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Archives: November 16, 2007

Did NSA Put a Secret Backdoor in New Encryption Standard?

U.S. Pushing Russia, Iran Towards Gas Cartel

When Did Illegal War and Invasions Become "Supporting" the Troops?

Gonzales Defense Fund Set Up / WaPo

Venezuela: Between Ballots and Bullets

Some really cheap advice for the Big Three / p m carpenter's commentary

Silicon Rally / Agora Financial’s Rude Awakening

Edwards: If Members of Congress Won't Give Americans a Healthcare Plan, I'll Take Away Theirs

Sirota: Election '08 Meets the Great Education Myth

Not what you think it is

Huckabee within striking distance in Iowa

Sirotablog: The Most Insulting Moment of Tonight's Debate (HRC and NAFTA)

David Sentelle: How One Right-Wing Judge Can be a Wrecking Ball to the Constitution

Matt Simmons Vs. Saudi Aramco's Jumah - Interesting Interview From Bloomberg

That Big Brazilian Oil Field? It Might Hit Peak Production - 200K b/d - In 10 Or 15 Years - Rigzone

Independent UK: US power company linked to Bush is named in database as a top polluter

IEA - Without Immediate Reductions By India & China, CO2 Up 57%, Temps Up 10.8F By 2030

Representatives of governors join talks on nurses' strike

In Twist, Senate Judiciary Spying Bill Lacks Immunity for Telecoms

Senator Mike Gravel Alternative Democratic Debate LIVE

Obama PAC Helps Local Candidates

NH, Iowa Voters Get Anti-Romney Calls

House Falls Short in Vote to Override Veto of Spending Bill [heating funding included]

Clinton accuses rivals of mud-slinging

Canada orders Taser review after video of death

BP to sell U.S. convenience stores (eliminating 10,000 jobs)

A Campaign Hopes a Slur Will Lead to Donations [McCain]

China Stalls New Sanctions On Iran, Says U.S

Sec. Gates: Army Bases Will Close Without Additional War Funding

Scientists Fault Climate Exhibit Changes (Smithsonian)

New suit filed over FTAA street clashes

House OKs Surveillance Oversight Bill

Poor Are Lagging in Hurricane Aid From Mississippi

UPDATE 3-Wells Fargo: Housing worst since Great Depression

Cuba Confronts US at UN Debates

So the head gasket in my car is shot.

Do you think Parche says UP periscope every time he has sex????

Garbo alert / 8 PM ET TCM -In case you want to avoid another boring debate

Do you think CaliforniaPeggy says MY DEAR everytime she has sex?

U.S. Military Wasting All Its Victories On Notre Dame

Do you think KamaAina says "BAM!" every time he copycats?

Since Thanksgiving is near, I'd like to give thanks

OK I have a question.....

Yeah. Whatever!!! .... Golden Palace rocked!

Why are Greeks So hot?

For Some Reason, I'm Getting Into 80's Heavy Metal Music

Profiles in "Why They Hate Us:" Episode 2376

I am going to SWIM in decadence for dinner tonight...

Post Your Favorite Sexual Innuendo

Public service announcement: the early Peanuts strips were insanely funny

I'm watching Ugly Betty

Do you think MrCoffee says "BREW" everytime he has sex?

Is anyone else watching 30 Rock?

What a piece of work is a man,

Would you like a DUer to hate you for no reason?

The Hot Fat Girl Manifesto....

Who do I hate more?

Morrissey is afraid of Hillary!

You ever get a sudden craving for a poppy seed kolach

Locked In Space...

ok, never mind

w00t! I guessed 'Jeremy Bentham' on Jeopardy!

Watch your step

What can I do with a broken Sirius receiver?

This is my 999th post-- Ask Me Anything!

Post a song you wish your favorite band would cover

Disneyland visitors illicitly sprinkling loved ones' ashes inside rides

OK... spent the last 3 hours debating the debate in GD and GD-P

Son: Daddy, don't do that.

Watching "Downfall."

Who says cheerleaders aren't athletes?

I want a girl with a short skirt and a long, long jacket

Where can I get a 12v DC Cigarette Lighter adaptor?

I can roast a chicken in three clicks...

(Generic complaint about GD)

How come nobody raves about Humbert Humbert any more?

George Bush is a CANCER!

I wanna stay lost forever....

Truly, Madly, Deeply


Dream dream dream....

We're grating fresh, whole ginger root...

It's too damn bad Americans are so shallow and clueless - Kucinich ROCKS

Why do we believe

Programming language inventor or serial killer? (quiz)

Complain about anything

I just priced out new glasses at Costco!

Have you ever returned wine to a store?

Are there any beerdrinking DU'ers in Athens, GA (or vicinity) who could helpe me out here

Doggie PB jar washer

Do you think people would still sport the Hitler mustache if Hitler hadn't ruined it for everyone?

Free Rice: it adds up!

College Football Thursday: Oregon at Arizona game thread

i want YOU.... so bad!

Yet more pics (Florida)...

After tonight, is Obama James T. Kirk? Sorry to introduce politics, but

Do you think Barry Bonds walks around the bed and then points to the sky

Ha! I volunteered to Mod the next Dem debate in GD. I need Lounge questions.

Future Oscar picks. Who will get one down the road?

Oh My God! I have a thread in GD-P!

For the record, being comfortable and content with one's body

Pixies fans lurking.What are your fav Pixies songs?

Check in here if you've ever had a thread locked AND...

PJ Harvey

Wax On...

rectum, damn near killed him

one of those exciting days

The Lounge just hasn't been fun for me lately. Discuss.

Why are geeks so hot?

DUers -- in what ways would Bush be incompetent at your job, if he ever had to do it?

What would the world be like if it was full of people like you?

I'm a teen girl, and I love eating.

Papal Bingo Exasperation

I'm sorry, but 140$ for the GRE and 130$ for the GRE subject test is fucking bullshit

Check out these notecards for liberals!

in the immortal words of datasuspect, I just took my

I truly like having a ten inch....

To all my dear friends!

My kitteh gotz a name.

What Is A True Geek?

Post your top 20 CDs for 2007:

What gets you "happy in the pants?"

Do you have someone on DU who hates you for no reason?

Prior Service people wanted

MSNBC Live with Dan Abrams 11/14/07

We the People (Dem party ad)

Glenn Greenwald on CSPAN: Regarding FISA and PAA = August 08, 2007

Olbermann: FISA & Fear Mongering/Bush Domestic Surveillance

Edwards: stop this president from moving forward on Iran

Why Tuesday? Candidate Challenge

Fox News Porn from Faux via Brave New Films! Actual footage...

Funny coincidence about the Nevada presidential debate.

Over/under on Hillary's fence-straddling in tonight's debate?

Sources: Latest Senate FISA Bill Does Not Contain Telecom Immunity

SF: Coast Guard failed to warn ship's pilot about hitting the Bay Bridge, investigators say

Walking on umbrellas

Six Years After 'Gore's Victory'

NewHampster's Timeout should continue for

Rumor has it that there is a debate tonight

Barry Bonds indicted

I refuse to read Newsweek until AFTER next year's election, here's why.

Ethics Task Force to recommend outside office

Who is going to call

Chris's pillars of truth: Tom Delay and Ken Blackwell

Who will JackORoses propel to the front of the pack in the great 2007 DU Fun Run?

Democratic Debate in 2 minutes!!!!!

Does Tweety use a picture of HRC when he ......

The brilliance of Free Market Capitalism.....

Do you believe that the FISA legislation,

Why the hell does anyone have Tom Delay on their show?

US power company linked to Bush is named in database as a top polluter

Feingold & Dodd Promise To Filibuster Any Amendment Seeking To Add Immunity To Underlying FISA Bill

Is C-span Radio going to play the debate at some point tonight?

Who's that short guy standing between Richardson and Clinton?

***** Official Thread III - FISA debate HOUSE RESTORE ACT Floor Debate *****


McClatchy: IAEA now saying Iran withholding facts on current nuclear program

Republican Hopes for 2008: Limp as a Winger's Dick

Illegals "on the path to citizenship" ..... isn't that a bankrupt frame?

Biden/Dodd or Dodd/Biden

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are still the basket warrants, but the immunity was HUGE!

Whatever happened to Larry Flynt's allegations?

****Official Debate Thread 2****

****************OFFICIAL DEBATE THREAD #5***************8

Wolf, yes thats Wolf Blitzer, his speaking style, repeat his speaking style is annoying as hell

I realize there are other important issues. But Iraq...Wolf, wanna talk about it?

Bipartisan War Declared on “Paultards”


**********OFFICIAL DEBATE THREAD 4 **************

***** Official Thread IV - FISA debate HOUSE RESTORE ACT Floor Debate *****

Still no answer about the Stephanie Miller show on Sirius

When Sweet-and-Sour Tweety Matthews has the likes of Tom Delay, Pat Buchanan and others on his

This teen writer is wise beyond her years.

Please remember the Supreme Court is at stake in 2008, and voting Democratic does matter

Letter From Chris Dodd: Re: Retro-active Immunity

Wow.... The "I" Word twice in the same debate and there's still more time!

debate is LIVE on cnn radio, no distracting visuals, just their words and tone get it at ->

I love our candidates!

Biggest Difference between Democratic & Republican Candidates.

Suggestion for streamlining the next debate:

Impeach them Now!

*********OFFICIAL DEBATE THREAD #6********************

I find Hillary "burdensome"!

