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Archives: October 19, 2007

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Peace Action: In for the Long Haul


The Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

The Forward :Coulter’s Indecency

Reps. object to Chinese steel for Mexico border fence

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Experts Help Gore Address Climate Change

Listen to the Troops

Senators Clash With Nominee Over Torture and Limits of Law

Legendary campesino Hugo Blanco merges old-style Marxism with earth-first land reform philosophy

John Nichols: An Assault on Media Diversity and Democracy

Solar Decathlon in National Mall in Washington, D.C., October 12 - 20

Viacom to offer all clips of 'Daily Show' online

Common exercise, different goals (US in "unipolar moment")

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Windfall

Giuliani's Christian-right foes to meet again

Federal Judge Orders Detainee Released (Former Sierra Leone Energy Minister)

FBI Investigates Magician David Copperfield

Reconstruction In Iraq at a Crawl, Auditor Reports

Bomb Attack Kills Scores in Pakistan as Bhutto Arrives

Blasts Near Bhutto Kill 126 in Pakistan

Rep. Stark's comments on war incite Republican backlash

New Task for Coast Guard in Arctic’s Warming Seas: First base planned in Arctic Ocean

Putin Promises New Nuclear Missiles

Power Plant Rejected Over Carbon Dioxide For First Time

Putin briefs Israeli leader on Iran trip

Democrats Dismayed by Mukasey’s Views on Executive Power

Women from USW hold parties to raise awareness about toys, other imports

Senate Intelligence Committee OKs Wiretap Bill, Telecom Immunity; Dodd plans "hold"

Claims of secret CIA jail for terror suspects on British island to be investigated

China hijacks search engines over Dalai Lama award

NATO says shipment of roadside bombs was 'from Iran'

Jon Stewart Re-Ups As 'Daily Show' Host

CIA to Display Painting Honoring Bay of Pigs Invasion

China steel in border fence causes fuss

Clinton health plan for Americans only

Plame Wilson: President Didn't Keep Word

CQ: Surveillance Bill will go to Senate floor next Month

i once woke up with (redacted) hanging out of my mouth

billyskank sighting in the US

Well, there goes the shutout

Monkeyphrase of the day:

The Night of the Living Republicans!

More speculation about Joe Torre

your mission Jim, should you choose to accept it

French cooking question:

I nominate Coco Crisp...

On the road for forty days,

Fun way to donate rice to poor countries.

Color photograph of Jesus for sale, framed too.

FBI Investigates Magician David Copperfield

Don't you hate it

Grrmmph...30 Rock or Ugly Betty?

The samoans are nearly ready!

I have to do a 5 min. presentation on a successful person. I chose Hunter S. Thompson.

Why aren't they building faster planes instead of bigger ones?

The Samovar is nearly ready...

Cannikin's bizarre clip of the day: Dark Cannikin

I'm bored and want to post so...ASK ME ANYTHING!

Golf joke

Scott McKenzie - "San Francisco" oops forgot the youtube link

This brilliance will live forever. LOL.

PSA - A forty-second reminder of the approaching season.

I am a little bored tonight

My son's third-grade teacher invites parents to read to the class

The "Me" appreciation thread

GOES Eastern US SECTOR Water Vapor Image

I'm back

This episode of South Park makes me laugh more with each viewing. (SPOILERS?)

More Train pics.............(dialup warning)

Is Manny Ramirez the biggest douchebag in baseball or what?

If you were going out of town for 3 days & 2 nights. Would you


stop an argument.

New White House Press Secretary Holds First Briefing

mama say mama sa ma ma ku sa....


Cannikin's humor clip of the day: Kathy Griffin on Catholics taking the lords name in vain.

ugh... i'm sick

I have to ask...what do you think about those 'Save the ta-tas' stickers for breast cancer?

got any "senior moment" stories?

i know Duers will flame me but.....LET'S GO CLEVELAND!

Favorite Online Book and DVD seller?

Merry Thanksgivoween!!

All right...maybe I'm being hyper-sensitive tonight...

Songs about Saturday Night --- Got any?

Melissa Etheridge appreciation thread

Describe the song "Freebird" in two words.

Boston Red Sox beat Cleveland Indians - 7 to 1 !! Woohoo!!

Quick! Call the Vatican! There's been a MIRACLE!

Song Lyrics for anyone who has lost someone.... yeah, I'm in a mood

H.R. Puffinstuff is on "My Name is Earl"

My Son, The Groove Master (YouTube video) (Did I mention CUTE BABY?)

This illusion reminds me why I used to like hallucinogenics so much --

The mimosas are ready!

Not-so-good Halloween ideas

Brad Paisley-Online ("I'm so much cooler online")

Smokey the Bear says...

**pic thread** -- you in a funny place

Worst TV-Sitcom of All Time

All the ghosties, the town is called Yellow Dog

Long Distance Relationships are proof of a Trickster God.

2001:A Space Odyssey special edition out next week

Hendrix at Woodstock (Star-Spangled Banner)

Little Jimmy Page

The Shocking Video Hillary Does NOT Want You To See! (1of2)

CSPAN:DoD message interrupts Ron Paul's answer on bringing troops home worldwide

Pete Stark is a hero

Pelosi's promises

Members of congress apologize for torture to a Canadian - Chimpy, we do torture! And falsely, too.

81% of Americans supported the SCHIP legislation....way to go junior

Stop the Nuclear Bailout (Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne video)

Sen. Kerry recommends film about Iraq War "In the Valley of Elah" in e-mail

Question because honestly don't know: what was the deal with the Iraq "benchmarks"?

Another *ian trying to frame religious arrogance as "absolute truth"

Randi Rhodes: The right shows its TRUE colors once again!

6 years after invasion Bush's puppet government in Afghanistan seeks more help as violence soars

Whatever happened to "up or down vote"?

Sen. Clinton, Rep. McCarthy Introduce Legislation to Address Environmental Causes of Asthma

If YOU could choose the Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the House, who would they be?

Is anyone watching Dan Abrams (MSNBC)

Death penalty on hold?

Valerie Plame's Book Is Here!!!

Question?? Did Mukasey really say that the President must sometimes break laws

now we have tornados from the Alabama panhandle to no. tip of lower michigan...

LIMBOsevic backing off of 80% Senator CLINTON win

What do YOU see as freedom anyways?

Cliff May needs to be waterboarded

Same creep who posted addresses of Jena 6 charged with assault

WORST person per KO is:

The Anti-Family Planning Czar - * 's newest appointment -

Anyone noticed the Live with Dan Abrams show has been bordering on brilliant lately?

What's with this Childrens haters' death wish?

Non Sequitur - I told you so

DEMS have too many choices to make collective decision

What's your favorite forgotten Bush outrage/scandal?

Lawmakers condemn Orr appointment

According to FOX, NFL teams have "a justifiable reason to whiten their rosters."

De-constructing Adam.

Colbert to headline Meet The Press this week!

Does China meet the definition of Fascism?

Pelosi and Reid should stick the SCHIP funding on the next war handout bill

has bu$h* supported the 'bad guy' in pakistan?

Consumer inflation running at whopping 10% if we use 1980 accounting methodology.

An AG original smilie - What's black & white & dread all over?

The 10:00 local news just spent its first fifteen (15) minutes of broadcast

Tornado emergency Nappanee, Indiana

"SiCKO" comes out on DVD Nov. 6....but with the SCHIP veto and the current debate....

I have just about had it

Reuters: "Osama card" gives Bush, Republicans clout

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Lennox, Etheridge, Keys in Nobel Concert

In Alabama teens get life sentences

Cherthopper seems not secure, somehow (pic)

Message to Cliff May: THIS is what waterboarding looks like (WARNING: disturbing images)

Low poll numbers for Congress should not be viewed as a Dem negative.

If the telecoms and the pretzeldent were acting legally..why do they need immunity?

