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Home Mr. Greenspan speaks (again) The Daily Reckoning’s Desidooru Saloon

Hot and Steamy By Byron King

CFR: Russians Working Hard to Resolve Iranian Nuclear Crisis

Paul Rieckhoff: Fighting Overseas While Fires Burn at Home

Are “Green Jobs” The Growth Jobs Of The Future?

Bush Science Ho (Marburger) Linked To Deletions, Edits Of CDC Report On Warming - Nature

CNN Wins "No Duh!" Award - "US Auto Industry Faces Growing Headwing From High Oil Prices"

High Breast Cancer Levels on Long Island around nuclear power plants

"Greenwash Guerillas" Disrupt Carbon Trading Expo In NYC

Murder and payoffs taint business in Colombia

Afscme Close to Endorsing 2008 Candidate

McCain links Iraq victory to ME peace

Lebanon's Hariri says assassination plot uncovered

Suit against funeral protesters goes to jury

Burma army 'recruiting children'

5.6 Quake Shakes the Bay Area

US spent $43.5 billion on intelligence in 2007

U.S. Military Will Oversee Contractors

GAO: Army improperly awarded $150B contract

Sen. Nelson (D-Ne) says patience wearing thin with Iraqis

Clinton, rivals spar as Democrats debate

Turkey: Fighting With Kurds Will Surge

LA fire started by boy with matches (Buckweed Fire)

Moderate Earthquake SF Bay Area

Cuba Warns US Against Regime Change

Chinese Chemicals Flow Unchecked to Market

Putin visits memorial to victims of Stalinist Great Terror

CIA Chief Michael Hayden Defends 'Lawful' Interrogation Practices

Police: Man admits threatening to 'out' lawmaker

Tonight is called Goosey night here....

True or false?

Quick, don't google this! Do you know what Kraus-Anderson is?


*yawn* It must be time for bed.

Ladies, answer this question for me regarding break-ups.

Yes... I am nerdy. I apologize for it too.

I'll never be imprisioned by a faded memory...

ok, I'm pretty well over the grad school trip.

Do you ever feel invisible...

Did someone buy me a star during the last campaign?

I'm sick and grouchy. Don't ask me anything!

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

My third-grader sent a letter to Steve Jobs

Tonight on the jukebox at Tavernertavern: Sly and The Family Stone "Small Talk"

i run across lots of 20 somethings in my day to day

Ever like "Hell's Kitchen"? Well, this show is much better:

Who has the weirdest DU avatar?


Gloop and Gleep



A List of Hanna-Barbera Characters

Zoobilee Zoo

New Zoo Review


Princeton Review

Doobie Doobie Doo

Scooby Dooby Doo

Poo? Eeeeeewww!

Have a question re: LCD monitors

4 eyebrows...


First nude photo exhibition to come soon (Hanoi)

A list of Sid and Marty Krofft productions

The Shmoo!


Lucy Liu


Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Lost Coast Indica IPA

Here's a little Website where you can carve a pumpkin as often

Did you ever get good news ...

Advice to loungers: NEVER play with street magicians

Boo me once, shame on you


the loo


BOOs your friend? BOOs your buddy?

Thank you (falletinme BOO mice elf, agin)

A staggeringly good song and video from 1985. More relevant than ever in 2007:

BOOZE your friend? BOOZE your buddy?

We won't get Boo-ed again!

May I touch you?

Are you going to dress for work tomorrow?

Mash-up Thread!

Feeling good tonight

Just got home, was at Game 4 of World Series...ask me anything

it appears that i have developed a nasty habit . . .

BOOOn River!

Steady as Freddie

I can't find the HalloweeN eve thread >:(

Radio Lady Photos: Snow Canyon State Park (Utah) from

WTF is going on in the Lounge?

Ewwww Keef just used my word!

I posted in GD today -- you have to check this out.

5.6 Earthquake Self-delete

Laura Bush's Guide to Raising Christian Ladies: Jenna and Barbara!

I just made a thong out of RetroLounge's Cowboy Pajamas

i am not handing out candy tomorrow eve . . .

Anybody know about top loading washers?

Ronnie Lane - I Wish That I Knew What I Know Now

Anybody can carve a punkin! Meet SPAM-O-LANTERN.

I rode RetroLounge's cowboy pajamas to work today...

News from Freeperdom: al-Qaeda declares cyberwar

Radio Lady Photos: Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah) from

Halloween Eve Picture Thread!

What's up with your eyebrows?!

Are You Going to Dress Up for Work Tomorrow?

Burglar caught on video (I love these)

Bugatti Veyron vs RAF drag race....

For your inner child: Dan Zanes -"All Around the Kitchen"

Anyone have a recipe for this weird vegetable?

It's my 15-year anniversary!

I made the DU Homepage again. Ask me anything!!!!

Lioness Priyanka Reviews her Personnel Textbook

Has anyone seen my cowgirl?

I wanna be a Cowboy, so you can be my Cowgirl!

Pumpkin Carving Time! Picture Thread

Are you a city person or a country person?

Don Henley is a joke

Woah! Big earthquake!

**My Halloween Poem**

Halloween Pet Peeves

Halloween Mayhem and other greetings.

John Edwards: MSNBC Debate -- Ending combat missions

John Edwards: We need a surge in New Orleans (MSNBC debate)

John Edwards: Hillary is the Status Quo Candiate (MSNBC debate)

John Edwards: MSNBC Debate Question 1

MSNBC Debate Pt. 1 - Obama, Edwards 'vs' Clinton Iran Vote

Rudy's Three Words (Biden at the debate)

John Edwards: Be Patriotic about Something other than War (MSNBC debate)

Straight Talk from Joe Biden at MSNBC Debate

John Edwards on Lieberman-Kyl and Iran at MSNBC Debate

Debating Iran: Norman Podhoretz and Fareed Zakaria

Kucinich Calls for Impeachment - MSNBC Debate ('War Is Illegal')

Kucinich Asked About UFO - MSNBC Debate (Bush Joke)

John Edwards: Don't turn this mess over to our children (MSNBC debate)

MSNBC Debate Pt. 2 - Biden: 'We've Emboldened Bush'

Freeper Unaware That Beer-Induced Stupor Supports Dems

A (Slightly Unusual) Republican View

Is the Debate getting streamed on the Net tonight? Comcast just took away MSNBC

Former executive from Merrill Lynch walks away with $161.5 million

GOP postpone 2nd Black voter forum

Some interesting Stats on the Iraq Occupation

The Sicko-Cure National Road Show -- you can join!

Rudy:The soul of a thug and the disposition of a tyrant

Is this guy for real?-"Private Attorney General"?-Criminal Complaint Against Bushco

Anyone hear Dana Milbank on Countdown?

Israel Steps Up Threats to Invade Gaza Strip

Edwards wins NH SEIU endorsement

dems debate live on 9pm eastern nt

self delete.

The demise of the lowly, humble, station wagon..

Marc Maron Hosting Randi Rhodes Show Wednesday!!!!

Obama e-mail.

Kommiecast VS Kieth. Pacific N. W. Customers forced to upgrade!

Reid: Congress Will Not Pay For President's Failed War Strategy At Expense Of Priorities At Home

Philadelphia Democratic Debate Thread #2

Republicans Shouldn't Breed

Debate Thread #1

'Ghostbuster' fundraiser dies

A Republican defines "democracy".

Ex-White House Official's New Book Tackles Conservatism's Conscience

The Clock is Ticking...


Glenn Beck just said that the Mexican border makes Bagdad look like Disneyland

Besides Clinto, Obama, and Edwards, who else is on the stage/

MSNBC is lower than pond scum

Which Debate thread 3 is the OFFICIAL one?


Olbermann: The Petulance of the United States

What Hillary Clinton and George Bush have in common:

SoCal wildfires still having an effect -- 2400 miles away in Hawai'i!

I don't like this. Why is everyone on stage ganging up on Clinton?

This Debate is a fucking DISGRACE. Social Security's the topic & only Hillary & Obama answer.

Obama's ears look bigger than ever...

What's wrong with everyone about the debate it is on MSNBC

Kooch is a vulcan/elven prince

Banned From Canada for a Year for War Protest

Singer, actor Robert Goulet dies at 73

Why is Dodd grumbling?

Kudos to Biden and Kucinich

Arnie Backtracks on Marijuana Statement (it's just a leaf)

****** Official Debate Thread 5?! ******

Now Bush will veto SCHIP to protect Big Tobaccy.

Senator Clinton "Head and shouldes" above the rest

Awesome! Hillary Clinton clarifies her stance on the Iraq War!

Some great quotes on democracy (or the lack of it) by Hoffman, Neuman, Brandeis, Chomsky and Zinn

State Loses Blackwater-Contractors To Be Under Military Control (NYT)

"I believe in Santa Claus, I believe in the Tooth Fairy"

Article explaining the Blackwater "immunity deal" (Order 17)

Clinton, Clinton, don't think this deck is stacked? nt

Who will not be President in 2009.

where was Gravel?

Hillary is delusional: no combat troops, but she would leave residual troops

Tweety: "Hillary took some punches but stood firm...looked presidential."

Screw you Russert, Williams, NBC and GE....

Chertoff Push Over Licenses Led to a Shift


The next question from Tim..... Does Mars have a sun?

