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Hang 'em High

The Myth of the Iron Lady

Who's the Enemy? In Iraq, It's Getting Harder to Find Any Bad Guys

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 314

Birds face long road to recovery (San Fran oil spill)

Has anybody seen Sharkwater?

Seas to absorb greenhouse gas, but food chain hit - Reuters

"Nukes are back and so are we"

Gun battle in reactor control room - Nuclear industry tries to censor the story

Wildlife Biologist Dies From Possible Plague

Israeli Police Seek Evidence Against PM

Iraq Hurdles Stall Plan For Iraqi Recruits (Shiite Gov't Wary of Bringing Sunni Fighters Into Ranks)

Edwards rips Clinton for planting question

Currency Controls Return as Central Banks Fight Gains (Update1)

Unions in threat to paralyse France

Study Debunks Theory On Teen Sex, Delinquency-New Analyses Challenging Many Old Assu

US Has Plan To Safeguard Pakistan Nuclear Weapons:Report-AFP

Japan's current account rises 40.4 percent in September

Hershey's Replaces Board (after moving jobs to Mexico)

US strike on Iran 'not being prepared'

Currency Controls Return as Central Banks Fight Dollar Freefall

Venezuela's Chavez asks Spanish king if he knew of 2002 coup

Fuck, *that* is all...

Mmmmmm "Eat Only" meat...

UGH!!! Feeling frustrated/upset.

Starbucks Peppermint Mocha for the win

IHOP on Cox

Employers Study Applicants' Personalities

This will be the nastiest, sexually filthy thread you *ever* clicked into...

Bob Dylan & Allen Ginsberg (video piece)

I'm about to get torn up in GD

RIP - Selena

A new fund drive and I would like to know

My daughter can photograph a dog.

Frustrated by all the Democratic primary inbreeding?

I'm watching the Sci-Fi Original Move, "10.5" for the first time. I already know how it will end.

I'm watching the Sci-Fi Original Move, "10.5" for the first time. I already know how it will end.

A public screw-you to RetroLounge(lame copycat)

Weird shit at Photobucket

I' m gonna kill myself by eating a ton of Hasperat!!!!

"Seven Blunders of the World"

There is a tapas bar in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Firefox users, which add-ons do you use?

I had fantasy football sewn up this week. All Peyton Manning had to do was

OMG! Orangutan Island!!

Bears Win! Bears Win!

Donate at least $5 to ME, and I'll take 5 "steps" toward my kitchen. Donate at least $25...

Thanks... Now I Have Paper Roses Stuck In My Head

OMG, the Chargers are unbeatable in their powder keg Blue jersys

Peyton Manning has 3 picks on him--in the first quarter.

Just saw, "control"

Jesus got pwnt in a gang initiation. Spawn-fragged Judas, but lagged out anyway. Stupid AOL n00bs

falling asleep

Is TARGET Racist?

Grovelbot: The Return of Grovelbot

I'b catchig a code

Would you kiss a guy with Fred?

I'M HORNY ! Please help!

It's time to admit your guilty secrets.

Distract me for ten minutes so I won't eat the homemade bread

This is a serious Post. Have the last two tenths of the twentieth century

Let's hear it for Droopy's "Stories from the Road" series!!!

The official DU "This Thread is Useless Without Pictures" Thread.

Bush likes cats.

GD is getting louder AND dumber.

Leonardo painting has coded 'soundtrack'

OMG! It's almost war on christmas time!

Is TARGET racist?

Nobody else down here has hands...

Rapper Kanye West's Mother Dies

"Is that a different kind of religion?"

Alright, who watched the CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM finale?

Where the hell's my money?

There is a possum in the stray kitty-cat bed.

My wife and I found our neighbor's lost cat!

I'm heading out to go see The Waterboys play in Portland...

Self portrait thread.

The Reno Sherriff's Department joins the picketers in Hollywood:

Behold! My grandson!

I think Oprah should buy us all a new car.

Damn the British

Neat Homemade Recycling video, EVERYONE WATCH IT!

God Help Me...

GD-P wants update on DainBramaged. Anyone know anything?

The Other Side, An Interview With William Blum


Ron Paul Republican Bruce Fein supports impeachment

RIP the golden age of youtube

Kucinich on Media consolidation.

Kucinich On Election Media Coverage.

Dennis Kucinich and Ani DiFranco in Boston

Sacred Obligation - Joe Biden

China's Foreign Min To Visit Iran Tuesday -AFP

WooHoo! I am Donation #1 . . . and the candidates are OFF!

UAE/Dubai Orders $35B in Planes - from Airbus, Not Boeing

Map - They Track Poltical Contributions As They Happen

On Armistice Day~

Veteran's service began in '30s and continues today (Ed Bieganski, 87)

Cookies Or Torture, Which Works Best When Eliciting Info From A Prisoner?

The Trouble with Oil on CNN

Hollywood strike underlines bleak outlook for movie business

Downtown Grozny during rush hour

al Maliki: Release Iraq Insurgents To Promote National "Unity"

Veterans' Groups and Family Members Speak Out Against the Iraq War on Veterans Day

Who is the greatest champion of democracy in the last 50 years?

PBS Fans of Ms.'s starting a 9:00 p.m. (est)...NOW!

Holiday card list....

When is the "Fun Run" over?

I foresee multiple $5 donations-$5 will get you 10, $15-20 steps and $25-30 steps

Arrests Made At Veterans Day Event

Venezuela's Chavez lashes back at Spanish king for telling him to 'shut up'

Saving Private Ryan on TNT tonight

I was looking at GLSEN's website and came across something bittersweet

The BEST candidate is MISSING from the poll dammit..

Need a distraction? Try reading The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman

Is there a difference between being purist and being intolerant?

Ok, alteredstate, who did you switch? re: Fun Run!

Malachite green (a carcinogen) found in Chinese seafood

Oh no you didn't!

* was to use his VD speech to bitch about the Dems, but changed his mind

Be Sure to set your TIVO's or VCR's to C-Span II Tonight for a Rewind of Incredible Day!