Iowans Protest SCHIP Veto

Joe Wilson was interviewed on the Ed Schultz show 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Congress Must Stand Up To The President’s Dangerous

Pete Stark was over the top in his remarks about Bush and his enjoyment of the suffering he causes

This week on BILL MOYERS JOURNAL - Jeremy Scahill

IMF says dollar ‘overvalued’

Harry Reid To Introduce Surveillance Bill Despite Dodd's Hold

What is the purpose of impeachment and why did the founders put it there?

Suggestion here....

Why are we paying $89/barrel for oil? Not why you think.

"Dick Durbin comapred our troops to Nazis." Hanity

My vote for president in Nov 08 won't matter anyway

International Law

Is Bill Cosby losing his sight?

Serious Springsteen Leaves Madison Square Garden Audience Euphoric

bwahaha. On the lighter side: Ben Stein donates $2,000 to Franken: Freeper freak.

The RUN-GORE-RUN threads are all being directed to the wrong audience!

Florida's Robert Wexler "doesn’t like suing other Dems"

Call on Congress to Hold Hearings on Media Ownership

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on House Vote on Children's Health Insurance

Olbermann named Coulter "Worst Person", Bill O'Reilly got the "bronze" & Rush the "runner-up"

Daily Kos:Dodd should lead fight against FISA capitulation

Perhaps the Dems don't have enough Staff to do Impeachment paperwork.

Did you know you can buy silver on Ebay?

TPM: Edwards Campaign Makes Case for Electability

PLACE YER BETS! Will Dems Confirm Mukasey?

NC Activist Andy Silver Banned from NC State Fair Grounds for "Impeach Bush "Sign!

Bush = Puzzle and Cheney/Rove = Shift from C. S. Lewis' The Last Battle

Valerie Plame: Damage from CIA leak was 'serious'

John Dean: The Case Against Expanding Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Powers

For people complaining about the falling US dollar

FDA warns Viagra tied to hearing loss. What?

John Dean: "They're Radicals" The Republican Party Is A Threat To The Country


Final Roll Call vote for S-CHIP

He belongs to the world now.

Nancy wants us to contact "obstructionist Republicans"

You know what would be a funny thing to do about all the threads against Democrats?

Tornadoes/Thunderstorms, Louisville, KY & other Midwest Locations

Arrested for Holding Impeach Bush Cheney Sign at NC State Fair

Limbaugh just mocked Graham Frost on Hann&Colmes

US border fence made in China

Good grief: Lucky Dube murdered in Joburg today

Bill Cosby On Larry King

The Impending War with Iran

To a Costa Rican artist, starving a dog to death is "art." Really.

So what does everyone make of Gore's latest remarks?

Kick & Bear Witness: Bail Hearings On Now For Terrorist Camp Accused On East Cape Of New Zealand!!

If the 2008 Democratic Primary were held today, who would you vote for?

Bush's hypocrisy: Armenia and Burma, war and peace

Bush - Clinton - Clinton - Bush - Bush - Clinton - Clinton ...and so on...

S.F. considers ‘shooting gallery’ for drug addicts

Krugman: Death of the Machine (GOP Machine)

Portland Terror Exercise (Topoff) - Bomb in Chertoff's Hotel. No worries say police.

What has Congress been threatened with?

Say NO on Hans von Spakovsky- He's made a career out of suppressing the vote of minorities!

I'm Not Dead

Listen to: The Jon Elliot Show-- On Air Now! - Great Show! (IMHO)

An Inconvenient Truth: Team Gore responds

Hillary supporters: Give us reasons why

Let's Get This Straight --The House Has A DUTY TO IMPEACH Bush, It's NOT A CHOICE....

H. R. 3835: This is one sweet piece of legislation!

OK. I'm about to go ballistic here! "Moment of silence mandated in Illinois schools"

Clinton bucks the trend and rakes in cash from the US weapons industry (

Why the Nazis are Relevant (not why you think)

Q. How do you know if you're upper middle class, or above, in America?

No threads about Hillary's HIPPIE MUSEUM?

I posted about Biden blogging on Huffpo

Biden on This Week this Sunday

Decisions, decisions - Obama is going to be here tomorrow.

Tsegat101 and Pirhana-

Obama wins Missouri/Kansas SEIU endorsements

Runaway Greed Can't Be Self-Regulated

MSNBC / NYT writes about "What happened to McCain in S.C. 2000" (Karl F**KING ROVE "happened")

If this photo doesn't make your blood run COLD, my guess is that you HAVE...NO...BLOOD.

Who would you vote in the general election?


Cheney's COUSIN (Obama), lied on Leno last night.

Attn: Hillary Supporters; OK, I have thought about it and

Jebby endorses Rudy G.

Colbert or Hillary?

Can the Hillary folks take a joke or do they lack a sense of humor. . .

Deltete dupe...

Pete Stark should not have said "Amusement"

Freshmen House Democrats Use Cash Edge to Scare Off Republicans

Over 60 NH Activists Back Obama

So Tucker reported that Hillary said today that she'd take nukes off the table re: Iran

He that lieth down with Dogs, shall rise up with Fleas.

Hillary is naive: Says publicly that nukes are "off the table", like Obama did!

2008 Election is Being Stolen RIGHT NOW: Martin of FCC Bribing MSM With Ownership Rule Changes

My views on the new NYT editorial board blog

The Right has been Wrong for Too Long....GOP/Bush at 24%...Dem/Blue going for LandSlide Effect

a poLL shows hiLLary with a commanding Lead

Edwards endorsed by former Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes

Edwards endorsed by Iowa Postal Union

The Wedge Issue Cookbook For Morons

Biden blogs at HuffPo about his fight against Domestic Violence.

Confronting Ghosts of 2000 in South Carolina: McCain's daughter Bridget Googled herself last year

Paranoiaman is set loose.

" electable" defined.

Woodstock Museum????

Damn it, Jonathan wonder our Democrats don't speak out.

Paul leads in donations from military voters, with Obama next

I suspect Stephen Colbert is in self destruct mode, like most comedians they are in a constant


Is delivering their home state for the ticket no longer expected of a VP pick?

Upset by the - Vote for any Dem but Hillary! - threads? Don't click on them & let them disappear!

Hillary's not perfect, but at least she supports a Woodstock Museum

While we are bickering, oil just hit $90 a barrell, the dollar collapsing, inflation increasing

Dems supporting retroactive immunity on FISA. Are you shitting me?

Quote of the Day from Sen Dodd: Post this on your wall

The Republic has been betrayed by people sworn to defend her

Jealous, hateful, ugly opinion of Al Gore's Nobel Prize

Paul leads in donations from military voters, with Obama next

Edwards Supporters: Des Moines Register says Don't make mistake of writing off Edwards

An interesting article that appeared in the Des Moines Register 2 Days ago. Worth the read!

The right refers to Clinton as "liberal"

Biden will be on This Week with George Stephanopoulos

Clinton bucks the trend and rakes in cash from the US weapons industry

Breaking: Giuliani Unveils Bold Idea for New Currency Overhaul

Edwards support falls to lowest level recorded in four months.

I am SO SICK of the Clinton/Obama bashing threads

Obey Raises the Specter of War Tax

Who Said What?

Lessons in blue and red - E.J. Dionne

New research concludes that the sensationalism sweeping local news is bad for ratings

Matthew Rothschild: The Time to Stop Bad Laws

No cut in money for abortion providers (Vitter lead opposion in Senate_

Despotism & Democracy

Spinocrat--the New Prescription for Democratic Legislators! Mark Fiore Animation

Thornburgh to tell Congress Wecht case is political

John McCain speaking at Values Summit now on cspan1.

Loss of US Respect Leaves a Dangerous World

No Cheers For CAFTA

'The Moment Has Come to Get Rid of Saddam'--February 22, 2003



Sirota: The Invisible Culture of Corruption

Myanmar, where 'traitors soon meet their tragic ends' (CNN)

9/11 Fatigue

Clinton bucks the trend and rakes in cash from the US weapons industry

The reality of NSPD-51 is almost as bad as the paranoia.

