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Kelly family appeals for calm after new murder claims by MP

Old Enough Now to Ask How Dad Died at War

Scotland ‘could be prosecuted over American torture flights’

State Department Struggles To Oversee Private Army

The Protect Who Act?

Frank Rich: Suicide Is Not Painless

Extinction or the elites. Choose

The Future Is Drying Up

Report recommends shifting power-line money to solar panels

First frost in Nebraska now nearly one month late.

Thousands flee fighting in eastern Congo

Critic sues Riley for testimony

Pension Plan Wants Countrywide CEO Out

State Department Struggles To Oversee Private Army

Toppled in Baghdad, clueless in Whitehall (British general reveals no postwar planning for Iraq)

New Orleans coroner ordered to release reports on deaths

Poll shows Americans getting more concerned about global warming

Seven protesters arrested at Blackwater's headquarters

Zogby Poll: Half Say They Would Never Vote for Hillary Clinton for President

Climate change blamed for fading foliage

The Future is Drying Up

I'm new here and just want to say hi

oh man, "Transformers" is god fucking awful.

I would say "good game" to the Sox fans, but..

I'm being reminded of how much I love Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Awright, ya bastids, what plane is THIS?

Who else didn't go to prom and as a result is now incredibly mean spirited and bitter about it?

Great Game, Cleveland!! You are awesome!! "May the Best team Win!!"

How many DUzy nominations have you made?

Wow, two of my OP's got DUzy's this week...

SNL opening....crude Hillary/wimpy Bill....

A young white woman was rude to me in the checkout line

I'm just discovering "Nirvana".

Radio_Lady Discusses: A young black woman serving us at the bar lost her husband in Iraq...

Is there any actor more prolific than Maurice Micklewhite??

Black and white are boring colors.

I didn't even know they made McCokespoons.

Best weight-loss tip ever: Fly at extremely high altitudes

Boy, was I WRONG, yet again! If anybody had ever told me, "You can get

Latest pics of little Sunflower the kitten

I'm sick of these seven and eight year old criminals running free in our here's my idea

Hel of an LSU-Auburn game wrapping up right now. It's a 1-point game.

Which is the greatest race?

What will be the outcome of the 2008 World Series?

Can an employer be convinced to make a claim your job is redundant,

I Just Used The Prostitute....

Wow. Yesterday I got sloshed on 48oz of wine. Today, after 8oz, I'm almost as sloshed.

Typo in casting-Elliot Gould is GOD ("Christian" Slater is Moses)

A week ago, I was wondering, 'What's that weird thing in the Fenway Park infield?'

GRAND SLAM, BOTOX (EWWW)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so , I went to go look at a venue for my daughters wedding...

Hey Lounge! Wanna guess what I had for dinner??

Watching THE best movie EVER

I'm paying 39 cents a minute for this connection. Ask me anything!

Hugh Hefner's very conditional love for the nakedness of Britney Spears

Favorite GOD?

GRAND SLAM, BOSOX (DREW)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Older but good games!


Shakespeare Garden

Cowboy take me away.....

This is Cleveland's Triple-A club, right?

Michael Jackson's Thriller like you've never seen it before

For someone very very special...a nice plate of Gah Nochie!!!!

Look out, Earl!

Laydeez 'n' others, DePauw University's quarterback

Hot Buttered Rum and The Rat Pack

What plane is this - crude sketch edition. Add yours

Book question for you...about Huckleberry Finn

What plane is this? "Your great uncle served in the AVG" edition:

LOL-People magazine cover. Clooney's buds are going to give him some hell about this

ZOMFG!!11!! i just hooked up my new 21.6 wide LCD monitor!!!!

What's the biggest deficit a baseball team has come back from in a SINGLE GAME?

soooo, good night lounge......

Is SNL actually *live* tonight?


Oh the humanity

Red Sox vs. Indians

Overheard in the video store "I do not want to rent has Devil in the title"

What happens when we hit 32 million posts?

Cleveland Indians (7-3) At Boston Red Sox (5-3), 8:21 P.m. EST.

I am posting from...

This song is dedicated to the Red Sox Nation

NOooooo....snow predicted for parts of Texas by Monday?

Just SNOW already!

2nd-grader suspended for drawing of gun

D cup bra with two cantaloupes in it

Is it safe?

How Often Do You Use Text Messages?

What plane is this - take-off edition. Add yours


I am NOT a sports arena kinda girl!

I Just Used The John....

I did something stupid today...

Naked pic of me wearing socks and shoes only eating Gah Nochie while attempting to do pushups...

Cool facts about Tholians:

Before I go to bed I want to give FREE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What plane is this - end-of-runway edition

U.A.W. R.I.P.?

HELP NEEDED! -- Metro Owners file Temporary Restraining Order Against Fired IWW Union Worker

Detroit Nurses Want End To Management Interference In Union Organizing

IAM Fights To Convince Congress To Save 44,000 U.S. Aerospace Jobs

LT Watada: We Stand By You

The Tyrant...

