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Archives: October 30, 2007

US soldier's family brings legal action against British private security firm

Robert Fisk: King Abdullah flies in to lecture us on terrorism

Bloody Protests in Yemen (World Press Review)

Such Fickle Political Lovers

Lovelock Addresses Royal Society On Climate - Short Version: Game Over

US Promises Imunity to Blackwater

Russia says radiation leak at Urals Mayak plant

Alleged Burning Man arsonist accused of trying to burn Grace Cathedral

Immunity Jeopardizes Iraq Probe - Guards' Statements Cannot Be Used in Blackwater Case

Security Upgrades at Several Nuclear Sites Are Lagging, Auditors Find

UN expert seeks guantanamo release

Million back comic for president

Costly oil pushes gasoline to 14-month high

Indian police block landless protest march

Japan PM, opposition fail to extend Afghan mission

Giuliani Still Working at Firm He Promised to Leave

Yet Another Journalist Slain In Iraq

Businesses ready ... aim ... hold their fire

Blackmail Cited Over Senator's Project [GOP Sen. Ted Stevens]

Was Bin Laden's last video faked? Video analysts debate whether al-Qaida doctored the video

AIDS virus invaded U.S. from Haiti: study

1 in 10 Schools Are 'Dropout Factories'

Police investigate extortion attempt against state lawmaker

Safety Chief Is Opposing More Money (Consumer Products)

Lawmakers Keep Aerial Tankers on Life Support

I'm not even clicking on the Danny Bonaduce package link

Why do people here feel the need to find vile stuff and post it in the Lounge - you know I will LOOK

'Our high school students are masturbating at a fifth grade level!'

Remember this?

30 Seconds to mars..... oh yeah.....

Oh my God. From my 2nd favorite hip-hop album

What's your costume?

Dare you to sit through

The birth of Rock & Roll

George W. Bush made me late for work!

I feel so lonely its unbearable

The weirdest spam mail I have ever gotten ..... for those who need their booze

Live Video - Thunderstorm Here In Fresno

Sacramento TV anchors have the (bleep) scared out of them...

Seperated at Birth

Mmmmmmmm.... Whiskey Sour!

I heard that Porter Wagoner died with a 'Satisfied Mind'.

Darkstar's Heartland Tales: I just got back from...cough...WalMart

Tuna Melt...It's what's for dinner

Just packed up the car - items for my first ever office!!!!

Anyone have Yakima or Thule racks on their cars?

How come nobody raves about Hanne Darboven any more?

Well, it seems I've acquired a new fan.

Beachfront 5K sq. ft. house for $56.25 per person a WEEK (Yucatan)

I have psychotic abilities. Ask me anything.

Upon doing some research, it was probably GHB and not roofies my friend was slipped

name two things that always fill you with mirth

Last night: Hamburger Hill ........ Tonight: Full Metal Jacket

Has anyone seen the new movie, "Music Within"?

Not that I'm one to say "I told you so" but how about dem Packers?

Is it just me, or is DU EXTREMELY slow tonight?

Tancreepy is out the door.

Well, it seems I've acquired a new fan.


I got a package from my murdered friend's mother today

What's the location at your temperature?

It's depressing to think there's no baseball for 4 1/2 months

That was a sick poker beat

BOO! Happy Halloween!!

Man, Grad. School TAs have screwed up grading for me twice this past week

Show me the digital you

Can someone here give me a piece of advice regarding a storage unit I am renting?

Are you unpoopular?

My daughter's Halloween costume

Anybody seen the movie "Rendition"?

Echols' Attorneys File New Motion Claiming Wrongful Conviction In 'West Memphis Three' Case

The hour is nigh...

This can never be posted too often

Photos from my Halloween Bash

Dog shoots Iowa man during hunt

The best license plate ever

Tom Petty vid for "you don't know how it feels": Who was the woman?

Am I a pervert?

Woo-hoo! 14 lbs. gone!

hey lounge.... need good vibes for tomorrow afternoon.....

What is the temperature at your location?

Query: If you were afraid to travel, but really wanted to go to another country, how


Finally switched my cable subscriptions to Showtime & TMC

Post the best Hip-Hop videos

Loungers, what is your fav 'unethical' food?

This makes me nervous.

This is hilarious... see if you think it's a gas!

Yes... I am needy. I apologize for it too.

Have you people seen The Wicker Man?

Poll question: Do you buy products made by Aliens?

Happy Halloween - The Random Goth Lyric Generator!!

Would you buy a pregnancy test kit at the dollar store?

halloween pumpkin carving - fun fun fun... (dial-up warning.. lots of pics)


Just saw an excellent piece on Mil Channel on Viet Nam FACs.

AWOL James Circello @ New Orleans O27 Protest

Olbermann: The Real Rudy Giuliani

New Hillary Clinton Ad (Health Care/Social Security)

Officials Seek Photos from Fire/Have You Seen this Truck? *PLEASE HELP*

If Gore Were Arrested -- Should he do it?

Pirates Of The Yemen

NY Times spins Giuliani's colossal campaign flop

Rudy is a LIAR..

Sen Clinton on U.S. District Court Ruling Against NYRI's Request to Use Eminent Domain

I'm not sure but

Senate Democratic Leaders Call On President To End Delay, Nominate New Secretary Of Veterans Affairs

Reid Announces Mobile Resource Centers to Help Nevadans Facing Foreclosures

Bush didn't fix "hole" in law that prevents prosecution of contractors: 'That's How I Work'

FEMA Philbin shown the door at

I pwb hereby designate Blackwater a terrorist organization within the Bush administration.

Poll question: Do you buy products made by Aliens?

Immunity for Military Contractors Under Coalition Provisional Authority Order 17

Post your Political Compass score

Suspect in Burning Man arson arrested

Sanders successful in raising H-1B Visa fees

Did you know that in 2003,

For the low low price of $40 yes you too can hear about Newts "Contract with the earth"

Canada brushes off allegations of Afghan torture

Vinyl May Be Final Nail in CD's Coffin

UK Guardian: Huge arms deals and terror intelligence links

Did 60 Min. ever do a sit down with Rudy about how he dumped Donna?

Have you voted in the DU straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates yet?

Protest pics from today (While the Smirkster visits the rich and famous)

Secret move to upgrade air base for Iran attack plans

52% Support U.S. Military Strike Against Iran

ICE campaign - "In Case of Emergency" (Email forward from relatives back east)

10 Sheiks working with U.S. in Iraq "nabbed in brazen daylight attack"

Gas just jumped from $2.76 to $2.96 here in the Twin Cities

Fire claims family's house twice in 4 years

* 'drops in' on Johnny Bench's 60th birthday party - pics

Stench of conspiracy at BAE Systems

Anything new on the Larry Flynt scandal about to break?

Phila Judge Lisa Richette dies - trailblazing feminist

MoD knew of crews' fears over Nimrod spy planes years ago

Formal peace treaty sought for North-South Korea

Remember this? Al Gore at the Oscars.

Question: Do think BushCo is producing the Osama Video's??

1 in 10 Schools Are 'Dropout Factories'

Very Revealing Bush On Blackwater: "That's how I work. I'm -- thanks. (Laughter.)"

US Private Equity Groups in China Talks -- Carlyle, KKR, and TPG

Man Arrested for Attempted Homosexual Necrophilia

Boxer needs your help please: President Bush, stop muzzling scientists

'Kids and the Growing Allergy Threat' & Steve Sawalich On The Behalf of Americans with disabilities

Anti-Clinton Video Draws Web Audience (with help from the ol' Swift boater gang)

Michael Gershon on The Daily Show

Brent Budowsky: Oil Soars, Fires Rage, War Looms, Hillary Maneuvers, Gore Surges in CBS Poll

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!


