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Archives: November 15, 2007

From Matt Howard, an Iraq Vet: Iraq war is a betrayal of American democracy

America and the world's executioners join efforts to block UN moves to end death penalty

Removing The Obstacles To Impeachment

Energy City Qatar plans to go green

Photovoltaic energy shines bright in Munich

Could the Solar Bug bring the sun to the car market?

Many ocean power projects currently in process

Independent UK: If you want to see green living, go to 'old' Europe

In Eco-Friendly Factory, Low-Guilt Potato Chips

Water waters heat up all over the western U.S. as drought continues

Alleged explicit sex discussion lands mom probation

Candidate Obama Unveils Tech Policy Plans

IT Heavy Hitters Form Certification Council

Cuba Denounces Terrorist Impunity in US

Governors Pushing Caps on Greenhouse Gases

Kucinich to host two-day "Constitutional Convention"

House passes war bill tied to withdrawal

Pet massacres carried out in Puerto Rico

Ukraine Implicated in CIA Renditions

U.S. policy on Iraq Shi'ites could aid Iran: report

U.S. can seek Ken Lay estate assets, judge rules

World's Power Plant Emissions Detailed: US Worst Carbon Dioxide Polluter, but China Catching Up Fast

Dissident Leader, Ex-Envoy Are Arrested in Pakistan

Goldman Sachs bets credit crisis will worsen

Warren Buffett: Tax 'The Hides Of Guys Like Me'

Bush Gives Clearances for N.S.A. Inquiry

House Democrats Target Sex Predators In Internet Safety Package

Judge orders Simpson to stand trial

Well, I just retrieved a baboon.

Breaking: 2nd dumbest man in America/OJ held over for trial on multiple felony counts including

help me think of some aliases

reading the comments section they provide on many online newspaper stories

What's your guilty pleasure?

Author Ira Levin Dies


i found one of them vanity plate generators


Do you have someone at your job who likes you for no reason?

Things you do NOT want to hear coming from the wood shop:

Say what you want about Eric Clapton...

ratings that are overrated

I renamed my newest cat.

Adrienne Shelly Foundation Ebay Auction - Kewl Stuff

The Positively Positive Thread

I now have 5 turkeys (one of them mine) to fry for Thanksgiving, everyone likes my fried turkey.

I'm no longer worried.

Positions that are overrated

So my neighbor has metal band practice in their apartment at night.

Diary of a nap -

Cow Abductions .com for those of us needing more tin foil...

What say you to the babies in your office?

So my sisters kid (13) wants to get into hip-hop...

I love dog farts.

I found out today I will become a father, sort of...

Dancing with the Stars: Laurel and Hardy in "Way Out West".

SNOWBIRDS! If you're going to light your fucking fireplaces in Florida, CLEAN THEM!!!!

I fell off the treadmill tonight.

Japanese IQ test.

Biting your tongue

I'm looking for the most puerile, immature, heavy handed sexual innuendo in existence

My post about posting about locked posts got locked.

do you hate someone for no reason?

The Negative Thread

I never know when the urge to write will strike me...

So this guy totally flirted with me at Trader Joes front of my kids

My top is made out of rubber...

What political affiliation do you think Glenn Danzig is?

hot pants make you sure of yourself

I found out today I will become a Grandmother, sort of.

The Robot Hell Episode of Futurama Is On Tonight!!!

Match Game Story Style: "My horse is so dumb... he makes two _______ a trio."

Questoins about Edignburgh

I work in a 3 person office, and 2 people just quit. Ask me anything!

If there is one song that you could sing perfectly what would it be?

Took The Children Away

The Final Cut of Blade Runner

Nixon was underrated.

New sign at the edge of my assbucket town: 'Welcome to Reagan Country'

So yesterday, I visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Neutral Thread

PROJECT RUNWAY 4 - starting now!

(Tommy Chat Just E-mailed Me.)

all the good domain names are taken....WTF!!!!!

All right, all right, here we go. I'm getting married a week from Saturday. Ask me anything!

Best 60's Rock Band not called The Beatles

Dammit! I tried calling the Viagra hotline and it's busy!

Robot Guitar

The Positive Thread

Say what you wnat to about Eric Clapton, but I always did like this song:

Ugh... my brother made me talk to his ex-wife


Please watch this brief video and then choose the example which...

Explain the fear of flying to me...

Do you have someone at your job that hates you for no reason?

if you don't work, you can't eat

Like Horses? Ever seen Dressage? 6 minutes that will amaze you. (YouTube vid)

Police Violence in Olympia #1

(Don't Worry)If There's A Hell Below We're All Gonna Go

The Battle for America Montage

Dennis Kucinich in Asheville on the UFO question

A Noun, A Verb and September 11th.

Funniest post ever at Wonkette

You remember that business about all those missing e-mails and

German firm accused of trade in human organs


Will Giuliani walk like this at the Republican Convention?

Letter from Reps. Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Lee, RE: Iraq Redeployment Bill

Matthews claimed "Clinton people ... trying to intimidate" Blitzer -- after Blitzer had denied it

Judge bans moment of silence in suburban (IL) district

Bush, from FARK

911-iani campaign fraud?

School Uses the Threat of Jail to Force Parents to Vaccinate Children

NBC Evening News' "Happy Story" made me incredibly sad.

NJ Soldier Gone AWOL To Seek Care For Stress Disorder ARRESTED

I just bought Naomi Wolfe's book;

Market Really Wild; Yesterday Up o/300 pts; same conditions today & worried again

U.S. policy on Iraq Shi'ites could aid Iran: report

During Dem debate, will CNN's Campbell Brown disclose her husband's role in Romney's campaign?

On CNN, Politico's Allen defends McCain response to "bitch" question about Clinton

FoxNews' hard-hitting coverage of the Regan-Kerik-NewsCorp scandal:

Apple Monster Update Fixes 41 Mac OS X, Safari Vulnerabilities

real real grassroots work is so rewarding. i got the nicest

Pakistan unrest threatens supply lines

In spite of no coverage in media - Cyclone Sidr matters - Katrina in Bangladesh

DHS is on the job. We're Doomed!

How much is your 2008 vote worth?

What Court did Judith Regan file her 75 page Complaint in today? Anyone know?

Finally, the real answer to the most vexing of dilemmas:

Save the dolphins and whales! Ruling Restores Sonar Ban Off Coast

what kind of nation would have rudy giuliani as a frontrunner of ANY party?

Senator Durbin: U.S. has become haven for war criminals

U.S. forces accused of shooting Sunni allies

Al Gore: A Speculation

Closing the Affordability Gap for Drugs in Low-Income Countries (New Eng Jour Med)

How are we going to beat John McCain and the filthy slag, his mother?

Regan v Rudy - hahaha KOs off and running

Tweety! Buchanan! STFU, OMG!!!!!

Thread # 2 Iraq funding Debate on House Floor NOW. cpan1

Roadside bomb explodes in Iraq's Green Zone

The New Face of HIV

For your enjoyment: Falling Bush (the computer game)

Anybody else watching the KucinichTV live Town Hall?

America... !!

My e mail back from the U.S. Bridge Federation

SICKO is an amazing, poignant movie, just out on DVD, that impacted me deeply

Any info on events in Venezuela?

So OJ has been bound over for trial

Independent UK: America and the world's executioners join to block UN moves to end death penalty

It's Clinton's fault.

How great to hear progressive optimism touted on AAR.

Over 35 million Americans go hungry

Kucinich Constitutional Convention Initiative Town Hall Meeting Tonight Online- 9pm EST !!

I'm selfish: I want the sort of health care that other Developed Nations have.

Live Kucinich Townhall taking place online now (Wed 9/8CT)

Watching the Iraq War Vote--Deja vu all over again--We're being snookered again.



