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Archives: October 29, 2007

Bush's Dangerous Liaisons-NYT 11/28/07

Great moments in being William Kristol circa October 2005

Let's stop sucking up to Bush the warmonger (UK: Daily Mail)

CAN we nominate Al Gore as a write in candidate, and if so, HOW?

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 312

Police crack down on funeral processions in New Orleans

Gap Admits Possible Child Labor Problem

Man who had sex with bike in court

Putin Says Russia Will Check EU on Rights

Exit Polls: Argentine First Lady Wins

British cabinet minister detained at U.S. airport

I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee. Clouds in my coffee, and...

Drop kick me Jesus, through the goal post of life.

It is leftover night at the Witch house

I got DS1's 'Bone' Situation Under Control

Most bizarre CraigsList ad evah!

New GDP Poll - If Hillary Had Not run?

Growing Up In Oklahoma As A Teen

WTF is with all these Packers fans?

New Cohen Bros. Movie Is Coming Soon

Night y'all

silly tiger!!!


Princeton, NJ is very beautiful....even in the pouring rain

"See You Later Alligator"

How Halloweenie are you

Watching "Hamburger Hill" .. again.

A sticky situation

Class of 1969 - soup and noodles aisle - 38th reunion.

Caramel apples help cure sadness

What are you dressing your dogs up as for this Halloween?

Take me out to the ballgame

Anyone else watching the Incredible Mrs. Pritchard....

83 posts to 37500

Ohhh, White Lightnin"!!

I finally decided what I am going to be for halloween

Holy crap! someone was beaten to death at my alma mater!

Where is newyawker99?

Innovations in lawncare


Hold on one New York minute... Coco Crisp???

Sitting on the chesterfield, watching the Red Stockings game....

Nice dinger!

What do you get when you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by its diameter?


I hate damp balls

Simpsons baseball poll

Rox fans, Rally Cap Time

Just hit my 3232nd post and I thought the number was pretty, ask me anything.

Favorite 'balls.'

A-Rod opts out

3 more outs

Hot Stove League

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox: 2007 World Series Champions

Two more outs!

Sox cheated.

Damnit or dammit?

Game over!

Man, I forgot how damned good Canned Heat was!

Cheers, Boston.

Is SoCal still burning up or is that over?

When do pitchers and catchers report?

What is this baseball stuff

Which Yoda should have been put on a stamp?


My payback to a nice person

To my NL comrads (That means the Rockies Duh)

My payback to a nice person

Late night depression

Long World Series Related Diatribe

Ptah!! Dude! We got troubles in SPACE - Astronauts Find Metal Shavings Under Space Station's Hood...

So I made Prime Rib for me and the Missus tonight in our new oven...

ewwww, DU is sticky...

Okay, PEOPLE! Is this not the best song?

Post sex

DU is suddenly very slow - I blame the Red Sox for this!


Whatever happened to the days when fans poured onto the field when their team won the World Series?

Now THIS is Dancing!

This Yankees fan says...

Take me out of this ball game

i just registered to take the ACT in december

I was depressed this summer.

The sea is calm tonight

My payback to a nice person

Would you prefer televised sports not have announcers?

How many of's "Top 5 Keys to Mixing Work and Romance" have you ignored?

The sunset was amazing tonight...

Sox fans: do you want A-Rod?

Check out the size of this bone I pulled out of my fish tonight

Is SoCal still burning up or is that over?

there are Archway cookies in the house

*** Pic Thread*** (using the new camera)

Parks Canada is having a contest - prize is in USD$

Should I post the GHOST STORY thread tonight, or Wed.?

All Texans are weather wussies.


I get an inordinate amount of pleasure at putting together furniture.

Can I wear red Chuck Taylor's with my Witch Costume for Halloween?

DUers: How smart are you?

Champs again! Red Sox sweep World Series

Cenk Uygur on the Cost of the War and rehiring the Republicans

White House Halloween Message


San Francisco television coverage of Oct. 27

San Francisco television coverage of Oct. 27

One Man Revolution. A Michael Moore exclusive

Prince of Pot

Real Time: New Rules Oct. 26, 2007

Seattle Roars Part 2

Jerry Garcia ~ Bob Weir ~ Los Lobos This Land Is Your Land 2

Seattle Roars Part 1

The Scariest Republican

EU's gain is U.S. loss in influence on antitrust

10 tribal sheiks kidnapped in Baghdad

CLG Action Alert for 'D.C. Madam'

I like Toby Keith

ENVIRONMENT: Biofuels - Great Green Hope or Swindle

It was 96 degrees today in the desert SW.

PBS does Part II of MS Pritchard...the Woman who Ran for Brit PM...from the Masses!

Christianist Right: Old Guard, New Guard: From Here to Jesus Camp

Quick: Anyone know how to dial a T-Mobile L/D call from overseas (India)

"How dare you...."

(TOON) Rowson on Bushco and Iran

Every time I see someone with a Bush/Cheney '04 bumper sticker

The Edwards-Colbert tete-a-tete got me thinking...

I think it's simply a matter of who you a person

Time to lower the D.U. blood pressure

I think this is an insult to Senator Clinton

Sorority Girls Blamed For Trashing Restaurant

tiger against dogs and a wolf!! OMG!!


Is it illegal for Al Gore to run for President?

Using the Leverage We Have

Laura "Pickles" Bush: I've been involved for a long time in policy.

Oil could be $120 a barrel says analyst.

Uh Oh..Astronauts Discover Damage to Space Station

4 men and their dogs

Fun Halloween Videos In Archives

To the Red Sox: I don't like you very much.

Congratulations Red Sox fans - but, here's a warning:

They're singing "God bless America" at the Series... in Colorado.

Rudy and other annoying Red Sox fans are celebrating

FEMA official involved in fake press conference resigns

NYTimes: Al Gore & "An Advocate for TV That Viewers Create"

Tearful Oprah begs forgiveness

Anybody debunk "A History Lesson"?

Niagara Falls: Stolen from Canada for site of Second Coming?

It is inherently illiberal to mock and belittle others' views.

Female-to-female bullying

Think good thoughts

Americanistic Personality Disorder

Wow, now here's a conspiracy nut who really ties it all together!

IRAQ: Child prisoners abused and tortured, say activists

How about another chance to vote for Al?

I counted 12 Ron Paul bumper stickers today

Sunday Night Funnies ...

Bush's legacy: a criminal perspective (or The GOP: what a racket)


Why Is Brit Hume So Angry?

Neonicatanoid -- Bayer pesticide killing the bees?

"Guilty" A Code Pinker's day in court

Christ abandons the Rockies!