Good Lord it's getting worse...

Missouri GOP Gov Blunt breaks law, fires lawyer who warned him

Tom Engelhardt at Salon: Not Taking It To The Streets (Protests Like Voting - A Duty)

Immunity Deal Hampers Blackwater Inquiry

Rumsfeld Flees France, Fearing Arrest

Online Lobbying Capabilites

This Jason Jones thing on First Ladies is Hilarious

Allow them to present themselves without SWIFTBOAT responses, please

Salon: Another Election Fiasco In Florida? (Dem Party At Battle With Itself)

I'm shopppppping..

NEW Daily Show! (on Now!) Full on CA Wildfire 24/7 "news" critique!

Freepers solve the energy crisis (the nitrous oxide's leaking again)

"Finnish folk band find a rude airport welcome" guess where.....


My reasoning

Schwarzenegger personally extinguishes remaining fires

I wonder how people would react if HRC or Edwards toured with a gay singer

Bill O'Reilly thinks he knows Yiddish!

Tropical Storm Noel heading for Florida

What is everyone really afraid of?

"Not only do I read a book, I sat next to dinner!"


So what happens AFTER Walmart?

Firefox Users!!! I just found a MUST HAVE Firefox Plug-in!

Barack Obama is a member of the UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST...

Missouri guv forms "Task Force" on how abortion harms women. WTF?

Al Gore, you're tearing us apart...

I made a really nice lunch and dinner today (yet another rant)

Say yes to national health care

The third annual DU ULTIMATE GHOST STORY THREAD is up in the Lounge...

What the f#!? are we so damned scared of? - A rant filled with gas vapors and lit matches

VCR ALERT - Charlie Rose Tues: Mohamed El-Baradei (IAEA) followed by Valerie Plame Wilson

Our party's next nominee must side with the world's poor, not corporate power.

Parton Sang for Wagoner in Final Hours

Immunity deal hampers Blackwater inquiry

Gore Would Be This Generation's JFK

I have this idea - Mr Gore - cause I am not giving up here -

You know - If Clinton gets elected we get a militarist democrat -

Comet Holmes is visible tonight.

New York is drafting Al Gore!

You guys - check it out and comment. I think this is great news!

Okay, I'm going to just come out and state something that's been

Businesses ready ... aim ... hold their fire

Neocon wannabe Rudy Giuliani mouths off. Obama camp spokesman Bill Burton responds.

Lawyer's Group Proposes Freeze On Capital Punishment

Obama to reinstate Net Neutrality first year in Office.

Question .... is there a Democratic debate tonight?

Question. Why do the Repubs want Hillary to win the Dem nomination? Do you smell a set up?

Photos: Barack Obama today at a rally with Governor Tim Kaine in Charlottesville, Virginia

Obama's next step could be Springfield

Watch Obama bust a move on the Ellen Degeneres show today...

Are these candidate disqualifiers - Obama's "gospel tour" and Hillary's support for IRW and K/L?

Obama, Edwards sharpen attacks on Clinton

On SCOTUS nominations, any of the Democrats running will do the job.

John Edwards, at tomorrow's debate, will

"O Brother, Where Art Thou? Why Barack Obama Can’t Have It Both Ways"

Pelosi finesses tax message

Why Raul Grijalva - AZ Dist 7 - is my favorite Congressman.

Odds of a Clinton/Edwards ticket?

Anti-Clinton Video Draws Web Audience: Produced by a felon, promoted by Swift Boat promoters

I would also like to make a donation to a gay-rights organization.

So Democrats are now against free speech?

The McClurkin controversy has inspired me to make a donation to the Obama campaign.

Barack Obama, at tomorrow's debate, will...

Iowa Democratic Party: Announces new caucus date of January 3, 2008

Major "nut jobs" coing to Ohio tomorrow

Spot the Republican Bush Appointee

Clinton ad: Fighting for seniors not new for her

Obama: "I Cannot Support" Mukasey For Attorney General

The Democratic Party Has A Historic Commitment To Advancing Human Rights

Today I sat down and wrote a check for $2,000 to the Obama Campaign...

I'd like to interrupt the regularly scheduled threads on McClurkin to say...

The McBigot flap has inspired me to use the ignore function...

My take: Obama v. Clinton

True or False- "Edwards is not progressive. Hell he can not even pull his own state."

You think "everyone other than gay people are out to get you" and "Get over it!"

I am firmly in the Jim Webb or Wes Clark for VP camp

Democratic Presidential Candidates Biden, Dodd to Vote 'No' on Michael Mukasey as Attorney General

The Hillary people are milking the Obama-McCurdle debacle for all its worth

Barack Does Bill Bradley! Obama takes the Plutocrat line on Social Security

It is interesting that Richardson said that being Gay was a choice and survived but

Are Obama supporters using the McClurkin debacle to blame Clinton supporters?

Million back comic for president

Which is worse

Obama Comes to Virginia

Senator John Edwards Speech at St. Anselm's College, Manchester, New Hamphshire (WORTH READING)

Went to get Gas today... It jumped 10 cents... It is now $2.95 where I live

Hillary Clinton, at tomorrow's debate, will...

I have changed my position on the Obama-McClurkin issue after defending Obama

Nelson, Hastings, Corrine Brown, other Florida Dems filed amended complaint against DNC

John Edwards: "I was wrong".

Not a SINGLE gay person should leave DU over this shit

I'm a Hillary person who thinks the McClurkin flap is overblown, and here's why.

Here's the plan. Pump prices held down until just before Thankgiving and then they pop to

Biden did 20 years in the wilderness for stealing a speech; Obama gets a free pass?

Remarks by Senator John Edwards & Email to me

Social Security Retirement Age Should Rise, Keep Americans Working Longer, Senators Say

DU trying to help the republicans

Democratic Party Strategy Regarding the Iraq War and other issues Smacks of Fear and Cynicism and sh

George Bush is Stripping Our Military of Honor

New Research: Win-Win from "Free Trade" is a Big Lie (Good Read)

Just another "accountability moment"? ~ Condi and Blackwater

'The US Does Not Torture' But What We Do 'Do' We Won't Talk About

David Sirota: Deregulation + Free Trade = Danger

‘I Caution Some in Our Party’ - Harold Ford Jr. on the struggle for the Democrats' soul

A native Westerner describes the disturbing changes in movement conservatism he's witnessed

Truthdig: Giuliani’s Pandering Backfires

The Big Neocon Lies

This is an Outrage! Plan Mexico!

With Little Support From Democratic Candidates, School Of the Americas Protest Presses On

Lamestream media inciting 'Superbug' mass hysteria By Ben Marble, M.D.

New Research: Win-Win from "Free Trade" is a Big Lie

War spending will suck the economy dry for years to come

The Bank of the South: An Alternative to IMF and World Bank Dominance


Shame on the State Department

"Commodity speculators are exploiting geopolitical tensions to put a "fear factor premium" "

Eric Boehlert: Stephen Colbert's joke is on the press

WP, Dan Froomkin: The Stench of Torture

Naomi Klein: The Business Press and Me: a Case of Unrequited Love

(Gerald) Ford bio takes shots at Clintons and Cheney

Democrats Consider More Money for War (AP)

Kos: Dems Implicated in Illegal Wiretapping Ready to Compromise


Who Can Stop the Shape Shifters? Naomi Klein, You're Freaking Me Out

When Does the Lesser Evil Become Just Evil?

Bush Fundraiser Linked to CIA Cocaine Plane!

Former White House Spokesman: Press Is Biased, Except Fox

A "Two-Headed Party," and the Power of a Dime

Murder and payoffs taint business in Colombia

Eco-Tech Show On The Science Channel

New SMUD Solar Array to Support Advanced Vehicles (solar H2, California)

"Golden age" of oil refining margins to end

Former Chief Of Saudi Aramco Exploration - World Oil Production Has Peaked

Water levels fall; drought fears on rise (Mass.)

