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Archives: October 2, 2007

Books: America's Terror War on America

The right’s base behavior

TIMELINE-The shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes

NYT: Subcontracting the War

Hypocrisy rules the West

Most in poll want war funding cut (Washington Post/ABC News)

Is the ‘Bomb, Bomb Iran’ Brigade Winning?

Who's to blame for the "do-nothing congress"? By a 2-1 margin, Americans say Bush, GOP

Mother Jones: The Politics of the Belly: Who's Enabling Burma's Junta?

Rush Limbaugh Exposes the Weakness of the Democratic Leadership

Cuban doctors restore sight of Che's killer

Portugal gambles on 'sea snakes' providing an energy boost

Big Utilities Interested In Big Solar

Expect boom in rooftop solar

Denver International getting 2 MW solar power

Solar takes off with US power supply deal

Solar solutions for the UAE (!)

Chip Gear's Applied Materials Taking Shine To Solar Industry

How to Profit as Surge of Solar IPOs Mark Dawn of New Industry in China

Curve fitting the wind.

Girl, 15, shot and sexually assaulted

Steep rise in cholera cases in northern Iraq

8 states sue Bush over kid insurance

Ukraine probes ballot count delay

Congress Wants to Curb War Contractors

Police Officials Suspended in Pakistan Over Battle With Lawyers

171 held in nuclear base protest (Faslane / Scotland)

Russia, China enjoy strategic relationship - Putin

Thompson defends gay marriage stance

Biden tells al Maliki: 'Get it straight real quick'; Responds to his criticism of dividing Iraq

New Iowa polls show key state up for grabs

Congressional Report Says Blackwater Sought to Cover Up Iraq Shootings

Thompson: Iraq had WMDs before U.S. invaded

NIAC Calls for Firing of Official for "I hate all Iranians" Remark

Oakland mayor backs Clinton

An Iranian University Invites Bush to Speak

Court Leaves Ala. Sex Toy Ban Intact

Giuliani to make 'English only' cheesesteak stop

How pathetic is it to hijack your own threads?

Where's Matcom? Has he posted this story yet?

TEARS FOR FEARS - Mothers Talk

Planet P Project - Do You See What I See

Duran Duran - Rio

David Bowie-China Girl

"Imagine Peace Tower"

Comcast Internet was down for almost 2 freaking weeks; good to be back!

anyone know where i can get a cockring tone?

Sly and Robbie - Fire

This will drop like a stone, but did anyone buy the newest Down album?

Aspies--I just saw my old friend Lianne Holiday Willey

Does it bother anybody-but-me that comics ridicule Liza?!1


OMG - someone asked me tonight if I was from DELAWARE

I'll never forget that feeling, the first time I saw myself naked on the internet.

Has anyone here ever used Direct know, like the tv commercial?

Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper

Are Mormons Rude to You in the Missionary Position?

This weeks sign of the Apoclypse: Spice Girls tickets in London sell out in 38 seconds

Who is Montana Wildhack? n/t

Good evening everyone!

I wish someone would bite my tongue....

Know what sucks....

Don't ya hate being so bored and isolated, all you can do is...

Someone's gettin' a little happy with the Recommend button.

My head's asploded - I am going to bed.

Help! My Cable Went Out and So I gave Myself This Crazy Tattoo

OK loungies, my new girdle just arrived, what should I cook for dinner

I want prayers and good thoughts for Stacy

Ugh! Get me out of GD!!!

Greatest song of the 90s!!!111

I'm just now 9 posts away from 3000! I've been here since early 2004, so I'm slow but I'm consistent

I crave anonymity

New Band name: Monks with Uzis

Rockies fans — y'doin' okay?

I wish I COULD bite my virtual tongue!

anyone know where i can get a cochrane tone?

Anyone know anything at all about goldfish?

I Care About

Oedi the Soothsayer

I'm such a nerd.

What's with all the recommended lounge threads?

I'm still praying for Stacey & OMC tonight. I waited for his update but I have to go to bed.

The Rox vs. Sox World Series could still happen people

HELP. Comcast just went out on the last 2 minutes of HEROES!! (Spoiler Alert)

Well, I saw Sheboygan's ugliest car again...

Who is Hanna Montana?

Any pill identification experts out there?

I just realized why I have such an abominable backache.

Cate Blanchett and Helen Mirren should have a Queen Elizabeth off.

Name a "superhot" celebrity who you don't think is all that attractive

Does Anyone Use Stevia? Is it good/bad/ok for you?

Yay, I can breathe again!

Johnny Cash -- A Real National Treasure

Who's your favorite MLB baseball team?

I made an omelette for Satan, and I made it out of your face

I just saw a commercial that really grossed me out.

OK loungies, my new gerbil just arrived, how should I cook it as dinner

Are Quentin Tarantino's films Feminist, Misogynist or neither?

Name one overlooked celebrity who you think is "superhot"

How psychic are you?

Do you have any tattoos?

Radio_Lady's Hot Topics: Did you happen to see the TV show "Aliens in America"?

RNs to Announce October Strike of 5,500 Nurses

IBC and BCTGM Reach Agreement (Twinkies, cup cakes, etc...)

Employers brace for immigration rules

Registered Nurses on the Picket Line (story & video)

Book review: Modern American Slave Labor and the Dark Side of the New Global Economy

Unions Step in to Aid Injured Iraqi War Veteran

Candidates Don't Count Unions Out

U.S. bill to end stock options tax break introduced

Workers' rights a deadly battle worldwide

Go Left TV: Bush Administration’s attempt to convince the NLRB that a stationary inflatable rat


Cindy Sheehan For Congress

McCain Says War Critics Should Get Out Of This Country

Mother & Brother of Slain Guard Gets Mic Cut Off by Fox News

Olbermann: Seymour Hersh Interview on Iran

Cops of the World

"Hillary Clinton" on snl

Economy is great my arse...Daymn...daughters place of work may close

Democrats want feds to investigate electoral college ballot effort (California)

Video: 9/11 Truthers Respond To Bill Maher

"the Falafel guy Fatwa" and how to protect yourself from Bill O'Reilly's ambush squad.

Seymore Hersch on Olbermann now, MSMBC.

Don't Tread on me

Biden, Dodd on Ahmadinejad - "Madman", "Thug"

8 states sue Bush over kid insurance

Cheaper than fixing "structurally deficient" bridges....

Some great information blogs

There is something wrong philosophically with how Bush's brain works

Breaking: Britney Spears loses custody of children.

Who is Hanna Montana?

American Conservative Magazine Calls Petraeus 'Sycophant'

Is Freedom's Watch PNAC in Populist Drag? Thank you, sfexpat2000!!

The Wilderness of Terrorism

Rohrabacher on CSPAN blaming Clinton for 9/11

The Dubya Diaries: Pete's Last Day ((PICS))

Iraq's Armed Groups Form Alliance

Is there anything sweeter than listening to Repubs attack each other & threaten to withdraw support?

This reminds me of Sibel Edmonds' warning about the State Dept being most corrupt ...LINK

Nevermind I was corrected in post number 7, he is running


2007 Afghanistan's most violent year since invasion

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Breaking 6.4 Earthquake off Sumatra's west coast Tsunami warning issued

Minnesota Poll: U.S. Senate race wild and wide open

Most in Poll Want War Funding Cut: WP-ABC poll

WooHoo! - Tom Ruprecht ("George W Bush: An Unauthorized Oral History") on Kimmel tonight

My letter in response to my complaint about Rush Limbaugh

Enron’s Second Coming?

