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Archives: October 5, 2007

North Korean Nuclear Deal Shows Wisdom of Diplomacy, Idiocy of John Bolton

Guardian Interview:Bill Clinton: Hillary wants me to restore image of US

A funny thing happened on the way to the White House --David Michael Green

"We endorse John Edwards" by Leo W. Gerard and Cecil E. Roberts

Bubble du Jour / The Daily Reckoning

Wow. Raise a little money, get a lot of attention.

Jobs data may give more questions than answers

Oil Produces Expensive Caesar Salad / by The Mogambo Guru

Survey reveals Australians like US, but not Bush

The Nation: Mine Safety In Deep Trouble

Eric Alterman: The Coming 'Stab in the Back' Campaign

Chavez: 'Galbraithiano'

Krugman: Conservatives Are Such Jokers

Selective Justice in Alabama?

Global warming could save lives: skeptic (Lomborg) - Reuters

2007 ozone hole ‘smaller than usual’

Off the Grid - Decorah, Iowa gives up its power. (PBS NOW, Fri)

Investigator: Corruption Is 'Rampant' in Iraqi Government

Iraq: Criticism Of U.S. Senate's Partition Resolution Echoes Across Arab World

Army Enlists Anthropology in War Zones (Academics Sign Pledge to Boycott Program)

Chavez: 'Galbraithiano'

Contractor involved in Iraq shooting got job in Kuwait

Debate Erupts on Techniques Used by C.I.A. (Rockefeller: 'Unfathomable' More Info from NYT than DOJ)

Convergys plans to double India headcount to 24,000

Sniper team tells of pressure from above

U.S. Brings Charges Against Two Restaurants for Firing 22 Deliverymen

Opening of US Embassy in Iraq Delayed

1.4 billion dollars in possible US arms sales to Mideast

DiFatta twice detained in lewd conduct in restrooms (NOLA metro area)

'Gay bomb' scoops Ig Nobel award

Bra check upsets court visitor (Forced to Remove)

teacher needs to see me after school

Have you ever noodled yourself?

why are some of the old rich fucks on the 151 bus some of the kookiest kooks ever?

i require neuroleptics

Are you Naughty or Nice?

Do you have me on ignore?

I require lame copycats (eurorotic)

Fun inflation facts

I require neurotics.(lame copycat)

i really need some head

the show stopping "iraq around the clock"

Don't you hate when you lean against a glass pane, shatter it, and fall 70 stories to your death?

Best S-Word In A Film

Provincial capital you always get wrong

i am stoked!!!!111 who's ready for another ben stiller relationship flick?

Are you smarter than a 5th grader all-time stupid award...........

Did you grow up in Seattle in the '60s or '70s?


The best war video ever produced!!!!

This Obama/Flag pin dust-up makes me think of John Prine.

openSUSE 10.3 is now out

nothing like sitting in the office cranking the Dan!

just a little bit of waylon

This is so gross yet so funny (edit: kitten video)

Annthrax vs Nancy Grace

"Don't outlive your money"

do you know anybody who thinks there is a "right" way to do things?

evry since i pitched some drunken poo to the purty dark-hairded gal at mcdonalds

evry since i pitched some drunken woo to the purty dark-hairded gal at mcdonalds

I need to get some weed.

Hey New Mexicans!!!

Don't make me post this vid of Juliette Lewis crowd surfing again.

Just went to Safeway to get stuff for dinner...

Revolution? What revolution? Burma's the new Vegas, baby!


Why did the chicken cross the road?

"Are you on drugs?"

I just pitched a wang dang doodle....

I haven't been this badly messed up in a LONG time.

Last One Standing on Discovery

Anyone listening to mike

your best Razr mods - post here!

Help! Hotmail is all fucked up !!!


Sometimes I just want to get out of town.

Head 'em up- Move 'em out!

WTF? That D-Backs player just went WAY out of the baseline from

Time again to say something nice about another DUer

So far, I'm rather pleased with this Yankee Game...

I'm trying to use a stolen credit card number to subscribe to porn sites

I am having SO much fun!

my favorite fred astaire movie

Holidays are approaching.

It might hit 90 here tomorrow.

Rubber Duckie You're the One

Take the "Select A Candidate Quiz" ~ Only 11 Questions

Agent Mike, Plan Z is authorized

Any Thom Yorke or Beirut fans?

I just got out of work. How'd the Yankees do?

So I just got back from Poltergeist

Rockies vote full playoff share to family of coach killed during game

Even rats learn

People you'd like to hug and squeeze and call George?

Please stop PMing me and asking me to do Photoshops of you


DU Teachers...can I get some help with a "slow processor"?

Would you be bothered if your child decided to call you by your first name?

My newest stream of consciousness poem....

What in the sam hell is going on around here?


I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please explain this to me! My 16 year old cat disappeared for

post some good old fashioned biblical truth!!!!

TCM is showing "Fail-Safe" or "Dr. Strangelove" without the laughs

Taco Bell or Taco Bueno?

Is Glenn Beck coaching the Notre Dame Irish football team??

A new freeperism..."ungreatfull spoild morans,"

Cable or Satellite television?

Post A Corny Joke That Makes You Laugh

I appear to have aquired some kittens

Celeb Yankees fans vs. Celeb Sox fans: who has a better douche-to-cool-person ratio ?

there used to be some really cool words in the english language

I so wanted a post your picture thread

Let's try this again...

you reach down, between my legs,

Rochester City Lines drivers unionize

Parking employees join union

Bush & Co. Desperate to Portray Colombian Murders in Good Light

National AFL-CIO sets plans for 2008

John Prine - - Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore

TORTURE EDITION: WH Press Briefing, October 4 2007

Response from Peace Activists Barred by Canada: (Medea Benjamin)

CNN: Secret Torture - 'I Signed Because I Was Terrified'

No Such Thing Thing As Satire In America

Thank you, Larry Craig

LA archdiocese pays for pedophile settlement -- by evicting elderly nuns!

"We're the Cops of the World Kids"

Which of these NYC tabloids is the more biased? (against liberals, duh)

Where can I find how much each candidate has raised?

Will Dick Armey be referring to Larry Craig as Larry "F*g"?

Hoyer-led Dems to Cave Again on FISA

John Dean coming up on KO n/t

Hey, in case everybody forgot, there's a War going on...

Now that Domenici's out, will Richardson switch to the NM Senate race?

OK AG suggests state delay executions

How profitable are print newspapers these days?

American Prospect : Iowa does not deserve its prominent role

Blackwater normally provides security for the FBI in Iraq and is now supposedly investigating them

Rachel Maddow was only in pre-school ????????????

Gawd that woman

Anyone else if some how these two events will be connected

With apologies to frogs and bulldogs everywhere...

Dan Froomkin: Torture, Continued

Federal judge refuses to release Siegelman on appeal bond

I'm so depressed about spineless leaders..........

AL pays $1.8 million flesh-eating bacteria case

WaPo: Misleading Headline?: 'House Bill Restricts Contractors'

comedian rush limpball

Veco Loves Don Young Best

Machiavelli: Is candidate of people or corporations stronger?