The Nation: "[Expletive] the Jews. They Didn't Vote for Us Anyway"

In Colombia, a Washington Sales Pitch

Exclusive: Cheney hand seen in leaked Syria stories

One of my favorite sources of complete unfounded RW lunacy:

New blog of State Dept---uck

John Dean: Why, Even If You Have Nothing To Hide, Government Surveillance Threatens Your Freedom

RealNews: Hillary's Bush Connection

The Secret History of the Impending War with Iran That the White House Doesn't Want You to Know

Tomgram: Do We Already Have Our Pentagon Papers?

Hopefully this should defuse rumors the incident was intentional

UK scientists defend Gore film - BBC

Quarter of China's carbon emissions due to exports - Reuters

Texas coastal wind farms advance despite critics - Reuters

$1 trillion green market seen by 2030 (Morgan Stanley)

Michael Pollan: Americans' Unhealthy Relationship with Food

Examining the World's Potential to Produce Biodiesel

Germany's Hochtief enters geothermal market

Solar power edges towards boom time

N.J. Company Seeks To Erect 150 Wind Turbines Off Coast (of Maryland)

O ice experts! I have a question about this graph...

Idaho water director sending early warning about next summer

Cement makers come clean (BBC)

Perhaps 10% Of World's Asian Lions Die In One Year In Indian National Park - AFP

PEMEX Indicates Possible Re-exploration Of 15 Long-Abandoned Fields- PRENSA

Pure Comedy Gold! - "Our Record Is To Understate Rather Than Overstate Reserves" - Saud al Faisal

Team Gore Responds To UK Court Findings - Washington Post

Deutsche Bank Names Climate Breakdown "Global Megatrend" - Reuters

Greenland's Traditional Culture Rapidly Melting In Tandem With Glaciers - SF Chronicle

S. Korean Think Tank Says Famine LIkely In North After This Year's Devastating Floods - Reuters

National Ice Center - Hot Damn! Actual Sea Ice Forming In Chukchi Sea! Maybe 5% Coverage!

T. Boone Pickens - "No End In Sight For Rise In Oil Prices" - (Video)

Idaho State Water Director Issues Warning For Grondwater Irrigators If Snowfall Falters

Power Plant Rejected Over Carbon Dioxide For First Time

Kansas says 'no' to big coal-fired power plant

Bipartisan Support Seen For Coal-Fired Power Plant Moratorium, Stepped-Up Focus on Renewables


Corporations Won’t Lead the Way on Solving Global Warming (Robert B. Reich)

Economic Costs of Climate Change 'Will Affect Every American'

Matt Simmons On Saudi Aramco - "I'm Dubious They Can Hit Their Targets" - BIME

Bush Aide - No Need To Try And Limit Temperature Increase To 2C - WP

An Excellent Example Of Creeping System Failure - Pakistani Railroads

Arctic Regions "Shrubifying" Rapidly Because Of Warming - Xinhua

Labor of Lovins

Plasma TVs may be banned (OZ)

Team uranium: Self-serving lawmakers have huge conflict

Ships' CO2 'twice that of planes' - BBC

Another stupid question about ice...

BBC: Attack on Bhutto convoy kills 130

Task Force Lightning Soldiers attacked (1 dead, 3 wounded)

A profession is born to help people navigate the health care maze

New US Visas Offered to Crime Victims

US officer in Iraq guilty of holding secret papers

Historic bill in Senate to fight warming

Bomb kills eight and wounds 70 in Philippine mall

Bush Aide Rejects Climate Goal: Science Adviser's Stance at Odds With Panel on Warming

Report says buildup in Iraq gained little

Public's mood on Iraq up slightly: Two-thirds of Americans continue to oppose the war

U.S. officer in Iraq gets 2-year jail sentence

Report: Mubarak's condition undergoes sharp decline

(Patrick) Fitzgerald closes case of unmarried prosecutor

Senators Clash With Attorney General Nominee Mukasey About Torture

Bernanke Says Strong Actions Can Prevent 'Costly' Scenarios

Rejecting ’06 Finding, Report Says Detective Didn’t Die From 9/11 Dust

Veteran stress cases up sharply (70% in the last 12 months)

The Secret History of the Impending War with Iran That the White House Doesn't Want You to Know

FDA to warn Viagra (and other impotence drugs) users of hearing loss

Saddam jailer gets 2-year sentence in court martial

Pressure rises at Indonesian volcano

Gates: Security contractors conflict with U.S. mission in Iraq

CNN reporting Mel Martinez stepping down as chair of the RNC

Tribune deal is mired in FCC rift over cross-ownership rules: FCC chairman wants quick rule changes

Comcast blocks some Internet traffic

Thailand nabs hunted Canadian pedophile suspect

Vitter shifts $100,000 from religious group

Sarkozy divorce news outweighs strike

NYPD union to sue over sobriety tests

Mukasey: Bush's powers might be above the law

Martinez Quits as G.O.P. Chairman

(NBC Exclusive) Ex-top envoy calls Iraqi government a failure

Ruddock attacked for eroding freedom

Turkey demands Iraq crush Kurdish rebels (Only way to forestall incursion)

Kurd rebels may hit (Turkish oil) pipelines if attacked-agency

Joint chiefs chair says U.S. could take on mission in Iran. (Enough Reserves)

Turkish PM calls on Iraq to shut Kurd rebel camps

Mullen: US Action in Iran last resort

Stolen Tanker Truck Recovered in D.C.

Law waived (by State Dept) to allow Kuwaiti firm to build U.S. embassy in Iraq

Moyers/Scahill on Blackwater

Serbia war crimes suspects held

Thailand Nabs Hunted Canadian Pedophile Suspect

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 19

Magistrate Urges Order for White House (to preserve copies of all its e-mails)

Martinez quits as RNC chairman

FDA: Don’t use cold meds in kids under 6

US Senator Coleman: 'If action is going to be taken, it's not going to be Israel alone'

Bhutto: I know exactly who wants to kill me

Obama Calls on DoJ to Fire Voting Rights Chief After Video-Taped 'Minorities Die First' Comment

Man Gets 40 Years After Planting Bomb At Women's Clinic

Gitmo readied for post-Castro refugee rush

'Dirty War' trial begins

Panel: Blackwater tried to seize 2 Iraqi aircraft

Americans and "values": How do Americans feel about abortion and gay marriage?

Staph Infections Detected At 3 Ohio Schools

Che monument in Venezuela destroyed

Perry Says He'll Help Giuliani Overturn Roe

Paper Leaders Arrested For Story On Subpoenas

Comcast blocks some Internet traffic

Lab suspends DNA pioneer Watson

Stark Stands Behind GOP Accusations (refuses to apologize)

Air Force calls B-52 nuke flyover "unacceptable mistake"

Pelosi rebukes Representative Stark

Plame to Couric: "All The Intelligence Services In The World That Morning Were Running My Name"

Harry Reid's Letter goes for $2.1 Million

Southeast drought hits crisis point

Robot Cannon Kills 9, Wounds 14

Living paycheck to paycheck gets harder

Oil jumps over $90 a barrel

Execution reports may delay U.S. aid to Colombia

Dodd to Filibuster if Reid Ignores Hold on FISA

White House says Bush made 'rhetorical point' in warning of Third World War

If you are going to be a

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Is this Matcom?

What family member do you love the most, and why?'s the deal. (Majority rules)

I've never posted a pic here...should I?

I want to die where I've lived for almost 50 years

I don't watch things on video, I read things

Right Up front ...I need to tell you guys something

I Temporarily See Into the Future!

Is there ONE song that puts it all in perspective?

I've Never Posted For Suzy...

NYC Woman Finds Python in the Toilet


Happy Endings, Star Trek style

Does everyone here live in Boston?

Brandy Old Fashioned...

Dance Monkeys Dance --- caution language

Has anyone ever told off an abusive/mean boss when leaving the job?

I hate sleeping alone.

Your Home State Sucks! ~~ Tell me Why! - (if you want to!)

Steal this smilie.


OK. This Must Be Dealth With.

Van Halen's "Jump" - enjoy a staggering, atonal trainwreck:

Anyone know about making "decorative" fireplaces back into working ones?

I just bought new tires - ask me anything!

