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Archives: October 23, 2007

Free My Phone

Turkish official: US will urge Iraq NOT to oppose a likely cross-border operation by Turkey.

U.S. Denial of the Armenian Genocide

Science and Religion must unite to confront the biology of evil.

UK says will not use carbon revenues for climate - Reuters

Carbon output rising faster than forecast, says study - Guardian

Welcome to Argentine Doctors Graduated in Cuba

The women rebels who are ready to fight and die for the Kurdish cause

Government may waste anthrax vaccine

Barclays, RBS Line Up Emergency Fed Funds

Child Labor Persists in India Despite New Laws

Chrysler labor deal backed by secret product pledge

Suicidal Miami teacher attacks (military) policemen

Democratic job aid plan raises concerns-Labor Dept

Bush seeks $500 million for Mexico's drug war

It's about to be official: Rossi vs. Gregoire again in 2008 (Wash. gov)

Thompson talks of daughter who died

Audit Assails State Dept. Role on Iraq Security

Cheney, Howard 'did deal on Hicks'

Governor calls up Guard, asks Bush for military support

Oral Roberts says devil won't steal ORU

Electoral college measure resuscitated? (Calif.)

#$$##@^* Still not able to order Rockies tickets...a new announcement

Help me understand the Earth concept of parenting:

I didn't buy the DVD recordere on clearance! Ask me anything!

so how do you nominate


Post your favorite dream (even if not your own)

Will You Still Watch Price Is Right With Drew Carey?

No Baseball I can watch Heroes

Your OS offers to buy you a free upgrade

Your SO offers to buy you dinner

80+ yesterday, tonight it is supposed to drop to 35.

I suggested to the middle school principal that for the next dance

A video (animation) of the surgery that I'm having

I just made 8 dollars!! Ask me anything!

I love cable tv. I'm watching the Badminton World Federation Sudriman Cup from Glasgow, Scotland.

Baseball experts: What happens if a baserunner keeps leading and a pitcher keeps

From NorCal to SoCal - stay safe my brothers and sisters

Let this serve as a warning.

Is Monday night too early for a sex thread?

I don't care what the haters say, Phish were a damn good band!

Okay, all of you puppy puffing, lint licking cooties kissers

Great Halloween Graphic!

Don't be so shy- what are you REALLY trying to say?

Faux News strikes again...

Normal Is A Cycle On A Washing Machine....

Found some computer preformance art

Suburban and town dwellers. Are you having flea problems?

Cleveland, You Have A Lot Of 'Splainin' To Do

The BBC announces everyone in Monty Python were gay

Nicole Kidman announces that Tom Cruise is gay

Any one know about reactive arthritis? Husband diagnosed

I'm feeling's a poll from GD of my own spawning...

Ben Stein announces Bueller was gay

Anybody else seen this?

Tivoli Gröna Lund (lit. The Green Grove) is an amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden.

Champagne always *&*$(#@ me up.

My cat smells like the inside of a pencil sharpener

If the WWII era provided the US with the "greatest generation" - which generation is it's HORNIEST?

Ok The Big Bang Theory is quickly approaching Worst TV Series Ever status.

Gertrude Stein announces Alice B. Toklas was gay

So my kid defaced a magazine picture of Bush at school and the teacher saw it.


Is it normal to be disgusted by the sound of other people screwing?

For reasons I'd rather not say, my pencil sharpener now smells like cat.

Smack My Crack

Larry Craig announces everyone in the country is gay

I am tired- really, really tired.

Holy crap, dude. Jesus Christ Superstar fans- check this out:

So I just got "Bugsy Malone" from Ebay. Anyone remember that one?

I just got home... is everyone safe?

Marie Osmond just collapsed on Dancing with the Stars!

Hiroshima denounces Enola Gay.

When did Jones Soda switch back to HFCS?

Can you get sick by drinking pee?

Can drinking too much apple juice be bad for you?

TV's Miami Vice... Still good after all these years, or has gotten cheesy after all these years?

Do you know where your critters are?

William Shakespeare announces Mercutio was gay

Bands/artists you missed ( and you wish you hadn't!)

What do you think of Ugg boots?

Donald Trump says Angelina no beauty.

Orson Welles announces that Rosebud was gay!

Great sign seen on a house in downtown Tacoma, Washington:

MySpace has sunk to new lows.

Ice Cube, Ice T, Vanilla Ice, and Milli Vanilli

Any WWE fans watching tonight?

So many ugly posts in GD

What MrScorpio Game would you like to play?

You're stuck in a room with no windows and no doors...

The new Battlestar Galactica: Yea or Nay?

"God doesn’t give us more than we can handle."

William Shatner, Rocket Man - Because You Asked for It

What major bands have you seen?

Are expensive dress shoes worth the money?

Wanna see some kitty LUV?

Bullwinkle925 is a kitty mama!

How 'bout some dog pics?

I need a hug...

It's time again for.... the Impossible Google Game!

Lawmakers push labor-management partnerships (dissolved by President Bush in 2001)

Report Highlights How Verizon Neglects Communities, Fails to Provide Good Jobs

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine Joins Union Members in Voter Mobilization

Some firms replace offshoring with onshoring (jobs in US)

New company takes away union jobs, wages

Wabash factory plans November closing, cutting 600 jobs

You might be due overtime pay, even if you're salaried


Understanding SIV and the stock market

Christianity is Pagan

Dennis Kucinich at San Mateo Straw Poll

Keith O. to have segment on Plame

My husband is feeling his pain.

AEI's Joshua Muravchik on why to bomb Iran now

Nobel Laureate Al Gore To Attend "Green Bulgaria" Party Conference March 2008

Why have the Democrats so consistently enabled the Bush Administration over the past year?

Arson suspected in Irvine (sp)

Welp, Philie, this sucks.

Apathy is

Example of fires in Cali and how they can affect others:

Duncan Hunter to the RESCUE

The Publicon's debate on Fox Noise

So the winds are suppose to die down wednesday?

Check out DFA poll today -- Obama 9000+ to 13000+ today

The Ladies Love Old Man Thompson ---pix--->>>

Valerie Plame coming up on Larry King

"Al Gore is a dangerous scheme...."

"There are no available hotel rooms in San Diego." CH 8 News.

My friend's Blistering op-ed in my paper today-please write in support.

DU Poll re: Rep. Stark

valerie plame on larry king now n/t

Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies

There is a God. Or not. (???)

Could someone link the thread on which Zandor got tombstoned?

Actors Studio host Lipton was a pimp in France

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing faster than expected

Ever hear of National Youth Leadership Council?

BRAD BLOG: No Bush for Republican Candidates

The BMW Hydrogen commercial - what a load of crap

Dumbledore is gay says Rowling at Carniegie Hall to applause from the audience.

National Review Online: Bush, Cheney deserve Nobel Peace Prize

Hey, it's the first televisied New Zealand Parlaiment - Discussing Terror Bill NOW

Nearly entire town in New Jersey becomes Democrats

Huffington Post is astonished that "CHILDLESS Steve Martin Pens A Children's Book"

Suicidal Miami teacher attacks (military) policemen

Is there any relief in the immediate weather forecast for Southern California?

"Armed" National Guard to help in San Diego County

If you hate war, you'll love this video.

Caption needed!

Director of CIA Mike Hayden has a tic

To the California DUers affected by the fires: We're here. Just like we were for

San Diego fire webcam updated every 2 minutes

Re: Clarabelle Thomas and his fuzzy math. How does he figure his degree is only worth 15cents

"All summer, fountains sprayed and football fields were watered, prisoners got two showers a day"

Busholini had lesions removed from his face.

Get a grip, mofos (Zandor)

Let's figure this out: Do you believe that the US will bomb Iran before Bush leaves office?

As Wildfires Burn, Beck Flames Victims

Clinton’s Lead in Historical Perspective (Basically Unprecedented)

Just like Katrina....

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

REQUESTING. Live stream video-links to the CA fire disaster.

Latest Head-to-Head Matchups in DFA Pulse Poll: Edwards the Clear Winner

Global Oil Output Peaked in 2006 - German Think Tank

The Mods and Admin will not stop the derision of US natural disaster victims

I accidentally clicked on an ad here - suddenly found myself @ Mike Huckabee's web site

US Military recruitment advertisements before watching free cartoons on website

Excellent live video feed of fire coverage (KGTV, San Diego ABC affiliate)

Bush wants $46 billion extra for Iraq, while his own country is on fire?

Note to Clarence Thomas: No one can make you feel inferior without your permission

????? so who were the dummies that bought Rush's ebay auction?

Why does everybody hate the Kurds?

