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Archives: October 18, 2007

Imagine If A Democrat Had Done This, Part 9,487

McCaffrey - 'defense strategy' unbalanced, incoherent and underfunded

America’s Armageddonites

At Washington Cathedral, Pop Music, Politics, Prayers for Peace: Rep. John Hall (D.,NY) leads song

The Onion of Evil: first establishment politics & religion and then vampire elites.

Raw Story investigation reveals revolving door on Iraq PR

'Coral triangle' brewing with diverse sea life (AP/CNN)

Alberta's Industry Minister Hot, Hot, Hot For Chinese Investment (i.e. Tar Sands)

Bush, Climate And The Technology Illusion - Truthout

Buried In The OPEC Rundown - Mexican Gains From KMZ Completely Offset By Cantarell Collapse

Drought Chopping Up Kentucky Crop Yields - Soybeans Worst Since 1999, Alfalfa Since 1936

One-Third Of All Marine Life Endangered By Rapid Ocean Acidification - Science Daily

UBC Study - Oceans Substantially Less Effective At CO2 Uptake Than In Last Interglacial

Great Barrier Reef's Waters Acidifying Rapidly - Taking "Decades Rather Than Centuries"

State Of The Arctic Report Published - Area Moving Rapidly To Tipping Point

1,000 High Temperature Records Fall In September Across The US - NOAA/NCDC

Senate hearing scheduled on Yucca

Point-By-Point Demolition Of The "Nine Errors" From Gore's Movie - Realclimate

Best Buy ends sales of analog TVs

Who or what is the middle class?

Many GOP Donors Yet to Open Wallets

Labor board orders Bashas' to pay back wages

AT&T Mobility Outsources Tech Jobs to IBM - Jobs could end up in India

Somali government troops storm UN compound and kidnap official

The Growing Price of U.S. Debt

McCaffrey - 'defense strategy' unbalanced, incoherent and underfunded

Staph infection worries close 21 Virginia schools

Raw Story investigation reveals revolving door on Iraq PR

House GOPers Make Bid To Derail FISA Legislation

Poll: Americans want fewer illegal immigrants in U.S.

Blackwater likely to be out of Iraq

US Lawmakers Demand Suspension of IraQ War Funds

Birth-Control Foe To Run Office on Family Planning

China pulls out of Iran meeting after U.S. honours Dalai Lama

Plan Would Ease F.C.C. Restriction on Media Owners: Would benefit Murdoch, Zell

Most fake bombs missed by screeners

George Bush Warns Putin Over 'World War III'

Report warns of problems in MRAP rush (Million-Dollar Kleenex)

Military inadvertently recruits gays

Dennis Hastert Resigning

Museum cancels race row scientist

U.S. Concerned as Iraq Awards Power Contracts to Iran and China

Putin Is Said to Offer Idea on Standoff Over Iran (Any guesses what it is?)

Energy-rich Caspian becomes center of U.S.-Russia power struggle

Court may move against White House

Bush Says He Is Relevant

Stephen Colbert running for president

Gandalf the Grey is sitting on my lap...

Barbeque Sundae at the NC State Fair

So, lounge....

The OTHER Ellen Degeneres/Dog video

keep your heads down, Tulsans.

What can I do for you?

Wild weather in the midwest??

Chimpy McFuckbrain is giving a press conference right now, talking 'bout Dolly Llama and other shit.


What Airplane is This. Part ....(?)

I dreamed last night that Wilford Brimley sat in my chair at a dinner after I got up.

When Nerds Cry: Man sues Prince for $1 mil in damages over $37 K worth of computers & hard drives

What's For Dinner

Do you dream?

How about a DU Lounge movie night?

They should've sedated that kid on Olbermann

Mid-life crisis management

Awwwww, your sugar for the evening.

15 yrs ago tonite MrShine proposed to me. Here is our story:

soooooo.I am looking for an intellectual-sex optional

Man, it is just nutball central in GD tonight

I got some great loot for my birthday. Including a digital camera!

Well, I'm just sitting here, relaxing...Had a pretty busy day...

"Pull it in, Winifred"

Let's play sex degrees of DU

I guess we have to pretend that Stephen Colbert running for President is funny...

I finally put on clothes and did my groceries - ask me anything

Sorry folks, I'm not running for President

am i hallucinating ?

Which would you rather have? $1,000,000 or immorality?

My special secret boyfriend is on TDS tonight...

Which would you rather have? $1,000,000 or immortality?

Most quotable funny movie of all time?

cool--- someone called me ignorant in gd!

OMG I am related to bush!!!

Best (favorite) TV Sitcom of All-Time?

I dare you to watch this and not die laughing.

Okay, too much time on my hands? (graphic warning, 108k)

The Holy Bible (as written by cats)

My brother is dead.

50% of all married men have affairs

To ALL the DUers who have wanted to sleep with me:

Some of these rescue originations are just egomaniacs with a cause

Tails animal shelter story

Describe the song "Hey there Delilah" in one word

We're supposed to have just wicked killer storms tomorrow.

To ALL of the DUers who've slept with me:

Codeine Cough Syrup!

Take the Left Brain / Right Brain test then record your results

AP NewsBreak: Pentagon to Alert 8 National Guard Units for Iraq, Afghanistan Duty

Gov. Richardson on MSNBC's "Morning Joe"



Lara Logan *Things Are Going Very Very Badly In Iraq*...


Emanuel, Kerry plan legislation targeting private-equity, hedge-fund managers’ pay

Do you have a general feeling that politicians do not try very hard?

YAAGP (yet another al gore post)

On KO: Shrub says Turkey sending troops into Iraq is ill-advised.

How many WARS would Obama start

Add Your Voice To Al Gore's Efforts

Why are people so quick to crown Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee?

Israel, Hezbollah and Gulf Monarchies Preparing for the Possibility of Strikes in Iran

Pleas please real Americans don't vote for Obama

If the truth of any subject is "liberal", as the rightwing wants you to believe, what do they do....

What part of "National" doesn't Dim Son get?

A bomb on my porch?!?

Who did the Media and the Republicans select for us last time? Dean? Kerry?

Just a joke?

As Pukes Start To Act Concerned On Climate, Here's Something To Hang Around Thompson's Neck

Youtube Question to Presidential Candidates (On Iraq VERY GRAPHIC) -- BEING FREEPED!

"why they hate us"

UAV Crash Causes Concern for NTSB

Play the candidate Matchgame!

Put Chester "The Molester" Arthur Stiles in with the regular prison population

Ha! Stephen Colbert on MTP this Sunday!

KO and "the dog" story...hillarious...

Bush at 24%....I wonder what Ahmedenijads numbers are in Iran...

Hypocrisy Watch, Part 6493: Dems timing very bad on Armenian vote, but...

"If the workers of the world want to win, all they have to do is recognize their own solidarity.....

Blackwater will probably leave Iraq, officials say

Is the United States ready to vote next year?

BUSH IS INSANE. watching KeithO's coverage of his press conference,

Britain to stake claim for Antarctic seabed

Bush's 24% approval rating matches Nixon's 24% approval rating when he resigned in shame

What will get humanity to work TOGETHER?

Poll: Most Back Dems In Kids' Health Fight (Eight in 10)

Can Legislators not call Shrub a Lier in the Congress?

NY Politicians, Activists Want Felony Status For Noose Incidents

Question for Bloggers/Attorney's: Taking a story down at the request of someone in the story

Why can the Obama supporters bash Hillary but if you say

Saw my first Mitt bumper sticker in Venice FL today.

For once I think Bush was telling the truth...

Today is the 18th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake in the SF Bay Area

Mukasey: ‘I Would Not Advise’ Granting Habeas Rights ‘Beyond Those That Detainees Already Have’

The guy that molested that 3 yr old - do we give him a break? Why or why not?

