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Archives: October 28, 2007

Justice Denied

Novell Lays Off 250 U.S. Workers

Saddam's last few henchmen may yet cheat the gallows (Observer)

Who's counting? When it comes to Bush, lots of people

The Evangelical Crackup

American-on-American Hatred

Excellent "thread" in GD about hemp

Industrial grown hemp is the enemy of pot

US denies being on warpath with Iran

Iran courting Arab countries to blunt U.S. hostility

Australia faces economic turbulence from U.S. meltdown: PM

Webb Seen as a Potential 2008 Running Mate

Protesters shout down anti-Islam speaker at MSU

Arthur Kornberg, Biochemist, Dies at 89

US Battles Epic Drought, Little Relief In Sight

McConnell reportedly earmarked $25M

Child sweatshop shame threatens Gap's ethical image

Protesters call for end to Iraq war

Heading out to a Halloween Costume Party Now...

Soyrizo appreciation thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Want to expand your volcabulary?

Time for bed.

What a miserable day at work today was

Some days it doesn't pay to go to the supermarket.

World Series pregame on Faux---Dubya lookin pretty damned heroic

In praise of panang curry.


Well I have been getting up at 5 am everymorning to work early voting, what have I missed.

O.M.G. The 1967 theme to Casino Royale had lyrics!!

Who needs a DH? That team is HOPELESSLY overmatched.

I've been rooting for the Sex until now, but not anymore....

At what point do you use hair dye?

I've been rooting for the Sox until now, but not anymore....


Congratulations to me

BIRTHDAY PRESENT f/ MR. SCORPIO /Sat. night party music f/the rest of you(downld)

Stranger in a strange land

Damn, I wish I had $175 to burn right now...

Out in the shed, needing my parts fondled...

Stranger in a strange land

What did you do with your sibling as children that you still do today?

Okay. A question for people who wake board and/or have a boat.

I'm slightly sloshed on delicious, nutritious, fortified blush wine. Aks me anything!


Any hugs to spare?

oooppppps delete lol

Okay, I'm drunk enough.


boogaloo is one of the hardest dances in the world

i just got back from an awesome halloween party

my roommate just took a jab at one of the 'adult' toys in town

Matcom the Jinx

if you had a hammer, what wouLd you do?

Onions are the wussiest vegetables

many guys have come to you

how do you like to get serviced?

Last minute costume change

i was in burger king and all the women present fell to their knees and started uttering, "o!

Sushi, Cabernet, and Angelina Jolie in combat gear.

My nine month old nephew refused to go to sleep until the Buckeyes put away PSU

Take me home and eat me!

"If I Had The World To Give"

How Long Would You Wait?

Just what every family needs for Christmas.. The Couch Dress

Joey, do you like movies about leather bikers?

Hey, look at this...

So; I gotta go.

DICE K!!1 Power Hitting MASTER!!

Out in the shed, fondling my parts... < PIX >


two out triple in the bottom of ninth when down 10-5...don't get too excited...

*** The Official Red Sox - Rockies discussion thread! ***

WARNING: to those who still use the environmentally friendly "pushmower"

Oh look!

Bloopers from live news programs

While we're at it, what grocery store do you regularly/prefer to shop at?

Out in the shed, fondling my pants... < PIX >

So a born-again christian, religious jew, and atheist start talking

Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

I need to learn sign language. Is it online, or best to learn in class?

What's your favorite time-wasting flash game?

The next person to ask me why everything is so expensive is going to get hurt.

Help the moran....I know I should know this, but when do we set clocks bacK?

Titus Andronicus - Lavinia's torture...

Better career choices for Bush 'n' Dick

Why are there fences around cemeteries?

HEY! If you would take a few seconds to vote in a DU straw poll approaching 1,000 DU votes

Search is such an interesting function

Remember when Halloween was scary and.....

Seriesly, the most depressing thing happened at the costume store today...

I just saw Ryan Adams tonight at a high school auditorium and it

At a grocery store checkout line, do you let someone with one item go ahead of you?

Nothing's more depressing than a women's dressing room mirror

two photos of the smoky sky from my vacation in the SD area.

I LOVE To CLEAN The House During Baseball Season

How do you like your beer served?

You know my name

Women definitely "Make" the best coins

How important is s****l compatibility to you in a relationship?

Songs that are only in 4/4 time suck.