U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor starts "Stand With Rush" petition drive (Butt Boil Boy can't sit, remember)

And if the Blue Sky Mining Company won't come to my rescue

Country/Joe Scarborough says that a military strike against Iran would be popular - Polls disagree

X-POST VIDEO: TORTURE EDITION: WH Press Briefing, October 4 2007

US democracy push makes Middle East liberals cringe - Bush is like a bull in a China shop

AL Prosecutors seek to garnish Siegelman investments

RNC Convention logo & KOs comments

Oh HELL NO !!! - And NO !!!

Did Russia Stage the Father of All Bombs Hoax?

Democrats Want to See Interrogation Memos

The farce that is our federal product safety system turns yet more farcical.

Political Prisoner Don Seigelman: Judge Denies Former Ala. Gov's Release

Re: Strange poll results on DU, ie supporting Ron Paul

If ever there was a day Bush deserved impeachment, today is it.

O'Reilly has an article coming up saying the M$M is imploding.

"From Fascism to Freedom: Stirring the Winds of Political Climate Change"

5 reasons why I'll vote for the dem nominee (apart from Iraq)

The US military has decided that mass murder of innocents in Iraq is just "negligence."

A word to the wise: handle language with care

The computer is in: Game helps fight phobias

Blackwater employee who murdered Iraqi VP's bodyguard is Andrew Moonen, 27, of Seattle

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Why not frame it: U.S. has Invaded the M.E. for its oil?

As the World Burns

Hillside on Mount Soledad fails; 55 homes evacuated(sandiego)

Iran worried over Syrian air defense failure in IAF strike

911 Dollars for Rudy!

As president, McCain would appoint Alan Greenspan...even if he was dead

US to sell arms worth US$1.4b to four Middle East states

Which U.S. Contractor Broke Crooked Iraqi Out of Prison?

'Gay bomb' scoops Ig Nobel award

"Reporter" Matt Sanchez still obsessed with As*

Most Americans are OK with Torture of those Terrorists.

Iraq vet to challenge Kline in 2nd District

Dear Senator Craig.

Fingerprint checks as Japan tightens up security

Andrew Sullivan: Betrayal

Citadel Broadcasting, owner of ABC Radio (syndicates Hannity) in talks with Imus for radio return

THE HILL: Despite ruling, Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) says he will finish out his term

108,921 user registrations - I have a question

What happened to Amy Goodman ??

Kucinich on News Hour: Audio

Clinton Endorses Anti-Torture Pledge

Pictures from our SCHIP veto protest in KC tonight.

I heard the Democrats were going to cave

Dead woman at Phoenix Airport video up at CNN

What if Hippies and Liberals wrote Little Red Riding Hood?

Question for regular Keith Olbermann viewers

Iran says US too tied up to fight

What do you make of this song?

I may rant against Hillary, but she has my vote if she is our Dem Nominee!

Question: Does anybody here seriously believe that ANY of the Republicans can win in 2008?

Maybe these lead-infested toys from China aren't a bad thing

Chris Matthews says Bush administration has "finally been caught in their criminality"

Climate Skeptic Refuses To Disclose Funding

Do you think this is a likeness of *? - pic


I HATE all repukes

HuffPo: John Mellencamp's New Song About A Small Town

1.6 million Boy Scout badges recalled over lead concerns

Why We Fight

"What next for Larry Craig?" office pool

Less Amish

Re: Holding Your Nose And Voting, Theory...

An interesting comparison of military medals & ribbons worn by various generals

Iran and Syria in new oil deal

The New 2008 GOP Convention logo

THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: Nightmare Down The Road.

Select A Candidate Quiz! ~~ Try it! ~~ 11 Questions

We Know What You're Doing

Global warming deniers deserve jail????????

Help! I need some Limbaugh quotes defending torture.

Biden gets caught walking out of a coffee shop - good interview caught on camera.

Leslie Gelb joins forces with Biden once again.

This is why Biden supporters need to be positive about their candidate

Struggle for Freedom in Burma Spreads Worldwide (plus you tube video)

The Congressional Democrats Are As Scary As...

Change To Win Says Political Dynamic Is Anti-Corporate, Pro-Worker

Is This The Man Clinton Supporters Are Supposed To Be Afraid Of?

If HRC gets the nomination & asks Obama to be the VP, would

The new "widestance" RNC Logo.

Not Flamebait (puh-leese!) Who runs

McCain on "The Fair Tax" (Nat'l Sales Tax): "If the fair tax crossed my desk, I'd sign it."

The man who is now the face of the RepubliKlan Party

A nonpartisan Polling Site: 2008 candidates

Do you wear a flag pin or have a "Support Our Troops" ribbon on your car?

Video of woman arrested and later died at Sky Harbor Phoenix

Is Blackwater subject to Posse Comitatus?

Bush, just do it!

Who's going to drop out first from our side? (No flaming, just predictions)

Scenario: Hillary wins the nomination and the presidency in 08. By 2016,

Although I don't support Hillary Clinton, all the folks claiming she's

What two words come to your mind when you think about....?

Obama gains a Convert in Independence Iowa

No one is accusing Obama of being unpatriotic, he is the one doing the

WP/ABC News poll in which Clinton broke 50% is likely an outlier, expert pollster says

I just found out that H Clinton raised $300K at a luncheon in our town on Sunday.

Uh, oh. More from the party of morans

Edwards Strongest Democrat in General Election Match-ups

AP: Obama says he'll show patriotism with values, not flag pins

Clark supports Hillary's Iran Stance

If you don't want Senator Clinton to be our nominee....

If you really want to blame somebody for the state of the Senate...

Scenario: Edwards wins the nomination and the presidency in 08. By 2016,

Facts Not in Evidence

Richardson has no interest in Senate seat

Watch Biden talk about election reform -

NYT editorial: Misleading Spin on Children’s Health

Matthew Barrett Accidently Shows Porn To Schoolkids

Anger over Iraq and Bush prompts calls for secession from the US for Vermont (The Independent, UK)

A Schmoozer Shares All

IBM Ditches Outsourcing Patent

Restore habeas, restore security

FROM FASCISM TO FREEDOM-Stirring the Winds of Political Climate Change


Scott Ritter: Our Most Important Mission: Prevent War with Iran

Bush's Misleading Spin on Children’s Health

New military leaders question Iraq mission

Jobs for every Indian? A reality by 2009!

It’s My Party and I’ll Fly if I Want To

The Nation: Judge Radhi Testifies on Iraqi Corruption; GOPers Attack

Drum Beaters For Iran War Should Think Again

Giuliani Pulled No Punches on the Radio ~ 55 hrs from the Rudester

Military admit detaining 1,400 (Burma)

Time to Rethink Our Economic Priorities?

Andrew Greeley: Why Are There No War Crimes Trials?

Art Levine: The GOP's Socialized Medicine: Corporate Drug Fraud

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom: War On Drugs Is A Failure

Should America stay in Iraq? If your answer is still yes, then you must accept all the consequences.