It's Monday morning in Asia and the markets are tanking.

I will be seeing John Edwards...

Eddie the Pimp Pastor says Grassley financial probe "unfair"

Ex-Congressman Sweeney (sleazy repuke - NY) Busted For Aggravated DWI

Elder Bush parachutes in for presidential museum opening

Venezuela Defends Chavez After Spat With Spanish King

Experts weigh in on security of Pakistan's nukes

Finally saw 'Sicko' tonight. Moore was not very flattering of Hillary.

Wake me up when it is real


Pelosi and Reid wrote Bush a letter:

Hey! Who let Hillary out of the dungeon?

US dollar being discussed on Peter Werbe's Sunday program now. Link

I had to pass this on - George Bush toilet brush for sale (brush your toilet with his HEAD!)

Glenn Beck?

Kucinich and the Libertarian....

Questions about Edwards? Here's some answers.

Is anyone else special? I got "TWO" PMs from the admins tonight!

Skinner. Can you compress the scale of the "race"?

OPEC about to dump cheap oil into the US market. Punitive tariffs anyone?

How can we elect someone for president that goes around posing for pictures with Bush all the time?

Spooks refuse to toe Cheney's line on Iran

For Veterans Day - the Marlboro Marine revisited

We don't need to call for a purge of traitors, just alert on every last splinterist post.

Lawton Chiles' Niece Runs for U.S. Senate

My letter to Impeachment supporters in my area Re. Kucinich

Oh my I can't see Kucinich!

File under "Global Warming" -- I went SNOWBOARDING this weekend in VT!

Redford's "Lions" film. My take.

add al gore to the straw poll.

HuffPo Headline "Wounded" and pic of Clinton... LINK

This Modern World-What will the Democrats do if they win in 2008?

The Mega Luxury Bunker of Baghdad - the new US Embassy.

Why moderates and centrists should not control or influence the party rhetoric

How do I donate to "undecided"? I don't even have a favorite at this point. nt

Another Question Planted by Clinton Campaign

I am exhausted. Political events are taking their toll on me, and I find myself

Back when it used to mean something.

Listen to me! Listen to me! LISTEN TO MEEEEEE!!!!

I can't take anymore

How the Recession Will Begin

Arrests made at Veterans Day event (xpost from MA)

IF there was an ACCURATE percentage of unemployed reported, what would it be?

Yikes. We sure do hate Senator Clinton!

Oh my.. The Fun Run is EVIL,but deliciously so

Teresa Heinz Kerry shows her support for our veterans.

I want to apologize to ALL our veterans and our active duty service men and women.

We have always known that heedless self-interest

So, how many moles do you think will out themselves after the election?

60 minutes just now on the millenial generation

WHOOPS: We made a mistake on the pricing for the fund drive. (The PM we sent out is WRONG)

The Economy is fucked...the Dollar is Fucked::Its all Bushies & GOP Fault

Can we please stop this? (Bush-Clinton regime) picture heavy

GRAPHIC: Polls on impeaching Bush, Clinton, & Nixon (perfect to print and send to PELOSI)

Pay it Off Later -- Debt as the New American Dream

I am curious what you would offer? This isn't's a word

Kucinich: Conyers is amenable to Hearings, but is under a lot of pressure

I just saw a UFO. I'm not joking.

I have decided, to be undecided

CBS: Does Obama Still Have "It"?

Bush marks Veterans Day in Texas

The four arguments against America declaring war on Iran.

Does Obama Still Have "It"?

Go left TV: Best of the Left News November 11th

In the film, The Corporation, the then head of Burson-Marsteller's states

Obama's Remarkable J-J Speech (Beeton at mydd)

Hmm, this said it all for me and the "Support our Troops" crowd.

Yepsen: Five of them gave really good speeches. Barack Obama’s was excellent.

The Real Health Care Radicals

Right Wing attack on "Internet Anonymity" has begun...About to see assault on internet free speech?

Schumer calls on emergency aid

Fat-ass Karl Rove takes time out from shooting doves to write an op-ed piece for the WSJ

DU FunRun - Obama's in the lead...

Are you one of those people who believe Bush went in to Iraq for the oil?

Cate Edwards: on the Trail for Dad

Edwards, Obama: The enemy of my enemy ...

The War on Error

Is Kucinich's daughter from a previous marriage

Is anyone in contact with DainBramaged?

Russert tries to sneak and mislead with Obama interview on Meet The Press

OWH: Presidential Profile: Obama relishes role taking on status quo (4th in series)

Impeachment is Alive in Judiciary Committee! We Win It All If You Speak Out Now‏

America, and not just its front-line soldiers, needs to watch Al Jazeera to understand how the world

David Bromwich| What Is It Like To Be a Democrat?

Hanging With Winguts in Their Well-Constructed Imaginary World

Torture American Style

McClatchy Newspapers: Experts: Danger of nuclear-armed Iran may be hyped

This Is Your Brain on Politics - NY Times op-ed

NYT editorial: The Plight of American Veterans

Iraq: A Tale of One City, Now Two Beneath Rosey Assessments Bitter Truths

At the Mercy of the Military by Chris Hedges

Over There — and Gone Forever (the only WWI Vet left)

Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise.

Experts: Danger of Nuclear-Armed Iran Hyped

Bush's Last Resort

“In a Time of War”: On the Absurdities of Non-Impeachment

The Politics of the Personal: Over the Edge

Statue salutes Polish man who warned FDR of Nazi camps

Healthcare for vets - and all others

Crisis in the U.S.: “Plan B”?

AFGHANISTAN: Training Cops Not To Be Robbers

Creative Destruction

Saudi prince buys $310m Airbus

Carol Korreck: A Soldier's Mother: Veterans Need More Than a Parade

America begins slide into third world status


Lula Says Brazil Oil Find May Lead to OPEC Membership

In the Hands of the Military

Attack Iran, Get Impeached: An Idea from Ken Mayers

"The U.S. Has Its Own Toilet Problem"

the label "conservative" remains in vogue. with Repugs while Dems wary of the word liberal:


Senate Judiciary Poised to Pass Total Information Awareness Bill

“You have failed us miserably and we won’t take it any more.”