ConPlan 8022-2 (Contingency Plan 8022-2) Nuclear Option

America is broken.

As a soccer mom, I rarely get to use the words "punk ass"...

Don't you get it? "Successful" American lifestyle = oppression of somebody, somewhere.

Spelling 101: something even Spellcheck doesn't know

To register a complaint about Glenn Beck:

John. Freakin. Fogerty. On Letterman...WOW.

Prediction: Guiliani will pick Huckabee as his VP running mate

Report: Most of $1.2 billion to train Iraqi police unaccounted for

Another reason the National Guard should be here and not Iraq (or Iran): CA.

I've been a Donnie McClurkin fan for a long time...

Earlier today Qualcomm Stadium requesting donations

DOes anyone have figures on the cost of pumping water from the Great Lakes

Can we balance compassion for those who lose their homes with dislike for irresponsible development?

New Allegations of Politicization and Disenfranchisement by DoJ's Civil Rights Voting Section...

I had dinner with Ray McGovern last night

TV Newser: Olbermann Wins Demo Friday @ 8P & 12M

Any fires in Mexico?

Fark.. Less than successful campaign ads.. (we NEED a laugh)

All the redactions in Valerie Plame's book

45,000 Fallbrook residents evacuated

Oral Roberts says devil won't steal ORU

Goddammit Al!

A New Kind of Wage Slave

Slave labor is alive and well in American prisons. Why aren't people enraged by this???

What do you think? will Bush/Cheney go nuclear with Iran then do his sprint to the finish line

Witch Fire Update: 145,000 acres burned, 0% contained, 600 structures destroyed, 300 damaged

So the son of the attorney general nominee works for Giuliani.

Witch Creek Fire in San Diego County

Here is a map of the current fires in California (BIG 1.2 MB IMAGE)

Why was there a fatwa against Rushdie?

George Walks Down a Street! ---pix--->>>

Arson Suspected In Orange County... Can Someone Explain How The Rest Started?

Du'ers...are you considering leaving the country?

well well, lookie here (been waiting on this a while):

Phone Companies Seeking Immunity Gave Money to Senator

5th grade Halloween costume rules: NO cross-dressing. Interesting.

Prayers/Vibes/Goddess ...whatever Hopes! For our CA DU'ers who are close to Wildfires!

Recession, Depression......Worse?

I've decided that I'm going to write in Al Gore in the primary

Laura's out of town, looks like no one left to babysit Bush....what's wrong with his face?

Fire blogging on DKos gives a flavor of how desperate

Perhaps Rep. Stark’s Comments on Bush’s Iraq War Should Be Expanded to a Discussion of War Crimes

ACLU Announces Publication of Administration of Torture, a Groundbreaking Account of Prisoner Abuse

Rachel Maddow all over MSNBC every day!

Need Clarification of what I just heard on O'Reiley

What is wrong with Bush's face?

Mistrial in Muslim charity case; "strung together with macaroni noodles... was so little evidence."

God help me, and I know I'll be flamed.....

From Progressive Secretary: Support U.S. War resisters in Canada

George Bush Parties While SoCal Burns ---pix--->>>

Do the Great Lakes water resources belong to all Americans?

To the next jealous asshole who uses the phrase "million-dollar houses:"

Can the NRA be Beaten by an Empowered Lobby of Community Safety Advocates?

Joe Biden campaigns in Leon today -- Video links

Biden thread on the Greatest page and it's not even from any of us.

more Biden to Recomend!!!

Corporate Farming's Best Friend (How the Poor Protect Agribusiness's Subsidies)

Do HRC's Numbers Lie?

Blackwater may have engaged in tax evasion

Top three Democrats beat all Pubs in nearly every poll

Obama's Supporters Don't Want to See him go negative

thank you, chuck norris! (Chuck Norris endorses...snicker...huckabee)

Boy's Calls to 911 Lead to Mom's Arrest

Aging Uber Rightwing Freak Phyllis Schlafly Is Unhappy With Repub Pres Contenders

6.5 Years vs a Lifetime.

Obama Strongly Denounces Antigay Gospel Singer

If a Muslim or a Christian tells you that according to his religion

Electoral college measure resuscitated?

Breaking: Kyl-Lieberman vote will not cause nor prevent Bush from attacking Iran if he is determined

(Minnesota) State says no thanks to no-sex funding

HRC may be polorizing, but she should be able to win the Kerry states from 2004

1) Clinton should not quote Rev. Harold Mayberry approvingly in campaign materials...

Language Does Not Lie

Joe Wilson for Secretary of State

Fence to protect America turns out to be Made in China

Which candidate, besides Kucinich, has a better record than Obama regarding gay rights?

What Health Plan Will You Elect?

The Question: Will California get NOLA-ed?

Democrats luring Rural Republicans

I think I "get" republicans now...

Obama political legacy will be, "Some of my best friends are gay". Such a waste of political talent!

Why should Obama pull this McClurkin guy from the campaign event?

Obama Makes Pitch as Ethical Outsider

Just because I don't agree with your policy, Mr. Bush, doesn't mean

My biggest problem with McCloset is that he's a symbol for false hope...

Critical vote on DREAM Act coming Wednesday

What if Obama found out a featured attendee called being white "a curse" & "not in God's plan"

Did Countdown go down on anyone else? Did a test pattern show up a minute or 2 ago?

Which is worse or hurts more people?

The MSM only likes polling if it suits them - Hillary is "inevitable" yet Kerry exit polls flawed

Dark Horses Run Hard in Iowa

Clinton is my choice...

Why I HATE Hate crime laws....

Hi, I'm Jim Crow. I won the 2004 presidential election and I'm running again in 2008.

Blame Schwarzenegger & the GOP for the CA wildfire infernos

Important question: Have the other Democratic candidates criticized Obama's working with McClurkin?

Some Of Youse Straight People Are Pretty Fucking Kewl

Don't attack another candidate because you can't defend yours.

Concerning Vinegar, Honey, and the DLC

You STILL Can't Argue with Stupid

For the Gore fanatics who say the current CA fires are proof of Global Warming

This McClurkin Contreversy is laughable at BEST!!!

McClurkin: "I don't believe in discriminating against homosexuals"

To the LGBT community here at DU.

BREAKING: Obama says won't pull anti-gay bigot from big campaign event

Edwards appeared on that misogynist asshole Bill Maher's show. Where are the denouncements?

Chris Matthews on Joe Biden: "A wise man"

Kanye West Words about Bush PERFECT McClurkin Comparison

$5m wheelchair highlights US Medicare fraud

Audit: ‘Disarray’ on $1.2 billion Iraq DynCorp contract

Privacy Lost: These Phones Can Find You

GSC speaker: U.S. going about it the wrong way in Iraq

Antiwar Radio: Scott Horton Interviews Mark Danner

Who Killed Habeas?: "I" said the Meadowlark,



Midnight in America: the Mainstreaming of the GOP's Lunatic Fringe

What's at Stake in the Surveillance Debate in Congress

From 1/7/1992, Mike Royko, surprisingly, on Obama & Rudy

David Corn: Plamegate Finale: We Were Right; They Were Wrong

Bin Laden and the Neocons Do a Mirror Dance (While Most Muslims Stay Invisible)

Bill Moyers essay on free trade

NYT:: U.S. Prosecution of Muslim Group Ends in Mistrial (Holy Land)

Iraqis Weigh Limits On US Military

The Spies Who Shagged Your Fourth Amendment

Bush Administration Reveals “Details” of U.S. Military Subsidies to Mexico

Lawbreaker in Chief

Ralph Nader: The Imperial Presidency

Dead Men and Women Walking

Dumbledore Brave, Brilliant; Why Not Gay?

Cheney interfered 'directly' - terror plea bargain

The Long, Dark Night - Cancer & no insurance - by Bob Herbert

How Bush Wrecked Conservatism

"We're Not There for the Figs" - The True Cost of War for Oil

The Drudge Effect

America's war without end-These days, terrorism seems to be whatever the Bush admin says it is

Jim Hightower: Is a Presidential Coup Under Way?

Iraqis Looking to U.N. to Limit Bloody U.S. Mission

But WHY Are Our Dem Leaders Such Timid Wimps?

TO: The Free World - FROM: The American People - RE: HELP!

