New Flood System For New Orleans Riddled With Errors

ACLU Letter To Congress: Restore Law, Investigate Spying&Torture, Protect Citizens & Rein In Abuses

Abstinence education found useless

When Hillary Is Challenged, She Screws Up. When You Bow Down She Has An Easy Time

Caption this pic

T Weasel Pickens backed Kerry before he backed Kerry attackers

Dershowitz calls for 'accountable' waterboarding, says torture 'works sometimes'

OMG!!!!! HILLARY stole my avatar!!!!1!!!

What's with the identical icons

Federal judge: Lenders Hijack Foreclosure System for Profits

As Owners Feel Mortgage Pain, So Do Renters

digby: Savvy Dems

U.S. Senate Republicans bar Iraq withdrawal plan

Totally Outrageous & Inflammatory Thread Title

Man arrested in theft of 1.8 million Social Security numbers from VA

FYI: Dem debate being repeated on CNN now, if anyone wants to

Report: Poppy growth up in Afghanistan

U.S. Secretly Aids Pakistan in Guarding Nuclear Arms

Two Years After Murtha's Call: Another 1,800 American Troops Dead

Video of humvees hit by IEDs.

I always wondered how much money DU takes in during a fundraising...

Bush nominates judges who donated to his campaign

Pioneering 'heat wave' gun may be used in Iraq

Boeing bosses spy on workers

Hey JackORoses

How 4 Words From Basra Will Change Everything

What is happening to Lou Dobbs and Chris Matthews?

Mankind will probably deserve extinction.

Your Reaction to DePalma's film "Redacted"?

Man's 10-hour Arctic trek saves family

Rumor that Bush is attending jinxes The Game. Yale loses to Harvard 37-6.

This poll definitely needs help...

Do elementary schools have tolerance classes?

Primary and General Election Polls of Polls

Do you have the word Impeach displayed on your car?

Why Bush acts so MACHO!

Dickipedia - for your editing pleasure

Don't bring your dollars to the Taj Mahal, they are no longer accepted

Journalists 'murdered' in E Timor

The Department of Veterans Affairs, May 2007 Total U.S. Military Gulf War Deaths: 73,846

There's a presidential debate happening RIGHT NOW

War on Christmas News: AFA attacks PetSmart for saying "Christmas" AND "Holiday"

Give Credit to Bush...He presided over a crashing dollar & total economic meltdown

I am now officially a capitalist pig!

John Nichols: Jimmy Carter Speaks His Mind

Faux News Alert: Gas Prices Up 39% Since Dems Picked Nancy Pelosi

Dump the Dollar, China State TV Tells Viewers

Edwards hits the pavement with striking writers


Affluent folks leaving GOP

CASH Is hard to come by-but so is TRUTH: Help Larisa Alexandrovna Continue Her Investigative Work

Can someone explain the sick relationship that Southern confederate types have

Impeach, Prosecute and SAVE AMERICA - bumper sticker

Dave Robinson: My fax to Pelosi regarding impeachment - This is not America

Meanwhile, there's a great human tragedy going on in Bangladesh....

I have a litmus test for the Democratic candidates.

Jim Hightower: Bush-Cheney Really Are Planning to Attack Iran!

FDL: The Rule of Law, If We Can Keep It

Colorado: one step closer to outlawing abortion (and contraception?)

"U.S. could face $2 trillion lending shock: Goldman " ...LINK

It's about the Class War, Stupid.

Cyberbullying.... Mom: Web hoax led girl to kill herself

Israelis invent new slang word, "lacondol," based on Condoleeze Rice

Saudi minister warns of dollar collapse

Mark Penn's Vegas Rules: What Happens in His Bordello, Stays in His Bordello

Wingnut Awareness Week

I'm leaning towards John Edwards...

Still not nervous? Then read THIS! The scariest one of all.

Katherine Newman makes a good point about electing a progressive like Edwards

The War Machine want to Buy our Party

What to do about "we'll come back for you" politics?

