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Archives: October 26, 2007

Carter offers himself as Burma envoy

Troops Suck Up to Bush, Ask for Support

The Nation: Beyond the Age of Petroleum

Feds blasted for lack of cleanup (Navajo Times)

"Gunned down for fashion: The animal whose fur is worth more than gold"

Methane Bubbling From Arctic Lakes, Now And At End Of Last Ice Age

EXCLUSIVE: "I Had Sex with Larry Craig"

Gays, lesbians far more diverse than media portrays, study finds

Attack Iran and you Attack Russia

Four charred bodies found in fire zone near Mexican border

Internal Dem memo faults party message

Monkeys, apes teeter on brink of extinction-report

1 million fled fires? As the smoke clears, the numbers shrink

Monkeys, apes teeter on brink of extinction

Italian court drops murder case against US soldier

Nuclear Submarine Commander Removed

Some women at long-term cervical cancer risk

Sarkozy details green France plan

Bill Clinton Takes On 9/11 Conspiracy Protesters

AP Poll: 1 in 3 Americans Believe in Ghosts -- And That's Not All

Bureaucracy hampered initial Calif. fire efforts

Feds Warn Of Explosives Hidden In Shoes


Yemen frees one of USS Cole bombers

Meet the new members of the Edwards family :)

If Windows Vista's voice recognition had enough problems when I was sober,

Early Harry Potter edition takes 41 large

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Gordon Biercsh Hefeweizen

World Series - Game 2 - begins in about 30 minutes... AND

just put that hammer down

i'm ohn tear it up

In a fitting end to my day,

If you could temporally teleport...

I regret buying my 32" Sony LCD set...

*sigh* If only the Nexus was real...


So how much do wigs cost anyway?

Recently discovered skeleton of prehistoric politician

Pull the string and I'll wink at you

Show us all some lounge lovin'

"Dance of Death" -- Audio Book Review from Audio Al -- Discussion is welcome!

Audio_Al Presents: "i dare you" -- Audio Book Review

OMG 2 earworms for you!!!!!

Must. Back. Out. Of. GDP...Brain. Hurts.

Justifiably Proud

OMG - "Date Movie" is too much!

Audio_Al Presents: “Look Great, Feel Great” -- An Audio Book Review

I did really crappy on my midterm today, and I blame you folks.

Reference letter. Please help.

I'll Hang Around As Long As You Will Let Me ...

alla en el rancho grande

No cable rocks! I'm watching Team Impact strongmen for Jesus

"Microtrends" Audio Book Review by Audio_Al -- Your discussion appreciated!

i think i'm gonna hit carol's for karaoke tonight

I just made this!!

Drat, I'm sober again.

there are so many people in this world who are dicks

Get Your Decoder Ring Here!

i'm up outta here like i stole something

the sun is dripping blood

A free taco for all my Lounge pals!

Man gets erection after saving par from fairway

New Captain Kirk castrated

Where is Deion Sanders? McCarver...

We were born before the wind...

fouling it off the umpire is good.......

Adding buddy error

"Norm" from "Cheers" has a little surprise for you. Well, maybe not THAT little.

Boyfriend's ex-wife is coming to stay with him and the kids for two weeks.

Audio_Jeff Presents: "Playboy" -- Audio Book Review.

Audio_Billyoc Presents: "Manhattan White Pages" -- Audio Book Review.


I'm posting from my new iPhone. Ask me anything!

sniffa discusses: the time

Rock 'n' roll doctor

Over drive ....

Red Foxx Attempts To Break Fabled 'Intelligence of Lamont'

So why aren't people freaking out about God Bless America now?

Geek-fest--I watched "Blow Up" this weekend, got "Blow Out" today

Iiiieeeeee My ears are bleeding....

Need help....I am looking for ear phones for my computer that won't break past four months

You Know My Name

I have a stray dog living with us since Friday.

There are drops of black shit on my carpet now

My 200 post -- you'll ask me NOTHING! And LIKE it!

If anyone has campaign experience...

Bicoastal is drunk. Ask him anything.

I am Jack's Necrotic Appendix... Ask Me Anything...

I'm moving AGAIN, ask me anything!

A pikachu taco for all my Lounge pals!

I just love scanning for life forms!

Sometimes it feels like I have the reverse Midas touch

Audio_Al appreciation thread!


Whatever happened to hash?

we are the dead

Inspired by CaliforniaPeggy, but certainly not about her!

Never, and I mean NEVER

JVS presents: the official "Talk about Pink Floyd albums" thread

“You’ve Been Warned” -- An Audio Book Review by Audio Al

My 15 year old's self portrait...

OK, this is weird

The Red Sox Juggernaut Rolls On in Game Two

MP3 player or I-pod

Proof that these guys are DONE.

I am a host of an Alien

NBC's 30 Rock is a riot of a show.

Audio Al Presents: “Robert Ludlum’s The Arctic Event” -- Audio Book Review

Gooooo Boston College!!!

I'll wait as long as I have to...

Audio_Al Presents: “The Wheel of Darkness” -- Audio Book Review. Discussion is welcome!

Audio Al Presents: “Bo’s Lasting Lessons” Audio Book Review

Ideas for political Halloween decorations please.

Alright, let me get this over with by simply asking,

Gov. Richardson Endorses Sensible Priorities

New footage of 1995 assassination of Yitzhak Rabin of Israel

Olbermann: The March To War With Iran

Valerie Plame Hardball Interview - Oct. 25, 2007 (She Says 'Treason')

Hardball: Sen. Jim Webb on War with Iran

Hardball: David Shuster's Recap of Plame Outing (Lead-In to Interview)

During rescue effort that turned tragic, an act of heroism

Survey: Exercising at work can make you more productive

The Shock Doctrine Comes to San Diego

Valerie Plame Wilson Media Appearances

Parrot Imitates Fire Alarm, Saves Family

Thumbs up for David Schuster (KO stand in tonight)

Chris Floyd: Blair and Bush team up to sell new war

I just got a call there's been 2 cases of MRSA in my daughters middle school

AP Report: Primates in danger of extinction

Two former body armor company execs indicted for insider trading, fraud

I WAZZZZ preparing a FOIA request and now wonder what's possible to request,...

Glenn Greenwald: The growing link between the U.S. military and right-wing media and blogs

Mob wanted to off Giuliani.

4 Charred Bodies in Calif. Migrant Camp

Our pals at the DCCC called me tonight

Dan Abrams here we go again

Rudy exposed as lying AGAIN. Info from his testimony before the

No leading GOP candidates offered condolences until today, but they're still raising funds here(CA)

The Epidemic unmasked!!!!

More on the Epidemic!!!!!

Bush calls Cuba `a tropical gulag'

OMG Its an Epidemic!!!!

Scientists Publicly Denounce Latest White House Climate Change Muzzling

Random thought: I really hate bullies...

Pity the poor Rice woman

After Fires: 'LA Times' Launches Joint 'People Finder' Site With Other Newspapers

Get Your Hands Off the Lay-Dees, George! ---pix--->>>

NYT: Mideast Hawks Help to Develop Giuliani Policy

What do you think of this...NAU

Senate Democrats reject White House’s reason for editing global warming report

Unlikely resistance in Burma's Mandalay (BBC)

Would you accept a $100K+ job posting corpora-power-crats positions?

Just missed Bill and Hillary

They don't know how to care. They weren't bred that way. They're just ugly and inbred

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

It's 2-1 Boston going into the 9'th

lord help us!! this man is stupid beyond belief

So, what's with this Staph infection thing going around?