The SPINES were there all the TIME...Located at Macey's Lost & Found, Reid got his Spine Back just

VIVA LAS VEGAS! Donate this evening, and you could win 100 bonus steps or a DU T-shirt!

Senator Biden.....

I feel very strongly about something related to this debate

New Hampshire, D.C. and who____? Utah is last.

so far cnn is only talking of first 12 minutes--called it the slugfest. CRapola!

Did anyone see Countdown tonight? KO had a story that FOX

This debate is effing great!

Post debate coverage: A. Cooper started the media CRAP by calling it a mudslug!!


This administration IS A DANGER TO OUR SECURITY!!!

Hillary STILL triangulates on war with Iran - still opposes RUSH but NOT the WAR.

The time clock determined the winner of this debate.

Why we should stop calling Tweety Tweety, and use Tweety (Chris Matthews)...

Rare robbery case brings cries of racism

8 or 9 words is all so far. Fuck you wolfie!

CNN is Making me sick

No matter what the barking heads brigades say after the debate the clear loser was

Know what? I'LL volunteer to moderate the next Dem debate.

"Must See TV": Olbermann or Debate??

The debate is over and the winners of the debate are

damn, j.c. watts really loves hillary

so the Dems are going to stand together on no immunity for the telecoms

House OKs surveillance oversight bill (no immunity)

U.S Congress warned about Chinese spies

AFA: "At PetSmart, Christmas doesn't exist"

Hillary favors a "bipartisan commission" to handle SS and Medicare

I'll be glad when the debates are over.

MSM has egg on their face for dissing Hil so much the last two weeks.

Wells Fargo CEO: Housing slump is worst since Great Depression

Richardson, back at Kucinich

CNN needs to figure out the HD

I thought all of the candidates did a wonderful job tonight. They actually each got a lot of time

At least Daily Show rerun is a good one - Karl Rove resigning!

Hillary supports genocide

Was that the last debate?

14:53 of OK. OK. Alright. Alright. OK. Alright. Thank you. OK. OK. OK. OK.

who gives a rats patotie about DL for undocumented workers Talk HEALTH CARE...WAR..GAS PRICES

Jon Stewart SHOULD be on in a few minutes. I don't get it.

Who was the Loser?

Anyone see the ESPN interview with the former prosecutor on Bonds?


BBC: Saudi court harshens punishment for gang-rape victim

Hillary opposes the "rush" but not the WAR!

Did Hillary win the debates?

Daddy when are you coming home?

discuss with yourself

Telcom immunity stripped from FISA bill! Dodd will filibuster, if needed, to keep it out

I am not watching the debates thread.

Barry Bonds is goin' to the pokey!

What firefighter do you know out there that makes 96,000 a year or more?

1/4 of the posts are bashing Hillary and they don't even know why

In Contempt : nytimes editorial, Miers and Bolton.

Know why Obama groupies posting Hillary hate tonight? I do

So, for those of us who missed the NV debate, was it worth watching?

Just an observation. I don't think Dennis Kucinich likes John Edwards.


OK... I Have To Admit It Here... I Cannot Watch ANY Of The Debates Seriously !!!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Anybody have details on Biden's Iraq Plan that has 75 votes?

It's clear that none of the Candidates are going anywhere soon.

CNN is RE-airing the entire debate now. Watch as they enter-who shakes hands with who

NO: 1/4 of posts are bashing Hillary AND THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHY

I liked the part in the pageant when they solved the question of world peace.

Wolf is doing a pretty good job so far.

wea·sel -A person regarded as sneaky or treacherous. To be evasive; equivocate.

Wells Fargo: Housing worst since Great Depression

I'm a little surprised that they didn't ask Kucinich if he'd ever seen BigFoot

Post analysis talk here an idea by Du'r alyce douglas

You see, Dennis Kucinich is a thinker and addresses causes of problems

For Ashcroft, Something Old, Something Nude

Source: Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Was Exec Who Asked Judith Regan to Lie to Protect Giuliani

How was the audience chosen for the debate?

Anyone notice that CNN has mostly moderate to right wingers critique the debat? /nt

The talking heads are proclaiming Clinton the winner because....

Controversy Surrounding EPA Pesticide Experiments on Infants Lingers

Know why Hillary Groupies keep attacking Obama tonight - I do..

Hillary Clinton is NOT answering questions

Petraeus adviser: Violence reduction due to ‘luck.’

Boy the Hillary hate fest is in full swing.

The rancid cesspool of GD-Politics has spilled over into GD tonight......

CNN Idiocy.... Pushing the Hillary Meme

Gore, Schwarzenegger Push (Presidential) Climate Forum in New Hampshire

Every Time Edwards Says The System Is Rigged, Blitzer tries to drown him out

Boy, 15, gets 60 years for StL County sex attack of girl, 6

Who here think raising the SS payroll tax above 97,000 will hurt the middle class?

Going on, does this debate cement Hillary's lead?

And fuck you too Suzanne Maldebone! Trying to manipulate

**********OFFICIAL DEBATE THREAD #7***************

5:37 or 5 minutes 37 seconds

Carville and Gergen are taking turns kissing Hillary's Ass

Fuck the debate, let's dance

Senator Biden Running for Miss Congeniality Tonight?

SO GLAD CNN trotted out the candidates like this was a fucking Talent Show!

Please tell me that people in GA aren't this stupid....

Ah the Democratic Presidential debate is sponsored by COAL???

Scooter & Barry

Straw Poll: Applying "American Idol Elimination Rules" to the Debate

Obama's debating skills leave a lot to be desired

National Action Network will march on the DOJ tomorrow

Looks like CNN "Screwed the Kooch"

As a teacher Merit Pay SUCKS>>> I work my arse off but I teach in a title 1 school

we complain because they don't fight back and then when they do we call them names like angry bitch

John Edwards is my guy

**********POST-DEBATE POLL***********

I will say this about Hillary, Edwards, Obama, and all the rest

Reich: Walton family's wealth ($90 billion) estimated to equal that of bottom 40% of Americans

Check out this pic of Clinton/Obama from the NYTimes

They warned us about the loony left.

One of the best lines of the debate tonight was by Edwards.

No actually Hillary's the one with egg on her face - Eggs and Waffles

James Carville IS the Clinton "plant"

I was unaware of the Social Security tax cap

Terror crackdown: Passengers forced to answer 53 questions BEFORE they travel

How many du'ers continue to have a problem with HRC's Iran position? a show of hands

Woman in Airline Dress Debate Poses Nude

A Lil Fun With Rundgren, For MsNovember and all DU!

FOX NEWS POLL-The Hill 47% The Ghoul 43%

NBC's First Read: Calling out Media Matters Bias for Hillary Clinton

FBI - Confiscates All Ron Paul Dollars

Poll: Iowa up for grabs

Repost: Wired expose on how Sen Jay Rockefeller sold out for telco immunity

CNN is streaming a live pre-debate show. You are able to e-mail them with

Clinton, Giuliani lead in South

Why Ron Paul matters to Democratic campaigns.

It's debate pre-game.

"Which" Hillary will show up at the debate tonight???


I so wish this was not on cnn

Link to cnn debate streaming

Obama PAC Helps Local Candidates (

Live Democratic Alternative Debate by Sen. Mike Gravel

It's a crying shame that Idiot McMoron has to be blocked from placing

All this falderall on Fox News actually being Pornalicious is making my head spin...

Breaking: HUGE victory in retroactive immunity fight

Pat Robertson to Rudy

Why this debate will have no effect on the polls...

Economic Report: You’re Feeling The Pentagon’s Pain At The Pump, Too

Senator Mike Gravel Alternative Democratic Debate LIVE

Yepsen: Place your bets: Caucus outcome far from certain (3 way race still)

Anybody else find it painful to watch Obama's response to the drivers licence question?

Do my eyes and ears deceive me? Have the Democrats FINALLY gotten it?

NYT: Catholic Bishops Offer Voting Guide, Allowing Some Flexibility on Issue of Abortion

I just got polled by Rasmussen !!

Official GD: Politics DebateThread.

High Definition Debate

Human Rights IS National Security.

Is There a Double-Standard Between Women Talking about Women...and Blacks

Leslie Blitzen, shut the f up

Senator Dodd will filibuster amendments to add retroactive imunity to FISA.


They're not attacking me because I'm a woman ....

Wolf Blitzer Loses Democratic Debate

Link to Daily Kos poll

CNN Borger makes me want to PUKE!!

The word is not flip-flopper, the proper word is mug wump.

Who lost the debate?

Gee, I wonder why Hillary is so ahead in the polls? The corporate media butt kiss.

"They're not attacking me because I'm a woman. They're attacking me because I'm ahead"

Sen. Obama: "Why do you give lip service to human rights

The HD is great!

Obama in Orbit

Imagine having a President who get's it right the first time. GO Dennis!!!

Imagine what it'd be like to have a president who was right the first time!

CNN now playing the Hillary love fest

Was the question asking the candidates to choose human rights

The debate was on at my local gym and no one cared to watch

What a great debate, one of the best. Bush was the only loser.

Lou Dobbs equates Centrists with the Middle Class!

Debate sharpened contrast between Hillary and Obama, separated them from the rest of the field...

Clinton is the one who used rightwing smears.

Kucinich: "Hello? Hello?"

FYI TO ANYONE WHO MISSED IT: They are rerunning the debate on CNN!!!

I'd almost rather support Obama the homophobe

No Soc.Sec. pmts over 90,000? I heart both Diamonds and Pearls?

