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Archives: November 10, 2007

How China is eating the world

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities"

Support for writers’ strike outrages Hollywood elite

Maliki oil adviser sees Iraq output tripling

Protest: Living day to day

Why Are Democrats Getting Nervous?

Say It's So, Joe

Making Bankruptcy Harder Comes Back To Bite Banks In the Butt

Suntech completes first phase of (3 MW) WEPCO solar installation (in South Korea)

Solar power for the people

Iraq's new crisis: Moms, dads abandoning kids

Say It's So, Joe

Dems question latest anti-war strategy (members reluctant to vote around Veterans Day)

New Army Chopper Overheats

Hoax bacteria study tricks climate skeptics (and Rush falls for it)

(Rep) Shea-Porter backs resolution on VP impeachment

Rep. Allen Guilty of Sexual Solicitation

It was an abortion, Michael.

So - where you gonna go

Isn't It Time They Put Up An Artificial Xmas Tree In Rockefeller Center?

How many hooligans, minimum, does it take to constitute a "gang?"

It was 42 years ago today...

i used to go out with a girl who had this band's posters all over her walls

As Your New Lounge Singer....

Do You Have A Big____?

"Good Things Come to Those Who Wait", Brilliant!

"Toilet sign in Korea warns to be on the lookout for sickos"

Is eating a bodily function?

Coworkers are so cool!

I Am On A Roll This Week111111

Calvin and Hobbes

I have been "air drying" for about 45min, ask me anything.

The Time Has Come: Behold!

they shouldn't do this to a drunk woman

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the dog that "found" us.

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

I hearby promise to start all flirting on DU

so I started my weekend cooking

It's so HOT in here.

Why do "things" always happen at the close of work Friday...

I hearby accept all flirting threads here in the Lounge!!!


If The Lounge is Sovereign, will it be like deja-vu all over again?

Would you kiss a girl with a beer?

The MissMillie Appreciation Thread

ok... I'm going to bed now

this video scares me

another day at work

Is the Bar open?

Hell hath no fury . . .

I feel very sad suddenly

I must have done something terribly wrong as a parent

If The Lounge Is Sovreign, Can We Have Casino Gambling?

Rumors Of My Composting the Emperor Of The Lounge

The Irvine Company, in its infinite quest to make a real estate buck...

The Lounge is being talked about in a GD thread, but in a nice way.

Any Theoretical Physicists here?

In the shop the other day, I made this four-minute youtube. With Big Band soundtrack.

BREAKING NEWS: Friday November 9 2007 6:27:56 PM PT: Abe Vigoda guessed it.

Drunken question for the night, Lounge...are people inherently good?


Can someone explain this for me: "...with purported ties to the mob."

Cat-proof your computer

A few pics from the around the house

Wine, Beer or Liquor?

halloween painting

Good gawdz, dinner at the Rainforest Cafe

Alanis Morissette appreciation thread....

Would you kiss a girl with a beard?

Diagnosing a possible DU software bug: Is United Kingdom an option in your MyForums?

FUCK!!! Parche won 2 DUzys

How Do You Know if a Woman is Taking a Serious Relationship...Seriously?

IntravenousDemilo did it, again!!

Name that movie: "Take the four dollars!"

Good Night Lullaby

It's time for...Freeper Categories on Jeopardy!

Interview with Rabab Amidane, Western Sahara citizen

Television: the Drug of the Nation

Writers Guild - Why We Fight


Pat Robertson Says Rudy Would Usher in Biblical 'End Days'

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Mike's back!

HELP Give Steny a Spine To Support Impeachment!

The Irvine Company gives a whole new meaning to "Living Green"

Media fail to question Giuliani on Robertson's controversial remarks

TPM's Ultimate Kerik Scandal List!

All I want to know is when is tweets gonna have

"That's not Rush, that's just oxyContin talking...Can't spell Rush without letters L-I-A-R"

Dow down 550 for the week?

DK is on "Democracy Now!" on PBS

Are you current yet?? Have a laugh at my expense, or chime in.

March on, Veterans for Peace!

Well, well, well - unclassified document re: Iraq (Pre-war Planning for Post-war Iraq)

Republican Rhapsody

N.J. Wants Voting Machines Opened

Remembering: bu$h* Nominated Bernie Kerik to be Homeland Security Chief.

all right, countdown with allison

Giuliani and Bush Are Featured on Kerik Web Sites

Swiftboaters Are Starting: Ad Praises McCain, but He Wants It Pulled

Pat Robertson Says Giuliani Presidency Appears in Bible.

Governor Strickland (Dem-Ohio) endorses Clinton

Ritual Defamanation This is a valid topic of discusion

Dennis on Democracy Now this morning.

Mafia's Ten Commandments

Israel, US to set up joint committees on Iran: report

McCain's mom just basically dissed Romney for being Morman (on Hardball)

Two more pukes in the House abandoning ship: That makes 16 so far

Bush: I go to bed early and sleep like a baby.

What I believe Martin Luther King, Jr. would say about impeachment:

Oral Roberts living like a rock star!

Anyone know where DUer pictures are? I forgot how to go there.

We are the United States - not CNN or FOX or MSNBC or

With all the talk about Corporations and what they are doing to working folks

I don't want hope, I want action

I am not worried about Huckabee as the Repub Nominee. Here's why.....

