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Archives: November 14, 2007

Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy-Nothing Wagered, Nothing Learned

Is the Military Our Last, Best Hope for Averting War with Iran?

Dave Lindorff: This Revolution Could Be Televised on Fox

Independent UK: These are perilous days for the US

Hidden cost of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq 'is twice what Bush claims'

Atomic waste on the USS Calhoun County? If not, why is everyone so sick?

The Doctrine of Revenge - Desmond Tutu

MSNBC: Choosing A New Progressive Anchor

Progressives are not Democrats!

Independent UK: London joins national campaign to banish the curse of the plastic bag

House Votes to Ban Mercury Exports - AP

Help DU this Poll No to LNG off the Coast

Massive walkout on Jim Gilchrist silences Minuteman debate

Lawmakers call details of Kent allegation 'shocking

(Bush's) Gutierrez continues pushing U.S.-Colombia free trade deal

Rice Urges Israel to Make Compromises for Peace

O.J. publisher sues News Corp

Omaha mayor (Fahey D-Ne) says no to Senate run (Kleeb up next?)

Bush’s Labor Board Guilty Of Violating Labor Law Against Its Own Employees

F.B.I. Says Guards Killed 14 Iraqis Without Cause

Abramoff Probe Still Active, Fees Indicate

Intel Chief Blasts 'Cherry Picked' Intel

4 Organ Recipients Infected With HIV

Media tycoon Murdoch tells Australia to keep troops in Iraq ('You have almost won it')

Spitzer to Drop His License Plan

More new women priests than men

Sensitive Guantánamo Bay Manual Leaked Through Wiki Site

CIA erred and had tapes in September 11 conspirator case

RIAA wants Universities to get campus wide Napster subscription or “lose all federal financial aid”

Alien nation of affection:

Tartar!? Are you fucking kidding me?

No Thread Sex

My Word For Today Is ' Locking'

You know its annoying when stores put up early x-mas decorations.

Good lock, Jim

Cleveland Indian's CC Sabathia wins Cy Young award.

Sex No Threads

Threads sex no

Dinosaurs getting ready to lock

Pssssssst! Sara/Kaghime nt

There is a MPAA rating system for conversation?

My post got flocked.

If a mod locks a post about locking a post,

My toast got frocked.

Hilarious lock message!

Thread locker

My Dear CaliforniaPeggy

Oy, my GPAs are stressing me out...

Locking Screw Threads

I need a gift idea. I'm at a loss here.

I Think All Of lost-in-nj Posts Should get Locked

Three sheets to the wind

One Hour Until T-Boner Steak Dinner


Lock Free Zone Post

So this guy showed up at our morning basketball game

GD has become a Lounge parody

Carpoolers on ABC.

Aw Nuts!

We Love Huge Chicken Legs Post

Anyone else just see KO's "Worst Persons?"

one toke over the line, Sweet Jesus, one toke over the line

I took a muscle relaxer an hour ago...

I donated to DU and broke it,

my studio mate on the radio!


We have NOT had a good smiley thread in a LONG time! Post your fave smiley here!

I think JVS is crying out for help.


an unique clothing site for the "risque" du ladies in the lounge

Gore's in the Fun Run!!!!11

It's time...

Little Shop of Horrors - Suddenly Seymour


Faking It

We Love Hugo Chavez Post

Generic thread about local violent action against helpless victim, with link to article

I can't tell if the star I have now is the one I've had all along, or if someone donated in my name.



Post your best "I'm Fucking A Rock Star" picture here!

Damn. I hate sudden problems.

Dayum. It's only 8pm. It feels like it should be at least 10pm.

LOL! Big Al is in the Fun Run

What a crappy day.

Should I change my sig line pic to this?

Strange night at Tavernertavern: Neil Diamond and Mendo Eye of the Hawk

Just so you know

Two words for this "Wanted" ad

If No One Had A Face (or hair)


Guilty of Posting While Intoxicated, Your Honor

Futurama Favorite Quotes Thread

"Only gays wear soccer jerseys!". Said to my 5th grade son at school.

Post your current earworm.

Do you ever have one of those commutes...

Tuatara!? Are you fucking kidding me?

That "Count" guy from Sesame Street. Obsessive-compulsive, anal retentive, or BOTH?

To whomever was doing the William Shakespeare's Thought of the Day

Wesley Crusher vs Jar Jar Binks (Poll)

Are *YOU* ready for the Krispy Kreme Challenge?

It smells like ass outside.

MSNBC: "McDonald's Expands Breakfast Choices"...MMM, Egg McHaggis...and a few more of MY dream items

Is there any reason DU'ers should watch Jeopardy Tournament of Champions?

There is one thing that truly, truly baffles me...

I communicated with Skinner via email...

Pros and cons of owning a cactus.

Announcement, I am NOT a father

Psst..... over in the Science Fiction forum, they have pictures of the new Mr. Spock.

Some asshats were throwing ice off their tenth floor balcony and nearly hit my dog....

Don't be so paranoid, don't worry about it....

Dog orphaned by wildfires undergoes high-tech treatment for burns

Cat's daily routine - very cute

My daughter gave me a kitten for my birthday. He is so tiny and awesome

As if the fucking infantile "veggie" plague wasn't enough. Now we have, according to

In the past couple hours, my ten-year-old son has:

I need DU reviews! Anybody have one of the Bose Wave music systems?

Whatever happened to Der Blaue Engel?

Iraq war is a betrayal of American democracy

Ron Paul's Base

'A Place for Hope' - John Edwards

Voices of Uncertainty: The Writer's Strike

Leave Bill O Reilly alone!

Message from a Kucinich Campaign Intern

Bush's 4 Step Plan To Attack Iran

John Edwards - America's Jobs and America's Workers - SC ad

A Wake-Up Call for Democrats: Groundhog Day is Dead

Olympia port protesters stop military-cargo truck (11/13/07)

Anywhere Near as Bad

The New Deal, Progressive Taxation & the Greatest Sustained Economic Boom in U.S. History


I think the stab in the back myth is being started up already

Members of Congress also wait on FOIA requests

The Surge -

Breaking .... Polls now are singing a different tune

ARGGHH!! Get the Matt Blunt advertisement off of the home page!!!

Pakistan as the most dangerous proliferator

Bush is NOT a PIECE of shit!

Mentally Ill Veterans Sent Back To War


I've Finally Figured Out What The Deal Is With The '08 Election

Damn! Damn! Damn! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Grumble

Bob Herbert: "Righting Reagan's Wrongs?"

Baptist Convention Expels North Carolina Church for Welcoming Gays

Caption the Chimp!

Wrong Way Democrats

Va te faire foutre, Nicolas Sarkozy! .... Workers shut down France over Sarko's pension schemes.

Obama Will Benefit from Iowa Students Caucusing in Home Towns

“How do we beat the bitch?”

Mark Cuban, chastized by O'Lielly, up next on Countdown.

On KO: Mark Cuban giving O'Loofalafel the bitch slap.

McCain laughs as supporter calls Hillary a bitch

Judith Regan Sues Ex-Employer News Corp. Over Firing - Rupert Murdoch

Does anyone believe that the Chinese sub incident was an accident by the Chinese ?

U.S. Hawks Dive For Cover

Ralph Nader supports Ron Paul

Who will pick the presidential candidates?

O'Loofah is again flogging his "Support the Troops" mantra.

Al-Qaeda Hires Blackwater

I want 10,000 text written messages delivered to my inbox or I am taking DU off the table!

$3.5 trillion dollars

I heard something heartening today. And credit should go strongly to 'the lefties'

Harry Reid is threatening to cut off Iraqi war funds, unless Bush

Kill The Messenger - Al-Qaeda and the FBI - The Sibel Edmonds Story

How does a female soldier leave from RI on Monday for Kuwait, and is dead 24 hours later?

Riane Eisler, author of *The Real Wealth of Nations,* to speak at National Press Club on Nov. 28

So if Judith Regan story has legs--is Rudy finished?

Beyond Religion

Here's an excellent reason to have cranberries with your Thanksgiving dinner...