Obama the vote-whore with ‘ex-gay’ at his side

General Claims Bush gave 'Marching Orders' on Aggressive Interrogation at Guantanamo

MPs' concerns over UK carbon plan - BBC

(UK) Science chief urges badger cull - BBC

California to sue Bush administration over law to limit emissions (SF Chronicle)

Nature’s Little Rule Book

The Energy Minefield on Capitol Hill

The potential for renewable energy to deliver in large energy economies

crosspost: Blame Schwarzenegger & the GOP for the CA wildfire infernos

Indonesian Government Plans To Cut LNG Exports To Japan By 75% - Straits Times/AFP

Carribean Tourism Should Brace For Droughts, Stronger Hurricanes, Rising Sea Levels - WP

No End In Sight For Maryland's Withering Drought - Soil Too Dry For Crops To Germinate - Sun

Substantial Cuts In Water Use Unlikely For Coke & Pepsi's Atlanta Plants - AJC

As Arctic Ice Melts, Biological Boundaries Between Atlantic & Pacific Disappear - Nature

Dominican Government Planning Possible Traffic Restrictions To Save Fuel As Prices Soar

In Vietnam, Prices For Fuel, Food, Gold, Building Materials Exploding

(German Foreign Minister) Steinmeier: climate change growing threat to peace

Half of nuclear power stations closed for repairs (UK)

Spain's Reservoirs At 55% Of Capacity - Hydroelectric Capacity Down 3.8% Over Decade Average - ENN

Talking Peak Oil At The Rotary Club - Oil Drum

Depleted Uranium Contamination Found in Urine 20 Years Later

Hopes for coal gasification ride on one project

'Bioplastics' seek market niche (AP/CNN)

Global warming in Chile threatens industry, water supplies

Leaked Document Shows Gordon Brown Likely To 86 Renewable Energy Standard For UK - Telegraph

4 Yrs. After Water-Saving Campaign Began, Atlanta Can't Even Measure If It Worked - AJC

SoCal Alternative Transportation Expo (photos)

Acid Rain Damage In Vermont Unlikely To Heal For Generations, Scientists Say

East Anglia Study Shows Dramatic Drop In N. Atlantic's Carbon Uptake (50%) Since 1990s - AFP

Surprise! Atmospheric CO2 is increasing faster than predicted

21 By 12-Mile Berg Calves From Pine Island Glacier, Antarctic - Pine Island Retreating, Accelerating

France on green crusade (AP/CNN)

During a major drought, North Carolina Universities water their plastic grass.

I have a new sigline!

First Drive: 2009 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Prototype (Pop.Mech.)

Tom Hank's Electric Car

Nuclear Materials 'Poison' Navajo Land

US Energy Secretary - It's Time To Stop Wasting Energy

Female Journalists to be Awarded

2 Reports Assail State Dept. Role in Iraq Security

US-Iraqi contract 'in disarray'

Officials don't know where $1.2B went (Iraq - DynCorp).

Lawmaker accuses Blackwater of tax evasion

Turkey wins Iraq backing on PKK

GM cuts third shift: 1,000 workers at Delta plant facing layoffs

McCain: Bin Laden tape shows Iraq strategy working

ABC: Giuliani 'defending and protecting' predator priest?

A Record Year for Layoffs in Finance

Gordon Brown says he backs further sanctions against Iran

(Sec Def Gates:) U.S. Could Wait For "Proof" Of Iran Threat

Cheney 'Interfered Directly' to Get Terror Plea Bargain

U.S. Prosecution of Muslim Group Ends in Mistrial

Iraq to close Kurdish rebel offices - PM Maliki

Iraqis doubtful of improvement, some blame U.S.

Turkey rejects cease-fire by Kurdish rebels, forces mass on Iraqi border

Democrats Like What’s Being Said: Dems score higher than GOP on addressing issues people care about

Congress worried air safety data destroyed

Vermont senator opposes Mukasey over civil liberties

General Claims Bush gave 'Marching Orders' on Aggressive Interrogation at Guantanamo

Iraqi police kill two infants in Kerbala raid

Lexmark Q3 Profit Plunges; Revenue Declines 3%; Reveals 1,650 Job Cuts

Olmert, Sarkozy see eye-to-eye on Iran

Calif. Fires Burn 1,200 Structures

US says Iraq air strike kills 11, mostly civilians

Space Shuttle Discovery Blasts Off

Iraqis weigh limits on U.S. military

Discovery rockets to space

People can return home

Women will call the shots during shuttle mission

Clinton vows review of executive power

Former attorney general, a Republican, says US Justice Department politicized under Bush

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 23

More than 200 nuclear scares recorded at submarine base (UK)

Iraq war's creeping costs

Poll shows global opposition to Iran - and U.S

3 Newspapers Won't Endorse for President in 2008

Radio host: 'A handful of people who hate America ... are losing their homes in a forest fire'

Second person dies in California wildfires

Teacher put on leave after book complaint (Cormac McCarthy's Child of God)

House Democrats to tout accomplishments: Communications effort to mark one year in control of House

Chertoff: Lessons from Katrina being applied to fire response

Brazilian says he shot U.S. nun out of fear, rage

GOP Moves to Censure Stark

Al Gore wins second book award

Gore says 2007 pivotal year in climate change fight

Democrats prevent vote on Stark Reprimand

Companies Seeking Immunity Donate to Senator - (Rockefeller)

US may rethink terror cases after mistrial-experts

Countrywide Starts Up Program To Modify $16B In Amendable - Rate Mortgages

Bush says Iranian missiles could reach US, all Europe by 2015

White House cut warming impact testimony

Romney Slip: Another Osama-Obama Mix-up

Giuliani Defends, Employs Priest Accused of Molesting Teens

Clinton Says She'd Give Up Some Powers: Denounces Bush "power grab" not supported by Constitution

Official says Chavez gains if trade pacts nixed

Clinton vows to oppose Bush war request

U.S. Military and Civilian Deaths are Declining in Iraq

Senators Say White House Cut Deal With Panel on FISA

Senator Larry Craig uses campaign funds for legal fees

Clashes break out at Venezuela protest

Safe syringes could avert 1.3 million deaths a year: WHO

'Carbon sinks' lose ability to soak up emissions

House Democrats Pushing To Revisit H-1B Visa, Green Card Reform This Year

(Rep) Stark Apologizes

If the post-WWII era provided the US with the "Pepsi Generation"

Cat location update

What if wikipedia entries about Partridge Family were slowly changed to Brady Bunch and vice versa

So just exactly how do I break this news to the KITTEHS?


Tell me how messed up this is...


Aw, crap, I can kiss any consideration for that job I applied for with the Smithsonian goodbye.

Y'know what's embarrassing?

BBC Article: Divisions Deep Over Abortion Ban.


I'm not good with job hunting at all.

There be a Billyskank in my spare room!

Troll in GD

What did you learn today?


Happy Birthday Earth!

History Buffs - question on slavery, and not just in the US

Does/did the word "dungarees" refer to just blue jeans, or was it more general?

Son of a... (part two)

Wow, my 10,000th post and not more than 9000 of them "k&r"s!

Regarding DU's "Greatest" page:

OMG !!!there is a!!!

I actually bought a pair of shoes

Asylum for the Verbally Insane

GD- I just got accused (I think) of defending

Wait, is that William Shatner tasering someone in a TV commericial

Most unusual song you've found on a jukebox

Just ONE Example of How Much The GD People Hate Me and Anyone

OMG Look at this cute kitty....

Is it normal to be disgusted by the sound of other people tattooing?

has anyone taken a speed reading course?

damn it....I'm baby sitting today.....

Shuttle launch in HD

Free State Dingbattery

I am safe, but I will be out all day at a seminar

What brand of coffee maker do you recommend?

Ugh!, Laura Bush is visiting my work today in the UAE

"It's better to have loved and lost than never loved at all."

Anyone know a fail-safe cure for anxiety-rooted insomnia?

William Shatner Appreciation Thread

Can't get up in the morning? Then, you need this......!!!!

OK Have learned: Stay out of GD

Kucinich saw UFO

Wow. It's been a while since I've had a whole thread deleted.

Are you the center of the universe?

would you say I have a plethora

Create and share your vanity plate with the Lounge.

Dogs, how often do you let your people out to heed the call of nature?

Annoying local commercials

On youtube, there are 73 entries for "atomic sit up"

Men (or unusual ladies) whats your purpose RIGHT NOW

IPhone's Security Rivals Windows 95 (No, That's Not Good)

Where in the US can you live where you can get around without a car?

Harry Potter fans: question about the movies...

Nice post, Ramses

wiLL you get pie in the sky when you die?

Where in the US can you live where you can get a round without a care?

Where in the US can you live where you can get around without a clue?

i'm totaLLy a snitch

Could you put your dirty clothes in the ham salad?

Could you put your dirty clothes in the hampshire?

Could you put your dirty clothes in the hamster?

Could you put your dirty clothes in the Hamtramck?

Know your MBTI type? Post your traits here.

What's happening with KitchenWitch today?

Do you believe in Skinner?