Gergen's comments on the money : Post debate coverage

Where do we go for post-debate??? I can't stand them on CNN

Shut up audience

I'll watch Letterman tonight because he's good enough to pay

Gravel's alternate debate

CNN is so obvious in their Clinton bias it's laughable...

Kucinich needs to quit while he's behind

Dumbass question of the day to the diamonds or pearls

FOX NEWS POLL- Hillary -43% Obama 21% Edwards 12%

Poll follow-up: What was the Story coming out of Tonight's Debate?

Chuck Todd makes no sense


Huffington Post - BIDEN and Clinton were the winners

I donated to Obama but I'm still conflicted. Biden shined tonight.

I really like Joe Biden...

Who lost??

Hillary going to answer directly "yes" or "no" and going to attack Obama and Edwards

Biden - Most Knowledgeable

Obama and the Kobyashu Maru : the politics of Hope refuses to

Hillary is/was looking good tonight! It's hard to believe how she has

Wow just wow

GOBAMA...."It's what I would expect from Rudy...playing with numbers."

We should ALL be proud!

AP HEADLINE is out: Clinton Accuses Rivals of Mud-Slinging

Opinionated Debate Wrap

On Edit: "People are not attacking me because I'm a woman, they're attacking me because I'm ahead,"

Daily Kos debate poll: 1. Obama, 2. Clinton, 3. Edwards, 4. Biden

Obama is not only ready to be President; He is exactly what the country needs.

Biden and Richardson camps: your guy impressed me the most tonight

Kucinich won't commit to vote for the nominee

The Reviews Are In: 'Her Most Commanding Performance,' 'Knocked Obama and Edwards Back'

Wolf still working to defeat Edwards

Biden has such a good sence of humor...I love to listen to him!

Post-Debate Appreciation Poll: Who's your candidate at this point?

Diamonds or pearls? Who was that idiot?

Obama did very well tonight

So, did Biden say that the Chinese should be forced to allow imports

I really like Dodd.

Is it better to say what you feel or to get what you want?

Edwards Highlights Proposals to Rebuild the Middle Class Through 21st-Century Manufacturing

The Reviews Are In: 'Her Most Commanding Performance,' 'Knocked Obama and Edwards Back'

Bill Richardson tells Wolfie %@#& you and the horse you rode in on!

Kucinich gets shit about a UFO and republicans that don't believe in evolution get a pass?

Winners: The Second Tier, Losers: Those Hoping for a nail in Hillary's coffin

Ken Blackwell to Chair National Conservative Activism Effort

I don't think Obama is strong enough to be president.

Bidenites, go to Kos and vote....

Who should this Iowan caucus for?!

It's my opinion, but I didn't think the top tier moved anywhere in the debate.

Hillary's "pregnant pause."

It was awesome when Obama compared Hillary to Giuliani and Romney and they BOOED HIM LOUDLY

Hill's Shills pimping now on CNN...

Winners: Clinton, Biden. Loser: Edwards.

What is the basis of Senator Clinton's attack on Obama's health care


I'm in the anyone but Hillary crowd. Her Iran stance is deplorable.

Rosa Brooks: A clear vision of Bush and Musharaff:

Poll: CNN News Las Vegas Democratic Debate Winner at the University of Nevada

Kucinich ONLY one to vote against the "Patriot Act": BECAUSE HE READ IT!!!

Debate Report Card

Did Hillary plant "Boo-Birds" in the debate crowd?

The Upper 6% is NOT THE MIDDLE CLASS!!!!

Kucinich and Edwards spar

Does Biden have the Constitutiion memorized? Who can cite it like that?

Biden told Bush privately that if he went into Iran he'd see to it he was IMPEACHED! nt

Beware of anyone suggesting that human rights interfere with national security.

Did anyone notice that Kucinich said he wouldn't support the nominee?

We done good tonight, but over at Rudy's house...

Obama falters. Maybe he could use some of those "gay votes" now...

Independent UK: The big thirst: The great American water crisis

NYT Krugman: Played for a Sucker


Russia vs. America: Is Another Arms Race Afoot?

Making room for turkeys by

John Dean: Can Dems Stop * & Cheney From Depriving *'s Library of Papers They Want Kept Secret?

Billions for Guns, Vetoes for Butter

For my 100th post (Abu Gharib LTTE)

American Gangster's Wad of Euros Signals U.S. Decline (Update1)

How Dry We Are: A Question No One Wants to Raise About Drought

Rovian ruminations: Karl Rove scans the presidential races

Murdoch and News Corp. accused of Sleazy & possibly Illegal efforts to protect & promote Giuliani

2007 National Humanities Medal winner says about War on Iraq-WE WON!!!!

AlterNet: It’s Treason: Dems Stay Silent on Bush White House Crimes

Web Sites Tear Down That Wall: Publishers give up paid online content

NYT editorial: IN CONTEMPT

"Buddhist" Blogging, or The Democratic Debate Made Me Sad

I hope the news writers go on strike!

Station Owner Kills Rival in Gas Price Fight

Grannies Urge Closing the US Bases on Foreign Soil

US Power Company Linked to Bush Is Named in Database As a Top Polluter

If Democrats Chose Gore and Republicans Chose Hagel

Bush's Other War: on the Courts; Hootin' and hollerin' at the Federalist Society

Led by Robots, Roaches Abandon Instincts

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy--Giving Needy Young Children a Real Head Start

An Accidental War with Iran?

AlterNet: We Can't Shop Our Way to Safety

What Planet Are They Living On?

Two Brothers and Two Scandals (Krongard) By Dave Lindorff

Bush is trying to set up OpEdNews as a "terrorist recruiter." By Ed Martin

Ouch! Obama, Social Security, Bipartisanship and Getting suckered

Latin America's Shock Resistance

Outrage! White House invitation to Bush's boy in El Salvador

The Evangelical Christian Takeover of the Military

Shouting at the Devil: “F*ck You, Capitalism!” By Jason Miller

Naomi Klein Talks About The Shock Doctrine

The Assassination of Hugo Chavez by Greg Palast

Environmentalists: Loggerhead turtles need more protection (AP/CNN)

IPCC to release fourth, summary report this weekend (AP)

Scientists Fault Climate Exhibit Changes (WaPo)

Algeria will Not Hit 2MB/D Target By 2010 - Will "Stabilize" At 1.5MB/D - Gas Will Expand - B'Berg

Katrina, Rita caused U.S.' largest tree die-off (

Big 3 take hit over fuel rules (Detroit News)

Promoters offer briefing on the power in wind (Maine)

China pulls bank loans to 12 major polluters - Reuters

New York firm proposing up to 338 turbines off R.I.'s coast - Providence Journal

Oil Rises as OPEC Ministers Say They've Lost Control of Prices

"Hours Spent Over Single Phrase Or Word" - US Trying To Eliminate Sections Of IPCC Report

Norwegian Engineers Hit Switch - Svalbard Global Seed Vault Begins Cooling Down - ENN

East Anglia/Goeldi Multi-Year Study Shows Primary Rainforests Cannot Be Replaced - AFP

IPCC Report Will Mention Potential For "Abrupt Or Irreversible Impacts" - AFP

Al-Naimi Says OPEC "Concerned" About Environment - Proposes $1 Billion "Clean Technology" Fund - FT

Tropical Cyclone Sidr devastates Bangladesh

IPCC to warn of 'abrupt' warming (BBCP

Chinese Climatologists Say Warming World Likely To Cut PRC Food Production 10% By 2030

Dole Fined $2.5 Million For Hiding Risks Of Pesticides That Made Nicaraguan Workers Sterile

Oops! Saudi Foreign Minister: Mentioning US Dollar In OPEC Report Would "Aid Its Collapse" - Forex

US wants freeze on tuna fishing (BBC)

Biofuels bonanza facing 'crash' (BBC) {$$$-driven unsustainable practices}

Sonny Perdue's Holy Rainstorm "Doesn't Provide Any Significant Long-Term Benefit" - NWS

Eco-ruin 'felled early society' (BBC)

Problems and Solutions

I used 102 kWh last month.

Energy Researchers Project US CO2 Output To Grow Faster In Next 50 Years Than In Past Half-Century

Arctic Basin Summer Sea Ice May Be Gone By 2010, Canadian Scientists Warn - Victoria Times

Thousands of Workers Protest Anti-Worker Labor Board

Police face new suit over clashes with protesters

Report: Court sentences rape victim

Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything

Home of $25,000 dessert fails health checks

Under bill, companies could face privacy suits [House passes FISA without Immunity}

Troops hunt near Baghdad for captive US soldiers

In Mississippi, Poor Lag in Hurricane Aid

Court Rejects Fuel Standards on Trucks

Kremlin blocks independent monitoring of December elections

No jail time for State Rep. Bob Allen

How big a role did disgraced CIA officer have?

