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Whatever it is, they'll probably drink to that

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 311

USA Today: Governments urged to make killer bugs a priority

Bangkok 3.5 - 5 Feet Above Sea Level: Sinks 4 Inches/Yr Because Of Aquifer Pumping - AP

Warming In Queensland Would Make Brisbane Part Of The Tropics

NPR Reports That Chagas Disease May Have Reached US - Audio Linnk

Austin, Texas Leads Nation in Home Efficiency and Calls for all New Homes to be Zero Energy Capable

John Howard's New Energy Strategy - Try To Persuade Bush To Do More

Emerald Ash Borer Reaches West Virginia - Agriculture Commissioner Confirms

Platts Coverage Of ASPO 3 In Houston - Dark Clouds, No Silver Linings

Rick Perry Praises James Inhofe's "Work" On Climate, Refuses To See AIT Until Gore "Concedes Errors"

Wyoming in for new crop of wind turbines

Science Daily - Could Greenland's Glacial Meltdown Induce Faster Sea Rise Than Anticipated?

Canada's Tar Sands, Natural Gas And The Future Of The North American Food System

Toppled in Baghdad, clueless in Whitehall

Rights Activist Tells of Detention In Russian Psychiatric Institutions

Vultures in pursuit of £1bn threaten debt-relief deal

Tokyo stocks hit 4-wk lows as Wall St, dlr falter

In New Hampshire, health care sways elderly votes

U.S. Attorney won't back off prosecution of lawmaker

Military steps up war-zone airstrikes

Republicans clash: Who is most conservative?

Murdoch's News Corp. No. 1 media company in the world with $67.8 bil: Tops Time Warner

Fires race through Southern California, destroy Malibu landmarks

Potrero is burning, town evacuated (Blackwater proposed site)

Posted in GD ..Run for the Cure for Stacey by Derby378

The Lord loves a workin' man,

Have you ever seen the rain?

Does anybody have any good Fred Thompson jokes?

I knew better; NEVER buy candy more than 24 hrs prior to Halloween.

Hmmm...Xanax and Xmas both start with an "x"

My husband cooked dal and rice for me tonight!

Wild monkeys attack a New Delhi deputy mayor who falls to his death


Are you smarter than an oil executive?

Anyone else detect the subtle hatred Cris Collinsworth has for Keith Olbermann?

Matsuzaka is kicking ass!!!!!

Which Princess Mononoke Character are You?

Help, Any funny ideas

My city is on fire

If you see kay...

When do YOU let your threads die?

songs about pain

SoCal on FIRE!

OK, I love baseball. but Joe Buck and his broadcast partner are

For anyone who likes beautiful nature pictures

GD is soaring tonight.

My house smells like a campfire.

why come nobody didn't tell me iowa city was like a drinking mecca?

Speaking of DOOM, fires, disasters, et al., yesterday was the anniversary of the Oakland

i phones good or bad?

Check out the hook while the DJ revolves it...

i'm almost done with my costume.. yay!

Congrats, Sox!



Where's CaliforniaPeggy?

San Diego and Los Angeles County Fire area check in...

Question for Skittles....are you single?

Halp!!1 I'm going for root canal this coming week!!1 Really, HELP!!1

Anthony Hopkins has been in David Lynch's medicine cabinet

Cat pictures under attack in GD !!

Boston Red Sox: 2007 American League Champions

Hey Ellen Fordalom, are your eyes burning

Want to talk gothic horror films?

The 3 year old downstairs knows more Spanish than I do...

Who else here is a fan of the Hammer Horror Films? check in here...bwahahahha

Let me be the first to say it: GO ROCKIES!

Would you people mind viewing this image?

GO SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!111114232


The First Rule of the Costume Store is:

What is it with this 'nation' bit in sports?

Congratulations Red Sox! nt

Wow -- Crow mothers a kitten - amazing friendship! (video)

So why can't I tape a DVD to my VCR?

GAAAK - No containment

The ultimate flame thread

Ok. Now I'm just irritated. Synecdoche and metonymy-

Things that do not go well with beige carpet:


All right ... Who else has been on DU since 2001?

We got an email that there's been a bomb threat at my daughter's high school

Recurring themes in dreams.

Any Police fans? "Don't know Pa post, done a long bomb bay"

This airport SUX!

Post legitimate words that fail the DU spell checker

What the hell...I'm watching this series on CBS called "Viva Laughlin"

We just watered the roof

How would you dress up as Larry Craig for Halloween?

Low-effort Halloween costume ideas?

Business Books: Playbook for resurgence of U.S. labor

UFCW Won’t be Bullied By Smithfield Lawsuit

Hundreds of Appalachian Nurses Striking Over Staffing And Pay

China: Wal-Mart tip of union iceberg

Quality Child Care for America Act, AFSCME

Mark Ruffalo - Impeachment is good medicine

Love Annie's politics and absolutely love this video.

How Television Works

Brockton Massachusetts' Fireman-slapping Mayor Harrington Caught Lying About Supporting Powerplant

If Al Gore had been President on 9/11 - A litany of warnings * ignored

Stephen Colbert on Meet The Press Part2 10/21/2007

Air Force Confirms Nuclear Warheads Flown Across U.S.

Stephen Colbert on Meet The Press Part1 10/21/2007

Please say a prayer for the world

RePub Debate :Orlando Fla...EYE Probs everywhere....its all about "I"...I did this and I did that...

Bush Flow Chart Discovered!

after watching 60 minutes-I call on all DUers to write their local media

It's nice to see Keith Olbermann doing football, and Rush Limbaugh not doing football.

Hey where are the flag pins? I'm watching the repuke debates on Faux.

The good things about the end of America:

Please say a prayer for the RED SOX!!!!

Monkeys kill Delhi deputy mayor

Onion's top issue on minds of voters.

This Modern World-An actual Neanderthal joins the race for the Republican nomination!

Looking for Democratic polital discussion site

Iraq critic wins Polish parliamentary elections.

It's no accident that the Nazis were debating in front of a BLUE screen, it's FOX after all..

I'm sorry, but is this Naomi WOLF on *our* side? (Perhaps *I'm wrong) nt

Who Will Stop This Man??? ---pix--->>>

Dear Democratic Undergound

Scores lose jobs as Holy Land undergoes extreme makeover (Orlando, FL)

I just saw something wonderful

I just overheard one of the GOP candidates say how this was Hillary's war as well

Lucky Ducky in S-CHAPE Up or S-CHIP Out!

OK,folks-I know I'm drunk with a head injury...but

Bolton Book Cites Effort to Halt Powell's Iran Initiative

Don't offend Turkey: "70 percent of U.S. military cargo bound for Iraq goes through" Turkey

Why Play Video Games Kids When You Can Work For British Intel?

The U.S.'s Dirty Double Dealings

I think Huckabee is going to be the Republican Presidential Candidate

To all republican lurkers.....

Cheney follows up on Bush's World War III comment

Swedish court states : There is no war in Baghdad

Is anyone else finding impossible to log onto right now?

Stephanie Miller arrested, charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine

Blackwater begins pullout of Iraq - They are coming back here

Israel's parliamentary web site "hacked"

Cell phone numbers GO PUBLIC tomorrow

On what basis do conservatives insist Darfur = genocide; whereas, Iraq does not?

