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Rumsfeld and The Taxi to the Darkside

Michael Mukasey - will you help me? --D.C. Madam Seeks Justice

WSJ: Wrong Number on Peak Oil Story?

Tokyo Motor Show: Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE hybrid (

Democrats Urge Bush to OK Water Projects

Gospel concert controversy tests Obama's message

US disaster agency apologizes for fake 'reporters'

Nagin: State could take over Orleans DA operations

Pa. governor releases list of state polling places

Poll: 75 Percent Disapprove of Congress' Performance

Attorney General Nominee Faces New Resistance: Some Democratic Senators might oppose Mukasey

You should try running a marathon (LOL)

The trumping of Donald Trump

When will Dick Weed get his comeuppance???

Anyone who does not watch Moonlight tonight is a ratbastard fucker.

New Drugs for Women


I Just Put___________ On Ignore

J.J. makes me want to eat razor blades.

Can you question a moderator if they do something you disagree with?

I'm going to see The Hooters (with The A's opening up) next month!

Can you bribe a moderator if they do something you disagree with?

Ingredients: 8oz coffee,

Ingredients: 24oz red wine,

Do You Believe In Love

Oi! If I went outside and screamed "Ann Coulter has no wiener!",

OMG! Elizabeth Taylor kissed my husband!

Waited on a line of greens and blues

GOOOOddddnight everybody...

Should I go out and get that DVD recorder tonight?

Wasted on a line of pinks and reds

Have you/Do you say anything when you see a baby/toddler chewing on a sponge paint brush

I hereby confess my straight girl crush on Rachel Maddow

How come.... when we do what we think is the right thing for "ME"

My calf is tight and sore (but its shaped nice) so my trainer said

lawlz, just in time for the weekend: a truly hilarious bumpersticker

A test of morality

Join the Pedroia Nation

Rosanne Barr has a very interesting blog

pssssst.... got a few bucks to spare? new peacetakescourage bumper stickers

Karev and Ava

Child Custody Hearing Tips #1: DON'T yell "Eat it! Lick it! Snort it! F--- it!" during court break

My husband got a new watch tonight.

Human race will 'split into two different species'

My dad's advice on what I should do this weekend

Its Goblin bloggin time!

Can I say something,

Welcome to the comfy velvet home...

Have you ever seen this video?

Link to - Shadow dancer. On my way home I made this short video

Me and a few friends are going Trick or Treating on Halloween. What will we get?

Friday night pic thread, or "Do you recognize this woman?"

I have a special talent

I just purchased a new vehicle

So I just drank my mom's whole 40, and hit on my friend's hot youngest son...

So I just drank a whole 40, and hit on my friend's hot mom...

In came the wolf, on his big bad Harley....

Any year now, my mom will make a costume we can't buy in a store. Any year now...

So I just got really stoned and walked in on DickSteele boning my mom

FUCK! I just got in a hit and run.

Who here hasn't taken any of the drugs they advertise constantly

What will you be handing out to trick or treaters?

A frightful Halloween tale for YOU.

Trick or Treat

some of the coolest videos of the 80s

Joey, do you like movies about Vikings?

My mom just screamed "I hate you!" to me for the first time

My new cat shows signs of being abused in the past.

Fudge.... I keep getting my hose stuck in my....

A smiley for Oeditpus Rex!

Monkeyfunk Reviews "Rendition"

My friend asked me to design his wedding invataions...

I never thought I'd be so happy about an appliance but

If Sunny came home with a book, a box of tools and a list of names,

Alcoholism isn't funny. But this drunk guy is

I just hit on myself repeatedly, but got no response

Post original costume ideas here!

this is my new desktop background

Any year now, my kid will select a costume we can buy in a store. Any year now...

so I bought a birdhouse at a charity event. What the hell do I do with it?

It's Friday.... no bounce 'em,if you got 'em or DUZY's

okay - so i've had a lot of wine with dinner tonite and i'm feeling a wee bit sad and lonely . . .

Perfect ending to a perfect day....

just thought a cat thread would be good:

Want to go trick-or-treating, but feel like you're too old? Here's an idea!

Is my costume a dog?

Assuming physical attractriveness in 9/10ths the law

I just laced myself into a 30-inch corset and I can still breathe!!

Pennsylvania makes me want to open a vein....

Here's LK and his costume.

Whatever happened to the happy birthday threads?

Hey, it's after Midnight. You know what that means? It's my BIRTHDAY!

So... my youngest son's little friend just hit on me.

I think it's only right that you apologize. n/t

What books have been butchered in movie form?