The Conservative Insult Generator


Republicans demand retration of IPCC findings

River Bend is in Damascus. Read her Baghdad Burning entry

Are Ron Paul's antiwar views attractive enough to overlook his white supremacist views?

Activist Sets Up Telephone Talks Between U.S., Iranian Citizens

Indictment Suggests White House Discussed Kerik Mob Ties before He Withdrew Nomination

Gas prices, already over $3 at the pump, due to rise another 10 to 15 cents in coming weeks

Question..."veto-proof majority"

Come read arendt's brilliant post ( Death Cab for Democracy )

So, all these Republicans retiring from Congress. Is it possible Larry Flint

Latest US Navy info on Tropical Cyclone Sidr..

2nd Showing of **REDACTED** on HDNetMovies Starts at 12 Midnight...

colorado sheriff condemns 'war on christmas,' invites residents to help decorate christmas tree

Naomi Wolf Live Interview Tonight- 'The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot'

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Sen. Russ Feingold: What's at Stake in Pakistan

Women in Basra targeted by religious extremists

"Democrats for Ron Paul": Just saw these people today at an intersection

Is the Iraq War Costlier Than Doing Nothing?

Airport screeners missed bomb parts

List your favorite non-profits

So has Howard Krongard resigned yet

Republicans demand retraction of the facts on Iraq cost

A category 4 hurricane (cyclone) is heading to Calcutta. ANY interest, US media?

A Call for Leadership Change

Wash Post. again falsely claimed Bill Clinton accused Democrats of " 'Swift boat'-style piling-on"

Pet peeve..."I approve this message"

House passes Iraq bill - $50Bto start withdrawing the

The Nation: Bridge Ladies Slammed for Anti-Bush Sign


POKIN AROUND: A real person, a real death

Rudy's Campaign: He Can Do the Job Better Than Her + He Looks Just As Good in a Skirt & High Heels

Who would you rather see as Senate Majority Leader, Speaker of the House and House Majority Leader?

"I Have Not Made a Charmin Statement" - Mario Cuomo, 1992 (Or, Al Gore, 2007?)

3 Wks After 9/11-Forget about it, guys, you are not going to Afghanistan, you are going to Iraq.

Founder of The Weather Channel thinks global warming is a scam

New sign at the edge of town: 'Welcome to Reagan Country'

The Blogosphere: With Cruelty and Malice for All

Why doesn't David Schuster have a show of his own?

GITMO Operating Manual Posted Online - Reuters

Dennis Kucinich launches KucinichTV:

Is The UK basically a guinea pig nation for the US

Murder by tazer

Jon Bon Jovi for Governor of NJ? (A poll)

These mules symbolize what's wrong with this country (No tasers were harmed in ths illustrated rant)

Sonny's prayers worked! Rain in the ATL!!

Gay college students threatened, spit at: Police say NO TOLERANCE for hate crime violations

FBI recorded Rep. Don Young phone calls = Golf Tournaments Eyed in Corruption Case

Interesting Theory-Asia Times: US Exploiting Pakistan Unrest To Get Hands On Nuclear Stockpile

Final Analysis - DePalma's Redacted = Thumbs Down! - SPOILER ALERT


DU Exclusive: Dennis Kucinich Talks Impeachment With

We love you Americans

Should Battlestar Galactica be boycotted?

Hillary Should Hit McCain Hard: Play Elton John's "The Bitch Is Back"...

Domestic Partner Benefits

"Hillary Clinton: A Progressive who can win, and govern"

"How do we beat the bitch?" HAHAhahahaha!!AHAHAAHaha!!

This shooting is disturbing - Pasadena man fatally shoots burglary suspects

Will you please help save Affordable Housing in New Orleans?

Help! I'm a white middle class christian male and I'm being OPPRESSED!!!!

Conflict of Disinterest

Do you remember all those emails and records of all kinds that went missing from

Once again, Obama steps up on Blackwater

In DNA Era, New Worries About Prejudice

About that Iowa Push Poll:

Dan Abrams is like a pit bull with the Ghoul/Kerik/Fox/Regan scandal

Who planted the question at the Hilton Head fund raiser?

McCain Trying to Raise Money over the Hillary b**** flap

When are we

If you could resurrect a dead president to run in '08, who would it be?

So they want to set a goal

Hey, what's going on with the VA budget?

Can Bush succeed in using the new intelligence report to drive his political agenda to attack Iran?

Rasmussen's 4 candidate poll

Kucinich Vs. Edwards

The Dreams of a Young Kenyan Boy

Is anyone watching "Redacted" on HDNet right now? How the hell did they film this?

Couldn't go to big Obama rally in San Francisco today.

State legislator from Ottumwa endorses Biden

Send an email to the board of bridge players that is using the USA logo yet demanding

Final Analysis: DePalma's Redacted - Thumbs Down! - SPOILER ALERT

How many Gender cards will Hillary play tomorrow?

At Google Obama talks of shared experience (..."belief in changing the world from the bottom up.")

Looking at Wolf is KILLING me. Am I the only one?

Will Hillary denounced her campaign's Push Poll tomorrow at the debate?

Will Edwards denounce his campaign's Push Poll tomorrow at the debate?

Is There a Realistic Possibility of a Deadlocked GOP Convention?

When do you think it will become obvious that Clinton is going to lose Iowa?

Edwards' Doubletalk On Drivers Licenses For Undocumented Aliens

Edwards calls for increase in H1B visas during talks with Silicon Valley

Will Hillary let Edwards' insults slide again or will she lay a can of whupass on him tomorrow night

"Unions balk at Edwards track record"...more votes to apologize for..

Edwards proposes to prevent, once and for all, H-1Bs from replacing American workers' jobs

What history teaches about who us dems should nominate

Are you going to support and vote for the Democratic nominee in 2008?

Biden overcame tragedy and became an expert on world affairs

Why is Edwards pollster Harrison Hickman linked to the Iowa push polling...

If Ron Paul runs as an Independent...?

Are we really putting our country's best interests first? Can we?

Today John King (CNN) said about Hillary's lead in NV...

These are some of the moral people who think gays shouldn't be a full part of society

Obama's records: from narrow the request to not a whole bunch to none

Predictions for tomorrows debate: What will Obama say on DLs?

Death Cab for Democracy

Why is the managing Director of Mark Penn's Firm linked to the Iowa push polls?

Dominatrix who claimed to have S&M sex with Bush said to be missing

'I believe that NAFTA should exist,'' - John Edwards in 2004

America's disappearing middle class

AlterNet: Edwards: If Congress Won't Give Americans a Healthcare Plan, I'll Take Away Theirs

AlterNet: Real-Life Star Wars: The Militarization of Space


Evangelical flocks on their own at the polls

Standards for the New Depression

A defense fund for Gonzales? How quaint

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater’s Loopholes

Joe Conason: Sane Officers Oppose Cheney

Marshall Herskovitz: Are the corporate suits ruining TV? ( x )

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Debating Downwind in Nevada

Vioxx Settlement Is Classic Wall Street Denial: Bury the Losses and Say It Never Happened

Our Puppet Musharraf May Turn Pakistan Into Iran

Bush talks nonsense - CJ Editorial

China-to-Pittsburgh air cargo route in works

In the jaws of the Liberal Paradox: a trashed Democratic Party vs. no win 3rd Parties.

WP, Dan Froomkin: Bush's Irrational Exuberance on Iraq

Baby Boomer's ain't buying your merchandise!