If Gravel winds the nomination......

WOOT!! ~ Red Sox Complete Sweep To Win World Series!! ~ WOOT!!

The Firestorm Rages On

Pictures from the march in Chicago yesterday

GO, SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, I'm yelling. Ya got a problem wit dat?)

Things to send the GOP in those prepaid envelopes that come with $ begging letters

Honeybees' Disappearing subject of Nature on PBS

Hilter used Occult imagery to justify his rise. The History Channel uses Nostradamus...

Kinsley: The party that reels in these voters will dominate the future of American politics.

This Modern World: The Scariest Halloween Costume Ever

Something Didn't Add Up (X)

Almost 6 Months Between Presumptive Nominee And Nomination !!!

India: American giants run into IIT backlash

Stephen Colbert Launches Campaign in South Carolina -- Edwards' Campaign Gets Hot About It

Paul Krugman:Fearing Fear Itself


“Fascism in FantasyLand” – Pro Wrassler used to toss progressive candidate from FL Dem Convention

Salon: Who Needs A Prius Anyway? (Many Non-Hybrid Cars Do Better)

Mitch McConnell - The Next Sleazy Republican Larry Flynt Will Expose?

Congrats to the 2007 MLB CHAMPIONS!

How the loonie is conquering America

the joke at the bar this week, stupid sexist but only a few laughed

just out of curiosity: name a local elected official or community leader in your state who you feel

Elizabeth Edwards Discusses John Edwards' opposition to U.S.-Peru Trade Deal

It Takes An Agenda

So much for all the negitive Obama press on the McClurkin story

Health Sector Puts Its Money on Democrats

Edwards Reaches All 99 Counties with Visit to "The Real Coulter" (Coulter, Iowa)

McClurkin: Master of Ceremonies at Obama's event

Y'all are invited to the EENR 200th Diary on Daily Kos....Enjoy/dialup warning!

Are "The Gays" Obama's Sister Souljah?

Hey, you, frontrunner...

Ford endorses Giuliani from the grave

Iowa Democrats set earlier caucus date

Ford endorses Giuliani from the grave

More Republican Sex Skeletons

Fla Dems hope to boost 08 nominee

I'm disappointed McClurkin was the MC of the event but I'm shocked only 24 protesters showed up

He's Baaack! Ahmad Chalabi Pops Up Again In Iraq.

Edwards Introduces Proposals to Stop Misleading Drug Marketing by Standing Up to Drug Companies

Same-Sex Unions Split Opinions in U.S.

Edwards to Clinton: American People Deserve the Truth - Not More Doubletalk - on Iran

Message to Clinton and Obama supporters

How come John Kerry isn't more popular in MA?

Alveda King: McClurkin has said "nothing unloving": now think of aborted children.

Boston just won the World Series!

Obama table in Madison: October 27 Edition

Edwards Announces Opposition to Peru Trade Deal

FYI Important...

Pro-LGBT rights and pro-Obama

If Hillary had not run

Did Kerry run a good campaign in 2004?

I have decided: RICHARDSON!

Hillary is going to win the Iowa Caucus - Do you know day Jan 3rd is? It's the Orange Bowl

Obama: Clinton Is Trying To "Sound Or Vote"....

On top of everything else we now find out McClurkin MCed the event?

AlterNet: Your Privacy Is Someone Else's Profit

Tom Engelhardt: The Bureaucracy, the March, and the War--American Disengagement

"the men who hope to be the next president-have made unreasoning, unjustified terror the centerpiece

Bush’s Dangerous Liaisons - NY Times op-ed

RSC Driving House GOP (sharp turn to Right)

True War Costs

US woos Indian IT sector

U.S. Guns Behind Cartel Killings in Mexico

Fearing Fear Itself

Democrats Are Hocking Their Agenda As If They Were at a Fire Sale

Dahr Jamail: Low Morale Has U.S. Troops in Iraq Pretending to Patrol

Forget Impeachment, Put Bush and Cheney in a Straightjacket

The horror is getting to Matt Taibbi

Lost in space BY DAVE BARRY

Col Ann Wright: Blood on Her Hands

No end to US's war budget woes

NYT editorial, Trash Talking World War III: "Bush still confuses bullying with grand strategy."

Rumsfeld Hit with Lawsuit for Ordering, Authorizing Torture (FR)

“Russian Baptists” –the Latvian connection. Anti-gays 1 degree from the White House

The American Police State

UK and US play Iraq 'blame game'

What Does It Mean When Kos Accepts Clinton

Engaging Syria: We'd Be Crazy Not To

U.S. exit strategy splits employers

Sibel Edmunds says she’ll name names....

Sarkozy Cuts Off 'Stupid' CBS Interview

When Bush Accuses the Dems of "Wasting Time"

CBS: Should we invite Colbert to the Debates?

What Happened When We Stayed the Course in Cuba

“The pendulum in the Christian world has swung back to the moderate point of view.

The Wiretap This Time - op-ed by Studs Terkel - NY Times

Fox's Fair Fight on the Right?

It's Kidnapping and Torture, Not Rendition and Interrogation

The fog of work: What happened to Fremont mechanic Hamid Sayadi after 9/11?

Missing Nukes: Treason of the Highest Order

The Biggest Lie Told To The American People: Ahmadinejad's Alleged Remarks On Israel

Missing Nukes: Treason of the Highest Order

Phase Change Building Materials - innovation that regulates heat and cold

AlterNet: HP's Printer Cartridges Are an E-Waste Disaster -- Does the Company Really Care?

China birth defects soar due to pollution: report - Reuters

British Columbia Advisory Council Calls for Feed-in Tariffs

Study Identifies Renewable Energy Resources in Arizona

Super Freak

IBM puts its talents to green use

Greenhouse emissions: action or rhetoric

Power of the sea waits to be harnessed (NZ)

Local farmers see new era of self-reliance (NH)

Tasmanian Reptile Removal Companies Keep Busy - Snakes Fail To Hibernate In Warm Winter

Howard's Environment Minister In Trouble - Wants To Politically "Defuse" Climate By Supporting Kyoto

Seeing the carbon for the trees (BBC)

When the rivers run dry

UNEP Report - 45,000 Square Miles Of Forest Destroyed Annually - Times Of India

John Howard's Credibility "Shredded" By Revelations Of Cabinet Climate Wrangling, Says Labor Party

German Auto Industry Trade Group Blasts Idea Of Autobahn Speed Limits - ENN

Frog killer fungus 'breakthrough' (BBC)

China's Diesel Shortage May Last For Weeks - Rationing To Continue - Reuters

State Climatologist - Oklahoma Needs To Start Planning Now For Dry Years On Horizon - Tulsa World

