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Archives: October 24, 2007

What The Republican Revolution Has Wrought:


A century ago, the super-rich had to contend with class warfare.

The Nation: Whatever Happened to the Eight-Hour Day?

BUSH, HUNGER AND DEATH - by Fidel Castro

Specific suggestion : General strike

Scientists See Coal As Key Challenge

Warming said to have potential to wipe out most species - Reuters

Expert: Warming Climate Fuels Mega-Fires

Little Green Lies

J.K. Rowling: "Dumbledore is gay"

Suu Kyi rallies planned worldwide

New Chrysler contract rejected by largest Kokomo UAW local.

Markets: Food Makers

Blackwater: Fallujah deaths unavoidable

Castro claims Bush could spark WWIII

Years as first lady propelling Clinton ahead, poll shows

Democrats Were Targets in Inquiries, Panel Is Told

States Set to Sue the U.S. Over Greenhouse Gases

French parliament adopts DNA bill

Senate reverses Bush's budget cuts

Bush offers to bomb Kurds

Bush to Warn Cuba on Plan for Transition

State closes Murray Morgan bridge (Tacoma, 'life safety concerns')

GOP congressman asks immigration to raid Democratic senator's news conference

What to cook during a raging wildfire....

If Rice-A-Roni TRULY is San Francisco's "treat," then what the HELL does that tell you?

Where TF did Bertha go?

I found out tonight my life is going to be cut short, (New Ice Cream Store)

Here's a Sample of Threads in GD Re: The Lounge


I'm a horrible person.


Pet parrot alerts family to house fire


listen to this and tell me it ROCKS

Should the Lounge secede from DU?

DUCK! DUCK!'s the new CD?

LynneSin - Are you going to the UK to see Led Zeppelin?

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Avery IPA

Do you think I'm shellfish?

Should we send Dr. Steve-O to "dewussify" Congress?

I believe the shellfish people FAIL the dupe check

whoa! night of the living coffeecat threads....

Nobody in the E/E forum cares about my new sigline...

Do you think I'm sexy?

Have you ever wished he was gone

This one's for XemaSab! (and all you other love-to-watch-birds-dance people)

Just got back from seeing 30 Days of Night

Anyone ever get a DepoMedrol shot?

Good knight; lunge! n/t

Do You Think I'm Shelfish?

Hey Loungers! Got any good recipes to use up a lot of fresh ginger?

Kitties are going to die on Thursday

Alyssa Milano is going to be on "My Name is Earl" for a few episodes

You SF area Californians are living the good life.

There is a weird thing that happens when I phone certain businesses...It goes like this

I posted in GD about the power of the corporation in America...if you want to check it out...

My sister had her elbow repaired today.

&%$#@!!! Earworm!!!

whoa! night of the living copycat threads....

Some help here, please...How do I scan a document into my computer?

Anyone happen to know what a pain in your right side.....

I'm getting used to ignoring that my roommate is in the next room when I am having sex!

I miss having 4 seasons!


I miss having 4 play in the next room where it sounds like my roommate is having sex

Do You Think I'm Elfish?

I've made a fortune from the comfort of my own home, selling recordings of my roommate!

Good Night Lounge

I'm watching an old Ronald Reagan movie.

Did Atlanta and region get any rain out of that system?

Satellite view of the CA fires

I miss having 4 skin

Cool...Dr. "Bones" to dress as Wonder Woman in Halloween themed episode

Do you think I'm shellfish?

Are explosive dress shoes worth the money?

Do you think I'm shellfish?

There are horror flicks, and there are horror flicks

The fire(s)...from afar

Am I a dork for laughing at this picture as hard as I did?

Sam Adams Octoberfest...

I miss having four teeth!! nt

The Lounge Is Now A Sovereign Nation...

I'm getting used to ignoring the sounds of my roommate having sex

With help from my fellow Loungers, I scanned in an "Olde-Tyme" photo that I took


Ryan Adams - The House Is Not For Sale

The path to victory

What do Conservatives Need in Life?

Olbermann: Valerie Plame Interview

Olberman: George Carlin - 'This Country's Finished'

Listening to pain instead of responding to hate

"A market-driven recipe for disaster"

Divide and you shall conquer

LIVE NOW How Neocons are directly attacking Western civilization (NovaM Radio)

Oh this oughtta be good!!

Two Dead in Shootout at GMO(K) Corral

Independent frontpage: California Burning

Gore supporters fall short in effort to put him on Mich. ballot

Interesting difference between Keith's opening and Billo's

Craig's campaign funds his lawyers

Winner KO worse person award

On KO: Sorry Sight, Rep. Stark forced to apologize for remarks regarding shrub

Truth to Power.

Rudy and the Rotten Radios on 9/11

I got my question answered, thanks.

Should we send Dr. Steve-O to "dewussify" Congress?

Best live coverage of San Diego fire situation is at

Killer McCain will shoot Osama from the Straight Shooter express bus

George is funny



San Jose council snuffs out smoking at city parks

Plame outted Intentionally...because she was getting too close to success...

Whoops -- Hillary strategy posted online

I am SO DAMN GLAD Valerie Wilson is on our side

Yet another reason why CNN's Beck really stinks. The only

If Democrats Won't Even Stand up for EACH OTHER...How Are They Going To...

Peace activists to test U.S.-Canada border policy again

Has Anyone watched Frontline tonight?

Breaking on MSNBC: the fire is 0% contained. nt

Why Does DU Hate "Rich People"?

Anyone watching Frontline?

Romney makes Obama/Osama slip

Bush Administration accused of interfering with Global Warming testimony

Lindsay Roberts' article on SLUT (Sad, Lonely, Unlovely, and Troubled)

Bizarre cow deaths

CNN "Planet in Peril"...

WTF? Duncan Hunter just said on Abrams that he has OVERSEEN the NG

Oh shit! George is going to Cali.

Wow! I just experienced a post getting locked for the first time, not mine. n/t

Civil Disservice: Conservatives' contempt for bureaucracy shows that they are not fit to govern.

Senate reverses Bush’s budget cuts.

Trick or Treat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A republican would have never said he was sorry

Disappointed in Steny Hoyer so far as House Majority Leader?

I'm going to try and explain where I am coming from.

Senate passes health funds that Bush opposes & he opposes HEAT asst. for the poor!

For fans of Alaska's ongoing corruption scandals...

On John Elliot

I'd honesty rather the Democrats be spineless wimps

Please everyone........

UnitedHealth Group Concedes Nearly 11,000 Medicaid Children

Why not call the PKK terrorists... >

So Cal Fire Victims in Bush's America

DoD to carry out 'military missions' during pandemic, WMD attack

Interview w/Reese Erlich: "Iran Agenda: The Real Story of US Policy and the Middle East Crisis"

950,000 Californians on the move

Human Rights Campaign issues ultimatum to Obama: Fix it or else!

Law and Order tonight- "torture" in Iraq comes

Are the neocons right? Are all those under the Democratic umbrella unable to defend one another,...

OPUS has an embarrassing secret.

Only on Faux - Immigration connected to the fires in san Diego

Wow! I just experienced a post about a post getting locked that was locked!

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Please please, will everyone send a email to Rep Stark saying thank you for standing up to the

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich ("Super Capitalism") on with Tavis tonight

"there is the ... objection that if we don't reward people with huge incomes society will fall apart

Off Topic Question About Computers

Bush Announces Videoconference Photo-Op Weds, SoCal Photo-Op Thurs --->>>

What is the Latest Weather for the Fire hit areas?

Have you said or written anything censure-worthy in the last week?

Did anyone else see Dan Abrams

I am SO fucking sick of business as usual.

Making lemonade out of the Stark circus... See ya at the protests!

