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Archives: October 25, 2007

Diplomacy -- the civilized alternative to the Dogs of War

Not Just India And China Vying For U.S. Tech Jobs

Under Siege, Blackwater Takes on Air of Bunker

Reports Suggest Broader Losses From Mortgages

War Costs Spiral Out of Control

Peter Michaelson: Pelosi Capitulates to Hatred

THE NEW YORKER: Ask the Iraqis

U.S. to seek indictments of ex-BP traders: reports - Reuters

The Admiral's Warning (Peak Oil) -- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Dangerous fossil fuels poison Navajo miners, air, water, land and, oh yes...

Arsonists attack Jerusalem church, Jewish extremists suspected

Arizona man killed by police in Calif., may be arson suspect

Russia Working to Limit Election Observers

Senate reverses Bush's cuts to education, health

FBI Watched Eugene McCarthy Anti-Hoover Effort

Obama says he doesn't need Gore's help

10 workers reported dead in Gulf oil rig accident (Tabasco, Mexico)

Cuba responds to Bush

Sudan rebels 'hold China oil men'

Cuba’s Elections Draw Big Turnout

Comedian Colbert Reaches Double Digits As Third-Party Candidate

Al Queda started the fires in SoCal

Now that we're an Independent Nation and all, will Loungers need a passport to go to GD?

Anybody watching "Phenomenon" on NBC?

Yup. Gonna Post This EVERY Night During The Series At Around 8:00 pm

My first youtube video.

Coppola's "Dracula" or Branagh's "Frankenstein"?

Kids Nation show is terrible show... also full of obnoxious kids

And Billyskank said that my dinner was more brilliant last night than bi-babe's.

I know this may seem like a silly question, but seriously, what does Bucky mean?

I rented the movie "The reaping" will i be sorry?

A shared, generic, everyone needs a hug thread

Billyskank said that my dinner was brilliant last night...

Perhaps I'm missing the point, but when people simply don't reply to me, what are they saying?


Perhaps I'm missing the point, but when people reply to me with "I Do" what are they saying?

That fucktard, Joe Buck, has already made one stupid comment about Canada

I'm on a quest for your house or apartment...what should I be served?

Perhaps I'm missing the point, but when people say that they want to spank me, what do they mean?

delete - go away - nothing to see here

Comet light show - oooo ahhhh, no telescope required

Anyone ever see "The Lake House"?

Out of curiosity, any males select gender undeclared?

Clash of the bumper stickers

Okay Sawx, save some of it for the next few games...

World Series starts in half an hour - who ya got?

dammit, I have lost my connector cords for my digital camera.

I hope the Red Sux and the Sockies BOTH lose!! and it comes to a death-match

Jeez...the Red Sox are off to quite the start....!

Good night, everyone..I'm getting a little sleepy now..

My wonderful molar was treated with root canal therapy in September; it's hurting like hell again...

Perhaps I'm missing the point, but when I post and the thread comes to a screeching halt...

When I am tired my willpower goes out the window

Some Time In Heaven...

So Root Beer Floats are pretty damn good!

PSA - Linking from Photobucket. {dial-up warning}

How Many Of You Have Me On "Ignore?"

Let's go Shoes!

How much would you pay to get to tase the 'Don't Tase me, Bro' guy?

Sky by my house at 4 PM

Who wants (or needs) a hug?

Movie character question for any DU-ers who remember comedies from 40's,50's:

Pamper Your Cat With Homemade Recipes

Oh KitchenWitch! Paging KW!

"South Park" Tonight...Holy *&@!

i will be singing karaoke tonight

"C is for Cookie"

oh hhh them crazy Japanese....

Say "Hi" to new adopted feline.

My JRT is dreaming at the end of the bed, and talking in her sleep...

Dear Jackson Pollock,

Radio Lady: This is a clarification of my use of press releases in this forum.

Has anyone discovered a way to download videos from youtube onto their iPod?

So how was everyone's day?

The Lounge's legacy to humanity should be the ushering in of the Second Great Vowel Shift.

I just posted my 10,000th post. In GD. Sorry, Lounge.

Who knew Pikachu was a female?

Help! Very strange bathroom problem!

11 years of marriage = $698.50 and a few signatures...

Lothar of the Hill People

I know you're all waiting to see a picture of me. . .

Swag!!! Thank you for my invitation to your show.

Maybe I'm dense, but when people reply with "DIE! DIE YOU EVIL BLACKHEART PIG!" what do they mean?

Moving little piece of music thread (post one in any media)

Bosox Crush Underdog Rockies in Game 1

Votre mère a eu un manque de moralité et votre père a plaisir à embrasser des porcs.

California Peggy Has Been Abducted By Aliens Or Something

The boarding kennel where I always boarded my dog has closed.

"No brain for oil!" Zombie Lurch '07 in Madison

NL...welcome to AL baseball. No pushovers in this league.

This promises to be the most boring World Series ever

Ok, Lounge, help me think up some legit money-making schemes.

Writer paints a giant target on her forehead (a 3rd person thread).

Inside Story- Oil Production- 23 Oct 07- Part 1

Inside Story- Oil Production- 23 Oct 07- Part 2

House Budget Cmte. Hearing on $2.4 trillion cost of war - 0 Republicans showed up

House Judiciary: Rep. Artur Davis on Siegelman prosecution

Former AG Dick Thornburgh Testifies about Politicization of DoJ

CODEPINK Women Arrested In Congressional Hearing - being manhandled

Outrageous Message from the Republican National Committee!!!

Olbermann: Worst Persons - Beck, Santorum, Malkin

John Edwards - Just Say No

Red State Update: Obama, Cheney cousins?

Olbermann w/ Rachel Maddow: Terror-publicans Become Totally Laughable

Governor Deval Patrick endorses Obama

prophetic headline from 1 year ago: Will Western Wildfire be the Next Katrina?

names of California fire fatalities released

Democrats unveil new bill to help needy children

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The shoe shopper and the daughter of a PM

Hummer commercials on this something new?

I don't like primary seasons

If the winds have turned, can fires continue at an angle way they came?

the war on Iran has begun, special forces involved

Time to "smoke out" some yak herders

ROFL! Anyone see MSNBC's Abrams go after Dr. Gupta's Tiger Penis just now?

Shrub picture from dKos cracks me up - Potential

Who caused the SoCal fires- al Qaeda or those "damn environmentalists"?

How Long Before The Democrats Condemn Code Pink??

Trent Lott (R-Miss.) said he would devote a chapter to Dianne Feinstein in book on leadership

Is it "Immigrants or Aliens"?

Maryland Welcomes Virginia's Immigrants

People camping at QualCom to Protest Bush


California; We are not over the hump. This is the beginning

military strategery for Iran.....

Well, two interesting poll results.

The Nation: A Whistleblower's Tale

Fire map: Palomar Observatory, Julian, Blackwater site all threatened; Camp Pendleton fire

Isn't this cavalier? "Bush Offers to Bomb Kurds" ....WTF?

Just how psychopathic are the right-wing war-whores?

Felony Assault Conviction in stun gun case

Bush is....the wild fire...

Chairman Says Oral Roberts Univ. Over $50M in Debt (AP)

The problem with bombing Iran....

Call for National Blackout No-Shopping day to support Jena 6

Strike Planned at CBS News

Need help: Who has video clip from Fox&Friends saying that al qaeda set SoCal fires?

White house requests Bunker Buster bombs

Let the glory out.


San Diego will look like a moonscape next year..

Are you getting as angry, too?

CNN had video pics ofCheney napping during a Cabinet meeting

Bush does something right for once.............