I get confused with jgraz a lot in GD

I was giving out birth control pills to kids at school during a moment of silence after the pledge

Nuns apologize for giving Communion to archbishops dressed as gays

People who fill every waking moment with words issuing from their mouths.

Gays apologize for giving Communion to nuns dressed as archbishops

What languages are available in Google, you ask?

Question about that whole "A, B, C" thing

I Was Born In A Dump, My Mammy Died and My Daddy Got Drunk

What planet is this?- Classic edition.

REMINDER: I'm running in honor of Stacey (Mrs. OMC) tomorrow in the Race For the Cure

To All The DU'rs Who Wanted to Sleep With Someone Else

Quisp: The Best Cereal Out There


The Bar Is Open.....................Butt

Britney Spears bursts into flames and drives away after running over Parche's foot

Awesome Jokes Of The Day

Send Me the Pillow that You Dream On



What Plane is this, Part 6

Poll: If you like Radiohead, what's your favorite album of theirs?

Advice: Easing back into exercise after a cold?

Billyskank is one cooking dude!

Hogan's Heroes WTF?

So, why didn't David Copperfield just make it all disappear before FBI raid?

Britney Spears bursts into flames and drives away after running over HypnoToad's...

I have had enough of the Facebook social network.

I repeat: What the hell kind of name is Coco Crisp anyway?!

Two measures of gin, shaken over ice, poured into martini glass

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

Man In Gas Mask Stops Annie Lennox Concert

New Stove - Ask me anything!!

Britney Spears bursts into tears and drives away after running over paparazzo's foot

Someone started a pro-meth thread

Is Nobody In The Lounge Seeing Springsteen This Tour?

I think i am going to apply for a medical terminology program.

I think I am going to apply for a DVD program

Anyone here landing free?

My God Some people are Paranormal

The Day The Clown Cried

Name The Airline Logo :Part 2

My God, Some People are Normal....

Billyskank is cooking nude

When you drink Hot Chocolate what size marshmallow do you put in it?

Poll: If you like Utopia, what's your favorite album of theirs?

OK, I need help

Did anyone else read the new addition to Skinners Journal??

Help - wearing intimate apparrel and I can't get it right

Best Sitcom Of All Time

I wish I was here right now.

Office Fans - The Grassroots (with Creed on guitar!)

It's Friday, and The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D opened today!

My God Some People are Paranoid.

Signs you read too much Lovecraft.

just got waxed ohbaby! ohbaby! ohbaby!

Trailer for fans of Heroes

If I don't renew my driver's license before it expires do I need to take a driving test

I wish I could use the "ignore function" at work. I mean completely erase some people.

I just cleaned the Jobs Resource room, ask me anything...

Reggae Fans! Lucky Dube dies in Carjacking......

Major earworm. This is the censored version, because I'm too lazy to sign-up...

What plane was this? Crashed edition

I think i am going to apply for a TV program

Happy Friday, everyone!

New Captain Kirk plaster-casted.

What plane is this?-Classic Edition

JackMN had a linen crisis.

I would rather ________ ______ ____ than deal with the D.M.V.

i'm gonna be a grandmother!

New Captain Kirk castrated.

I just got saxed ow ow ow

Joe Torre - all class

I just got a waxed owl owl owl

Which came first? You or the other person?

Who came first? You or the other person?

Fuck yeah: Heathers are going to smoke the Betties tomorrow!

Innie, Outie, or What? (now, with Both)

anyone going to see 30 Days of Night?

Y'know what's weird?

Which came first, the areola or the aureola?

Speaking Of Snoring

What plane is this? Paper edition.

A reminder about those extravagant Halloween decorations

Carrying on tradition, community piles 150 pounds of ham onto biscuit

Do any of you remember Monster Maker mold kit from the 1960s?

Copycat This

Ok computer geeks, I need Windows Media Player help.

Copycat That.

Who Is Going Trick Or Treating On Halloween

Copycat Dat.

Copydat Cat.

A tribute to Moms -- The Mom Song Sung to the William Tell Overture

Check in here if you have ever danced with redqueen while drunk...

Boredom topic: Post your favorite Simpsons episode

Serious, important poll smart people only

Hurry boy, She is waiting there for you...

Little Old Lady Hammers Comcast

Help - laying laminate flooring and I can't get it right

Check in here if you've ever danced on a table while drunk...

Rare Oscar Wilde book found in a handbag

Red Tide sucks.

For the good of humanity, I plege to buy shorter skirts.

What music are you listening to?

If Hillary gets the nomination, I think she should choose Tipper as her VP

I Love pickled beetles! Who's with me?

Copycat That

Talk me out of watching America's Next Great Band

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Okay, I'm feeling better.

I finally donated, and don't know how to (I know you've heard this before...)

I love beating up pickles! Who's with me?

Thank God I can start hating the Yankees again...

Yet another reason I love cigarettes

Just got into town a little while ago...

It's Friday - what can I whine about today?

Another Inconvenient Truth

Post a French and Saunders clip!

Somoza is ready!

What Plane Is This : Military Edition

any expatriated Americans here?

Ugh! I am so FAT!

The Thread In Which We String Together Cuss Words ...

i just got waxed! ow! ow! ow!

I Love pickled beets! Who's with me?

The Hairy Poll. How do you like your men?

There's been so much sadness here lately--I have a HAPPY vibes request

For Friday night... the way you sleep (with cute cat/kitten pics)

Friday Night Dinner Thread... Mmmmmm The theme is GARLIC

What does 'flat top' mean to you?

Moaning Lisa: A Blow-Up Doll, Upgraded

I get confused with jpgray a lot in GD

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/19/07 (warning: graphic language)

We May Want To Move... Convince me that your state is the place to go.

I just bought and watched "Silent Movie." Ask me anything.

I won another DUZY. Hooray!

Question about the Do-wrap?

Anybody know a chow venue in downtown Chicago?

Uh oh... David Copperfield's in trouble

Anyone here landline free?

Fuck the Led Zep Reunion - I Saw Robert Plant + Alison Krauss Last Night


Ten Things You Can Do Right Now to Love Your Body (NOT A SEX THREAD)

Send Me the Pillow that You Drool On

Joey Bishop Dies

All your problems solved in ten words or less.

What Plane is this: Woodshop edition

Okay. With This We Must Deal.

Insight would be appreciated

What plane is this: Cockpit Edition...

Who Wants To See My Picture In The Honolulu Newspaper

Friday hometown roll call: Name yours, see who has been there.

What music are you lounging to?

New Captain Kirk casted.

Pentagon set to launch new disability system

CO skipped testifying in his court-martial

‘Overuse’ of N.J. Guard decried

Friends testify at fragging trial of soldier

Army to notify spouses cut from insurance

National Guard struggles to fill changing role

Soldier says he faked shooting Iraqi

Army leaders pledge family support

72-year-old concerned citizen takes down suicide bomber

Report: PTSD treatments need more research

Iraqis help their own with humanitarian aid

Iraqi officials meet to discuss security

Leading Ladies: Adhamiyah women join Volunteer Guard Force

OP-Ed: A simple first step

Gang activity on the rise in the ranks

5 to be fired for Minot nuclear mistake

3 MRAP makers named

Report: DoD may be buying too many MRAPs

Op-ED: Process over purpose

Too many cuts, so no more bonuses for PAOs

GWOT or not? The term isn’t important, but the facts are

Mom sends last shipment of Silly String

Things that make ya go Hmmmmmmm. . .

Will cost determine which tanker is picked?

Army looking to measure enthusiasm of recruits

Monsoons slow Camp Humphreys expansion

Medical battalions eliminated and created on the same day

U.S. Forces Could Attack Iran if Needed

White House details disability benefit ideas

Airmen Survives 'Million-Dollar' Wound

Veteran stress cases up sharply

50,000 Names

Experts to review nonhostile deaths

Open Letter to the Government from an AWOL Soldier

Battle-ready with nowhere to go

Nearly 4,000 in Pa. Guard notified of duty

Dutch Reveal Cost of First JSF Aircraft

Auction of Limbaugh letter to aid charity

Marines Urge Caution on MRAP Fielding

Today in labor history October 19

Anyone know how far a business can go in denying exempt status?