Tropical Storm Noel strengthens, threatens Haiti - Reuters

Honda plans cheaper hybrid

Harnessing the wind on Kauai

Third Planet Windpower signs huge turbine contract

New technology improves the reliability of wind turbines

Interior Starts Wind Advisory Group

Georgia Lawmakers Hard At Work On State's First-Ever Drought Plan

GE Energy Signs $730 Million Agreement With EDP (for wind turbines)

Oregon could lead in biofuels but must choose wisely to be sustainable

Little Relief In Sight For "Epic" US Drought - AFP

Ozone set to harm world vegetation, economy: study

Freak Tornado Hits Australian Town; Tears Off Roofs, Destroys Power Station - AFP

Oil hits record on Mexico outage - Reuters

10/29 4:11 EDT - NYMEX Crude Oil At $93.46 - Brent Breaks $90; December Delivery Hits $93.53

Mammoth wind farm by SD firm slated for South Dakota (6000 MW)

Inhofe (R - Pleistocene) Vows To Block Greenhouse Gas Legislation

Wind farms generate bird worries

VP Of China University Of Petroleum Calls PRC Peak At 2015 - Interfax

That low-priced cashmere sweater has a hidden cost

William Catton, Per Capita Energy Supplies & Confronting The Possibility Of Four Billion Deaths

Crisis feared as U.S. water supplies dry up

Energy Information Administration Report: Renewables at 2.4% of net generation

(National Academy of Sciences) Panel Urges End to Nuke Waste Proposal

So, just for kicks I looked up how much ethanol the US produced in 2006

Champs again! Red Sox sweep World Series

Suicide bomber kills 18 Iraqi police recruits

F.C.C. Set to End Sole Cable Deals for Apartments

India: American giants run into IIT backlash

Utah seeks cooperation from India; signs MoU

RSC Driving House GOP (sharp turn to Right)

Saudi king criticizes UK on terror

ElBaradei: UN has no evidence Iran is making nuclear weapons

College Students Say Hidden Guns Should Be Allowed On Campus

U.S. annexes Canadian landmark in new video

Foreclosure forces man to commit suicide

AFGHANISTAN: UN warns of humanitarian crisis in inaccessible areas

Basra fight pointless, says British commander

By the Mississippi Delta, A Whole School Left Behind

Truckers Struggling With Rising Diesel Costs

Clinton dominates campaign news

Super-serious civic crusaders gather in New York

Huckabee surges, Edwards fades

Suicide Blast Kills 28 Iraqi Policemen

Iraqi soldiers free 8 kidnapped tribal leaders

Muslim Says Copies of Quran Confiscated

Bomber in Iraq kills 27 police recruits--Baqouba

China tightens rules for drug manufacturers

High Ranking U.S. General Injured In Iraq

Talks resume amid row over Iran's atomic goals

FEMA spokesman's new job on hold (supposed to take over the public info shop @ DNI)

Massive rise in Europe GM crops

UK and US play Iraq 'blame game'

Iowa Democrats Set Earlier Caucus Date

Blackwater bodyguards promised immunity


Syria and Iran pledge help to defuse Turkey-Iraq crisis

Russia slashes foreign observers for elections

Rumsfeld Flees France, Fearing Arrest

Brig. gen. wounded in Iraq bomb attack

Turkish army encircles 100 Kurdish rebels

Immunity deal hampers Blackwater inquiry

Writers and Producers Summon Mediator

US Baku embassy ‘target of attack’

Crude Oil Climbs to Record $93.80 as Mexico Cuts Gulf Output

U.S. Brigadier Wounded in Iraq

Senate Votes To Increase Fees For Foreign Skilled Workers

AP: Family of U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Sues Private Contractor

Secret move to upgrade air base for Iran attack plans

Supreme Court agrees to review Exxon Valdez damages

Leftist pulls ahead in Guatemala election poll

FEMA Spokesman John P. ''Pat'' Philbin Loses Spy Job Offer

Tancredo will not seek re-election

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 27

Egypt to Build Nuclear Plants

Medical-bill errors becoming more common (Sure, but why are they never in MY favor?)

Sarkozy cuts off 'stupid' CBS interview

Health Sector Puts Its Money on Democrats

Giuliani: Dems Will Change Minds on Iraq

Drug Maker Pulls Meds For Cup Problem (Dimetapp, Robitussin)

Bush Names Prestigious Medal Winners (includes Brian Lamb of CSPAN)

Gap recalls clothes outsourced to India

Colombian left wins in major cities after violent campaign

ABA: Freeze executions nationwide

Charges uncertain in Blackwater shooting

Rep. Jones introduces bill to limit president's war powers

Iran steps up preparations for US war (Loyalty over expertise)

British base in Iraq attacked

Twenty headless bodies found north of Baghdad

DNC Calls for 'Immediate Firing' of DoJ Voting Chief in Wake of 'Outrageous Comments'...

Edwards’ attack on Peru deal shifts debate-presidential field tilted to the left over the weekend

I Love Lucy Coasters Set of Four

I cant stop listening to this song!

Unclear on the Concept

Sox Fans Hug this baby

Howjsay will say it for a British accent

I cant stop listening to this song!

I am Legend.

I cant stop listening to this song!

A lovely montage of the 2004 Red Sox Post-Season, from the Fenway Jumbotron...

Okay if this doesn't make you laugh out loud!!

Now that the baseball playoffs are over....anyone think the release of that info...

Back to Kansas City,Mo for me today.

Oh sweet spreadable Jesus on a Ritz, W is going to try to take over Canada

MrScorpio is love

This is so sad.....

New Rule : Nail polish

Cool! a reverse dictionary

Is Mike Hunt still burning up or is that over?

Porter Wagoner dies at 80.

1:30am...good night to all you Red Sox fans!

My classes will be dead empty today (Boston)

I start training this afternoon for my new job

Butt Trumpet fans check in!

Yankee fans: do you want A-Rod?

Defunct Amusement Parks website..

Man who had sex with bike in court

Now THIS is really Dancing!

Good morning lizards

So I watched "Jesus Camp" this weekend and here are my thoughts

If you were a fan of Tom Snyder and his Tomorrow series

Happy Monday!

I'm hungry

Test your Rock'n'roll and pop culture knowledge *HERE*

My current favorite MySpace site

I, for one, welcome our New England overlords!

Go Rockies

Did you remember to "fall back" this weekend?

Wow. He is a big freaking jerk for pointing out that she was a big freaking jerk

Is there some sort of baseball game on this week? I get all my sports news from

So When Is The Red Sox Party?