The Hypocrisy of President Bush...

Rep. Diane Watson commits to support Impeachment

Obama on fear, threats on his life

Today is Toy Camera Day!

Sunday Talk Shows, 60 Minutes Valerie Plame

Watada's court-martial extended to Nov. 9

Rich: Suicide Is Not Painless (Iraq Contractor Corruption)

Anybody For A "Keep Them Honest" Broadcast To Counter The MSM\CNN ???

What will the DNC look like when Dean leaves in few months?

Nuclear hypocrisy: Joe Conason

All is finally good....a perspective on things from a dad

Yes inspired by a post that is no longer here. Does anyone have the right to prevent a free human

"Media in a Time of War" is on LinkTV

"Pearls before swine" cites source for the REASONS we are in Iraq

Why was my thread locked (Welcome to Guantanamo)?

How did we become the enemy of the Patriots of 1776?Tom Paine "The Rights of Man"

President Bush is a bottle of bleach poured across the canvas of America.

Anyone else ever bother to visit "Democrat" Underground...

And now ladies and gentlemen, your 2 mins. of fear: Sexual misconduct plagues US schools

Belarus: Lukashenko calls Jews "dirty", Israeli ambassador returns home

Is Bush Really the Worst President ever?

Nature of Syrian facility unclear (Taipei Times)

Oilman Pickens says $100 oil coming

NEWSFLASH: The 60's are over.

Oral Roberts University facing HUGE scandal

How we *could* get to impeachment: His name is Glenn Fine.

Congressman Denied Access to Martial Law Plan

8 point lead!

President of the March of Dimes Foundation delivers Democratic radio address on SCHIP

Sympathy circle for Louisiana DUers

Faux News Calls for class action lawsuit against Al Gore's movie

Murdered for going to school - six years after the Taliban was toppled

He's Back At The Fairground With His Impeachment Message

"you've met my wife..."

i heard Randi Rhodes got hurt.. what happened, i've been in the hospital over a she ok??

LA Times editorial: Avoiding WWIII: Threatening Iran is poor strategy.

Fans of Robert Parry and "Corsortium News" ...They Need some Help!

Snopes Debunks Email Attacking Canadian Health-Care

I don't think there are ANY Gore haters on DU

in 2008, if the corporate pigs steal another election for the repukes, what will you do?

MSNBC: "Georgia’s governor declares drought emergency" ... not ONE mention of climate change

Bobby Jindal's Brilliant Victory Speech (Louisiana Gov. election):

Nuke transportation story has explosive implications.

Rudy Giuliani Added You As A Friend At Right-Wing Facebook

Since we're talking about "cackling," I'M bringing up MY linguistic pet peeve again

One quick way to end a telemarketing call

Dean: "Unfortunately, 'I Told You So,' Is An Incredibly Unsuccessful Campaign Slogan."

George W. Bush is Christ-like

Frank Rich: Suicide Is Not Painless

Giuliani loses BIGTIME in the twirly-eyed fundy straw poll...


Good thread by Ginchinchili

Anyone giving Dodd props for saying he will filibuster the FISA bill?? And

Thornburgh to testify for Wecht, say prosecution is politically motivated

Journalists are frigging MORANS

WP,pg1: Some Say Clinton Model Flawed: Strategy for Appeal in Upstate NY May Not Translate for '08

The Have-Mores have a health plan! (TOM the DaNCINg BUg 'TOON)

I noticed the attacks on Obama and Edwards are coming more and more lately.

John Edwards - NYT: Looking for President Dean

TX (IVR) - Honeymoon's over, Fred

Does objectivity matter? (a Rant)

Edwards takes on trade deals and 'corporate Democrats'

If you were Karl Rove

While I don't think that Clinton's win is "invevitable"

Zogby Poll: Half Say They Would Never Vote for Hillary Clinton for President

Presidential Profile: Edwards delivers stark message

Clinton Defends her Iran Vote

I hate all our candidates!

Pelosi working on Bush Impeachment?

Obama's decision to do a "gospel tour" with anti-gay fundies makes you feel...

Sooooo, if Hillary wins...Who would you like for VP and her cabinet?

Obama to do gospel tour with radical right singer who crusades against "the curse of homosexuality"

Peace Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning

Mary Had A Little Lamb, This Inspection is a Scam

Vanity Fair: The Simple Life: White House Edition

Two problems with torture: It's wrong and it doesn't work, according to interrogation expert STUART


Corruption, Incompetence and Iraq

Tom Friedman, Save the Planet: Vote Smart : "George Bush swamped any good works you did."

Nancy Giles (CBS Sunday Morning): Politics Is Getting Politicized

multi-drug-resistant superbug spreading from Iraq vets through hospitals

Long-lost Text Lifts Cloud Over Knights Templar (trial for heresy)

The B-52 Incident – An Unfolding Saga of Villains, Scapegoats and Heroes

U.S. Troops Are Dying, So That Bush Can “Save Face!”

