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Our Man in Pakistan

"Will my family survive?" An Iraqi-American calls Baghdad once a week to find out...

Kate Moss thought I was a plumber: top UK politician

WP, pg1, Condoleezza Rice's Management at Issue: "aloof, reliant on aides, out of touch"

Fears Growing That IPCC's Latest Climate Report Already Out Of Date; Organization Unwieldy, Slow

Israeli Deputy PM Calls For Removal Of El Baradei At IAEA - AFP

N. Californian Gas Prices Approaching All-Time Records - Thanksgiving Looks Expensive - SF Chronicle

Czech President Vaclav Klaus Blahblah Global Warming Fake Blahblah Greens = Communists Blahblah

Most Gas Stations In Southern Malawi Completely Out Of Diesel Fuel - Daily Times

Mitsubishi electric car

U.N. chief sees Antarctic meltdown (AP/CNN)

Global energy watchdog tips coal comeback

Environ. Sci. Tech: Mortality Assessment from Ship Air Pollution.

Inflation In Action - 3 Killed In Stampede For Discount Cooking Oil In Shanghai, 31 Injured

Waste Not, Store Not

Climate Scientists Studying Great Lakes Find Lake Superior Wind Speeds Up 25% In 25 Years

Vancouver - Fraser River Delta Sinking Far Faster Than Thought (Contains Vancouver's Airport)

In Antarctica, Scientists Focusing On Wilkins, King George VI Ice Shelves For Next Possible Collapse

Coast villages to be sacrificed to the sea (News from the UK)

Spooks refuse to toe Cheney's line on Iran

Forced Iraq Postings 'May Be Necessary'

Senate GOP coordinates AMT attack

Neo-Nazis Clash With Prague Protesters

Cenotaph ban on wounded war heroes

US Among Worst in World for Infant Death

DU music for the evening. Gram Parsons

West End Girls...What's Your Opinion Of East End Boys?

So by the summer of this year, 1939, we shall have left Burden's Landing.

The Battle of Algiers on TCM @ 8PM

The next person who starts a fucking thread about or inspired by me

Daily Show question.

In December 2000, The US Supreme Court Stopped Legal Vote Counts In Florida

Tonight on Tap at Tavernertavern: McMenamins Sunflower IPA

Ahhh I missed Oregon so...

Play an online vocabulary-building game, and feed the hungry!

the boys are thirsty in atlanta

Just because I'm a dick, I'm writing in Admiral Poindexter for everything in the election.

Ok...I can either watch "Cops" or "The Seven Year Itch"...

Just checked just 25 away from 7000, ask me about the 3 creepy X-files people who came to vote.

Florida vet tries to set new record of the most spayed and neutered cats in one day

Google Fight!

Hi William Pitt. Radio Lady and I missed your birthday by one day, but she says to tell you...

'Water breaks on hospital maternity ward'

Waterboading on hospital maternity warden

someone just showed me 2 (redacted) 1 (redacted)

The view out my windshield this evening.

Aflac has ruined Rudolph characters for me

i'm so tired of being alone

Whatever happened to neighborhood milk deliveries by the milkman?

What a terrible coupla days--need good Lounge Vibes

This Woman Needs

Define: brain freeze

Semi regular stoned, buzzed "I love yous guys" thread

My hands look like they've been pounded to pulp with hammers

A poem for a peaceful evening

Audio Al Asks: Did you see the movie "Son of the Mask" (2005)?

Top ten monkey names from Monkey World:

post a david bowie video that you like

Morphine (the band) - why is it I have only just heard of these guys????

Come on inside, everyone. We've got eggnog.

Reyd Reid Reed!!

There's a purring cat lying on the armrest of my easy chair.

Veggies. Veggies, veggies, and more fucking VEGGIES!

This is NOT a pretty PHOTO! Look at this -- those of us who still love the ocean, and live near it.

Taterguy... he rocks ya know!

Jo marries the crusty old German teacher in the end!

His family nearly wiped out by life in Southern Chicago, Jurgis became a Socialist

Achilles avenged the death of Patroclus by killing Hector, mighty Hector

please put this Swamp Rat image on the greatest page....

This is why I love hanging out with guys...

Geez, I LOVE Carlos Santana.......

Never really thought much of Numerology…

An airline I happily recommend!

What a terrible coupla days--need good Lounge Vibes

I had to say goodbye to an old friend today

DU People - What's your opinion of Rabrrrrrr

You may be shocked to learn this, but in August of 1945 the US dropped 2 nuclear weapons on Japan

Taterguy Taterguy i love you, yes i do.

Do you think the DU Lounge used to be more fun?

After hanging out with Quilty and the weirdos, Dolores settled down. Humbert went on to kill Quilty

Are most of your friends of the same gender as you?

Does anyone have experience with older cats?

Who makes the best fast food?

Although circumstance and society make him repent of his rebellion, George Babbitt confidentially...

Build your PERFECT burger here.

His military spent, economy in shambles, and Americans coming, Hitler suicides, Germany surrenders.

LOLcats thread

Kennedy on the Senate Floor

Schumer's constituents speak up against his Mukasey support.

I Saw Dubya Kissing Old King Faud

Giuliani interrupted by protestors in visit to Colorado

PEACE! Just in time for Veteran's Day

Foreclosure filings up 566% in 07 metropolitan Phoenix.