Anybody up? Dumped again & though it's nothing new, I'm celebrating with whisky.

So how many Red Sox fans nearly had heart failure in the bottom of the 9th?

My 300th Post-- Ask me anything about having snakes as pets n/t

Do you think the guys who pick up the recycling like their jobs better than the regular trash guys?

I have psychotic abilities. Ask me anything.

Wow. I am a big freaking jerk.

Joey, do you like movies about men wearing assless chaps?

Do you think PETA might have more sucess if they offered cheeseburgers?

Yes, it is true. I am off the Chuck Wagon...

Little things that make us smile....

I Love Lucy "Job Switching" Lucy's Chocolate Factory Christmas Ornament

Wow, Ward Cleaver has invaded my body...

Do you love Losey?

I Love Lucy

If this doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will!

I Love Lucy Blanket Lucille Ball Chocolate Factory Afghan Throw Blanket New Gift!

eggplant and meatball parmagiana over cavatapi pasta

No candy on Halloween?!

Got (true) ghost stories? Whip 'em out!

Attention Ohio Loungers - DO NOT shop at Kroger's

To the Southwest Flight Attendant that wanted the Sox to lose because of Kerry and Kennedy...

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Yes, it is true. I am off the wagon...

Attention Patriots fans: There IS another undefeated team

Yes, it is true. I am off the Wagon Trail

I have Abby Normal abilities. Ask me anything.

Do you think PETA might have more sucess if they offered nutritional counseling?

Yes, it is true. I am on the Chuck Wagon...

Yes it is true. I am riding Federal Express

Yes, it is true. I am a station wagon.

Yes, it is true. I am riding the Gravy Train...


Yes, it is true. I too am off the wagon...

Yes, it is true. I am riding the Orient Express...

more funny ads--with some celebrity endorsements

What goes with a "greek salad"?

Rent a handbag?!?

This Post Is Off Limits To Copycats

Scorpios are NOT into revenge. Scorpios do NOT hold grudges.

Regurgitated Topics. Does it drive you to want to drink/do drugs/mutilate... whatever?

Yes, it is true. I just solicited an Army recruiter

Wow. She is a big freaking jerk.

Yankees offer manager job to Joe Girardi

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers fans...tonight Sundance

Halloween the evil butterfly, my sister the sexy bee!

Now THIS is dancing!

DU Men only: Reincarnation? I want to be a beer can in Australia

Susanna Hoffs makes me happy in my happy place

Shirley MacLaine and Lucille Ball

*VEGAN* baby! Need some vegan tips

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand

Kooky cartoon character popularity poll! Who's more fun to watch on telly?

Myspace people - check out this Halloween kitty layout!

All you Loungers who think crim son is Amazing and/or Hawt, CHECK IN HERE!

Anyone still awake in Red Sox Nation?

Hey janesez : I've got a hot milkshake for you!

Chocolate, Banana and Pain Killer.

So when did you stop watching the World Series?

Dad fights son's $53,000 strip club tab.

As a Yankees fan, I want to apologize to baseball fans everywhere for A-Rod.

The Curse of the Steinbrenners.

Socializing dogs and cats.

Please accept my apologies for last night.

what's that? you wanna hear some Echo & the Bunnymen? fine. you brought this on yourself

Who Else Is Sh*t Boredless

These are just...disturbing.

59% remaining.

I like Chris Gaines.

I have the theme from L.A. Law stuck in my head.

“Spook Country” Audiobook Update

Do it!!! Take your mama out all night......

Colts fans check in!

Who here at DU needs a date.

Cats That Look Like Hitler

What time do you typically wake up in the morning

a neighbor of mine wants to do some remodeling INSIDE her house

I Despise Singer DIDO also

Wow. Lots of threads regarding balls and didos today...

Who else loves the singer Dido?

If The Lounge Is Sovereign, Why No Sex Threads?

Flu....make me better

Do You Love Loosey

I Love Lucy - The Complete Seasons 7-9 (1951) Review

A Twist on "The Curse of the Babe"

Oh Matcom, here's your fav girlfriend

“The Choice” Audiobook Update

I Love Lucy - The Complete Fifth Season (1951)

Dad fights son's $53,000 strip club Sprite.

Why do they call it "fun" size?

Gross ? for women only!!!

On Jon Lester, Surviving Cancer, and Winning the World Series.

Good grief, Charlie Brown! TONIGHT !!!

"Old Tin Can" Halloween video

Online UNIVERSITY application systems SUCK.

It's Homestar Runner Halloween time again!

I Love Matcom's Lucy


Country Music Sux

U.S. annexes Canadian landmark in new video

Britney Britney Britney....

Dora the Explorer grows up to become Dora the Whora


Writers: What would you rather do, Read or Write?

Stop blowing my leaves away!!!

The Red Sox are now the "new" Yankees

Do you love Lucy?

Wow, June Cleaver has invaded my body......

I Love Ass

CONFESS!!! What kind of spaghetti sauce do you use?

This is a online message board, there's a chance that I will say something stupid.

Sox broke another curse

Sox win possibly most dominant performance in MLB history.

Little Known Fun Fact (FREE FURNITURE)

Can't we just cuddle?

The internet plays home to some of the most disgusting yet funny things:

How ass nine are you?

Anyone have any Halloween traditions?

In keeping with last night's theme...

I'm being turned into a the tune of Moonshadow

Someone help! I lost my link to the glitter pimp letter generator! Oh woe is me!

I'm thinking I want to change my User/Screen Name...

I *so* need a new job

OK I just made a HUGE spelling error in a post

Tonight's remastered Star Trek (TOS)

I Despise Toby Keith

Cutest widdle animal vid ever

Have you heard about Finnegan the Squirrel?

I have paranormal abilities. Ask me anything

Radiohead fans who thought "The Bends" was their greatest album

Watch out for roofies!

Text message abreviations.....

Halloween Picture Thread!

Can you F'n believe this?

Man, you lot are really kinky and dirty. And you know what?

I have psychic abilities. Ask me anything.

ok....people over a certain age need to be tested more often for a drivers license

The Haunted Swing

DU seems kind of empty today.

On the 50th anniversary of the first Lennon-McCartney meeting, a rare McCartney video...

Helping Children with Mira Sorvino

Loungers, what is your fav 'ethnic' food?

How many more years do we have to endure the World Series on Fox?

What Princess Bride character are you...

Today I have to put my best friend to sleep

Halloween sucks for us guys

Damn you Perez Hilton!! I just saw Danny Bonaduce's package...

Red Dwarf

Are you interested in the politics of celebrities?