So is the military going to try to tell it's members they can't take payday loans?

Faslane 365 days on: 1,110 arrests and £5m bill for policing protest (Scotland)

Fresident Horndog ---pix--->>>

Is a Blackwater Cover-Up Underway? FBI and State involved.

Spice Girls show sells out in 38 seconds

Ken Burns added to O'Reilly's hit list

Bill Richardson..

Colorado Rockies just won in the 13th inning!

Lindsey Graham Sets 90 Day Deadline For Iraq

Bribery Trial Provides Evidence Against Alaska Senator Ted Stevens

Burma: Stallone Speaks Out After Rambo Crew Witness Hell Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Ed Murphy Op-Ed

I caught a few minutes of hannity and colms or whatever, tonight. Conclusion...

About the monks: will someone just call them attention-whores so we can move to the next topic?

Nicholas Burns, Under Sec of State, beating the war drums for Iran on Charlie Rose

So is the problem that people creating disturbances are getting arrested (in airports), or that they

Awesome Tavis show tonight on Clarence Thomas' 60 Minutes interview.

I wish the dems in Congress would get some Buddhist training

It is cheaper to commit treason than to get a blow job in the Oval Office-By: Larry Johnson

Blacks Must Wake Up To GOP Tactics

Keith is KILLING me

If you care about your rights, don't buy an iPhone

Goodness, now I've seen Christmas displays

Mandatory funding for VA healthcare-hearing on 10/3: please sign!

Trial Motion for Brent Wilkes: Leave The Hookers out of It

Are people really this dumb? RE: Stock market rally today

Keith Olbermann -- The O'Reilly Defense Initiative (MSNBC Video)

America has won the Iraq War.

I was about to lose faith in the freedom of speech but then the Democratic Underground came along.

From bloggers: "Please Help Monks!!!!!!!!!!"

Colbert Just Challenged Kucinich To Come On "Report" & Empty His Pockets

About religion...

Now, hold on...not all monks are pacifists...

Somebody Needs to say It, " Those Burmese Monks Should Have Had Uzi's Under Their Robes"

Its all a Big Club AND YOU AIN'T IN IT!!!

Why didn't OUR party fight as hard as the GOP does when it was in the minority?

A prayer for the Burmese monks, who offered and have given all that they have to give - their lives.

ACLU's call to action. Want the Dems to act like Dems? Check it out

Anyone catch Mike Gravel on the NewsHour (PBS) just now?

Somebody needs to say it "Those Burmese monks should be revered

Israel could face retaliation for Syrian raids

The Republicans are in a snit....elections coming up and no victory in sight

Impact Of Arctic Heat Wave Stuns Climate Change Researchers.

Crab Rangoon=Freedom Fries?

Recent Events In Burma Demonstrate Why We Have (& Need) The 2nd Amendment

NYT op-ed, by Anita Hill: The Smear This Time

I Am Voting For Al Gore Regardless Of His Presence On The Ballot

MSNBC: Soaring Stocks! Investors on buying spree shrug off falling dollar, slumping housing!

You know what? I'm still traumatized by 9/11...

Draft Gore Movement Picks Up Steam

Biden amazes me.

I'm gonna need help.

Wow - Biden sure stirred things up, didn't he?

Go Left TV: China...We're Sorry

Oakland Mayor Dellums: An enemy of The People

Go Left TV: Ann Coulter Wants A Fatwa

Hillarys' big Albatross(in my mind)....JANET RENO!

Cspan 2 - elizabeth Edwards then Barack Obama - now

My election primary prediction in December

Richardson and Edwards supporters will decide who wins the Iowa caucus because of the 15% rule

Grandpa Fred has gone bat-shit senile crazy ::: "Saddam Hussein 'clearly' had WMD"

RW update: they still hate all their candidates

Zogby: Hillary widens lead in New Hampshire...up by 15 over Obama

Jewish groups criticize McCain preference for Christian president

Edwards machine rolls across Iowa

Clinton on Obma's Fundraising: He's probably Stealing it.

October 2, 2002

Politico: Clinton hits turbulence

Mitt Romney Says "If You Will" After Almost Every Sentence

Obama Launches Judgement and Experience Tour

Do you trust Karl Rove?

Is there a full moon tonight or what?

Hillary's five main constituencies ::: Why she's ahead in (some of) the polls (georgep at MYDD)

Separated at Birth...

Obama to Urge Elimination of World’s Nuclear Weapons - including those by US

CQ House Race Ratings Show Midwest is the Region to Watch

Dems will run radio ads targeting 8 GOP House members for voting against childrens' health insurance

Biden asks Bush to sit down and talk.

Harkin: ‘Maybe Limbaugh was high on drugs again.’

Hillary vs Giuliani

DoD's Gates asst Debra Cagen "I hate Iranians"

The Myth of a "Liberal" Democratic Leadership

Nation: Obama's Kennedy Vibe

Biden explains why Gore, Kerry lost: Failed to convince voters they could keep America safe

House Resolution Supporting Limbaugh

Stephen Colbert just put Dennis Kucinich "On Notice"!!!

What Iraqis are saying about the Biden-Brownback-Boxer amendment

Hillary's campaign discipline is praised, but DNC party discipline ridiculed.

Fifth ‘anniversary’ of Kucinich warnings, speech on war with Iraq

Exactly How the Good Guys Finally Won


AlterNet: Four Myths Government and Media Use to Scare Us About 'Dictators'

AlterNet: What Makes Criminal Suspects Give a False Confession?


From WMDs to Social Security: More Bush Stories

In Surprise, Oilman Admits Iraq Kickbacks

George W & The Deciders: The ‘Let’s Bomb Iran Before We Go’ Tour; W. R. Marshall

Blackwater Portrayed As Out of Control

The Smear this Time by Anita Hill - NY Times op-ed

Admiral Mullen reports for duty

A Q and A For The People Of A Forsaken Republic: Addressing the origins of the Whose-Your-Daddy Nati

"Iraq is not another Vietnam!" - Gruesome math shows Iraq to be FAR worse.

Voters put Democrats in control of both houses of Congress....Republicans are still running things.

In Speech, Obama Repeatedly Attacks Beltway Media Establishment

You can't win with civil wars (like the one in Iraq)

Friedman: 9/11 Is Over

The Bush administration's ties to Blackwater (and BW's ties to the Xtian Right)


Or we could always just tow it out to sea, sink it, and it'd make a great artificial reef

Childrens do learn, Preznents duzzn't

Salon: The dark truth about Blackwater

Exactly How the Good Guys Finally Won By David Swanson

How George Bush became the new Saddam

Gary Kamiya: How the Democrats blew it

The GM strike says much about the wide gap between the affluent and the rest of us.

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Obama and Edwards Get It on Nukes, but where does Hillary stand?

Jon Tester's Finest Hour

Jane Hamsher: Take Rush Limbaugh Off Armed Forces Radio Network

The Clinton Campaign: Running on Ambien

John Nichols: Blackwater's Enablers at the State Department

"But what can we do?" By William Blum

American Prospect: The Alarming Parallels Between 1929 and 2007

Dissent: What's in it for You?