House to Vote on New Version of Child Health Bill

Wow, No World Series Thread?

American Health care

Larisa Alexandrovna: So About Those Syrian Nukes...

Marching in memory of Martin Lee Anderson... from all over Florida

Vegetable Psychiatry

Charlie Rose: Sean Penn smoking?

Michelle Malkin - the anti-Asian American Asian American

Bush to have lunch with firefighters tomorrow - what would you say to him?

New * quote tonight on Keith Olbermann

Condi will appear before Waxman's "Oversite Committee" tomorrow Morning...Thursday!

Dear Chimp in Charge - Please write the check and stay away.

From the Dept. of You've Got to be Kidding "U.S. Faults Its Bid to Replace Iraq’s Accounting System"

Excerpt...Joining the CIA...Valerie Plame Wilson

Man I'm glad I have Tivo, Osama responds

Larry King...."These houses go quickly...

Did White House Edit CDC Health Comments?

Al Qeada started the California fires!?!?!?! WTF!?!?!?!

"Duck and Cover" I grew up in that era. Bomb shelters were all the rage.

Kathy Griffin vs Ann Coulter

Which political leader is George W. Bush MOST like?

The Art Of The Hissy Fit..."an excellent technique" Repubs "continue to employ with great success"

Former Air America Cincinnati now Sports Talk now doesn't even register in Ratings

US terrorist watch list explodes from 20 names to 755,000 names under Bush administration

Bush Budget Request Raises Fears Of Iran Strike, Increases Funding For ‘Massive’ ‘Bunker Buster’...

For the first time ever, ladies and gentlemen, I listened for 30 seconds....

Michelle Maglalang Malkin - Worst Person

"Do you think climate change is avoidable?"

Google Is Watching

Hitler was as a charismatic leader and personally drove the engine that was Nazi Germany.

Why do the Educated Lose Memory Faster?

Hey Fox News: Are you saying Bush did not protect CA from Al Qaeda?

So What is the Line on Anti -Gay Activists in Democratic Campaigns

Selected FRONTLINE programs can be watched here.

First the FLOODS, then the FIRES, what's next PESTILENCE?

Another MSM outlet picks up on Glenn "I LOVE TO HATE" Beck's hateful comments

DUs Book of Nonsense (Limericks)

For my ten thousandth post, a comment and a poem.

Feel better! Have a look!

Secret History of Impending War With Iran The White House Doesn't Want You To Know

"Tomorrow Belongs To Me" from Cabaret...

A Scarcity of Courage

Don't Forget Daylight Saving Times ends Nov. 4, this year.

PLEASE check this out - it's touching and heartwarming. I was almost sobbing

You guys - look at this - "Bidenesque"! He's known for his straight talk

Here's another good one, people. I'll cease now because I fear I'm overloading

AP from Glenwood Ia today: Edwards Touts Hunting Plan in Rural Iowa

Dupe, here's a link to the original

Obama questions Romney's Osama slip of tongue

Comedy Central: Colbert presidential run is legal

The Hannity/ Limbaugh audience must be healthy, wealthy and stupid

Edwards Fans: Nice artlicle about Elizabeth Edwards

So it's ok to hire a white supremacist to star onstage at your political fundraiser

If you currently support Obama, then you're supporting bigotry. Plain and simple.

What group(s) most influence whether a progressive is elected?

Obama makes his pitch on the Eastside

Norma "Duffy" Lyon, creator of the Iowa Butter Cow, wants to tell you something

Can anyone get to Chris Dodd's website?

Did anyone else see the post for Dennis Kucinich's

Obama's Sad Day

How long is it going to take until the middleclass gets smart?

When did Alan Keyes throw his hat into the ring?

Edwards invents perpetual motion machine and cures ring around the collar...

Lets face the fact, the Republican and the Democratic politicians messed up

I didn't know Donnie McClurkin was an "ex-gay"

Clinton's Sad Day

Catholic Democrats

Kucinich's lack of success is not due to being overlooked by the MSM

Human Rights Campaign Statement on Sen. Obama’s South Carolina Gospel Tour

Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama

Let me be blunt...Bidenesque, if you like.

Why am I worried about Colbert's "joke" candidacy?

Hillary is our current front runner. Of all the candidates, is she the most qualified?

Knowing mainstream Dem voters as well as you know them...

Human Rights Campaign lets Obama off with slap on the wrist

Edwards Promotes Women's Rights in NH High School

Edwards Statement on Senate Confirmation of Southwick Nomination

Edwards Touts Hunting Plan in Rural Iowa

Edwards Statement in Response to Wildfires in Southern California

Edwards Unveils Hunting and Fishing Bill of Rights with New Policies to Protect America's Wilderness

Gay minister to open Obama's gospel concerts

Biden Is Also Reborn

Biden tells it like it is. Again.

Presidential Inanities

Edwards Campaign Statement on Clinton's Failure to Offer Straight Answers on Iraq and Iran

Why is Obama being singled out by the LGBT rights community?

This Obama thing is really out of hand

Obama fucked up with the McClurkin thing, but his antagonists are about to over play their hand. . .

He Heehee Haw Ha Heheheh Ack

Philip Giraldi: Phantoms Over Syria

A Great Nation, Poisoned by War

The Lament of a True Patriot

Does the GOP still exist? or are they all Neo Cons now?

Torture, Paramilitarism, Occupation and Genocide

Robert Reich: Why Democrats are afraid to raise taxes on the rich

Natural decline 'hurting lives' (United Nations report/BBC)

Attack Iran and you attack Russia

Naomi Klein: The Business Press and Me: A Case of Unrequited Love

Juan Cole: The Collapse of Bush’s Foreign Policy-chaos proves wh is just winging it

Why those who love America are feeling brokenhearted


“Unilateral sanctions rarely, ever work,” Hagel

FAUX NEWS: US could have killed Osama in 2007

Warmer temperatures tied to wildfires, scientists say

Paul and Sheila Were Our Friends

What Did You Export Today?

Do God + marriage = success? by Garrison Keillor

Straitjacket Bush - Rosa Brooks

Cenk Uygur: The Gay Dilemma of Barack Obama

White House Feels Waxman's Oversight Gaze

Not One More Dime to Continue the Occupation

Dahr Jamail: Ill-Equipped Soldiers Opt for "Search and Avoid"

Iran clamps down on coffee shops

$100 laptops arrive in India

Coast Guard blocks Fall River (Mass.) LNG terminal - Boston Globe

Huge ash cloud as Indonesia's Mount Soputan erupts - Reuters

More Nevada gold mines spew more toxic mercury than they reported

Brent Crude Price Touches All-Time High Of $86,28 - WTI Hits $88.58 On Turkish Worries

Gulf of Mexico accident kills 18 (CNN)

U.N. says world in dire straits - Reuters

A US company have developed a car that can easily beat traffic jams - it can fly.