California commission recommends ripping out Klamath Dams

Cal can boot all tree-sitters, judge says

Where Amazon Loggers Move In, Malaria Follows, Even In Regions Free Of Disease Before - Guardian

Cement Industry Is at Center of Climate Change Debate

Mods - Dupe, please delete nt

Central Valley salmon largely absent from fall run - but why?

Shanghai Gas Stations Rationing Diesel Fuel As Shortages Continue

Feds want to survey, possibly clean up vast garbage pit in Pacific

Australian Livestock Industry Considering Importing Grain As Drought Takes Toll - The Age

A cure for the fungus that is killing frogs?

Sun-powered desert race: The World Solar Challenge (CNN)

Green ships for blue highways (CNN)

Minnesota wind turbines third in nation in producing megawatts of power

New "Green Building," Biomass and Solar Facilities (at NREL)

OGE Corp. Announces Plan To Expand Wind Energy

Australian Ag. Ministry Cuts Wheat Forecast Again - 12.1 MT, Down From 22.5 In June Projection - FT

Xcel Energy contracting for additional wind power, pursuing its own wind energy assets

U. New South Wales Researchers Find Zero Birds In Northern Macquarie Marshes Wetland

Clean wheels: The future of electric cars (CNN)

Will a thirsty Atlanta try to drink our water? (Savannah River)

The Folding Stackable City Car (Boston Glob)

IBM to ship scrap wafers direct to solar cell producers...

Libyan National Oil Chairman - "There Is A Very Real Problem" - 100 MB/D "May Not Be Possible"

Vampire electronics drain homes of energy

Sadad al-Huseini - World's Oil Reserves Overstated By 300 Billion Barrels

Motorhead Messiah (a green Kansas mechanic)

Military Trial Begins In Navy Sex Scandal

Blackwater men 'given immunity'

Blackwater's relief effort wins praise of project foe (Potrero)

Indian suppliers to GAP deny use of child labour

2007 Spying Said to Cost $50 Billion

Tropical Storm Noel grazes Cuba, heads for Bahamas

2007 Yearly Tropical Cyclone Activity to Date

Bush Rallies Troops, Calls White House Meeting to Strategize With Republicans

2007 Yearly Tropical Cyclone Activity to Date ( 2007 lowest September activity on record since 1977

(Gerald) Ford bio takes shots at Clintons and Cheney

Editor of Baghdad weekly paper murdered

Schwarzenegger: Marijuana 'not a drug'

Pentagon misstates sniper data in $1.4B request

Iraq cabinet approves law to end contractors' immunity

Fatal blast near Musharraf's HQ

Suicide blast kills seven near Musharraf base

Turkey pounds rebels, warns US over ties

Immunity Deals Offered to Blackwater Guards (by State Dept)-NYT

Bush chides Congress on spending bills

Non-combat injuries, illnesses are No. 1 hazard in Iraq

Russia's Lavrov To Meet Ahmadinejad

UF student Meyer apologizes

Sharpton chides Cheney over Confederate flag flap

Barzani speaks to The Times: Over the border operation would mean war

U.K. Should Confront Saudis on Hate Texts, Study Says

Home Prices Fall in August for 8th Month

Three plead guilty in fake voter scheme

Dog shoots hunter

White House against parts of consumer safety bill

NYT: Manhattan Project really did start in Manhattan

FBI Investigating Stevens' Fishing Bills

(Walmart) Toy Recall Lacked Key Info

China rejects Israel's call for tougher sanctions against Iran

DOJ Official Apologizes for Minority Remark

(Supreme) Court Reviews Child Pornography Law

AG nominee unsure about waterboarding (letter to Dems)

US: Ex-prosecutor stepped over the line in Detroit terror trial

House Democrats Rewrite Spying Measure to Fix `Drafting Error'

Tennessee applies for 2 nuclear reactors

Rising number of veterans are uninsured, many ineligible for VA care

Lawmakers target Do Not Call expiration

Leading 2008 Democrats come out against attorney general nominee Michael Mukasey

UCI Medical Center has fired 13 nurses

Code Pink Punks 'Politico' in Blackwater Hoax

Reports of Blackwater immunity deal embarrass Rice

US may delay troop reductions in Germany

Bush picks Army doctor as veterans secretary

Democrats blast Blackwater immunity deal

Russia FM Blasts US Over Iran Sanctions

Man tried to extort Wash. lawmaker: Another republican gay sex

Cisco And Satyam To Create Health Services Network In India

Carlyle in talks to sell 9.9% management stake to Chinese

Blackwater not offered immunity, official says

Iraq: Number of girls attending school dropping, say analysts

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 30

Bush: Democratic-Controlled Congress Has ''The Worst Record In 20 Years''

Gravel plans own simultaneous debate

Gay Enclaves Face Prospect of Being Passé

Indian police rescue child workers from factory

Gulf Arabs could drop dollar pegs in unison

Attorneys: DNA Evidence May Clear West Memphis Three

Huckabee distances himself in Ark. case

U.S. Health Dept. Will Offer Some Doctors Cash To Use E-Health Records

Hollywood unions offer support to writers as negotiations resume

Three US Soldiers Killed In Iraq

TVA Seeks OK On 2 Nuclear Reactors

Engineer guilty of hiding nuclear plant damage

US Spent $43.5 Billion on Intel in 2007

US State Dept in furor over reported Blackwater immunity deal (Biden calls on Rice to clarify)

US Officials Reach Consensus On Iraq Private Contractor Oversight

Congress Approves Seven-Year Internet-Tax Ban

Supreme Court Blocks Lethal Injection Execution: Justices may want to halt executions nationwide

Official regrets remarks on black voters (Taner)

Ralph Nader Sues Democratic Party

Teen Charged in Craigslist Killing

GAO: U.S. hasn't taken advantage of Iraq's drop in violence

Iraqi dam seen in danger of deadly collapse

Small Training Bomb Fell From Navy Fighter Jet in Virginia

Please don't blame us for $93 oil: OPEC

Singer Robert Goulet dies in Los Angeles, a spokesman says

UN to call for end of US embargo on Cuba

Bomb Iran, majority of Americans says in new poll

Kucinich Questions Bush's Mental Health

Venezuela Communists Knock US Plot (Wolfowitz, Albright)

Orange County, CA Sheriff Indicted

Romney Shouldn't Equate Mormons, Christians, Evangelicals Say

Google challenge......

Where's Mr Scorpio?

I have geckos on my front porch

I found a new toy.. Click Clock..


lizziegrace didn't dream about me!

Is there a dirty human in your household?

Well, this is it...

Can someone tell me the background of the Useless Eater?

Proof that the Red Sox are Number One

Best. GD. Thread. Ever.

Is America ready for a FLILTF

Stranger for a roommate on a trip...tell your story here.

Remember, the tradition for Halloween is for we Lounge Lizards to post like Freepers

Jesus Vs. T. Rex

Thought I'd share a little Hil humor with y'alls

Need to world...

We may have rescued two kittens this morning! (Sorry, no pics yet.)

Finally, some real help for schizophrenics

Free Taco Day

I NEVER get any trick or treaters!

Sheesh....I go away for a week or so and the Lounge secedes from the DUnion...

Ok, a little something funny for your Halloween pleasure

Natalis Fonzii


Does anyone know of natural treatments for sinus infection?

Halloween ...Another covert liberal give away program?

Sax fans: do you want a staff?

What is your favorite bedtime snack?

Can I please have a do-over today?

AAR streaming


Just in time for Halloween: "Embalmed heads found in I-30 truck"

"KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park"-19 yrs.’s on YouTube!!!!