Chavez: Reform Strengthens Venezuelan State in Fight against Neo-Liberalism

London Hosts Most Representative European Conference To Date On Venezuela

Iraq war is a betrayal of American democracy By Matt Howard (IVAW)

"The Partisan" (Michael Tomasky review's Krugman's "The Conscience of a Liberal")

Baghdad in Middle America

$1 Trillion to the Rescue

Salon: Rudy Giuliani's ties to Fox News

Deutsche Bank Foreclosures Tossed Out of Ohio Federal Court - "They Own Nothing!"

The 'Islamofascists' Would Kill Me First

Goodbye, Mr. Bush (Sid Blumenthal's last column)

Republicans Vote To Cut Off Funding For Our Troops(!)

The Characteristics of Offshorable Jobs

Sandra Day O'Connor: Justice for Sale

White House stenographers respond to being called stenographers (Froomkin)

Guardian UK: The threat from terrorism does not justify slicing away our freedoms

Zogby hints that Ron Paul has a good chance of

Falling sea urchin population raises concern (Canada)

German cars 'least green in EU' (BBC)

Saco River will get more fish passages (Maine)

Sidr remains on track for cat-4 landfall

UPC Solar to Construct PV Systems at Santa Cruz City Schools

Energy Bill Update: Will Renewables Be a Part of the Political Landscape?

Former CSIRO Atmospheric Research Chief - Aussie Climate Change Will Take Years, Not Decades

demon haunted drought

Environmental Problems Snowballing In Wake Of 3 Gorges, Just As Activists Had Warned - WP

In Runup To Bali Climate Conference, Indonesia's Clearcutting Goes On And On - AFP

Sidr Goes In Near Indian/Bangladeshi Border - Top Winds 155 MPH, 20-Foot Surge - AFP

I just saw a UAO (Unidentified Avatar Object). Looked like Dennis Kucinich.

Paying farmers to protect the planet is future: U.N.

Email from ILoveMountains - campaign against Mountain Top Removal

Map shows top CO2 producers in the world (AP/CNN)

Coal Industry Sponsoring Tonight’s CNN Democratic Presidential Debate

Honda to lease fuel cell cars in California

Biofuels bonanza facing 'crash' - BBC

Tens Of Thousands Of Little Auks Spotted In UK - Ornithologists Mystified By Phenomenon

Sidr is ashorei n Bangladesh

The Freezing Point of Industrial Society

Anyone know where to get the best deals on wind turbines?

Air Pollution In India Has Cut Amount Of Sunlight Reaching The Ground By 5% In 20 Years - Times

The Big Thirst: The Great American Water Crisis

A better bulb (dimmable, instant-on, brighter LED bulbs)

Ethanol Help

Democratic Leaders Poised to Sabotage Hope for Renewable Energy

Chevy Tahoe Hybrid crowned "Green Car of Year"

Global Warming a Myth - says Dem State Rep in Kentucky - what a disgrace!

Chavez to Spanish king: apologize or risk business

GE money fund redeeming 96 cts on dollar-Barron's

Noriega's Senate bid attracts national Democrats

House to vote on eavesdropping bill {Senate bill contains immunity for telecoms]

Ruling: Government can seek Lay money

Judge rules against longstanding foreclosure practice

U.S. says not worried about Pakistan nuclear weapons

Embattled State Dept. official [Krongard] quits Blackwater probe over brother's role

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday November 15

Strong quake hits northern Chile

New Attorney General opposes changes to wiretap law

[Lindsey] Graham may seek to pull plug on Maliki

Iraqi attorneys urge GOP to change detainee policy

Cyclone Sidr to Make Category 4 Landfall

Two children killed amid fresh violence in Pakistan

Iraqis Wasting An Opportunity, U.S. Officers Say

In final stretch, Bush is no Reagan

Guantanamo manual leaked on web

Liberty (University) student who had bombs at Falwell funeral gets 2 years

Musharraf 'will quit army soon'

Top court refuses to hear cases of war deserters

Lowered crack terms could free 20,000 early

Cold front brings rain; Governor calls it an 'affirmation'

Judge says debate over hemp might be better handled by Congress

Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women

Congress takes up Posada case

U.S. tribal allies in Iraq angry over airstrikes

Workers at Ford Agree to a Four-Year Contract

Iran says IAEA report shows nuclear drive peaceful

Russian cult members barricaded in cave 'to blow themselves up before end of world'

Waiting for a Shi'ite Civil War

Gore, Schwarzenegger to Plan Presidential Climate Forum

Panavision to Shut Down for Two Weeks (Strike Related)

Publisher thanks cops for not beating him during Giuliani incident, but files complaint

Antiwar 'Olympian' Covers Wild Antiwar Protests Close to Home, Puts Names of Arrested on Front Page

Hillary Clinton Takes Cash From Recipients of Husband's Controversial Pardons

Rep. Dennis Hastert To Announce Resignation Thursday

Kirkuk airspace returned to Iraqi control


Jobless claims post surprising jump

US Radio Bombing of Cuba Found Illegal (US Radio Marti)

Thanksgiving dinner will cost more this year

NASA Sees Arctic Ocean Circulation Do an About-Face

Fed Makes Biggest Temporary Injection Since '01 (Into U.S. Banking System)

Karl Rove to become Newsweek contributor

White House Unveils Plan to Ease Holiday Travel Congestion

Panel says Chinese spying is U.S. technology's No. 1 threat

US drops plan to force diplomats to Iraq

Legislators hear global warming disputed-[no scientists invited]

Former A&M administrator pleads to child sex charges

Gates Jawbones Hill On War Spending

U.S. Is Looking Past Musharraf in Case He Falls

Canadian stun gun death on video

Dungeness crab season begins despite oil spill worries

Bonds indicted by BALCO Federal Grand Jury

Global warming worse than predicted

Speaker's office denies '10,000 letters' impeachment rumor (DU gets a mention)

Voted-out councilman sues winner's wife over anonymous blog

U.S. deserters lose bid for Canada refugee status

Chevron to Pay $30 Million to Settle Kickback Charges

DU Grovelbot has been destroyed. It was crushed in an 80-ton hydraulic press by David Letterman.

I'm Mann Coultereist, ask me anything

The Neural Thread. Some of us are more jumpy than others

Are there any autos that handle better than others in high wind?

So I finally resigned from my IC position today

Who needs thankgiving! I have a coupon for a free BK triple stacker w/triple stacker value meal!

Drinking beer and watching motherfuckin' "Casino"....

(fishy fun) Today, I paid a fin for a half pound of Flounder on the beach...


The Epidural Thread - some of us needed the pain relief for delivery!

Finally managed to get registered for Spring classes!

Boy, is it weird to hear 50 elementary school kids sing Ruby Tuesday

Actors that are underrated

Rocky Dennis is hot!


Zellweger proud she's kept her sanity

I just had an awful night at work.

Crapola. have some, give some, spread it around

The Pirate Bay eying Sealand to escape digital persecution

I drive a car to get from point A to point B

Because everyone needs

Icetab just saved me $50 on an online order ..yippee

The Amenian Genocide Memorial

The Modern Toilet diner in Taipei

Anyone catch Nova this week?

Any CPRP's here?

M-F-er, I want more Iced Tea!

The Day the Earth Stood Still

God Jesus: the Ultimate Holiday Toy

Ode to a Beautiful Girl on the Bus this Morning

A killer on the road, her brain is squirming like a toad: Britney runs over another photographer!

Midlodemocrat's house?

Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women

So I Call Into The Viagra Helpline, and Some Smart Ass answers the Phone

Unhealthy obsessions?

Today's REALLY REALLY REALLY Dumbass Bush quote of the day

It has always been about the song for me. If I liked the song

Another YouTube music thread

Anthony Hopkins IS The Worst Actor Out There

Parche IS The Worst Actor Out There

You know who's a great actor? Anthony Hopkins.