Pentagon Insider Has Dire Warning By Daniel Ellsberg


Israel on alert for Syria airstrike (on Dimona nuclear reactor)

So what are the disadvantages and advantages of expanding drilling off the California coast?

Don't Panic

found this nice website listing worldwide CO2 levels 1968-2002

Seven Cruise Lines Announce Fare Increases To Cover Increased Fuel Costs - MSN

Aviation Fuel Costs Push British Airways To Increase Fares - Telegraph

Frontier Halts Flights From San Jose To Mexico In 2008 - Fuel Costs Too High

Kab-121 Well Still Leaking, Pemex Announces - Cleanup Hampered By Bad Weather - Energy Current

New green standard for big events

Ohio Senators might have derailed Gov. Ted Strickland's plan for wind farms and other...renewable en

Failure to tackle climate peril 'criminally irresponsible', IPCC told

Korea to invest billions in renewable power sources

Oklahoma Utility Wants to Quadruple Wind Power Production

Record-high export of wind turbines (Denmark)

Hearings on a zoning exemption for a new (biomass) power plant in western Mass.

Grants looks to reclaim title of "Uranium Capital of the World"

Harness wind energy not nuclear, says Magsaysay awardee (India)

Rail line fuel cells can be the little engine that could

In the good news department, I saw three Santa Cruz Island Foxes this weekend

ExxonMobil CEO - Supply Response To High Prices "A Couple Of Years Away"

Qatari Oil Minister - OPEC Currently Pumping Enough - No Production Increases Needed - Rigzone

Gore - "What we are going to have to put in place is a combination of the Manhattan Project,

Pemex Unveils Plan To Build Pipeline To Carry European Oil To Juarez

History Channel: Mega Disasters-Oil Apocalypse

In Maine, 'a lot of fear out there' as heating oil prices keep rising

PPL To Install 4.8 MW Renewable Energy Power Plant in Vermont (landfill methane)

The Myth of the Iron Lady

Pakistan court to resume key Musharraf case: report

Another Question Planted by Clinton Campaign

Al Gore's next act: Planet-saving VC

Musharraf Sets No Date to End Emergency Rule

Moved-up Iowa caucuses could hinder youth vote

More (Shiite) militia members join (Iraq) army, police

IRAQ: Refugees forced home as funds dry up

Hurdles Stall Plan For Iraqi Recruits [WPost, p. AO1]

Marine receives medal two years late

Maliki Said to Induct 18,000 Militiamen into Security Services

U.S. armored vehicle destroyed in Baghdad blast

NATO Afghan detainees face torture risk - Amnesty

Centerpoint nurses vote to join union

New green standard for big events

Troops made US citizens in Afghanistan [also in Iraq, 150 sworn in as US citizens]

Chinese subcontractors blamed for trojan horses (on Maxtor disk drives)

Pastor charged with child molestation dies

Oil spill spells catastrophe for Russian coast

Sam Donaldson's Digits in DC Madam's Book

Security Guard Fires, Killing Iraqi Driver

State Eschews Probes for Iraq, Afghan Embassy Attacks

Experts Completing Final Climate Report (already softened by US, china others)

COMMUNICATIONS: Internet - Ruled by the Many, or by Special Interests?

Union OKs labor deal at Ford's Claycomo plant

US Military Reversing Iraq Troop Surge

'Radical Islam' should jolt voters, evangelicals say (Gary Bauer)

Pakistan bars planned protest by Bhutto

BREAKING: (Seven Day) Dentention Order Issued For Pakistan's Bhutto

Iraq Moves Forward to Revoke Contractor Immunity

Colombia labor applauds convictions (prosecuted to impress U.S. Democrats)

Russia Faces Major Oil Spill Disaster

Allegations against judge prompt talk of criminal case

Former pilots and officials call for new U.S. UFO probe

Pump price to jump 20 cents next 2-3 weeks: government

Kanye West mother, Donda West, dies from cosmetic surgery complications

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 12

Judge slaps White House with restraining order

White House directed to preserve backup tapes containing millions of e-mails

Ambush: Video Shows U.S. Troops Being Hunted, Killed (Afghanistan)

Rich urged to bear climate change costs

Dollar tumbles to 18-month yen low

La. Pol's 'Buckwheat' Remark Sparks Ire

Sources: Thompson Gains National Right to Life Endorsement

Environmental disaster as Russian tanker sinks

Criminal probe opened in Bay oil spill

Study Finds 37.4% HIV Prevalence Among Street Youth in Russia

Activists Already Planning RNC Disruptions

Al Gore joins famed venture capital firm

Herbal Sex Pills Pose Hidden Dangers

Revoking of licenses for teachers delayed

Fathers of 2 slain soldiers speak out (past time to end the US participation in the war)

Military Reporter Recalls Bush's Objections To Iraq Invasion On A Previous Veteran's Day

Arrests Made at Boston Veterans Day Event When Antiwar Group Refuses to Move Away From Podium

Televangelists' church made $69 million in 2006; figure released in response to investigation

Sex Determined Army Iraq Contracts

Cop: Teens Beheaded, Burned Man For Thrill

Farmers Ask Federal Court To Dissociate Hemp and Pot

Is this Sam Seder on "Lucy, Daughter of the Devil"?

This will blow over in time.

God, give me a day when I'm not annoyed with someone else.

My mean mom won't let me put my meat in the lasagna

Can I get a review of P.J. Harvey's White Chalk, 2006?

Now the lemon is demanding its Place In The Sun...

Something for admirers of the late Norman Mailer

I made up a word I'm going to use in my play. No one steal it!

I give you purple clover...

The potato is your is simply a misunderstood tuber...

Can I interest you in a tug...?

Can I interest you in a bug...?

How about the Marshall Islands...

I'm posting this again: my son in the Veteran's Day Parade

My youngest daughter at Stinson Beach...

And now...for my 3,000th post...I give you...

So my 14 year old says to me "Is that cocaine on your desk?"