G.O.P. National Convention Could Wind Up Without a Winner First Roll Call & Then Draft Jeb Bush.

Turkey set to muddy waters in Iraq

For $575,000 you can buy a whole town.

Republicans = Crying Babies

Airline sorry after pilot complained about passenger's food

Who Should be Colbert's Running mate???

Stark poll still up ...

CBS News Contact info ....

Most fake bombs missed by screeners.

The Amity St. Horror..(Renters find the floors "unusual")

Well folks it is fire season in San Diego

Drab Russian high rises get a face lift

Does everyone know but me? Comcast charges Gov't $1,000 for each illegal wiretap

A general plea...

Happy Creationist Day

Now this is a funny caption!

Huge brush fire near proposed site of Blackwater facility, San Diego County

Iraq and Turkey See Tensions Rise After Ambush

This Administration is proof that anything can be gotten away with.

Taser Study Ignores the Elephant in the Room

Al Gore was not selected by Corporate America to be a presidential candidate

If any one picture needed a caption, it's this one

60 Minutes with Plame - Did I miss something?


What if Hillary (for example) announced that she is a Republican

*THINK* about it!1 The fundy b.s. started with US/ Jimmy CARTER!!1

Untold History of Controlling Masses Through Manipulation of Unconscious Desires

Um, did CBS scrub the Iran part of the story?

I just had to share this with all of you .

MsCouric, you waste of skin. Please step right up and kiss my gnarly ass.

I will NEVER vote for Kucinich.

Huff Po: Obama Should Repudiate and Cancel His Gay Bash Tour, and Do It Now

San Diego residents: Check in if you are ok

Judge to Hear 'DC Madam' Selective Prosecution Argument (Goodling memo)

Did CBS scrub their Iran-Plame story?-Larisa Alexandrovna

Ron Paul wins the Fox News post debate poll with @34%

Pray for the Californians; These fires are bad

04-Al Qaeda Was Enroute To US To Kill Cheney/Rove/Plame-BUSHCO Told Plame-FUCK YOU! (Larry Johnson)

A Corporate Controlled Police State

San Mateo Straw Poll Results

"Pig Poop Politics And Animal Welfare" (Ezra Klein)

Landmark California Theater Lends Hand to Draft Gore

You all do know that DU's robertpaulsen nailed AMERICAN JUDAS Dick CheneyTHREE YEARS AGO!!

You guys - check this out and follow the link to the Register - cool vids. nt

Woo Hoo! We made the FRONT PAGE, Bidenites - and it wasn't even our OP! nt

Nuclear Power could be a part of our future..

Des Moines Register: Insights into the Candidates

Ms. Valarie Plame will be on with Keith

With Hastert having announced his resignation

Idoit frank Putz seems stunned that Repugs don't like Hillary

Clinton Finds Way to Play Along with Drudge

Sometimes I wish that instead of say Irish-American...

I am hereby renouncing my support of Hillary Clinton

Here we go - and this administration even has Congress' blessing --

Will the GOP election theft machine do it again in 2008?

Secular Apocalyptists, Dystopias and Christian Millenialists.

What makes you think

Hmm. "Words of wisdom" from Obama's newest friend/supporter

"Yes" or "No"

I wish all DUers were watching this Republican Debate (Fox Noise)

Economic Report: Half of All U.S. Workers Combined Get Just 12.8 Percent of Total U.S. Income

Obama and the Supreme Court

Photos: Barack Obama speaks to 6,000 at Arizona State University on Friday, October 19th

Obama betrays the gays-

Jindal is first Indian-American governor

NYT: Clinton Finds Way to Play Along With Drudge (Hillary camp leaking info to sludge?)

Clinton Finds Way to Play Along With Drudge

How will the illegal immigration issue affect our candidate

The candidates on who, other than themselves, would make a good President

"People remember Bill Clinton and what it was like to live through that Hell."

JOE BIDEN - video One on One w/ George Stephanopoulos

Obama and Clinton supporters will need to do some serious making up.

Logical Disconnect in Hillaryville: degree of opposition

It is unethical to let a Republican win any election.

Who would be good running mates for our top three?

Giuliani and 9/11 - four points to never forget

Hillary would bear responsibility for any military action taken by Bush against Iran.

My forecast for 2008 : Richardson Vs Romney

To Nancy from Nance - A Word about 'The Words'

Read my lips: Kerry never lost!

Words don't matter much anymore. Actions count now.

Time for a little perspective on the Obama issue

Why Obama's Gospel Tour won't Hurt him One Bit

Republicans don't want to INSURE kids;...

Is the Justice Department Conducting Latino Outreach on Behalf of the GOP?

Curveball: The Iraqi Defector the Bush Team Used to Sell the War

Following Alice Down the Rabbit Hole - Bush's Iraq Troop 'Drawdown'

Soldier says he faked fatal shots

Swift Boating 2008 Ahoy! Thompson Campaign Turning the Ship on McCain in latest GOP Chickenhawk Disg

Unfit for Office

Ex-CIA spy's account unveiled - Plame - USA Today

For the Bush Regime and Iran, Freedom's Just Another Word

Police State videos USA!

"Commonsense" and Our Two Never-Ending Wars

(John) Bolton Book Cites Effort to Halt Powell's Iran Initiative

Layla Anwar: A perfect Baby formula

Colonel: Pentagon playing politics with Gitmo trials

Military Resistance Forced Shift on Iran Strike

Chris Floyd for Glenn Greenwald: The Democrats' year of living disastrously

Review of Krugman's "The Conscience of a Liberal" NY Times

Nuclear sub crew faked inspection records

Michael Mukasey: Another Loyal Bushie

The End of Exceptionalism

Bush's Neo- Imperialist War

Incident Mar’s Maher

Housing Flameout: California falls into the sea

Fight the War Yourself or Just Shut Up

Progressive Daily Beacon: American Fascism - Time to Speak Out

In Iraq Forever

PKK US says it's Iraq's job; Iraq says it's a US job....

The Case Against Expanding Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Powers

Forgotten Faces of War

Tainted by PKK (Turkey claims PKK has US tanks)

U.S. Demand for Outsourcing Slows Down

TCS: Joining the Ivy League (TATA)

Outsourcing Comes to the Americas

Newt asks: "Do All Democrats Agree With Congressman Pete Stark?"

Generation Overwhelmed

Barbara Ehrenreich: Forget Halloween: It's Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week

The women rebels who are ready to fight and die for the Kurdish cause

Tom Hayden: Neocons Surge Against Antiwar Movement

Scott Ritter: On the Eve of Destruction

The Future Is Drying Up

Malibu $ is no match for Mother Nature

Pelosi’s Stark Rebuke

Children Detach From Natural World As They Explore The Virtual One

Justice [Thomas] says law degree 'worth 15 cents'

ZOMG! You can get "Cryosphere Today" images and text for the iPod or iPhone!

