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Mr. Fish --- Iraq

Amy Goodman: Imagine Peace—A Ray of Light in Dark Times

Neighbors Join Call Against Attack on Iran

The 545 People Responsible For All Of U.S. Woes

Malkin and Limbaugh and O'Reilly! Oh my!

ABC's Jake Tapper Censors Critics

The real threat from climate change is not a rise of a few degrees in temperature

BBC faces strike over thousands of job cuts

Yahoo accused of misleading Congress about Chinese journalist

Sensor rejected before Minn. bridge fell

Punitive Phase Begins in DuPont Lawsuit

The price of vice increases in Venezuela

Putin Sends Strong Messages On Day 1 of Tehran Conference

Texas Senator (Hutchinson) Doesn’t Plan to Seek Re-election

Randi Rhodes wasn't mugged...

Support Wanes in House for Genocide Vote

Italy dealt double blow over organised crime

2 Dead, 25 Hospitalized After Pileup During Sandstorm (California)

U.S. Missile Goes Astray in Qatar

Britain to claim more than 1m sq km of Antarctica

Lieberman, Schumer Will Introduce Mukasey (Wednesday confirmation hearing)

Iowa Moves Up Republican Primary To Jan. 3

Janitors' pact breaks ground on health care

Despite Concerns, NASA Will Launch Shuttle As Scheduled

Tsongas declared 5th District winner (Dems hold Mass. Congressional seat)

White House to Give Senate Panel Surveillance Program Documents

Foreign Investors Flee US Securities

Reading, writing, recruiting?

Bush hosts Dalai Lama amid Chinese outrage

The cat is out of the bag - I mean, the room

Where can I get a true potbelly pig?

The Planet of the Apes - which one was your favorite?

Crotch biting can be a sign of unresolved vet issues! ...crazy lady!

Thank you DUers for caring for my sister (Bullwinkle925)

My father is in ICU at the VA Hospital, damn everything was going so well.


Disabled profiles on DU...

Is a Lounge Renaissance afoot?

Stuck for an Xmas gift for a loved one? Well, search no more.

OK lounge.... on a thought from Redstone

Boston Legal coming up.

Colonoscopy update: Everything is fine..."Clean and Boring"



Kenny Lofton is with the Indians now???

How many pair of Red Sox do you own?


have you ever


One day off in the next 3 weeks? BAM. I've got the flu.

Niki Tsongas wins!

Everyone must have gone to bed, it's so slow here right now, so

I have put the newsletter to bed!

"Hello. My name is Gwen and I'm here to waaaarrrsshhhh your vagina."

FRONTLINE presents CHENEY'S LAW = Tues. Oct 16, 2007, at 9 P.M. ET on PBS

What Airplane Is This?

Say goodbye to Mr. DTBK's birthday orchids

The Onion: Bullshit is most important issue to 2008 voters



2007 sucks! (a rant/shameless plea for Lounge vibes)


poof and foof

Bicoastal's List of Unlikely Crushes. (What are yours?)

Let's play Post-Game Interview!

IF YOU NEED HELP CREATING AN AVATAR: Just ask in The Lounge. There should be plenty of people

Who the fuck carries two phones

I have sugar

for all you monty python're gone love this

The other baloney girl.

What the hell kind of name is Coco Crisp anyway?!!!

One of the most scathing anti-Bush videos of all time!

Red Sox score 18 in the THIRD!!1 Wakefield strikes out 46 batters in a ROW!!1

I Wanna Hold You

I got my tickets for the Ozzie and Rob Zombie concert.

The matcom jinx strikes the Red Sox AGAIN!!

On a lighter note: Since part of my parents farm was irrigated,

Having One of Those Take Off

Midnight Poetry Thread

If you have ever held a baseball bat in your hands

In response to why she treated the children differently, the step-

The Other Boleyn Girl

Maybe it's the Klonopin...

Tomorrow morning I am getting my cervix cauterized....

Star Wars fans?

Broke...need easy cheap dinner meal ideas...

Itchycoo park - the Small Faces

I have my very own Avatar.... finally! Yay!!!