In lieu of a decent season, Cubs fans check in here and lament

Caption this? (warning...inappropriate animal pic)

OiNK shut down, owner arrested...

The great freeper Vlasic ferner conspiracy

Fill in the blank: Nice post _____________.


List anything you've ever done.

Could you put your dirty cloves in the hand, sir?

My October masterpiece

Anybody else still pancaking on Alby Goro?

Donations via United Way.....

Fill in the blank: Nice Piece______________________.

My friend drove through a tunnel of flames Sunday morning.

I'm so stoked, banding a new joint!!

Birds, birds, and more birds

Okay - I have no reason other than

Garrison Keillor wins restraining order against fan who sent him dead beetles, alligator foot

I just did my first prison bid evah! Don't ask.

I just purchased the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Monster Squad. YES!

Would you buy a car from ebay ?

I'm getting over a cold. I'm on Advil and Tylenol - should I go swimming?

What Is Life?

Anyone use youtube more as a music jukebox than for watching videos?

I'm just about sick of this "work" stuff

For all you haters who hate HumVs... have you ever ridden in a Hummer? Have you ever loved in one?

Gormy Cuss is going to hide something in a post in the lounge.

You wanna know what Islamofascism is? I'll tell ya what Islamofascism is!

I hate wind.

I Hate_________.

A twist of fate?

I hate passing wind.

Sopranos creator David Chase "strongly suggests that, no, Tony Soprano didn't get whacked"

What major glands have you seen????

Traffic cone wizard hat. SO cute!!

Yankee Fan Giuliani rooting for Red Sawx

Drunken discussion with a fundie I had in Vegas

Do you save, roast and eat yer jack 'o lantern pumpkin seeds?

Swearing At Work

What major glans have you seen?

Poll question: Do You Believe In The Concept Of A Sale

Do You Believe In The Concept Of A Sole

Sox or Rocks?

Hi. Can anyone recommend ear plugs for an iPod that


NBC4 has the best fire coverage.

What major Plans have you seen?

I need emotional reinforcement regarding Fiona . . .

What's the dumbest thing you've ever seen someone do?

Lounge and GD: Someone explain... How do you get the musty smell out of Ellen Degeneres?

Do you guys no what torture it is not to be able to post to your insane shit all day?

Fill in the blank: "I am so sloshed right now, _____________"

Why Does GD Hate Us?

Anybody else still waffling on Roscoe's?

Can't we just secede?

Here's an image I don't need in my head...

Why does God hate us?

Charles Laughton....

f-this shit... LL problems

True Story - When Monkeys attack, fight them with bigger Monkeys.

Once again, time for another ASK MrSCORPIO!!!

So who will be the William Tecumsah Sherman of the DU board wars?

Can't we just succeed

Why Does Dog Hate Us?

Why Cant We Just Suck Seed

OK what is it with the baseball players and them damn gloves they wear?

Do you believe in the concept of a Cellmate?


Have you seen the new New Yorker magazine cover? Boo!


It is 98 degrees out. Send positive vibes to all the firefighters

Why Does Dogg Hate Us?

Is IRKSOME a word?

Sex Thread!!!! (but um try to keep it clean.... 'K?)

Do you believe in the concept of a cell phone?




goodnight lounge

Cute hamster video...

Where Is billyskank?

Wanna see some kitty SUV?

google video help?

Well, you can't say she's had work done...

Child Custody Case - Broward County

Farewell, Lombardi Ranch

I have 2 weeks to pay back $3300 of unemployment compensation

For all you haters who hate hummers... have you ever gotten a hummer? Have you ever loved it?

What major brands have you seen?


Do you think I'm selfish?

What sci-fi show should sci-fi channel revamp next?

The Emperor Dalek

DU Parents: Co-sleeping....yes or no?

I think "n/t" should be nt

Whats another word for Soulmate?

Louise: So what happened, were you bored in Manchester?

Dog people, how often do you let your dogs out to heed the call of nature?

Someone explain the big stink about Ellen Degeneres and the dog?

Let's start an archaic English Flame Thread: Thou art an asshole; all ye who supporteth a candidate

Woohoo - someone in GD is going after the Lounge

Hey, DU, do you like the TV series "The Dead Zone"?

Anybody else still waffling on Al Gore?

Best Email I've Seen Yet!

We're dumping Comcast

Do you believe in the concept of a Soulmate?

Just learned about a rotten thing my father did before he died.

My mom has been evacuated and says there's only one neighborhood left between her and the fires.

Gawds I love you guys!

Lounge called out....bwahahaha.

List anyone you've ever done

I just placed my first eBay bid evah! Ask me anything.

OMG! Go there before they take it down.

INTP does not mean 'I am iNto Toilet Paper'

Anyone remember Lazerus and Nothingshocksmeanymore from DU?

wish me luck - Rockies tickets on sale at noon!!

Hey males, do you care if you have to show the package to female doctors?

Post Your Best Poems

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/23/07

Mass. is Being Invaded by Wild Turkey

I got some major jackass on the hook with a fake '89 Upper Deck Griffey, Jr rookie card

To my Lounge friends and foes alike: the next time I get into a romantic relationship,

Larry King's got it GOIN ON! (pic)

Tuesday, October 23rd. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Wow, they already made a parody movie for 300

There is a weird thing that happens when I phone a certain business...It goes like this:

Things you do to help the environment that make you superior to others

so tomorrow is my birthday

Youtube Video of Rockit at her recent MEANY Fest Gig

I'm sick

Ladies (or unusual men) what is in your purse RIGHT NOW?

Lounge and GD: Can't we all just get along?

OK Yankee Fans...Please don't get mad

I'm so stoked, joining a new band!!

Does anyone know why that restless leg pill "Mirapex" can cause increased

Look, everyone - KITTENS!*

Advice Needed: How do you get the musty smell out of carpets?

Are you ready for a sob story? (long)

Can someone recommend a dog collar for a no-neck dog?

Is it just me or are Halloween decorations on houses getting more gross and stupid?

Free Rice

Mystery Science Theater 3000 -(So it's the laughter... We will remember, Whenever we remember...)

Not another post about frustration!

Unified control of private guards urged in Iraq

Reserve center gives homeless vets shelter

Essays sought on what it means to be shipmate

Veterans charity sues similarly named group

Tribunal to investigate 2 spec ops officers

War-zone airstrikes up fivefold this year

Design flaw puts F-22s in shop for repairs

Attacks southwest of Baghdad at lowest level since last year

Relations between U.S., Iran smooth at sea

U.S. Tries to Stop Turk Incursion

Pilot error a factor as F-16 crashes increase

Liberty outraged over grave desecration

Today in labor history October 23

Whie House Halloween 3: Star Wars

Olbermann: 'The Fear Card' (Cashualties of War)

Ron Paul's opinion of Fox News, Fox interviewer Agrees! (Hilarious Interview!)

The FauxNews GOP Debate

Bill-O - Abu Ghraib "Blown out of Proportion"

Olbermann: Gonzales to be Prosecuted?

TPMtv: Wingnut Losers Unite!

Health Care: Getting It Done

Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) Apologizes

Bush WW3 here we Come..

On Oct. 27th: END THIS WAR

A question about the California fires:

more fire updates almost minute by minute on twitter

Satellite photo with fires indicated...

Iran seen to need 3-8 yrs to produce bomb...ElBaradei

When did congress pass a law about being American???

Iraqi leaders may ask U.N. to restrict U.S. military

How much of CA's National Guard is in Iraq?

Airlines waive change fees due to California fires...

Istanbul Protests: "Curse the PKK, Curse America"

Say President Hillary does this on the Iraq War

SoCal Fires: Soledad Canyon on Fire as of 11pm 10/22--MOBILE HOMES

How long until the fires are under control?????

Where have $ 1.2B to DynCorp gone?

California "incident" reporting website.. great for checking individual fires

Increasingly, the U.S. sits down with Iraqi militants

New Yorkers.. a question

News groups seek access to Jena Six case

Chairman Costello Responds to NASA Withholding of Aviation Report

What brand of coffee maker do you recommend?