Joementum power up will rule the Fun Run.

Iran Looking To Russia And China To Help Modernise Air Force

FRONTLINE's 2005 program "The Last Abortion Clinic" is replaying tonight. (on Now in the East)

The Dow rose 319.54, or 2.46 percent, to 13,307.09

Since when does cheeney-ing elected official Sonny PURDUE *pray* as a minister in OFFICE?!1 n/t

How many FREEPTURDS have ever been on Jeopardy?

When it comes to coping with adults, I sincerely believe,...

Shock & Awe baby! Shock and fucking AWE!!!!

Gore: "I have not made a Sherman statement."

SEND your impeachment letters to Dennis Kucinich with a copy to Pelosi

Cleveland: Foreclosure's perfect storm

British Airways flying completely empty planes across the Atlantic

Don't kid yourselves, you are being censored here too.

Twisted psychiatric experiment? Exploiting students and veterans? Imperial brainwashing?

Study: Black pessimism worst since 1980s

Cost of War for a Family of Four: $46,400.

"Democrat" primary, "Democrat" controlled Congress, "Democrat" Party

PBS now: NOVA--Intelligent Design on TRIAL--the Pennyslvania court

Alternative fuels may boost pollution...seriouly misleading headline.

Fun Run - I think it's a foregone conclusion that DK will win

Texas Mayors Want to Widen Rio Grande

The new tablecoth at the Congressional Thanksgiving Table will be embroidered with the word .....

If you were a powerful CEO who wanted the to keep status quo in place

When did Gore enter the Fun Run?

So is Huckabee the dark horse candidate on the GOP side in 2008?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

How politically MASTERFUL would it be if AL GORE announced ....

My incredible, breathtakingly assholic assumptions about Mark Cuban.

Dennis Kucinich Invisible... Even Here On DU ! Grrrr

If you live in Iowa and NH. What are things like there with the campaign?

ending the iraq war

Two Very Disturbing Stories

A conjurer of verse.....

Homeless and suicidal

I just received a letter from our Democratic Party Chairman

I was on the verge of buying Apple stock at the opening bell this morning...

Majority believe Bush has committeed impeachable offenses.

Bloomberg Will Polish GOP Credentials (Bloomberg-Bush '08?)

Women's eNews: Consider Boycotting Holiday Shopping

Bush Veto Sets Up Clash on Budget

An Appreciation of Norman Mailer -- tonight on Charlie Rose

Veterans Day: A Day for Peace or for War? by Ann Wright

Do the anti-Hillary folks here on DU feel like hypocrites regarding the McCain supporter?

Instead of praying for rain

Breaking NYT: F.B.I. Says Guards Killed 14 Iraqis Without Cause

Need your help to DU this poll No to LNG

Question about "THE GOOD GERMAN".

FDL: Here Comes The Sun (in the form of Al Gore)


Cindy Sheehan Will Hand Deliver Our Letters Re: Cheney Impeachment To Pelosi--

Giuliani could now be forced to testify in Kerik Case, due to FOX favoritism, Judith Regan Lawsuit

colorado supreme court oks language of anti-abortion ballot proposal

"Proud to Be an American"--Alternative lyrics?

NOVA - PBS intel design and evolution

Friends, Neighbors, GOREvolutionaries, Lend me your ears

"Regan's Revenge on Rupert Ropes in Rudy" - NEWSCORP, FOX BUSTED HELPING RUDY RUN!

Mukasey reopens probe into warrantless wiretap program!!!!

Rightwingers Strive to Put 'English-First' Wedge Issue on Ballot

Our favorite sub-freeper site has no mention of Rudy's "troubles."

Story about gas prices that will make you sick

Getting Kids to Read - Is Anyone Trying?

Georgia Governor leads "Pray for Rain" session; protestors kept away

Man gets 4 years in prison for spying on wife's email

I don't like the term 'pro-life.' I think 'pro-death' is much more appropriate. Here's why.

Judith Regan: News Corp (FOX ) Exec (Ailes?)Told Her Lie About Kerik Affair to Protect Giuliani!

Al Gore's IN!!!!!!

Beyond Religion

Homophobic Surgeon General Nominee Reveals Bush Plans To Recess Appoint Him

Ok, I'm obsessed...again, it isn't political, it is about the housing

AT&T to Sell Equipment to Monitor Workplaces

Gunman Shoots Up Dallas AIDS Agency with High-Powered Rifle

Elizabeth Holtzman: "The President Could Be Subject To Prosecution-FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE"

Bush is a delusional F***

So you think Dennis is crazy for thinking that life may exist elsewhere?

CBS: Iowa DEADLOCK. Clinton 25%, Edwards 23%, Obama 22%

Is it worth 5 minutes of your time, and less than 50 cents of your money

Korean Air -- Why so many ads on TV?

Hiroshima Bomber Unrepentant till Death

Sad....Dirty tricks against Edwards...

Edwards to unveil plan for vets with PTSD

NYPD Police Union will never support Rudy...........

Iowa Independent talks about Obama's appeal in Iowa

Does anyone else suspect that some of these posters who support

Iowa is the end of the line for either Obama or Edwards

New Strategic Visions poll for IA: Hillary - 29%, Obama - 27%, Edwards - 20%, Undecided - 10%

Don't You DARE Say Media Hasn't Called Out Bush For Staged Events- Fox News 2005

Democrats remain stalled on Iraq debate(0 FOR 40 (!) ON STOPPING IRAQ WAR)

McCain thinks ‘bitch’ inquiry is an ‘excellent question’

John Edwards is not the purest Dem in the race

Obama defends himself against attacks

Impeachment Questions

What do you get when take the conventional wisdom of Beltway brayers then dumb it down 50 IQ points?

Wow, the Justice Department's warrantless wiretapping will be investigated!!

Democrats mull short list of SEC candidates

Washington Post: Democrats Leaving Nothing and No One to Chance in Iowa

My vote doesn't count, and I'm pissed off about it.

NYT: A Health Plan for Wal-Mart: Less Stinginess

Domestic spying inquiry restarted at DoJ

Breaking - John McCain Supporter Calls Hillary A Bitch At Campaign Event

Fact Watch: Sen. Edwards Proposes Unconstitutional Law In New Ad

House Dem. Talking Points on New Iraq Bill

There is a less than 1% chance Gore will be the nominee and here is how it could happen

New South Carolina Poll -Hillary 47% Obama 33% Edwards-10%

Strategic Vision Iowa poll: Clinton's lead narrows a bit

NY Times/CBS Poll: Iowa Tight Among Dems; GOP Race In Flux

My dem primary prediction:

Planting Questions, Falling Flags. I'm almost beginning to feel sorry for Hillary.

What is Edwards thinking with this last ad? Adwatch: Edwards Threatens Congress

Ex-Publisher Says News Corp. Official Wanted Her to Lie to Protect Giuliani

Photos: Barack Obama speaking today at the UAW Region 4 Conference in Dubuque, Iowa

How similar is the Vietnam war and the Iraq war?

Grassroots good times for Obama on a Tuesday Night

The CBS/NYT poll at looks good for Edwards (in IA) imo. Check it out

Biden calls for change in way vets qualify for medical care

Senator John Edwards Wins SoCal Grassroots Straw Poll Again

"The Politics of Pile-On" from HRC supporters at DU shows Edwards strategy working!

Why attack Hillary and her supporters?

Person most likely to die of heart attack if Hillary becomes president in '08

Rasmussen Poll: Only 25% of Americans Believe "The Boys" Have "Piled On" Hillary

Washington Post: 'Socialized Medicine' Snake Oil

Why Attack Edwards and his supporters?

Reminder: CNN Presidential Debate this Thursday night

DU 2004 vs DU 2008

Is HRC really courting OH's Ted Strickland as a possible VP?

John Nichols: Barney Frank: Clinton "Best Equipped" to Advance Gay Rights

Battle of the Bushes--book excertps by Craig Unger

Jim McDermott: Congress Should Participate in an Iran "War Game"

Moody Is the New Bipolar

Throw the flag against: Mitt Romney.

Have Democrats Lost Their Liberal Spirit?