Carve your own Pumpkin

Frank Zappa's greatest guitar solo EVER? I'm gonna have to go with "Muffin Man."

Driving Through Hell

My marathon pictures are up!

Can you live in the DC area for 40K a year?

For Johnny Depp and Tim Burton fans !

I just tried out "Guitar Hero" at my son-in-law's place. Man, that thing is ADDICTIVE!

Anyone down for a gin & tonic?

ALCS Game 4 - Boston at Cleveland

lock this thread?

Who the Frick Carries Two Gnomes?

I'm going to honor Stacey by taking part in Race For the Cure this Saturday

So if you were going to cosplay a Hogwarts student what would be the proper shoes?

Weird Things You Would Never Know....

oh noez, the bloodthirsty pit-bull!!11

Please help me settle a minor dispute with myself and one of my roommates

Dow Jones Union Supports Contract

Lawmakers Worry Pentagon's Pay System Won't Fit the Bill

Abraham Lincoln, the Working Class and Nurses on Strike

Union leaders say NLRB ruling erects new hurdle for labor

Labor’s watchdog: Face to Face with Damon A. Silvers

Unions Remain Divided On Pick Among Democratic Contenders

Verizon Repays Town’s Generosity—by Moving Out

Canadian Industrialist Urges Workers to Join Union

LA Times: State by state, a powerful union comes to Edwards' aid

Broadway's Standoff Has Union Facing New Economics, Technology

FedEx Ground Drivers' Class-action Suit Certified

PSC (University of New York's Research Foundation) wins in NLRB vote

Connecticut Attorney General Files Motion To Intervene In NLRB Hearing On Foxwoods Unionization Vote

Colin’s Call (NHL)

Labor Backs Effort To Override Bush Veto of SCHIP

California – AFSCME Staffer Rescues 2-year-old Boy

Senator Obama, Labor Differ On Upcoming Peru Free Trade Vote

Hospital Nurses Back to Work Following Strike and Lockout

Ooops who's got the missles

AL SHARPTON: Justice for the Jena 6 (Al Sharpton's opening statement from the Jena 6 hearing)

Sen. McConnell Misleads Public About SCHIP Smear...

TPMtv: Rudy's Four Horsemen

John Edwards at the Auction with Timmeh

Specter and Leahy on Retroactive Immunity for Telecoms...

Beau Biden: Who passes the Commander-in-Chief test?

Mike Papantonio's kicking Dupont's ass in W.Va this week

"How the Democrats Blew It" by Gary Kamiya

Frontline Season Opener: "Cheney's Law"

Center for Constitutional Rights asking for help on behalf of Maher Arar - rendition/torture victim

John Dean on KO

Bethany Wilkerson and her parents will be on KO tomorrow

I know what we owe our country. But my inquiry is, does our country owe us anything?

How long before someone posts "No to Cheney/Obama/Cheney/Obama"

There’s gunsmoke rising out of Oklahoma

Where Would Bill Be Without Hillary Clinton??


Cousin Obama: Who Thought To Look & Why

US missile accidentally hit farm in Qatar

Did you see that wacko on Olbermann??

I was going to watch Cheney's Law online on PBS at 9pm, but don't see it


Woman arrested for swearing at toilet in own home!

Even if Gore is not running, what's to stop us from putting him on as a write-in?

LEBANON: What A 'Safe' Cluster Bomb Did

Intel posts 43% jump in profit, plans to lay off 2,000

Assault With a Deadly Camera

Durbin, Feingold, Kennedy Demand Bush Withdraw Nominee For DOJ Office Of Legal Counsel

Kay Bailey Hutchison jumps off the sinking USS GOP

West Point Grad Wins Objector Status

I used to come here

This Can't Help...

Well, I guess we were wrong about Larry Craig.

Back in 1999, Al Gore was seen by many as too conservative .... too DLC ...... to be president.

Anybody watching Law and Order : SVU?

Welcome our newest Dem Congressperson, Niki Tsongas!