Surrendering our future (UK renewables)

Sarkozy gives France green plan - BBC

Farmington plant to use wind power (Maine)

Drought, Crop Failures Pushing W. Australian Farmers Rapidly Into Bankruptcy - Reuters

States call for stricter mercury rules

Sarkozy To Push For French Carbon Tax - AFP

It's Official - UK Government Backing Away From 20% Renewable Energy Target - Guardian

'Bird-friendly' call for gardens (BBC)

Higher Fuel Prices In Nepal Spark Protests In Kathmandu - Himalayan Times

Albania Faces Deepening Energy Crisis - Hydropower System Not Even Close To Meeting Demand

Oz Archbishop - "Jesus Had Nothing To Say About Global Warming" - Slammed By Critics

10/25 - New Records - Oil Hits $90.41 At Close, Futures At $90.60, New High For Brent - Bloomberg

Nature - GHG Levels Rising At Pace Well Above That Of 1990s

Elephant stomps to photo victory (Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year)

17 Japanese Industries Announce Increased Carbon Cut Plans - Reuters

Royal Society Article - Warming Promises To Wipe Out Majority Of Earth's Species - Reuters

James Hansen In Houston - TX Facing Double-Barreled Threat Of Bigger Floods, Worse Droughts

After Not-Even-Close Projections On CO2 Increase, Ice Loss, Some Scientists Call For IPCC Reform

Global Warming Melts Arctic Cat's Earnings? (snowmobile manufacturer)

Toyota to halve hybrid price, size for next Prius

Shell Oil CFO Blames High Oil Prices On "Speculators" - "No Physical Shortage" - Times UK

Conoco unit pleads guilty to hiding Alaska spill

Peak Water

Elevated Cancer Level Found in Pa. - AP

Venezuelan Oil Exports To China Triple As Shipments To US Decline - AFP

Cuban dad meets with rights group (Boston group goes to Miami)

Agents search WellCare headquarters in Tampa

'Nuke deal important part of Indo-US relationship'

Condi speaking live on tv: U.N. imposing sanctions on Iraq

Second Court Ruling Redacts Information About Interrogation

Bomb Iran? U.S. Requests Bunker-Buster Bombs

Turk troops repulse rebel attack -security officials

National City Bank cuts another 1,200 jobs

Iraq veteran files discrimination suit against U.S. Army

China Says Economy Grew 11.5%

Washington working to free hostage Turkish soldiers: US official

Judge confirmed despite some Democratic complaints

Dem candidate: Warrantless wiretaps a 'victory' for terrorists

Maria Shriver won't return to NBC News

Iran clamps down on coffee shops

Suu Kyi meets Burmese minister

Controversial Nobel winner resigns

US recalls more China-made products for lead in paint

Marine who served 2 Iraq tours accused of threatening girlfriend

2 journalists flee Colombia on death threats

U.S. envoy warns of growing power of Iraqi militias

Dubai to turn green in 2008

Lawmakers skewer Rice on Iraqi corruption

House panel critical of Iraq contractors

BP fined $373m by US government

18 workers reported dead in Gulf oil rig accident

U.S. Offers Cash to Victims in Blackwater Incident

Davis will not run for Senate

Appeals court upholds Lionel Tate's 30-year sentence

BP to Pay $373 Million in Federal Probe

U.S. soldier acquitted in agent's death

New Steps by U.S. Against Iranians

Romney says 'bombardment' of Iran must be option

Despite Blackwater, State Officials Get Promotions

Putin Warns Against Sanctions on Iran

2 burned bodies are found in Calif.

Crocker: Blackwater shooting `horrific'

Republicans Dig In Against Revised Children’s Health Bill

Tasered student: police cleared

AIDS vaccine may raise infection risk-researchers

Final Passage of SCHIP NOW on House floor - we need 13 more votes

Crocker: Blackwater shooting `horrific' (but still holds them in "high regard")

Bush offers eavesdropping program docs( to Leahy and Specter only, Leahy not impressed)


Battling Bush on the Cost of War

Lawmakers skewer Rice on Iraqi corruption

Four BP traders charged with price manipulation

Craig hired lawyer months before his arrest

4,000 (6 states) strike, but Navistar keeps on trucking

BP will plead to felony in plant blast

Ford, UAW (closing more than the 16 factories) said to agree in principle on further job cuts

Oil giant BP settles price-fixing charges ($373 million in fines)

U.S. September Home Sales Unexpectedly Rise; Previous Months Revised Down

Woman Gets 8 Months In Hate Note Case (To Arab-American Boss: 'Remember 9/11,' 'Your Kids Will Pay')

Putin warns against new Iran sanctions

Rivals Denounce Clinton’s Iran Vote

Looting a major concern for those who evacuated

Al-Qaida Sympathizers Angry With Al-Jazeera Over Bin Laden Tape

(Foreign Minister) Livni behind closed doors: Iran nukes pose little threat to Israel

Military may get control of contractors

Italian court drops murder case against US soldier

US law for duty-free access this year

Laura Bush tells US troops Iraq is improving

AFL-CIO Files International Complaint Charging Bush NLRB With Assault on Workers’ Rights

Councilman urges GOP group to vote for straight man

Senators threaten to block media ownership plan

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 25

Pentagon chief calls planning for Iran strike "routine"

Jailed Francis takes legal case online

Oil hits new record over $90

As Calif. fires burned, copters grounded

Senate extends Internet tax moratorium

Cheney Nods Off During Meeting On Calif. Wildfires

President's visit snarls traffic for RB returnees

Kuwaiti firm blamed for Baghdad embassy flaws gains new jobs

US claims photos show Syrian nuclear reactor

(Illinois ex-Gov.) Ryan loses appeal

U.S. peace activist refused entry for second time

Part of Bush speech broadcast in Cuba

Wal-Mart donates a total of $1 million to assist with wildfire relief efforts

Head of body armor company for solders in Iraq accused of fraud

Giant tax overhaul bill unveiled

Earth is reaching the point of no return, says major UN environment report

Grave desecration of Liberty Marine leads to arrest

Coroner: 46-Pound Woman Starved to Death

Satellite Photos Show Cleansing of Suspect Syrian Site

Mother fucker....

OMG! I laughed out loud and then my parrot laughed the same way!

heh... Stephen Colbert's new book kidnapped!

Next Bext Place to New York (for New Yorkers)?

"A Chance Counsel"- Richard Buckner w/ Doug Gillard

Fun Fact

For those of you who have not heard the new Bruce Springsteen CD.............

No answer is also an answer ....

baseball fashion time

I'm going to be up and down today, damn stomach bug


Jeez! I just signed up for the two week free trial of Netflix, and as I

Last week's Weeds-

There has been a lot of talk about planes in the lounge lately

Richard Harris 10/01/1930 – 10/25/2002

Song for KitchenWitch (and all others in SoCal!)

Beckham vs Brady

daily radiohead tip

Three things:

Who knew Cthulhu was a female?

I Strenuously Object

I ordered a chocolate frosted donut at Dunkin's this morning

RealDoll: Basic model starts at $6,500.00. Look at what I got for less than $6.00.

I accidentally stole from a deaf woman last week. Ask ME anything...

I have to share this photo

Has anyone seen/used Microsoft Photosynth?

It's Virtual Pumpkin Carving Time!

Stress Pig

I'm gonna flip out like a ninja! (kittys?)

Red Sox are spawn of Satan....

I made the baby jesus weep today, ask me anything...

Question about video recording quality.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Stairway to Heaven

I finished the blanket

Poor Kitty Cats

Today's phrase is "hot milkshake."

Thursday morning kitty cuteness!!!

I made a woman weep today during sixty-something, and I feel great. Ask me anything!

Nice beaver!

Science question: What causes elements to change into diffrerent elements?

Radio Lady's Open Discussion: “The Dialogue: Learning From The Masters, Vol. V" Now available on DVD

The kennel where I always water boarded my dog has closed.

I made sixty-seven women weep today, and I feel great. Ask me anything!


Is there any way I can construe the Rapture as a conspiracy theory?

Who knew Barbara Bush was female?

I need you all to understand something. Mocha COFFEE tastes damn good.

Some great nature photos

Eddie Munster is truly one of the funniest looking human beings on the planet

i've had squabbles with some people here

Tales from a Florentine pizzeria.

Caption *

so i was goofing around with some makeup for halloween

Please send your positive thoughts, prayers, etc.