Who Will the MEDIA say won the debate?

I missed it, was this the "MySpace" debate? I sure hope there will be another before I vote on Feb

****** Official Debate Thread 4? ******

Who else has not seen a 2008 candidate debate yet?

They arent sucking up to Hillary in the post debate!

Well, Russert just smushed DK into the ground.

Chris Matthews' show is like a Georgetown cocktail party


Does anyone think Rosie O'Donnell is an ASS

I like Ann Coulter , she tells it like it is!!

OMG!!111! What can we DO ?!1! ALL the candidates suck. !!1 Both sides.

Debate drinking game. A sip for every time Obama says "Look."

So, the 'Hardball' guy gets to the crux of the matter: "Are there UFO's?"

The Nation: Anti-Gentrification Rebels

Winners and Losers of Tonight's Debate

Lawzee. Ron Paul and the Sex Pistols on Leno Tonight.

If you haven't seen it, "No End in Sight"---definitely worth a watch!!!

Concerning Giuliani from Biden: "A Noun, A Verb, and 9/11"

Sen. Mike Gravel Says He Was Unfairly Excluded From MSNBC Debate

Who lost the debate? Who should be voted off the island?

Hey - DU beat the networks on reporting the earthquake!

Biden is hilarious

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

News from Freeperdom: al-Qaeda declares cyberwar

Video of the Bush administrations criminal actions denial of global warming

Ewwww Keef just used my word!

"Cheney hunts down pheasants with an ambulance in tow" WTF? The asshole travels with an AMBULANCE?

****** WTF?!?!? Official Debate Thread 7?!?!******

Oh yeah just give that fuckwad $200 billion without any questions please.

Go to the MSNBC website and vote 'Who Won The Debate" ..LINK

****** Official Debate Thread 6?!? ******

Halloween isn't until tomorrow

Edwards was right - The Senate Iran Resolution Sounded Like It Was Written by NeoCons...

Drug law and the Texas court system

So has DU's "the media is helping Clinton" paranoia finally been put to sleep?

Is there any way we can fix these debates?

Donkey power fuels ecological rubbish revolution

Bay area quake

Warning over net address limits (BBC)

To every theist outraged or befuddled at the UFO question....

Hillary Clinton = Bill Clinton.Never answers a question and is the most competent in the field

Hillary looked like her eyes were trying to bore through John Edwards' skull

The problem with Hillary as prez is that the Clinton's are the Bush crime families favorite dems

Do you think Dems in Congress watch Keith Olbermann? Shouldn't They?

Keith is ON FIRE tonight. Tearing W. a new one. How much do you appreciate Keith?

G W Bush Biggest Presidental Shit Bag We Ever Had

Astute Observation on MSNBC, HRC will NOT do as well if Debate is with 1 or 2 others...

After the "Lightning Round" do they move into the 'Daily Double"?

So a question about a UFO was asked in a presidential debate?

Mike Gravel Is Debating These Debates! This is the ONLY way to watch!

Looking for a non-MSNBC video of tonight's debate

Are immigrants the new gay? (Repubs desperate for a wedge issue)


Biden on Giuliani: "A noun a verb and 9/11 is all he can say." -Best line of the night!

WoW. Even in the post debate coverage, Dodd gets no time

why is edwards whining?

Hillary "Driver's License" for illegals, general election suicide

Okay, so you've watched the "debate" -- have you voted in the DU straw poll?

***Dem debate wrap-up thread****

Old Man Thompson Is a Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love ---pix--->>>

Dog Shoots Man...

Is THIS what Hillary's critics mean by calling her "shrill?"

Another GAY REPUKE Hypocrite Exposed....

Must see this ad!! I'm in tears.


Tim Russert pulls numbers out of his ass.

A noun, a verb, and 9/11

Do you have conservative or Republican friends? Can you keep them?

LA Fire Started by Boy with Matches

Sen. Clinton's a bit high on the shrill-o-meter tonight

****When will Kucinich bring Impeachment to the House floor?****

Who won the debate?

It appears that the neocon nazi's still have children imprisoned in Taylor, TX.

Candidates that support giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants are unelectable.

WTF is a "hedge fund"?

What the right wingers are passing around

On Oct. 30, 1938 - the radio play "The War of the Worlds,"

"War On Terror" Breaks Out In NZ - Punks Outraged....

My ranks for tonight:

Pursue Them to The Grave-Accountability -- Personal, Civil, Criminal & International Accountability.

Anyone notice quality control problems in Chinese made linens?

IRAQ: Child prisoners abused and tortured, say activists

Oh sheesh - yet another Republican "I am not gay" self-denying casualty of homophobia.


earthquake right now in SAN FRAN

Sibel Edmund's "Dirty Dozen" - 12 Worst Senators and Congressmen for blocking investigations

Well, Hillary said it herself tonight

Tonight on The Daily Show: Ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson is the guest!

Who won/is winning tonight's debate...

Dennis Kucinich with his UFO response proved he's the real deal! He


Why Is Hillary Repeating WH LIES About Iran Seeking Nuclear Weapons???

I'm not willing to settle. Sorry.

BIdenites - another poll - Daily Kos were Biden doesn't get a lot of love - go

Giuliani Hits Back at Biden (and Biden hits back at Giuliani!)

Video - Giuliani's Three Words - Biden at the debate

Don't forget to recommend and comment or kick these threads, guys. Thanks! nt

A compilation of Biden's responses at the debate - video.

Another Biden vid from the debate (and I didn't post it - Hissyspit did!) nt

We need to get this on the greatest

This is ridiculous

BIdenites - Vote on the Debate:

Thanks for your trust on my Senator Clinton post this past week, here is why

Edwards Wins NH SEIU Endorsement


Edwards trying to collar case of Iowa blues

Media won't report NH SEIU win for Edwards

Economic Report: 40 Million Low-Wage Jobs & Americans Still Believe Poverty is Caused By Lack Of Eff

Unofficial Debate Thread

Obama looks out of his league, At least Edwards is directly confronting Hillary

Is anyone else having difficulty accessing MSNBC's live feed for the debate? nt

Seems To Me Hillary Is Making A Big Gamble - If * Attacks Iran....

Talk to me after she loses the meantime I'm supporting Edwards n/t

What's up w/ Hillary's eyebrows?

Pay attention HRC supporters...the kinds of attacking gotcha questions from Russturd...

Why MSNBC will never ask candidates about FCC media deregulation

Halloween pic for Rethugs

Mathews: Hil's voice "just like chalk on the chalkboard"; Hil is "a fraud" for rooting on Yankees


This was by far the best debate Iloved it

That voice. I just can't take that voice. Nasally, screechy, Midwestern accent

OH SHIT!! the end of the debate on the immigrants was the best part

"I'm not in favor of a rush to war" hmmmm How about I am not in favor of unnecessary ...

Wow... Hillary just got pounded.

Caption this: Hillary and Barack at tonight's debate

After the question about extra-terrestrial life...

Obama: I don't know if life is else where I know life is here

MSNBC text message on who won the debate coming up

NOMAD - if it's not a hassle and if it doesn't cost you $$$, could you keep the

Winners and Losers of Tonight's Debate

Senator Clinton kept referring to what she did in the White House,

ONLINE POLL: Obama stood out from pack, showed leadership ; Hillary rehearsed, avoided questions

MSNBC's text poll seems pretty legit (for what it is)

Just answer the question Hillary! A Simple YES or NO will do!

Why don't the other candidates challenge Hillary on outsourcing?

Clinton people: what will the whiny conspiracy be when she gets a bump in the polls after tonight

What's with all the damn Ron Paul signs in the background?

Will Tim Russert ask Romney about the *planet* he will rule when he dies?

Unsafe Toys: Report Says Conservative Trade, Regulatory Policies At Fault

BREAKING NEWS!!! this is serious Earth quake in CA.

Illegal immigrants getting drivers license

I just threw Chris Dodd a fittie for his hemp stance

Obama supporters: Let's hear it for our candidate and his solid performance!

What did Edwards say about Marijuana?

Results of MSNBC DebateText Poll: Obama 29%, Clinton 21%, Biden In 18%, Edwards 17%, Kucinich 7%

Final debate times for each candidates...

Tonight's Debate Must Have Been A Catastrophe For Mrs. Clinton

Kucinich must be gaining in the polls

Now I know why Russert asked Kucinich about the UFO thing...

What's up with all the Ron Paul signs in Philly?

I'm in tears. Must see this Richardson ad!

Thank goodness for Joe Biden tonight with the way he PASTED Giuliani's sorry ass

Sorry folks, but I just can't do it

Something else about his career John Edwards would rather have people forget...

Hillary wants war with Iran as long as it is "slow"....

What kind of a lapel pin was Edwards wearing?

Post-Debate PR Dust-Up :: Biden spanks Ghouliani

Nader sues the Democratic party.

Hillary Clinton will Change Her Immigration Position within the next 24 Hours

Well, Well , Well, The America people finally saw Hillary for the phony that she is!

I have just got to say, John Edwards made me so proud tonight.

The Nation: Obama a bystander. Edwards did best job of defining self as Hillary alternative

College friends and family need to know a couple of important things.

I just had ANOTHER e-mail (21st) read by Cafferty

Obama and Clinton just lost the GENERAL election from that debate

No FISA amnesty for big telcos!

