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Archives: November 13, 2007

The Nation: Rudy Giuliani's "War With Iran" Team

No Indian varsity among world`s top 200 universities

US embarrassed as Putin honours spy who came in from the cornfields

What Happens When Demand for Oil Outstrips Supply?

Outsourcing Giant EDS Makes Big Push into China

Washington Post: Forget Edwards -- The Dem Primary Is Nothing More Than A "Clinton-Obama Rivalry"

Biomedical engineering is the new wave of outsourcing from India

Why, Barack, why? by Paul Krugman

On KO: British Airways flying empty planes across the Atlantic, while

Six Of Eight Bear Species Worldwide Face Extinction Threat - Sun Bear Makes Red List - Telegraph

"An Inconvenient Toot"

Zimbabwean dies queuing for visa

US control over Internet dominates discussion at UN conference in Brazil

Bhutto under house arrest ahead of planned protest

Congress aims to put out cigarettes

Panel Decries Terrorism Blacklist Process

Judge Orders White House to Hold E-Mails

Bad Behavior Is Not Dooming, Studies on Pupils Say

Great Grandmother Strip-Searched At N.Y. Casino

I'm an icicle. Who wants to thaw me?

Forgive me for laughing at this off-color bumpersticker...

Poll: If it came down to Gravel vs. the Cookie Monster, how would you vote?

Who Is Your Favorite Dicktator

(tasteless joke thread) I wish my lawn was emo

See you guys in three days. Taking some time off, and have tickets to TSO for Wednesday night...

I LOVE approving big projects at work, that makes everyone have to work longer.

Do Women know how to show emotion?

YELLO!!!!! CHEERIOS THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1`

Turns out I grocery shop at the same store as my US represenative

Newest toy recall from China


HELLO!!!!! HEROS THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1`

I'm going to kick Mr. DTBK's ass

How I Met Your Mother, "(glass shattering)"

LOUNGE! We are being attacked by GD!!!!

Does ANYONE know how to show emoticons????

I just resigned from my job, ask me anything

A Big Group Of Us Have It Out For This Person At Work

I hate peas

"The Dirty Dozen" is on AMC right now.

Where the hell are Randi's podcasts???

Where the hell are Randi's podpeople???

can i show youse some emotion?

Jackson's Neverland Ranch loan and interest ($23,212,963.83) overdue, property's in foreclosure

I am in a mood most FOUL

Tavernertoddler is trying to make Tavernertot smile

a wall of kitten videos....for all you cat lovers..

Persuading even other DUers about universal health care


So for the past 2 nights, I've been in bed before 9 pm

I'm now officially overweight

Vegetarian (but not vegan) tip of the day:

I think that watching TV has melted my brain.

How many here will fry their turkey next week, I bought my turkey today.

I am in a odor most FOUL

I just watched "Cool Hand Luke" for the first time.

I spent the last five minutes whipping raccoons. I'll bet you didn't.

Bravo TV is totally butchering The Breakfast Club

People in GD have no sense of humor.

I am enjoying a wonderful piece of cheesecake, but why is it not called cheese "pie"

How many people can there be

Coke or Pepsi?

Sympathy, please - I'm a Niners fan

When is Losing It normal?

"Like shit through a goose"

Pic thread - found some pics from 2-3 years ago of myself and wife:

Do Cylons know how to show emotion??

EVP? You decide

Curvy women are smarter, have smarter kids

How the French sell orange juice!

Woman finds boyfriend stuck in cat door, dead.

Who are your favorite offbeat TV characters?

"Britney Spears may have failed drug test"...and a nation wept.

Rules for housepets

Negra Modelo

IntravenousDemilo on Jeopardy tonight ( 11/12/07)

Hey, stop PM'ing me your soft core porn self portraits!

Quote "Isn't it funny how it gets dark so early, now?"

Here she is! (Kitty pics)

Hate comes to Washington: WBC to picket Fort Lewis, Port Orchard on Nov. 30

Barack Obama on Meet the Press 11/11/07 - Part 1 of 6

Olbermann: Veterans Free Speech Silenced

Olbermann and Greenwald Discuss FOX Attacks Decency

Wolf Blitzer interviews Joe Biden on Sunday's

Joe Biden - Iowa Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Edwards flashes cold on turn up the heat

AFL-CIO and Unite Here on Lou Dobbs

She Greeted Sarkozy in her Lavender Suit and Pearls...she Giggled at Jefferson/Jackson in Iowa

Letter from a marine Afghanistan vet who is a volunteer for Democracy for America

1997 Article Quotes Bush's Opposition To Iraq Invasion

Organic labeling confuses(?) farmers

Kudos to Skinner and the other mods for such a creative fun drive

I want a Powerup! Who needs a star?

Will Republican Party turn down support of Hate Group?

Woohoo! I just put Dennis K out front!!!

Cap'n Dumbass plays video games with injured vets, "shooting bad guys

St. Ronnie (Reagan) and the 11th Commandment

Clinton Says ‘Boys’ Are Tough on His Wife

I wish the working poor and lower middle class had a union that could strike...

A note to the economic recovery prophets.

World War I Vet asked about Iraq, Afghanistan: "I'm not in favor of war unless it’s an emergency."

Congratulations, Tim Russert! Asshole of the Year

vets day,,, >Link>> read a vets blog, get your info about iraq from boots on the ground

Al Gore, the LINUX Model, and Energy Independence

Ron Paul ad heard on Air America167 on XM during Thom Hartman

Wife Faces Deportation After Husband Killed In Iraq

Why would a man like Dick Cheney, who is on death's door

Tom DeLay is such a tool. He lost a one man debate at Oxford. According to KO,

"No one could have anticipated that an asteroid could have gotten so close to Earth undetected..."

On this veteran's day


dan abrams should be worst person tonight

Sydney Blumenthal: Tyranny On The March (Neo-Cons & Musharraf)


Brian DePalma’s REDACTED 'sneak preview' on HDNET Wednesday.

If it came down to Ron Paul vs. Hilary, who would you vote for?

Asia Times - China to build power plants in Iraq. With who's dollars? Are we gonna pay for it?

Saudi Prince Buying 'Flying Palace' Jet for $300 million

Howard Zinn on Impeachment...Democracy Now Interview

KO is blasting Bushco about the veterans who

Sleeping in a nest of scorpions


During the Gore - * 2000 race, wasn't a videotape.....

'I'll Sell My Soul to the Devil'

Even Washington Agrees

Endorsing Rudy.....

go dennis go go


Conservatives turn on Thompson, many view him as a moderate

I have an ignorant SO who won't go to the MD to get checked for Mono

Israel, U.S. Jews Intensify Efforts To Isolate Iran

Hillary's plant...

So today the Dow dropped another fifity points

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Best to use tools when loosening lug nut

So did China really ban Bibles?

Oh C'mon Keith

So, Bush played a video game in which he supposedly shot the bad guys in Iraq

Obama supporters: Why back a homophobic warmonger as President?

Dear Mr. Skinner,

"Recovering GOP" Christians aghast at endorsement of he who is "for" what CAUSED 9/11! (Sodomites!)

Wisconsin Police Officer Accidentally Tasers Himself

Murdock: "Water-boarding is something of which every American should be proud"

For those who dare: Take a drive through

If Bill's the Big Dog, what does that make Hillary?