"uniformly old and decrepit"

Flop-Sweat Alert? John Howard Now Wants To Talk About GHG Targets

For Sole US "Clean Coal" Pilot Plant, Problems And Costs Spiral - Reuters

Western Australia's Wheat Harvest Begins - Projected Down 75% From Annual Averages - ABC

John Howard's "New" Climate Plan Derided As Meaningless, Too Slow, Too Small - The Age

World Bank Says It Needs More Aid to Poor Countries To Deal With Climate Breakdown - Marketwatch

The Big Melt - report on this summer's arctic melt- read it and weep!

Those uncomplimentary pics of Reid & Pelosi in the enviro ads on DU are "not helping"

Calderon Addresses Mexican Nation On Collapsing Oil Production, Falling Gov. Revenue - Bloomberg

Beijing Olympics Rowing Site Runs Dry - Emergency Water Diversion Under Way - Reuters

Arctic Alaska villages caught in slow-motion disaster onslaught

Recalibration Time Again? Arctic Sea Ice Anomaly Again Approaching Bottom Of Chart - 3 Million KM2

Rising seas, sinking land threaten Thai capital (AP/CNN)

The Royal Society Chimes In On Gore's Climate "Controversy" - Vancouver Sun

5 Of India's 17 Nuclear Plants Shut Down For Lack Of Fuel - Others Running At 50% Of Capacity

Salvadoran troops heading to Iraq remember U.S. help in the 1980s

Chrysler contract approval in doubt (4th large plant rejects deal)

Two US sailors shot dead in Bahrain

Turkey: 8 troops missing after ambush

CNN Takes Stock of a 'Planet in Peril': Series airs Tuesday and Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET

Gates faults NATO on Afghanistan

Chávez’s Plan for Development Bank Moves Ahead

(John) Bolton Book Cites Effort to Halt Powell's Iran Initiative

Ex-CIA (Plame/Wilson) spy's account unveiled today

White House tells Iraq it wants 'swift action' against rebel raids on Turkey

Jindal is first Indian-American governor

Oprah Winfrey school at centre of probe into 'sexual misconduct'

Van carrying Amish crashes, killing 5

U.S.: Al Qaeda Using Iraqi Government Vehicles, Ambulances

(Radio Free Europe) Radio journalist missing in Baghdad, driver killed

Clinton Finds Way to Play Along With Drudge

Justice [Thomas] says law degree 'worth 15 cents'

College costs up again this year (6.6%)

Jury clears Cirignano (of assault charges) in gay marriage case

On tape, bin Laden urges Iraq fighters to unite

Cheney raises anti-Iran rhetoric

Rice pushes Russia for political reform

EU sides with Turkey after Kurdish guerrilla ambush but cautions Ankara against entering Iraq

Housing funds for the port? (HUD money being diverted from Katrina victims)

Iraq cannot send soldiers to Kurdistan - defense minister

White House denies stirring tensions with Iran

Electricity prices see biggest jump in 25 years

Microsoft Bows To European Union Antitrust Measures

Chile to claim seabed off Antarctica

Gasoline price highest since early August

Turkish troops, weapons head toward Iraq

Panel: US must control security firms

2 teacher-astronauts assigned to 2008 mission

Chertoff waives laws to build border fence

250,000 evacuated in San Diego County

Purported new bin Laden audio airs

Senate candidate confirms that he's gay, says it's 'no secret and no big deal'

Kurdish rebels offer Turkey conditional truce

5 states could lose half GOP delegates

Tests reveal high chemical levels in kids' bodies

Libya's Ghanem says no surprise if oil hits $100

Partial Holy Land verdict includes no convictions

Inch by Inch, Great Lakes Shrink, and Cargo Carriers Face Losses

Fact twisting alleged in U.S. Senate probe

Halliburton third-quarter net income rises 19%

Article raises questions on Patrick McHenry's (R-NC) finances

'Stars and Stripes' Reports Being Part Of Pentagon Investigation (over 'America Supports You')

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 22

Scarce pandemic vaccine to be given in order

Violence in Iraq drops sharply: Ministry

Some 60 demonstrators arrested outside U.S. Capitol

Bank of the South, championed by Venezuela, begins to take form

NASA won't disclose air safety survey

U.S. judge: mistrial in Islamic charity case

Lawmaker accuses Blackwater of tax evasion

Chavez flays Catholic leaders

Bush wants $46 billion more for wars

General Motors to lay off 1,000 workers at Lansing crossover plant

Probe: Submarine Procedures Skipped: Safety checks on nuclear sub omitted; records falsified

Mexican Union against Cuba Blockade

Parents of fat children to be given a warning

Embattled Clinton defends her vote on Iran: Three-page letter mailed directly to Iowans

Ecuador wants military base in Miami

I am going to get away from the computer for awhile

Kansas City Southern by Gene Clark is a sweet cut.

My daughter lives in Castaic...

How is it that I have so many Canadian friends?

I've been thinking it'd be cool to start a Grand Funk tribute band

Life is gonna shovel dirt on you...all kinds of dirt....flash

So I've go to admit it, I actually find the Sarah Silverman Program funny.

Proudly, The Fool presented to his Queen --

The house is quiet ...

Well, it's another in an endless line of Cleveland Sports Heartbreak

I'd like to be pounded.

For Sale One Totally Useless Cat

my fake ads

Hey, Skinner!

i dared to post in GD, now i've come here to hide

Who's on first for the next generation...


We made it through the night

a platter of beatdown, with a side order of pain: AKA Gettin' worked

Horse owners in fire-affected areas can bring their horses to Pierce College


Great job DUers - you should all be proud. Rapture Index up 2pts this week

I just found out that the fire by us is an arson fire

I’m going on a mission trip to a Central American country

My arm feels like it's going to fall off

Care to DU a totally self-serving poll?

Kid Rock Arrested After Waffle Kerfuffle

Cleveland deserved the ass-kicking they got last night.

What Musclecar is this: Dash Edition!

I have a question about roaches

What if DU isn't real, none of us on DU are real, we're just something


why dogs bite peopLe

Oddly fascinating for a foodie like myself -- check this out

Miss Teen South Carolina was right!

What do you like most about The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

Any other Sox fans worried about Jacoby?

LynneSin called me a drunk, so I'm not visiting her. Instead


I absolutely detest the Red Sox but

This is a horrible, horrible story.

Kid Rock Arrested After Fight at Atlanta Waffle House

i came home to an angry raccoon on my porch tonight

Cute World Series headlines, here we come!

Just found some news on the fire in Kitchenwitch's area:

It's official !!1 Kathy GRIFFIN has a BEAU!!1

What Are Red Sox?

Holy crap!

Want to learn how to cuss in 180 languages ?

Didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw this...

Who are YOU having after lunch?

God Hates Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church on YouTube!

Have you ever taken a break from PU?

What are YOU having for lunch?

Finally watched Real Time - Maher took care of the disruptors with class

Tomorrow is my 4 year anniversary on DU

James Lipton’s pimpin’ days

I hope the condors and gnatcatchers are okay...

Does your body seem to *want* to sit at a certain weight?

DU Parents: Does your kids wailing and crying ever drive a nerve up your spine?

I think I'm paranoid.

welp, baby bunnypants is scheduled for ear surgery

You can see the CA fires on the weather radar

If one were to reply directly to one, one might infer a breach of one's Zarathrustrian sense of self

Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you're entitled to.

I need a pair of shoes for a wedding on Friday


finaLLy, "horror business" aLL makes sense.