375lbs of illegal cheese seized

I just got home from Skate America. Ask me anything?? n/t

Well, look who's enlisted

A joke with balls

A look at 2004 as to why nobody should feel bad about enjoying the Sox pummeling the Rox

People who hold reunions in the middle of the aisle at the grocery store

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Whoa! Halloween, man! Cats and Everything!


Red Sox Money Machine Rumbles Over Rockies

*does* every little breeze seem to whisper, "Louise"?

No more threads about grocery stores, m'kay?

Up-close video of firefighting in Del Dios area

Atlas Shrugs First Music Video

Dennis Kucinich at Sierra Madre Park

Still reeling from Iraq vote, Democrats want to go on record opposing military action in Iran

Cuba accuses Bush of inciting violence with speech

Freak storm at a football match in South Africa

United for Peace & Justice: site, news & source materials...

Screwed!!! Corporate welfare comes out of YOUR pocket!!!

Political Education for Everyday Life

U.S. Could See a Water Shortage

Somewhere in Texas...

The Department of State's attempt at "creating the news"

Liberal Media Myth

The unelected pResident has laughed when referring to WW111

Want to hear a really sad story about how guns ruin lives of good people?

I've been wondering...

Chargers owner contribues $1 million to fire victims' and firefighters' funds

My cousin's hubby made it to Kuwait

We won't go

The future of the Democratic, Republican parties?

AP has a few protest pics up

John Ware: Blair was warned of looming disaster in Iraq-and did nothing

HERE WE GO: Conservative college group invites HOLOCAUST DENIER to speak on Islam

US denies being on warpath with Iran

All rightie, then: "US Will Hand Iraqis Control of Karbala"

More quotes from "phony soldiers" sparks more RW outrage

I've started an online political book club!

US to give over control of Karbala to Iraq

U.S. diplomats to be forced to 'volunteer' for Iraq duty

Leahy rejects White House criticism of AG confirmation process

McConnell Earmarks $25M For Contractor (BAE) Under Investigation For Bribery

Fan girl Signed 1st/1st of Colbert.........

Thousands march against the war in S.F., across the country

Billy Shears of the HORN Is playing Halloween music tonight from 9pm eastern until

NY: Tens of Thousands Of Anti-War Protesters Rally In Union Square

Bel Air/Brentwood fire, November 6-7, 1961 - story, photos, rare video

8000 turn out in Phoenix!!

Be honest -- you're in a plane full of people. Do you feel safe knowing some have snakes? n/m

Be honest -- you're in a bus full of people. Do you feel safe knowing some have pit bulls? n/m

So I just saw the movie, "Michael Clayton" tonight...

Monkeys, apes teeter on brink of extinction

Googling 'Google News': about an hour ago, I saw a story about

one of god's little soldiers.....pic

"Liberal Fascism," Book By Columnist Jonah Goldberg, Hacked at

Remember when Halloween was scary and......

George Bush, America's littlest President

"skulls and bones" hazing of Rummy in Paris protest

NASA to search files on '65 UFO incident

On the Street GOP:: Ashamed, Disillusioned, Embarrassed, Pissed Off, On the Run...

"Let us have a constitutional crisis" Dissent or Disgrace: The Only Choice Left for Americans

You Just Can't Beat A Little Perspective

House Dems Moving Towards Contempt Vote

Chicago anti-war march/rally. Anyone else reporting in? (pic heavy)

From CIA Jails, Inmates Fade Into Obscurity: Dozens of 'Ghost Prisoners' Not Publicly Accounted For

I Don't Like Republicans

Bruce Yourselves :)

***DUzy Awards for week ending October 26, 2007.***

Thousands march, "die" and rally in SF anti-war protest

"Conservatives left without a voice on 'The View'"

A recommendation to admins and a comment

Your weekend laff-riot: Jonah Goldberg, punk'd on!

650,000 would die from bird flu, says Govt. (UK)

Be honest - You're in a bus full of people. Do you feel safe knowing some have guns?


When does it become too late for an Al Gore Presidential run?

On the SCOTUS, they've already gotten what they wanted: partisan hacks

I can't help but feel that Hillary is more liberal than the way she is coming across

Flynt Teases New “Huge” GOP Senate Sex Scandal

Finally, Action! Ron Paul Introduces Bill to Defend Constitution!

Hand guns - do you think it is ok for humans in this country to own them?