As a Yankee fan I want to congratulate the Boston Red Sox and their fans

I want to visit Tokyo or larger Japan before I die.

"Fuck you, Lucille Ball!"

We lost a kitty last night...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/29/07

The £12,000 Ashera Cat: "good-tempered, loves children & content to eat supermarket catfood"

*grunt* i start working in an office today

Fuck you, ******* ****** (a personal rant from my RL; please bear with me).

Why do women do this to themselves?

I'm going to the Packers-Broncos Monday Night game! Ask my anything!

Sex fans: do you want a rod? (Pole)

Two VA hospitals forced to turn away patients

Iraq war protests draw thousands

Navy defends sonar use, environmental record

An old wound: Review reopens Aviano tragedy

24th MEU to conduct urban training exercises

Career fields may expand with Cyber Command

U.S. allies to meet for UAV consortium

Availability of PTSD treatment depends on base

Caregivers emphasize: No stigma in getting post-combat stress help

Petraeus: Al-Qaida reeling, but still lethal

Loss of legs forced soldier, brother closer

Ten Seconds

New VA center to focus on sex assault victims

Efforts to recruit Catholic priests pay off

Against All Enemies

US-IRAQ: Ill-Equipped Soldiers Opt for "Search and Avoid"

Army vet to challenge Murtha in 2008

Bush Sucks Daily: Saddened by the Iraq War

David Swanson Speaks at Jonesborough, re: DU Plant Part 2

(Orlando) Anti-War Protestors Meet Opposition During Rally

Introducting Ethel Curmudgeon: Bingo Shrines & Politics

orlando march (10.27.2004)

Oct 27: New York Regional March for Peace

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: The Rhetoric of Iran


Anti-War Protest in Boston

CHICAGO anti-WAR RALLY 10-27-2007

Boston Peace Rally

Oct 27th End The War -- Seattle


David Swanson Speaks at Jonesborough, Tenn. - DU Plant, Cut off funding, and more

Why Tuesday? Candidate Challenge: Bill Richardson

"Hello NSA" by Roy Zimmerman

Howard Zinn at October 27 Boston Mobilization

Kucinich Campaign update 10-29-07

FEMA Fake Gets Promotion

This is Hillary.

AMERICA: Dumbed Down, Doped Up & Distracted

Sarkozy Storms Off 60 Minutes Set

Stephen Colbert at USC

Naomi Klein is interviewed on Book TV CSPAN2

Anyone else besides me whose never heard of the word vajayjay?

Harlem Homecoming - Clinton

Porter Wagner great CW Star passes away

We're melting!

3839 Reasons Why Britney is important

Is a Dolphin or Bat's ability to use sonar a form of ESP?

Just got back from a Kenny Loggins concert.He was fabulous! Anyone know if he is a Dem?

I just read a review of our local halloween parade in the

NY Times: A War On Every Screen ('Redacted')

85% of Army Corps flood protection projects in LA behind schedule

I don't want to imagine the devastation in the

who will love our planet?

selling mockery of the news that is what our propaganda media does.

Philippines: A Million Candiates For 41,900 Village Posts In 'Barangay Elections'

200 join Boston anti-war protest

Lawyers For Professor Steven Kurtz Ask Case To Be Dismissed

AP Headline - "Outed Spy: I'm Not Going Away"

Olmert has prostate cancer

Iran says documents show U.S. backing "terrorists"

Universal health care from Dems? Follow the money trail

Health sector puts its money on Democrats

Is Campaign 08 coverage slanted? WJ this morning

Security Upgrades at Several Nuclear Sites Are Lagging, Auditors Find

I'm sick of hearing about "progress" in Iraq

When the RW (or anyone) gets all "bent" about going after the "illegals"

Great pics from the San Francisco War Rally

Liebermann receives campaign donations from now-indicted Galante

Suicide Bomber Targets Iraqi Police Recruits, Kills 27

Rumsfeld On the Run From French Torture Charges

Did anybody watch Sarkozy on 60 Minutes ?

Krugman's Column

Vote For Gore!

Vitter sticks with fellow DC Madam customer.

U.S. Promises on Darfur Don't Match Actions - surprise surprise

Sadly true. Best comeback on a soccer newsgroup.

Tancredo To Leave House At End Of 2008

Surging ahead: Suicide Bomber Kills 32 North of Baghdad

An Iraq Veteran Against the War Speaks

ABC says that GAP

(Contradicta Rice's State Department) Officials balked on '05 Blackwater inquiry

NBC + Faux = Hulu?

Eichenwald "Emotionally Damaged" By Teen Porn Story Scandal

diane rehm show 10am et - Iran

What just happened to DU? Anyone know why things are so slow?

Is Mukasey really in trouble?

IRAQ: Child prisoners abused and tortured, say activists

Should Florida Democrats Switch to the GOP for the Primary?

Republican Congressman upset over language to defund hunting

Airstrikes in Afghanistan: US Knowingly Kills Civilians

3,839 - Monday, October 29, 2007

Clinton dominates campaign news

Valerie Plame coming up next on Morning Joe MSNBC nt

We Need An Addition To The Bill of Rights

Bush censors CDC report on threat of global warming

Sen. Graham may oppose Mukasey’s nomination.

"I Will Not Be Silent; In Solidarity with the People of the Middle East"

I'm incredibly impressed at how conservatives got Quallcom Park fixed in such a short time

10,000 in Boston rally against war --hundreds of thousands will rally for Red Sox WS championship

Oil hits $93 a barrel

Nobody Could Have Predicted...

World wide anti-war photos

Wal-Mart Increases Politicians

Fox heralds Bush as a World Series ‘hero.’

Dodd To Vote Against Mukasey for Attorney General

Man dies after cutting neck, being Tasered by police

Be honest. Who fell for the Osama Magic Mountain propaganda?

Bush May Recess-Appoint Homophobic Surgeon General Nominee Who Wants To Cure Gays

Supreme Court to review Exxon Valdez damages

WaPo Editorial Comments = Democracy in Action

Despite the fact that the man in the video looks nothing like Bin Laden, the CIA stood by the video

Shortages added fuel to O.C. fire

Wingnuts love America so much that they want to fuck it...

"Letter: Gore nothing more than doomsday huckster"

Rep. Waxman, Sen. Kennedy Release New GAO Report on Inclusion of Seniors in Drug Trials

My rant du jour- Totalitarian Government

Super-serious civic crusaders gather in New York

Schwarzenegger says marijuana not a drug- "It's a leaf"

No AirAmerica in Boston!!!?????

Does anyone happen to know if the bracelet Colbert wears...