The Top 25 most censored stories of 2007

Why Not Ask Presidential Candidates to Say When Schoolchildren Should Be Exposed to Stories About Di

Phil Rockstroh: The Who's-Your-Daddy Nation

Clarence Thomas received $1.5 million from Rupert Murdoch

Pelosi lauds state, Bucks on clean energy

Telia Switches Sources All its Electricity from Renewable Sources

Cleantech venture capital investments on the rise

AMSC Teams with TWMC on Superconductor Wind Generator Project

The Two Best Green Funds

Mass Market for Green Homes Coming?

Human demands on Earth's plants

Scotland approves world's largest wave energy technology project

Solar takes off with US power supply deal

Climate change will alter world travel patterns

World's most boring TV show to measure energy use

Canada's New Government Invests in Largest Wind Energy Project in the Province of Quebec

Philippines bans fishing to revive biggest reef

SunPower Builds 2-Megawatt Solar Power Plant on Korean Landfill

Nevada could get huge solar thermal plant

Price of heating oil is high and expected to go higher (Maine)

Journal entry Sept 28th 2019

Climate Change May Sink Us This Century: Maldives

Arctic Melt Unnerves the Experts

University of Illinois - Cryosphere Today - Arctic Basin Anomaly Hits Bottom Of Chart

It's Worse Than You Thought Possible - Grist Systematically Demolishes Bush Climate Claims

Rolls Royce Announces Biofuel Flight Demo With Air New Zealand And Boeing

First Solar boosts CdTe production capacity


Soldiers Bring Solar to Iraq

Bush's good idea on global warming

Liquidia Lands $2M Federal Government Award

Texas awards first competitive U.S. wind leases

Wind power fuels Texas farmer's dreams

Wind farm begins operations

Did anyone see the NOVA this weekend about Global Dimming?

Science Daily - Arctic Ice Extent May Be Down By 50% Since 1950s - Now Falling At 10%/Decade

Toyota quashes Prius rumours

Wind power industry soars to new heights

Peak Oil: Fact or Fiction?

The annual American Solar Energy Society 'National Solar Tour' is this weekend (Oct. 6)

(Ohio) Take a weekend Solar Tour

Green Festival in DC this weekend

Europeans know.

Peak Oil, again: Analyst points to declining production as key to $100 barrel oil

Homeowners warming up to wind power

Target Recalls 82,000 Sports Rattles

Forensic expert: Impossible for Handcuffed Woman to Strangle Self in Airport

Democrats Propose U.S. Income Tax Surcharge To Pay For Iraq War

Democrats who condemned MoveOn took its cash

Democrats want feds to investigate California electoral college ballot effort

Jury Rules Against Knicks coach

Congressman Questions Blackwater's Work

U.S. labs mishandling deadly germs

Blackwater contractor wrote government report on incident

DOJ Lawyers Pulled Torture Definition from U.S. Healthcare Law

Diana inquest opens, 10 years after her death

Accuser says she told truth on Thomas harassment

Obesity may push U.S. health costs above Europe: study

House Dems Ready To Fight Bush On War Funding (Rep. Obey)

Ford sales plunge 21 percent

US, Russia and China urged to join treaty banning use of cluster bombs

Blackwater in nearly 200 shootings since 2005: US report

Cuban doctors restore sight of Che's killer

Leaders of North, South Korea meet

Most in Poll Want War Funding Cut: Bush's Approval Rating Ties All-Time Low

Democrats Surpass Republicans in Fund-Raising

Britain to Withdraw More Troops in Iraq

Refugees in Iraq 'tortured, murdered'

Australian man freed from Baghdad prison

Iraqi refugee admissions fall short

Warm welcome in Pyongyang for historic Korean summit

US Pending Home Sales Index Drops To Lowest Ever In Aug

Clinton raises $22 million, bests Obama

Approps Chair Obey Says He'll Block Funding For War Without Withdrawal Date

Lawyers, watchdog groups scrutinize change to earmark, linked to Young, after bill’s passage

Iraq refugees may be undercounted, experts say

Chinese hackers crack Homeland Security computers

Agency knew of Utah mine's problems years before disaster

Spy satellite launch delayed

Federal authorities recover $900,000 in Army bribery probe

Most Of Vick's Dogs Won't Be Euthanized

Independent UK: US Plan For Air Strikes On Iran 'Backed By Brown'

Man Bush chose to lead Pentagon contracting probe leaves amid fire to become Blackwater COO

Poll: 95 % of Americans mistrust Bush about Iraq

Pentagon chief makes first visit to Latin America

British PM makes secret trip to Iraq

Bishops fear for future of Iraqi Christians

US approves N Korea nuclear plan

iPhone owner sues Apple for $1 millionStory Highlights

Chavez calls time on whisky boom

BLM Knew of Problems Before Mine Cave-In

U.S., Venezuela hold rare diplomatic meeting

Fed Fails to Restore Creditor Confidence, Pimco Says

GOP Is Losing Grip On Core Business Vote

Explosion at Power Plant (Colo) Traps 5 Workers

Arctic Melt Unnerves the Experts

Britain to pull 1,000 troops from Iraq

Files raise questions on Gitmo transfers

Illegals could cost congressional seats

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 2

Border Cities Block Access To Fence Land

Former Bush administration lawyer questions eavesdropping program

U.S. leaks 6B gallons of water a day

Climate film allowed in schools

Myanmar citizens launch silent protest

School halts 'Shakespeare (Abridged)'

Horse slaughter evokes outrage

Mystery surrounds death of soldier

Bill would reduce meat inspections

Professors, students protest Rumsfeld's appointment

Emergency Hearing Called In Cuban Custody Case

Pelosi nixes idea of ‘war tax’

Throwing in the Towel in Pakistan (Pakistan Army losing to Taliban)

Two poems- one by my father, one by me. The subject: A storm.

I can't think of anything to say today.

Tell me more, Tell me more...

Is there a way to know what I replied (PM) ?

What is it with a person who uses song lyrics in their everyday conversation,

I got Kevyn Aucoin's 'Making Faces' in the Mail Today! So excited!

"DU Videos" needs a catchier name! Let's come up with ideas

Well ,

Anyone ever heard of the book "Necronomicom" - by Lovecraft?

BAH! Why don't people post about stuff like this?

"Heroes." Discuss. (with spoilers).

I was reflecting on something this morning on my way into work.

The Thread In Which We Post Who We Think Is Recommending

Are there monks with uzis in GD today?

Beware of monkeys with ouzo.

I've switched from lip stick to lip gloss


Have you ever had a dream that was so futuristic in content

Waiting for the Requip to kick in (pardon the pun)

I ate a booger

I need a kitty thread

Hey, Peter Petrelli from "Heroes", Put On A Shirt, Will Ya!

How bout them Cowboys!!!!

i am so incredibly frustrated with my job

Mmmm.... I'm watching Iron Chef, battle Foie Gras.

Man . . .

Ain't it funny to watch conservatives bitch about losing their civil liberties?

George H. W. Bush's Lips: Read them or?

Are you a meat-eater who doesn't eat mormon missionaries?

Jeri Ryan's lips--real or fake?

Britney got her LICENSE!

Adam West is MY mayor

Are you a meat-eater who doesn't eat veal?

Who else yells at game show contestants on TV?

What happened to Limewire?

Amazon thinks that because I bought Kim Fowley's "Outrageous" I should buy "Brain Salad Surgery" by

How much have the leaves changed where you are?

Is indentured servitude legal?

Your best posts...

I agree.

I just ventured into the Gungeon and am still alive. Ask me anything!!1!!

Replay in MLB next year?