NYT Op/Ed: Wrongful Prosecutions At DoJ Over Past Six Years Should Be Rectified

San Diego Stadium Houses Fire Evacuees

That Airtanker 910 is an amazing piece of machinery

Katrina taught us valuable lessons dealing with the California fires

The smoke clouds can be seen here in Phoenix.

Do any states ban paid signature gatherers for ballot measures?

Dick Thornburgh (Bush Sr. Attorney General) Slams Gonzo's DOJ

Amy Goodman: Hold Politicians’ Feet to the Fire

FireMap - Site is Slow - be patient

NYT: Condoleezza Rice gives $4 BILLION a year to private security contractors

Here's a question. How many people on DU don't like

So have any Republicans asked that INS agents do a sweep of Qualcomm Stadium yet?

Blackwater: The New Praetorian Guard

Arnold on Nightline says the people of California are happy and

Should she have divorced him, after he cheated?

Use of Contractors by State Dept. Has Soared

Lesson I've learned from the Socal Fires

Republicans, gun nuts allow guns to be sold to terrorists

Shrub quote of the Day.

If only looks mattered....

Cash-strapped Americans raiding their 401(k)s

Why are San Diego folks called "evacuees" and New Orleans folks called "refugees?"

e-mail I just got. 25% off for evacuees at Hotel Atwater (Santa Catalina Island)

Hey Anderson Cooper, how would a magician have made it to the Superdome?

Ok folks, just went over to Chicano Park to give them some

Sacred Cows: Irrationalities of the right and left.

Monday 22 October: 81 dead

“I worked too hard for this. I'm prepared to die in my house.”

How many Nat'l Guard troops are in Iraq and missing from CA , where

UnitedHealth Group Concedes Nearly 11,000 Medicaid Children

my 1112th ltte printed today.."Support our Veterans"

My brain can rationalize better than your brain!

Wonder how the RW will apply their 'Shock Doctrine' to the

Anyone watching CNN? "Planet in Peril?"

Olbermann, Olbermann, Olbermann! Jeeze, bite me

Why Does DU Hate ---- (fill in the blank)

Word Association: Post The First Thing That Comes To Your Mind When You Read The Words...

Best Ann Coulter joke I've seen in a long while.

There is maybe 48 hours to a settlement in Turkey.

Fire currently unstoppable: "will go all the way to the ocean" says San Diego Fire Captain

Why did Valerie Plame's coffee mug on Olbermann say "4W?"

I dreamed that Gov Arnie died in the fires

In the Dark ---pix--->>>

I'm willing to give my party one more chance in Nov 2008...

Colbert 08'

California Drivers watch out for National Guard at checkpoints without Reflective Vest

We need someone to replace Pete Stark in Congress

Katrina, CA Fires--how the media wants us to be divided

Reprise: Rep. Pete Stark should shut the fuck up...

ONE MILLION Californians displaced by forest fires - may God help California

Frontline starting now (9pm CDT) on PBS. About the march to war with Iran -- must see!

Anyone watch CNN "Planet in Peril"? How was it? n/t

911 Radio Problems – Giuliani's Role Detailed

An extremely difficult issue, but one that probably needs to be discussed.

they shouldn't rebuild--they know it's going to burn again.

For those who may be affected by the California fires ...

Map of San Diego fires as of 6 p.m. PDT (dialup warning, 700 kb)

I am going to bed

Cops giving out radar guns and encouraging citizens to tattle on neighbors

So really...what do we do if these nuts actually go ahead with an attack on Iran?

New Perspective on the Stark Truth....

PHOTO: Laura Bush poses with breast cancer survivor . . .

Why not have civil unions for all committed couples?

There is an infection in America, corrupting it to its very core...


heres a funny about Hillary

Who Said This?

About Lesbianlife: Obama's record on Gays

Senate GOP puts price on a blue-state tax cut

Let's hear it for the GD-P Mods!!!

Duvall Patrick Endorses Barack Obama in Boston

Will Videos Like This Become An Issue For The Rude(e) Campaign Or It Just Useless Trivia?

Candidates Wives Forum

Red State Update: Dick Cheney's family tree

I care what you think about gay (human) rights, not what you think of being gay

Photos: Barack Obama rally tonight at Boston Common with Governor Deval Patrick

Yeah, so how many people rallied with Obama and Patrick? Just over 9,500.

Tonight on FRONTLINE (PBS): "Showdown With Iran" (On Now!)

Poll question: Your opinion of Nancy Pelosi (Part II)

Iran , Podhoretz, and Ghouliani...

New Radio Ad: Obama carrying Jesse Jackson's legacy

I never understood Log Cabin Republicans before this week

What Would It Take?

The reason the Repubs were all over Hillary in their last debate ....

Barack Obama, the bigot, on Gay Civil Rights

Is there any data (or even CW) on distribution of GLBT support among the Dem candidates?

Can someone post what McClurkin has actually said?

Poll: Years as first lady propelling Clinton ahead: Support increases; leads Obama, GOP hopefuls

Hillary says She MAY give up SOME of the excutive powers by Bush

How Much Support Does Arnold Still Have In California?

Important words from Gov. Deval Patrick that YOU need to hear

LA Times: Hillary 48% Obama 17%

Gov. Patrick gets 2,000 messages Offering to Help Obama in NH

Most homophobic Dem candidate?

How Hillary Revived the GOP

Why the McClurkin issue is so personal for me

The St. Louis Cardinals are failures.

What does the democrat* "leadership" gain by humiliating Pete Stark?

The truth about what Hillary said on giving up Presidential powers

Maybe it's too late, but let me apologize. Please accept my apologies.

LA Times/Bloomberg: Obama slips under 20%...Hillary up by 31...

Which Democrat Would Win A Survivor Series?

Something you should ALL be thinking about:

Okay, I'm officially embarrassed by the democratic leadership....

Obama: I will filibuster FISA bill if telecom immunity is not stripped from it

Do any non -Hillary supporters want to hear what the rw says about their candidate?

Does it bother anyone...

Wake up People!! The Senate is set to confirm a judge who 1) thinks the N-Word is not a slur; and

Do You Want Undocumented Workers To Get Free Emergency Medical Care

No, there is not hate coming from both sides (or why some Obama defenders are wrong)

Who is the most politically calculating, war-mongering Democratic candidate?

Human Rights Campaign issues ultimatum to Obama: FIX IT OR ELSE.

Hillary opens up on romance with Bill

should Bush have canceled this gospel performance?

Do you want UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS to get driver licenses? Rep. Kucinich

Tilting the Scales of Justice

The collapse of Bush's foreign policy

Attn: Patriots!: What Must Be Understood

France's proposal for a "Mediterranean Bloc"

European center-right leader gets Turkey right

Wiretapping at Its Worst

Turkey Kills 34 Kurdish Fighters in Northern Iraq

AlterNet: Emotion Trumps Logic in the Voting Booth

David Sirota: H-1Bs And the Triumph of Buypartisanship

Robert Scheer: War Costs Spiral Out of Control

‘Pink’ Protestors Greet Secretary Rice With ‘Bloody Hands’

Turkey's army won't invade

Maureen Dowd, Madness as Method: Dick Cheney's craziness IS U.S. foreign policy

Amy Goodman: Hold Politicians’ Feet to the Fire

Ann Coulter to Speak at USC for Islamo-Fascism Wingnut Awareness Week

The American Disasterscape

Rudy Awakening: Giuliani would grab even more executive power than Bush and Cheney.

War Costs: Even Worse Than You Think

Prison Crisis: Will California Spend More on Jails Than Universities?

When is torture not torture?