Columnists War Breaks Out at 'NYT'

Robert Scheer: Bush Stands by His Dictator

The Onion: Thanksgiving Won't Be The Same This Year Without A House

Boys and Girls, Can You Say Anthrax?


5 Easy Steps to Impeachment

Marty Kaplan| Your FCC At Work

Thanks a million, Ayn Rand, for setting the greedy free

The Nation: Immigrant License Plan Unravels

Innocent mistakes

Gene Lyons always liked Hillary

State Your Secrets

Janice Turner on bodily preoccupations of both Islam and the West

The American People are Beginning to Get It.

Eric Boehlert: NBC News anchor schmoozes Giuliani, badgers Democrats

Soldier took overdose on eve of Iraq trip-'feared killing children'

France Grinds to Halt Over Transportation Strike

Bush To Be Pursued Legally After Leaving White House By Sherwood Ross

Camille Paglia on Queen Hillary...

David Sirota: Obama, Clinton & the NAFTA Kabuki Dance

The Story of Religion

Who is Our Enemy in Iraq?

Employer-provided insurance continues to decline

Regan throws kerosene on Kerik/Giuliani fire

Outrage in a Time of Apathy

Mark Morford: Outrage fatigue? Get over it

Maureen Dowd: Should Hillary Pretend to Be a Flight Attendant?

The American Prospect: Loving Pat Robertson

Shock Doctrine II: Sacred Friedmanism vs. Mongrel Capitalism

This Is Not A Christian Nation

In final stretch, Bush is no Reagan

The Dog that Didn't Bark: The Story I'd Like Bill Moyers to Cover

Rudy Giuliani: Criminal or Liar?

Democrats: Stop Apologizing!

John Zogby: Is 2008 a 1932 Moment?

Universal health care would be a boon to the free market

Could the next President be even scarier?

My Father — 30 Year Career U.S. Diplomat — Left Out To Dry

An inconvenient assessment (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

IEA cuts world oil demand view - indications higher prices depressing demand

Minnesota State, Moorhead 'green fees' go toward wind turbine

Governor Suspends Bay Area Fishing (San Fran oil spill)

Sun, 10 Other IT Firms To Build Energy-Saving Underground Data Center

The New England Patriots Make a Play for Renewable Energy Credits

Rooftop Solar Can Help REITs Cut Buildings' Carbon Emissions in Half and Tap New Revenue Stream

Australian Lagging On Clean Energy Development - Ranked At #14, Behind China, India, US - The Age

Bangkok Police Force Puts Out Request For Used Cooking Oil To Help Fight Gasoline Costs - Reuters

Russia Begins Safety Review After Massive Black Sea Oil Spill - Reuters

Air Pollution In Karachi, Pakistan At 4X International Standards

Pessimistic Fuel Report Too Bright

GM's Chevy a go for green at start of L.A. Auto Show

H5N1 Outbreak Confirmed Among Turkeys On Farm In Suffolk, UK - New Scientist

MV Cosco Busan

Learn How Much Your Power Plant Pollutes

In your back yard or somewhere else?

Georgia Farmers Lash Out at Atlanta (water wars)

Algeria plans solar power cable to Germany-paper

Yangtze River Hits New Record For Human, Industrial Waste - 30.5 Billion Tons Dumped In 2006 - AFP

China poised to lead renewables race

IPCC Scientists Acknowledge That Their Projections Are Likely Too Conservative - PI

Small Island Nations Meet On Climate - "Time Running Out For Survival Of Future Generations" - AFP

As Ocean Acidifiction Intensifies, Soft-Bodied Corals Simply Dissolving - 90%+ Dieoff At Study Sites

Honda: Solar Production Begins.

Climate Change: The Worst Can Still Be Avoided (IPCC)

40 Days Before Christmas, It's Springtime In The UK- Tadpoles Out, Primroses Blooming In Scotland

CIA admits to recording interrogations of top al Qaida captives

Massachusetts moves to protect abortion clinics

ICRC says around 60,000 detained in Iraq

U.S. accused of ignoring crisis for 4.5 million displaced Iraqis

Colombia's Uribe says rebel leader will be killed if emerges from hiding for talks

Polls Find Voters Weighing Issues vs. Electability

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 14

A Hizbollah Mole? Case against CIA spy shocks counter-intelligence community

F.B.I. Says Guards Killed 14 Iraqis Without Cause

Afghanistan and Iraq wars cost $1.6 trillion [WH rains on our party]

Sarkozy's union fight halts France

Inspection finds two bowed gussets on Inner Belt Bridge

FBI finds Blackwater Iraq shootings unjustified: report

Former pilots, officials call for UFO study

IRAQ: Male gynaecologists attacked by extremists

Prosecutors oppose new trial for Skilling

UN regrets undercover Cubans at event

3 House members call Kent case 'shocking'

Anti-War Voters Lash Out at Democrats They Helped Put in Office

Iraq troops seize powerful Sunni office - AP

Election fixes stir worries on ballot security

Foreclosures double from year ago: report

Hemisphere Wide Actions to Close the SOA

Iraq bomber kills 2 at meeting of sheikhs - police

Loud explosion rocks central Baghdad -witnesses

U.S. Team In Hot Water For Anti-Bush Sign

Senate Dem leaders float plan for forced filibuster

Breakthrough in primate cloning

Clinton pours cash into S.C. ["MUST WIN" for obama]

Squalor, crime follow wave of foreclosures

Three U.S. troops killed in Iraq

Colorado Supreme Court Gives Green Light to Restore Personhood to the Unborn

Spitzer Drops His Driver’s License Plan

Putin: I Have A Moral Right To Continue Wielding Influence

Baghdad blast shows security 'fragile': US

Senate Dem leaders float plan for forced filibuster

House GOP [Minority] Report Defends State Dept. Official [PRE today's meeting}

(CBS) Poll: Top Democrats Deadlocked In Iowa

$1 Billion Owed in Medicare Taxes

Liberal Dems back party's war bill [Perino: "height of irresponsibility," }

US earmarks funds for new space weapons system

Canadian firetruck responding to U.S. call held up at border

Expulsions Dropped for the Morton 25

Prince threatens to sue b3ta

Engineer group not amused by online spoof of levee review

Republicans Seek Retraction of Report on Wars' 'Hidden Costs' [HA HA}

UN spotlights 'survival sex' among Iraqi women refugees

Do Campaigns Routinely Plant Questions?

Dozens arrested in protests against Iraq war shipments in Olympia (pepper spray bullets deployed)

Voters Unhappy With Bush and Congress (Bush at New Low In Zogby Poll: 24%)

7.7 earthquake rocks Northern Chile

Sunni sheik claims US killed his men

Obama says he has no Illinois records

Pet Massacres Carried Out in Puerto Rico (8 years)

House Democrats round up votes on Iraq

Pakistan leader to quit army this month

Moscow May Deploy Missiles In Belarus To Counter U.S. Missile Defence

Anti-Bush Sign Has (Game of) Bridge World in an Uproar

Illinois Cop Proclaims Innocence In Rare Interview

McCain answered woman who rapped Clinton

"Suicide Epidemic Among Veterans"

Edwards Vows to Reverse Trade Policies

Catholic bishops instruct voters By RACHEL ZOLL, AP Religion Writer

Krongard Recuses Himself from Blackwater Investigations (Brother Is On Blackwater Board)

Lula backs Chávez's democracy; third presidential term

Soldier who took overdose on eve of Iraq trip 'feared having to shoot children'

Chiquita Brands accused of funding death squads


Hey, lounge. Some after the fact vibes?

Sex emergency!

Realization: The (1000+ posts) graphics next to many of our nicknames are a bit out of date.

I'm pretty sure that whatever monk dude who wrote Beowulf...

I didn't have a heart attack or stroke today

WHERE did that damn thing GO!!!!!!

I'm transferring Battlestar Galactica from videotape to DVD...

We All Are Awake, and We All Sleep, and during that sleep about the Roman fort at Deva, Romania, then...