Clashes at far-right Prague {Czech Republilc} rally (BBC)

Kucinich Should Sell "Vote for Kedro" T-Shirts on His Campaign Website

RimJob On Ghouliani

Help feed the world's hungry people.

Cindy Sheehan: A New Direction to Disaster

Stronger Warnings on 3 Drugs for Anemia (Procrit!)

The Department of Peace - What's wrong with it?

hUFFpUFF has video of Swift kids

"America is not ready for . . . ."


How come

Best Progressive Food Kitchens / Holiday Drives?

G.E.Russert weasels, will go on sL-IMUS's circus "if NBC doesn't say no"

Broken Supply Channel Sent Weapons for Iraq Astray

Dollar's Fall Collapses the American Empire

IPhone Goes on Sale in Europe

The golden thread (or I learned to read and where did Santa go?)

Energy Secretary Defends Filling Petroleum Reserve

And Now, The Economy: What's Left For Bush To Ruin

Catherine Austin Fitts on Coast to Coast AM tonight on the 'pump and dump' economy.

Whatchall thinka the current Dem lineup?

Chimperor to Angela Merkel in Crawford after she spoke..."Ja Vol!"

THE US PRESIDENTS - A study of their Life Path numbers ... * is a 6

What's wrong with the Iowans? They should be all yelling "IMPEACH! IMPEACH!

On a more positive note...

Energy Secretary Defends Filling Petroleum Reserve

DailyKos bought by Chevron?

You want to see me spit fire?

Code Pink Veterans Day River Of Blood Chalking Action In San Francisco

King Of Spain Tells Hugo Chavez To Shut Up

"Pray for the dead and fight like Hell for the living"

Who knows if the UFO conference on Monday will be televised?

The ULTIMATE Bernie Kerik Scandal Thread! From TPM:

Six Leading Dems at Iowa Dem Bash...but Peace Activists for Kucnich and Gravel Marched Outside!

Attention: Drought Stricken Family Gardners. Reduce garden H2O use 50%!

Rasmussen Reports: 31% Support Impeaching Cheney

Does anyone know why Kucinich didn't attend the Jefferson Jackson dinner tonight?

NYT: Abdicate and Capitulate (Schumer's "cozy rationalization" used to back down on Mukasey)

Guardian: Interrogators Pressured To Grill Iraq Fighters For Evidence On Iran

Why do many self-described moderate or centrist Democrats consistently attack other Dems?

Edwards on cspan1 is giving a pasionate speech NOW. tune in

Dems who call themselves "centrist"

Reid Allowed Vote On Mukasey In Exchange For Military Funding Bill

Grover "Drown Govt in Bathtub" Norquist Makes Revealing Comments on Elections

7 years ago...

questions about rv living...

I welcome all Democrats to this message board.

America: The warrior nation

I received my new (renewed) passport today. 16 days since I mailed it in.

Click here if you want to see how the Democrats can Win on the Immigration Issue (must-see)

The Bush administration is:

There are 2 types of naval vessels. Submarines and Targets...

GBL..without US, the T ,as in Transgender

The Crucial U.S. Foreign Policy Choice: Internationalism vs. Neocon Imperialism

on the contrast between Kuchinich support and most other candidates....

So, can any of you give me one reason why I should give a shit about the future?


McCain not endorsing Giuliani, at least not yet...

Everyone is scared of endorsing Dennis Kucinich.

Planetary Collapse?

Teaching of evolution not going down easy in Florida.

Web game provides rice for hungry (BBC)

Waa waa, the indigent poor and undocumented workers are making health care

DK leading The Nation Online Poll

Why do many self-proclaimed progressives denigrate moderate and centrist dems?

Six Democrats court activists

Closing arguments on the campaign trail

Poll: In your opinion what strategy should be implemented in Iraq regarding U.S. Troops?

Why are style magazine covers a poliical "guy thing"?

NBC's First Read reports tonight on "Second Clinton Plant"

Udall to run for Domenici’s Senate seat

Who's The "Special Clinton Guest Star" at Iowa Jefferson-Jackson rally tonight?

Edwards, Dodd slam Hillary over staged questions.

Democratic Candidates on Cspan, Shortly - Des Moines

Photos: Barack and Michele Obama today in Iowa and video clip of Barack speaking at the rally

John Edwards will speak first at Iowa Jefferson-Jackson dinner. It's on C-Span NOW!

Bush is on C-SPAN now looking like he's off his meds.

Edwards must be listening to me

Richardson's up - I hope he does well.

Did Boswell just let a royal one rip?

Did Pelosi just endorse Edwards?

Clinton Plant Admits To Camping Questions

First Read: Terry "It's her turn" McAuliffe Downplays Importance of Iowa

How many times will duplicate "Question Gate" threads be started on DU?

I have a dream

Politico: Chase Martyn reports Clinton camp recruiting outsiders to come to Iowa for J-J dinner

Listening to C-Span tonight, I am overwhelmed at the strength of our candidates! My Dream Slate is

Edwards was lucky to speak first

Tonight: The Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Hillary is up!

Crowd shouting "Hillary Clinton" as Nancy Pelosi is speaking

One thing working in Obama's favor tonight

Dodd! Go Chris!