Breaking: Stage hands to go on strike tommorrow. No lights on Broadway

Iraq Chronology from EIA - 1980 to present

Further proof debunking the superiority of the white race

CHENEY Orders Director Of Intell To Hold Back NIE "Until All DIssenting Views Have Been Removed"

Hagel Calls Giuliani, Clinton `Cowboys' for Comments on Iran

Change of title: NAVARRETTE & OBAMA making it generational/Boomer/Vietnam

Mayor "Rocky" Anderson "We Won't Take It Anymore!"

WH: Dem Congress "just not getting the job done that the American people need for them to do"

Death and taxes

Giuliani and Bush Are Featured on Kerik Web Sites

I suppose some out there today would think that going after Al Capone was a "waste of time"...

Thanks for this post! nt

If you want to see how a newsperson conducts an intelligent interview,

Sen. John Ensign's (R-AZ-NV) nephew arrested for attempted murder.. (More Family values stuff)

This was evidently a drill in Vegas, which sounded oh so real. Sorry fellow DUers

So John McCain is bringing his mother out to campaign with him?

Supporters Say Artist's Prosecution Is About Expression, Not Bioterrorism

Oh Criminy!! What the hell is wrong with people? Are our egos so brittle, so monolithically...

-->> Bringing up charges of impeachment is a political winner

Chris Floyd: Collusion Course: Dems Play Impeachment Farce as Republic Burns

mahar a rerun????????

Who knew the effects the writers' strike would have? End of 'fun'

Quotes by Albert Einstein ( with Mozart's piano sonata No. 5 in G major)

Mark Cuban: 'Bill O'Reilly is My New Best Friend'

Please talk to me about primary states, and how other states effect

13042 for the Dow today... it lost four percent for the week

Apocalyptic Imagery on the Economy

TPM's Ultimate Kerik Scandal List!

Fuck you big bushitler! DON'T YOU THREATEN ME!

Post quotes of our forefathers, that relate to saving our democracy today

Bush’s Recount Counsel Blasts Politicization of U.S. Attorneys

Bush and Relatives of Fallen Lean on Each Other

Regarding the "Mafia's Ten Comandments" - what would the GOP ten be?

Government Has HIDDEN For 5 Years-An Eyewitness Account That Could EXONERATE A Gitmo Detainee

Do any of you other old "extremists" remember this guy?

If GWB was my son.......

Could you survive as a refugee?

So I'm watching an episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Teri Schivo's brother is tourning and saying her death will be common with national health plans

Billo went after Malloy tonight

Limbaugh, "Portly Peddler of Hate"

I don't give a damn about 2008 and who is elected if bush & Cheney walk free.

"I don't want to have to keep track of the three faces of Obama!"

A DUer just won on today's Jeopardy!

Have you changed your vote to Dennis Kucinich yet?

DU vets and those who honor their service ... check in early for Veteran's Day.

Is there anything from Gore anyone has heard as yet?

For those of you that think the economy is teetering on the edge....A question;

Book TV Schedule: November 10th - 12th

The Truth Behind 'Lions for Lambs'

***DUzy Awards for week ending November 9, 2007***

Clinton Campaign Gets Caught Planting Questions

There is NO question- Kucinich IS our candidate.

Well 1360 san diego just flipped to sports

Autopsy: Gotbaum Airport Death an accident

DNC: Rudy and Bernie: Through the Years ....slideshow and analysis

Clinton And Obama 1And 2 On Tweety's Power Rankings

Anyone have info they can share on Strategic Opinion Research?

Krugman on the Democrats

Saturday, 8PM EST, Cspan: Jefferson Jackson Dinner

Electability when? (It's the Economy Again, Stupid)

Harry Reid--what a disgraceful, rotten, cowardly tool!

Obama's greatest strengths: Imagination, Vision, and a real-world knowledge.

Here's something that's bothering me. Am I alone on this?

Lightening Rod

How about an Obama/Biden ticket?

Guests for the Sunday TV news shows (Obama, Dodd, Biden, Richardson on)

Is GOP scheming to steal another election?

Tune In Sunday: Sen. Joe Biden On CNN’s “Late Edition” Nov. 11

LAPD Plan To Map Muslim Communities Angers Some Groups

Poll: Do you Approve or Disapprove of how George Bush is handling his job as President?

Can I get a list of the people on our side who voted for Mukasey?

What is John Edward's position on impeachment?

"Liberal Iowa Group Endorses John Edwards" (WaPo-The Trail)

Who else is undecided about their primary vote?

One of the Funniest Things I've Ever Heard: Billo on Mike Malloy

Clear the Roadblock Republicans in 2008 (new website)

Hagel calls Guillianni and Clinton irresponsible and cowboys for Iran comments

I agree with Obama's comments about the Baby Boom Generation

Daily Kos Diary: The Smartest, Simplest Policy Proposal of The Campaign

Feinstein backs legal immunity for telecom firms in wiretap cases

Oh sweet irony! Clinton busted planting questioners at campaign event

Kucinich Writes to Conyers

Have you ever inadvertently mentioned "Tweety " IRL?

Biden second dem to apply for public financing -

Bumper sticker: Impeach Hillary

Hagel on Clinton, Giuliani, Iran, and more

Do you really want a new FDR? Then try DJK.

Huffington Post is right. Their photos of Bush @ San Antonio's Brooke Army Medical Ctr. ARE graphic.

John McCain says, "If you want to relive Woodstock, buy the record."

In the Shadow of Lal Masjid--The China Factor in Pakistani Politi

Its not about us.

'Wash Post' Picks the Top Ten Political 'Sex Scandals'

Congressional Senselessness: The Awards are in

Barack Obama and the Dream of a Color-Blind America

Indicting Mr. Kerik - NY Times Ed - (and the ties to Ghouliani

U.S. Water Boarding, 1899 Style

Democratic candidates: "We’re Marxist-Leninists, and we always have been. Deal with it.”