America can not beg Al Gore to run for the presidency. He has to want it and he has to want it 100%

Tavis Smiley discusses American Torture

Blackwater Security, Bush's Private Waffen SS

House Panel Weighs Jena 6 Case

Family Security Matters - fascism! get your red hot fascism here!

GALLUP POLL RESULTS: TOO CLOSE TO CALL Between Obama and Gore (Gore up 40% after Award)

A Cig A Day Keeps Parkinson's Away

Sanchez wakens from nightmare

Caspian states adopt declaration on repelling aggressors

OH my goodnes....Colbert on Stewart

As violence falls in Iraq, cemetery workers feel the pinch

The Rethugs don't need congress or the Presidency, as long as they have ALEC

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's Back!!

"When they locked up the social democrats, I remained silent; I was not a social democrat."

Randi Rhodes wasn't mugged...

"Many in the US Military Think Bush and Cheney Are Out of Control"

If he gets the nomination, I guess it's Giuliani-Perry '08

Whelp, I guess we get no mangoes after all - Nuclear Deal With India May Be Near Collapse...

Scrape the bottom of the "Global War on Terror" Islamofascism nutbasket and you find...

For God's Sake, Will It Ever Effin' RAIN Again...??

Are you going to vote for Stephen Colbert in the SC Dem. Primary?

A bunch to caption.....

OMG! An irony so rich it will literally cause you to gasp...

Dangerous Crossroads: US Sponsored War Games

SALON: How Hillary Could Tank

Hatred of U.S. drives al-Qaida recruiting

Democracy and Tyranny: Our new hobbesian world view

Caption this.

The origin of the word REDNECK

Compare the scandals (Whitewater vs Blackwater)

So we had an apology from John Elliot

Toddler hit with taser shock

Where would we be today, if not on DU, if it weren't for George W. Bush?

How firm is your support for your candidate in the primary?

Why did Rudy have the crisis command center located inside the WTC? As a Convenient Love-Nest.

I will NOT vote for Stephen Colbert if he gets the nomination

Big no-go for first week's DVR ratings

Joel Osteen on Larry King right now, why?

Definitely one of the most scathing anti-Bush videos of all time!

Fred Thompson: If Elected, I Will Have The Hottest First Lady In U.S. History

I sometimes have to wonder about the protest of privacy

Randi Rhodes wasn't bent, folded or mutilated by legal definitions, so

Looks like a good FRONTLINE tonight

Speaking of the Armenian genocide--notice how Pelosi's cosponsors evaproated away? gets a small facelift

Mrs. Cheney: Cheney and Obama are distant cousins



The scientific community backs "An Inconvenient Truth"...

Tsongas campaign declaring victory

Edwards, Giuliani Lead S.C. Fundraising

Carol Gotbaum death: US Air makes billions in "diligent overbooking."


Will the Republican Party eventually be extinct?

So Matt is perplexed at "cruising". He's quite the urbane sophisticate.

Patriot missle accident

BIG R Legal Fees. Corrupt Lawmakers "Give Back" to the Legal Community

The Television-Free Experiment

What will it mean for the US to become a cashless society?

Skinner should be nominated for the Nobel Peace prize.

Have you had enough?

HUD Draws Noose Tighter Around New Orleans Poor

GALLUP: Even After Nobel Prize -- Public Not Urging Gore to Run for Prez

The head of the Econ. department at my university said the Debt Doesn't Matter

I'm going to honor Stacey (Mrs. OMC) by taking part in Race For the Cure this Saturday

RIAA Sues Usenet, Decries it as 'Brazen Outlaw' - RIAA is more HATED by the public than Halliburton

Let's abolish the Electoral College

Don't Forget Tonight's Double Feature: Darth Cheney & the Ida-HO!

The whole Larry Craig thing has set gays back so far

Woman Being Prosecuted For Cussing Out Her Own Toilet

The Real Iraq We Knew, by 12 former Army captains: Compulsory service, or "LEAVE IRAQ IMMEDIATELY"

Larry Craig must be the dumbest guy in the Senate

Bush cannot dare let Congress discover who they've spied on Surpasses Clinton's Official Campaign Website

This is a HUGE story. This story could blow the lid off these criminals...