Set your clocks back in 4 days and 14 hours.

Post some spooky Hallowe'en music videos.

Hal - oween or Hollow - ween?

I love the stock market

"You need to get that dog some crotch-flavored bones!"

I love the black market

Do you say "arm candy"?

Want to feel good this morning? Watch this.

Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?

Who here has toys in the attic?

Delivery in 39 minutes or the pizza is free.

Does anyone know how I can find the name of the Prez for Barnes and Noble?

Sucks and blows

BWE’s Top 10 Most Humiliating Pet Costumes (Judging By The Expressions of the Pet Models)

AAAARGH! Anyone here know AV SW? I can't record mic and sound files simultaneously!

Anyone seen the Broncos' quarterback?

AV Question: What software can capture all the sounds on your PC?


Acronyms-Lingo and Abbreviations for poker?

Okay, who currently has Retrolounge's Cowboy Pajamas?

Looks like this guy is in the middle of a crotch-flavor jones

Why are there cowboy pajamas in my yard,

When I was a mod once...

where are you ?

Business owners. How much per hour do you pay your employees?

because i want to, that's why!

Who here has bats in the belfry?

Speaking of CROTCH... isn't that such a weird word?






I've got yer cowboy,....right here!



Is this funny?


Personally I think you folks in the lounge are full-o-shit!!!.....




What is the BEST "thing" in your family's health/ genetic legacy that you're aware of?

Ghost of John Lennon Haunts Liam Gallagher



Does anyone else know about Eytan Mirsky?

Why is the alphabet in that order?

Breaking: 35% of loungies are in the top 10% of loungies!!

A dog a few houses down howled all night long

So what are you giving out to trickertreaters for Halloween?

8 PM tonight-"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

'Suicide blonde' kills three people while trying to kill herself

Who can you cook better then anyone you know?

I am THE master of BBQ (pics)


What should I eat for dinner?

US Navy 1, Pirates 0

Dog shoots hunter

It's my fault that DU is insane!

Who Likes Touchy-Feely Coworkers?

Things You Used to Find Funny that Seem Pretty Dumb Now

What is the worst "thing" in your family's health/ genetic legacy that you're aware of?

Match Game story-style: "Dumb Dora was so dumb, even her _____ were lopsided."

My Bunny Slippers Are Missing....

People with at least 4 miles of siblings. Is one of you fey?


Trek Lovers Unite

Lost a friend today...

New York, New York!

Top Office Pet Peeves?

Reading some of my old blog posts, came across this gem.

As promised, KITTEN PICTURES! (The kittens we might have rescued this morning.)

Goddamn kids, get off my lawn!

DUers: How smart assed are you?

The Canadian Mounting Police. Keeping Canada safe from American porn.

Favorite Candy

Has anyone seen my bunny slippers?

Which Actor/Actress Have You Done


Rub and tugs.

New business opportunities for the new century.. What's your Big Idea?

Who here has blown insulation in their attic?

Anyone from Tennessee looking to adopt a dog....

Attention Danagsk8: Stay away from GD

I got my butt kicked in GD today.

At Least Tomorrow Is Payday

This video deserves its own thread.

Paul Potts and the Savage Beasties!!!

Coach Accused Of Mooning Opposing Team help...

Only the Lounge will know if this is funny:

Having a little Halloween fun in GD, join in

Talk about a lousy way to die!

Tuesday morning slap-o-rama. People you'd like to smack the shit out of today?

I Learned A New Word Today From billyskank

I know what would make football more interesting - instead of playing on grass/astroturf

You can save a ton of money on car insurance

Which DUer is more lickable?

everyone have a happy halloween!

How do I keep my iPod buds from falling out of my years?

My first post in GDP

Ugh...I feel so blah...

Pushkin Sonnet- cause I dug the word pushkin

Help! How do I turn OFF my son's iPod?

I didn't get my free Taco today!

sooo... at the lawyers I found out that my life is nothing more


My internet tubes were really slow

Who Has The Weirdest DU Name

Another computer question - what is the best domain name service?

CONFESS!!! Tell us one thing in your life that doesn't suck

Coach accused of Mooging Opposing Team

Which Actor/Actress Would You Do

20 arrested in highway sex sting. Not a Republican Senator among them.

A zebra walked up to a dolphin....

I want to see lots of pictures from tomorrow, please.

And the award for "Best Performance in a Japanese Commercial" goes to...

Speed in Ontario, pay a $10,000.00 ticket.

Man caught having sex with corpse of 92 year old

Third grader sends letter to Steve Jobs. Apple's lawyers respond.

was told we could wear costumes to work tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 30th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

need a little computer advice...i.e laptop/notebook

Has anyone seen my Cowboy?

Has anyone seen my Cowboy Pajamas?

Attn: Red Sox Nation! Post your Rolling Rally pics here!

Brilliant Jon Stewart TDS clip from a couple of months ago

Rush Limbaugh spoke fondly of his two cats today. Must I change my opinion of him?

Ray Taliafero Fans Please Check In Here.

Me and My great great great great gram gram :o)

Think "Office Space" is fiction? Read this NY Mag "insider" piece on getting hired at Trader Joe's.

Our family has been "Boo'ed" twice in the past 2 days - is this something new?

OK I've had two birds added to my life list today

Trying to find a picture...need help.

Some Jack-O-Lanterns with some pretty good detail.

Best video editing in a local newscast ever

Hayden Panettiere to play Wendy O. Williams

What can you cook better than anyone you know?

Millions of female Star Trek fans are doing the Happy Dance right about now...

DRY ICE: What kinds of places sell it? Grocery/liquor stores?? Other?

Do you know your Horror Movie death scenes?


"I'll fucking kill you, you son of a bitch." Football Coach to 12 year old.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/30/07

Best opening lines of songs!

I dropped a computer on my foot.

The Community College just put one of my short stories on Line...

Sinus Infection anyone? Please post your experiences here.

for all you orchid lovers in the lounge....check out my darwin's orchid

A business owner just told me $10 per hour is too much to pay an employee.

So, Robert Goulet dies, but Britney Spears, Oprah, Paris, Bon Jovi, etc. are still alive.

Anyone want to see how I look in cowboy pajamas?

Confess! Name the main thing that DOES suck in your life.

People with at least 4 male siblings. Is one of you gay?

Where were you when the zombies attacked?

Just saw, "1408"

I'm Here, and I'm ready for another SIX DEGREES OF MrSCORPIO. Are you?

Brig. gen. wounded in Iraq bomb attack

MOH faker to be sentenced Thursday

Diplomat named to help lead Africa Command

Generals to give medals to families of fallen

Agencies split watch over reservist job rights

DoD seeks faster buys of IED countermeasures

Defense: Witness lied about academy doctor’s videos

Spec-ops court of inquiry pushed back

Cutout entertained family while Marine away

Ex-recruiters asked to return as supervisors

AFSOC planning combined training center

Mountain Home pilots are first with new sims

Sailors urged to 'let go of anger' over slayings

1st AD takes over Multi-National Division-North

Little Rock AFB housing project falters

Several insurgents killed in raid on al-Qaida 'facilitators'

Space-based missile tracker comes to Japan

DoD Defends Decision to Yank YouTube

The Future of Carriers Threatened?

Naval destroyer arrives to be commissioned

Reaper scores insurgent kill in Afghanistan

Project Valor- IT

Ex-Halsey CO fires back

U.S. Deaths in Afghanistan, Region

Edwards '08 Express

Charleston Councilman Wendell Gilliard endorses John Edwards

South Carolina voter, Joan Meachum, endorses John Edwards

Walkin' and Talkin 'round Walterboro with John Edwards

SC Voter Elaine Cooper endorses Edwards

Darlington, SC Voter Elaine Reed endorses John Edwards

Ken and Alice Campbell - John Edwards and Universal Health

David Swanson Speaks @ NO WAR NO WARMING Action, Washington

If You Smell What Barack Is Cookin'?