How Cheney Cooked the Intelligence on Iran by Gareth Porter

Venezuela Accuses U.S. of Instigating Student Violence

The New Road to Serfdom

Rudy and Bernie Kerik, B.F.F.’s: "If a candidate values loyalty above all else, head for the hills."

Musharraf's coup spectacularly illustrates the Bush effect.

Opposition Violence at Venezuelan University - What Really Happened

Cheaper TV? Increased consolidation?? F.C.C. Planning Rules to Open Cable Market

The White Man Unburdened by Norman Mailer

Pakistan-US-India triangle

Are Americans smart enough to vote?

In, BUSH - A DARK LEGACY, Noria Antinoro writes an excellent piece.

The Revolt of the Comic Books

TIME: The World of Hillary Hatred

Latin America's Shock Resistance by Naomi Klein

Recession? What Recession? by Bob Herbert

Oil discovery rocks Brazil

Lester Brown : "We all have a stake in future civilisation"

True Cost of Alternative Energy - From Science Blog

Which Manufacturer Has the Greenest Vehicles?

Act Now To Save Solar!

Midwest pact sought on climate change

Carbon capture may actually work

GM Volt Battery Delivered

Mark Cuban: 'Bill O'Reilly is My New Best Friend'

Thompson: Reduce future retiree benefits

6 U.S. soldiers killed in Afghan battle [ambush, 11 others injured]

UK terror tactics 'create unease'

Venezuela's Chavez calls for energy alliance

Disney ride founders under weight of obese passengers

Clinton Camp Admits To Planting Questions

Seeing Progress in Iraq, McCain Hopes for Credit

2007 deadliest for US in Afghanistan [they said that about lraQ last week also]

Pakistan police block Bhutto again

Former insurgents ambush al-Qaida, killing at least 18 in Iraq[Islamic army is in charge here]

UN: attacks on students, teachers rising

China bans exports of drug-tainted toy

Shooter Of George Wallace Is Free

New Law May Spell End To Iraq Contractors

Bush and Relatives of Fallen Lean on Each Other

Dressed as Spider-Man, 5 year old boy saves baby in Brazil

Evangelicals' issue: Radical Islam

Bush urges Congress to OK veterans bill [dig at congress from Western WH]

Family: Paternity test from Gipper's DNA proves negative

Cate Edwards and Kate Michelman - right now

Cate Edwards Speaks LIVE Webcast On Women's Issues LIVE NOW

Oil Price Rise Causes Global Shift in Wealth (IraN, Russia, and Venezuela)

Casino revenue plummet continues in Atlantic City

Oil pipeline set ablaze by bomb in Iraq

Deaths mark grim Afghan, Iraq milestones

Florida state Rep. Bob Allen guilty in bathroom-sex case

Recruiters struggle to find an Army

Broken Supply Channel Sent Weapons for Iraq Astray

Bush, Merkel hold ranch talks on Iran, Afghanistan

14 Saudis Return Home From Guantanamo

With gas again at $3, Congress is mum

College Paper Reveals: Hillary's Campaign Planted Question at Forum

Iran, Pakistan dump India, ink gas contract

Bush Sees Positive Signs in Pakistan

The uninvited guest: Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise, leaving military chiefs re

At least 17 die in gunbattle near Iraq's Samarra

Rice's Management at Issue (p. A01, Wash Post)

Oregon teacher loses fight to take gun to class

Writer Norman Mailer dead at 84

Health insurer tied bonuses to dropping sick policyholders

Strike Shuts Down Most Broadway Shows

U.S. soldier found not guilty of Iraq murders

Spain's king tells Venezuela's Chavez to "shut up"

Congressman vs. Sheriff

Drunken monkey time

Hey, don't blame me - its just something I found on the web

You Look Wonderful Tonight...

Bad day in GD

Just to let y'all know, the mint M&M's are out now.

Customer service letter


My dad will not go on a plane, but he will go on a bus and a ship.

What's the most interesting kind of potato chip you've tried?

yes, i am a dumbass

Loungers who enjoy eating our own, check in here!

I wanna go home...

I know you can do it.. so baby get to it...

I'm just sharin my playlist- so here

Rocky had come- equipped with a gun...

Living in the wasteland of the free

Here comes Thanksgiving.

Here is Garcia with Tony Rice.. I'd have killed

How do you pronounce this lady's name?

War Pigs

Red Yawn is a Messterpiece from the Raygun Era

Sympathy needed. I SHOULD be in Vegas celebrating my 50th BUT

You can't tell me that I have a drinking problem

DUers working in retail--what do your stores pay--is it minimum wage?

We're gonna spite our noses right off our faces...

BTW, Norman Mailer is Dead


Does "flaccid cock in a bed of testicles" have poetic promise?

Grammar Nazis check in here, especially Apostrophe Auditors!! (my personal pet peeve)

Papa was a rollin stone...

Name someone who is either a genius or an insane person, you're not sure which.

So Overnight I Have Decided To Re Appoint Myself "Emperor"

Laura Bush's Milk Shake

I saw an elderly couple in love yesterday....and they're Dems!

The Johnny Rockets in Campbell (CA) that gave me food poisoning is closed. Justice prevails.

Red Dawn is a Masterpiece from the Reagan Era

I lose my teenager tomorrow

massive flood destroys seattle home

New Weapon alert! The VOMIT FLASHLIGHT!