Curious: Could we forget about impeachment, focus on the election and prosecute these mother

I mean, really!! Would you vote for this guy for school board????

Broadway Strikers Pull Picket Line From Theater Staging Children's Benefit

Anyone else catch Gore on NPR this evening??

Wootie woot woot John Henry Vet for Peace! Told them!

Does anyone here know when Tom Delay is going to trial?

Pakistan’s Bhutto Put Under House Arrest Again - MSNBC\AP

Don Kerr, Senior Intelligence Official, Change Your Understanding of Privacy


Fellow DU Investors: Other than gold, foreign currencies, petroleum and

PBS: "JUDGMENT DAY: Intelligent Design on Trial" 11/13/07

Chuck Colson (Of Watergate Fame) "Christian" For Torture

Veterans Day, 2007: A picture made him a hero. Then his life fell apart.

Ignoring the editorial slant, interesting background on context of Hugo vs Juan Carlos from Time/CNN

Were you notified off Skinner's emails?

Kanye's Mama Dies After Plastic Surgery

Diebold (maker of unsecure e-voting equipment) sees it stock slide.

Carol Gotbaum: private pathologist says airport police were negligent.

Should Tom DeLay return to Congress?

I hope all you smart DUers are watching what's happening in Pakistan and learning something about

Chris Floyd: In 2009, expect "healing national wounds", "coming together again", "moving on."

Microwave beam device accident

What exactly are Obama's antiwar credentials?

A FUN discussion: DU Candidate Fun Run - Does JackORoses hold the winning card?

"U.S. UFO probe" and " The Most Important Image Ever Taken"

Al Gore To Keynote UN Summit in Bali


Re: Impeachment - 10,000 Hand Written Letters - Free Press

How I learned to like the "Fun Run"

11-12-2007 DU GD straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates

Is there any chance that Gore could still get in that this point? n/t

106-year old WWI veteran speaks on the Iraq war: "I’m not in favor of war unless it’s an emergency.”

If you can be in Columbus, GA, this coming weekend,

Above & Beyond

Positive Comments? Hillary Backers Tell Us What You Like About Her Iraq War/Iran Positions

Possible mega-disaster developing in Bay on Bengal

If you are a DUer in support of House Res. 799, the impeachment of Richard B. Cheney

Go Left TV: News for November 12, 2007

News Video 11/04/2007. Issues In The Midwest Anti-War Action, Oct. 27, 2007

Interesting tidbit re when Kerick was "made."

Chevy Chase to return to SNL as a 'senior political correspondent'

Maybe Hillary and Edwards are in cahoots

Why is it "the race card" for Michele Obama to respond to polls analyzing the black vote?

DMI Website Tracks Congress’ Action on Middle Class

Indictment Suggests White House Cooperated with Kerik Grand Jury

Zogby-Nevada -Hillary -37% Obama 19% Edwards -15%

Pelosi finally takes a stand

The Courage of Kucinich in Pelosi’s House of Wacks

Obama and Russert Have Genial Sunday Sitdown

Our Canadian news station is doing a piece on Kucinich's UFO sighting

Clinton/Edwards/Obama Fun Run supporters: we all must put Kucinich in the hole.

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Obama, Clinton Virtually Tied -

SAT prep for potential candidates

How many of you have/had family members who were bigoted

I hope that Clinton does not win Iowa

MSNBC and cable charges. What's the scoop?

Less "Big Dawg" or More "Big Dawg"?

Obama Supporters need to check out his Economic Advisor, Austan Goolsbee...

MSNBC First Read: Obama meets the press (surprise - not a fluff piece)

Edwards: Don't pick 'corporate Democrat'

Michelle Obama: Self Doubt Makes Blacks Hesitant to Back Obama

"If he uses a fist, you use a bat. If he uses a knife, you use a gun."

LA Times: Virtually every professional presidential campaign plants questions.

Dean: "This country is not a theocracy,...there are no bars to heaven for anybody"

What is your Congressional District and who is your Representative?

Mao would have probly called the American news media "Capitalist running-dogs."

From Sen. Clinton to Sen. Biden (anecdotal post primarily for Biden supporters)

Edwards refuses to promise to support Democratic nominee (if he doesn't win)

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #1 and #2, February 23rd, 2004 (Nader)

Is Obama like Adlai Stephenson?

Clinton was busted planting questions . . . in 1999.

Is Hillary Imploding? Rasmussen, she now is @ lowest level of the season

Edwards' accent

Ranking the Speeches at the Iowa Jefferson Jackson Dinner

Hillary Clinton poll!!

So what do people think about Bill Clinton calling Hillary's competitors "those boys"?

11-12-2007 DU GD-P straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates

Al Gore reveals his future plans: He will be a "Planet saving" Venture Capitalist

In Mixed Slice of Baghdad, Old Bonds Defy War


Tutoring latest industry outsourced to India

Thousands of federal prisoners could be released soon (crack cocaine re-thinking)

Perversions of Power

Col Ann Wright: Veterans Day: A Day for Peace or A Day for War?

Preditory Lenders Unite!

Pistol Packing Feds -- one for every 3000 Americans.

Hillary Clinton Thinks Iowans Are Stupid

We should march on Washington to protest free trade

Herbert: Righting Reagan’s Wrongs?

US troop cuts to test Iraqi security

HILLARY'S MUSHARRAF: forgotten fling with the Killer of Karachi by Greg Palast


"Empire" - live quiz show

Dowd: Kerik gets a pass due to the writer's strike

Gary Brookins's latest effort

Truthdig: Paying More and Dying Sooner

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Candidates Should Hammer Away at Wars' Costs

The American Prospect: Taking on the Buyout Guys

Long Article w/ many links, WA POST: Where Are the E-mails? by Dan Froomkin

US withholding Iraq strategy document

Democrats remain stalled on Iraq debate

Columnists War Breaks Out at 'NYT' -- Over Reagan and Racism

Do Many Political Reporters Not Have Brains?


Why on Earth Are Hillary and Obama Supporting Pro-Corporate Trade Deals?

The American People are Beginning To Get It

John Dean Challenges America: Fix This Broken Government

The Nation: The Coming Foreclosure Tsunami

NEW! Record-Breaking Hydrogen Storage Materials for Use in Fuel Cells

Report: McCain Stands By As His Supporter Calls Hillary A "Bitch"

Squalor, crime follow wave of foreclosures

Boston Globe - Rising temperatures throw nature a curve

New Method Uses Bacteria to Generate Hydrogen Gas

Independent: China 'will agree to cut its carbon emissions'

Corn fight? Rules regarding genetically-modified corn still up in air (Maine)

Your View: Energy crisis heating up in Massachusetts (by Sen. John F. Kerry)

London buys hydrogen-fuelled red buses

EDP considers wind power projects in more countries (Portugal)

cat-4 cyclone Sidr threatens Bangladesh

Local poll results "Are you freaking out over gas prices yet?"