Iraqi leaders may ask U.N. to restrict U.S. military


Media ignore Rove's leak, White House falsehoods, Bush's promise to fire leaker

People that make you laugh: Anderson Cooper

Implementing Domestic Intelligence Surveillance

Scarborough still insists "no underlying crime" in Plame case

From a Participant at the Blackwater Protest at Moyock

AP reports on Limbaugh's "phony soldiers" comment have failed to correctly explain timeline


Peter Galbraith: Make Walls, Not War (Why Partitioning Iraq Makes Sense)

Chaney's company Halliburton third-quarter profit surges 19 percent

Editorial: Attorney general nominee assumes doofus stances

Appropriations Chairman Obey on President’s Iraq Request (for add'l $46B)

Now, a shakier stock market

New Satellite view of the fires

Funding the Iraq war is not funding the American people

The White House will share details on telecom firms' immunity, but only with those who agree with it

Morning Joe basically scolding Mika on Iraq. He is leading up for

CSPAN - Wash Journal - 8:15 - Flynt Leverette on Bush's plans to attack IRAN

C.I.A. Chief: IG Investigation Was Meant To Be Low Key

The stupid question of the day on CNN vote about air safety

In Memory of Dorothy Stang

Damn. But nothing we didn't already know.

Arrest of 3 Ad Managers in Prostitution Case: Retaliation?

CORRECTION: Missing x-ray machine & hotel was NOT in Afghanistan not NOT in Iraq

Joe just asked D Purina: How hard is it for you to come to work and see David

This country has a pathological hate complex against gay people, doesn't it?

Slate: The Strange Timing Of The Fox Business Channel Launch

DC Madam Invesitigation Leads to Monica Goodling, Attorney Firings

Tancrado-talking to middle schoolers--He does not know if climate change

Global warming is real - there is absolutely no room for debate here

The next Republican debate format...

OMG! Go there before they take it down.

Iraq: US strikes kill 11 Iraqis

Lawbreaker in Chief

We can do 1,000 "sorties" a day to kill people thousands of miles away...

Pants Lawsuit Judge - Panel Reportedly Votes Against Reappointment

A morning without coffee is like a Tuesday without a CAPTION!!!!

2fer: Hollywood Rethugs fit in HEATON's house. &Hunter S. pumped Sally QUINN -- ewww (either way)!!1

U.S. Senator Larry Craig Paper Bag Mask

DFA Pulse Poll update 10/23 morning

Why doesn’t Schwarzenegger call out the unorganized militia to help fight the fires in California?

* ramps up personal role in veto battle as approval ratings weaken

"Just Ignore Them"

What is Bush waiting for?

Is this religious organization making money off the mission trips?

rush is coming up on morning joe now

"President Bush Visits California -- Talks to Victims of Fires "

Is Bush afraid of anything -- including God?

How many mercenaries do w* and co have in Iraq and Afghanistan now

Disturbing Colbert rerun last night.

Bush seeks billions more in military funding

I just ran a Marquis search of all Democrats in that database.

'Weathervane' McCain: ‘Seven Or Eight Months’ More Until We Can Start Iraq Withdrawal

Iraq is reduced to indescriminate killing of women and children by U.S.

OMG, more of what passes for news. (re: CA fires) One of our local morning new casts

I know it's been said but I want to reiterate: thoughts go out to CA DUers

Buckweed Fire Destroys Forest Service District Office

Can American civil liberties survive another terrorist attack?

Are we a violent people? Interesting contrast

Is That 4-Year-Old Really a Sex Offender?

Senators accused of selling accountability for peek at documents

TOON: Monday's Doonesbury - Looks Like A Great Week Coming Up


Has * said or done anything about the fires in California yet?

Just heard on CNN shortage of firefighters in wildfire area

government's flagship terrorism-financing case failed to impress jury!

Interesting Car Crash Test Videos and Ratings

Duncan Hunter and war...

"What If Pete Stark is Right and George W. Bush is Just a Big Meanie?" (HuffPo)

Disney designs new video to welcome inbound visitors

Southern California Appreciation Thread!

Parrot Imitates Fire Alarm, Saves Family

Juan Cole on Dem. Now! 'now', on U.S. War Plans Against Iran, Turkey


US forced into 'Plan B' for Pakistan (Bhutto's scarf didn't work)


Bush Touts European Missile Defense.....of course he does

I think they want global warming to happen

Google Headlines that say it all

Well, I' sure am glad the California National Guard is at full strength...

Pelosi to launch PR blitz to beat ’08 media frenzy

Celebrities Federal Campaign Contributions 1978

We're not so different-

President Rafael Correa said if the neo cons want a military base in

Civil Disservice: Conservatives' contempt for bureaucracy shows that they are not fit to govern.

Irritating phone calls

Is America's Aging Infrastructure a Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Reports Uncover Waste, Fraud, and Mismanagement in State Dept's Iraq

Godspeed, Discovery!

Turkey rejects cease-fire by rebel Kurds

Valerie Plame To Be On Ed Schultz Show Today

Kurdish rebels offer Turkey a truce

Whatever happened with ... the Republican strategist triple murder-suicide?

College Prices Rise; Borrowing Follows Suit

The entire Congress is complicit to ineptitude of historic proportions - $1.2 billion lost!

My comments on the CNN "contact us" page re: Glenn Beck and socal homeowners

caption junior

"Police ‘must stop more black people’" (UK)

Environmental Journalist Bill McKibben on the Links Between Global Warming & the CA Wild Fires

GOP Congressman: DoJ Ought To Investigate Siegelman Whistleblower

US Army Lures Foreigners with Promise of Citizenship

Paulson's $100 Billion Bankers' Bankruptcy Bailout Fund

So is Barbara Bush going to tour Qualcomm Stadium in SD and say this.....

Bush: "Those who oppose this vital tool in the war on terror need to answer a simple question"

deleted by OP

Look, everyone - KITTENS!*

New report on Co2 a dire warning; 35 percent increase

The Project for the Old Amer. Cen. has a poster on it's home pg. that

OMG President used car salesman

It's all about priorities or "Values Republican style"

What is Being Done About the Fires

Can we get a list of Democrats who are for censuring GEORGE BUSH????

Horowitz Inflates Number Of Schools Participating In His Divisive ‘Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week’

Just what is affected in SoCal: Check out this great map from Google

Bush catapults the Iran propaganda in talking up European missile defense system....

US Mil re: air strike killing Iraqi citizens: "They chose to go into a house with civilians to hide"

"All I want for Xmas is my Constitution back..." come on, sing!!!

Law & Order Svu is doing an episode about Black water tonight.

Can we get a list of Democrats who voted to censure Pete Stark?

Hamburger Recall Shows How Government Failed To Protect Consumers

THANK YOU to whoever gave me a donor star!

Elephants electrocuted in drunken rampage - AP

Do you REALLY want to know what is being done about the fires?

The self-parodying Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week kicks off

Rosacea is not CAUSED by alcohol abuse.

EVEN the authoritarian Catholic Church gives kids under 7 a pass.

Stark should have taken the censure and auctioned it on eBay.

"Our society is such that minorities don't become elderly the way white people do; they die first."

Who had Tuesday in the Stark Apology Pool?

PHOTOS: Evacuating the evacuation center

So you wanna hate over the CA fires? These are the people in charge...

The End of Money

I'm going to the store in a bit. It takes me by my Township office where

Reproductive Rights - How important is the candidates position on this issue?

Chertoff and FEMA coming to San Diego

Congresswoman Woolsey on Congress and the Bush Administration

White House: More than half of America 'not poor'

TV execs welcome WGA strike

The Democratic Party will apologize itself into oblivion.

Florida: Delegates Dems=0 Reps=half

Ari Fleischer and Freedom's Watch $200 Million PR Campaign to "Attack Iran"

So when is the hearing on Seigelman's political prosecution by DOJ scheduled

IPhone's Security Rivals Windows 95 (No, That's Not Good)

The Luxury Con…Be Boring to Succeed

Companies Seeking Immunity Donate to Senator -Democratic Senator John D.Rockefeller IV

NEWSWEEK: Will Christian activists form 3rd party?

Best. Post. Ever. from the Sacbee comments about the fires

How many generations will pass before America is reborn?

Is it just me, or are there

UK - Make all employees exercise for an hour, says top health adviser

Chris Floyd for Glenn Greenwald: Rain of terror in the U.S. air war in Iraq

Supporting the goals of National Bullying Prevention Awareness Week. Irony

Left SoCal in the 70's, why? Let me count the ways....

I was once so naive I thought launching an ICBM

Come Tomorrow, All My Angry Threads Will Be Gone....

Venezuelan Legislature Approves 30 Articles for Constitutional Reform

DFA: Our challenge to Al Gore: Jump In or Drop Out!

Who here thinks homes burning dwn show capitalism is a failed system and property ownership is evil?

The Happy Happy Joy Joy Thread

Censure: So what?

Shuttle to launch in 1 1/2 minutes

Alabama Board of Education approves Bible textbook, Chuck Colson hopes God will speak to students

NEWS FLASH- torture has a long history of NOT working

The Bombs Away Mentality Bush's Catastrophic Rhetoric RALPH NADER

Unionbusting Confidential

Pete Stark needs to be Censured or Impeaced RIGHT NOW

I know of at least 3 DUers who are affected by the fires in San Diego

Are solicitors' telemarketing equipment getting sophisticated?