Dazed & Confused Republicans

Don't think of a sick child

Rep. Pete Stark on Iraq and S-CHIP

Bush Blog 3: Wiretap

Maher Arar - Canadian Citizen describes US Detention, Rendition, and Torture

Contraceptives And The Culture Of Death

US Government Encourages Drug Offenders to Choose the Army Instead of College

The Ecooutlaw - Look at this All American Made Sexy Ecofriendly Machine

America: Freedom to Fascism

dennis kucinich 4 president


Hillary Clinton's Flag Desecration Pandering-2006

Moment of Change: Raise the Minimum Wage

American Blackout - Cynthia Mckinney confronts Choicepoint - Don't Let Election 2000 Repeat!!

Randi Rhodes talks about what happened to her

Whitehouse v. Mukasey: Waterboarding is Torture if It's Torture

Chris Dodd: Drawing the Line on FISA

Naomi Klein describes the lucrative new "security" economy

Barack Obama on The Tonight Show (Part 1 of 2) (10-17-07)

Boston Red Sox beat Cleveland Indians - 7 to 1 !! Woohoo!!

DCCC: Send a Message to Obstructionist Republicans

My response fro KKKornyn

Politics sucks sometimes. (maybe most of the time)

Impeachment! Is it a duty, or is it a political question?

Good news for those who frequent fast food, who might become stranded at sea

Iraq wants Kurdish rebels to leave

Two men - one sane, one not

US farm bill unlikely to aid good nutrition

To thee old cause!!!

Diana jury hears of authentic engagement ring

Are You Getting Quality Health Care? A report card on HMO's in California

Why is the war criminal Kissinger on Charlie Rose tonight?

Radical rightist appointed to sensitive HHS position: It'll never stop, will it?

A Positive Message. Hope. Happiness.

Thai police have found, arrested Canadian pedophile Christopher Paul Neil...

No question that the price of oil is directly related to the level of fear generated

Joey the Scar doesn't want torture...BUT...

How much of our majority's weakness is due to its tiny size or fractured nature?

CSPAN1st time callers. ISSUE: Value voting. tee hee!

Afghanistan Investigating Iran Link to High-Powered Taliban Bombs (VOA)

Business Week: Low cost solar may be here

Does CIA have prison on remote island?

As U.S. tax dollars pour into private coffers, reconstruction goes nowhere

== Led Zeppelin saves the world = By Mark Morford

Days After Claiming U.S. Less Safe Due To Iraq War, Bush's Counterterrorism Chief Suddenly Resigns

Texan who joined Army at 41 is living her longtime dream to fight terra-ists

Paul Krugman: Death of the Machine

U.S. soldier receives honorable discharge after applying for conscientious objector status

Funding for current SCHIP program will continue

Psy ops troops to return from Iraq

Pete Stark - should he apologize for comments made on Congressional floor?

White House Spy Docs Show Surveillance Was Illegal, Senator Feingold Charges

Bush: "I Don't Remember What I Was Doing In 1981"

ANyone watching Michael Ledeen on CSPAN WJ?

Senators Clash With Nominee About Torture ....Reject Nomination

McClatchy: Criminal probe into U.S. Embassy in Iraq construction

Is This The Man That Has Some DUer's Quivering In Their Boots?

Veteran stress cases up sharply-Mental illness is now No. 2 injury

Priests Protesting Torture Jailed

Republicans plan to attack '70s Democrats...millions achieve new levels of not caring.

Fess up DUer: WJ this morning - are you a values voter?

Hey Rethugs - ACTIONS, not words!

Dragonfly or insect spy? Scientists at work on robobugs

Speaking as an undecided Dem in the race for the nomination...

Colbert and the GOP

Two years after US soldier's death, widow has his son

Director De Palma disturbed over Iraq film edit (Reuters)

Non Sequitur does it again...

Iowans: How did this rancid piece of elephant dung Steve King ever get elected?

Rendition - the movie

Bush planning fundraising visit to Cincinnati

The evangelical crisis of faith that threatens to sink the Republicans

LEAHY Accuses WH Of Pressuring Mulkasey

What have the Democrats not reversed themselves on except

Mukasey and Keisler: Hobson's choice.

A Short Tutorial on the High Price of Oil and the Falling Dollar

Dollar stays near record euro low

Now here is a fellow willing to commit youngsters to their deaths

Which one issue would you most like to hear the candidates for president discuss during the 2008...

Realtime lineup tonight: John Edwards, Sheila-Jackson-Lee, Tweety, others

White powder found in NY government building

Are the bids on e-bay for the letter Limbaugh's auctioning, even real?

Saudi does the crime, Iraq & Iran do the time

Mean Jean speaking of Maine school board decision to dispence BC pill

President's Office Claims FOIA-Immunity

Blackwater has no intention of leaving Iraq

Myth buster: "Afghanistan skeptical Iran arming Taliban"

Wingnut gossip hag sizes up the candidates (Dem *&* Rethug)

Texas urged to close dangerous youth prison

Cash-strapped Americans raiding their 401(k)s

hmmm, Bush looks amused to me, what do you think?

Need some help on this one -- NYSE

Stephanie and mooks finger-shaking about Stark

Charlie Rangle said there may be new House Rules that could affect Stark

Fire Destroys Ice-Sculpting Building

Look what they've done to my song...

Here's a bit about the "expert" MSNBC keeps putting on about who will and won't vote for Clinton

What's with all the demands for "apologies"?

Is the new huge water demand for someone to grow corn to produce ethanol?

Washington Journal has been pretty unwatchable this morning.

Dems cool to Senate FISA deal

Comic: Bush Gets Spiritual with The Dalai Lama

Toyota is slipping, Consumer Reports says

Apparently Marsha Blackburn and Mean Jean are the flower of RW womanhood.

Robert Reich - The logic of Taxing the Rich, and Why Dems are Afraid to Use It

Fred Thompson on cspan 1 speaking (Mean Jean spoke earlier)-all social issues

Fox Noise: Attack on President Bush Continues Past SCHIP Veto Override Vote

Panic or propaganda: Bush wants lower oil prices

Really, really good news from Kansas: Proposed coal plant in western Kansas is rejected

Houston Police Officer shoots, kills naked man who chased him

Putin discusses Iranian nuclear talks with Israel

Armageddon anyone?

I'd like to get some thoughts from people here

Cheney's Hand Behind Leaks-US Intell Does NOT Show Syrian Nuclear Program-Larisa Alexandrovna

Afghanistan seeks more help as violence soars

I was giving out birth control pills to kids at school during a moment of silence after the pledge Employer: "US Army" 29.9K to (R) 19.1K to (D) but 21.4K of the (R) is to Ron Paul!

Al Gore's Inaugural Address, January 20, 2009

Well this is about the saddest story I've read all week


Fred Thompson: In the first hour as being president "pray for the wisdom to know what is right"

Blue Dog Dem = "Moderate" Republican. There, I said it.

Boys jailed for stoning death

Spineless Democrat? - See the new animation by Mark Fiore!

South Korea will seek inclusion of North Korea in global finance organizations

OK, Coloradans, you owe us an apology for Tancredo. Yesterday, I apologized

For Obama, a convenient truth: There's no sign Gore will run

Rep Pete Stark Fan Club

Tonight on Real time with Bill Maher

The Public Is Not Buying The Claim Of Progress In Iraq

Faux News to air controversial documentary on "radical Islam"

Two names which have fallen off the map...

Police Investigate Hijacking Of Tanker Truck In Baltimore

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

Purina starting WH presser on csapn now

Toyota is slipping, Consumer Reports says

red tide has made it to Alabama beaches

Rep. Tancredo : "Our enemies are psychopaths, and our allies are the French"

A new coined word KLANSERVATIVE. Use it.

Comcast is interfereing with net neteurality.

A thought....

CALL STARK'S OFFICE NOW to voice your support. Phone number here.