There is a DU straw poll that is approaching 1,000 DU votes

i have always voted rep, not anymore

Bigotry and Biden

Obama's gospel concerts raise hornet's nest of a dilemma

True or False- McClurkins quotes have been "taken out of context"?

True or False- "The gays are going for Hillary anyways, so Obama shouldnt worry about them"?

Bash A Pug Watch Your Thread Sink Like A Stone, Bash A Dem Watch Your Thread Swell Like A Mushroom

Please complete: Bill Clinton will be remembered as the First Gentleman who

Rude(e) Flip Flops On Gay Marriage

Iowa Presents steepest hill for Clinton

Iowa voter Tod Bowman wants to tell you something.

Barack Obama's Campaign Loses Longtime Democratic Fundraiser to Clinton..

What will be your #1 reason to vote for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States?

Hillary is the one Democrat running who I can't cast a vote for.

Where did I hear the Obama-McClurkin fiasco was being ignored by the MSM?

Obama is the best viable (sorry Kucinich+Gravel) candidate on Gay Marriage

Maureen Dowd, W.M.D. in Iran? Q.E.D. : "(Expletive) purple thumbs."

Children can't be blamed for parents' sins, (OH YES THEY CAN)!!:

Rudy, the Values Slayer

Virginia Petroleum Council favors expanded drilling

W.M.D. in Iran? Q.E.D. By MAUREEN DOWD

WP front-page article: Soldier Says Iraq Not Worth Loss of One More U.S. Life

Breaking Down an Innocent Man-The FBI's Right to Threaten Torture

Petreaus was not being honest?

Nancy Pelosi, Public Enemy Number One

What Will it Look Like After the Dems Declare they Refuse to Further Fund the War

But wait!! Gilmore might not be that bad of idea if you think about it...

Republicans turning USA into Capitalist equivalent of 80's East Germany or Werde der USA der neue DD


Suicide and spin doctors: A slow death in Camp 6, Guantanamo

Which Presidential Candidates Are Stepping It Up to Halt Climate Change?


Bob Herbert: Today’s Hidden Slave Trade

Dallas Billboard Implies Link Between Sagging Pants and Homosexuality

On an Upstate Wind Turbine Project, Opinions as Varied as the Weather (NYT)

LEDs "get there" for general lighting purposes.

Warming Revives Flora and Fauna in Greenland

Please don't tell George Bush about this place...

Up, up and away – the hydrogen car is here (Honda production car)

Obama's gospel concerts raise hornet's nest of a dilemma

650,000 would die from bird flu, says Govt. (UK)

Kremlin Seeks To Extend Its Reach in Cyberspace

"Liberal Fascism," Book By Columnist Jonah Goldberg, Hacked at

Car bomb explodes outside bus terminal in Iraq, kills 8

9/11 Revealed

Turkish troops kill 20 Kurdish militants- sources

Army Boosting Efforts To Lure Trainers For Iraqi Forces

Arab Americans more active in politics

Britons join Kurdish rebels to fight Turks

Suicide car bomber kills 7 in Iraq's Kirkuk

DU's Landshark special guest on voterescueradio right now

Leahy rejects White House criticism of AG confirmation process

Eleven Sunni tribal chiefs abducted in Baghdad

Inmates play major role in fire fight (Wow-25% of fire fighters)

Jailings don't keep parties from power in Colombia (election today)

Senators Say Mukasey's Words on Torture Raise Doubts

Africa: Iraq firms lower pay for Ugandan recruits

Iraq Police: 10 Anti-Al Qaeda Sheiks Kidnapped

Anti-Iran rhetoric raises UN concerns

Space Station Has Power System Damage

'Mafia-like' criminals latest threat in Iraq, Petraeus says

Chalabi back in action in Iraq

Iran says documents show U.S. backing "terrorists"

FEMA Official Involved In Staged News Conference Leaving The Agency

Powell's surprise over Blair's closeness to Bush on Iraq: report

Laura Bush accuses Dems of demagoguery on SCHIP

Ukraine to Israel: Recognize 1930s famine as genocide

1:10am...Sox win, time for bed.

Sifl & Olly: "genius" in a box...

I want a gurl- with the right allocations...

Good Night Alll...and have a pleasant tomorrow!

My cable box thinks this week is the end of daylight savings

Ann Coulter and a priest walk into a gay bar.........

Something I noticed taking the kids Trick or Treating.