'We have decided to take your life'

Interesting....A Chicago Sun-Times Reporter is wishing doom on Fitzgerald's upcoming marriage

I don't just want a candidate that says he/she will close Guantanamo

Did you see Jason Kenny's attempt to silence the Dalai Lama?

ABA questions U.S. death penalty systems

why did Rep. Tom Lantos stick up for Gitmo?

Bush's FEMA official who quit over the fake news conference has a new job already

Sarkozy was/is a Sayan - my, my

Repuke Playbook? I think I found it

Valerie Plame on live with Thom Hartmann NOW ( she'll be on til 2pm ET)

The final word on the people who trash conspiracy theorists.

The search for a gentler end-of-life care for children

Oops! FEMA Faker's Promotion On Hold

Marine, Friend Charged in Placer County Animal Slaughter Shooting Spree

Did anyone else receive an e-mail from Courage Campaign - Are you angry now

Matt Groening is #4 on the living genius scale

Are you one of them ant eyes?

Sorry dumb question. Why are "earmarks" allowed at all?

PHOTO: South Carolina Pride protests Obama concert with gay-bashing emcee/acts

Right wingers trust corporations: a look at the future

Supreme Court hears case on Muslim mistreatment in US jails

BREAKING: Organizer of FEMA fake news conference out of a job

National Security Archive Sues White House Over Missing Emails

Schwarzenegger Joke? "Marijuana's Not a Drug"

Pacific dolphins adapt to life at Dubai hotel

Breaking - General injured in Iraq

Does Shrub still need to get authorization from Congress before firing a single shot into Iran?

Iraq War Statistics as of Oct 17, 2007

TPM: Voting Rights Chief Apologizes for Comments about Minorities

This dagnabniest truthiness of torture.

Eugenics: The Lie of Science

One of the first radio interviews with Genarlow Wilson since he was released

This is what a good corporate citizen looks like.

Does anyone read "Foreign Policy"? They are blaming US for the war?

In this article is all you need to refute ANY debate for war on Iran...

Bill Moyers PBS Power of Presidency

A thank you who ever gave me a donor star....

The "surge" is working?

History Channel: "The Lost Book of Nostradamus" declares OBL to be "the third anti-Christ"

Are Civilian Deaths in Iraq Rising or Not?

"Will Democrats Follow John Edwards On Trade--And Win Elections?" ..LINK

Wow had my first "death" dream in a while last night

The Man Who Helped Take Out Merrill’s Chief (Armando Codina, former Jeb Bush business partner)

Speech by anti-semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-interracial dating asshole sparks rage at Michigan State U

Stressed borrowers use plastic to delay default

Social Security privatization may not be dead

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Giuliani's Foreign Policy Adviser Sounds Like a Madman

A trip to the past: 20 Ways We've Changed

Enough to make you throw something at the TV.

The Man Who Chose To See

Public to Rally for Better Media Outside FCC Headquarters On Wednesday, Oct. 31


My perspective on Conspiracy Theories and their hardcore adherents

"MISSING NUKES: Treason of the Highest Order" globalresearch founder: how to win minority friends and influence people

I predict that attack on Iran will be timed to coincide with Dem Nat'l Convention

Congratulations debbierlus! 83,000 views and climbing!!

Stressed borrowers use plastic to delay default

Voting Rights Chief (Tanner) Apologizes for Comments about Minorities

If Pelosi didn't have enough DEMOCRATS to vote for impeachment charges, how should she handle it?

So how long did it take for Exxon to wait for the court to be stacked in the Valdez ruling?

Hugh's List of Bush Scandals

So Dems gets the red ass on mixing politics and religion

I would like some feed back...

Clip of Spanish man attacking single Ecuadorian girl on a train.

Where are the Avatars?

Dupe. Pls. Delete. nt

Rasmussen says Hillary attracts Repub Women, Loses Dem Men

Clinton, Giuliani Top Picks for Costumes

What Has Happened To Jerry Nadler?

CNN all giddy over themselves! Scared funny haha!

Lyrics - Act III Scene 2 (Shakespeare) - Saul Williams

A clear-cut solution? (Logging plans)

Hick!storical, or the things I learn~

Backing an Iraqi Leader Again, This Time for a Fee : Bizarro world/war profiteering?

Why the hell is the House spending time on another BS Republican

Garbage in, garbage out: Indicted garbage executive donated to Lieberman

Senate to vote on Agjobs amnesty.........

Is Huckabee a Bigger Jerk than Romney?

Mr Barzani leader of Kurds Turkish objective was not the PKK but Iraqi Kurdistan

Mentally ill? Deaf "mute"? You probably used a Ouija board...

GMO Products as a Condition for Ukraine to Enter WTO?

GM: The Secret Files

Career prosecutors opposed Siegelman prosecution

Pope Benedict beatifies clerics of fascist dictator Francisco Franco.

McClatchy: Fed likely to cut rates a quarter-point on Wednesday

Miami Police Mace People for no reason.....


Address by Mayor Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson on October 27, 2007

Fred Thompson signs his declaration of candidacy papers for NH primary - pics

Halloweens' Hottest act - The Ghoul Quartet (pic) link fixed

Videos from the march in Chicago on Saturday

Upon further review, Feinstein has been kissing ass for a while...

Do you believe in any of these? (Part 2)

Caption this McCain, Guiliani pic

Giuliani: "I took a city that was known for pornography and licked it"

Europe: new immigration destination

I was just solicited by an Army recruiter

Charges Uncertain in Blackwater Shooting-State Dept Promised Them Immunity From Prosecution

Leonard Nimoy is now into photography and he has a new project out

Kos is blowing up Obama, and anointing Hillary

"Don't publish this until I'm dead."

Kansas Planned Parenthood Clinic in trouble?

Fake FEMA news conference - whoops got caught!

Ed Schultz is a pinhead...

BREAKING: Rummy flees France for Iraq! "They'll greet me with flowers and Dancing!"

Photos you can show to people who claim the California fires only affected rich white celebrities

Obama is proving not to be ready for prime time

Saber Rattling Aimed at Iran Keeps OIL PRICES HIGH: Bush-Cheney Will Talk War Till 2009

Lou Dobbs goes off on Bush and Private Security in Iraq

Obama's "Embrace the Change!" tour goes anti-gay as Senator's "favorite" singer unleashes onstage

The Eagles new album deals with the war, consumerism, & dead journalism-available at Walmart NOW!