Star Trek meets Monty Python

Use of racial slur may end porn star's career

I'll vote whoever will deport all those immigrants who are Republicans.

I had to use a cell phone to find my cell phone.

best line from a non-character in a movie

What bong is stuck in your head right now?

Picture of Rush Limbaugh naked here.

YARGH! I totally give up on GD:P! I thought yall's jokes about them were jokes!

My whipped ice dairy drink brings the attention of many males to my place of residence

The Lizard King Dances For Your Amusement

Rush Limbaugh is not naked in this post-- it's safe to click here....

Talkin' 'Bout The Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues (Everyone Wants To Live Forever)

i need some oral relief, asap

Laura Bush's Hot Cocoa

Guilty pleasures - what dumb TV shows do you like?

These sports color commentators are so obvious

Ann Coulter is on a roll

I refuse to click on the "I refuse to click on the Naked Rush thread"

I refuse to click on the Naked Rush thread.

a strong contender in the "Best Cover Song Ever" category


Not so hard

Weren't the Smurfs an updated version of the 7 dwarfs?

I took a 500mg Vicodin -- how can I have a headache?

Crumpled Pumpkin

Ahhhh, a new set of thermals....


“Split Second” Audiobook Update -- November 2007

You know, I just come around every now and then to see how you are.

If you'll excuse me, Lounge, I'm going to go play some Halo 2.

Lost fans!!!! We have some crumbs!!!!

OK so there are more of the Mad Moms BK

“Our Dumb World” Audiobook Update -- November 2007

Tonight's drink experiment:

Can we all agree that Dane Cook is lamer than a one-legged dog?

Is there anyone else here that just doesn't like deer?

Hard: Call of Duty 4. Difficult: Level Veteran. :Stupid: While a cat keeps pushing your keyboard

We're not in the Lounge anymore...

dance boom dance boom dance boom

College football fans, watch for this guy in a couple of years

Ahhh... writing.

After paying $3.53 per gallon, is it too much to ask


My footall thread beats your footbal thread - two to one

“I Am America (And So Can You!)” Audiobook Update -- November 2007

Taterguy. How do you know I haven't clicked on your thread and am just not telling you?

A thread that GrayWarrior refuses to click on

So I just got home from my MRI.

"Michael Moore hates America" and "Manufactured Dissent" labeled 'hot' at hollywood video

THE Ohio State University . . . chokes

I just saw a new Burger king commercial

One of the most fucked-up music videos I have ever seen..this is an oldie

Any DUers headed for the Yale Bowl next weekend for The Game?

Kissing Boobs

Am I boring you with the weight loss updates?

Rumpled Pumpkin

East Coast people - what is your opinion of West Coast people?

I'm gonna go get knocked up

STORY TIME...What stories reside in this old house..Let's tell some

Does anyone know a really good book on office politics?


What Kind of drunk are you?

self explanatory

"When I was little, my father was famous. He was the greatest samurai

Banks. Suck.

50 years ago this month - the first dog in orbit

Let's recommend a stupid ridiculous thread for the front page.

Thoughts on Lions and Lambs?

Am I the only one who has no idea what some of these threads are about?

From the It's About Time file:My husband's strip club is having a Pink Party -benefits breast cancer

Today's College Football Thread

I had to let my kid stay up til midnight...Night at the Opera was on TCM

CiCi's Pizza buffet: Yum or yuck?


The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck gives birth to a 7 lb., 15 oz. bouncing baby Freeper boy

Is there anyone else here that just doesn't like beer?

What's for dinnah, DU?


What's your favorite meat-like 'product'?

A public thank-you to RetroLounge

What song is stuck in your head right now?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/10/07

Pic thread...some pics from my walk earlier today:

Southeastern/Mid-Atlantic DUers: Anyone looking to adopt a young cat?

Fuck this. No way in hell will I click on taterguys thread.

Anyone interested in a Northwest Arkansas, Southern MO, east OK meet up?

Three Man Bands -- Post 'em Here!!

Does anyone have the "24/7 always pissed off co-worker "? I do !

Sympathy needed. I SHOULD be in Vegas celebrating my 50th BUT

Joni Mitchell on Tavis Smiley

6th service member dies from copter crash

VA, DoD have tried one physical exam before

Lawyers: Court-martial unfair in frag case

Reed official touts new medical care units

Navy facility blamed in MRAP production delay

Dummy bomb ban lifted for West Coast

Jury: 46 months for doc guilty of secretly taping mids

CG ponders next step for sinking cruise ship

Wynne stresses leadership in Letter to Airmen

Police recruiting blitz finds Iraqis eager

Most trainer slots for Afghanistan remain unfilled

Senate gets earful about reservist job rights

Technology provides new links to homes

Bribery allegations still hang over cable deal

Unmanned Reaper drops first bombs in combat

Navy to move 2,300 billets to detailing

Veterans event is learning experience for all

AP IMPACT: New Army Chopper Overheats

The Freaky F-35 Lid

General Outlines Army's Space Plans

Army's High School Recruits Earn Now to Serve Later

Eat Static: The Rooks Jam the Airwaves

APS Arrives in Dakar, Senegal

Navy ready to start 2nd phase of individual augmentee plan

ABC investigates veterans charities that mostly enrich their owners

Wounded, and Sharing War Stories

Documentary tells of war families' pain

US to purchase $700m worth of arms from Israel

2007 deadliest for US in Afghanistan

Deadly accurate

Vet Centers Step Up Readjustment Counseling For Soldiers

VA Health Care Struggling To Meet Soldiers' Needs

23,000 women make military effort in Iraq

11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month --A Thanks to All Veterans!