Lady Diana Cooper.......DROOL

Well, the Rockies World Series ticket sale is suspended..the server can't handle

Anyone watch "Dexter" on Showtime?

The plume of smoke is gone.

'76 El Dorado........DROOL!

i wish i couLd stab this outta my memory

I have a question about crickets ...

Special Agent Dale Cooper........ DROOL

Okay, my roomate is pissing me off

New words - some of them will undoubtedly appear here

I think my roomate is pissed off ...

Went to court with my husband for his initial appearance, but I felt worse for others

My garage is clean!!

Maybe Cleveland was meant to win

I love the Japanese....

Malice in Wonderland ......... Drool!!!

My garbage is clean!!

Bridgit saved my life. I want to help if I can save someone else's.

Duke Univ. waters astroturf during worst drought ever

Gordo Cooper........FLEW.

Mini Cooper .......... DROOL!

Mini-rant about a stupid doctor

LynneSin is advocating tasering A CHILD!!!!

Hey Midlo

We got sent home from work today due to the fires

DB Cooper.........FLEW

How do they get that pair of Sox in the infield grass at Fenway?

Rice-A-Roni inventor dies.

It is fun to irritate people.

Wells Fargo Financial just faxed my car loan form

Serious health question re: defecation (or lack thereof).

I was cleaning my gutters when my goofy neighbor suggests I get up ON the roof and blow them out

What the hell is this smilie doing?

A Cooper Climax!!!!!

Cooper Union........ DROOL!!!

OK, That fucking does it! bush needs to go!!!!1!1!!!1

Coopers: Ice Cold

Leave Your F-IN Cell Phone At Home


I officially have NO reason to like our local t.v. weather guy.

Me and the cats are batching it tonight

Hey Kitchenwitch: according to Glen Beck - you hate America

I have a question involving mathy-ness.

The World Series should be double headers.

I am going to go take a little nap

Tips to start a recycling program at my work?

Totally off topic: What the heck happened to Sharper Image?

**Happy 50th Birthday, WCGreen!**

WOOHOO!!!! In less than 24 hours I'm gonna own this....!!!!!!!

last night Midlodemocrat's daughter made me take a solemn vow

Yoohoo, matcom!!! She's not just pretty, she's smart.

Who Wants To See My Picture On the Cover of the DVD "Nozzle Rampage III?"

last night my daughter made me take a solemn vow

What the hell are these smilies doing?

To boldly go...

Radiohead's "In Rainbows" is bloody genius!

Should Airlines OverBook Flights Because People Dont Cancel Their Reservations

Dilated eyes are cool.

Quiet!! I'm trying to hear the new dishwasher.

What Is The Weirdest Dream You Have Ever Had


Who Uses The Word "Douchebag"

Have you ever taken a break from DU?

Mint extract is awesome in home-made cappuccinos

I am awake

I think every World Series Game should start a noon EST

Beefsteaks..... fundraisers....


Damn! My 88-year-old mom had to evacuate her home...

These guys have some talent!

Winnie Cooper!

Pizza - Chicago vs New York

What would the Lounge's soap opera name be?

I've realized we Americans can be categorized by liking to go over the edge

I swear to god if I ever meet Elmo the Muppet I am going to drop kick that mothafucka

Actors Studio host Lipton was a pimp in France

Isolation Moon

Ground turkey meat--how do you think it compares to ground beef?

Midlo is threatening to come visit me and bring her 3 kids with her...

San Diego residents: Check in if you are on fire

Good vibes desperately needed.

How often do you shilly-shally?

Author announces The Great Gatsby was Gay

Billyskank will be here soon!!

Atlantic Salmon, Cherry and Apple Wood

Post a song (or two) about a Hero

What's the longest it's taken someone to 1,000 posts?

Dear Apple Computer Company:

Where is Gröna Lund?

What are your favorite songs from movies? (youtube optional)

Some jpegs on my camera are screwed up. Anyone recommend a recovery program?

Math people out there: How would you solve this problem.

Did anybody else LIKE Elizabeth Hasselback when she was a contestant on survivor?

The Year 1907

Is it normal to be disgusted by the sound of other people chewing?

Monday, October 22nd. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Heh. Heh heh. Heh heh heh heh heh heh. Heh HEE HEE HA HA HA AHHH HA HA HA...ah ha hee...heh...heh...

I LUV Midlodemocrat

I have Rox in my Sox.

If the WWII era provided the US with the "greatest generation" - which generation is it's WORST?

Oh gods, the smoke smell just cranked up in the house.

Fire in the Sky - San Diego Wildfires are close....

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/22/07

SoCal Loungers, please check in.

When you go to a chinese restaurant (any kind) what do you order?

Red Sox Win without Matcom

Any hugs available?

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel

Alice Cooper .......... DROOL!

Anderson Cooper .......... DROOL!

I'm learning Italian and i need some suggestions

Who is Mr. Sneardley? Discuss...

Question for Potter fans

Who Here Hopes The Red Sox Lose The World Series?

Blah blee blah blah

Looking for Help Naming a Fashionline

So I'm making a tagboard model of the Pentagon

Some personal information about me, who never gives out personal information.

What old movies should I watch?

Tell me about the most horrible, absurd, or surreal living arrangement

Need Advice. Friend's sister in love with older man/bisexual

Who is your favorite Yankee player?

Dear Jackson Browne.

Anyone dressing their pets up for halloween?

A Good Kiss-- homework for my poetry class...

Time for the Galactic Pot Healer Babel Fish Game!

Crash kills kids en route to visit wounded dad

Carson sets up dept. for growing training site

Article 32 waived by NCO accused in Iraq death

Report: South Korea to extend stay in Iraq

Ex-POWs conflicted on treatment of detainees

Submarine safety cover-up

Navy footing bill for civilian certifications

Marine dies in Iraq

New Minot commander named

Music honoring pararescue jumpers debuts

Artist keeps legacy of Tuskegee Airmen alive

Bill wants a study on airlift capabilities

Villagers hurt in joint U.S.-Afghan operation

With Iraq tour ahead, unit drops title of ‘Conqueror’

Stuttgart officials struggle to find a solution for crowded classrooms at Patch, Panzer caserns

Old Enough Now to Ask How Dad Died at War

Corps to seek new individual service rifle

Vet fund helps retiree open Dairy Queen

Veterans with severe ailments face long waits for care

Troops unite to save soldier knifed in head

Two Navy Sailors Fatally Shot

Today in labor history October 22

Mansour Osanloo receives emergency eye treatment!!!

Episode 35 USW POWERcast!

E action center: What time is it?