Poll: Greatest Band of All-Time no question

Alleged Murderer airlifted to Germany from Bahrain

If Bill O'Reilly was a Rapper

Fox News trashes Al Gore's Nobel Prize win

"The Most Dangerous American Organizations"



Glenn Greenwald: No Retroactive Immunity

God Bless Atheism

C-Span: FEMA Held 'Fake Press' Conference on California Fires

The Incredibly Short Republican Reich

Dallas transit bus evacuated after bomb threat (now called an "apparent misunderstanding")

New Heart Device Allows Cheney To Experience Love

U.S. Marine Died from Heart Attack in Baghdad -- Then Mom Had Heart Attack When She Heard News

FEMA Fakery coming up on KO

From a liberal view - what is Freedom?? Is every life so intertwined with others that it is mute?

Michael Mukasey - will you help me? D.C. Madam Seeks Justice


McClatchy: State Dept. reviews ties with firm criticized for Iraq embassy flaws

It's Not Over Yet: (Orange County) Fire Reaches Silverado Canyon

Hans Blix questions U.S. fears over Iran, challenges *

how do i put a photo of my dog in my signature

medicare -- privitazation???

The most vapid, pathetic excuse for anything resembling intelligent life

State Department to force diplomats to Iraq

If Hillary Clinton is elected President, will she vigorously protect our civil rights ?

Look where Bush is getting his intelligence about Iran's nuclear program from

Rice taps Clinton, Carter for Middle East advice

U.S. wants Canadian airlines to disclose passenger info

So far, Bush has spent $315 billion in Iraq & Afghanistan

White House endorses Kucinich

What the firefighters faced

DUzy awards will be posted Saturday, October 27

10 Years From Now, We Will All Look Back At The Bush Era and think...

Resistance in the Burmese jungle (BBC)

Riverside complaint leads to flag-folding recitation ban at all vets' graveyards

Iran becoming new Iraq on campaign trail

Grumpy Aussie miners get sex lessons

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

How many Iranian civilians do you think will die in the airstrikes?

Caption Paulson & Rice

Romney Open to Iran 'Bombardment' - His sons will drive the Winnebago

Rudy got a break from the "Family"

A new question about the California fires:

Notes from India: They're fans of Lou Dobbs

Kay Bailey Hutchenson's face is tighter than Britney Spears pants

Myanmar democracy activists pin hopes on 'Panty Power'

Al Gore - Viewpoints - New website - A virtual Townhall for sharing opinions

Rachel Maddow on KO has been very

The cameras are gone, Chief Dictator has come for his photo op

Security Standby! Bill Maher is on

Where the evacuees really went:

What do you think of a 10¢ tax on a bottle of water?

Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson on Bill Maher next week

My town's above average.. the bad news? it's above average for murders & crime

You have to listen to this crazy bastard on the air right now....Rev Asshole!!

How Bad Will the Next Recession Be ?

Poll: 75 percent disapprove of Congress' performance

Bill Moyers Journal, October 26, 2007

Bill Mahar never ceases to get me to agree with him and make me

'How Do You Fund a War, But Not the Casualties?’

AG pick: Constitution does not prevent wiretapping of terrorists

Yet Another Photo of Site in Syria, Yet More Questions

Rove, Jeb Bush discuss democracy at Pat Robertson's university

PA election infrastructure now a "state secret"

June 2007 GAO Report Warned of Ineffective Federal Fire Responses

If Wellstone were still alive, do you think he could've been elected prez in 2008?

Scientist: Human race will 'split into two different species'

Guantanamo military lawyer breaks ranks to condemn 'unconscionable' detention

Detainees tortured then killed? Dumped into the ocean?

Arsonist Bush is torching the world, so why isn't he being punished?

I don't trust a single one of them...

Greg Palast on California vs Louisiana (and he's not kind to Al Gore)

Here is an excellent CBC interview with Valerie Plame

Aide: al-Sadr could lift cease-fire

Man Urinated On Neighbor As She lay Dying In Street

''Rudy's Five Big Lies About 9/11'' by Wayne Barrett


USAToday: Some Christians use "Hell Houses" to warn against homosexuality, abortion, drunkenness.

His Name Was Wellstone

Cronyism is ALIVE AND WELL........Them CRONIES are still w us guys...FEMA f/u revealing INEPTNESS

Supposedly, Hillary has an almost 30% lead on Obama and Edwards

BURN BABY BURN – The California Celebrity Fires by Greg Palast

Candidate Pumpkin Templates

Let's get at least 1,000 DUers voting in a DU poll of all candidates

Jeff Gannon sits one seat over from Cheney @ National Press Club event

Be wary if someone uses "quantum physics" as proof of anything.

Marches Tomorrow Against The War in 35 US Cities and in Canada & even Rome, Italy! You going?

Larry Craig to claim arrest was a violation of the Constitution

Book TV Schedule: October 27th - 29th

How come them stupid environmentalist wackos wouldn't let peoples

forget the $other 2$, vote biden!

Ya know about the new yorker article

Has everyone voted? Biden dropped from third to fourth - here's the link again:

Toy Safety: Lead testing kits and more recalls

It was so beautiful, go ahead and guess what I saw today.....