Freedom Doesn't Need Watching, The Merchants of Death Do

Amnesty International Continues to be Deeply Concerned by Another Bush Denial

Congressional Monkeys See no Evil

Robert Baer: The Pointless Scuffle Over Torture - It Doesn't Work!

Paul Rieckhoff: Leaving Locals to Die


Edwards-Obama: Go Edwama

The Nation: HRC's Blackwater Connection

Naomi Wolf: Blackwater: "Newly Created Thug Caste"

LA Times Blog: Blackwater's chairman and the GOP

The Nation: Who Wants to Bomb Iran? Dems, not the GOP, says Seymour Hersh

Pundit Elite Enraptured by Hillary’s ‘Flawless Campaign’

Utah mine investigation documents should not be public, agency says

New military leaders question Iraq mission

Sports Journalism on the Frontlines - Pat Tillman

world wind energy award for Brazil

Gore Visits National Snow & Ice Data Center At UC Boulder

NJPUC Looks into Offshore Wind Development (New Jersey)

Up Close & Renewable: Solar Homes on Display

Despite Prices, UK North Sea BOE Production Down Again - 10% From June, 19% YOY

Energy and Material Balance of CO2 Capture from Ambient Air

Malaysian Government Calls On Palm Oil Industry To Self-Regulate To Avoid Environmental Problems

Congressional Democrats Will Send Separate Climate Team To Bali Negotiations In December - BBC

Successful Reproduction Of Hatchery Salmonids Can Drop A "Stunning" 40% Compared To Wild Fish - AFP

Nobel to Go Green?

China Announces Plan To Boost Coal Output By 400 Million Tons/Yr By 2010 - AFP

WHO Confirms At Least 3,300 Cases Of Cholera In Iraq, 14 Deaths To Date - LA Times

"Indonesia Aims to Plant 79 Million Trees"

James Hansen Draft Article: Warming May Hit 6C, Not 3C, @ Doubled CO2 Levels - Grist

National Ice Center Update - Early In October, Still No Ice Forming In Large Areas Of Arctic Basin

Thomas Homer-Dixon On The Amazing Melting Planet - NYT OpEd

Projects from South Africa and Bangladesh Share UNEP Environment Award

Amazon Forest Fires Disrupt Flights - At Least 10,000 Fires Across 2 Million KM2 - Independent

United Solar Ovonic to supply PV laminates to Enfinity

Solar Park Planned for Denver’s Federal Center

Fires rage in Amazon rainforest park

World's largest offshore wind farm is given government approval for Kent

In NW Alaska, Thousands Of Walruses Come Ashore In Absence Of Ice - FWS Concerned - LA Times

Lighting the world's dark places

Window solar water heaters now in India

The World Without Us

Will there ever be a point, say with Peak Oil, where plastic detritus becomes valuable?

Scaling Geothermal for Reliable Baseload Power

70 windmills coming to N.J. shoreline

Bird deaths stir oversight for U.S. wind power - Reuters

U.S. Called Lax at Policing Labs Handling Biohazards

Alleged torture case sent to grand jury

Selective Justice in Alabama?

El Paso trucker gets money back from DEA

U.S. Says It Kills 25 in Iraq Gun Battle

(Iraqi) Tribal chief dies of wounds sustained in bomb explosion

(Washington) State court backs lying in politics

Cholera spreads from Iraq to Iran--WHO expert

Women, children 'killed in US strike' (Baquba, Iraq)

Blackwater Faulted In Military Reports From Shooting Scene: Iraqi government corroborated

Sudan gov't, militia forces raze Darfur town-rebels

FORD MOTOR CO: Additional Job Cuts To Be Sought As UAW Contract Talks Resume

Texas sends horses to slaughter


Officers find ecstasy in Mr. Potato Head

Rove Deputy to Leave White House (J. Scott Jennings)

Venezuela Responds to US Secretary of Defense

Chris Matthews Accuses Cheney Of Pressuring MSNBC Brass

N.H. tax evaders taken into custody after standoff

Blackwater aided by PR giant

Burma looks for protest leaders, admits detaining hundreds

Nelson, Hastings sue their party

Bush: 'This government does not torture'

Kentucky Sues Makers of OxyContin

G.O.P. Presidential Contenders Endorse Health Insurance Veto

IN WASHINGTON...Easley touts education program

Indians embracing globalisation, West low on enthusiasm

Senator Presses Bush on Interrogation Techniques

Iraqi Official Says Iran Has Escalated Involvement in Iraq

Haggard prostitute claims he met Larry Craig, Blogger who outed Craig says he's lying

Iran rules out talks on 'nuclear rights'

Sports Journalism on the Frontlines - Pat Tillman

Bhutto corruption charges dropped

GOP Senate candidate haunted by reports of lewd conduct in public restrooms

Nepal election postponed after political deadlock

Top (Sunni) cleric asks Iraqis not to join anti-Qaeda fight

(Southwest) Airline Makes Man Change Suggestive Shirt

Climate activists tipped for peace prize

Bush says all options open in Iran nuclear dispute

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 5

Client of the day: Blackwater

F-Word Editor at Colorado State Keeps Job

US forces kill 25 in Iraq air strikes

US military: 3 US soldiers killed, 5 wounded by bombs

Rep. Wilson to seek Domenici's N.M. seat

Waxman warns of 'confrontation' with Rice over Iraqi corruption

MSHA Wants Doors Closed on Crandall Canyon Probe

Hefty Vacations Limit Iraqi Soldiers' Training Time

Bush says US 'does not torture'

Suu Kyi appears on state TV as under-fire Myanmar frees monks

Climate campaigners tipped for Nobel Peace Prize

Craig Faces U.S. Senate Censure, Not Expulsion, Brownback Says

Rice wants cameras installed in vehicles Blackwater uses for Iraq convoys

Throngs of uninsured US patients seek dental care in Mexico

(Miami) 'El Nuevo Herald' Reporter Flees Colombia After 'Threats' From President

Topps Calls It Quits After Beef Recall

Olympic Champion Marion Jones Acknowledges Use of Steroids

CIA officer named to Cuba-Venezuela post

Federal Prosecutor Accused In Sex Sting Commits Suicide

Jury awards $6.1 million in McDonald's strip search case

Bill Clinton: Hillary wants me to restore image of US

Aussie scientists make diabetes breakthrough

Scandal brewing at Oral Roberts U.

Rodent head in your green beans? No problem, canner says - it's 'commercially sterile' (Wal-Mart)

Edwards Slams Top Clinton Strategist's Ties to Blackwater

Congress asked to stop export of doomed horses

Ex-Lacrosse Players File Sweeping Federal Lawsuit

Wi-fi Sharing Plan launched In UK

I want to apologize to all.

I like my roommate

Maybe we should send roses to Larry Craig

A Emo Philips joke

If there is pizza, would someone save me a slice?

Just saw my two favorite episodes of "I Love Lucy"

"I wasn't carrying a shank in my bra!!"