Will someone please put this crazy bastard out of our misery????

Want to peek at the City of the Future? Visit an airport.

Obama Should Repudiate and Cancel His Gay Bash Tour, and Do It Now

US physicians demand that ABC rectify lies on Cuba (Stossel's "Sick in the US, healthy in Cuba?")

Why Are Huge Numbers Of Camels Dying In Africa And Saudi Arabia?

Proposed coal plant still faces hurdles (ND)

Need Yurt advice

Solar cars race from Australia's top to bottom

Everything but the Oceans' Sinks

Good citizens check for duplicates!

Those aren't proper "ladybugs"

Manhattan welcomes 720,000 ladybugs, as pest killers

Organic Consumers Launch Nationwide Lawsuit in 27 States Against Aurora Organic Dairy for Violating

California cities asked to switch off lights (yesterday)

What happened to all the cardinals?

Hybrid Battery Breakthrough?

Take action: Save Raw Almonds from spraying them with propylene oxide (PPO)

Brazillion Solar Roofs Program Off To A Bright Start In Sunny California.

Kurd rebels kill 9 Turk soldiers: military sources

Obama To Do Gospel Tour With "Ex-Gay" Singer Who Vowed To Battle "Curse Of Homosexuality"

Dumbledore is gay, 'Harry Potter' author reveals

Tighter Border Delays Re-entry by U.S. Citizens

U.S. Baghdad strikes kill 13, including toddlers

Key Clinton Backer Rips Giuliani's Personal Life

America vetoes G7's dollar alert

Jindal wins Louisiana governor's race

Kidnapped Catholic priests freed in Iraq -Vatican

We can attack Iran, says US commander

Iraqi Oil Ministry secures propane deal with Iran

Turnout High as Poles Cast Votes in Parliamentary Elections

Rightist party leads in Switzerland

Former Packers star Max McGee dies

Energy Traders Avoid Scrutiny: As Commodities Market Grows, Oversight Is Slight

Bush Angles for Conservation Stature

Labor leaders say politicians won't end war, urge workers to protest

U.S. forces fight major gun battle in Baghdad (Sadr City)

Blackwater begins pullout of Iraq

Dozens die in Turkey border clash

Americans flouting U.S. travel ban to see "forbidden fruit" of Cuba

Castro votes from sickbed in Cuban election

Soyuz Craft Lands Short of Destination

Cheney: US Will Not Let Iran Go Nuclear

Conservative Kaczynski Concedes Defeat in Polish Election

Car crash kills 2 of soldier's young kids traveling to visit him

Biden Says Bush Could Use Iranian Guard Resolution as a Pretext for War

Jindal wins Louisiana governor's race

A drink a day for health? Forget it, research says

Steep decline in oil production brings risk of war and unrest, says new study

Ugliest helicopters ever created

We need an airplane forum or something...

Today is the 100th anniversary of the start of the Panic of 1907

Band of horses

I am angry/upset! Neighbor wrongfully cut my lovely oak tree.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/21/07

The Science Patrol...

Just got back from Armenia (and I brought Pics)

Oh My.! That wacky Liberation front.. (I dare not post the title)

Always somewhere

Another day is at end..........

It was beautiful night --

On Wildfire we're gonna ride

Levi Stubb's tears.

I posted my silly snow thread in GD.


The Ghost in You

If your goin' to San Francisco.

I'm about to change your pretty life.

Once Upon a Time in the West final showdown

Anyone been watching "Puking Daisies"?


Ennio Morricone - Once upon a time in the West

Love Kills - Joe Strummer

I've seen things people wouldn't beleive......

Godsmack - I'm alive.

You know, it's been almost three months since I gave up red meat,

Sniff and the tears

So you're buying a round of drinks or paying for lunch...

So... did you know I am "special"?

I would say "good game" to the Sex fans, but..

I know it's WAAAAAAAAAAAY too early


Let's go BATS!

Ah, yes.... a fun two-hour odyssey with the in-laws yesterday...

They're pretty quick over at "I Can Has Cheezburger"

You didn't file your paperwork last night

Hey NFL fans...CBS coverage?

dude, hillary clinton ATE SOCKS THE CAT!!!!!1111

Mike Oldfield - tubular bells

Ten Things You Can Do Right Now to Love MY Body (ALSO NOT A SEX THREAD)

i saw my name as a line item on an excel spreadsheet

Sunday morning-What's more disturbing?

Want to try to interpret this dream?

Computer/YouTube question

I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In....

Hey Boston/MA Duers!! Likely meetup next weekend!

Let's go BATSHIT!

Disco thread - Post up your favorite songs and vids

Where do we post for personal legal help/advice?

Is My Eyesight Improving Or Did DU Become Super-sized?

Stupid Niners.

the one thing that scares me about dying alone

Life's Little Instruction Book, #s 326 and 328

It's funny... because I've let something go while having so much fun.