John Edwards on Bill Maher tonight, Oct. 19

Damnit! Fitz Getting Married. ------->>>

Racist Scientist Eats His Words

It is time to get in their face. People need to know what's at stake here

Ads for BillO on Faux radio heard during Mike Malloy on Sirius Left last night

Rawstory: "CNN Poll: 88% say Rep Stark should not apologize" (and cites DU & my thread!)

I have had enough of the Facebook social network.

Language trend I noticed on the radio this morning...

Neocon "Political Eroticism"

Claims of secret CIA jail for terror suspects on British island to be investigated

Stephanie Miller needs to change her theme song

Rep Pete Stark contact info - SHOW HIM SOME LOVE!!!

Former Bush aide, Sara Taylor, joins "Renewable Energy Group" lobby

tgif, tgif, tgif, etc. . . Please come CAPTION!!!

Same Keith, Same "Countdown" coat of paint.

Israel PM Plmert Flies to Meet With Putin as he arrived to be briefed

Whither Iraq? (And other thoughts on a depressing rainy Friday)

Just for the heck of it-The Day The Nazi Died

The Tough-Love Cult

Do the voters have ANY say concerning replacing Pelosi or Reid?

An Open Convention for Gore...

A lot of irony in "Old Time Religion"

Are U.S. troops being force-fed Christianity? A watchdog group thinks so.

Negroponte Casts Resurgence Of Al Qaeda In ‘Afghanistan And Other Areas’ As ‘Good News’

Donald Trump: His expanding excess for success destroys other people's smaller dreams.

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL): Fire Voting Rights Chief John Tanner

Clinton Bucks Trend, Rakes in Cash From Weapons Industry

Short Tales From Bizarro World, Chapter 331,998,212,004

CNN story about Gore on right now.

How should the Democratic party respond to Republicans'

Are you mad as hell?

What our Senators should do about the Clear Channel letter

if insulting DEMs and promoting a CON agenda gets you tombstoned on DU...

It's Friday, ya bastids!

I heard the Spanish Inquisition invented water-boarding.

We're All Democrats, Right? Right?? Right???

If you make only one call to your senator, make it this one.

Thailand Holds Pedophile Suspect After Photo Decoded (Update2)

Feds take aim at corruption by officials in New Orleans

Ron paul just starting his speech on cspan1 now.

Florida Democrats: Draft Katherine Harris for President

Gen. Abizaid (Ret., of course) of CENTCOMM: "There are ways to live with a nuclear Iran."

Genetically altered food: Labels hotly debated in Iowa

Elizabeth Holtzman: Richardson's Confirmation, a Guide for Mukasey's

Draft Gore has the $$$$ to Produce a TEEVEE ad, but not enough to put it on the air! Link to help:

Joey Bishop-RIP

Stocks tumbling

Did you know 2 troops were killed last week?

Blackwater Aviation to take control of air support in Afghanistan? Could happen

Millions Stand Against Poverty in 24-Hour Global Rally

"Waterboarding" vs "Simulated Drowning".....

Summer Camp Teaches U.S. Teens To Fight Israeli Style

So, David Copperfield had $2 million in cash in a safe and FBI agents took it....

Have you checked out Very anti-MSM

you'll get what you want

Dow's down 200 points

Our brave men and women in uniform

Website bid to draft Gore to run for US presidency

Dodd Goes to the Mat: Says he will filibuster FISA (Hamsher, FDL)

More Rep. Stark: “Leader Boehner and his Republican colleagues should apologize for their votes"

Which state is the most demographically representative of the US?

Who will replace Mel?

I Had Wild Turkey for Breakfast ---pix--->>>

OMG I agree with Bernie Goldberg on O' Reilly Kissy-Poo Coulter Interview

Biden will join Dodd's filibuster

Here's the number, Pelosi and Reid: 746.

Rare Oscar Wilde book found in a handbag

FAIR TAX. Is It Fair?

Pesticide spurs free speech flap

Greed is so awesome!

Bush's war sets up a "perfect storm" in northern Iraq, sparks market concern

per Randi: Rep Stark getting many supportive phone calls

DU this AOL poll: What do you think of Stark's comment?

Jugde rejects Bush admin argument "urges WH to preserve all e-mails"

Pete Stark: There is no need to apologize--just use HST as your example

I don't think Bush likes to see our soldier's head blown off for his own amusement

Bloodthirsty Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power!

The Price Of Oil

my President will put the interests of the people ahead of corporate interests.

I wonder if Rush L. figured on contributing over 2 M of his own cash to match

Shame on Pete Stark for hating the

"Values Voters"

Dem memo - Avoid Schultz - All he wants to talk about is impeachment?

which democratic politicians will defend Stark?

CNN Poll: 88% Say Rep. Stark Should Not Apologize - RawStory (And DU Gets A Mention)

No more apologies. No more regrets.

Billions of doses of children's cold medicine, and FDA now says it's crap.

Randi just played Bush saying "stay the course" about 20 different times

Tweety begins the program with

The Cover-Up Continues: Military Explains Nuclear Weapon 'Mistake'

Tony Perkins just delivered the 'bad news' for Giuliani on Hard Ball....

Three Dozen Tornadoes Strike U.S. in 2 Days

Richard Belzer: Who Needs Terrorists?

Everyone who thinks Stark should apologize needs to watch this video.....

The Speaker of the house staffers will transfer your call

"Mr. Watson, Go away.. I don't need you"..

Mutts & Moms suspended in 2006; Ellen / Iggy contract may be void

Instead of focusing on Pete Stark, here are some over-the-top floor theatrics by Repubs:

Dave Lindorff: The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

"Everyone Masturbates, Rush. The Only Difference Is That Most Of Us

Question about libertarians & Republicans who want little to no

University to offer bachelor's degree in human rights

steph miller on MSNBC

Biden pledged to join Dodd in FISA filibuster (WaPo via FDL)

Chris Dodd Leads Where Reid Fails

Steph Miller on hardball. also a RWer saying Stark should be Censured.

Breaking on CNN - Sam Brownback withdraws

Randi is back and on fire

Mods pls delete,

Venezuela on Track to Meet UN Millennium Goals

On a lighter note: Woman hammers out warning to Comcast

Architect of Iraq’s Constitution: ‘There is no Iraqi government’

Bush has threatened to veto bill to protect Fed. watchdogs/Inspector Generals.

John Nichols coming up on Rachel Maddow

LOL- "Kid Nation" (CBS) kid calls B*sh Dumb (on national tv)

Changes to Venezuelan Constitutional Reform Proposal Provoke Strong Criticism

Who the hell is Howard Fineman, anyway?

Lest anyone forget .......

Stocks slump; Dow falls over 360 points

Do you hear what I hear? (Ear stapling...)

Karachi Bombing: Afghanistan and Pakistan Are a Single Front

Since it is the concensus that Democrats are Republicans...I propose a DU NAME CHANGE

Are Islamic Extremists the BIGGEST threat facing the world in this day and age?

Vitter shifts $100,000 from religious group

Moyers/Scahill on Blackwater

Boston Herald: Let's mean business on Vets aid by John Kerry

Homeless Vets Play the Waiting Game

Look out Empire Staters.. Lou Dobbs is after your governor

One powerfully positive thing about this country.

Memories: Ollie North was working to "Suspend the Constitution" . . .

Glenn Greenwald: Harry Reid works to ensure telecom amnesty, warrantless surveillance

who's the fat fuck laughing at Stephanie Miller? tweety

HA! An emailer told Lou Dobbs the country is being run by

The Dems support for a filibuster is bizarre!

Congressman Pete Fortney Stark Makes me Proud to be a Californian

Do you think the actions of our Democratic leaders today are...

Priests protesting torture jailed

Tonights Real Time with Bill Maher lineup

lou dobbs....hillary...illegal cash....from 'gasp' illegal aliens?

AP: Living paycheck to paycheck gets harder

Robert Parry: Bush's Spying Hits Americans Abroad

Why is the Republican Party in relative good shape in Louisiana?

Idiotic conservative e-mail message of the week

Has the time passed when DU Moderates and DU Leftists can live in peace?