I'm just Too_Sweet!

Ever wake up to Depeche Mode and wonder what happened?


I need a good comeback to "What Part of NO don't you understand?"

Which word is funnier?

Shirley Ellis appreciation thread!!

This guy almost passed out behind me in the grocery line yesterday

Stanky, stanky, so come now and spankme!

This just in

Today in Aaaawwwwwwww

When did Halloween costume's become so competitive for kids?

I want this for my sigline and can't make it small enough...What

Sign the petition: So-called "artist" starves dog to death, as "art exhibit"

I think I'm the only one in Colorado not paying attention to the World Series.

I just saw Bryan Adams tonight at a high school auditorium and it

Sock from Paparazzo Foot Run Over by Britney Spears Sells For $585


Stephanie Miller in Trouble?

If I don't get out of this house soon...

This gamecast thing is pretty nifty!

Did Rage Against The Machine play in New Orleans yesterday?

Can you live in the Downers grove, IL area for 28K/year?

I ate a scone on the train last night.

CSI can use as many buried 1960s songs for its title themes all it likes.

I think I would have kept my feelings to myself if this were me

So Illegal Cheese...

What's wrong with my dishwasher?


Goto sleepy little baby

It's time to vent: bad phone ettiquite

billyskank, I think you went a little overboard with the souvenirs !

375lbs of legal sleaze seized

This sucks.

All right already....

I cried alone in the rain last night.....

The WHAT movie??!!?? (Primal screaming here...)

Any hints for making the transition to working 3rd shift?

The day young Skynyrd died we’d show our Southern Pride

I just ate a whole carton of Whoppers malted milk balls...

I have the bestest daughter ever!

Using McDonalds’ As Pizza Toppings

I have the worsetest son in the world!

Perhaps billyskank can explain why the Dolphins and Giants are playing in Wembley Stadium

Society is a degenerated mess. What would YOU do to fix it?

Possible movie?

I hate that series of credit card commercial that imply

Question for Baseball gurus...

I need to be treated like Mr-T

I made 12 pieces of baked chicken late this morning

Hi! Whatcha been up to ?

Dirty Water - Red Sox

does anyone else miss the days when the internet was populated by lots of people

and in the role of Kurt Cobain .......

Richard Dawson's finest hour

Come to the Bulls Kobe...

Oh man I'm in trouble

Have anyone else's children been "gotten" by the Halloween Phantom

The Pats are about to go 8-0

Typo lesson for the day: 'Goatee' is rather different from 'Goatse'.

bow before me serfs: this is what I am cooking today!

What the heck happened to Megadeth?

I am sad, today. It has been two days since DuStrange has tried to lock one of my threads!

Do we need a real estate attorney?

Shawn of the Dead: Yea or Nay?

Now I have to return to normality.

I've been without adequate health insurance since May 2006

In Before the Frost -- 29 house plants.

people who hold reunions in the middle of a decade have too much time on their hands

XM Radio has rock channels called Lucy, Ethel and Fred

So I bought a blender...

Barbara Wright and Tommy James - separated at birth?

It's getting Verrrry Boring being a Patriots fan

Goodnight everyone.

More Dangerous Than a Pit Bull!!!

Ribeye marinated in Bourbon

Anyone else besides me whose never heard of the word vajayjay?


I'm thinking that, heading into election season we need a permanent thread for bumper sticker ideas.

**A Poem for Today, Sunday, October 28, 2007**

I like Toby Keith

Iko! Iko! an de'...Jackomo fe no nan e' , Jackomo fe nan e'...

Brilliant Terry Gilliam style animation.

Happy Birthday Reyd Reid Reed!!

I'm Balancing My Checkbook. Ask Me Anything...

I just read an interview of the Dalai Lama

Deep, profound music thread...

So who is all here? check in for the sake of it

d00ds...Couches w/ Built-In Recliners and...

Is this the story of Johnny Rotten? Lydon forgets lyrics, loses his temper at Pistols reunion gig

I think I tore my rotator cuff.

San Jose man eats 103 Krystal burgers to set new record at championship

What love song really gets to your gut... I mean...

meh... i have to color my hair

ever put stress off and let it build and build until you finally realize how stressed you are?

I made a Kitty Litter Cake today with my nephew! (PIC & recipe link)

Trivia: When was the last time the Boston Red Sox *lost* a World Series game?