Carlo Rossi is my co-pilot; G*D hopped out at a red light about ten miles back.

Dish changed their program scheduling thingie %^$#[email protected]#(*&&

Christ, I'm worn and torn

It's 5:14 AM, Time to go Swim

Grapes, Raisins Toxic To Dogs

I LIKE Cinnamon Girls, but I'm just not ready to make the commitment to LIVE with one.

a warning caution (tell me it was a repuglican)

OK, Bird, let's see your license

Life is too short to________________

It's that time again!!! Good vibes please.

RANT re non-recycled paper use!


MARATHON! $21.50

Chatty Kathy sure has changed her attitiude!!

Me last Friday

Who would you sell your soul to?

Showing is Postponed!

Attention Coulter Fans

Now, I have not had HBO in years but damnnnnnnnn

WOW What A Profitable Weekend

does a person's facial hair change their personality?

Should I be worried?

The "suitcase nuclear bomb" has been debunked. What now "terra" mongers?

Most obscure joke you've ever seen on "Sesame Street"?

Big Steak Dinner Tomorrow Night

has anyone seen xchrom?

Has anyone seen No Country for Old Men?

Skinner is spamming my inbox. I may have to block him.

Serious question about the DU Candidate Elections.

Thank you all

Caption contest!

Does a dog's facial hair affect his or her personality?

"We whacked the pork store" ("Sopranos" hangout Satriale's demolished, condos to rise in its place)

Is it the pre-holiday breakup season or what?

Whatever Happened To Grovelbot

Advice needed...important. Should I use seek or scan...

Anyone making a 'big' meal today?

"tased in the ass for a prolonged period"

Operation Yellow Elephant Bingo

mmm cake

Two days left... and a RANT...

How should I allocate my fun run steps?

A hypothetical scenario...

By The Way, Who did win that

Oooh mike c you little devil.

I am going to see a taping of the Price is Right

Mustard Advisory Board members, check in

NewWaveChick has a thermal detonator!

Anyone ever buy shotgun shells off craigslist?

Can someone wake me up please???

Attention Coulter Fans

Ketchup Advisory Board members, check in!

aarrgghhhhh. coworker playing christmas music already.

What does this phrase mean to you --

My daughter is dismayed that George Bush is not getting punched

Anyone a fan of "Donna" from West Wing? You need to watch Brotherhood...

"Now I'm bigger than you are and you're going to stand here and get it all..."

Holy Crap! Hillary has more points than everyone else combined!

If someone says that your relationship is like

I am making spaghetti and meatballs, ask me anything

What is the one post I need to see in order to understand all these mike_c kudos?

Self Picture Thread

Three Rubberband Men -- Post 'em Here!!

Stormy Weather

Jesus Is Coming

I should've stayed home today.

Monday Afternoon Earworm

Bad joke Monday

Bechtel is recruiting my wife to work there

Man Hits 'Jackpot' At Car Wash Machine

I'm making a post.

I bought a bottle of red wine to use in the spaghetti sauce

I got a great new job, but I'm too fucking lazy to write about it.

"Nobody can make you feel your interior without your consent."

George Osmond, sire of Donny, Marie, and the Osmond Brothers, died

Well, thats just GREAT

Wow.... I just got this email! I too can earn my degree!


Can u use coupons u print off the internet?

I Am Going To Target With My $25 Gift Certificate Tonight

It's the post your favorite comedy clips thread! (by a GDer don't tell 'em I can laugh!!1!)

One sexy lady..........

You know what's aso aggrevating about writing 3 books at once?

In honor of Veterans Day, my father and grandfather:

LOL Cat possibility

pot roast - a food group unto itself

This diserves its own thread

pot roasted- a party unto myself

Creamy Or Chunky Peanut Butter

Attention Colts Fans

LOLcats version of DU

I Have It Out for This Person At Work

I got a $4 Veterans discount at the car wash.

RIP, Ouzo (3/97-11/9/07)

I'm going to be gone for a few days...

are the actresses in the faux porn on Showtime and Cinemax also real porn

"I want my two dollars!"

Things that are more important to me than the name and pix of Elizabeth Hasselback's new baby.

Last night's "Family Guy": I can't believe Fox let some of that on the air. (SPOILERS)

how many degrees are you from Kevin Bacon?

Can you hear your neighbors fighting?

Can you hear your neighbors f***ing?

"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent."

Speaking of music...

This is my 7000th post, I want to say congrats to CalPeggy on the birth of her new grandchild and

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/12/07

Thanksgiving IS Next Week Already

Has Anyone seen Bella?

Oh dear

In honor of Veterans Day, I give you Pink Floyd's "When the Tigers Broke Free"

A short list of people who regularly flirt with me:

Is There Someone You Work With That Seems To Have It Out For You?

Laurie, Fry, French, Atkinson - Safe Sex

I have a new kitten!

Anyone heard anything from OperationMindCrime?

I promise to go back on my antidepressant. Ask me anything!

The Poetry Excerpt Game (rules inside):

Man Hospitalized After Using Shotgun To Loosen Lug Nut

Brown noser rant!!

Best Pink Floyd Song

I love food

If there were official Thanksgiving music

"As God is my witness, I though turkeys could fly."

If you bought a new Prius lately, can we talk?

Christmas Music Takes Over At Oldies 103 (Boston)

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Do men know how to show emotion????

Post your oxymorons here.

Ever met people who dont seem to grow up?

Basic Questions Thread:

God, boarding kennels are expensive

Northern Virginia - outside of DC - what can folks tell me about it?

Well it looks as if my fiancé is leaving me.