Xenophobic advertising (Eugenics/republicanism)

US Court throws out case against Caterpillar by family of slain volunteer

What would it take to get a conservative commentator thrown off big media?

New Poll Suggests Stephen Colbert Should Be Frontrunner Within a Month!

For 3 hours, that MFSOB was on the ground in CA for his photo op

Hate crimes question

Red Sox stole a base so; Everyone in America - Gets a FREE TACO- OCT. 30th- 2-5 PM

Can someone please tell CNN how to pronounce "Poway" CA?

Mind-boggling Presidential Illusions...

Charlie Rose: Richard Engel, Deborah Amos, reporting on Iraq and Dr. Hans Blix

GREAT cartoon re: GOP hypocrisy

Refugees get kicked Out! Chargers in!

I saw something funny today

Does anybody know about prepaid calling cards

If corporations were fair, unions wouldn't be needed at all.

Pro-War Conservatives were hoping it was an Anti-War Activist!

Contest- Help design Blackwater's new logo.

Aussie barmaid fined for crushing cans with bare breasts

Ok folks my Emergency System just went off

You know what- I said what I had to say -

Kyle/Lieberman, Rice, Hillary... all on the same page on Iran policy

Caption This ???

Tell Harry Reid: No Immunity for Lawbreaking Companies

Riverbend is BACK!

The effect of U.S. nuclear testing on the Marshallese (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists)

Do you have a Senator on this list?

Colorado Rockies Dispute the "Christians Only" meme! - Christian clubhouse story "over the top"

USA Today: Hospitals resist effective staph screening

DNA Discoverer, Retires After Race Remark

Madman running around with a razor blade...

"Speaker Pelosi, I grew up with 'San Francisco Values,' and those...

A Welcome Senatorial Challenge

Clint Curtis

DAAAA-AAMMMNNN!!!! This Is One Comfortable Rabbit Hole...

Senator (Kerry) wants probe of Blackwater's tax practices

Four Days in San Diego.

OMG: Blackwater to California: Hire us to Put Out Your Fires

Chimp pic

"How dare you" :: The Big Dawg takes on 9/11 Truth hecklers (VIDEO)

Scientists denounce White House censoring

Court: "Italy Can't Try US Soldier" in Death of Italian Intel Agent Nicola Calipari .

Water drops suspended during Bush flights; motorcade causes traffic jam; Evacuees to be kicked out

Friday night.... Power and the Presidency...Bill Moyers

Scary ! : House Passes Thought Crime Prevention Bill

And Caption This !!!

Caption Arnie listening to *

Jane Harman's War on the First Amendment (thought crime bill)

CBS News Poll - Gore emerges as a serious contender

The New Right-Wing Smear Machine...

Only six members of Congress voted against fascism. How the hell did they get this past us?

AP Poll: 1 in 3 Americans Believe in Ghosts -- And That's Not All

"I had sex with Larry Craig"

Obama on Imus back in April: "No one would be on my staff if they made racial slurs"

Anyone have a link to the dickwad sleep'n while bushitler trying to pronunciate?

I just went in and pushed some Biden threads upfront

If you didn't see Biden at the Health Care forum - here's the link:

Obama Consorts With KNOWN THESPIANS

Obama Luring Ex-Clinton Aides

Trying Times for the Obama Faithful

Doddmentum Grows: Candidate Set For Full-Hour Meet The Press Appearance

Barack Obama On Civil Rights

An unlikely treasure-trove of donors for Clinton

Why are not ALL Democratic candidates putting the Webb bill front and center of their campaigns?

The Road to War.

Rising costs forcing half of U.S. adults to delay doctor visits, study shows

Time to put a grossly unfair and inappropriate meme to rest...

The New Right Wing Smear machine

I'm drinking for Paul Wellstone tonight.

Struggling Families Don’t Need Weatherman To See Which Way Bush Veto Pen Blows

Hillary Clinton at 28% in Iowa

Now DUers are calling out Obama about the race of the gay minister? Oh its pure politics now!

Does Hillary Clinton have paid bloggers?

Do you have rights that are denied to a significant number of your fellow citizens?

Marine Corps sees a rise in black recruits

Libya seals peace deal for Chad (BBC)

Bill Clinton Takes On 9/11 Conspiracy Protesters

Question?? Why Was The Thread "Locked" Regarding Weather Clinton

United Mine Workers

Strike on Iran Would Roil Oil Markets, Experts Say

Clinton Attacks Obama in Email. Obama hits her Back.

Tidbits from the latest CBS poll: (Gore only 5 points behind Clinton!)

Obama's camp tells you why he is right, and Hillary is not.

How to stay calm with all life on earth, including our own species, at grave risk?

Politics Is The Art Of The Possible

Wow!!! A whole page full of anti-Obama threads...

Bill Clinton Takes On 9/11 Conspiracy Protesters

Have Clinton's DU supporters exploited the McClurking thing to destory Obama?

What is the current status of the Webb/Clinton ammendment on Iran?

Can we start a movement to stop the Iran war?

Edwards numbers keep about 45 days or so, he will start polling in negative numbers

Why did Hillary decide to go after Obama today? Two options.

CBS News Poll: Hillary 51%, Obama 23%, Edwards 13%...

A movie recommendation for everyone who still wonders what the fuss is about when people say gays

Who here thinks Obama is a Bigot?

What We DON'T Need (Full Circle)

Analysis: It's Clinton's race to lose...

More Obama DESPERATION: he would "take up arms," no trouble "going down low" to fight rivals

Psst! Want To See Something Really Scary? (Halloween Edition)

POLL: Gore within five percentage points of Hillary (37 / 32), Obama at 16

I think the criticism of Obama is woefully shortsighted.

Obama is my guy, but I still think the world of the Big Dawg! Did you see this?

Jane Hamsher: Hillary Clinton, A Bundle of Telecom Money….And A Strange Silence

Hillary's surge in the polls is largely due to support from women with college degrees

Who are your top 3 candidates?

Are you gay?

Some thoughts on this Obama/McClurkin mess.

3,837 reasons I CANNOT support Edwards, Hillary, Dodd, or Biden in the primary

Remember Dean's desire to attract the Confederate flag decal guys?

Ron Paul has accepted campaign contributions from neo-nazi owner of Stormfront

Uranium legacy outrages Congress

have obama supporters overLooked the mccLoset controversy?

Waxman claims Maliki cites immunity from corruption investigations. Memo Here:

"He was lying. (Bush saying he supported SCHIP as gov of TX)

Der Spiegel: Cheney's Plan for Iran Attack Starts With Israeli Missile Strike

Republican Hot Flashes

When Rudy goes waterboarding

Garrison Keillor: What the Republican Revolution has wrought...


Iraqi refugees turn to prostitution

Burmese Refugees Recall How the Protests Evolved

The Business Press and Me: A Case of Unrequited Love by Naomi Klein

Bush's Free-Fire Zones

The New Comeback Kid-Hillary Clinton is building a firewall in New Hampshire.

U.S. ignores angry reaction to secret poppy spraying test (McClatchy)

Under Siege, Blackwater Takes On Air of Bunker


Dilbert Explains Everything!

'The Moment Has Come to Get Rid of Saddam'

With friends like America, Lebanon doesn't need any more enemies

What the Media Won't Tell You: The Military is supporting Anti-War candidates

Dollar Sinks to New Low (AP)

Summary: Army Contracts Eyed for Fraud (AP)

The world of private 'security': Unleashed: the fat cats of war

Comedy Central serious about Colbert run

`If I had to come again, I surely would'

House Passes Thought Crime Prevention Bill by Lee Rogers

'Humanity's very survival is at risk'

Eugene Robinson: Electoral Dysfunction

In case of Dirty Bomb: it might take four years -- four years! -- to complete necessary testing.