Right-wing Facebook

That Annoying Bitch!

What's a brouhaha?

Pictures from my travels - the final installment

Patriots whipping the Redskins

Too good not to share: Trinity vs. Millsaps Football

TESSIE!!! GO RED SOX!!!!1 Game 4!

Depressed ? Well here is a pill for you:

Wow - did you see the Liverpool v Arsenal match?

Treamills, what's the draw?

Ok people, time to name some of your favorite local/regional bands

Picture of those lines on the screen of my iMac

I won another DUzy!

Who's gotta great Public/Community radio station?

Why are home weightlifting gym sets no longer available in stores?

I like Toby Keith

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/28/07

I'm trying to forget Korean; ask me what...

I just heard Hank Williams jr. "If the South would've one we'd had it made"

Radio Lady Photos: Zion National Park, Utah (from

Most commercially overused piece of classical music?

US to give over control of Karbala to Iraq

Transfer of authority Sunday in Tikrit

Veterans talk through post-combat life (PTSD)

Fires claim hundreds of acres on Camp Pendleton

Heat weapon demo just another day at the office

Memories of lost friends follow soldier through therapy

Trail of misery follows doctor

Capital Shield Tests Emergency Response

Broken B-1B flown from Afghanistan for repairs

$60,000 Bonuses for Prior-Service Soldiers (NG)

Congress To Investigate GI Bill Benefit Error

Obama: Real Leadership on Social Security

Republicans Suck

This Land is Your Land

Barack Obama: What If?

Larry Lessig on Political corruption

McCain hedges and stammers on opposing Mukasey

Senator Dodd on the Constitution and rule of law

New Hampshire primary ballot to include Kucinich

Rudy Roots For The Red Sox

The next president?

Bush's inaugural parade after 2000

LA Burrito Project

Darlene McBride - Take Back America Tour

Republican Nightmare

Media Frenzy and the Forgotten Refugees

The Largest Issue Amongst Voters in 2008 is Bullshit

Courts demanding NASA look again for Kecksburg UFO files

Olbermann (w/ Rachel Maddow): O'Rielly Blames J.K. Rowling for Gay Influence


Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Los Angeles in the house, marching against the war

Ron Paul's Unintentionally Hillarious 1st TV Ad

Submitted for your approval... (hopefully!)

If only life could imitate art

Very interesting and well done movie-and it's free...

The ONLY WAY AL GORE becomes the Democratic Nominee in 2008 is....

Blair remained Bush's loyal poodle right until the end

Take a quiz to determine your candidate for 2008.

Pickles is being interviewed on Fox news Sunday.

I'm going to church today for the first time in a gazillion years.

Go to where? U.S. civil servants flee Iraq jobs

I rec'd the DNC survey yesterday - anyone else? No questions on paper receipts for votes,

Book By Columnist Jonah Goldberg, Hacked at - "Liberal Fascism,"

NYT Article on Slang Word for Vagina Cites Many Cunning Linguists

WaPo - Judicial Races Now Rife With Politics -

The Secrecy Game by Scott Horton = "politically manipulated use of intelligence"

Any Dem governor who groped a reporter on air to shut her up would have been charged with assault

US State Dept.-go to Iraq or you are fired (draft?)

MTP - the Toolishness of Russert on Display

Rudy Jello's wife is Katherine Harrisesk .... Ackie. Can't grasp having to look at that for any

Going naturally into the hereafter-It's the ultimate recycling.

Minnesota, Your country needs you, again!

perfected: the ann coulter song

Failure becomes the new success - Colin Powell commands $100,000 speaking fees

"This week the military released the names of NINE servicepeople who were killed in Irag & Afgan,

How Giuliani sanitized his NYC legacy

Why is Larry Craig ranked #1 as The Most Trusted Senator?

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Dinged"

Safire just claimed that the "Clinton - Pelosi" split will hurt the Dem Party

Rally draws war-weary

"Liberal Fascism," Book By Columnist Jonah Goldberg, Hacked at

America just became safer for our children.

Fmr FBI Director: Giuliani and George "Joined At The Hip" Over War On Terror

Helen Thomas: Veto power makes lame duck relevant

VN Vets and others: Did this *really* happen?

So what happens when Pakistan finally crumbles?

Do you believe folks that don't back Hillary need to get behind Edwards ASAP?

Is a Presidential Coup Under Way?