Ken Burns' The War - aftermath

Ya'll are tired huh?

I just realized I haven't combed my moustache all day


Listening to "Wild is the Wind" by David Bowie

I seen this on myspace and thought hmmmm....He wouldn't say that , would he?

Who wears a high school class ring or letterjacket after high school?

People who leach off the fame of their more famous sibling

Attn: Sondheimites! Have you seen the Yahoo trailor for Sweeney Todd?!

Okay... just to recap:

Police: Minister Stole Married Couple's Gifts

Oops I did it again. How will I ever get a job if I look like a moran all the time?

One Day...

Neil Young tickets go on sale tomorrow

Police: Minister Stole Married Couple's Grits

People of DU, would you date one of the Eagles?

What if flag decals could get you into heaven?

I'm all giddy and stuff, today!

Ted Lilly = Tanner Boyle


Men of DU, would you ball a dated woman?

The Bar Is Open.............Butt

Best Matthew McConaughey role?

The Pet Ordinance Amendment is in to the city clerk.

i'm running for president, ask me anything


If you ever feel like backing down...feel this

How did they light the bulb in Uncle Fester's mouth?


What's going on with Britney?

In honor of Larry Craig and the GOP I propose a new smiley

Ahem.... A question for nursing mothers .......

Whats for lunch?

Across the Universe - the movie?

Buying concert tickets online in such a ripoff!

Clip that should've never been cut from Knocked Up

People of DU- Would you date a bald Eagle?

The Nexus is mine, MINE! Muuuwhahahahaha!!!!

Best. GD:P Thread. Ever.

Building a new 'puter- things only a geek would be excited about!

I am SO BORED with the new season of Heroes!

Narcissism vs. Megalomania

Hey, skateboarders: "The Man Who Souled the World."

the shocking truth day care centers don't want you to know about

Officers find ecstasy in Mr. Potato Head

I am SO ANGRY with redqueen

My newest stream of consciousness porn....

If I have'nt said it before I will say it now : I love you all.

Man fills spare room with almost every Apple computer ever made (all are working)

Lame "duh" comments --

Rip Torn: Then and Now (uggies warning)

Just two weeks later my burns are completely healed

Ever notice that Republicans/conservatives

Were there really 'pissboys' in France?

I got gasoline for $1.899/gallon this morning

I am SO ANGRY with me!

TSA keeping us safe from skinny actresses

I am doing Paris next week

9,996: JOIN WITH ME, Now. countdown to 10,000

I Got Vaseline This Morning For $1.89

John Lithgow's best role?


Subtle Reminder: October is Adopt-A-DU'r Month

Is There Hope For Humanity


Okay, so now that the cockroaches are dead...

I got to talk to Radio Lady today!

Trogglytes Unite

bring me the finest muffins and bagels in all the land

Charges dismissed in sherry enema death

Friendly reminder: Please check your RX Labels and the pills inside, too!!

Where did people get the idea that Jesus was white, had flowing, wavy brown hair

Just in time for Halloween!!! A true Pic of Bush!!

Know what's worse than the Olive Garden?

Dont Worry About billyskank

Is Jesus male or female?

nevermind, he's a got a banana

I thirst and hunger!


I have an interview in an hour. I am telling them I am gay.

Today's Doonesbury cracked me up

Sooooo sleepy - need nap - 2 hours of sleep last night

I hear the theme from "The Exorcist" playing down the hall...

Dude! It's 420!


I got gas for $1.899...

Cats have religion too, ya know.



OMG Barack Obama doesn't wear a Flag Pin

Kim Carnes "Say You Don't Know Me"

HTML help

Subtle reminder: November is adopt a Virginian month



Cheers all!

I need to be medicated

I wish billyskank lived near me.

What's with huge trucks with a box you couldn't put a matchbox in?

Bud light commercials suck

Cubs playoff baseball. Forecast for Chicago - 89 degrees.

Anyone here enjoy "Achewood"?

Subtle Reminder: November is Adopt a Vagina month

I'm Goin' Down


Subtle reminder: November is adopt a Virgin month.

The neat thing is that the chances of a 16-0 season are the same as a 8-8, 0-16, 9-7, or 2-14 season

Jilli The Poker playing dog

My EYES! My beautiful EYES! Ron "Hedgehog" Jeremy stars in video parody of new Spears single

I'm *CONCERNED* about lapels.

Impressive Membranes

I have a problem with ghosting on my TV...

What time is DUzy time?

Carry on

Why do I have the feeling

Spread your wings

Would you put this in a cover letter?

Anybody else watching Indians v Yankees

I'm re-reading the Harry Potter books

You are the coach of a 5th grade football team. You are ahead 28-0 with 2 minutes left in the game.

Triple Header: Jetlag, Cold, and Cramps.

bbllllleeeee aaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhh

The political "Scrubs" comes on comedy central @ 7:00pm

Have you ever climbed transplanted roses?

would somebody check out DKOS now?

Grey vs. Gray

It's Friday! How About A Friday FU Thread!!!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/5/07

I'm going to be a great-aunt......

Post the dumbest things you've heard in the workplace

Subtle reminder: October is Adopt-A-Dog Month

Remember my friends, the fundamentalists? A bit of dirty D&D gossip.

Could MrCoffee be more bored at work today?

Wi-Fi Detector t-shirt.

Bug-repellent break in the Yankees-Indians game.

I don't care if it rains or freezes

Who remembers these things from past?

Any Shady Side Academy alums here?

Post A Horny Joke That Makes You Laugh

it's a mexican fiesta poll

post a cool non-politcal website that you like to surf


KitchenWitch's asploding head moment of the day award

Friday afternoon advice booth. IT'S FREE ADVICE, PEOPLE!

Gah! I'm seeing Google ads from the World Bank!

GRRR - Farking self-absorbed buttwipes

Czech Couple Raises Wrong Baby For 10 Mont

What should I cook this weekend?

Vegans Unite

Do you kiss ass to get ahead?

Wanna just smile and feel good for two minutes?

Anyone else here that doesn't get two days off a week?

I just scored an awesome internship for next semester!

Am I going to be one of those cranky, nasty, drunken old ladies......

Gah. I got in a mood and posted a big long ass essay in GDP about the Founding Fathers

If I ever become a bitter, hateful, and confused old woman like my grandma

So, matcom, how do you like this Yankees/Indians game so far?

Anyone ever transplant climbing roses?

Track star Marion Jones pleads guilty to lying to federal investigators about steroid use

I am going to Paris next week

Did you ever wish you'd been born in a different generation?

She's a human being!

Match 20-word-or-more-story Game: "Crazy Karl was so crazy,

Do You Still Know Me?

Pinch my cheeks and call me Patsy because I am on crutches.

I'm not Dawn Beard!

Friday, October 5th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Chris Crocker is so terrible

best thing to do on the last day of work

Impressive Members

I feel so terrible

O.J.'s Rolex a fake, ordered returned

So how are you going to be remembered?

Unpopular opinions about anything and everything

When you post a thread, do you only respond to those replies...

I am SO ANGRY with you!