I Just ________. Ask Me Anything

Like CSI and Second Life?

A message from Al Gore...

To the little black car that was squished between two semis @14 on N J Turnpike ~

I'm chewing 7(!) pieces of eclipse lemon burst gum right now! Ask me something!

did anyone see the British documentary "Bodysong"?

After birth

The word on the street

Any coin collectors around?

Home bitch

Earth Wind & Fire might be the greatest band ever

What's for lunch?

13% would vote for Stephen Colbert for president

so the moped gang who lives down the street repainted their fence

Quote of the week "Teenage boys are willing to (look at

Anyone here a fan of "The Wife" on HBO?

Ok, Leftymom. This is the thread where I officially invite you to veggie-wrestle.

Anyone here ever grow hops?

Confronting Partner's Racism?

'Lost' actor Daniel Dae Kim accused of DUI


David Lee Roth: Rockstar

There's a one armed man assaulting people in my apt. complex.

Anyone here ever grow Mops?

Jesus Christ on a trampoline!!! nt

Larry Craig Paper Bag Mask - Downloadable. Not kidding.

There's an Army man assaulting people in my apt. complex.

There's an armed man seranading people in my apt. complex.

YouTube your most memorable movie moments

There's a complex man quoting Sartre in my apartment complex!

there's an apt complex assaulting me!!! nt

there's a complex sentence annoying me

There's a complex number assaulting me!

Anyone here ever seen a grown mop naked?

"Kellys are most up for sex" "Lees biggest male sleazes"

26 pins and needles inserted in woman's body in attempt to change her sex.

I made a sixty-something woman weep today, and I feel great. Ask me anything!

Theaters Begin Barring Chicken

The school district cancelled school for tomorrow!

Prostitutes sew lips together in Bolivia protest

Learnt me a new term today in GD: "Breedist asshole"

I've heard of DUI, but this is the first FUI I've ever seen! (Near-Darwin Award!)

Children Begin Barring Theaters!


Theaters Begin Barring Children


Did you ever notice...?

Perfect Date!

Uh-Oh - we're all in trouble - cats are using COMPUTERs now

What a terrible name to go through life with!

There's a salt man arming people in my apartment complex!

What's the criteria for "naming" a wildfire?

Heart transplant patient awed by 1st trip to Fenway Park for World Series

Mother Smucker

I am the Lounge Egg. You are the Lounge Egg...

Paris Hilton is NOT going to Rwanda...the foundation involved in sending her is "restructuring"

Ugh... my fiancee's dogs follow me around like little beggars

Drink *IN* the Walmart

DUDE! Wait you forgot ME!



How DARE Money magazine tell us we have more opportunities than ever

How DARE Spank magazine tell me that highway patrol officers do unseemly things with hapless vixens

Yoyu knnow how whipped cream is awesome with capuccinno or beditme friends?

I Am available for Halloween..who wants me

Theatres being baring children!

Man Arrested After Saving Pair From Fire

Tonight's "Pushing Daisies" -- another triumph

Who the fuck wants "Conflict free diamonds" ?!

I'm available for all major holidays -- who wants me?

So if your girlfriend dumps - is it fair game?

I'm available for all major horny-days - who wants me?

Sign Of The Times

Dolphins used to look like humans and lived in Atlantis

Guinness goes in for surgery tomorrow...

I am going to throw croutons at the veggie rasslin match...

So if your girl takes a dump after a three month relationship - is it fair game?

Timothy Treadwell - Brilliant Animal Lover or Insane Loon?

There's an armed man assaulting people in my apt. complex.

So if your girl dumps you for mark farner

Where is GoPsUx ?

i'm available for weddings, christenings, and bar/bat mitzvahs

kill me now

When I laugh, I snort. LOUDLY. Asks me anything!

This Deserves Its own Thread

Theaters Begin Baking Children

What on earth would make a tot poop aquamarine poop?

maniac thuglife bling bling chickety check


Did you like Commander Data

The Count

the Yoda stamp is out!

Awesome! Yoda got a stamp!

Oh. My. God, JackMN...

Red Sox Fans - That Time Again! Keep The Karma Going And CLICK!

i'm available for one on one creepy massages

Red Sox Attempt To Break Fabled 'Curse Of Relief Pitcher Curtis Leskanic'

Who ya like in the veggie-rasslin' match between LaraMN and LeftyMom?

Perfect Date!!

Oi! Should a person host "The O'Reilly Factor" while drunk?

So if your girl dumps a body after a three month relationship - is it fair game?

My GAWD! I Never Thought I'd See The Day. The PERFECT Thread



Since we are a sovereign nation- Taking applications for Lounge Logo

listening to oldies radio doesn't make you mark farner

I don't care who plays it, it's amazing guitar

Need help! I have a question about eviction.

To make things even more humiliating, this dog's name is Herman

In honor of Paul Wellstone on the anniversay of his passing: (pic heavy)

Thursday, October 25th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

"I am a host at the Olive Garden."

Songs with the most kick-ass opening!

Powdered Cellulose? good or bad

Oi! Should a person watch "The O'Reilly Factor" while drunk?

World Series, Game 2: Rockies vs. Red Sox: The OFFICIAL Thread

Did you/ will you get a flu shot this year?

This might be the motherload...

So, if your buddy dumps a girl after a three month relationship - is she fair game?

Holiday plans!

Halle Berry is pregnant. I like this effect.

I have just one word for you all.....

Since we are a sovereign nation - taking nominations for the National Anthem of the Lounge

DU Parents: how does one do Halloween?

Spiders on drugs; behaviorial experiments

Communication Breakdown

Bad news for Battlestar Galactica fans

Abstinence Shorts . . .

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/25/07

Eddie Izzard is truly one of the funniest human beings on the planet.

I lost the link to the pic. of the Spanish guy in short shorts with his buns hangin' out

God help me, I just can't quit looking at Carrot Top's titties

Home birth

Cat vs Toilet Paper

What do you think...on just about as unimportant a matter as can be...

OK, I did an archive & install on my iMac...

I'm available for Thanksgiving. Who wants me?

The beagle's acting like there's something behind my book case


Since the Lounge is a sovereign nation what position do you nominate me for?

I'm available for Christmas. Who wants me? (not just a copycat-the truth!)

Seance question: What causes laments to change into different laments?

Is it possible for Vampires to be accepted?

I need you all to understand something.

More than 1,450 Guardsmen called up in Calif.

Army works to lure trainers for Iraqi forces

Gates: More info needed about Kurdish rebels

Al-Sadr: Military freeze still in effect

2 soldiers dead, 8 hurt in attacks in Iraq

NATO drums up more troops for Afghanistan

Current wars projected to cost $2.4 trillion

Experts hold summit on military youth issues

Congress questions lack of VA secretary

Bahrain shooting suspect worked base security

$25M claim filed in baby’s death at Naval Hospital Guam

Former sailor announces run for Congress

FFG, minehunter transfers to Turkey approved

Cutbacks may ground future N.O. air shows

Turkish planes, copters attack rebels in Iraq

Father of Marine: funeral protest made me sick

Lackland medical team headed for Calif. fires

Air Force UAVs to help fight Calif. wildfires

NATO soldier killed in offensive against Taliban in Afghanistan

Official: Stripes channeled money to DOD program

Bunker busters eyed in revised war funding

Military May Get Control of Contractors

Vietnam flying ace tells JROTC students: Let dreams take flight

Osprey sees first action in search and rescue

U.S.: Fire response not hurt by deployment of troops to wars

Coast Guard plans to set up arctic base

Galloway column: Asking too much of too few

Dave Matthews Band will play at 2 pep rallies for Army football next month at West Point


Mother, daughter inspire each other to enlist

Air Force officials: Service is getting too small, aircraft too old

Air Force asked to fly an elephant on a C-17

Union election ordered at casino; US labor board rules vs. Foxwoods

What I did yesterday

Today in labor history October 25

FRONTLINE/World | Extraordinary Rendition-Nov 6 | Preview #2

Impeach Cheney by Louis Armstrong

Dennis Kucinich in Peace People

McLame's new ad pokes fun at Hillary and Woodstock hippies

Bob Dylan, Like a Rolling Stone, "JUDAS" (May 17, 1966)

Head of US Anti-Corruption Office is... a Paralegal

Dana Rohrabacher *Hearts* Torture!