Hillary Clinton vs. Me

How many whining about Clinton Plant threads threads will be started?

Anyone who thinks "Plant-a-Gate" is going to have an affect on Hillary's campaign is grasping

What in the hell are they doing at that dinner now? Auction???

Dianne Feinstein — Bush’s Key Ally In The Senate — To Support Telecom Amnesty

HEADS UP: Obama on MTP with Timbo tommorow

Who is behind the anti-Clinton mass email smear campaign?

Clinton Camp Admits to Questioning Plants

Dennis Kucinich

Frustrated Ohioans haven't given up on GOP

The "everyone does it" defense doesn't cut it in Hillary's planted question controversy

Who gave the best speech at the Democratic Fundraiser Dinner?

The Ultimate Presidential Ticket: Kucinich - Landau !!!

Finish this sentence: You know you are a political junkie when -

Nobody cares about Hillary's tips, fundraising, plants or other such nonsense

Hillary's tone is condescending tonight

Hillary Clinton vs A Bag of Hammers

Time's Swampland Ana Marie Cox: Journalists agree Obama's speech is "really good." Excerpt below.

Damn, John Edwards is KICKING ASS!


Obama Supporters - so what do you think it will take to give him the nudge he needs to win?

Some here seem very concerned about Dems and immigration. Have no fear...Rahm's here

Locally led nascent peace on earth and good presigned contracts to white men

Frank Rich - The Coup At Home (Musharraf plays Bush like Clapton plays the guitar)

It’s Easy Being Green

Twenty Reasons against Sanctions & Military Intervention in Iran

Pakistan: Who'll be the first to Blink! by Eric Margolis

If the Republicans take the house the first thing they will do...

In Step With...Corporal James Webb

Our Son Cannot Win an Iraqi Civil War

TPM's Ultimate Kerik Scandal List!

Buchanan on Rudy's Endless War


Bushes not so grand finally

NYT editorial: "Advise and Consent" has become "Abdicate and Capitulate"

Candidates in both parties need to define the amorphous war on terror -- and how they'd pay for it

Drugs, CIA, Planes, Mexico, Mob, and Our Politicians

Senator Kennedy/Max Cleland: Back from war, out of a job

The Treason of the Mainstream Democrats

Europe flooding along North Sea, Tornados in Mallorca

Russian oil tanker splits in half - BBC

Revitalized river flows to healthy future (Kennebec River, Maine)

City unveils carbon tax plan

County takes big step toward PV power (Kaua‘i)

U.N.'s Ban says global warming is "an emergency"

World's coal use carries deadly cost (Chinese mining deaths)

Saturday night on What Would Have Happened If The Dangerous Fossil Fuel Accident ...

Experts Call Major Russian Oil Spill An "Ecological Catastrophe"

Saudi Oil Minister - "It Is Premature To Speak Of A Hike In Output" - Khaleej Times

Recycling Video, Everyone should watch

Rising Demand for Oil Provokes New Energy Crisis (NYT)

Brent Musberger & T. Boone Pickens Talk Peak Oil During OSU-Kansas Game

Why don't we bury our electrical cables?

Broken Supply Channel Sent Weapons for Iraq Astray

New Jersey Rep. Saxton to Retire (an R in a swing district)

Priest Accused Of Stalking Conan O'Brien Reported Missing; Ajemian Said To Be Homicidal, Suicidal

How far did this federal judge go?

Democrats blitz Iowa to rev up support

Definition changing for people's privacy (whow)

Iran and Pakistan finalise gas deal; signing in a month

Intel official: Say goodbye to privacy

Clinton Campain Staffer Admits Planting Question

Officials consider eradicating Carrizo

Coast villages to be sacrificed to the sea (News from the UK)

Israel will cut back on Gaza electricity: Barak

Maliki demands U.S. hand over prisoners for execution

Kennedy, Cleland: Stop Messing with Vets' Jobs

Gravel to Have Alternative Debate

Toxics surprise: "Pollution in People" -- What we have inside us, a study of volunteers

Presidential poll: With a year to go, Florida is up for grabs

Top (3) U.S. banks agree on backup fund for markets: report

NIreland militant group shuns violence

SKoreans Clash Over US Trade Deal

Iraqi fighters 'grilled for evidence on Iran'

Pakistan army courts may try civilians

Labor increases poll lead (Australian election)

Iraqi PM sees decline in Baghdad attacks

E. coli loophole cited in recalls- Tainted meat can be sold if cooked (USDA)

Beckley rally supports nurses in their strike against ARH (700 registered nurses at nine facilities)

Rice Says Senate Resolution on Iran Doesn't Open Door to War

Richardson: I'll have troops home by 2009, top three won't

Bush's views on Iraq have changed in a decade

Trial Promoted against ex President Aznar

Government seeks to redefine privacy

At least 12 arrested in protest at Olympia port (pepper spray liberally applied)

Suitcase nuclear bomb unlikely to exist

Home-Based Child Care Workers Seek Union

White House frustrated with Gordon Brown over Iran

(Richard) Armitage Says He Was Foolish in CIA Leak

Did you know boredom is a state of non-creativity?

I am too drunk to keep 3 threads going...

Red Sox Songs

Speaking of Three Dog NIght ---

My new portrait has arrived.