HILLARY BLEW IT when she tried to make the case the top 6% earners are 'Middle Class'....

Fool Her Once, Shame on You; Fool Her Twice, Shame on Her

T. Boone Pickens reneges on $1M bet with Senator Kerry

Caption this Bush Photo!

I support the AMT

Dominatrice Who Claimed to Have Sex with * Is Said to Be Missing.

Wow. I thought Dubya would back out of this one

ANIMATION: the last patch of land in Bush's Dumbfuckistan

Ask President and Mrs. Bush a Question!

WWII Aftermath, 40-60 years later, Adoptees reunite with German Birthfamilies

13 yr old Commits Suicide After Harrassed by Adults on MySpace

My email exchange with "Gathering of Eagles" leader Kathy Upton.

Doctor being prosecuted for giving medical aid to protester being brutalized by cops

Why does every group with the words "Family", "Christian", or "Values" ...

Reversing Bush's Imposed Legacy in the Next Administration

Catholic bishops say voters' souls at stake

Ingraham upset that Dodd spoke Spanish during debate

Young doctors in debt: $500,000 in student loans!!

CNN Confesses Sin of "Unfortunate Omission", Did Not Give Full Disclosure on Carville Post-Debate!

250 Homeless people have set up camp at New Orleans city hall

Open Letter to Rep. Jane Harman Re: Terrorism & the Internet

Email form to oppose Torture.

Baseball juices, Bonds wins the lottery, and here comes the lynch mob

Boy Refuses To Attend School Over Bullying

Listening to Holly on XM, and Eartha Kitt's Classic Will Never Sound the Same Again

British woman banned from entering New Zealand because she is too fat

Pentagon Cover Up *****15,000 OR MORE US DEATHS IN THE IRAQ WAR?

10 bucks for your personal financial wisdom

No Purchase Necessary

HELP! --- Do Any Of Our Candidates Know CPR?!!!

A video you must watch: Dreams from Africa

Letters: Is his biography our destiny?

NYT: A Clinton Friend’s Role Sets Off Intense Criticism of CNN and a Re-examination

"It is a damn shame that he (Al Gore) feels he has more important things to do than be President..

Bush Lates Job Approval Ratings; a good list

Talk to the Pocketbook

The problem with "Television" and the news...

Court rejects early Jan. 15 Michigan primary

Daily Kos: Can Dems Stand Up to Bush? (Newsweek)

Hillary leads the pack among young voters...

Nelson (D-Ne) offers bill aimed at those who don't itemize deductions

9-11 families hope to deflate Giuliani's heroic image

Appeals Court rejects Michigan primary

White House photo: Smirking Junior & First Lady Pickles celebrate National Adoption Day, 11/16/07

Saw on Olberman Romney dropping out of Fox debate...

Chris Matthews On Hillary Clinton - "I Hate Her" On Gore -"He Doesn't Look Like One Of Us"

last nite did you see Wolf and Lou giggle and smirk over the debate?

JOE BIDEN on renewable energy

Found this little gem re quorum and recess appointments...

My take on the odds of the candidates in the Democratic Primary

GMA, NY Sun, Politico cut out part of Obama sentence. . . . .

Now that the media now knows that there is...

My ideal candidate -- Biden with Edwards/Kucinich's message

Obama had best solution to trade problems at Vegas debate.

CNN = Clinton News Network

With Strong Debate, Clinton Quiets Talk of a Downward Slide

Bush Radio 11/17/07: "Unfortunately, as members of Congress get to work carving their turkeys..."


Can we give the term "Hitler-Loving Freeptard" a rest?

Clinton campaign's response to Obamas statement on Novak hit piece...

When will we stop whining about the attacks on each candidate?

Edwards Walks the Line ! (Writers Guild strike)

Do you enjoy the number of partisan push polls on DU?

POLL - would you support a BIDEN/OBAMA ticket ?