We're Mad as Hell ..........

SC Representative Lonnie Hosey endorses John Edwards

Lee County, SC Sheriff E.J. Melvin endorses John Edwards

John Edwards answers question regarding Corridor of Shame

John Edwards answers a reporters question on SC Campaign

Mayor Daniel K Alexander endorses John Edwards

Mike Evatt, SC Exec Comm Member endorses John Edwards

Bill Richardson - When I Began

John Edwards speaks to Darlington High - Part III

John Edwards speaks to Darlington High - Part II

John Edwards speaks to Darlington High - Part I

From the Pink House to the White House - John Edwards

John Edwards at Brown's BBQ-Kingstree, SC

John Edwards role models self-esteem to high school students

Pledge of Allegiance - 1949

Mixed Messages from Bush

Olbermann: Worst Persons In World - Dep't of Homeland Security

Hearing on DOJ Voting Rights Section: Conyers' Exasperation

Rep. Artur Davis Grills DoJ's Tanner on Minorities

Voting Chief Defends Overrulling Staff to Approve Georgia Voter ID Law

Tanner Admits that Minorities "Age in The Same Way"

Nascar Tips For Democrats

Barack Obama supports Net Neutrality

Obama equates being tested for aids with being gay

Joe Biden Responds to Fred Thompson's Iraq Comments

This London protest reminds me of that classic scene the movie Spartucus


$93 a barrel, eh? Hey, f-head....

Well we went to a brief on Saturday and had a nice talk with a right winger

Stating the Obvious Again

It's Official 52% of Americans are RETARDED!!!!

"Perhaps Al Qaeda is planning on infiltrating a cable news channel

110,000 users.:- What I just saw on my screen.

US soldier's family brings legal action against British mercenaries with close ties to Chalabi

Dalai Lama voices 'reservations' about Iraq, Afghanistan wars

U.S. soldier says Khadr should stay in Guantanamo

U.S. Stands in the Way of International Pipeline Deal

Tougher consumer protections opposed by agency chair

Honey, They Shrunk the Congress

Charles B. Rangel: The AMT Must Go-Stop the middle-class tax raid

Canadian Dollar at 1.05 US!

Lack of security limits Iraq's recovery despite $100 billion rebuilding effort

Pentagon sniper data not accurate, but show them the money anyway

Wanna participate in a focus group? Here's an application

"The painfully thin blond with nearly exposed bosoms was none other than Ann Coulter..."

Phil English (R) Pa wants drug testing for welfare Recipients

LTTEs to the Globe: By the way, there was an antiwar rally

WJ People need to shut up and let this government run this war

Washington Journal--Reported artilce that head of the Consumer Product Safety

CSPAN - Cuba talk. muy interesante.

*** 10 AM HOUSE JUDICIARY: Oversight Hearing on the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division ***

An ad I just heard on TV.. "Made in Chino..NOT in CHINA"

RIGHTS: 'U.S. Resisting Ban on Cluster Bombs'

Support for Al Gore is not hero worship!

Dog shoots Iowa man during hunt

2 yrs ago, how many DUers supported the republican plan to privatize Social Security?

Walter Pincus-2007 Spying Said to Cost $50 Billion

Iraq bill would lift contractor immunity

Glenn Greenwald of has Petraeus' spokesman (a Colonel, no less) by the short hairs...

2007 Spying Said to Cost $50 Billion

"HAIL TO THE CHIMP" New Video Game-Metaphorical Look At Elections

What gives the State Dept power to give immunity for murder

IRAQ: Number of girls attending school dropping, say analysts

I think it would help if MoveOn and others could refresh peoples memories with this video

Pretty much the only hope for our country is to expose the anti-conspiratorialists!

DUality ( a Mad Cow blog)

"The Internet has aided in facilitating violent radicalization, ideologically based violence and..."

Two VA hospitals forced to turn away patients

Cheney Visits Hunting Lodge That Hangs The Confederate Flag

DKos Diary: New York Is Drafting Gore

Impossible? Can you do this seemingly simple thing?

Eyes on Supreme Court in Execution Case Tuesday (today)

Deadliest year in Afghanistan since the start of the war

Immunity Jeopardizes Iraq Probe - State Dept. protects Murderers

Iraqi Dam Seen In Danger of Deadly, Imminent, Catastrophic Collapse

* on CSPAN live, talking about S-CHIP. 8:42amCT nt

Got Ribs? ---pix--->>>

Segment on NPR this morning about detecting lies......

How to kill stem cells in secret

An Enlistment Video To Send To Annoying Repukes:

Iraq bill would lift contractor immunity

What do you think about the movie "Zeitgeist"....?

The cost of American bellicosity toward Iran

Latest Zogby poll says 52% of Americans want to bomb Iran?

O'LOOFAH, a hypocrite?!1 Can't be!1 (re: free speech, disrupting)

Bush to nominate James Peake as VA Secretary

What keeps tripping my "Download the latest version of Flash"

Al Gore is running

If we ain't got Gore a year from now....

Bush Fundraiser Linked to CIA Drug Plane

Key paragraph from Krugman's column on Iran

Ok, a little something funny for your Halloween pleasure

Minn. Freeway Blog Sign At After Downing Street

Iraqi dam seen in danger of deadly collapse

'Menace To Orlando' Has Been Arrested 35 Times

The Scar is quoting from the NYT 6 months ago when they reported Iran was a year from having nukes

Cardboard Cutout Keeps Family Company While Marine Is Away

Elmer's (glue) vows review of safety after reports of high lead levels

Warning: don't open this at work. But it's a great parody.

New military euphemism for PTSD

Chad accuses French charity of child trafficking (Sarkosy link)

Dems Make Clear Opposition to Iran War

Boeing approves $7 billion stock buyback program..A Crime is

I met Bill Clinton last night! (pics)

anyone watching CSPAN3 -- VOTING RIGHTS hearing?

Things I liked best about my brother: Fooling with republicans

Gagggh... Blackwater: Putting The 'Mercy Back In Mercenary'

160 Million Dollar Retirement PACKAGE for failing

Whistleblower at the Supreme Court-“Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should” (Scott Horton)

Bush** admin. fighting improving Consumer Product Safety. I thought this was a joke

Bono's U.S.-based anti-poverty groups to merge

Iraq cabinet okays law to end foreign firms' immunity

The Case of the Dog That Didn't Bark

*** 10 AM HOUSE JUDICIARY: Oversight Hearing on the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division ***

Schwarzenegger is running about even with U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer in a hypothetical matchup

MSNBC crawl reporting that 52% in a poll would support striking Iran.

Help needed! Looking for photo of Jeff Gannon on a recent dais with bush

Washington’s war

Norman Podhoretz: Anyone Who Doesn’t Want To ‘Bomb Iran’ Is Appeasing ‘Hitler’

Question: Does U.S. BLackwater have legions in other countries?

Egypt declares nuclear ambitions

Blitzer did not challenge Huckabee's claim that Saddam "said that he had" WMD

Lawyer: No charges for Tasered student (AP)

I have a question about the federal rate cuts?

John Edwards' message of hope

Clinton Opposing Mukasey

Report: 'Bush the Decider' related to 'Vlad the Impaler'

A license to steal

Suspects named in alleged British Royal blackmailing scheme..

Pledge of allegiance

If Obama's support for Homophobic Evangelicals (no matter the color) is a mistake....

Rumsfeld is warned: “A torturer is an enemy of all humankind”

Blackwater not offered immunity, official says

Posts which blame Al Gore for indecision are really pissing me off

Bush Administration invites ElBaradei 'to stay out of diplomacy with Tehran.'