From Justice at Smithfield: Smithfield Foods Sues Union

Forest workers to return after narrowly accepting 3-year contract ends 13 week strike

4,400 Union members ratify deals with nine downtown Las Vegas casinos

Nurses, Children's Hospital reach tentative agreement


a small town victory

Teamsters give Interstate Bakeries’ CEO a vote of no confidence

Heard off the street: News about big CEO pay actually increases it

Union’s bus shows up at Lake-Lehman as teachers end 1st full week of strike

Labor says governor's(Schwarzenegger) proposal 'gouges the middle class'

Hospital social worker plan protested

Telecom plant will close in '08 Alcatel-Lucent to eliminate 230 manufacturing jobs

NLRB WEEKLY SUMMARY, OCT. 5 (long post full summaries)

Sealy Temporarily Closes Green Island Facility in Response to Labor Negotiations

Stagehands Give Union Strike Authority

Child Care Providers Need Our Help

Labor peeps -- New commercial internet service (research help requested)

How the News Works

Barack Obama: Barbershop

Adam Curtis - The Rise and Fall of the TV Journalist

Elizabeth Kucinich with Northeast Impeachment Coalition

USA News

Employees Expose FOX NEWS Distortions

Horowitz & Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week

Republicans Boo The American People

"After" 9-11

Kucinich Campaign Update 22Oct2007

Melting Arctic Sea Ice (from NASA)

Only One: New Bill Richardson ad

Peace Activists Invade Blackwater

Obama - Caucus4Priorities (pledges cuts in wasteful spending, opposes nuclear buildup)

Repug Debate: The Candidates' "Hillary Obsession"

John Edwards Proposes to Cut Wasteful Military Budget


For Bush's Amusement

Why does at least one post in some threads show as the "#" charecter...

The ultimate flame thread

Matsuzaka is kicking ass!!!!!

i phones good or bad?

Amazingly mature commentary

WP: Attacking Iran May Trigger Terrorism (April 2, 2006)

top 100 speeches in mp3 and text form....great link

Hello. I'm Bill Mahar. Ask me anything!

I'm not good at thinking of subject lines.

Indekx : World Newspapers and Magazines on the Internet...great tool

Who's on first for the next generation.

Museum Of Media History

L'histoire se répète

Congratulations Red Sox! nt

America not really series about the Iraqi War>>> If we were, we would suspend all GAMES

Um.. How did I miss this texas politician's antics?

Web footage haunts Rudd..(Australian politician... gross)

Ron Paul on SCHIP

Eek.. there have been measured gusts of wind here of OVER 100 mph

What I Don't Believe

Changing enemies? U.S. Planners See Shiite Militias as Rising Threat

So Why did PBS refuse this - Frank Gaffney-Martyn Burke film “Islam vs. Islamists" on Fox News

I only wish it were St. Valentine's Day so I could send Ron Paul a card...

Verizon’s Crocodile Tears Mask a Threat to Democracy

Why are there two versions of Couric's interview with Valerie Plame?

Wounded troops overwhelm care-The current means of caring for returning vets is antiquated

Asian Stocks Tumble, and European Markets Follow

Pickles is off to create breast cancer awareness in, get this, the Middle East.

Politico, Wash. Times uncritically reported GOP claims that Dems unwilling to compromise on SCHIP

Randy Pausch, a dying 47-year-old professor gives last lecture

c-span wj topic - "what is a conservative?" - republican callers only

Drug Companies Doing Great - Merck's Profit Jumps 62%; Drug Maker Raises Outlook

Frank Rich on Scarborough

2.5 hours to HLF verdict, downtown Dallas pretty much locked down

okay - re: Maher

In Switzerland, the far right wins big.

When confirmed, will Michael Mukasey be the most powerful person in the world?

Without defining them, Wash. Post asserted Brownback "talk[ed] about Christian values"

Iran would need 3-8 years to produce bomb: IAEA chief

Valerie Plame is on The Today Show right now!

Lost laptop reward: Beer for life

Mahr was completely within his rights

Mitt and Rudy, two proud liberals

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

A nuclear reactor's next life: Tourist destination?

Halliburton third-quarter net income rises 19%

Dow is opening down 120 points

Wife changed jobs, first time in four years we get Christmas in the Caribbean

DEM Diane Benson prepares to win Alaska's at-large congressional seat

Newseum... Today's Front Pages > Monday, October 22, 2007: 518 front pages from 54 countries.

Clinton Finds Way to Play Along With Drudge

please please PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

US dollar touches a new euro low

Two U.S. sailors shot dead in Bahrain barracks

George W. Bush's resume

Kucinich campaign stops by Encinitas

Help! I'm in need of graphic pics for Political Science class

EXCELLENT! Naomi Wolf on c-span yesterday- must see

"Gozales May Be Prosecuted" by fired USA McKay LINK

Couric is an embarrassment to journalism (Plame Interview)

A Climate Of Peace

Turkish Soldiers/Heavy Weapons Headed Toward Iraq Border... LINK

Lurching "undead" liven (the Seattle neighborhood of) Fremont

Tax Evasion: The great lie of supply-side economics.

My Senators are poor

it's time for the Democrats to stand up for the redistribution of wealth . . .

Assumption : "You need to gain Independent/Republican votes to win."

NYT: Confusion on Deaths After Fighting in Sadr City

Valerie Plame Wilson: Finally Telling My Story

It's the economy, stupid.

Iraq Protests Sadr City Deaths

Cheney, shut your fascist pie hole!

Why would I receive email from [email protected]

I know it's an online poll. I do. I'm still thrilled to see Gore at 32% - 10 points ahead !

diane rehm show 11 am - Bob Drogin: "Curveball"

Today is WCGreen's birthday....Come on over to the Lounge

Justice Thomas says law degree 'worth 15 cents'

When using a touchscreen voting machine, how do you write in a candidate?

Exclusive Interview With & Positive State Poll Results

State considers lifting ban to extract farm's uranium mother lode

Behind Bush's bluster is a bloody threat, a presidential threat of a sort this nation has never seen

An Appreciation Of Al Gore

Privatization vs Social Security

The Kleptocrat in an Hermes Headscarf

"the reports of a presumed hate crime are unfounded." Randi Rhodes

Family planning lowers abortion rates

Clinton's Iran vote must be hurting her, because she seems to be wavering

City Offers $1,000 For Grass-Free Lawns - Watering Lawns No. 1 Water-Waste Issue

Dishwashers for Clinton: Once again a zeal for campaign cash trumps common sense

Technically speaking, Pelosi didn't lie when she said, "No more blank checks."

The idiot is supposed to make a speech today asking for $42 BILLION

60 arrested near Capitol

Trial starts for church that protests at soldiers' funerals

Wall Street Lobbyists Move Quickly to Stifle Rangel Tax Plans

CalFire servers have crashed. Anyone know anything?

Dumbledore is gay.

Yes, some blogs are profitable - very profitable

bush to make remarks-war funding request. 11:55 ET cspan just said.

Research finds runoff elections hurt minority representation

Valerie Plame is LIVE on larry king tonight.....n/t

KLSD off the air? Possible fire victim?

Tests reveal high chemical levels in kids' bodies

Film chronicles a KC veteran’s journey from warrior to anti-warrior

she has no idea where she is........

Immunity for Telecoms May Set Bad Precedent, Legal Scholars Say

Dozens of Capitol Hill protesters arrested

Af Am Disenfranchiser Tim Griffin's name resurfaces in NYT's Drudge/Hillary Alliance article

IMO since the USA is the occupying force in Iraq

White House Warmongering

More Plame revelations: Received IRS audit in 2005 - Structural bolts from deck were removed

Breaking: Sen. Hillary Clinton Has Temper, Hate

Mydd re:Zogby poll (50% would never vote for Clinton, 49% would never vote for Kucinich, etc)

Awww nuts

Where is Congress today????? nothing on cspan.