A lullaby for you...

I need my "fair share of abuse"...should I empty my IGNORE list?

Kathy Mattea tours mountain-top removal coal mines in West Virginia

I like candy corn.

The ex-bookkeeper who worked for the agency I did got 3 years in the slammer

My Living Will (adopted from Maxine)

Have Pitbulls replaced Cornflake breaded fried chicken?

Wax Lips

Hawaii Time In 5Days

I disagree.

Ever have a friend you just stopped talking to?

Harry Potter

I just ate an onion bagel w/ onion & chive cream cheese

Unbelievable! Last week my oven exploded and now...

Library of Buddhist E-Books

Loungers: How often do YOU make incorrect assumptions about your sexual orientation?

I am a lineman for the county...

Stars of movies that never became movie stars:

Click for Cans - Help your favorite NFL team win food for the hungry...

The Lounge - Real or Fake?

billyskank's pe... nah, I'd better not

Sherman Helmsley

Writer's numb lips - real or fake?

Please, everybody do a rain dance....

I just returned from the psychiatrist, numb and drooling.

Jimmy Buffett

Question; When you'e not feeling like yourself....

My credit score is officially recovered....

HypnoToad's boasting - real or fake?

Who Is Joe Montana

madinmaryland: real mad or fake mad?

Old Country Buffett

Woodlice are scared of Barbara Cartland.

Loungers: How often do YOU make correct assumptions that you are sexually orientated

"Guido" lips - real or fake?

I love circus peanuts.

Joe Biden's hair -- real or fake?

Sadly, I think I'm going to hate the new Geico Caveman TV show

A must see You Tube video for all you Moms & Dads! -- (Brilliant!)

"You can't go wrong if you play a little bit of that Creedence song."

I just returned from the White House, dumb and drooling.

Oh, my god, I'm so exhausted.

A movie you liked when you first saw it but watched several years later and realized it was horrible

Anyone want to run away with me and live in Paris for a while? . . .

John Edwards' hair -- real or real expensive?

I Despise SUV'S

I Love Mormon Missionaires From Ohio

When I think of Writer's numb lips, I think _______________.

I can feel my tongue, so I'm afraid it's time to go.

GoddessOfGuinness keeps biting my tongue in the middle of the night...

It's time for me to go

It's time for me to ho.

It's time for me to go too.

A Parable for our Times

Anybody famous with a Maine accent?

Carson Daly - Man vs. Wild parody

DU Sports Fans -- check in because today sucks!

What do you think of states or cities that become child-free?

Wax bottles


Convince me not to unwrap my package!!

Cornflake Chicken?

I want this for my 23 year pregnancy!

And that's what I like about the South...WOOHOO!

Jelly Nougats.

I scheduled my gum lift this afternoon

I joined a gym last week, had a pedicure today, roasting duck tonight, it's raining - I feel great!

Karl Malden

Disney Pinocchio question: After how many lies does a nose start to become too long?

We are family......

Richard Bey needs to be sent to a deserted island!!!

Yet another steroid scandal rocks the world of sports

Who would you trust more: OJ or Clarence Thomas?

This week's household poll is in

People that should be drowned at birth:

I'm back...........from London.

Janesez' lips - real or fake?

"Mormon Missionaries" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include

DU usability question: After how many replies does a discussion thread start to become too long?

I'm bored. Let's play "guess the quote"

Yea! Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is on HBO!!!

I just returned from the dentist, numb and drooling.

In a well armed society, no one has to fear their mother...

Anybody Heard Springsteen's New Album Yet?

Be better if I had someone to talk to.

SeattleGirl: Real or fake?

Insurance -- what a fucking scam. How can this be legal?

Just got out of the Hospital....

Name a movie character and two actors (actresses) in the portrayal

Thelma Lou moves to Mayberry (actress Betty Lynn moves to Mt. Airy, NC) - nice story

Yes, Showgirls was an utter sleazefest.... And I really loved it!

Raymond Luxury Yacht's nose — real or fake?

childhood living is easy to do...

need some good vibes and prayers

My fellow (And probably few) WWE fans . . . Cena's out!

Have you ever sucked the brains out of a roasted squab (or other fowl)?

Just viewed this week's episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" . . .

Sherman Potter

How psychotic are you?

Tuesday, October 2nd. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Republican Sex Offenders: There's probably one near you!

Talk me down! I'm putting Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom in the DVD player!

No karmic blasts, just gentle thoughts of peace for OMC and Stacey today

DA's lips - real or fake?

You. Go to bed.

I Despise Candy Corn

billyskank's lips - real or fake?

Michael Bay needs to be sent to a deserted island!!!

Interesting earworm

I know what this world needs to bring joy, happiness, and peace - Wilford Brimley On Ice!

Who Is Joe Montegna

Yesterday was our 2nd anniversary

Jasonc real or impostor?

Back on tap at Tavernertavern: Bear Republic's Hop Rod Rye Ale (IPA)

Who remembers candy cigarettes?

ChavezSpeakstheTruth's nipples - real or fake?

Best toy(s) from your childhood?

Shouldn't Ebay be named EBuy?

Uh-oh...Mild fever, chills, headache, burning eyes...

Abe Vigoda.

I think I've figured out the reason people use 'impact' as a verb

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/2/07

Top 10 albums

Let's share pics of our pets...

How come nobody ever draws Spunky any more?

Does your state have different accents in different parts of it?

I'm coming out of lurkdom to ask about bug control

You're the only one who likes this it...

I want this for my 23 year anniversary!

Grammar police - 911 emergency!

Post the most offensive thing you can say in DU without going over the line

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass this weekend in SF!

Radio Lady's HOT TOPICS: How do you feel about Starbucks? Do you go there... or not?

Anyone have any experience with sleepwalking?

Name a movie that you absolutely hated, but the general population loved.

Senate passes defense authorization bill

Mullen: We must look to challenges beyond Iraq

Abu Ghraib figure paroled from Leavenworth

Plan calls for more armor on MRAPs

Fort Wainwright experiencing a baby boom

CV costs could halve U.K. fleet, papers say

Court-martial in gang beating to begin Tuesday

AFRICOM begins taking over Africa-based activities, programs

Efforts Continue to De-Mine Afghanistan

10.2 - Lt Watada update

U.S. ‘will prevail’ in war, Pace says

Marine DI Receives Navy Cross

New payday loan rate cap takes effect

Mystery surrounds death of soldier

First look at Navy’s new throwback uniforms

Troops stationed in U.K. getting less money

Today in labor history October 02

Teamsters Local 238 on Strike at Cargill

Watch the Video: Presidential Candidates Address CtW Convention

22,000 L.A. workers reach deal with city on contract

Faculty union leaders (14 state-owned universities) endorse contract offer

Web tangles TV writers (Networks hire non-union workers)

Immigration Debate: Court Puts "No-Match" Letters on Hold; First Step in Protecting Workers

Nurses to strike at EMMC

No deal yet at Springfield Navistar plant, layoff about 700 and moving jobs to Mexico

U.S. Workers Join in Support of Saffron Revolution and video

The Supreme Court asks for Bush administration's view in AT&T pension case

With America on Our Side, We're Battling Bush on the Budget

Brazil Workers See Ethanol's Dark Side

Harry Reid slams Limbaugh over

Chris Matthews rebuts Bill Clinton's criticism of Obama

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Experience

Olbermann dramatization: O'Reilly's comin' for us; What to do

Olbermann: Worst Persons in the World - Oct. 2, 2007

Blackwater Hearing: Waxman's Opening

Fireside Chat With George W. Bush

Harry Reid denounces Rush Limbaugh over

Bush Jokes about WMD

Blackwater Hearing: Cummings Questions Prince

Richard Nixon Endorses Fred Thompson

Blackwater Hearing: Maloney's Questions (Any charges against drunk Blackwater shooter?)