Arrrggghhh!! None of my Thanksgiving luncheon desserts are working out right!

cat in a bottle

Actors who are praised the exact right amount?

Calling out: Thomcat, Oregonian, GoddessGuinness, Flaxbee, Tigereye, and Writer

A night in Iowa, he and I in a borrowed car...

Hobo Signs

Calling Craig Ferguson --

The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany *pic heavy*

A good thrashing with nettles

I miss Johnny...

Richard Simmons: college kids killed sweatin' to the oldies biz

People who bitch about how I spell colour, armour, etc etc are...

Anybody out there remember Vera Lynne Sin?

How old were you when you realized that Vera Lynn is the one singing at the end of Dr. Strangelove?

Sue Simmons: college kids killed NYC local TV news biz

Any body out there remember Brandon Mason?

Any body out there remember Brian Mason?

Anybody remember Wide Mouth Mason?

Any body out there remember Vaughan Mason?

Holiday Competitions - beyond the lawn display

Has anyone here watched Shaquille O'Neal's "Kazaam"?

What is your ancestry?

im in ur...

Victoria's Secret has taken all my money!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Leprechaun Brothers

A challenge to the Lounge

Anybody out there remember Vera Lynne?


Who sang this golden oldie?

OMG, that poor man

Australian Sants warned that 'ho ho ho' may be offensive to women

World Butt Championships

Per Simmons: college kids killed Chinese fruit biz

Curb Your Enthusiasm fans - best season so far?

am i a pig bastard for loving the Robert Palmer Girls?

I Am Sick Of Bitchy Moody Co-Workers

I am sick of bitchy, Moody Blues coworkers.

Anybody remember Linda Ronstadt and The Stone Ponys?

My First Season Tickets: Southern Maryland Blue Crabs!

Town bans sagging pants. Plumbers fear arrest.

Anybody out there remember Underpants

Wow - I have a recipe that calls for 6 - SIX - truffles and a half pound of foie gras

Lingerie angels get star on Hollywood walk of fame (PICS)

I has a Novocaine flavr

You know those heated foot rests for those of us working in cold offices?

The University of Minnesota can bite my pale, less-than-ample ass.

No more champagne in school sports.

these new avatars are driving me nuts

No Lara, it's because I still have nightmares of having to come home to this

Ape sightings in small Florida town

Your favorite 70's era Soulmeister

...And then DS1 told me that the only reason he's mean

Yep... the holidays are upon us... and again, I go through them

DU makes me cry sometimes.

Posted today on the newspaper blog: "Tickets will go on sale at 11 a.m. Monday...

Teacher resigns following fist fight with student. Bonus: He taught Conflict Resolution.

Is "honor" the only word starting with H in which the H is silent?

My 7 yo son made me laugh last night

Could someone please sweep up the potpourri my dog shredded?

My dream last night...

My cat walked halfway across a mirror on the floor, stopped, and then continued

My other dream last night...

No, DS1, it's all about your secret life...

Two Zeppelin tickets make $170,000 in charity sale

Man has 200+ pound tumor removed

Woman has 33-pound tumor removed

The last celebrities to appear in your dreams?

another strong contender in the "best cover song ever" contest


I told one of my students that Jesus loves him.

The next donor to the fun run will be #666

How old must a movie be before you can post about it without a SPOILER warning?

A palindrome

ACK! Kucinich!

Walk Hard

So what other gal here has a cute gyro?

Vitaman C

So what other guy here has a quick wit from Regina?

What gal here has a cute Aunt Gina?

Threads that were meant to line up together

Flash8 can go fuck itself

why did those tight OP shorts from the 80's go out of style? the ones where half your package...


Demetri Martin: "'I apologize' is the same thing as 'I'm sorry'...

This is a riot. Not only did both my doctors tell their office was being closed,

so what other guy has a cute proctologist?

Explain the fear of frying to me.

Explain the fear of Lying to me

I was supposed to work today but I didn't!

Don't buy hair elastics made in China

How can a cute gyno compete with golden penis antlers?

Is this a new thing?

I Pee'd in my soup for the first time!

So I just finished reading Clapton's autobiography

No more championships in school sports.

Someone Just Took My Desk Gnome

Clapton & Winwood's "Blind Faith 50% reunion" (without Ginger Baker or the late Rick Grech)

Funniest Cragislist entry I've ever seen

List your phobias--rational and irrational alike

People who do not return emails are incredibly rude.

What female here has acute angina

"To them people booing, wait 'til my husband gets out of incarceration. And I mean that."

Carly Simon has No Secrets

No more wine coolers at Virginia scholastic events!


No more wine coolers at Virgin slumber events!

What gal here has acute angina?

Stand By Your Man

Does anyone have a really good microscope pic of

Dinah Washington

That was me.

Who are you doing today?

I'm not posting again on this site until someone PMs me some naughty pics

You know what I really hate?

Holy Crapoly, I got a star

Self-delete. Let's talk about cats instead.

Hugh Grant sells Warhol painting of Elizabeth Taylor for $17.4M profit

Dolphin-saving Hayden Panettiere proud of her arrest warrant in Japan, also wears underwear

The Golden Age of Leather - BOC

since gore is in the donation race, who eLse should be added?

I truly like being a 40 long

I Just Got Sprayed By A Fire Hydrant And Am Now Aroused

Happy 76th birthday, Ed Asner!

Later, DUbies!

billyskank Welcum Back Appreciation Thread

The Arsenal Are The Worst Team In Soccer

What Exactly Is Shakira Trying To Tell Us With Her New Poster?

The Sarah Silverman show on DVD

I am so proud of DS1. You should be, too.

Explain the fear of dying to me...

So what other gal here has a cute gyno?

"Not everybody does it, but everybody should"...

Hayden Panettiere better stay outta Japan

The name game song wasn't fair if your name was Chuck!

My Association Minister (like a bishop) keeps trying to call me

I need to know everything that's happened up till now.

I'd like to be 36,eh.

I need help with my list of unreasonable demands for "LaraFest '07."

OMG! Stuart and Chrissy, separated at birth!

fess up. which one of you was donation # 666?

take fire hose... attach fire hose to fire hydrant... aim nozzle at the lounge and SPRAY!

Don't you feel sexy?

fess up. which one of you was donation # 69?

I'm of an era in which women didn't generally discuss their bosomic parameters

fess up. which one of you was donation # 420?

Are you comfortable when your SO is friends with someone who is in love with your SO?

Who put my mind in the gutter?

I Want My Logo Back!

If worms reached the technological superiority of humans, what would their Lounge threads be like?

Recommend this GD thread!!! RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!

70's Soul - what was it about that era and it's genius

Do you think Bucky says "BAM!" every time he has sex?

I Am Having Beverages Tonight, Should I Open The Bar?

Kelly Ripa Wears Her Jeans Like a Push-Up Bra.

Is it all downhill from here?

To everyone who's suggesting that she "throw the bum out"

Do you think Emeril says "BAM!" every time he has sex?

I made split pea soup for the first time!

Soccer really is a great game.

The '10's will be to the '00's as the '80's were to the '70's.

cat drool

who swaped my Avatar to a GNOME

Americans who spell "color" as "colour," "armor" as "armour," etc.

Any body out there remember Dave Mason?

Who Has Been To A Proctologist

Southland Tales

So you think Bush would be good to have at a BBQ? Well...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/15/07

Can I use my own privately-purchased DVR with my DirecTV service?

Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women

Dear Lounge:

I need your help - I am in need of a SEO God.

Okay--I might as well reveal what I look like (Obama video)

it's raining in Atlanta!!!

For British Comedy Fans: A Bit of Fry&Laurie - If Rupert Murdoch hadn't been born...

Has anyone here read Jeff Smith's "Shazam; Monster Society of Evil"?