A cloudburst in the New Mexico desert? (Summer, 2006)

Justice O'Connor's husband forms romance with fellow Alzheimer's patient

New AFLAC ad

Let's Play "Stump the Schmuck!"

Good Night...I leave you with a sunset (pic)

Smurfs Rule

OK I'm at work now for about an hour and a bit

Things that get higher ratings than BillO

Greta, Greta, Greta


Something took out a power transformer (station?) in a major way...

Has anyone seen my avatar? It seems to have gone missing.

Freeper Word Games


Of the "classic" era rock stars still recording/performing, who *doesn't* suck?

IT.. will not....DIE!!! Star Trek Pilot on the Big Screen "The Menagerie"

I hate Angelina Jolie!

I dont care one way or another about Angelina Jolie

The Vegas Dem Debate

Any No-Man fans in the house?

Check out my first video

Get out of the car !

People who watched House last night...

Men, stop PM'ing me your measurements!

I don't think we've had one before, so... Baby body mod pic thread!

I don't think we've had one before, so... Body mod pic thread!

Make My Logo Bigger!

What would Jesus do?

My house is VIBRATING!!!!

Coming to a major league ballpark near you...Kosuke Fukudome!

babybunnypants spine has corrected itself by 13 degrees!!!

Depp is code for flvegan.

Johnny Depp is really hot.

McConnaughey is code for DS1.

Hilton Praised for Raising Awareness of Elephant Drunken Plight

Do you wash your People Magazine?

Beckham to be the new face (ass?) of Armani underwear

Elijah Wood! Why?!!!!

Courtesy flush...

wow. my day just got shot all to hell.

no one else can help...but I can't find them. anyone know...

Clown loses work privilege :Witnesses say they saw him drinking beer, dancing

All 5 male rock singers.

It's Sherwood Schwartz's birthday today.

Other than time in the Lounge, what occupies the majority of your day?

What an idiot!

My husband has gotten me addicted to "The Biggest Loser"


Do you wash your banana?

End users are evil!

I just saw "Children of Men" - whoa!

I wanna move to Orangutan Island...

Because her father is a dumbass, I present to you good folks,

Worse wedgies: ruffle-crotched thongs or low-rise cheekers?

Remind me never to take 16 credit hours a semester again, please.

Marvel Comics putting it's comics on line.

A graphical representation of why I am hot (and why you are not)

Any gamers wanna play a VERY FUN online game with me? (it's free!)

I had to call an ambulance for a young lady in an accident....first thing her dad says to me...

Students protesting for cheaper birth control "So students don't have to make a choice between their

I think the guy from the SAW movies designed my minivan.

I just recognized a name in the credits to "West Side Story"...from an MST3K episode.

Who else thinks your favorite band sux????

here's a wtg for Sabathia

When someone tosses at you the unsubstantiated accusation of, "You're just jealous!"

My entire office of fundraising, 70+ ladies trashed Limbaugh at work today.

Raw Story's New Video Site

Woohoo - we have escaped our despotic HMO

Who wants a gun that fires teddy bears?

I have the EXACT same size _______ as Johnny Depp!!

I Need A Hug

I believe there are almost no upstanding people left in this world.

sky shots for Heidi...

Fox making episodes of Family Guy without creator Seth MacFarlane

Groupies of obscure bands who put out crappy music

Santas traditional greeting of "ho, ho, ho" may be derogatory to women.

How do you remove an item from your desktop?

Whiskey, freight train, "silly" woman makes news


name as-yet-theoretical baby seawolf - Male

Scabies in the orifice. What say you?

If you are interested.

OMG!!! What's going on in the Wyoming Forum??

baby sw- female

I decided to organize my desk

Man... why couldn't they have named it The War Against Terror?

Is Binge Drinking OK for Moms-to-Be?

There are atheists in Utah!?

I LOVE this kid that rides with JackMN in the SpEd van.

Stoners, slackers, and lay-abouts you need to see this in GD

Project Runway #4--only 6 hours 20 minutes away

I may not afford food, but I can think of comfort foods.

*Gift Idea*--H ow about a cactus?

America has a bug up its ass!

A gift that would make baby Jesus cry

Turkey in a bag. Yes/no? Why/why not?

hello all, I've missed you

Survey (if you don't mind)

This is where I met the leprechaun. He told me to burn things.

How can you not "get" Carter?

do you believe what you read on a blog?

Why don't you tell me about the mystery dance? nt

teen sensation -> skank

All right, DU Car Mechanics, help me guesstimate how much I'm FOCKED

Is it worth what you are paying for your cell phone?

How many more years living under the WARHEADS?

Share your turkey cooking secrets

What's worse? poll

billyskank is one of the people here who makes my fucking day!

How can you not "get" smart?

I love "Family Circus"

Physician reuses dirty syringes, exposes hundreds of his patients to hepatitis. Bonus: officials

I'M CAN'T TELL, either

Wanted: Spider Identification (pics)

"Britney Spears has had liposuction on her bottom and hips, it was claimed today"

My boss just brought me a loaf of Anadama bread!

When Georgie Talks to Jesus...

$54 million dollar pants man loses job

new halloween painting

Two variations on a single comedic theme--which is funnier to you?

LynneSin, this is for you:

I just got a score of 338 on Boomshine!!

Time Waster: Can you get the people in the "free" live sex cams to eat one another's noses?

Well ladies...he's off the market, getting married

Want to go to the can? Call phone numbers you find in the can.

This Jay-Z / i-Tunes thing: I think there's a strong possibility he's just a greedy effing punk-ass

"People Magazine" Sexiest Man Alive

I saw a joke thread posted

Um....okay. Apparently random Google image pages can uncover very odd things.

ask dr. lexus

Every day, there's a big black guy in my living room...

Today's pet peeve: uncreative naming.

Jiri Tlusty releases statement regarding photographs on Internet

Which is eaten less: Fruitcake or Cranberry Sauce?

100,000 Bees Invade University Building

Cheney: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Bush: "NARF!"



Stupid Drivers

The sweet seduction of itchy butt.

I can't count

Prayers, good karma, happy thoughts, positive energy requested

I'm afraid SophieMN has a weak sense of humor.

So my 15yo son called the Viagra Consumer Hotline

Live sex cams kick ass! Here's why:

W00t! She thinks I'm HAWT!

I think I need to go to rehab. It's time to admit that I am an addict. (Warning: sad)

Project Runway Season 4 starts tonight! Is anyone else as excited as me?

How can you not "get" 'The Blues Brothers'?

Printer problem (cat funny)

Pic of TM at Homecoming.

Please take the time to thoughtfully respond to my poll in GD-P.

Matthew McConnaughey is really hot.

Well, I just retrieved a balloon.

La Vie En Rose

Fuck you very much fuck you all so very much

"Flashblock" is a great Firefox add-on.

ladies - what are your partners measurements?

I can't mount

It's like two marbles and a belly-button

Today's pet peeve: uncreative flaming

Every day, there's a big black fly in my living room

I love Angelina Jolie

Alcohol consumed per capita map.

Every day, there's a big black fly in my living room daring Midlo to try her shit on him.

Will the person who gave my 4 y/o a kazoo for Halloween step up, so I can beat them?

Hold me back. Today is Barnes & Noble bookfair fundraiser day!

Gandalf the Fool just ran outside into the sleet.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/14/07

Who really LIKES to read a book, not the internets or paper?

Ahh...I just did a big hit of my book addiction.

Babies in the office. What say you?

Good vibes please.

Tonight I'm gonna rock you tonight

World of Warcraft....

DIGG This: I'm having trouble with the manufacturer of my video card.

So I was working my job at the Viagara Helpline and some smartass calls in

Sending good thoughts out to Thomcat

No more valedictorians.

Gene Simmons: college kids killed music biz


Question re: married name ID for flying

How can you not "get" Jerry Van Dyke?

What was the most unhealthy thing you've ever eaten?

How are you doing today?

Actors that are overrated

Actors that are Underrated...

What actor or actress will you see in any film?

TV Characters You Never Saw?

Quiz: "ELAND" means...