John Edwards: Iraq and Terrorism

"Rush, the shrapnel I took to my head was real"

Issa Issues Veiled Blackwater Threat Against Waxman

Frank Zappa - I Don't Wanna Get Drafted

Blackwater Hearing: Waxman's Questions (Reads Army Widow's E-mail)

PBS Newshour: Mike Gravel Interview, Pt. 1

Don't Drop That Cake! Girl attacked by Officer; wrist broken


Texas Juveniles Ordered Moved

You can pre-order Valerie Plame's book to be released October 22nd

When is American Idol back on? Is there a Nascar race this weekend?

The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism - Naomi Klein

WSJ Front Page: GOP Is Losing Grip On Core Business Vote-- 'The Party Left Me'

Rep. Kingston Introduces Resolution ‘Commending’ Rush Limbaugh

WP, Robinson, Witness for The Persecution: Saddled for decades with Thomas and chip on his shoulder

If bush attacked Iran, saying it is to protect troops in Iraq, would Congress finally impeach? /nt

Stallone and crew saw Myanmar aftermath

trying to think like an educated person....

The Conscience of American Capitalism (PBS - Bill Moyers' Journal)

Too Many People

Didn't Want to do it, but had to

Needed Weekly: The Top 10 Media Idiots.

Iraqi PM: Taking Basra in 2 Months

Someone needs to say it, "Most Americans don't have the first clue about what the Burmese monks did.


Arctic Melt Unnerves the Experts

I just saw "Independence Day" (made in 1996). The parallels with 9/11 and

Do any of you know who Jesse McBeth is?

Congresscritter on cspan---says when he saw VP go on Face the Nation and


Additional Pictures of Indian Medical Clinic - Calcutta

Cyber-attack at

Guest on WaJour saying Waxman should wait to have meeting after investigations

Things are not always the way they seem at first glance...

U.S. labs mishandling deadly germs

Did you just hear the republican harpy call in and whine about the democrats? LOL

My question is why don't the real Democrats in Congress just go home.

Which Dem Has the Most Woman-Friendly Health Plan?

HA! The top Republican candidates shunned the National FedeRATion of Republican women.

U.N.: Violence in Afghanistan up almost 25 percent in '07

Anita Hill responds to Thomas' latest assault...

Tom Tomorrow - The quest for Common Ground.

Jack Kingston (R-GA) at it again

Hey, whersss ma gunn and wherss ma snort, I'm gonna do two shotss (burp)! It's Chrissmuss.

Gold-Plated Rambos

Federal sentencing system is badly out of whack

Limbaugh high on the air?

Waxman hearing on Blackwater on cspan3 at 10am

Car thief Darrell Issa now on CSPAN. Someone call in and ask him about his car theft career.

Rat bastard Issa (R-CA) is opening up congress

Silly-ass moustache man John Bolton demands war with Iran......

Outside Magazine: Osama bin Laden is the ultimate outdoor guy!

During the 2000 recount, there was a story involving C. Thomas' wife

Two thousand years ago a Chinese warrior-philosopher named Sun Tzu

Heads Up! Blackwater hearings C-Span3 link

Blackwater chief refutes 'negative and baseless allegations', says 'every life is precious'

Issn: on House floor now;" Today we will continue the assult on our military"--Waxman

Waxman on Blackwater Hearing today: Erik Prince is witness, 10 Eastern

A Bed-Wetter Nation postscript

Worst American birthdays: William Rehnquist

Let's say we pull the troops our of Iraq next week. What happens then?

BLACKWATER USA Waxman's Opening Statement = Private Security Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan

Anita Hill; Thomas harassment charge true


Yeah Dennis! Dance Dance Dance!

MSNBC Breaking: Clinton raises 27 million $$ for 3rd. quarter

On WJ this morning, Greta read an article about Rudy being investigated for racketeering?

In case you were wondering - the hearing is not about Blackwater, but MoveOn.

Think I could be wrong on this?

Are Repubs Planning to Palm Off to Dems The Massive Mess Left Behind By Bush?

10,000+ soldiers AWOL from Iraq/Afghanistan since 2003

Chris Matthews is on Martha


From Whitewater to Blackwater..(yes they are connected)

Reconfiguring Mississippi

GOOD NEWS: Vick bad at breeding vicious dogs; most of his pit bulls can be helped

Accused Nazi guard says he's no war criminal

ENDA delayed.

No, Tweety, YOU are what Dems don't need!!1 (on SCARBOROUGH this a.m., yesterday The View)

Explain to me - as if to a child

Don't like AT&T and gripe about it? Kiss your account, employment, et al, goodbye.

Presidential Airways, Inc. (d/b/a Blackwater Aviation) given DOD $92,000,000.00 contract -

New Clarence Thomas book: "If I Harassed Her..."

Clarence Thomas loves right-wing blogs

Anita Hill's op ed reminded me of this event, the bullying of Marlene Braun

Official Thread # 1 Waxman Hearing on Blackwater: Eric Prince, CEO is witness, cspan3

Jury Finds Isiah Thomas Liable For Harassment

maybe prince of blackwater fame is a former seal

Man Bush Chose To Lead Pentagon Contracting Probes Left Under Fire To Become Blackwater COO

Senate investigators ARE federal law enforcement! Say good-bye, Ted!

I have to admit I haven't decided on a candidate quite yet, so

CSPAN: My GAWD, Darrell Issa is such a reprehensible, lying rat bastard

Blackwater contractor wrote government report on incident

Shortly after more black families moved in, a police officer was

Waxman: State Department ‘Acting As Blackwater’s Enabler’

Bwwwaaahahahahahaaa. Rep. Diane Watson just called Rush..

Netbank, 58th largest US bank collapses

This week's TEDTalk Tuesday spotlight: Stephen Petranek

Are Iran, Russia, China behind dollar's free-fall?

Yes!! Go Rep. Dianne Watson !!!

Most Democratic Party Funders want War Funding continued. Hence, it shall continue...

WTF is this? Someone please explain

FL woman's "attack" hoax ; man spends three months in jail before charges dropped

Official Thread # 2 Waxman Hearing on Blackwater: Eric Prince, CEO is witness,

Kyl/Lieberman votes--let's make it simple. No candidate bashing, if possible.

all the name calling and finger pointing in Congress is great sport...

Is the UN a defunct organization?

Bizarre: "Big Mac" beats the Ten Commandments - pollsters alarmed & concerned

Doing the People's Business: For Rush, a warm Republican embrace

Time: US and Iraq may be working on a 10 year security agreement

Want to get the crap scared out of you? ...

Israel confirms it fired on Syria.

Amusing "Ask the President" questions from the readers of World Nut Daily

Holy Crap! Too Much Cappucino Perino is so far over her head....

Torture and rape reported in Iraqi children prisons.

Canadian Company Grabs Second Oil Contract in Iraq

Alabama Supreme Court keeps ban on sale of personal sex toys

Mother arrested in bathtub deaths of 2 girls, ages 4 and 2

Man dies after being tasered for smoking crack in his underwear

Titan Missile Base Central Washington available on eBay

I need help to answer this repuke's e-mail re: Social Security

Why didn't the GOP run Jeb in 2000?