Las Vegas becoming a security lab

Why I'm voting for Rudy Giuliani.

Dana the dtiz is off. Tony Fratto now lying on CSPAN to WH reporters

NASA Orders Destruction Of Air Traffic Data

Breaking: Osama Bin Laden helps Bush get more money for Iraq!

Broadway stagehands vote to strike--union turns down Bloomberg's offer to mediate

Thank you Idiot.. Hogging TV time to demand more Iraq money

How Center to the Plame Outing is WINPAC?

It’s "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week"!

Mug a muzzle of Mondays, . . . Please come CAPTION!!!

Aside from the "official" announcements-what do you think Pickles is up to in UAE, Saudi Arabia etc?

chertoff spreading fear on cspan2

"Patriots have come to my office to ask for support of the troops"-bush says at

As I wait to hear from a comgressional aide

For all you Bill Clinton fans.

Ugg mighty hunter!! Ugg smash enemies!!! VOTE UGG!!!!

Thoughts on the Stock Market and Social Security

Body Count - The Measure of Progress....

Parliament dissolved in Kyrgyzstan

Kid Rock arrested in DeKalb after fight at Waffle House

Cheney: "The spirit of freedom is stirring in Iran. "

Mistrial declared in Holy Land Foundation terror finance trial

Wounded and hospitalized Soldiers are like new born babies to conservatives

DEA chief resigns, takes Motorola job

It is falling apart so fast, I can't keep up.

Exclusive: I Was a Hacker for the MPAA

President Bush asks for extra $42 billion for wars

How to reduce the civilian death toll in Iraq: increase bombing, call dead militants

Petraeus May Renege On Withdrawal Plans If ‘Security Situation Deteriorates’ In Iraq Next Year

To date, Congress has already provided more than $455 billion for the Iraq war

Disturbing article of how vets are forced to wait for VA Care

The price of my delivered pizza went up, and I was happy!

dead fish carpet Sanibel Island, Fl. beach


Congress to Tackle Child Health Insurance Veto

On a ten mile trip home, I counted 38 motorcycles, boats, rvs, & snowmobiles FOR SALE

Is this the voting record of a Conservative, Moderate or Liberal?

Can we say "Republi-Fascism"?

Slideshow: Instant Housing and Designing for Disaster

Chris Dodd is going to be on the last hour of Randi Rhodes,

Is Fema on scene in CA fires?--I have not heard anything if they are.

Chuck Norris AKA Walker Texas Ranger endorses Huckabee.

Anybody know what happened to dKos

Chuck Norris is gonna kick our asses if we don't vote for Huckleberry!

CODEPINK Women Visit Canadian Consulate To Demand They Stop Barring US

In poll, Colbert finishes ahead of Richardson, Kucinich and Gravel!

Bizarre weather

Man, 24, loses 82-year-old wife

What is the deal with Ron Paul - does he have a chance for an upset in the Rethug primaries?

Beck: "handful of people who hate America are losing their homes in a forest fire today"

Isn't this weird:

Afghanistan Seeks Review of Herbicides in Poppy War

Dalai Lama Quote On Criticizing Others

The thought of Bush awarding the Medal of Honor to anyone makes me want to puke.

NAFTA - A half-assed idea

College tuition and fees rise 6.6 pct.

Global Warming... yep Katrina is part of the pattern

NASA buries 4-year study of Air travel safety because it would scare the public too much

Cops are dicks

(Newsweek) Fareed Zakaria: The American discussion about Iran has lost all connection to reality

Things are getting even more tense in Iraq: 8 Turkish Troops Missing, 12 Dead after Kurdish Attack

Gonzales could be prosecuted, McKay says

re: the stock market

All According to Plan: The displacement of black Louisianans helps turn the state red.

This....(Froomkin quoting I-Won't-Type-His-Name)


A person used to love to come to DU

Chairman Waxman: Evidence of Tax Evasion by Blackwater

ACLU Publishes Administration of Torture, an Account of Prisoner Abuse in US Custody Abroad

live so cal fire news on the radio ---->

Darth Cheney Ready for the Clone Wars

caption this Pickles pic..

Sen Chris Dodd on Randi Rhodes show now

Agbio Firm Syngenta Attacks,Kills Brazilian Peasants

Has Shrub's damn war left San Diego's fire without National Guards to assist?

How soon before Blackwater steps up to help in CA?

Road Closures and Evacuations in Southern Cal

Republican Operations Manual, Uncovered

WOW! Bin Laden AND a suspicious airport package...all in one day

Mukasey was gotten to, he should not be confirmed

Canadian Government - fascism with velvet gloves - Captain Paul Watson

Where is the California National Guard?

Edwards Campaign Statement on Clinton's Iowa Mailer Defending Iran Vote

Here is an image to give those who are not here a magnitude of the fire situation

Pentagon Co-opted Independent Military Newspaper For PR Campaign Pushing Bush’s War Policies

The Nation: Do HRC's Numbers Lie?

What does it mean when a Dem controlled Congress can not stand up to Bush-question

Turkey PM: We expect things from the United States rather than from Iraq," he said.

If you put -----'s brain in a gnat's ass,

Pentagon Co-opted Independent Military Newspaper For PR Campaign Pushing Bush’s War Policies

Rep. Emanuel:"The President’s $184 billion war funding request could provide health care for 10 mil"

Uh, Oh... Hold On To Your Roller Coasting Portfolios !!! - Asian Markets Red !!!

Waxman: Blackwater may have engaged in tax evasion

Be sure to watch the Wilsons on Larry King tonight

How exactly has Rudi us safe?

'As soon as the fresh air touched my hair I began to cry'

Being Blue pays: Apple reports $904m profit, ships 2m Macs

How's YOUR Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week going so far?

No, I'm the decider...

Lake Arrowhead threatened by fire, all mountain roads closed

2 Bullets to the Head


Springsteen: "When we let our compassion go we lose our claim to what little divinity was ours."

Californians near (but not too close) to the fires

LA Times: Iraqi leaders may ask U.N. to restrict U.S. military

If you live in Florida, will you vote in the Democratic primary in January?

McCain and Richardson say they will appear on Imus' new show

MASSIVE EVACUATION ordered between I-5 & I-15. Homes burning, residents trapped

Leahy and Specter (Again) Demand Subpoenaed Surveillance Documents

Question about the fires in California (Insurance)

Scripps Ranch is under mandatory evac now n/t

U-Haul Offers 30 Days of Free Storage to Southern California Fire Evacuees


Will bush get his 46 billion he is now asking for to keep the war going? eom

California National Guard called to Southern California fires


I have a message to all political parties and candidates for national office.

Selling the USA in a 60 second commercial.

If Fox News Had Existed Throughout History....

"No timeline. No funding. No excuses." John Edwards

I was, for a second, sure one of my students shot another of my students today

The Jacob Wetterling Foundation asks you to leave a light on for the missing children tonight,10/22

self delete

Neil Boortz is a racist, hate-mongering asshole

If someone commits treason in a forest, is it still treason?