DOJ Scandal Deepens, Siegelman Judge Exposed

FRONTLINE presents CHENEY'S LAW = Tues. Oct 16, 2007, at 9 P.M. ET on PBS

Obesity is 'deadlier than smoking' and can knock 13 years off your life

U.S. deaths from deadly staph 'superbug' may surpass AIDS deaths

Larry Craig's So Innocent. How Does He Explain His Houseboat the "Ida Ho"?

Mr. Gore: You Can Stop Hilary

"DRAFT GORE: It's Show Time"

"Impeach Bush" Playing Card decks sent to every member of Congress

American Cassandra – SUSAN LINDAUER'S Story EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW (w/Card letter) "Scoop"

Biden Post w/videos -- thanks again to our source!

Biden Thread

SELF DELETE - actually paid attention to the vid and answered my own question. nt

I posted one of the videos from the Iowa Independent

To our Iowans: Do you have a preference as to when the caucus is held? nt

Risk posed by overseas aircraft repairs debated (bomb on board)

Another Senate Repuke rat jumps ship: Hutchison (TX) will not seek re-election

Breakdown of Contributions

Republicans and The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

What's the republican primary calendar like?

Obama vs. Clinton: Why They Have Equal Funds, But Unequal Poll Results

Early Results: MA-5 Special Election (Tsongas leading with 59%)

Larry "Entrapped" Craig, unaware of "bathroom's reputation"..."I go to bathrooms to use bathrooms."

Firefox question... Just updated to version Anyone think that...

So Coulter wants Jews to be perfected; Maybe, just maybe, this time...

Barack Obama is a "Mooslim terruhrist" who hates the Democratic Party

I have Decided that IF Hillary gets the Nomination I will vote for

Barack Obama reminds me of the "I Have a Dream" speech

Can some political maven help resolve this?

Democrats Alot more Undecided that Polls Represent

Maybe We Should Focus Our Anger On The Rethuglicans And Not Each Other

Rate This Video

Hey, Rudy, get your own quip

The pro-Colbert crowd reminds me of Booosh Worshipers.

Hillary Clinton tortures small kittens and eats them for dinner.

Obama: Some won't vote because of concerns for his safety

Colbert announces candidacy for prez! nt

Corbert just announced he's CONSINDERING announcing he's running for President

I have decided that IF Obama gets the nomination I will vote for

Carville: Jeb Bush will be GOP nominee ("the only person in America that can rally Republicans")

Please consider supporting Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières)

The Pro-Edwards crowd reminds me of hope

Obama launches 'Embrace the Change' gospel tour

Selling the idea of gay marriage to conservatives

Rudy Giuliani's Five Big Lies About 9/11

The anti-Hillary crowd reminds me of Ann Coulter

Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama- Their Senate record in 06 (From Daily KOs)

In less than 24 hours, Obama has raised more than $750K, and counting!

FEMA offers up to $4,000 as lure, but aid will eventually be cutoff

'Draft Gore' 2008 Petition site FLOODED after Nobel win

I challenge the Hillary supporters...

Bob Jones III is endorsing Republican Mitt Romney for president.

The anti Hillary crowd reminds me of Booosh Worshipers.

Answer: As a convenient love nest. Question: Why was the crisis command center located in the WTC?

"If you really, really want to go to war with Iran as soon as possible..." (not about Clinton)

Carville: Jeb Bush will be the GOP nominee

The pro-Hillary crowd reminds me of Booosh Worshipers

So, in a couple of hours, Barack Obama has raised $606, 439 online

Stepehen Colbert endorses Dennis Kucinich for President

I need your speculation. Is the Armenian Genocide bill...

Why has no one but Hillary...

For Biden Supporters

After paying the bills, middle-class pockets are emptier

From the Iowa Independent

Pelosi put impeachment off the table to keep us from knowing her own role in Bush's crimes

Pressing Mr. Mukasey

Arianna Huffington| Ending the War vs Impeachment: Following Up on the Pelosi Interview

The Dog Ate My Evidence-What happens when the government can't re-create the case against you?