Are there any plans to do something for OMC??

This is 300+ Books of Poetry

Can we get a big virtual hug for Mrs Grumpy going?

I just came back from the funeral home

Why did it take so long

Concerts you wish you'd been old/young enough to witness live?

So, do the New England Patriots have chance to go 16-0?

It's Friday! How About A Friday "Fuck You" Thread!!!!

Healthiest Diet for a Dog You Love

Subtle reminder: October is adopt a vegan month.

(Lounge?) Lizard Love Triangles Exposed!

I wrote a couple of new poems and put them on MySpace

Please help us choose....(march calendar contest)

I get to see Paula Poundstone tomorrow night!

Which Comedian Do You Despise The Most

Radio Lady Reviews: "Into the Wild" (Movie opens in Portland, OR on 10/05/07)

Hot, bloody fight proves soldiers’ mettle

Army plans recruiting summit

Family of slain soldier meets investigators

Investigators: $18B lost over last 3 years to Iraqi government corruption

Bush disability plan comes late in game

Cutter CO relieved for 'loss of confidence' during deployment

Critics assail Law of the Sea treaty

Web site raises profile of Atsugi health woes

Why U.S. Military Occupation Corrupts

McCain Backs Off Clinton Critique

U.S. says 25 militants killed in Iraq

Soon, Bragg won’t be so empty

Lesser charges recommended in Haditha case

LTTE: Captain Richard Lund

Marines ship new howitzer to Iraq

Training center, Forest Service to swap land

111th female death in the WAR

Today in labor history October 05

Dispute between former NFL players, union escalates

Union, Behr reach tentative labor agreement (1,400)

Union decries proposed Piggly Wiggly contract

Resurrection Health Care Cited as Major Violator of Workers’ Rights

Common Dreams: AFL-CIO Discloses Healthcare Director Conflicts at Large Companies

Dhaka presents firm position on labour rights (AFL-CIO highlighted the violations of labour rights)

Minnesota unions hope to build on 2006 election success

Nurses rally in support of unionization at Harper-Hutzel

Olbermann, Prof. Katyal on torture: Incompetent, outlaw administration

Olbermann, Dean: Torture approved, in secret, no shame

George Bush Just Vetoed Abby

Moment of Change: Climate Change Solution

Mike Gravel on PBS - The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

Mike Gravel - The Pentagon Papers

Breaking Up With Britian

UNCOUNTED -- the trailer

Dennis Kucinich on PBS's NewsHour

Old Man Thompson begs Iowans to clap for him

John Edwards Gets 800% Crowd Turnout in Rural Kentucky

OnSlaught: Talk to your Daughter Before the Beauty Industry Does

So, the market didn't crash in the third week of September, after all.

What Was The Maximum Income For People To Qualify For SChip?

Ky. officials sue makers of OxyContin

Driverless Truck Lurches Out of Lab

In response to Sec'y Gates' aide hating all Iranians...she should read THIS >>>>

I know it's shameful, but I would do anything for my family.

Coalition of the Wilting

another thought on Larry Craig's mug shot. the flag pin

Is war simply socialized militarism?

Chevron's Pipeline Is the Burmese Regime's Lifeline

Handcuffed man dies in custody of police

Loaded gun makes it past security at Tucson airport


What we had all the years the GOP controlled congress...

TCM is showing "Fail-Safe" or "Dr. Strangelove" without the laughs

Saddam’s vice-president now “resistance” leader

McClatchy: Recruiting gets tougher for Army during wartime

What If Gore Had Been Our 43rd President?

The most stupid LTTE EVER?

Women and children killed in US raid: Iraq

From leadership: "Moments like this we need to band together....and fight back"

Blackwater faulted by U.S. military: report

CNN's Velshi just fixed the employment numbers. Everything

Bush's Veto Lies

I think if religious people had thier way, we'd extend tolerance and love to Gays in this country.

NY TIMES: Craig Says He’ll Stay in Senate, Defying the G.O.P.

Republicans don't hate America, so quit saying that.

East Afghan Clashes Claim Civilian Lives

It is believed to be the first time a member of Iraq’s parliament has been detained by US forces

China calls for less smoking on TV shows

"...a tall stack of troubles remain and Bush's words ring hollow."

Why is the Senate in recess for a full week for Colombus Day.

Iraqis: Only a U.S. Withdrawal Will Stop Al Qaeda in Iraq

Col. Jack Jacobs on MSNBC says we could be in "Shooting War with China in next couple years.."

Growing resistance from US military leaders on staying the course in Iraq

Woman told remove bra for security

2008 GOP Convention logo improved!

Mitt Romney is relying increasingly on his own bank account to fund his presidential campaign

Here's an interesting quote:

Two Bush Supporters: a Haliburton exec and the "moran" (cartoon)

Right now, who is more likely to win the general election?

Exam results of Domenici's brain...

X-Post VIDEO: Dennis Kucinich on PBS's NewsHour

Detail behind the Sept. jobs numbers >>>>

Obama stops wearing flag pin-"A Substitute For I Think True Patriotism"

Bush is on TV claiming "the techniques we use have been

Craig flushes plan to quit Senate - Nightmare looms for GOP -- televised hearings possible

Blackwater Aided by PR Giant, Burson-Marsteller

Elephant mating behavior & RNC logo

WP, Eugene Robinson: Bush's Veto "pack of flat-out LIES"

Bush says U.S. stands with Muslims

Cool song by the band "Simple Plan" - Crazy

Second Trial Illegal, Watada Argues

Will the Repubs come to the defense of Marion Jones? She lied to

Another republican judge bites the dust....

Breaking: Bush says techniques used

"Poor Larry Craig"

U.S. Military: Blackwater "Obviously Wrong" in Nisour Square

Great response to Medved on slavery.

CIA detention program remains active: U.S. official

Drunk as a Skunk ---pix---->>>

Iraq war vet considers run for Congress

How far out there do you have to be, to actually suggest:

Brent Budowsky: Born in the U.S.A.

DC Forum gives Giuliani 25 minutes to speak, cuts Ron Paul off after 10 minutes

Which Nominating Process will be more decisive in the Presidential Election 2008

Great Moments in presidential history: LBJ calls Thurgood Marshall re: Solicitor General

“And by the way,”

Born In The U.S.A.

How do they look themselves in the mirror?

Are both democrats and republicans ready for what is now coming?

WSJ Poll: 53% of Republican voters haven’t heard of

Bed-Wetter Nation: Alabama kids do mock-terror exercises at a summer camp.

Bush: "You bet we’re going to detain ‘em, and you bet we’re going to question ‘em."

Another Republican - Another episode(s) from the Men's Restroom wing of the GOP

Lawmakers casting votes for other members of the legislature.

The Danger of Bush's Torture(d) Stance

Bush: "Read My Lips. The US Does Not Torture. Now, watch this drive..."


don't know why Muwafaq Al-Rubaie is still alive

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Texas sends horses to slaughter

Soldier warned family: Investigate if I die and she died !