Task force puts Iraqi courts back to work

Protesters try to block cargo bound for Lewis

Anti-war vets allowed to march after all

Blast on cruiser injures 6 maintenance workers

Crew rescued from downed Navy chopper

C-130 pilot shares stories with school kids

Airmen stay cool by cutting up uniforms

Shiite, Sunni and U.S. forces cooperating

Bush: War a 'good, just, noble' cause

Air Force satellite blasted into space

Editorial: Veterans Without Health Care

Big demand for airman battle uniform before Pacific release

Savor This Day

Fire breaks out in Fort Drum barracks

Many Troops Marching Toward Citizenship

To Missing Comrades

Wounded soldier thankful despite 19 surgeries

Thousands mark 25th anniversary of Vietnam Veterans Memorial

President Evil

Vote SiCKO 'Favorite Movie' People's Choice Awards (F9/11 Won in 2005)

The Looting of Iraq

Democracy Now Headlines Part 1 Nov. 12, 2007

Hillary's Audience Plant

Ani DiFranco on Dennis Kucinich

Democracy Now Headlines Part 2 Nov. 12, 2007

Democracy Now!: Kucinich on Impeachment

Kucinich Special Edition Weekly Campaign Update: 12Nov2007

How We *Could* Have Spent Iraq Money

FBI Tracking Terrorists Through Food Purchases?

Jim Hightower: A very personal protest

I'm watching the Sci-Fi Original Move, "10.5" for the first time. I already know how it will end.

Is TARGET Racist?

Blunt priorities, choices, for the greatest, long term good?

Tokyo stocks dropped more than 3 percent on Monday to hit over 15-month lows

Crazy Jim Cramer calls AG Cuomo a "communist"

How come we haven't heard a word about impeachment from

Ooo... Obama Got Knocked Back to the Back of the Pack by a "Power-Up"

Is Pelosi gettng smarter?

Kucinich running to the right and Hillary running to the LEFT???!?

Worth Repeating

Welcome to Veteran's Day

Things we might forget

Cheaters Spoil the Fun in Weblog Awards Voting (There's going to be a recount!)

Now, the word is "Democratic" and not "Democrat", right?


Why didn't I see the San Francisco Bay "Bunker Oil" spill on latest breaking last Wed?

ChiTrib's Mike Dorning on CSPAN - topic: Barack Obama

This Modern World: What will the Democrats do if they win in 2008?

Experts: Danger of nuclear-armed Iran may be hyped

Geez. now the Pentagon's "talking down" the Iran strike stuff

ICE's Julie Myers is latest actor in Great American Minstrel Show

Gay Couple Says They've Been Targeted By Hate

Worst President in History..............

Has the Iraq War just become background noise?

Rather humorous take on the immigration debate from a Mexican American.

The Plight of American Veterans

AEI stooge on WJ..We need to get China to revalue their money

In Iraq, It's Getting Harder to Find Any Bad Guys

The Stage is set:Benazir pulls out of talks with Mushie

Neoconservative Agenda to Sacrifice the Fifth Fleet – The New Pearl Harbor

Molly rides again!-Bill of Wrongs: The Executive Branch's Assault on America's Fundamental Rights.

CSPAN - Amer. Enter. Asshole up next on the strength of the dollar.

I JUST figured out who Musharaff reminds me of..

Clinton Campaign Caught Planting Questions at Iowa Town Meetings

Thanks Vets, I salute you

Musharraf is getting nervous (pics)

Al Gore's next act: Planet-saving VC Click To Send Impeachment Email To Your Representatives

DU this poll: Are you willing to give up some of your privacy for national security?

2008 economic outlook - is something amiss?

FEMA Trailers are Much More Toxic than Feds Claimed

Weekly gasoline prices Europe/US from 1996- to last week

IRIN: Iraqi refugees returning because of lack of money, not "improving security situation"

Giuliani Partners

Veterans' Suicides: A Hidden Cost of Bush's Wars

CNN vote

Armitage Says He Was Foolish in CIA Leak

IRAQ: Refugees forced home as funds dry up

It really doesn't matter if it's Hillary, Obama, DK or anyone else

Left Versus Centrist....

Top U.S. Commander: Hawkish Iran Rhetoric From Washington Not Helpful

Poll: Senator Clinton or Congressman Kucinich for President?

Black military enlistment drops under Bush

My assessment of the repiglicon party.


CNN teaser from the weekend: "Is the President keeping all of his promises when it comes to energy?"

WTF?! Pelosi and Reid are planning to REMOVE Renewable Energy Tax Credits from Energy Bill. :(

Just another day , RIGHT?

Iraq Vets Prevented From Marching In Veterans Day Parade

The Rude Pundit: Three Guys on Veterans Day

A Crude Awakening - you must see this film!

Fox host 'let down' by implausibility of suitcase nukes

On C-SPAN's Book TV, Matthews repeated his claim that McCain "deserves to be president"

Here's a hell of a first paragraph:

I guess "Pootie-Poot" might not have been what W thought. NY Times

CNN: "it was not thought to be terror related" Oh, thank gods, ineffable spirits, etc.!

Iraq Vets Banned From Veteran's Day Parade

Horrifically injured soldiers not allowed to participate in Britain's Remembrance Day parade

I see that Dennis has climbed back up 7 percentage points on Edwards in the last 30 minutes

Sitting on their asses (Slowpoke 'TOON)

KLSD is now XXTRA SPORTS in San Diego

Veterans Day across the world (it isn't just an 'American' holiday) pics

Saudi Prince Alwaleed buys his own A380 jumbo jet

Neocon Sandwich: U.S. Building Military Base Directly Atop Iraqi Oil Platform

GD is the place where many hang as a service to Dennis Kucinich fans I post this..

Veteran Musings

The "Fun Run" is getting it right.

Economists of DU, can you please critique this article ?

Alberto Gonzales receives $40,000 for a University of Florida campus speech

reading stories such as this is why I have so much confidence that the perps of the Iraqi War

I received a really racist anti-immigration cartoon in my email....

This Day In History: Seymour Hersh Breaks Story Of My Lai Massacre

Army claims sexual trysts tied to Iraq contracts - Its not who you know. Its who you...

Russert misleadingly cropped Obama comment to claim he wasn't "firmly wedded against the war"

A Scarecrow’s Song

Why did I just hear a Glen Beck commercial during Thom Hartmann????

One problem with Edwards winning is ...

something about Syria seems fishy

GOP staffers sensed Pelosi plot in temporary Fox News blackout

MSNBC Leg-Cam...