Lowe’s, Home Depot offer vets discounts

Olbermann: Waterboarding 101 (Former Interrogation Instructor)

White Nationalism: Prussian Blue (Documentary on young teenage neo nazi singing group)

Danny Glover speaks directly to Primary State Voters

MIR: Oil Is King

NH Presidential Disability Forum - Dennis Kucinich 1

NH Presidential Disability Forum - Dennis Kucinich 2

RIP: Norman Mailer - Iraq and the American Right

NSA Pressured LA Times To Kill Domestic Spying Story

ABC News: AT&T Whistle-blower - NSA Internet spying

Fox News Reports on Jenkem

Olbermann: Dead Seas (Plastic Pollution)

Oxnard Combats Clearwater Port LNG terminal

How Many Illegal Wiretapping Programs Does Bush Have?

SC Voter Susan Smith Endorses John Edwards for President

Revisiting the Song “Galveston”

New Hampshire voter endorses John Edwards

Al Gore on 30 Rock

Iraqis Are Thankful For Bush

John Mellencamp - Small Town - John Edwards Appearance, Iowa (Cheering, NOT booing)

NH Presidential Disability Forum - Dennis Kucinich 3

Rep. Kucinich: 'We're Losing Our Democracy' (Military in Civil Law Enforcement)

Domestic Spying Story: Mark Klein on Washington Journal

Ron Paul's Money

Appreciate the DU lounge!

If I vote for Dennis Kucinich in TX, will it count? I asked earlier but...

Say, has anyone heard from stewert recently?

Former Clark Co (Indiana) GOP Chairman charged with sexual assault

Hillary,Obamba, and Maybe Edwards are Window Dressing...

Build a straw-bale house.. ultra-green & cheap to heat/cool

Just 60 Seconds: Go Watch Congressman Kucinich In Action On The House Floor...

TORTURE: Sister Dianna Ortiz

DK may have seen a UFO, but Hillary

Kerik wrote in his autobiography that Giuliani had "made" him

Imagine voting Republican...

Which legislators deliver the bacon? OMB chart tells all

Extremely disappointing language from Obama on Social Security

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day

Minnesota history buffs.. I found a goodie for you

Minnesota Taco Bell fires 30-year veteran..

How sad is this picture ?

Troops need help for holiday. This just seems so wrong on so many fronts

F.C.C. Planning Rules to Open Cable Market

Makah Whale Killers Update

Bush Administration follies: How to support Musharraf while pretending to admonish him?

Just one more reason to hate on Dick Cheney

The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush (Vanity Fair)

Larry Kings program last night had people who say on Nov 12 info re UFOS will be made public..

It comes down to a blowjob versus war crimes.

"Heed the Cock."

Verdict: Bob Allen, R-FL is guilty.

Anyone hear the "starving Venezuelans" line in Michael Crichton's ER last week?

TOONS: This Week's Entire Doonesbury Storyline - "Lord Cheney Will Have His War"

Taking the Fifth: Iran can strike back

Iraqi Boy Loses His Eye To US Gunfire......

Are the American People going to be told that they want to have 'national healing' again?

The Godfather meets Wyatt Earp

CNN is a complete embarrassment

WaPo: Rice's Management at Issue-Critics Cite Blackwater, Baghdad Embassy and Passports

Just Who Was At That Fake FEMA Briefing?

Schumer, Leahy Jostle for Power as Mukasey Confirmed by Senate

6 U.S. troops, 3 Afghan troops die in ambush

Bernie Ward said Edwards shoulda been the Dem's candidate in '04

US Death Toll In Afghanistan Highest Since 2001 Invasion

The Netherlands flood gates worked

WTF???-20% of soldiers that die in Iraq are not combat related???

Good explanation of writers' strike:


More than 1,000 dogs rescued from Virginia puppymill

Anyone Also on Democracy Interactive?

David Obey's address on Bush's 2008 Federal budget

marines recruiting at local elementary school now...

Just Who Was At That Fake FEMA Briefing?

Author Norman Mailer dead at 84

Israel, US to set up joint committees on Iran: report

Radio Iowa: Iowans for Sensible Priorities endorses John Edwards

To our legislators , from Skidmore: About thanking our veterans...

judge in Pennsylvania orders abortion foe to remove alleged threats from Web site

Is your life insurance policy at subprime risk?

Kerik's defense: 9/11 9/11 9/11

c-span tonight - Iowa Jefferson Jackson Dinner - where's dennis?

What IF Hillary gets the nomination and wins...

President reunites with old pal in Crawford..

Boston Legal is great, again: Do Tell

Pretty much sums it up:


LAPD Plans To Map Muslims

Cal Thomas LIVE on C-Span2 going after political polarizers

Dennis letter to Conyers on stopping war with Iran.

Grover Norquist: "I never thought about that before."

How to Win Healthcare for Children

John Nichols (The Nation) on Norman Mailer. Mailer on GWB.

Kucinich Writes to Conyers: CHENEY "Is Repeating Deceptive Tactics In Run Up To War With Iran"

Around Bay Area, outrage at delayed response to

Do Kerik's Actions reflect on Rudy Guiliani: WJ this morning

VA Health Care Struggling To Meet Soldiers' Needs

Your opinion about Jesus and Obama?

Lieberman thinks we are the "hyper-partisan, politically paranoid liberal base"

Senator's Nephew Aimed To Kill EMTs

Has anyone heard any more updates on Conyers holding impeachment hearings ?