World War III and the Moment of Truth for Democrats

Administration of Torture: A Documentary Record from Washington to Abu Ghraib and Beyond

Lawbreaker in Chief

Andrew Greeley: Why Those Who Love America Are Feeling Brokenhearted

Bush wars to cost 40 times higher than original estimates 8K per

The NeoCon Endgame to Control the World

A Diamond In the Rough No More

Endgame for Iraqi Oil? The Sovereignty Showdown in Iraq

Rudy's Pants On Fire - Village Voice

Chalmers Johnson: Bush's Response to 9/11 Was Deadlier Than the Attacks Themselves

U.S. "undoubtedly in recession" (reuters)

Berkeley, CA, USA: Mayor Proposes Solar Financing Plan

"Greening the Grid" in California

Many supermarkets, including Hannaford, strive for sustainability (Maine)

Shiseido Puts Best Face Forward with Solar Power (NJ)

Are so-called "bioplastics" green?

Chile to Lay Claim to Piece of Antarctica

New Plastic Could Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Nevada Republicans Voted to Endorse Coal-Fired Power Plant

Slide Show: Instant Housing and Designing for Disaster (WIRED Magazine)

States Set to Sue the U.S. Over Greenhouse Gases

In natural cycles, why does warming cause big releases of CO2?

Honda Plans To Crank Up Volume With 2009 Release Of Hybrid-Only Family Sedan - Reuters

China Turning To Non-Paddy Rice - Needs 50 - 70% Less Water, 30% Lower Yield - Reuters

Study Suggests Climate Tightly Linked To Major Extinction Events In Earth's Paleohistory - AFP

Australian Food CEOs Forecast Potential Tripling Of Food Prices In Next 5 Years

BP Projecting Late 2008 Startup For Long-Delayed Thunder Horse In GOM - Rigzone

(x-post from LBN) White House Denies Editing CDC Testimony - AP

Case Western Engineering School Study - Peak Oil By 2010

Wind Energy

At the Poles, Melting Occurring at Alarming Rate (WaPo)

Inhofe Warns of Global Warming Laws

White House caught editing climate change report

What A Relief! With Party Congress Over, "Economic Growth Still Comes First" For China - ENN

China Turns to Dry Land Rice as Water Crisis Looms

Analyst: Saudis can't meet oil productions goals

Energy Watch Group issues a major report on Peak Oil

What happened to Dead_Parrot?

Arctic Sea Ice Anomaly Graph Recalibration Pool- Place Your Bets!

San Diego Stadium Houses Fire Evacuees

Spirit of San Diego - Stadium becomes party atmosphere for refugees

The collapse of Bush's foreign policy

Live coverage of San Diego fires - very dramatic events unfolding

Fewer think US adequately thwarting terror

European center-right leader gets Turkey right

S Korean spies admit 1973 snatch (of Kim Dae-jung)

Democrats unyielding on health plan cost

Report [Waxman] critical of Medicare drug plan costs

U.S. envoy: Japan must stay in anti-terrorism fight

Noriega's race soars as Watts drops out

10000 People gather for Obama Event

Iraq revokes security contractors' immunity

Existing home sales plunged in September

New Plastic Could Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

self delete

Limits don't slow trip perks for U.S. lawmakers

Mortgages cause $7.9B write-down, loss at Merrill Lynch

Blackwater call for cameras denied (in 2005)

Rice Says Iran an Obstacle to U.S. Goals

CIA agent who helped kill Che Guevara to sell icon's hair

U.S. General Outlines Baghdad Security Handover Plan

Navajos spurn uranium mining

Conoco unit pleads guilty to hiding Alaska spill

Student Pleads Not Guilty to Bomb Charge

Turkey Attacks Kurdish PKK Militants Inside Iraq (Update1)

State Department Security Chief Resigns (Blackwater oversight)

Democratic Senate confirms Bush judicial nominee

Rice admits errors on Arar

Iranians Gain From Crisis Over PKK Attacks on Turkey (Update1)

Stopping Hillary from the left

Are Democrats too confident about 2008 race?

Motorcyclist Arrested For Arson In SoCal

Bush offers to bomb Kurds (for Turks)

Item in War Request Stokes Fears of Iran Strike

New sentence for Chile spy chief

U.S. CBO estimates $2.4 trillion long-term war costs

NASA Faces House Hearings on Air Safety

Corruption May Hurt Mexico-US Drug Plan

Existing home sales plunged in September (Record 8 percent decline)

Oil Prices Surge After Decline in Inventory

Senate GOP puts price on a blue-state tax cut

Ambulance got lost, took dead runner to wrong ER (Chicago Marathon)

Tsunami Warning Issued in Indonesia after 7.0 Earthquake Strikes

First lady is favourite to win Argentina election

White House alters CDC climate testimony

Kerrey says he will not run for U.S. Senate

Stocks tumble; Dow drops more than 130 (dampening of Corporate profits report)

Use of Contractors by State Dept. Has Soared: But few officials oversee contracts

Bank of America to cut 3,000 jobs, review investment bank

Levin fires new salvo in primary war

Iran to buy from China 24 fighter jets based on Israeli technology

State Department Official to Resign in Wake of Blackwater Criticism

War costs may total $2.4 trillion

Arson Probe Launched Into SoCal Wildfire

Southwick Wins Judicial Confirmation

Fugitive caught after 28 years

Police shoot and kill suspected arsonist (Cal State San Bernardino:)

Woman confronts Condi Rice with 'blood' on her hands

La. legislator Says FBI looking at Nagin, Jefferson

Panel Pushes for Nominee to Denounce Technique

Terror watch list swells to more than 755,000 names

Cops cleared in 'Don't Tase me, Bro' case

Teacher who attacked base had death wish, FBI says

Contamination from depleted uranium found in urine 20 years later

Reporter Jailed for Having Gun at School

Oklahoma lawmakers object to gift of Qurans, return their copies

(Dana) Perino: It seems that Congress is run by Code Pink

Jonesboro School Shooter Back in Court

Gay Minister Joins Obama Concert in S.C.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 24

Bush is the biggest spender since LBJ

I miss having four braincells

uncle datasuspect will make it all better

Imus having four new sponsors

It's my 7885th post evah-- Ask me anything!

Goodnight everybody!

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (10/24/07)

It's my 85th post evah -- Ask jeff30997 anything!

Many have seen this, but I can't stop laughing at BBC (janitorial applicant put on air accidentally)

Kid jokes of the religious variety...

Poodles for Breast Cancer Awareness


I found the keys to happiness!

I don't like spiders and snakes...

I miss having four dimensions.


It's my 100th post evah-- Ask me anything!

I just saw Billyskank off to his train...

Need advice: Whether or not to go out of town for Christmas

It's pouring out right now.

Can some people post some positive thoughts here because I'm ascard the world it coming to an end.

OK Yankee Fans...Please cap yourselves

USB Flash Drive recommendations? (Manufacturer, etc.?)

I miss having skin.

Ever get a "If looks could kill" look...

Sects Thread (UM try to make it clean......K?)

I am sooooooo tempted to end this madness right now.

Hey, I've got an idea. Let's play tag with GD.

LynneSin called me a, and I quote, douchebag, breeding, minivan driving,

Midlo - round up the posse!!! Time for some work!!


I did something last night I'm not proud of.

My roomate is such a frickin' snoop

Does GD ever have Copycat threads

my bf does not keep up with current events but sometimes he surprises me

Red Sox Are NOT Morally Superior to the Yankees

I am sorry S. Cali-but here comes the rain!!!!

CONFESS!!!!! The heinous crime of heresy you have 2...3 last chances

I really need to vent (long)

BREAKING: Britney To Sing "Toxic" With Oscar on Sesame Street

I Need To Vent

Fairytale Generator: make your own story and post here.... link at the bottom of my fairytale.....

Some Days are Diamonds...

I've joined the late 20th century - laptop and WiFi!

Something good for a change!

My 11-month old hath the power to assume a pleasing shape

House showing today, midterm tomorrow, final and a paper due next Tuesday.

Well, this was fun, but I must be going. Off to the middle school

Lets discuss this important issue: Why is Thomcat such a VOYEUR?