Democratic Lawmaker Pushing Immunity Is Newly Flush With Telco Cash

VIDEO: bush Laughing About NO WMD in IRAQ While Soldiers Die!

Stark was right ..... bush has laughed about the hell that is Iraq. Examples

Funny Thought: Next Dem President can appoint Al Gore to Supreme Court

Chris Floyd: Face-Off: Airbrushing Accountability in the Terror War

Man, that "right wing" comment really pushed Tweety over the brink

Do you support our leadership in Congress today?

One more reason why the Midwest doesn't feel kindly toward the South.

Who is Steve Bradbury and why we should worry about him

Something fishy: the Bushocrats are courting China yet Clinton "gets caught",...

FBI investigates State Dept. IG

The perfect candidate for the Fundie Repukes:

The Power of Birth Order

Kerry Pushes Treasury on Housing Crunch, Requests Emergency Response

my first spam from a Dem 08 candidate - Mr. Obama

Chairman Waxman Seeks Further Information on Blackwater Contracts

Bernie Ward has been telling people not to vote....

Mother rebukes Little Boy for "Naked" Comments.

Hillary thinks she'll get the votes of 1 out of 4 Republican women,

Bush Yahoo! Bombed

Stark is NOT SORRY for his comments

Poll for Hillary supporters ONLY. Do you support placing the drug benefit into Medicare part B?

Right wingers in witch hunt for violent Islamic groups quietly support a group on US terror list

LOL! Stephanie just called Tweety a "right-wing tool"

Lou Dobbs is getting a copy of WPitt's posting..How dare he demean our

Unbelievable: Reid Praises Rush

U.S. Embassy opening in Baghdad delayed indefinitely

Ah The Joys Of The Squid Pro Quo !!! - Check THIS Graph Out !!!

ReBUGlican ID chart (call Terminix) (pic)

The RWers Plan is to attack when Dems speak with conviction, ignore when Dems seem weak

Couple Make Burglar Clean Up At Gunpoint (thief complains to cops)

An email note from Dodd from yesterday. I will use it as my plea

TO ALL DUERS! How about a call, e-mail or letter to Pete Stark? Someone FINALLY said what needed to

When I get a call from any Dem Org for money...

Don't Fire Until You See The Whites of Their Eyes - Lower Polls Now are Part of Edwards' Strategy

All this hating on our Democratic speaker, Democratic front runner, last Democratic president

Elizabeth Edwards: The government shouldn't be choosing

Great idea for returning some civility to GD


Nine illegals face deportation

Living paycheck to paycheck gets harder

Feingold to back Dodd on FISA filibuster? (Hamsher, FDL)

Waxman: In 2005 Blackwater attempted to transport at least two Iraqi military aircraft out of lraq

Sen. Russ Feingold On Working Every Step of the Way to Fix the FISA Bill

Pelosi Rebukes Stark for Iraq Comments

John EDWARDS and Chris MATTHEWS on Real Time With Bill Maher TONIGHT...n/t

Tweety "a right wing tool", per Stephanie Miller and to his face on Hardball now. LOL!

Chicago Transit 'Doomsday' Looms

It's some arrogant bullshit to suggest that those here who oppose impeachment are 'conservative'

Why Our Leaders Won't Stop The War

Demonizing immigrants is wrong approach

On extraconstitutional comments by chief executives

Texas Teacher could face criminal charges for handing book to student

I love my representative - Ed Perlmutter D-CO

Flaming squirrel ignites car in Bayonne

Pete Stark's comments are On-Target and Help this Nation

Massive inflation crushing working poor in America.

Drowning our sorrows... with Food...

Open Letter to the Government from an AWOL Soldier

Is Rush's Ebay auction even legal?

"The recent Stock Market activity has me...."

BBC: "Guards 'undermine' US Iraq aims"

Call Pete Stark: 202-225-5065(D.C.) or 510-494-1388 (Fremont, CA)

Judge may order White House to recover 'lost' e-mails

Holy Crap. Bush has an approval rating of *24%.*

Did Wyden Insert Poison Pill In Senate FISA Capitulation?

On Day 2, Democrats See Change In Mukasey

Clyburn declines to apologize for Stark’s remarks

It Just Dawned on me Why Carville and Matalin can Stay Married

Gore can't save us.

The collapse of the housing market is all Hillary's fault.


Organic Impeachment

Who do you want Democracy for America to throw their support to? I wrote in AL GORE!!!!

NaziBush LOVES Murdering People ..Read for yourself

So the usual mantra from our centrist has appeared

White House Spy Docs Show Surveillance Was Illegal, Senator Feingold Charges

Rep. Stark responds to criticism: "I respect neither the Commander-in-Chief...nor the chickenhawks"

Bush certifies Saudi Arabia as anti-terrorism ally --->>>

FUCK YOU REID! Harry Reid to flagrantly ignore Dodd's hold on FISA bill.

Regarding the "Clinton bucks the trend rakes in cash from weapons industry" threads

Newspaper employees arrested, charged with "aiding prostitution"

Hey America--Can You Explain This?

Obituary: Conservative Economic Policy (plus "The Twelve Days of Crisis")

Georgia, don't pin your water shortage on us

Speaking as a former drunken sailor...

Bill Cosby's Book May Be Wrong

Sen. Rockefeller (D-WV) Getting $$$$$ - Lawmaker Pushing Immunity Is Newly Flush With Telco Cash

Attention Dennis Kucinich Campaign Staffers & Aides

Pete Stark appreciation thread!

Pete Stark's Comments are Ill-Advised and Hurt Democrats

" ...big fat no, N, O, No military bases for Iraq..."

Appreciation thread for ANY DEMOCRAT that has STOOD UP to BushCo!

"A tornado touched down and killed a man and his girlfriend."

Evangelical pastor goes Taliban on 17th century Catholic sculpture in Brazil

If you are mad as hell and can't take it anymore, check in here

Ok folks here is the problem

Want Gore?

Once again Hillary does not plan to fix Medicare Part D.

DRAFT GORE: Final Push - please help!

Pelosi sucks and needs to be removed as speaker - who's with me?

Rudman, Hart: In case of terror, "YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN....FOR A LONG TIME!"

Bhutto points finger over blasts: Who turned off the street lights?

It's now or never.

An Inconvenient Truth: Team Gore Responds (to WP about UK judge ruling)

Valerie Plame: People Are Suffering Because My Identity Was Leaked

What is this so-called "DU Moderate"?

I'm giving up on America. This place sucks ass.

Why don't we try to demand that Democratic candidates not take money from MIIC -- ???

So, how's everyone doing?

Pete Stark apologize? Hell, NO. B*sh & his GOP enablers YOU apologize

Newspaper staff jailed protecting web-readers' identities re: corrupt sheriff story

Birth control for middle schoolers? One in 8 is sexually active.

"Waiting For The Guards" - this is what torture looks like - Warning: Graphic

***DUzy Awards for week ending October 19, 2007.***

Do you think Bush/Cheney will relinquish power in 2009 ?

If you had no job and no money would you move to a place where you could find a job?

What if we've already been rounded up? The pragmatism of a dystopian present-tense.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Rejoice! Every "Daily Show" ever is now online

Living Paycheck to Paycheck Gets Harder

The (Pete) Stark Truth: "Ill-advised" Words EMBOLDEN Criticism of Bush, New American 12-step Program

Just got an email from Chris Dodd re: Reid ignoring hold

Rep. Pete Stark should shut the fuck up. How dare he say such outrageous things...

Post by Ginchinchili

Somebody Kick that Iowa poll Biden won!

You guys - Biden LIVE on WaPo Chat now - here's link

K&R please - Biden's statement on filibustering FISA from WaPo chat

Biden WaPo Q&A on does the Iran designation allow the president to use military force?

Biden WaPo Q&A on voting for the war and 67 votes needed for veto

Biden WaPo Q&A on international treaties

Biden WaPo Q&A on health care

Biden WaPo Q&A on funding the troops

Biden WaPo Q&A on expansion of the executive branch

Biden WaPo Q&A on the under 30 demographic

At least they got our candidate's name right!