Man charged with murder in fatal wreck (mother loses unborn baby)

Study: Jewish poverty rate in the U.S. higher than in Israel

Oil will reach $200 if US invades Iran, Chavez says (would halt VZ exports)

Red Cross Monitors Barred From Guantánamo

Help sought for police after combat (officers returning to do duty with PTSD symptoms)

Credit-Market Losses May Cut Lending as Much as $2 Trillion, Goldman Says

Army mum on Neenah soldier's death (WI)

Former Iraqi officials to stand trial (for mass murder of Sunnis)

U.S. launches assault on Iraqi Qaeda stronghold

Iran wants Western "apology" after IAEA report

Bangladesh cyclone toll at 328

Hostage daughter praises Chávez's mediation for release

but condi trusts him

Teachers union ex-chief charged

Some Hill Republicans Ready for Spending Compromise, but Bush Is Not

Claimant Earns $10K A Week (in Iraq) While Stealing Workers' Comp Benefits

UMass students call 2-day strike

Justice Dept. Conducting Criminal Probe of Baghdad Embassy Contracts

Powerful new strain of cold virus kills 10

Station Owner Kills Rival in Gas Price Fight

Bush, justices address Federalist Society

Negroponte wants Pakistan process "back on track" (our "point man")

Iowa Caucus: Clinton 29% Edwards 25% Obama 24%

Democrats Unable to Bring Troops Home: Won't bring up another war spending bill until next year

N.H. probes anti-Romney "poll" calls

Senate Republicans halt Iraq withdrawal plan

Thousands march against race crimes in Washington

Ruling Blocks Challenge to Wiretapping

Boeing bosses spy on workers

Bush to meet with Salvador president this month

Katrina leaves permanent scar on forests [320 M trees and more CO2]

House hearing focuses on Posada Carriles

Las Vegas Debate Is Most-Watched Primary Debate on Record

(Indiana) Incumbent mayor (D) questions whether mayor-elect (R) was eligible to be elected

Senate Votes to Block War Money

Trial set for highest-ranking Marine in Haditha case

Surprise Bush still popular on stump

GPS helps cities save on gas and catch employees goofing off

Evidence Of Injustice (Defendants Have Not Been Told of Flawed Testimony)

Basra attacks down 90% since British troops left

Opium windfall fuels Afghan insurgents: U.N.

Joe Nuxhall, Reds broadcaster and baseball's youngest player, dies

Man cleared of causing suicide of prof who wrote of 'Jewish conspiracy'


MoD sued over ‘36 hours of hell’ in Basra

Military court bans coverage of case of eight soldiers accused of insubordination

(Steny) Hoyer Says Candidates' Bickering Will `Hurt' Democrats in 2008

Army desertion up 80 percent since Iraq war

Nooses found hanging in university classroom (Michigan)

Congress to hold off on Iraq war money

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 16

McCain asks New Hampshire AG to investigate anti-Romney calls

Abu Dhabi Buys 8.1% Stake in Advanced Micro Devices

Bush invites Gore to White House Nobel ceremony

Marchers surround Justice Department building

Studio suspends "Office," "30 Rock" actors

CDC: New respiratory bug has killed 10

China deals blow to Western efforts to punish Iran

Court rejects challenge to wiretap program: Major victory for Bush administration

Saudi gang rape sentence 'unjust'

Report: Bangladesh cyclone kills 1,100

New Merrill boss Thain gets $15 million bonus (for six weeks on the job)

CBS seeks dismissal in $70M (Dan) Rather case

Iowa GOP cancels Dec. 4 debate

Pasta monster gets academic attention

Reid to Keep Senate in Session over Thanksgiving to Prevent Recess Appointments

Iraqi TV journalist kidnapped - press group

Kerry takes oilman Pickens up on $1 million Swift Boat challenge

State Department official and brother queried on Blackwater

Most Turks back N.Iraq incursion, dislike US -poll

Elon poll: 52 percent oppose military presence in Iraq

Almost Paradise ...

And my quiet heart goes to pieces...

Top 5 things I'd like to do in Retrolounge's Happy Pants

Okay, just roll Dennis, Al, John and Barack in one big ball and give him Hillary's money

Today, I visited the evil of US consumerism -

Anyone know how deep right field is at San Quentin?

"The Truth Is You Are The Weak, And I am the Tyranny of Evil Men"

Help! amitten's cat is driving me CRAZY!!!!

Salma Hayek: "I said: 'Please God, give me some breasts'. And he gave me them!"

WW2 P-38 Lightning found on beach in Wales

Joni Mitchell is coming on Charlie Rose right night....

Who else thinks that there are too many threads about Fred Garvin in the lounge?

color wheel

Your Friday morning cowbell

Jessica Simpson: "I want a man," and until she finds him, she's "kind of married to her music"

"Hendrix Electric" vodka

One of these things is not like the other....

No Olive Garden for ME tonight! Nope tonight we eat French!!

I fell asleep with CNN on and had a dream about the debate.

If you laid every Twinkie produced in one year end to end on the ground, they'd

Beowulf gets a 5 star review in my local paper

A short Berlin tour with me *Pic heavy*

Hugh Moran..

GEEBUS - wake me when November sweeps are over.

Friday rant

Well, I lost my star

Mr. Writer says that he's a "Nineties Man" - he knows how to cry!

thank you for the star, anonymous donor!

Start your morning with some pretty pictures.

Never mind.

I am in so much trouble...

Do you have someone on DU who loves you for no reason?

I witnessed one of the stupidist acts ever today. (Just a rant)

Check it. Grovelbot makes an appearance.

To the anonymous person who donated for my star...

I've been watching West Wing on DVD... and all I can say is

Holy shit, somebody gave me a star!

Good Morning Lounge...Are you having coffee?

Cat allergies - long hair vs. short hair

How can you tell if a boy likes you?

Finally a starlet who has an arrest warrant after her that we can all be proud of...

There's no ill can't be soothed with a shot of brandy.

Hey Classic Rockers! People make important music NOW too!

This is the 3rd time my boss has asked me to

Marvin Gaye Appreciation - Check In

Do you have someone on DU who ****s you for no reason?

I found the Clinton's cat

Why is everything called "tastefully done" when it's not meant to be eaten?

redqueen, in spite of your total lack of committment to the cause, i took the initiative

Back to work for me!

Some idiot just snarked at me for commenting about how early it is getting dark.

Illiterate executor--a rant

I'm slightly drunk at work!!!

My wife is being punished for my political activity

For all of you out there who have convicted Barry Bonds...

I am taking a guilt trip....I bought three pairs of shoes during my lunch break.

It's for people who don't have sex

I found Schrödinger's cat.

Who's in the mood for the Dandy Warhols?

Well, at least 4 of them know how to smile. Can they take the 5th one back home to England?

y e a h t h i s w i l l b e h a r d t o r e a d

WTF?? This ridiculous email I just got tops 'em all. LOL!

This is the situation: I "graduated" from my medical assistant program today

Is it normal when someone is always shooting at Bjork?

Do you assume the other gender shaves differently than yours?

Whats going on with the fun run?

So the Flying Spaghetti monster has made the news

who do you root for when your grad school plays your undergrad school?

What should I have for dinner tonight?

Open letter to parent of dorky kid.

Du'er IntravenousDemilo is in the finals on Jeopardy's Tournament of Champions!

My mom has pink eye REALLY bad & e-mailed me a picture of her eye.

I'm spending the rest of the day at Barnes and Noble.

The moran strikes again!

I'm going to be aunt!!!

ShineBoy got a 5 game set called Orange Box. Have you heard of it?

How do you get someone you are debating to be intimate with you?

"I could never whack a ball with such velocity..."

FINE! I know when i'm not wanted.

This might be the greatest movie scene ever.

Do you assume the other gender behaves completely differently to yours?

Shot at Love

With all this boys/girls difference debate........


Do you...

Umlaut (diacritic)

So when a supervisor says he prefers to let employees work with each other,


Look at my funky hot pants

Attention Race Fans: We have a new Front Runner!!! (look up)

Just so you know there are 159 people fasting for Bush today

Gas Planet

And now... Images from the 1977 JC Penney Catalog!

How do you get someone you are dating to be inanimate with you?

How do you get someone you are dating to be an inmate with you?

Sweet jelly-filled Jesus, but that doughnut was fantastic!

DVD format questions

Nerd/ Geeks Unite

I'm having wine and cheese and should be reading Bankruptcy Law

Musicians That Only Other Musicians Worship (for the most part)

is it normal that a person is constantly shouting at work??

I need prayers and good vibes, Loungers.

One more "moran"...

what are your opinions on female hirsutism?

Is it normal that a funeral director is constantly shouting at work?

Monday Is National Coffee Bean Day, Will We Get A Card From MrCoffee?

How do you tell if you like lost-in-nj?

What are your opinions on nerd erotic fursuitism.

I just bounced my boobies....

November is a 3 paycheck month.

I'm watching Intravenous DeMilo on Jeopardy's (may contain spoiler)

How do you get someone you are dating to be an idiot with you?

How do you get someone you are dating to intimidate you?

what are your opinions on female powersuitism?

don't worry about a thing

I have an ear worm. I thought I'd share it with you.

you call that an ear worm? THIS is an ear worm.

The Bar Is Open..... Butt

bi-baby and TK421 - check your PMs!

Don't forget! JEOPARDY Final tonight!!!

How do you radiocarbon date someone you don't know very well?

I have a tapeworm. I thought I'd share it with you.

Anyone here speak Hebrew?

Totally screwed up things to tell sick kids

Maybe we need to help the troop get deferments

Writer appreciation thread!

this thread is dedicated to the few people i utterly despised at DU

I have an inchworm. I thought I'd share it with you.

I feel.....

Help! My cat is going CRAZY!!!!

Lame Jokes Before the Weekend

Mother Jugs and Speed, ya motherscratchers

What fiendishly clever top-secret plans can we come up with to torment GD?

How do you tell if you like a guy????

If you ran for office, what would your theme song be?

How do you get someone you are dating to be intimate with you?

Andrew Bird - Imitosis

Dude! Everything is so orange!

I watched "Deathproof" last night.

Music is my Boyfriend,Music is my Girlfriend

Drunk Passenger Tries To Open Plane Door In Flight

am i a complete freakshow?