O'Reilly attacks L.A. Times for lecturing Pope, forgets he called John Paul a "Saddam Enabler"

Thursday Nevada debate was the worst yet

I am disappointed in both the Clinton and Obama campaigns this morning.

From what I'm reading, the rumor is that

A word about Robert Novak

Over and over, the Washington Post jumps that damn shark

Is the Novak "story" related to this?

Is This What We Can Expect At Christmas?

Democrats Have to Fight Harder

The two most revered Democrats of the last 100 years - millionaires FDR and JFK

We have socialism for the rich and survival of the fittest for the rest of us

McCain out-foxes Romney on anti-Mormon "push poll" calls (?)

HE and SHE WINS if YOU vote for THEM

Who do you hope wins the Republican Nomination?

"I agree with Joe".....Yeah man...

Security vs human rights - another view

Do you hate it when Hillary supporters ask if you hate Hillary?

Are Michigan and Nevada going to be before NH this year?

Clinton supporters: Why do you favor her over Biden?

The dollar's decline: from symbol of hegemony to shunned currency

The real problem with eliminating the cap on the Social Security tax

Obama's Character Problem? "Daily Howler" points out ...MAYBE...

Sheet Metal, Air Rail and Transportation Workers Endorse Clinton

Clinton Tags Romney As a Flip-Flopper

Richard Nixon was a very savvy campaigner, but early on he

So waht do you think about Novak's claim that the Clinton campaign is spreading

Kucinich throws support to Kerry - July 22nd, 2004

Novak: Agents of Hillary claim 'scandalous information' on Obama; decided not to use it...

Obama to Clinton: Don't 'Swift Boat' me

Nevada's Day in the Sun Was Blinded

Do you HATE Hillary Clinton?

Iowa Caucus: Clinton 29% Edwards 25% Obama 24%

Obama tells Clinton to come clean re. "scandalous information" plant

Why Does Everyone Pick On Hillary Over NAFTA?

Elizabeth Edwards in NH

DU's favorite Democratic Presidential Candidate is..

Dick Morris thinks Hillary might choose Bill Richardson for VP

Gender Loaded Poll Opportunity: Vote for the Video that Women Would Like

Biden - why not SINGLE PAYER UNIVERSAL healthcare??

What is hilarious about all the "debate crowd was rigged" posts...

Could you imagine what would be said about Obama if, during debates, he said,

I may sound like a Republican, but

Rule #1: Never give rightwing smear mongering columnists any credibility whatsoever

Another Fool for Scandal? Obama on the Clinton "secret pact of ambition."

Clinton endorsed by SMART union

Hillary and/or Bill to spend nearly every day in Iowa from now until the caucuses

Joe Biden is the Repugs worst nightmare....

Edwards Campaign Accuses Hillary Of Laughing At Loss Of American Jobs — Did She?

Clinton Flogs Alleged Iranian Role in Iraq - Even More Than Bush

Biden going for it in Iowa!

Eric Alterman was at CNN Debate & says CNN 'Grinned Up' the Crowd

Our Brand Is Crisis

That's it: I've definitely once-and-for-all made up my mind about my vote!

Remember the established coziness between Hillary and Sludge? Why would Novak be any different?

Women's Caucus of California Democratic Party Votes to Censure Feinstein

Clinton laughs about Ross Perot - Edwards spinners twist it as laughing at NAFTA (video)

when will we give the terms "HillShill, HillBot, Paid Poster, Hillaroid" a rest?

I don't understand why so many DUers are convinced that Edwards is the best bet

David Brody can't figure out why Biden is not polling better.

NYT: "Clinton Friend’s Role Sets Off Intense Criticism of CNN and a Re-examination"

WTF? How could Obama have made such a blooper?

Americans Announce They're Dropping Out Of Presidential Race (The Onion)

Kucinich Charges Dem Establishment of Trying to Muscle Him Out

when will we give the term "HIllary Hater" a rest?