War Protests: Why No Coverage?

Boston brought to a stop by the Red Sox, but not by any anti-war demo...

U.N. votes against U.S. embargo on Cuba for 16th year (184-4)

Voting Rights Chief Tanner "Skewered" In Hearing

BWE’s Top 10 Most Humiliating Pet Costumes (Judging By The Expressions of the Pet Models)

Did fratboy Dubya get his jollies by branding pledges with hot coat hangars?

At least Prince Charles appears to have the decency to read the protest

Based On What Americans Know About Iran's Nuke Program- Zogby Question Exposes Propaganda

In daily life, which of these directly affects you the most?

Remember the end of WWII?

"Benevolent Fascism"- The Pledge of Allegiance: "One Country! One Language! One Flag!"

Roadside bomb kills 3 U.S. soldiers in Iraq

Separarists Claim Responsibility For California Wildfires -

Honey, They Shrunk the Congress

Someone Needs to Talk to NASA and Get Them With The Program

What will World War IV cost? ... How about $32,000 each, $5 gas and a military draft for your kids

Dennis Kucinich: Administration Needs To Heed Advice Of IAEA Director

Iraqi Dam Seen In Danger of Deadly Collapse

Doctors battle to save 'human pin-cushion'

Via Rawstory: TDS asks: Is America ready for a FLILF?

Christian Groups Claim Pro-Atheist 'Stealth Campaign' in Nicole Kidman Fantasy Film 'The Golden Comp

Obvious censorship bullshit

Is There a Cure For Straightness???

Did anybody watch "author" Jenna Bush on Jay Leno last night?

"We are tired of a politics of division ... campaigns shouldn’t be about making each other look bad"

"Former White House spokesman: Press is biased, except Fox"

UN: Try or Release Enemy Combatants

Blackwater to release Christmas album

Ctr for Const. Rights (CCR): Blackwater Employees' Immunity Will Not Affect Civil Case

Lieberman-Warner Polluter Giveaways ‘Obscene’

Meanwhile down in Atlanta. Drought leaves parts of Ga. aquarium dry

Shut it down. Just shut this fucking idiot down.


A Short Guide to Iraq (Published by US War and Navy Departments - 1943)

Here is real horror.

China rationing diesel amid shortages blamed on price controls

U.S and Britain close embassies

If you have a spare 55 seconds watch this video

David Sirota: Deregulation + Free Trade = Danger

3 questions about the debate tonight:

Wes Clark Is Live Blogging On Kos: NOW! (Please keep kicked for one hour)

Bush: ‘I Know I Would Respond’ If Iran Were To Attack Israel

Independent report criticizes police in UCLA library taser incident

Did Condi lie to Congress last week

GREAT website: ( Activist artists STEPPIN' IT UP!!

CNN reports that the Blackwater will not get immunity for the September 16 shootings.

STRATFOR ANALYSIS--War Plans: United States and Iran

China Birth Defects Soar Due to Pollution

Pediatrician Group Pushes for Autism Screening

Norah O'Donnell just stated to Elizabeth Kucinich that people think she way too beautiful for Dennis

You mean unless the people chose otherwise in free elections, right, Mr. Foreign Minster?

Consumer Groups Shut Out of Hearing on Deceptive Meat Packaging

Garrity protection is NOT immunity - Blackwater controversy

Germany Finally Gets Its Books in Order

Naomi Klein: The Business Press and Me: A Case of Unrequited Love

If it was sabotage . . . someone hates NASCAR racing across the board

Cuba, Venezuela, and Cocaine

Can you read this?

Your free Larry Craig Halloween Mask, here:

Toxic ideology

Former Employee Identifies Voting Rights Head As ‘Both The Cause And Effect’ Of DoJ Politicization

Breaking News: Navy says F18 practice bomb

Hillary?!!??!! on morning announcements at elementary school????

Please Explain.

According to my brother, because arson was involved, the CA fires prove Global warming is a hoax.

CNN Hits nadir (and yes, that's the right spelling....)

John Tanner Takes a Licking in House Committee Today (Now w/ VIDEO of Most Pointed Q&A's)

Secret move to upgrade air base for Iran attack plans

Stan Goff At Huffington Post: When Does The Lesser Evil Become Just Evil?

Consumer safety chief is against expansion - you can't make this shit up

'Do-or-Die Time' for Chicago transit.......

The gun owner self-defense mythology is dishonest, in my view

Spooky Halloween story

Chairman Waxman Writes to Secretary Rice on Blackwater Immunity

Statement from Sen. Leahy, RE: Blackwater Immunity

Criminal Charges Dropped Against Tasered Florida Student in Exchange for Apology

Kucinich Grassroots Raffle...Grand Prizes

The easiest way to keep track of OUR House & Senate.

Kucinich: Is it time to question Bush's mental health?

Kucinich calls Bush's 'mental health' into question

Anti-Semitism: alive and well at George Washington University

Ray McGovern: "Attacking Iran for Israel?"


Hey ... Matthews ...... Why do you even bother with live guests?

Sean Penn's new film "Into the Wild" -- have you seen it?

Programming note: Wes Clark on Tavis Smiley

sorry dupe

Wal-mart can sell all the products it wants. Why do they want to enter the services arena?

If you choose a bigoted faith - or have a bigoted interpretation - you're a bigot.

MUKASEY'S RESPONSE: Refuses to Call Waterboarding Torture

U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings: Blackwater is Still Accountable to No One

Holy COW! Dobbs is going to have a stroke!


3,842 - and a Sad Thought

#1 reason I am opposed to Hillary Clinton .... The American Revolution

If you missed it the first time, the most aggressively retarded propaganda EVER...

Matt Taibbi: "the Democrats have become captives of the money wing of their party"

The names change, but the look stays the same - * pic

Race expert Pat Buchanan: Obama is "not what you would expect from a black guy from S. Side Chicago"

Y'know, that Mike Huckabee seems like an alright guy. Sure a little retro, but he comes across sane.

Cyber-Attacks by Al Qaeda Feared

Republicans are throwing another hissy fit: "Opposed SCHIP Program Because Dems Were Mean To Us"

Democrats actually considering continued funding for war

White House Goes Silent On Blackwater: It's All "Under Review"

Dead-Eye Dick Cheney in Dixie-flag flap

When is the debate and on what channel??

World Series viewership down? How about best of 7 Boston vs. Santiago de Cuba

Bug bomb:Why our next terrorist attack could come on six legs

MSNBC is reaching a new high in lows with Elizabeth Kucinich interview

Oprah's Philanthropy in AMERICA. For those who think she only gives to Africans

Welcome to Sylvia's, Mr. Buchanan. Our special tonight is your foot.

Would you "pass" as a white man if you could?

Join the "Email Al a Hare" campaign ! "Run, Run, Run"

Because of French Prosecutor's Failure to Act on Rumsfeld Torture, Urgent Appeal Filed Before UN

Pentagon LIES To Congress Again (I Know-What Else Is New?)

Well, glad I dropped by


blackwater question: did Erik Prince know they had immunity when he went before Congress?

Dennis Kucinich Questions Bush's Mental Health...He Will be Marginalized because of this!

Tucker says the US will be a much better place when the last baby

I LOVE animals, but this is too much... "Woof Water" (bottled dog water)

It **must** be charity. It *has* to be charity. Or his father has dirty pictures .....

Oprah can do what she wants with her money, BUT

More young adults on cholesterol drugs


Kucinich will be broadcasting live backstage after the debate

Candidate Match Game. See where you really stand...Me? Edwards Dodd and Gravel

This event was video taped on July 22, 2006 and featured Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern

Lou Dobbs

More Fresh Hell Served Up on the Terror War's Somalia Front

Reports of Blackwater immunity deal embarrass Rice

Anyone else besides me think it's stupid to announce ahead of time that you're going on the attack?