Michael C. Hall or John C. Reilly?

redqueen appreciation thread

Tupac/Biggie Appreciation -- Check In

Is Boston the only city that has had a molasses flood?

The batteries in the laser pointer have died.

Happy Friday, everyone. Who wants to meet me at the bar

I'd really like to do it on a desk

It's Friday bounce 'em time!!

Mother Love Bone, ya motherscratchers

Flyer told to change outfit poses nude (PIC)

quick, what's the dialing code INTO the United States from India

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/16/07

"Dead Flowers" by Townes Van Zandt (Song from "The Big Lebowski")

Family drama - what would you do? (long-ish)

I have a 6inchworm. I thought I'd share it with you.

Would someone please give me a hug and reassurance?

Best video game ending?

I had an interview in DC yesterday

I live in the most environmentally friendly city on the planet.

You liberal/progressive dweebs you!! We here in this household *love* Chinese toys...

Fred Flintsone Or Barney Rubble

Am I the only one that finds the new Burger King commercials disturbing?

How can you tell if a girl likes you?

11-16-2007 DU Lounge straw poll of all announced Democratic Candidates

Is anyone else having trouble with flash player version 9?

Going to the opera tonight: The Marriage of Figaro

What's the main reason that you rarely see an obese tree?

Can someone explain to me the appeal of "Grey's Anatomy"?

Jewish DU'ers: How important should it be for a parent to accustom their child with Judaism

Open letter to the parents holding that $#@^ing slumber party tonight

Automatic conservative insult generator

The Nerd Handbook

Totally Outrageous & Inflammatory Thread Title

Post your own pic Friday

We got a PRIUS!!!

I found Rabrrrrrr's cat.

How do you tell if you're a guy?

Who else thinks that there are too many threads about George Gervin in the Lounge?

I believe this is the forum to make an introduction?

SO, last night I was at the local Wendys for a burger...

Bonuses spark high re-enlistments

Disabled vet to stand trial in attempted mobile home arson

Army: AF captain gave contracts to her lover

VA notifies veterans affected by data loss

Army leader: Guardsman’s death isolated event

Canada court won’t hear U.S. deserters’ case

Army: Pass supplemental or face layoffs

Computer with veterans’ data stolen

House passes bill to end Iraq combat by 2008

Editorial: Time to speak softly

Backtalk: Strength in diversity

Super Hornet squadron CO fired

13th MEU, BHR return home this weekend

Editorial: No need to bend truth

Sunnis joining Iraqi security forces in droves

Gen. Brady nominated to lead USAFE

Meigs: IED threat coming under control

Picking up where GI Bill falls short

DOD, Labor Department create job program for military spouses

As avian flu breaks out, Lakenheath reassuring but ready

AFRICOM to choose headquarters by next fall

Kadena F-15s still grounded as Mo. crash probe continues

Control hub used to direct exercise

Airman found not guilty in Percocet case

Basra Violence Down 90 Percent

The Drone Bomber Race...

DoD helps relieve holiday flight congestion

Program Builds Strong Army Marriages

Keen Observation Saves Soldiers

Navy Buoyed by Appeals Court Ruling

Deployers: Don't Leave Without Guide

Gas costs rising in Germany, U.K.

Suicide Prevention for Marines

C-130 Flies Final Mission

Marine Realizes Importance of Deployment

Desertions highest since 2001

Mine-Resistant Vehicle Production Ahead of Schedule

Ashley Sietsema

Marine Recruits on Why They Join

Southland Tales

Police Violence in Olympia #3

More amazing footage--Port of Olympia War Shipments Halted 11/9/07

Fox News Backs Rudy... Really!!!

Howard Dean's speech at the Arab American Institute's Leadership Conference

Uncle Jay explains the news, 11-12-07

Bush Will Blame YOU For The Iraq War

Iraq Vet: : "Our troops need to come home now" (from debate)

18 in 08

Olbermann: Law experts say Bush/NSA spying on US Citizens is illegal.

NEWS CORP's Secret Plan to Put Giuliani in White House (w/ Rachel Maddow)

Bill on the treadmill: Exercise is hard, caucusing is easy

TPM: Las Vegas Democratic Presidential Debate (highlights?)

Obama on driver's licenses for illegal immigrants


McCain Visits Sacramento, Has Vehicle Trouble

John Edwards - CNN debate - Is America going to be alright?

Cops gone wild--Port of Olympia War Shipments Halted 11/9/07

Georgia Police Turns Sonic Blaster on Demonstrators

Alan Greenspan And The Morality Of The Iraq War

Kucinich Demands Impeachment During the Debate

All Kucinich Responses at Dem Debate - Nov. 15

Can you spy on me NOW! Keith OLBERMANN

Glenn Beck - Ron Paul - Terrorism?

Not The 9 O'Clock News - Conservative Conference

Hillary on gender card: Playing winning card in Vegas

FBI Raids Ron Paul Liberty Dollar in Evansville, Indiana

Where's Wikileaks?

Name all the Candidates Tonight Who Called Out the NeoCons By Name?

How long before the RW hit machine start taking swipes at

Clinton/Biden will be the '08 Dem Candidates.

Entire Kyl/Lieberman Amendment ... read please!

I think I know why Kucinich got so upset over Wolf using the term "Illegal Aliens"...

Did You Know? Fewer than 10,000 Dems caucused in Nevada in 2004?


National Security More Important Than Human Rights...

Saudi rape victim sentenced to six months in jail, 200 lashes

Who was a better moderator?

HEADLINE: Republicans Fear Nevada May Slip Away

Richardson was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and nobody mentioned it! nt

"...for tomorrow we may die.."

$97,000 Top 6% - What Obama Is Missing

The "Elephant" in the Room

Daily Kos debate poll

Kurtz quoted McCain campaign email, but didn't note its false claim about "bitch" comment

Scores dead in Bangladesh after Cyclone Sidr

soldier suicides up in iraq, Chaney's wet brain alcoholic moran's draconian policies are >Link>>

Bangladesh cyclone toll tops 500, may rise (thousands injured)

Ok... I'm off to dream of a new U.S. and Representative Kucinich as the new leader of the

Hillarys fans in last nights debate audience got in the way of an honest debate

'Right out of the Republican Playbook', eh, Hillary?

Judge Allows Feds To Pursue Seizure Of Lay’s Estate Assets

bush upset about Bonds Indictment

What will Bush do at the Berkeley Plantation on Monday?


Romney Won't Go To Big Iowa Fox News Debate, Disappointing Local GOP

Asshat Repuke Gets House Cafeteria Worker Fired Over Cheese Sandwich

Feinstein Buckles to Grassroots Pressure, FISA Bill Passes Without Telecom Immunity

Flyer told to change outfit poses nude (PIC)

Those of you with unspent fun drive powerups....

Medical care costs are becoming so ridiculous it invites an absurd solution: fly Americans overseas

Man shoots burglars with shotgun

Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women

Pastors Urged to Preach Good Will ( by Mayor )

Bush Stuffs Spending Bills With Earmarks For Dad’s Foundation, Wife’s Librarian Program

Exhibit at Smithsonian modified to downplay global warming?!

Another show of how we support our troops.

Unless my eyes deceived me ... and i have developed extremely poor eyesight recently was weird

I didn't watch the debate last night. In twenty words or less, what happened?

Dave Lindorff: Two Brothers and Two Scandals (the Krongards)

I never check back

Missing Women Alerts!

My impression, FWIW, is that there is not nearly as much anti-Hillary venom as there was last time.

What will be the "media narrative" on yesterday's debate?

Media Networks sponsoring and conducting faux debates is not a good thing

Yea, me! Joni Mitchell on Charlie Rose on PBS now, here, 12:15 CT. nt

Have you ever been INSPIRED by a LEADER? Of today's candidates, which one INSPIRES you as a LEADER?

Maybe This Is A Good Time To Link Giuliani To Chavez???

CSPAN2: Senate voting on whether to move forward GOP Iraq War

Hastert Makes Final Floor Speech ~ (Good bye and good riddence!)

Seymour Hersh: Bush Administration Shifing Iran Attack Plans

Lukery: Sibel Edmonds Case - New (And Old) Revelations Of Spying At The FBI

In Mississippi, Poor Lag in Hurricane Aid

== Bush Death Watch: Countdown! = By Mark Morford

Prof sues over cop stop...

Alberto Gonzales is a Criminal, Not a Speaker (Pomona College Professor)

Mortgage broker/lenders??

Shoppers Camp Out For Free Gift Cards -

Where were you on 9/11?

Hundreds Attend Funeral Of Vermont Soldier....

Pomona professor protests Gonzales speech

Plants For Hillary!

This should be the main focus of Debate discussion...

Beware the Snorlax...your getting sleepy.

America’s most under-reported (, Project Censored)

Senate is voting to move forward with Dem Temporary war funding Link

U.S. Troop Contingent in Iraq Reaches High of 175,000 (Froomkin, WaPo)

U.S. Enlists Arab Bloggers for Info War

TONIGHT on MOYERS - FCC’s plans to loosen media ownership rules (looks at last public hearing)

AP falsely suggested Obama said his state Senate records do not "exist at all"

Right-wing hate radio spreading the fans of racism

Conservatism's Unintelligent Design

Russian loophole offers Putin chance of third term

Does Anyone Know a Site

Feinsteins' position CLARIFIED! ...

Eureka !!! - I Have Found A Way To Get Through The Primary Season !!!