I'll have a Grande Decaf Mocha Frappuccino with Non Fat whipped cream

so i was watching Entourage last night

Albus Dumbledore anagrams to 'Male bods rule, bud!'

Universal drops Robert Rodriguez remake of "Barbarella" (they refused to let Rose McGowan star)

Thoughts about San Diego Fires... Posted

sooo anyone else notice the DU NEEDS YOU sticky is gone???

Britney fans form intervention group, encourage you to "not buy her stuff until she's better"

Refresh my memory....

Should LSK be banished from the Lounge Island - Your vote determines LSK's fate

You Cant Hurry Love

Life is lost without LostinVa here in the lounge

World Series poll for fans of neither team

Controlled Experiment

One word describes Drew Carey's performance as TPIR host: subpar.

Radio Lady Discusses: I'm going to a preview of "Dan in Real Life" on 10/24/07.

Interesting how successful you can be when you set goals rather than simply set out to "succeed".

WOO HOO! The paper endorsed me!

Mmmmm....Toaster Schnitzel.....

Just once I would like to hear a sport star thank Quetzalcoatl...

What are some of the strangest/weirdest books you read?

Dumped oil painting 'worth $1m' (BBC)

Anyone watching this week the World Series

Sooo the World Series starts tonight,.,,.....

I like you

I'm craving caffeine, and chocolate just ain't doing it.

So a co-worker lectured me about coming at work

Your indulgence please

do mods generally get tombstoned after a consensus is reached by all the peoples?


Mmmmm....Wiener Schnitzel.....

do people generally get tombstoned after a consensus is reached by all the mods?

So, apparently, we're in a civil war with GD now...

Happy Birthday, Ava!

I love and adore My So-Called Life

Have you shown your receipt lately?

New Mods list up in GD

Bird watchers vs gay men seeking sex in public park.

I'm not doing anything

Police: Middleton teacher had sex with student

Do people generally get stoned after a consensus is reached by all the mods?

SOOO, how do I get real political outside of GD and GDP?

John Rutsy is NOT morally superior to Neil Peart

Help! Why won't Youtube work on my computer anymore?

***** HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ava! Sweet Sixteen Plus *****

Mr. Lablah, Mr. Bob Lablah

Confirmation of Lounge supremacy

Is it a Keith moon tonite?

Natalie Portman Treks To Learn About The Endangered Mountain Gorilla


BREAKING NEWS: Natalie Portman Abducted by Crazed Mountain Gorilla

They say I have ADD, but they just don't understand.

My sweet 18 year old kitty cat

I am morally superior to all of you and everything else.

Red Sox Are NOT Morally Superior to White Briefs.

Red Hot Chili Peppers are NOT morally superior to the Monkees

A new freeperism: "Santana Winds"

Here are 2 pictures

Delaware is NOT morally superior to Maryland!

I'm morally inferior to all of you...

Is it a full moon today?

Larry Craig is orally superior to all of you.

First off, I just want to say, I hope everyone that is being affected by the flies...

the AL is morally inferior to the NL

Do people generally get stoned after a concert... who took the chips?

peck peck peck peck peck peck peck

RimJob is NOT morally superior to Skinner!

your favorite yankee...

Things that make you go WTF???? I give you REPO! The Genetic Opera

pick pick pick pick pick pick pick

Bored? Depressed? All around sad?

I am Mother Superior to all of you and everything else. - n/t

Did you know? Middle school kids are making references to 17-year-old TV comedy programs.

Acid is superior in every way to crack.

Arson suspect killed, another arrested

The Lounge Is Morally Superior To GD

I am going to a debate tonight!

Methinks that I am healed!!


Keith Moon is NOT morally superior to John Bonham

I just got Bruce Springsteen's new album on VINYL

Giuliani commits baseball blasphemy: He's rooting for Red Sox

I know this will seem like a silly question too, but what exactly do folks mean by YMMV?

Poll: Should the Lounge have a moratorium on ohiosmith?

I miss the Kids in the Hall...

Dickensonian heck-hole.

I have a great idea for GD thread.


See I Was Right


It used to be you hated a ball club because they were the fuckin' ENEMY

I may be an addled wretch but what does ..-. ..- -.-. -.- / -.-- --- ..- mean?

An old cartoon I found:

So A Co-Worker Lectured me about coming to work drunk

Look, this is probably an utterly retarded question but what do people mean by WRT in online forums?


Remi The Wonder Pug Has Learned How To Open The Pantry Door

Pre Halloween Horror Movie Discussion Thread

Help- using a loaner office & I tweaked the browser

The wind is really blowing

So a co-worker lectured me about coming to work nude.

*** September Calendar Contest ***

This thread is going to sink.

Who remembers "alternative" papers from the 60s and 70s?

One year from today..... on a Friday

Who is your favorite Rock 'em Sock 'em robot???

daughter is working the red sox game tonight

Ok which one of you belongs to Shredder.

So a co-worker lectured me about coming to work sick.

Because I don't want to suffer alone...

Please to watch.

Holy Crap

Whatever you do, do NOT click on this thread!

Friends Don't Let Friends Buy Cheap-Ass Wal-Mart Cakes

Pics from my car wreck...

Cheeses Cripes

My mind is a raging torrent; flooded with rivulets of thought; cascading into a waterfall of

For our next sortie into GD, let's all post in Morse Code!

This is how exciting my life is-----

Reminds me of our cats, just not with a bat, they like to jump on my groin area to wake me up.

Oh, Sugar Smack! Come hither! ! ! !

Beer IS Morally Superior to Weed

I am writing off an Office convention

World Series Predictions

Man returns to Ore. to avoid Idaho jail

Massively Favored Red Sox Juggernaut To Play Scrappy Underdog Rockies

Well, I just finished book 47 in my goal to hit 50 for the year...

SoCal DUers - Anyone else struggling with the ash in the atmosphere?

Beer grabbing cheerleader from Mom's SUV

Some Hot Dog Trivia For You

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys And Girls....

what are your favorite high school coach quotes?

Lounge Vibes Requested

Silly Kittens!

CONFESS!!!! What was your cheap date of choice back in High School/College

Salvation from the vending machine

I just finished dinner, and I wonder (share your dinner!)

Mr. Dobalena, Mr. Bob Dobalena

I know this may seem like a silly question, but seriously, what does WTF mean?

Not a Red Sox fan, but I hope the Rockies lose.

Elephants + rice beer + utility pole = LESS elephants

Crispin Glover or Danny Glover?

I just found a gold mine for Nine Inch Nails fans


Discuss: How many days can you go without sleep and not go crazy?

My new tool bar has smilies

We need a Halloween decoration thread.

Radio Lady Discusses: Movie Trailer for "I Am Legend" in 1st Simultaneous Internet Release 10/24/07

Richardo Reviews: 'Michael Clayton', as seen at a Movie/Tavern Theater

Wednesday, October 24th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Geez, that Beowulf movie's gonna stink.

World Series, Game 1: Rockies vs. Red Sox: The OFFICIAL Thread

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/24/07 (warning: graphic language)

I am a guest at your house or apartment. What am I served?

i miss your mom

A heartfelt message to lurkers from GD

A Guy walks into this swanky bar...

So are we the North or the South in this civil war?

It's the Post Your Favorite Smilies thread


Poll: Should the Lounge have a moratorium on the word "fuck".

I'm certain this question will tag me as an irredeemable noob, but what does OTOH stand for?

Beer crushing boobs and nipple spoons too

In honor of Halloween post quotes from scary/horror movies

owwwwwwwwwwww cyst

Who is your Favorite Red Sox Player?

I made it on the front page of DU, everyone!

OK...This is sick...but I'm still laughing!

what should be the punishment of a teacher who says "fuck" in class

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/24/07 Bonus (by request: Charles Burkowski)

Beer is NOT Morally Superior to Weed!

Radio Lady Discusses: The GEICO TV commercials -- using past dolls as icons!