Hilllary was a loser in tonight's debate

Hillary's Communications Director Shoots The Campaign In The Foot

What I Know (and What I Don't)

BEST DRAFT GORE VIDEO EVER!!! (made me cry like a baby)

I think I'm starting to lean towards Biden...

Giuliani Hits Back at Biden (and Biden hits back at Giuliani!)

"It was the darndest thing I've ever seen It was big, it was very bright,

Joe Biden was the clear winner of tonight's debate...

Am I the only Democrat against licenses for illegals?

LA fire started by boy with matches

The dangerous spin of war and money

US safety chief under fire to quit after Halloween toy scare (Pelosi wants her fired)

Theocracy Now!

Bush is the biggest spender since LBJ--McClatchy Newspapers

For Neocons, Iran War Aim Is Still Regime Change

Bringing Rumsfeld to justice

Journalism Prof: Anti-War Protests Ignored by MSM

Not Another Fake News Conference


Going Negative on Clinton Is A Mistake (Scarecrow, FDL)

Glenn Greenwald: Jay Rockefeller Channels Dick Cheney’s Fear-Mongering to Urge Telecom Amnesty

Tariq Ramadan: The US Blacklisted Me. Let’s Talk.

US: Senate Should Reject Mukasey Nomination (Human Rights Watch)

RUSSIA-IRAN RELATIONS: Warning Signals for the US

The Evangelical Movement's Breakdown Ain't so Cute After All

Mother Jones -- The 50 Year Strategy: A New Progressive Era (No, Really!)

Jeremy Scahill: Nothing You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You in a Court of Law

‘Don’t Tase me, bro’ student breaks silence

Young scientists say Fox sold them out to bash global warming

Robert Scheer: Cashing In on Terror

Bush's Midas Touch in Reverse: Insufficient National Guard Numbers to Fight California's Fires

What it's like to be poor in the U.S.

Bringing Rumsfeld to Justice

Amy Goodman: For Whom the Bell’s Palsy Tolls

Halloween Candy

Pelosi: Her Key to the House

Bringing Rumsfeld to Justice

Moford: Behold! The Bliss Watch List

Warning: Sentiment Grows in Oil-Hungry U.S. for Extended Middle East Presence

The Air Force Cover-Up of that Minot-Barksdale Nuclear Missile Flight

"Collateral Damge?" You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!

Who cares about the climate crisis in NH?

Solar power plant proposed for Boron (109 MW, Califronia)

UK Electrical Grid Operator Warns Of LIkely Shortages, Price Hikes Throughout Winter 2007 - 08

Tidal Energy Coming to Nova Scotia

Portsmouth residents to weigh bond for wind turbine (RI)

Opposition takes on coal plants

All About: Waste heat (CNN)

Insect army crawling into battle (against hemlock woolly adelgid, Maine)

Mud, sweat and tears (Alberta tar sands)

Canadian Environment Commissioner - Government Agencies Doing "Next To Nothing" On Climate Impacts

Atlanta Uber-Suburb Gwinnett County Looks At Zoning Changes In Light Of Drought, But Action Unlikely

PEMEX Reports Explosion At Gas Pipeline In Tabasco State - Bloomberg

Pakistani Energy Symposium Calls For Increased Use Of National Coal Reserves

Japan's GHG Emissions Down 1.3% In 2006, But Will Still Have Trouble Hitting Kyoto Targets

Azerbaijan Projects Peak Oil Production In 2009 - 2010 - Cuts GDP Growth Forecasts

More John Howard Flop Sweat - Wants "Significant Committments" From US, China On Climate - IHT

CEO Of TNK-BP Uncertain If E. Siberian Fields Can Make Up For Faltering W. Siberian Output - Reuters

Oklahoma Climatological Survey Finds "Overwhelming Evidence" That Warming Will Hurt Crops

More Americans using public transit, despite higher fares

Western Canada's Glaciers Hit 7,000-Year Low - Emerging Tree Stumps Supply Timeline - AFP

How a Fed rate cut raises oil prices

Geopolitical Feedback Loops in Resource and Oil Depletion

UAE In "Frantic Dash For Gas" - EOR Expansion, Explosive Demand Growth Turn Emirates To Net Importer

10/31 - Oil Hits New High Of $94 After Unexpected Drop In Inventories

Monkey sighting stirs climate fears in Kenya

Japan nuclear operator sees red after quake

Nordic nations sound alarm over melting Arctic

Solar energy boom may help world's poorest

As Government Proclaims Australia "Leading The World On Climate", Emissions Up 38% 1994 - 2004

Parrotfish on menu puts coral at risk

10/31 6:25 EDT - Crude Oil Hits $95.55 In After-Hours Trading

Israel stays mum as Sunni states clamor for nuclear power

"Winter Of Misery" Awaits UK Drivers - Diesel Already 1 £/Liter, Unleaded Nearly There

Okla. utility proposes power line to unlock wind

George Monbiot, Cormac McCarthy And Pushing Others Down "The Road" Ahead Of Us

100 California households to test super-high-mileage hybrid cars (plug-ins)

Communities go solar together and save

Make Biodiesel Anywhere (mobile biodiesel processor)

Sheriff Charged With Accepting Bribes (Once Seen as Potential Republican CA Lt. Gov. Candidate)

Senate postpones vote on Rumsfeld bill (Stanford Univ - ASSU)

Shaken, Stirred? (5.6 quake raises danger of strong temblor on Hayward Fault)

4 local National Guardsmen recovering after IED attack

CIA chief backs rendition flights

US-based Cisco, India's Wipro agree to jointly develop technology solutions

Perot Systems reports weak third quarter and announces 650 job cuts

Water feud catches Bush in a bind

Pelosi demands resignation of CPSC head after Chinese recalls

CPSC head says she won't resign

Senator's hold on Interior vote goes unheeded

Calif. electoral vote poll: 22% favor, 53% oppose

High Suicide Risk For Young Veterans

Alcatel-Lucent Posts Loss, Cuts 4K Jobs

(Karen Hughes!) Longtime Bush adviser leaving State Dept

Karen Hughes resigning

NAACP won't back W.Va. torture case march

Accused Madrid bomb mastermind acquitted (7 acquitted out of 28)

Fort Dix Suspect Pleads Guilty To Weapons Charges

Revealed: how Blair rejected Bush's offer to stay

Bush to name new Agriculture secretary (Edward Schafer)

Former Notorious Druglord Khun Sa Dies

Italy CIA "kidnap" trial adjourned until March 12

Pentagon confirms U.S. intelligence-sharing with Turkey

Privacy Groups Target Online Advertising

Woman gets new car after giving hers as reward for lost dog

Clinton praises NY driver's license plan, but won't endorse

Sex Sting Nabs 20 at Highway Rest Area (including Catholic Priest)

Documents: Man tried to extort Washington lawmaker (republican)

(Waxman)Panel chair demands Abramoff documents

Cargill, Hormel defend use of carbon monoxide in meat packaging

To Implement Policy, Bush to Turn to Administrative Orders

AFSCME Endorses Clinton

Fire empties Senate office building

Iran warns U.S. of "quagmire"

GAO: U.S. hasn't taken advantage of Iraq's drop in violence

16 in Arizona charged with fake Katrina, Rita claims

Wider Iranian threat is feared

Tax law: Are you eating those pumpkins?

Iran says open to more talks with US on Iraq security

NASA boss promises to reveal safety poll results

Fed cuts two key rates by a quarter point....

Baseball’s Drug Testing Lacks Element of Surprise

Former Detroit Prosecutor Acquitted

Crude futures rally on surprise drop in inventories ($94/bbl)

Backwardation "vortex" fueling oil's rally

Small Boats Seen As A Terror Threat

Foreign Drugs Get Little Scrutiny

Bush goes after Democrats [and Clinton] on health care

Visa Data to Be Included on New York Driver’s Licenses Again

Mukasey Vote by Senate Committee Scheduled for Nov. 6

Approps members scramble as Cochran mulls retirement

(Bernard) Kerik sued for failing to pay legal bills

Judge Who Lost Pant Suit Loses Job

A Day Later, Clinton Embraces Spitzer’s License Effort

Toys 'R' Us recalls Elite Operations toys for lead

Diplomatic angst over mandatory postings(State holds a "town hall meeting")

Curtis resignation statment: 'Events have hurt people'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 31

Report: Poland may pull out of Iraq

Hillary snags AFSCME endorsement

Russians were ordered to attend Putin rallies

Nordic nations sound alarm over melting Arctic

Jury awards father $2.9M in funeral case

No Charges in Katrina Bridge Blockade

Jury tacks $8 million in punative damages in funeral case

US diplomats refuse Iraq postings

Republican Rep. Richard Curtis Resignation Expected Today Over Gay Sex Debacle

Army Has Record Low Level of Recruits

Hey RetroLounge, can you loan me your Racecar Pajamas?

I wish we could fire Condi Rice just so we wouldn't have to listen to her speak.

Happy Halloween, DU


I went to the grocery store right before bed...

Evenin' more milestone has passed...

This is Halloween

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (Halloween Edition)

Carson Daley is too damn thin he's all sunken in, what happened to that dude?

Do you believe in magic?

Good morning Du Lounge..


Check out this Pumpkin Carving Simulator!