Fox Bars All Candidates From Using News Channel Images

*Memorial Drive Poll: Kucinich 34% Obama 33% Edwards 33%

Assuming Hillary wins, the first thing she would accomplish from this list

Oy... who didn't see this coming?

Genesia M Gresham murdered

The next Dem debate is coming up. Is there anything in particular

Recent Road Trip Observations

Candidate Hillary:the GOP's dream

Larry Craig & ACLU: foot-tapping, hand gestures under stall dividers protected by First Amendment

Trick or Treatin' at The White House

DK supporters: Why Kucinich and not Gravel?

Flashback 2004: "It’s still very much his race to lose at this point."

The Obama Marriage-How does it work for Michelle Obama?

Mike Huckabee: The Man I Knew

What Weapons Do We Have Against BushCheneyCo?

Salon: Obama, don't pander to homophobes!

Bill Richardson: A New Partnership With Latin America

"Frantic" efforts by Obama staff fails to quell row over anti-gay singer

Hillary Clinton: A No-Nonsense Style Honed as Advocate

Wes Clark is on Bill Maher now.

Kucinich tees off on Dems

How to talk up Rudy Guiliani to GOPers

CBS News: 15 gay/lesbian leaders make one final plea to Obama, stop McClurkin's performance, ("No")

Assuming Obama wins, the first thing he would accomplish from this list

Obama speaks with The Advocate- Great Interview on Donnie, the campaign, etc.

How do Democrats feel about Bill Clinton cozying up to the elder Bush?

Florida Dems at convention have button that says "Screw Dean"...very classy.

This post is for everyone EXCEPT Senator Clinton supporters, please read

Larry Sabato: Bill Richardson unbeatable in general election

Who We Are...In Pictures

Nahr al-Bared was destroyed, but who noticed?

Well here's a beautiful story.....

Hawking War Guilt

Arnold and Maria: Dangerously Insignificant Politics of Celebrity

The Bush Era's Dark Legacy of Torture

EDITORIAL: Union shames Ottawa


Iran; The Road to Armageddon ?

Walter Lippman’s “Liberty and the News,”---By Sidney Blumenthal

Eric Alterman: Think Again: The Blackwater Scandal or The More Things Don’t Change...

On Iraq, Post-Partum Depression, and Trading Sex for Intel

Bill Maher: "I'm dressing up as a melting polar ice cap"

Laura Flanders: 40 Years On, a New Call to Resist?

Shifting Targets----From Iraq to Iran-----by Seymour M. Hersh

Keeping the Constitutional Faith is now EVERYTHING.

The budget lies that haunt us

"Don's $2 Million Bought the Plane" by Daniel Hopsicker

How democracy can screw corporations BACK

Harpers: The Secrecy Game

Who Are the Real Leaders on Climate Change?

The Daughter of WEAP

Online video - Net Zero-Energy Housing, new home construction.

Green Building

Germany Could Raise Renewable Targets

Vermont climate change group urges use of renewable energy

U.S. Air Force eyes alternative fuel, slashing CO2 - Reuters

From the Rolling Stone: The Prophet of Climate Change: James Lovelock

Al Gore Receives Prince of Asturias Prize In Spain

at least 36 states will face water shortages within five years

Suicide Bomber Attacks US Base Entrance (Afghanistan)

Threat of Turkish military action seen mounting after talks fail [with Iraq]

U.S. commander in Iraq: Sectarian bias limits police

Iraq Plan to Add U.S. Troops at Kurdish Border Is Rejected by Turkey

U.N. to probe Iraqi, Afghan civilian deaths

US to order diplomats to serve in Iraq

Iraq going so poorly that the State Department now has a draft

Biofuels 'crime against humanity'

MND-N unit attacked (Salahuddin - 1 soldier killed)

Heavy fighting in Somali capital

Iraqi insurgents' clash with Qaeda kills 16

'I Don't Think This Place Is Worth Another Soldier's Life'

Government launches military brain damage study

Rice looks to history for peace effort

Dean lashes out at GOP over health plan (radio address)

Iraq Hampers U.S. Bid to Widen Sunni Police Role

Dutch Lawmakers Offended by Rep. Lantos

D'Oh: House Panel Screw-Up Reveals Whistleblower Email Addresses

Defense contractor denies bribing Cunningham

CIA resumes use of secret prisons

Document Details U.S. Aid Proposed For Mexico

Iraq Balks at U.S. Bid to Widen Sunni Police Role

Turkish Air Force Strikes Targets Inside Iraq

Medical marijuana advocate kills herself

US seizes 'senior Iraq militant'

Irked politician attacks radio broadcaster while on air

Ex-Army officer drops out of race for Congress (Blackwater)

Feds Strike ID Deal Over NY Licenses

Wildfire pollution poses health threat

Bombardier-built plane's landing gear collapses

US Will Hand Iraqis Control of Karbala

Airbus A380 'not as green as it's painted'

Roswell incident not explained to Richardson's satisfaction

Plan to reduce global warming calls for higher cost of driving (23 cents/mile rush-hour tax)

I slept with a dick named Cheney. Ask me anything...........