Bob Dylan - San Francisco 1965 Press Conference

Iraq Returns to "Normal"

Friends of the Earth Action radio ad for John Edwards

Why I am a Democrat from Karen Arms, Savannah Georgia.

(Florida) Local 10 Reporter Arrested While Covering Story (Raw video included)

News Hour: Protester - Rice Has Blood On Her Hands 'War Criminal!'

Naomi Wolf: Interview on closing American society and the end of America

Melting Arctic Sea Ice!

My Anthem of Resistance

FRONTLINE/World | Extraordinary Rendition-Nov 6 | Preview #1

"Dead Inside" Desensitization, Death Dividend, Hypocrisy

U.S. government says $1.2 billion unaccounted for in Iraq (DYN)

Did you ever think about the States most devastated by natural

"Top Rudy Foreign Policy Says Giuliani Is Preparing For "World War IV" ... LINK

Please Add To The Comments Section Of This Obvious NY Sun Political Hit Job On Valerie Plame

State/County/Municipal politicians salivate... planning for "terra-ist" attacks

Once Again the Old Soldier's words

Texas lawyers call for e-filed execution appeals

The machine still trying make a hero

Watching CNN as marines at Camp Pendleton prepare

Democrats Worry B-2 "Bunker Buster" Modification Request Means War With Iran

Among Many Blackwater Guards In Iraq A Growing Sense That Killings Were Unjustified

This is terrifying! Merrill falls to loss on $7.9bn writedown

Winterizing the car. Chinese cheap parts or not?

** Condi before Waxman today at 10am **

Firm blamed for Baghdad embassy flaws gains new jobs

CNN deserves a Peabody award compared to ABC's overnight news show

US Free-Fire Zones in Iraq

Schwarzenegger at Evacuation Site: "I Have to Say I Love This"

Video clip of fires as seen from space shuttle

U.S. Embassy Offers Cash to Victims in Blackwater Incident

Were Those Cruise Missiles Targeted? Did Anybody Check?

A lyrical refrain dedicated to CNN's coverage of the CA fires...

Housing Market Still Looking for a Bottom

San Diego area fire victims are not being allowed back to their homes so bush can have his photo op

Asking too much of too few

Eisenhower was correct

condi on the tube now...rattling sabres at iran....msnbc live

VPW: How My CIA Skills Come in Handy on My Book Tour

Bill Bennett says Iraq failure is a reason to vote for Republicans. WTF?

1955 'Origin Of Life' Paper Retracted By Author (After Cited By Creationists)

San Diego Wilfires: A Test? A Psyop?

The Goreacle: looking into the future with Gore Vidal in July 2002

Fucking Republicans, with CA. burning, they're still more worried about

It is a good thing that noone on DU would ever pull a Cheney

Government Regulation of the Skin Trade Is Starting to Look Scarier Every Day

When the Walls

Thu, 25 Oct This Morning: Hearing on the State Department and the Iraq War

Specter Sends Letter to Mukasey, Questions Nominee on Key Issues Raised During Confirmation Hearing

Virtual worlds threaten 'values'

Ill-Equipped Soldiers Opt for "Search and Avoid"

'Terror Watch List" now on Wash J.----"nobody minding the store"---no one really

Man from ministry bans Potter

A Thursday thumps its chest and hollers . . . "Please come CAPTION!!!!!"

Nadler, Delahunt to introduce 'American Anti-Torture Bill'

Voter Intimidation Prevention Act

New Fiore Flashtoon: "Lil' Happy Logo!" See what a new Logo can do for your criminal op!

It's never too early to be forever too late, . . . Please come CAPTION!!!

Interview with Dennis Kucinich; "Fear is not a basis to run a government in a Democracy."

New Documentary Film On Camp Casey In Post-Production (After Years When No One Would Help Fund)

Do most European countries insure everyone for about two thousand dollars per person a year?

Right-Wing (Natch!) Student Hounds Professor Running For Office (As Democrat)

Going to Cal-i-for-ni-ay, Posing for Photo-Ops Today ---pix--->>>

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Kucinich in the Health 08 Presidential Forums

In the House! today: Iran and S-CHIP

Army Acknowledges Leaking Beauchamp Docs To Drudge, Promises Investigation

TOON: Thursday's Doonesbury - Gore's Nobel Prize!

Processed food additives and pharmaceuticals: A question

Turkey: US will not stop Iraq incursion

Want to help top retired generals and military experts STOP the Iran War?

Frequently Asked Questions

sounds like Henry is going to be tough on the 'sleeza this morning

Meanwhile in the House: SChip

Updated 10-23-07: Historical Bush Approval Ratings (Current All-time Low 24%)

Why isn't Glen Beck or Fox News being called conspiracy theorists?

What if Nancy Pelosi is right?

John Lennon says to WAKE UP!!!

These are the times that try men's souls.

Time for a Kookie sale. Oral Roberts University w/ 55 mill. debt.

House Democrats propose tax overhaul

Former CEO Of U.S. Bulletproof Vest Maker Arrested (accounting fraud, tax fraud and insider trading)

Maria Shriver: Anna Nicole Smith Is Reason I Won't Return To NBC News

The Clinton-Pelosi Fault Line (Jim VandeHei)

So, why aren't these candidates wearing the Stars and Stripes in their lapels?

Codepink supporter arrested for flashing peace sign (Condi hearing)

Giuliani: "liberal newspapers have exaggerated" waterboarding

the California emergency response should not be compared to Katrina

White House Feels Waxman's Oversight Gaze

Send a message to Potrero residents about Blackwater

Baghdad Sunni teacher shot dead

Romney open to Iran 'bombardment'

AP: "Maliki has issued an order requiring his approval of any corruption investigations of himself o

So now CNN is talking arson on the fires.

Plame Wilson responds to questions by right wing blogs about her book

Tasers VS. Torture Revisited. Are Tasers Torture?

WTF is up with Contessa Brewer?

Make a plan, perpare emergency kit, figure where to go, how to care for family, pets.

Dem candidate: Warrantless wiretaps a 'victory' for terrorists

What will we tell the children?

the Reichstag Fire Decree and the Enabling Act of 1933

Which film is Schwarzenegger trying to reenact?

Damn, we're surrounded by goose-steppers ...

Faculty positions open at American University of Iraq!

UN chief: violence against women surges

Are airstrikes in Iraq reducing U.S. fatalities?

Looks like the racist bigot might of been correct: "Illegal" immigrants arrested at Qualcomm

Illegal immigrants who join the military can become legal US citizens. But not their children

Bomb Iran? U.S. Requests Bunker-Buster Bombs

*Official* Condi Rice Testimony At Oversight Committee Thread (Live Webcast Link) THREAD #3!

A Nation Downwind: A-bomb testing program's guinea pigs get a voice onstage

21st Century General Stike -- A Modest Proposal

Defining Rudy. This shouldn't be too hard. The difficult part will

one thing about these bush* people they have no problems with blaming their predecessors

A question about Homeowners Ins policies in CA.