Perhaps I'm missing the point entirely, but when people reply to me with "LOL" what are they saying?

CONFESS!!!! What was your cheap drunk of choice back in High School/College

If the lounge is now a Sovereign Nation - what position will you nominate yourself for?

I Am The Lounge Emperor Now

i'm trying to find some GOOD desktop wallpapers...

The stupidist thing anyone ever said to me

In Defence of Dumbledore (article from Mugglenet)

Iraq Veterans Deserve More Than Post-Combat Negligence

Schwarzenegger directs Guard to battle fires

Current dwell time is not enough, Mullen told

BAE wins $15M contract to build thermal sights

Dems ask Bush to back wounded warrior bills

Iraq troop deaths drop sharply in October

Militants, civilians die in Afghan battle

Congress puts war funding bill on slow track

Thousands of captains take cash incentive

Navy helos join fight against wildfires

Women pitch monument for military families

CG names new plane ‘Ocean Sentry’

Alleged academy sex assault investigated

Tanker contract award delayed to Feb. 29

Submarine Ohio underway in Pacific

Outpatients move into new digs at Landstuhl

Army chief assessing programs for families at European bases

Nations seek to improve probes of wrongdoing

House Backs Plan to Reduce Vet Suicides

Castro Says Bush Could Spark WWIII

U.S., South Korea discuss cost-sharing

No. 2 at Minot not named new commander

Unraveling the confusion over buying ABUs

Anamarie San Nicolas Camacho, 114th fatality

Bush wars to cost 40 times higher than original estimates; $8,000 per man, woman child in US

IBM Italy - some news!

Today in labor history October 24

Waterboarding Demonstration on Olberman


George W Bush Battles Jesus Christ

California wildfires rage on

Teddy For President 1

Joe Biden on WQAD TV

Former Dean staffer talks about new Dean book, Mouse Pads, Shoe Leather and Hope

Bin Laden Leak

A Great Thirst Unquenched: For Armenian Genocide Resolution

Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK Arrested for flashing the Peace Sign!

I just checked out cable news and the only one covering the fires in CA

Fewer Think US Adequately Thwarting Terror

Dems should cast Bush's new war $$ request as a TAX INCREASE

Wednesday is hump day. . . . Come CAPTION Deadhead Fred!!!

Trillion-dollar war: Afghanistan and Iraq set to cost more than

Bush is giving a smirk-ridden and slurred speech on the evils of Cuba.

California: 1 Billion dollar Disaster. Iraq: 500 Billion dollar disaster.

San Diego Fires Made for Some Telling Photo OPS - or- As I See It

Yoiks! Cyril Wecht (JFK Warren Comm. doubter) targeted by Bush Jr.

I just listened to the last presser in San Diego

Shelter locations/phone numbers (in case you want to donate stuff or time)

Out of the mouths of babes

Geologists: Collier Glacier is shrinking

North Carolina is sending National Guard to Calif, three C-130s... LINK

Fallbrook CA being re-evacuated; fire approaching I-5; Julian in peril; Mt Palomar ablaze

1300 Homes Lost in Calif Fires So Far... Where will they go after the fires burn out?

Pete Stark was my hero, so I was disappointed when he caved. And he did.

This country has lost its Goddamned mind

Germans release Iraqi Kurd terrorist after four years

Iraqi Refugees Turn to Prostitution

Three different responses on Congressional Phone Lines yesterday.

Polish election-winners pledge Iraq pullout - US missile deployment for Poland on hold

Juan Cole @ The Collapse Of Bush's Foreign Policy

Rhode Island's small, but imagine one third of that state ..burned up

Independent: Afghanistan and Iraq Set To Cost More Than Vietnam And Korea


When Feingold attempted censure of * in the Senate

The fight ahead.

Want to gag early in the morn? Rep. Mike Pence on CSPAN

Op-Eds for Sale

Tilting the Scales of Justice

I understand that Fredo Gonzo has lawyered up.....

O'Reilly falsely claimed Edwards is for "abolition of all anti-terror measures"

apologize to the Bush Crime Family? Apologize to their Thuggish/Sociopathic Child?

"The jury will disregard that remark" - Stark

Were there any Democrats in the house who voted to censure Stark?

Newsday referred to Romney as "the family values candidate"

Alternet: Wiretapping At Its Worst

Rep Mike Pence (R-Natch), IN

Afghan policewomen face uphill battle

With all that is going on & coverage is about who Rudy is pulling for

SC evangelical leader withdraws Romney endorsement

Stop Comparing Qualcomm Stadium to the Super Dome

In 3 months the world will have a new citizen... with a terrible start in life

Eric Boehlert: NY Times spins Giuliani's colossal campaign flop

Is there any way what-so-ever we can give incentive to Democrats in Congress to do what's right?

Two point four TRILLION DOLLARS... All because of lies, waste and malfesance

10/23/07 * quote on the wildfires.

US air strikes kill 11 Iraqis, including 5 women and a child

NO Southwick

Following Drudge, media outlets seize on Obama decision -- years ago -- to stop wearing flag pin

Remember how our "liberal" media destroyed Gore?

If Bush bared his behind, and told all Congresspeople to *literally* kiss his arse, who'd be first

Corrupt Republicans trying AGAIN to split California's Electoral votes

What time is Condi appearing before the Waxman Committee?

What is the story abt the CA Lt Gov & Nat Guard Troops Stmt?

Our DU friends from California: Check In--how are you doing?

Bush considers solution to PKK: bomb northern Iraq

Brownie pimpin for a job giving advice on preparing for evacuations...

Open letter to Glenn Beck & Staff about the California Fires.

never mind

LAT : Why some averted disaster [govt regulation WORKS!]

California cities posting lists of homes, damaged and safe

Some humor for you folks in San Diego (and Malibu and ...)

"The Worst is Behind Us" (Fires, SanDiego)

Imagine going into the next election with one of our Senators caught wearing diapers...

FBI: al-Qaeda detainee spoke of fire plot

NYT editorial, Tilting the Scales of Justice: Political prosecution in Gonzales's Justice Department

The mentality portrayed in this toon astounds me

Young mother in Cali with three babies, loses everything - Send her words of Encouragement

‘Brownie’ available to talk about wildfire response

Progressive Policy Institute _ The DLC think tank

Nearly 5 thousand home forclosures predicted for the bay area alone in next year

China Cracks Down on Labor Abuse! 568 Workers Freed!!!

Still don't believe in global warming sparky?

Dumbass bush** supporter story thread

Use of Contractors by State Dept. Has Soared

The Phantom Menace: Iranian nukes

Michael "Brownie" is letting MSM know he is "available or interviews” to discuss the wildfire crisis

Wars may cost $2.4 TRILLION, and counting...

San Diego webcam

DELETE please as there is already a thread: Rice on at Senate Hearing cspan3 link:

Audit suspended, but State Dept. found justification to increase contractors pay to $4 bilion a year

Terrorist watch list keeps ballooning, nearing 800,000 names

Where in the world is karl rove?

I do not hate rich people

Is it just me

Each of us has forked out $8,000 for Bush's war...

Iraq revokes security contractors' immunity

Nearly 80,000 votes ... but where did Obama go?

Poverty Rate Grows Amid Economic Boom (Washington, D.C.)

Video: If the military had to use truth in their advertising.

Pelosi Statement on Senate Amendment to Cut HIV/AIDS Funding for San Francisco and Other Areas

Dear Dems: stop fucking apologizing for being right, for Christ's sake.

Is Gore polling? Fascinating new questions in latest Zogby poll.