Looking for ballet class recommendations for my daughters

Attention Fun Run Fans: If you plan on voting Gore, Save those Steps

Great! Just Great! He "said" he found a pair of glasses that does no belong to him...


Post a picture of you with someone sorta famous..

How can you not 'get' Dick Van Dyke?

It's a miracle! Jesus and Mary appear on a pancake to tell the world to "clean up its act"

All who really love, and I mean REALLY LOVE Spinal Tap only need reply

Mental problems appear months after return

Ft. Hood investigating GI’s death on post

Fired Walter Reed head takes over at Detrick

Thousands expected at Benning protest

Army reiterates ban on waterboarding

Bill would make sale of IFF gear illegal

Gay rights groups plan Mall flag protest

Tricare now covers shingles vaccine

Costs of wars put at $1.6 trillion so far

Senator: Iraq money hinges on troop pullout

Officials: Turkish gunships raid Kurd towns

GAO: Navy should delay some LCS mine systems

Court orders Navy to reduce effects of sonar

Coast Guard criticized for oil spill response

Baltimore, CG break ground on methane project

Corps confirms new boot coming

Hadithah lance corporal passes on plea

Grave mixup to lead to Marine’s reburial

Support missions in Africa face suspicion

OIF airmen less likely to die than U.S. civilians

Lebanon may get old U.S. trainers

Mo. F-15 crash causes worry at Montana Guard

Money for Virginia-class submarines approved

Lawsuit names Halliburton, subsidiaries in soldiers’ deaths

U.S.-made baby monitors cut into Japanese emergency frequency

U.S. forces destroy targets near base in Iraq

Ground broken for start of Camp Humphreys expansion

Stripes' acting publisher is asked to resign

Local kids learn at Young Marine camp

Soldiers slow to fill out online foreign language survey

Comrade of fallen soldiers pleads guilty to desertion charges, to serve nine months

Report: Blackwater Killings Unjustified

Increased Depression Among Iraq Vets

LUH Taking Fire

GSAs Gives Sailors More Options

Glider Returns from Near Space

Reid to Bush: No Troop Returns, No $50b

Veterans' Day Vandals Touch a Nerve

A Veterans Day Parade

"Stunning": CBS News Discovers "Hidden Epidemic" of Military Suicides

F-22 design problems force expensive fixes

Air Force to triple number of airmen in Iraq

Active duty, reserves exceed recruiting goals

Thompson wants million-member ground force

Abrams Report: Trouble for Giuliani Part 1

Abrams Report: Trouble for Giuliani Part 2

all the candidates morphed into one

Anagramming Guide to the 2008 Elections

Olbermann: AG Mukasey Hits the Ground Running

Elizabeth Kucinich Speaks About Universal Health Care (H.R. 676)

Olbermann: Tom Tancredo - Vote For Me or Get Nuked

Elizabeth Kucinich Speaks in Denver CO

America At Its Best: That's Progressive

Olbermann: Massive Increase in Cost of Bush's Wars (also, Judith Regan Charge)

Naomi Wolf - The Bush Administration's Watch List

Dick Cheney & War With Iran

Naomi Wolf on BookTV - interviewed by one of the developers of PATRIOT ACT

Naomi Wolf Viet Dinh interview part 2

O'Reilly loses his Nut over Mark Cuban's Redacted

Prince Invited 'Buzzy' Krongard to Join Blackwater Adivsory

Krongard Recuses Himself from Blackwater Investigations

Krongard: I Was Trying to 'Deconflict' Investigations on Arm

Krongard's Conflict of Interest with Blackwater

Shadow Puppets

Pelosi: Stop Praying And Do Your Job

Hillary Slip of the Tongue - When I'm President AGAIN


Saddam: I lied about WMD's to scare off Iran.

New Ad Campaign: 'Progressive - And Proud Of It'

Rep. Shays on "Cookie" Krongard's Family Ties to Blackwater

New Ad Campaign: 'Progressive - And Proud Of It' (Mac Parody)

Ohio Election was stolen - More Dead Cause of Ohio - Neil Young Cover

Betty Bowers for President

What would happen if broadcasters were required to tell the truth on air?

Tell Congress: Vote No on Wednesday on Funding the Occupation

FBI: Blackwater Shootings Not Justified - Reuters

Jonathan Alter: This is a war that will bankrupt America.

Cat 4 Cyclone heading towards Calcutta & Bangaladesh

Regan Audiotapes???

‘Made in China’ hazards began with ‘Made in Washington, D.C.’

Listnenign to Hartman (Podcast)

"UN nuclear watchdog set to submit Iran report Wednesday" ...LINK

Spooks refuse to toe Cheney's line on Iran

Barney Frank

Injection of Reflection

Troops' Mental Distress Tracked

Newest episode of ACLU Freedom Files airing today on Link TV the BEST YET!

Open letter to my would-be commanders in chief.

Republican racism

Plame Speaks At Northwestern: "Never Expected Push-Back To Come At Expense Of National Security"

Congress Should Participate In An Iran "War Game"

Cheney's Sadistic Passion For Shooting Tame Animals (Some Hunters Liken To 'Sex w/ Blow-Up Doll')

Suicide epidemic among veterans


NYT: Bill Would Make Colleges Copyright Cops

Whats the latest on the removal of the tax credits from the energy bill?

The Judith Regan story

My discussion with some atheists on the subject of abortion...

So, show the tapes. Let the world see what George Bush's principles look like.

ORU President Gets ''No Confidence'' Vote From Faculty

Trying to find toys made in US.

McHenry, McCotter, Kingston, do Republicans select their candidates?

U.S. accused of ignoring crisis for 4.5 million displaced Iraqis

Republicans sure harp on the idea that democrats need to

Poland detains seven soldiers over Afghan deaths

Bombing hits Baghdad Green Zone

In final quarter, Bush is no Reagan

Tyranny Of The Tiny Minority; Wondering why Congress rarely passes anything the public wants?

U.S. accused of ignoring the crisis of displaced Iraqis

More Problems With Something Made in China

Blackwater: bulging biceps fueled by ideological purity

Delayed NIE On Iran To Be Finished Soon, But It Won't Be Released

Greg Pallast: "Hillary's Musharraf: Mrs. Clinton's forgotten fling with the Killer of Karachi"

YIKES! "Smash & Grab" at a large weapons store, right up the road from me!

my sentiments exactly concerning the occupier

Student Strike. UMASS.

This morning I get to deliver food to homeless vets

Play Free Rice! (Addicting and socially positive)

Tom "yes I'm still running" Tancredo pimps the politics of fear..

One step closer to the Boys from Brazil

Are you sick of being sick? Suffering way too much Bush-induced nausea? Well, tough (Mark Morford)

Dick Cheney's Sadistic Passion for Shooting Tame Animals

Waiting for a war tax

Get ready for dog whistle politics if

Writers start breaking strike line

Kerik, Judith Regan, and their affair overlooking Ground Zero

A Hizbollah Mole? Case against CIA spy shocks counter-intelligence community

CNN's Malveaux didn't mention Bush 1 said in 1990s that an invasion of Iraq would be "disastrous"

Rudy Guiliani has a HISTORY of attempting to become a dictator

Anti-Bush Sign Has Bridge World in an Uproar

I Have Sinned. I Covet My Candidate's Wife...

Man charged with raping daughters, using electric shock collars to control them

Judge Who Sued Over Pants Loses Job

Pilot says Cosco Busan's captain directed vessel into bridge


How come we "don't know" the extent of the "sub-prime" crisis?

Does anyone doubt Iran is trying to obtain nukes?

Salon: When Did We Become Like Syria?

Tariq al-Hashemi: Sunni Arabs are being imprisoned on "pretense of being linked to Al Qaeda"

140 MILLION lower "class" people's income COMBINED = the 2 wealthiest Americans.

Is anyone listening to this lunatic Thaddeus McCotter

NIE on Iran due at end of month .. of course, you won't get to see it

Back Door Censorship!

Former Bush strategist, Matthew Dowd: after 9/11 "there was an imperial feel" in the WH


The Moron Swears In The Evader

It sure sounds like Waxman is going to be kicking some ass today

Can someone post the pre-powerup fun run tallies?