King's tearful apology for “Socialized Clinton-style Hillarycare for Illegals and their Parents”

Paso Robles Post Office forced to strip wall of local soldiers' photos

WP, Froomkin: Bush's Brazen Request -- for another $46 billion; What explains his cocksureness?

FISA reform and the honesty gap

On the Stark Censure - 5 Dem hypocrites and 8 Dem cowards

Don't you wonder why bush has not sadi a thing about the calif fires

It's going to take a spine this time.(sung to Karen Carpenter's "this time")

Some thoughts on the California fires and human politics/economics.

Listen to

Dems don't have the votes, but what should they do?

On Stark And The Democratic Censure Letter Of Oxyrush

4 Protesters arrested in Charlotte, NC this am.

Okay, fess up: Which one of you dropped the McCokespoon on Ed Schultz earlier today?

UN: Catholic Church ban on condoms helping HIV/AIDS spread in Latin America

ICBM? I see BS!

Remember how outraged we were by Mean Jean Schmidt's comments about

Ahnuld just made a fool of himself...

Stark Apology Update Via Firedoglake: 'Stark told before vote - if no apology, censure would pass'

Just to give people on DU some perspective on California real estate

"the best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity"

Bush's Amusement


In SoCal: Hotels used as shelters evacuated due to approaching fire.

Pelosi could have been the first woman President

Putty in the GOP's Hands: Disaster, Class, and Selective Compassion

Where there's smoke - NASA photos of California fires smoldering.

Mark Penn also the CEO of Burson-Marsteller !!!

Street Flooding in New Orleans

Goddammit that Stark forced apology was the last straw. FUCK PELOSI!!!

What is James Inhofe trying to keep secret?

Rep. Hoyer called Stark over the weekend, says apology was appropriate: "He didn’t sugar-coat it."

The George W. Bush is sending soldiers to die in Iraq for his own amusement. Prove me wrong.

Satellite photo/maps with fire areas indicated (dialup warning, 500kb)

Link: US Drought Monitor

FEMA to Rescue Flood Victims in San Diego

Tuesday TOONS: The SCHIP has hit the fan

One good thing for California

What is the NY Times implying here?

Pentagon requests funding for 30,000-pound "mother of all bunker busters" in $42 billion request

Speaking out in America.

Matthews on Rove: "It looks to me like he walked out like a gentleman"

Breaking: Pelosi Condemns "Democrat" Party as Traitors

I can't wait to see Mika Brzezinski cross examining Pigboy Rush on the Scars show

America..... the way the world sees us.... :*(

One good thing about Californians

Pelosi has successfully opposed Bush 86% of the time!

Would you Characterize Reproductive Freedom as a "Woman's Issue?"

California fire: live updates

QUALITY humor can wait.

They are planning to send letters to the parents of obese kids in Britain.

Stark should have given a John Sheridan apology.

Did Kucinich see UFOs or is Shirley nuts?

Blackwater withdraws from international association imposing standards on "peace operations"

Stop bitching and

Imagine this response from Pete: Then censure me!!! I stand by my original statement!

Ah lovely

Siegelman probe accelerated after DC meeting

Schwarzenegger: San Diego Evacuees "Are Very Happy"

Why Is Bush Speaking to the War College Today Instead of the People of SoCal??? ---pix--->>>

Nat'l Lawyers Guild Opposes Mukasey Confirmation

Isn't Karma fun? (Richard Mellon Scaife's divorce)

Tracking the Space Station

Shirley MacLaine claims Kucinich had UFO encounter

Neil Cavota and Duncan Hunter just dissed Boxter for saying if not so many

Halle Berry Apologizes For Edited Anti-Semitic Joke

Just for the heck of it-The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead

who was the author on Thom Hartmann yesterday talking about economics?

Now I Understand Why The Great Mr. Gore Won't Run

What are Dems thinking? re:Pete Stark

When Will Pelosi Condemn DU?

Bring back Project Impact -- A constructive approach to disasters

Why are people here getting upset about posters spewing off about "rich Californians"?

God's punishment for Southern California?

EU pins skills hopes on 'blue card' (BBC) {skilled immigrants welcome!}

Have Americans become insignificant in the USA?

I would call Rahm Emanuel a liar, but

TEDTalk Tuesday: Toys That Make Worlds

Criss crossing the country with water channels, again.

So should I give up on voting?

Hmmm, there's something strange about media coverage of the fires

Tweety says all he ever hears is why don't them damn Democrats end the war in Iraq?

Thousands to Protest Acquittals in Death of Teen

Q: Can SCHIP be revived and included with the new funding request?

Can someone tell me how I can listen to NOVA radio without paying a huge chunk of money?

Fire does not discriminate over wealth or partisan parameters

On the Eve of Destruction Scott Ritter

How many DUers are homeowners vs. renters?

House Passes Joshua Omvig Veterans Suicide Prevention Act

Larisa Alexandrovna: Dear FBI - White House Not Leaking, Flooding Is More Like It...

Senate Dems Highlight Republicans' Double Standard In Opposing Funding For America's Priorities

Larry Johnson interviews Valerie Plame Wilson

Bush is using the fires in CA to spread fear of terror!

Take a breather, it looks like the Southeast is getting a good rain

If you are a REAL Political Junkie...and want to see how Matthews treats Emmanuel ..tune in HardBall

Yet another victory for the republican noise machine

A note from a Midwesterner about the California fires

Lawbreaker in Chief

Valerie Plame is going to be on live with Rachel Maddow!

so, are people starting to move out of Atlanta?

you know what strikes me as tragic (an attempt to be noninflammatory re: SD fires)


Army Reserve officer sentenced to 10 years in prison

"Concerned Women" thanks Bush for ENDA veto pledge (Bush strikes GLBT community again)

I feel insignificant, too, Congressman Stark.

Despicable behaviour-

Bill O'Reilly... Democrats = 9/11 Truthers?

Valerie Plame AND George Carlin on Keith Olbermann's show tonight

Oh the humiliation of belonging to a party without a spine...

Bush and Cheney have made the US MILITARY look WEAK!

GOP accuses Dems of having ties to terrorism (freeper thread)

My questions for all of the Democratic candidates...

Is there evidence that Americans are withdrawing more

What’s wrong with “rights”?

"Rockefeller just blessed a program that he can't yet certify is legal"

Valerie Plame interview coming up very soon on AAR

FOR Gods SAKE!!!

Bush To VETO Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Border Fence 1, Environmental Law 0

Crime Reduction Linked To Lead-Free Gasoline

Bush is still trying to pull the wool over Americans' eyes on Iraq. Can he succeed?

Nobu Restaurant & Malibu Beach Inn offer free food & shelter to firefighters & evacuees

The accolades keep coming for Al Gore (wins Quill Award for "The Assualt on Reason")

Army captains ‘pelt’ Mullen with tough questions on war

Loan company helping Calif home owners in wildfire areas. They will suspend foreclosure proceedings

I elect my representatives to

Valerie Plame up on Rachel Maddown's show NOW! Interview just started. eom

Just to give some perspective for all you eat-the-rich folks out there

Maria speaking for Ahnold now on CNN

"Bush's advisers urge him to veto..."

White House May Stop Plan For Anti-Radiation Pills

BBC: Pix from California wildfires

"Mitt Romney is a Toad"

OK, I'm getting uncomfortable - 'splain to me about

CNN just announced fire warnings as far north as Monterey, CA.

Former GOP Attorney General Thornburgh charges DOJ political prosecution in Pennsylvania

Burmese people 'waiting in the dark' (BBC)

1300 people who "hate America" w/ homes destroyed in socal so far.

W to visit California fire zone Thursday

DUNSEL = Democratic Party

1300 homes and businesses have burnt to the ground

So What If They Had Censured Him? / Any Down Side?

Bush Going on Another Empty Promise Tour...

To Glenn Beck; writing to propose a cable gameshow.

Katie just said blivet will tour the fire area Thursday.

The people who were burned out, will have the other shoe drop now

If idiots didn't make such a big deal about supporting Pete Stark. the apology would be no big deal

Is the Press really free?

Earnings, Poverty and Income Inequality in San Diego County

The lunatic and the largest full moon of 2007

Some folks can go home

DFA to Al Gore: Jump In or Drop Out!

Tuesday TOONS: The SCHIP has hit the fan

You can sign a birthday card for Sen. Clinton, for her 60th birthday

Fuck California and fuck rich people

Clinton would consider giving up some powers...