Extraordinary Rendition = WH kidnapping

Better quality satellite photo of smoke drifting 500 miles (dialup warning 330 kb)

(American) Civil War Soldiers Spread Lies to Keep Spirits Up

A $46 Billion Slap In The Face

Senator Clinton Urges Closing Loophole in Dairy Promotion Checkoff Program

another Fl. beach goes toxic - Naples

All 10 Dems On Judiciary Cmte Write Mukasey: Denounce Waterboarding As Torture

Reid Hails Passage of Labor, Health & Human Services Funding Bill

For a Rebuplican, the only money worth spending is to kill people

religiously insane R. Rep. Mike Pence a paid Israeli shill

CA Guard Warned Of ‘Less Effective Response’ To Fires Due To Equipment Shortages Caused By Iraq

Novak still maintains Valerie Plame was not covert when he outed her at the CIA

McCain says that he will "follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell and. . . shoot him."

Statement of Sen Clinton on Administration's Request for Additional Iraq War Funding

Bill Scher: And Your Point Is? (Bush's "Over Half the Families in America Are Not Poor")

H.S. Football Night Games Ended Over Neighborhood Violence

Excellent interview on voting rights--listen tonight

Why Bush's debt will destroy this country, even if the people get political control

Spirit of San Diego - Stadium becomes party atmosphere for refugees

Which would you prefer

So, how will Paraguay fair in “the warming of the globe”?

Wiretapping at Its Worst

Rice to appear before Waxman Thursday, October 25.

Bush: OK, Southern California is a disaster now

* and cheney have a teleconference re: California Wildfires - pics

The collapse of Bush's foreign policy

CSPAN3 - Rice on the menu - starting now

To Prezdint Bush: Lotza Love from Southern California!

Ricky gets a platform:

Chinese workers dying for our toys

Reid: Senate Should Oppose Southwick Nomination In Name Of Civil Justice, Equal Rights

White House 'eviscerated' climate testimony

Old news, nevermind.... :>)

Does anyone know where I can find the "Feels Good" clip of * when the war started?

Turkish Warplanes Attack Kurds Near Iraqi Border

GOP scores big win with Southwick confirmation

Contessa Brewer, you are hereby invited to shove a burning eucalyptus tree right up your bony ass.

Romney Slipped?? What a complete lying shitbag!!!

SD fire evacuees not allowed to return home until after Bush tours area Thursday

Code Pink video: Confronting Condi

Congressional Dems have done the math...we don't count...

US Airstrikes Kill 11 Iraqis

Breaking on Faux: Barack Obama Captured on Tape Not Putting His Hand Over His Heart During Anthem

Pete Stark's greatest hits...

Breaking on MSNBC: Major correction

Caption Fred

Protecting Paulson's Pals The subprime collapse didn't bother the Bush administration, until Wall St

Bush/Cheney: A Resounding Success!

Romney loses support of former Pres of South Carolina Baptist Convention....LINK

Hillary on FISA

Senate Dems reverse Bush's cuts to education, health

At children's benefit, Imus flips reporters the bird, and shows 8-year-old son how to do the same

Southern California Boy Describes Wildfires - video

Look at this scumbag wingnut witch

Apologize to people who committed treason

Faux News just DAMNED the GOP's Credibility (War on Terra)

Southwick CONFIRMED!

Plame/Wilson reveals she did have fears about her husband's trip to Niger

Our children are not lost

Should NYCHA sell properties in high value areas to build more units elsewhere?

Help me remember....

Clear Channel Caller: "Duncan Hunter is kicking butt and taking Names"

TOON: Wednesday's Doonesbury

Have you submitted a question for the YouTube Republican Debate?

Lather, rinse, repeat: the cycle of lawbreaking

Iraqi parliament speaker says his country can't control Kurdish rebels

Percentages about available equipment for emergencies...Nelson and Boxer.

Bush escorts birds out of refuge to clear way for oil drilling

Jonathan Turley: Mukasey's confirmation: a vote about torture

Impeachment/Censure is off the table for Bush and Co., but not for liberal groups and Democrats.

Bush is the biggest spender since LBJ.

Acquaintance of mine crashes his plane into Mall Parking lot. (From the FT. Myers News-Press)

Congressional Democrats - stand up to Bush BEFORE he attacks Iran, not afterwards!

"Turkish Planes Bomb Rebel Positions"

How low is a 24% Approval Rating? Some referrence (funny!)

look at NYTimesdotcom headline:California Wildfires Have Burned 666 Square Miles

OK, So this Republican goes to New Hampshire....

Bush Touting Cuban Life After Castro (AP)

Americans have become as insignificant as they should be.......

Hey Bush--Quit putting troop in harm way.

CUBA: 95.4% of voters cast their ballots

Help - Freepers out in force in my local bashing Al Gore, Feminists and me

Anachist: Some asshole who fucks shit up in the streets and is too chickenshit to stick around

For everyone complaining about the Democratic Party and "no leadership"

Paso Robles Post Office again posts photos of local troops

Dana P just said that global warming will help save people's lives.

Southwick wins confirmation

Are we really the lesser of two evils?

Right Wing Wackos' Theories on the California Fires

Anyone else sick of local San Diego media making it sound like Republicans are doing everything?...

Blackwater Launches Campaign Urging Supporters To ‘Influence’ Congress With Misleading Spin

digby: The Art Of The Hissy Fit

Contamination From Depleted Uranium Found In Urine 20 Years Later

First off, I just want to say, I hope everyone that is being effected by the fires...

Chart Shows Blackwater Mercenaries Make $455,891 Taxpayer Dollars A YEAR!

Bob Kerrey will not run to replace Hagel in the Senate

I haven't seen this question asked - Do you think any of our

Why WOULDN'T Al Gore run?

"They" ?

No Joke: Colbert's Campaign May Run Afoul of Law

Right-wing spin: environmentalist policies responsible for larger wildfires

Prensa Latina: Bush Obsessed with Cuba Collapse

Sessions has been gloating on the Senate floor for 10 plus minutes!

Comity confirms a RW judge

What is the difference between Corportism and Capitalism?

Secretary Rice to Testify Before Oversight Committee (tomorrow)

She can't wait!!!

Filner is on Randhi's show

MSNBC puts a political spin on California fire coverage

BREAKING: Pentagon requests $88 million for 30,000 lb Iranian bunker buster

What if the Military had disclaimers like Pharma Ads?

Anyone hear Perino's press? Did she compare Katrina

MSNBC / Seasonal firefighters had been laid off

Al Gore Increases Awards Haul

Stark Trek

A message to GD from the lounge: Can't we all just get along

NYPost: Protester attacks Rice, tries to smear paint on Secretary

Valerie Plame Wilson: Executive Privilege and Its Selective Application

George Bush Videoconference Photo-Op ---pix--->>>

Condi finds her 'scapegoat'...just breaking news

Dear Pete Stark, thanks-

Bush Budget Request Raises Fears Of Iran Strike, Increases Funding For ‘Massive’ ‘Bunker Buster’

Let's hear it for sports fans!

Democrats need to stop pretending that the courts are a nonpartisan issue

Emergency bandwidth (frequencies) not released?

The powerlessness I feel as I watch the fires burn... waiting on mother nature to help

My hope for the presidential visit

Some information about the ecology here in So Cal

Barbara Boxer speaking in San Diego--local channel 8

Does anyone have a link to the Nightline Schwarzenegger video from last night?

I wonder if Bab Bush's "beautiful mind" thinks that those thousands displaced in CA fires

Duncan Hunter, this is the reason the Feds are having a decent response

Kerry: Roadblock Republicans Stop Senate Passage of DREAM Act

Tancredo hurls insults, invoking Khmer Rouge

Permit Building Fees already waived for Fire Victims (WHY, take this action now?)

Bishop Desmond Tutu speaking flap takes new turn

I must inform D.Rep. David Scott that I am not a child of god

More muck on Maher

Why did Bush attack Iraq? It wasn't for his amusement.

Rep. Nadler Joins Calls for Firing of DoJ Voting Section Chief

Will Hunt Oil Co. let Bush attack Kurds?

that BLOOD is 9-11 BLOOD too!