Russian Strategic Bombers To Conduct Exercises Oct. 16-30

The Next Bush Veto: Press Shield Law Passed By House Vote Of 398-21


TDS tonight: TONIGHT: Jake Gyllenhaal, actor promoting movie "Rendition

Will Congress successfully override Chimpy's SCHIP veto on Thursday (tomorrow)?

Anyone here have Working Assets Wireless?

LIMBOsevic said today his approval rating is 32%

Meeting Resistance - Iraq War from Iraqi POV - CNN Did Story on

CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin vs. Melanie Morgan In Berkeley today - article and pics

Anyone watching Matt Lauer interviewing Larry Craig and his wife?

Cunningham and prostitutes

There is too much bipartisanship in Washington these days

I dunno - anybody watching the Larry CRAIG / Matt LAUER interview? Pulling TEETH!1 n/t

Obama on Leno after the break! Don't miss it!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Have you noticed that the RW hosts are in sort of a desperate panic mode these days?


Barack Obama on Leno tonight...

Author: Intel agencies morphed Iraqi defector's lies into something from Walt Disney

What Is It About Hillary That Turns (So-Called) Progressives Into Freepers?

Robert Reich - The logic of Taxing the Rich, and Why Dems are Afraid to Use It...

This country is a complex bollixed up place

Fmr Mex Pres Vincente Fox impressed the hell out of Tavis tonight.

From Etan Thomas to Bush - You Owe Us

So what if we elect Bush/Clinton/ GORE/ Bush/Clinton? WE elect them

Is anyone here familiar with The Broadcaster Freedom Act

Independence police are on the hot seat (forced a pregnant woman to lie on her stomach!)

Please, DU'ers Stop the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton MADNESS!!!

What does my sig mean to you?

Get Over It: Gore's Not Running

What if Stephen Colbert beat "EVERYONE"? nt

Plame: CIA refused to let her colleague testify that it he first suggested Joe Wilson for Niger trip

Death Cab says U.S. border agents took hard drive with master tracks

Pentagon to Alert 8 Guard Units for Duty


World Energy and Population Trends to 2100

I'm watching a recap of Larry Craig's interview on Keith and all I can say is

I implore you to speak out

Feminists Have More Fun (study shows greater sexual satisfaction)


Contrary to the belief of many, I believe Bush knew exactly what he was saying today regarding WWIII

John Edwards will help us with rural voters

Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton

Al Gore was at his first public speech tonight...

Who said the following?

U.S. Concerned as Iraq Awards Power Contracts to Iran and China

Man's Parrot Alerts Him To Burglar - Burglar Shot & Killed

Best Coultergeist cartoon. Ever.

Anybody watching the rerun of the Mukasey hearing on cspan2?

Eight Democrats face pressure to override SCHIP veto

"Masculinity a "trait that is absent from the top of the Democratic field"

Michael Savage says "illegals" causing staph infections...

Great List w/ Identifying Pics: Salem OR News - "Republican Sex Scandals Dwarf Those Of Democrats"

William Jefferson Clinton

I *Heart* Larry Craig!

General Strike – Strike – Strike - November 6, 2007

Republican message to America's Children: Fuck You

We do not elect leaders in the US

Has Anyone Read "The Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein?

If you're absolutely SICK TO DEATH of the Clinton fans/Obama fans flamefest check in here:

Let's all thank the admins and mods, and remember we're all left of center

1 Big Reason Why You Should Be OK With Mukasey Being Confirmed

I'll take Sawed-Off Patch Hunkies for $2000, Alex.

Interesting article on the state of air traffic control

Progressives only. Anyone but Clinton will not work. UNITE will work.

This is not the country I grew up in

Get over it. Gore is not running

ReEnergizer at dKos: "Gore's speech in Chicago: my impressions"

BREAKING: Dennis Hastert resigning!!

Disturbing: "Al Gore and the Nobel Peace Prize"

Rep. Diane Watson of California: Pelosi Working On Bush Impeachment?

Asserting Hillary Will Be No Better Than Bush = Nader Saying Gore & Bush Were the Same.

Impeachment Now!

I'm watching Bush's press conference on Countdown: Can the f**ker finish a sentence without pauses?

Will you let them take you into custody?

When French workers get pissed, they shut the country down.....

What's this about Ellen DeGeneres and a dog?

So, I'm driving east on I-70. It's late and I stop in East Bunghole, Indiana,

Bush admin rejected application to provide mental health svcs to child victims of Katrina

Are you a landowner? How is it working out?

DU impeachment check-in thread

Here's a link, you guys - Biden talking about coming in fourth in Iowa or he's gone. nt

Earlier Monmouth posted an excellent Biden thread

Does anybody know if Congressman Bill Sali represented the Aryan Nations in court?

Interview with Barack Obama by Off the Bus.

Obama raises 200,000 in 10 minutes

MSNBC: In Arctic report card, U.S. cites 'rapid changes'


So, let's have some Truthiness about Colbert

another one bites the dust- fat denny resigns?

If you can get the right odds, put a little beer money on Biden, Huckabee and McCain

Jokes about New York a Republican stump speech staple

Did I just hear Pat Buchanan say...drumroll....

Howard Dean: Reality Check

I have three predictions for 2008.


Hillary Clinton: First Candidate To Get 100% Of The Vote?

Hastert Likely to Announce Resignation

Preview of Obama on Leno

NSA may be Reading your Computer

foLks...bookmark this post. dodd is going to win bynot a LandsLide.

Colbert to enter race

Danger Will Robinson! Bush Is At It.

As a non supporter of Obama will you watch him tonight on the late night show ?

Obama on Leno after the break!

Obama Joins Fight over GI Benefits

If Obama is counting on the youth vote in Iowa...he may need to look elsewhere...

Iowa S-Vision: Hillary 28%, Obama 23%, Edwards 20%..

Is Giuliani NUTS? Tells Iowans he dreams of Democrats flying to France....

How Limbaugh smears a truth teller.

Obama Related to Bush AND Cheney

Clinton 50- Romney 38 /Clinton 50 Thompson 38 /Clinton 47-Giuliani 43/ Clinton 47-McCain 44

What was the first presidential campaign you voted in?

If Hillary gets the nomination...

Lynne Cheney: Uncomfortable With Hillary ("likes politicians that are more in the Dick Cheney mold")

Dems need to act like majority: Surveillance Bill pulled because of politically vulnerable Dems

Former Clinton administration aid endorses Obama

Bush sounding like a spoiled child: "I am relevant"

What do you do for a living?

Folks... bookmark this post. Obama is going to win by a landslide.

Biden eyes 'close fourth' in Iowa

Gore taking the easy way out?

Once Upon A Time in America

Folks...bookmark this post. Hillary is going to win by a landslide.

Louisville Courier-Journal: McConnell is lying

"The Moment Has Come to Get Rid of Saddam": Bush's Faith Run Over by History

Gonzales Investigated Subordinates Who Were Likely To Testify Against Him

AlterNet: Iraq's Brutally Wounded - A Photo Essay (graphic)

The War as Investment

Mall Madness as Janitors Try to Unionize

Republican Sex Scandals Dwarf Those of Democrats

Gouging Grandma

Juan Cole: The Iran hawks

Newsweek: War and Deliverance

TIME: America's Other Army: "There is as yet no satisfactory explanation for what happened next."

World War III is Going To Be Hilarious - Bob Cesca


Bush Has the Nerve To Say He Found Inner Peace on Iraq


From John Edwards Website: A Citizen Congress

Norman Solomon: The United States of Violence

Alone, Iraq's teenage migrants head for Sweden

Dow Jones Drops CNBC Ads From Web Sites in Favor of Fox Links: Breaks contract

Selling content: Memphis Editor Admits Fed Ex Sponsorship Idea a Mistake

AlterNet: IMF's "Pro-Growth" Policies Killing Gains in Developing World

Communists in Space

Democrats Live the Lie—to Their Peril and to the Nation’s

New "Daily Show" Site With 13,000 Video Clips

Common exercise, different goals (US in "unipolar moment")

America, Land of Fear?