Bush and Merkel to focus on Iran and more back rubs

Bolton urges full US support for Musharraf

A big "strawman" against a National Health Insurance system

Verdict: Guilty in Allen case


Anybody seen "Lions for Lambs"? Honest Review...

Best. iTunes freeper reviewer. Ever.

The 1987 Crash -- a Dress Rehearsal?

Lions for Lambs getting horrible reviews.

Iowa waitress to media, on coverage of Clinton tipping story: "You people are really nuts"

3 cases of meningitis - Ga., Mich., Florida

I think I have found the reason we are all in such deep trouble

Home Energy Question. Would it be more economical to

Family: Paternity test from Gipper's DNA proves negative

It's Hard to Be a Democrat

Looking for them name of the song fellow Du'er Ava used

The HSUS Asks Calif. Supreme Court to Protect San Diego Seals

Spitzer wavers on licenses for illegals [implications for Hillary]

A desk job can kill you

the republican johnny-one-notes

A NEW Declaration Of Independence- Will YOU sign?

Right-wing starts pushing Lieberman for VP

I just got a fund raising call from the RNC

Shall We Dance ??? - Let's Call It The DU Two-Step !!!

Recruit 'em early...

the makes-you-vomit flashlight coming to Calif.

Blackwater Goes to Mexico

After spending about 5 minutes perusing GD/P

Feinstein keeps busy with the important stuff: defending Fresno

The obligatory "If Congress raises cigarette tax from 39 cents to $1 per pack, will you quit" thread

I don't even know what to say about this pic

How often can you watch this looped image...?

Cate Edwards and Kate Michelman - right now

Cate Edwards Speaks LIVE Webcast On Women's Issues LIVE NOW

16% reduction of water flow to other states might not happen

I keep hearing that things are going great in Iraq

This cartoon says it all

I give you: The liberal media

Here's a new one. I heard someone refer to OJ's past jury as "a bunch of the N words".

Men Lift Toppled Van, Rescue Pinned Child.

How much does Bush care about our soldiers?

Weighing Kucinich sensibility vs Edwards winnability....

This quote from John Dean's Broken Government is classic

‘Rank-and-file’ dissatisfaction with Rice at State Dept.

Hey Wingers: Would You Let Hillary Spy Without a Warrant?

Spain's king to Venezuela's Chavez - "shut up"


Whistleblower: AT&T Maintained a 'Secret Room' for the NSA

A Thought on Costs

When a moderator moves it - where does it go?

Williams College Becomes Latest to Replace Student Loans with Grants

How Can We Have A Decent War On Christmas

Los Angeles police plan to map Muslims

So I get this "concerned" e-mail about The Golden Compass

The daily show isn't the only fake news

US Death Toll In Afghanistan Highest Since 2001 Invasion

Vitter prostitute shows and tells all in this month's Hustler (puke alert)

Here is why Enron has become the model for hedge funds have all

Poll: For First Time, MAJORITY Support Gay Civil Unions

Iran Intel: CIA Spooks Won't "Cook the Books" for Cheney

Stop the Infighting

New Charges On Kerik, Bernie Failed to Report $450k in Bribes - McCAIN QUESTIONS RUDY JUDGEMENT

Evangelicals' issue: Radical Islam

Salon: "What Hillary won't say about torture"

A video from "Godtube" Yes, Godtube.

Norman Mailer Dead at Age 84

Paper ballots are sought - Paul backers ask Utah, others not to use electronic voting

The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck gives birth to a 7 lb., 15 oz. bouncing baby Freeper boy

If America is ready for the truth...then Kucinich is our man...he is the only one leading the charge

Racial 'crisis' in juvenile justice cited

"Conservatives Ought to Appreciate Academia, Because It’s a Vicious Market System"

Red, White, and Blue Impeachment M&M's

Was Bill Clinton on tv as much as this present sick fuck?

I'm disappointed: Kerik revelations will clobber Rudy

"Down with the dictator".. 250 protested Cheney on vacation in Jackson Hole WY

Bush Nominates Kerik as Secretary of Homeland Security.. TRANSCRIPT

Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise, leaving military chiefs red-faced

How soon after we take back the WH will the black helicopters return to the skies over America?

State mandated Stepford Wives?

For all his faults, Senator Foot Tapper takes a good picture.

cspan replaying Yahoo's bullshit and an angry congressional committee

Information if You Want it

Recession? What Recession? "An aide handed Chairman Bernanke his dancing shoes..."

Free Rice

A request to DU

Bread,circuses and the theft of community

Preparing for winter...aka weatherproofing.


Ok the dollar really is in the tank

Healthnet you suck a big ass and should be put out of business!

Campus Crusade For Christ Seeks US Military "Government Paid Missionaries"

Supply of wheat to Afghanistan stopped

So Much for the Reagan Mantra of "Trust, but Verify": Bush Takes Pervez at His Word

Groups testify against sex offender plates

Deaths mark grim Afghan, Iraq milestones

So is the impeachment measure by Kucinich dead? nt

Rasmussen Poll: Consumer Confidence Lower Than after 9/11

Larry King with Shirley MacLaine ---

Copps, Adelstein Rip Into FCC, Chairman Martin at Media-Ownership Hearing

Did this man predict Sept. 11?

Norman Mailer Brawled With Bush to the Bitter End

Suitcase nukes may be just be a myth

Why does Bush seem to wear the Presidential Seal on every

Guess who said this-- an 'R' or a 'D' ?