Barry Bonds indicted for perjury

The OFFICIAL Who changed my avatar thread...

So, um... I think I have a crush

Missing 15 year old has been found safe! Emily Graeber is

Photo: Something's gone horribly wrong with Britney's recent lip injections. OMFG! This is HUGH!

Foods that should be worshipped in any civilized society?

Your first hero to die during your lifetime?

Foods that are an assault on the senses and should not be tolerated in a civilized society?

I truly like being a 36A

Someone donated in my name!

Home of $25,000 dessert fails health checks

I have changed (with pictures)

The Finals- IntravenousDemilo on Jeopardy tonight ( 11/15-11/16/07)

How do you tell if a guy likes you?

If someone you cared about died and a considerable length of time has passed,

Yeah. Whatever!!! .... Golden Penis Antlers!

I need to come up with a catch phrase, like California Peggy, without making it seem like a ripoff

i am SOOOOOOOOOO stupid!

Thousands expected at Benning protest

Sunni sheik: U.S. forces killed my fighters

AWOL soldier: Army didn’t help with PTSD

War can be anything but easy on the eyes

C. Guard CO overseeing spill response replaced

F-15Es flying again over Afghanistan

Study: Months after tour, mental issues show

Lost WWII plane uncovered on beach in Wales

Editorial: Don’t cheat test, buddies

Editorial: Beyond nuke checklists

Backtalk: Tough decisions needed to be ready for future conflicts

Backtalk: Minot and Barksdale: Crack or chasm?

Corps hits October recruiting goals

Bush signs 2008 Defense Budget

U.S. partners with West African navies

Author urges rules on aid to North Korea

Army vehicles get boot over parking tickets

‘Bombs,’ tense talks part of Hohenfels training for Iraq

N.C. governor: Pay attention to OLF opposition

Five Nations Conduct 'Friendship Jump'

Army's Health Assessment Working, Study Finds

MDA Pressing Ahead with European Missile Defense

Jury finds DI guilty in recruit abuse case

Appeals court OKs sonar ban, orders 2nd look

The Promise

Thieves ransack soldier’s dream home

Self-sufficient soldiers make the best of life at Combat Outpost Aztec

Snowfall leaves Germany braced for more

Spouses Come Out to play at Jane Wayne Day

Fighting Terrorism with Airpower 101

USS Kitty Hawk limits movies after complaints

Nighthawk takes final bow at Dubai

All Services Meet Recruitment Goals

Airmen taking on more dangerous roles in Iraq

US military guzzling 340,000 barrels of oil daily

Barack Obama: Real Leadership on Technology

Mika Brzezinski interviews Michelle Obama

Red State Update: Jackie's Momma Bashes Romney, Obama

[email protected]: Barack Obama - - Proposes Broad Government Reforms

== The Sins of Silence ==

"Politico"'s Mike Allen: "HA, ha!" "Bitch" question "funny moment."

Rupert Murdoch On The Writer's Strike


Red State Update: The Giuliani Question You WON'T Hear On The YouTube Debate

The Politics of Planting

Obama Ad - Chances I Had (on education - "we need parents to turn off the television")

Police Violence in Olympia #2

Newsweek hires Kos : Hannity and Colmes Lose Mind - Again.

MSNBC’s Hardball 11/14/07

Bush On Fox News Business Channel

Check out how O.J.'s book could be trouble for Giuliani

What's At Stake In Election 2008?

Pet massacre in Puerto Rico sparks fury

I don't think 2008 will be like 2004

Not enough coverage, pro-impeachment Dem launches KucinichTV

Wounded warrior’s battle shifts from Iraq to comeback

Rudy Giuliani licks pornography

Sen David Vitter gets subpoenaed by the DC Madam

C'mon DU brains! Let's brainstorm. Is there any way to combat a politician who instigates fear...

Bush strategist looks back in sadness - Views Bush with anguish and contempt

Who's Your Favorite Political Pundit(s) & why?

Just a question about the Fun-Run, since the donations seem "slow"

We are spending 3 Billion to build a WALL around Fallujah!

Elizabeth Harper & Dennis Kucinich Marriage Profile

Memo indicates that MO GOP Gov Blunt lied in records scandal

House passes Iraq withdrawal bill

Bangladesh on cyclone warning

House to vote on eavesdropping bill

Chevron to pay $30 million in oil-for-food settlement

"Brokeback Mountain" has become the euphemism of choice

GOP crook headed to Iraq to give advice on democracy

New AG threatens veto of Leahy surveillance plan

Senator Vitter receives subpoena to testify about escort use

Now the Saudis tool up for war

U.S. Is Looking Past Musharraf in Case He Falls

CSPAN, one GOP, one Dem congresscritters on the economy

The cover up continues....Mukasey doesn't miss a beat. So much for justice...

What are the most progressive/liberal newspapers in the country?

Federal funding for rural religious pregnancy centers

Bush's bishops: Exit Iraq now

Blackwater's California Wildfire Relief Efforts Backfire With Local Residents

Dad on leave surprises young son in classroom.

Wash Journal now. talking of Fisa bill which will be in House today-immunity

Daily Utah Chronicle Op/Ed: Impeach Cheney


Loving the Bomb for Seven Decades: Are You With Us … or Against Us? (Jonathan Schell)

Coast Guard replaces its commander in Bay Area spill disaster

How many states have statutes which prohibits a government body from

It's OK for corporations to assist the government in illegal activities

Bangladesh is in trouble....

Report: 35.5M hungry in USA in '06

Skip the Botox. Try Facial Yoga!

The U.S. House Is Yakking and Voting Billions for War, and the Silence Outside Is Deafening

Re: The prospects for a REAL fillibuster:

Iraqis Wasting An Opportunity, U.S. Officers Say (Yep, it's all their fault!)

How not to deal with striking nurses

My two favorite ways to save money.

Senator: U.S. has become haven for war criminals

BREAKING NEWS: Energy prices push inflation to 3.6 percent annual rate

why_you_are_progressive (videos)

Hey, You...

Is anybody else watching Washington Journal?

Earth rising (from the moon's horizon)

News Corp and Fox News Have a Long, Chummy Relationship with Giuliani

Chris Floyd: "Double Bluff: The Democrats' Pro-War Anti-War Bill "

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Forgotten WWII fighter plane found on beach in Wales--great aireal pic

Support All the Troops t-shirt

WGA and SAG go to Washington -- Dems to hold hearings on Big Media?

"There Will Be Blood" -- predictive of the coming split in the GOP?

Joe is giving Brent Bozo a forum to bash Hillary

U.S. Falls to No. 15 in Average Worker Income

Warning Labels.... We Just Had To Mess With Evolution

So if Bush* accepts the fifty billion Iraq bill from Congress with a signing statement

CNN's Costello echoed Politico falsehood about Democrats being "Zero for 40 on Iraq"

The war fits in well with the BushCo's plan of starving social spending by pleading lack of funds.

1 in 5 NYU students would swap their right to vote for an iPod Touch

Canada Court to rule Thursday on ‘refugee’ status of U.S. troops AWOL from Iraq now in Canada

David Broder, who predicted several months ago that Bush's ratings

Judge Drops Harassment Case Against Activist Who Read The 1st Amendment In Public

Strategic Drift-Where's the Dem Pushback Against the Surge?

The first time I saw the banner ad for the debate tonight...

Why do progressive stations carry MSM news broadcasts

Need Increases While Donations Fall -- Food Pantres in Crisis

New JibJab - Uncle Globey and Friends.

U.S. troops who patrol the area simply call it "Village 8".

Diane Feinstein(DINO-Ca) will enable the Bushies AGAIN!

U.S. Sets Record in Sexual Disease Cases....