I'm listening to some vintage ('61) Dick Gregory comedy


The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (11/11/07)

My newest the picture that inspired it!

Uriah Heep...

How do I post my own pictures within, please?

The sun will be rising, all too soon...goodnight DU!

Hi Lounge! This GD refugee is wondering if you like the Scissor Sisters?

Best. Commercial. Ever.

LOL cat lovers: check out this video link! and don't drink anything while watching it

Kid Rock's security guy, who runs a spy equipment Web Site, "finds" spy equipment in dressing room

I hate having to turn the a/c on in November

"I'll Be There"- Henry Fonda (from The Grapes Of Wrath)

If granola is such a "healthy" food, why is it so unhealthy to have more than one bowl?

At 5:55 in the clip you can see that Gramps didn't check his fly on that day

Post a pic of your favorite munitions factory

Are you still drunk from last night? - a simple test

delete dupe

New Souljah Boy Crank Dat video

Road rage nut attacks man, car, man, woman, and man again. He's a dentist.

moonrise and clouds

To all the fellahs out there with ladies to impress: it's easy to do; just follow these steps.

Best Gif ever?

dead coon walking

Windows Vista Speech Recognition Tested - Perl Scripting

I love my wife, BUT...


Happy Corduroy Time

Will there be an official Giants/Cowboys thread???

even Cheney answers to someone

What a shithead

does DU have a topic for alcohol recovery?

Nine months today

This guy is amazing --- Lew French, StoneMason Extradonairre

California Peggy says…

Happy Birthday to Me!

These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do..

Fucking CBS NFL blackout rules

Official Packers/Vikings thread!

Question about divorce

Hey Vikings fans!

Found a believable, not blurry picture of Sasquatch !

I'M ANGRY ! Please help!

Sometimes being a real bitch pays off BIG!!!

Christmas decorations - Tarzan Santa - {dial-up warning}

As a Springsteen fan, if I acknowledge him as "The Boss," where the hell do I put him on my RESUME?

Priest who stalked Conan O'Brien "really loves" Paul Simon's music, would like to meet him

Locked By the Man

greatauntoftriplets thanks for locking my thread.

Oh i love me some Costco even on a crazy 3 day weekend.

This ought to make everybody's Sunday - "Sliding Doberman" (YouTube vid)

Pigs are yummy!

Three years now, plus for my tabby male, Erin. (Warning, kitten picture!)

Oddest Google Ad link called up by a post?

Can one legally (or otherwise) buy prescription drugs online? Any done it here?

How do I find all nonzero values in an excel spreadsheet?

Feline help!! Does "Feliway" really work?

So I got this plant....

Mocked By the Man

Wilkinson's Family Restaurant (brilliant)

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

greatauntoftriplets thanks for locking my dreads.

Yodel for me, dammit

Der Blaue Kid in the San Francisco Veteran's Day Parade

Have you seen this new McDonalds commercial?

is there a forum I can go to for photoshop questions?

Today's GeoCRAZY Question:

"Eat fish, live longer. Eat oysters, love longer"

Touchdown T.O.!!!

New PC: Windows Vista or XP?


Slightly hung over as we head for the annual wine tasting

I'M HAPPY ! Please help!

Mmmm "Cook Only" meat

newwavechick 1981 says the lounge is no longer naughty...

Holy shit. How bad can I be?

OMG! The Chargers stun the Colts, Manning out for the season

It's late ... check in, nightowls ...

Naughty Renaissance: Today's underwear!

Has everyone with Windows upgraded to Explorer 7 yet? You like?

Crosspost from GD: Everyone call or email the VETERANS in your life...

Low of 26 here tonight...brrrrr!

My mother is crazy and I've had eeenough!

Finally, our long national nightmare is over!

Woody Allen's "Sleeper"... worth watching today.

Holy mackerel! Read the lyrics to "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic, Updated".


Tacky Christmas ornaments...

Would you kiss a guy with bread?

Does this little emoticon guy show up here? If not, sorry for the test...

Stories From the Road: Mack

Pics I've taken while riding my goddamn bicycle (Dial-up warning obviously)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/11/07

$91 for medication yesterday!

Lounge vibes needed!! Life is good! This can't possibly last!!!

My Gay Hairstylist said he'd do me..I was so!!!!!!!

After a bit of a dry spell, I finally was able to photograph some birds.

My five year old daughter has been vegeterian for a month and won't let me put meat in the lasagna.

MARATHON!!! 4:43:47

Do you know someone who never seems to age?

What's your wood preference?

Zylstra, S

I have to run next door and thank my Grandparents for what they did in WW2

Hey Lounge! What did you do today? (Dial-up warning! Picture Heavy)

Can anyone sum up why a lot of DU'ers dont like Tim Russert?

Pet peeve...selfish assholes who come to work sick!

I'm making my Christmas card list...

Tony! Toni! Toné!

Munitions sought on former Fla. bombing range

Guantanamo builds tent city for tribunals

Killer joined Army to avoid murder rap

Okla. plans to send Guard home for holidays

Exercise tests command-and-control software

Editorial: Questions for VA nominee

Unloading soldiers’ burdens:

The Army Times mailbag: Letters

Crew rescued from downed Navy chopper

Backtalk: Think before we redeploy

Keeping the peace

NECC sailors step ashore for combat training

North discusses gun use at conference

Hurlburt to recycle spent ammo, collect $70K

Backtalk: Cancel this show

Army specialist in England upset over dismissal of her rape claim

AWOL officer turns himself in

Revision to military code puts sex crimes in line with other statutes

Back, but not at home

Military brats are veterans at coping

Out of harm's way

To All Veterans~Thank You!