Roberto Lovato: Dueling Democrats Ignore, Ignite the Angry Brown Voter

The movement toward universal health care is poised to give the next president a mandate for change.

U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler: No More Clever Wordplay on Torture

Planning for the invasion of Syria and Iran.

Modesto Bee LTTE: "Bush, Cheney, Do Us A Favor And Resign"

Wolf Dancing Dangerously with Clinton: "Was Ross Perot Right?"

Activists Converge on Washington, D.C. for Weekend of Protest Against Hate Crimes, Police Brutality

The Rude Pundit: Fucked Gulf Coast ...

Freedome Shmeedom!

Reid: Democrats' Iraq Bill Supports Troops, Holds President Accountable

Petraeus adviser: Violence reduction due to ‘luck.’

Kill the Messenger - Ted Stevens blames Media

Is "end the war" the Dems version of the repubs' "stop abortion"?

Family Reunited With Pet 8 Months After Dog 'Euthanized' At Vet

"Every single question asked during the debate by the audience had to be approved by CNN"

Nearly half Americans have housed homeless: study

CSI: Mississippi (

Caption Friday

Senate Republicans refuse to fund troops in the field. Blocked vote

The Dome Under the Cross: Local Muslim and Christian leaders had prepared the church for his arrival

5 Fucking Minutes! Once Again Dennis is Marginalized by the Corporate Owned Media!

CNN Poll - Do you watch political debates?

Starbucks Reports First-Ever Customer Traffic Drop

Whale Killers Blame Coast Guard for length of time whale suffered

Congratulations to Suich, winner of the DU T-shirt in last night's promotion

Senate votes to block Iraq war money

In Mississippi, Poor Lag in Hurricane Aid - 10% to the poor

Justice Dept. Conducting Criminal Probe of Baghdad Embassy Contracts

Repug is on senate floor Dissing Dems for NOT supporting troops. going on and on

Anyone else unable to access C-Span2 on cable?

General fired from Walter Reed to head Fort Detrick, smirk, smirk

Robot plane nosedives into truck full of soldiers.. (video)

Hurrah for Thom and Bernie. Pointing out now that all

Is DU running slow for anyone else ?

First, the Viginia Senate Goes Dem. Next Thing You Know, It Rains

This week dems in Congress did two very good things.

Kucinich Given Least Amount Of Time Of All Candidates In Dem Dembate Nov. 15

I will NOT support ANYONE(regardless of party)

What Cheney Said on This Date (Nov 16th 2005)

The craziest thing about the World Bridge Championship "controversy"

It's all about We, the People.

9th Annual National Survivors of Suicide Day: Saturday, Nov. 17, 2007

Perdue announces $2000 water conservation contest for grade-schoolers

ADL taking concerns to Ron Paul


NYT: G.O.P. Loses Vote on War Funding 1

Happy holidays, dammit! This holiday season, I am asserting my right to be mindlessly polite.

The grand plan to relieve airport congestion during the holidays...

OfficeMax Drops Michael Savage Ads Over Anti-Islam Bias

Pope's visit to Philadelphia: "He will not stop here, not even on the way."

You want to know the real difference between the Dems and Rethugs?

The Message and the Messenger (X-Posted from GD:P)

Senator: US provides haven to {1,000} war criminals from abroad (RawStory)

Happy 230th Birthday to. . .

Critiquing the Democratic Debate....

Source: Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Was Exec Who Asked Judith Regan to Lie to Protect Giuliani

RSOE report link on Bangladesh storm is so busy it won't load!

What do you think is the most memorable and effective line from last nights debate?

Mexico Calls U.S. Border Fence Severe Threat to Environment

Bill Moyers as debate moderator

I think this guy explains last nights debate pretty well. Not exact. But close

Du'er IntravenousDemilo is in the finals on Jeopardy's Tournament of Champions!

The List of People, Things, and Phrases that Never Need to be Seen Again.

Karl Rove Hired As Newsweek Contributor To ‘Balance’ Markos

Wouldn't Know It From Today's Coverage, But Impeachment Issue Drew Strong Response At CNN Dem Debate

Question about BlueCrossBlueShield

WaPo Headline: Senate GOP Blocks $50B War Funding Package

So, why do we call it Kyl-Lieberman?

XM/Sirius satellite radio merger approved. George Soros invests heavily in it...

One of the worst and saddest photos of McCain i've ever seen.

When the republickers say the Democrats are weak on illegal immigration,

Well just finished listening to Naomi Wolf LIVE in San Diego

but condi trusts him

digby: Disclosure

DU this MSNBC impeachment poll -

That was an odd choice of moderator at the debate last night

Support Our Troops My Ass !!! - Maimed Marine battles VA - CNN

Al Gore Selects Tenerife Native To Head The Climate Project /Spain

Caption Condi

Las Vegas Disgrace

How influential is Bob Somerby/The Daily Howler?

Court rejects challenge to warrantless wiretaps

Has Edwards Run Ads in Iowa or NH Featuring Lead Plaintiffs in His Cases?

does this say Bush would sign the Fisa bill or is

An interesting 1st hand account of last night's debate

Battle over wiretapping bill looms in Senate

NAFTA and Illegal Immigration:Two issues that need to be laid side to side in the next debate

BIDEN making a move in the DU Fun Run! Up 750 in the last hour!

What really troubles me about these debates .

Democrats unable to bring troops home


Very disturbing article about the EPA's policies on Human Experimentation

OK, if Gore was inserted in the "Fun Run" why not include Kerry, Dukakis, Mondale and Carter?

The Capitol Christmas Tree Is On Its Way To D.C.

Orrin Hatch just did a really weird slide-show thing...

Bishops: Faith should shape how people vote in '08

A stand against silence

Voting off One of the Final Three: Currently Clinton, Kucinich, Obama

Army desertion rate highest since 1980

Thank GOD! Our "point man" has reached Pakistan

The Clinton machine will grind the other Democratic contenders into dust...

Being Fat Is ''The New Thin''

If 9/11 changed everything...

Thank you Sen. Reid, for check mating this asshole

Looking for a video link to last nights debate...specifically for..

Can Chucklehead PARDON the telecoms?

Who here avoids political discussions at the Thanksgiving dinner table?

Grannies Urge Closing the US Bases on Foreign Soil

A movie asks: will 18- to 24-year-olds vote in 2008?

Global Warming Skeptics Fooled by Hoax

Heres the Transcript (National security Vs Human Rights)

I'm Pisst at the Joe Biden Campaign!

I'm glad to see that Kucinich won yet another debate

N.H. Probes Anti-Romney Poll Calls

Baptist Church Closes Property To Interfaith Thanksgiving Service (No Muslims Allowed)

Abercrombie: Bush doesn't have authority to attack Iran

I worked the graveyard shift last night. I was dog tired when I got off

Feds seize two tons of funny money featuring Ron Paul

Presidential poll with some not declared candidates

Videos the rightwing will use against Hillary if she's the nominee.

Fired Attorneys Build Case Against Gonzales

An update on FoxNoise's hard-hitting coverage of the Regan-Kerik-Guiliani-Newscorp scandal.

Truck, SUV mileage standards thrown out by U.S. appeals court

Red Cross Monitors Barred From Guantánamo

Waxman Wants to Hear from Buzzy Krongard

War Bills From Both Parties Fail in Senate

This meme don't hunt: Clinton will ensure a huge repuke turnout

Quote for the Day...

Senate Judiciary Committee held a rare “do-over” vote Friday to clarify its desire to strip immunity

Listening to Randi.... she seems to be leaning Biden!

Rudy Guiliani: Criminal or Liar?

British General: Our Presence ‘Instigated’ Violence In Iraq

Georgia Water Crisis

In reading about the last days of the Weimar Republic and

How is it...

DM Register Columnist: Kucinich can't be taken seriously, campaign not credible


Gates warns of layoffs without war funding

JackORoses uses Front Runner power up. Gore leading

Builder to auction 230 homes

Double Fun Run Whammy! JOEmentum and FrontRUNNER!

Attention Race Fans: We have a new Front Runner!!! (look up)

Nature really does give us everything we need - MRSA cured by Irish wildflower

Bored with re-runs of The Daily Show, but do like seeing Jon cut Bill Kristol to ribbons? GotVideo!

On the foolishness of "Merit Pay" for teachers.

"Suggested" Sunday Sermon: November 2, 2008 (Women in Authority)

Former Manhattan G.O.P. Leader Admits Tax Evasion

Check out this pro-evolution video (anti I.D. Freepers: don't look! You'll go to Hell!)

US General: "This is a turning point...I believe that we can have success in Iraq"

Barry Bonds indictment a scam.

CBS Asks Judge to Dismiss Rather's Lawsuit Against Network, Says He Waited Too Long to File It

about fiscal responsibility

NYT editorial: In Contempt (Pelosi should schedule a vote quickly on Miers and Bolten)

TWEET DOWN! Biden supporters: Here's your chance to double your steps!

League of Women Voters...please. PLEASE take over the debates again.

One more wasted stamp, LTTE to Congresscritter

Rep. Rush Holt: Stopping the Blank Check on Warrantless Spying

Rove: "I've Been Surprised At How Weak Edwards And Obama Have Been"

More Misconduct At The TOP Levels Of The Justice Department (Scott Horton)

Did CNN plant abortion question?

Am I the only one that finds the new Burger King commercials disturbing?

Someone please explain dog colors to me.

Orgainc Food and Farms Run on Cow Poop

Travelers To & From UK Must Answer 53 Questions BEFORE They Can Travel

If you gave Sean Hannity a haircut and an enema, would he disappear completely ...