Was Dragging Death a Hate Crime?

Blackwater's Deep Right-Wing Christian and Republican Roots

Clinton Announces CoSponsorship of Webb Legislation Prohibiting Use of Funds for Military Operations

Today's other hearing: Goldsmith to Senate Judiciary: Parts of spying program illegal

Hey, (W) Bush, why don't you have a draft?

We know the Dems are a less effective majority than the GOP in several ways. The question is "why?"

Blackwater? Hey, look, it's MoveOn!

Pro Life Licence Plates and Choice Plates

Even Zelda (Poltergeist) Rubenstein hates *

Kyl/Lieberman votes--can we discuss it (reasonably)? No candidate bashing, if possible.

Most in Poll Want War Funding Cut-Bush's Approval Rating Ties All-Time Low

Bush Meets With and Honors Man Three Days After He Attacked Gold Star Father

Contacting IOC re: China's support of Myanmar thugs

**** Official Thread # 3 Waxman Hearing on Blackwater: Eric Prince, CEO is witness,

Eight States Sue Bush Over His Hatred of Children

Congress Poised to Strip 2nd Amendment Rights

Possible answers to the Jack Bauer question:

Scientists see dramatic record-shattering drop in Arctic sea ice

Melanie Morgan Echoes Limbaugh: Soldiers Like Iraq War Vet Jon Soltz Are ‘Anti-America’ ‘Posers’

Grambling to review noose incident

Conservative magazine wants Gen. Pace to seek GOP Senate nomination

Chinese hackers crack Homeland Security computers

Nancy Pelosi coming on next segment on The View.

Reid Calls On Senators To Join In Condemning Limbaugh's Attack On Our Troops

We have failing schools therefore we need quasi-military environments

So This Is How The Freshmen Congress Men/Women Justify Their Vote

Somebody should really keep score...

4,000 Monks Disrobed, Shackled & Sent To Prison

Approps Chair Obey Says He'll Block Funding For War Without Withdrawal Date

There is no shortage of large floating turds in the Repubican cesspool

So the Right can attack the troops (or certain ones), but MoveOn is Wrong?

So is blackwater our modern version of Rome's Praetorian Guard?

has shrub threatened to veto the constitution yet?

IRS Notification -Tax refund -- Scam Alert?

Where has Senator Sanders been on Iraq?

Fox News Pushes Claim Media Matters Is 'Criminal Enterprise'

Burma: Without words

Bush Threatens To Veto Bill Protecting Independence Of Inspectors General

What would happen, if we were not discuss Rush, Bill and the rest of these knuckelheads?

Clarence Thomas is a delusional bitter angry old man with a grudge.

Another Noose incident in Louisiana draws eyes of nation to GSU

Crew responsible for crash of Blackwater flight 61

Blood Is Thicker Than Blackwater

Helen Thomas was on KGO radio this morning with Ronn Owens (link to listen)

The World According to Gore: The Incredible Vision of the Man Who Should be President

Anyone watch "30 Rock"?

Bush's very own Cruciatus Curse

Gore tapes "30 Rock" appearance

Russians employed at Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor suddenly depart in a body, according to local Ar

Give A Listen If You're Of A Mind

South Carolina Republican Party Calls For Dems To Condemn Rep. Obey

I like Barack Obama's Secret Service guys better than George Bush's.

neil bush collecting federal dollars

Life in a constitutional dictatorship

Where do all the Hillary supporters hang out?

Eliot Spitzer :Why I'm Suing the Bush Administration

Costs of outfitting soldiers spirals up

Just curious: how come no one in the media calls Blackwater "contractors" mercenaries?

Another dangerous Chinese toy recalled

Man Bush chose to lead Pentagon contracting probes left under fire to become Blackwater COO

Watching 'Baby Einstein' Actually Makes Your Kid Dumber - Disney is Pissed

Rep. Issa, Repug was clearly an embarrassment to the country today at the Waxman hearing! IN

Brent Budowsky: Clarence Thomas Should Recuse Himself

US House Democrats Seek January 2009 Iraq Pullout

Ten Commandments sculptor killed in tractor accident

The Ignored Issue That Can Get Progressives Elected

WTF? Jack Jacobs says the US will attack IED factories

Agencies failed to share (Utah) mine concerns

Was that Bill Bennett on The Sit Room??

New Revelations In Attack On American Spy Ship.

If I could change America...

In Oregon, ‘Impeach’ Is Not Just A Bumper Sticker

Top lesbian tennis coach 'found in bed with girl of 13'

US plan for air strikes on Iran 'backed by Brown' (maybe?)

Man Bush chose to lead Pentagon contracting probe leaves amid fire to become Blackwater COO

Excellent interview on the Sunni/Shia situation and implications: Must listen!

Poll: 95 % of Americans mistrust Bush about Iraq

Erik Prince, Blackwater War Profiteer...

Coultergeist already at it...

Jack Goldsmith: Bush sent Card and Gonzales to see Ashcroft in hospital

DSCC just called me. . . snort

Bravo Tweety - he just called Blackwater mercenaries

ROHRABACHER comments about the Honorable Blackwater & Clinton responsible for 9/11

Dick Cheney used chemtrails to kill Princess Diana because she knew about MIHOP.

‘I hate All Iranians,’ US Aide Tells British MPs

"Do" The View - a new low.

"Any doubt (of Anita Hill's testimony) should be resolved in favor of Judge Thomas."

Former DOJ Lawyer Couldn't Find Way to Legalize Bush Spying Program


Tuesday TOONS: The Angry, Bitter, Cherry-picking Son...

This morning, did Meredith Viera say

oops. wrong place...pls ignore


Help dump Limbaugh:

Were there Blackwater in the vicinity of Pat Tillman in Afghanistan at the time of his death?

A 6:00am encounter with a Jesus freak and then some.

Perino: Bush Will Veto SCHIP ‘Quietly’ Without ‘Ceremony’


Court upholds property tax break for domestic partners

Catholic Neocons on the run?

Siegelman's case headed for Congress

How much authority does a school have to search students/lockers/backpacks?

Iraqi official: Blackwater involved in second shooting September 16

Blackwater Chief’s Testimony, Minute-by-Minute

Are Chemtrails Real?? U.K. government has admitted to spraying British public with deadly toxins.

Women that could be or would have been an excellent DEM President?

Perino: Bush Will Veto SCHIP ‘Quietly’ Without ‘Ceremony’

Australia breaks with Bush on Iran

Pelosi backbone problems SOLVED!

Islamic Bigotry: The Slaughter of 4,000 Gays

can someone teLL me what's so great about peLosi?

Iran college asks Bush to speak

Take Clinton and Obama out of the equation.

Want to donate to something REAL for change?

Dragging death of black man

No karmic blasts, just gentle thoughts of peace for OMC and Stacey today. Cross-post

"The president is the heart of darkness": Iraq, Iran, Oil and the Horror: So Where's the Press?

Put aside politics for just a moment: It's gonna be a huge culture shock if Clinton is elected

Pay Attention Congressional Democrats: SEVENTY PERCENT of Americans want to DEFUND THE WAR!

How do we stop Bush from attacking Iran?

Whoopi on Pelosi- "I would do her as well. "

Ken Starr: Blackwater is "constitutionally immune" to lawsuit.