Sade dit moi

the meat regime only cares about monolithic power

Imagine you found a stray puppy or kitty

Okay, I like the new Chevy Malibu commercial

I woke up this morning to see this swirling in the air outside...

Yeah, and you can't spell 'community' without 'communist'

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale by Black Sheep

Ministry/ Killing Joke Bassist Paul Raven Dead At 46

Republican Debate on Faux or The New Skinheads on A&E?

Experimental poll for those feeling the 'I don't give a shits'


Things I have learned about cops from TV and movies

Former Packer star Max McGee dies in fall.

Let's go PATS!

What plane is this? (spiritual edition)

Half-and-Half - stir carefully.

Our ABC affiliate is giving wall to wall coverage of the wildfire in Malibu

Sugar Smack doesn't like it when people refer to themselves in 3rd person.

A post I started Friday has had 753 responses. Ask me something, anything, nothing.

Why is Russert taking Colbert seriously?

GD has lost its mind again. The flameworthy topic du jour:

More scanned slides - early 1960s - autograph edition

What politicians have you met? And what are your impressions?

Hey JD Drew: Why the FUCK couldn't you play like that before now?

SUperman III

My cat is walking on the piano, meowing the whole time.

Cowboys vs. Vikings game

Why does at least one post in some threads show as the "#" charecter...

How come we never hear about great Blues drummers?

why do people insist on carpeting

I have always despised this song.

Type random phrases into Google images and post one of your results.

How long will this last?

Post here and..

Has anyone experienced dry throat, cardiomyopathy, seizure, and priapism?

Who was it that wrote a book titled "It takes a village"?

What plane is this? (Home-built edition)

Has anyone experienced tiredness?

Uma Thurman startles crowds with her astonishing see-through dress


I just found out I'll be going to Game 3 of the World Series!!!!!!!

More GD hilarity: the douchbag debate is back.

It's such a beautiful day here today

I'm raising my kids on The Beatles Yellow Submarine.

WE opened the storm door this morning and to our surprise a fluffy black lil mew baby was hanging

Do you have a secret folder on your hard drive with ya know...

Please say a prayer for the RED SOX!!!!

Did you know a sinus infection could kill or blind you?

Gah! This kitten is being sold on craiglist in divorce sale!

What's your opinion of Richard Gere?

what's a good survival book?

What's your opinion of hamsters?

What's your opinion on hipsters?

Tonight's meal: Beef vegetable soup and homemade biscuits.

Easy way to build party unity!


Yeah as if we didn't have enough to worry about.

Post here and I will give you a gift

DUers in drought-stricken areas: what kinds of water restrictions are you living with?

Here's your funny news for the day-In Japan, refreshing ideas for the fearful (you won't believe it)

Hello. I'm Bill Mahar. Ask me anything!

Today's my birthday, but I'm not doing so well.

There was No Room at the Inn last night!!!

I just talked to Billyskank!

Why are the Red Sox starting a Japanese pitcher on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack?

Test Exam Answers

I just saw the movie Rendition. Ask me anything

Let's go SOX!

Stone me, 75 degrees today, not a cloud in the sky, and the trees are a riot of

Had a dream about a DUer last night

Former Green Bay receiver Max McGee dies in fall from roof

Songs about Trains ----

OMG! taterguy is my new hero

My first self-portrait with my new digital camera. Abandon hope, all ye who click on this...

Still grading papers -- still laughing

Ugliest planes, created...

Former POWS Struggle With Torture Debate

Army vehicles No. 1 accidental killer of GIs

Whistleblower spc. investigated in shooting

Shooting charges against Sill soldier dropped

Benning soldiers find bomb materials

XO: Martinez had poor ties with commander

Keeping supplies in the air keeps them off the road

Female soldiers ask for, receive no special treatment

Würzburg American Hospital shuts doors


Priests get 5 months for Huachuca trespass

Open Letter to the Government from an AWOL Soldier

my 112th ltte-increase in ptsd-please proofread

Change trade pacts that hurt kids

Washington Post: In Colombia, a Washington Sales Pitch (on free trade)

Today's union cartoon

Editor and Publisher: 'Seattle P-I' Seeks NLRB Help In Online Reporter Dispute

Real Rosie the Riveters Speak Out, Honored with Memorial

Community Hospital Workers and Their Allies Demand Fair Elections

Z net Labor: Changing To Win?