Wisdom from the funny pages...

In honor of Dick Cheney sleeping through meetings

bloop, bloop...


We got our daughter the tarantula (dialup warning)

An announcement to the younger set here at DU:

Key Lime Pie Flavored Yogurt


So will Larry and Cheryl stay seperated on Curb Your Enthusiasm?

don't let'em shit you honey, it's all about the hat...

i'm fixin to make me some jogurt

Total Confusion

Tiem now for a Special Mr Scorpio's Birthday Edition of WHO AM I?

ooooh Psycho just started. AMC

Time for a rant

A Halloween Joke, from a Lady friend ( If this board can handle it.)

Time to get up off your can and check out some art.

You have to see THIS

I just came from a severe NeoCon board - Man am I tired of battling those sheep!

Video: A New Member In The Family

I made a shirt that says 'Rebel Scum'

On the scary side

Favorite MrScorpio Game

Shat was robbed...

I'm in da mood fo wub

Yahoo: Wimps

Goddamn, that's some COLD SHIT!

What show(s) do you watch on the Cartoon Network?

"We shall walk again, down along the lane

So crazy baby neglector Brittany Spears releases a song on the

What shall I do this morning?

My new glases prescription isn't much different from the old one...

i had to get a 100 ft of ethernet cable at radio shack today

whom here has earned the right to be insufferably pissy...

And now I'm glad I didn't know, The way it all would end, the way it all would go

Alabama's got me so upset

Cool! MSN says it's cheaper to eat out than to stay in!

We're all Goofy Goobers!

Animals Sing "Bohemian Rhapsody"

A solution:

I had a small bug crawling on my monitor this morning

Ever had Banh Mi?

They should still bow to Angus.

I'm available for Christmas. Who wants to unwrap my package?

More pictures from my travels.

Soon to sell at Wal-mart!

In My Mailbox This Morning

Just have to say - it is a GLORIOUS sunny fall day!

It's 5:30 AM on Saturday, why are you awake?

I'm going to get off

For those of you who who have seen my countenance:

Dirge for a Microwave Oven....which died overnight. I cleaned the inside of

Important thread in GD

Get yourself some learnin'

Anyone a member of Drinking Liberally?

Overtime Blues


I hope this doesn't count as a bodily function thread, but I laughed out loud! Ice mints.

Wow, the cop and the drunkie start to dance!! And fornicate!!!

"Understanding today's complex world of the future is a little like having bees live in your head."

It's RAINING in Santa Barbara!

Bounce your Boobies - Rainy Saturday edition

anyone else here ever used rosetta stone?

Hey Lounge peeps - could you vote in a GDP poll?


What are words for?

Posted in GD.

Ed Burns "Purple Violet" to skip cinemas and premiere on iTunes

Oh I love the DMV

For diehard Beatles fans: 45 years ago today, their 'official' first interview.

Hey BoSox fans. What's the deal with the scrutty batting helmets and dirty hats?

This week hasn't been a lucky one for my emails.



You're so vain, you probably think this thread is about you

There is something seriously wrong with the world.

Dress your pooch in style

Has the border around the Lounge Nation been secured yet?

Today's phrase is "microcephalic apostate". Replace a phrase in a thread, if you dare.

I just stuffed myself into a 30-inch jockstrap and I can still breathe!!

Today's micro cephalic apostate is "microcephalic apostate". Replace a micro cephalic apostate

Wishmaster: the mis-heard lyrics

Tippi Hedren and Janet Leigh mudwrestles each other

i think i may have a bit of an odor about me today

School Desks Were Much Tougher When I Was A Kid Than Now

Flight Simulator X Acceleration is FINALLY out!!!!!!!!

I made chili for supper... and a tossed salad

$545 for 2 pairs of glasses

Drove through Rancho Bernardo

"Making biscuits"

I'm Calling Out "Name Removed"

We all need to chip in on an eye exam for Oedi

I am SO crabby! I was supposed to go see 30 Days of Night

the lounge emperor has no clothes

Back from the anti-war march in Boston!

***** Happy Birthday Bluzmann57 *****

Is this Kismet or what? So I go over to this lady's house to get

I wasted my time

A Prairie Home Companion's Halloween show

Other things to do, besides eat a lot, when you're really, really frustrated

Retro Goodwill logo

Simon "Shaun of the Dead" Pegg will play "Scotty" in the new Star Trek movie

I feel bad debating people who have had paranormal experiences


CNN's "12 Germiest Places In America"...."putting your broccoli where some kid’s butt was"

I'm an ecdysiast!!!

I once again have succumbed to the temptation of the bottomless mimosa

oooh, baby!!

Is It Papist To Get Pissed Off When The Person

HAHA Fuck you, car CD players. I was right to get the casette player in 1994! Bite it, you scum!