Cat's daily routine - very cute

Mad Max Boot: Send the State Department to War

US funded Sunni "volunteers" patrol Iraqi neighborhood

Pressurized Mating Adapter (R) and the Destiny module's Common Berthing Mechanism (GRAPHIC photo)

Felix "Macaca" Allen endorses Fred Thompson...

Missouri: Teacher abuse investigation spurs call for change

Former pilots, officials call for UFO study

Bu$h dare not look this Marine in the eye (GRAPHIC WARNING)

If You have access to Cspan III you should watch it now

It's a miracle! Jesus and Mary appear on a pancake to tell the world to "clean up its act"

Gay activist group asks Senate panel to end Larry Craig investigation

A few people owe DU money (re: Gore)

Coming to a major league ballpark near you...Kosuke Fukudome!

Smells Like Christmas Spirit

US trousers-claim judge loses job (BBC)

Old Man Thompson Packs the House in Charleston ---pix--->>>

Bill Scher: It's Your Money

Remembering the Forgotten

Extremely dangerous Cyclone Sidr bears down on Bangladesh and India

National Right to Life Committee backs Fred Thompson

What a tragic story. If this young girl were rich and white...

Bush vetoes bill on health, education and jobs for Americans - Pisses away as much in Iraq monthly

Canadian firetruck responding to U.S. call held up at border

Inspection finds two bowed gussets on Inner Belt Bridge

I have a question, why do the congress critters put a limit on how long they can ask questions

Neocon Sandwich: U.S. Building Military Base Directly Atop Iraqi Oil Platform

Ooooh, Baby..The Fun-Run's gonna get ugly

State Dept. IG answers allegations against him - C-Span 3 - 10 AM

religion being questioned in Thailand too

Socially Conscious & Environmentally Friendly Gift Ideas

Fuck you very much fuck you all so very much

Merkley (Dem candidate for US Senate): Peru Deal is not Good Enough

Chavez To Spanish King: Apologize Or Risk Business

Who really LIKES to read a book, not the internets or paper?

Did David Brooks Tell the Full Story About Reagan's Neshoba County Fair Visit?

Rep. Jim McDermott: Congress Should Participate in an Iran "War Game"

What's with *some DUers'* obsession with Chavez ?

New Ad Campaign: 'Progressive - And Proud Of It'

....Who are these 60,000????

Tim Russert: "I guess I’ll have to check with the folks at NBC" before appearing on new Imus show

U.S. military official:"a peaceful segregated (society) one is better than a violent integrated one"

our ABA lawyers are going to protest on the streets all over the US

American Gangster's Wad of Euros Signals U.S. Decline

If you can picture Rove laughing about the teenager/credit card analogy,

We Have Code Pink, Pakistan Has the Wedding Crashers

FISA In A Nutshell

more on US infant mortality

Sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit: the men who lived to tell the tale!

New Research Forum topic:

Krongard Defends Not Cooperating With Justice Department Investigation Of Blackwater

Where's DemoTex????

neo cons bldg. lrg. lawyer tent city


Nancy Grace hospitalized

severe hailstorm ruins crops - food shortage worry - Nepal

Larisa Alexandrovna: U.S., Israel Refuse To Cooperate With IAEA Inquest Into Syria Strike

Ed Schultz: "Rudy [Giuliani] is a moral scumbag... more dangerous than Bush."

callers to Wash. Journal this a.m. gave Thaddeus what for Organizing Iowa Caucus Impeachment Resolutions

Blackwater killed 14 Iraqis without cause: FBI report

Dupe - Please Delete

Man In India Marries Dog As Atonement

Did someone say Clinton wanted Jan 5 Iowa caucuses?

Breast-Feeding Cuts Food Allergy Risk

why the hell are we exporting biofuels to Europe?

McCain supporter: 'How do we beat the bitch?' - McCain: 'excellent question'

I have to give CNN's Rick Sanchez props

Bush says DEMOCRATS are like a teenager with a new credit card!!!

Anniversary of 1984 Biphol, India Union Carbide disaster coming up

Venezuela Between Ballots and Bullets

So just exactly how large is this huge monolithic Republican base of voters do you think?

Hugo Chávez compares his wounded pride to the suffering of Jesus Christ

Who else recalls Dennis Kucinich going on record (re: Blackwater executives statements)

Sarkozy meet France: STRIKE

Getting it right: new mental health court in San Francisco!

Russia could counter US with missiles in Belarus - Anti-anti-missile shield

Raw Replay

US, Israel refuse to cooperate with inquest into Syria strike

AlterNet: Dick Cheney's Sadistic Passion for Shooting Tame Animals

Republican clergyman says candidate Clinton helps Republicans

Woman Asks to Keep Horse in Apartment

Any News on the HEMP Hearing set for today?

== Outrage fatigue? Get over it = By Mark Morford

So US Bishops want me to vote Dem?

This is either a really weird news report or I'm just dense today...

Ouch, I have been PUSH POLLED (I feel so violated)

Innocents and Foot Soldiers: The Stories of the 14 Saudis Just Released From Guantánamo

I've gotta laugh every time I hear that Glenn Beck ad on AAR affiliates

Democracy For America: Feinstein - Three Strikes, You're Out!

Are people more savvy today about campaign dirty tricks?

Are people more savvy today about campaign dirty tricks?

Reversing Hell in a Hand basket

Run Al Run

KLSD 1360 - Progressive Radio in San Diego has officially changed format.

Students protesting for cheaper birth control "So students don't have to make a choice between their

Did ya'll see these letters in LA Times re: Marlboro Marine?

D.C. ALJ Roy Pearson fired....FINALLY

Anti-war Dems (Woolsey, Lee, Waters) back new withdrawal effort

GOP Race Becomes Clinton-Bashing Contest - The sick freaks are obsessed with her

Besides Kerik, who are Rudy's other corrupt associates?

cspan3: Official House Oversight Committee - Inspector General hearing thread # 2

CommonDreams: US Economy–Recession, Depression, or Collapse?

Here LISTEN to bush speech swearing in Mukassy. It was a Duzzy-repeat:

Bush Strategist Looks Back In Sadness

Jon Soltz, chairman of VoteVets, on Thanksgiving:

Mark Morford: Outrage Fatique Is Epidemic

Current foreclosure rate in Stockton CA: one filing for every 31 households (5x rate of Q3 2006)

Official House Oversight Committee - Inspector General hearing thread I

Maliki Intends to Lift Curfew in Baghdad--after 9 MONTHS. I had

The Sanity Of Bush Hatred

OK, I'm back. What the hell is the fight going on now on the House floor?

NATO Afghan detainees being tortured - NATO says no evidence of torture - NATO general says there is

Constitutional Convention Iniative tonight (FYI)

"Cookie" Krongard is just another Brownie!!: Waxman: "reckless incompetence,"

Dana Perrino sounds exactly like Scotty McClelland but with a deeper voice and

Bush Tops Film Threat's 'Frigid 50' list

I wrote this on a thread re: religion and politics...

Congressional Progressive Caucus: Progressives Force Strongest Iraq Vote to Date

Good News For Progressives

Here's a Boost - or a Kick in the Ass

Despite Public Opposition, FCC Chief Wants To Eliminate Cross-Ownership Ban

Ol' trent lott & other rethugs whining their asses off on Cspan3

Should the European Union get a vote?

Giuliani highlights hypocrisy of the church and Catholic pols

"..a multimillion-dollar bribery ring involving a former senior U.S. Homeland Security official."

Stop the energy bill from becoming a disaster- critical need to act

A road home for Katrina survivors

4 "Progressive and proud of it" ads - really really good

Feinstein Faces Dem Censure After Backing Mukasey

I didn't think Gore would run

Feingold to offer amendment striking telecomm immunity.

What's so funny 'bout peace, love and Dennis Kucinich?

CBS investigation finds alarming rate of veteran suicides.