The Child Porn Hoax -- Susie Bright, AlterNet


Minority rant: If you think gay marriage or homosexuality contains issues of morality...

Anyone just hear Sy Hersh on NPR's Fresh Air? Talked about a possible strike on the

John Cusack Interviews Naomi Klein, Great Question at the End!

Blackwater CEO Part of GOP Scheme to Sandbag Dems

Spam weapon helps preserve books (BBC)

Hearing on Private Security Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan

The Bush administration's ties to Blackwater

Gov. Eliot Spitzer: Why I'm Suing the Bush Administration

Cheney Considered asking Israel to lanch missile strikes at Iran to provoke a retaliation

Poppy signs a bottle of Whiskey for charity - pic

Files raise questions on Gitmo transfers

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Tues Oct 2... the crying game

CIBC Economist: $100 Oil by End of '08

VoteVets.Org taking on Rush

Students In Blackface "Jena 6" Reenactment

Now, there are two brave and noble men:

Matt Continetti ... what the fuck do you know about ****anything**** ......

Official Thread # 4 Waxman Hearing on Blackwater:

The ever delusional, always untruthful, Frank Gaffney rides again.

does anybody have the link to the 350 MPG 3 wheel car, that was linked to here a couple of days ago

Kucinich Leads Will of People! Most Americans want Iraq war funding cut - poll

Dana "I'm sooo cute and clueless" Perino on CSPAN 2

When asked about the possibility of war with Iran, Mr Bush stated:

Sheila Jackson Lee -- one awesome, real woman

Rush Limbaugh's response to Reid's condemnation:

Hyping the fundraising race...the media salivates and declares the winners

Judge delays trial of Cunningham co-defendant

DEFICIT REDUCTION ACT 2005 takes part of child support payments

MSNBC: David Shuster sitting in for #ucker Carlson ... INFINITELY better!


Wee Willie Geist on Tucker/Shuster

No Tomorrow for "Today Show"

Blackwater coverage on PBS

Is the only difference, in terms of privacy, between a national ID and Social Security card

There are people actually praying to start Armegeddon

Mattel (Asia) provides free lunches for employees, subsidizes housing and


Blackwater, Halliburton and all the other "no-bid contractors."


Today's American Progress Cartoon + 'Under The Radar'


Why I'm Not a Progressive

Book says Souter mulled resignation after Bush v. Gore

DU mentioned in WSJ

Bastard Money Wasters! Should have to repay every dollar!

Gary Kamiya: "How The Democrats Blew It"

Need some help regarding Dems and the military.

Oh my! D-Obey just stated on CSPAN2 that Dems will introduce a 'war surtax' to raise $145bil/yr...

O'Reilly falsely asserted Media Matters added to the audio clip

This is the culmination of Christian fundamentalism, Fascism and

McClatchy: Israel says it bombed Syria, but why remains a mystery

What's Wrong With Amy Goodman?

10,000 Wildebeest Drown in Migration "Pileup"

Who knew that Kirk Cameron was so completely fucked up?

Bush administration wasted millions on government travel

Bush Meets With & Honors Man Three Days After The Man Attacked Gold Star Father Carlos Arrendondo

Who will be the Jeebus Candidate to drain votes from the Giuliani GOP?

Are you ever challenged by all the irrelevant shit posted on discussion boards? What do you do?

DISGUSTING!...The Media is doing it's best to make Anita Hill look like a liar!

David Schuster said Nancy Pelosi was on "The View" today...

Fascism is spreading!

LYNN WOOLSEY: IRAQ BILL “misses an opportunity to hold the President accountable”

Great diary @ DKos about new VoteVet:Limbaugh ad...

Tweety 'pretending' to be from Philly again-Cheesesteak Thread!

Debra Cagan - Deputy Secretary of State "I hate all Iranians"

Has there been any news from OMC?

"Jihad for Love " - "Homosexuality in the Muslim World" being discussed now on NPR

Chris Matthews on the Daily Show tonight.

House resolution Commending Rush Limbaugh's Support for the Troops

Can someone tell me for sure if you need a passport to enter

Col. Jack Jacobs (MSNBC Consultant) says Iran is "MOST DANGEROUS Country in World Today!"

Barack Around The Clock

How Rudy Giuliani may actually save America. No, really.

Vote Suppression: Only 1 in 5 polling places in NJ meets accessibility requirements

If religious right runs a third party candidate, would he get more votes than GOP candidate?

Well, dayum, both Pelosi and the WH are going to shoot down Obey's war surtax.

Promoters and Propagandists who Peddled Violence Against Iraq, Now Peddling Violence Against Iran

Feminists the first casualties of post 9/11 USA: book claims women supposedly "sissified" America

Does anyone here buy or sell Amway stuff? Any interesting stories? n/t

Heads up: Our outlets like MoveOn and Media Matters are under attack

Have You Checked Out Blackwater's Website?

ACLU Urges Senate to Move Ahead With Contempt Charges, Rejects Claims of Executive Privilege

Weekly Reminder: GOP = Gross Old Pedophiles

Stars & Stripes letter: Bush has failed us

OK, so Matt Tiabbi might actually be God. Read this twice...

I wish noble individuals, like Anita Hill, were elected and/or appointed to offices,...

ROFLMAO!! Black Reporter Arrested Reporting On Police Anti-Gang Tactics!

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Of possible interest to admirers of Robert Kennedy


You do know it's impossible to strangle yourself right?

Darrell Issa threw a threat at Waxman this morning

A couple of thoughts on Erik "Is He Really a SEAL?" Prince and Blackwater

Freepers want Rush to be given time on Senate floor

Woman Sues Apple Over IPhone Price Cut

Clarkies: Who are you supporting now?

Clark: Take Rush Limbaugh Off Armed Forces Radio

A Tale of Two Cities

With support like this, U.S. troops would be better off without Republicans

thug who beat up schoolgirl over spilled cake has a name: CHRIS NIEMEYER

Dennis Kucinich is being censored by the MSM and the party elite

I am as Liberal or more so than most on this board and I will be delighted

There was a knock on my door last evening and a man, I didn't know was standing there.

The Council for National Policy. Hmmm, that seems like a bland enough name. What do they do?

Senate Approves Kerry Resolution Condemning Military Crackdown in Burma

YAHP (Yet Another Hillary Poll)

Gen. Wesley Clark: Take Rush Limbaugh Off Armed Forces Radio

Is there a recording of Limbaugh calling the soldiers phony? If so,

Is the U.S. committing genocide in Iraq?

Video of Kerry's speech on reversing "Bushonomics"

DU usability question: After how many replies does a discussion thread start to become too long?

Have I got this right? Is this arrogant motherfucker the guy who saw his company grow from .......

The Political Compass of Democratic Underground ... any questions?

Contempt Watch: 160 days since Condoleezza Rice ignored Congressional subpoena

hows my new siganture line?

New Biden thread posted by Steve in California -- hie on over! nt

Biden Woos Iowa City Literary Crowd with `Promises'

Steve's on a roll again -- he's great! Here's another thread. nt

Biden posted at Huffington Post :)

How great would this be? Start prayin'.

Response from the Charlotte Observer re: Questions for Biden

Yet another thread

Anybody hear anything about Biden's Q3 fund raising results? Kucinich met

I posted an excerpt and link to a Charlotte Observer story about Joe.