Were Those Cruise Missiles Targeted? Did Anybody Check? By Dave Lindorff

Pete, Nancy, George and WWIII

Oh, Happy Day: The Scaife Divorce

The Biggest Cheney Mystery

Conoco to build cost of carbon into plans - Reuters

Climate Change (part I): Age of mega-fires

Global warming link to natural disasters

Texas Senator Blocks House-Senate Energy Conference ( Kay Bailey Hutchison)

California's age of megafires (CSM)

Green Power Suppliers: Marketing Renewable Energy to the Masses

Kill Devil Hills restaurant wins right to install windmill at last

Rwanda: Researchers Highlight Mini Hydropower

Is your college/university "green"?

Reuters: Monkeys, apes teeter on brink of extinction

White House: Global Warming Is Good For You

Norway's REC to build world's largest solar plant (in China, 1.5 GW per year)

Victoria, Australia - Rural Ambulance Service Has To Switch, Park Vehicles Thanks To Diesel Shortage

Departing Head Of Australian Business Council Says Gov. Should Have Ratified Kyoto

UK "Food Miles" Up 31% In One Year According To DEFRA - Independent

The Edge Of Oblivion - Conservation Scientists Name 25 Primates About To Disappear - Guardian

Chile Faces An Uncertain Future As Pace Of Glacial Melt Accelerates - Miami Herald

White House Defends "Health Benefits" Of Global Warming - Yahoo

Summary: Dems Critical of Cut Testimony - AP

At Least 25,000 Birds Killed Across Upper Midwest By Parasite Carried By Invasive Snail

The Big Shift No One Noticed - DOE Now Talks About "Liquids" Instead Of "Oil" - The Nation

If Corn is King of Biofuels, Tropical Maize May Be Emperor

UA Study Shows How Methane From Melting Permafrost Provided 87% Of Increase In Early Holocene

Chinese Govt. Tells Elderly, Children In Beijing To Stay Indoors As IOC Boss Issues Warning On Air

Climate change will hurt NM water supply

New Reports Of Colony Collapse Disorder Coming In From Florida Beekeepers - AJC

Prozac 'found in drinking water' (BBC)

PEMEX - Two US Deepwater GOM Fields May Suck Oil From Mexican Reserve - Marketwatch

Macquarie Futures SVP - "Not A Question Of If We Hit $100 Oil, But When" -

U.N. food expert seeks moratorium on biofuels (Reuters)

State Dept. Guest in Chile Slams Bush As A Liar And Lawless

U.S. sponsors postpone push for Armenian genocide bill

Comedian Colbert Reaches Double Digits As Third-Party Candidate

Junta frees Suu Kyi supporters

A Town Besieged: Potrero Residents Battling Blackwater Now Suffer Ravages of Wildfire

Iran shrugs off harsh new US sanctions

Italy top court upholds Berlusconi graft acquittal

Iraqi refugees turn to prostitution

British security co. sued over death of US soldier

Court frees Genarlow Wilson in consenting teenage sex case

Russia Could Quickly Resume Missile Output: General

Bush echoed Miamians' words in Cuba speech

Cuba shows Bush speech on TV

US asks Colombia to extradite paramilitary warlord

Under Siege, Blackwater Takes On Air of Bunker

Putin gives stark missile warning

Pinochet family charges dropped

Consumer Sentiment Index Falls As Housing Woes Deepen

US Military Planning No Counter To Rebel Attacks Into Turkey, Commander Says

Votes deep into December

Torture Complaint Filed Against Rumsfeld

Turkey: No Iraq Offensive Till U.S. Visit (US will do "absolutely nothing")

House Democrats Ask FCC's Martin To Hold Off Rule Changes

US denies any Iran/Iraq parallel

Turkish official: Turkey bombing targets in northern Iraq

Pa. won't release list of polling places (fearing terrorism)

No fast delivery of ray gun to Iraq

Putin: U.S. Shield Plan Creates Cold War Tension; Compares Proposal To Cuban Missile Crisis

Top Point Blank Armor Officials Indicted

Army to review Iraq contracts for fraud

Heating-oil Price Shock Sets In

Bush says he'll veto health bill again

As glaciers melt, Chile's future uncertain

Spy Chief to Restrict Intel Estimates

Rights groups file French torture case vs Rumsfeld

Democrats Say Rice Grossly Mismanaged Iraq

Edwards' staff tussles with UNC journalism school

Obama Fundraiser Defects to Clinton

U.S. Ordering Some Diplomats to Iraq (lack of volunteers willing to work at the U.S. Embassy )

US agency apologizes for news conference on fires

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 26

Much Of U.S. Could See A Water Shortage

(Georgia) Supreme Court frees Genarlow Wilson

US dollar touches a new euro low

Democrats Reintroduce Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Legislation

Strike on Iran Would Roil Oil Markets, Experts Say

Nissan may export low-cost India-made cars to US

Philippines' ex-prez Estrada is released

FEMA Meets the Press, Which Happens to Be . . . FEMA (fake reporters at news conference)

Pakistani militant base attacked

UN expert decries turning food into fuel

Holy crap! Youtube works on my computer now!

Funny thread about political bumper stickers...

Okay, those little dancy guys things on EMails and web pages...

A Pink Taco for all my Loungs pals!

Here is a funny graphic that landed in my email


For the first time in nearly three days...

i held the no. 22 clark street bus hostage verbally

I guess it's Thread Recommendation Night

i'm probably the realest motherfucker any of youse will meet

i gotta carry my bitch ass to sleep

I haven't been on this board in almost 2 years.

I just finished the book I've been writing since March

Have you ever been eating yogurt and thought

I sure wish I knew who the arsonist was that lit our fire - reward is up to $250,000

i done ate me a 7-11 sandwich

I am going to bed - and at a reasonable hour even!

Marriage is like a coffin...

Whatever happened to the lounge?

Best power-pop band of all time?

Did you know that if you eat three bags of Skittles


so far away from me

Kodak Moment: Actress Cybill Shepherd, a sidewalk cafe, and the little finger of her right hand

It takes a big man to cry....

Hey! Everyone!! Mr. Scorpio has a birthday tomorrow!!!

JVS presents: the official "Talk about Pink albums" thread

i took a study day today, if you guys see me around...remind me to go study.

Boss just left for the day

I just don't get it at all

Brother GTRMAN's selection for this morning

Morning Chicken Pox Nation...

You wanna see a bad high school football team??

I need a volunteer

who else thinks" fiest" is he greatest thing since rock & roll?

baby bunnypants had her tubes put in her ears!!!!

ChavezSpeakstheTruth's Review: Spamming the Lounge

So ummmmmm.... question

Kind of hard to compete w/ RL's puppies, but...

Good Morning, Red Sox Nation!!

stiLL think humanity is decent? then go to craig's List

radiohead appreciation

I hate people sometimes...

MrScorpio Reviews the Lounge: Unnecessarily Pissy Behavior

Cat Fight!

What's the dumbest name for a band you've heard?

I wonder if the European wildcat can be domesticated.

Wikipedia's Random Article - Muntingiaceae

The Heart of The Matter

Good Morning Lounge!

I just realized that Iron Maiden's "Drifter" and "Sanctuary" are the same damn song!!!

My Cousin & the twins - update

It wasn't Al Gore after all ! (Humor)

Best hold music ever! Listening to "Brains!" by Voltaire

Who has the best job in the world?