66 percent of Americans now approve of the way Bill Clinton ran his presidency

An Airbase in Vicenza: How Italy Became a Launching Pad for the US Military

I didn't know Bill O'Reilly had a side business

Can you think of any Mobster that deserves more disdain than

Let's Recall the Mob in our WH

There is really no point in Congress passing laws restricting the Regime's use of torture

Norwegian journalists 'taken out' to squash dissent in 2003, 2006

Borowitz good this a.m.

Has Bush lost control of the Army?

Dollar's double blow from Vietnam and Qatar

violent storm wrecks Mallorca, Spain

Pot candy factory owner surrenders

Craig's recipe...

CSPAN a heritage tool, vets for victory fool on now. what an asshole

actual headline Google/cnn: Craig's decision to stay a headache for GOP

Sniper team tells of pressure from above to push for more 'kills'

the male leaders of China 'disappear' LUST

I was listening to a conversation yesterday between my boss and ...

Mr. President, evidence suggests you authorized capital offenses.

"Sen Craig was known to pick up trash around the Capital Yacht Club" (his D.C. home)

Woman ordered to pay $222,000 for file sharing

Big Dick Says a Little Prayer ---pix--->>>

Larry Craig's Super Tuber

Fox News Headline: Is Barack Obama a Patriot or TRAITOR (No, not making this up)

What Utter Bullshit!

We Do Not Torture

Did I just hear Thom Hartmann say he's going to appear on 'Fox and Friends?'

Bush says US 'does not torture'

Sarasota market director calls police on activist

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Fri 10/5 throwing baby out....

Does a woman removing her bra enhance security?

What kind of person could slap in the head someone restrained in shackles?

WH presser now, cspan2--all torture questions

Officials say drug caused Nigeria polio

Kim Jong Il: I'm an Internet expert

Can we get a list of things that haven't been recalled?

We have war criminals in the White House. What are we going to do about it?

Waxman: Rice headed for "confrontation" with panel

Bipartisan group introduces redeployment plan bill in Senate

INDICTMENTS ANYONE? - The Fraud and False Statements Statute.

Obama Doesn't Wear Flag Lapel Pin!! Big stir at Faux News.

Limbaugh is funny. He's talking widespread *LW Conspiracy* now..... LOL

I take it back - the Jack Bauer scenario is real - and it is happening

This Lady That Died In Police Custody By Supposedly Choking Herself....

Oh boy this is gonna be great!

Retired Army Colonel Ann Wright on Dem. Now! today:

My biggest problem with the right wing hatemongers

Nothing can destroy a government more quickly

Would you get a load of this rude, smarmy bastard whose salary we pay?

Dave LIndorff: Bush: Torturing the Truth

Liberal-loathing Partisan Joins Pentegons “Neutral” Blogger Outreach Program

Tony Snow: Bush sometimes 'makes you want to just dash your brains out'

Town Hall Forum in Fairfax, VA

Support the Burma Monks

Alicia Silverstone's PETA Ads Pulled, For all you vegan lovers out there!

wow... has Perrino always been this much of a twit?

Biden, Edwards Refuse to Sign Anti-Torture Pledge

Yay! House votes 389 -30 to hold BlackWARTer accountable to legal standard.

OK, now that Faux News has deemed it necessary for Obama to have a 'flag' lapel pin, let's pass a

Gov. proposes $500,000 to entice students

Nightmare REpuke ticket?

Should Bill Richardson drop out of the presidential race and run for Dominici's seat?

I was chatting with a couple of Republicans at work this morning...

Pastor Pleads Guilty In Sex Case: Victim Was 11; Baby's DNA Incriminating

Investigators: $18B lost over last 3 years to Iraqi government corruption

Environmental Groups Petition US to Regulate Air Fresheners

Does this flag make me look fat?

There are easier ways to make money. OUCH!

Larry Craig is a Peeping Tom. Why do Republicans think they can peer into our private lives?

Condoleezza Rice fixes everything: orders video cameras installed in Blackwater vehicles

Congress Needs A Shot In The Arm

Beef recall, now Mouse'n Beans recall. See if you have any

At what point should what you want to do be legal.

Iraq oil reserves worth $1 MILLION PER IRAQI

Police Scandal

Helen Thomas: The Democrats Who Enable Bush

Is eating our own part of a winning strategy in 08?

Reuters: Bush: Jobs report shows "vibrant" economy

Chicago stage play on US rendition and torture policy

Its Friday Ya Bastads!!!

Indonesia aims to plant 79 million trees

Arrest warrant issued for President of Interpol

Worrying about pins .......

Susan Schwab, trade representative, has harsh words for Costa Rica over CAFTA

More toe-tappin' Republican fun, this time in Louisiana

Are U.S. troops being force-fed Christianity?

Wow, all those right-wing "free market" ideologies are doing wonders for you economy

Lets get real

Ken Burns' "The War" and Our Family WWII Vets.

"For your protection ..... "

Did White House Lie About Solution Provider's Role in Loss of 5 Million E-mails?

Al Gore refuses to debate global warming deniers - why should he?

Haggard prostitute claims he met Larry Craig, Blogger who outed Craig says he's lying

Whatever happened to the second set of Abu Graib photos

Stockwell Day is such and ass


Does the re-broadcast of this pre-flip flop Romney TV ad END HIS CAMPAIGN???

Breaking: The first draft of the new "wide stance" GOP logo leaked to press:

Iraq withdrawal? Single issue support in the primaries?

One Week Until Announcement Of Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Iraq sniper unit feels pressure to produce high body count

THis might just be one way to FORCE the Dem leadership to act...

Bush: "One of the hardest things for me is to meet with a mother"

Which Du'er wrote an email to "Cranky old cnn coot" Jack Cafferty calling Craig "Lavatory Larry"

Tweety referred to Romney as "the well-sculpted Mitt"

Who needs approval ratings when you have lifetime immunity?

Why we shouldn't forget the Farm Bill

John Edwards Gets 800% Crowd Turnout in Rural Kentucky

Levin quizzes Mukasey on release of DoJ documents

Mitt is the Bush Crime Family's fave.

24 illegal song downloads cost US woman $220,000

Anthony Romero: American Voters Oppose Torture

A guy on Hardball just said Rudy and Hillary are "rock stars."

A man's word is his bond my Dad always told me...

TRUST??? The GOP and BUSH have given us a new meaning...DON'T

Tweety clarifies "Criminality" remarks from last night

An amazing OMC post you may have missed; very moving:

Joe Wilson: "It's the book the White House and the CIA don't want you to read."

Congressional Progressive Caucus Unveils Position On Reforming FISA

Mike Tisdale - the freedumb runner

Woman turns in bag stuffed with $65,000

Japan's satellite reaches lunar orbit

Dennis Kucinich: Bush Administration Needs To Come Clean To American Public On Torture

Why Hillary should never be President.

FILM: Who has watched "Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election" ??

French official: CIA warns of attacks

== Britney Spears sucks Blackwater = By Mark Morford

What do conservatives think of Hillary?

Do you like Topps frozen hamburgers? Too bad.