Cheney at the grave

Obama enters Jefferson Jackson Dinner

OutSourcing Tech Support

PBS FRONTLINE: Is the NSA reading your e-mail?

Sam the Eagle

Rudy's Healthcare


Biden supporter at JJ Dinner

2008 Presidential Campaign Ad: Vermin Supreme

Subprime Meltdown

Red Alert!


Impeachment: A Message to Iowa Democrats

Barack Obama - Jefferson Jackson Speech

Sen. John Kerry on CHEERS (1992)

"I will stand and fight for you"

Senator Sanders (I., VT): Bush doesn't understand the Constitution

Interview: AT&T Whistleblower Mark Klein on Bush's Illegal Surveillance and Retroactive Immunity

All Hail The Band of Bloggers

O'Reilly slapped around! (Lesbians voted school's "cutest couple")

John Edwards - Iowa Jefferson Jackson Dinner

Have the MODS taken the night off?

3-2-06 Norman Mailer discussion on c-span is terrific

Literary lion Norman Mailer dies at 84

Multi-tasking in your job

Photoblog of the Week - Week of November 11th 2007.

Has Jimmy Carter endorsed anyone?

former hostage says war with iran = 'a sonufabitch goddamn mess'

*CPR IN THREE SIMPLE STEPS* Basic LIfe-Saving Skills

If you'll allow me a repost. A poem I wrote for Veteran's Day last year

please put this Swamp Rat image on the greatest page....

After the Holocaust, is it still possible to believe in God?

VIDEO: David Swanson Speaks On Impeachement - Ventura County, CA

Two minutes for Compiègne

Quick question. SNL, do they ever satirize Repubs?

Romney Appeals to 50-Foot Inner City Youth..(hahahaha)

Effort To Stop Right Wing Media. SEE YOUTUBE VIDEO.

Found my girlfriend's (as a teenager) house for sale on MLS got $329,000?

Bill archenemy Richard Mellon Scaife now has 'admiration' for him. Huh?

Baltimore Sun: Break Through Bush Administration's Executive Privilege Roadblock

Musharraf gives Pakistani military courts power to try civilians - Bush backs Musharraf

Another $18B down the tubes for another federal project that never worked

Lions for Lambs. Not a spoiler.

Veterans' Day !

Two Americans who went overseas to fight for their beliefs...

A Veterans' Day "Queen Victoria"

When in doubt, 'liberate' from the air

All you can't eat

You Dodd and Richardson supporters are ruining DU for the rest of us.

Bratislava Diary...(An American housewife's adventures in Central Europe)

Murder trial sniper says US used 'bait' for suspect Iraqis

While Pakistan Burns (Musharraf releases "highest-ranking Taliban official ever captured")

"I Am A Veteran"

U.N. forum: Should U.S. give up Web control?

The 48 Laws of Power (Greene, Elffers)

Reid allowed Mukasey vote for the PRIVILEGE to give Bush $460 billion

'NYT' Editorial -- and Frank Rich -- Rip Democrats Over 'Capitulation' On Mukasey Okay

Giuliani says if elected President, he might PARDON Kerik!

"I thought we learned a lesson in Vietnam. I was wrong."

Former U.S. attorney wants Mukasey to fire DoJ spokesman

Losing Firms Want Piece of War Contract

Bush Administration HAS wiretapped opponents before

Veterans Day

Do you live in the Atlanta area?

The freedom to choose?

White House upset that Gordon Brown is not war-mongering

Granny D speaks to Wartburg College on 11.6.2007

Are you still drunk from last night? - a simple test

There once was a medic named Leach (PC warning)

C-Span II NOW: Paul Krugman on Talking about Two Class Society & his Book

If Impeachment Hearings are scheduled, when would dickie leave office?

Definition changing for people's privacy (Over my dead body!!)

Watch out Bush: From the shadowz...

My 13 year old is watching V for Vendetta again

Veterans History Project (Library of Congress)

Bernard Kerik scandal list

oh I like that Rafael Correa prez of Ecuador

"mark as spam"

Everybody remember to call or email a VETERAN today...

Crabbing season delayed due to SF oil spill

Market Research only: Who would like to see an 'unrecommend' feature?

Those Nuclear Flashpoints Are Made in Pakistan

The Last Dead Bull on Wall Street


Last evening was "Nicaragua Night" in my small Vermont town.

The Catholic League catches on to our latest subterfuge in the War on Christmas

Fuck you John Bolton!

On the media heeding Al Gore's advice

"Ameriya Knights". --meet our new allies the new improved former insurgents.

Universal single payer health care, out of Iraq, respect for the constitution

On the chances of DK

-Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise-

One of the blogger finalists--on men and knitting. Just sick.

Clinton Cosponsors Media Consolidation Prevention Bill

Video: Joe Bageant Interview on Aussie TV

First Amendment Dies in Kennebunkport, Fittingly

Krugman calls bullshit on Brooks' campaign to whitewash Reagan's racism

Should you be here at DU? (a lighthearted POLL)

NBC/GE is thinking about replacing Jay Leno because of the strike

OPUS rules!