The Big Red Songbook (songs of the IWW on sale)

AFL-CIO chief organizer brings expertise to Southern efforts

County highway workers vote for union

University of Minnesota statement regarding AFSCME approval of U of M contract proposal

Budget brings out protesters

County approves CWA deal

Madelyn Elder, Oregon Labor Leader, Named to Executive Board of Communications Workers of America

Holding More than $790 million in Verizon Stock Call for Implementation of Adopted 'Say on Pay' Prop

Nestor Soto, Union Leader in Puerto Rico, Named to Executive Board of CWA

U.S. Department of Commerce Rules for Fair Trade; USW, Sierra Club Challenge Subsidies from Illegal

Middle Georgia Workers Reject BASF Offer 800 USW Members Now Working Under Expired or Extended Contr

Women from USW hold parties to raise awareness about toys, other imports (free lead test kits)

Forest Industrial Relations reaches settlement with USW to end strike

IBEW supports striking educators at Lake-Lehman

AP: Unions Holding Off on Endorsements (& why)

Teamsters at Waste Management Strike for Fair Contract, Respect

SEIU Local 11 vs. Billionaires for Bush 10-22

Dispatchers file for union

Why I'm not going to apply for moderator, just yet

Cleo L. Snyder, 84, was IBEW member 55 years

Happiness Machines - Century of the Self, Episode 1

Words To Live By Or Die By

Bill Maher Has Some New Rules

David Crosby-Graham Nash-Jackson Browne-Teach Your Children

Bush on Terror

Barack Obama on Tavis Smiley (complete interview)

Obama Finds Out He's Related To Dick Cheney

Whole Segment | There Was An Incident At CBS Television City

Moment of Change: Our Better Angels

Bill Maher on "radical liberalism"

All the ghosties, the town is called Yellow Dog

Anyone know how to contact Olberman, Stewart, Maher and Colbert shows?

Just SNOW already!

TomInTib, there's a function here... And we don't want to say what it is.

'How Do You Fund a War, But Not the Casualties?’

"Building 7" nutcases. What a waste of good live HBO protest time.

China Vice President Steps Down

Climate Change Blamed for Fading Foliage

We need a pledge from our candidates

SCHIP, family values and the republics

Energy Traders Avoid Scrutiny

Latest Wasserman toon

One more wound to be cured

A tough week for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

CNN's "Planet in Peril" Spokesman John Christy denouncing Gore is an Exxon Shill!

Iraqi Police Tied to Attack on U.S. Base

Iraq whistleblower Dr Kelly WAS murdered to silence him, says MP

I agree 100% with the actions of Pete Stark and Chris Dodd

What to do as the dollar drops?

Sen. Biden will be on This Week W/George Stephanopoulus this morning. 10am Eastern. nt

Sunday's Today Show gives Home Depot a big freebie.

2 GOP Lawmakers Allege Democrats Have Ties to Terrorism

Easy way to build party unity!( you can do it.)

Rumsfeld’s revenge. (WAPO)

Blackwater and Haditha, A Tale of Two Atrocities

US concerned evidence obtained from CIA interrogations will be inadmissible at war-crimes tribunals.

Stevie on MTP in a few minutes.

A couple for the Obama supporters

Two of soldier's children die in car accident on way to see him at Army hospital

Bride sues over flowers

RNC Chairman Quits After Just 10 Months, Declares "Mission Accomplished"

US: Raid of Baghdad's Sadr City Kills 49, women and children

We were waking in the morning and all of a sudden rockets landed in the house and the children...

That Mysterious Israeli Bombing on Syrian Border/Jane Harmon not allowed to be Briefed but Repug Is!

Are provocateurs at work at the IMF/World Bank meetng?



Dear Dinosaurs...

good lord, howie kurtz on CNN thinks the media got the democrats elected to congress

Higher food bills squeezing working families

I Know a Smear Campaign When I See One, Even at the Opening Shot....

Well, the US finally has a cheap enough work force in some places for Corporate America

Small Wonder Bush Wants To Keep Health Care Private - Carlyle Group Takeover Nursing Home Chain...

What do you get when you put together Valerie Plame and Sibel Edmonds?

Malibu on Fire-Official Thread

Time for the Banks to Face the Hangman

In Pakistan Quandary, U.S. Reviews Stance...

RFK: "Retroactive Immunity Is Radical & Repugnant To The Rule Of Law"

Rumsfeld’s revenge

Prosecute murderers = don't make the run off (La Attorney General)

12 Turkish Troops Killed in Rebel Attack

Missoula County Montana To Halt Misdemeanor Arrests For Marijuana

String along a crisp fall Sunday. Tease it with a CAPTION!!!!

Resource on Iraqi War Data (incl. hot links to reliable sites)

Of Mice and Men. . . Please come CAPTION!!!!

Lower you IQ just by reading this: "i don't appreciate this suddeness for dumbly to be gay."

Kristol: Iran Is ‘The Only Real Threat’ To Success In Iraq

Freak a Friday, Surprise a Saturday, and Suds a Sunday. Please come CAPTION!!!

Seven Protesters Arrested at Blackwater’s Headquarters

Turkey Closer To Invading Northern Iraq After Kurdish Rebels Kill 12 Soldiers

New rules! A response to Bill Maher . . .

Video: Real Time With Bill Maher - Full Episode

Counting The Votes

Plunge out a Sunday's sewage with a CAPTION!!!! (Please come do W.)