Cutest Wet Kitty Picture Ever

Tonight's dinner

What was better as a movie than as a book?

I saw a Georgia O'Keefe show last night

The seduction of Itchy Butt (cute kitty video)

HAHA Fuck you, car CD players. I was right to get the 8 track player in 1975! Bite it, you scum!

First, I'm gonna lube your chassis, lady. Then I'm going to adjust your carburetor real good

4 more days till Halloween

Today's word is "asshat". Replace a word in a thread with "asshat"

A question about speech-to-text software.

OK, I'm kinda bored. I've never done this before...

Post a youtube that includes a Gibson SG

my roommate just took a job at one of the 'adult' shops in town

Best James Bond intro story?

*** Official OHIO STATE vs. Penn State Thread ***

Is It Racist To Get Pissed Off When The Person

It's 7:21 PM in Detroit Mi, time now for another round of ASK MrScorpio

What full albums have you heard this weekend?

Trivia question!

An utterly shitty thing I wrote last year

Why can't ghosts have babies?

ever see someone so attractive that when they talk to you, you make a fool of yourself?

Hug me I posted in GDP

How long will matcom stay on the front page of Yahoo news photos?

Five artists/musicians/writers, living or dead, you'd make out with* in a heartbeat.

I just bought 10 bags of Halloween candy - come and git it!

my first Lounge thread - I need help re: costume for party

Proof: Cliff Burton was God

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/27/07

Question for leather daddies: are chaps by definition assless?

What is your favorite microscopic creature?

Today's College Football Thread

hey lounge buddies

10 Items Or Less Express Grocery Line

I'm gonna rip off Swag here: Post a youtube that includes a Fender Telecaster

Anyone have a favorite in Saturday's Boston vs. Colorado game?

Yet more pictures from my travels.

Halloween-appropriate music

Here's a pic of the beta version of my Halloween costume

I couldn't help it - it was on the clearance rack for $3.99

Yay! Going to see BodyWorlds tomorrow!

‘Rakkasans’ relieve commandos outside Baghdad

Afghan president calls for fewer airstrikes

Oregon recruiter dead in apparent suicide

Co-pays to rise on 9 more Tricare drugs

Senators want data on war vets’ mental health

2-star in N. Iraq staying out of Kurd fight

EFP kills soldier, wounds 4

Groups disagree on how to give vets job help

Platoon recognized for UAV operations

House panel OKs two new reservist benefits

Globemaster goes green on synthetic fuel

Gates calls out Europe on Afghan mission

USMC creates land systems office

Lejeune offers updates on water contamination

Date for tanker contract award changed again

AF Times backtalk: Airlift answers

Black Soldiers Wronged in POW Case

AF Moves to Fix Firefighting Planes

Ummm, Sorry Sarge...?

Marine grave destroyed for $60, police say

Yemen frees Cole mastermind

No court-martial for fired Constitution CO

Deployment of ray gun pushed up

No extra F-22s, C-17s for USAF in 2009

Words spoken in funeral flag-folding draw flap

FEMA stages fake press conference

MRAPs going to Iraq on Russian cargo planes

War Made Easy - Trailer

Bill Maher Ass Kicking

FEMA's Fake News Conference. Guess What--On FOX

Bill Maher: New Rules - 'We Have Become Most Insecure Paranoid Superpower Ever'

FEMA's Fake Press Conference

Dennis Kucinich Speech at Vets For Peace STL 8/17/07 Part 1

Dennis Kucinich VFP STL 8/17/07 Part 2

Leah Kauffman - Perfect Me

Real Time With Bill Maher (Full Episode)

Dennis Kucinich VFP STL 8/17/07 Part 3

Bill Maher: Two Very Good Questions for GOPers (w/ Wes Clark!)

Bill Maher - Anti-Pharma Rant

Bill Maher and Gen. Wesley Clark Smack Andrew Sullivan Up

Andrew Sullivan On Bill Maher: "Hillary Clinton is Cheney in a Pantsuit"

Horowitz Booed Off Stage by Atlanta Peace Activists - Awesome Footage

Troofers Get Owned By Clinton

Family Security Matters Adviser Admits Fascist Beliefs

Let Sleeping Dicks Lie

'I Don't Think This Place Is Worth Another Soldier's Life' - WP A1 story

Anyone have a favorite in Saturday's Boston vs. Colorado game?

My Interview with George Bush!

A Halloween Joke, from a Lady friend ( If this board can handle it.)

On Current TV: "Al Gore, I'm Calling You Out!"

What Did You Buy From China Today?

Larry Craig Redux

Couple escapes fire by jumping in pool, then watches their home burn down

Unofficial Poll: Brass Knuckles?

All's fair in love and war (and politics!). Google-bombs AWAY!!!!!!!

"Stop Blowing Smoke" - KGTV blogger rips into politicians, agencies

Arianna Huffington: Ending The War - Time For The Dems To Play Hardball

We have absolutely no business......