People don't choose to be atheists.

"Cheerleader Creamed by Players at Game"

Please note, for the record, that I am right and you are wrong.

I just discovered

My Halloween quandry

Is Halloween evil?

Are you in costume right now? If so, what is it?

Anyone else notice the "fun size" candy bars are much smaller

I'm at skool waaaay too early...

Kitty Kat Dance

fuckstick consultants who send EVERY FUCING EMAIL WITH A RESPONSE REQUEST

My flu shot made me sick

Boston Experts

For your Halloween viewing pleasure!

Anybody see Boston Legal tonight?

Police: Boy playing with matches started 38,000-acre fire

A suicide by hanging was mistaken for a Halloween decoration.

Hollywood Pet Peeves

On the front page of the Star Tribune, is this tidbit...

Halloween Onomatopoeias

Get your Halloween Chick Tracks here

No trick and no treat: Iowa begins taxing pumpkins, saying they're a decoration, not a food

Pizza party for lunch, here at work

My usual quandry... dinner out tonight and can't decide where

First there were "Hallelujah Houses"....NOW they're referred to as "Halloween Alternatives"

To Blog or Not to Blog, that is the question...

I'll be so glad when today is done

Happy Happy Halloween...Silver Shamrock!

Just walk away. I will give you safe passage in the Wasteland.

Funny/scary Halloween treats!

The Defacer Generator

Top ten reasons the Rockies lost the World Series...

Today Is NOT My Birthday, but still give candy

Whatever Happened to my Transylvania Twist?

Is anyone else here a Scrooge-O'lantern?

Where are all the horror movies?

Sex parolees must hide on Halloween

It is not HANDS that call is DESIRE....

The fruit fly infestation is over.

HEY! Where are those naughty 'girl scout' costume pictures we were promised?

The Ghosts of Halloweens Past - ny times

Internet connection problem! Help!

I'm being mean and laughing at my poor doggie.

Have you had too much sugar yet?

I believe in UFO's...

A new job is like a new boyfriend...but you get paid!

this makes me feel safe driving around in MN...

Does Baking Turn you on?


Does bacon turn you on?

Someone congratulate me. Finally got to 500 posts...

Does Frances Bavier turn you on?

Mac enthusiasts - A question about laptops and Virtual PC

i flamed myself in GD and lived to tell the tale

Third of US high school footballers have gay sex claims sociologist

Economics homework question...HELP!

I need kitty advice.

Does Orin Hatch on skies inflame your loins with unquenchable desire?

ding ding ding-- my 20,000th DU post...

Showtime and TMC seem to be really cutting back on the faux porn.

Whoever coined the word "incentivize" should be cut into little pieces


hey loungers, there is a GD post for you

Hmm. Could cars run on Gummi Bears?

Don't be caught unprepared: join the Zombie Defense Coalition!

Kid Rock's 14K yellow gold pendant, with a 3D portrait of himself in the image of Jesus

Halloween Horror Show Marathon On Radio Enigma

jasonc is teh biggest fink ever

Photos from last night's earthquake

Iowa: Dog Shoots Hunter

mmmmm Cream of Wheat nighttime snack

Coach Abuse (or just a guy who is misunderstood?)

Could about 1 million of you people get off of myspace?!?!

Does France's bacon turn you on?


Does Benjamin Disraeli turn you on?

Does Makin' Bacon turn you on?

Hey!! Does anyone know why ghosts cannot have children?

Who turns you on the most, Golda Meir or Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer?

Have you seen the Google logo today?

I googled-transgendered jesus bathroom monkey

i wish they had something akin to a "manpon"

Have You Seen a UFO?

got any good halloween tricks?

i love it when people jab the "close door" button on the elevator

Ding...Ding...Ding...It's a miracle

Now I'm stressing. I get to spend the whole frickin' evening with a sugared-up 11 yo.

Don't get me father in law...

Lessons you learned on Halloweens past....

"i have an elephant in my penis" . . .

Does Kevin Bacon turn you on?

Does Francis Bacon turn you on?

Things you don't want to hear when there are guys in the next room tearing up your floor.

Create a Halloween dinner menu for Hannibal Lecter.

Halloween occurs on a Wednesday for a reason. Church.

ok...that Flood level on Halo 3 is ridiculous.

country music is the real rock n roll.....

Obnoxious barrage of Halloween pics.

Anyone here know what "Halloweening" is?

the devil was better...

All right - who stole my broom?

Orson Wells' 1938 War of the Worlds link

There is too much Serious Business in the Lounge

I want one of these:

Dear MySpace spammer...

See I *TOLD* you we need to stop the spread of Japanese pop culture

How old is too old to Trick or Treat?

Anyone here believe in 'Bat Boy'?

Gossip that hurts my eyes

Where is the DU pagan orgy and Satan love fest this year?

Dear billyskank,

Woman Embezzled $2.89 Mil, Bought Clothes, Shoes, Jewelry.

I don't do H'ween, I don't like H'ween, I am generally repulsed by H'ween

and you thought the New England Patriots were having a good season..

Joe Cocker and John Belushi

Omg. My MIL: "people with Down syndrome are mentally retarded?!"

My Nephew Is Getting Deployed To Afghanistan (Army)

For your listening/viewing pleasure: Ministry's "Every Day is Halloween"

anybody else going to avoid little knockers begging at your door tonite?

Good vibes please (graphic)

anybody else going to knock over little beggers at your door tonite?

Once we hit Junior High, it was not trick or treating on Halloween, it was the annual town wide...

How old were you when you began to fear change?

"Voting machines - United States- Drama"

Can you read music? (someone just emailed this to me)

Anyone have experience/expertise reprogramming NetCommand on older Mitsubishi TVs?

Do you ever consider celebrities your age from your hometown area, and think, why didn't I turn out

Iowa puts tax on pumpkins (unless you eat them)

Wow where did i go?

Happy happy Halloween...

A little afternoon humor...

Isn't this supposed to be "Talk Like a Freeper Day"?


Yes Mom, I'm fine....

Only One thing to say on OCT. 31

Dear billyskank....

Most Unusual Kid's Halloween Costume

motorist who was mocked for the size of his manhood driven to road rage

This Picture of America's Mom Will Make You

Happy Hallowe'en Hump Day, hornicators.

My usual Halloween post (from last year...boy..I was packed!)

I'm in the Charlotte NC airport

I'm going to get in trouble for posting this, but...

It is all DU's fault!

I am going to create a woman.

I survived the Great San Diego Fire. Ask me anything.

So that's why DST was altered.

Can I get some good vibes, wishes and thoughts for Thomcat??

Halloween Jokes

Ever notice that in some of the DU Groups the threads don't change their order for hours and

What's up with White Rose Society today?

My best friend Anita's Halloween costume!

What is the best alien restaurant you have discovered?

Here's the easy way to do Halloween....

Fess up: Did you ever take any of the money you collected for UNICEF?

My ten year old is trick or treating for UNICEF.

‘BAN BACON’ SAY CANCER EXPERTS. In a pig's ass say I.

How many times today have you helped yourself to the candy you got for the Trick or Treaters?


i think i pissed off the new manager at work

CONFESS!!!!! What was your oddest halloween costume!!!

Is Jebadiah sinning??

They call me the Hiphopopotamus

My neighbor's pumpkins:

Any DEXTER fans here? What do you think of the new season?

What scary monster person from a movie would you like to hang out with?

Pumpkin art--these are great!

I just received my first trick-or-treater EVAR.

Sea View

Ski View

So it looks like Fred Phelps has to pay up

Is There A Full Moon Today

Introverts carve pumpkins too

jeez! this AG nomination hearing is torture.

I am getting at least 5 mail order catalogs a day

What did everyone dress up as today?

85% of TMZ's audience sides with Pierce Brosnan, thinks paparazzo he "sucker punched" is lying

Goodnight you all.

Speaking of bees, someone needs to tell Hollywood the facts of life...

Halloween movie toss up:

Would you go to a musical called...

Yay, I'm a FiOS kid now!

"Ladies' first" - politeness or peeking?

Now I don't know WHAT little MB was thinking when she did this...

"Just because it's Halloween doesn't mean you should dress like a hooker" These are little kids

Jack-o'-lantern, Calvin & Hobbes style

so can I have some thoughts (grin)

Should I make my son hand out candy? Instead of me?

Post a Halloween/horror themed youtube video

Happy Halloween D.U. Post your Halloween pic!!!

What's in YOUR bowl for tonight?

My cousin was just on the news!!

Wednesday, October 31st. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

For Halloween, I've pulled out Leona Anderson's "Music to Suffer By"

Ghost Hunters Live Tonight starting at 9:00 p.m. EST

Don Vito Collapses after Conviction

Bridges of Pima County, Part 1 - A Parking bridge. dial-up warning

Anyone dressing up their pet?

Kelloggs, you rock. (All Bran commercial you MUST see)

Happy Halloween from Princess Lucy and Darth Vader

Well, it was bound to happen. Someone called DCYS on my friend in Chicago.

What's in your cauldron for tonight?

The first of many announcements about the party in OH on 12/29

'Sixfinger, Sixfinger, man alive!

How did YOU dress up for work today?


I'm the only Hell my momma ever raised...

my neighbor's bumpkins ...

Since It's Halloween... It must be time for...