Freeper's Fun Run looks like it's anything but.

The Clinton campaign released a statement this morning, praising

Tropical Cyclone Sidr devastates Bangladesh

A Question of Perception Regarding the Candidates

Keep the Clintons

UPDATE on Pakistan- different day

"The Fall of the House of Bush..."

RECALL: PetEdge Toothpaste Recall

New Orleans Population growing by 5,000 per month


Taser death makes worldwide impression

It's Friday YA BASTADS and I just put Kucinich back in 1st place!

Doonesbury 11/16 Provoking Iran and waterboarding

Who's fingernails does Alan Dershowitz want to stick his "needles" under? Mine? Yours? Who's?

Families of Fallen Utah Highway Patrol Troopers Fight Atheist Group Over Roadside Cross Memorials

"100 busloads" in DC with Al Sharpton . .

NOW the GOP wants to make a deal?

I don't cry often, but . . .

I'm a Partisan. So what?

Tweety's doing a play-by-play of the debate. Catch it if you can,

So Negroponte is setting up business for

A very Chinese X-Mas

Need a laugh? Gonzo: My ‘Guiding Principle’ Was To ‘Follow The Law’ And ‘Always Do The Right Thing’

Given a choice between a Dem President or a real majority in both houses of Congress.

Mississippi Hypocrisy

GOP debates and fart jokes

So Barry Bonds is not being indicted for taking Steroids but for

United Nations panel votes for worldwide ban of the Death Penalty

I noticed two good things about Hillary,

The Nation: Nancy Nord Likes Business More Than Children

Army desertion rate highest since 1980.

Russia readies nuclear fuel bound for Iran

Police taser man in coma.. (he was a security threat)

I just realized: another Friday without Bill Maher. Are the strike

The Nation: Insecurity Cameras

Did Cookie lie to Congress?

Why Is BUZZY Throwing COOKIE Under The BUSSY?

Last Night's Debate Sponsored by Coal; Next GOP Debate?

Debatable Impressions

Another story buried beneath the obsessive reporting of missing white women

Friday TOONS: Part 1- Revoltin' Bolton appears again!

Guilty Plea: Phone Phreaks Use Caller-ID Spoofing to Get Foes Raided By SWAT

A Giuliani nomination may split the rethugs beyond repair --- thankfully!

Pat Robertson called for assasinating Hugo Chavez

"Bathroom Bob" Allen resigns from FL House. Larry Craig style.

Here's to Herb Alpert: He just donated $30 million to UCLA 's School of Music

I'm on the Op-ed page of the Union Leader today

Get to the video forum

American Graffiti

Questions about Carville and CNN

2007 Meteor Showers and Viewing Tips

Friday TOONS: Part 2- The Bubble popped

LOL. The real TRUTH behind the Republican DECEIT on the FISA debate and the VETO threat.

CNN - Religious scholars mull Flying Spaghetti Monster

Compromise still brewing on immunity issue in FISA bill.

Katie Couric disses Dan Rather on YouTube

Photos of another Clinton plant

Did Kucinich kick butt last night or what?

What issue will be the 'deciding factor' in the 2008 election

Presenting a post-debate pre-primary presidential preference poll...

Hillary Supports BOTH Blood Diamond Slaves and Bends-Beset Pearl Divers

Al Gore is winning the fun Run???

Tom Hayden Urges Canadians to Let Former U.S. Soldiers Remain in Canada

Telecom immunity- The Simple Version: Leahy Stripped It From The Bill

Newfoundland suspends use of tasers by police

"Given Up" on public schools?

Hillary's "class" dilemma (Social Security versus health insurance)...

That idiot McCain is coming to the Northeast Kingdom tomorrow

DU'er goes for Jeopardy Tournament of Champions TONIGHT!

Don't wait to donate to DU! Donate NOW and you can save your steps and use them later!

"Diamonds vs Pearls" questioner blasts CNN: forced her to ask frilly question

Fascism and Nazism aside,...NAME OUR NATION..


Kerry takes on the Swift Boat Veterans (could net up to $1 million)

Tonight's DU buzz-word is "Triangulate."

Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything

Matthews - Hardball, "Are republicans in a rut?"

Would Kucinich be electable if he were 6' 2" and looked like Harrison Ford?

CNN forced the girl to ask "Diamonds or Pearls". Shite!

I believe that we SHOULD give undocumented people driver's licenses.

Is anyone awake? A friend of mind committed suicide and I can't sleep.

"C-SPAN" Style Debates, NOW!

John Edwards: 'We Need Paper Ballots' .... LINK

Hillary Clinton WILL be our next president

Daniel Ellsberg: "Let me simplify . . . and not just to be rhetorical: A coup has occurred."

Any Thoughts on Bush's Move to Open Military Airspace for Commercial Air Traffic?

China deals blow to Western efforts to punish Iran

George Bush-themed restaurant opens... to RAVE reviews

"American Candidate ELIMINATION" - The Runoff Round

US Government Eavesdropping and Large Company Immunity - Western Union, 1919

Revising the Presidential Oath on live TV.

KUCINICH: "It's called ‘impeachment.' You don't wait. You do it now. Impeach them now"

Bush Invites Gore To The White House Nobel Ceremony

Why Kucinich won the debate last night

Why risk electing Hillary if it costs us a Super-Majority in Congress?

Harvard professor Dr. James Adams In a few decades we would all be fighting Christian fascists

GM is Back (Dirt from the Dubai Autoshow)

"Blind Faith in Bad Leadership is not Patriotism"; FANTASTIC small-town SD editorial

About 300 High School Kids Just Marched Right Past My Office Protesting the War

Mark My Words: Karl Rove Will Incriminate Himself on National TV on a Paid Gig

It's Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Flat Sales, Everywhere You Look...

The fundies are really digging deep now....

Response to "Let biotech crops bloom"

Glenn Greenwald on Bush's speech to Federalist Society: Self-satire scales new heights

Gallup: Democratic Party's Image More Positive Than GOP’s

Actually, there is (or used to be) a "correct" answer to "Diamonds or Pearls"

VA tried to say this soldier didn't deserve 100% disability (WARNING picture)

Hey kids! Make your tree the shizz this year with "The Jesus Tree Topper"!

BUSHCO's Judge For #2 Position At Justice Dept-Worked As Repub VOTE-COUNTER In FL '2000 Election!

Brushing Off Nagging Suspicions of a Bush Coup

Bush IS Hitler!

By Her Reply, Hillary Obviously Had Seen The Diamonds or Pearls Question BEFOREHAND - CNN rigged it

So I was at an anti-war protest today...

My Candidate Can Produce 270 Electoral Votes; Yours Can't

Man Receives 102 Year Prison Sentence For Dog Fighting Related Charges

“When Citizens Turn a Blind Eye to State-Sanctioned Atrocities ..."


BREAKING: Reid shuts down Bush recess appointments during Thanksgiving

Evil theocracy: not only for countries the US govt doesn't like.

Most telling moment of the debate:

Sibel Edmonds Case: New (and old) revelations of spying at the FBI

Newsweek's hiring of Karl Rove is an insult to our country and a kick in the butt to Alabama.

Am I the only DUer who DOESN'T have a RW cousin catapulting me RW propaganda emails?

I'm Surprised When Bad Imports From China Comes Up That No One Holds The....

I've been watching all of the debates

Memo to Clinton: Don’t be too hard on poor Johnny. You need to keep him in this race in Iowa

Howard Dean's view on Polls (LIBERALLY paraphrased)

Kyl/lieberman, Part (b) after final amendments & 2001 Joint resolution for use of force

Edwards Brings Exhibit A: Dad

Whomever wins this nomination will have won it fair and square

The not Hillary or Obama thread

Biden voted NO on Yucca Mountain

New Iowa Poll shows 3-way statistical tie: Clinton 27%, Obama 25%, Edwards 21%

Hillary invoke's Ronald Reagan just like a Republican on Social Security Issue.

Dodd Closes Nevada HQ; Richardson transfers NV staff to Iowa; Edwards' NV director leaves

This photo of Scalito reminds me of Dwight Frye, the guy who ate flies and did Dracula's bidding

Will Hillary declare Blackwater a "terrorist organization"?

The Google Headlines Tell The Story

Local Reno audience finds no clear cut debate winner

Ohio. Ohio is why the dem candidate will *likely* win this year.

So...offering up an excuse that doesn't answer valid criticism is "knocking it out of the park?"

Caption this pic from tonite's debate :)

Clinton managed to give a one word answer to her quadruple flip flop

It has to be said: Hillary's about to win the nomination.

Yepsen's analysis: That's why the lady is a champ

Viva Hillary...Viva Las Vegas

Poll For Edwards & Obama Supporters

HAHA! Mass. repub officials afraid Romney will lose REPUBLICAN primary

Hillary goes to the EU to raise cash

Support for Injured Servicemembers Act

Anti-Predatory Lending Act

Actually, I think all our Democratic contenders "won" last night!

Which caption to go with?

It does not matter one whit, who "planted" supporters to boo or clap or anything else.

How much of a difference to you think this debate will make in Iowa and other key states?

My take on last night’s debate.

Rep. Mark Souder's background from Wiki

bush approval ratings drop to 31.8% in Montana

OK Iowa is 1.Edwards, 2.Obama, 3.Clinton, 4. Biden

Could Obama's early heckler be from Clinton's Campaign

Obama Invokes Ronald Reagain's name just like a Republican on Social Security Issue...