Second Attack on South African Nuke Plant

Airbus announces Saudi prince buying private superjumbo 'flying palace' jet

Saco has four bidders to build environmentally friendly (Amtrak) station (Maine)

Rescued from smugglers, rare Russian birds freed

Deep Vision: Big Energy from Way, Way Down (Iceland)

EU body adopts strict rules for airline emissions - Reuters

Wiscasset vote turned on doubts about coal (Maine)

Our Friends At Environmental Defense Extend Holiday Greetings And Thanks

Blast to the past.

Report: Carbon Removal Has Little Impact

World Body Warns Over Ocean ‘Fertilization’ To Fix Climate Change

More solar power stations coming to California

My Daughter's College Earth Science Class On Global Warming & Climate Change

Xanterra Parks & Resorts Set To Install One Of Largest (1 MW) Solar Energy Systems In U.S

House from the future is totally green and off the Grid!

Democrats Oppose Nuclear Waste Dump

Growing your laundry soap.

Dealing with Drought (water usage by power plants)

Gas prices hit working class (crap, this was supposed to go in E/E)

Do Regular Power Strips Cut Off Phantom Power?

Green Energy Advocate Amory Lovins: Guru or Fakir?

New technique creates cheap, abundant hydrogen: report

So did China really ban Bibles?

Amnesty warns ISAF over Afghan torture reports

Study Highlights Dangers of MRSA (dangerous staph infection) Caught Outside the Hospital

Bhutto to Musharraf: Step down

Justice Dept. Chief Faces a Test in Minnesota

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 13

Target seeks label move for treated meat: report

Former Congressman Hawkins Dies at 100

In Farm Belt, Ethanol Plants Hit Resistance

Groups press ethics panel [Boxer is Chair] on Sen. Craig

Broadway Strikers Pull Picket Line From Theater Staging Children's Benefit

Iraq detains top cop after bomb find

Fury after La. lawmaker calls black supporter 'Buckwheat'

Assassination suspected in Philippine Congress blast

Lobbying Stalls Generic Drug Legislation

Edwards announces paid family leave plan

Democrats figure wars cost $20,900 per family

Bhutto Says U.S. Must End Support for Musharraf, Urge President to Resign

Breaking News:Reports:Blast hits Philippine Lowert House

Bush vetoes labor bill

Iraq, Afghan war costs are $1.6 trillion

Student given question to ask Clinton: I wasn't only one

U.S. finds a way to pacify Iraqi town — by using cash

Report: Wars cost average U.S. family $20,000 - Reuters

Yahoo Settles Lawsuit Over Jailed Chinese Dissidents

Marine withholds plea in Haditha killings case

China's trade surplus zooms to record $27 bn in Oct

Hormel Foods, Cargill agree to label food if treated with carbon monoxide

Merck tells AIDS vaccine volunteers who got jab

Income Gap Between Families Grows

(Rasmussen Poll) About One-Third Want Cheney Impeached (29% are not sure)

The ‘C-Y-A’ brief (Marine captain ordered company to get their story re: Iraqi civilian shooting)

What of the Jena 6 funds? Questions grow over use of donations

Musharraf Makeover Proves Too Much for One Lobby Firm

China Foreign Minister in Iran for nuclear talks

South Africa nuclear research facility admits to second break-in

Domestic spying inquiry restarted at DoJ

U.S. Withholding Iraq Strategy Document from Democratic Lawmakers

CBS News Reveals Shocking Report on Vet Suicides

Liberty University student sentenced for homemade bombs (Falwell funeral)

Optimism About Black Progress Declines

Bush vetoes health and education bill

State extends time for Iraq volunteers

Employer-provided insurance continues to decline

Democrats say hidden costs double war price: report

Army sends a reminder: Waterboarding is off-limits

Mystery $100M donation lifts Pa. city

Ex-Publisher Says News Corp. Official Wanted Her to Lie to Protect Giuliani

Reid Threatens Funds for Iraq War

California Draft Gore Halts Activities

Bush veto hits heating bill aid program for poor

Fifty States face voting machine lawsuits (and subpoenas today)

Chalabi returns to prominence and power

Next Test for Blackwater (Bidding for Anti-Narcotics Contract)

Turkish Helicopters Strike Inside Iraq

Later US Army test finds more mental health issues

General fired from Walter Reed to head Fort Detrick

Democrats oppose nuclear waste dump

New Page in O'Connors' Love Story: Sandra Day O'Connor's Alzheimer's patient husband finds new love

NY Teen With Hairbrush Shot by Police

Bank of America to write-off 3 Billion Dollars (sic) tied to mortgage bets

And like that ... [Canadian composer / DU'er "storms back" into Jeopardy! Finals]

U.S. Army Reiterates Waterboarding Ban

Iran Hands IAEA Nuclear Blueprints

Rice accuses Iran of spreading extremism

Gays should be hanged, says Iranian minister (Iranian MP)

ACCCKK!!! (From Crooks and Liars)

Typical GD discussion response..and why I love it here

Ever seen a UFO?


Need backup in GD: I claimed Britney Spears to be a Christ-figure. Please help!

From now on I no longer wish to be referred to as "temeah."

Im changing my name too..

From now on I no longer wish to be referred to.

From now on, I wish to be referred to as "Donner und Blitzen"

Hey--check this out! It's REALLY COOL!

Please, call me "Armadillo"

Colleges that are basically extensions of high school

I hope it's not true that bad things happen in 3's...

The single most beautiful piece of music ever composed

Sycophancy please, I'm an Ass-Niners fan!

Some Final Thoughts on Norman Mailer by Mr. Fish

I was just over in GD...

From now on I no longer wish to be referred to as "Writer."

I was driving down the highway late last night, listening to a happy song,

Officer Accidentally Uses Taser On Self

Greta Wodele looks soulfully into C-Span's cameras

Here's a guy dealing with infidelity, & we're talking about coffee pots?!


I am not able

The last thing you want to hear when you're masturbating is "your fired!".

Can anyone suggest a movie about Bikers/ nazi-bikers who go berserk and ransack towns?

From now on I no longer wish to be referred to as "XemaSab."

Are fancy furnace filters worth the price?

The LOLCats Bible:

It was the best of days (personally) It was the worst of days

My next door neighbor just had a baby girl!

Finally Today........

This is the smartest, most intellectual thread you ever clicked into...

Has anyone seen the movie "Lions for Lambs?"

will the world end in fire or ice?

Woman Finds Boyfriend Dead In Cat Flap

Pay no attention; this is just a test

Is it safe?

Man smart, Woman smarter

Short Blackjack test:

Whatever's in this cup tastes like shit.

Insurance Question for the Lounge

Spam cons outsourcing jobs TO the USA?

I haven't worked out in a while, and I have a fat arse.

MrCoffee vs. Bob Villa in a steel cage grudge match

"Don't you wish it was true" by John Fogerty is the "Imagine" for our generation

I almost got crushed by a vending machine!


"Bazoongas" gets book banned.

My baby girl just had a next door neighbor!

Tick tock, Clarisse...

EVOO? You Decide.


Have you ever had your stomach pumped?

So I'm thinking of voting for Tom Tancredo....

Guess what NYC will have, that your city won't? A fucking PIDGEON czar!

Boy George is charged after 'chaining male escort to a wall,' will appear before Thames magistrates

“The Right Brain vs Left Brain test ... do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?”

Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!

13 people are killed each year by vending machines falling on them.

What ever happened to Rita Cosby?