Kucinich Criticizes Bush's WWIII Remarks

The Nation: Lobbyists on the (Clinton) Farm

A Campus Crusade Against Muslims

Taking a Whack Against Comcast

John Pilger: Why they're afraid of Michael Moore

An Open Convention For Gore

What’s the Use of Pets?

Juan Cole: Oil Peak or Peak Oil?

Huntsville prepares for a nuclear blast - Ala. city has shelter plans for 300,000

"Warm wind" hits Arctic climate (BBC)

Robert Reich: Corporations Won't Lead the Way on Solving Global Warming

DOE Official Travels To Australia To Say "All Is Well" With Energy Supplies - 1 Journalist Shows Up

Costa Rica gets forest fund boost (BBC) {US Tropical Forest Conservation Act}

Asian Development Bank Finds "Alarming" Levels Of Water Pollution In China - AFP

Elephant Poaching Spikes In Sierra Leone - Populations Down 50 - 80% Since Before Civil War - AFP

Public, Activists Miles Ahead Of Congress, WH On Climate Action - Nation

British MPs Warn Ocean Research Badly Underfunded, Poorly Organized - BBC

Maine State Revenues, Budget, Taking Serious Hits From High Oil Prices

Devon Energy Finds 260MB Field In Beaufort Sea - National Post Touts It As "Giant"

"Making Gold Into Lead" - One Barrel Of Tar Sands Oil Takes Enough Gas To Heat House For Two Days

Good news: I am happy to report that the box turtle

97 Nobel Winner Steve Chu - BC Pines Gone By 2013; Deffeyes - Time Short For Serious Energy Action

Seminole Adds 22 MW of Renewable Capacity to its Florida Portfolio

Vermonters, Get Your Cow Power

Tonight a friend asked about global cooling, and why it was thought we were at risk

Straw bale house construction question...

House Approves 25 Percent Renewable Energy by 2025 (resolution only - no $$$)

La Niña's back – so brace for possible deluge (from the Sacramento Bee)

Irish Waves Generate Electricity

Two Clues for the Clueless(Kunstler)

10/18 1:57 EDT - NYMEX - WTI 88.71/bbl

Looking for plastics recycling in Huntington, WV?

UK Diesel Prices Hit Record High, Poised To Climb Higher Still - Reuters

FL- Red Tide Drags On In Flagler, Volusia Counties As Sanibel Sewage Plants Crank Out The Coliform

City swapping out light bulbs for LEDs (AP/CNN)

While industries clean up, wildfires spew mercury

At Least 16 Coal-Fired Power Plants Canceled Or Delayed - Houston Chronicle

No long-term global oil shortage: US

Sinking Delta: Where tules replace corn, they grow soil. It's no quick fix, but it could save levees

Farmers sue DEA for right to grow industrial hemp (CNN) {Nov 11 hearing}

The Real US-Russian Staredown: Status Of Caspian As Sea Or Lake Will Dictate Oil Exploitation - IHT

Global warming could threaten U.S. oil output - Reuters

U. Of Illinois - 10/18 - Arctic Ice Anomaly Line Approaching Bottom Of Already Recalibrated Chart

Turkey Lawmakers OK Possible Iraq Attack

Blackwater likely to be out of Iraq

Pentagon to Alert 8 Guard Units for Duty

Huge crowds greet Bhutto return

Taking a Whack Against Comcast

Biggest jobless claims rise since February

Iran brushes off Bush “WWIII" warning

Plame criticizes Bush, media for leak scandal

Congressional sources: Hastert won't serve out his term

MoD awaits Amara legal action (British soldiers accused of mutilating Iraqis)

BBC cuts back programmes and jobs

Alone, Iraq's teenage migrants head for Sweden

House Fails To Override Bush Veto Of SCHIP Bill

Feds Recommend Closing Saudi School in Va.

Military mistakenly recruits gays

(WH) Bush only 'making a point' with 'World War III'

Parrot alerts man to burglar

Iraq: Hundreds forced to scavenge for food in garbage bins

Senate Deal on Immunity for Phone Companies

Bush veto of child health bill sustained

Bush Quips That he May Stay in Power

Lukashenko "would consider" return of nuclear weapons to Belarus

Two Blasts Close to Bhutto's Truck During Procession

Oil Rises Above $89 to a Record as Dollar Drops Against Euro

Tough Punishment Expected for Warhead Errors

Social Security Checks Rising 2.3 Percent

Olmert: Only sanctions on Iran will prevent deterioration

Joe Torre rejects Yankees' contract offer

China summons U.S. envoy over Dalai Lama award

Sheriff's department sued. ACLU takes issue with Otero County's Operation

Former Joint Chiefs Chair Crowe dies

Libya's UNSC membership 'problematic'

Source: Firings likely in transport of nuclear warheads across U.S.

Witnesses testify how former lawmaker may have been bribed (Hastert mentioned)

Romney Calls Global Body a 'Failure'

Putin: U.S. effort in Iraq is pointles

Deborah Kerr Is Dead at 86

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 18

Senate and Bush Agree On Terms of Spying Bill

U.S. report warns of ethnic cleansing in Baghdad

Mukasey leaves door open for waterboarding

78 dead in blasts near Bhutto's convoy in Pakistan

Crude oil closes at record high of $89.47 a barrel

Congo warlord flown to The Hague

Joey Bishop Dead at 89

Fire destroys UNHCR tents (for Iraqi refugees ) in Damascus depot

U.S. legislators apologize to Arar

Kurdish protesters in Iraq shout 'no to Turkey'

Autistic Hiker Found Alive In W. Va. (After 4 Days in Wilderness)

(French President) Sarkozy and wife agree to split

'From Here to Eternity' actress Kerr dies

Genocide case for Bolivia ex-head (living in the U.S.)

Russia Successfully Launches An Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

Songs by Death Cab (for Cutie)'s guitarist seized at border

Contractors fire on vehicle in Iraq (Erinys Iraq Ltd-Guarding Army Corp of Engineers)

Republicans Object To (Rep. Pete) Stark Comments On War

Army to Keep Extending Troops' Service

Iran hangs 12 for rape and murder

Leahy: Intel Panel about to 'cave' on surveillance

Brownback to drop out of White House race

Private security guards shoot three Iraqi civilians

Poll: Nearly half think U.S. in recession

Iraq Says Turkish Incursion Would Destabilize Region

Guatemala union heads killed despite US trade deal

Argentine first lady bashes IMF in campaign ad

HPV test tops Pap in cervical cancer detection

A tribute to Rick Santorum

Tomorrow is really gonna suck in Peru

Incredible video of the Godfather of Swamp Pop (Warren Storm)

I eat rocks for breakfast

I was lucky for three years, but it finally happened

Are most humans built to stay with just one partner for 70 years?

Is Jesus your Savior? Or is He your Saviour?

Someone just saved me!

Ok, you have been crowned King for a year. You have unlimited power

OMG! I'm Related To Bush, Cheney, Obama and Hillary

any Wilco fans

That's a chicken of a different color.

I forgot how pointless DU's Lounge is

I forgot how cool DU's Lounge is

Should leftofthedial have one more gin?

Need some housetraining help.

i feeL Like such an underachiever now

A joke for breakfast.

People just don't appreciate brevity enough!

I am an Arbitrary household

It Was PAINFUL Watching Monday's Deal Or No Deal

I am an Arby's household.

Which would you rather have? $1,000,000 or a Bush or Clinton in the WH? nt

I am an Arbitron household...

Try not to have too much fun

Rain is forecast for our area. If you are even 1/512 Native American,

I think I'm in love....

OMG I am related to mush!!

Today, October 18th, was my mother's birthday

Fired My Bank

TJ Hooker: Vigilante cop or misunderstood victims rights advocate?

Tomorrow is my first live news broadcast!!!(Advice?)