Happy Halloween everyone! For my Lounge Lizards and Losers, a gift...

In honor of Satan's Day: How many animals will you be ritualistically sacrificing to Lucifer today?

Peeps: Delicious Halloween Candy?

My neighbor's melons

Has Prozac Or Another SSRI Made a Big Positive Difference In Any Other DU'ers Lives?

What is it about this time of year

What would you add to the candy if a repug candidate came to your house for halloween?

weird things you've done to DU through an injury?

Todays Lounge Math problem. (Ideally suited to the Lounge too!!!!!)

I have a 150 pound pumpkin to carve today

Happy Birthday, Wolfgang!

Today is my birthday!

Firefox users...need help, please.

it seems that my new, sweet littly kitty . . .

Scariest classic horror film

Bee View

I just had to sign an NDA

Dreams about ex-gfs/bfs....

anybody else going to avoid little beggers knocking at your door tonite?

What is happening in this picture?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/31/07

The COOLEST Model Airplane EVAH

Screw it!! I'll start my one trillionth picture thread!!

Cartoon banned by the Mormon church


What food quirks do you have?

Introducing "Sandy", newest addition to our family

When not all dressed up looking for cheap candy, what do you look like?

I made a couple more bracelets this week. Pictures.

active links????

What are the dumbest pop culture trends you are seeing right now?

Joint operation helped rescue kidnapped sheiks

Pentagon resists tighter base access rules

Army 3-star picked to head anti-IED effort

Iraq sniper attacks overestimated

Captain America is back in free military comic

U.S. may postpone Germany drawdown

Mistrial declared in training-injury lawsuit

Suit against funeral protesters goes to jury

Military aircraft delay during fire criticized

745 lieutenants at risk to be cut next year

Ala. lawmakers pitch Northrop for tanker deal

Vet Duckworth recounts darkest hour

Rising out from the ashes

Study: 1 in 8 vets under 65 is uninsured

Prison camp in Iraq once listed to close now sees major upgrades

Army offers reward for two missing M-16 rifles

Okinawa throat-cutting suspect disrupts sentencing

With new contracts awarded, DeCA set to break ground for new commissaries

Vogelweh student treated for 'superbug'

Sailors help overpower pirates off Somalia

Secret Russian Aircraft Designs Revealed

$100,000 question at Sigonella: Where's the equipment?

Ramstein airmen wrap up 13-day peacekeeping mission in Rwanda

U.S. deaths in Iraq lowest since March 2006

VA Waiting Room Full -- of Frustration

Reservist medics brush up at civilian hospital

Typical Situation

Ex-surgeon general tapped to lead VA

MSNBC Debate Pt. 4 - Edwards: Combat Missions In Iraq Ended. Period.

MSNBC Debate Pt. 3 - More on Iran

MSNBC Debate Pt. 7 - Social Security

MSNBC Debate Pt. 6 - Biden on Giuliani: 'A Noun, A Verb, and 9/11'

MSNBC Debate Pt. 10 - Education

MSNBC Debate Pt. 11 - Licenses for Illegals, Health Care, Air Travel

MSNBC Debate Pt. 12 - Obama's Mitt Romney Costume; Post-Debate Commentary

MSNBC Debate Pt. 5 - Edwards: 'A System That's Broken, It's Rigged, It's Corrupt'

Shep Gurwitz, Oct. 27, 2007 Boston, MA

Boston Anti-War Rally w/ Liam Madden War Resister 10-27-07

Forbidden Medicine - Medical Marijuana Advocate Kills Herself

Bush's Happy Halloween

George W Bush: Looking Out For Number One

Senator John Edwards on Medical Marijuana--Sept. 8, 2007


Hillary's Pollster / Spinner Mark Penn "clarifies" her driver's licenses for immigrants answer

The Loneliest Icelander (Funny)

Bush: "The Iraqi army is almost ready to handle their own security."

Whose the scariest? Happy Halloween DU


Dennis Kucinich post-debate, Drexel, Philadelphia, PA 071030

MSNBC Debate Pt. 9 - Kucinich: 'I Will Say It One More Time...' Move on My Impeachment Bill

BIDEN - Post Drexel Debate interview.

Colmes Ruffles Dicks Morris' Feathers

Donna Edwards for Congress Halloween Ad

Rep. Tim Ryan - Appropriations Bills

The Politics of Pile on

Hillary's Double Talk: MSNBC Debate

MSNBC Debate Pt. 8 - Lightning Round: Energy Costs, Environment

short Naomi Klein interview: China, Russia, Thatcher, Katrina

Bradley Whitford, Part Two of

Bernie Ward is on KGO and praising Edwards!!!!!

Senate Judiciary Cmte. FISA Amendments hearing tomorrow

I heard Biden say to Tweety lee dee that he would stop ALL Chinese imports.

CNN: Gore to declare for president Wednesday

Do you believe in magic?

The Death Penalty: Dead Man Talking (by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés)

Now he's gone and hired the cryptkeeper

Alexis Debat "I am not a "Journalist". .

The Cuban Foreign Minister is on Span

Role of terrorism in '08: Will he/she keep us safe ?

Alternet: The Evangelical Movement's Breakdown Ain't So Cute After All (Reaction To NYTimes Feature)

Scrooge Arrives Early: Iowans Face New Tax This Year--On Jack O'Lanterns!

What are the dumbest pop culture trends you are seeing right now?

Third time I have gotten this Right Wing E-Mail this week!

Will Leahy support and vote to confirm Alberto Mukasey?

National Call-In Week to Stop the Peru FTA, Oct. 29-Nov. 2 , please call your representative, today.

Big surprise. Scalito twins dissent on death. NYT

What Dennis should have said:

"Intellectual Dishonesty" says Sen. Grassley on Bush comments on SCHIP---WJoun. now


Mukasey's letter to Leahy: I'll study waterboarding. Leahy to Mukasey:

Does Anyone Remember Harry Taylor?

WJ this morning: Mukasey and waterboarding

WJour NOW--Dir. NORD is on Product Safety (Pelosi called for her firing yesterday)

== Behold! The Bliss Watch List = By Mark Morford

Corruption and the pointless "surge"

Please note, for the record, that I am right and you are wrong.

Our Beautiful Country has lost it's way - if ever, there were a time to make a stand, it's NOW!

Scientists strike back at fear - AP

"State to Blackwater: Nothing You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You in a Court of Law" Scahill

Framing: We should not let the SCHiP Swiftboating thing go

My First Debate or She Was Awful.

The Justice Department is a cesspool of corruption and racism..

Most Americans don't understand what is at stake

Who won the debate last night?

Political Pumpkin Patterns?

Lose over 8 billion for your company and here is what you get:

I was still half asleep but did Scar insinuate that Frank Luntz was a Democratic pollster today?

Happy Samhain (Halloween) Everyone!

Ron Paul

Wasn't it Russert's job as debate moderator to give candidates equal time?

I'm looking for the full debate online - anyone have a link? I only caught the 2nd half

need a response to kucinich and UFOs? try this.

Transit Ridership Jumps but so do Fares

The Prescient Austin Lounge Lizards:

Spitzer On Dobbs: "He Spews Venom, Hate and Misinformation"

"Supreme Imbalance" Geoffrey R. Stone We MUST have a LARGE ENOUGH MAJORITY in the Senate in 2008 to

Taxation WITH representation

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Destabilizing Europe

Iowa: Dog Shoots Hunter

Leahy: FISA should not be changed because of fear.

"by not being bigoted and not being racist, Bush has embraced Islamofascists on several occasions"

Live Scarecrow Banned After Frightened Motorists Swerve Off Road

Utility companies donate money to GOP as energy bill nears

"she neglected to mention that she granted the Blackwater guards prosecutorial immunity "

Is Mukasey still a 'shoo-in' for Attorney General?

NPR:"Gravel Makes Own Seat at the Debate"

Democracy Corps poll shows concerns about the flood of goods from China's unregulated economy

They are talking about Kucinich questioning Bush's mental health on my local Utah radio show

Is this IED video real?

Caption from last night

Bush bragging on historically weak job growth

Hillary and Laura during a program for historic preservation legislation - pics

The Unofficial DU Review of the Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate

I wonder what secrets dick cheney might cough up if gently waterboarded?

Contempt vote could come as early as next week!

Administration Needs To Heed Advice Of IAEA Director

Hillary kept using the term "Al-Qaida-In-Iraq". Even though Al-Qaida-In-Iraq is NOT AL QAIDA.

State to Blackwater: Nothing You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You in a Court of Law

Sen. Chuck Hagel dresses up as Sen. Joe Biden for Halloween - pics

Scholar links Bush's US and Hirohito's Japan

Why does the Media continue to include Gore in their Polls? Why does the RW keep attacking him?

this site will give the earthquake numbers for the different areas of Calif.

Agriculture nominee Ed Schafer: Plagiarist?

F#CK MSNBC.........NASA/FAA Story

How to win an election when the chips are down. From GOP playbook.

Polygamous leader acknowledged immoral acts with sister, daughter

IMHO, the so-called "second-tier" candidates CRUSHED

The Democratic Candidates offer a choice light years beyond any Republican

Rakings & Scrapings of Modern Capitalism

When Blackwater Kills, No Questions Asked

Did anyone else get the "OMG Obama didn't say the pledge" e-mail

Robert Goulet Dies

"We must reign in out of control Defense Spending and I intend to do that"

wasn't Nancy Nord something else this morning on Wash. Journal

Abuse by Coach in Colorado - What would you do....