Looking back at JibJab's cartoons

U.N. food expert seeks moratorium on biofuels (Reuters)

If Lightning Strikes, Drop PlayStation And Pick Up A Book

a saturday morning rant:

WJ this morning: Is Congress wasting time or deliberating?

“Without protection against propaganda, without standards of evidence, without criteria of emphasis,

Ben Karlin Speaks Out About "Daily Show" Experiences - Huff. Post

Let's start of list of the most undeserving trust fund, silver spoon...

Looking back, he says he would not have enlisted for reasons like college money and military heroics

ABC identified as "Must-Read" week-old American Spectator column of rumor ABC itself has advanced

Iraq cost: A visual perspective

Democrats urge Bush to OK water projects

Rice taps Clinton and Carter for Middle East advice

Judiciary Committee Goof Reveals Dozens of Whistleblower Email Addresses

Search engine powered by Google that does not track users'

US forces in Iraq are rounding up and killing Iraqis who won't collaborate as al-Sadr has ordered

George bUsh's America is losing two wars.

He Defends Unconstitutional Spying as Well as Torture: Put Him in Charge of Law Enforcement

Military Supplier Is Charged With Fraud

Rumsfeld got served.

North Korea celebrates one year anniversary of nuclear test

The Bush Era's Dark Legacy Of Torture

‘Non-Lethal Weapons’ Tackle Protests Against Globalization

Can Someone Please Explain To Me Why Iran Is Any Threat

Jewish Group Wants Media To Give “Perfected Jew” Coulter Cold Shoulder

Government rejects hemp pleas

NYSE Files to End Trading 'Collars'

McClatchy: Waxman demands answers from Bush administration

bush is to the world a true living, breathing monster ...

NASA to search files on '65 UFO Incident

Can anyone explain to me WTF is going on with RW hate radio?

The absolute height of Wingnuttery

Thanks a million: Priciest homes still sell

Forbes Predicts Bloomberg-Gore Ticket

US: US lawmakers plan squeeze on Chevron in Myanmar

"Summer Time" ends in EU at 0100 GMT tomorrow (10/28) morning (US ends DST a week later)

US Democrats Accidentally Publish Whistleblowers' Email Addresses

How Prophetic Is This Song?!!!

Chris Matthews' fake outrage!

is it too extreme?-my 113th ltte re FEMA's false news-please critique

The Churchillian Side of Chris Matthews: wins award for lifetime achievement in journalism

Larry Johnson: Rumsfeld and The Taxi to the Darkside

Guantanamo military lawyer breaks ranks to condemn 'unconscionable' detention

The Republican Party::: They want America to TRUST them ...and continue to...despite the RUST

"I don't even think of the show as 'Countdown' -- I just think, 'Oh, Keith's on.'"

Here's a link to a GREAT "Home Inventory Guide".

Many states seen facing water shortages (35, yes 35 states)

White House rebukes FEMA over fake News Conference...

Since people are piling on the Rockies...

Red Tide, the silent killer

Who's ass is this chick kissing I wonder = Kathryn Lopez - America, It’s Cheney Time, She's ready..

Be Wary of and do not vote for People and representatives who call for peace

House Passes Thought Crime Prevention Bill

Conservative Armstrong Williams loses Air America gig

Revisit: Mindy Kleinberg, 9/11 victim relative, asks troubling questions

Low Dollar Helps Fuel Record High Price For Crude Oil

"George Bush is not a Republican, he's a giant corporation disguised as a human being."

Undiagnosed Brain Injury: The Hidden Legacy of Iraq

The Tremors of Economic Calamity

Want a good example of how the media tries create news, check out this McCain article.

Updates on Fall Out Against the War Demonstrations can be found here

No War, No Wiretaps, No Torture

Young man in Ga. sex case leaves prison

Why is it so quiet in Iraq?

Two contrasting quotes

I'm looking for a recent editorial questioning Bush's sanity

Whoever said that * would tout the federal response this morning gets a gold star

Rummy ..slipped into the embassy which is considered US soil....

by drowning, electrocution, lightning strikes and collapsing walls

17 decomposed bodies found near Iraqi city

Video of Big Dick Cheney Sharing a Table with Jimmy Jeff Gannon Guckert --->>>---

Hand out "ImpeachMINTS" on Halloween

**DUzys**??????? A week without DUzy's is like a week without sunshine. **DUzys**??????

Happy Halloween

WH Counsel Fielding gives Sen. Leahy four previously undisclosed documents involving interrogation

Bush Admin Refuses To Release Report On Gaps In Nation's Hurricane Preparedness

McConnell earmarks funds for firm accused of bribery.