DUI defendant caught drinking near court

Tomorrow is really gonna suck in France

It's Me! It's Me! It's Ernest T!

Every time I read about the switch from Analog to Digital, my

Loungers split on $1,000,000 vs. Immortality question

Douchebag! Dickwad!

Dirty Harry: Vigilante cop or misunderstood victims rights advocate?

pssst.... California Peggy dropped the f bomb again

Family Steals Pug Pup Down Pop's Pants

A limerick

Stayed up all night finishing a song.

"there are reports of M.I.L.F. rebels striking the outskirts of punango

Bush is almost playing with a full deck.

I miss kitty bad breath when I'm not home.

Describe the song "My, My, My Delilah" in one word

yesterday never really ends until you brush your teeth the next day

Catch a thief - get beer for life

Boogie Down Productions...

Python in the Potty

Swearing at work boosts team spirt, morale

how many problems come from an inability to cope with reality?

Why is it so easy for Dana Perino to kiss China's butt?

wow, I am excited- I got my new mop bucket!!!!!

Yes, Elvis is safe and home.

The Most Curious Canned Goods Found Online.

Johnny Depp / Edward Scissorhands fans

Is Harvard getting stupid?

Good-bye, DU. I'm off to Peru for the next two weeks. Won't be signing on.

is the gallery still around and fucntional?

Does anyone remember this commecial?

Sigh... Deborah Kerr and Joey Bishop died

Help me identify this DU member - "Every morning I log on and start a flame war...

I'll bet someone in the lounge knows the answer to this?

I just scared the crap out of myself just now

Less related than second cousins, the law doesn’t recognize as related at all.


Snakes in the toilet! (we don't do snakes!)

Thursday, October 18th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Why is it, that you always have to have the last word?

Idaho speaks out on "Phantom Pooper"..."If you have to GO, you know a little in advance...HELLO..."

Flying to WA this afternoon

I invented electricity

So should I be Bellatrix or Narcissa?

Tornado watch in late October?

Which would you rather have? $1,000,000 or true love?

What is the difference between your body weight now, and one half of your life ago?

Favorite now-defunct fast food/chain restaurant item?

Steak N Shake

Sweet dreams, DU...

Why is it that you always have to have the first word?

Kama'aina discount? K...A...M...A... 'A...I...N...A... discount. For me!


Five finger discount? 5..F..I.. N...G...E..R... discount. For thieves.

American Viewpoint-ever heard of them?

adventures in diy home repair.

i'm a firm believer in the philosophy of the ruling class

Viscount Eccles? E...C...C...L...E...S... Viscount of Chute

Anyone know the town of New Baltimore, N.Y.?

How's Mrs.Grumpy?

I ran away in the Philippines. Ask me anything!

George Bush orders draft!

Favorite Roy Orbison single?

It's al fun and games til the Lord Mayor of Belfast tries to leap frog ye

Favorite Roy Orbison single that isn't about crying or being lonely?

Going to see the Global Drum Project tonight

Help - writer's block - how does one use "Fear mongering" in a sentence?

ESPN: Torre turns down offer to return as Yanks' skipper (!!!!)

i ate grocery store sushi for lunch

One time, the meter maid came by our house to boot our car

Favorite host of The Daily Show

Britney Spears' visitation rights with her sons suspended pending her compliance with court orders

My doctor wants me to do the "Cornish Diet"

Some of these adoption organizations are just egomaniacs with a cause!

Why wasn't Jerry Lewis a member of the Rat Pack?

Remember Red Sox fans: Spare matcom's meat smoker and scooter!!

Calling out to MrsGrumpy...

Yo, the fro must go.... Stay tuned.

Shingles without the pain?

Joe Torre rejects Yankees' contract offer

Disneyland California Set To Expand

How many cats can my reclusive mother own before she's officially crazy?

It's teh mother lode! Full Daily Show archive now availble online.

See Saw

These Images Will Mock You - Dial Up Warning

If the wind blows any harder around here, I'm going to end up in Oz.

I'm going home in 10 minutes.

!!Kurovski has me in stitches in this GD thread,

Thomcat Guess Where I Ate Lunch: ZENITH VEGETARIAN

My doctor wants me to do the "Cornish Diet"

ESPN: Torre turns down offer to return as Yanks' stripper (!!!!)

What day of the week were you born on?

Gregory Hines & Sammy Davis Jr. Tapdance

Joey Bishop on the Sammy Davis Jr. show -- youtube link (nehru jacket warning)

What does the "Mark" or "Mark All" button do?

We have company arriving in 2 hours or so....jeepers!

TV question

Wanna see Justin Timberlake shotgunning a beer?

Anyone have experience with Al-Qaeda?

Eat Crap

I made the DU Greatest Page! Ask me anything!

arthur gary bishop is dead

Eat Carp

I just watched the first episode of this new 21 Jump Street series

Does No_Name_No_Slogan still roam around these parts?

Perfect musical collaborations

This is pretty cool. John Kennedy's 9th great grandma is my 14th great grandma.

RIP: Deborah Kerr

Note to self: Beveling zinc plates makes your arm hurt...

I'm making a list of songs about butts, booties and bottoms.

Why would somebody who hates you add you as a friend on Facebook?

Sad cat news.

just saw Elizabeth -- the golden age.

I just totalled my 91' BMW 525i (defied death)

Kitteh just bit my nose...

So what do you do about the stuff you left at your ex's before he dumped you?

Why is it that you always have to have the penultimate word?

HypnoWord for the day: PLETHORA

My boss just came in to my office, "We bought you a book!"

Absolutely adorable cat video

The last time you went camping?

start an argument

Senior discount? S...E...N...I...O...R... Discount. For seniors.

Does anybody remember ---

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/18/07

John Connor is a self absorbed asshole who could have saved humanity if he had not interfered with

A Giant Call-out for Highway61

I blew them outta the water at my interview today

My M-I-L-F strikes again......

"An Affair to Remember" on AMC tomorrow

JackMN just fell asleep with a hamburger hanging out of his mouth,

I just had a root canal! Ask me anything!

i'm home now

What Plane Is This Part 5

Question about air travel....

These Images Will Shock You - Dial Up Warning

Match Game story style: "Evil Evan is so evil, he's dotted his i's with ______ since childhood."

Give me recipes that use potatoes as the main ingredient please

Best opening song of an album ever?

Ever notice how insects, rodents and other pests are always "him"?

The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World

My poor Uncle

I Felt Dangerously Amused Today.

I always get stuck on 55 of 60 on this game.

The samosas are nearly ready!

It's gotta be her idea!

It's official: the Indians are douchebags

I've been away, DU. Whats been going on?

Anyone know any good Jesus jokes?

Bride Sues Florist Over Flower Color

Anyone have experience with Al-Anon?

Anyone been watching "Pusing Daisies"?

Parrot alerts man to burglar

My book, WAKE, comes out March 4, and I'm giving away an advance copy

Okay, too much time on Hypnotoad's hands? (graphic warning, 60k)

It's time for the Movie Quote Game again. Rules inside:

Pic thread??

My M-I-L strikes again......

Yay! Everyone in GD agrees with me! All the time!

The last time you went vamping?

Army selects three companies to build MRAPs

Nearly 15,000 deployed without IED training

Soldier faces hearing today in killing of Iraqi

Panels meet over troop tax breaks

Richardson soldier found dead in barracks

3 relieved of leadership roles over Guard death

Military mistakenly recruits on gay Web site

CG asked to explain why it withholds names

Al-Maliki urges Blackwater withdrawal

TBI care still has many problems, spouse says

More Marines to go on ships, strategy says

Generals endorse plan to end grunt shortage

Planned drawdown may delay Hood deployment

AFSOC testing backpack-sized UAV

Soldiers in Afghanistan modify area for more protection, firing range

Ain't no party like an Iraqi Party

Officials deny claims State Department not doing enough in Iraq

U.S. missile defense up for debate in U.K.