It's getting cold up here. Time for a new Hoodie

Yes, we DO have better candidates

BREAKING: Karen Hughes resigns.

US Army kills three family members in Iraq raid

Corporate Media's coverage of the '08 Campaign is HORRIBLE!

Robert Scheer: Cashing In on Terror

Democrats have found someone to take on Senator Stevens of Alaska

"US war criminality is justice institutionalised" Pulitzer Prize Winner

Halloween Fun! Morph your pictures in animals. (raise awareness about threats to our wildlife!)

Does NY State have the right to declare an illegal immigrant a citizen of that state?

Halloween toons from Mike Luckovich

Did anybody watch Frontline last night?

Um.. Where ARE those millions of recalled toys ending up?

"I'm sure it feels like torture, it doesn't result in any lasting damage, but it feels like torture"

The UFO Question in Last Night's Debate

Italian Paper Electoral Procedures

White House withholds 600 pages of Abramoff docs.

I think it is time Skinner puts the Hillary bashers in a journal

Does everybody play "gotcha" as Hillary said?

Bush Administration's Mideast Scorecard Dismal, Paid In Blood

E-Waste: Dumping On the Poor

Russia 'curbing poll observers'

{Support The Troops!} Number of uninsured vets nears 2M

Groups Working Toward Democracy and End of Nuclear Weapons

After last night's debate, I'm convinced HRC is unelectable.

Dictator Alert: To Implement Policy, Bush to Turn to Administrative Orders (WAPO)

Where is Larry Flynt and his bombshell?

Karen Hughes leaves a failure

There is no doubt that UFO's exist

Hillary's "papers" should be a NON-issue.. George re-wrote THAT book

For comparison: British opinion survey on ghosts, extraterrestrials, superstitions, life after death

Daily Kos readers agree with DUers: Edwards won the debate

Taser time on America's public lands-U.S. Forest Service

Why I Should Be on the Supreme Court (found on the 'internets')

Oil= $94.47 Gold= $795.30

CIA Director Michael Hayden defends rendition flights

Breaking: AFSCME endorses Clinton

Why does the GOP/right wing hate Gore so much?

Good Riddance Karen Hughes

The new 'guns, gays, & gods"-will be driver licences and illegals says Thom Hartman--as

Damned UFOs.

Government recalls fake teeth (Halloween teeth have excessive amounts of lead)

Oh no! A candidate that believes in UFOs!

Larry Johnson: One Reason For Intelligence Failures

Politico again falsely reported that Dems won't compromise on SCHIP

Let just see what Obama sat out and wouldn't vote for

I can't find a word that describes my utter distaste for Tim Russert.

Question: Does anyone have a complete list of resignations

I'm a jaded voter and had a tin ear listening to last night's debates.

Any way this Nigerian scammer can be stopped as an American address is listed?

College Republicans and "Illegal Immigrant Football"

Senate Buildings Evacuated: Not a drill.

16,000 lead-tainted toys recalled (Elite Operations military-style toys)

If you type "Bush is" into the Google toolbar, you get prompted with the following:

Delete dupe. n/t


Sorry. Wrong computer sign in. Comcast discussion moved to other journal.

John Edwards on the Thom Hartmann show right now

KISSING THE RING OF THE ALBATROSS: photos of GOP candidates embracing Bush

GOP State Rep Caught Cross-Dressing With Male Hookers

Alleged Internet Predator Arrested At Statehouse

Trolling for votes in Mississippi the Republican Way

Sen. Rockefeller: Telecommunications Firms And the Senate's FISA Bill

BREAKING: Longtime Bush adviser Karen Hughes quitting job pitching U.S. image abroad

By state law, paroled sex offenders are prohibited from going outside on Halloween

YouTube Viewer In New York Leads Central Florida Police To Victim

Nov. 6 - No work. No school. No spending a damn dime.

Iraq, Afghan Vets at Risk for Suicides

Myanmar Monks Said to March Again

Heads up: Marc Maron is filling in for Randi today

Waxman: White House Withholding Abramoff Docs

I should pay more tax, says US billionaire Warren Buffett

If you've witnessed the villification of Hugo Chavez then you understand Clinton's problem.

UFO's SchmUFO's - What about Bigfoot??? Huh?

**** Senate Judiciary FISA Hearing Thread 1 *******

Klamath river blasted with TNT-trying to reverse the "Cheney Fish Kill of 2002"?

Halloween Reform (Please tell me this published student paper is a joke)

Mukasey/Torture Confirmation Vote Tuesday-if ONE dem votes yes, he's in.

Does the UCMJ apply to contractors as well?

Biden on Rudy:

"Madrid bombing mastermind" acquitted: So WHO did it??

Any one else sick to death of this unending election?

Anyone here believe in 'Bat Boy'?

Has anyone seen any coverage of Kucinich's call for impeachment?

double post, sorry

I understand that aliens consulted for Ross Perot - Here's proof!!!!

Stop your bitching about Waterboarding!! According to Kondracke it doesn't cause any lasting damage

Which would be worse:

Why is right wing shill Greg Gutfeld allowed to post at HuffingtonPost?

Bush to move closer to dictatorship with executive orders

Kucinich missed his chance to lay the smack on Russert...

Don't let your kids knock on the wrong door tonight

PHOTO: why Cheney fell asleep in cabinet meeting...

CNN/Opinion Research Poll - Gore beats Guiliani; Clinton = Guiliani among registered American voters

LA Times: Ignoring Nature, We Build Our Way Into Fire’s Path

ACLU Warns Congress Not to Legalize Warrantless Wiretapping

Great Bill Maher new rule from Friday:

Please consider recommending impeachment out in the open

Sex offenders locked down, in the dark for Halloween

Americans oppose media market concentration: survey

Where's that debate chart on "Who Got To Speak How Long?"

Will the Fed risk "overheating" the economy today with another rate cut??

Blast leaves two U.S. soldiers dead in Mosul

Norah O (big O!) railing on about 'slutty costumes'!

Reid Admits He COULD Block Iraq Funds - But He WON'T

It's not a lame duck president, it is a lame duck Congress, and they did it to themselves

50 bushisms

Who does this guy think he is....Anderson Cooper?

My local "On the Run" Mobile station selling Halloween stuff made in China

It MUST BE Halloween, cause the TROLLS ARE INVADING

Ronald Reagan consulted an astrologer - God talks to Bush - what's this about UFO's?

If MSNBC can have 2 RW shills like Russert & Williams moderate

Iowa - want to put the fear of god back into Washington politics?


Viral marketing.

I posted something to sell on craigslist

Philly Judge dismisses charges for armed gang rape of prostitute -- calls it theft of services?!?

Al Hunt: Gore's Presence Will Loom Large For The Next President

Comey, Goldsmith, Ashcroft send a letter to Leahy encouraging telecom immunity

"Long Road Out Of Eden"

I hate to say it, but it might be 3rd party time...

Senators Durbin and Whitehouse will vote 'no' on Mukasey!

Anyone admitting they wont vote (D) in the General, should be banned from DU

Code Pink Punks 'Politico' in Blackwater Hoax

I'm really sorry Obama...

I'll take "Buy me a Clue" for $500, Alex.

Leopard warning for Photoshop users! Important!

Only thing the local news will show from debate is Kucinich/UFO question

A UFO? Hell, Reagan saw two UFOs

*This just in*- you are getting ripped off on your internet cost

Jimmy Carter on UFOs.

Iraqi dam seen in danger of deadly collapse

Didn't Shrub stop Clinton's presidential records from being released?

ONE THING congress got right...

Stephen Colbert is "Jumping The Shark"

Why a vote for Dennis(or anyone outside the top three) IS IN FACT a wasted vote.

Wellstone: "a hunted man"

‘Don’t Tase me, bro’ student breaks silence

"If we had an American who was picked up and waterboarded

Beware of what lurks behind this thread

Tim Russert: Stop the Inanity

US Diplomats on being forced to go to Iraq: "Potential Death Sentence"

dupe, deleted

Why 'everyone' hates Dennis:

I saw Greg Palast Saturday night

Home saved from fire -- against his will

Just a thought ...

$200 Everex Green PC Now Available

McClatchy: Experts: Fiscal crisis threatens U.S. future

Hillary is a corporate SELLOUT

Weapons Industry Dumps Republicans, Backs Hillary

Byrd blasts Bush’s ‘rhetorical ghosts and goblins’ on Iran.

U.S. gave immunity to Blackwater guards

Mr. Bush, upon leaving the Oval, should spend every minute of every hour of every day thereafter...

Cheney 'already wearing' Darth Vader costume, Chimpy jokes

Drug companies attacked over gifts for Third World doctors

Cashing IN on Terra

The top 3 got the most time & questions last night, is there any way to flip that for next time?

Phelps Family loses lawsuit - fined 2.9 million

Carlyle Group is in talks to sell up to 9.9 per cent of itself to China

How stupid is the MSM? Here ya go:

Halloween - a 'scary' poem I wrote years ago

Bright blessings and a Happy Samhain to all my brothers and sisters

" Why won't Hillary Clinton give a straight answer to the questions she's being asked?"