Question: Who was responsible for Rumsfeld and Cheney's rise to power

Ret. Gen. George Joulwan opened his mouth wide - wow

"The Secretary has followed the LAW" says Repug Davis-HIS PROCAMATION

People aren't stupid

Suburban Mom Catches Terrorists On Her PC & Puts FBI to shame. Why are we wiretapping?

Who are the terrorists?

*Official* Condi Rice Testimony At Oversight Committee Thread (Live Webcast Link)

Paul Wellstone, R.I.P.

BBC: Italians 'cannot try US soldier'

Iran is a complete instant replay of Iraq

Air Force One lands at MCAS Miramar, San Diego. If you can stand looking at Bush, here's live video:

Gore Vidal: liberals do not understand their own interests

Under Siege, Blackwater Takes On Air of Bunker

Condoleezza Rice

Will lower polling Dems eventually endorse Edwards to beat Clinton?

Head of State Dep't Anti-Corruption Office in Baghdad Is A Paralegal

Only 70 days until the Iowa Caucuses:

Wonkette "Save Jesus' Birthday with Bumper Stickers"

Condi speaking live on tv: U.N. imposing sanctions on Iraq

Impact of Bush's costly war in Iraq on fighting terrorism

Blackwater: Uncle Sam's mercenaries are creating insurgents in Iraq

Alabama man stabbed outside Mullet Festival

Regarding Elections in Cuba

Laura Bush:"no matter what you might read in the newspaper, people do appreciate the gift of freedom

The Prince and The Frog.

"Lessons Learned from Katrina" - Dana Perino

Not-So-Horrible Thing Happens In Iraq

Terrorism is specifically EXCLUDED from most Home Owners' policies...

Deer Hunting With Jesus

I just got a "registered" no less democratic survey

So as I follow the threads regarding the condi hearing...

Local CBS: "Cheney Nods Off During Meeting On Calif. Wildfires"

*Official* Condi Rice Testimony At Oversight Committee Thread (Live Webcast Link) Thread 2

Tasting soot and defeat

A Tax Plan as Trial Run for ’09 Law

White House to divulge surveillance papers to Senate Judiciary panel leaders-no filibuster?

1,093,964- $462,690,665,233- $2,400,000,000,000


Did you know this is Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week - I shit you NOT

Kucinich: Bush Wants More War, This Time With Iran

House just voted on their 2nd revised SCHIP just now. I do not know the outcome

Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld to re-unite on Terror Tour

State Dept. promotions show ‘a perverted system of government’

Cheney Nods Off During Meeting On Calif. Wildfires - video link

Who feels more passionately about the Abortion issue? Democrats or Republicans?

Swords into plowshares...

54 reasons to Impeach Bush

Condi Rice's response

Bush's new poodle in Britain backs US on Iran sanctions

Is google down.

Dana Perino and "Global Warmings Health Benefits"

Hope rises in California, as winds begin to subside - (Dial Up Warning - pic heavy)

Anyone know why Oil is at $90 a barrel again?

Coulter:"only 6,000" American soldiers will have to die in Iraq for 10 years without "another 9/11"

Ecuador wants military base in Miami

CT Poll for Binary Thinkers

CNET: "Coming next week - A tax on your e-mail?"

Former Bush General Wants Privatization of National Disaster Response

Caption President *Compassion*

Poverty the greatest environmental threat: ex-WTO head

Is there no end to the shameful hypocrisy of right-wing hate radio?

Thoughts and prayers appreciated for

Red-headed Neanderthals? DNA says yes: study

Those fires here in Southern California ........

Che Guevara hair lock to be auctioned

True Democrats who have always stood against Shrub's war with no apologies, enabling, or complicity!

Emails, controversial topics, and contacts between the public and congressional

CSPAN 1 the house is considering a new SCHIP bill that bu$h* has already vowed to veto

An Inconvenient Smear

Mark Fiore: Blackwater gets cute?

The situation with Turkey really is worse than it appears.

George just put the blame on the Katrina disaster response on Louisiana's Governor

Thompson Downplays Iraq Insurgency... (Nixon was right)

Desiree Fairooz, Former School Teacher - Background On The Activist (Fort Worth Weekly Feature)

Our Open Letter to Harry Reid - No Immunity for Lawbreaking Companies!

What's going on with SCHIP now?

HEADLINE: Bush visits California, DISMISSES Katrina comparisons

FR: Fred Thompson Prefers Not To "Flaunt His Brilliance" LOL!!!

Clinton Could Lose Nomination _ If...

we never learn-- Same Jerkoffs

And now for something we can all agree on - the TSA must be abolished

I really do believe in the United States more than anything.

Thursday TOONS: The Nutcases in charge

Suuuuuprise, Suuuuuuprise! Bush to veto new SCHIP bill

Does George Have a Thing for Firemen? ---pix--->>>

$38 Million Computerized Accounting System Proving Useless in Iraq

In His Words: Giuliani on Torture "Well, I’m not sure it is either."

Q: Why should Republicans be on the bottom during Sex???

We are not going to forget you in Washington DC

Veterans Cemeteries Ban Flag-Folding Ceremony

My parents had to wait in line while Bush dined with firefighters

IFOAM Condemns Violence Against GMO protesters

Prosecutor: Mom Pierced Girl Over Sex Issues

CAUTION — Cheney going hunting this weekend.

Under Siege, Blackwater Takes On Air of Bunker

Final Passage of SCHIP NOW on House floor - we need 13 more votes

Rice calls corruption in Iraq ‘pervasive’

A new bullshit propaganda email making the rounds (about Chavez)

Viewpoints - from Al Gore

What I think of Condi's testimony today!

Did bush ground firefighting planes during his photo-op?

Second Court Ruling Redacts Information About Interrogation

Oil up over 90. Real Estate in the Crapper. Dollar in the dumper.

Code Pink should leave the Democrats alone!

Woman whose previous home was destroyed by Katrina now has home in direct path of fire

Did The White House Miss A Chance To Catch OBL Again? (Intentional or incompetent?)

Santorum speaks at Terrorism Week at UPenn

George W. Bush's Resume

valerie plame on hardball - catch the replay

Boy are these repugs in the congress freaks

COLORADO ROCKIES All Christian Story Not True - It's A Year Old

Pelosi just got on House FL to gavel: 265-142 Schip passed (for now)-goes

Help DU these polls - conservative student hounding Democratic professor

Fox News puts kibosh on McCain 'Woodstock' campaign ad.

Catholic School Bans Harry Potter

Crashcart Cheney nods off during meeting on wildfires...(VIDEO)

So waving your painted hands in front of Condi is assaulting a Federal officer

Never Apologize for Telling the Truth Pete, Nancy, George and WW III CINDY SHEEHAN

Bush honored Kelly-for-nyah today.. and most missed it

Listen to Paul Wellstone

Caption this * pic

Bush Preaches Democracy, Proposes Tyranny The Fraudlent War on Terror By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

Ron Paul leaves third party door open an inch

Bush Makes More Sense

Former Bush General Touts Privatization of National Disaster Response

Media and perceptions

BREAKING President Bush has been Terrible

is mccain implying that if you were at woodstock or a kindred soul, that yu r less patriotic than he

The Democrats *DEFAULT AGAIN* on a judicial nomination

The crying game: male vs female tears

Webb: Lieberman and Kyl bring ‘Cheney element’ to Senate

Hey there, Georgy's Girls

Where did that story about Bush Christening his Nukes go?

Fun with Senator McChinless' office

Welcome to DemocratUnderground.