To be free or not to be free, that is the question.

What a shithead

Is it cold in hell today? Look at what aired on Fox!

Madison's Memorial Mile November 11-12, Iraq and Afghanistan

Veteran's Day: Land of Shoppers, Home of Debt.

Complete this: "America was at its best in the year ________ , because _______."

Why Bush 'won' in 04, and why Rudy thinks he's going to win next year:

Direct TV, their equipment and other options and DVRs.

Do we have one candidate that can actually forcefully carry this message to the people?

NYCers: Con Edison's Offer To Sell Us Wind Power

Revered but Homeless--Our Veterans

The Democratic candidates are not the only people you can donate money to

Lynn Cheney frightening people on "Wait Wait, Don't Tell me."

Congress Seeks Major Federal Tax Increase On Cigarettes

Cheney at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers ?

WOW! - "MESSAGE BOARD" has really struck a nerve

Cheney lays a wreath to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - pics

No 'Real Time with Bill Maher' due to Hollywood strike?

Tn Lady Vols visit the White House

"Got to find a link with Iran, got to find a link with Iran." It's sickening.'

WHO would you pick 'to destroy' Repub Rudy in a DEBATE? JRE/HRC/BO?

Attacking Kucinich over what he said about UFOs is kind of stupid

Police: Head Found, Possibly That Of Homicide Victim

***Kill The Messenger ** Al-Qaeda and the FBI ** The Sibel Edmonds Story***

i'm not the sharpest tool in the money drawer, but

For Veterans' Day - Show some REAL support to the troops: LISTEN TO THEM! Band of Bloggers

WHAT A PRICK! Time of War? No wreath? on Vacation? Commander and Chief my ASS!


* has met with French and German leaders. Is he setting up war with Iran?

My way of saying thank you to all the veterans and their families

So "Big Dog" and R. Mellon=Scaife are NOW "mutual admirers"?

BS ....Bob Moser and Laura Flanders on honest

Hillary Clinton vs A Bag of Hammers (POLL) (x)

Anti-War, Gay Veterans Groups Censored in Atlanta Veterans Parade

Famous war quotes

What ever happened to the Nov 6th general strike ?

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck ........

Torture in Mayberry

IS the Romney/Jeb Bush Ticket A Possibility? n/t

New Law May Spell End to Iraq Contractors

military poem

Condi needs a bath

Bushy people love their tax breaks well...lookie here...they are GONE

Romney: Adam and Eve looked slutty

Kids STANDING UP and PROTESTING! (What a sight!)

Larisa Alexandrovna: Alan Dershowitz was against Nazis before he was for them?

George Soros - "What Orwell Didn't Know" CSPAN2 Live Call-in 3:45pm

Sibel Edmonds and other Whistleblowers Group

I haven't seen one fact that would stop me from voting for ANY Dem candidate...

What are your thoughts about Tim Russert?

Goodle, USA

The Shock Doctrine - The rise of Disaster Capitalism

The Table

NOW!C-Span II...Tom Haden with New Book, AND Craig Unger "Fall of House of Bush."

Is anyone watching cspan2? They have a panel speaking at some

High heating oil prices concern Maine residents as winter nears

Well DK is not invited to the JJ dinner

A Sad Veterans Day

Why I use "conservative" to describe people

The Problem with Insurance: no competition

FINALLY! I talked my oldest son into being a fascist!

Russian oil tanker breaks in two

This man is:

Miami Herald: Bush approval hits all-time low in Florida

Yen assaulting Dollar in early trading:

Economy Tanking and WHY We should attempt SOLUTIONS at the for answers

Chris Floyd: Shotgun Wedding: The Saint, the Insurgent and the Surge's "Success"

Sure, the economy can withstand high oil prices, but what about the less privileged?

why not a nationally mandated 1st mortgage rate that's the same for everyone?

Got a call today from Hillary camp asking for my support. I said SORRY but I'm voting for KUCINICH.

Q) How Many On-Line Progessives Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

The Constitution: Hide It In Our Hearts

How do I go about promoting the "homosexual agenda"?

Today's "Stone Soup" cartoon strip

Alan Dershowitz was against Nazis before he was for them? (Larisa Alexandrovna)

Little Debbie's Junk Food (Wasserman Schultz)

Forget Chavez. King Juan Carlos walked out of the hall when Daniel Ortega accused...

I just responded to a LTTE a second time

One place I would like to keep smoking legal

Bush's Own Church Says "Get Out of Iraq Now"

Far Right group, Operation Rescue, protests outside Pat Robertson's CBN Headquarters

I am sick and tired of dealing with technical support

Damn it I know I shouldn't cry but Jake's story on the CBS Evening News.

“God seems to have left the receiver off the hook - and time is running out.”

UK suit against Amway goes to trial (to try and close them down there altogether)

Conyers: Pelosi can take impeachment off of her table, but she cannot take it off of my table

Is the tail still trying to wag the dog?

How worried should we be about the USD declining to historic lows...

New Orleans, 2007

Watch this - I'm getting sick, tell you the truth I'm thewing up!!!!

Big Coal Slimes Kansas Governor

Veterans: What motivated you to join?