Activist takes message to Capitol -- Impeachment March

Black Sea storm causes ecological disaster

Russia Looks to Triple Arms Exports to Venezuela

A note to the economic doomsday prophets

"Bahrain Propels Wind Energy to Urban Future" - Worst headline ever

Ali vs. Manji : Rightwing wishes to destroy Islam while the left seeks to reform it.

Anyone catching Laura Ingraham on The View? (filling in for Hasselback)

2008 Defense Authorization Bill authorizes use of US military for domestic purposes!

What about the anthrax attacks? You know, the second successful series of terra attacks under Bush.

State Dept. IG Krongard to testify before House oversight committee Wednesday

Another Alaskan Boondoggle Bridge

Bush said that Musharraf's actions are positive. and Musharraf says:

First amendment rights? HA!

Lake Lanier water fight heats up

Veterans Day, talking about the weather and a little guilt:

Congress: By doing nothing, you are giving your tacit approval of Bushco's actions.

Soldiers Blogs.. first hand info.. >Links>> Vets Day Special.. read a vet's story

Man Hits 'Jackpot' At Car Wash Machine

Has the Pacification of Iraq succeeded enough for us to start pumping their oil?

Human Rights Panel Criticizes Blacklisting Methods

The make-up of Blackwater

Army Officer Arrested For Rockets In Home

Mercenaries for Bush's Notion of Freedom and Democracy in Iraq

Venezuelans scramble for food amid oil opulence

A dead body, left for Baghdad's feral dogs on the side of the road

Al Gore got it wrong: the lunatic Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic

Al Gore's next act: Planet-saving (Fortune Magazine)

Violence is Down in Iraq Because US has Turned a Blind Eye to Ethnic Cleansing

This guy's already written it off.

WH supports more obedient scholars

seeking information regarding military expenses in the U.S....

(IAEA) El Baradei's remarks

Hahaha -- well played, mike_c

Iraq and U.S. wrangle over executions of Chemical Ali and two others

My favorite Norman Mailer moment: His putdown of wannabe intellectual Dennis Miller

For those who claim Paul is principled: What's principled about wanting to condemn people to death?

Other Uses For $611 Billion Spent on Iraq

Why is this place not going nuts over the Armitage revelation

New U.S. Spy Report On Iran Held Up By Fierce Resistance to Cheney's Hard Line

U.S. Military: Iraqi Gun Smuggling OK By Us

104-Year-Old Vet Gets Free Home Makeover

Bill Clinton: "Even though those boys have been getting tough on her lately, she can handle it."

"Falsely Tortured" on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight

Florida Backs Away From Water Deal

Armitage's second apology

CSPAN2 is rerunning Iowa J-J dinner Now. ANyone know order of speakers?

Veterans Day >Link>> to soldiers blogs... get your info first hand,... from a vet on the ground

Vote SiCKO 'Favorite Independent Movie' In People's Choice Awards:

Dang you mike_c and your SABOTAGE! Poll: Which presidential candidate they would least trust to babysit their child?

Wiretapping: Think Carefully

Rep. Tancredo releases new TV ad portraying a terrorist exploding a bomb in a mall.

On Veteran's Day, a reminder of our very first veterans

Will You Be "Proud" If Hillary Clinton Is The First Woman Elected President Of The United States ???

SparkyMacs Investments Service opens for business

Revealed: the little-known device used to block Democrats in the House

Are the obamasuckups bashing Hillary enough on the fun run


Sam Donaldson was NOT on DC madam's client list.

Bush to give keynote at Federalist Society anniversary event

How neat is this? Temple built 4,000 years ago unearthed in Peru

Former Congressman (R) Charged With D.W.I.

Self Delete

ACLU Official: Kerr Comments Show Privacy 'Under Siege"

What has John Poindexter been up to lately?

White House blast Democrats for delaying funding for veterans care

We need to know...How bad is this?

Fans United for Writer's -- NO CHRISTMAS DVDs

Former pilots and officials call for new U.S. UFO probe

Where does Obama stand on Abortion Rights,

Nancy! Set the Table!

For All Veterans: Thank You

A little consideration for the undecideds, please?

anyone know about the hybrid camry? information please if you have

US DISTRICT JUDGE Orders WH To Preserve All Copies Of Its E-Mails & Back-up Tapes

Sunni tribal leader: “Once Anbar is settled, we must take control of Baghdad, and we will.”

Ex-NBA player with at least 8 kids files for bankruptcy

about this new fund raising gimick...

Edwards winning BIG in DU Fundraising drive. I wonder if Mrs. Edwards has been donating!

Anyone use E*Trade as their broker? Company may go bankrupt

BHUTTO has been locked up again, seven day house arrest

How exactly do power ups work??

Mr. Burns on the Writer's Strike

Why don't more kids protest? High-schoolers face expulsion--for singing Kumbaya.

People haven't been fighting the same battles for 40 years.

MSNBC Live Vote

Jon Tester: “I’d Be More Surprised If Bush Didn’t Bomb Iran Before the Next Election Than If He Did”

One of the world's best statistical web sites

White House may have complied with Grand Jury in Kerik Case! Released Info!

Sirota: Hillary Clinton Thinks Iowans Are Stupid

The unadulterated results of the DU fundraising race.

Did you hear Lou Dobbs putting down Kennedy?

Berkeley Tree Sitter Falls(fenced in protester)

Toyota pulls anti-Fresno Prius ad after Sen. Feinstein complains

Quick, you got to come see this! Michael Medved's actually making sense!

Gore joins global clean energy venture firm

Justices May Hear Second Amendment Case

Took a break, now I'm back.

Hannity Program Director tries to have potential questioner arrested at bookstore

UH-OH Carlyle announces $1.15 billion infrastructure fund (Poppy Privatising EVERYTHING)

Breaking: Judge orders White House to hold e-mails

Question: How many oil companies own alternative energy patents?

40,000 Gallons of Water/Month

Holy Generosity! Mystery donor give $100 million dollars to the city of Erie

Thom Hartmann just played a recording of Ronald Reagan, from

Apparently Ron Paul supporters are liberals...