I would like to ask a very serious question. Please vote, if you feel comfortable.

A Photo Finish to Our Vacation! Now on the DU in Dual Journals!

If we're gonna be sovereign, we need to put toll booths up in unsuspecting places

Alright, let me get this over with by simply asking,

Your favorite 80's era Rubber Band

What Cabinet position do you want in the new Lounge Nation?

So I figured out what my Halloween costume is going to be this year

Want to see a great movie: Rent "A Song for Martin"

Sometimes I think I'd be better off dead.

Your opinion: The Eagles' Wal-Mart exclusive release...

What is Audio Al listening to tonight? Michael Connelly's "The Lincoln Lawyer"

OK - hands up if you were in DC to march five years ago today

Wrong Thinking Is Punishable Right Thinking Will Be As Quickly Rewarded

Take THAT, Delaware!

The Sovereign Nation Of The Lounge tm*


Cheney mentioned on Supernatural - funny as hell

I Am a Prisoner... Help

Who is Peveror of the Lounge?

Who Is Umpire Of the Lounge?

What the fuck does tiaihtsdcotywwytdycybidyd mean

Any weird dreams lately?

someone said the lounge is a sovereign nation now?

ok... so here it is.... the last two months of my life in a single picture

Is it true that your nose and ears keep growing after the rest of your face has stopped?

If we're a sovereign nation, we will also need a Navy

i basically don't give a fuck

There have been some robberies around my house

Guys! Who would like to be immortalized on the DU Lounge Sovereign Flag?

Aliens have abducted my boyfriend and replaced him with an uncannily similar replica

If we're a sovereign nation, we're going to need casinos

Week is done

If we're gonna be a sovereign nation, we need incompetent lying hypocrites to represent the people.

Who Is Emperor Of the Lounge?

If we're a sovereign nation, it means we've been given sovereignty,

if we're a sovereign nation, we need an army

SCARY TV- "Halloween on Ice" NBC tomorrow at 4PM

Ugly Bettie Page

If we're gonna be sovereign, we need a CIA to illegally overthrow legitimately elected democracies

Anyone recommend a GOOD movie to rent this weekend?

So many posts... links to just the best ones to read, please

If we're a sovereign nation, somebody needs to violate my civil rights

Can you believe these two people I was behind in line?

I hate to ask, but...has anyone informed Skinner about our sovereign nation status?


If we're a sovereign nation, we need a flag

If we're gonna be a sovereign nation, we need our own soccer team

If we're gonna be a sovereign nation, we need to steal precious resources from another forum

What will be the anthem of the Lounge Nation?

this is not a 'Lounge Nation' thread

If we're gonna be a sovereign nation, we need our own currency

Ugly Betty

You should have seen theses two people I had on my line

Southpawkicker Sues Woman For Refusing To Have Sex With Him

Hear this now, Lounge, our little Blue-Jay has peed on the potty!

Vampire hunters drive stake through Slobodan Milosevic (just in the nick of time!)

krygystan wants to enter into a bilateral trade agreement with the lounge nation

If we're a sovereign nation, we need drugs

Will there be a Department of Naughtiness in the new Lounge Nation?

Go Sox Prudential Building time laspe

But what are we gonna CALL the Lounge nation?

I can't see what you're saying in this forum because you're on my ignore list.

I wish to be the Lounge's Secretary of the Department of Redundancy Department of the Lounge

Anyone watch the Amityville Horror on MyNetwork TV last night?

Freeper post in Wikipedia--about Rick Steves! Can you help?

Go Boston Butt!!!!

Lounge Nation Motto: "Live Free and Drink"? "Live Free and Party?

let's hug it out, you little bitch


In case you're curious, I have now decoded "tiaihtsdcotywwytdycybidyd"

if we're a sovereign nation, we're going to need a tax system

So, you're a philosopher?

DU flag nomination:

Going to see Pat Dinizio (The Smithereen) this evening!

Al Gore Belongs in Jail!

Help needed:Question about Windows Live Hotmail.

i think i am going to cause a civil war in this sovereign nation

William Shatner: How come I'm not in the new Star Trek movie?

William Shatner quote of the day

If we're gonna be a sovereign nation, we need an established religion

I just awarded the Lounge Nation's vending machine concession. Hope you like Coke.

If we're a severed notion, we're going to need sewing machine

What will constitute a thoughtcrime in the Lounge Nation?

My youngest child turned 18 today. Ask me anything

An "In Rainbows" (Radiohead) Question

All laws of the Lounge Nation shall be consistent with our founding fathers

Lounge nation foundation myth?

Remember folks, no spoilers in threads about Bill Maher's show

My mum has a new toilet.

A coworker told me about her Halloween costume

Now if uh, six uh, huh, turned out to be nine

I will have to leave soon to go to the pharmacy to sign the fucking book

if we're a sovereign nation, we need to sell arms to someone

My grandmother would have been 90 yesterday.

If we're gonna be a sovereign nation, we need our own beer

I'm learning Korean: ask me what "Chachi" means

Loungers, YOU ROCK!

Where's Mandela? Mandela's dead.

The BAR IS Open Butt

Barbara Boxer just emailed me!

Loungers, YOU TALK!

Anyone here like the band Arab Strap?


Bill! Lee! Joel! Bill! Lee! Joel! Bill! Lee! Joel!

Couple divorce after online 'affair'

I don't trust this man.

Need recipes

How come nobody raves about the Vomit Pigs any more?

"Nightmare Before Christmas" in 3-D.....

"Hearts of Darkness" (Apocalypse Now documentary) coming on DVD

JackMN would like to inform the Lounge that at 4 years, 7 months,

All the leaves on the trees are falling

I feel like I've been travelling in a time machine.

Today is the 126th anniversary of the gunfight at the OK Corral


How much pressure do you put on yourself,

This has been a very difficult week. Thanks Lounge for everything!

I hear Tancredo was all set to throw out the first pitch tomorrow night

I love that the Red Sox have lost their underdog statue

yay! i finished my halloween costume!

Should any network that claims they HAVE to show tabloid trash in order to bring in viewers

If we're a soverign nation, we're going to need a national anthem.

When will boobies finally get their comeuppance?

Goodnight Lounge.

Shatner: How come I'm not in new 'Star Trek'?

We are very much enjoying being host family to a young Frenchman

Telemarketers are scum

Big *snicker*

Georgia Court Orders Man Freed in Sex Case

So with all this talk of the Lounge being a sovereign nation and such, it's become clear...

Holy fuck. At the job assistance place, they had a poster...

Lounge PEVS Check In Here

I love that the Red Sox have lost their underdog status

Generic request for sexytime pictures thread

This lady gave me smack about letting JackMN ride the grocery belt

When will chick peas finally get their comeuppance?

Halloween game NOT EASY! Keep the pumpkin up to grab candy corn

How many people have had some kind of skin cancer?

Audio_Billyoc Presents: "Meth Crackdown" -- Pharmacy Book Review.

Yak Kudzu Oscar! Yak Kudzu Oscar! Yak Kudzu Oscar!

Yo! MA/Boston DUers!! Check it:

Anyone Need A Priest?

I'm going to see "They Might Be Giants" tonight!!!1

My son just screamed "I hate you!" to me for the first time

Is someone missing a cat?

When is the full moon, really? My calendar says, full moon Oct. 26.

Most hilarious Jeopardy contestant response ever was yesterday.

I Don't Want to Make the Same Mistakes with my New Dog

I want to extend an apology to Audio_Al and his friends

What Do You Think DU Lounge Sovereignty Means in the 21st Century?