Democrats: Colleges must police copyright, or else

If We Give Them ALL Of The @i^%#&i Money, Will THAT Be Enough?

Kiva: Loans that Change Lives

Declarations of Dictators and Autocrats in Pakistan and the U.S.

Dead Certain Author on CSPAN2 1pm Live Call-in - Subject: rResident Bush...

EDWARDS--"It is time to give those entrenched interests that are standing against America hell."

The Philosophy Of Liberty

Bolton Smears El Baradei As Iran Apologist, Says ‘Even A Stopped Clock Is Right Twice A Day’

The Corporate Takeover Of Water In Ecuador

Frank Rich: The Coup at Home "more insidious than Musharraf's"

TPM: Blaming the wrong president for an overstretched military

Mike Huckabee is religiously insane

what Chavez said to the neo con King of Spain who told him to shut up

The PEN: Corporate Media Desperate To Suppress Coverage Of Impeachment Movement

When I was born there was a war. I was told that the soldiers

Total Iraq War Funding To Hit $611 Billion: A Look At How That Money Could've Been Used

The "Marlboro marine": a hero while being photographed, thrown out of the service for PTSD

What am I?

PHOTOS: Bush, today, at the American Legion Post

digby: Telling It Straight

Now, More Background Checks On Civilians Than Criminals Since 9/11

IS the Clinton/Jeb Bush Ticket A Possibility?

DU will be just fine dammit!

Former Repub Congressman Caught Drunk Driving with 23 yr old

Attention folks who favor smoking bans: You've won the war

Are We At the Point Where the Fed Cannot Print Anymore $ Without Killing the Dollar?

Response to fuel spill under Bay Bridge called 'unusually slow' (S.F. Chronicle)

How reliable is ?

The Christian Lifestyle.

Greg Palast "Hillary's Musharraf"

Richard Armitage on Valerie Plame - "She's right"

Next election when you go to the voting booth here is

The Democratic Party is only 40% Liberal.

I'm all for party loyalty. But if I have to choose between my party & my Constitution ...

How Long until a Chinese-Backed Pan-Asian Currency Emerges?

King Juan Carlos of Spain is the greatest champion of democracy in the past 50 years

UFO panel at National Press Club tommorrow!

First, they redefined torture

'I feared I'd end up dead in the woods like Dr Kelly'

Bill's new buddy: Richard Mellon Scaife

Why can't I buy wine on Sunday morning?

HEADLINE: Student apathy. Where is the activism? ("Obsolete" baby boomers, take note!)

DU is not a place for real discussion.

Anti-War Veterans In Veterans Day Parade Jeered, Cheered

My oldest son wants to demonstrate at School of the Americas next week

Book Survey

On being an ideologicaly pure leftist in the Democratic party.

Giuliani's Lie in State Court About 2000 Kerik Warning Now Being Noticed By Traditional Media

Democrats, Progressives, R-Lites, Independents, Disaffected Republicans All Saying the SAME THING:

Leading Democratic Candidates for the Presidency Have Taken a Surprising New Turn

The crowd is shouting "GO JOHNNY GO!"

Expert from the U.S. Army Golden Knights parachute team skydives over TX strapped to 90 lbs of feces

How many supporters of Democratic Candidates are on line right now?

OMG - Obama! Woot - you are on fire!

Hillary Clinton vs. a sharp stick in the eye

Obama's up!

Has Obama lost his MOJO?

Who will get an extra boost from tonight's performance in Iowa?

Iraqi fighters 'grilled for evidence on Iran'

Is it me?

Watch "Judgement Day: Intelligent Design On Trial" Nov. 13 @ 8:00pm on PBS NOVA

Pat Robertson Doesn't Matter Anymore: Why does the press act like he does?

Photos: Barack, Michelle Obama yesterday in Des Moines, Iowa, and at the J-J Dinner last night

Must read from Frank Rich today: The Coup at Home

This is your brain on politics

"We Need Troops To Protect Our Embassy In Iraq"

I Never Saw a Fly - Condi Claims Mosquito Buzzing Her On -This Week - is Fly!

Dems foresake strategies of old

Clinton Backing Bush's NAFTA Expansion Will Hurt Her In Iowa & NH

So we just heard from the next president of the US!

Clinton and Obama Duel Before Iowa Democrats

The Great Tweety Starts His Sunday Show By Mocking Al Gore

Reforming the Primary Process: Vote Early and Count Often

"It is time to give those entrenched interests that are standing against America hell"

DM Register's Yepsen gives the night to Obama

University Of New Hampshire Poll -Hillary -35% Obama 21% Edwards 15%

The Real News Network presents "The Promise"

Obama on Meet the Press--fact check

Clinton's fierce partisanship versus Obama's more conciliatory vision

Is the gap in some of the polls closing because Obama is doing better or cuz Hillary is faltering?

Mountain West is battleground for '08 vote: Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, NM "up for grabs"

Any videos of last night's speeches available online?

Iowa Jefferson Jackson Liveblog

Clarence Page: Pat, Rudy, and Other Suprises

Reminder: Obama on Meet The Press exclusively for the whole hour.

Obama proved in the first half of MTP that Kucinich is the only true anti-war candidate

“If I had half a mind, I would be a Republican!”