Rare view of landing practice on Iwo Jima

Students learn about rise of the robots

'Unified Endeavor' Tests 101st Airborne

TRICARE Announces Additional Coverage

Refueler Squadron Gets New Aircraft

9 troops wounded in Afghanistan

Retiree COLA to increase 2.3% in 2008

SAIC wins $41 million Navy contract

Pentagon tapping 8 Guard units for duty

Sill soldier charged in gang-related shooting

Mo. Guard leaves helicopter in field

Fragging attacks rare in Iraq, Afghanistan

Navy tries to keep lid on noise at Atsugi

Blackwater on the Way Out

Labor's Veterans Program Probed

Talking about Veterans benefits

When The War Comes Home

US army enlists anthropologists

US unveils maritime strategy

Are Bomb-Resistant Vehicles Worth It?

N.O. Police Want Federal Troops to Stay

French-made Air Force One?

Today in labor history October 18

Detroit Casino Reopens After Reaching Tentative Deal

ALPA Opens War Chest for Ryan International Airlines Pilots

Flight Attendants Rally for Fair Deal at Mesa, US Airways

Working Women: Better Educated but Still Paid Less Than Men

Beware of New Data on Workplace Injury

Guatemala union heads killed despite US trade deal

San Francisco Mayor Candidate: Josh Wolf

Guinnevere clip - Pray for Peace - Crosby & Nash - National Cathedral

Rep. John Haller (R-PA) introduces HR 8791

Meeting Resistance film shown to military in Iraq

Colbert For President '08

Bush on Enhanced Interrogation

Schumer Asks Mukasey about Political Prosecutions

Moment of Change: The Promised Land

Know Thine Enemy - who are we really fighting in Iraq and why?

Leave it to Dennis

Max Keiser on France 24 -

Olbermann Countdown: Wed. Oct. 17, 2007 - Part one of Five

Rep. Stark (D-Calif.): "But you're going to spend it to blow up innocent people"

Mass. Gov. Patrick to Endorse Obama

Kucinich: "If Congress does not impeach President Bush ..."

To Matt Lauer, Keith Olbermann and others still reporting about Craig

Should leftofthedial have one more gin?

No George.. I said "Where's your Mouth"?

Wait, did I hear right? Amnesty for illegal Wiretapping?

Benazir Bhutto returns to Pakistan

Former corrections officer returns from Iraq to face charges

Should we vote on impeachment or settle on our nominees?

Putin says Iraq shows Russia needs strong army

Gore lauds Chicago; his fans push for '08 run

Photo Essay: Alternet - "Iraq's Brutally Wounded"

chinese to debut plug in hybrid in 08

McCaskill wants to ban lobbyists from paying to save seats at hearings

Children at risk with no health insurance, and it's a 'great victory' for the Chimperor

It's Simple! Either Govt Exists To Serve The People OR People Exist To Serve Govt....

IRAQ Awards Billion Dollar Contract To IRAN/CHINA To Build Power Plants

Sheldon Whitehouse talking about Mukasey Hearings..Now C-Span!

"Evil" Prince Putin OR Clown Prince ROOTIN' TOOTIN' ?

Welcome To WWIII Everyone-REPUBLICANS Already Gave Iran All The Nuclear Secrets They Need

VIDEO: Army Tests Bio-Weapons on U.S. Citizens

Iraq war shows why Russia must bolster defenses, Putin says

More evidence MRSA is becoming common outside of hospitals

Truth, Justice, GREED, you know... the American way

23 Felonies filed against a planned parenthood clinic in Kansas...

I just typed in Crimes against Humanity, gw bush

Caption Condi

The way I see the SCHIP debate!!!!!!!

"World War III Is Going To Be Hilarious" EXCELLENT article!

House to Vote on Overriding Veto of U.S. Kids' Health Measure

*** Mukasy Confirmation Hearing on Now***

Breaking from MSNBC: Brownback expected to quit 2008 race...

Senate and Bush Agree On Terms of Spying Bill: Immunity granted

U.S. alarmed as Iraq shows small measure of independence

Pentagon to Alert 8 Guard Units for Duty

Does this argument hold water?

America's Climate Security Act

We Must Be Crazy

Military ‘inadvertently recruits gays.’

Anti-gay psycho Fred Phelps says he and Fred Thompson saw "eye to eye" on homosexuality

Jam the phones--to the HOUSE now please---SCHIP vote today-both Repug and Dem-Let

Impeach does not = ending the war. It does not = stopping bush.

Putin Suggests U.S. Wants Iraq's Oil

I opposed the Iraq war cause I knew we were making a 60 year commitment

Anyone know when the SCHIP override vote is expected to start?

Please help stop voter supression - von Spakovsky must NOT be confirmed:

this sentence pretty much says it all about our democratic congress

OK, Steny Hoyer and Jim Clyburn - lets see if you did your jobs.

Fall 2007: Stand Up to Corporate Power - stop the war

Wow: On MSNBC now -Arctic ice is melting

Senate caves to Bush on telecom immunity

SChip House Override Vote: WJ this morning

State to Blackwater: I Think We Should See Other Contractors


Why does the GOP hate children...

Iraq's Brutally Wounded (Photo Essay)

Senate Deal on Immunity for Phone Companies = Were ALL Communications Routed Overseas??

Question about Al Gore, the FEC and the draft Gore movement.

Want your FBI file? Here's how to do it...

Rep. Tom Lantos is speaking at the University of Michigan

"Daily Show" gets own Web site

LOL! Spinocrat! A new Fiore flashtoon you gotta watch!

Is there a progressive talk radio station in your city?

Correct me if I'm wrong, S-CHIP doesn't cover American citizens who happen

Take the Left Brain / Right Brain test then record your results

Military inadvertently recruits gays

How Important is a Candidate's stand on the issues in evaluating him or her to you?

What is the difference between this and Holocaust denial?

Joe Conason: The Senate’s Strange Double Standard (Larry Craig/Ted Stevens)

I could have sworn CNN said the S-CHIP veto override already failed

IG Report: Iraq's complex and overlapping sectarian conflicts continue to hinder progress

Jeb Bush jr joins Giuliani campaign

Dem challenging Craig posts about FISA

Bush's Bedside Manner

Here's what the modern era's greatest thinker said about WWIII:

Pelosi/Rockefeller - you suck.

Insight into Voters Heads That Scared Me

Bush Dog Democrats. Just heard on CSPAN Washington Journal LOL

my text messages with someone about the water restrictions in Charlotte and area

'STRIKE the words"----says a Repug of Dem Start on House floor right now.

Direct T.V. : chan. 241- Scathing program on the lies of Bush Co! on NOW

"IF Water boarding is Torture, then it's illegal because torture is illegal."

Straight up - I am christian - maybe I am stupid -

Norway may have it's first colored minister ... and she's a woman too!

Tough Punishment Expected for Warhead Errors

Old Man Thompson Addresses the Club for Growth ---pix--->>>

Oops. Inadvertent dupe. My post is here:

One less Nut Job to Worry About - Brownback Bags It

In Commemoration Of Sixty Years Since Al Nakba

Deadly superbug is here — why isn't it tracked?

Putin, urging date for Iraq withdrawal, chides US for "pointless...fight with a people"

Tx.St.Sen. Kevin Eltife feels need to regulate condoms

France’s Sarkozy, wife announce divorce

I'm an "angry militant fundamentalist" atheist and even I laughed at this:

Hey, MSNBC Weather Bimbo -- it's the GULF of Mexico, not the GOLF!

**TWO Less Nut Jobs to Worry About - Has Turds Packs It In, Too

Hastert To Announce Retirement As Evidence Mounts Of His Involvement In Cunningham Scandal

Where do you think Il Dunce's Absolute Zero lies?

For those disappointed that Gore hasn't jumped in

Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to the 2008 Democratic Primary!

Members of Progressive Democrats of America check in please.

Any responses from other world leaders yet on Chimpy's "World War III" pronouncement?

Dems cave on American's phone privacy

Report: (Security is so poor) Coalition has little influence in southern Iraq

Iraqi POW bodies 'eye-gauged, mutilated'

How About That! Looks Like I'm A Biden Man

Bush's approval drops to 24% and that is still too high

Could we please take Pelosi's picture off the front page?

Democrats pull fast one on Republicans, re: Phone Company Immunity

Edwards Receives Support of Iowa Postal Workers Union

US church leader arrested at White House in Iraq war protest

the she-cheney's pet project

another woman dons "the scarf" for the sake of votes

On the draft... and an idea I heard over the Malloy Show

My 1000th post!!!!

"Like a reunion of one family." The Dalai Lama re: Bush

‘No Fly’ on Steroids

Dem strategy for 2008 isn't working

Proponents of impeachment haven't managed to convince enough legislators or Americans to follow them

Reverse migration: The difficult journey of two retirees from Florida back home

LOL!! A Picture Found On Craigslist:

My word REPUBLIKLAN made it into the Urban Dictionary.

Oil profits in Alaska

HEADS UP. At 2PM ET The House Judiciary Committe Will Be Holding A Hearing On Rendition!


How Important is a Candidate's stand on the issues in evaluating him or her to the average American?

UN: Mercenary Recruiting Booming

Breaking News:The Republican party shows their contempt for other people's children.

I just called my senators and asked them to wipe my records clean retroactively

Test your government I.Q. =====>

Specter finished a contest to determine the funniest celebrity in D.C.

Building Children's Hospitals in Iraq, while American Children are in need

LA Times before SCHIP vote: voters should remember their failure to act while at the polls next year

Poor Jason Whitlock (sports writing in KC)...

Have you visited the Right Wing Infopedia yet?

So, you got me.

Canada: We Come in Peace

Statement of Senator Clinton on Senate Banking Committee Passage of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act

Abstinence 1, S-Chip 0: In compromise, Dems agree to increase funds for abstinence-only sex ed

Virginia Panel Rejects Detention Center for Illegal Immigrants

Sean Hannity Uses Randi Rhodes’ Accident To Smear Her, Air America, Media Matters And More

Project Censored: Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008

What is ANY president's absolute zero job approval?

Marshall of GA and Taylor of MS. eom

Halloween vs. Fall Festival and a Hatchet Job by the local Right-wing rag..

Anti-child Republicans

Our concierge has yet to meet an American who voted for Bush.

The War on Halloween

Sides Fight For and Against Possible School Book Ban

Murder charges reduced in hate crime against gay near Bob Jones University.

US giving Turkey behind-the-scenes wink to invade northern Iraq?

Clinton Eclipses Obama, Giuliani, Romney in Wall St. $$$$$$

Phony Soldiers? Soldiers who vote Republican don't fight for my freedom

A Thursday is a turdsday without a CAPTION!!! Please come do W.

Remember when the new French Pres' wife snubbed the Bush invitation to dinner?

And Now Repubs Explain How Their Vote Against SCHIP Was Because They Care About Uninsured Kids...

Here's a letter I am sending to the Minneapolis Newspaper

Has Bush succeeded in reducing the US to a second rate country?

i cast a pox on the 13:

Could Congress' low approval ratings mean more Democrats could be elected in 2008?

Leahy condemns FISA compromise, says admin knew program was illegal

Guess Who Went to See the Dalai Lama Yesterday? ---pix--->>>

Check in here if you wrote/called your Rep. regarding the Schip veto override!

Virginia Foxx (R-NC) is willing to take her fat share of socialized medicine

Randi is back

Please check in here if your family is directly effected by SCHIP-

Official thread # 1 House vote on over-riding Bush veto-Pelosi closing-NOW_

How do I meet FACE TO FACE with my Representative of the House?

If you want MORE WAR, vote for who the defense industry backs...Hillary

Bush and the Roadblock Republicans hate kids; uphold SCHIP veto

Perry: Support of Giuliani will help overturn Roe

I need a list of the rePukes voting to sustain the veto...

BREAKING! White House reveals this year's official Halloween pumpkin!

Josh Marshall's rundown of Rudy Giuliani's SCARY foreign policy advisers.....

Sam Brownback dropping out

Putin: Oil motive in Iraq

You know what this Ellen Dog Drama reminded me of today?

article: We Might Know Whom Rush Limbaugh Threatened...

adventures in diy home repair.

Looking for plastics recycling in Huntington, WV?

Giuliani Exposes Evangelical Rift Over Loyalty to Republicans

Is this a chain letter email???

FDA seizes $71k in herbal tea products as campaign of censorship against nutritional supplements con

If voters are angry at incumbents in the White House and Congress which branch prevails?

THANK YOU! Senator Dodd: His Statement on holding up FISA Bill:

Sorry about that...U.S. legislators apologize to Arar in rendition and torture case

Take this test and find out who is really your candidate!

There is nothing worse than weak leaders with bad judgement!

George Bush orders draft!

Dear Congressperson Dumbfuck ......

Fred Thompson sought inspector's removal

How soon will SChip be brought up again?

How much you want to bet the MSM will bring up that Rep. Stark is an atheist

Why have the Dems allowed these child hating Rethugs to have a press

Why our community needs to be added to the Federal Hate Crimes laws.

Pete Stark Thanks Daily Kos

Pelosi et al News Conf. now on cspan. just started

Uncle Fred's Poll Numbers are FALLLLLLLLING..... As Predicted! LINK

Viacom Unveils New "Daily Show" Site With 13,000 Video Clips (every minute of the show since 1999)

RIGHTS: Poverty and Capital Punishment Go Hand In Hand

Most people here who dislike Hillary dislike her for her focus-grouped, corporate friendly campaign

One DUer against ---oh, 350

Anything heard from the "Anonymous" poster lately . . . ?????

"Small Price" Boehner criticizes Rep. Stark's comments about "the President's amusement"

When Dumbya sends his kids to the front lines in Iraq maybe I'll lighten up a little.

Stephen Colbert On "Meet The Press" This Sunday

Poor Condi

Kerry on SCHIP Override Vote..."This fight is far from over."

For the most determined Gore optimists, when is your point of no return?

If Iran DOES develop a nuclear weapon, would that be reason enough to invade?

Yanno, it is a stunningly simple matter.


Do not start a new topic in order to continue a flame war from another discussion thread.

Ellen DeGeneres is an idiot

Here is the Daily Show's link to its new website, w/all the videos of the show

Why does the media treat Obama's "mission accomplished"...

Nuclear Bomb Mistake May Cost 5 Officers' Jobs

Is there any way of tying together Schip with Iraq spending?

Can Al Gore delegates still go to the Dem Convention - even if Al is undeclared?

Let's Be Honest! S-CHIP Failed Because of One Reason --- Insurance Companies!

Breaking: Large Tornado in Pensacola

Prostitutes testify in Cunningham bribery trial: Hawaii, hot tubs, cigars and grapes


GD is on fire

A VERY NARROW question about Pelosi and Reid

How to win every election you enter

Bethany Wilkerson's parents CAN get health's easy!

Autistic Teen Lost in West Virginia Mtns Found Alive!

Anti-spam firm blasts US on phishing record

Okay, this is wierd. (Google search on al gore)

In my opinion, this is one hearing you Americans can be proud of!

I am NOT a "good German." Are you?

Emergency Appeal : Act now for peace in Darfur

"At least call her a Vaginal-American" - Cliff May

Vitter in the senate now talking about abortion

Just for the moment...I GIVE UP.FUCK 'EM ALL.

Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

Joey Bishop has died

2 Bems who voted against SCHIP over-ride...

Since Impeachment is "off the table"

Gore is likely best Dem candidate at present, but he still hedges

Rendition/torture surviver Maher Arar to testify before Congress today

My 1000th post


How many of you think Dear Albert

Mother wants answers in soldier's death

Dodd Places "Hold" on FISA

Don't make mistake of writing off Edwards just yet (Yepsen)

Women with dangling earrings and multiple degrees support Obama

MSNBC: "Democrats suffered a MAJOR DEFEAT today on SCHIP."

have you seen the amazing swath of tornado watches/warnings out right now?

Pictures of my Brother, Ryan, who is right now in Iraq.

Matt Cooper on Tweety

there is a tornado watch in Chicago on October 18

Get this once and for all: Gore is not running for President.

Romney calls on US to boycott UN Council US already boycotts!

Is Lou Dobbs drunk?

Cross Post - "Government finally admits: Immigration IS placing huge strain on Britain” (Daily Mail)

What is the difference between GD and GD-P?

Rep Pete Stark D-Cal..Giving HELL to SCHIP opponents..

Ellen Goodman: Tinkering with the machinery of death

Robot Cannon Kills 9, Wounds 14 (South Africa)

Question for Leahy and Schumer and the rest- how in hell is Mukasey the AG we need?

"If the workers of the world want to win, all they have to do is recognize their own solidarity.....

Nobel economics winner says market forces flawed

Boy Found Playing With Mercury At Home- estimate that the spill is between 1 & 3 lbs

Two large explosions in Karachi: probable assassination attempt on Bhutto

King Middle School and Birth Control: Please read this

Don't be the next the contract before you adopt a pet from a rescue!

I just saw a Romney ad on my TV. He's nuts.

Hey! There sure are a lot of new members here. Real ones.

An interesting take on the immigration debate: part of a tradition of "tolerated lawbreaking"

If a Republic threatens to veto SCHIP, isn't s/he threatening political suicide?

Iraq: Hundreds forced to scavenge for food in garbage bins

Russia plans new nuclear weapons

US Rejects UN Mercenary Report

Heads up Owensboro and Louisville!

2 questions for DUerswho think there is no difference between Dems and Repubs

Check out what happened in the House yesterday --

Let Chris Dodd know you appreciate his hold on the latest FISA

There is a fucking asshole Repuke on C-Span, railing against S-CHIP...

Today, I spoke to the author Garret Keizer, who proposed the General Strike on November 6.

I'll miss Denny (pics). He was the most photogenic Speaker....

Housing Downturn Takes Toll on Cities’ Revenue

51 Dead as 2 Blasts hit Near Pakistani Former Premier Bhutto

If we are unwilling to commit to a unified charge against violations of our COTUS,...

Colonel Shaver: Evangelizing in the military

When $10 Billion Is Not Enough: Rethinking U.S. Strategy toward Pakistan (spring 2007 article)

I'm Slow, But.I finally figured out what "FAMILY " Values the Republicans have been talking about

Iraq has agreed to award $1.1 billion in contracts to Iranian and Chinese companies

Patrick Fitzgerald Got Engaged!!

Yee-haw & wow..... unbelievable

MONA SHAW is my heroine for the day. I call for a million hammer march.

Something to care (& do something) about!

Class Issues in the Different Approaches to “Law and Order” by Liberals vs. Republicans

More efforts to discredit the Nobel Prize/Win: "Nobel Winner says Blacks less intelligent" (CNN )


What is the cost of heatlhcare for the US Congresspeople for One Year?


Another B.S. anti-Dem article (on the FISA deal that gives immunity to TelComs)

toyota prius or honda hybrid

Classic film actress and beauty Deborah Kerr dead at 86

MURRAY WAAS: Gonzales Investigated Subordinates Who Were Likely To Testify Against Him

Is capitalism eating Christianity or vice versa?

I missed the opportunity to make a landmark 1,000th post OP.

This is quite clever by Colbert

'Preying Anntis' caught on film! (pic)

Gore: "serious violations of law by the President."

Mr Gore is mentoring each of us as to what "We the People ..." means. It is just that simple.

Ben Stein dreams of being the Freeper's Michael Moore...

Busholini is a happy Silver Spoon Sociopath.

Democrats re-establish FISA oversight of Bush Administration's domestic surveillance

Guardian UK: Claims of secret CIA jail for terror suspects on British island to be investigated

RANDI'S ON (LIVE), and SHE herself says she wasn't mugged!

Study Links Feminism to Healthier, More Romantic Relationships ---

Thursday TOON Roundup

Almost certainly, Turkey will not wait long before it jumps off.

I have an idea regarding legislative strategy; needs your analysis.

What's the real deal with Benazir Bhutto?

Al Gore is sitting this one out

October 27: Regional Peace Demonstrations in 11 Cities Nationwide!

Pete Stark is my new hero

Caption time!

Crist defends decision to hang religious symbol on office door

Pilot said 'this is fun' before fatal Blackwater crash (article)

Thanks Pete Stark

SCHIP: We now know who our enemies are in the larger fight for universal health care.

Democratic Lord's Prayer (Sax 20:07)

What we get for our taxes here in France

Larry Craig MSNBC Guilty or not??

If you're a Biden supporter, Joe needs your help.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

House Fails To Override S-CHIP

LOL- my letter to Seller of Limbaugh letter eBay auction (write your own!)

Iraq Moratorium - Friday, October 19, 2007

After Comments, US Terror Chief Resigns

Sign Chris Dodd's petition. He is standing up to Bush...

MRSA Outbreak is Proof that EVERYONE in the US needs access to medical healthcare...

What is the most important issue to you in selecting a Presidential Candidate?

Coulter 2004 charge of ‘Dems on Saddam’s Payroll’ = Lindauer set up: Cannonfire


(Heart)Breaking News: Patrick Fitzgerald is OFF the market ladies..

I just don't understand...

The Ravages of Evil ---pix--->>>

Obama goes shopping forgets his cash

BUSH/GOOPers going NUTs as they approach a dismal 20% approval rating

CREW: Rep. Don Young (R-AK) spent another $184,708 on legal fees

CREW: Rep. Doolittle pays wife $105,000 cut on campaign contributions this year so far!

Putin Says * Should Name A Date For Iraq Withdrawal

Dodd puts a hold on FISA bill, sign his petition

Right-wing nazis at link to DU in article bashing Randi Rhodes


Lewis Black has got to be the funniest, smart guy in the business.

Where is this "The President Gets amused while other people suffer"

Bush Quips That he May Stay in Power

It's like Reefer Madness, only with meth.

Kucinich: "..White House rodeo cowboy has gone dangerously too far.."

Christmas Mountains, Texas: Big Daddy Business Gone A Huntin' For Water That Belongs to Us?

If you are for Clinton, please understand she has the best chance of losing.

The Two Faces of DU

Gore and Boxer... An incredible team!

Polar Bears and Dogs – A Shocking Encounter

Impeachment of Dick Cheney...only one supporter

Evangelicals Feeling Left Out, Poll Finds. (Big GOP fumble)

Birth Control Allowed at Maine Middle School

IPSOS poll: If Gore Runs, 44% Of Dems would vote for him. That is a win a 4-way primary!

Dear Mr. Gore, The Fastest Way to Achieve World-Wide Unity on Global Warming

The risks you take adopting a dog w/o a contract

Damn them all.

Awe, poor baby!: "Lynne Cheney: Uncomfortable With Hillary"

Clinton Health Plan for Americans Only

I should have said - my kid - his war is over.

DU's Constitutional Neighborhood

I want the "John Edwards Affair " ringtone ad pulled from DU.The Hillary nutcracker was considerd

It's almost tragic. They wanted to hold a head of state responsible for his many crimes

Neo Liberalism

I do hope Pete Stark stands his ground and does not apologize

Air Force firing officers over B-52 flight

Iraq to Cheney: ‘Big fat no’ on bases in Iraq.

Vote for Gore in DFA Pulsepoll.

"2 Naperville Students Diagnosed With 'Superbug'" MRSA. I don't know about you, but this is scaring

Al Gore running!

35 Terrific Reasons Why You Should Have a Good Day & an Early Happy Weekend.

My Ultimatum to the Democratic Party: Enough is Enough

Birth Control Pills for 11 year olds?

Another Air America Affiliate Bites The Dust!!!

21,000 girls at risk of female genital mutilation -- in Great Britain!

People Begged George Washington to be President. He Didn't Wanna do it.

Parents use religion to avoid vaccines

IMPEACHMENT POLL; elected Democrats take note!

Biden thread

Biden on Healthcare


Biden's birthday progress

Biden donation thread

Iowa online poll

Big Names in NE Business World Plan Forum to Show Support for Obama

State by state, a powerful union comes to Edwards' aid

Tomgram: Mark Danner, 'The President at Peace with Himself' (Good take on Bushthink)

NORTHCOM: NAU Martial Law Appartus By 2020

Defense Contractors Embrace Hillary Give Most of Its Money To Her; Wonder Why

U.S. Path Towards Fascism

If we are fighting for "A Democracy in Iraq," what is wrong with this picture?

October 17th Reuters / Zogby poll: Bush's approval rating is 24% (SCHIP veto payback)

If a questionable firm gives money to the candidate are they to blame?

Clinton shows femininity to court key constituency

Poll: Third Party Conservative Would Hurt Repug (25% Repugs would go third party over Ghouliani)

So ... condemning the Armenian Genocide is harmful to relations with an ally

The “Fix” By Cindy Sheehan

Republicans plot fall offensive to win back the House

Crooks & Liars video clip of Bush Warning of WW III, Laughing at Israel’s Bombing of Syria

GOV Perry of TX VP chances could ride on Giuliani

MSNBC Breaking: "Sources: Brownback is expected to quit the 2008 presidential campaign"

State Representative Mark Smith endorses Obama

Yepsen: Don't Make Mistake of Writing Edwards off

The Iraqi Genocide By Paul Craig Roberts

Colbert on Ronald Reagan viddy

Yucca hearing set, fulfilling Clinton campaign promise

Carl Leubsdorf: Clinton's gender wild card

Our nominee's first national security decision will be the selection of their VP.

Brownback to drop out?

Time to put children to work

“Jebby” Bush Jr. is new chairman of Florida Young Professionals for Rudy.

Clinton tops Rudy for state vote (CT)

John Edwards to participate in live online forum today (10-18) at

I am worried about this 11% approval rating.

Jefferson, Jackson and Wilson are all counted as Democratic Presidents.

Link to Poll

Is There An Echo in Here?

Find your candidate quiz - really neat and sometimes surprising when all put together

Clinton's chief strategist Mark Penn: "Taking Absolutely Nothing for Granted"

Idea for PRO LIFE Advertisement for 2008 election

The Rude Pundit: Flyers That Make the Rude Pundit ...

Kucinich voted to override the veto.

Biden: Americans open to practical solutions

John Edwards is still in the hunt

Freepers Planning To Infiltrate Hillary Event

MA Gov Deval Patrick to endorse Barak Obama

Rep Pence, (R) Ind, talks up his Right Wing Hate Speech Protection Act

This is why elections matter...

Interesting, 2/3 vote required of those present to override SCHIP veto in the House.

Yahoo headline: 'GOP candidates trying to 'out-conservative' each other

Dems Are the New Republicans

Marshall (D-GA-8) and Taylor (D-MS-4) didn't vote for SCHIP

McLaughlin Group: DLC hypocrite Mort Zuckerman complains of "Armenian Lobby"

Hillary Clinton Dismissed as a Defendant in California Fundraising Dispute

Fox News asks Ron Paul why he gets most military support while calling for Iraq withdrawal

SPTimes: Florida AARP members far from settled in their candidate preferences

Mayor of Dillon, MT sics cops on blogger for his political reporting

A post in an SCHIP thread said that if there were 15-20 more Dems or a

Hastert to resign sooner than later

Which Repub will drop out first...

Brownback to drop out?

How Congress "Honors The Troops" - 2 SCHIP provisions provide aid to caregivers of wounded troops

Now that Iowans will caucus with hang over from New Year's

A Lot Of Us Here At DU Believe That * Is Unstable But .........

Cry me a red, white & blue effing RIVER: "Republicans Object To (Rep. Pete) Stark's Comments On War"

Edwards beats out Barak and Hillary in Crooks & Liars poll but COLBERT Wins!

I ABHOR Drudge and Rush and the phony soldier situation

If * Is Unstable

The Problem with Dubya

We Can't Even Hand * One Defeat........

This genealogy crap is truly stupid. I mean, extremely stupid.

Today's market at Centrebet. (US President)

Virginia GOP in turmoil, Senate President breaks ranks, supports Dem candidates..

Democratic candiates continue to kick Republican ass in fundraising

House Committee to Put Justice’s Ohio Vote Investigation Under Microscope

GOP Candidates Use Jewish Forum To Knock Bush’s Push for Peace

Clinton Health Plan for Americans Only

Photos: Barack Obama at a town hall meeting today in Reno, NV

Hillary beats Rudy (and the rest of the GOP) in Jersey

Dodd is impressing me..

Rahm Emmanuel after the schip vote failed.

Stephen Colbert appears to be serious about being on the ballot in SC

Missouri electoral votes are up for grabs

Chris Dodd is asking for signatures on his website regarding his FISA action.

Obama Comes Out Against Telecom Immunity Bill

Hillary And Obama Battling Over Whether She'll Get Women's Vote

John Edwards is the only one on that stage who you can't say is"electable"

Breaking: Mass. SEIU endorses Edwards!

Obama Campaign Spending Report Incomplete

Who should be New York State's next junior senator?

Someone please explain to me why the we don't have the votes to overide SCHIP is

NBC's First Read: Missouri-Kansas SEIU state council endorse Obama

Why is Hillary's nomination portrayed as "inevitable" by the MSM?

Donor Bundling Emerges As Major Ill in '08 Race

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Windfall

Dodd Ends Spying, No Senator Will Do Same for War


Exclusive: Two Moonies Running for Congress

HR 676: Universal Single Payer Health Care. Status? Anyone?

Hillary is not the first politician in Washington to declare Mission Accomplished a little too soon

Biden on Healthcare

123 Silent Congress Members

Do you support Webb's bill about Iran - If yes, email your senators to co-sponsor it.

From the Democratic "policy shop"...the plan for Iraq.

US Will Tip Hand Before Attacking Iran

10-18-2007 DU straw poll of all announced Democratic candidates

Senator Biden....Take a good hard look, you might like....

The Nation: Hillary's Mysterious Money Men

Cynthia McKinney's categorical rejection of anti-Semitism

Putin says "check" to dip-shit Georgie in the big game of diplomatic chess.

I'd say I'm split about 55% in favor of Obama to 45% Clinton. The reason why is offshoring.

Neo-Cons/PNAC Push for Hillary’s Nomination

Bush Quips He Might Stay in Power (Threat Level Plays Along)

If the Democratic Iowa caucuses were tomorrow,

Mike Pence (R-Ind.) pushes vote against Fairness Doctrine (equal time for liberal talk radio)

Short but sweet clip of Barack Obama on AP photos from Leno, Ellen DeGeneres Show

Another reason why I support Hillary - Lynn Cheney is uncomfortable with her

Clinton Pollster Predicts Defection Of GOP Women

Time for John CONYERS to get IMPEACHMENT through Judiciary Committee

The 4 most recent polls in Iowa all show Hillary Clinton solidifying her lead in the critical state.

Can an Obama supporter please tell me when Hillary declared "Mission Accomplished?"

Dodd Puts Hold On FISA Bill- My Candidate For 08 Is Chosen.

"An acceptable loss for the culture warriors"

Five Million Seniors Remain in Poverty Despite Today's 2008 Social Security Cost of Living Adjustmen