Valerie Plame Wilson: On Iraq, Post-Partum Depression and Trading Sex for Intel

Malkin & Co. target Soros, hit Bush pioneers

I really like Howard Dean

* doesn't need authorization from Congress to attack Iran

Canadian Protesters Stranded in DC

Human Race will Split into Two Seperate Species: Future of Progressives & Neo-Conservatives

"Its An NIE That The VP Badly Wants To Drop Behind A Filing Cabinet" (Scott Horton)

Dowd - Madness as Method; Nixon, Kissinger, Cheney & Bush...

Democrats won't stop funding war, leader says, but no more 'blank checks' for Bush

What ever happened to cheney saying he was not part of the exec

"I was disappointed by what Congress had been doing"

I have a question for people who know video

Craig on panel-Global climate change. Boxer is chair. cspan1 now

US will hand Iraqis control of Karbala

Relentless Purpose -- my populist rant

Chertoff Rips Phony Press Event (AP)

Anyone else using the downloadable Larry Craig mask from Air America for Halloween?

European first: The NFL kicks off in London

There are anti war protests going on around the country today

Nice take on Progressive media (from DesMoines paper)

Glenn Greenwald: Fred Hiatt's concern over "costly litigation" for AT&T and Verizon

Rumsfeld flees France fearing arrest: How does it feel

Where is the National Guard? Gov Richardson on Cal Fires

Beware Chenney is picking up a gun again!

Dutch lawmakers offended by Rep. Lantos

Fox News .... you have to see it right now. Some T & A w/ the Propaganda

Journalist Wins: NASA To Release Papers on Baffling '65 UFO Incident

Questions about the House "Thought Crime" bill. . .

How Many Times Can a Country Lose its Innocence?

Money where your mouth is: Who thinks the president should NOT be able to control military action

I'm watching Run Granny Run on HBO

FiredogLake "Book Salon" has an interview with Mark Penn about book "Microtrends" over there now...

Local Paper Previews Return of 'Native Son,' Stephen Colbert, to South Carolina

Britians only White Stag, Killed...

No DUzies yet?

Campaigners file 'torture' suit against Rumsfeld

SCHIP facts from the Department of Low Standards: "Over half the families in America are not poor"

So will the DA who locked up Genarlow Wilson be

TOONS: This Week's Doonesbury Storyline Complete - "Dana Perino, Bush & Gore's Nobel Prize Win"

Caption pickles pic------>


God Bless And Keep Garrison Keillor For This Comment

Hundreds dead in Iraq this past week. but not in the msm.

Protesters in U.S. cities call for end to Iraq war

Speech-to-text software...does anyone have any experience or insight on this?

Caption This

Maori demo spirit

Bill Nelson "blisters" party leaders and early states at state convention.

GORE still leading DFA PulsePoll, 95000+ votes - Join the GOREvolution and write Al in

It's NOT Poe-way.. It's POW-ayyyyyy

What is their master plan ?

So, I need to lighten up. What AREN'T we afraid of??

It's a .. I think it's a SIGN!

Local "Health" department puts kibosh on free venison to needy program.

Explosive charge (EFPs From Iran) blows up in US's face (And Hillary's too!)

(Contradicta Rice's State Department) Officials balked on '05 Blackwater inquiry

Puerto Rico under the water

Bring labor back!

A Gore-Obama ticket could sweep the nation, inspire world, inspire Dems to show more courage

Scandalous $10 Million Bat Mitzvah - CEO, DHB Industries Arrested for Embezzling Company Funds...

Lara Logan and Michael Ware both commented what would happen if real pics were released of the war..

Is Gore making a run around the media?

Question??If police are on your property are you allowed to tell them to leave?

Why I Live In San Diego

What disasters are likely in your area? (maps)

Comedy Central Not Laughing About (Possible) Writers' Strike (Next Week)

Pojoaque Pueblo and US Attorney Iglesias

Why isn't the southeast drought "god punishing sinners"? Just asking.

Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine"

I was really surprised why Wesley Clark came across so

Women will get abortions, legal or not, so keep it safe

My birthday present this year

Byron Dorgan and Olympia Snowe Want Probe on Internet, Cell Phone Content Blocking

FEMA official involved in fake press conference resigns

90% of the callers were angry or upset with the neo cons

Gore Launches Virtual Town Hall: Asks Who We Want In 2008!

U.S. Soldiers: 'I Don't Think This Place Is Worth Another Soldier's Life'

HJC Screws Up, Gives DOJ Whistleblower Email Addresses to Dick Cheney

I recently came across some Handspun Antique Hemp Nightgowns - I now know why Pot is illegal

Where else is this happening? Crook County couple commit suicide because of home foreclosure.

‘Dixie Chicking’: Post-9/11 Blacklisting in the Entertainment Industry

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said something quite alarming:

Rumsfeld flees France fearing arrest

Neocons Embrace Islamic Terror Group

Wealth Distribution and U.S. Politics

Washington Post In 2002 And 2007: Bush Is Trying To ‘Prevent’ War

"Dozens of 'ghost prisoners' not publicly accounted for"

On her way over here last night, my son's girl friend was pulled over by a trooper for her bumper

Calling all Bidenites

Do any of you know anything about this?