The Courage of Kucinich in Pelosi’s House of Wacks

Ratso to visit Washington & New York. Popenfuhrer avoids major pedophilia epicenters

Another Important story missed by the MSM! Spam King Celebrates Legal Wins Over MySpace

Clinton Addresses Planted Questions Flap

From Daily kos: In Vermont "all hell broke loose" in a meeting w/ Rep Welch

The "Millennials" are Coming

"Shock Doctrine's" Shocking Short Shrift

The fun run energizer bunny

The VA’s Claim Dodge

I was going to see "American Gangster", until I started researching

Kennebunk Library First Allows, Then Bans, Then Allows, Then Bans, Then Allows Anti-Bush Art

Al Gore Joins Silicon Valley Venture Capital Firm

Neoconservatives/pro-Israelis are hoping that Mukasey drops AIPAC case

Military Reporter Recalls Bush's Objections To Iraq Invasion On A Previous Veteran's Day

Robert Parry: Democrats In 2007 - Majorities In Congress, Still Caving To Bush

The author of the editorial below asks the question: ...

WJNO is airing Hannity after Randi now? WTF?

Summit called to address racial disparities in academic performance

Okay you guys. . .

CIA Contractor Fired for Stating Waterboarding Is Torture

'24' chief scoffs at Hillary - Joel Surnow

Edwards will TAKE AWAY healhcare coverage for Congress if they don't authorize Universal Healthcare

The Left Coaster: "Is Hillary Clinton a 'Corporate Democrat'?", by eriposte

does anyone remember this at&t commercial from years ago

hillary can NEVER win......

Former Repugs-I'm just telling them "welcome aboard"

"Hoax" drug gone real: The panic over "Jenkem" spreads over Red State America

Bushwhacked! - The song...

McCain still thinks the US could have "won" in Vietnam

I need it. I WANT it! A rather philosophical question on consumerism.

Quick, while the Lounge sleeps! A GD comedy break

Sam Donaldson's Digits in DC Madam's Book

Could Ron Paul win the Republican nomination?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on ...

Paul Krugman Destroys David Brooks In Debate Over Reagan's Racism

U.S. Democrats in Mexico Call for Impeachment

P&G develops campaign for black women around image

Edwards: "Senator Clinton had her chance to stand up and she chose not to use it."

Suspect in Pearl's killing dies after interrogation: report

Iran's declining fertility rates

Impeachment is the will of the people.

US Navy Building Military Installation Atop An Oil Platform In Persian Gulf

Monday TOONS: Hard hitting toons

Just came from seeing "Lions for Lambs"

Texas Board of Education chairman is strong creationist, anti-evolution.

California Democratic Party to Consider Censuring Senator Feinstein

Judge slaps White House with restraining order (5 million missing e-mails)

Soldier's Letter: "Why Haven't Your Daughters Joined Up?

Who agrees with me? re: selfishness and health care

And HR 676 (Medicare for ALL) gets yet another co-sponsor --Rep Capuano, Michael E. [MA-8]

Randi Talks To Conyers! He Says Judiciary Has Time For FISA & IMPEACHMENT!

I learned a new term today - Misprision of treason

Latest Version of Clinton Explanation For Planted Questions(5 So Far)... LINK

Women Gathering At Homes For 'Taser' Parties

Why does Obama look like running hurts?

The Smart Car is Coming, the Smart Car is Coming - in two months

Tempted to admire Ron Paul? Take a second look.

Who is willing to throw these people under the bus to get Single Payer?

I'm speechless - this picture speaks volumes

Six Years After 'Gore's Victory'

Is specifing a suspect's race racial profiling?

The gulf between activism and strategy (or the confusion of the two) is fucking us over

One click to email the entire House Judiciary Committee: HOLD IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS!

Am I the only DUer who sees socialism as the only viable future?

On this generational conflict that is being manufactured to order

Well, I think this rules out Al Gore's candidacy.

Edwards Healthcare plan uses the marketplace to destroy insurance companies

Pelosi's FAILURE To Pursue BUSHCO For Crimes Is More Relevant Then Honor Of Being 1st-Woman Speaker

REQUIRING all Americans to BUY health insurance is NOT universal healthcare!!!

XM / Sirius Satellite radio merger being pushed HARD now! Let's stop this crazy thing!

(Seeming) hypocrisy when comparing Clinton and Obama...

Are there DUers who are only interested in the election and not the rest

Democrats needed to revise American approach

A bloated, bald, corrupt album of photos featuring Dick "Other Priorities" Cheney at Arlington today

Edwards unveil plan for veterans with PTSD

Very good read on dynasty in political office

Bush Cinton on and on

Can Obama Rock the Nomination? - Hillary Falls 10 Points in Poll

Christian Right Threatens to Ditch the GOP If the Nominee Is Like Giuliani

The politics of Hillary's Planting Questions:

Prominent Veterans Endorse Hillary Clinton

My words to the judiciary committee and local paper in support of Impeachment

I had to turn off Obama's speech when he started to attack Hillary.

Veteran's Day Voicemail Jam! (Impeachment)

I got caught 14 hours after posting....

'I'll Sell My Soul to the Devil'=Corruption Scandals Involve Alaska's Biggest Political Names

Note to Kucinich supporters: Attend your local caucus!!

Moved-up Iowa caucuses could hinder youth vote

Veteran's Day Obama Roll Call! Are you FIRED UP, READY TO GO?

Britney Spears or Health Care?

Kucinich Stumps in Ashville, NC

Election fuels illegal immigration battle

Obama “not much of a difference between my position on Iraq and...Bush’s position at this point"

Commentary: Beyond the ceremonies, what help is there for veterans?

Biden and Dodd supporters:

WP,pg1: Democrats' Provocative Iowa Dinner Conversation

Edwards, Obama vie for anti-Clinton vote

Student leaders at UMass-Amherst call for a student strike

Anyone see a realistic scenario where their candidate wins the nom. after finishing 4th in Iowa?