Dang, looks like I picked the wrong night to give up watching Debates!

Howard Dean looked wonderful last night

TPM Today's must read!

Memo to Dems: Sometimes decisions are difficult

Huckabee may have plateaued in Iowa...

Rendell presses House on gun bills

Have any POTUS candidates called John "that's a great question" McCain

Answering The FISA Legislation Muddle

It Was Clinton vs. Obama on Health Care

Democratic Debate: Winners and Losers

Clinton on gender: 'I'm not exploiting anything'

Michigan: Hillary widens an already strong lead...

W.H. deputy press secretary Tony Fratto has the negotiation skills of a frikkin' five year old.

I wonder how long Bill will be able to stand being the first lady?

suicides in military

Feinstein Buckled: How it happened (Update 1)

Elon University Poll: Hillary very strong in the Southeast...

Edwards to join striking writers

The Nation , John Nichols: She won the night, and she might well have won a great deal more.

our economy is crashing, shouldn't that have been THE topic

Zbigniew Brzezinski is on Morning Joe with daughter Mika now on MSNBC!


Senator Clinton's only memory of the NAFTA debate is a series of charts,

The Message trumps the Messenger

Why Did Dennis Kucinich Go After John Edwards?

Does The 2008 Primary Seem Nastier Than The 2004 Primary?

UPDATED Kos Debate Poll

Lou Dobbs "Seriously Contemplating" Presidential Bid

David Yepsen: That's Why the Lady is a Champ...give Thursdays debate to Hillary Clinton...

Clinton's Winning Fight Night

There have been some changes in my candidate preferences


Where Are the E-mails?

FReepers think Joe was the best. Read an excerpt.....LOL>

Analysis: Clinton makes a recovery in Las Vegas debate

Edwards to Join Striking Writers: Will picket NBC, Burbank

Watch The Presidential Forum on Global Warming Live- Saturday Nov. 17th

One of the coolest things I saw last night

Bill Moyers as debate moderator

Tune in to Ed Schultz for excellent analysis of last night's debate

Roger Simon: The Bitch is Back - Diamonds and Pearls for Hillary

The wait is finally over- I WATCHED THE DEBATE LAST NIGHT

Interlude: We are all Democrats. Let's follow John's example, and give each other

I'm Still Undecided

United Auto Workers Region 4 to endorse Obama

Diamonds and Pearls for Hillary

Harvard's Greg Mankiw whoops Paul Krugman on Social Security

Iowa General Election - Obama does better than HRC

Rove: "I've Been Surprised at How Weak Edwards & Obama Have Been"

Here is the debate transcript from last night

Why doesn't anyone talk about Black on Black Violence?????

How much of an effect will yesterday's debate have on the Dem presidential race?

Paul Krugman: Barack Obama "Played for a Sucker..."

The Great Drivers License Debate is .........

"Diamond v. Pearl" Student Blasts CNN

Post Debate Head to Head Matchup #1: Obama vs. Edwards

Info please... how much time to speak did each candidate have?

Post Debate Head to Head Matchup #2: Clinton vs. Richardson

Post Debate Head to Head Matchup #4: Dodd vs. Gravel

Post Debate Head to Head Matchup #3: Biden vs. Kucinich

Post Debate Head to Head Semifinals: Biden vs. Dodd.

Minnesota House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher Endorses Clinton

"John Edwards is the Father."

Affluent Voters Switch Brands-Stands on 'So-Called Moral Issues' Prove Costly for Republicans

Post Debate Poll: Gravel vs. Clinton

I apologize to the "diamonds or pearls' questioner from last night.

Today's Rasmussen poll: Hillary-41%, Obama-24%, Edwards 14%

Hillary -The Only Dem To Beat All Challengers In EC Vote Rich Ohio

Please tell me that we won't end up with President Huckabee

NY Times on CNN's Carville problem

Biden, Kucinich, Iran, and Impeachment

If high tax states pay their teachers so well that there is a glut

WP, Eugene Robinson on the "bitch" matter: Rhymes with Front-Runner

Even Cafferty is hitting Obama on his comment last night on drivers licenses.

'NYT' Reporter Katharine Seelye Blames Hillary -- for McCain Incident

Biden extolls residents to caucus

Was that a debate or an episode of Jerry Springer?

WOW!When was *this* picture taken?

The GD debate poll results are full of surprises

FDL: Blue America Joins Chicago Immigrants in Slamming Rahm Emanuel

Post Debate Wrap Up Poll (IMPORTANT)

Obama tops Hillary as GE candidate in Iowa....Hands down.

Sane Bush Hatred

On Social Security...the point is not how many are at $97,000 and above now...

Breaking: Hillary told NH fishermen union (Local 8) she preferred Pearls 2 months ago

Noam Scheiber: The Vegas Debate

Richardson: 'Stop demonizing immigrants'

Remaining Democratic Presidential Debates

Did you know? As NYC mayor, Rudy once endorsed a Dem for governor

Anyone know how Elizabeth Edwards is doing??

Wolf Blitzer was openly and inappropriately ridiculing Edwards

Does anyone know the latest polls from Iowa? Or where can I find them? n/t

Ed Schultz 10 minutes ago on Hardball:

LATimes OpEd: Obama as the Red-Blue Uniter

Las Vegas Disgrace

Fantastic new Clinton web ad on the Iowa Caucus!

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (11-16-07)

Rove Critiques Democratic Challengers to Clinton

Kucinich during debate: "Impeach them now." -- not just Cheney-- THEM

Biden: Bush should be impeached if he moves on Iran

Would you support Impeachment the impeachment of President Bush and V.P Cheney over the Iraq War?

Local audience finds no clear cut winner

The Clinton News Network (CNN) totally let her off the hook

Las Vegas Debate Is Most-Watched Primary Debate on Record

Best Line of the Night: You will not get change by trading

Biden Sends Out Release Highlighting Richardson's Changing Positions On Iraq

Hillary made it rain on my birthday!

Did Obama break the law?

Who has demonstrated the most electability?

Seymour Hersh: Obama 'Only Hope' for US-Muslim Ties

I don't believe a majority of people watching the debate last night believe Clinton won.

"Diamond v. Pearl" Student Blasts CNN (with CNN Response)

I gotta' say, Hillary won me over (a bit) last night.

Did Hillary's stooges disrupt the debate last night?

Do you agree with on Hillary Clinton's view on undocumented worker driver licenses?

Should Edwards fire his speech writers?

Wolf Blizter made a complete ass of himself on the Driver's license questioning. Obama did well.

Gallup -Hillary -48% Obama 21% Edwards 12%

Why isn't $97,000 per year middle class? Check this out

Leaks in the Army's bucket: Desertion rate up 42% from last year

Has the DEM race for the nomination distracted from the really pressing problem, the JUNTA?

Edwards to join striking writers

Iowa State Rep. Bob Kressig endorses John Edwards

Latest from Iowa: Obama Leading in margin of victory vs all candidates

Editor of Nevada newspaper endorses - BIDEN

Post Debate Head to Head Semifinals: Obama vs. Richardson

Edwards the Real Battle Tested Candidate?

Kucinich has another debate like this and we will have a race.

KCCI (Research 2000) IA Poll: Hillary - 27%, Obama - 25%, Edwards - 21%, Undecided 11%


Did Rupert Murdoch hold a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton?

Wolf made a statement on triangulation as it applies to Hillary and he added "Whatever that means."

Texas to Edwards: We don't need no pretty boys... (IVR Poll- HRC 51%, BO 17%, JE 11%)

Am I the only one who thought Kucinich KICKED ASS tonight? I also thought Biden did well because he

Hillary Clinton ad asks people who aren't Democrats to caucus for her in Iowa.

Richardson: Our strength as a nation is our values -- equality, freedom, democracy, human rights.

I am not sure how anyone can claim Hillary won the debate

Kucinich mixes street savvy with controversial style

John Edwards is the Most Electable Democrat

Ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the United States

Let's forget the issue of Corporate Power. It's important but who cares?

"DEBATE"?? You mean, last night's 2-hr long informercial, produced by the Republicans?


What We're Up Against

Would you really like to know why Hillary got applauded & the other guy got booed?

Why don't we just skip the election?

Back from Exile I say - Hillary Rocked The Hall

Why I Would Consider Sex With Joe Biden

Are you outraged... appalled... that Hillary was cheered and others booed last night?

Republicans will be out for blood this election as they were in 04

On the nature of the true American middle class (re: $97,000)

Strategically, Obama & Edwards Should "Get It": Only One of Them Will Be in the Top Two in Iowa

Obviously it's not just right-wingers who are terrified of Hillary...


If You Listen Real Close Obama Wasn't Booed Last Night When Making His Point About......

If you strip away the media and the money, aren't the lower tier candidates our best qualified?

Politico's Mike Allen says all voters have thought about Hillary being a bitch.

People are not attacking Hillary because she's a woman, they're attacking her because she's a

DU is proof

Biden won the debate...

Happy Birthday , Howard Dean

"Joe is Right"

How Do You Combat Rampant Downerism?

Bush's war on the Courts; profound rightward turn of the federal judiciary, SCOTUS in particular

Obama thinks $97k is upper class

For all those saying "I don't understand why Biden isn't higher in the polls"...

Ever see anyone called a Biden hater, Edwards hater, Kucinich hater?.Many are called Hillary haters

Kerry kicking Picken's and the SwiftboatLiarsforBush's a$$ e$

The loud heckler was not a hillary supporter.