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“The Bogus Idea that if the U.S. Leaves Things Will Worsen Is Both Inherently Racist and Ignorant”

Rudy Campaign To Media: We're Going To Keep Lying About Health Care -- And There's Nothing You Can D

Cisco Sys to raise headcount to 10,000 by 2010 (India)

Voters' views of Pelosi, Congress have dimmed -- Sacramento Bee

OSWALD and the FBI (The Nation, 1964)

Fright--Mark Fiore Animation (Iran)


Nominee’s Stand Avoiding Tangle of Torture Cases By SCOTT SHANE / NYTimes

Private Note to Bush from Hagel Calls For Direct, Unconditional, Comprehensive Talks with Iran

Waterboarding is torture - I did it myself, says US advisor

Rep Jane Harman's personal Blog in responce to Kos blog...

1 convicted in nuclear plant damage case


In Memory of Marie Schwartz's annual save the seals Halloween party

Power from pond scum?

US anti-gay church to pay $10.9m

Aon to cut 2,700 jobs, profit soars 92 pct

Blackwater Mounts a Defense With Top Talent From Capital

Former DOJ Insiders Who Fought Spying Ask Senate to Pardon Snooping Telcos

Democrats see Bush as focus in 2008 Congress races

US image chief quits

Canadian's lawyer says barred from Guantanamo trial

Sen. John Warner back in hospital

Biden-Giuliani Smackdown Enlivens Campaign Trail

Japan to order navy ships home from Afghan mission

Clinton would cream Giuliani, poll finds: GOP at lowest level in a generation

Cunningham Briber Hit with $1 Million Fine for Fake Contribs

Curtis fallout minimal, GOP leaders say

House Close to Dismantling 1872 Statute on Mining

Americans see Iran greatest threat to world stability: poll

Blackwater Mounts a Defense With Top Talent From Capital

Experts: Fiscal crisis threatens U.S. future

Clinton hits back after testy debate

Crude Oil Reaches Record $95.80 on Decline in U.S. Stockpiles

What's your Halloween intake for the day?

uh-oh. I bought too much candy!

I'm catching a Halloween buzz... weird day

A song thread for ******* ******

I am fighting the urge to steal Halloween candy from my 6-year-old

Wednesday, October 31st. Stephen King's Thought For The Day:

I'm going to shop in the shower! (copycat)

I want to move to Miami Florida

Help me decide!!

What sort of sick asshole does this?

My Company did a wicked cool thing for Halloween

Number one costume I've seen tonight...

The 483rd most expensive car in the world

For such a little kitty, Sunflower can sure emit some stinky farts! (see below, mods)

Should have known better, originally posted in GD. New Eagles

Dog Chapman Caught on Tape: Hate-Filled Tirade Over Son's Black Girlfriend

Bridges of Pima County, Part 3 - A Snake bridge. Mega dial-up warning

Ever have a peaceful easy feeling... and then...

Halloween protocol - door answering

Scariest thing you saw today?

ok admit it

It may be too late for the east coasters but...

I had twice as many trick or treaters this year as last year!! Woo hoo!!

Cantankerous me is dreaming up terrible, antisocial things to do to unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

So, someone STOLE the Halloween candy I set out......all of it!

Dammit, I'm gonna be up all night now.

Ballsiest customer I ever heard of...

w00t, I scored a whole bowl of MaryJanes from ONE HOUSE!!

I am going to hop in the shower

Three years ago I posted this...

Bridges of Pima County, Part 4 - A window guard. Mega dial-up warning pic heavy

Ladies and gentlemen, Robert Goulet

There seems to be a misunderstanding about something I said yesterday...

What. The. Bloody. Hell.

Y'know, this ain't half bad

Ewww! Jerk-O-Lantern!

GD is a hornet's nest.

Suddenly I've noticed there are a lot of writers here

Zero Trick -Or-Treaters

Has anyone been insulted by a teacher or professor?

I sent off a resume

Ah the winds tonight are Glorious!

The boss my boss reports to is a flaming idiot

Ok The first infant in a stroller for candy just appeared at my door

For the first time in over a week, I went outside and it did not smell like smoke

For those of you keeping score: Britney's "doing what she does," and the world is "sad" and "cruel"

Let's Make Love..

Happy Halloween Lounge Lizards!

Light turn out in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Upside down map.

My eyes are bleeding

On Oct. 25th, the full moon was in my window @ 6:30 PM...and now

Why is the rum gone?!

Post a warlike review

So when do we start playing Christmas music non-stop?

Ah, Xenakis. Is there anything you can't do?

Anyone else see Criss Angel and that psychic throw down on PHENOMENON tonight?

Time to say good bye ...

Most expensive Automobile in the World

I'm staying out of it! Who's with me?

Bridges of Pima County, Part 2 - A Basket bridge. dial-up warning

Who wants a hug?

Got my dog a citronella bark-control collar

Ah, Xanax. Is there anything you CAN'T do?

Halloween picture thread! add your pics!

Some great HALLOWEEN SHOWS in here!

Post a video by the Fall. I'll start with the definitive Fall performance:

What determines gestation period in mammals?

Halloween Match Game: "The paparazzi learned a valuable lesson from DS1.

Glenn Beck Hypocrisy: Video of John Edward, the psychic, not John Edwards.

What Have The Unions Ever Done For Us?

Kucinich: Post debate interview (MSNBC)

Ron Paul talks about Dennis Kucinich

Law firm sues Kerik for $200,000.

Can you help me with the name of the site that tracks campaign contributions

Hart and Dirkson Senate Office Buildings EVACUATED AGAIN! Is it once a month now?

$10.9M? Yeah that's going to happen. OJ Simpson supposed to pay $33.5M

Atlanta Urinals, Fountain Run Dry as UPS, Coke Fight Drought

Directive on releasing Presidential Papers

California congressman helping to finance the electoral vote SCAM in that state

9pm **Democratic Presidential Debate Analysis** CSPAN2

U.S. to Sell $1.3 Billion Worth of Missiles to Israel

Beware of telemarketers claiming to be from a campaign

Chinese chemicals flow unchecked to U.S. markets

Keep attacking her---- and she'll grow stronger and stronger and stronger...

Maybe I'm hopelessly naive, but I Don't Understand

Betrayus introduces Chalabi to the US troops in Iraq.

Nader sues Democratic Party over '04 election

Schumer in tough spot as Dem opposition to Mukasey grows

Will spec factory jobs be the next stage in US economic development?


imho, Karen Hughes looks a lot like Dubya's mother, Babs.

This Should Be the Democratic Theme Song

New Iraq policy prompts angry words at the State Department

I know that you are burnt out and fucking furious about the way things are,

G.E.Russert:: Whose stooge *is* he, anyway?!1

select a candidate quiz

Dennis on O'Reilly now!


Is it fair in a debate to ask a presidential candidate

Another gay Republican sex scandal !!

delete: meant as reply.

Bamboo microscopes made in India for $4

The Nation: Al Gore: The Write-In Front-Runner

In keeping with the holiday ...

'Do Not Track' Registry Proposed for Web Use

The man who owned the KC Royals must have loved Halloween

OK, reports are coming out of Iraq that casulties are low, and the Iraqiis are taking over


Our Monopoly money.......

Geopolitics of Drugs: Narcoavión de Guantánamo

Map may show proof of global warming

Does anybody vote for candidates because they stand for the right things?

CBC's The National: North American songbirds (and a lot of others) are disappearing -- video link

Democrat to introduce immigration bill?

'We Watch Fox So You Don't Have To' & 'Censored 2008: The Top 25 Censored Stories'

Senator Feinstein wants to ravage national forests in the name of fire fighting?

Crude Oil Reaches Record $95.80 on Decline in U.S. Stockpiles

Cops having their guns stolen

Edwards' Children Hunt Candy in N.H.

Sick of War in Iraq! Sick of War in Iran!

Screw Politics; Tonight I had Cheerleaders, Cowboys, Monsters, Princesses, ...

Are Polls fixed?

What Wall Street thinks will happen to real estate prices in 10 big cities through 2011

Is being a homophobe a "Jewish Tradition"?

A Spoonerism

Where is Larry Flynt's bombshell? Did I miss something?