Son of SCHIP By Ruth Marcus / WaPo

Robert Scheer: Dissent From the Front Lines-When will we listen to the troops?

A Message to Republicans Who Voted Against the Children's Health Bill

AlterNet: Does Bush Hate Kids?

Blackwater won't allow arrests / Washington Times


The man who sold the war

American Exception===Without Parole (teens tried as adults---)The vote was 185 to 1, with the United

Swiftboating the child

What Condi Needs to Worry About

Guantánamo: Original Whistleblower Condemns Proposals to Hold New Tribunals as Hypocritical and Cowa

Mukasey Testimony: You Read it Here First by Andrew Cohen /WaPo

India's Call-Center Jobs Go Begging

Tension Growing Between Tech Groups Regarding Green Card Proposals

RJ Eskow| "Hillary's Rove" Comes Through for Blackwater

Think Fast / ThinkProgress

The Hillary Doctrine by William M. Arkin / WaPo

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS: The Iraqi Genocide

Likelihood of Burst Appendix Tied to Insurance

AlterNet: Crack Users Do More Time Than People Convicted of Manslaughter

War Dispatches To 'Doonesbury': Garry Trudeau Draws Soldiers to Blog

Questions of Justice for Mukasey - NY Times op-ed

Arthritis Fails to Slow Invading Toads in Australian Fields (and You Think You Have Problems!)

Feeding the Hungry is a Crime

Cuban Missile Crisis Redux / Crisis in Russian-U.S. relations spells trouble for Europe


Generation Q

Shooting proves that policies need change

Amy Goodman: Imagine Peace—A Ray of Light in Dark Times

The American Prospect: Wiretapping, Round 2

Legal Opinion: Has Britain been complicit in a US torture programme?

Pelosi sours on Senate

On Bonuses and Leaving Iraq

Murdoch To New York Times: I Will Bury You!

The Biggest Cheney Mystery By Dan Froomkin / WaPo

Profile: The PKK (good primer)

John Cory: America, Land of Fear?

condi bristles, "We have NOT lost the moral highground"....

Eric Boehlert: Malkin and Limbaugh and O'Reilly! Oh my!

Depleted Uranium – Far Worse Than 9/11

In Diabetes, a Complex of Causes By AMANDA SCHAFFER / NYTimes

The Nation: Does the 'T' Stand Alone? (LGBT rights)

"Nancy Pelosi: Public Enemy Number One"

Paul Simon: A Message to Republicans Who Voted Against the Children's Health Bill

Sen. Bernie Sanders: vicious, premeditated war against the middle class

There are No Republicans in Science Fiction

NCDC: Drought Spreads across 43% of the US

Britain to claim more than 1m sq km of Antarctica

SunPower to Build 18 Megawatt Olivenza Solar Power System (Spain)

Detroit Free Press: Bush likely to veto Senate fuel economy provision if it passes

PacifiCorp to Build Second Marengo Wind Facility (WA)

Do food miles make a difference to global warming?

Solar Hot Water Set To Go Mainstream with California's AB 1470

Northwest's largest solar-power site about to come on line

India-U.S. accord on nuclear energy in doubt

Government urged to clean Mississippi River

As a land thaws, so do Greenland's aspirations for independence

Uganda scraps controversial rainforest plan

New Zealand Oil and Gas is seeking more oil assets and is prepared to look offshore.

10/17 - U. Of Illinois - Siberian Side Of Polar Ocean Still Wide Open Nearly 1 Month After Equinox

Oil tops $88

China’s drive for wealth means end of our low-carbon dreams (Times, UK)

Atmospheric Vortex Engine

10/17 - Oil Futures Spike To $89 - November Contract Closes At $87.40 - Bloomberg

Prius 30-miles-all-electric conversions for sale

Electric car saving GM jobs

Africa: US men deported for recruiting for Iraq

Global Warming Starts to Divide G.O.P. Contenders

India's Call-Center Jobs Go Begging

Turkey seeks green light on Iraq

U.S. deaths from staph infections surpass AIDS deaths

A Rich and Royal Ruin in the Heart of Hanoi

Justice Dept.'s Focus Has Shifted: Terror, immigration prioritized; violent crime rises