Glenn Greenwald: Follow-up on the Col. Steven Boylan e-mail exchange

Uruguay buys first $100 laptops (BBC)

Colleges 'hijacked' not just by tweety liberals! No! Colleges now

The Battle of the Books

YES! Obama: "I Cannot Support" Mukasey For AG

Notes from NewHampster #4 Damn Damn Damn

AFL-CIO Takes Case Against Bush Administration to International Labor Organization

try to catch The NewsHour today--debate between N Podhoretz and

CNN outraged at little girls wearing sexier costumes on Halloween

did you know...

Bill Clinton was hated by almost everyone in 2001 (so sayeth T.Carlson)

Do you think the White House was behind that bogus FEMA "press" conference?

Iraq is as sovereign as Cheney is credible

20% ...THATS IT....20% GIVE OR TAKE 5%....Thats Bushies Base.STAND BY YOUR MAN...or so the song goes

Media version of Ford: "Bill Clinton is a sex addict and...

HeHeHeHeHe - just saying

Fox News "Can You Top This"

AIDS virus invaded U.S. from Haiti in 1969: study

is this why fox news leads ratings?

A Town Beseiged: Potrero Residents Battling Blackwater Now Suffer Ravages of Wildfire


The only word the administration SHOULD use to describe the FEMA press conference

Judge Mukasey Can (and Should) Answer the Question

CNN just played the clip of Barack Obama dancing with Ellen!

Dogs shoot man on hunting trip

The Story of a Depleted Uranium Victim...

Oh WOW! Tweety's coming back to his 'hometown' Philly tomorrow

CNN just said that the Pope has told pharmacists not to fill perscriptions

Freshman Democrats key in debate over wiretapping

FEMA Faker Lost His New Job At DNI Before He Starts It!

To what percentage do you buy "American"


Dutch protest 'magic' mushroom ban

CNN's "Planet in Peril" two years in the making, and they manage to get a very important fact wrong.

If you are a CEO & Screw Up Like Merrill Lynch & have to write down over 8 billion, here

Where do you get your 'news'?

Buh bye, America!

It's Not Just Louisiana: Mississippi Town Still Reeling From Katrina

Veco CEO: My Nephew Blackmailed Me Over Stevens (R-AK) Remodeling

How many people were actually found in Saddam's mass graves?

We don't know what is going on in Iraq. Take a look at this independent Iraqi news site

Blackwater bodyguards promised immunity

He went into the garden and began muttering ‘Iraq’ and ‘it’s all my fault’

chiquita bananas--I just called and complained

Oil will hit $100 barrel by:

Mother Jones: Some of Obama's Best Friends Are Gay. No, Really.

Scenario: Articles of Impeachment are introduced.

Candidates answers to Disability Questions from ADAPT, NCIL, SABE, AAPD

Immunity deal hampers Blackwater inquiry (AP)

Stars and Stripes: Two LTTE's

Bush Advisor gets laughed off the stage about Osama dragging his dialysis machine from cave to cave

Holy crap oil is close to $100 US a barrel

Environmental Groups to Sue to Remove Suisun Bay "Mothball" Fleet (70 ww2 era ships)

Foreclosure forces man to commit suicide

Kerry Offers Post-Kyoto Global Climate Change Approach

Apple to track iPhone purchases -- cash not allowed

When Georgie saw this picture of Laura , his mouth watered

Ann Coulter: On the Gay Circuit in West Hollywood

He served less than a thousand days.. a lifetime ago..and yet

Do we really live in a free society if we only free free to speak our minds anonymously?

Charmed on Air Force One, Sen. Dianne Feinstein Changes Opinion of Bush

U.S. Soldier Blames Kidnapped Journalist for Death of Italian Agent in Iraq

Getting Mike Gravel's Irish Up

Do you buy products made by Asians?

O'Really: Colbert mocking country, lacks cojones to face him

Email from Chris Dodd, his last statement says it all for me

Obama is going to end up about as relevant as McCain and Lieberman.

My day as a high school counselor - Friday, October 26th

Just one more instance of BushCo f**king with the environment to protect business interests...

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Poll question: Do you believe in any of these?

Need some help: refuting "Unfit for Command."

Barak Obama can kiss my lesbian butt....

Panel Posts Text It Said Was Deleted From CDC on Global Warming Testimony

Caption this pic of Fred Thompson

Baby Boomers and Social Security

Say what you will about Ted Turner...


AT&T Charging Fire Victims For Toasted Satellite Dish-couple didn't grab their dish as they evacuate

The mystery of the missing $2.9 trillion

Organic food 'better than ordinary produce'

Breaking: Blackwater Bodyguards Were Given Immunity in Deadly Baghdad Shooting

Logistics Health Inc./LHI: A DU collaborative investigation thread

Gore Surges to Strong Second Behind Clinton in CBS Poll

Q: Has everyone agreed that all religious people opposed to gays = bigots?

Very interesting article in the NYT Magazine about evangelicals and politics

Oil settles at $93.53 ...

Green advice: should I buy a battery operated electric car?

Obama surging to Dead Heat with Clinton in Iowa

Brand-new freeperism:

"Illegal looters" do turn out to be a family gathering supplies

The Nation: "Al Gore: The Write-In Front-Runner"

Is Al Gore's house too ostentatous?

I wanted to say - Mr Gore thank you for your nice letter.

Harvard University opinion: "Why Gore Shouldn't Run"

Who do you favor for Veep?

What happened to sacrifice ?

True or false: Outsourcing of America's jobs is a form of class warfare

Gore or Perpetual War ... Gore or A Non-Inhabitable Planet ... Just how difficult a choice is it?

Saw John Stewart play last night . . .

HEARING TOMORROW: Voting Rights Section, Charges of Discrimination Persist = OHIO 2004

Kucinich\Gravel 2008!

Call Dodd:Ask Him To Put A Hold On HR. 1955 When It Comes To Senate

My brother and I just waterboarded each other... yup, it's torture..

Mr Buchanon - it is wierd how we have similar views lately -

Will Obama now play "The Race Card?"

Grocery chain KROGER now seeking scabs...

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds: 'I Will Tell All, & Name (new) Names'

and another poll, I like voting as often as I can, I really do

That damn Corn Cob will be the death of me. On Saturday it posted $190 - something

From today's Iowa independent

Anybody able to record and YouTube this on Wednesday?

Woot - almost halfway there - they just updated the corn!

There's another poll on DU Politics, Joe is even with HRC...

Qick pulse poll for the night DUers - your pick tonight?

Headline: In South Carolina, Obama seeks a spiritual reawakening

is the South Dakota senate seat safe?

Minority Lawmakers to Ask Leadership to Address U.S. Census Undercounts

Study: "political press a hidebound institution out of touch with the desires of citizens"

Tom Tancredo will not seek re-election to Congress.. (regardless of Pres bid)

Who will win Iowa? I'm not talking about the primary in general, just Iowa.