New Biden thread

Biden calls Bush dangerous and mindless on Iran.

Ok - I did it. Now it's your turn.

what if a candidate showed up with a gay racist on the campaign trail?

From Behind, Edwards Runs At Full Speed In Iowa: Clinton's Shadow Hasn't Cooled the Man and His Fans

This post is for everyone EXCEPT John Edwards supporters, please read.

Larry Craig: "Remember, I can buy and sell your ass ten thousand times over"

Rice taps Clinton, Carter for Middle East advice (Reuters)

4:45 AM prediction: Today's Bush Radio will include victory laps for "his" handling of CA wildfires

OK, Mr. President, here are your $46 billion dollars for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dismal Legacy of 109th [Rupug "Do-Nothing" ] Congress

Spratt predicts Dems will back Rangel’s tax bill

Unconstitutional Cowboys

Bush said the same thing in New Orleans

Dirty Local Republican Political Trick Backfires

Clinton Beats The Rethuglican Pack In Virginia*

BobThe Drummer's poll: showing us how small the DU community really is?

my letter to NPR re: yesterdays "Iraqi Group Accuses Iran of Fueling Violence"

Bush Radio 10/27/07: "I went to Southern California with a message..."

Coalition building: the art of bringing opposing groups together

DCCC response to my email asking if they would send bday emails out for other candidates or just HRC

Tue. Oct. 30th next DEM debate. Who has to do what-to say what -to win?

McConnell earmarks funds for firm accused of bribery

Des Moines Register: Obama- Tie wage rate to inflation

"Where Does the Right-Wing End and the Media Begin?"


What Would Happen If the US Left Iraq?

Ipsos: Clinton Beats Sox Or Pats

"....a few technical points to keep in mind: Voters haven't actually voted yet, and Hillary Clinton"

Republic of T: Obama’s Crap Sandwich, With Extra Homo

Political Costello Redux (For a lazy Saturday)

Things looking up for McCain

Ronnie Raygun was 69 when he was sworn in...

Wisconsin against war

A third JAG is whistleblower

Salon: More Obama campaign miscalculations

Clinton leads foes (except for McCain in Virginia)

The Obama haters show their racism at Daily Kos

Clinton, Obama, Or Edwards

am i reading this right?

Romney pans "Hillary's House of Horrors"

Newsweek Advocates War with Pakistan

Happy birthday, Mrs President? Hillary celebrates her 60th

Obama's gospel controversy

What Wedge Issues Will The Pugs Use In 08?

Which Democratic candidate will be best choice for LGBT community?

Firedoglake "Book Salon" Interviews Hillary "Guru" Pollster Mark Penn...Here...for Q&A!

Kucinich leads, Obama lags, in DU poll

Orlando Sentinel's LIVE blog of the Florida Dems Convention in Orlando

Complete the thought: __________________will be remembered as the First Lady who

Rudy's Pants On Fire

Democrats Plan a Shorter Workweek

PAUL SLANSKY:Sadly, Arianna, "Hardball-Playing Democrats" Is An Oxymoron

"The End For Roe V Wade...The End For Affirmative Action"

NJ Poll -Clinton -52% Obama 21% Edwards 8% /Clinton -49% -The Ghoul 39%

Obama DON'T do it its a setup

Rasmussen-N.H.- Clinton 38% Obama 22% Edwards 14% Kucinich 7%

CNN: Obama- Clinton "dodging" Social Security

Obama Wakes Up

NYT: Obama Promises a Forceful Stand Against Clinton

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning last night in St. Louis, Missouri

Question for Obama and Edwards supporters: who is your second choice?

Obama confronts Clinton on Social Security

NYT: Obama speaks with NYT about Clinton, the campaign

You can heal DU by answering this simple question

Team Giuliani backs California scheme — and breaks election law?

The DCCC just called begging for $$.

Pillow talk as public policy, and vice versa

"Obama Should Repudiate and Cancel His Gay Bash Tour, and Do It Now"

Flynt "hoping to expose a bombshell"... Making me smile....

Chris Dodd on Meet the Press tomorrow

In honor of Elvis Costello

Edwards plans big for presidency

Biden promotes financial literacy, health care plan

Depleted Uranium and Depleted Democracy

Biden calls Bush admin policy on Iran "dangerous" and "mindless"

Senator Biden Knocks It Out Of The Park Again!!!!

Which Democratic Candidate will the the Best one for DU'ers "Collective" Interests:

Religion as FIFTH COLUMN: Thou Shalt Have No God Before Bush-Cheney

Clinton polling at 10% -is that fish I smell?

Have Hillary and Wesley Clark privately agreed to run together?

Question about Impeachment.

Why are our Democrats joining with right wing groups and Republicans on Social Security?

Hillary Clinton supporters - help me please

Obama has been dealing with racism and bigotry all his life.