The Daily Green: California Wildfires and Global Warming (study: GW bigger facter on wildfire...

I'm an AMERICAN Fuckin First!

can you feel it?

Do you believe the President sent troops for his Amusement?

Rahm Emanuel is sucking on Hairbalz. Tapdancing around ending the war.

DU Kucinich Supporters...Josh Marshall's Reporter David Kurtz Needs to Hear from YOU...

What I foresee if the "Draft Gore" hysteria doesn't end soon:

The woman without a brain, Michelle Malkin "Fires caused by lack of tree thinning"

I HATE .......

Warmonger John Bolton lobbying Repubs in Congress to oppose agreement with North Korea

Fire, Floods: How many other plagues will Bush unleash on US?

Turkeys take to cities, towns

U.S. cannot account for billion-dollar Iraq contract

Maybe we should bring back duelling.

John Garamendi, CA's Lieutenant Governor, rocks!

Wildfires From Space, Have You Guys Seen This One ???

Did you ever think there's no impeachment because Asshat

FR Celebrates The World's 6,010th B-Day -- TODAY!

Only on DU....

I am disheartened and becoming suspicious,

Formerly undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame interviewed on "Fresh Air" today (NOW!)

*** 10 AM HEARING: Allegations of Selective Prosecution: The Erosion of Public Confidence ... ***

DC Madame to subpoena Monica Goodling!

How to make it rain in California.

Mayors of 29 Great Lakes cities vow to cut water consumption

"Death of a President" - What Would You Do?

PHOTO: Rancho Bernardo neighborhood, gone

MILK -- the deadly poison

So what is the MAX INCOME one can have and still be a member here?

Why, six years ago, did the CIA give the Iranians blueprints to build a bomb?

I think I just found a pic of that freeptard Rim Job

SD FIRES: Official list of homes destroyed in Rancho Bernardo...

George W Bush: "I can't help Californians because their towns have Spanish names".

Censure Me....

They're only things. People are more important

Let's try to force a Censure on Pelosi

I felt it was only fair to say that after my thread

California is experiencing the effects of global warming, period.

Qualcomm No Superdome; San Diego Stadium Houses Fire Evacuees

If you could have 10 min alone with Bush in a locked room, what would you do?

Most of the 1.2 Billion given to Dyncorp to train Iraqi Police "unaccounted for"

General: Bush ordered 'torture' tactics himself

Kucinich: The President Demands That Congress Support The Troops

You think the Iraqis are feeling empathy for California

"Socks is the window to the falseness of the Clintons"

Question: When the European Union was formed, how did that affect the constitutions of the member

Jane Hamsher: Dear Speaker Pelosi

They just get dumber and dumber: "9/11 a justifiable reason for this war" (local LTTE)

Rush: Have I ever apologized? No. I stuff it down Dems' throats.

Is a Presidential Coup Under Way?

RW Neocon columnist admits: GOP is dying to run against Hillary

Did Michelle Malkin vandalize the Vietnam Memorial?

Dems Give Mukasey a Waterboarding Primer

Wal-Mart's Tax-Dodging Schemes Exposed

North Carolina is challenging WalMart's questionable tax saving strategies...LINK

My son is a fighting fires in So. Cal.

Day 2: Doonesbury vs LIMBOsevic!!1

"The Shock Doctrine" and California fires

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Gore LEADING in DFA Poll, as a Write-in!

Per Al Gores Assault on Reason: 9/11 was preventable using Pre-9/11 techniques

My hometown is burning and this IDIOT is talking about Iranian ICBMs.

If all someone does is complain on DU about Dem leadership, then they're just spreading discontent

So look what a subsidiary of Burson-Marsteller is doing now...

We need a draft

MoveOn And Top Bloggers To Launch Campaign Pressuring Hillary And Obama To Back Dodd On FISA

All of us "activists" now "become as insignificant as we should be”

I just read that Stark apoligized but,

Half a million people have been evacuated

Breaking: Life Isn't Fair!

Sen. Kerry queries Bush admin on Blackwater taxes

NZ Government Saying "Yassum-Massa" To George Bush's Terror Policy - Maori Member Of Parliament

Do we need a new Speaker of the House?

The REAL Scoop in the Holy Land Case: How Acquittals Turned to Mistrials By Court

Hey!!!!...I Was In Wal-Mart This Morning.....

The spirit of Generosity is still alive in CA

SAS raiders enter Iran to kill gunrunners (BRITISH special forces have crossed into Iran)

webcam San Diego area

Wow, just wow. They *MADE* Stark apologize. I am really not liking the leadership of the party now

My "Bush is a moron" LTTE disgusts a local Freeper

Survey debunks Katrina evacuees stereotype

Just Called Both Pelosi & Stark

How can the House vote to censure Stark, but NOT vote to impeach Shrub or Shooter?

Stay away, Asshole!

Has Blackwater deployed to California yet?

Telling Pat Leahy to go fuck himself on the Senate Floor is bad form


My solar clothes dryer and other fun green topics

How to handle the DU bullies.

{Doris} Lessing says 9/11 'not that bad' (BBC)

Rhamn Emanuel is part of the problem, not part of the solution

A $46 Billion Slap In The Face

Accusing the President of sending soldiers to their deaths for amusement is bad form.

If you can't accept that the Democratic leadership is COMPLICIT, what other excuse do you believe?

For Those Who are Disillusioned…

It's NOT That Bush Is Amused By The Suffering Of Others ...

Does anyone here REALLY understand a Two Party System?

Three words for Nancy Pelosi.

Phelps family being sued

Hola! Greetings from California, my darlings...

Phelps church on trial for protests at soldiers' funerals

I Sat Next to a Whole Bunch of Fundamentalist Baptists at Breakfast

We need a new SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE NOW!! Replace Nancy

Rich, middle class, and poor all get herded into stadiums

White House edits CDC climate testimony

Tancredo calls for arrests of college immigration activists.

PLEASE, this is a serious question, how is everything Nancy Pelosi's fault?

Oh look at what the Department of Homeland Security is trying to do now!

Anyone else worried as Californians file into the stadium?

Islands sinking

I Wish Stark Hadn't Apologized. I'm tired of people saying what

We the undersigned support Pete Stark

CNN reads email from Hayward Ablohmie on air.

Stark's Statement Contains A Strong Message To All of Us in the Democratic Party

Why Is the CIA Suppressing JFK Files?



Thread about Storm Lake times endorsement

NYT - Make Walls, Not War

Christopher Cooper WSJ Article

Kad's letter to people of Iowa

New healthcare Biden video

I found two vids to get tossed out there

gately you should have shared this one with us.

Here are the current Biden threads at DU

Biden Releases Health Care Plan

Okay, one MORE thread

Look at the response to my post on this thread - another who's paying attention

Clinton response to Biden's comments on her Iran vote...a misunderstanding of what was voted on

I found this excellent article on Biden discussing Iran

Biden to Teamsters: `Bush Administration Has Waged War on Labor's House, It's Time to Fight Back'

Biden gaining traction in polls:

Harkin says Dems in Iowa will try to move primary, but will seek party waiver.

Boston Globe: N.H. downplays primary calendar threat (from GOP)

Rangel: Giuliani 'embarrasses us' (sorry to interrupt the circular firing squad)

are Democrats "dead elephants" too?

Paul Slansky's chilling "What If George W. Bush is Just a Big Meanie?" piece on Huffington Post

are we becoming like them?

The American sponsored Middle East peace conference has been postponed until January

Report: Most of $1.2 billion to train Iraqi police unaccounted for

T. Davis: You couldn't elect a republican dogcatcher at the moment...

"All of you - I repeat all of you - are losing to her in the polls."

Spineocrat: A Dietary Supplement for Congressional Democrats (Fiore cartoon)

Yepsen: Iowa presents steepest hill for Clinton to scale

Cynical, Sarcastic, Uncharitable post about all the candidates

Look everyone! Turtles!

NBC blocks Gravel from debates. - Since when do they decide who we listen to?!!!

Swamp Sunrise: Senate Homeland Security holding hearing today on the results of 2001 anthrax scare

Is there any buzz about Obama not putting his hand on his heart during an anthem?

In light of shithead's veto of SCHIP, will the Dems cave again?

CNN: "Harry Reid warned the president not to expect Congress to "rubber-stamp" the latest request."

Rasmussen- Clinton In Statistical Tie In Tar Heel State With Rude(e) and Frederick Of Hollywood

According to the RNC the Dem primaries are overwith - what assholes!

In the 2004 race, Hillary Clinton was polling 33% around mid-September 2003 to Howard Dean's 7%.