Two new fires.. Stevenson Ranch (near Magic Mountain) & Crestline

The Nation: FCC Promotes Media Monopolies

Bush will veto more funds for heating oil (McCafferty files now). Call your

Understand that increased melting from the poles and Greenland is not part of the computer models

Tests Reveal High Chemical Levels in Kid's Body

Islamo-Fascism Awarness Week

See & hear the firestorm (LATimes video)

GREAT quote in Final Jeopardy tonight. SO fitting (don't click/read if you live on the west coast)

Jack Cafferty: The Bush administration doesn't

I Wish The Top Tier Of Democratic Candidates Were:

Is anyone listening to Tweety and these raving lunatics

130 Homes destroyed in Lake Arrowhead

A drug rep stopped by my office this morning...big-time layoffs:

Shit.. 4 more firefighter injured as they flee from a fire headed for thousands of homes

CNN: Cannot do anything about fire till it reaches ocean or when winds die down Wednesday

Jobs coming back home -- just heard about it today!

'Mythbusters' to test whether cockroaches will survive past Bush's Presidency

All wild animals at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego are safe

Picture of * from today.

Live From San Diego County

Oct. 22, 1962: Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Brink of War

Terrorist busters...are they serious?

Speaker Pelosi: Colossal Cost of Iraq War Grows Every Day

Is Richardson 'Too Real?'

Can someone tell me the total % that the average person making over $1million a year pays ?

Lake Arrowhead area...

Remember LUTTRELL, the Navy SEAL who hates Libs more than the Taliban? COURIC lusts over him

Chris Floyd for Glenn Greenwald: The Democrats' year of living disastrously

Just heard....Valerie Plame on Larry King tonight.......I wonder if she will be

Why I support Hate Crime legislation

Plenty to Swear About

Why can't there be a federal law on primary dates?

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

Free pet boarding in San Diego for evacuees

Lessing says Sept. 11 attacks not so bad

Corzine files lawsuit against Bush

My God, somebody has captured my cat to a T.

The Irony Is Killing Me. We Are Becoming Them And They Want To Be Like Us.

Edwards and Kucinich Beat Clinton and Obama in Straw Poll in San Mateo County, CA!

All According to Plan-The displacement of black Louisianans helps turn the state red.

If I had the money, I'd move to California to

When "Your Family" turns Against YOU!

My daughter wrote this LTTE for her AP Government class.

msnbc airing NEW bin Ladin tape right now

To all the "Dire Drought" people, I apologize for Friday.

Gore dropped by Swatch group over fear of Presidential run

Hilarious Freeper Diary (he was a useful idiot on Fox during the GOP debate)

Lousy geography classes and the California fires.

Glenn Greenwald: Robert Kennedy speaks out against Retroactive Immunity

If both you and your life partner are members of DU, please check in here and say 'Hi'.

UNC and Duke Get Exemption To Use Sprinklers

Where the fires are...(map for those not in Calif)

Plame: White House Likely To ‘Twist Intelligence’ On Iran

Ron Paul

The Future is Drying Up

Continent-size toxic stew of plastic trash fouling swath of Pacific Ocean

DU this poll: Is anyone who doubts 9-11 "insane" and giving government too much credit?

***POLAND throws out far-right, pro-Bush, pro-Iraq war, anti-gay government***

California Waiting for the National Guard

Doonesbury takes on LIMBOsevic (for the first time?)!!1

Some sobering numbers, Dems, ReBUGS and Inds are EQUAL...

Talk Host Gallagher: ‘Round Up’ Olbermann, Damon, And ‘Put Them In A Detention Camp’

California Fire Information- Road Closures , evacuations, phone numbers etc..

Valerie (Plame) Wilson Liveblogging NOW at FDL!

New Riverbend post

Sometimes payback is indeed a bitch. Richard Mellon Scaife gets a taste of his own medicine.

Breaking --60 Arrested (so far) in Anti War Protest in DC...

"Iraqis are breathing a sigh of relief as violence in their war-torn country is ebbing"

LOL: Nearly entire town in New Jersey becomes Democrats

I think many Americans would be quite content to live in a fascist country

Another good reason to make Gore president: Gas prices will plummet

Chavez Criticized Catholic Leaders in Venezuela

A quick, easy way to make the illegal immigration/cheap labor problem disappear

Some serious rain is heading for them Southern states


'I've Got Nothing to Hide' and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy

Heartbreaking story by Riverbend

Link to live video feed from KTLA-5 coverage of CA fires, fyi

bush doesn't want Iran to have Nukes. What's he gonna do, hire Valerie Plame?

Biden to join Dodd in hold, ----but Hillary and Obama waver on the sidelines

Waxman again writes Rice to request docs about DynCorps' Iraq contract:

A BIG THANKS Thread For The Admins, Because...

Draft Gore Radio Ad Running in Florida -- Most excellent!

Scott Ritter: On the Eve of Destruction

25 MINUTES!!!!

Does anyone else find it odd that Randi Rhodes

The fate of the world depends on this post

Ann Coulter and her "Jews need to be perfected" flap.

Reid: *'s New Iraq Funding Request Demonstrates His Priorities Are Not Those Of Americans

CH54A Skycrane/S-54 Aircrane

Dear Flat Earthers

Blackwater accused of tax evasion

Skinner please ask them to stop. I'm about ready to snap

PHOTO: It wasn't a mansion. But it was home.

Naomi Wolf asserts that the end of America is Extremely F**king Nigh

Liz Cheney Co-Chair of Fred Thompson's Campaign?????

What part of the country are you from?

Very simple DU poll: Richard B. Cheney has committed crimes, including treason Y/N?

Why is it every damn time there's a wildfire, people must

Marijuana Arrests Set New Record for 4th Year in a Row, Exceed All Violent Crimes Combined

Fundie ''World Harvest Church'' Slapped With $6 Million Jury Judgment

Navy Probe Concludes Nuclear Submarine Crew Ignored Safety Procedures; 6 Punished

Kuncinich to Call for Impeachment of Bush Consideration!

Post California Fire Disaster Info in this thread, please!

San Diego Is On Fire-Had to Evacuate-Family is Fine & Together

Matt Stoller's attack on Dean is using Florida party talking points.

Global Warming is Irreversible!? More than 6 Billion People will Perish at Century's End!?

Can we get a Katrina-Style forum for emergency info for California fires?

Dylan sells out...Again!!

Program Note - Valerie Plame on Fresh Air 23 Oct on NPR

Neo-Nazi group supports Ron Paul

Hey did you see that story on the front page of the New York Times?

Biden's Corn Cob as of last night at 11:17pm - $128,244. It's getting there! nt

Corn Cob as of today, 11:32am: $132,379 They haven't updated it on their

Saw Senator Chris Dodd at the First in the Nation Project at Wartburg College last night

New Biden thread

I hope this hasn't already been posted - Biden blogs w/WaPo

Biden thread that's fallen into the cracks

Good thread, kids. nt


Is there anything we can do to help Joe's people? I ask because although I

I had to talk about it some more

Okay. I'm convinced.

Clinton Book Fatigue

Republicans Running Uphill

To Cure Insurance Woes, Doctors Try Prepaid Plans

Will the market tomorrow be up 300+ or down 500+. We are very good at

Obama Calls for Ouster of Official After Remark (John Tanner)

GOP Turns Tables on Democrats Over Iraq Probe

Must Read from Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria: Stalin, Mao And...Ahmadinejad?