Edwards unveils plan for veterans with PTSD

White House frustrated with (UK Prime Minister Gordon) Brown over Iran

Physician to run against McConnell in the 2008 KY Senate race

Parties Building 527 Groups — MoveOn Head To Run One Of Them

The "peaceful" USA has been at war 40.3% of my lifetime.

Wylde: I've said it again and again; Edwards will wiin Iowa!

Senators Kerry, Biden Introduce Pakistan Resolution

Rush Limbrain: KOOKS AND NUTS are the ones that show up at these Jefferson Jackson dinners

Cate Edwards: on the Trail for Dad

Bill Clinton is on C-SPAN now!

A General who Came out Against Bush - Comes Out for Hillary

GOP staffers sensed Pelosi plot in temporary Fox News blackout

At this time in 2003, the frontrunner for the Dem nomination was Howard Dean.

Edwards and Obama holding each other back in Iowa

Winter break, Iowa and the youth vote at the coming caucus.

Edwards & Obama

1997 Article Quotes Bush's Opposition To Iraq Invasion

Is Hillary in trouble against potential Republican nominees?

Yepsen does a historical overviews of each caucus.

Too Much Cappuccino Perino Really that Important?

Sure is popular to call dems "traitors" and "wackjobs" lately

West Coast City Formally Rejects Iran Attack

Romney Aides Oppose Speech on Religion

We MUST address foreign policy and national security in a strong way on the Presidential ticket.

Can Obama end the "American War?"

Question for Edwards supporters and/or people familiar with the Iowa caucuses

Veterans Day Die-In St. Augustine Florida

Does anyone have any figures on the candidate spending in Iowa?

Self delete

Analyst says E*Trade may go bankrupt


GIULIANI'S "WAR WITH IRAN" TEAM..."make the Vulcans of Bush look like Howard Zinn and Ramsey Clark."

Anti-War, Gay Veterans Groups Censored in Atlanta Veterans Parade

Democrats Becoming New Party of Rich; Obama Can Help To Appeal To Affluent & Independents

Happy Veteran's Day. Thanks to all the Veterans for your service....

Sears Supports Their Employees on Military Duty..Really.

Photos: Obama obviously feeling good today campaigning in Claremont, New Hampshire

Obama tackles veteran homelessness

Today's amazing piece of Media Fluffery

Clinton woos union members at UAW regional conference.

Why do Duers intuitively "GET IT" while ~25% of the country is still supporting *?

Thompson to be endorsed by anti-abortion group (Reuters)

Where was Ron Paul in 2004?

Biden makes the papers

'Radical Islam' should jolt voters, evangelicals say (Gary Bauer)

Washington insiders pull marionette Romney's strings

Biden strikes the right balance

Democrats Confront Bush Over Spending (AP)

The candidates need to muzzle their spouses! ASAP!

Poll: What Democratic Presidential Candidate made the biggest lasting impression at the JJD speech?

WaPo Fact Checker Michael Dobbs Gives Edwards 2 Pinnochios

Yepsen: Obama's Superb Speech Could Catapult His Bid

Jonah Goldberg's deeply "conflicted" thoughts on war and torture

Joe Trippi rooting for Obama in Iowa... in public...

Fact Check: Sen. Obama on Records

Biden has some very good, sensible ideas on Pakistan.

David Axelrod, Obama's chief strategist, on HARDBALL now!

Why the hell is this NEWS

Rasmussen- Clinton 43% Obama 20% Edwards- 16%

The votes you don't want? White supremacists endorse Ron Paul

David Corn: Obama/Edwards vs. Hillary: Are Lobbyists the Enemy or Not?

Edwards Increasingly Fenced In By Federal Matching Funds

In the latest Marist poll, Hillary's overall support went down but her strength of support went up

Laura Ingraham challenges Barbara Walters' skepticism about "really good news coming out of Baghdad"

Biden, Kucinich true Oval Office material

Edwards Questions if Clinton will Actually "TURN UP THE HEAT" ?

There's something WRONG with BUYING votes.

Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America started by swiftboater Rick Reed to help McCain

Colorado's extremely ugly history of worker persecution will continue even after Gov's order

Who will get the GORE VOTES??

H Res 333 is now H Res 799

Biden most qualified Democrat in the field--Nashua Telegraph

Vermont Freedom Virus - beyond red-blue politics

I'm voting for Kucinich

It's Final: Clinton is Unelectable

Is John Edwards in trouble in Iowa?

Who has seen LIONS FOR LAMBS??

Hillary Spokesman: "John Edwards' campaign resembles (George Bush) more and more every day."

Salt Lake City Mayor says "We won't take it anymore!"

Which candidate do you think is the most intelligent?

Anyone with any doubt that Sen. Biden is the most qualified, this should convince you:

Hillary Clinton suddenly vulnerable as bruises start to show

Yepsen: Obama lays down the marker with the J-J speech in Des Moines

Was Hillary Clinton lying about whether she knew about her campaign planting questions?

Why won't Obama answer the question?

The Reverse Shock Doctrine

Does anyone doubt this is the reason Bushco insists on torturing people?

Edwards Outlines Policies in Des Moines

This story led my local news today

"Finger-pointing GOP staffer" says "I sense Pelosi’s behind this" (FoxSnooze blackout @ US Capitol)

Dennis Kucinich deserves the RESPECT he isn't getting

I'm really starting to think that Edwards has a decent shot at being our nominee.

Edwards: Reclaiming democracy not easy

The Myth of the Iron Lady: "Women vying for leadership roles are automatically assigned two labels."

If you made it back from Viet Nam, thank a war protester

Is Michelle Obama playing the race card?

Going to see Obama Wednesday night, if possible i'm to ask him a question--go ahead, suggest some

Robert Parry: From exposing Iran-Contra to Hillary's underpants...

"Obama talks gay. (Again.)"

From someone who's not endorsing anyone: I think Kucinich has this in the bag

California Democratic Party to Consider Censuring Senator Feinstein

Oliver Willis: Ron Paul is NOT the 08 Howard Dean....Stormfront supporting Paul.