Yet another climate change and observations, this time involving pet parrots

Cheney: US will not let Iran go nuclear

Another seperated at birth

Bangkok faces underwater future

Strict Visa Regulations Discourage Visiting Artists

Syria Closes Its Borders, Requires 1.5 Million Iraqi Refugees To Return To Iraq

A few puzzle pieces, and a couple of questions:

Tough going for antiwar Republicans

Torture, beatings at west Phoenix drop house?

Rescuers struggle to save horses from slaughter

US Inspector General May Recommend CRIMINAL PROSECUTION Of Alberto Gonzales & Others Next Month

LURKING Progressives & liberals: Had enough of petitions, rallies, protests that have not worked?

Where do we post for personal legal help/advice?

History/Culture buffs: Are there any TAX-FREE societies in history that have survived?

Cenk Uygur to Dems: Stop Apologizing!!!!

Does Hillary refer to herself as becoming commander in chief (in stump speeches)

Cheney just starting speech: cspan1 "IraN & the ME"-tune in to get from the horses mouth.

ABC stephanopolous roundtable....Laura Ingraham

Mom put baby's body in attic

Suicide Is Not Painless-By: Frank Rich

Did I Miss the Outrage??

The dangerous process that placed Blackwater in Iraq killing civilians, trying to steal planes

MTP - don't you just love all these female 'pundits' discussing hillary & bill

Great advert I spotted today on the London Underground

Has anyone else noticed that all the Republican candidates are arguing that they

Memo to Judge Mukasey: Ask Director Mueller If It Is Torture

S. David Freeman is on Ian Masters radio show "Background Briefing"

9/11 Hero Needs a "Miracle". Sheriff set to sell home October 30th

Freedom's Watch, targeting Iran-forum organized by AEI

How will the right wing spin Plame's story on 60 minutes tonight?

We can attack Iran, says US commander

Outsourcing Government: Under Bush, contractors deposit campaign contributions, use state as ATM

Why do I keep seeing ads for Matt Blunt on DU?!

Weapons cache seized in Alabama

Huge fires in Malibu!

Malibu Castle, destroyed in today's fire, was in escrow with an asking price of $17 million

Cheney calls Iran an obstacle to peace

DAYM! Colbert Vs. Tim Russert! Head to Head! Uncomfortable! Strange! Bizarre!

780 responces+: "Friday hometown roll call: Name yours, see who has been there."

Larissa is on Sam Seder NOW!

I try to keep Orwell in mind when I write.

Speaker Pelosi Hands Republicans One of Our Own

TOON: Great Sunday Opus: "Opus' Bush Tattoo Part Two"

FBI In An "Embarrassment For Bush" Has Been "Investigating Torture" For 2 Years (LAT)

Pope: "Religions must never become vehicles for hatred," (BBC News)

Poll: Half of Americans would 'never' vote for Sen. Clinton


China: Tibetan monks beaten as police halt dissent

Roadside bomb kills 1 U.S. soldier, wounds 8 in Baghdad (AP)

PR Stunt by Maher???

“Safety procedures flouted at every stage” (nuke incident at Minot AFB). The series of mistakes

If They Want A Condemnation We'll Give Them One

Awesome - What is politics?

Valerie Plame Wilson Speaks Muzzled

CNN: Gas prices edge up 60 cents from the same time a year ago; more increases expected

my 112th ltte-please proofread

So I'm watching NBC Atlanta and can't help

"Today no other country on earth is arguably more dangerous than Pakistan."

bobby jindal (R) elected governor of Louisiana

Bangkok Sinking Under Rising Seas

Bush possible New Zealand terror target: report

Labor leaders say politicians won't end war, urge workers to protest

National Charitable Organizations and CEO Compensation

You think military spending is up now?

TRADER JOE'S to cut imports from CHINA

Lunch with Lynne and Dick Cheney

Is The Government Spying On Paranoid Schizophrenics Enough? (VIDEO)

Whatever happened to Ernie, Bush's 6-Toed Cat? Dumped on the way to W.H.

Bill Moyers Interviews Jeremy Scahill

Oh Fish L Val Plame Thread

Liberty County Veteran's Grave Vandalized

Mental health question

Pentagon's record contract: a recording error

Climate change skeptics: "You won't find them on the fire line in the American west"

U.S. Assisted Israel In Syrian Attack (explains *'s 'no comment's)

Warning: A snarky name for the DLC.

When I'm King....

Justice Clarence Thomas Says Yale Law Degree Worth 15 Cents.

60 Mins coming on: Valerie Plame speaks

Couric accuses Valerie Plame of being partisan???

4 firefighters burned in San Diego's Witch Creek fire.

Naomi Wolf - "The End of America: Letter of Warning..." On C-Span2 Today, 3:00 PDT\6:00 EDT (Soon)

7-year-old suspended over stick-figure drawing

Katie Couric....