Bin Laden Calls for Jihad Against Darfur Peacekeepers.

Republican convention delegates, meet your homeless neighbors

A rant on the destruction of America.

Elimination of leaded gas correlated with decrease in crime

Jena Six video

Austin, Portland, Ore., San Francisco and Seattle are Top Blogging Markets

BROKEN: Faux News Claims Al Qaeda behind California Fires!!!!!!!!!!!

*** September Calendar Contest ***

Bush offers oddly timed attack on Cuba's Castro brothers

Holy crap, preacher owns his own 747.

WTF????!!!!!! How did this asshole slip by (Southwick)

North Carolina: Clinton Even with Giuliani, Thompson, McCain

It's the firefighters who deserve the pat on the back and donations, not the politicians

Caption this * pic...

2fer: Write the damned book, Sharon BUSH!!1 & BOIES defending Blackwater PRINCE?

It's time for Code Black, Code Pink is not enough; you can fly your pink flag...

Hey Obama supporters...

House to reintroduce SCHIP; CFA Video: “No health care for us, no photo ops for you.”

Earnings,outlook bright for defense cos.

Whats the latest weather suitation with the fires?

Did the Condi who is in contempt of a subpoena came and testify in

Fiengold said Dems would just cruise till next year and not bring up Iraq vote

Climate Change To Be A Top 2008 Election Issue/Al Gore In Austria

If you want to oppose Telecom Immunity, here is what to do & who to call

Note to Californians from a Floridian.

BRAD BLOG: Worse Than Katrina: Burned-up Residents Fault Officials for San Diego Devastation

Tancredo sends immigration agents to raid Durbin press conference!

i am not full of hate

I need a good google map of where the Witch fire and

How's this for a baseless accusation? FREEPERS started the fires in So. Cal.

Stopping Hillary from the left

Business dress irks (men)

Senate confirms nonimee accused of racism, Lott's tears of joy, Feinstein says end fight over judges

1,100 homes destroyed. Damages could reach $1 billion. -- Who did this fuzzy math?

Asking that the "Watch list/no-fly list" be re-examined under a Democratic president?

Re: Hate Crimes law from Sen. Levin

all he could see was his dreams going up in smoke....

Who knew that Barbara Bush was an award-winning quilter?

Another vote on SCHIP??

Has Dobson declared the fires the wrath of God yet?

repost-please drop a line to my editor-he will catch hell over my friend's column

Turkey has attacked Kurdistan

M$M...Continues to do NO vs SanDiego to make "their point!"

Blackwater, accused of killing Iraqis and tax evasion, begins spin campaign, urges calls to Congress

"Getting Jewelers To Clean Up Mining: No Dirty Gold Campaign"

Hateful Westboro Baptist: "Thank God For California Fires"


Happy 2nd Birthday To the HeadOnRadioNetwork!!!!!!!

Who do you worship is it...

Senators Kerry, Kennedy Introduce Senate Resolution to Honor "Little Rock Nine"

What is your sign that America has jumped the Shark...

Live coverage of San Diego fires - very dramatic events unfolding

Dear Resident Preztlehead Segway...

Planned Parenthood poll to de-freep

CIA agent who helped kill Che Guevara to sell icon's hair

All happy Californians - please check in here!

Rocky And Bullwinkle Verses Underdog= Bush verses_______

Biker Arrested, Accused of Arson in San Bernadino (CA)

Fire maps UPDATED as of 2PM PST 10-24 (Wed)

Frankly m'dear, I just don't give a damn

DU Has New Moderators!

Rant about my stupid stupid insurance company (aka WE NEED A NATIONAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEM)

Breaking: Iraq Revokes All Contractor Immunity!

LOL! "Me Eat Oxycontin!"

kpete Sends us a Report From San Diego. (Cross-Post From Election Reform Forum)

He's baaaaaaa- ack....

Who owns US debt? China, Japan, RUSSIA, SAUDI, and IRAN....

Let Me See If I've Got This Straight...(Osama/Bush)

Is global warming causing more, larger wildfires?

I'm calling Randi Rhodes out on some bullshit she spouted today

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Senate GOP puts price on a blue-state tax cut

BREAKING NEWS. Turkey just shelled inside Iraq according to C-SPan

As California burns, where is the CA. National Guard?

If you really wanted to separate the wheat from chaff

Dodd: Warrantless Wiretaps Are a "Victory" for Terrorists

Robert Scheer: America's Empty Pockets

FOXNEWS is claiming Al Queda set the California fires???

Another misconception needs to be put to rest.

"If Mukasey cannot say that the President must obey statute, he ought not be Attorney General."

Draft Gore fails to get enough signitures to get on MI ballot, now supporters want caucus

Which Democratic candidate would pass the stupid ''who I'd have a beer with'' test?

Arnold Schwarzenegger lied - my Yoga class was cancelled.

Privatizing: The theft of our tax dollars

"We can't stop it" (San Diego fires)....Losses could reach **$42 Billion**

Carville on Rather's Show: "I'll never get over 2000!"

Article about the Jena 6

One hand washes the other

About that Georgia water shortage

Wednesday TOONS: Someday, All this will be yours…

Want to help those in Southern California? Here's how:

An open message to George W Bush from: California

FEMA to California - SCREW YOU!!!

U.S. mishandled Arar case, admits Rice (time to cover up for lies)

9/11 Conspiracy group, are they a conspiracy themselves.

If George W. Bush could change the national anthem, what song do you think he'd pick?

House Foreign Relations Committee Policy: Not to arrest Citizen protesters - requests their release

Climate change may lead to extinction: Royal Society

List of pro-racism Dems who voted to confirm Leslie Southwick

Tomgram: Do We Already Have Our Pentagon Papers? (A Must Read)

Hey, folks, about last night...

Is Bush gonna try and blame terrorists for the fires in California

Baghdad to Bush: You Have 14 Months to get hand out of oil barrel & get out

Clues that the post you’re reading on DU might not be sincere

The POT the numbers.....

Don't f**king compare what's happening at Qualcomm Stadium with the Superdome

I think I understand the cause of our discord

watching GMA covering the victims of the CA fire, I'm struck by several things

RANT ON I don't know what is wrong with people

City Plans Halloween-Mask Crackdown; wearing a mask in public is a misdemeanor

Beck Blames California Wildfires On The ‘Damn Environmentalists’

Action! John Edwards / Wildfires

GREAT JOB Sen. Biden! Did you see the clip on Hardball?

As my county burns, the world peaks.


Dodd: "I'm not afraid to do this alone" (telecom immunity filibuster)


Florida puts forth plan to require evolution to be taught in schools

Kyra Phillips is once again making herself the centerpiece of the story she is covering.

We're Two!

Paul Wellstone's Iraq war speech 4:45

People who can't properly dispose of their cigarette butts are serious assholes.

Caller to Clear Channel Radio San Diego said "illegals" were taking donated supplies from QualCom

Aside from Richard B. Cheney, who else has committed treasonous acts while in this admin?

My Interviews with Elizabeth and Dennis Kucinich--Now on The BRAD BLOG!

Working Assets: Tell Your Senators: No Amnesty for AT&T and Verizon Lawbreaking

Keep in mind that Bill Clinton helped to resurrect a legacy for George HW Bush

American Kids, Dumber Than Dirt (Next Generation Might Be Biggest Pile of Idiots in U.S. History)

Um you did whut now?

Take their money, use their energy, but then distance yourselves from them.

CODE PINK - Putting Reality in Condi Rice's Face:


I posted 2 Biden threads

I just posted the video Joe Biedn on WQAD TV

Check it out -

Biden to Tea

There's already a thread on the Hardball piece, Pirhana - here's the link:

Be on the lookout -

Wanted to make sure all of you saw this

Just made my largest contribution yet!