Freeper word of the day: "Troglodyte"

Match Game story style: "___________ vapor."

But Doc, the Dog's Already Dead! How to Say No to Your Vet

Comic relief--The honest to God best "This is Sparta" remix

I must share this Halloween game!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/26/07

Contains ingrediant derived from Crustacean shellfish

Is there an official potato chip of the Lounge Nation?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/26/07 Bonus (warning: graphic language)

Can anyone figure out why my right calf has been sore for the past month?

Anyone know any tricks to getting fruits/veggys to ripen?

Who do you love? (happy friday music)

Last One to Post In This Thread Wins

God, I love My Name is Earl

Attention all citizens of the Sovereign State of DU Lounge: Time to make our Bill of Rights

Anyone need a V costume?

I frickin' HATE Yahoo Answers! They suspended my account.

I am sad that it is over.

Glad I checked! Geez...

What Are The Plans This Weekend

RIP: the Weekly World News

Someone want to welcome me back to The Lounge?

What am I? Chopped livuh? -n/t

Prone or supine?

Some pictures from my travels.

Yalies Having Fun!

What symbols MUST be included on our sovereign Lounge flag?

People who know jet planes! ID this! Just flew over my house fast and low!

The longest and most bitter DU debate begins right here

Your favorite 80's era Metal Band

Florida makes me want to eat razor blades.

34% believe in Ghosts, 31% believe in Bush

What chore is it you detest the most?

Who Is Asshole Of the Lounge?

The New Stanley Kubrick Remasters: Anyone seen them?

Pepaw Sues Woman For Refusing To Have Sex With Him

Radio Lady's Movie Discussion: "Rendition" reviewed by Kimberly Gadette on 10/26/07

I just put the first person on my 'ignore' list.

Are Audiobooks of general interest in the DU Lounge?

*VEGAS* BABY!!! need some Vegas tips

I hereby declare that this picture deserves its own thread

When was the last time you went out in costume on Halloween?

What freakishly bizzare but accurate things have you predicted years in advance?

1-4th Brigade’s deployment delayed

Vet sues Army, claims job loss stemmed from parking space

Checkpoint death case thrown out

Mullen: Striking Iran should be last resort

DoD fights Congress on ex-military employees

Hampton skipper fired amid investigation

North Pole flyover a first for Coast Guard

Navy locates most San Diego sailors, families

Special pays set for Navy doctors, dentists

Landing field process tainted, lawmaker says

Former Marine sues over PTSD from training

Ex-body armor execs indicted in fraud

All six fire planes in the air over California

Arrest made in Marine grave site defacement

CSAR-X decision to be made in February

Senate panel OKs new reserve retirement plan

U.S. seeks further input on altered approach from foreign navies

Marine Corps sees a rise in black recruits

AWOL Baumholder captain still missing, believed safe

Preliminary work is under way on Dal Molin airfield

Air Force agrees to move elephant on C-17

Here's a good poll for ya

Copters Grounded as Fires Burned

Soldier demoted for lying, but gets to stay in Army

California Wildfires Expose Pitfalls Of Iraq War

Large weapons cache found in Iraqi village

Two soldiers found guilty of missing unit’s deployment

Just your friendly neighborhood Navy

Diving with the Duke-Aquatic Leadership Seminar

PHIL OCHS - Here's to the State of Richard Nixon (1971) - ... er BushCo too!

Rachel Maddow's Campaign Asylum: Romney's Reagan Rebranding Responds to the Rebuttals

Chris Shays on the need for less Oversight in Iraq

Frank Zappa on race specific bio weapons, governments and corporations

BBC: New U.N. Report Says World At Risk As Never Before

Cafferty: King Bush, Queen Hillary, America's A Democratic Dictatorship

Soap, Sex & Cigarettes: A Cultural History of Advertising

Brad Montague's Brief History of Advertising Sales

Olbermann: Document Refutes Giuliani's 9/11 Claims

Pork and Beans

Bill O'Reilly is a liar and traitor

Censoring Global Warming

Rudy, Janus Rising!

Dick Cheney falls asleep during a meeting about the California fires.

O'Loofah, The Angry

THE CORPORATION, 1/23, What is a Corporation?

Supernatural & Pure Evil

Noami Klein in Italy, part 2

Naomi Klein speaks to the anti-neoliberalism protest groups in Italy

Bears for Kucinich

Bottled Water: Killing The Planet

About Al Gore


Perfected: The Ann Coulter Song

fouling it off the umpire is good.......

Going to war. Letters from a WW2 soldier put to music.

In the years I've been here (only 4 or so) I've often defended Tweety...

Shout out to our fire fighters from San Francisco (and around the state)

House Records Sought in Doolittle Case

Whatever happened to hash?

Check out the cover of the New Yorker .. it's Halloween.

3 Kinds of people I like to see Dunken Donuts & Getting Fat

Grand Rapids MI, shoots for 100 percent renewable energy

MP3 player or I-pod

As the infrastructure falls apart, Republican congresszombies whine about paying taxes.

Man levitates outside the White House (w/Video link)

N.Y. cop died from drugs not Ground Zero air: examiner (Reuters)

TOON: Friday's Doonesbury - Recount On Gore Nobel Prize?

Aircraft sat as California wildfires took hold

Hallelujah! Leahy, Specter to See Surveillance Docs

10 officers had 408 allegations of wrongdoing filed against them

Rights groups file French torture case vs Rumsfeld

BP pays $373m to end investigations in US

The EU-Russia summit

About those "explosively formed penetrators" that Bush and his liars said could ONLY come from Iran?

Which "I" words will likely happen

Newsweek: Psychology of coping. The psychology of resilience: watching the flames

New Mexico Indian Casino Says Slot Machine Malfunctioned; Refuses to Pay

Judges impose secrecy on remake of ethics rules

Oil touches record above $92

The war drums must be answered

Rice says 'hole' in U.S. law shields mercenaries in Iraq - I bet in the US too

The dollar "broke" the record! Thank you you fucking retard.

Strike on Iran Would Roil Oil Markets, Experts Say

I’ll Drink To That! Or, On Second Thought…

PAUL KRUGMAN: A Catastrophe Foretold

In a million years, I could never picture myself

== Come see our giant toxic stew! = By Mark Morford

Rights groups file French torture case vs Rumsfeld

Who's counting? When it comes to Bush, lots of people

Video: Cheney falls asleep at California wildfire meeting

Lots of KoolAid drinkers on WJ this morning

Scarborough: '90% of Americans' would approve waterboarding

Help finding an image. (Are 62+ million people dumb?)

Cal Thomas Calls Religion "Fifth Column": You Shall Have No God Before Bush-Cheney!

Poor little Judith Miller. . -

Will some farmer in Iowa or NH please set up

Rep. Jones introduces bill to limit president's war powers

Bush takes shot at Blanco while touring wildfires

Condi, Condi. . . There she goes again.

House democrats compromise on schip and the president could care less.

"Katrina comparisons are a different class of wrong"

By the Numbers: Casualties of the Iraqi War


"Inept and clumsy"

Military allows reporters to be blasted with Pain Ray Active Denial System

Cheat. Lie. Steal. --Rules to Live By as adhered to by George W. Bush--

We all know he is the worst president ever, but is George W Bush also the most EVIL American...EVER?

Friday is saturated with anticipation. . . . Please come CAPTION!!!!