Your Candidate sucks, I believe in ghosts, I carry a gun while posting, and wal-mart rules

Stevie out campaigning in S.C.

Blackwater allowed access to closed road in fire area, while area residents blocked

LA Burrito Project

Radio Lady Posts This PSA: We go back to Standard Time on Sunday, NOVEMBER 4, 2007 in the U.S.

Watching the Sunday talk shows, it's just like 2002 with a N instead of a Q.

The 24/7 Cable "news"&"news"papers did it again! Miss this?: Heavy Rain Floods Parts of New Orleans

Cell, Cordless Phone Disaster: 2 times Malignant Gliomas, 2 1/2 times Acoustic Neuromas!

Another Reason to Dislike A-Rod

Al Gore Just Won a Quill Award for 'The Assault on Reason' =====>>>

Senator Clinton Introduces Legislation to Improve Government Response to Lead Poisoning

Congressman Lynch scares the fuck out of me

top 5 myths about america

Hillary's 1st jury trial: rat's ass in can of beans no real harm

Wow. Mad TV portraying Cat Stevens as a terrorist.

So after all this talk about bombing Iran what happens when they do get some nukes?

68% of Americans oppose invading Iran

Huckabee on CNN: Americans believe that all life has worth and value.

Iran nuclear energy solution?

Take a look at this---- Adopt-an-Activist

From Bushland Fighting three Generations of Bush Fascist Values.

Petraeus Spokesman: Glenn Greenwald lacks ethics, provides "comic relief here in Iraq"

Black lawyers rare at Supreme Court

Vatican Sex Sting

I've got a nasty book dilemma

Do you think Berkely Brethed is appreciated as he should be?

Dallas: You don't want other men seeing your ass, after all.

Oh, brother. Did Huckabee just say that we didn't find Jimmy Hoffa either,


Mayor: 6 Dead in N.C. Beach Fire

TD#16 now moving WNW

I really think Ghosts and Aliens shouldn't' smoke cigarettes.

DU's Landshark special guest on voterescueradio right now

Military recruiting calls concern some families ("We don't pressure our applicants," )

Inmates play major role in fire fight (Wow-25% of fire fighters)

A cool cartoon ...Great commentary too...

Tropical Depression Forms in Atlantic

Happy Oxi Day!

It’s Sunday morning, so it’s time once get their wargasm on.

Rudy lies -- and the press takes it lying down

Meet Laura Antoinette.

.But the brouhaha .....could pale compared to rumors leaking out that the long awaited evidence

Did not "fall back" this morning

Senator Dodd Announces Opposition To Attorney General Nominee Mukasey

Weekend TOON roundup

Here's The Collegiate-Bush-Torture Doonesbury Cartoon In Which People Are Showing Renewed Interest

Fidel Castro pokes fun at George Bush

Scientist to creationists: Don't quote me

Thousands of Dead Fish Pulled from Lake Davis (16,000 gallons of toxin poured in by state)

What If We Had a President Who Didn't Give a Damn About Terrorism?

Jimmy Carter Movie Bombs at Box Office

The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World.

British, US, and Australian special forces units, have engaged in Iran recently

Is Mitch McConnell The Next Sleazy Republican Larry Flynt Will Expose?

The People vs. the Profiteers

Canadian Anschluss?

Country artists contribute more to Dems than Repugs. Call me surprised.

Discussing reasons for Ron Paul's "groundswell," Tucker panel ignored his opposition to Iraq war

Thanks for protesting with me yesterday.

So, who is the real public enemy #1?

Anderson Cooper-Planet In Peril on CNN

Poll: 41% of Americans Can't Name Even One Rethug Presidential Candidate

G.I. Joe was just a toy, wasn't he? Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity

'Takeover: The Return of the Imperial Presidency and the Subversion of American Democracy'

What do you think of (unitentional) bigoted irony? or Ironic bigotry?

Bombed Syrian reactor reportedly six years old

Which do you believe in more...

Is GrpCaptMandrake or anyone else connected with HORN around this evening?

House Records Sought in Abramoff Case

Forget the polls, and vote for who you want and believe in. Please.

Feinstein let her fellow Senators down

Seen this video? (For Gore in '08)

Chalabi Resurfaces As Central Figure In Iraq

Iraq vet: "I should die for lies?" he asked.