Haunted House With a Real Life Scare -Parents/Police create "Haunted Crack House."

strengthening the middle class

You can tell the people doing the title graphics on Tucker's show aren't Canadian

"Botnet" Stumps for Ron Paul, Researchers Allege

Red Sox Nation Celebration Video Clips!

Kos agrees with cutting Gravel, if up to him--DK and Biden wouldn't be in the debates either!

Thank God for the American health care system

Gen. Petraeus' Spokesman Denies Sending Angry Email -- Plot Thickens

Sen. Clinton vs any rightie potential nominee re: SCOTUS.

I think MSNBC's question to Kucinich on UFO's was a low blow and cheap shot. It proves they want to

Barbara Ehrenreich: Gap Kids: New Frontiers in Child Abuse

Fox New's Carl Cameron has a blog, let's leave some LOVE for this journalistic fraud

Katrina vanden Heuvel: CPSC Not Protecting Children's Safety

Major powers expected to meet on Iran this week

Media outlets uncritically reported White House claim that it does not "employ" fake reporting

Prison camp in Iraq once listed to close now sees major upgrades

BLTN - Oct 27 report&photos from Rome, Italy

The Nation: Electoral Theft in Cali

On CNN: Kool aid drinker Rachael Marsden says Chimpy doing a great job

Seriously, be careful

***CLICK HERE IF YOU DARE*** Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue

Happy Halloween! (pic)

"Why can we have a Miss Black America pageant and not a Miss White America pageant?"

Tweety is having an orgasm over trashing Hillary

Mukasey is Giuliani's "Gonzo" (Village Voice)

"RADIO NOWHERE!" Alterman says Dems are trying to do the "Good THING!"

It's all so familiar. Hillary is the new Dean.

Edwards -- Walmart blocked container inspection bill

My jack-o-lantern

How "decided" are you about your Dem primary vote?

Eagles "Long Road Out of Eden" very powerful

There was a Cleveland OH UFO taped during Peace Protest

PIC: Great halloween masthead with Bushies as monsters at Buzzflash

Tuesday: Kucinich questions *'s mental health, Later Tuesday: Tim/Brian question K's UFO

Van emits mysterious smoke that sickens nearby drivers

Proud and terrified

State Dept Source: "Resignation Calculated To Proved Cover For Several Higher-Ups"

Edwards - " cannot be for change and take money from the lobbyists who prevent change." LINK

Guy James returns! Tech problems solved!

Why doesn't Sen Hillary Clinton just show us her agenda

Happy Halloween! (pic #2)


South coast citizens should give thanks that Noel is

Edwards/Obama: A winning team.

Woman gets new car after giving hers as reward for lost dog

Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat, I want something good to eat!

White House withholds 600 pages of Abramoff docs



Kooch and the UFO 'question' .... the media is saying "Fuck You, Democrats" with it.

Rolling Stone: Bush's Lap Dogs

I forgot why was it Karl Rove wanted Hillary to get the nomination?

So Hillary has most of the Union endorsements, and big money. Either DU doesn't represent a true

MotorHead Messiah: GM Says it can't be done. Inventor proves them wrong

Do you believe Paul Wellstone was murdered?

Richard Carlson's little boy seems to have a lot of time off of late

GOP Lawmaker Resigns Amid Sex Scandal

Impeach Dick Cheney (Part 2)

Who thinks the focus on Kucinich and UFOs was to diffuse talk of impeachment?


Former Navy SEAL Instructor Offers Another Waterboarding Primer for Mukasey

Sorry Sen. Rockefeller, your FISA "war on terror" explanation is a cop out

Want to know if you are on the terror watch list? I just got this in an email:

"Pax Americana" - cool Sci Fi video of future of this election from Liberty News...

Pssst! Hey you undecided DUers...over here!

My 2 cents on UFOs

Kucinich...This war is illegal. Oct. 30 Democratic debate transcript

Halloween TOONS Part 1: Fear and loathing

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Have you ever actually heard first hand, not friend of a friend, of a

Shhhh! It's a party! Hempfest...

Viva_La_Revolution!! Radio WSCE Says Thank You!!

Impeach Cheney (Part 3)

You Honestly Believe Hillary Clinton wants to be a "War President"?

The latest lead-contaminated product on American shelves? Lipstick.


More proof that government can't do anything right... I went to the DMV yesterday

After Tonights Debate I Believe Hilary

Phelps (Westboro) ordered to pay $2.9 million to family of gay U.S. Marine

Another way to look at it: Hillary was soundly defeated last night

Bush vetoes bills, claims "Congress is not getting its work done"

Harry Reid can Kiss my Oregon Environmentalist Ass

Which Democratic Candidate do you like the least?


If bushco murdered Wellstone, how come they didn't do in Jeffords?

Halloween TOONS Part 2: The scariest Pol is the one in the White House now...

If you think there's no difference between the nominated Democrat and Republican...

Tim Russert and Brian Williams MUST be called on their debate questions! POST WORST HERE:

Private Note to Bush from Hagel Calls For Direct, Unconditional, Comprehensive Talks with Iran

It's Just a Misunderstanding-You see, we think George Bush is a criminal-While evidently you don't.

Whether or not you support Kucinich

I'm glad Edwards clowned Sen. Clinton. Someone had to.

Mr Gore -- Just Imagine

helderheid! My impeachmints came right on time and they are

Why is it expected that in order to win, Democrats must pander to CONSERVATIVES instead of LIBERALS?

Schools Imploding: Dropout Factories

Did Cheney Bypass Official Chain Of Command & Spring Loose Nukes From Their Bunkers?

Reviews Pile On: EDWARDS Most Effective & Articulate

White House says Bush plans administrative orders to govern, avoiding Congress

Current TV Clip On Waterboarding. You decide!

EXCLUSIVE: DoJ Voting Rights Section Staffer Says John Tanner's Sworn Testimony 'Not Credible'

Presidential Candidate Sex Scandal Looming?

Comcast denies moving MSNBC for political reasons

For all of you that agree with HRC that Iran is a threat which justified her vote on Kyl/lieberman..

Here's What I Want

Karen Hughes news conference - pics

Fraternity brothers and sorority sisters check in!

USA Today reports, then deletes, Kuncinich's calls to impeach Bush & Cheney

What Would the Virgin of Guadalupe Do About Iran?

The Hill: Code Pink Rice Protester Could Face 10 Years; Surprised At Lack Of Security

What to wear when I witness Hillary filing for the NH Primary?

There is a massive conspiracy to keep the alien origins of UFOs from us.

**11-2-07** Schedule for Presidential Candidate Forum & Webcast

Travelers Beware: Homeland Security is Googling You

Harold Ford: "I caution anybody who continues to talk about the past" in Iraq

Neo-Con founder Norman Podhoretz, "The Case for Bombing Iran"

Cover-up: FBI Threatens Suspect's Family with Torture

Have others notice the all out desperation of Hillary's bashers

Can we please draw a line between calling out hypocrisy and ridiculing other people's sexuality?

A humble request to DUers regarding "Hillary"

A message from some of your friends on the UK Forum re. Daily Mail

Karen Hughes......Bwahahahahahaaa

BRAD BLOG Sibel Edmonds Article 'Disappears' from Google News

Listen up. According to Leviticus in the Bible . . .

Do you believe in UFO's ?

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Dropped Biden some more cash

Biden threads - so far -

check out the poll results on

New pro-Biden thread. Just made Greatest.

Ok- here's the URL

Check out the front page of Joe's site! He's got the Biden pumpkin on display!

Biden - Burma Sanctions

Analysts Praise Biden - please comment and rec (others waiting for recs, too)

Halloween Poll - Give Joe a treat

Will the real Joe Biden please stand up? (Halloween in the Senate)

More impressive stuff from Biden

Excellent thread by tsegat -

Biden - Post Drexel Debate interview. VIDEO

Biden vs Rudy on Tucker

what was the funny joke in the debate tonight

Al Gore... We need you

Tim Russert and Brian Williams ... the Bush Au Pair headlining the MSNBC

Video: Night Of The Living Republicans

Mitt Romney: I won't let US go the way of UK

Hillary waffles on immigration

The best and worst for each candidate tonight

One person's Bottom line

Biden and Julie trade snarks

The 'Orwellian' Bush administration

Bomb Iran, majority of Americans says in new poll

So much for Faux's "exclusive" about the fires being started by terrorists ...

Are the Assertive Attacks too Little, Too Late?

My debate prediction was right!

Which Dem in the Debate did best at attacking Repug/Bush policies?

Anyone Know If A Podcast's Available Of Yesterday's Debate?

Disappointed in Debate...

“There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun and a verb and 9/11,”

Update on Republicker gay sex scandal in Washington State

Bold prediction for 2008: Romney/Huckabee beat Hillary/her VP

I believe Edwards' and Clinton's numbers will go down after this debate.

Refresh my memory about the driver's licenses

Let's re-name the S-CHIP bill. to "Children's Health Restoration Insurance Subsidized by Tobacco"...

Does Clinton really think "We're in for the long haul" in Iraq will fly with Democrats?

Halloween Treat-Separated At Birth

Most Rehearsed Answers and Question Avoidance -- MSNBC Poll

So, what did or do you think? The 'fight' was fought,. So now what?