The War on Halloween

FCC Hearing Shuts Out the Public In Rush For More Media Consolidation

I Thought karendc's Code Pink Post Should Be Posted Separately...

What I wish Al Gore would do

Good map and stats of fires from L.A. Times

"Further evidence that a Giuliani presidency would be like Nixon on crystal meth"

Save the planet? It's now or never, warns landmark UN report

If Al gore is NOT going to run, he should hint strongly that he is going to run

Master of Disaster ---pix--->>>

Burma and Haiti Comparing the Canadian Government and Media Response

Psst.. Meet me at the Paris Hilton in Hanoi

Internet tax moratorium extended

AP: "It's Clinton's Race To Lose"


Yes or No. Who thinks the thieves story from San Diego was racially charged?

Only Do-Do Heads believe Conspiracy Theories...

Great article on hunting and hunters...

"It is dangerous to hope that the absolutely worst Republican gets the nomination" LINK

Military Recruiting Via Text Messaging?

HOw do you find out if you are on that 755k list of watched air travelers...

Laura Bush Slams Newspapers on 'Freedom' and Iraq

So is there a videotape of Osama bin Laden claiming victory and Jihad in the CA Firestorm

Turkey: U.S. Won't Stop Iraq Invasion

Chris Dodd for the Hour on Meet the Press

Who'll rescue homeowners in the housing mess?

Code Pink story coming up on CNN

Lou Dobbs & Co...Suggesting with Heavy Breathing that CA Fires started by Arsonists

With Democrats like these, who needs Republicans?...

McClatchy: U.S. ignores angry reaction to secret poppy spraying test

Ryan Crocker explains the U.S. problem in Iraq: JAM (Jaish al-Mehdi)

Rocky Anderson - a reminder of some REAL Democratic Spine!

Presidential Candidates Respond to California Fires

LOL - The GOP is voting for the scariest Democrat!

Valerie Wilson is on with Tweety right now

Satellite Photos Show Cleansing of Syrian Site

The events during the fire are slowly creeping out.

American public no better informed today than two decades ago.

STUPID PARENT OF THE YEAR: Mom helps cheerleaders grab boys' beer

Banking at school?

Valeria Plame on Hardball right now CT

Newsweek: Why California's Wildfires are America's Future

Rosa Brooks in LA Times: "President's Remarks On Iranian Threat Suggest He Is Psychotic. Really."

Blood & Rice

digby: Privatizing The Constitution

I'm hoping Valerie Plame runs for public office some day.

Bush has on a bullet proof vest I bet a million

Belgrade High bans convicted sex offender from school

Five years later, Wellstone's legacy lives on

2 Months Ago-Bin Laden's Butt Was On Camera-But Bushco Chose NOT To Pull The Damn Trigger

Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, the Constitution, are under attack

Jackpot or Mistake? Man Sues Over $1.6M 'Jackpot'

It's not a "bottom" or a "correction" or an "oversight" or even a "boo-boo"

Why minority-owned media matters By Sens. John F. Kerry, D-Mass., and Barack Obama, D-Ill.

He won't say 'I told you so . . .'

Cheney falls asleep during Cabinet meeting on wildfires.

Elizabeth Edwards on Al Gore's new CURRENT "Viewpoints" net site feature:

Can we have a discussion about kids and POT...Marijuana? Would you let your child smoke pot?

In unprecedented move, administration declares a foreign military branch a sponsor of terrorism

Maher the entertainer. Comments, questions, concerns?

The Waxman Cometh: Rice Hammered By Dems During Iraq Hearing

So if Dick Cheney can sleep during high priority meetings then...

The Politics of Eavesdropping-Dem candidates threaten a new surveillance bill

*Official* Condi Rice Testimony At Oversight Committee Thread (Live Webcast Link) THREAD #4!

Deluded Judge Suggests Domestic Violence Victim Wanted to Be Hit

Do you know any people like this??

Top Democrats: Mukasey Nomination Hinges on Waterboarding

Fred Thompson Campaign Bleeding Staffers


Why does Asshole always have to have his little podium?

Does anyone really think that Cheney is going to leave his Emperorship?

What's in DU's halloween candy dish?

The Nation: If Gore Were Arrested...

The First Shot in the Second Battle Over SCHIP by Rep Louise Slaughter

If President Cheney Bombs Iran, will Hillary's Iran Vote Cost Her Iowa? (POLL)

Right wing front group Family Security Matters releases '10 Most Dangerous Organizations'

Holy hell, Whitey Bulger spotting---maybe.

Republican bullies and Democratic cowards

Al Gore praised at French environmental top summit

IMPORTANT: WH Offers Surveillance Docs To Senate Judiciary

A Message from Paul Wellstone (D-MN) to the Democratic Congressional Majority...

Why the secrecy with the Syrian reactor....?

Why is McCain running against Hillary Clinton?

White House Civil War (Gore v. Clinton)

F.Y.I. the authorities here in Cali told people to leave their pets inside houses & barns

Preschooler faces expulsion from Christian school over hairstyle

Stephanie Miller "skinny" comments...

Dodd Would Decriminalize Pot

Movie about "slightly scary" Judy MILLER transforms her into sizzling sexpot & REAL JOURNALIST!!1

Answer these questions and maybe save the world...

Al Gore email

FBI agents shoot dead 'arsonist' as police reveal California fires were started deliberately

The real difference between NOLA and San Diego

Code Pink wins one.

shithead just buzzed my office on the way to his photo op..

Why did some evacuees leave their pets behind to "die"'? I saw this "Christian" family

Colorado Rockies Only Hire Players Who Are Born-Again Christians

US soldiers shy from battle in Iraq

Will Gore Get Arrested?

Is Chris Dodd After Harry Reid's Job?

Huggy Bush ---pix--->>>

Pit Bulls Kill Miniature Horse Donated To Cancer-Stricken Child

Who Reads What Newspapers?

Waxman on Rice: "I think there was a huge gap between what she said and reality."

US Peace Activist, Retired Col. Ann Wright, Detained at Ottawa Airport

Awww..whattsa matter, Princess?

When liberals protest, they are loud, rude, obnoxious, and in your face

Iranian nukes little threat to Israel says foreign minister and a former Mossad chief

HILLARY'S WARS: Plan B for Iraq and Iran

30th Anniversary of Bernstein's Famous Article- "The CIA and the Media"

Ed Schultz saying time to replace Reid with Chris Dodd for Majority Leader

Regarding TSA's new proposal requiring 72-hr gov't permission for Americans to fly domestically:

Burning lemons make hot lemonade.


Hagel: New Unilateral Iran Sanctions ‘Escalate The Danger Of A Military Confrontation’

Tonight's full moon is biggest of the year

Update the Hate Mailbag, please!

The United States of AT&T Wants Satellites Now, Too

**October Photo Contest - Finals**

Breathing theories

Hurray! Feds rescue box of food and water from being stolen by 6 illegal aliens at Qualcomm!

Wow! Did you guys see Biden at the health care forum? I thought I've heard

Corn Cob: $186,813! Thank you everybody! net


What Biden said was 100% correct

Everyone who wants do defend Obama's recent actions, check in

Jesse Jackson Jr. cuts ad for Barack Obama

E&P: 'NYT' Editorial Board Blog Takes A Semi-Serious Look At Stephen Colbert Candidacy

Don't expect a huge GOP voter turnout in Southern California.

A Reply to Democratic Fund raising email.

Rice: U.S. will cut off Iran's 'malignant' actions (Reuters)

New doubts endanger 9/11 health bill (AP)

What really separates the democrats from the republicans is

They shot ,fired and killed someone in relation to arson in CA.