Sidney Blumenthal (Last Column Before He Leaves To Work For Hillary): "Goodbye, Mr. Bush"

Muslim caliphate in the American south.

Bush getting involved in FAA/travel problems in time for Thanksgiving ?

Gonzo has set up a legal defense fund..

Alleged CIA (& FBI) mole held Baghdad post

Change will only come when the "Center" is shifted back to the left.

How big a role did disgraced CIA officer have?

Help DU this poll - good idea for LAPD to map Muslim communities?

That morgage regulation bill was voice voted? Did I hear that right?

Colbert: Comedy Rambo "Dismantling American Society From The Inside"

Religious fanatics attack women in Basra

Kremlin uses software piracy laws to shut down dissident media outlets

U.S. military says kills 25 insurgents in Iraq

The Tax Fairy, Debunked

IAEA: Teheran truthful on key aspects of its nuclear history

MSNBC Leg Cam: Day 12

Blue Dogs and Greenbacks

Howard Cookie Krongard - thief, and master at cover-ups

Marie Cocco: A Faith-Based Boondoggle

Bush strategist looks back in sadness - Views Bush with anguish and contempt


Why The Third Way Works for Labour Party UK

Gov't Illegally Taking Money from Soldiers, Vets Who Used Mil. CC's, Lawsuit Alleges

Thinking about your cat thinking

Student Editor Fired for Hanging Noose -- Controversy Erupts

Hate radio still slagging on New Orleans, two years later

Are There Still Archie's In This World Thirty years Later?

Now, this troop I don't mind supporting...

Should Soldier Suicides Be Required in DoD Death Toll? Legislation?

Blackwater and the Brothers Krongard: How Cookie Crumbled

Thoughts on Thanksgiving and Native American genocide

Cops on Steroids

How many people here actually know someone who has been employed by Blackwater or Dynacorps?

US kids not the only ones 'home alone' -- parents working

Gen. Petraeus Meets With Al-Sadr Deputies

Over 35 million Americans Faced Hunger in 2006: USDA


SCREAM! 120 US war veteran suicides a week

Thom Hartmann AAR show :Saudis flogging woman 200 lashes

Homeland Security Links 9/11 Truthers to Taliban

How come Grovelbot isn't in the Fun Run?

Support the anti-Bush bridge players....Email the Stalinist U.S. Bridge Federation President

House deals blow to CIA 'torture' policy

It's all in the timing...

Hastert to announce his retirement within the hour!

Welcome Aboard Blackwater Airlines

Newest Republican Attack on the People - "The internet is bad, dont use it"

I can't believe it. Georgia Water Hog is a good friend to the GOP

Netroots Nation (formerly YearlyKos) just announced dates and location

For a party that purports to hate big government, these Republicans sure do seem to love Big Brother

Breaking News: Sunnis and Shi'a in Iraq Don't Trust Each Other (and none of them trust Americans)

Bush's 2008 Strategy

Warren Buffett Says No Estate Tax Would Be a Gift to the Rich

10 Days That Shook Olympia (Wash.)

So So after Caligula scares the shite out of

State's New Plan For Baghdad Security: Blinding Lights

Canadian firetruck responding to U.S. call held up at border

Grey Davis-"There's a few sort of aging liberals that are happy to write larger checks.."

Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women

Army secretary: Hoosier's death isolated case

Haskert on CSpan NOW

Question. With the cost of the war

John Pilger: No Remembrance, No Remorse for the Fallen of Iraq

Iraqi attorneys urge GOP to change detainee policy

Leslie Griffith reporter from Fox Snooze gets retaliated upon for telling truth

Will the Kerik-Regan saga lead MSM to Rudy's Love Shack at 7 WTC?

New Push Poll: Which Desperate Housewives Character Does Hillary Remind You of?

waaaaahhhhhh-- I want my avatar back!

Two Brothers and Two Scandals

Iowa Push Polls: Interview with a vampire (also known as Republican pollster Adam Geller)...

Conflicting Stories On 25 Killed In Iraq

We have proof of God -sorry all you liberal Sataners

Santa's...No More Ho Ho Ho

Who's afraid of the Big bad Wolf? Republicans.

How far has kkkkarl rove fallen?

Gallup: Americans Widely Disappointed With Democrats in Congress

Things I don't neet to see at 2:10 in the morning

Pelosi & Bush - Go get him Nancy

U.S. Supreme Court Issues Stay Of Execution For Child Killer Schwab

Why we're in so much trouble; behold the crazed mind of the selfish sub-freeper

Kos at Newsweek: don't underestimate the significance of this

Karl Rove Hired As Newsweek Contributor To ‘Balance’ Markos

is the Three Mile Island Nuke plant too old?

Going to the Debate tonight !

A compelling argument against impeachment:

Dems Work to Foil White House Recess Ploys, Again

Senator [V] receives subpoena to testify about escort use

Hill article on McCain's response to "bitch" question ignored "excellent question" remark

Speakers Jim Wright, Tom Foley, and Nancy Pelosi

U.S. Military Wasting All Its Victories On Notre Dame

Write a post about something like the rape victim in Saudi Arabia, and invariably

Petition against Di Fi - sorry if a repost

Judiciary Committee approves bill to update surveillance

What time does the debate start tonight?

What do you think the future of the current broadcast system is?

Just wondering, are these teeth real?

I think at this point in time that the congress and senate should

Has anyone sent the Candidate Fun Run page to the Kucinich campaign?

Mark Green from Air America on The Guy James Show today

Compare Japanese Lunar Satellite HD pics to Apollo's

650,000 Bangladeshis Flee Cyclone

I want to add something to the taser incident in Vancouver that's being overlooked.

Do You Think Gore Intended To Give His Sherman Statement On Leno?

Federal Contractors Could Be Forced to Self-Report Crimes

Could you make 'an extra $10,000' next month IF YOU HAD TO?

On MSNBC, Politico's Hearn repeats media myth that only some voters are "values voters"

Airport screeners miss bomb parts

This one breaks the Gag-O-Meter folks.

It’s no surprise Newsweek would hire Rove-How about a little conspiracy mixed with history?

Your Opinion: Has Nancy Pelosi's Management of the House Helped Or Hurt Hillary's Candidacy?

Tennessee City Plans To Ban Indoor Furniture Outdoors

A-Rod, Yankees close to $275 million deal

Supreme Court Decision on War Resister Appeal Sparks Canada Wide Mobilization

Bush tackles air traffic congestion

Remembering victims of violence

'Scrooge' school bans children giving Christmas cards - harmful to the environment


"I think we ought to eliminate the payroll tax and replace it with a carbon dioxide tax. "

Caption this Fred Thompson pic

AWOL Soldier Seeking Treatment Arrested

Donor 666 on the Fun Run Should've Gotten a FOX Smear Power-up!

MOVE-ON: Dianne Feinstein is failing us. Send the Senator a message she can't ignore.

Lowered crack terms could free 20,000 early

Talks on electric shock dog collar ban

Zogby: Entertainment preferences of Conservatives, Liberals, and Moderates

Anti-Bush Sign Has Bridge World in an Uproar

Lawmakers attempt to hide budget information from the public

2008 election not just Iraq but the economy.

ALERT! IMPORTANT health & safety advisory...

How come I didn't know Norman Mailer died last Saturday? Was it on the news?

From the wh: Personnel Announcement

120 US war veteran suicides a week

BARRY BONDS indicted on perjury, obstruction of justice

Library to consider patron requests to ban materials

Thanks David Schuster


Speaker's Office Denies '10,000 Letters' Impeachment Rumor

South Park Last Night: "That didn't sparkle with her, did it?"

Right wingers will NEVER give up on Hillary...

karl rove has a new job!1!