Pak PM for expansion of trade cooperation with Iran, Turkey

Post your NUMBER ONE bitch here!

Caption this pic

My son's former teacher ( a Bush-ite) arrested for guessed it

Is being born between 1946 and 1964 sufficient to make you a

Biden files to get public money for 2008 campaign

Israeli official warns of nuclear 'apocalypse'

Why is it that I feel I have to be in uniform (not that I have one)

US among worst in world for infant death (AP) But, we are ahead of Latvia

I found the perfect place for Larry Craig to feel at home

Chris "Tweety" Matthews will be giving a $28 per head talk 16 miles from my house on Thursday

A neat visual breakdown on the candidates' teams.

Boy are my two sisters out of touch


The Mental Collapse of Poor Joe Lieberman

Is anyone else without a candidate?

Court: Druggists May Deny Emergency Pill

Hacker Pleads Guilty to Spreading Botnets & Infecting PayPal Accts. & 250,000 computers!

Paper Ballots are Sought, (Ron Paul Backers Ask Utah, Others Not to Use Electronic Voting)(X)

Former Ambassador Bolton: Dictators are good for stability

Tainted meat can be sold if cooked

a thought: why cant wind turbines be put on all electric towers?

Oil Price Rise Causes Global Shift in Wealth

WHY do we bitch about the price of gas/oil??

NeoCons Pushing GOP to Nominate Lieberman for VP!

Heavy construction experts: Anyone familiar with this kind of pile driving?

Hollywood Is Casualty Of War As Movie-Goers Shun Iraq Films - RawStory

Keep Your Hands Off the Lay-Dee, Chimp! ---pix--->>>

Counterspy said I have SpyKeySpy keylogger on my home PC but...

This ought to be entertaining. . .Lynn Cheney is coming up on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on NPR

Comcast weirdness. was this censorship?

Bush on C-Span with Merkel and he's either Drunk or has had Dental Work

Feinstein: Blowjob worse than violating rights of millions

Disney ride founders under weight of obese passengers

"Why I Am A Democrat" by Gov. Mark Warner

7 Countries Considering Abandoning the US Dollar (and what it means)

Giuliani and Kerik's Double-Mistresses: Lategano, Nathan, Regan, Pinero (PHOTOS) -

Giuliani's Father Harold, Uncle Leo Were Mobsters - The Whole Story

This is how STONEHENGE and the PYRAMIDS were built...

Transgender Veterans: Beyond ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ transgender vets face different discrimination

Will you help us welcome them home?

Media Matters: Jake Tapper goes easy on St. Rudy. surprised?

BushCo. Manipulates Evangelical/Pentecostal Vote: End Times, Iraq, Iran

Ann Coulter is on a roll

Spooks refuse to toe Cheney's line on Iran

The Rapture Ready board, inspired by Glenn Beck, is hopping mad at the HOLIDAY DISPLAY TASK FORCE

Dressed as Spider-Man, 5 year old boy saves baby in Brazil

Would ANY Dem have the guts to go after Rudy in the general?

Impeachment is STAGED

Stalking the shadows: I want my soul back you bastards!

The RW view on Puerto Rico becoming a state (and proof the RWers are crazy)

A sick really need to look at this

Gentle Reminder: Who is contributing to Senator Clinton's Campaign?

Church nixes native dancing at Habitat for Humanity event

I Heart Al Gore

Google "Al Gore". Notice the "Al Gore Controversies" WIKIpedia page? WTF is up with that?

Edwards To Clinton: "That's what George Bush does..."

Mr Gore, If you are not going to run, Please endorse Rep Kucinich, Soon.

anecdotal "evidence" that the economy is sputtering...

Iran Desk Whistleblowers and Waxman: Cheney Caught Manipulating Intel Again?

You MUST read this book! Martha Raddatz's "The Long Road Home."

CNN 'edits' Pelosi's remarks.

National Lawyers Guild Votes for Impeachment (full text)

Priest Accused Of Stalking Conan O'Brien Reported Missing; Ajemian Said To Be Homicidal, Suicidal

No bars on kids with staph infection

"Obama Calls Edwards a Phoney" - MyDD

Bush to father of fallen soldier:"“If you truly believe the Scriptures, you will see your son again"

Caption this pic

Why does MSM seem to hate John Edwards?

PHOTO: "Ah'm a tough Ford truck kind of man."

2 Men Arrested in Missouri Girl's Death

Too funny, We went out to dinner with another couple we've become friends with

Think Comparisons To Hitler & Stalin Are Overblown?-Just Consider "The Torture Curve" (Naomi Wolf)

Excerpt Bush, Merkel press conference. (Lies, nonsense highlighted)

To be fair, I do think Arnold would actually make a pretty good president

HEADS UP: ***Craig Unger*** will be the National Press Club's Guest: **FREE event Nov. 15**

What is a liberal?

If some DUers spent half the time attacking Rethugs that they spend attacking Dems...

Former AZ. Gov. Symington: I saw a UFO in the Arizona sky

What do you know or suspect about Jesus and McCain?

Don't know where else to post this question......(dialup warning - pics)

If You Were A Conservative Operative Wanting To Disrupt This Site ..

Are we creating a second generation of Downwinders?

The Grand Delusion By JOEL S. HIRSCHHORN

Political Prisoner Don Seigelman: UPDATES. The Curious Case of the Missing Transcript

Oil Price Rise Causes Global Shift in Wealth

Tell Congress: Stop Big Media

McCain's Mom (!) Rips Romney & Mormons

If it is the economy, GOP may be in trouble: Backlash over gas prices, housing slump

History will ask "Why" Bush wasn't impeached?