Edwards's Bid for Favor Of Hunters Draws Fire

Norway: Churchmobile makes it possible for immigrant to move outdoors

Two interesting stories heard on local news this AM in Juneau Alaska

OMG! "Quote of the Day"

Renewable now competitive with Base load power - 24/7 dispatchable

FEMA IMPOSTERS-Portray Reporters: "I'm Very Happy With FEMA's Response So Far"

Anyone see Kucinich on Colbert? I know this is late it was on 10/10

There must be some areas of the US not subject to natural disasters.

Now That's A Sign!

Thompson Downplays Iraq Insurgency: ‘A Bunch Of Kids With Improvised Explosive Devices’

House Dems Say They Have Enough Support For CRIMINAL CONTEMPT Resolution Against Miers & Bolton

Dodd on the Senate floor talking about FISA

Something just occurred to me about larry, "wide stance", craig (i know time is everything)...

dupe nt

Punta Gorda Florida man hangs another noose (Updated with photo)

Shoe Bombs! Run For Your Lives! Booo! Boooo! OOOOga BOOOOga!

Mom Acquitted In 'Sex-Piercing' Of Girl - damn, what is wrong some people?


French Dirt May Kill MRSA

Orange San Diego: Fighting Fire with Fire; Bush Policy Burns California

Chris Dodd Just Moved Up A Few Notches On My Electability Scale

Du'ers is this You? Going it alone

A couple of toons...

Caption George & the Fireman ---pix--->>>

I know what's in the Telecom Surveillance Documents

Attack Iran and You Attack Russia

Bolten, Miers in Dems' contempt crosshairs

Idiot Glen Beck falsely claimed "the globe was the hottest" in 1934 -- it was actually 2005

Chris Shays (R-CT) has got to go! What are the chances?

"Ten Most Dangerous Organizations in America" (Think Progress, Media Matters, Code Pink...) LOL!

Pentagon Co-opted Independent Military Newspaper For PR Campaign Pushing Bush’s War Policies

Ideas for political Halloween decorations please.

When did Halloween go from goofy to gross?

Will the Bush administration get away with war crimes?

Strike on Iran Would Roil Oil Markets, Experts Say - no mention of human loss or suffering

Giuliani thinks the blind should carry guns

The Evolution of My Feelings Toward Rudy Giuliani

we have 200 plus years of constitution against a couple of want'a be dictators, dick and w,

FEMA interviews FEMA

Oh no, there's a disheveled-looking person on MSNBC this morning wearing a cowboy hat.

Joe Scarborough is on TV right now presenting "the other side of waterboarding"

UK with neo con help, to rent civilian coptors for Afghanistan work

Paulson: Hot on India, cool on China

6 Iraqi women win award for Courage

Blackwater Out DynCorp In?

FYI: General Wesley Clark on Real Time w/Bill Maher tonight:

neo cons change the name of the Persian Gulf to Arabian Gulf

Lou Dobbs last night was arguing with someone from the Progressive Policy Institute

Google goes to India (Hell, I'd become a H1B for this slacking off too!!!)

More than 300 U.S. Soldiers Stationed in Germany are Casualties of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

WIsh Hillary Happy Birthday?!?! From the DCCC?!?!

Inohe, that old fossel has been on Senate Floor last 15 min. saying it is a HOAX (chimate change)

If Turkey enters the Iraq quagmire....

C-span 3 Torture and Interrogation Tactics replaying ---

bu$h* Trades Jabs With Congressional Democrats - NYTimes

US Military Wants Active Denial System (Ray Gun) Delivered To Iraq Before Next Year

The weapons were strategically placed throughout the apartment the way a Marine patrol unit...

Huckabee cracks double digits in national poll

One method used to determine if one was a witch was to "dunk" them in water

I must be a left wing wacko

Would Iran be unjustified in setting off bombs in NYC if attacked by Bush first?

2nd Veco Exec Testifies to Paying Ben Stevens $250K in "Fees"

Senate Hearing on the Antrax vaccine now on cspan2

Blackwater Goes Grass-Roots, Scrubs Site - Vote For The New Logo

Blackwater Wants To Build Live Fire Facility In Middle Of San Diego Fire Zone

Venezuela Warns U.S. that "Cuba is Not Alone"

Comedian Colbert Reaches Double Digits As Third-Party Candidate

"Attack Iran and you attack Russia" --Putin/Khamenei Meeting.... LINK

Colbert vs. Stewart

More for war while the poor freeze

UPDATED: US Peace Activist, Retired Col. Ann Wright, Detained at Ottawa Airport

I would like to comment on the difference between a "generalization" and a "trend."


Protest on October 27th!!!

Working Assets Puts Harry Reid on Notice-sent him 16,000 faxes!

US frees man jailed for teen sex

Another way the rich are different:

If we want a Hillary alternative, don't lower polling candidates need to drop out ASAP?

US Commerce Dept under secretary: It may be later than we think to do much to stop climate change

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

How do we get the name Kucinich into the spell check ?

Highway Patrol testing device that detects methamphetamine

On Visit to France, Donald Rumsfeld Hit with Lawsuit for Ordering, Authorizing Torture

Brass knuckles are illegal in NY state. The dress code had a strict rule about haircuts. There is a

WA-Gov: Grudge Rematch! Sore loserman Dino Rossi gears up to lose again to Christine Gregoire

Proof the wingnuts hate Middle Eastern culture: Laura Bush Is A ‘Butt-Kisser’ For Wearing Headscarf

Six years after invasion, Karzai "cannot comprehend" the need for air strikes

So anybody hearing the Californian

Evacuees out of the stadium

McCain Dodges On Whether Waterboarding Answer Disqualifies Mukasey

On aging~

Rice in Rare Testimony, in Rare Form

This Administration still has NO FEAR! Fake FEMA Press Conference....

Umm... Can we censure Michael Chertoff now?

Constitutional reforms in Venezuela

Generally speaking do voters want to be told the truth or what they want to hear?

France suspends planting of GMO crops

Oh, my...turns out, I'm a Republican

Oh god John Elliot has a preacher

Boston Tea Party

Environmentally savvy DUers, do you have a link for a Freeper lady I know?

How crucial is Iowa in the primaries?

No time to take advantage of tragedy

Turkey pounds Kurdish rebels

Four Pro-Impeachment Letters in Pelosi's Hometown Paper


Rules kept firefighting aircraft on ground as devastating blazes took hold

E&P: New Poll Suggests Stephen Colbert Should Be Frontrunner Within a Month!

A look back at Jon Stewart's 10 best gay "moments"

Who else noticed that Brian was very "challenging" with his guest today on Wash. Journal

Prostitutes sew lips together in protest

"what is your reaction to: "A bunch of kids with IED's"- McCafferty files wants

Humanity's very survival' is at risk, says UN

Iraqi children go to school in Syria

Jordan Lets Iraqi Children Attend School

Catholic conference retracts invitation to former Iraq hostage

Chris Matthews - a rabid dog with a bone in his muzzle wrt the Clintons

Al Gore belongs in Jail!

Florida jailers allowed elaborate aame-sex inmate wedding

OMG! It's segment #2 of Hillary-bashing by Chris Matthews!

BM tonight?

That does it - FUCK YOU BILL CLINTON!!

I URGE everyone to get a copy of E. Edwards book, "Saving Grace"

Ex-Marine, Top Analyst (Scott Ritter) Calls For Humane Foreign Policy

Genarlow Wilson on MSNBC -live

With the good news today about rummy being charged with torture by the French.

For the Serious Considerers of Hillary/Bill Co-Presidency..Matthews show is a Much Watch on Replay..