Time: Results of New University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll

ok... now we see the real agenda of the book on President Ford...

Congress Takes Up Spending Bills

New GOP Senate Sex Scandal uncovered by Larry Flynt!

Huckabee surges, Edwards fades (new Iowa poll)

Getting a Political Donation returned

Stoller Sums It Up

McClurkin Controversy: My final asessment

Any BHO supporters at last nights gospel show??

His Master's Voice

Colbert Campaigns in South Carolina

For fairer campaigns: full, public funding-The current system fuels the corruption of democracy

Huckabee surges, Edwards fades

CA- Hill Vs The Ghoul And Other Poll Results

McNulty in NY 21 will not seek reelection. AntiWar semi DINO. This

What do Edwards, Obama and others need to do to gain some traction?

Edwards and Trade


The odds still favor Edwards in Iowa

First kid questioned about what he wants to hear about from Obama

Edwards Labels Clinton As Insider

Edwards' new pitch: Clinton tied to corrupt system

You successfully engage bigots with the army, court orders and law...

How Mutable Is Sexual Orientation

The Iraq War: Explaining it to a 7 year old...

Rasmussen -Clinton -44% Obama 21% Edwards 14%

Colbert Quickly Colonizes Facebook: Million plus in Facebook's fastest-growing political group ever

Is Edwards' 'Electability' Argument Working in Iowa?

Obama went after the anti Gay vote, who's next?

Harlem hails Hillary

Polls don't reflect Obama's star power

New Hispanic Voters in Iowa Push Democrats Into Balancing Act

Homeland Security 2009

GOP candidates agree to CNN/YouTube debate

Not satisfied with co-opting one GOP meme, Obama picks up another

Al Gore or Hillary Clinton vs. Giuliani: results nearly identical.

So, did Obama succeed in reaching out to anti-gay evangelicals?

FEMA digs a bigger hole for themselves...

Iowa Polling: It's a Dead Heat with Obama surging and HRC call in 100 reinforcements

"The nasty haters in the LGBT community at DU" are the problem, not Obama

Waiting for Obama to denounce the hatefest last night....

Article on Giuliani

Obama/McClurkin Controversy coming up on CNN soon

Indiana Democratic Leaders Endorse Clinton

Fort Worth Star Telegram: Efforts to 'cure' gays draw protests

Quotes that denote I am feeling about some things right now.

Jonesborough Justice

The Rude Pundit: Things You Gotta Hope Are True: Rumsfeld Forced to Flee Paris

Right Wing Name Calling is Meant to Distract from the Real News: WAR, TORTURE, POVERTY

Why is it that Obama is accused of throwing mud while Senator

NYC Councilman James Oddo Goes Nuts

Taking Aim at Clinton ( WaPo Blog)

Dear DU - While you are busy trashing each other's candidate over

Will this Obama & McClurkin fiasco be a boost for Edwards?

Can Obama's campaign recover

Why are the MSNBC pundits focusing on Obama going negative on Clinton

My prediction on tuesday debate

Obama/ Gay Rights/ MTV

the Tuesday MSNBC debate. What will the talk be all about?

Will you vote for Barack Obama if he is the Democratic nominee?

If you had the chance to remove Donnie McClurkin from your Fundraiser, would you?

Photos: Barack Obama in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, today at an MTV/Myspace presidential forum

NEW POLL: Clinton, Obama in Statistical Tie in Iowa

McClurkin defended his views, said his words were "twisted"

10-29-2007 DU straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates

Oil closing in on $94 a barrell, dollar plunges to record lows

Mitt (the shit) Romney trying to go after Hillary

If Obama looses shuld he bult the demomacratic partee?

Plenty of Military Hummers at GM... and beyond! OMG!

Obama continues to shit the bed: MCCLURKIN ONLY HATES UNHAPPY GAYS

The Weekly Standard: Obama Stumbles...Again.The Illinois senator's problematic,"semi-gay" supporter

Congratulate me! While I don't hang much in GDP, I *have* gotten active locally

Weather Wind Alert for Palm Beach County, Broward and Dade

Hillary is about to meet up with big problems

Californians for Obama

Obama getting down to the grove!

Hey DU GLBT community.

Tweety made a good point

The fact that you or your friends or some people on the news don't give a crap about McClurkin.....

Obama reaches out to Hispanic voters in Iowa.

Like bourbon and country ham, candidates must be well aged.

Imus will be back on air after his racist/sexist comments, should any Dem who does his show get. . .

Mostly DU freaking over Obama?

Dead Heat in new Iowa Poll: HRC 29%, Obama 27%, Edwards 20%

Is it a coincidence that Bob Farmer left the Obama campaign?

David Sirota: Edwards Move Makes Trade '08 Centerpiece

A Bi-partisan social security convened now to deal with the problem

"We are all tied together in a single garment of destiny" - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Why do any Democrats who want to end the war / and do not want to start another war support Hillary?

To My Gay Brothers And Sisters

Clueless Fred Thompson Quizzed on Civil Unions, Fails exam

Obama rejected two BLACK GAY PASTORS for SC campaign event

If You're Pissed Off Call Obama at (866) 675-2008

Among all candidates (both parties) Hillary has the most voters (46%) who've already rejected her

Olive Branch to Obama supporters...

Hilary Clinton's Negatives Lowest Among The Top Democrats

I have no candidate favorite ..... and **that** is liberating!

My Dean, Kerry memory of Dem loyalty in '04

Has the money race become a moot issue? In the past, getting

Libertarians Rising

We were all deceived about Obama's anti-gay Gospel Tour

I would have never believed it a month ago, but Obama is more hated than Hillary on DU now

John Edwards: The Moral Test of our Generation

This is BushCo: Oil at all-time high, US dollar at all-time low.

Obama will vote against Mukasey

McClurkin at Obama event: "I tell you that God delivered me from homosexuality."

I'm gonna call something like I see it.... and it's gonna piss a lot of you off.

Is Biden's healthcare plan the only one being offered that is not mandatory?

Edwards: "we're going to have to take on a system that's rigged and corrupt and doesn't work"

Is your view of Hillary Clinton favorable, unfavorable, or neither?

John Edwards Bills Himself As Most "Progressive, Electable" Candidate During Campaign Stop

Kos calls it for Hillary, sort of

My last attempt at getting my point across on the whole McClurkin issue

Heterosexual Males only: Could you make yourself gay?

Obama needs to bolt the Democratic party after this election if he looses

Obama's camp knows well what they were doing

People like Donnie McClurkin will not stop my full support for Barack Obama

Heads up to all moderate Democrats!!