Somali forces storm UN compound in Mogadishu

Poll: Americans Support Children's Health Program

Myanmar junta: Nearly 3,000 were detained in democracy protests

Consumer Prices Up Sharply in September

Syria Denies Report on Nuclear Strike

Israel's Olmert To Pay Snap Visit To Russia

Syria gives backing to possible Turkish incursion into Iraq

Bush warns of World War III if Iran goes nuclear

Court told de Menezes photo manipulated

(AG nominee Michael) Mukasey: Gonzo torture memo 'worse than a sin'

Plame book criticizes Bush, journalists

Anti-Gay Church Says Thompson Agreed

Bhutto 'will return to Pakistan'

Japan and China lead flight from the dollar

Colbert Announces Presidential Pursuit

Obesity is 'deadlier than smoking' and can knock 13 years off your life

8 From Greenpeace Surrounded in Amazon

Invasive Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Infections in the United States

Rice visits traditional site of Jesus' birth to promote peace talks

self delete

Mukasey disavows torture memo

Guantanamo Lawyer Says Gyllenhaal Film "Rendition" Rings True

(Colin) Powell Says Iran Nuke Row Can Be Solved

Pentagon Sees One Authority Over Contractors

Blast in Diyala, US forces storm into Al-Sadr City

US writer Norman Mailer hospitalized: report

No campaigns, only one party in Cuban elections

Murtha: Armenian genocide vote to fail

Housing starts tumble to 14-year low

Rudy: No tax hike for Social Security

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 17

US bird flu plans failing children, report says

Mass. Gov. Patrick to endorse Obama

The Dalai Lama's Award Ceremony Broadcast Live to Tibet

Voters Unhappy With Bush and Congress

New Home Construction Falls 10.2% To Fewest Housing Starts Since '93

Oral Roberts President to Take Leave

Leading Burmese dissidents freed

Congresswoman Tsongas (D-MA-05) will be sworn in in time to vote on the SCHIP veto override.

Caspian summit a triumph for Iran

Morgan Stanley Sells Entire New York Times Stake

17.10 - Paraguay : two journalists threatened by politicians in pre-election period

Gore rules out presidential bid

Myanmar (Burma) protest monk jailed for seven years

Upsurge in 'Noncombat' Deaths Among U.S. Troops

US patrol injures two Iraqi civilians

Parliament in Turkey Approves Iraq Incursion

"60 Minutes" Gets Plame's 1st Interview (Sunday, Oct. 21)

Food Companies Face U.S. Probe Over Iraq Deals: Fraud, corruption in military food-supply operations

Cisco executives arrested in Brazil

Legal row delays hanging of Iraq's "Chemical Ali"

Pelosi sours on Senate

US rejects UN mercenary report

Head of U.S. counterterrorism agency resigns

Blackwater won't allow arrests

Pentagon to alert 8 Guard units for duty (Iraq, Afghanistan)

Blackwater likely to be out of Iraq

Kansas Planned Parenthood clinic charged (State AG says charges unsubstantiated)

Voters unhappy with Bush and Congress (24% - 11%)

Biden: Richardson used to like my plan

Oh yeah. YEAH WOO! yeah, I'm rowdy. I'm a rowdy guy. I'm the rowdiest guy ya ever wanna meet

Anyone know anyone that is a human stress delivery system

Stress relief vibes needed for the Witch house.

My head hurts and I am going to bed


Earth Hurts

Anyone into vinaigrette dressing in hair?

Does this irritate the living hell out of anybody else, or is it just me?

Younger DUers, help me out, What in the hell is a joob-joob?

Ugh....this Ellen/dog rescue thing is everywhere....

Shitty days make the days slow

Greetings, Loyal Subjects!

The Wreck of the Athens Queen, by Stan Rogers

Where have all the smoking threads migrated to today?

Thank you Lounge

I have a really annoying virus "Fan Service" on my computer

Breaking news. Gore not running

Notable crossword puzzle enthusiasts: Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart, Ken Burns

Attention Keith Obermann!