Just a Reminder, 60 Minutes

Great LTTE regarding Pelosi wanting to condemn Aremenian genocide

Take a long hard look at that wall of stars-None of us will know how many were added because of this

U.S. moves inmates without notice-attorneys stymied in efforts to find clients

Sunday: 74 Iraqis Killed, 83 Wounded

Obama To Do Gospel Tour With "Ex-Gay" Singer Who Vowed To Battle "Curse Of Homosexuality"

ReBUG 2008 Convention at Roach Motel Center....

Remember the motto of the Congressional Democrats:

current linguistic peeve of the week! the word "mine"

I want, DEMAND that everyone stop finding fault with HRC

Since we're talking about "cackling," I'M bringing up MY pet peeve again - People who are outraged

The Art of Masking Declining Wages

American higher education resembles totalitarian societies?

I'm looking for a Bush video

A tad arrogant are we, Mayor? "Remember people are more important than property"

Home buyers must make income sufficient to pay $38.75 a month

Does anybody know if Yo Yo Ma is a Democrat?

A picture is worth how many lives?

While Malibu Burns, Northern Iraq is starting to ignite....

Malibu on fire! Round the clock coverage!

Oh cry me a freakin' river, Clarence! His pity party is REALLY getting old! Justice Thomas...

Everyone here should see this interview by Bill Moyers with Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater!

Hillary Dumped Socks The White House Feline - So Much For A Softer Hillary

Experienced US diplomat resigns in disgust over US policy re Iraq, torture, war on terror etc.

Roger Ebert on the movie "Rendition"

Representative Pelosi and Senator Reid -- I Am YOUR Boss-NOT The Other Way Around

Tape of Bush Joking about WMD's At White House Correspondents' Dinner

Castro lampoons U.S. democracy

If a train traveling from Point A to Point B at 240 mph never gets built, how long will it take...

Sat. Oct 27, Protests coming to a city near you!

Secular Apocalyptists, Dystopias and Christian Millenialists.

What is the relationship between corporatists and theocrats?

Prepare your family for the hard times ahead. (Sadly, more relevant NOW)

"This is for you, Stacey...!" (Race For the Cure, Dallas 2007)

WOW-CBS Is Going To Be In Trouble: "Don't They Work For Us?-Can't We Fire Them, Right Now?"

Dumbledore is gay, 'Harry Potter' author reveals

NYT-Naming Names at Gitmo

DU'ers are not radicals, we're not out of the mainstream, we're not the lunatic fringe

&%@#!*%!!! Baby Ali Slaughtered With Other "Militants" in Iraq!

Deadly Secrets (Industrial Pollution and The Poor)

Post your budget-stretching recipes here

Since we're talking about "cackling," I'M bringing up MY pet peeve again - "douchebag"

US Airways contributed to death of Carol Gotbaum

DU THIS POLL: Re. Illinois Law Mandating "Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act" In Schools

In the last four hours I have found these posts

Giuliani Wants to Extend His Tenure as Mayor of NYC - September 27, 2001

Caption Rudy

The Constitutional Disconnect (A Question)

We hippies are STILL right. A tribute to the "back to the landers" who still sustain.

Check out the beergut on the Quaker Oats dude

Lies, darn lies, and statistics

Just noticed DU is in Wikipedia.

NEWSFLASH: The Hippies Were Right.

Cheney Knew-Plame Was GettingToo Close To The Truth Re: Nuke Smuggling

Who's Who in the "Corrupt Bastards Club" ?? Nothing Fishy Here. MOVE ON

Help needed (as of 11:22 am Eastern, anyway).

Biden posts in the Union Leader

Exciting! Post on "new battery breakthrough" and Biden sponsored R&D on

You guys - has this been posted?

I have a thread that could use some love

A true depiction of the "experts" who help shape our views...

This just landed in my in box, I am hesatant to post it

Please consider posting on the This Week site.

I just had words with Demsencebirth

Biden Thread - and I posted your link to the interview, Ben - thanks again. nt

So who watched??

Here's the interview from this morning

Mary Landrieu could be in serious trouble, top dem got only 18% against Bobby in LA Gov vote

Who in Congress is NOT bought off by corporate interests?

Question to HRC supporters: If you love her now, how will you feel when she moves to the CENTER

Giuliani to Pick Woman for Running Mate

Photos: Barack Obama speaks at a Town Hall event at Garfield High School in Los Angeles' Eastside




Is Jim Webb too much of a loose cannon to get the Veep nod

Clinton explains Iran vote to Iowa voters - Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier

Veterans with severe ailments

Edwards Rustling Union Support -- Blasts Clinton

By request for this forum, Summary Box: Unions holding off on endorsements

Contributions from Selected Industries (Open Secrets)

Edwards' Plan to Connect Hard-Working Americans to Good-Paying, Union Jobs (Carpenters Union)

2004: McClurkin to sing out at GOP convention against the "gay curse"

Obama has the ability to make Religious Leaders see the light

Democratic strategists wary of overconfidence, warn of 'irrational exuberance'

Leaders of party likes Edwards' chances

Edwards hoping to reap most from rural vote

Edwards warns of 'corporate Democrats'

bush on china & dalai lama - CSPAN discussion on the issue now

It's Al Gore For Me !