Laws ensuring the safety of imported food could violate World Trade Organization rules

Geologists say previous extinction due to global warming

Uranium Poisoning - What Our Gov't Has Done To The Navajo People!

Book: The World According To Gore - The Incredible Vision Of The Man Who Should Be President

Number Of Democrats On The Increase In Arizona - AP

10 Tribal Sheiks Kidnapped in Baghdad

Locals Quaking About Cheney's New York Hunting Trip

Feds Probing Senate Donations To Lieberman From Indicted Garbage Exec

Silly * apologists trying to get rid of Olbermann re: NFL on NBC

So If Rudy Becomes The Republican Nominee...

Who ever the next Prez will be--- they'll need curtains.

Giuliani positions on abortion, gay rights & gun control remain indistinguishable from Clinton

Gen "Z" and the dumbification of America

Firm Awarded Defense Contract Worth $790M After Hiring Ex-* Official

60-Minutes on Afghan bombings: Any bets on where the USAF secrete air war control center is?

Washington Journal junkies where are ya

Glenn Greenwald: A bizarre, unsolicited email from Gen. Petraeus' spokesman

Cindy Sheehan: The Morning After

NASA to Search Files on UFO Incident (Kecksburg, PA crash)

"One Arrogant P****" John Cole on bizarre e-mail Petraeus' spokesman sent to Glenn Greenwald

Drought Forecast

DRAFTGORE.COM - sign up and contact others in your area

In what religion is complimenting someone considered a sin?

Is it true that crime goes up when gun ownership is low ?

Right-wing Facebook

30% of Americans Don't Know When 9/11 Attacks Occurred!!

Why does Byrd get a pass on DU?

Net neutrality: Vote "thumbs up" on a video question for Sen. Barack Obama

Remember those days when LIBERALs was a Dirty Word?? Guess What...its the CONSERVATIVES Turn

Turkey launches massive raid against Kurdish guerrillas

An Autumn Without Apples

Let the FCC know your opinion on media ownership

Charles Rangel's tax plan - What do you think?

Al Gore Receives Prince of Asturias Prize In Spain

Current TV has me hooked

A Newer World

10,000 in Boston rally against war

By the Mississippi Delta, A Whole School Left Behind

Blind Man, 75, Shoots Intruder

Pentagon reels from second major nuclear arms blunder in a month

Boston rally, 10.27.2007 (dial up warning)

Forum suggestion...Current, pending legislation & floor action

For the People of Southern California, San Diego and the Border Towns: POST-TRAUMA RECOVERY LIST

Who Will Rule Us After the Next 9/11? The reality of NSPD-51 is almost as bad as the paranoia.

Is this man in some trouble

If USA is so advanced - why weren't we first to have woman leader?

I'm going to come right out and say it: Professional sports isn't actual "work"

Oops she did it again

Truckers Struggling With Rising Diesel Costs

Little-known fact about about the first time Bush is mentioned in the NYT in 1967

MRAPs going to Iraq on Russian cargo planes (no joke)

Food and Farm Bill special

DC Code Pink Newcomer Gives Additional Info On Condi Rice Hearing Incidents

My report back from my first Church attendance in decades.

Heavier high school football players worries health officials

"Museum About McGovern Draws Many Visitors" - looks like a great place to visit

Civil Rights Pioneer Rosa Parks Dead At 92

Flynt's got a new sex scandal brewing

What will congress do if Bush attacks Iran?

Riverbend has updated her blog

Indybay coverage of the SF anti-war protest

Another college campus locked down for shooting

How can people still believe the administration is "inept?"

Great Lakes key front in water wars

Believe it or not Millions of Americans think UFOs, ESP and ghosts are real -- that's a problem

Firearm law perception poll #2 (please vote)

Don't these "psychic" vultures just make you sick?

Fox News Employee or Porn Star - Quiz

A former right-wingers advice on how to destroy a key pillar of right-wing ideology

Two points about the French Rumsfeld torture case: Attach his assets. A Brig. Gen. will testify.

Saturdays Peace March in Seattle

To those who argued that Florida's "Castle Law" was no big thing

Another person Tazered to death in an Airport

Do you believe in any of these?

Just want to make sure all of you have done this:

ok go vote everyone

Just a link to the straw poll so you can see results so far - and to vote if you haven't already.

Another poll where Biden's getting positive comments.

NH Independents unhappy with Republicans. Undeclared voters likely to lean Democratic

(Highly) unlikely scenario! Who would you vote for in a GE?