Report: GOPer Tom Davis Won't Run For Senate

Dear God, kill me now...Rush, Erin and Joey the Scar...Barf alert..

Obama aims fire at Clinton over Iran vote: Sends postcard to Iowa voters

Running Mates: It's a Tricky Role, but Somebody Has to Be the Candidate's Spouse

The Rude Pundit: Hey, Kids, Let's Hang Out in the Quad to Show We Hate Islamo-Fascists

Obama Supporters: If McClurkin were on stage with Hillary, you'd be bashing her.

Has anyone heard anything about Pelosi accepting money from the GOP?

Has this outrage been discussed on DU???

Rasmussen-Clinton-49 Obama -22 Edwards 12

Stark makes tearful apology, censure fails

GOP Finds Hot Button in Illegal Immigration: Special Election Could Indicate Democratic Weak Spot

Dan Hughes, former state Rep, Reagan official & top Fred Thompson backer, joins McCain campaign

YOUR House of Representatives deals with the important issues of the day.....

Judicial Nomination Prompts Another Bipartisan Senate ‘Gang’ Meeting

Spin this

Norman Podhoretz, confronted in NY city Oct 11, 2007

The "No Difference" Report for 10/22/2007!

What Blue Dogs voted for censure? List please or link. I want to express outrage.

In light of the Stark apology, I'd just like to remind everyone ...

HRC - Do You Think She's Greatest Woman Ever?

Shorter AP: Gay crackpots hassle campaign over imaginary offense

Possible DOJ political prosecution in Kansas City?

Guide to 'Do it yourself' post to get on DU Greatest homepage.....

Barack Obama: On Gay Rights

From the DownWithTyranny! Blog: The 13 Democrats who stood with the GOP in condemning Pete Stark

From WaPo: With Trippi's Rise, Some See a New John Edwards

Need some help to answer folks regarding LA electing Bobby Jindal.....

On Stark And The Democratic Censure Letter Of Oxyrush

DIRTY TRICKS ALERT !! California GOP is at it again !!

The Stark censure resolution: a vote about nothing that we should ignore.

Military Budget...Kucinich, Military Industrial Complex

Democracy For America: What We Want To Know From Al Gore

Do voters take politicians at 'face' value? Research shows some people are swayed by looks alone

I can't WAIT to see all the apologies coming from the Rethugs when our President

Barack Obama rally later today at Parkman Bandstand at Boston Common

Romney picks up endorsements from chancellor and dean at Bob Jones University

Edwards picks up another union endorsement--North Carolina Association of Educators

Is there any data (or even CW) on GLBT support of the candidates?

Need help. I heard on Progressive Radio that Sen Dobbs placing a "hold" on a bill

Giuliani Defends, Employs Priest Accused of Molesting Teens

self delete someone beat me to it.

Speaker Pelosi was wonderful on Tavis Smiley, PBS last night

Why do some Democrats think the Clintons have been kicking Republican butt for years?

Clinton brings a message with passion to Seattle

Edwards says he's most electable, but . . .What is a white man to do?

Al Gore And Hillary Clinton

The Superdome vs Qualcomm Fallacy

Jesse Jackson, Jr. has put together a radio ad for Barack Obama in South Carolina

Poll: Republicans know Clinton and Obama, but not their own candidates

In order to avoid any future questions of objectivity, I suggest the GLBT community...

Las Vegas Sun: Clinton proves she's hard to budge

Obama, Osama, Osama, Obama -- Romney has 'brief mix-up'

"Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?" Welcome to the New Age of Asterisks.*

Des Moines Register, David Yepsen interview: Iowa presents steepest hill for Clinton to scale

F the War Pigs - October 27

On terrorism: Bush vs. HRC

John Nichols: Al Franken Seeks the Wellstone Seat

But Some of Us are Brave

Today's Fuzzy Comic --- Hilarious

The wishy-washy left of the new millennium.

Shit sandwich Republicans

Obama Radio Ad In South Carolina Stars Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Al Gore: DFA Asks Him to Clarify His Position

Instead of talking about some gospel tour lets talk about the money for the war

And now, for something completely different:

Mike Huckabee: Illegal Immigrants are Taking Jobs away from Aborted Fetuses...

ALERT: California electoral vote stealing initiative rises from the dead

For all DUers - I am sorry and apologize for my ways that have been hurtful

You can bet FEMA will help San Diego out

Kucinich Pushes Bush Impeachment

Electoral Initiative Back... With Big Bucks?

NYT - Make Walls, Not War

Candidates find Success on specialized Sites

Do Endorsement Rings Anymore?

Blogger Debate On Obama Controversy

Valerie Plame on Rachel Maddow this hour! nt

Nancy Giles and Paul Krugman on Hardball. Finally saying the right thing.

Why did Stark cry during his apology?

Jesse Jackson Jr.,: Obama Has Taken Up Father's Torch

Ethnocentric interest groups?

Obama would support Dodd's filibuster of FISA Bill

Southern California fire: Just hearing on Tweety * is going to go to California...

Katrina Redux: White House Now Says Bush Will Visit California After Saying It Would Be "Premature"

Valerie Plame on Rachel Maddow coming up NOW. nt

Firefighters outraged at Bush budget cuts

Harry and Nancy Betray US

The McClurkin controversy may be demonstrating the limits of "the politics of hope."

Shameless self kick because we all need a laugh. nt

Guys? Could we stop being so hyper about stupid shit?

I think what Obama has done is really cool: he's got McClurkin between a rock and a hard place.

Will any DUers be on this Obama conference call re: McClurkin?

Hillary to get AFSCME endorsement next week...according to Howard Fineman...

GA Poll (StratVis): Clinton 40%, Obama 27%, Edwards 11%

Just a point of fact, but its about more than just McCloset...

Et Tu, Hillary?

Governor Spitzer and Senator Clinton want to give ILLEGAL immigrants drivers licenses

Is the GOP capable of causing harm to their political opponents?

California is as diverse as all get out.

TPMmuckraker: PBS Frontline tonight on Iran. Interview with Qods Force Commander

Could you please give me clarification on the Stark apology?

Your opinion of Nancy Pelosi

Is it easy to change your race or sexual orientation?

DU Kucinich Supporters...Josh Marshall's Reporter David Kurtz Needs to Hear from YOU...

FILIBUSTER ALERT - Call your Senator TODAY and tell him/her to FILIBUSTER SOUTHWICK!

Clinton puts North Carolina in Play

Some great polling news for Edwards in Iowa.

Sen. Kerry queries Bush admin on Blackwater taxes (Reuters)

Edwards: Latest War Funding Request Continues Failed Iraq Strategy

Harry Truman's quote about apologizing to Republicans

DU hypocrisy and the Obama debacles

With Trippi's Rise, Some See a New John Edwards

Obama Didn't Just Lose the Nomination, His Senate Career Is Going To Be In Question

Obama's method of "courting the religious" doesn't seem to make much sense

Obama was my candidate... however, now...

If you could make ANYONE President, RIGHT NOW, without having to get them elected, who would it be?

On the DU , who would you most like to meet?

Ben Nelson for Hillary's VP!!

Maria Shriver is hosting a women's conference today with the potential first ladies

Shirley McClaine says Kucinich saw -- and smelled-- a UFO at her WA home.

LATimes' Jonah Goldberg: Candidate Hillary, The GOP's Dream

Congrats Obama supporters! You put Jonah Goldberg on DU's greatest page!

Pigface Lou Dobbs just shit on some of our top Dems & at the same time praised Rush Limbaugh!

Dean-founded group likes Gore as president

Paul Jenkins (Huff Post) — Obama and McClurkin: Don't Care

BIDEN to fellow Dems - we need to be united on Iran

Off Day

Meet Kevin Gage

DSEA Executive Board recommends Joe Biden for President

Obama on Homophobia in the Black Community (two months ago)

Can anyone demostrate that Hillary will increase GOP turnout?

Poll: Colbert fifth among Democrats, ahead of Richardson, Kucinich and Gravel

Arrogance of Dem Leadership on protecting telecom amnesty, warrantless surveillance

President For Rich People announces he is flying to California

look everyone - FISHIES!

The Stark brouhaha here at DU is

a heartfelt letter - TO THE PEOPLE OF IOWA

Carlson: Biden takes a hit by funding vehicle that saved Iowans

Question for New Biden supporters or leaning towards Biden

Biden Releases Health Care Plan

N.C. teachers group backs Edwards


Donnie McClurkin and the Unmasking of Black Hypocrisy

Look, everyone - PUPPIES!*

Rev. Irene Monroe: "Obama the vote-whore with ‘ex-gay’ at his side"

NBC tries to block democracy in MSNBC debate!