Breaking: Mukasey Refuses to Call Waterboarding Torture

WOH! Did anybody just catch Tweety snap at the Crowd

Help refute this Re: Bush tax cuts leading to record revenues

Has anyone heard of Scott Thomas Beauchamp?

Ex-judge found guilty of biting son

Has anyone bothered to ask Gore if he wants his name "written in?"

Stuck for an idea about who to be this Halloween?

Breaking News!: Administration Finally Releases Already Public Documents!

Could Genetic Clones Save Ancient Redwoods?

Pelosi: On the President’s Comments Criticizing Congress

Latest GOP Sex/Gay Scandal (Thank You Larry Flint)

Captain Phonesex O'Reilly has been ranting every day about "The Siters of Perpetual Indulgence"

How did Bush manage to greatly reduce the number of dead Iraqis the past few months?

These Hands

Tucker Blabs "Boomer Hate!" He got his "Talking Points" from the RNC!

Has anyone had experience with LifeLock -- the company that claims to protect your identity?

It seems the Iraq occupation has all but vanished

Wow, let's all jump on Obama with both feet and stomp hard.

Leahy tricked by wh?

Raging Grannies Smashed Diebold Voting Machine for Halloween(X)

"My school is Wellstone"

GAO: Reduction In Violence Due To ‘Ethnically Cleansed Neighborhoods’ In Iraq

Waiting for Gore to announce he's running = waiting for The Great Pumpkin on Halloween night

Oops! Warplane Drops Fake Practice Bomb

New kind of 'vampire' sucks power out of homes

The missing nukes mystery.

Which Democrat isnt going to be at the debate tonight, and Why?

NAFTA vote next week could force privatized Social Security on Peru

Tucker just went into the gutter about Hillary Clinton.

H.R. 1955: Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007... Their CENTERS were established YEARS ago...

Chris Hedges: The American Police State

Bill Moyers: Cheney Has Been Fighting to Spy On You For Over 30 Years [VIDEO]

'Attacking' Hillary Clinton is a lousy strategy for candidates

If roles were reversed and the Abu Ghraib pictures were American GI's being tortured

VIDEO: Davis Grills Tanner on Minorities "Die First" Comment

Dems seize on Blackwater immunity reports- answers demanded

Can someone explain this Blackwater "immunity" deal?

I'll be lower than a pig's belly

However Ralph Nader started out, he's all about POWER now -- and

Some clarification on the word "Bigot", (particularly for lurking rightwing loonies).

Blackwater immunity draws criticism from Dems

"Defense of Christmas" strikes again. Thom Hartmann show now

Schwarzenegger's Job Approval High, Poll Finds (running about even with Boxer...)

In honor of Halloween, select this year's winner for the Late Lee Atwater Award for Republican Evil

A nonsequitur and a question

Ralph Nader sues Democratic Party

Cheney goes to racist hunt club

Iran alarmed by dead dolphins.

Petitioning to Get AL GORE on the Ballot in New York ----->>>>

Rumsfeld Charged with Torture in French Criminal Court

Is there ever a time or reason to lower taxes?

Spoooooooooky TOONS-10/29/07

Global Warming Data Collection: How late are the leaves turning colors where you are?

Well I contacted someone I know at Obama's campaign

US: No objection to Egyptian nuclear program

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Russia test launches inter-continental missile

Cambodia PM severs ties to gay daughter

Republican Sex Scandals Dwarf Those of Democrats

Zogby polling the Braindead now?


Bruce Springsteen is too OLD for Radio? Or is he too outspoken?

Remember How does Congressman Harry Taylor sound?

Do the same people that say there is no cure for sex offenders

1947-US Sentenced-Japanese Officer To 15 Years Of Hard Labor For Using WaterBoarding Techniques

Live longer with Organic Food! New $25 million study!

Torture lesson from the Inquisition

Oh brother, another Republican in gay sex scandel

Bush's nerve: worst president ever desperately trying to project failure onto Congress

The Confederate flag was hanging in the garage

What would you think of a candidate who accepted a contribution from Stormfront

The opposition vote to Hillary must unite, or she will win the nomination.

A request of free republic members or conservative pundits

Schwarzenegger: Marijuana 'not a drug'

George Carlin in Typical Rare Form - The Truth on Politics

If Fuc*in Laura Bush runs for Senate in Texas ..I am LEAVING this

marines have hired big-game-hunters to teach sniper shooting

The Nation: Our Pathetic Political Press

Just in time for Halloween: "Endtimes delivery ministry Demonbusters" can save you from . . . .

Why is * always demanding money for the troops but not blackwater

Pilfered Scholarship Devastates General Petraeus's Counterinsurgency Manual

Congrats Middle Class, George Bush has a plan for your future

Any Duers in New York City?

You go, Seattle!

Bush: Congress ‘Wasted Time’ Trying To End Iraq War

Fun FREEPER Halloween Tip!

The "Special I.G. for Iraqi Reconstruction" just said Electricity is ABOVE Pre-War levels in Iraq!

Bill Bennett on CNN said Waterboarding is NOT torture....

Could Al Gore Announce Next Thursday On NBC?

How many people have made a journey in their understanding of homosexuality?

Being Gay is like being Black

That use of the Canadian Niagara Falls shot in the Bushies' promotional video is perfect ...

Whois may be scrapped to break deadlock

I could give a rat's behind if Gore runs or not. Why?

I have a "Cheney / Satan '08" bumpersticker on my car. This morning

Saying Something

Vote for Gore, or die.

Shouting at the Devil: “Fuck You, Capitalism!”

Gore rattles right-wing cages

21 Iraq links from 08/2002 to last Sunday

Scott Ritter on American Attitudes, the Coming War With Iran

Gap, Mattel, Speedo, Wal-Mart Products Linked to Child and Sweatshop Labor in China and India

Impeach Dick Cheney (Part 1)

Forget "the gays", Taser Boy has apologized

If you were obsessed about a subject, would start an endless string of threads?

After spending 2+ years in a job where I work with and around many gay people....

New Bill Blum interview

Chesapeake teen shot trying to enter wrong house

Kucinich rides wave of improving poll results into Presidential

Your Wal-Mart Horror Stories

Leopard OSX 10.5 hacked to run on generic PC's.

Scientists Find Oldest Living Animal, Then Kill It

If you got to ask Michael Hayden just ONE question, what would it be?

Coretta Scott King on the comparison of racial struggles to GLBT struggles:

This poll was on daily kos

Biden: Race Is About Ideas, Not Money (I just posted this)

MSNBC First Read

Pirhana - I'm going to steal your great idea in asking people to support

I'm watching Hardball's predabate show

Posted a couple of Biden threads - and then I'm outta here for most of the day.

How did I miss this?

New Biden thread on Mukasey. - it's a good one!

Joe Biden video on CNN

Oh Bidenites...Something to raise your spirits:

ok- Testing this before I post it in GDP


Obama's Ad

If Obama ever gets back to Seattle--

I was reading some of the book reviews on Amazon and guess who I came across? Newt's reviews

The American Police State By Chris Hedges

Would you prefer that McClurkin types OPPOSE and vote against a pro-gay rights candidate?

Does This Mean Obama Is Pro Gay Marriage?

Similarities to Clinton land Obama in a tough spot

Preview of tonight’s Presidential debate at Drexel Univ. on zzzz…wake us later….zzzz

Tonight's debate..."What's on your Ballot?" Score card, check. Pencil, check. Popcorn, check.