I've made my point

Stephen Colbert Challenges Obama To A "Grit-Off"

Is mocking Jewish traditions now the "progressive" thing to do?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!


Woman to appeal decision against Muslim marriage contract

Well, I just got done working to help kill lots of kids with evil candy

Colbert's guest is Col. Larry Wilkerson, fmr Chief of Staff to SoS Colin Powell

Denmark latest European government to duck rendition probe

I wonder how some in Congress feel about Dog now?

I sweat the next four hours .. Dr. D is over-flying our war zones.

Iraq cancels Blackwater immunity

Want to make it easier on yourself, Senator Clinton?

Colbert NOT running as a Republican.

Should Chinese goods be banned from the US?

Do You Favor A National Citizenry Database?

what do the rest of the world's foreign leaders watching the bash fest tuesday night think?i wonder

Late night PBS: Arianna Huffington, Valerie Plame with Charlie; Rep George Miller (D-CA) with Tavis

Cup Cakes are Killing our Children! Really?!?

Stephen Colbert say he will not pay the Republican Party's $35,000.00 Candidate Filing Fees(in S.C.)

Like, DUH... to Hillary or not to Hillary...

Does anyone know how many Foreign Service officers are W. Bush appointees?

Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptists take one to the face

"potential death sentence". US diplomats angry at forced Iraq duty

LA Times holding "potentially devastating sexual scandal involving a leading Presidential candidate

"Virgin Birth", "The Seven Days Of Creation", "Transubstantiation"

"Masterpiece Theatre" viewers, over here, please . . .

Caption Karen Hughes

Envoys Resist Forced Iraq Duty; Top State Dept. Officials Face Angry Questions

Will Senate Dems stand firm against Mukasey?

Why aren't those that approve or perform waterboarding waterboarded first

Ass O' Lantern

I think repeating that Hillary & Obama want drivers licenses for illegals can sink them

3rd grader gets 'cease and desist' letter from Apple legal department

How To Kill Your Career In 85 Seconds: Dog The Bounty Hunter's Racist Rant Caught on Tape

Real Democrats Don't Question their Leader

Debate fatigue? Yeah, I got me some of that...

US Helicopter Opens Fire in Iraq

'A Chilling Message'

Rumsfield's "snowflake" memos leaked to the WP

Swastika found on professor's door at New York university Columbia

How about this...

Can we talk about a real issue instead of the celebrity candidates and their latest photo-op?

Zogby: Al Gore Leads Blind Poll

Like Rain Man without the math skills: SNL skit on re-run.

Will WWIII be a good enough reason to put impeachment back on the table?

Why YOU should support state drivers licenses for undocumented persons

Juan Cole: A Plea To EVERYONE In The Blogging World---Close The Iraqi Embassy!

ZOGBY Blind Poll: GORE LEADS 35%-Hillary 24%-Obama 22%-Edwards 10%

Dear Madam Speaker,

Which Dem Candidate Is Most Likely To INVESTIGATE the Bush Admin IF Elected President?

Grocery store sticker shock......

Apollo scientists found ancient ruins on the Moon

Unidentifed Flying Object

Who would have thought? Bush-lover Duane "Dog" Chapman is a vile, ugly racist

Wellstone: Murder or Accident? A guide to hypotheses (from Oct. 2002)

Give this thread some Bidenite love

Schumer Takes Aim At Senate's Top Republican

What crap; look what Faux news is putting out on Ron Paul

"After the most secretive administration in memory...we need a president...

Fed Cuts Interest Rate by Quarter Point

Voting As Political Narcotic

No new light on Clinton papers

Poll: Hillary Way Ahead Among Dems, Rudy Leading Slightly With Republicans

MSNBC: "Stocks surge after Fed cuts rates"..."economy is getting back on track"

One reason the Democrats are frozen will solve itself soon

Beware of telemarketers claiming to be from campaigns

And the witches predict....

Ron Paul Reality Check

Clinton needs more dough to fight back

New Hampshire SEIU Endorses John Edwards

Lieberman backs Hillary, trashes Edwards

Drexel students pick debate winner: Obama

Law Dean Endorses Obama your candidate and give us one or two issues you disagree with them on...

Buoyed Edwards Back on the Trail

Hillary's 'Me Too' Problem

More than any other candidate, Joe Biden has a chance of catching on...

Romney Creaming Hillary In Massachussets/Giuliani Creaming Her In New York

Any link between Karen H and the immunity for *'s private army in Iraq.

Edwards Campaign Statement on Clinton's Response to Question on Iraq

What Hillary Clinton said -- from transcript.

I wouldn't care if Kucinich said he saw Champ humping Nessie in the middle of Lake Champlain

How can a candidate for President of the United States have the gall, stupidity, or whatever

A happy halloween treat for DUers...

Have you been called by a national pollster about this election?

Clinton Wears GOP hate as Badge of Honor

Colbert challenges Barack to a Grit Off!

Finally. Some People Are Realizing What Clinton Really Is.

Hillary creaming three Republican hopefuls in their home states...

HRC should demand the full release of her 'hidden' papers IMMEDIATELY .....

Reviews Pile On: Edwards Most Effective and Articulate Challenger to Clinton

Russett and the debate

The UFO that Kucinich saw was probably a classified project, rather than extraterrestials

Kucinich...This war is illegal. Oct. 30 Democratic debate transcript

Great letter on Illegal immigration...challenging the right wingers on their faith.,..

What's On the Table For Obama and Social Security?

On Second Thought: Clinton endorses Spitzer plan.

Does a rickshaw require a lic? With oil at 94 and climbing, we will not have to worry about who

Five Supporters to Join Edwards In New Orleans to "Build With John" and Habitat For Humanity

MSNBC Democratic Debate in Philadelphia – Reviews on Edwards are in

What would you do if you saw a UFO?

Edwards or Biden are the only reasonable alternatives to Hillary

End of October DU straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates

Hillary falls behind Rudy in the latest polls.

Our Candidates Only Helped the G.O.P. in Last Night's Debate.

Dennis Kucinich said that he saw a UFO.

Edwards may or may not be most electable, but he's sure as hell electable.

The withering rightroots

Committee of One (Nancy Pelosi)

Secret move to upgrade air base for Iran attack plans

Joe Conason: Giuliani’s Secret 9/11 Testimony

Yemen's Truce with al Qaeda

The Anti-Choice Movement's Bag of Dirty Tricks

Bush wants to be the new Thought Police

Dean Baker: The Success of Amazon: Welfare as We Should Know It

America’s Lagging Health Care System

Stephen Lendman: Congressional Shame and Duplicity

Incredibly ignorant LTTE in the Columbus Dispatch today!

Sidney Blumenthal: The sad decline of Michael Mukasey

UN Spurns Cuba Embargo for 17th Year

Our Ballooning Terrorist Watch-List

Wes Clark: Ambush in War Zone D-The Vietnam War draftees who fought with valor and saved my life

Coulter reaches waay back to grab three embarassing losses out of the "ignore" file

UW students tout ignorance of Islam

The American Prospect: Our Ballooning Terrorist Watch-List

Cashing in on Terror.

War IS a Women’s Issue, Senator Clinton

The war on whistle-blowers

Nancy Nord Must Resign

Rumsfeld outed as propagandist by his "Snowflake" Memos.

Bill Maher: No Crony Left Behind


Read It And Puke - "Anti-War Movies Hurt America. . ."

Seduced by war

The Nation: David Horowitz, Feminist?

Minot Nuclear Weapons Incident – Unit Involved Given Excellent Inspection Rating 16 months Prior

WGA Readies For Possible Strike...

Gas Price Gouging - Call It Like It Is

Labor Strikes Back

uh,Fred? (on the UN taking away our guns)

Mounting federal earmarks fund 'scores' of religious groups

Bush: No attorney general if not Mukasey

David Sirota: Why Is Rep. Al Wynn Being Primaried? He's The New Joe Lieberman

Josh Marshall: Stop Saving Social Security

Inexorable march toward war with Iran?

Bruce Fein: Restoring habeas corpus

Media figures note Russert's repeat performance as Clinton's "opponent" during debate

Juan Cole: American politicians must abandon the rhetoric of war against the Muslim world.

Arabs cold shouldered by US candidates

An Open Letter to the Christian Right

Tim Russert: Stop the Inanity

Larry C. Johnson: One Reason for Intelligence Failures

Torturers, the Next Generation: Psycho Politicians Pledge to Continue Bush's Crimes

The Power of Inspection and the Claim of Impeachment

Call us the Unhappy States of America...

'Community Jobs in the Green Economy' (Apollo Alliance/Urban Habitat)

Wind turbine maker Nordex to boost China capacity

Solar-powered fuelling station to support fuel cell vehicles

Urban wind farm helps revitalise the rust belt

How energy harvesting can replace batteries and cables

LURC staff endorses wind farm (Maine)

Banking on Green Energy

Florida's Energy-from-Waste Unit Meets New EPA Performance Standards


Oil's records headed for gas pump

Any and all suggestion are welcomed and encouraged.

West Slope’s largest solar farm planned in Carbondale (CO)

EI Solutions Powers on the Largest Solar Facility in the Pacific Northwest

Western Wind Energy to Initate Development and construction of solar energy facilities in the Southw

Hurricane Noel in Nova Scotia?

EIA Petroleum Stock Reports - Why Are We Below Post-Katrina Levels?

Wind-up lights for African homes

So....they say that "inflation" rose only 2.4% in the last year..does ANYONE believe this?

Drilling Deep: The Geothermal Energy Revival

Syria Raises Gasoline Prices By 20% - Khaleej Times

PEMEX Reports 5.9% Drop In YOY Production - Govt. Budget Slips On Lower Income

Total For Australian Wheat, Canola & Barley Harvest Now Down 46% From June Forecast - 18 MT

IEA's Fatih Birol - Oil Prices Likely To Remain High - Prices May "Make The Wheels Come Off" - IHT

Kenya: Tea Farmers to Finance (mini) Hydro Power Generation

Recall news: Pizza recall and FDA misses 2/3s of Drugs

Kenya: Solar Power On the Rise

Fishermen ride sustainability wave

Wal-Mart, Clinton Climate Initiative in partnership

(Freshwater) Fishes in Europe threatened

Push to build "green" homes picks up steam

California wildfires unleash CO2

Air pollution seen raising preterm birth risk

Places To See While They're Still Here - Nauru, The Dead Sea, Amish Country - Mental Floss

John Nichols: Frances Moore Lappé's Recipe for Radical Renewal

Democratic leaders say Yucca Mountain could be closed within a year

Total Chief Warns On Oil Output

Minnesota Power: Renewable energy use likely to cut need for coal

Study Suggests That Canadian Boreal Forest Has Switched To Net Carbon Source, Not Sink-

Iraq, Afghan Vets at Risk of Suicide

Army needs more contracting personnel

Burmese Monks March Again Ahead of Visit by UN Envoy

Military contractor that admitted fraud is still under contract

Enterprise Mission Press Briefing Possible Connection Between Next Space Shuttle & NASA Findings

Nominee’s Stand Avoiding Tangle of Torture Cases

FDA's Foreign Inspection Budget Lean

China bars toys export from south factories

Katherine Harris' contributor fined $1 million

Yemen's Truce with al Qaeda

Biofuel rush harmful, Oxfam warns

Iraq war: too much weight on intelligence, says ex-MI6 chief

Foreclosure Filings Soar in 3rd Quarter

Marine recruiters busted in exam fraud

Consumer Spending Slows in September

Bush Stomps His Feet

2 children die in US raid in Afghanistan

Swastika Found on Columbia Prof's Door

From the Desk of Donald Rumsfeld . . .In Sometimes-Brusque 'Snowflakes,' He Shared Worldview, Shaped

At least 887 Iraqis killed in October

Bombs kill 16 in attacks across Iraq (And 2 US troops blown up, 2 more injured)

Crude oil breaches $96 a barrel

47 mln Americans lack health insurance: report (up 8.6% from 2000)

Stock Market dropping like a rock - DOW is down 236 points

London police guilty over Brazilian's shooting

U.S. troop losses plunge in Iraq

A Year Before Election, A Nation of Discontent (USA Today Poll: 72% Dissatisfied)

Roadblock for Telecom Immunity

US helicopter opens fire in Iraq

Dow Chemical to set up USD 100 mn R&D centre (India)

Iran-Iraq border trade heavy but no weapons found

Bush: Questions to Mukasey on torture "unfair"

Bomb kills 2 U.S. soldiers in northern Iraq

Turkey closes airspace to N.Iraq flights: NTV

Hiroshima pilot dies aged 92

Russia and China block tough Iran sanctions: U.S.

Colbert Files for South Carolina Primary

Frustrated TV and Film Writers on Verge of Strike

Turks Mull Northern Iraq Incursion (not invasion?)

Ford, UAW Near Labor Agreement, Union Official Says

Fed has biggest day of (fund) injections (into stock markets) since Sept 2001 ($41 Billion)

S.C. Dems reject Colbert candidacy

(Vermont) State to pursue probe of NSA access to phone records

Kennedy turns against Mukasey

Cheney defends CIA methods in American Legion speech

Giuliani Faces Investigation Of 9/11 Radios

Bombing Iran: DeFazio and others speak out against more war

Poll: Most approve of public schools providing contraceptives

Pilot of plane that bombed Hiroshima dies (Paul Tibbets)

New ADL Survey on American Antisemitism

Did Blackwater sneak silencers into Iraq?

Clarian won't dock workers who fail to meet health marks

US House votes to put royalties on hardrock mining

Cuomo: Appraisers Pressured To Inflate Subprime Mortgage Values

Ruling allows Paraguayan ex-army chief to run

Rice answers anger over Iraq service (by cable)

Gulf Arabs offer to provide uranium to Iran: report

Abizaid: Mideast wars may last 50 years ("I'm not saying this is a war for oil")

Forests losing the ability to absorb man-made carbon

Crocker to Turkey: Stay Out of Iraq

Bush to Democrats: 'We are at war'

One-third of voters in California for Clinton

Is U.S. stuck in Internet's slow lane?

Black Friday comes early for Wal-Mart (Tomorrow Nov.2nd)

Feds cut sentences for crack cocaine

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday November 1

Peru Would Approve Potential Bolivian Sea Route Through Chile

Poll Shows Vermonters In Favor of Impeachment (61% Favor)

General Mills Frozen Pizza Recall (E-Coli)

Colombia pushes to save proposed trade deal with U.S.

White House distances itself from Rumsfeld remarks on Muslims

Chrysler to cut up to 12,000 jobs

Draft Gore Launches TV Ads on CNN and in New Hampshire

Micron to ship jobs to India

Officer Shot During Philly Holdup Dies

Ex-Ramones Manager Turned Real Estate Agent Found Slain in 5th Ave Home

When not all dressed up looking for cheap...oh gods I just can't finish this one...

Paperback Believer (apologies to whomever posted this vid 3 years back)

Good Night All!

For of my fav YouTube clips.

DU n00bz say Happy Halloween!

When not all dressed up looking for cheap hoes... what do you look like?

***Official From The Ashes Appreciation thread***

Any Night Owls here, I need an energy boost.

my apologies,....

It's the end of the world as we know it

Do you consider yourself sick...or twisted, or sick & twisted?

How to tell if you have bromhidrosis

What's the easiest car to steer and navigate in?

How many trick-or-treaters did you have?

Happy Birthday Aishwarya Rai!

Wish me luck...

Any fans of Steak and Ale restaurant? If so

We have a winner in the "2007 GOP Tawdry Sex Scandals" sweepstakes

No matter how good you are, someone is exponentially better

wow, I feel so craptacular...

Thanks for this thread!

Damnit - someone come get all this leftover Halloween candy from me

When not all dressed up looking for cheap s*x... what do you look like?

I love it how GD thinks if you leave a thread for awhile, you've "given up"

Fly United

Cookie monster metal + halloween + booze = good times

Prostitute gang raped at gunpoint = "Theft of services." So says presiding judge.

What are the dumbest pop culture trends you are setting right now?

Most trick-or-treaters had costumes & said "Thank you"!

I think I'm gullible and susceptible to being taken advantage of...

There are many names for corn and the end of the world.

18 yr. old "Heroes" star & the Japanese dolphin fishermen

Delaware's "Pumpkin Chunking" Festival - Catapulting Pumpkins

Somebody was looking for a 'middle finger' emoticon?

What the hell are "slacks"?

How do I go about researching a company that is offering me a credit card?

Colts vs Patriots: Getcha Popcorn Ready!

i've sworn off neckties forever

Can we play a game? I am Bored. Any game?

Whiny damn neighbors. (rant)

Ah, Xenu. Is there anything you can't do?

Ah,Xenophon. Is there anyone you can't fear?

I detest November 1 to the very core of my being.

Ah, Xanadu House of the Future, is there anything you can't do?

It's Sing Along Time!

31 years ago this week my best friend died from a drug OD in San Francisco.

Today (Nov.1st) is the NEW Thanksgiving!!! (huh?)

Publicity seeking Heather Mills complains about publicity

The Jerry Seinfeld Bee Movie ads.

A question for 'Kid Nation' fans

Wow! Lot of warmongers there in GD

What is it about ultrasound operators that they want to point stuff out to you?

Ah, Xenia, Ohio. Is there anything you can't do?

BREAKING: Only 54 more shopping days til Christmas.

anyone stream over shoutcast?

Anybody out there using OPERA as your browser? I like it quite a lot BUT...............

a new twist on an old scam . . .

Guys who wear bow ties....

Emergency Zombie Defense Station!

Just saw the trailer for "Iron Man."

OMG, a friend of mine WANTS to apply for my job...

Phew, I'm going to keep my tonsils

Damn you, sour patch kids! Damn you to hell!

re-evaluating my stance on the "ignore feature"

Just got home from Annie Lennox in concert

Should I be worried?

Ah, Xemasab. Is there anything you CAN'T do?

Vincent 'Don Vito' Margera Found Guilty On Two Counts Of Sexual Assault

Can you share the drugs for Mango?

Amy Winehouse is Right: A Vote For Mukasey is a Vote for Shooting Heroin between your toes

Can you hear the drums, Fernando?

Anyone have a neighbor

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk

Happy World Vegan Day!

I have a rash on my face!

Important "Fashion" poll

What is the story behind the guy beating the cowbell?

Reggie Kray-Do you know my name?

Ok, well my cat Abbott survived in a Halloween costume for about 15 minutes

I heard a Christmas carol playing in a store October 29!

Cooks/birders: I'm getting annoyed here- rescue me

It's just my opinion, and it may not count for much but I think Parche is

I LOVE Midlodemocrat & LostinVA

Put my house up for sale


Whats For Lunch

My home was just invaded!

3 Weeks Ago Today I Was At Pearl Harbor

Should I buy this Jacket? Do you like it?

I just made the final payment on my trip to italy for the end of this year

S.C. Dems reject Colbert candidacy

People who are more up on pop music than I, what song...

The guy next door is working on his addition - loudly.

Accused of failing drug test (cocaine), Hingis retires (tennis)

Some "lounge vibrators" needed

What happened to matcom's ass crack smilie?

i know that i wash my hands. a lot. you don't have to stare.

Just watched the Heather Mills interview on the Today Show

It's like Halloween , Christmas, and Valentine's Day all together

OK ...Help needed here

True NY Story: "I'm buying a spaceship."

Because I care about your safety: A psa.

Mannheim Steamroller putting out a new Christmas album this year!

Hey LeftIsWrite or any DU ladies

"Keep Your Clothes On!" Woman Arrested for failing to heed this kindly advice

Totino's Party Pizzas of Death, or, Why Me, God, Why?

Parche needs a self-esteem boost - who here can give the poor guy a shot

Some "Lounge Vibes" needed

Cinnamon the cat could offer hope to the blind

Good Progressive Radio on now

Lip Balm


No. No no no no no! Absolutely, no!!

Improvised Halloween Treats - Things You Could or Have Given in a Pinch

Democratic Underground: Came for the GD, stayed for The Lounge

Unmarried DUers. What is the closest you came to tying the knot? What stopped you?

OK, then. If you were using a naughty toy, did you break it off?

I love being sick...No really, I do...

I want an exercise partner! Ask me anything!!

youtube clips of chicks lip synching

CONFESS!!! Chain Restauranters that you secretly eat out

This is one of those times when WTF really applies.

So If You People Only Love Me For My Mind


Why were there no poems about the Charge of the Dark Brigade?

When did "Trick or Treat" become a greeting like "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year"?

would someone please shoot me if they ever see me .....

Ah, Xena. Is there anything you can't do?

Oooh, let's crash THIS party...

What Are Words For: Goes Out To A Plethora Of People and Institutions!!!!!

They're heeeeerrree... (Christmas music)

How often do you snack?

a LOLcat Hiztry

I am sad.

Do You Believe In UFO's

A message from the mods

Trick-or-treating with my two young sons last night...

Britney allegedly let a guy do a line of coke off her chest two days after losing custody of kids

Pumpkin pics from last night

Are your children learning cursive writing and at what age?

Has anyone here ever worked in Human Resources or currently work in HR ?

Sweetest moustache in politics?

Who did you go as last night?

World's most expansive cat

Thursday, November 1st. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Cat fountains and litter boxes: What not to buy

Favorite brand of jeans?

The sound of my morbidly obese roommates scraping of his spoon against his bowl

Do you want me to tickle you ?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/1/07

What's the last CD you bought?

What do you think of the Sarah Silverman Show this season?

Why were there no poems about the Charge of the Heavy Brigade?

Worst Christmas Songs... Name Yer Poison.

OK, then. If you were engaged, how did you break it off?

What book(s) are you reading now?

Led Zeppelin Postpone London Reunion Show Due to Jimmy Page injury

And then Mr. Alpha asked "Do you put those pine needle thingies in it.?"

Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

What are your favorite Moody Blues Songs

Nice sounds that you like.

I eat all the brown M&Ms first...


Favorite brand of juice?

Rowling, Warner Bros., sue over Potter book

Picture Thread: here are a few of mine, please post a few of yours

If you got a gun up in your waist, please don't shoot up the place....

Favorite cartoon strip ever?

A lot of people don't realize what's really going on.

My pool boy is missing!

My notion of the Perfect Bacon Sandwich.

Remember: meeting at my house this weekend to plan out the war on Christmas!

Well, My Wife Has A MRSA

Are people who eat Miracle Whip doomed to an eternity

Two New Poems for your amusement / enjoyment / pain (poems added)

What Did You Read When You Were Young

ASK ME ANYTHING! Ghost Hunter's 6 hr long "live" broadcast is...

To my son { RIP}

How do you deal with people who are complete fucking morons?

Your favorite rockabilly rocker

Britain's oldest toddler-mother.

World leader caught eating his ear wax, and it's NOT George W.

DUer DainBramaged needs some good thoughts.

CONFESS!!! Chain restaurants that you secretly eat at

I'm in White Trash Heaven

Nice smells that you like.

Car crash kills pvt., recently discharged GI

Report: Army needs 1,400 more contractors

U.S. attack helicopter opens fire in Iraq

Hawaii Stryker brigade prepares for Iraq duty

Test fails to resolve USERRA claims issues

House panel poised to OK military tax breaks

Wanted: 10 new coordinators to help wounded

Some hit snags in Tricare Reserve changes

Navy aids 2 hijacked cargo ships off Somalia

Nearly 7,500 to deploy as part of Truman CSG

Critics: PR got in the way of Comfort mission

Abizaid: Only luck has kept al-Qaida from attacking U.S.

Calif. wants Corps for firefighting drill

9 Marine recruiters punished in cheating scam

Marine dad wins funeral protesters lawsuit

Little Rock CO talks about housing blunder

Moseley eyes reorganizing four airlift units

B-2s practice bombing in Hawaii

COLA offers no reprieve from weak dollar

U.S. garrisons in Europe flush with 2008 funding

USS Enterprise plays nice but packs a punch

Cable TV lineups at Yokota getting new look for fall

Grievance alleges that DODDS system of blocking Web sites hinders education

AF Uses Laser-Guided Maverick

Violence Ebbing in Iraq

The Freedon Team is on the hunt for vets

VA, Pentagon Agree to Improve Care

Saving Souls and Losing Allies.

I Will Not Be Silent; In Solidarity with the People of the Middle East

Record low level of enlistees on the books

Veterans grave markers being stolen from cemeteries for scrap value..

Dennis Kucinich Speaks to Drexel Students after the debates

'Meeting Resistance' video op-ed

Sheriff Lee Press Conference (defending the decision to block Crescent City Bridge in NOLA)

Brave New Films: NYC Councilman Supports Investigating Giuliani 9/11 Failures

We're Mad as Hell....#4

Olbermann, Arianna on Giuliani: "the soul of a thug"

Condi on Blackwater Immunity


Hey this and tell me waterboarding is not torture

Lee Iacocca endorses Richardson

New Chris Dodd ad

Not-So-Holy Joe: Confirm Judge Mukasey (who cares what he thinks of torture)

We're Mad as Hell....... #5

Get up. Screw up. Blame the Liberals.

We are change UK confronts former MI6 head Sir Richard Dearlove

John Edwards puts out First Major Iowa TV Ad

March on Washington, Sept. 15, 2007

Marine recruiters busted in exam fraud: Stand-ins took test required of 15 marginal enlistees

Stocks Plunge on Oil, Credit Worries

Post Presidency---attending to the graves:

Which Single Intervention Would Do the Most to Improve the Health of Those Living on Less Than $1...

1872 Mining Act to be repealed-- Your Last chance to steal tribal / federal land!

Japan stunned by candy/food scandal.... LINK


Robert Redford: "'We have lost so much..."

bwahahahaha - the perfect song for us during our candidate battles

There is no reasoning with Republics....

HEADLINE: Oil futures soar past $96/barrel

Blackwater ties to Abramoff, W, The Clintons, Ken Starr, Ashcroft, and more

As U.S. continues threats, "Iraq asks for Iran’s help in calming Kurdish crisis"

AHA!! - A new form of scam? The first of this type I have received.

Army Receives A "Stinging Indictment" Of Its Management Of Wartime Contractors

Senate Panel Balks at Telecom Immunity

''Incoming is coming in every day, rockets are hitting the Green Zone,'' said Jack Croddy

Interesting Graphic on where the Primary Money is Going.

Over 47,000,000 ...time to wake up!

You're Not the Regulator of Me: How BUSHCO Made America Safe for Dangerous Toys (Mother Jones)

On The Today Show Dr. Phil Is Mediating The Heather Mills/Paul McCartney Brouhaha

Get Victor Navasky stamps and help keep independent journalism alive.

Discussing how Bill Clinton may affect 2008 election, CNNs Amy Holmes cited May 2005 poll

U.S. OK's Saddam law oil deals

If my wife, a lifelong Democrat,voted for Rudy, I'd divorce her ass!

Goddammit it's a PRESIDENTIAL RACE! Fucking morons!

The "Buy Local" Movement - tomorrow on PBS

Richardson: ‘I’ll Never Mislead You . . . I’ll get every soldier out (of Iraq)’

The Justice Department is Fucked

I really love this country. I love the even better country that it could become more, though

"Can't Democrats have a sex scandal?

RUMMY Reveals Racist View Of Muslims: They "Are Against Physical Labor, So...."

A year before voting, a nation of discontent-Call us the Unhappy States of America

DU Brits...Yankee stupid question time.

"Cheney's Law" ............................ Conspiracy to Corrupt?

Evangelicals looking beyond Republicans

U.S. Official Is Faulted for Nuclear Weapons Claim

CHENEY Dresses Dog As Darth Vader (ABC News with picture)

George Bush's Personal Spy Drone

Didn't get enough Halloween? Then watch Fiore's new Flashtoon!

Fun with online president selectors

Mukasey in a nutshell:

Our Torture Is Legal AND We Don't Do It

my dog, a lifelong canine, is voting for biscuits

Mukasey, by not condemning torture, is protecting the * admin from prosecution

Church ordered to pay $10.9 million for protesting funeral.

Jane Smiley: Bring It On

The trickle down effect's not just about the economy...

World's Most Notorious Merc to Oversee Blackwater? (Wired)

The next stage in oil: contraction.

From the Desk of Donald "War Criminal" Rumsfeld . . .

Roll Call: Mounting Federal Earmarks Fund 'Scores' of Religious Groups

Extreme makeover: Blackwater Edition

Oil closes above $96, BBC News.

Advertisers Pull Out of Paper That Printed Same-Sex Marriage Notice

"Americans lacking health insurance rose by nearly 8.6 million to 47 million from 2000 to 2006"

Blackwater's New Mercenaries: DC's Most Powerful Lobbyists

"Hillary will beat Giuliani. She's a strong woman. Giuliani just dresses like one."

“Sir so if al Qaeda waterboarded captured American soldiers, that’d be ok?”

Chemtrails are real!

Chrylser cutting 12,000 jobs to slash costs

FCC Commissioners Adelstein and Copps Decry Proposals to Ease Caps on Media Consolidation

Solution to the State Department 's Problem

Waterboarding is NOT the only form of sick torture Bush and his minions are using

Need to think about where your water is coming from. WJ quest says. Whole

CNN played up McCain attacks on Clinton over earmark, but didn't note his missed vote

Anyone who thinks that politics ISN'T about compromise is a fool.

Chrysler to Cut Up to 12,000 Jobs

Iraq Asks for Iran’s Help in Calming Kurdish Crisis

All of the Clinton detractors make me want to support her!

"Personally i think that Criss Angel has made some type of deal with the devil"

Dick's Dogs ---pix--->>>

Why would anyone need a briefing on waterboarding to know it's torture!?!?

U.S. Diplomats telling Condi to piss off (no Iraq duty)

Why President Bush is Arnold Schwarzenegger's best friend

Fuck it. I give up.

Republican State Legislator Gave Paper False Account Of Sex Incident

"Dear Future President of the United States,"

Culture Project Asks 'Question of Impeachment' Nov-Dec

Is Lieberman's support a clear signal that the Bushies want to run against Hillary?

Shook-Up San Franciscans Prepare to Crack Open Earthquake Kits

EPI Report Says More People Lost Private Health Insurance During Bush Years

What's your guess? How long before we see our first case of a PD using waterboarding?

Gen. Petraeus' Spokesman Denies Sending Angry Email -- Plot Thickens

Bush: "I'm not going to talk about techniques. There's an enemy out there."

I hate the idea of OnStar - MSNBC continues with the propaganda

"...a majority of Vermonters don't want to even see them remaining in office until January 20, 2009"

Henry Waxman: The Bush Administration's Energy Policy: A Five Year Review

Voters' views of Pelosi, Congress have dimmed

AP: Dems willing to compromise on the spending bill

Diplomats Rebel Against Being Forced to Serve in Iraq ---->>>

"..most politically feasible plan proposed first by John Edwards and then Barak Obama" Krugman LINK

Rudy Faces Probe Into 9/11 Firefighter Radio Fiasco

Got a new joke

The Nation: Beyond the Age of Petroleum

'Link Iraq to Iran,' Rumsfeld argued before proof

I just thought I'd ask this question again...

Bush on Mukasey and torture: "I'm not going to talk about techniques. There's an enemy out there."

Police release more records in Gotbaum death

Dodd: "Quite simply: you can't defend America if you don't defend the Constitution" (Huffpo)

Richard Curtis' sex scandal now on MSNBC

NYC councilman calls for investigation of Rudy.

The Hillary show...

Should "forced diplomats" receive hazard pay if required to serve in Iraq?

Chrysler job cuts

The Most Dangerous Dam in the World

World's most expansive cat

Three US soldiers killed in Iraq

Face it: We killed a sovereign state with the Iraq invasion.

Fwd: So You Think You're Antiwar?

Subject: Rove and the OC Sheriff

"Faces of the Fallen" website - puts faces to those killed

Kucinich Expands Health Coverage For Workers Who Have Lost

AHIPO - a distinguishing acronym

At least 887 Iraqis killed in October...slightly higher than September

Right-Wing Bloggers Launch Campaign -- With MoveOn! -- Against Fox News Over Debate Footage

Delete-Do you cheer when the DOW tanks?- Delete

Idiot Son at the Heritage Foundation.. right on schedule:

Can anybody extract a pic from a pdf document?

Did Blackwater sneak silencers into Iraq?

to think that there would be no bush tyranny these days if only

It's time to check in on parallel earth.

Bush Bashing Congress at Heritage - CSPAN 1

US helicopter opens fire in Iraq (kills three Iraqi police)

Giuliani says Hillary & Obama thinking of inviting Ahmadinejad an Osama to the Whitehouse.

Frail Grasp on the Big Picture

The damage by the Supreme Court,republican congress and bush

Salon: The War On Whistleblowers (Bush WH Email Aimed At Preventing Stronger Whistle-blower Law)

I read somewhere that this is the last day to enter the race.

"Punish the monkey and let the organ grinder go"

Bush defends (kinda) AG pick

Giving thanks for $100 oil (MarketWatch Commentary)

MSM offers confusing headlines on Dems' position

Rep. Slaughter on Indictment of Major Body Armor Producer

Stock Market dropping like a rock - DOW is down 236 points

I can accept where we are today with the bush* crew and all

Public Gives Clinton Best Odds of Being Elected President

The economy is GREAT! Chrysler announces 12,000 jobs to be cut!

My only concern with Clinton as President....

Sign-language chimp {Washoe} dies (AP/CNN)

Do you believe there are **860,000** terrorists in this country?

There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between a 'national poll of Dems' and 'national poll of all voters'....

These are just CHILDREN!!! I think what their parents teach them is a form of child abuse!

Privacy Groups Consider 'Do Not Track' List

Ellison wants to ban photo ID as requirement for voting

A thought for Nancy Pelosi

Enola Gay pilot Paul Tibbets has died.

Media only discusses high oil prices in terms of how it will affect holidays and vacation travel.

Irony award of the year: Bush: Questions to Mukasey on torture "unfair"

Putin: No One Can Limit Russian Arms Exports

Proof positive Pelosi is valuable to ...the REPUBLICANS!

Terra Terra Terra live on MSNBC

Excellent short piece where Chris Dodd answers what should have been ask...

Your liberal media: 'Do you think the Congress has forgotten we're at war, Mr. President?'

Pensions may be outsourced

Sign-language chimp dies

To the 40% stupid MFers who STILL think Iraq did 911...

Kennedy turns against Mukasey

Fuck You, Don Henley and The Eagles

Note from CodePink & Desiree Fairooz ( of 'Bloody hands' in Condee's face)

"The U.S. blacklisted me. Let's talk."

Should we even care if Iran gets the bomb?

"The real reason why Judge Mukasey cannot say that waterboarding is illegal..."

80 dead - Tropical Storm Noel

A Recovering American Soldier- Send a Christmas card

FCC to Ease Caps on Consolidation

New Springsteen CD Banned by Clear Channel

Senator Whitehouse is Right: A Vote For Mukasey is a Vote for Torture

One thing I've noticed about the chimpenfuhrer

The singular of "Giuliani" would be...

Generational righteousness on env. issues isn’t right

Organized Money Vs. Organized People by Cindy Sheehan

Why Turks no longer love the U.S.

A pox on christians.

The Hill Irresponsibly Reports False Claim That Clinton ‘Skipped’ Senate Environmental Hearing

Bush takes potshots at Dems,, and Code Pink

When does Bush bestow the Medal of Freedom on Ahmad Chalabi?

Is anybody surprised that Dog the Bounty Hunter is a racist?

Purging the Diplomatic Corp

Doonesbury today. Clinton/Bush...

Secrecy Threatens Historical Record, State Dept is Told

Sidney Blumenthal: The sad decline of Michael Mukasey

It is time for us to disband the Military

Reid: President Should Heed Own Advice, Refocus Resources On Combating Terrorism

Rice is forcing diplomats to go to Iraq - or be fired?

What's on your mind DU?

Congress is sounding more and more like middle management in a huge corporation

Abizaid 50 year War for Oil uh In The Mideast- "Not sayin', Just Sayin"

Did anyone else go to Catholic grade school in the 50's. Remember All Souls Day indulgences?

PHOTO: Why Karen Hughes PR effort didn't persuade Arabs (not graphic)

Bush: ‘war on terror’ critics are ‘disingenuous or naive.’

Even the most inept freshman CIA agent would have been skeptical..

Biden's History Lesson to Fourth - Graders: ''But the president, I think, he got a little confused"

A 50-year-old film foresaw the emergence of today's right-wing "demagogues in denim."

Breaking: Paul Tibbets pilot that dropped bomb on Hiroshima has died

Do you realize that almost none of us have ever experienced a peacetime economy?

During the primaries, we need to fight. Afterwards we need to mobilize the vote

America, the Fearful - Authored by quivering weasels in the GOP

Good Halloween experiences last night.

Was the 6 on 1 attack (7 on 1 if you include the mods) of Clinton in Tuesday's debate appropriate?

Why doesn't Mika Brzezinski tell Scar that Bush has the children of Khalid Sheik Mohammed?

A historical question: Did the RW nutjobs hate the Russians

Where the (single) boys are - and the single ladies (maps)

Two months after end of battle, Nahr al-Bared displaced still in limbo

If your union endorsed a candidate you strongly opposed, would you drop the union?

Clear Channel blacklisting Springsteen?

Any rightwingers hate the troops enough to slam the judgment against

Well, at least Fred Phelps got knocked down.

CNN Off Israeli Cable System, Replaced By Fox

56 y.o. Sacramento P.D. Chief to get $173,250 per yr. pension!

Break in West Memphis Murders: Echols' Lawyers Say New DNA Evidence Could Clear Them

Velvet Revolution Offers 500K for Whistleblowers w Info on Michael Connell (Govt Tech)

Yes or No - does Hillary support illegal aliens being issued a DL?

Bill Combining Domestic Priorities and Veterans’ Spending Advances

Pew: 55% of White Republican Evangelicals would consider voting third party

The Wages of Hegemony Catapulting Propaganda

Anyone see southpark tonight?

I don't know if this is true, found it in Wiki - but could Freepers actually be doing 1 good thing?

Wingnut sent me a "funny" email. What can I send back?

Dean after Bush spoke: Bush Republicans Have Made Us Less Safe

Pickles makes "The City"

Wis. Teacher Protests No Child Left Behind Law by Sitting Out Testing; Discipline Threatened

Biology experts, biologists,

Oil nearing $100/barrel, but Exxon's profits fall? What the hell is going on?

Seriously DUers have you ever heard any of the following persons

'Trusted friend' to nation's farmers nominated as Ag Secretary

Elephant on acid, dog head grafts and a seesaw to revive the dead

Help Needed! I need names of liberal songs to download

My wife, a lifelong Democrat, will vote for Rudy..

well I guess they cant use the IEDs excuse anymore, back to the nuke excuse

Al Gore is Proven Leadership with Unmatchable Experience, Stature and Vision

Criminal BotNet Stumps for Ron Paul

shame on you mr. bu$h*. demands of bloggers and Code Pink protesters?

Damage Control: Rice Tries To Quell Revolt Over Forced Iraq Assignments

BULLSHIT! SC Dems Reject Colbert

Congo Blasts 'Vulture' Giuliani Backer

Good Progressive Radio on now

The CPSC finally had Toys R Us recall this one:

Politico claimed "[o]ther recent polls...placed Giuliani ahead of Clinton" but didn't say which ones

How likely do you think it is for Dobsonite fundies to split from the GOP?

How screwed up is this?

Unlikely Alliance Forming on Health Care

Another one, per MSNBC: Sen. Kennedy CANNOT support Mukasey! nt

Justice Department Probes Clinton's Chinatown Donors

GM confident in Chevy Volt plug-in......60,000 per year by 2010

Aircraft, boats, armoured vehicles and blimps...yes, blimps

Age of anti-Hillary, won't vote for her in November, people...

Can We Cut Out The Ron Paul Love At DU?

Bush is one crazy M-Fer - speaking to Heritage Foundation

Hastings sponsors bill to protect study of Kennewick Man

OMG! Look who showed up at my house...


Talk about "hitting the nail on the head."...

NAOMI WOLF on Randi's Show today for An Hour

Bush Stomps His Feet

Breeding operations (puppy mills) pop up most in Virginia

Stop Saving Social Security

Bush Grasps For Relevancy By Bashing ‘ Bloggers’ And ‘Code Pink Protesters’

Since I basically think not even FDR could steer clear

Are Tasers Being Overused?

The other night I dreamed that Gerald Ford ran for president...

it costs $2500 to file as a democratic presidential candidate in SC.....

That London so called terrorist: Police guilty over Menezes case

Did Ted Rall go to far with this one?

Fred Phelps himself reacts to jury verdict...

Rise In Iraqi Deaths Undercuts Administration’s Claims Of ‘Momentum’ In The War

Winning their hearts and minds in Iraq

Who was that nitwit today? (polite version)

how about a GD Protest Picture thread

Bush Blasts Congress for Heeding ‘ Bloggers and Code Pink Protesters’

30 Senators Say WH Must Seek Congressional Approval for Offensive Military Action Against Iran

Farmers Call for Suspension of Seed Treaty

Cheney defends CIA methods in American Legion speech

Is Bush warning the democrats and the world that they need to reign in his power?

No more war for me - cards have been dealt anyway.

Senate judiciary committee will decide Mukasey's fate

HOLY SHIT did Buffoon Bush really vow "no attorney general" if Waterboarder doesn't get in?

The Nation: The Media on Iraqi Oil--Don't Ask, Won't Tell

Poor Addled Old Poppy ---pix--->>>

House Passes Thought Crimes Bill and No One Notices?

Can anyone help me get this to all the freepers.

Glenn Greenwald: Col. Boylan's implosion accelerates

Yes Virginia, there is a Virginia. And they're having an election next week. And the Dems ......

How can the SC Democrats turn down Colbert using the excuse that he's not a serious canidate....

World's most expensive cat ($24,000)


Former Illinois Republican Gov. George Ryan scheduled to go to prison next week.

Couple survives fire by sitting in pool for 3 hours, watches home burn down

Crackdown urged on 'fee-harvester' credit cards

White House To Congress: Confirm Mukasey Now, Ask Questions About Torture Later

Tom Dispatch article; "Why Did We Invade Iraq Anyway?"

Administration Needs To Heed Advice Of IAEA Director

"How I would have answered the UFO question"

Time to Apologize to Plame/Wilson

Check this movie out: "No End in Sight"

Based on coverage of the last debate Hillary clearly stumbled

Alternate Reality Poll

RNC chairman blames debt on 9/11

Which Presidential Candidate May Be Involved In A Potential Sex Scandal?

Hypothetical: It's late July 2008. We have a frontrunner with a lock on the nomination

So how hard should Turkey hit Iraq? Maybe destroy 15,000 homes?

In winning protest case, father vows to put church out of business (Phelps)

I will try this one last time -

We need more people like Bella Abzug, Shirley Chilsom, Anne Richards ...

Did Blackwater sneak silencers into Iraq?

Obama's gospel mistake: He can't have it both ways on gay issues in the black community.

CBS Boston: Millions Of Americans With Kucinich On UFO Belief

Lies lies and more lies!

Health clinic helps addicts shoot up (CNN)

Advancing Mukasey’s Nomination to Senate May Rely on the Power of One (crap!-Feinstein?)

Kucinich\Paul 2008?

I actually get a kick out of all the posts stating that "I won't vote for Clinton"

I hear Brittany Spear's "big foot" landed on the "UFO" right

ACLU, MoveOn, PFAW and 250,000 Americans tell Congress - “Don’t Let the Bells Off-the-Hook”

Al Gore is Proven Leadership with Unmatchable Experience, Stature and Vision

And that's why we must bomb Canada

It's Nov. 1 and I've already seen Christmas/Holiday

Find yourself obsessed with immigration? Odds are you are a Republican

Background to stalking and cyberstalking

Tennessee town has run out of water

If the Writers Guild goes on strike any affect?

Petraeus Rehabilitates Chalabi in Iraq

Curveball Revealed by 60 Minutes

I wonder how the president's Mars initiative is coming along.

Help...Eliot Spitzer is on saying defending his "Documentation for All Americans!"

There are some reports that we are sharing some information

Unborn in the USA: Inside the War on Abortion

John Cole switches from GOP to Dem. Read his excellent post on why.

Esquire Magazine profile of Dennis Kuicnich!

New avatars, courtesy of DUer RainDog!

Tennessee town has run out of water

My phone calls to Argentina and the Philippines--for a $60 Office Depot order!

$100-a-Barrel Oil? Don't panic! You'll be paying more, but this does not signal economic disaster!

It doesn't matter if your friend or you or your wife won't vote for Clinton

Tom Tomorrow nails another one

Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

Mukasey is showing signs of being a CRONY.....he should save his Name/ass and withdraw unless he

scientists have come close to unraveling a cats DNA

NYT Reveals The Torture "Tangle" That Could Lead To The Possible Indictment Of BUSCO For War Crimes

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Desiree tells all

Blackwater changed their logo. What are they trying to say?

BUSH: "it was just a coat hanger, and ... it didn’t hurt any more than a cigarette burn."

omigosh, lookee here, the nutjob conspiracy theorists got one right

Kucinich overtakes Gore in Democracy for America Poll...

Gillespie Claims ‘We Don’t Know’ Whether The Bush Administration Practices Waterboarding

Durbin and Whitehouse will oppose Mukasey’s nomination.

Our city has a big scandal going on involving the former sheriff,

I'm sorry, but we simply cannot risk another 4 years with a Republican in the White House

Six wounded and one killed in three shootings in DC last night


So we have had two days in the recent past that the Dow has gone down

Pelosi fires back at *

If Mukasey still can't bring himself to declare waterboarding torture, he needs to be rejected....

Exxon Mobil Posts 10 Pct Decline in 3rd-Qtr, Hurt by Lower Refinery Margins

Police Hunt for Teacher Who Fled With Boy, 13

Draft Gore: Thanks, Update & Please Vote!!

Best pic of Slick Hillary (Slick Hillie?) after the last debate.

Who here is so deadset against certain dem that they'll be ok sacrificing the US Supreme Court.

The BEST possible video to show your Republican friends

Noel is expected to become Hurricane Noel. Looking at the expected

It happened to me - it can happen to YOU, too!

And here it finally comes! Gas up $0.50/gal in the last week!

Curveball REVEALED!!

How would the Dow Jones have done today if the Fed didn't inject $41billion into the...

What is LEGAL Torture?

Do you *want* an alien/extraterrestial ship to visit us in your lifetime?

Radio Lady Discusses: "Hey, Where Did My MSNBC Go?" Blogger Aaron Barnhart tries to explain!

Bush compares Democrats to those who ignored Hitler

The Next Hurrah: Mukasey intends to shield Bush from USA scandal in addition to sanctioning torture

Breaking in VA: GOP Rep. Tom Davis' Wife Shakes Down Fed Contractors in State Race

Hagel pulls a halloween prank on Joe Biden

Tom Hayden: San Francisco No Longer Sweat-free?

Impeach Cheney ! (November 1 Activity)

Mr. President, what fucking country are you living in?

Totino's and Jeno's pepperoni pizza recalled due to E. coli

Hollywood strike: "It's On"

Why I have mixed feeling about the Phelp's verdict

My letter to Sen. Leahy: Concerning Mukasey's nomination, and Mukasey's son Marc

Mother jailed, put on trial in Orange County CA for curing her son of melanoma

NPR: Non-Lethal Weapon Emits Invisible Rays of Pain

I'm sorry, but we simply cannot risk a Hillary Clinton nomination

Spook world - more than $50 billion for spies, 70 percent to private contractors

PROPAGANDA NATION- You Are Living In A Dream World

How heavily subsidized is automobile usage in this country?

Exposing the Myth that “Corporations Can Run Things Better than Government Can”

Sibel Edmonds, the back-story

Here are the advantages of having *any* Democrat as President

(Bush Adm) Regulators slumber, letting health and safety suffer

Now is the time to encourage voter registration. As we come up on the

Clinton would cream Giuliani, poll finds

GOP plots contempt strategy

Wired magazine: Researchers say 'criminal botnet' is behind Ron Paul's Web support

Guiliani and the Democrats

"bipartisan" it says here in the New York Times

For curiousity's sake, what is your sexual orientation?

Edwards' SEIU Endorsement Questioned

Kucinich Supporters: Democrats No Strangers to UFOs

Issa Funding GOP's California Electoral Vote Initiative

Racist, Distorted and Effective

Congratulations, Naderites, you and Rush Limbaugh are in alliance.

Go outside and smell the gasoline, before it's gone for all those who are concern about a lic.

Abramoff Golf Trip a Wedge Issue in Florida

Gail Collins: Everybody vs. Hillary

I know the Presidential race is the hot topic...but we have VERY important elections this Tuesday

US Election Race Hits One-Year Countdown

Quick, which Dem candidate has a comprehensive immigration plan?

Jane Hamsher on the "must hate Hillary all the time contingent" and the pile-on

Former Bush Chief of Staff Card joins Fleishman

Rasmussen- Election 2008: Obama vs. Giuliani and Thompson

Curtis already invisible as talk shows talked about Hillary and his name removed within hours

New Tabloid fodder: Major presidential candidate sex scandal about to break?

Russert, Edwards and Obama and Blowback

Kucinich overtakes Gore in Democracy for America Poll...

See, right now is what baffles me about Dems and the general election..

Edwards' New Ad Out Today in Iowa

Hillary up by 30% among young voters..

War IS a Women’s Issue, Senator Clinton

What I like/dislike about each candidate:

Is it me or has the topic of the environment been somewhat missing from the campaign?

Breaking: Udall Reconsidering U.S. Senate Run (Domenici's seat)

Durham Mayor Bill Bell endorses Obama

Chicago's black aldermen endorse Obama

"Liberals could learn a lot from old man Biden"

Conservatives cannot live by Hillary-hate alone

Jeanne Shaheen is running again for US Senate in New Hampshire - WOOHOO!!!

bush* yesterday

Does this critique of Senator Clinton sound familiar?

If Colbert Is (Not) Serious, It's Time For Him To Debate Goldwater-Miller

Obama has blew past Edwards in my estimation

Some myths of politics

Tim Russert- - ->Stop the Inanity

While the Dem candidates are busy attacking each other, the GOP is rising from the dead

SC DEMS want Colbert off Ballot

I don't see how Rudy or Romney can get the nomination

I was listening to NPR yesterday when Nancy Pelosi was being interviewed

Listening to Fat Timmy, Mathews and Scarborough

English conservative says - I want Hillary as president

To the people complaining about the UFO question.

Anyone know the root of Chris Matthews irrational hatred of the Clintons?

In Order to Win, Edwards Needs to Change His Terminology

Agnosticism, environmentalism, civil liberties and gay marriage

Russert Blindsided Hillary With Question About Bill's Affair Back In 2000; Hillary Camp Seethed

Please stop with the PILE-ON garbage

John Edwards Opposes Lieberman-Warner Polluter Giveway

The character issue: some answers should be knee jerk, no brainers:

The Evolution of Julie

Franken zings Coleman (horse-faced scumbag-MN) on his endorsement of Rootie Patootie

Biden supporters and others in the know: The Biden (Clinton) Crime Bill

Oye. Steel yourselves for this piece of self-congratulatory pablum~

DECEMBER 5th: Florida vs. DNC

About that working together after the candidate is chosen...

Please, oh please ... can we have GD: Candidates now?

Did You Know That Rudy Giuliani

A current Right Wing Email that gives a small PREVIEW of the kind campaign we face in 2008. . . . .

Are all of the Democratic candidates better than all of the Republican candidates?

Hillary proves once again why she is the Goddess of Peace

I Have A Solution To The Gay Marriage Conundrum

When Obama is singled out as being against gay marriage we know the agenda of those posting. . .

If Obama Played the Race Card, his Campaign Would Be Over

Colbert Out? SC Dems Decline To Put Favorite Son On Ballot

Biden Announces New Nevada Political Endorsement

Mitt Romney is using "intern" when he talks about Hillary Clinton.

Want a bigger Dem majority in the senate?

My candidate doesn't get the Dem. nomination. what happens to their campaign dollars?

I expect to see Edwards drop even further in the polls

Over on the RW Side, Someone Is Trying to Stir Up Shit Between Ron Paul & Guiliani

Al Gore is Proven Leadership With Unmatchable Experience, Stature and Vision

If Hillary is issuing death threats to reports already, then it is all over

Barack Obama: Violence against women, at home and abroad, must cease

The Rude Pundit: Does Hillary Clinton Really Want People to Think ...

White House ready to give American workers another stab in the back

Florida- Clinton -49% The Ghoul 45%

Gay marriage is more important than as a bludgeon against Obama.

A suggestion for Senator Clinton's theme song:

The moral weakness of Edwards and Obama

Does it strike anyone as crass that Edwards is using Elizabeth's cancer in his new ad?

Question to objective people on DU:

Biden drafts legislation to 'Eliminate the Crack/Powder Cocaine Sentencing Disparity Completely'

Francis Biddle Kicked Adolf Hitler's Ass....and then Ate Hirohito for lunch...

Obama pledges New Relationship with Iran

Obama coming up on ABC news

Huckabee blames Bill Clinton for release of rapist-murderer

Edwards launches new ad in Iowa (video link and transcript)

Is this a TIP on who Hillary's V.P. will be if she wins

I'm going to wade into deep water here, so...

I just had a chill run down my spine

Kerry to oppose Mukasey nomination

Obama and Biden Campaigns on Webb's Letter

Biden's statement on Mukasey Nomination: (Without a doubt - NO)

This just baffles my mind... Just can't believe what I am reading...

Anyone think the Giuliani/Edwards/Obama strategy to derail Sen. Clinton will work?

If [candidate] is really [performing unsubstantiated atrocity], then it's all over...

new California Poll: Hillary's Ticket Drag

Keep in mind, we put up an "electable" candidate last time

Obama fails to sign Webb's warning letter to Bush.

Obama: No Gay Marriage

So what exactly is Hillary trying to say?

Hillary's Ran A Flawless Campaign. Is She Starting to Stumble?

Biden's comments on Rudy at YouTube

Biden files in NH, touts qualifications

Someone from the Clinton camp, on a conference call, said that

Seem like I'm hearing Edwards is dead in the water. Where have I heard this before?

Brian & Tim & Barack & John: holding hands like blubbering babies...

Why the sudden critique of a "pile on"?

Public Gives Clinton Best Odds of Being Elected President

Hmmmm it appears the Hillary Hater fantasy that Democrats won't vote for her is not true.

Tuesday's debate and the real danger of a Hillary Clinton nomination

How is Hillary's response criticism any different then the current President?

Campaign call reveals Clinton debate concern - She's now trying to define *how* and why she lost

Edwards to Run First TV Ad in Iowa (he hasn't yet??!?!)


Obama: I was right not to drop Donnie McClurkin

OpEd: Obama's Measured Approach Is Still the Best Democratic Alternative to Clinton

Sorry, but it's not to impressive to break the glass ceiling while standing

Biden Responds To Rudolph Giuliani’s Latest Attacks

Biden Receives Rave Reviews

OK ALL...Need your help here...whos's with me...

Anyone wringing their hands because Al Gore hasn't tossed his hat in the ring yet...

Edwards: Dems need to show 'backbone'

Rasmussen-Clinton-43% Obama -20% -Edwards 12%

Here is my challenge for you on DU - I won't take NO LOYALTY oath - and I won't vote for Hillary

Civil Unions For Everybody - Or I'm Against The State Being In The Marriage Business

Why I Like JOE BIDEN for President

Nobody sued Terry McAuliffe when he said Michigan's delegates would not get near Boston.

/The 33 Strategies of War/

Biden-Giuliani Smackdown Enlivens Campaign Trail

Biden competitors dropped his name n their own responses.

The Democratic Party is going to have to confront homophobia.

As a woman who grew up during the feminist movement - I do not appreciate Hillary playing

I really got a kick out of these idiot sightings.

"Fanfare for the COMMON MAN!" Esquire Mag. Presents Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich..! Great Read!

Hillary was NOT piled on. Her inconsistencies and evasiveness were pointed out.

Your Tent’s Not Big Enough, Obama.