Romney: "Like Ronald Reagan and Henry Hyde, I’m a..."

Old Enough Now to Ask How Dad Died at War

Largest Union in California Says It Will Work for Edwards There and Elsewhere

Jittery donors want Obama to step it up

Looking for President Dean

Obama courts Latino voters in L.A.: Discusses inner-city education, immigration, diversity

Clinton builds up an army of local support

Obama's Unconvincing Attack On Iran

I Know a Smear Campaign When I See One, Even at the First Shot Across the Bow...

Context of Obama Campaign's Decision to choose Donnie McClurkin to perform on Gospel Tour

Biden gives more in-depth explanation of his Iraq plan. (From Union

Pelosi's judgment questioned over Armenia issue

rainy morning in south florida ...

Rep. Mike Michaud of Maine endorses Edwards

Go left TV: Best of the Left October 21st, Why do Republicans hate America?

AP Photo: "President Bush holds a screech owl" (WARNING: Members Only jacket alert)

Jindal wins Louisiana governor's race

Wow! Obama hate fest on DU this weekend!

Edwards piles up unions' support

Does the DU environment make it harder to criticize your candidate. . .

Guys, two brief points:

was the $2,100,000 'limbaugh' ebay auction for real???

Funny, if it werent true...

Obama's campaign needs a makeover. The aim for crossover voters is a GE tactic not a primary

Joe Biden: Face global warming or global conflict

Sen. Biden will be on This Week W/George Stephanopoulus tomorrow morning

I'm meeting Senator Edwards this Thursday, I need some help finding a photo

Clinton, DeLauro to aid child-care workers

Watching -Face The Nation- Mitt Romney Would Be A Great President

Bobby Jindal is governor of Louisiana. God--or whoever--save us all.

If Obama is finished, who is the Hillary Alternative?

Richardson: Iowans support 'underdogs'

Plame, Quindlen to speak (aimed at empowering women and girls as leaders)

Democratic Lawmaker Pushing Immunity Is Newly Flush With Telco Cash

Barack Obama on black homophobia:

Was the Iraq Study Group a dupe? Was it meant to put the issue of

Mel Martinez, Token Republican Hispanic, resigns from GOP over immigration issue

Gay people and their allies vote

Now that Obama is kicking ass, will the other candidates drop out of the race?

SUSA's new Iowa poll: CLINTON ahead

Colbert says his U.S. presidential run is no joke

Looks like John Edwards taping with Ellen will have to be rescheduled

NO on Hans von Spakovsky Demand the Senate take a stand against voter suppression

Edwards blasts SCHIP veto

How the republicans lost their groove

Why is Congress *SO* unpopular?

If the person won the nomination, which one would you vote for?

Zogby online poll vs Conventional polls

Donnie McClurkin

From today's WaPo LTTE, what we face if Hilary is the nominee...

We shall call them Sexual and Reproductive authoritarians.

How Reliable Is the Zogby-Journal Poll?

I just want to say this.

To black gays and lesbians and those on the down low

Who Knew: The Clinton Surprise

Washington Post on Iran vote: Obama unconvincing, irresponsible, & probably naive

If you have a problem with Obama because of the Donnie whoever thing

Aiding & Abetting Meglomania: Have the Democrats Handed Bush back his "Mojo"?

I am a "value voter"

Question On Hillary: Will The Assumption Of "Inevitability" Hurt Her Campaign?

Don't rule out Cheney running with Mitt or Rudy. Remember the VP will not be

Easy way to build party unity ! ( every one can do it!)

Obama's embrace of McClurkin is F'ed up, attacking the entire Black faith community is SHAMEFUL

Letter to the Editor from Randall Rolph - Clinton not an option


Skinny-dipping with Democrats.

Just a note to all the Obama folks

Hillary has highest percentage of voters who'd never vote for her...

Obama needs to leave the Democratic Party....

just a note to aLL the hiLLary foLks

Obama table in Madison: October 20 Edition

10-21-07 DU straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates

Guys, two brief points:

BIDEN speaks out against the Kyl/Lieberman amendment

I will support Obama if he is our nominee

I think we need a new Democratic Speaker of the House

Ha Ha Ha Ha HaHa Ha Ha HaHa Ha Ha Ow

Watching Biden on This Week

Ouch! Hillary Clinton's softer image is clawed over dumped cat

Times Online: "Some believe the abandoned pet could now come between Hillary and her W.H. ambitions"

Naomi Wolf: Finally, Action! Ron Paul Introduces Bill to Defend Constitution!

I donated $100 to Donna Edwards (progressive D) who is challenging Al Wynn (conservative D)

Hillary Clinton's American Dream Initiative now available for download at the DLC website.

John Edwards’ Letter To The FCC

"Will Jim Neal beat Liddy Dole?" (NC-Sen/Daily Kos)