Is Edwards giving up on Illinois? He is not slating delegates in the state and ...

White House Leak: Cheney's Plan for Iran Attack Starts With Israeli Missile Strike

Laura Bush accuses Democrats of demagoguery on SCHIP

OWH: Presidential Profile: Iraq war at the heart of McCain campaign

Uh-oh! This could be the end of the Tancredo run

Taxi to the Dark Side: Must Watch Award-Winning Documentary

"We have learned the Left is NOT as powerful within the Democratic


investigative reporter Greg Palast challenged the conventional wisdom that the Iraq War is a failure

Arab Americans more active in politics

If you like President Bush, you'll love President Giuliani.

More options: What will be your #1 reason for voting for Hillary Clinton

Conservatives less likely to give treats to children on Halloween (survey)

So if a candidate had someone on staff who regularly said horrible things about Christians

Kleebs (D-Ne) balance politics, family life (Will he run for Senate, will she keep beating up Fox?)

The Evangelical Crackup

Candidate Bush intended to invade Iraq

Obama Slimes, Hillary Climbs

Romney promises to "not make it a personal, rancorous battle" while attacking Hillary Clinton

I am going to vote for an openly gay Senate candidate for Jesse Helms' old seat

There Are Two (r)s In Embarrass

Do You Want More Or Less Vanity Posts In This Forum?

Who would you rather have as a leader...

Democrats, Republicans back Bush war provocations against Iran

Center for Constitutional Rights: Rumsfeld story

Obama last in DU poll, behind "All Others"

Argentine First Lady Holds Wide Lead on Eve of Presidential Vote

Is it throwing mud to accuse another candidate of throwing mud? nt

John Edwards accuses Hillary Clinton of taking bribes?

On Russert this a.m. William Safire says Hillary will pick Rahm Emmanuel as her VP...

"Dangerous All By Himself" ....................... (Rudy & Bush)

If the economy is humming along just fine as Wall Street seems to think...

Holy Shit...Just Stumbled This...Can anyone verify this??

Edwards against "Peru Free Trade Agreement, Obama supports Bush, Hillary silent

Boston Globe Slams GOP, Republican Candidates on Hillary Smear

Are Debates Overrated?

Millionaire Paying People $25 to Install Mike Gravel Yard Signs in NH

Hilary Clinton "just isn't right for this critical moment in American history, "

Tonight 6:30 ET on C-Span, the wives of 5 of the candidates will be

NY Daily News: Nader Voters Crippled Gore In 2000; Now They Love Him

The Nation on Obama's new aggressiveness: "That's Embarassing"

In her first trial, Hillary didn't give a rat's ass

Posted this forum suggestion in GD, any thoughts appreciated...

Edwards Responds To Colbert "Attack"

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell rumored to be subject of next sexual scandal

Obama proposes increasing SS tax on wealthy

Anyone want to join me in some pro-marriage yard signs?

We have got to be carefull not to loose 2008....Reason for this thought

Mukasey Must be BLOCKED!

If I'm a sexist for not wanting to vote for Hillary, then how could I have voted for Barbara Boxer

A Magnificent Speech from Senator Robert Byrd to STOP the IRAQ INVASION!

WHERE is Larry Flynt and his list of *dirty congresscritters*?

ha ha the clinton campaign is having fun with obama's new attacks

Which Candidate Will Best Wage Total Political War On The Republicans In The General?

Speaking of embarassing leadership...when is Robert Byrd retiring?

Clinton Sending 100 more to Iowa is a sign of concern not strength

Hillary Goes For The Kill (100+ staffers sent to Iowa)

Ahnold is such a freaking HYPOCRITE! (CA fires)

Ford saw Clinton as a sex 'addict'

Santorum's crying daughter inspires C&W song

Clinton Wins Republican Women But Loses Democratic Men

Obama will be taking questions tomorrow on MTV website..

In support of GLBT equality--quotes from black preachers...

I think Kerry lost the 2004 election

Politics of Hope

It's just politics, they tell me.

Edwards: 2-year ban on new drug ads

Should government issued marriage licenses be replaced with civil union licenses?

Clinton booed at Edwards rally

Edwards Calls on Iowans to Pledge to Not Caucus for Anyone Who Takes Lobbyist Money

Remember Harry Taylor? (Guy who stood up to Bush in North Carolina)