Candidate website traffic rankings

Check out this cool-kid dismissal of Senator Dodd's FISA hold --

Why They're Afraid Of Michael Moore

NH: 333 Grassroots Activists Announce their Support for Hillary 10/17

I think all those who voted against SCHIP should relinquish their taxpayer

Things we've got going for us

Appropriations staffer will fight subpoena

k let's make this clear: The difference between "criticising" and "hating" a candidate

I'm feeling nostalgic for the Clinton administration

Hillary's Vision, Or Barack's? - Ron Brownstein, Los Angeles Times

The Power of 'Madam President'

Hillary, Weapons, and Cash

Edwards Plays His Roots Card in Bid to Win South Carolina

Quinnipiac Tri-State Polls - Clinton dominates w/ double digit leads

With "leaders" like Reid, who needs Wingnuts?

Free trade and the US election

The Nobel Peace prize *has* been devalued, sadly.

Did you get the MoveOn email and do the questionnaire?

Who leads among small donors? It ain't Obama!

Comic: Bush Gets Spiritual with The Dalai Lama

Re. the paid ad saying, "Don't Let Us Down, Harry"

Responses to Gerson's moronic Op-Ed today

Recommended: The Terror Dream: Fear and Fantasy in Post-9/11 America

Obama Enjoys Moderate Leads Over Giuliani, Thompson

C-Span: Role of Faith in Politics, Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners vs. Dr.Richard Land on NOW!

Virginia: Draft Tom Davis for Senate...

Bookmark this: Ever-changing Primary Season Calendar

How Will The Dem Presidential Candidates Answer This Question About Stark's Comment.....

Trends and Oddities in the new Strategic Visions Poll - IOWA (October 12-14)

Kasparov supporters, he'll be on Real Time with Bill Maher tonight.

Anyone know if Tx BAR is looking to disbar Gonzo? I got

Clinton just starting to speak on her health care plan---cspan 1 now. She is first


Dumb assed sychophants?

The truth

LATimes: NY's Chinatown: An Unlikely Treasure Trove of Donors for Clinton

The winner of the Limbaugh Auction is......

Colbert 'run' risks breaking law

Hillarian Roll Call: Hillarites, identify yourselves.

Romney courts Christians (pleasepleasepleasePLEASE vote for me...)

Gallup: Guliani support thin & indifferent; Clinton support committed & enthusiastic

Krugman has concerns about corporate money going to Dems, particularly mentions Hillary Clinton

Another Poll to DU! (AOL - what do you think of Stark's comment?)

Edwards rally in Manchester NH 5PM Sat Oct 20th.

Yahoo headline: GOP hopefuls courting the religious right

Martinez steps down as Republican Party general chairman

GUYS: For Pete's Sake! UPDATED TOLL FREE Capitol Hill Switchboard numbers

Jonathan Alter's advice for Pete Stark: "Apologize for silly & counterproductive remarks & move on"

Sensing Cuba shift, Democrats target trio of House Republicans in Florida

It's official: Tim Johnson (D-SD) Will Run For Reelection

Clinton camp fires back at Giuliani: We've already beat you!

Dodd puts hold on FISA bill

Was Rep. Stark over the top and should he apologize?

Clyburn declines to apologize for Stark’s remarks (and why should he?)

2008 DNC Convention rules and Delegate allocations pdf

Has *'s WWIII Comment Contributed To The Price Of Oil Going Up.....

So how much of a pay cut has America taken?

Obama breaks the $2M mark! Amazing!

Post A Few Positive Things About The Candidate Not Of Your Choice

Comcast Blocks Some Internet Traffic

How many football games will the Iowa caucus have to compete with?

Huckabee: Next After Legalizing Gay Marriage, Marrying Your Children or Your Dog (2004)

Let us make a list of all the times * has humored himself over Iraq

Good riddance, Sam Brownback

Tweety says Clinton's running mate would need to be

Pete Stark Should Apologize

Biden answers Q on health care

Biden answers Q's on "voting for the war" and "needing 67 votes to veto"

How Have The Dem Presidential Candidates Answered This Question About Stark's Comment.....

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Hey our wonderful economy is just tooting along

Randi going CRAZY on democrats that say Stark should apologize

I just pledged the DNC $100, but Reid forces me take to it back

Play of the Day: Dodd moves to Iowa

So, Rudy Ghouliani is supposedly returning any check written for $9.11

So if you still had any doubt about the real focus of the government...

Will Karl Rove's misdeeds finally see the light of day???

Senator Clinton would appoint the same types of SC Justices that Kucinich would

Heres is a phrase I am reminded of from the 90's.

Draft Gore Action List (E-mail just received from

Obama wants official fired for comments

Hillary's Prayer: Hillary Clinton's Religion and Politics

A present for Obama supporters

Clinton and Chinatown -

The next President will probably appoint at least 2 Supreme Court Justices.

Select a Candiate Quiz

Poll for Hillary supporters ONLY. Do you support placing the drug benefit into Medicare part B?

Barack Obama addresses crowd of 6,000 at ASU

How many DUers have friends or acquaintances that are Kucinich supporters?

Last time around, 36% of all voters stayed home.

Lynn Sweet: Gore Gives 'Best Stump Speech I Have Heard In 2008 Season'

Bush: "Business as usual is unacceptable". Too bad its not for him

Say nice things about Hillary post.

How would Hillary's Campaign Manager anwer this one: "The Invisible Culture of Corruption" ????

DU this CNN poll! (Q: should Rep. Pete Stark apologize for remarks)

Edwards supporters, he'll be on Real Time with Bill Maher tonight.

Anybody heard anything about Bloomberg lately?

Who is a spoiler? (Ralph Nader thread, with special guest Dennis Kucinich!)

Friday Impeachment Action, sponsored by Progressive Democrats of America

Too many deaths in Iraq. If Pete Stark has to apologize, then so should Bill...

Some Strikingly Harsh Words for Obama: "a remarkable collapse in credibility"

I don't want somebody like me.

WP, E.J. Dionne: Test Run For 2008; In Tsongas Special Election, Lessons for Both Parties

Don't Fire Until You See The Whites of Their Eyes - Lower Polls Now are Part of Edwards' Strategy

Clinton Campaign Launches "Women for Hillary Council" or

Obama gets more $$ from small donors than Clinton and Edwards COMBINED.

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North Carolina: Hillary 31%, Obama 18%, Edwards 18%...

Reflecting upon the fact that Hillary Clinton is clearly our most electable candidate

POLLS! POLLS! POLLS! -- Obama tied with Jesus (but lagging behind Bush)

The Clinton Surprise

How many Dems will stay home on election day if Clinton's the nominee? (polling data)

"history shows that there has never been a Dem candidate w/ a 20 pt or larger lead this late...


Illegal surveillance is a felony.

Why should we give the GOP what they want-a Hillary nominee?

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (10-19-07)

Remember Bush "Amusing" Himself and the White House Stenography Corps When He Joked About Not Being

Hillary's Business Ties are Getting really Weird! How can we ignore it, anymore?

It Was Never About Children's Health Care

ABCNews blog: Clinton "Rural Americans for Hillary" lunch at Monsanto lobbying firm

Commentary: Barack Obama's black wakeup call: "...he'll be stumping for Clinton."

Village Voice...and names of website readers subpoenaed. I am one of those readers

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Joe Biden LIVE WaPo Chatroom NOW - here's link:

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What I wanna know, is when Edwards is gonna drop out.

Old Clinton, Meet New Obama -- Same as He Ever Was?

Leave it to Stenny Hoyer--Condemns Pete Stark's Comments.

Obama: Fire Voting Rights Chief For Saying "Minorities Die First"

If the GOP truly want Hillary to be our candidate, they are fools.

Neither Obama nor Clinton leading anything.

During the summer and fall of 2006 I made a pest of myself trying

Old Clinton, Meet New Clinton -- Same as He Ever Was?

Top Ten Senate seats most likely to switch party: Only one currently held by a Democrat