Democratic Candidates: "We’re Marxist-Leninists, and we always have been. Deal with it.”

self delete dupe

self delete dupe

Former AT&T technician: AT&T operated a 24 x 48-foot room for NSA

Hagel: "I will see what the options are" . . . . . . (may back a Democrat in 2008) . . . . .

Iraq a diversion or what is taking place to our economy

Short of cash, GOP Congressional Campaign Committee seeks rich, self-funding candidates

The Social Security Con Job (Atrios)

Bush Urges Congress to OK Veterans Bill (weekly radio address) - AP

Obama's "Transparency" runs True to Cousin Dick?

I think our candidates need to keep their religious feelings private & off limits from the media

McCain giving himself a nice pat on the back, wants "credit" for Iraq. (I have no clue as to why)

House & Senate look good for Democrats in 2008

Where are Obama state Senate files? Thrown out?

new UN mandate is needed by Bush to occupy Iraq: Media igoring this issue:

Firm with ties To Clinton Takes on Toy Recall Company

Clinton and Giuliani: Each is What the Other is Not.

Romney flip-flops up for bid!

Hillary Love & Love to Hate

Thompson proposes reducing future retiree SS benefits

Barack Obama's Crossover Appeal

Coming home from Ocala , Fl on I 75 saw a bill board

Barack Obama and the Dream of a Color-Blind America

Bush, Dems take battle over veterans to the airwaves

You Heard It Here First

Who's the one candidate the media is not sliming? Why, it's the Mittster.

Have Edwards and Kucinich benefited

Hillary Clinton Wins Backing of Ohio Governor Ted Strickland (what about Kucinich?)

Hilarious!!! The Swift Kids for Truth finally blow the lid off Edwards's campaign!

I predict the Republican ticket will be Romney/Huckabee

Help him find a job!!

The Jefferson-Jackson Dinner: A Preview

Bill Richardson: The Candidate, The Message and The Momentum

McCain's Mom blames the Mormons

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (11-9-07)

Richardson Calls Congress "Wimpy" On Energy Issues

Ugh! Neocon Leader Bill Kristol Pushes Lieberman As GOP VP

John Edwards is a really good guy and I hope

People who voted for Ron Paul over Hillary Clinton should be BANNED

I don't see anything wrong with Clinton seeking out college students in her audience.

And at the close of the poll: Hillary Clinton-56% Ron Paul-44% Hillary wins!

Obama Fights Foes, Seen or Otherwise: Anonymous e-mail charges he's Muslim plant to take over U.S.

Back To His Roots: Edwards Recalls Legal Victories

The politics of the 1820's

Richardson: "We witnessed a devastating failure of leadership."

Do the other Democratic candidates also plant questions? Anybody know?

Those of you against the Peru trade deal...what is wrong with it?

Kucinich shines spotlight on bunker busters for Iran "war crime in motion"

Spitzer wavers on licenses for illegals....will Hillary Clinton follow?

Obama fires up JJ warm-up crowd

"Any contribution made to the Trust will be a gift to Mr. Kerik to be used at his discretion..."

Somewhere in the deep, dark bowels of political activism, the 527's are starting

McCain uses 95 year old mother to trash Romney and Mormans

Hillary Can't Win.

2050 Primary Results

Obama supporters, please ask Obama to clarify this apparent inaccuracy.

Illinois Minister Tells ABC News That Clinton Staffer Asked Him to Pose a War Question

Taking the Fifth: Iran can strike back

2007 is deadliest year for U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq

Does anyone know where I can find an intro video of all the candidates?

"Obama Calls Edwards a Phoney" - MyDD

Kerry 1, Limbaugh 0

Dear Senator Obama:

Hillary Clinton vs. Ralph Nader

John Mellencamp - Small Town - John Edwards Appearance, Iowa (Cheering, NOT booing)

Poll: Based on what has happened to Hillary Clinton lately what does the outlook look like for her?

Where would I be without the sixties?

I apologize for interjecting something hopeful

Photos: Bush skips the massage this time, settles for driving Chancellor Merkel around in his truck

Robertson's endorsement of Giuliani is a big deal

Any way you look at it, UFO or no UFO, Kucinich is the one MOST qualified to be President

Joe Biden - Where Am I Wrong?

Clinton campaign's "amateur mistake"

The compelling argument against torture is that it's ineffective, not that it's evil

Given the chance, Bill Adams would have told Mr. Bush “that my son’s life was squandered”

Thompson touches the 3rd rail: Reduce future SS retiree benefits

LTTE that pissed me off, and my reply:

Report: Edwards booed at Mellencamp concert in Des Moines

Dennis Kucinich has won more elections than Hillary, Obama, and Edwards combined

The one thing that may well cost Dems the White House in 08...

Politics of doubt gnaw at black voters in S.C.; Obama: "I don't believe that I can't."

The Nation: Only Bill Richardson Stands Out

An average Joe! Proof that Joe Biden is not corrupt

Biden chides Democrats for losing approach

What is going on with Hillary's campaign?

The Nation: no other candidate who will work as hard as Edwards for the nation's low-income families

Any way you look at it, the Kucinich UFO sighting makes him unqualified to be President.

Congress aims to put out cigarettes

Why won't Reid move an AMT patch before the Nov. 16 IRS deadline?

NH POLL: Hillary's lead slips to 11 points over Obama (36 /25), Edwards at 14.

Will Plant-a-Gate derail the Hillary Campaign?

Clinton Camp Admits To Planting Questions