Clinton to add 100 Iowa staffers

Will Unspoken Biases Affect Voting?

In three months this will all be over.

If only the Republicans would be as concerned about simplifying

Ecuador's president on US military bases in Ecuador

Interesting data regarding the black church and gays (BET)

CNN producer defends Beck's suggestion that Blackwater opponents "hate America"..........Write CNN!!

MSNBC: "Giuliani’s team includes a prominent neocon who advocates bombing Iran as soon as possible"

Which Democratic Candidate Would Win On Jeopardy?

Hillary doing well with 'really macho' unions

Obama luring ex-Bill Clinton aides

Clinton Wants Better Family Policies

Hillary Clinton: My life at 60

Giuliani is a dangerous man.

The Republicans hope we'll nominate HRC! Wait -- no they don't. Wait -- yes they do. Wait....

Quote of the week.

Isn't today the 5th anniversary of Paul Wellstone's death

Is America being taken over by fascists?

Is Obama not doing anything this week positive?

Proposal to Exchange Michigan Primary for Caucus

Redstate just sent out email blast to defeat SCHIP vote today>>>

It's about Selective Outrage not Fake Outrage. Many DU'ers can't seem to grasp that simple point.

Green Online Marketplace Launched - Bid For Green

A response to Congressional Democratic wimpiness--my two cents' worth

Please vote up this Valerie Plame Wilson 60 Minutes story at yahoo.

Cheney Snoozing While Rome Burns

Maybe we should have a new term called "liebermans"

Hilary will NOT be nominated in 2008!

The Democratic caucuses in the House and Senate are far more to the right

Hillary doing well with 'really macho' unions

Can we all agree that the polls have become a meaningless game?

MSNBC, CNN and FOX: : The Surge is Working

Giuliani support slides in state (Ca.)

Its not about outrage, its about piping down and giving your votes and money.

New Hampshire: Hillary 43%, Obama 22%, Edwards 14%

GALLUP: Analysis of Support for Barack Obama (He has highest net favorability of any candidate)

Obama on OBAMA-GORE 2008

"Democrats in Congress: The Cowards of the Country"

I will not support her, but I will all other Democrats.

Cute. Look what the RNC has cooked up for Halloween

Which Democratic congresspeople vote with the Republicans most of the time...

Does anyone else remember asshat Racicot in 2000

Obama luring ex-Bill Clinton aides-Many view candidate as face of future

Barack Obama and the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Clinton Could Lose Nomination If... (AP)

War costs up to $2.4 trillion by 2017; Administration uses S. Korea as example of long-term presence

Senator Obama on Bush Announcement on Iran Sanctions

There may be a hidden upside to this whole Iraq mess

Clinton statement on the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act

We're Sorry Too, Pete

Happy B-Day, Hillary!

And so the election season begins... for 2010!!

Most likely the Iowa caucuses are Jan 3rd, and people don't care about politics during the holidays

Pelosi: Rising Cost of War Adds to Depth of Tragedy in Iraq. WELL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

NYT: Cost of 1990s S&L crisis: $240 billion. Subprime Mortgage Meltdown estimate: $400 billion

I don't support Clinton

Washington Post article, only Six Dem candidates with Iran views

Iowa Caucus Primer

The definition of "Primary Masturbation"

Clinton, Schumer Announce Full Senate Approval of $55M to Expand Health Coverage for 9/11 E.Workers

Iowa Democratic Party to Recommend Jan 3 Caucus Date

Kucinich: Bush wants more war -- this time with Iran

Clinton defends her lobbyist money

Environmental Group Backing Edwards

Pete Stark is not a collaborator with bushco

Neighbors to the North denied access to US based on border Googling

I hate to say it, but I think we've lost the 2012 election.

How many more "Liebermans" are left in the Democratic Party?

Mitt Romney.....gaffe machine! Let's take a nostalgic trip reviewing them!

ABC News has emails from State Dept re: Blackwater!!!

Obama wants Al Gore in his administration

Congressman Tom Davis's wife is a scuzzball politician of the first order...

Obama ..many African-Americans agree that gays are "trying to kill our children"

Bill Press: Obama should throw McClurkin OVER the bus

CNN reporting five NYC crime bosses voted on Mafia hit on Rudy in '80s

Edwards Introduces Plans To Stand Up To Big Insurance Companies That Hurt Rural Seniors

Dodd, Edwards, Obama criticize * admin on Iran

Candidate Reviews - Abortion

Meet Justice Ginsburg's replacement (Elena Kagan)

We are now at the point where the Democrats should not let one

Really Strange Bedfellows: Mitt Romney and Bob Jones III

Which presidential candidate has the best sense of humor?

If Hillary Clinton does not take a leadership role in preventing war with Iran

27 Man Pile On!

$1.9 Trillion For Iraq War, Says CBO. What About Housing,

Name a policy you wish your candidate would embrace

Breaking: Iowa picks Jan 3rd

What is the best site to find info on the candidates

What Biden said was 100% correct -according to the US Dept of Education

Boxer and convicted wife beater Floyd Maywather Jr. attending Obama's event

What's the value of outrage when

Romney takes on Clinton 'family values'

The United States of Abuse

2004: HRC calls on Bush: Do not feature Donnie McClurkin at your convention!

Des Moines Register did a breakdown of candidate investments in Iowa

I am starting to see a lot of racism on this site in reference to Obama

DCCC attempting to screw another grassroots Dem

Gay Pastor Invited By Obama to Open Gospel Concert Is White

Single-Payer Health System Only Solution to Health Care Crisis, Kucinich Says

Why is McClurkin supporting Obama at all?

Defeat from the Jaws of Victory: Gay vs Church Food Fight

Everybody Still Beating Each Other Up Here

Should Barack Obama remove Donnie McClurkin from his Gospel Tour?

Is Edwards the True Anti-Hillary?

"a great many African Americans share Pastor McClurkin's beliefs."

Was Hillary naïve in voting for the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment?

Why the McClurkin issue will not be a Major MSM news story...

Hillary To Support FISA Filibuster; Oppose Iraq Funding

Edwards: GOP 'Bush on steroids'

Edwards to cross 99-county threshold

The Rude Pundit - Democrats in Congress: The Cowards of the Country

So, why did Biden said this?

I'm not a big HRC fan, of course if she's nominated she gets my

Obama Advisor Greg Craig: Clinton's Iran Stance "Naive"

Edwards Statement Calling On Senator Clinton To Stop Enabling George Bush's Path To War With Iran

Obama Campaign Releases Open Letter From Supporters On Controversial Reverend

Scientists frustrated over 'Edits' of Global Warming Report. Original 14 pages; WH version 6 pages

At what point did Kucinich "jump the shark"?

Is Edwards the True Anti-Hillary?

Hillary Clinton on Fifth Anniversary of Senator Paul Wellstone’s Death

Obama is making me really, really nostalgic for Jessie Jackson

Dear Senator Obama: This is not a CHURCH/GAY paradigm

Christian "ex-gay" group calls on gay activists to stop "promoting hatred" re: Obama concert

At what point did Obama "jump the shark"?

"I am a church-going Catholic who is morally opposed to gay marriage and abortion, but"

Was Obama naive for not showing up to vote on Kyl-Lieberman?

Senate passes Kyl-Lieberman 76-22 on 9/25. Condi rolls out unprecedented Iran sanctions 10/25.

Edwards: Stand Up To War With Iran

Rasmussen: Michigan: Clinton Soars, Granholm Struggles

Why do repukes vote as a bloc, while Dems do not?

Barack Obama's support for LGBT rights far outweighs Donnie McClurkin singing at one event

to those DUers minimizing the outrage from the GLBT community