Down goes Paris! Down goes Paris! Down goes Paris!

Everyone on DU has me on ignore

I have an emergency.

Word of the day : floccinaucinihilipilification

Ok, who is going to Denver for the DNC Convention

So how long can the human body stay awake?

Fleeing Robbery Suspect Eaten By Alligator

I've dealing with a particular brand of idiots lately, but this takes the ultimate email cake

I really, really, really want a motorcycle.

I am pissed off at midlodemocrat. You should be, too.

I am pissed off at Parche. You should be, too.

There are two I am pissed off at Midlo threads and it is pissing me off.

Have you ever been covered in Sneeches?

Have you ever been covered with leeches?

I am pissed off at Midlodemocrat. You should be, too.

flvegan, did you get your monkey yet?

I am pissed off at Skinner. You should be, too.

The hybrid vehicle tax write-off...

Is anyone else having fun watching the fun run?

Have you ever been covered with monkeys?

flvegan, did you spank your monkey yet?

Bosom Button

I am not pissed off at anyone. Should I be? Who? Why?

Have you ever been covered in Screeches

Slither is the finest zombie/alien invasion/mutation film of the past decade

The strangest thing happened to me.

Now, the most important question of the week: Ohio State vs Michigan, who wins?

Jolie angered by Aniston's 'sneaky' behavior

Five (5!!!) viles of crack....and it aint even 10am

IntravenousDemilo's "..remarkable dawn from the dead...bolt out of negative territory..."

Arora and her kitten Princess...

Five (5!!!) cups of coffee...and it ain't even 10 am

Which is your favorite finger?

Bizarre DU accusation of the day:

Favorite Board Game

Would you challenge IntravenousDemilo to a game of Trivial Pursuit?

Five (5!!!) tubes of glue...and it ain't even 10 am

Look here to see Rip Taylor without pants...

I am pissed off at everyone. Should I be? Who? Why?

Ok I have to admit I like Led Zeppelin

so i've got this hair divot thing going on

I donated over three minutes ago and my star has STILL not come back!

If you paint your body with Tide detergent, it will glow profusely under a black light.

How to appear like a stupid tourist

Hey, start PM'ing me your soft core porn self portraits!

Hey everyone! It's 4:20!

French Language SUX

Full HOUSE, bee-yatch! John Stamos meets an airline passenger several slices shy of a loaf

Jewish stereo receiver.

Comedy Central feeling the pain of the writer's strike (TDS related)


A personal vanity note: this thread right here is a copycat!

A personal vanity note: Jewish stereo receiver is a copycat!

Is MySpace gefuckt for anyone else?

I have resigned myself to never being an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court

Self Delete

There is an awesome flame war going on in a listserv I belong to.

Frontier Hotel Las Vegas, BLOW'D UP!!

Help! Can anyone recommend a genuine GREEN credit card???

I lost my star

I have this Kleenex cover that one of my work mates made, anyone want it? nt

Who else thinks a vaccum SUCKS?

16% of Virgins have vanity plates

i worked my ass off making a really nice Kleenex box cover for my co-worker

Pole dancing kitty


116% of Morons have Hannity plates

My newest poem....**Caution! Erotic content!**

I think something may be wrong with my PM's..I can't seem to receive naked pm's

Pole dancing puppy

Is sleeping on the floor bad for your health?

There is absolutely nothing you can post in this thread that could upset me

2 girls 1 cup

I'm done with GD.

I challenge YOU!


Us and T hem

Is Craftsman the ghetto of the tool world?

Just shredded my pork shoulder

What's the appropriate prejudice to have against Flying Spaghetti worshippers?

Fuck Jar!? Are you fucking tipping me?


Pick a poetry form - I want to play

Copywritten in 1999: "Coaching Generation X."

And another thing...please don't try and force me to drink your homemade swill in a bucket!

Someone take the coffee pot away from LynneSin!!!

Who else blinks?

Who else drinks?

Who else Binks?

christian stereo receiver

Well well well. Look how Target renamed the "Black Kid's Desk"

Are you my friend?

Have you ever been covered with mayonnaise?

Jar Jar!? Are you fucking kidding me?

Has anyone heard anything about the new Michael Jackson album?!

My Dear CaliforniaPeggy Poem Got Locked

Chicago area DU"ers...100.3 Love FM...

Tim Russert Fans Check In Here

On November 13th...

Who here can speak of the pompitous of love

What the...

What Is pompitous Love?

Man marries bitch to beat curse

Who else thinks?

Britney Spears' contribution to UNICEF charity auction: ONE signed copy of her new CD.

16% of Virginians have vanity plates

Break-up Update:Looks like 'he' wants to leave on Dec. 1.

I'd like you all to meet Bob



Have you ever had your ears flushed to clean out the wax?

Woo Hoo, Ratdog show is tomorrow


Who else stinks??


Favorite microbrewery?

Back In Black (hair): Joan Jett looks like Joan Jett again


Favorite Card Game


Fuck You,

I want to know what dumbass would get rid of "In the Court of the Crimson King" CD

Unexplained Blue Cloud Floats, Darts Around Customers At Gas Station

Who else thinks the Steve Miller Band SUCKS?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/13/07

Blue "Ghost" caught on film.

ATTN DU Donors: We're having some delays processing payments from Paypal


Best/Worst of the "German Invasion"

Describe a DU'er without naming them...

Check out our abundant fuyu persimmon tree harvest this year!!

What should I do about an unwanted Christmas present?

Alienation of Affection

Play Free Rice!!

Who Else Thinks Led Zeppelin Sux?

Dexter fans: hot manipulative Brit...or hot aggravating MILF? nt.

Who else thinks Eric Clapton SUCKS?

Make Haste To The Nearest Folio-Merchant!

Missing 15 year old --last seen in or near San Francisco

Post here and I will tell you who you should be mad at, and why.

Post your Foxy morons here.

Best/Worst of the "British Invasion"?

Cheap Trick and Scotch

My friend visited. Got drunk. Passed out. My puppy chewed her new glasses.

More Questions

Sports rules you hate?

Tip Jar!? Are you fucking kidding me?

when is the next book in A Song of Fire and Ice coming out? nt.

Army says new Lakota helicopters overheat

Man who enlisted to avoid murder rap sentenced

4th BCT begins returning to Bliss from Iraq

Fathers of 2 slain troops protest Iraq War

Army pushes back monthly NCO promotions

178 soldiers become U.S. citizens in Iraq

New controversy surrounds Vietnam memorial

F-15s expected to fly soon, officials say

Soldier readies for 6th deployment in 6 years

CSAR-X decision delay spurs Pave Hawk upgrades

Unclaimed veterans’ ashes interred

Family looks to correct spelling on memorial

In case you didn't see it, I put up a thread in GD this morning.

Coast Guard detains crew in oil spill probe

Roles for women changing, female vets say

Recording sparks investigation of shootout

DynCorp Hires Former Army Chief of Staff

Biden calls for change in way vets qualify for medical care

Killing Civilians: 29 or Less Is Ok with the US

Olbermann: War, Politics & Veterans + IAVA + Clinton + Fox Gone Wild + Worst (vids)

Joe Biden at ease in Iowa City

Conspiracy Theory part 2 - Biden

What Pelosi And Reid Should Do To Bush

"The FCC Song" Music Video--Song by Eric Idle

John Edwards - "Health Care" Television Ad - Iowa

CBC: New Law Allows Pakistan to Try Civilians in Military Court

Condi's Diplomat Draft

Hillary Clinton's American flag fiasco

Change the Future

Chris Dodd: The Very First Hour of the Very First Day

Red State Update: GOP YouTube Debate question for Fred Thompson

FOX. Guest Imitates Chinese People By Pulling At His Eyes


McCain Says Supporter's "Bitch" Query About Hillary Is "An Excellent Question"

Veterans Speak Out for Hillary (ad)

Red State Update, GOP YouTube debate question: Look around!

CNN Interviews Student Who asks Hillary a Planted Question

Veterans for Peace Arrested at Veterans Day March in Boston

Edwards: A Sacred Promise to our Veterans

Republican Caller *Tries* To Defend Government Spying


Conspiracy Theory part1 (Biden)

John Edwards: Give 'em hell. Hope and fighting

Flying the Ultra No-Frills Airline

LA State Rep. calls civil rights leader 'Buckwheat'

Old Man Thompson Is Plumb Tuckered Out ---pix--->>>


Roadside bombs found in the house of an Iraqi intelligence officer

Sick as a dog and pissed off...

I hate it when I come across a thread that is locked, and

When did random UFO sightings turn into fodder for political discussion here?

Ambush: Video Shows U.S. Troops Being Hunted, Killed -'The Forgotten War'

JackORoses is a "kingmaker" in the Fun Run.

CNN show on UFO"S

Will it be deal or no deal on spending bills?

Turkish helicopter gunships attack villages inside Iraq

Homeowners Feel the Pinch of Lost Equity

Cardinal: Sex-abuse bill 'about money'

Do You Support Hillary Because ...

Iraqis Can't Agree on Law to Give Away Their Oil to Their Occupiers

New U.S. Spy Report On Iran Held Up By Fierce Resistance to Cheney's Hard Line

Stupid Criminals: Man Killed by Alligator at Indian Reservation

Unexplained Blue Cloud Floats, Darts Around Customers At Gas Station

–Dwight David Eisenhower, “The Chance for Peace,” Apr. 16, 1953.

Why, Mommy?

Have you stopped beating your spouse yet? Yes or no?

Is Condoleeza Rice unhappy?

Robert Kuttner on CSPAN - great stuff!

Lakota warrior's descendants fight in Iraq

Marine, Iraq war veteran dies at Camp Pendleton

Where are the contempt charges that were supposed to be


Howie Klein: You would be hard put to find an Alaska Republican politician who isn't on the take

Must See: Video Scandal Tour of DC

* to visit S. Indiana to talk about the miracle of his economy

Nun Pleads No Contest in Sex Abuse

Christian Newswire: Calls For Boycott Of Pat Robertson For Giuliani Endorsement

CNN keeps reporting that the surge is working so well

Man Hospitalized After Using Shotgun To Loosen Lug Nut

The Real News Video: El Baradei and Iran’s nuclear ambition

Mercenaries--what the State Dept. Doesn't Want to Know

Tancredo raises fear factor with new ad

Latest Polls show some suprising figures

BREAKING: "The Surge" has been an unqualified success thanks to George Bush

IED Attacks Down In Iraq - Sniper Attacks Up In Iraq

US Building Military Base On Top Iraqi Oil Platform

Police Use Riot Gear, Handcuffs On War Protesters In Washington State

WTF of the morning: CNBC banner reading "War on Wealth"

White House Claims The Dog Ate Its Emails

Bush Wars Have Cost Each U.S. Family $20,000

McClatchy: U.S. finds a way to pacify Iraqi town — by using cash

GA: Putting faith in call for rain... (but not everyone buys into it.)

Report: Bush wars cost average U.S. family $20,000

Barbara Bush's big Hurricane Corrina 'donation' benefits son Neil: investigation now underway

Juan Cole: US Drawdown Begins

Former Iraq War POW Visits Nashville

Congressman Trout introduces "REVOLUTION ACT"

Studs Terkel on Democracy Now! today for the hour:


House Parliamentarian Vetoes Article 1

Administration 'plan' for Iraq stability good enough for partisans to view, but not Congress

Bush's Miracle Economy: Turning Dollars into Euros, Dollars into Oil...

S. Korea Secures 1st Oilfield in Iraq

Medco warns of vanishing nest eggs

Trust Monsanto? Sure ya do....they only want what's best.

Toys for Tots: Important Toy Recall Announcement

Atlanta: ONE Jackass uses average of 390,000 gallons of water per month.

Money talks

Reid/Dem press conf. on new REport-cost of war-cspan1 now.

U.S. and Iraqi troops kill 15 gunmen in big battle

Forecaster expects gas prices to jump another 20 cents per gallon by December

I'm going to turn the channel but FYI Bill Reilly is coming up on "The View"

This Revolution Could Be Televised On Fox

Impeachment - best way to honor vets

YO: Bank of America to take $3 billion debt-related writedown

Bush Vetoes Health and Education Bill

Bush vetoes Dems' health and education bill

Deleted dupe. n/t

"Christians United" start to mobilize. Oppose any compromise for peace.

The Rude Pundit: New York Police Union Chief: "Hey, Fuck You, Rudy"

New Book: Cheney almost got Wolfowitz top post @ CIA -- if not for Wolfowitz's zipper problem

Can I bother you with a question about a past-tense subjunctive?

The Right Wing talk radio station in my home town(1110 WBT)

"I have not made a Sherman statement." - Al Gore

Attitudes toward corporal punishment

Baird’s(D-WA) war turn blew ‘any chance’ of Iraq ‘compromise.’

O'Reilly Unleashes Fox Lawyers in Attempt to Sink Critic's Career (Mike Stark)

McCain is "outraged" over a million bucks for the Woodstock Museum..

Lordy lordy lordy

Another day... Another VETO!!!!!!!!!

Sadrist calls "for Iraq's parliament to be dissolved and new elections held immediately."

Looming disaster in Bangladesh. Cyclone Sidr heads their way.

cspan 1 NOW--NEW joint Congress Report on Costs of War:

Merkel & Musharuf both called Biden BEFORE they talked to Shrub

Iraq, Torture and the Crisis in American Leadership, Princeton, Nov. 15, at 7:30 p.m.

Defense attorney uses sleepwalking as defense to rape allegations

Politically We're Frogs Not Noticing the Boiling Water

SAfrica's Tutu calls for global ban on death penalty ahead of UN vote

More proof that the "NEWS" is fiction? CBS "NEWS WRITERS" to go on strike.

Your Creation Museum Report: $27 million dolloars of horse shit...

TOONS! How about a TASTY late night snack! TOONS!

A Pearl Harbor without War

Blue "Ghost" caught on film.

The music has stopped and Wall Street has no chair.

Craig Crawford is a Hillary media shill. Countdown.

When it comes to Iraq War: Human cost VS Economic cost

trouble in cotton land

When, oh when, will JackORoses and eggplant use their powerups!

Al Gore to Keynote State of the Union

Feinstein Faces Dem Censure After Backing Mukasey

"he will submit legislation"---Congress will be forced to vote on their own Health

In Interview, Musharraf Defends Rule by Decree - Condi ineffective

Sandra Day O'Connor's Alzheimer's-stricken husband finds new romance

If you're not donating to the DCCC or DSCC, tell them,

3 schools closed due to continuing ammonia leak - teen caused

Pentagon Still Keeping Iraq Strategy Plan from Congress

The Joke's On Russert

Reid tries to force Bush’s hand on Iraq funding

Cocoa Beach, Fl. has algal poisoning - affecting people

Dubya's San Francisco treat!

Need help with Vietnam war rebuttal, old RW meme raises it head again

For Candidates, Web Is Power And Poison

Why should the world fund our debt by investing in the dollar?

Bulletins from the Titanic - "Steady as She Sinks!"

TEDTalk Tuesday: The wisdom of designing Cradle to Cradle

“The Right Brain vs Left Brain test ... do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?”

Election 2008: nary a WASP male in sight

WHAT WOULD JESUS BUY!!!!!!!! Watch the movie trailer!!!!!!!

Ellen DeGeneres not honoring writer's strike

The Pakistan Fuel Connection

Word from Al Gore's Office: Stop Ballot initiatives

at last some movement in Atlanta

We need a DU Repository of good responses to bogus RW email smears...

Report: McCain Stands By As His Supporter Calls Hillary A "Bitch"

Just watched yesterday's the View with guest Laura Ingram

Sign on to the resolution calling for the California Democratic Party to censure Senator Feinstein

Oh, jeez, how did we miss this? "Ripe for Terror? Gumball Machines Being Inspected"

Your FCC At Work...In the most bizarre example yet of GOP corporate welfare, FCC Chairman...

"She is one of the most isolated candidates in modern American history. Everything is stage-managed"

Private Tests Show More Toxic Gas in FEMA Trailers than Government Admits

Caption this pic

Newly ordained in St. Louis, two women priests seek reform

Neil Young LWW - Protest Videos

How my ingenious governor shows leadership in dealing with the water shortage

What is poppa Bush thinking?

I've been told I have a question to ask Hillary

Mentally Ill Veterans Sent Back To War

Consumer face record heating oil bills

This poll from the AZ Republic needs some DU love:

Houston Texans Football player sues city over taser use during arrest

Mukasey Faces Test In Minnesota

House Poised to Tie Strings to Iraq War Funds

Redone to meet standards ... Grey in California

US Soldier who just became US citizen: "I’m able to vote next year for Obama, or maybe Hillary"

VIDEO: O'Reilly Lashes Back at Cuban, Calls Him 'Anti-American' for Distributing New DePalma Film

Last Wednesday Nov 7, 2007, Rep Robert Wexler announced

Your gas dollars at work!

NBC's Tom Brokaw Puts Spotlight on Warren Buffett's Call to "Tax the Rich!"

HR Groups Ask German Court to Review Prosecutor's Decision to Dismiss Rumsfeld Torture Case

Free Press: FCC Martin's New Rules Are Corporate Welfare for Big Media

It is going on Months now that Subpoenas were ignored

Damn why did you all tell Hillary about the DU fund Drive?

Time Magazine: "The Race to Be the Un-Hillary"


Chris Noth on *: “This Administration Has Been the Biggest Tragedy in the History of the U.S."

NY TIMES: In Interview, Musharraf Defends Rule by Decree

Does anyone have any pictures of...

Bridge rips 200 foot gash in ship

"Stunning": CBS News Discovers "Hidden Epidemic" of Military Suicides

There's a gap here - Good fugging grief

Freedom's Watch Watch: New Veterans Day Ads Target Dems On Iraq

John Edwards as President would cut his and all members of Congress health insurance

Fifty states face voting machine lawsuits; “Uncounted” documents DRE issues

Powerup "GAFFE" activated on Kucinich and Clinton: That means your fun points are more valuable now!

this dude on the radio said I should be afraid of the gay mafia. sense when....

Hidden costs double Iraq, Afghanistan war costs: Democrats

The Nation: The Coming Foreclosure Tsunami

This Har's My Vetoin' Pen; This Har's My Madlibbin' Pen; This Har's My Doodlin' Pen...

A Brokered Convention Scenario....

Iraq situation unacceptable: U.S. Catholic bishops

What do you think of medical marijuana?

I challenge You, too!

Texas mayors want wider Rio Grande

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Mike Stark responds to Roger Ailes

How do the Dem candidates of '08 stack up to the candidates we were offfered in '04?

Bush Records Back-To-Back Interviews For Fox News And Fox Business Channel

Zippy on the overthrow of "Big Tex!"

Appeals Court Rejects Government’s Bid on Jefferson (D-La.) Documents

Columnists War Breaks Out at 'NYT' -- Over Reagan and Racism

About the history of AIDS in America.

Jane Smiley: My Pretend Interview with Hillary Clinton

Happy Holidays Americans !

Why is Johnny Carson allowed to run posthumously?

Preparing for a world without oil

GOP outraged over earmarks, not a peep about $1.6 trillion war or debt nearing $10 trillion

Mukasey Makes First Big Move

70% Say Cheney Abused Power, 52%-Committed Impeachable Offenses, 43%-Remove Him!

I challenge You, too!

Panel: Hidden costs almost double war cost - Impeach Now?

Who do you honestly think will be the Democratic nominee in 2008?

India-China-Russia in new strategic agreement

Review: Jamail's Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq

Petition asking Dodd to keep the downpayment assistance program! (Please sign and kick if you agree)

U.S. Intelligence: Iran Possesses Trillions Of Potentially Dangerous Atoms

Hey Budget Conscious People - Skinner likes to eat turkey too

So is this sub prime lending debacle designed to hit Minority home owners the hardest?

My questions is . . .

Chris "Tweety" Matthews does not suffer from low self-esteem -- disses Jon Stewart, Brian Williams.

Reid: Even As War-Cost Estimates Climb, * Again Vetoes America's Priorities At Home


New Research shows Uptick in American's and Democrat's Approval for Bush handling of Iraq...

Class-action lawsuit blames Sempra Energy (San Diego Gas & Electric) power lines for 2 wildfires

have you been tasered?

Great-grandmother strip searched at casino, accused of stuffing winning ticket down her bra

Just saw on the local news that gas prices will go up at least another 20 cents by December

I feel a little better now

DynCorp Hires Former Army Chief of Staff

Wiretapping investigation reopened

Phelps group asks U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in Nebraska, Maryland cases

Iraq war is a betrayal of American democracy

Why hasn't Kerry come out for Edwards?

"Heroes Health Card" - Richardson's Proposed Health Care Coverage to American Veterans

Albert Gore will lead this nation without the job title

Busholini in Veto Frenzy. He is flexing his power.

More St. Ronnie (Reagan)

Please DU this poll

'Real' Democrat Kucinich Challenges 'Retreads'

Got to hand it to the die hard Gore supporters, they are a hopeful bunch.

It is time for wimpy "progressives" to just admit . . .

Chalabi returns to prominence and power, meets with Odierno

Mr. SKINNER, will you be coordinating another 'Second Harvest'

Here comes the Hannah Montana concert scam backlash

Amazing, and thank you.

The Treason of the Mainstream Democrats

Would you give away your Kucinich vote to beat Hillary in the primaries?

POLL: The GOP nominee will be the candidate tapped by the Bush MACHINE

The Price of Loss: How the West values civilian lives in Iraq

Homophobic Surgeon General Nominee Reveals Bush Plans To Recess Appoint Him

I Really Don't Care What Happens To This Country Anymore

Pelosi: ‘Given His Dismal Record, * in No Position to Lecture Congress About Fiscal Responsibility’

Why John Bolton did not serve on active duty and go to Nam in the 70's

You used to be able to come to DU and get the news

MP says Kelly's 2003 death not suicide

Billo on The View: The current bullied groups in schools are gays and ... get this ... the religious

Interesting tidbit re: old toilets.

What can Kucinich supporters do to become mainstream opinion leaders?

Masked gunmen fire into crowd of Venezuelan Chavez opponents....

Richard Belzer: Willful Ignorance, Callous Indifference, or Both?

Nominating the Next President of the USA. Where are you today?

Ex-FBI Agent Accused Of Security Breach

An End to the Petrodollar?

Justice Department reopens probe of domestic spying program

Randi Just Read A List Of Crap The House Is Scheduled To Work On This Week

Guantanamo Inmate's Lawyer: My phone has been tapped, computer hacked

Oops Bad Me, Seems I have Logged Into the Wrong Site

ATTN DU Donors: We're having some delays processing donations from Paypal

US still claims Canadian citizen, Maher Arar has "unequivocal membership of al-Qaida."

The Thought Crime Bill

Bush: Congress like 'teenager with a credit card'

This could be Stephen Colbert's "Best Ever" video from The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart!

Am I just an idiot, or what?

Help! Has anyone ever had to do an inventory for a divorce?

JOHN DEAN-CHENEY PLAN: IF Dem Wins-THEY WILL BE DESTROYED-So Exec Power Remains Upon Repub Return

Gore supports single payer, universal health care

Bush Vetoes Funding for Autism Programs

And now, for your vomitous enjoyment, I give you Richard Cohen of the Washington Post!

Bush 'in no mood' to talk to Dems about spending

DUer's "masterstroke" nets seat in Jeopardy! TOC Finals [so, KICK this]

Benazir Bhutto shows courage and determination in calling for Musharraf's ouster today

*** ANTI-WAR TOONS / GRAPHICS *** ----->

Another Republican scandal - CT State Senator Lou DeLuca steps down over ties to organized crime

Valerie Plame Still Wants to Know ...

U.N.: Ignoring global warming is "criminally irresponsible"

3-Year-Old Shot by Intruder with Shotgun

Another reason why regulation is a GOOD thing:Herbal Sex Pills Pose Hidden Dangers

I work with a lady and as best I can tell, she is a libertarian

Newsweek taps Kos as ‘08 contributor of opinion pieces

Mass School of Law: BUSCHO & Others Will BE LEGAL TARGETS-Even AFTER They Leave Office

The problem with the 'sex offender' label...and why we need to change it.

Chris Dodd on John Edwards: "I am surprised at just how angry John has become."

Side. Splitting. FUNNY!!!! The REAL American Gangster!!

Planting questions in an audience

Colorado Supreme Court Gives Green Light to Restore Personhood to the Unborn

So, what do you do when you see someone who's down?

Mother arrested for telling her 12+16 yr old sons about sexual experiences from her past

Bush veto hits heating bill aid program for poor

To all those that "refuse" to vote for Hillary in the General: what about the SCOTUS?

Conservative Catholic group goes after Repubs for voting against SCHIP


How does one go about investing in gold? nt

Senator clinton Introduces Legislation to Provide Support for Youth 'Aging Out' of Foster Care

NEW ARG POLL: Majority Think Bush and Cheney Have Committed Impeachable Offenses

can the al gore naysayers give it a break today?

Alleged explicit sex discussion lands mom probation

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

New bumper stickers to offend and amuse you...

Sibel Edmonds Case: the untellable AIPAC Case, part 2.

Socialized Medicine, TEXAS STYLE (For the rich and POWERFUL, that is)

When it comes to raising kids, I sincerely believe one of the best things

An illustrated guide to our long national nightmare: how to wake up and impeach


Teen Death Toll in Crashes Spirals Up

THE ABRAMOFF GANG: Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL) Turns to Former Abramoff Associate for Fundraising

I don't get the Ron Paul hatred...

Gore supporters, where to now....?

Word from Al Gore's Office: Stop Ballot initiatives (to draft Gore)

Rabbi: Serving the "gods" of lust, pornography, homosexuality & abortion can prevent rain!

When gasoline hits $4.00 plus what will you do?

Huff Po: Clinton Planted Question In 1999:

The American Nightmare: Black Men Make Less Than They Did 30 Years Ago

Your opinion please! Did you know that Larry King, Judge Judy Sheindlen, and Oprah Winfrey...

Brokaw was on Tavis last night: repeated the meme about GIs returning from Nam being spat upon

Phony Veterans (dial up warning)

The house in Cobb County that uses 400,000 gallons a month

PELOSI Will Put IMPEACHMENT Back On Table If She Gets 10,000 Letters-Start Writing DU?

Loophole lets you eat E. coli meat

I'm tired of hearing ANYTHING about religion in politics.

Which do you believe best describes those U.S. citizens who...

What Are You Thankful For?

George Walker Bush impeachment check-in thread, no comments needed

Should adult adoptees have access to their birth records?

Fleeing Robbery Suspect Eaten By Alligator

Frequently Asked Questions about the DU FUN RUN (Please Read and Recommend)

The primary sure brings out the worst in people, doesn't it?

Would John Edwards do better if he had gray hair?

Democratic Presidential Candidate Positions on the Defense of Marriage Act

Al Gore is not running , sadly

Ms. Pelosi wants our letters

Why on Earth Are Hillary and Obama Supporting Pro-Corporate Trade Deals?

Lobbyists scramble to meet Rep. Hoyer’s recess deadline

Gandhi. Every now and then we should take the time to reflect on

The real reason Kucinich will never be president

Ga. governor prays for rain amid drought

redifining privacy?---leaving it/trusting it to the gov or business?

E. J. Dionne: Democrats in Congress Feeling the Heat

Which Candidate Would Win On Jeopardy

Hillary Clinton's White House papers would be tied up even if she released them.

Bush To Give Keynote Address Honoring Federalist Society’s 25th Anniversary

You know, Tammy Wynette wrote a song for moments like the one DiFi's facing right now...

Clinton Planted Iraq War Question on April 2

Need Congress phone number - the one where you call and tell them where

Turn up the Heat.....On Who?

How would Dems handle Pervez Musharraf?

Report: Cost to the average family over next decade for Iraq / Afghanistan wars: $46,300

Why Saudi Arabia breeds militants

What does it say about Kucinich running so far in the lead of the fun drive?

RNC Protest Plans Already Under Way

For Obama, a Handsome Payoff in Political Gambles: Has Friends, Successes, Precious Few Battle Scars

Visualize President Romney. C'mon, close your eyes and

George W. Bush must pardon Yukio Asano immediately

House Democrats Try Softening Their Tone

What are you doing to support your candidate of choice?