'04: Donnie McClurkin has become a "stooge for the Bush campaign"

McClatchy: Edwards' Southern style plays well in New Hampshire

Our local Peace Gathering is growing....

Elect progressives where you can

Sooooo, when the DEMOCRATS win...Who would you like for VP and her cabinet?

Let's talk about the other side for awhile. What does Brownback dropping out mean to the GOP primary

How does Republican Jindal wins LA governor without run-off?

The Only Bad Numbers for Clinton Are on the Calendar

Polar Bears Dancing on Capitol Hill

Obama's brand loyalty program: 'My Points'

Starting Gate: A Win-Win For Clinton?

As Coffers Expand and Contract, Strategies Emerge

Oprah becomes test of what an endorsement means

He says he's 'pro-disclosure,' but Bill has kept Hillary's White House files under wraps

Clinton Works Along With Drudge And Plays Nice With Publisher

Valerie Plame chat Monday at FireDogLake

NY Times Editorial Blisters Congressional Dems For FISA Cave-In

We should really forget about same-sex unions for 2008.

Thompson, God and the Republic Party

Of the following, which would be the most effective in restoring our democracy?

Romney the Huckster (from Rolling Stone) - Great Read!

Is the US just tired of Bush, or have conservatives had it?

George W. Bush's Job Approval Rating Drops to 25%

Obama finally UNITES some people - GLBT's

Who believes what the Repugs say?

Clinton Book Fatigue? Despite Slow Sales New Bio Joins the Lot

Photo: Barack Obama files his declaration of candidacy papers today in Concord, N.H.

Giuliani thanks Florida for George Bush: "You saved us in 2000"

Obama Should Repudiate and Cancel His Gay Bash Tour, and Do It Now

NEWS FLASH!!! Chuck Norris backs Huckabee

GOP recommends 5 states lose half of their convention delegates - Quad City Times

Can someone explain: why were there elections in LA now?

How do you folks feel about capital gains and dividend tax?

The Hillary Clinton Effect

Cheney's threats to Iran+NSPD-51=George W. Bush, Dictator

Clinton and Obama lovers, tell your candidates to support the hold/and or

would it cost Obama more support to leave things the same or dump the bigot?

It is fun to irritate people.

Hillary Clinton not only dumped Socks the Cat, but cheated him out of millions of dollars too...

Gallup: Democrats have rarely had a front-runner as dominant as Clinton

Edwards Discusses Plan to Connect Hard-Working Americans to Smart Training for Good-Paying, Union Jo

Should Democrats Go On The New Don Imus Show?

Desperate Edwards goes racist/sexist in his electability argument

Ras: Dead heat for McCain-Obama, Obama maintains lead over Romney

Sen. Chris Dodd's Make-or-Break Moment

Daily KOS: Candidates with Courage: The Leaders We Need

Marc Ambinder: Obama campaign seems to have Drudge pipeline too.

VA Poll (WaPo): Clinton 50%, Obama 25%, Edwards 11%

Is it just me, or has Bin Laden had his eyebrows plucked to make him look younger?

The Rude Pundit: The Republican Debate: Who's the Biggest Manwhore?

The Only Bad Numbers for Clinton Are on the Calendar

AFP Photo: Can you stand up? I do believe it's working. Good. That'll keep you going for the show.

Can we cut the guilit by association crap?

Richardson ad - negotiated for hostages

Brand new NH ad fron Obama

Just in time for Halloween, the trickery begins in earnest.

Edwards attacks Clinton for her Iowa mailer explaining her Iran vote

hillary and Drudge

Why Do Republicans Think Hillary Clinton Will Be Nominated?

Hillary wins Republican debate

From First Read - ** “I-Ran, I-Ran so far away…”:

Does anybody else find it odd that McClurkin would do a tour with Obama?

Reuters: "FACTBOX: Bush wants more war funds" (189.3 billion)

Do the Nader threads look more or less awesome compared to the Hillary vs. Obama threads...

John Edwards on "The Presidential Candidate Forums" talking about healthcare.

Does anyone have someone besides Hillary they will refuse to vote for if he gets the Democratic nod?

In Turk v Kurd conflict .... our top guy quits.

81% of Democrats Think Clinton Can Win if Nominated

hillary's Secret White House Papers

Its getting pretty bad when even Right Wingers can see that Congress...

There are many Obama supporters who totally get it

Another HORRIBLE quote from Donnie McClurkin

Zogby poll of who people would never vote for

Romney will not be Elected Even if he's Repug Front Runner! His Diction is Larry Craig!

A Thoughtful Discussion

To those who support McCloset's appearence on the Gospel Tour. What's your problem with Gay People?

When is Kucinich going to denounce his connections to this supporter of anti-gay legislation?

On Chris Dodd's Huge Daily Kos Straw Poll

Senate Must REJECT Yet Another Bush Nomination of a Mississippi Judge with Poor Civil Rights Record

Obama supporters :has the Obama / gospel singer issue caused you to rethink your support of him?

Which issue do Obama supporters see as the most important reason NOT to vote for Hillary?

Is Bill Richardson still running?

Why was Bill Richardson given a pass for saying people choose to be gay

Feel the hate! (wildfire edition)

I Am Proposing Three New 2008 Campaign Committees

DU Democratic Candidate Straw Poll- 10/22/07

McClurkin on 700 Club: "The gloves are off. Stop public funding of gay high school!"

Edwards brings Southerness to N.H.

Donnie McClurkin: We must pull down and destroy homosexuality.

Lou Dobbs does not look well and his speech seems

Obama's gospel tour includes McClurkin & the tour is called "EMBRACE THE CHANGE" ???

Hillary Draws Thousands In Fresno

Edwards flies cut rate on his finance chair's jet

Edwards warns of 'corporate Democrats'

Check this out! The folks at "People For the American Way" created a Parody of Facebook! RW Facebook

A little insight into Monkey Boys aproval ratings...

Edwards Wins Bay Area Democrats' Straw Poll

Hillary cannot possibly win in 2008

Hillary celebrates endorsement of anti-gay Reverend who compared homosexuality to thievery

I am tired of you all telling me I am an anti-religious bigot

Statement from Senator Obama on Reverend McClurkin

Democrats need new leadership

Edwards' response to Bush's request for additional war funding

Hillary, Get Out Your Prayer Rug. You Gotta Pray Bush Doesn't Attack Iran After Your Vote.

Edwards Campaign Statement on Clinton's Iowa Mailer Defending Iran Vote

shouLd the dem nominee take a pro-Life stance?

Right-Wing Myths Exposed: The So-Called "Liberal" Media

On the General Discussion page I count 14 seperate threads attacking Clinton

Why Dems should root for the Red Sox in the World Series

NYT - BIDEN: Nobody, including the president, has a firmer grasp of international affairs.

Biden takes on GOP: Candidates buy into Bush Iraq philosophy; Giuliani succeeded with Clinton-Biden

Blaming Nader for 2000 is like...

Let's be fair on this Obama Gospel thing

The schedule for Obama's "Embrace the Change!" tour

The Media will Completely Ignore the McClurkin thing...