One good thing about my Red Sox Sucking - Fox Ratings

Breaking News: Gore makes his 'Shermanesque' statement

When I "IGNORE" someone, why do the threads they start still show up on the HOME page?

Could someone explain the ending of the movie "Broken Flowers"?

Selling Out Songs: "The Moby Equation"

I always knew the Backstreet Boys were for the birds, but...

I have a really annoying virus "Command Service" on my computer

Hi, everyone! I want to say thank you to all the kind folks who spoke to me...

I think it's pizza delivery time.

I saw Ken Burns on Bill Maher and I have a question about WWII



A posting on another message board (Could it be Hugh Moran?)

Create your own free animated Meez Avatar

Yet another picture of a person whose "life" is over

The word for the day is Muffin - replace any word in a post with the word Muffin

Don't count the D-backs out just yet.

A tribute to my brother-in-law, Ken Ervin

Save money on candy. Scare the kids away instead.

Elvis has left the building....

Ok. Color me mildy suprised. Activia actually WORKS. (TMI?)

Hey east coast DU'ers with comcast..

So I jump ship in Hong Kong and make my way over to Tibet,

Gomer Pyle: Town idiot or brilliant soldier?

I pretty much feel like a Goddess, right now.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/16/07

Clay Aiken Joins Broadway's `Spamalot'

Barney Fife: Town idiot or brilliant law enforcement official?

Cheney & Obama are distant cousins

I just heard billyskank singing this song on the radio!

King George, the talking magpie, is missing

Anyone seen the movie "Once"?

how come no one posts toLLs on DU?

Don't count the Red Sox out just yet.

how come no one posts poLLs on DU?

ok, does anyone know when the rugby world cup is on saturday?

Cover stories which were better than the original

Are you Shermanesqe?

What does it take to get a thread deleted?

Thank you DirecTV. Your installer screwed up my AV system and the new dish looks like a 49 Buick

Imperceptibly, I passed 10,000 posts a little while ago

you know whats depressing? one of the first campaign buttons i see in nyc

Ellen likes kids and dogs and got emotional.

The Shins

Shame on that dog rescue organization re: Ellen Degeneres

My doctor wants me to do the "Amish Diet"

I had a dream about all this.

Gabrielle Union on Eva Mendes: "I have to say I do have a girl-crush on her!"

Best band named after physical discomfort.

It was inevitable: "Leave Iggy Alone" video (the dog at the center of "DeGeneres-gate")

How Much Do You Love RadialHead?

How much do you love Radiohead?

Someone is Hacking Cats in Half in San Antonio

My Dumb Baseball Question for Tonight...

no, this is the funniest chick tract ever

This morning was a U2 morning. On my drive to work I sang along with

Has anyone been watching Kid Nation?

Complete Chicken Dinner for four. Enjoy.

Eminem: Overrated or Underrated

I just saw the funniest thing...

Best band named after the fact that someone named Frank would go to Hollywood

Have 2 interviews this week...

someone got lost on the way to the Lounge

Larry Craig slams "gladiator politics"

Question: How does one maintain a "wide stance" when one's pants are down

Enema: Overrated or Underrated

Ever watch a movie that you know is going to be really awful, to see just how awful it actually is?

Which sucked worse...Ewoks or Jar-Jar?

Darkness falls across the land, The midnite hour is close at hand

Wow - 35,000 signatures added at Draft Gore site since Friday morning - 4 days!

I got your POLL right here...

Jethro Bodine: Town idiot or brilliant hillbilly 6th grader

End Of The World

Little Known Facts about Cthulhu

Thinking about declaring bankruptcy

Jenna Bush said she believes there's a ghost in the White House

That Wendy's ad campaign with the guys in the red pigtails

BabyMidlo was born without benefit of anesthesia.

If you didn't see the Samsung Stadium Dancing Video - you've GOT to check it out...

can someone explain to me how Comcast OnDemand works?

"How you, uh, how you comin' on that novel you're working on? "

Should LSK watch Glitter on demand?