I am not a Kucinich supporter...

Barack Obama youtube clip from last night's debate: " Turning the page..."

Imagine if Biden had run against Bush instead of Kerry

Ho-hum: Another day, another republican caught in a sex scandel

Rudy's Childish Response

Last Dem Debate Viewers: 1.5 million. Last Primary Voters: 10.3 million

The top 3 got the most time & questions last night, is there any way to flip that for next time?

Rivals Accuse Clinton of Flip-Flopping

What did you guys think of Richardson tonight?

I didn't see the debate. What did Obama say about his gospel tour?

Iraq, Iran at center of Democratic debate

Josh Marshall's blind commentary on the debate

For the FIRST time I am worried about Hillary's performance...

"My granddaddy used to say, 'If you get kicked in the rear, that means you're out front.'"

Joe Biden actually answers the question and adds deeper insight.

I know this isn't an issue but did you guys catch Obama's zinger at Mitt Romeny last night?

Why are some Hillary supporters portraying her as a victim?

Did she answer a single question directly last night???? Where's the Beef???

Hillary Clinton"I am not going to balance Social Security on the backs

No actually the reviews are in and Hillary got her a** handed to her last night.

Last night's debate lit off several bombs with slow burning fuses.

"Can't touch that"

Moving on .. any more debates coming up? nt

GOP Unable to attend another Black Voter Forum due to scheduling conflicts

Re: Drivers Licenses For Undocumented Workers

Biden's best line tonite wasn't about Rudy "a noun, a verb, and 9/11" it was

Barack Obama ... a statesman and the face this country needs to repair our image abroad

Ralph Nadar to sue Democrat Party (what a whiner!)

Would-be Gore voters! The New Hampshire filing deadline is Nov. 2.

attn dem candidates-- I am SICK of listening to you bash each other. let's talk about the REAL

MSNBC Democratic Debate In Pennsylvania Scorecard

"Standing at centre-stage, Sen Clinton looked relatively unruffled at the assaults."

The reviews are in: Barack Obama won!

Rate the Candidates

FOX news is so clever...

Are you f'ing kidding me?

self deleted. Duplicate post

Mukasey Unsure About Waterboarding (AP)

Self delete, already posted.

Woah Nelly! Folks its a damn marathon, not a sprint. The stories of Hillary's demise are . . .

I just watched Hillary's immigrant DL answer - what is the problem again? (link to video)

BIden had the most significant comment & it wasn't about Rudy or Hillary

For people crying that Hillary got picked on during the DEBATE:

Give your assessment of Edward's debate performance here:

Question about gay marriage & religion

Question. How many fault Tim Russert for Hillary's performance at last night's debate?

NBC's First Read: 'Contentious' New Hampshire SEIU Vote. Many angry folks.

Give your assessment of Clinton's debate performance last night:

SC Constitutional Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage

Devastating analysis of what is wrong with George W. Bush. Watch it.

Poll Numbers from Iowa Re: Immigration Views

Here, Hillary supporters: She just got a big VT endorsement.

Obama, Edwards attack; Clinton bombs debate

Another member of the party of "family values" bites the dust

A "do-nothing" Congress - Dem controlled vs Repuke controlled - historical perspective ...

Hillary's "tell"...

Suppose John Edwards wins the nomination.

Bush's post-White House plans. What should he do with himself?

"I helped to bring health care to six million children while in the White House."

US Senate bill would tighten Myanmar sanctions (Biden introduces bill for Burma).

New boxing analogies, and the Democratic race. First, Hillary Clinton.

If Reid Has Said It Once, He Has Said It a Dozen Times ...

Who won the debate? I don't know, but I can tell you who didn't win

Time for Another Primary Challenge for Jane Harman

LIST of ATHEIST Politicians?

Davis criticizes Waxman over State Dept. IG probe

*LBN*BREAKING-Colbert to file as Dem in SC, being Republican costs too much

Thanks Mods.

Give your assessment of Obama's debate performance here:

Hillary Wins Big AFSCME Endorsement

Debate Question: Marijuana Decrim?

Kucinich rides wave of improving poll results into Presidential debate

Hillary Clinton won the debate so much that everyone should drop out soon

The reviews are in: Democrats WON!

Since debate recaps are the vogue de jour...

Religious Leaders Act on Climate Change (AP)

Comcast has taken C Span 2 off my lineup.

Obama has a cool ad on AT&T/Yahoo mail.

Detail$ on Romney wealth?

Biden Bill Granting Nationwide Subpoena Power to 9/11

First half hour of "Hardball": Debate was apparently about nothing except driver's licenses, UFOs

Hmm... regarding the "Lieberman backs Clinton" thing...

What's A DHL?

New Zogby: Hillary 38%, Obama 24%, Edwards 12%, Undecided 18%.

Voting as Political Narcotic

Perhaps this has been shown before, but it is a classic Biden ad

Calling DU Scientists, science buffs, science students....

So now we have Colbert (filing only as a Dem), Ron Paul fanatics, possibly Nader again...

Edwards and Obama should be going after Clinton more.

Hillary's Disastrous Debate: What does she do now?

For IMMEDIATE RELEASE from AFSCME: AFSCME Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Frank Luntz gives the results on his focus group on the debate

I'm Worried About Hillary's Place In History

Hey guys, who won the "other" debate yesterday?

Its a Done Deal: Hillary is the Next President.

TPM + TPM Cafe: Rough Night for Hillary

Should the McClurkin issue been brought up in last nights debate?

I saw a UFO once... really.

We should probably rename GD-P to "The DU Spin Room"

Time Magazine debate review gives Hillary Clinton a grade: C-

Similarities to Clinton land Obama in a tough spot

Trick or Treat? Lieberman Backs Clinton, Trashes Edwards

In defense of Kucinich...

The Reviews are in... Hillary WON the Debate

Anatomy of an Endorsement

The MSNBC Poll on Yesterday's Debate

This is good! Press release from Hillary's campaign: The Politics Of Pile-On

Hillary won that debate by a large margin

Edwards supporters! What did you think about his best line in the debate?

Joe Biden: Biden Calls on Colleagues to Support his Legislation

Seriously, are Clinton's chances of winning less now?

Halloween DUs Straw Poll

One of my mother's friends, a former Bush supporter,

Why are our three top candidates also the three most unelectable?

"Hillary will beat Giuliani. She's a strong woman. Giuliani just dresses like one."

You could hear a pin drop after Kucinich said impeachment

The Best Debate Moment Belongs to Joe Biden

Driver's Licenses For Undocumented Workers

Biden Issues Statement on Mukasey Nomination

Hypothetical: Edwards gets the nom, and its time to select his running mate.

Edwards loses any support I had for him

Edwards is winning in the Ed Schultz online poll.

What is Hillary doing???? Making a video about politics of pile-on????

Dancing Obama

Once again the Democrats are in danger of losing the Presidency to a nitwit

Frank Luntz's Focus Group on last night's debate.

Edwards proved he can win a debate against a Republican in the General Election.

AP Interview: Obama criticizes Clinton

My Take on the Debates and what happened.

For the smug, the complacent and the whipped: Let's go back to November 2003 shall we?

Democratic primary in Maryland: Support Donna Edwards

It seems to me that if you didn't get HRC's driver license reply, you're being willfully ingnorant

Edwards Debate Reviews

A Day Later, Clinton Embraces Spitzer’s License Effort

Is Iran seeking nuclear arms?

Buoyed Edwards Back on the Trail

You Only Enforce BUSHCO's Behavior-When The One Weapon He Fears (IMPEACHMENT) Is Taken Off The Table

Angry Edwards campaign continues to throw mud at Clinton and Obama

Water feud catches Bush in a bind

The problem with corporate sponsored candidates...

Let's face it, seeing a UFO is not a big deal

Lieberman backs Hillary, trashes Edwards

I think Edwards will pick up momentum after Iowa

obama caLLs for the firing of civiL rights division head

Biden's bill to grant nationwide supeona power to 9/11 victims heads to the President's desk.

Wyldwolf's Infuriating Yet 100% Correct Debate Analysis

Biden vs. Giluliani: Most entertaining election ever.


Biden fans, this is nice to see - ANALYSTS PRAISED BIDEN’S PERFORMANCE


Hillary Clinton: "Iran IS seeking nuclear weapons".

Clinton would cream Giuliani, poll finds

Hillary's poll numbers will go up after the debate

"Waterboarding is Torture… Period -When done right it is controlled death" - Former Navy SEAL

Obama threw the punch that landed

Edwards: Hillary Is Unelectable, And You Should Be Very, Very Afraid

Edwards was warm, engaging, firm, and unflappable, was able to weave his themes into

MP3: Fired Up, Ready To Go! Obama dance tune

What's up with all the Ron Paul threads here?

Of the top 5 Dems, there is only 1 who is unelectable in a general election. That is John Edwards

Man this place is chock full of Hillary Haters

I'm so tired of people trashing DK over UFOs

Good news, Hillary supporters: Joe Lieberman is backing her up!

A Few Impressions From Last Night's Debate

Democratic party seeks to win evangelicals, but risks leaving behind their base.

Clinton was right last night

Will the real Joe Biden please stand up? (Halloween in the Senate)

Does being the only woman as a Democratic candidate skew the polls?