Silent LIHOP thread-if you lean that way too check-in here (no comments)

Stupid F*cking Mistake Ruining Whole F*cking Day (Onion Radio News)

Fox exposed by employees - video

White House condemns FEMA’s fake presser. (Is this hypocrisy celebration week?)

Deleted by Poster as Duplicate:

Real Time with Bill Maher

Fuck you David Brooks

To a Neocom, who poses the greatest threat to their world -

Body Armor war profiteer caught looting company treasury

Compassionate Conservatism: Conservative leader opposes $3B bond issue for cancer research

Wall Street faces more job cuts, smaller bonuses

I do not have a candidate, but I am annoyed at the "Full Howard Dean" that HC is getting on tv.

$38 Million Computer system down for a month in Iraq & nobody noticed

In a just world. . .

Four Pro-Impeachment Letters in Pelosi's Hometown Paper

Fox News screed during Horowitz appearance at Emory Univ. states "Leftist fascists"...

Two anniversaries today...

Is PA going to be a swing state in the 08 election?

Fraudulent ads here are getting really annoying...


U.S. struggling to make terrorism charges stick

Stop bombing us, Afghanistan president tells U.S.

The 30-year-old virgins

Senator Bernie Sanders on "Richistan"

Have you ever faked it?

Stephen Colbert joke campaign in violation of FEC law?

"Klara And Edda Belly-Dancing"

Why aren't the Dems lashing back at Bush Scolding?--see this. tells posts they can not pimp for Ron Paul. per Tucker just now tells posts they can not pimp for Ron Paul. per Tucker just now

Student activism in 70s shaped Argentine first lady

What do Blackwater, Ahmed Chalabi, and AT&T Have in Common?

LOL! Rachel Maddow is doing the FEMA fake press conference as her

Wonder what ever happened to Pedro Guzman?

It's So Great To Be Me (I'm An Artificial Person)

Nat'l Intel Director McConnell Stops Release Of Intelligence Estimates

Al Gore in 1,001 words. That is, one picture & one word: Bemused.

"Edwards Gets Tough on Business" ... LINK to WSJ Article

Joe Conason: Maybe Rudy should try waterboarding himself

Argentine power couple draws Clinton comparisons

Why should not those who have been blessed financially help those who have not?

Randi on the local readying a list of radical organizations

Britney Spear's mother plans to write a parenting book

Tweety is showing his true colors now

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Why I Will Vote "No" on Mukasey

Sen James Inhofe is on the senate floor debunking global warming...he's so smart

Craig to argue sex sting was unconstitutional

Insanity Compounded by Insanity: Bush Offers to Bomb Iraqi Kurds

Is marriage a dumb move?

{UK} Schools warned off Microsoft deal (BBC) {Holy crap, read the terms!}


Halle Berry

Here comes $100 oil, and $3 gas

People are generally more prone to trust a person who is attractive .....

For UFO Skeptics & Non Believers

I just got SPAMMED by DODD for President. Coool Take Action e-mail on FISA

Bush and Cheney's rhetoric are responsible for the

America Could Have Killed Usama bin Laden — But Didn't - Col. David Hunt (on Faux!)

NYC: Explosion At Mexican Consulate


Reducing US Casualties By Killing More Civilians

Officials balked on '05 Blackwater inquiry (State Dept. e-mails discussed how to deflect questions)

"It’s not just the far-right fringe" targeting Laura Bush over headscarf

$4.99 for a gallon of milk...what is wrong with this picture?

How can you tell if Larry Craig was the architect of a building?

Genarlow Wilson freed by GA Supreme Court

Cspan3 - White House presser dana perino a cyborg?

Bill allows judges to double sentences on 3-time felons

State Dept. cover-up of Blackwater revealed

MSNBC: Just reported that FEMA faked it's own press conference on the fires.

The New Gay Stereotype

US Military Ignored Evidence of Iraqi-Made EFPs

Pensito Review + Michelle Malkin + "Moran" in comments = FUNNIEST COMMENTS TAKEDOWN EVER!

Imagine being an Iranian man or woman listening to Monkey Boy talking about bombing your country

Horowitz: American Leftists Allied with Islamo-Fascism

CPS Accused of Negligence in Foster Child's Death

Funky Winkerbean this week: am I the only one to find it depressing

What's with this smarmy Joel Osteen?

Can someone please.....please

This thread is offensive. It will be on the radio. Reply to RW and be heard

From Wespac: Stop military action in Iran.

What if Military Recruiting ads had disclaimers like farma products? (Video)

Anyone listening to the caller on Randi Rhodes right now?

Telltale gas confirms former axis of evil North Korea detonated a nuclear device

Steny Hoyer responds to *'s assault on Dems today

Right Wing Enraged: Laura Bush Is A ‘Butt-Kisser’ For Wearing Headscarf In Mideast

US soldiers shy from battle in Iraq

1/3 of Americans Believe Saddam Was Involved in 911 Attacks

Fox News set to air Anti-Abortion propaganda documentary tomorrow night

Fox News VP: "People think wer'e biased, and it's all Bill O'Reilly's fault"

Bill wants us to wish Hillary a Happy Birthday

If your only choice is among Obama, Edwards, and Clinton - who do you chose?

Man wrongly convicted in Boston police shooting found dead

Reid: Bush Recklessly Spends Overseas, Ignores Investments In America

Michael (Spikey) Isikof, you hypocritical motherfucking media shitbird ......

want to make $7.50 an hour? Tucker carlson's looking for a personal chef

Der Spiegel: White House Leak - Cheney's Plan For Iran Attack Starts w/ Israeli Missile Strike

We could have killed Bin Laden two months ago...but didn't. Again.

"Give The LAT What We Can & Then Dump The Rest On Blackwater": State Dept Official-2 Years Ago

I don't how you guys can put with the right wingers, the gay bashers,,

I used to live in San Diego so I am familiar with most of the burned areas.

Blackwater Wants To Build Live Fire Facility In Middle Of San Diego Fire Zone

What is it about Tweety that some here cannot understand?

My father was Executive Trial Counsel at the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals

FEMA staff portrayed reporters at phony press conference

GA Supreme Court -10yr Sentence Ruled Cruel & Unusual Punishment, Orders Release of Genarlow Wilson

You won't like it; but I've got to say it.

IVAW to Show Military Opposition to the Iraq War on October 27

Poll: One-third believe in ghosts, UFOs

MUST READ: The Lies Of John McCain And Mike Huckabee - Bob Cesca

Low Morale Has U.S. Troops in Iraq Pretending to Patrol

What is going on in this place?

The Difficulty in Doing the Right Thing - My Personal Story

Is war with Iran inevitable? I fear it is.

More Big Brother fun. GM's new Onstar could shut your car's engine off remotely.

Hilary supporters: If Obama got the nom, would you vote for him in the general election?

Hill's Vote For Kyl-Lieberman Resolution HELPED LEGITIMIZE Bush policy towards Iran!

Could Joe Scarborough be Waterboarded into admitting that he murdered this woman?

Racial ‘Cleansing’ in L.A.

Fox News makes fun of Clinton's age by polling people to ask if they know she's 60


Has the United States reached the point where break up

Rachael Maddow in Tucker's spot?

Red Sox vs Rockies: Which White House hopefuls scored baseball cash?

THEY threatened our very souls. There was no choice but to torture and kill them.

History will be a harsh judge of how U.S. has treated Mexican immigrants

Man urinates on dying woman

WaPo claims Bush/Cheney's new unilateral sanctions on Iran are part of a "diplomatic offensive"

Fla. Mother Acquitted in Piercing Case

Mr Gore - Please Recognize the Consequences For America and Humanity

DODD's Statement: "You cannot protect America if you fail to protect our Constitution."