Live Earth Sequel? Nobel Peace Concert To Honor Al Gore/IPCC

I hate that it's called a "Sherman Statement." I have nothing against President Cleveland

Well the usual crap is hitting the fan in regards to the SF bay oil spill

Mental Injuries: Worse Than Some Thought, But Not Those Who Served (Bush failing Vets)

How bad ideas get funneled through the conservative message machine.

Does anyone else besides me believe, Cheney will be the next POTUS.

Gloria Estefan sang in Spanish on Dancing With The Stars tonight...

Kids’ Bracelet Contains Extremely Toxic Cadmium --press release & alert

Unbridled gasoline consumption should be a protected American way of life.

KUCINICH - Made in China or in Washington?

'Water hog' apologizes, cuts back

Could the Green Party rise to prominence with Al Gore ?

Amnesty International: Slippery slopes and the politics of torture

Blackwater and the Drug War

Pelosi should appear on House floor in CodePink Tshirt

Thank you for donating in my name

The Official Cobb County Table of the Elements (intelligent design satire)

Al Gore skips Google founder's wedding in order to pick up Nobel Prize in Oslo. Selfish BASTARD!

State Dept official's brother linked to Blackwater

Rep. Issa: Krongard has earned a Bush photo-op

Craig Unger The Fall of the House of Bush: Interview

Tancredo's new TV ad sounds Awesome!

What to do about a problem with Regions Bank.

I suddenly feel VERY old (and not a little proud)

Giuliani's "Former" friend, Bernie Kerik???????

Scottish 15-year-old gets one year in jail for murder of gay man

Let's thank god for purity balls - Government funded, no less

Greenday's Armstrong: "It's like we have this monarchy in politics.That's frightening"

We hold these truths to be self-evident,

Democrats May Force All-Night Filibuster on Iraq Withdrawal

Spitzer backs away from immigrant driver's licenses plan

"The Finest of Men"

White House: Reality Of Iraq War Has A Well-Known Liberal Bias

Bush Blasts Congressional ‘Majority’ For Earmarks Belonging To Leading Republicans

According to this blog, Pelosi denies she'll put impeachment on the table re: 10K emails

LYRICS: "FEMA for Kidz RAP" - - (no, it's not satire)

City tries to block link to police Web site

Do you like our primaries always starting with IA, NH and SC?

So Dean cannot verify that the 10,000 letters to Pelosi is real of not

Thread # 1 Iraq funding Debate on House Floor NOW. cpan1 lets

Look...Impeachment is on the Table....


George wants to help Mukasey rebuild ourJustice Department.

Do they still salute with fingertip touching the far edge of the eyebrow?

I'm out of here until the Gore zealots get comfortable with reality

John Edwards vows to reverse trade policies

I have an honest question for libertarians with a small "L"...

FLASH! Bush names 'Intelligence Czar' (pic)

The Nation: The Subprime Bailout (One way or another, banks will get taxpayer help to undo the mess)

Al Gore is NOT going to run. Why is everyone wasting time & money on this?

How long until Rudy claims he prevented 911

Letterman's writers have started a WGA Strike blog

Sentenced To Death For Crimes They Did Not Commit: The Men Who Lived To Tell The Tale

Leading Antiwar Democrats support Iraq Bill

Support the Veterans Day 18!

Drawing Lots for Primary Calendar Pole Position

White House says Bush would veto latest Iraq bill

I just got an e-mail stating Diane Feinstein will vote to support

Are you "reactional"?

Heads Up! House Oversight Committee Hearing 10AM ET - Assessing the State Department Insp General

"P" is for ...

Negroponte informs Nigeria of plan to set up military command in Africa

This is the sickest, weirdest thing I've ever read. Must be a Republican

Live webcast on global climate change going on now

Wednesday TOON Roundup

NOT Made in China

So what would you do with an "extra" $20,000 dollars?

Flynt, show us the BEEF(cake) already... who is it?

Major quake hits Chile

Three U.S. troops killed in Iraq, blast in Baghdad

Aunt Benazir's false promises

Not Enough Coverage, Pro-Impeachment Dem Launches KucinichTV (Dennis Live Tonight)

Anyone interested in half-price tickets to a Hillary fundraiser in DC

Link to Randi's amazing speech at the Peace of Action of Michigan dinner

Baptist Convention EXPELS North Carolina church for welcoming gays without trying to change them


Student Faces Expulsion For Rifle Incident

"Buzzy" Krongard, "Buzzy" Krongard. hmmm...that rings a bell

Hemisphere Wide Actions to Close the SOA

Citrus Juice, Vitamin C Give Staying Power To Green Tea Antioxidants

Brothers "Cookie" and "Buzzy" Krongard contradict each other on Blackwater

Holocaust denier Hutton Gibson endorses Ron Paul

First HD Image Of "Earthrise"

VIDEOS: House Oversight Hearing with State Department Inspector General Howard Krongard

No Fighting Chance for Birds Killed on Cheney's Canned Hunts

NOW tell me mixing Religion and Politics is harmless:

"Iowa Waitress: No Way I'd Vote For Hillary" ..... LINK

The Finest of Men

Apalachin raid - 11-14-1957

Translation of Letter from Gore's office to DraftGore Campaigns :

Dear Capitol One,

HRC would still be in negative numbers (steps) in the fun run if not for powerups

Damn. Gas Prices are ridiculous! Did anyone see the CEO of Shell

"...that's what I am going to do as President AGAIN.." - Hillary ...LINK

Do you think the next president will be a Republican or a Democrat?

Bangladesh, Global Warming and Islamic Extremism ('Hurricane' Sidr)...

BWAHAHA: Giuliani aide: Rudy would be the first Jewish president

US bridge team faces penalty for anti-Bush sign

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Delta and United discuss merger

Who is still wondering about Oswald/Republican connection?

"He Has Refused His Assent to Laws, the Most Wholesome and Necessary for the Public Good"

Newsweek: Could one of the world's most notorious terrorist groups have infiltrated U.S. government?

Anti-Bush Sign Has Bridge World in an Uproar

Support the Troops Who Oppose the War -- Sign statement of support: Iraq & Afghanistan Investigation

Top Democrats Delay on Contempt Resolutions for Miers, Bolton

HUGE: Why is a Republican polling firm push polling Democrats in Iowa?

Suicide by cop? Are you serious? I've heard it all now!

I just returned from the Homeless Vets Shelter and I'm ready to fight

1.0 BILLION DEAD. Estimate – Limited Regional Nuclear War

Does the Constitution need to be re-written? If so what would you do?

David Letterman Is My New Hero! All I can Say is WOW!

Fein: Slightings of impeachment show how far we’ve gone in our constitutional ignorance

Why no viable rail system in the States?

Wise words from Charlie Chaplin.

The Lay-Dees Man ----pix--->>>

McCain called Clinton a bitch. What would he call Obama if he were the frontrunner?

No Good Kids Running Wild! What Would YOU Have Done?

Whew, I'm a lot less nervous folks. We are going to win.

Even if Gore runs now, he's lost my vote.

Olbermann Enters O'Reilly/Cuban Fray; #'s on Photo ID Disenfranchisment; 55%: Bush Impeachable

dick cheney is a traitor

Attention Fun Run Fans: If you plan on voting Gore, Save those Steps

BUSH Hatred "Insane"? (WSJ)

Draft Gore response to the request to end efforts re: Dem. Primary

"I have not made a Sherman statement." - Al Gore, Nov. 12, 2007

Watching the Watchers' Watchers: Waxman's Staff Delves into Cabinet Departments' IGs

So, you call yourself a Christian...

Phasing out Social Security......?

WWII P-38 Fighter Discovered in Wales-Emerges on a beach

Sorry, Jesus, But You're Out

Where is the Stephanie Miller show?

"Imagine, if you will, a load of horseshit" . . .

Pessimistic Fuel Report Too Bright

Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything

Buzzy told Cookie about his Blackwater ties WEEKS ago

Confirmed: A.B. 'Buzzy' Krongard, Brother Of State Dep't IG, Sits On Blackwater's Advisory Board

DU 2012: General Discussion: Politics - What will it be like

Sen. Byron Dorgan: "Courage" needed to raise taxes to pay for war

Salt Lake Mayor-elect Working to Update Domestic Partnership Policies

Bush Visits Indiana, Discusses Budget (some gems)-jon the Economy

Are all the candidates going to make it to Iowa?