If Wolfson and Clinton campaign continue to whine about Obama abandoning the "politics of hope"

Paying for the war on the backs of poor and low-income children

2008 senate races update

We have had two Commissions on SS already--The Use

Obama’s Halloween Scare Could Be The Trick

Blunt picks fight with chatty House Dems

Giuliani Still Working at Firm He Promised to Leave

2004 Retro: NYT article shows state of the campaign

Thompson, Obama get most positive coverage: study

Obama Draws 4,200+ to Charlottesville Rally, Raised $300,000

I wish the French had found a bearded, "fleeing" Rumsfeld in a spider hole with a bag of Mars bars

Hillary uncensored

"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster..."

Anyone watching *'s speech on TV now? He's blaming Congress for

* Warned On Water Resources Dvlpmt Act: Regional Issues Will Trump a Veto

Brand Spanking New IA, SC, And NH Polls

The Rude Pundit: If the Republican Party Falls in the Forest...

Interesting. Since 1992, Nashville stars have given more to Democrats than Republicans

Hillary Supporters: Nice run on the McClurkin issue, but honest DU'ers know you faked it.

If you want to help get Al Gore on the ballot in NY >>>

Dodd Declares He Won't Support Mukasey, Fellow Democrats Follow His Lead

Linking Terror on the Trail

Don't blame Hillary for Obama's actions

Can I ask, when was the last time you saw a firestorm like this on GD/P

TPM Election Central: Poll: Virginia Close in General Election

Did John McCain Really Truly say that? ( re: Smith&Wesson and Bin Laden.)

MWM, 37, ISO a candidate I can really love.

I may be naive, but ...

Shut the fuck up, Donnie!

self delete

Vote Early, Count Often - NY Times

I'm excited about tonights debate

Karl Rove, Life Of The Party


Moonie Operative Giving Support to Romney Campaign

Smirky McPissypants is on the teevee whining about Congress again...

Hillary Clinton To Oppose Michael Mukasey

NY- Clinton -64% The Ghoul 30%

Obama HQ on the McClurkin strategy

Why aren't the Dem Candidates going after the Repugs?

PunkAss Mittens refers to Hillary as an "intern" on FauxNews

Zogby-Most see Clinton as the presidential candidate best equipped to deal with Iran

JOE BIDEN says this race is about ideas

Will future campaigns learn any lessons from the McClurkin episode?

Obama has to come out full force tonight: a vote for Hillary is a vote for more war.

Curious about who will be in the WH after 2008?

Poll: 74% of SC African Americans say homosexuality "unacceptable"

Are you more concerned with what people say & think or what they actually do?

GOP candidates postpone another minority debate

Giuliani's ad lies about prostate cancer cure rates in US and UK ...

Is there homophobia on DU?

Ohio repub. house members = rats jumping ship.

Wes Clark Is Live Blogging On Kos: NOW! (Please keep kicked for one hour)

The Role Of Religion In Politics

Pelosi Calls for CSPC Head's Resignation (AP)

How will Obama go after Hillary as the MSM keeps touting, he can't bring up Kyl/Lieberman, can he?

Edwards has "chosen" public financing which he considers to be an earmark against hypocrisy

Here's your post debate coverage now

Richardson in an NPR clip today said that criticizing HIllary for being chummy

Why do people get so upset when someone criticizes Senator Clinton?

Osanloo sentence ‘appals world opinion’

Furor After Flag-Folding Ceremony Pulled From Cemeteries (Fox News)

A question about the Blackwater immunity situation.

Dodd sides with Bush, screws minorities on housing

Arkansas Swinging Back To Blue

IA Poll (ARG): Edwards campaign near complete collapse? / HRC 32%, BO 22%, JE 15%

WP, pg1: In Wife's Campaign, Bill Clinton Is a Free Agent: Campaigns for her, but not all the time

No End in Sight, Buy the DVD Today!

Bill defends Hillary's electability: They'd all be polarizing if Right Wing dumped on them 16 years

Is Al Gore being coy to help Hillary?

Senate approves BIDEN Resolution Honoring Veterans' Service, Courage and Bravery

IOWA CAUCUS: What would be your speech to the "under 15%" Crowd to get them to Support your Choice?

Gender and political "fighting words"

A letter to MSNBC TV.....

Obama question for the knowledgeable.

MSNBC now; everyone's a complete failure and has no chance of

Headline from December, 2003: Dean Pulls Away In Dem Race

Fox News says Dems have no Passion, No Soul? Look whose talking.

I'm Voting for President KICKBUTT!................It's Already Decided!

Election Regulators Take First Step on New “Bundling” Rules

I mean this in all sincerity - I feel sorry for Obama right now.

Clinton Backed Earmarks for Racist Donor

SC Poll (ARG) - Obama "Oops" / HRC 41%, BO 19%, JE 18%

Obama shows off dance moves on "Ellen": Jokes his moves "better than Giuliani's" (video)

Leahy ‘very concerned’ with Mukasey’s answer on waterboarding

The worst president ever blasts Congress, calling them the worst in 20 years.

Most Philly talk stations aren't talking about this debate

Great campaign memo from Edwards:

Obama Supporters: Happy Halloween

"I'm undeclared but I am going to vote for Ron Paul!"

Which Candidate really is closest to you? MIne is Edwards Dodd Gravel

Obama would snub VP offer from Hillary if asked

Pardon me while I barf!

Does everyone realize we have more than a year to go before the

Edwards Wins NH SEIU Endorsement.

Democracy Corps Poll -Clinton -49% The Ghoul 45%

Edwards shifts focus to integrity

Equal Time: Clinton's Statement On Opposition To Mukasey

The likelihood is that Clinton will be our nominee....

Gore has until Friday, Nov. 2nd, then the mystery will be over

There Is No Crisis (Social Security)

* blasts House for ‘wasting time’ on investigations

John Edwards getting Good media on MSNBC pre-debate......

"One candidate is defining the 'politics of hope' while the others are abandoning them,"

I do not defend the homophobic preacher, but the demand that Obama apologize for

AP: Ralph Nader Files Suit Against the Democratic Party

Biden: Race Is About Ideas, Not Money

If your church says that white people are superior to everyone else, it's wrong.

Hillary UP 10pts in IOWA.. Clinton 32%, ..Obama 22%, ..Edwards 15%

Hillary "Troubled" By Mukasey On Torture, But Won't Rule Out Supporting Him

Another Republicker claims: "I am not gay"

John Edwards was a co-sponsor of the Iraq war resolution

John Edwards wins endorsement of the New Hampshire SEIU today

Howard Dean says Americans don't want war funding stopped...

Key Marine lawyer resigns LOUDLY, cites military court injustices as his reason -- ATC/NPR

Richardson: No more negative campaigning

Biden's comments on Mukasey (I think he speaks for many of us on this)

Sibel Edmonds Ready to TELL ALL - prison or not!

Obama should not have ran for President

Rupert Murdoch held a fundraiser for Hillary. Where was the outrage?

We passed on a great labor candidate (Gephardt) and a new hopeful (Dean) to pick a Yankee Senator

Edwards has more funds than Richardson Dodd Kucinich Biden Gravel Guiliani Thompson Romney Paul etc.

the beat (doesn't) go on: Clear Channel bans Springsteen

John Edwards crossed the line in his personal attack on Hillary yesterday. Wow is he desperate

Urgent Message from Mike Gravel!

From the John Edwards blog... Do people know that Edwards

Could the United States actually elect RUDY GIULIANI President?

Florida DFA leader blogs about convention...much more realistic than other bloggers.

BIDEN: Tonight the American people will be looking for their next Commander-in-Chief.

A Time For True Leadership: Chris Dodd for President

ACLU Pres: "Impeachment a terrible idea" because "Congress didn't have to roll over. . .

This Obama debacle won't go away - New T-Shirts from

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