Barry Bonds indicted in SF for perjury, obstruction of justice

Clinton on Agreement Between UAW/Ford to Begin Production of New SUV in 2008 at Ford Stamping Plant

State Dept DROPS plan to force diplomats to Iraq

Cheney hunting = sex with blow-up doll

Giuliani Is Such A Sleazy Sh*t...

Delay and Blackwell on Tweety.....



Sen. Feingold Statement On House Iraq War Funding Vote

Bondsman crashed kids birthday party ;hits child with taser.

Washington Post - how they spin with a Headline

Should government inaction on global warming be considered a crime against humanity?

Politcal correctness gone nuts. Thanks Imus haters

Tweety riding the zenophobe-terrorism bandwagon

Grand Jury Probing HUD Chief's Statements

Feingold-Reid to offer amendment requiring sooner redeployment from Iraq

Evangelical flocks on their own at the polls

Now that my guy Gore is out, I am going with Edwards.

How can people say Bush doesn't care about black people?

(Despot) Bush to Deride Approval Process for Judicial Nominees

The Animals have their say (Fiore flashtoon)

rudy on charlie gibson's "News" Broadcast:

Hey I'm a Democrat and I don't believe in all the crap

Barry Bonds Indicted

Withdrawal Not Required in Iraq Funding Bill

boy, this pre-debate drivel from cnn. hillary, hillary, hillary, hillary

TPM: Sources: Latest Senate FISA Bill DOES NOT CONTAIN Telecom Immunity

This Will Be An Issue: 'Obama says he has no records to disclose from time in IL State Senate'

How is Your Pension Doing? Is it with GE?

Skinhead murders skinhead

Did Barry Bonds commit an UNDERLYING crime?

If worms reached the technological superiority of humans, what would their DU GD threads be like?

Bill Moyers Journal tomorrow; Katrina Recovery Woes

1 in 5 Students Would Exchange Right to Vote for iPod

Barn where cult leader killed family razed to make way for church

Democrats Dianne Feinstein, Sheldon Whitehouse and Herb Kohl approve telecom amnesty.

What's up with the RADICAL FRINGE TOONS?

Vitter (R-La.) subpoenaed to testify about prostitute use!

Has Sheldon Whitehouse gone INSANE? Voting FOR telcom amnesty? trusty is it

State department orders LASERS to "dazzle" suspect Iraqi drivers.

Saudi gang-rape victim is jailed

Holy Shi'ite! Campbell Brown, wife of Dan Senor (neocon Bushie), is working the CNN Debate

***** Official Thread II - FISA debate HOUSE RESTORE ACT Floor Debate *****

So what is the real inflation rate? Not the number excluding all the things the government does.

Weepy Boehner breaks down again on House floor

How many Illegals are in the US?

"nervous traders" . . . "ashen and wide-eyed."

Government paid Missionaries For Christ - oh yes they did

Should Tasers Be Banned?

"(T)he inspector general is to be an independent guard against corruption...But not in Bushworld."

So Bill O'Reilly supports rapists and is ok with people raping 14-year old kids

San Joaquin Community Hospital Bans All Smoking (even in parking lot)

So, how long do you think it will be until we can't understand

When was the last time Iran attacked one of its neighbors?

To all those who are already pledging NOT TO VOTE next year.

How do you maintain your happiness, in the unrelenting barrage of bad news we get?

The only real Democrat in Pakistan has beenlocked up

Seattle schools warn staff about Thanksgiving 'mourning'

Boston Cardinal attacks Democrats for support of abortion

No more "ho ho ho" for Oz Santas.....

After just 24 seconds,Police taser confused immigrant at Vancouver airport.

Just a reminder that we can, if we have the courage, to fight

Senator Clinton Cosponsors Legislation to Address Birth Control Pricing Crisis

For a good laugh look at what "scietists and teachers" have to say about the Creation Museum

“We have had an occasional case of cruelty to animals before, but not mutilation like this...”

The WH is desperately trying to get retroactive immunity for telecoms

Gonzales Defense Fund Set Up-Former AG's Legal Fees Mount in Probe

Should Dem controlled Congress keep in session until we are out of Iraq?

Kucinich: Congress Continues To Play The War Funding Game While Americans In Iraq Continue To Die

America and the world's executioners join efforts to block UN moves to end death penalty

What's the deal with John Coleman (co-founder of Weather Channel) and his GW denial?

Acoustic Weapon Hits Georgian Protesters (Updated)

Gore in NH next month to moderate Dems during forum on climate issues!

"Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe" in Berlin, Germany

Beware the real estate market

Wildlife Officials Using Doughnuts To Lure Mysterious Ape From Woods

Richardson nominated for Nobel Prize

When do we go from Recession into a Depression?

Cafeteria Worker Fired After GOP Congressman Got Grilled -- Not Toasted -- Sandwich

Bush's (and America's) Tepid Response to Tyranny in Pakistan

dupe, my bad

Just one week to go!

CommonDreams: US Media Bias and Recent Student Violence in Venezuela

What if Rupert Murdoch hadn't been born?

ZOMG! Carl Albert is a traitor complicit in the crimes of the administration!

Kerry on Court's Decision to Close Bush's SUV Loophole, Enforce Fuel Standards

Oil will reach $200 if US invades Iran, Chavez says (would halt VZ exports)

DUer a Jeopardy Finalist Tonight!!

"I don‘t know what genius political consultant has advised the Democratic leadership..."

"About My Arrest for Telling Senator Feinstein to Be Ashamed"

Larisa Alexandrovna: What's Missing From Coverage Of Hastert Resignation? Two Words - Sibel Edmonds

NEW OHIO POLL - John Edwards Most Electable Democrat.... LINK

Bush Stuffs Spending Bills With Earmarks For Dad’s Foundation, Wife’s Librarian Program

CBS Files To Dismiss Rather's "Bizarre Allegations"


Saudi punishes gang rape victim with 200 lashes

Coal Industry Sponsoring Tonight’s CNN Democratic Presidential Debate

DU....Where are You? (Geographic Distribution of DU Survey)

Cold front brings rain; Governor calls it an 'affirmation'

15-year-old gets 60 years for sex attack of girl, 6

Bush Stuffs Spending Bills With Earmarks For Dad’s Foundation, Wife’s Librarian Program

Reading Tea Leaves in a Hash House? Mark Penn Says Clinton Has 360 Electoral Votes

The Planted Question Does Bother Me; Potemkin Politicking

Garth Cancels The View, Ellen

Patrick McHenry (R-NC)...HOLY COW!

Bush Stuffs Spending Bills With Earmarks For Dad’s Foundation, Wife’s Librarian Program

Lou Dobbs "Seriously Contemplating" Presidential Bid

2008 Netroots Nation Convention to be in Austin, Texas

Rush is saying the Indians are babies for crying over "spilt land"

So I go to Starbucks this morning

The Great Myrna Loy on Ronald Reagan

POLAND steps into Canadian murder-by-taser case, Polish prosecutors to get involved

Impeaching Cheney & Bertrand Russell on "powerlessness of the individual" --

"Chuck and Diane" (updated)

Three reasons why republicans should pay more attention to their party's attack on the 4th Amendment

More stupid crap from Mr. Stupid.

ALERT: Tell them NO IMMUNITY = Senate and House Moving on Spying Bills By Ryan Singel



Impeachment Resolution “Under Active Consideration” - Conyers Tells

Is it possible Pelosi could lose in '08?

11-15-2007 DU GD straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates

Atheists need to come up with "better answers" to be accepted

You know re-listening to Randi's show on the Pod and she finally gets it... the democracts are

Will Chris Dodd denounce his campaign's Push Poll tomorrow at the debate?