The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving

Shame on you, Edwards, and thank you, Senator Dodd

Bush tells Congress they should not go home for Christmas until.....

I just know I'm going to hate myself for this,

Help! I turned on C-span tonight and they had a split screen - on 1/2 were the meanderings

Why Are They So Afraid of Ron Paul? Neocons and sectarian leftists unite to smear the antiwar Repub

Senate Dem leaders float plan for forced filibuster

It IS Happening Again. Believe you me.

"he will submit legislation that ends health care coverage for the president, all members of Congres

Email for Nancy Pelosi: [email protected]

Did Rudy know about Kerik's affairS before Rudy nominated him for HS?

Democratic Race In Iowa A Dead Heat--11/14/07

Who's left? (Kleeb?) Senate race options dwindle for Democracts in Ne.

Homophobic Surgeon General Nominee Reveals Bush Plans To Recess Appoint Him

We May Get the Christmas Present We Desire the Most This Year

So Happy Together (Bill Clinton and Richard Mellon Scaife)

Online Townhall with Kucinich Wednesday Night

Understanding the Michael Savage freak circus

HuffPo's John Ridley responds to Michelle Obama's "wake up and get it" remarks

Kucinich wins Buzzflash's Wings of Justice award

How does $100-barrel oil help Iraqi government?

Obama defends himself on patriotism, education; CNN has disproved madrassa education charge

Polls Find Voters Weighing Issues vs. Electability say Obama & Edwards More Truthful

Huckabee: Romney wants to keep people out of college to work on his lawn

Clinton pours cash into S.C. ["MUST WIN" for obama]

John Bolton: Secretary of State.

Have you been watching the John Lennon story on the History Channel?

Rasmussen: Hillary highest Net "Core" support of all candidates...

In Pakistan: Who Is The Terrorist?

Help with e-mail from a right-winger

Mad dog Tancredo links terrorism with immigration

Democratic rivals target the Clinton years

Planted questions. The rigthies are spinning

Obama has been impressing me

So, what's your opinion on Ron Paul?

Check in here if you emailed Pelosi re Impeachment- [email protected]

Justice restarts domestic surveillance inquiry

The Swamp: Obama's Day at Google

Marc Ambinder: The Michigan Conundrum

Rasmussen- Clinton 42% Obama 20% Edwards- 13%

Former general: Obama only leader in field

You know DU has gone in the Shitter when Henry Waxman is being called a jackass...

New SurveyUSA SC poll: Hillary - 47%, Obama - 33%, Edwards - 10%, Undecided/Other - 10%

LOL. RWer Paul Weyrich speculates Nat. Right to Life endorsement of Thompson involved a bribe!

Tavis Smiley commentary on Tom Joyner show yesterday...he laid out the institutional racism Obama...

WP,pg1: GOP Primary Story ("Clinton-bashing contest") Stars a Democratic Antagonist

Matthews says McCain deserves to be president

contacting Pelosi via email

Good News For Hillary, Obama , And Edwards In Random Polls

Will Tweety Cover The "Judith Regan -FOX Asked Me To Lie About Schtupping Berrnie KeirikTo

Truckers for Hillary

Bush names 'Intelligence Czar'...Stan helped! (pic)

For all those sceptical of the world of polling, a major pollster confirms you to be right.!

Rasmussen-Hillary Clinton Has The Highest Level Of Core Support

Do we all agree that whoever wins Iowa will get a substantial boost?

CNN keeps Gravel out of Democratic debate in Las Vegas

"If you're looking for what's wrong in Washington, why the system is broken . . .

Clinton surrogate attacks Obama using Russert's misleading interview.

Edwards Clarifies Comment On Hillary: "I Fully Expect To Support" Dem Nominee

Is the Obama campaign behind the new push polls?

Binary John Edwards-Barack Obama Poll

ATTN: The new lines of attack are in, folks!

Who does Edwards frighten more? The corporate media -- or the Hillary campaign? Edwards' Empty Threat

Joe Scarborough reports Push Polling in Iowa

Biden picks up 13th Iowa Endorsement

Successor got key Obama files

Rudy's first ad is superb... if he is running for mayor of New York

Any word on other campaigns supporting the Dodd pledge?

Giuliani Knows NADA! About Regan Allegations, Just Gossip

Where are all the Iraq funding threads?

Conservatives cannot live by Hillary-hate alone.

Ok So who is going to be the GOP nominee

If Willard and Huckabible finish 1 & 2 in Iowa, will Ghouliani, McCraven, Hollywood or Mad Doc Paul

Colorado Supreme Court Gives Green Light to Restore Personhood to the Unborn

Phone calls to Iowa voters: should Edwards be home with his sick wife?

DAMN!!! Hillary can you just stand for something for once

Nearly all House GOPers back Pence’s discharge petition on Fairness Doctrine

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Reno assemblywoman backs John Edwards

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Poll: Clinton has large lead in Nevada prior to debate...tops 50%

I hope Hillary asks the moderator tomorrow night, "is that a planted question"?

The Clinton Files and the X-Files: Line forms behind requests for info on UFOs; "complicated"

OMG!!! Have you seen Tom Tancredo's latest ad???

Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe Stumps For Obama ( "best student I ever had")

What Obama needs to do to regain my support

Edwards Vows to Reverse Trade Policies

Don’t forget to remind CNN that there will be more than 3 people on stage tomorrow night.

Kucinich starting online town hall meetings. #1 is about attacks on the Constitution.

Best way to sell repression is with a smile or,... a smirk, as Bush well knows

Defending Obama on the Push Poll question

Edwards is first Dem to air ad in S.C.; spot plays up his biography as son of mill worker

John Edwards To Air 1st Campaign Ad On South Carolina Television

Anti-Giuliani firefighters group to bring message to N.H.

Yesterday Lou Dobbs said: There are now more

Number of NH Independents who say they'll vote in Dem primary dropping; McCain, Obama vie for votes

Campaign Workers, Planted Questions...

The Rude Pundit: Is a Cup of Coffee Ever Just a Cup of Coffee for Rudy Giuliani?

OpEd News posts correction on "10,000 Snail-Mails" to Pelosi for Impeachment

Like the man said "It ain't over 'till it's over"

John Edwards: Populist Tech Crusader

Are there a lot of Subliminal Messages in this John Edwards Esquire Cover, or just my imagination??

Camille Paglia for Salon: Queen Hillary's disruptive court

Is it not strange that Obama has not one piece of paper from his State Senate career?

I think the whole damn "Hillary planted a question for a college student" is fishy...

Geraldine Ferrarro wants it both ways in a preemptive LTTE for next debate

NBC News anchor, Brian Williams schmoozes Giuliani, badgers Democrats

Which Candidate has the most defensible Senate record?

Waxman Falsely Claims Impeachment Requires 2/3 Vote in House

NY Times poll shows 82% of Iowans think Obama says what he believes compared to

So McCain thinks Hillary is a Bitch and that's funny???

Obama on verge of breakthrough along racial divide: He could do in politics what Woods did in golf

Gaskill Endorsement Makes a Baker's Dozen for Biden

Check out the Dems in Congress today!!

Why Edwards is doing so badly in the polls

American Research Group -Clinton-46% Obama 21% Edwards 11%

Some were on to Edwards pseudo-populist schtick 4 years ago...

Clinton flip-flops (again) on drivers license issue. Obama campaign pounces.

In your opinion, who should have won the primary in 2004? And has your opinion changed?

Edwards' private/public blended approach to universal health care leads to single-payer public care

From 2000: A progressive critique of Clintonism

Why can't guys like Richardson, Biden or Dodd break out of the pack?

Another Clinton Campaign Fraud

‘Made in China’ hazards began with ‘Made in Washington, D.C.’

Who has the best working class credentials? Who has the most in common with the average American?

Hillary’s bad debate performance was corporate-media hype.

CBS: 3 top Dems now in dead heat in Iowa!