Hillary maintains STRONG *23* pt lead in spite of attacks..

Colbert in 3-Way Tie for Va. Soils Board

Voters dismiss 'piling on' charge

OH NO!!-Cheney Quietly Maneuvers Increased Control Over Environmental Policies

Attack Iran, Get Impeached: An Idea from Ken Mayers

That Clinton Boy Defends His Wife and Raises Eyebrows

Kucinich & Obama Winning The Nation Magizine Poll for Dem Primary Of All Candidates

Kucinich blasts Bush

TNR's Michael Crowley: "Bunker Hillary"

Conn. Lawmaker Quits Over Alleged Threat (AP)

As a break from the too-long campaign, let's play pretend. If Dems "sweep"

NBC's First Read: Is Fred Thompson borrowing an Obama line?

Hillary's Campaign Planted More Questions Says Student

"Front runners" rarely win the primary.

In case anyone cares about news from Iraq,

The MSM Said Al Gore Had Three Faces

Bhutto - Her Other Side

Abramoff Tied GOPer Turns to Former Abramoff Associate for Fundraising

"A bright green T-shirt emblazoned 'Run Gore, Run'"

The One Billion Dollars We Will Spend Picking a President in 2008 Could Buy....

Edwards announces paid family leave plan

Time to Connect the Dots Regarding Obama

A Not-So-Perfect Picture of Unity

A note to consider: the press needs the Democratic race to be a contest; they are flogging Clinton

What new less violent markets could Blackwater get more involved in?


Sign On To Support the Resolution calling for the CA Democratic Party to Censure Sen Feinstein:

Are we finally seeing a few rams among the sheep?

Edwards threatens to violate Constitution if elected.

John Edwards now supports the Democratic Nominee.

Romney's spending on TV ads breaks record

I was talking to a "little birdie" over the weekend about New Hampshire and Iowa..

Well, Hillary Clinton has done it; She's now officially ranked last to me

Edwards Announces Paid Family Leave, Sick Day Plan

Edwards Announces Bold Plan for Paid Family and Medical Leave (policy paper/fact sheet)

Barack is a Politician after all

McCain Stands By As His Supporter Calls Hillary A "Bitch"...

We keep hearing references to Mr. Rezko as being some sort

Bush says economy has strains but still strong ("Families are working hard")


Edwards Announces Paid Family Leave Plan

Little love for Obama among New Hampshire's working class

Obama in N.H.: No planted questions in town halls

Did John Edwards used to be a senator?

Obama Challenges Clinton on Trade Deals - - says, "I've been consistent."

opps sorry for the dupe.....hey gang, please re-up the K & Rs

Edwards campaign responds to Sen. Clinton's attack on his health care ad

Biden - Closing the revolving doors of the prison system in U.S.

Face Time Is Important to Iowa and N.H., Poll Finds

Edwards plan offers veterans expanded counseling options

Vets for Hillary (very good video).

Student given question to ask Clinton: I wasn't only one

Once again, it's Edwards on the side ot the American people.

"I fully expect to support the Dem nominee" isn't the same as "I WILL support the Dem nominee"

Bomb Bomb Iran - Hillary’s hawkish Iran vote was an ill-advised move

Chris Dodd is such a poser tool

Will John Edwards run as an independant if he isn't the nominee...?

Colbert for Prez

Time Magazine: "The Race to Be the Un-Hillary"

Rasmussen- Clinton 41% Obama 20% Edwards- 17%

More Edwards Obfuscation and Flip Floppery...

Edwards refuses to say whether he would endorse Hillary if she wins the nomination

Obama Challenges Clinton on NAFTA, Trade Deals

Hey Dodd, if you're not angry

Only 357 days left

Should Hillary reel in her man??

For you that think Edwards has changed, READ this

Poll question: How many Democratic candidates would you *not* vote for in the General Election?

Something to send to the Freepers...

Edwards was not asked if he would support the nominee

Are you there CAPTION? It's me ......

Who would be Hillary's running mate? Any ideas?

A little information about Mark Penn...

Edwards clarifies remarks on supporting nominee (“I fully expect to support the Democratic nominee")

Hillary's camp claims the "looks like facebook" about Obama's supporters in IA was compliment

Bill Clinton on the road again: Which one running?

Well John Edwards has done it...he is officially below Kucinich on my list of preferred nominees...

Mika Brzenzinski just interviewed Michelle Obama on "Morning Joe."

Joe Klein Will Never Appear On Goofball Again

POLLS -- IA: Hillary 25, Edwards 23, Obama 22 :::: NH: Hillary 37, Obama 22, Edwards 9

Statement from Sen. Chris Dodd on John Edwards

Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan Investigation

Kucinich & Obama Winning The Nation Magazine Poll For All Dem Candidates

A General who Came Out Against Bush - Comes Out for Hillary

Ron Paul's record in congress -

The Nation reminds us of Juan Maria Aznar's fascist origins (Chavez knew what he was talking about)

Iowa Waitress Speaks Out: Clinton Didn't Leave Tip, Media has Misplaced Priorities

Anti-War Voters Lash Out at Democrats They Helped Put in Office

If one Gaffe is truly enough to cause Sen. Clinton to falter

2008 candidates support nuclear energy to combat climate change.

Hey, Hillary, will you support Edwards if he's the nominee?

3 weeks ago, Hillary led Obama by 27%, Edwards by 37%; Today she leads Obama by 21%, Edwards by 24%

Hillary puts Georgia in play according to latest poll...

Student given question to ask Clinton: I wasn't only one

The New Republic: "Bunker Hillary - Clinton's strategy for crushing the media"

LOL. Edwards claims he's a fighter with the record to prove it.

Where would Hillary be if Senator John Edwards had not defended Bill so brilliantly?

Biden's birthday is coming up in a few days-

How should Naderites and other splinterists be dealt with?

Chris Matthews' "pimping of Obama has reached an astonishing level." Why?

Georgias Governor Prays for Rain on Capitol Steps

Camille Paglia on Hillary Clinton - 11/1999

For Edwards, a Man on the Run, Time Is No Ally: "a flat-out, hard-charging schedule"

Edwards is brilliant! He is tough and smart and doing it all while being out spent.

Will you support Edwards if he is our nominee?

Edwards Statement on Report That Generic Drug Legislation Was Stalled by Drug Company Lobbyists

Colbert in 3-Way Tie for Va. Soils Board

Congressman Barney Frank endorses Clinton

To Impeach: Pelosi wants "10,000" hand written snail-mails from public

Hillary on the Dodd Pledge...

Bush vetoed bill for education, health care and job training; signed $459 billion Pentagon bill

Mark Penn (top Hillary advisor) firm now retained by the "Date Rape Candy"!?!

'Real' Democrat Kucinich challenges 'retreads'

Edwards Camp: Yes, Our Health Care Proposal Is Constitutional

Esterday: "I'm not going to vote for Hillary. That is a definite. No one could pay me enough money."

HILLARY'S MUSHARRAF which will soon be coming out

Burson-Marsteller and the Clinton Connection.

Look at the new item on the Hillary Clinton web site!

Wow! The Planted Question Story Just Got Alot Creepier (CNN Interview)

Was John Edwards right on anything while in the senate?

Who makes your opinion? Who's making mine?