Don't remove your protest shoes just yet......Oct. 27 is coming!

A good lineup of programs on PBS tonight !

Cable news nets take aim at one another

We should be supporting these dems

42 Members of Congress Protest Recognition of Ramadan

Bush** changes his story again: now he defends the techniques in interrogation.

How Columbus day harms Native Peoples

Listen to John Mellencamp's New song!!!! "jena" It's AWESOME! Link to his site:

I Should Not Be Able To Say The Following Things About America.

After underwire bra flap, federal courthouse adds changing room

"If you can't get your lips off the backside of George Soros long enough to use those lips to say

Jean Schmidt invades Jacobs Field

Should there be a law against candidate ads that lie?

Conyers Seeks Confirmation That Justice Dept. Is Limiting White House Interference

NY TIMES: Charges May Be Dropped for Marine Charged with Killings 17 Unarmed Iraqis

Police: Baby Dies After Pregnant Woman Shoots Self In Stomach

What's with this? Have the Dems caved again? Raw Story.....

Homer Simpson For President >>>pic

"Men's Room" Senator Craig an embarrassment to Repugs. What about war criminal Bush?

Waxman: Why Did Drunken Blackwater Shooter Get More Work?

Lynne Cheney to Appear on 'The Daily Show'

Meet our next first lady

So will Richardson ultimately end up in Dominici's Senate seat?

Bush: ‘never really thought about’ war.

Need DU Help! .I'm buying stuff in my local Food Lion Store..and there's song "Are We Crazy" playin

Methodists battle George W. Bush over SMU Library & 'Freedom Institute'

Another handcuffed individual mysteriously dies in police custody

Ha! Ha! and Ha! to you Dana Perrino.

Conservative vs. Liberal Patriotism

I want to take a moment to commend Tweety for his new-found reality

Remembering Back - Where was that chickenshit of a President?

Sooooo...maybe that appendix thing isnt unnecessary after all?

Topps Meat shutting down after recall -- (Yeah!!)

Texas man executed because Court would not stay open past 5pm to hear his appeal

TWEETY!?!? says Bush administration has "finally been caught in their criminality"

More bush admin corruption:FBI inquiry targets housing secretary


I'm just an unreconstructed old bleeding heart liberal ..... (Marion Jones)

New DU Group: Chris Dodd Supporters Group

The Pointless Scuffle Over Torture

A Gitmo lawyer on America's black hole: "I AM WRITING FROM GUANTANAMO BAY..."

Our Most Important Mission: Prevent War with Iran By Scott Ritter

Don't look now - Foot and Mouth Disease type Lab moving from Plum Island to US Mainland

John Mellencamp's new video about Jena, LA

Stacey's Obituary

Mike Gravel Hosting Air America Tonight

Seven years of malevolence, destruction and death.

Rush Passed his Drug Test!

Tonight on Bill Moyer's journal

Postal workers union wants answers on 2001 Anthrax attack

Campbell Soup Recall

Revealed: CIA offered $2m to Lockerbie witness and brother

HuffPost's Sirota: The Biggest Vote You've Never Heard About Is Happening This Sunday

Author of "The Evangelical President" says Bush's religion drives liberals crazy

I come bearing Snark...

Why is there such a rush to "Nancy Grace" type justice here?

To hell with the candidates. Let's talk about the platform.

Of all the choices, Hillary Clinton should be your last

Prosecutor Accused In Sex Sting Kills Himself

Vaccines in Nigeria are causing Polio

War As Freedom, And Fraud As Fact

To Reach Pact With N. Korea, Bush Adopted an Approach He Had Criticized (Kerry's approach)

The Enablers

Helen Thomas Reports: "Hillary Getting Messages from Bush on Iraq Strategy!"

"Most of the bill is secret."

Do You Want To Have Al Gore's Back?

Corporate Fascism: Woman shares music online, fined $220,000


Have you read the October Harper's yet? "GENERAL STRIKE"

My daughter's attacker has been caught.

American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (S.311/H.R. 503)

A tribute to Paul Wellstone.

Wal-Mart Going Down the Tubes

OMG, this is what really fricken pisses me off about

Chris Matthews Accuses Cheney Of Pressuring MSNBC Brass

I just thought up a GREAT New "Green Business" idea and need some tips and advice.


elizabeth Edwards:if Rush's butt zit kept him out of Nam, why can he sit on his fat ass all day?

Activists Face Six Months in Prison for Putting Up Anti-War Poster

I just met Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts!

Have you bought eggs lately?

Came back from Funeral home today

Alleged Haggard Escort: 'Sen. Craig Visited Me

Rockefeller Rejects White House Claim That He Was ‘Fully Briefed’ On Secret Torture Opinion

Great toon

Bush: 'This government does not torture' THEN WHAT THE HELL IS THIS warning graphic

John Edwards says Clinton's top advisor represents Blackwater and is like her "Karl Rove"

On Air America: Ed Schultz and David Schuster don't know why Rush got a deferment from Vietnam?!

Which 2004 "Red" state is most likely to go blue in 2008?

Elizabeth Edwards Says Kerry Conceded Race Too Early

On not using a taser (arresting a 15 year old girl)

Please help us choose....(march calendar contest)

Another Jena ... in Amish Country? Racial incident (one kid arrested so far)

The Water Crisis Looms Large Over Our Planet

National Guard Troops Denied Benefits After Longest Deployment Of Iraq War

This is not about immigration, but about racism.

Cast of "30 Rock" wearing "Gore '08" t-shirts

Progressive Dems block new FISA legislation!

Phone Jamming Cover-up at DoJ? Conyers Wants Answers

Update on status Draft Gore Campaign: Nobel Prize Announced Fri: Decision Expected SOON TAKE ACTION

A plea on behalf of DU's Hillary supporters.

How are people supposed to live on $623 a month?

Political Prisoner Don Seigelman: TIME COVER STORY to be Political Prosecutions in Alabama

New Biden Thread:

New Biden Thread:

If anybody is willing to K&R a non-Biden thread:

Who's having coffee with Hunter Biden this afternoon?

Who here has read /The 48 Laws of Power/?

"Opposition Is True Friendship" William Blake

Is Hillary Clinton the lowest common denominator?

Scenario: Gore wins the nomination and the presidency in 08. By 2016,

Not a Hillary supporter..but it would be funny to see

Pritzker: Picking up pace of Chicago $ for Clinton

Who's the worst candidate the Democratic Party has offered to us for this presidential election?

So Much Sensational Snark, So Little Column Space

Amy Goodman

Earmark Watch - keeping an eye on where the money goes

Hillary Clinton's Man Appeal

Dennis Kucinich interview with Judy Woodruff

CNN Finally Talks About 9/11 Exploitation

OK, Dennis wins the general. What makes you think he'd be an

Major Accomplishments of the Hillary Bashers--So Far

Democrats look to make Minnesota the Massachusetts of the Midwest

"Hillary Can't Win"

No. 13: Hillary-Bashers cause some of the best threads at DU to get locked!