I'm outta here for most of the day - but if any of you are

Article from Charlotte Observer (diff from one I posted before) --

Conservatives consider 3rd-party run

Democrats Surpass Republicans in Fund-Raising

The Left Seems To Have Picked Up The Right's "Hillary Phobia." Witch Analogies Included

Just another day in Theocratic America

Time to Stop Voting

Maybe we should tell Pelosi to give up being speaker of the HOUSE

People opposed Hillary before this media "drive by Deaning"...

OP ED by Anita Hill, (NYT): The Smear This Time

What's freedom and who has it?

Waxman's Blackwater hearings NOW on C-Span 3. Waxman now doing the questioning.

Press release from Michigan Gore Petition Drive -- PayPal Account now set up

Clark "uneasy" with Kyl-Lieberman. Says U.S. Senate should condemn Rush Limbaugh for statement

I live in a RED RED county and thought I'd give you a report on the bumper stickers I've seen lately

Joe Biden speaks about domestic policy: check out this great video!

Two men who used racism to exploit power died yesterday: Harry Lee and Harry Dent

The freeper attack ad...

Edwards Money: Principle or Pragmatism? (The Nation)

Laura Flanders: It's not about Obama! (....but it's about his campaign)

Three General Election Maps: Giuliani vs. Top Dems

With the IRAN issue looming over our heads, does anybody see....

Bush Meets With Man 3 Days After He Beats Up Gold Star Father

Obama's Greenbacks are cleaner.....

Connecticut: Clinton 46% Giuliani 40%

Two dozen throw their support behind Biden

Death toll if we are forced by our candidates to stay till 01/2013

Mr. Edwards thinks again

Barack Obama foreign policy speech now LIVE on CNN/Video from DePaul University, Chicago

Hillary's Haul: Her fundraising numbers in context

The Nation's Katrina Vanden Huevel: Obama and Edwards Get It on Nukes!

Top Democratic recruit (Halverson) to announce run for Weller seat

The Rude Pundit: Four Years of Rudeness: An Answer or Two

I Think Obama, Edwards, And Clinton Can Handily Defeat Their GOP Opponents

Dems who condemned Move On took its cash

ALL this Obama-Edwards-Clinton fighting on DU over policy positions, and that's IT?!?

Quote of the Day (1 and 2)

Photos: Barack Obama delivering foreign policy speech today at DePaul University in Chicago

Democratic hopefuls compete for Kennedy endorsement

"Northeast Polling Warning Signs" - Guiliani strong in the northeast

Burma or Myanmar? You decide!

Obama: Rivals lacked ‘backbone’ on Iraq vote

So this is how they Vote in Texas

$27 Million! Now We Know What She Was Laughing About!

Blackwater & Amway: A Family Tradition of High Markups

H. RES333 (Impeach Cheney) gains another co-sponsor -- that makes 20

Louis E. Caldera, the former secretary of the army, endorses Clinton

McCain's advantage over Giuliani--he knows where to get a cheesesteak in So. Philly...

I will be voting for president in 08

? for smart type people who can explain things to a dummy Nancy Pelosi?

If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd be

Garrison Keillor on what happened to the Main street, main stream Republican businessman.

HR 676 (Medicare for All) gets yet another co-sponsor -- that makes 84!

Biden brings together Iraqi's

CNN - "Hillary Cackle Coverage"

No matter which dem you support it's heartening to see how much more money our side raises

Seems many of my fellow Virginians have taken a liking to this picture...

Hillary raises $8 million online in second quarter...

This is priceless.

Did the New York Times Get Played By Clinton's Campaign? Damning to Obama~

Didn't Howard Dean raise more money than his rivals in 04

Fundraising Dollars

Sincere congratulations to Hillary on her 3rd quarter but she did pull a bait and switch

Eleven Republican Incumbents Have to Watch Their Backs in House Primaries

need help, please!! does anybody remember the name of the program that the marines (I think)

Michael Vick Takes Empathy Course at PETA HQ

Ok, how much of that $27 million will Hillary be forced to return in the next

In Speech, Obama Repeatedly Attacks Beltway Media Establishment

Can a GF Sue the President for Sexual Harassment?

Republicans in the Senate defying Bush

why is it a cackle? why is it a cell phone ring?

Clarence Thomas is lying his ass off

Matt Yglesias on Obama's speech today

I have come out in the past as a supporter of Edwards....

Photos: Peter Pace's farewell party is one mammoth smirk-gasm, Stretch. IS IT 2008 YET?

Meanwhile in Virginia... The Swiftboating of Mark Warner has started...

2 October 1968 ... Mexico City ...

A LTE to share....

I Need Some Photo Shop Work On This Pic.........

DU usability question: After how many replies does a discussion thread start to become too long?

Clinton Blocks Obama at Nearly Every Turn

"Who likes Hillary & who doesn't" - monster Gallup poll (sample size 7K+)

Why Clinton is not Howard Dean

Hypothetical: WH Asks Networks For 30 Minutes For *.......

Obama failing to dent Clinton support

I have got to give HRC props on Fundraising. But the Real Story is Edwards.

Based on the fundraising and Iowa numbers, is this race Hillary vs. Obama? Is Edwards done?

Clark calls on Congress to remove Limbaugh from Armed Forces Radio

Gore vs. Ditka

Harkin: "Maybe he(Limbaugh) was just high on his drugs. I don't know."

Senator Biden's amendment passes senate; $26 billion will be spent to protect our troops . . .

Let's Get Rush Off Armed Forces Radio!

radical question here...

"The Edwards Problem" by Kos

Biden - guest posts at Huffpo

Biden introduces bill to reduce class size and hire 100,000 teachers

Biden responds to his critics both at home and in Iraq--in his own words.

Let me congratulate Hillarites for their candidate's fundraising success this quarter

Biden is absolutely correct, Dems MUST show their competence in national security

Poll: Giuliani vs A Big Pile o' Poop

Hillary Thanks the Contributors

Biden nears front-runners in legislative endorsements in Iowa

Chris Dodd goes after Obama after the latter's speech today

The world the New Deal built has been destroyed

Joe, Jesse and 'Stromboli' (from the Charlotte Observer Campaign Tracker Blog)

"We have a right," Biden said

Pelosi And Hasselbeck Mix It Up Over Surge

impeaching bush

the definition of Irony: Clinton supporters accusing you of being republican for not supporting her

Dump Rush!

The Nation: For Hillary, there is no such thing as Dirty Money

Time for a War Tax

Reality Time: The Only Credible Alternative to Hillary is Barack Obama. The Rest Should Drop Out.

Senate Picks for 2008

You got to admit the Clinton people are pros

Clinton nostalgia? CIA renditions began under Clinton.

Oakland Mayor Backs Clinton

THIS is why Bill Clinton was Elected ...Can I shout LOUDER?

To defend his wife, Bill Clinton fibs about Obama's stance on the Iraq War

Prominent Americans Ask Military to Refuse to Attack Iran

Do Polls Miss Views of the Young & Mobile?

Hillary raises 27Mil, over 100,000 new donors latest quarter...crushes other candidates

Senator Biden introduces legislation to reduce class size in America's schools.

JOE BIDEN - had to share this post

10-2-2007 DU 2008 straw poll

The Frontrunner Fits ...Hillary

Challenge to Bill Richardson supporters! Post your guy's accomplishments!

Obama speech on foreign policy: Going to War in Iraq was "one big mistake"

You heard it here first. Russ Feingold will endorse Barack Obama in Madison on October 15