Don't forget to boost Biden on today's straw poll:

I'm mourning my Wes Clark avatar...

Things That Make You Furious

Emory Professor: Emotion Trumps Logic In The Voting Booth

McCain nails Clinton on Woodstock museum

Self-righteous warmongers phony patriots

Am I understanding this right about the Blackwater employee relationship?

Memo to Maureen Dowd: 77% fo Americants wants more coverage of candidates positions on the issues

Ugh: Rudy Guiliani licked Pornography...

They loved her in Denver....

Presidential Donors Might Be in Diapers

Bonner's Hypocrisy and Keith Olbermann

Hillary catches Obama in fund-raising, leads in 30 states

Al Gore Will Not Be On Michigan Primary Ballot

George Bruno of New Hampshire endorsed Richardson

Is Clinton Actually Unelectable? Not So Much...

Voters Make Quick, Shallow Decisions, Study Suggests

Beshear Crushing Fletcher in Kentucky Race

Ritual Defamation (The Art of the Hissy Fit)

Former Reid Aide Returns to Help Democrats

On the Eve of Destruction By Scott Ritter

HRC leads challengers in Wisconsin (general election)

Message from Dennis on DFA Poll, Please Repost!

No Recession

Chris Coleman endorses Hillary Clinton

Just so there is no confusion on this endorsement.

Want a pocket sized copy of the Constitution?

Is it hypocritical for DUers to ask that Dem pols stick up for each other

Don't you find it strange that Hagel and Newt just dropped off the radar.

Want to hear something disgusting? You know you do!

CA Fires - Fema - Chertoff - *Co - And Taking Credit......

Guiliani, Values Voters and the NYTimes

DREAM Act Fails Senate Test Vote (AP)

The "No Difference" Report for 10/23/2007!

what if an arsonist started all these California fires?

McClurkin article in the Chicago Tribune

Glenn Greenwald's blog proposes solution to Obama problem: whaddya think?

Are Democrats too confident in 2008 election race? (News story w/ response poll)

Right now companies are legally using your own signature against you.

Barack Obama's honeymoon with the liberal blogosphere is over

Edwards Promotes Women's Rights in NH

Something our candidates (at all levels) can learn from GOP Rep. Tom Tancredo

The enablers strike again.

Dodd needs your help in stopping telecom immunity. Please don't drop ball. Time to be Proactive

George W Bush Battles Jesus Christ

Bummer: Kerrey not going to run for Hagel's seat.

who couLd have the greatest "anchors" in 08 eLections

Email just received from Chris Dodd re: Telecom Amnesty

Take a break: Caption this Pickles photo

What do "Balls, Spines (backbones)" have to do with anything...

"But WHY Are Our Dem Leaders Such Timid Wimps?"

Who is the better Senator?

We award three Pinocchios to Romney.---------

Who would have a greater "Coattail effect" in November '08

Eureka! The explanation behind Obama's campaign blunders

Hillary's Secret Weapon: Gerbils!

The Rude Pundit: San Diego Fire Evacuees vs. Katrina Evacuees: Who Ya Got?

BushCo has pictures of Nancy Pelosi in her underwear

Are Democrats too confident about 2008 race?

Republican as a dirty word- Repug/Rethug/Repuke

WaPo: Clinton Slips Social Security Questions

U.S. Inspector General may recommend prosecution of departed Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

Ya know that picture of the woman from Code Pink with 'blood' on her hands, confronting Condi Rice?

Does Congress understand from its all time low approval ratings that the people are angry?

Code Pink video shows Condi getting some treatment...

I think the DNC needs a watchdog unit to monitor the activity of Congress

10000 People gather for Obama Event


"Hillary Care" and "Socialized Medicine" - WaPo Busts The Liars At The GOP Debate...

Those scary Republicans - check out this email I got from them

Hillary Clinton on the California Wildfires.

I have been waiting for any info on Reid and

Bush Co-opted Christianity

Police cleared in use of Taser on student

Was there any follow-up on the latest "Bin Laden" video? Thanks. nt

Dodd attacks Edwards...on...something so relevant....a HAIRCUT! OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD!

Reuters Photo: Osama Finger + Monkey Mouth = 1 year 2 months 30 days 13 hours left

Which Candidate Would Win American Idol

Iowa's Butter Cow Lady, Duffy Lyon, Endorses Barack Obama

Senator Threatens to Make Michigan First...

Bloomberg/LA Times: Huge lead for Clinton as she kicks the entire GOP field's ass

Clinton's White House years become a boon

The argument that the McClurkin event is legitimate "outreach" is racist at heart

Folks, about this primary and caucus mess...

Why did Southwick's Nomination even reach the floor if the votes

Why exactly are there posts supporting Hegel?

TOON: How the debates go

Nice piece of video of the candidates wives conference

To Say That Obama Agrees with McClurkin is Asinine

Clinton receives endorsement from convicted wife-beater

I know you are, but what am I?

From Mydd: Is HRC giving HRC a pass?

Chris Dodd's new ad

On not voting in the general election: That's certainly your right

I may have been a little too strong on some of you Obama supporters...

I Love To Say It. We Will Win The 2008 Election

Former Sen. Rick Santorum Gets 'Philadelphia Inquirer' Column

"Ominous...eerie parallels between the debate about Iraq in 2002 and the debate about Iran in 2007."

I like Kucinich... I just don't think that America is ready for him

Dennis Kucinich supports racist hats

How's The Fux Business Channel Doing? LMAO!

Clinton 47 - The Ghoul 41 / Clinton 49 Thompson 38/ Clinton 48 McCain 38/Clinton 49-Romney 34

Our best candidate!

Was there a censure vote against Stark?

And so it begins: New PAC to attack Hillary from the Left

Hillary draws overflow crowd in Denver.

Interesting email I just received from longtime Dem activist:

Stopping Hillary from the left

Prior Permission from Government to be Required for Each Flight

Fox Thinks Al Qeada Set the CA Wildires?

The root cause of the deep unease about Hillary.

Revealed: the little-known device used to block Democrats in the House

(With the votes from 9 Democrats) Senate Confirms Bush Nominee to Federal Appeals Court

Poverty, Part One: Who is "Poor"? What Qualifies as "Poverty"?

Howard Dean: GOP Wants To "Neuter" California

Obama need to stand up for himself and not be intimidated by left-wing exclusionists.

NYC tabs not happy with Giuliani's flip-flop rooting for the Sox

Kucinich openly questions Bush's mental stability, weighs new impeachment effort

John Edwards: Talked, shook hands, I got the autograph, and the W Post interviewed me

An Open Letter to the Senate

We Got the Butter Cow Lady! We Got the Butter Cow Lady! Take that Hillary!!!!

An open letter to Al Gore

There's an anger in the land.

Senator Obama, please just cancel the McClurkin performance and move on

Biden to Teamsters: Bush Administration Has Waged War on Labor's House, It's Time to Fight Back

10-24 DU straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates

Other than the sliding scale for payment, this is my favorite part about Biden's healthcare program

Americablog: Breaking, Obama staff secretly trying to "grassroots" pressure HRC not to criticize him

Carl Bernstein: Hillary Will Continue Bush's Legacy of Secrecy

I like Edwards . . . but could Biden be the one to STOP HILLARY, war with Iran & Giuliani?

I hate to say it, but I think we've lost the 2008 election.

It's time to initiate a draft. Before we go to war with Iran and possibly Russia

Are you going to call the Human Rights Campaign and tell them not to criticize Obama?

Yowza! DUers! I'm in OpEdNews again! "Things We Saved in the Fire."

Email from Jimmy Carter's son, Jack

Las Vegas Review Journal: "POTENTIAL BLACK EYE: boxer in Obama's corner"

Watch: Obama-Linked Gospel Singer Performs At '04 GOP Convention, Sings About Bush

did anyone eLse attend the obama raLLy in boston?