Of course Fred Thompson is dumb and lazy.

Fellow Republicans Denounce Craig’s Decision

Obama Hopes to Surprise Clinton in Iowa

It looks like a concerted effort to get rid of food banks

Clinton bests Giuliani in cash and at polls

Hillary Clinton's Man Appeal

Hillary ad hints at Rudy's 9/11 weak spot

Obama: Give troops respect, not surprises

The Declining Dollar and Subprime Loans

Scenario: Obama wins the nomination and the presidency in 08. By 2016,

Sirota on CAFTA: Immoral, not inept

CAUSE CÉLÈBRE: Hollywood shifts from Obama toward Clinton

This is going to be an interesting game of chicken.

Democrats Prefer Clinton to Her Rivals to Handle Most Policy Issues

Praise for Clinton plan

Arlen Specter: "Disorderly conduct is not moral turpitude and it is no basis for leaving the Senate"

Rasmussen: Obama still strong against GOP frontrunners (Let's hear it for Barack!)

G.O.P. Contenders Endorse Health Insurance Veto

The Rude Pundit: Four Years of Rudeness: Another Question Answered

Hoyer postpones FISA bill roll-out scheduled for today.

Deaniacs open their wallets for '08 hopefuls

The Rude Pundit: Perino, Thomas, and the NRCC: Great Moments in Republican Dickery

Sen Rockefeller-----Why has nothing been done with "Phase II"

Our outrage at Rush must be working. This is a very RW radio station.

Coulter, in her 195th appearance on NBC, insists Faux News "isn't really a conservative station"

Rudy 9/11 on Sale!

Tribute to Perry Logan

Last Friday on NPR

Since Bush insists we do not torture...

Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll: Hill 42%, Obama 27%, Edwards 12%

Who did you support for president at this point in 2003?

House OKs making private security in Iraq subject to U.S. prosecution

Anyone else using Firefox having a problem with DU today? ie:

Will JFK's nomination hurt the party in house races?

Angelinos: Wes Clark At UCLA Today


FISA Is About Protecting AT&T, Verizon and Bell South's Money, Who Will Protect Our Liberty?

A 'MUST' read - The Terror Presidency

Hillary Screwed Up In Her Latest TV Commercial Where She Wears A Protective Mask.....

Mass.: 5th District race: Ogonowski (R), Tsongas (D) tangle over Bush veto - Eagle Tribune

Larry Craig has become my favorite Republican

Do You Want To Have Al Gore's Back?

Cross post from lbn and gd--happy friday all.

Clinton promises boost for science

A Moment of Candor on Fox News last night LOL

The last thing a con-artist expects ...

Shayna Ann Schnell DEAD

CNBC playing tape of Bush: "economy is a vibrant and strong economy"

AFSCME Federal Legislative Report October 5, 2007

Need Help: Canadian Health Care

Lieutenant General Claudia Kennedy visits Vet Transition centers in NH

How is this "New right-wing group" any different?

Does the re-broadcast of this pre-flip flop Romney TV ad END HIS CAMPAIGN???

A General Question

Wow! The comments following the Matthews article in the Examiner are scary!

With Regards To Torture - What's Worse? What's A Bigger Deterrent?.....

Israel Lobby strikes again: MN College bans Archbishop Tutu From Talk On Peace and Justice

Ed Schultz has it right! Wealthy Democrats need to start buying up..

Giuliani criticizes GOP on spending

Lou Dobbs' substitute Kitty Pilgrim says Republicans Still "In Control Of The Senate"

Huckabee not making any fundraising headway...

New military leaders question Iraq mission

Sean Hannity, Flag Hypocrite

What’s the Word on the Street? Working America Can Tell You

Kentucky AFL-CIO plans pro-Democrat rallies TOMORROW (Sat. Oct. 6th)

Deaniacs open their wallets for '08 hopefuls

Who breaks from the GOPs first?

Just when you thought they couldn't get any sleazier,

John Edwards Gets 800% Crowd Turnout in Rural Kentucky

Hillary Rosen thinks being honest is being inexperienced

I don't care for this woman but she has a good point

Chris Matthews Admits Bush Administration Tried To Influence Harball's Content

Which candidate do you support?

The ties that bind.

GOP ZOGBY POLL: Ward Casscells for President

Sen. John Ensign (R-NV), GOP campaign committee chair, begs Craig to please just f**king GO already

Clark on Kyl-Lieberman: "I put a call into Hillary on this afterwards."

Hillary, Richardson, and Ron Paul say Obama's "no pin for patriotism" position is a non-issue

Clinton is far from 'inevitable'

Democratic spinelessness is making me tune out

Bill Clinton will go out and restore America's image in the world.

Most Democrats Still Undecided On 2008

The biggest vote you've never heard about is happening this Sunday

Dana Perino clarifies everything!

Scenario: Kucinich wins the nomination and the presidency in 08. By 2016,

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (10-5-07)

First Dan Rather - Now Matthews (Tweety).......

John Edwards supporters...need information

Scenario: Gravel wins the nomination and the presidency in 08. By 2016,

Our youngest (adopted) gets national press, ASPCA SUCCESS STORY OF THE WEEK: PLAYING IT BY THE EARS

YEAH! What Media Matters said: So where is Sean Hannity's flag lapel pin?

Biden's Gutsy Idea: Traveling With A GOP Candidate Across The Country For Mini-Debates

Big Ed: I just love this guy he took Tucker to task for constant BASHING on the Edwards

I have no intention of voting for Rudy but can someone please explain the differences between a

NEW Obama ad

McEntee to Bush: “Veto is Callous and Immoral”

As Hillary Runs for the White House, Consider Bill's Refusal to Explore Bush I Scandals

The Evangelical President has Been Sending Messages to Hillary / Leave "Wiggle Room" on Iraq

In 2006, did Hillary run for the Senate as a supporter of the war

Our Most Important Mission: Prevent War with Iran By Scott Ritter

"First you struggle to get into the establishment and then you get dismissed as too establishment."

Clinton is far from 'inevitable'

Clinton's chief strategist: union buster and Blackwater supporter

The Military Industrial Complex Threatens You And Me

A request for Elizabeth Edwards

JOE BIDEN at the American Assoc. for Justice

Seymour Hersh: It's the democrats that want to attack Iran

Bush: 'This government does not torture'

As Hillary Runs for the White House, Consider Bill's Eight Years of Peace and Prosperity

The Clintons and the Company they keep

I'm a Kerrycrat who supports Edwards, and Elizabeth was right.


Joe Biden: "Torture Of Detainees Is Unacceptable And Is Not Permitted By U.S. Law. Period."

Until senator Larry Craig resigns i will no longer buy or eat Idaho potatoes

Hillary Clinton pays visit to Palazzo Feinstein

The Founding Fathers had a theory that the larger a country gets, the less 'republican' it gets

The Clintons, The Company They Keep, and Who Raises Money for Them

How the mainstream media treated the "stolen election" story in November 2004

Challenge to the Kucinich-tzens! Post your candidate's accomplishments!