The Homeowners’ Insurance Availability Act encourages building in Disaster-prone Areas

"Straitjacket Bush" - Bush&Cheney Have "Clearly Gone Mad" (LAT)

Chicago police tortured innocent men into confessing to crimes they knew they would be executed for

I think I just figured out WHY there is a Dis the California Fire attitude.

DU featured in CNN story about Code Pink!!

HELP! My Asshole Congressman needs his poll repaired on SCHIP

Did Chris Matthews just whisper, "I heard he's been let go" re: Tucker?!

Chiling: My 80 y.o. Dad Arrested-We are Safer Now

Grand Jury SUBPOENA: House records sought in Rep. DOOLITTLE case

You can engage them. You can isolate them. Or you can attack them.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Schwarzenegger grabs hands of female reporter in his big baboon hands

Only idiots believe in ghosts: The religion of science.

Kerry sends letter to Erik Prince requesting documents

Conspiracies, Scooter, and Your Opinion

On October 22nd WellCare’s Tampa Bay offices were raided by 200 FBI agents.

you have to wonder why they are doing this

$1,200,000,000.00 was given to DynCorp for "reformation" of Iraq's police in just one "contract"

Bush takes shot at Blanco while touring wildfires

Remember cutting gas demand by raising prices provides little supply to the poor/working poor...

Biden has a link on his site to help the CA relief effort - it takes you to the

Here's a link to the WaPo blog on Biden's education talk with a link to

Putin scared the crap out of me today

Hey all you Bidenites...get over to GD-P and vote

Biden taking care of Bhutto in Pakistan

I'm going to the Philly debate....

Who wants to contact the DCCC and ask them to share resources with Biden?

Should we post this? Everybody knows who voted how, and who didn't vote,

New Biden thread I posted (it may have been posted yesterday or earlier. If so,

New Biden thread - Anti crime legislation

Corn Cob - $196,338 - as of noon!!! I think we just might do it! nt

You know you all are killing me here...right?

FYI: Iowa Dems to set Jan. 3 caucus date

Christian Vs. "Christian"

"Not The Katrina President" Photo Op: Bush stages a few Ground Zero-style pics in San Diego

The IWR is not merely something that's in the past. It's as relevant today as it was 5 years ago.

Kucinich: Bush Wants More War

Message from Tom McMahon (

Obama: Many African-Americans agree that homosexuality is "a curse", gays are "trying to kill kids"

Bush 12/31/02 Press Conf: "You said we're headed to war in Iraq -- I don't know why you say that"

timeline for morons* pResidency??

At what point did Hillary "jump the shark"?

Edwards in NH this weekend:

Lonely Florida Democrats Convene This Weekend

Republicans Eye 2008 and Ratchet Up the Rhetoric on Rangel’s Tax Plan

Who said this? E-mail from the Clinton campaign

New Al Gore website:

Just for the record: I think Obama's a lovely guy and a

More whining from everyone in Congress about a 5-day work week

Repug 2008 Talking points; The Three Ts Taxes, Terror, and Tacos

Republicans say Richardson (#1) and Clinton (#2) would be easiest to work with. Dems choose McCain

Chimp is on teevee lecturing the congress about inactivity...

The Rude Pundit: Did Rudy Giuliani Have Mafia Suspects Tortured?

Rasmussen: Clinton -46% Obama -18% Edwards -14%

you know, Rudy probably had a hand in causing 9/11

"Friends of the Earth" Endorsed Edwards, and launching a radio ad supporting him.

When will you give up on Gore running?

Coleman becomes an Obama supporter

Sen. Dodd: Four down, six to go

Unconsciously, many favor Kucinich - From Des Moines Register

New Fox News Poll: Clinton 42%, Obama 25%, Edwards 13%

Gender gap on views toward Clinton

sarcasm deleted

A little visual aid

1 is the loneliest number...

Another way the rich are different:

That stupid Sen. James Inhofe is on CSPAN proving how we DON'T

Hillary leads in Maryland (new WaPo poll)

"I know why Obama is calling his tour the "Embrace The Change""

Democrats have the advantage in HealthCare over GOP (2 to 1 think Dems are better)

What is the single most important thing you want....

Feingold sponsors Arbitration Fairness Act of 2007

Bush scolded congress AGAIN today but 109th "Do Nothing" Congress left with 9 of 11

Obama supporters: We should start making more use of our group here at DU

Hillary jumps to double digit lead over Ghouls in Jersey

I just want to clarify

Funny thing about the McCain Woodstock Museum flap.

FL Poll- Clinton 53% -Obama 19% Clinton 37% The Ghoul 34%

Clinton throws glitzy $1M birthday bash

Hello.....I am not american,

[Audio] Kucinich's Impeachment Call To Action. Please Help Him!

I see......

I propose a draft that should satisfy everyone

Poll: 41% of Americans unable to name any GOP candidates

Ron Paul Reality Check

Harry Reid: "In a nutshell, that was Paul (Wellstone)" (July 21, 1944 – October 25, 2002)

Obama biggest target this year of right wing's "smear forward" machine

Romney Says Yes to Iran 'Bombardment,' Edwards Protests

Cheney, Obama embrace family ties

In light of the gospel concert story, have you ever been to a gospel concert?

Seriously, would you vote for Stephen Colbert over Hillary Clinton?

New York’s McNulty Becomes First House Democrat to Retire

If you don't want to vote for Obama because of Donnie McClurkin, fine

You gotta watch Hardball. Tweety is really being an ass & picking on Hillary.

Obama fundraiser defects to Clinton

Host a SICKO House Party through DFA

Spoiled Dubya wants legislation acceptable to him, and he wants it now

I've changed my mind

The Clinton campaign welcomes Bob Farmer.

Potential Dole challenger Hagan weighs her options

Massachusetts Rep. Stephen Lynch Endorses Clinton

Interview with Friends of the Earth Action President Blackwelder Re Edwards Endorsement

Which Republican Candidate Would Be The Most Difficult To Beat?

Obama's " mistake"

CBS News Poll: Hillary 51%, Obama 23%, Edwards 13%

Oregon -Clinton 50% The Ghoul 45%

White House Chastises Democrats Over Children's Health Insurance

The local radio station for UNC - Chapel Hill..

Is designating the IRG a "terrorist org" something * can use to start a war?

Far-fetched 2008 scenario--who gets your vote?

When it comes to National Polls, Appearance Can Be Deceiving

Wisconsin SEIU endorses Obama

Gospel concert controversy tests Obama's message

George W. Bush thinks it's OK for me to spend 120 dollars for a loaf of bread.

CA Poll- Clinton -45% Obama 20% Edwards 11%

Who else here thinks the polls are inaccurate?

support Jay Nixon for Governor


HARDBALL: Webb's interview yesterday regarding Kyl-Lieberman and Condi's unilateral Iran sanctions

Hillary Names Congressman John Lewis National Campaign Chair

Slate: GOP candidates mobilize against the Law of the Sea (Treaty)

Biden Responds To Thompson Remarks On Iraq War

Dennis Kucinich treats objects like women.

Edwards times speech to Maytag closing

Time for the Yellow Dog to Wag His Tail: What the Democratic Congress Has Done Right So Far

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Despite phone calls by the Clintons, Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman backs Obama.

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Did you support the National Black Justice Coalition on this issue?

Gonna sit right down and lower my expectations.

Reaching out to, or finding common ground with, bigots of any kind is something I do not support.

10-26-2007 DU straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates