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Archives: October 4, 2007

Chris Floyd: Back From the Hack, and Once More Into the Breach

Shared Nightmare Brings GOP Together.. NPR

Bill Scher: This Veto Will Not Be Quiet

John Nichols: GOP Plots to Gay-Bash Craig Out of Senate

John Nichols: Clinton Won't Commit to Renew Constitution

Saved By The Surge: John Podhoretz is a complete wanker

From cleavage to "cackle"? Media find new focus in coverage of Hillary Clinton

UK Police Can Now Demand Encryption Keys

Loaded Language and Loaded Guns

Lawmakers Will Proceed on Climate Plan

Adding use of celluslosic fiber increases efficiency of ethanol production

Florida Renewables Expo & Tennessee Solar Expo scheduled in October

Utility fined over Coal Plant fly ash pollution: Constellation Energy

Moving Wind to the Mainstream: Leveraging Compressed Air Energy Storage

Residential Framed Thin Film Solar Electric Application Debuts in Long Island

New wave power options projected to be cost effective

Is It Just Me, Or Shouldn't There Be A Little More, Uh, Ice In The Arctic Ocean In Early October?

Polar bear endangered status "likely" - Reuters

U.S. Energy Department awards 4 contracts studying nuclear recycling

Climate Change: German Scientists use algae to absorb carbon dioxide

FBI Says Agents to be Guarded by U.S. Gov't Forces while Investigation Blackwater

Clinton Gains Teachers Union (1.4 million-member) Endorsement

Deputies compete in arrest contests

‘Chemical Ali’ execution postponed for Ramadan

Exclusive: Paul Tops $5 Mil For Quarter

Security Bulletin Problem Creates Message Flood (of EMails)

Child health veto will be election issue

Starbucks settles unionizing dispute in Michigan

GOP voters want someone who’s not like Bush

Workers at 2 UAW locals approve tentative agreement with GM

Mooning Activist Linked to Older Crime

Clear Channel defends Limbaugh after 'phony soldiers' remark

WHO: Cholera Outbreak in Iraq Spreads

Secret U.S. Endorsement of Severe Interrogations

Democrats Won’t Block Hearing for Gonzales Successor: Back away from fight with WH

Bishop Would Deny Communion to Giuliani

Artist Protests ‘Iraq War Apathy’ with Prince Harry Statue

Chavez Accuses US of Military Rebellion

Red Sox 4, Angels 0

Tonight's earworm!

"Chuck" says that Oceana flight 815 was shot down by surface to air....

Things I had going for me today upon awakening this A.M.

How often do you spend a penny?

An update on the homework situation for my daughter

Hmmm and Mmmm... I baked some marrow bones tonight, for the first time.

what ever happened to....

Dangerously Amused's Pants Are Freaking Me Out

interesting test by the united states postal service

Astronomers See Second Earth In The Making

Video proof of what happens when you jump on Danny Bonaduce and dry-hump him on national TV

I finished reading two books today...

Did you know? DU has a Bereavement Group

GAWD This TBS Baseball sucks ASS!

Useful tip: Searching for "Dinkle" on Wikipedia does NOT lead you to the Funky Winkerbean article.

Not a punchline thread. Instead, post a random line from the middle of a joke.


Earworm, terrible terrible earworm!

anyone seen Elshiva lately?

Daisy the hooker finds the customer of her dreams...

So just how in the heck

Tele-evangelists See Second Coming In The Making

Kids can be so amazing.

I just found out i'm gonna be a great grandfather

Wow. 50 years since Sputnik!

Best nut

Daisy the dog finds the meal of her dreams...a mammoth bone




Now what would you think . . .

The world is ending next week Thursday


Gee, and I thought Blackwater was just what Kellogg, Brown and Root was giving our troops to drink.

Has anyone else seen the riverdancing chimps?

My hyperphagia is acting up again.

Has anyone had their jaw (s) wired shut?. . .



Favorite Musical...

A Tail Of Puppy Telepathy (A True Story)

Who uses the Greyhound bus line (besides the very poor)?

As the dormouse said, feed your head.

Pudding War.

You know what I hate?

pain shared is pain halved...

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Jesus Christ - I'm watching that news show "The War". Why isn't someone trying to stop Hitler?

this specific image sums up about 97% of what I think is funny.

Let's go CUBBIES!

Some great scenes from Curb Your Enthusiasm (extreme profanity warning):

Greatest Musical Act in the History of Saturday Night Live?

In me there is a green monkey with my pants.

Favorite Blondie song?

My pants are freaking me out.

A quick update on my fitness journey


Top Chef Finale Thread... *Spoilers*


I recently discovered (tv show) "Two and a Half Men"

Woot! I got a car!

Let's talk about racial issues now, shall we?

Your 'Citizen Kane of Bad Movies'?

This one triggered a tiny flashback for me. Vuja De. (sigh)

A Poll question for vets only, please

Gerdau Ameristeel and United Steelworkers Union reach agreement with Sand Springs, Oklahoma and Calv

Washington Post : Faced With Fine, WGL Hands Over Copy of Contract

ARH Strike - Day Three for Nurse's

Feds let miners' union, liaison to state in on probe

Japan's Toyota union to accept contract assembly-line workers - report

Managers' pay raises violate trust

Private Equity Diverts Tax Dollars, Undermines Care In Nursing Homes

Crandall Canyon Mother: ‘Hard to Have Hope When You Have Your Heart Broken’

Funny Giuliani Ad - The Republican Oprah?

Senator Kennedy Speaks at Children's Health Insurance Rally

Wife Of Soldier On His 3rd Tour At Risk Of Being Deported

Iraq war vet Brian McGough talks about Limbaugh

"Christianity is Stupid" (Negativland)


Pentagon tries to cheat Minnesota troops out of benefits. Calls it a "glitch". (evil)

John Edwards on Countdown with Keith Oldberman - Don't be fooled by Clinton's national lead

The Israel Lobby (Marije Meerman, VPRO Backlight 2007)

America will blow up the moon

Kin say soldier hinted at concerns

Tony Ryan founder of RyanAir dies at 71

SNAKE EATING ITS TAIL! LOL! Calling DU Graphics Artists!

Sen. Patrick Leahy & Gov. Howard Dean Ask for your help for SCHIP!!

Anti-Immigration Hate Group Intent On Denying Green Card For Soldiers’ Spouses

Bush: 'I Make a Lot of Decisions' (Talk about shooting fish in a barrel)

Aren't surveys of soldiers in Iraq showing a huge majority AGAINST the invasion?

Heh, heh, "In 2003, Gore asked us to stand down."

Defining Dictatorship

Pro-Slavery Assignment Angers Parents

American Sports Fans: The Wave.... Korean Sports Fans....

Anti-Immigration Hate Group Intent On Denying Green Card For Soldiers’ Spouses

Please Post War Funding Vote Excuses from your Senator here:

I'll tell you why I favor enacting the SCHIP bill into law

Kenneth Foster Thanks everyone for their help

Matthew Rothschild: Bush Shows His Callousness With Veto of Children’s Health Insurance

Anyone watching Countdown now

NYTimes: Justice Dept. Said to Endorse Harsh C.I.A. Interrogations

Going to Washington DC in April...anything good happening then?

Labradoodles maul owner to death

DU, watch video/kick/sign petition on Families USA CHIP Ad, now!

News media sue to open probe into Utah mine disaster

Pitch in, DUers! You can now help to pay off the "public debt."

Sound and fury, signifying what?

Does a DU progressive only forum exist?

Senate OKs $459 billion Pentagon budget

The War on Christmas has begun

Anybody catch John Fogerty slamming Shrub on David Letterman last night?

If Rush and Bill O'Rielly were on a plane and it was going to crash .....

Here's how the republicans will win Congress and the Presidency....

Larisa Alexandrovna: Bush Begins The New Iran Talking Points

Pakistani Weekly Pulse claims U.S. will attack both Iran and Pakistan

Bob "Blow Job" Allen Cruises for White Jurors Instead of Gay Sex

Student who tore up Mexican flag that was flying without American flag turns out to be racist

"6 Year Enlistment - $16,000..."

Iraqi insurgent announced a new coalition to fight foreign occupation; talk withdrawal

Hey, Tweety, does Shrub *listen*?!1 Do YOU?!1 Uh, NO!!1 & you SUCK!!1 (but not well)

Senate Dems Bow Before Bush and Cheney

How does a virus spread?

Stewart on now - Getting mileage out of last night

TDS w/Jon Stewart: Ted Koppel on tonight FYI. nt

Understanding Dan Rather

What's holding us back from calling Blackwater terrorists?

is this the beginning of the end of an empire...?

Jon Stewart Talking About Tweety "Kerfuffle!"

Marines can get both extra pay, bonus to re-enlist

Anyone here ever read 'A Child of Hitler'?

Minnesota soldiers' benefits fall short

Blackwater flies injured Polish diplomat to hospital


To meet goal, DOD must send nearly 370 MRAPs per month to Iraq

Bill Scher: This Veto Will Not Be Quiet

How do you feel about economic exploitation & imperialistic BS?

Wes Clark on Tucker -

FRANK RICH (NYT) on with Tavis tonight. No other guests listed.

Charnel House: the Gonzo Papers

BIG SURPRISE: Clear Channel defends Rush's sleazy 'phony soldiers' remark.

Bank Bill's Senate Champion Has Ties to Industry

Will the love for Hillary remain or diminish the way it has for Pelosi?

My run-in with an anti-healthcare nut. Sorry for the long rant, but thought I'd post it.

$34.8 million contract to provide for fixed-wing short takeoff and landing aircraft

La Jolla sink hole.

Hillary: someone please explain

Blackwater Subsidiary's Transport Contracts for the Central Asian Front

Heads up DU, NYT dropping a bomb tonight, secret DOJ doc

How come all American government scandals are about water...hmmmm?

With Biden, I think it's about 1972.

Some RW guy on MSNBC "Lars Larsen"? most gigantic head ever holding the worlds smallest brain.

my 108th ltte printed today response to my reps

Iraq cost per minute

The forecast highs in Detroit for the next five days are all above 80....

Giuliani to STAR in 'Meet a REpublican Night'...and Stan helped

Modern Polling, Hillary's alleged lead

Blackwater shootout left 17 dead; Iraq PM says 'unfit' Blackwater must go

How Bush ("a white Republican guy who doesn't get it") Lost Sight of the Children

Nevada ACLU Releases Statement on Mexican Flag Flying Over American Flag

Back to Murray and the Crandall Canyon mine

We shouldn't fire Blackwater. We should draft them.

Dan Abrams exposes the Republican handbook

War is Golden for the Bush Administration

Republicans Grow Skeptical On Free Trade

George Bush hates sick children, and so does anyone who

Please Help Freshman House Democrats Who Stood With Russ Feingold To End The War

Yo, Rachel Maddow just set Pat Buchanan on fire...

Wednesday TOONS : Not much is funny anymore, really.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Imus Near Deal to Return to Air Waves (WABC-New York)

OK, AnswerFolks....

Breaking: FBI Says Agents to be Guarded by U.S. Gov't Forces while Investigation Blackwater


Out of the mouth of babes. "That BUSH."

TDS - "Blackwater, killing people for money since 1906!!"

Texas legislators vote more than once - sometimes 4 times! Talk about vote fraud!

Ala. Supreme Court agrees "hell no, you won't O!"

Colbert has been an asswipe lately. Liberal Conscience book would be a pamphlet?

If Senator Clinton does win the primary,

If China cut off exports tomorrow, could the US rebuild it's industries....

Utah miners' families testified at House hearing today: MURRAY, LABOR DEPT. ARE UNCOOPERATIVE

The Hillary-haters are beating me down. The sexism is rampant.

IT's not "Hillary hating" it's "Attempted Hillary SAVING!"...and It's All Good!

When 5 Million E-Mails Went Missing-WH Pointed To Contractor-ONLY PROBLEM-Contractor NEVER EXISTED

Gonzales Secretly Authorized CIA Torture

Man's Porn CDs Prompted Slaying, Authorities Say

(The Swims I Take For You , LOL !!!) - Survey: Conservatives Anger with GOP May Be Devastating

SCHIP Veto: Because the Medical Industrial Complex Isn’t Going Down Without a Fight

Teamsters Come Out for Net Neutrality - this affects us all!

Middleburg Woman Killed By Her Pit Bulls

Hey Nancy -- What about those kids?

Violent Crime is up in America. Again.

Blackwater goes deeper than you think. I am posting this from another response; it's worth a look

The Big Microphony

Biden writes a letter to President Musharraf (pakistan)

Input Please.

Obama acts like he understands Iowa

Psssst .... c'mere ...... I got an investment tip for ya.

Armed Forces Radio: which liberal hosts are currently on it? NT

Setting the Record Straight on Federalism in Iraq: Joe Biden

You won't believe Limbaugh's latest... Media Matters

New Mexico Senator’s Pending Retirement Another Blow to GOP Hopes

Getting to the Heart of the Voter

Dean Was Polling At 9% On 10/1/03

Most of Hillary's supporters do not obsess about politics online, many are nowhere to be seen online

Dems must woo white men to Win

The Huffington Post: America Mobilizing to Battle Bush

Bush's Hopeless Heirs

Obama receives more money from financial institutions than any other candidate

Health of Drug Company Profits Thrives at the Expense of Seniors

Ron Paul raises 5 Million in the Quarter

Congress calls for "mortgage czar"

The Hillary Surge - Inevitabile? No.


There's a benefit to having our eventual nominee gain such strong support this early.

Until money is taken out of politics...

Clear Channel CEO: "It would be unfair for me to assume Limbaugh's statements were intended to..."

Are all those polls being taken by the same people who told us

"it’s shocking"-Sy Hersh on DEMOCRACY NOW 10/2/07

John Edwards Campaign Heads on Air America right now! (Elizabeth at 9EST)

You anti-Democratic candidates posters are getting on my last nerve

Well, it appears as if right wing "stars" are having a hard time making

My Friend Retired From L-3

Do you think it is already over? Is the nomination Hillary's already?

Happy Anniversary, Barack and Michelle

Why are we gonna have primaries if this is already over?

Why did Hillary vote for Kyl/Lieberman?

Barack Obama's 5 year Anniversary Speech from Cspan

Does Edwards think his 13% support is superficial as well?

Thompson fails to excite.

Question for those that dislike/hate Hillary - When did your dislike/hatred start?

Obama/Feingold or Obama/Webb: Which one you like the most?

Roger Simon: Barack Obama acts like he understands Iowa (For the inevitability crowd)

Hillary is lighthearted in response to 962-word New York Times piece on her "cackle"

Due to overwhelming ticket sales, Obama rally in Madison is moving to larger venue

You anti-Barack Obama posters are getting on my last nerve

This has been asked, but are there any Dodd fans here? I like him,

Edwards, Not Hillary, Is the Dems Best Chance

Why has this petition to Nancy Pelosi only gotten 62 signatures??

I think I'm starting to get it.

There is a year and a month before election day

Clinton "no more polarizing than other leading Democratic contenders"

Hillary's ahead in the polls Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Richardson should run for the New Mexico senate seat

You anti-Hillary Clinton posters are getting on my last nerve

Obama Starts Hitting Notes the Base Wants to Hear

Most people that support Hillary can't see beyond January 20, 2009

Edwards: Clinton will continue war in Iraq

Edwards call Clinton's 33% lead superficial

How can so many of Hillary's supporters be so blind to her weaknesses?

Maybe Hillary's laugh has helped her

Is Obama doing better than you think?

Senate Intel Committee Reverses, Nobody Notices

Joe Conason: Limbaugh’s “Phony Soldiers” Slur


Time: Selective Justice in Alabama? (Rove, Sessions, & Judge Pryor and illegal campaign $$ )

Score One for Diplomacy

The New L-Word: Neocon - NY Times op-ed

U.S. Confiscates AP Footage/Iraq

GOP voters want someone who’s not like Bush

The end of an era? (Chrisitans/Economic conservatives fleeing Republican Party)

Journalism trends prove that profit-seeking and truth-telling don't really mix. ......

Coulter: Women don't need to vote

David Sirota: Bipartisanship vs. Buypartisanship




Top Five Dirtiest Presidential Campaigns by Joseph Cummins

Darin Murphy | Weak Has a Face, and It's Pelosi's

Technology's challenge to privacy (BBC) {incl. CHERTOFF'S speech at IDPPCC}

Everyone to pay for climate change

Bush clarifies things - sort of

War Criminal


(Major WHINER) Student takes his C to federal court

Sidney Blumenthal: Dan Rather, CBS, and George W Bush

Hillary Rodham Nixon By Randy LoBasso

Blackwater isNOT a private security firm...IT'S A NEO-CON MILITIA!!!!!!!!!

Blackwater's top brass / The Virginian-Pilot

The Clintons and the Bushes -- first chapter of Parry's book "Secrecy and Privilege" now online

Political secrets of the last 50 years - Schlesinger's Diary

Ah Newtie, We Hardly Knew Ye By GAIL COLLINS

Resistance Growing to U.S. Military Bases Around the World

Coulter: Women don't need to vote

United Natural Foods Inaugurates One Megawatt PV System (CA)

Democrats eye key climate summit (BBC)

San Francisco moving to catch up with European bike-share programs

First Bushfires Of The Year Kick Off Spring In Parched Australia - NYT

ING To Power All US-Based Operations With Purchase Of Wind Electricity - AFP

For solar power, the future looks bright

As Arctic Melts, Owls, Dragonflies Never Seen Before By Inuit Arrive At N. End Of Hudson Bay - G&M

HSBC Projects Saudi Oil Exports As Down 12% From 2006 - Aramco Claims Quotas Capping Output

Firewood costs rise Cord cutters say higher fuel costs much to blame (Maine)

Hot, parched and sinking - apocalypse Sydney

Boo-Hoo Award: Consol Energy CEO Says Coal Has Become "Whipping Boy" For Greens - Reuters

Alberta 900 MW Cap on Wind Power Lifted

Texas Decision Could Double Wind Power Capacity in the U.S. (22,800 MW new capacity)

US Dems Ready To Move Energy Bill Ahead Despite Objections

Georgia solar, wind turbine project to bring water to cattle

Melville Island, Among Coldest Places In The Arctic, Hit 22C (71.6F) In 2007

Climate change disaster is upon us, warns UN

Macleans - "Alberta Stands Accused" - Already, Fish From The Athabasca Smell Like Gasoline

Nevada senator (Harry Reid) pushes for wind farm clearances

Chernobyl Fungus Feeds On Radiation

Server farm goes solar

Another warm winter seen for much of U.S.

Splitting Water with Sunlight

My Breaking Point

Reporter's body returned to Japan

Democrats drop demand for documents as prerequisite to confirming Bush AG nominee

Veto of child health plan sparks clash

Bush says Iraq exit would bolster Iran

Bush Administration Boosts Pressure to Pass Colombia Trade Pact

Woman allegedly had relationship with boy, 8 (relationship???) Fucking RAPE

'Howl' in an Era That Fears Indecency

Trial Starts in Corruption Case involving US Lawmaker (Brent Wilkes in Cunningham Case)

Iraqis: Put Blackwater Guards on Trial

Senate Panel Approves Press Shield Bill

Closing of court despites inmate's appeal bid angers state judge

White House Denies (Torture Memo) Report

Soldier In Finance Unit At Bagram Air Base Said To Have "Discovered Things" Is Found Dead

House focusing on eye injuries in combat bill

Approval of Bush, Congress Hits New Low

Charges for Blackwater ex-guard? Lawyer doubts it

Judge rejects Craig's bid to withdraw guilty plea

GM Pact Lets It Move Fourth of Workers to Lower-Paying Jobs

Another corrupt GOP pol goes on trial

Are U.S. Troops Being Force-Fed Christianity?

Poll Shows Majority of Costa Ricans Against CAFTA

Lawyer: USDA waited 18 days before seeking hamburger recall

Iraqis to Pay China $100 Million for Weapons for Police

Blackwater guards in Baghdad won't protect FBI agents (who are investigating them)

More child products recalled on lead concerns

FRONTLINE Announces Fall Season on PBS

August Factory Orders in U.S. Fall More Than Forecast

Pot-candy maker surrenders to feds

Porn shop owners fear rash of arsons

Dollar's double blow from Vietnam and Qatar

Blackwater won't guard FBI in Iraq shooting probe

Gates:US Must Speed Up Weapons For Iraq

Dollar General recalls tumblers due to lead

Burma sets conditions for Suu Kyi

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 4

White House says Climate talks beyond platitudes

Clinton Endorses Anti-Torture Pledge

Dems Demand Secret Interrogation Memos

Kin say soldier hinted at concerns (Gay Female Soldier Killed Afghanistan)

N.H. phone jamming to get 2nd look, Scandal’s ties to the White House will come under scrutiny

FOX News Poll: Americans Praying for Iraq War to End

Uribe cousin quits Senate amid accusations

Iraq's President Talabani Expresses Support for Biden-Brownback Federalism Amendment

Bush to veto WRDA over ‘unsound’ funding decisions [Water Resources Development Act]

BREAKING: Judge refuses Craig's request to withdraw plea

Franken Raises 1.89 Million in Latest Period

CIA detention program still active: official

Turkey Thumbs Nose at US Iran Blockade

Rescuers Save 1,350 South African Gold Miners

Police: Student marked with 'KKK' at school for deaf

Magazine: Bush Official, Friend Under Investigation

Arrest order for Pinochet family

Bush to Syria: Don't meddle in Lebanon

Biggest jobless claims rise in four months

DHS e-mail snafu reveals info on thousands of security pros

Boy Scouts badge voluntarily recalled for lead

Fla. Dems sue national party on primary

BREAKING: Craig will NOT resign.

Franken again raises more money than Coleman in latest period

U.S. warns Costa Rica against rejecting CAFTA

Woman Ordered to Pay $222,000 in File-Sharing Case

House OKs bill to prosecute contractors

Qatar & Vietnam ditch the dollar

Two Koreas Seek Deal for Formal End to Korean War

U.S. Confiscates AP Footage At Scene of Bloody Baghdad Bombing

Iraqi Kurds sign four oil deals

Canada Refuses Entry to CODEPINK Cofounder Medea Benjamin and Retired Colonel Ann Wright

White House denies torture assertion

Accounts of Gotbaum Death Conflict (Phoenix Airport Death)

Obama Blocks Vote on Von Spakovsky in Senate; Stops Harry Reid's deal

How Did Specialist Ciara Durkin Die?

1:40 AM, time for bed

Earworm for AZDem...since she thinks I have been plotting new earworms for her :P

It's the International Trepanation Advocacy Group! Where do I sign up?

Holy crap! Jim Lovell is on Colbert!

I wonder would there be a kind hearted soul awake at this hour

Christ, I feel like shit. Somebody talk to me.

Good morning loungies

"Bible Sex Stories" website

The Untouchable: Many Sports Fans, Dealers Are Snubbing O.J. Simpson Memorabilia

Damnit, the latest Ken Burns documentary is over

It is amazing how ignorant people can be

Anonymous Email Account?

New York craps on Alabama

The select-a-candidate quiz

How do you strike out 4 times on 13 pitches? Beckett's a stud. And Lou...

You know what I love?

How to Spot a Troll

Matt Lauer is balding, and in denial. .

My son is 20 today

so I know he'd appreciate both

Any '02 Subaru Outback owners here today?

I've been watching Season 2 of Weeds on dvd

This is it; this is where I draw the line.

Am I the only DU parent of a trach kid?

Women of DU -- Would you date a bald man?

Neil Armstrong just sent me an email! And I got two more about asteroids!

Stretch Cunningham just sent me an email! And I got two movie offers!

I've got a bag of perfumed peanuts at my desk.

Lance Armstrong just sent me an email! And I got two more about steroids!


Typical Republican

It don't take much to start a fistfight in GD-P.

In Mexico, people don't put toilet paper in the toilet but in a trashcan

The person next to me is smoking really loudly....grrr...

Happy Birthday to my father

Louis Armstrong just sent me an email! And I got two more about androids!

Name a movie that you have seen

Obesity, not wasting, top worry for HIV patients

So what new evil is this Microsoft Silverlight?

HEY!!! Who turned up gravity this morning???

Mr. and Mrs. Tweety's Honeymoon Night:

Any laptop recommendations?

Audio_Al's Audio Book Review of "Dance of Death" by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Curry: Mild, Medium, Hot, or SWEET WOUNDED JESUS?

Well, it only took him four and a half years,

Here in San Diego The Earth Seems to be Moving - Is God Pissed off at Us Again?

House fans -- spoilerish question

How about a round of applause for our congressional leadership!

79 Versions of Hot Buttered popcorn

I don't think Barney,one of my cats, can see very well

I'm going to go bake a cake tonight. Will that win me the title of Top Chef

I know the Freepers are somewhat "behind the times," but...

I want Jim DeMint GONE GONE GONE

Stretch Armstrong just sent me an email! And I got two more about adenoids!

"One for the __________ and one for the ____________."

I have become one of THEM!

Any word from ToOhioLiberal???

Secession......Talk me out of it!

Okay! I admit it! I love the show KID NATION!


Any dark chocolate lovers in The Lounge?

Wuss in a blender

Is it Friday, yet?


Do telemarketers bug you? bug back?

Farewell DU! *sob*

Does this animal have an ego problem, or what?

Thursday, October 4th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I'll take "Mixed up at the nursery ward" for $200, Alex

Fill in the blank: Well, I shaved my____________last night.

Go Yankees! March for #27 starts tonight.

I will stop _______________ when ______________ is pried from my cold dead hands

Get yer fresh hot TROLLS before they're gone!!

"Gift rage" lands worker in court

This kid deserves an Oscar for this

Looks like a homer-fest for the Rockies/Phillies game today!

"_________" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "______".

Yay, the Funk is back!!

Shaved Fish picture thread

"Rift gauge" lands worker in future




What 70's- 80's TV show should be made into a movie next?

I would like to offer a presumptive/retractive analogy


i ain't sorry

What if Office Space had been a Drama?

Does anyone have that GG Liddy pic. The flag desecration special?

This Chicha music is awesome

Can't... contain... myself.. any..... longer.... LET'S GO INDIANS!!!!!!!!


"The Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight It" documentary being suppressed?

I'm not so much a Hillary Lover (believe me it's a post for the lounge)

"Sherry enema" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "sherry enema".

Have you ever been noodling? Dogging? Stumping?

1975 vs 2006

Donovan McNabb .... sacked again!

Phillies are getting Rocked

PA consumer advocacy HELP!

Waxing the Boys?

I feel like crap. Cheer me up!




Stacey's obituary is in my paper


I require narcotics.

That's a shame the Cubs lost

our new baby:

Jam Session

Any Sinatra, Nat King Cole fans here tonight?

Dont you love when your company hires people with less education than the job requires

A Big Thank You To Flaxbee

Mr.Charles Norwood Bell,Jr. & Dr.Anton V .Webern is in your extended network

What do you wear to work?

The Thursday Morning Porn Thread

moissanite! (part 2)

I got talked into it

This Is NOT A Bodily Function Thread

When will people learn that pouring alcohol in their asses will kill them

How long would I have to be missing before anyone noticed?

Ipod question:

To all you "bad" and "naughty" women out there...

How come ****-sucker is about the worst name you can call somebody,

I lost my checkbook last week

Just don't respond to this.

The Occular Penetration Restriciton Act of 2007

My apologies DU - I didn't mean to offend anyone

Match Game: "Avery had a wild night. When he woke up, he was in ______"


Southern Californians - How prevalent are scorpions here?

State Capital You Always Get Wrong

This just in: Tapdancing Larry is NOT going to resign!

What do you do with a drunken’ sailor?

Had to put a block on my credit card today.......

Are you quick to apologize?

Have you ever googled yourself? n/t

You know, I really enjoy a nice sherry now and then

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/4/07

List your favorites of 2007 so far in these categories

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/4/07 Bonus (warning: graphic language)

PETA to K-Fed: You won custody of your kids, now get custody of Britney's dogs

I'm in London! And I don't think I want to go home.

Men of DU -- Would you date a bald woman?

Tokyo drift!

DU Party Flat: Alexandria, Egypt

Shaved head picture thread

I got my puppy one year ago and he's the light of my life...

Charges dismissed in sherry enema death

Nuns get into fist-fight

Why do I always get sick

Radio Lady's Just A Thought - Do you agree? The DU Lounge should have its own RECOMMEND Listings.

Your candidate sucks. I question your liberal credentials. You love the Olive Garden.

I turned 35 today

Don't you hate when your flipflops hit the concrete, slide back and let your toe get ripped open

Men of DU -- Would you date a bad woman?

I have an interview tomorrow. Fashion emergency!

Post your favorite short poem....

Babel Fish + Rock Lyrics = Hilarity

I don't get it. Britney Spears was a cute teenager

suggestions on how to tired a puppy out are welcome

DU women only: Is baldness a huge turnoff?

Anyone use a buckwheat pillow?

Who uses Amtrak?

What cartoon or comic should be made into a movie next?

I would like to offer a preemptive/retroactive apology

Men of DU... would you date this woman?


People you'd like to slap the shit out of?

I am really, really angry at son's soccer coaches.

Anyone see "Big Fish", sorry, I mean "Pushing Up Daisies"?

Audio_Al's Audio Book Review of "The Wheel of Darkness" by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Mixed feelings

Can't... contain... myself.. any..... longer.... LET'S GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!

The world of birds:

I just got off the phone with OMC.

Two Seat Raptor?

Database on medals sought to catch frauds

COLA drops again at four posts in Japan

Bush dines with the Gathering of Kleigles

Alpine village in Italy where F-16 crashed returns to normal

Guard gear burned, looted en route to Balad

The Army of Dude

Iraq Partii

More generous family leave vetoed


Lawmaker: Investigate general who booted MSOC

DoD recommends more control over contractors

Marine vet’s falling death puzzles police

Sailors can get up to $90,000 to ship over

Following report, FBI drops plan to let Blackwater guard investigation of itself

There's a pretty good thread going over at on Troop blogs.

E-Mail Clear Channel!

New revelations in attack on American spy ship

My letter to Clear Channels CEO Mr. Mays & Rush Limbaugh - Join me!

Eval sought 4 times before Marine killed Iraqi

Minnesota (OIF) Soldiers Benefits Fall Short --- Grr!!!

To meet goal, DOD must send nearly 370 MRAPs per month to Iraq

Eric Lee: How many deaths will it take?

Today in labor history: Two strike leaders were lynched - 1887 etc...

Shuttle Workers' Strike Breaks Record

Professional Unions And The Labor Struggles Of The 21st Century

Frontier Strike Anniversary (the longest successful hotel strike in American history)

Anyone have experience as a union organizer?

Union cuts deal at Adam's Mark, ends AFL-CIO boycott!!!

American Airlines and union break off contract-extension talks

‘Clothes make the employee?’

Leonard Cohen, The Partisan


Obama: A New Beginning Speech 10/2/2007 part 1 of 4

Obama: A New Beginning Speech 10/2/2007 part 2 of 4

Obama: A New Beginning Speech 10/2/2007 part 3 of 4

Obama: A New Beginning Speech 10/2/2007 part 4 of 4

Operation Macho-Kick ass

John Edwards: NEA 'Teach For A Day'

International Day of Non - Violence, Charlotte NC 2007

Biden Won't Go 55

Hearing on Iraq Corruption: Judge Radhi Hamza al-Radhi

Olbermann: 4 Million Children Left Behind

Hearing on Iraq Corruption: Waxman's Opening Comments

Hearing on Iraq Corruption: Rep. Mica - Clinton Admin As Corrupt As Maliki


NASA celebrates 50th anniversary of Sputnik with video.

Bush Family = Nazism (interesting video)

Shumer Questions Jennings on US Attorneys Firings Part 2

Shumer Questions Jennings on US Attorneys Firings Part 1

Olbermann: Edwards on What to do about Blackwater

HUMOR: Leahy Jennings Outtakes from Senate Hearing

Goodbye, Mr. Rove SuperNews!

Stand by Us

Hardball: Rachel Maddow Vs. Pat Buchanan

Authorizing Torture

Kids Warn Conservatives: No More Photo Ops

LEAHY: Senate Subpoenas Karl Rove and Scott Jennings = July 2007

IRAQ: Robert Byrd Says Troops

Geraldo argues with Hannity over "phoney soldiers" controversy

Fred Thompson Campain (sic) Ad

Why is that little girl chewing on a diaphragm?

Sidney Blumenthal: Red, White and Mercenary in Iraq

Frank Rich is on Tavis Smiley tonight. Could be fun!


"Betraying Our Troops" authors on with Bernie Ward now

My Breaking Point

Frank Rich: We've been through a lot in this post-9/11 world, on Tavis Smiley.

You anti-Larouche posters have crossed the line

Why are Democrats in Congress Dragging Their Feet On The Important Issues?

Homosexuals and nuclear weapons programs.

The Rot Eating at America’s Soul

Bishop Would Deny Communion to Giuliani

Clips of stupid GOP statements the Dems can us with a "I STAND BY THAT STATEMENT"

70% Out Of Iraq. What the ABC/Wapo Poll really said.

No ditto

No kidding

The doors are locked to Heaven's Gate

So Frederick of Hollywood thinks he will win because...

What you should know about India

Ok let's propose a new Group DU progressives

The Use Of The Word "Whore" And "Bitch"

Tennessee: Bush's veto costs state's hospitals $150 million

Are terms like "corporate whore" and "media whore" offensive?

16,000 person increase in applications for unemployment benefits last week

Rep Jim Cooper on CSpan 1 now discussing

Is the whole Iraq fiasco ultimately about China?

Ever used the argument with a war supporter, that if a war is necessary,

Fitz Makes The Case Against A New Shield Law

From the Words that Return to Bite you in the Ass Department....

BAGHDAD -- A daring ambush of bombs and gunfire left Poland's ambassador pinned down in a burning..

So I looked up the definition of "WHORE"

At least five dead in cargo plane crash in Congo

E-Mail I Received from Sojourners

Wal-Mart must pay extra damages

Bush: 'I make a lot of decisions'

Vegan teacher appeals firing

Peace Activists Denied Access Into Canada Because Of Arrest Record In FBI-Run Database

Cross post from the lounge Re: Stacey's obituary

Archbishop who wanted to deny communion to Kerry steers away from talking about death penalty, war

Private-security lobby backs Price (D-NC) bill overseeing Security contractors-WHY?

25 Highest-paid men

Obama on MSNBC (now)

PM Maliki still insisting that Blackwater must leave Iraq

3 Former Professors Sue Oral Roberts University

Joe Conservative

One of the Bush's closest allies, the Hunt Oil Company, finalizes deal with the Kurds

Report: LA deputies held arrest contests

*** Waxman Oversight hearing on Iraqi Corruption ***

Rudy Guliani And Donald Trump Share A Tender Moment

Books Online

A Spell from San Francisco: Impeach. Reason: Treason (by sfexpat2000!)

I gave a climate talk in Limbaugh country the other night

Video: Cop punches handcuffed prisoner and Mayor says "consider the context."

Has the WH commented on the endorsement of torture article yet?

US Budget Priorities

Framing "defining" Rudy. Over at LBN there was an article

SCHIP, the veto and politics

Free Burma!

Post/Gawker claim Gore will be on eps. #5 of "30 Rock" this season

delete - dupe

Reflection on where we are today

Cal Thomas thinks repukes need to make a pilgrimage to Vermont

***Let's Pretend***

Rita Cosby Served Legal Papers From Howard K. Stern At Her Own Book Party


Can anyone find a "$9.11 For Rudy" invitation on the Internets?

Fired Iraqi Judge Testifies Corruption Has 'Stopped' Reconstruction

Dem. Now! Jon Stewart apologizes to Jeremy Scahill:

The U.S. House of Representatives is now voting on the Contractor's Bill

ABC, CBS deny doing puff pieces on Clarence THOMAS

Kerry : First Race of 2008

.....Tired populace

Steph Miller just played a great Jack Cafferty rant...

Gang member's funeral stops school; Safety concerns for children are cited

R. Rep. Adam twister Putnam blathered garble this morning

"The Iranians Are Gonna Greet Us with Candy & Flowers, See" ---pix--->>>

All the Scandals, a running Tally

Domenici has "frontotemporal lobar degeneration"

Rep. Mica Implies Clinton Admin Was As Corrupt As Maliki (Iraq Corruption Hearing)

'Howl' too hot to hear: 50 years after poem ruled not obscene, radio fears to air it

McClatchy: No Child Left Behind faces contentious reauthorization

Congressional Democrats: They've become Neville Chamberlain

"The Christian Coalition".."must be a brand name, because

Boot Camp Death Trial Starts...all white jury.

Do Not Call list about to expire

Bush says Iraq exit would bolster Iran

Amy Goodman does have bells palsy and has tried acupuncture

Why would poor anti-abortion Republics vote for Giuliani rather than the Dem candidate?

Any DC-area transportation activists here? RE: Public tranist

30 House Republicans who want Blackwater to get away with murder!

Chevron's links to Burma stir critics to demand it pull out

Disabled People Most Likely To Smoke

Someone in my town had their US flag stolen out of their front yard.

Cindy Sheehan: Imagine Peace

Baby Thrown From Car During Carjacking

LTTE from the bush administration

NPR courts the post-Boomer, tech-savvy set with "Bryant Park Project" (with Alison Stewart)

cbs morning news just devoted a long segment to his story about female soldier killed bullet to head

Responding to Startling 'NYT' Story: White House Denies 'Torture'

The president did not call on her.

Central Floridians Face Possible Fines For Watching Street Races

Conservative Analyst: Petraeus "Political General of the Worst Kind"

Clarence Thomas' Book on Amazon - Great Reviews!!!

Does Willie Nelson Have Throat Cancer? (Rumor I Heard)

Ideas to annoy Rudy on the campaign trail?

Did I miss the explanation?

Thompson's Jeri: All anybody thinks is 'trophy wife'

New Mexico Senator has brain disease, frontal lobes deteriorate!

"More slander from the high and mighty sitting in his chair nursing the boils on his ass."

Kevin Drum: Which lawmakers knew about the secret extreme torture approval?

Laura Bush Condemns Myanmar Violence, Says Junta Must Step Down

nail, meet coffin

Leahy's cowardice?

Mr. and Mrs. Tweety's Honeymoon Night:

Judge to Larry: Fuggheddaboudit

CONYERS Demands Secret DOJ Torture Memos-WH Denies They Exist

CNN weatherman considers Gore's An Inconvenient Truth fiction

Hezbollah Regains Strength in Lebanon

Smugglers try to use bugs as drug mules

U.S. Confiscates AP Footage At Scene of Bloody Baghdad Bombing

I need DU's help ASAP: Who is Susan Schwab, USTR?

Obama, Others Nix Deal on Voter Fraud Guru (von Spakovsky)

Rush telling Salazar to Read the constitution-YOu can not censor me he says

Ill. priest's comments lead to lawsuit

Jon Stewart-Chris Matthews interview transcript available somewhere?

Steven Weber: Bush to Kids: Drop Dead!

Dear Roger Cohen

The gun empire of Justin Moon, son of Sun Myung Moon


Fred Thompson has to ask audience to applaud after his speech

Bush announces air strikes on Trafalmadore have begun

Chevron’s Links to Burma Stir Critics to Demand It Pull Out

Lukewarm Politics

Anyone listening to the Waxman Oversight hearing?

Sheila Jackson-Lee: "There is ... no excuse for the de facto legal immunity" for contractors in Iraq

"lowest levels ever recorded" : new AP-Ipsos poll, B*sh & Congress

Secret U.S. Endorsement of Severe Interrogations

Florida is a frightening place to live: financially

Did Secretary Rice Know About Gonzales' Secret '05 Legal Opinion On Torture?

Secret US Endorsement of Severe Interrogations

this just sounds odd to me: "I am grateful for Lori's service to the homeland"

Minnesota College Bans Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu From Talk On Peace and Justice

Hillary Clinton is not a whore!

Drugs hidden in Mr. Potato Head toy

My letter to the general manager of the local radio station that broadcasts Rush...

FYI - 11 product recalls just announced for Oct by the CPSC.

All that fuckin' cash, just gone ...

Iraqis to Pay China $100 Million for Weapons for Police

anyone catch Dana Perino on the issue of Torture?

more beaches in Fl. closed because of red tide - 'sea cough'

U.S. recalls over 1/2 million toys over lead levels (Where can I get lead testing kits?)

Did the Sputnik have a personal effect on you? I was in Parris Island

Bill Clinton reacts to Larry Craig's verdict

At last! An entitlement program that Republicans love!

Severe Interrogations Endorsed Secretly - MUST READ _ per Comey

Dobson Makes It Official: Religious Right Leaders Will Back Third-Party Challenger Against Rudy

question: how is military resistance viewed by the public and media in the US?

Would you be offended if I called Sheehan a whore?

Oh yuck. Really. Yuck.

One kind of ACTION vs DLC is to support . . .

Have you written your Rep yet about overturning the SCHIP Veto?

Torturers Tough Questions: "Can we do this & this at the same time"?

What a difference in mine safety. US v. SA. shameful. just shameful.

Are the 2 political parties shifting identities?

Minnesota (OIF) Soldiers Benefits Fall Short - This makes me so angry!!

I Believe...Peace

George W. Bush: SADIST

I CONFESS: Limbaugh and Coulter PROVE I am NOT A PACIFICIST!!!

Returning soldiers being denied benefits.

Gentle Reminder: There is NO Terrorist Threat

I don't get it. Britney Spears was a cute teenager

The Religious Right's New Tactics for Invading Public Schools

By a nearly two-to-one margin, Republican voters believe free trade is bad for the U.S. economy

So who has facilitated this climate of hate: more nooses

Free, printable banners re this illegal war and the costs involved

CNN: Sen.DOMENICI (R)- New Mexico is retiring, official now

Breaking CNN: Larry Craig will NOT resign

Bush leaves problems to successor (Analysis: Bush to pass on his problems) - article with pics

Blackwater's Erik Prince is generous donor to Republicans, Pennsylvania Greens

Banning Desmond Tutu

U.S. Troops Detained AP Cameraman, Confiscated His Footage

Okay...let me make this clear

So what happened to Kucinich's privileged resolution to

Are U.S. Troops Being Force-Fed Christianity?

Conservatism was an era. And that this era is over.

Craigs staying and back in the news. Now we can hear more funny jokes...

In case you missed it: John Edwards on Countdown with Keith Olbermann (GREAT VIDEO)

My Prediction of the Future of the Republican and Democratic Parties

U.S. recalls over 1/2 million toys over lead levels (New Recalls)

The Word according to Dubya: 50 religious insights from George Bush

Well, This Explains the Sad State of American Radio Today...

The Heartless Bastard of the Year Award Goes To......Delta Airlines

Dear Children of America:

I chose to suffer through Sean Hannity's "exclusive" interview with Fred Thompson last night

Bush losing support of the "coalition of the willing" ~

Democracy Requires An Informed Populace

My letter to Clear Channel's CEO Mr. Mays and Rush Limbaugh--

Mr. Potato Head in Australia ecstasy bust!

Is anybody else having trouble connecting to Gmail?

Ann Coulter still wants to take away the right to vote for women.

Pinochet family arrested in Chile

How long until Mitch McConnell is ousted from his leadership role?

New EU foreign policy think tank created ( European Council on Foreign Relations )

i thought medea benjamin and ret. colonel ann wright were having a press conference today at 1 PM.

Splaining the democrat's 2007 congressional record for dummies

Protest of proposed Blackwater facility to be held this weekend near San Diego

Can you see this?

N.M. senator Domenici to retire over brain disorder

Imagine Peace

Reporter Shield Law Approved by Senate Judiciary

Will It Be Wrong To Call Her Queen Hillary?

To those who want me to quit criticizing the Dems, and look at the big picture...I will:

New Orleans corruption cases multiply

Weapons racket alert

I think I joined DU in September of 04. I missed most of the nastiness, but

DP-2 finally "flies" (for 45 seconds) after 20 years and $63 million in taxpayer money

US official mum on Iraq corruption..."refused to say whether Iraq's prime minister was involved..."

Bush Admin Slip: Says messing with Blackwater would mess with National Security

Thank you, Sen. Larry Craig, for deciding to remain in the senate.

Out of the Closet with Right-Wing Ralphie...Mark Fiore!!!

Clear Channel Rejects VoteVets Ad Because It ‘Conflicts’ With Listeners Who Tune Into Rush


All 3,200 South African miners pulled to safety. No casualties!

Your candidate sucks. I question your liberal credentials. You love the Olive Garden.

Pentagon: Mental Illnesses 'Pre-Existing'

Lawmakers vote to make security contractors subject to U.S. prosecution

Attention Democratic Candidates. A PSA: The Lesson of the Ron Paul campaign

For a military that is so afraid of gays **WARNING GRAPHIC PICS**

GAO Finds that Some FCC Lobbyists Get Inside Info

Oh No!!! Another Fred Thread....

McClatchy: New military leaders question Iraq mission

Lawmaker protests expunging of word 'God' from flag certificate

10th-grade student asks Bush why he won't negotiate directly with Iranian leaders

Breaking on MSNBC: Larry says his stance

Veto to Come on Water Infrastructure Projects Bill

Schumer, Clinton Announce $55 Million for defense spending in NY

FBI checks bomb report, finds pumpkin


The Religious Right's New Tactics for Invading Public Schools

Why Bush vetoed the SCHIP...because....

Been watching police brutality videos.....I need a bumper sticker...

The Gift That Keeps On Giving....

‘Rolling Stones’ won’t retire: Jagger

A new way to address GOP Hypocrisy

Who Is More Treacherous: An Anti-War Republican Who Votes With the Dems On Occasion

It must really suck to be a right wing fundamentalist republican right about now.

Marion Jones admits using steroids before the 2000 Olympics

Heather Wilson is running for Senate in NM

GOP Raising Money Off Rush's "Phony Soldiers" Remark

Red State rants about MSNBC coverage of SCHIP

Clear Channel E-Mail Addresses!

Palco Bankruptcy Plan- Sell Ancient Redwood Forest to Developers

Kucinich on PBS NewsHour right now!!

Kucinich Campaign Reaches $1 Million Fund-raising Goal

If we have less freedoms after the war did we win?

Secessionists meeting in Tennessee

Minnesota Judge Smacks Down Larry Craig

BBC World news on NOW (4:00 pm Pacific time) Dishnet channel 135

rwingnuts pushing edited video of Gore from 1992 to "prove" hypocrisy

Larry Craig is using his wide stance to piss on the GOP by staying.

New Lows in Iraq - Women being targeted in Basra

Rev. John Hagee, on msnbc In defense of Israel

Medical examiner who blamed boot camp death on anemia...says medical community giving support.

Dennis Kucinich to be intervied on Jim Lehrer news Hr tonight coming up PBS

Hey, Congressional Democrats--especially the leadership...

House passes tax-relief bill for refinancing borrowers


What happened to Amy Goodman?

Reporting on Blackwater....'the guards became the terrorists' 'shooting lasted 20 minutes'

Dodd on latest torture memo

And we wonder why identity theft is so out of control

Guiliani...9/11...Swift Boat...9/11...Skeletor

Why discuss a right wing wing nut here

Watching police brutality videos......I need a bumper sticker

TORTURE TORTURE TORTURE,...being drowned out by petty shit

Interview with author, Charlie Savage and his new book - "Takeover"

Mrs. Tweety will guest on tonight's 10th Anniversary "Hardball"

The Life and Times of Dick Cheney A Eulogy for the Veep

OhOh Repuke Senators cancelled their press conference

So Tweety used to be a cop, huh?

Remember Dershowitz's essay on torture back in early 2003?

30 Rock back on tonight

Craig is staying in the senate--breaking on cnn now.

Last day of life all planned out, down to the polka

Hey, Tweety...

Is anyone watching Hardball? Tweety is being interviewed by his wife.

Are you a republican troll

Cause of Pete Dominici's brain disease identified

Several States Are Discussing Secession From The United States

We are that Pale Blue Dot.

"Koreas seek formal end to Korean war" (Reuters)

Gay GOP Group Targets Romney In Funny New Ad

Breaking News: Minnesota Judge rejects Larry Craig's request to withdraw

I want America to elect a woman President--

Something aggravating just happened...

Judge's ruling marks a milestone in legal challenges to Bush Admin practice of indefinite detention

OK. HIllary Clinton

Supreme Injustices

Hey guess what else Bush is going to veto?

Bush: "I don't want the federal government making decisions for doctors and customers" football analogy to help people understand

Torture back on the agenda at the WH w/comments (Perino/Obama)

Did Rice know about secret torture approval in 2005?

Secret U.S. Endorsement of Severe Interrogations

ACLU Sharply Condemns Bush Administration’s Secret Torture Memos

Press Briefing - transcript - with Dana Perino re: Torture

"John McCain was tortured... We do not torture" (Fran Townsend)


Clearing My Cache

Wes Clark: Support Hillary's Position on Iran

Introducing the Republican Blue Elephant?

Bush: 'I Make a Lot of Decisions'

I have OFFICIALLY seen it all here in my many years on DU

Chris Floyd: Plain and Simple: Nothing But Ouster Will Stop Bush-Cheney Torture Regime

You'll love this: Editorial slamming freepers

"A Cat Smearing Shit on a Mirror" = The 2007 Republican Party!

Can someone explain to me why the dollar has fallen so much?

Soledad O'Brien spoke at my school - Here's my blog------>

War Criminal - "Never in history had the United States authorized such tactics."

Internment Camps in WW ll

U.S. Deaths Confirmed By The DoD: 3808 + 2 still being ignored

Reid rejects compromise on SCHIP

MN's St. Thomas U. bids Adieu to Tutu!

NY Times Story On Secret Interrogation Order Prompts Congressional Action

What does this image tell you?

Anyone nuked yet?

Kerry's statement during SFRC Hearing on Burma's Saffron Revolution

Is it a good or bad time for progressives to force the Democratic Party left?

Minnesota had a Cosmic Event

Chris Matthews (Tweety) on NPR Talk of the Nation -- talking about how he votes

Oh for ****'s sake! They're sending Ospreys to Iraq!

Surge for New Orleans?? Here's a SURGE we need...

Senator Byrd Introduces "Iran" Amendments to the Defense Appropriations Bill

The Nation: Hillary won't commit to renew Constitution; all other Dems have

Duncan Hunter: We've Seen Illegal Aliens Herded into the Polls, Voting Illegally in California

Does anyone else have the following rationale for leaning away from Hillary:

NYTimes Bombshell: "Shameful" Torture Secretly Approved by OLC

Dennis Kucinich on PBS now (central time)

Should Larry Craig Stay in the Senate?

Despite the recent Nation article, non-voters clearly aren't waiting for a progressive candidate.

Glenn Greenwald: The latest revelations of lawbreaking, torture and extremism

Okay, I surrender...

Breaking: Judge rejects Craig’s bid to withdraw guilty plea

Time: In Alabama, Prosecutors Chased Dem Ex-Gov Siegelman, Ignored Allegations Against GOPers

CNN Rob Marciano calls "An Inconvenient Truth" Fictional

Smokers and SCHIP, the untold story.

"Why hard work doesn't pay"

Ok, no more Hillary bashing from me

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

What is the root of most of the Hillary hating on DU?

FBI probing HUD secretary for Katrina corruption

Hillary Clinton Won't Commit to Renew the Constitution

Attention podcasters: Audition Call

Three Halloween items in a study found to have up to 650 times upper limit of lead

In 75 years, most (if not ALL) DUers

So... what candidate do you support?

who gives a fuck if OBAMA wears a flag pin on his shirt?

I finally started asking the questions...

A ban on smoking in the home???

My best friend and business partner is under the knife as I type this.

Bush and CHESS? Does he play the Game? Does he understand the moves and concept?

Preacher busted as "Diablos4u2", an S&M "Master" (Graphic)


has anyone here ever flown spirit air?

I'm going to get flamed for this, I'm sure .... but Dobson's 3rd party is just like our far lefties.

War crimes of a "white Republican guy who doesn't get it"

I was curious whether studies have been conducted on the "armageddon" mindset.

Oh, cool! San Francisco is being buzzed by the Blue Angels.

BradBlog: Obama Puts Kibosh on Reid's Deal with GOP and Blocks Vote on Von Spakovsky in Senate.

I will happily support Clinton, Obama, Edwards...

Primary Focus

Thursday Night TOONS: Balanced Thinking!

Remember the McDonald's Strip Search Case? Jury has case

Hilarious-The GOP's new "wide-stance" logo

In theory, I could have been fired this week for merely having gone to Pride

Rove Assistant, Scott Jennings, Resigns

GWB likes to Kill chlidren..that's why he vetoed the Bill

A note to smokers.

Bruce Springsteen brushes off 'unpatriotic' label

Army Denies Education Benefits To National Guard Troops Who Served 22 Months In Iraq

Hoyer-led Dems to Cave Again on FISA

How to deal with Iraq?

Cover your ears because I'm going to scream right now.

*Breaking* - RNC logo re-designed

ACLU: Critical votes within 3 weeks could grant vast new spying powers to Bush

I am now a single issue voter: anti-war

Ron Christie's brother charged with robbery and felony toe licking

Why do some of you believe voting Republican = Ending the War?

Old Man Thompson in His Lime Green Hardhat ---pix--->>>

WTC steel becomes USS New York

Caption Sizzling Fred and His Trophy Wife

Saturday: International Day of Action on Burma!

Larry's song

We Still "Aren't Allowed" To Call It What It Is.

Who is more Liberal? Bill or Hillary?

Larry Craig Lives on a YACHT! ---pix--->>>

Independent California Republic

Let’s read that again, shall we?

torture is fundementally inhumane

Byrd: Senate’s ‘Saber-Rattling’ Is ‘Sleep-Walking’ America To War With Iran

How Many Resignations? A short list of about 60. Who can you add? Libby, Rove, Gonzo....

Judiciary Members Seek Answers on "Phone Jamming," Voter Suppression Cases = EXPANDING INQUIRY

Did Russia tell the East Germans the wall was to keep wGermans out?

CHECK IT OUT: Give Bush A Brain Game ======>

I guess I have to leave DU now

One more time--Draft Gore! Why the effort itself makes sense, regardless of result:

Kad7777's at it again -- great video! Here's the link:

Steve Post Alert: Biden statement regarding Burma. Here's link:

Steve Post Alert: Biden plan wins approval from Iraqi President! Link:

Steve Post Alert: Biden's Voting record. Here's link (don't know how much longer I can last.)

Steve Post Alert: Iraqi PM is now on board with Plan. This is GREAT news! Link:

Steve Post Alert: This is what he posted on the Biden Bunch Blog

Biden interview in SC video

Another SC video for you (he sure sounds exhausted)

Biden unveils his education plan today :)

Why doesn't Joe Biden have a "Store" on his web site?

Just dropping in to say hello...

Edwards is Top Presidential Contender in Missouri (followed by Obama)

Using their own tools against them

Edwards wants Blackwater out of Iraq. Does your candidate?

Clinton Old Enough to Know Better?

NYT: On Stump, Low-Key Thompson Stirs Few Sparks: "something other than a dynamic presence"

The radical Hillary Clinton

Jenna Bush Says She's Also Counting The Minutes Until Bush Leaves

NPR this morning: Orrin Hatch (!), other Pubs expose Bush's S-CHIP $83,000/year lie....

Sadly, nothing

"Screwing the Pooch"

What if the Dem Ticket is Clinton/Your Candidate?

Barack Obama's grassroots appeal

Politico writer says Dems must woo white men to win

It's ideality check time: Why don't the pro-occupation Democratic candidates drop out?

I Am Beginning To Think Rudy G(h)ouliani Is A Paper Tiger

The quiet ones.

Richardson Takes On Edwards

On policies, Clinton plays it safe: "Unclear," "on different sides of same issue," avoids specifics

Joe Biden has done more for America in the past week than all his rivals have done in their . . .

It's quite insulting to the majority of Democratic voters to claim Hillary's support is not genuine.

Just heard Obama on Morning Joe say he wants America Kids to be raise like in Communist China

The Falling Dollar

Supporters Plan Lobbying Blitz to Override Veto of Child Health Care Bill

To the Clinton/Obama haters I want to ask a question...


27% of Republicans would vote third party rather than for Ghouliani

On Stump, Low-Key Thompson Stirs Few Sparks (Freddy's pretty lame)

Blast from the past: Obama rallies state Democrats throws support behind Lieberman!

Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki changes his tune as to Biden's Plan for Iraq.

Obama: Torture is part of the problem, not the solution

I Want a WIKI !!!!

Gallup Poll: How candidates do on issues

It's Okay to Admit That Your Candidate Has Flaws

AP Photo: Woman attending Bush event in a "George Bush, your war killed my friend's son" t-shirt

Obama Faults Use Of Contract Workers

Leahy talks tough, and then caves again...

Lead singer of Goo Goo Dolls headlines Clinton fundraiser

Florida is the key to drafting Gore

Democratic Candidates, The GOP will Run on Withdrawal Plan

Not all Cocaine addicts are beautiful. (PIC)

Who will Al Gore endorse for president?

Senate Democrats Discuss Administration's Distorted Economic Priorities

If Paul Wellstone was still alive, who would he endorse for President?

Clinton assails Bush's 'war on science'

Kucinich supporters: what are Dennis' flaws?

Will Bill Richardson drop Presidential bid to run for Senate?

dupe - delete

It's the United States, not the Divided States, so why are people calling Biden's plan partition?

Joe Biden's Voting Record (but only 1995 to 2007--he was elected in 1972)

Former Clinton strategic consultant cites Edwards as "Strongest Democrat in GE Matchups"

It's called LYING, Mr Bush


They support the troops? Oh yeah, maybe the National Guard doesn't count

Could A "Hidden" Youth Vote Propel Obama?

Leahy's cowardice?

Hillary Clinton Lies

Who Was Truthful In Their Testimony Before The Senate Judiciary Committee?

Bill Clinton would make a wonderful "First Husband"

Republicans in power: violent crime rate soaring, corporate crime soaring.

New scandal involving satellite TV companies already nick-named by MSM.

People moaning about people moaning about the people moaning about Hillary are getting on my nerves

If I knew what Hillary was for, I might be for Hillary!

In Latest Poll, VERY Good News for Both Clintons: Hillary 58% Rudy 40%

Matthew Yglesias: Who's giving money to Bill Clinton?

SCHIP and Republican pres candidates

Anybody see the new Hillary ad during the game last night?

Of 13 issues polled by Gallup, Hillary seen as doing the best job with all 13....

The Occupation is Fueling the Insurgency

27% of republicans would ditch Rudy for a pro-life 3rd party

Clinton's 33-pt lead should be no surprise

Edwards, Not Hillary, is Dems' Best Chance

Tim Ryan:Why I Support Chris Dodd for President

Yet again some Obama supporters post RW crap because it attacks Hillary.

A serious post and question in regard to the American Freedom Pledge

Its AMAZING how SOME DUers adopt rightwing talking points to attack candidates other than their own

In case you missed it: John Edwards on Countdown with Keith Olbermann (GREAT VIDEO)

Florida Primary Election Conflict Headed to Court

The front-runners balloons are about to burst!

Montana Senator Launches TV Ad Criticizing Bush for SCHIP Veto

Clinton has now signed the Anti-Torture pledge (just happened)

WHO's really QUALIFIED? a blog from DailyKos

Everybody lies.

With Joe Biden at the helm, you get the President you THOUGHT you were voting for.

SurveyUSA Florida: Hillary Strongest Dem...Obama and Edwards lose to Guiliani...

So whose payroll is Markos on?

The Nation: How Different Are the Top Three Dems?

Ohio State Rep. Barrett Shows Nude Photos a high school

PRICELESS!! New GOP Convention Logo

Blacks split evenly on Clinton and Obama

Presenting the newest member of the Village People:

Why is Hillary Clinton the ONLY Democratic candidate to IGNORE the "American Freedom Pledge"?

Gov Richardson: Hard Choices: The Responsible Way Forward for Iraq and our Military

Bush: "When the building expanded, it prevented opportunities for people to work. Tax cuts matter."

What other candidates' names rhyme with "inevitibility"?

Pete Domenici to retire

Our Brand is Crisis -- and Hillary Clinton

An apology to Richardson Supporters:

GAO says 19.2 BILLION $$ worth of eqipment in Iraq is NOT accounted for yet, we

An apology to Clinton supporters for my initial venom

Obama Buzz Building On The Ground In Iowa

Democrats to hammer GOP over Bush's latest veto

Memo To Harry Reid re: Larry Craig

"Would You Guys Like us to Come Without You?" - Off The Bus

Smackdown! Minnesota Style..... Judge Porter to Larry Craig

Ron Paul's Fund Raising Doubled in Quarter

Is "anti-Hillary" now a word that is used the same way as "anti-Semite"? To shut down debate.

TV advertising in Iowa: Obama $4,000,000 - Clinton $2,000,000 - Edwards $20,000

Craig Vows to Stay Despite Court Loss

Both Richardson and Edwards would leave troops at the Embassy in Iraq.

It's called LYING Mr. Obama

Challenge to House of Dodd! Let DU know what your guy's accomplishments are!

Which candidate handles smears the best?

The Rude Pundit: A Conversation in High Places Regarding Torture

Found some old Democratic speeches on reel 2 reel, can anyone burn them to CD?

GOP circulates videos of Hillary Clinton's laugh

Why did Kucinich vote against health care for children?

Obama Won't Wear American Flag Pin


"Anita Hill was paid" and "is a liar" & "I don't want to sound repubulican but."

Why not Clinton-Lieberman?

Obama puts kibosh on Reid's deal with GOP and blocks Senate vote.

And yet again...DU goes into an anti-Hillary frenzy before all the facts are known...

McCain: The Rush "issue is closed"

Nobel Peace Prize set for Oct 12th announcement.

Clinton preferred over Giuliani in US race: poll (51-39)

Columbus, Kentucky - Small Town has Big Welcome for John Edwards

Do you think the minority candidates will start going more negative on Hillary in desperation?

Why is Fred Thompson even running for President?

Why do Rush, Fox News and the Right-Wing Hate our Troops?

Obama Hits My Red Button: Eliminating ALL Nuclear Weapons

Obama, Feingold: We Oppose von Spakovsky Nomination

ABC News: Clinton Won't Sign Anti-Torture Pledge (Updated: She signed it)

"Don’t get too cocky about 2008", Clark told us. "The Republican plan is to use war"

Clinton supporters: will you support the Democratric nominee if Hillary is not chosen? nt

Why are Dems Pushing to exempt Corp Ag from Super fund?

Huff Po: Clinton Has Shattered "The Prism of The Right."

If Andrew Jackson Was Alive Today Who Would He Support For President?

Chapter One: In which I mouth off to Andrew Sullivan (Send More Japs!)

BIDEN unveiled his Education Plan today in Iowa

Biden steamrolls Bush, gains support of top Iraqis; press remains silent.

Clinton beats Giuliani with Indies( WaPoABC poll, national heat).

Senator Biden unveils his education plan


Watch the Texas Legislature Double, Triple, Quadruple Vote on same Question....

The L.A. Times beautifully characterizes that malleable enigma we call "Hillary Clinton"

I don't care if Hillary drags down other candidates

Joe Biden's Plan for Iraq Wins Approval of Iraqi President!

a JOE BIDEN pick me up

Joe Biden issues statement condemning government of Burma and calling for interantional cooperation

Hillary supporters moaning about anti-HRC posts are getting on my last nerve...

Don't be fooled by those who tell you "don't be fooled" by Hillary's powerful lead in the polls.

The Clintons and the Bushes -- first chapter of Parry's book "Secrecy and Privilege" now online

Hillary's new ad is incredible in black and white

It's Called ACTUAL LYING, Mrs. Clinton

Is attacking someone's patriotism for not wearing a flag pin

"who only last week backed off her previous suggestions that some torture could be legal"

Everyone is talking about "Swiftboating" but ...

Well, blow me down. My redneck buddy likes Hillary.

Elizabeth Edwards questions Limpball's draft deferment

I love Joe, Bill, John, Dennis, Chris, Mike, Barack and Hillary