The resemblance between Obama's campaign and Gary Hart's

AFP: US House defies Bush with Iraq funding vote

Democrats May Force All-Night Filibuster on Iraq Withdrawal [finally!]

WH sent Gates and Rice to Hill to rally the war before the vote:

House gets lecture from Hoyer on tardy votes

Who do you believe is behind the Iowa "push polls" - Edwards, Hillary, Obama, or Repug slimers?

Where are Obama's University of Chicago records? What's he hiding?

Hillary vs Rivals Is Vegas Bout Worth Viewing: Margaret Carlson

Googlers Quiz Obama at Town Hall

Supporters of 2nd tier candidates, OBAMA WANTS YOU!: Obama wooing supporters of lower-tier Dems

Nice flow-chart of Regan-Kerik-Rudy-Ailes-Murdoch on The Today Show

The New Yorker on Barack Obama: The Relaunch by Ryan Lizza

Rep. Dennis Hastert to announce resignation Thursday

Early date causes changes in mobilizing youth vote , Iowa may keep dorms open for caucusing students

Iraq Withdrawal Bill - like trying to re-tell a bad joke

If you could choose any new Amendment, what would it be?

Do you agree or disagree with George Will?

Former Sen. John Durkin (D-NH) endorses Dodd

Democrats Rendezvous in ‘Paris’

I sent an e-mail to Wolf re second tier candidates. I suggested he

11 Questions to Find Your Candidate - not a joke - see what you think:

Hillary Clinton changed her tune and flip-flopped on the licenses for illegal immigrants

See how the RW views the Judith Regan fiasco......Barf alert..

On LINK TV Now: Economic Hitman Talks About Secret History of American Empire

Favorite Denny Hastert memory?

Top Iowa Story: Early Caucus Could Cut Student Participation

Marshall Herskovitz: Are the corporate suits ruining TV?

More on John McCain and the "B" Word

Give Us Back our Flag!

Was Kucinich right to join the Repugs in voting against the Iraq Bill?

Dems Set To Kill Feinstein Censure Resolution ("Sometimes people can't understand the big picture")

Just me or is "State's Rights" just code words for...

More Bad News (Sic) Ohio -Hillary 49% -Ghouliani-44%

The 15 Democrats who voted against the $50B Iraq Withdrawal Bill

I have never claimed to be an expert on the political process but...


Reason they're homeless is because they're poor and they need money and they are chronically normal

Hillary Clinton Takes Cash From Recipients of Husband's Controversial Pardons

The Rude Pundit: Why Ann Coulter Is a ---- (Dictator-Humping Edition)

wish Blitzer wasn't doing the debate tonite - he's never fair

Pictures from the Obama rally last night, video link included.****Dial up warning****

Set Ups? Planted Questioners? They all do that kind of thing:

Stuck in an elevator with my Congressman

Rhode Island Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts Endorses Clinton

Rasmussen- Iowa -Clinton 29% Edwards 25% Obama 24% Richardson 10%

Democrats fair well in mock general election match-ups

Obama is largely running as the candidate of change...

Coincindentally the presidential candidates who represent the Bedrock of Ameerican Values Are

Clinton Strong in Ohio GE Poll; Obama Falters

Could the unifying link have been a Ted Kennedy/Tom Harkin-type of liberal in the race?

Edwards seeks boost in small-town Iowa

Republicans Vote To Cut Off Funding For Our Troops(!)

PLEASE READ- The links to the videos that need to be spread on the internet!

We know Romney flip-flops on the issues. But on his faith?!

"Obama In Orbit" is a fantastic column in today's New York Times

NOW New York State Condemns McCain's Non-Response

Edwards must be moving fast, he is now being left out and not mentioned by some

Maybe the all powerful KKKarl and the "MSM" WANT Hillary to lose the nomination?

John B. Judis: Obama Rising, Where Hillary went wrong--and how Barack took advantage

Senate ponders Sunday vote on Iraq

Evangelical flocks on their own at the polls: FUNDAMENTAL SHIFT TRANSFORMING "RELIGIOUS" RIGHT

A Biden Memo: The Real "Clear Contrast"

For the Bidenites from Valerie.....

ARG Poll - IA-Clinton -27%-Obama 21% Edwards -20%

What A Dilemna!!

Cong. Jim Moran (D-NoVA)'s Impeachment Survey

Time's Mark Halperin: Obama Scores Major Iowa Labor Nod

Former Texas Rangers co-owner / current war criminal "very disappointed" over Bonds indictment

GAIL COLLINS: What Happens in Vegas ...

Will Hillary directly attack any other candidates tonight?

Clinton campaign: Hillary would win in a landslide if the election were tomorrow

To all "Death Cab" responders

Demand slur-free campaign from McCain. Contact info here.

Obama's spent $3.9 million on TV ads in Iowa, Clinton and Richardson have spent $2.2 million each,

I must admit, I am surprised by people's reactions to the Mccain "bitch" thing

New poll shows Hillary leading other Dems in the South

Who Are Your Top-Two Candidates?

Denny Hastert to quit today @ 2:30 PM EST ... Hmmmmmmm?

Repug POLL: Huckleberry and Mittens in dead heat in Iowa, the Ghoul is tanking (24/ 26/11)

Clinton campaign: Hillary would win in a landslide if the election were tomorrow

I wonder if Kucinich will kick Edwards' butt on trade tonight

If you're going to watch the debate, where will you be?

When that woman asked McCain "how do we beat the bitch?"

Clinton Says No to Licenses for Illegals; Finally Takes A Stand

Vegas showdown: Clinton 'on the hot seat' Story Highlights

About that odd Iowa phone "poll"

Karl Rove To "Balance" Kos at Newsweek

Iowa UAW Endorses Barack Obama

Biden Makes Bush Look Bad on Pakistan (Though That Isn't Hard)

What's the Story coming out of Tonight's Debate?

Just On Hardball - Hillary has had 5 different positions on drivers license

Richardson Stays Real---A bit imperfect---but a more interesting candidate.

HELP! Is CNN streaming the debate tonight? (Or will Nomad have to ride to the rescue again?)

Youtube: "Not the Daily Show, With Some Writer" and "Voices of Uncertainty"

Among the top Democratic Presidential Nominees-Who do you believe says what he or she truly believe?

Watch this...the Big Dog on a treadmill...pretty funny...

Bush will blanket pardon his entire administration

Obama, I believe;"The rock star stuff is back," and the wind is at his back

Do you think if a candidate offered a pardon to any lawmaker

Edwards campaign launches new "Plants For Hillary" website

So is the drivers licenses for Illegal aliens now off the table for the 08 campaign?

I just received a 'survey' call (I was told it was not a poll when I asked who was paying for it)

Why is Kucinich ahead in the fund drive?

11/14/07 - Barack Obama at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium SF

WARNING! Hillary is the B Word is the “Gore is a Liar” of 2008

Obama's Path To Victory

Blitzer: "No matter if it's a boy or girl, there's a tendency to gang up on the front runner. It's..

Who will screw up bigtime tonite?

Bill Richardson nominated for Nobel Peace Prize!

We need a sit down with our elected Democrats!

LBN 11/16/07-Hillary affirms front runner status in debate

ACLU-SC Calls for Impeachment

11-15-2007 DU GD-P straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates

I'd like to say a little something about Kucinich

Are you going to claim that Hillary did horrible in tonight's debate regardless of what happens?

Steny and Rahm say to delay Friday's vote on contempt resolutions.

"Edwards is a big fat poopy head."

Via Politico's Ben Smith: WSJ reports that "Lou Dobbs is Advertising for Himself" President!

Obama's anti-gay South Carolina strategy: "Signs of Desperation?"

What do you mean Biden has a tendency to ramble???!?!?