Youtube: Barack Obama speech at the Iowa Jefferson-Jackson dinner last night

Nancy Pelosi just introduced Hillary as the next POTUS

Poll: Hillary's New Hampshire Lead Halved

For those who don't believe in polls...

Obama demonstrates superior organizational strength at JJ Dinner.

GOP : "like monkeys playing the piano..."

Ha Ha Ha

Reflections on Veterans Day by a Veteran

Has Any Politician Besides Bush & Clinton Planted Shill Questioners?

Obama on Rezko & controversial land transaction: a mistake, but no evidence of wrong-doing

Edwards Recalls Legal Victories To Reinforce Outsider Image

Obama did not inspire me.

Returning Veterans Must Fight for Shelter, Jobs, Health Care

Because you wanna watch it again: Here's Obama on the JJ Dinner!

Hillary Supporters -- the JJ Speech isn't on You Tube yet

In defending your candidate against the attacks from supporters of other candidates. . .

Wes Clark on Hillary

Kucinich meets with vets

Has anyone noticed Doonesbury this past week? He took Cheny from Darth Vader to Evil Emperor!

"Turn Up the Heat" or "Fire it UP"

New NH Poll: Hillary slipping, Obama gaining ground (details inside)

Edwards challenges Clintonstance on war, more ("You won't have to guess where I stand")

Hillary Clinton's new game plan

Do You Post Every Negative Article You Can Find On Your Candidate's Opponents?

MSNBC: Obama shows off organizational strength in Iowa (and without busing)

Ron Paul Supporters, a Cult?

Barack on Meet the Press - Obama closing the gap in Iowa

Obama on Social Security

Home heating oil tops $3 per gallon, working families "choose between heating, eating, and driving"

FL Rep Wasserman Schultz said that impeaching Cheney won't fix

Barack Obama on 'Meet the Press' - Who can create a Working Majority?

NYT OP-ED: Health Care Excuses

High Oil Prices Fuel Winter Heat Fears

Primaries should be a free for all of all sorts...

Campaign so far; Edwards scores first blood; Obama up; Clinton retaliates by going after Obama

Minnesota DU'ers: How are the Polls for Franken over Coleman? How's Al doing?

Fact Check: Obama on Meet the Press

What If We're Wrong

Impeachment! It CAN Happen!

"Turn up the heat" vs. "I don't want to pit blue America against Red America"

Veterans' Day Remarks by Senator John Edwards

Politics - Parallel Party Pushes Democrats

If Hillary is the one the Repukes WANT to run against

Is Immigration really this "no brainer"-"slam dunk" issue ? Some Dem caucus-goers pick Obama, Edwards as Jeff-Jack winners

Fallen Soldiers ceremony: Bush warns of attack "on a scale that will make 9/11 pale by comparison"

Dennis Kucinich is not a joke

Clinton takes high road in Iowa.

The Denver convention nominee phones your house.

"Obama...often seems intent on demonizing the very people who helped get him his start"

Should nuclear progress be kept on the table as part of our energy policy?

Guess I have to buy Ben and Jerry's ice cream

Hillary Clinton's Speeches

Both Clinton and Obama agree nuclear energy needs to be kept on table.

Recent Poll Numbers in Ohio

Edwards Outlines Policies in Des Moines

VIDEO: John Edwards, JJ dinner

Clinton: "Not interested in attacks on opponents"; "Turn up the heat" on Republicans

11/11/07 - Angus Reid Global Monitor - Hillary 47%, Obama at 25%

Why John Edwards must not be the Democratic nominee

Clinton campaign top advisors childishly insult Obama supporters.

Will Giuliani prevail & win the Pukes' nomination?

The Clintons are polarizing. America wants to move past the '90s

Kucinich has been more effective in Congress than Pelosi. Look at the record:


Why Hillary Clinton must not be the Democratic Nominee

Obama Shines in Iowa

AFL-CIO Leaders Work to Derail Rank and File Drive for Single Payer

Diane Feinstein is as bad as Lieberman ever was!

Why did Giuliany dress in drag?

For those who can't get enough info on the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner:

Va. GOP has figured out the problem... NOT THEM :-)

Why doesn't Hillary support the full repeal of the DOMA?

This board seems intent on smearing and swiftboating the two Democratic frontrunners.

YouTube: Obama dancing with the marching band enroute to the JJ dinner

This is a follow-up poll to yesterday's Kucinich UFO thread.

I personally find a pivotal difference between Bill and Hillary

Biden: If I were president on 9/11…

Russert stalking Hillary Clinton?

Seen in Kansas City this weekend.

Clinton: Go Slow on Social Security. Obama's plan may sound good at first blush, but...

Why, Senator Clinton?

Newest NH poll: Hillary 35%, Obama 21%, Edwards 15%; Stick a fork in Fred (he's in 6th place in NH)

Yepsen (dean of Iowa press corps): Obama clear winner of JJ dinner

Why Biden needs to win - Musharraf and Bhutto turn to Sen. Biden before talking to Bush

Which Candidate Has Disappointed you the Most?

Why John Edwards Must be the Democratic Nominee

Pres. Biden, V.P. Obama, Sec. of State Holbrooke, & Def. Sec. Clark

Is there a viable political left in America?

How to contact the House Judiciary commitee for impeachment

Edwards' Endorsement Is Sweet

Dianne Feinstein recall