Midlodemocrat was born without benefit of chicken pot pie.

Has anyone famous ever called you on the phone as a result of you stalking them?

'Baby Jessica' waiting to collect $1 million

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia!

Lets Play 6.9 degrees of DU

Awwww, nuts. Jury duty. Again.

Britney Spears: "That's just so sad, because he gets off on it" (Judge "telling people what to do")

Stop! Don't eat your sandwich!! That is NOT MAYONAISE!!

What time is it???

Facebook members, take my movie quiz!

I need some genuine DU advice

Speaking of Poles

Question for cat owners

Need help on getting a little kitten now!! PLEASE

I am cross posting this from GD, because its incredable...

how come no one posts PoLes on DU?

If one were to buy a new game console - which one? Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3

"Africans are less intelligent than Westerners"

Call To Action (Really) PLEASE HELP

I gotta clean the house....ugh.

I returned material to the library yesterday that was 24 & 25 years overdue.

Funniest Chick tract I've seen so far.

Have any of you ever called me on the phone for the purposes of stalking me?

What Airplane Is This, Part Deux

Larry Craig vs. Matt Lauer

Ohioans are less intelligent then Oregonians

Caption this. I dare you. I double dog dare you.

a couple of great Chick tracts

This may be a good night to stay out of GD. Whats playing in the Lounge?

here's another lovers :)

Trifecta! Walmart worker fired for hitting customer who didn't show receipt.

What Airplane Is This, Part Trois

9,725 posts until 10,000...ask me anything!

Update from my daughter in Tanzania - Arusha nights and spider bites

Who else can't play six degrees of DU???

Do you use Quinoa?

KitchenWitch Has A Muffin

M&Ms: Overrated or Underrated

Does your dog do a victory lap when he poops?

"Swearing at Work 'Boosts Team Spirit, Morale'"

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/17/07

need advice: one square or a whole handful?

One of my top Bruce songs.

A TRUE statement about intelligence: "Republicans are generally less intelligent than Democrats."

Today is the 18th anniversary of the 1989 quake!

Are life insurance payouts taxable?

Ever wake up in the bathroom...

Cover songs that were better than the original

Shall we play six degrees of wiki?

George Lucas Is Planning A Star Wars TV Series

What would Tim Burton be without Johnny Depp?

What is my wife worried will happen to me when she's out of town?

Most Quotable Movie

Gosh! Some people just don't know when to quit calling! grrrrr - A rant of sorts

Just stuck my jaws together with a Jolly Rancher, ask me about panic.

My doctor wants me to do the "Ornish Diet"

Burned Beagle faces battle to recover

Has anyone famous ever called you on the phone as a result of you writing to them?

Name something that you are scared of, that makes your knees weak

Best band named after mental discomfort

OMG, I won a DUzy and didn't know it until today

I think we're getting a Billyskank next week!!

We have a ghost in the new house -- seriously!

I've "gone postal" for the last time

Ask and ye shall receive: against my better judgment, I've started a journal for my poem threads.

***July Calendar Contest***

for Thomcat

I Just Hit 10,000 Posts

Archbishop apologizes for giving Communion to gays dressed as nuns

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/17/07 Bonus

Soldier accused of fragging to receive hearing

Bush prods Congress on legislation for wounded

Private contractors boost mercenary trend

Webb calls for substantially bigger fleet

Navy: DDGs keep capability despite damage

EuroCom CO wants more attaches for Africa

Spouse group: Action needed for wounded vets

Vermont Guard prepares for cyber war

Disability pay can depend on where you live

Submarine Hampton under investigation

West Point grad now a conscientious objector

Lawmakers, union oppose Airbus for refueling

Army to devote $1.4B to family action plan

Andersen hosts Missouri bombers

Sasebo thrift shop opens Nov. 6

Schweinfurt holds memorial for tough, proud paratrooper

2nd ID soldier gets 10 months, bad conduct discharge for stealing money, debit cards

Afghan Army Could Operate Solo by Spring

The Laser Avenger Zaps Its Target

McCain: Draft would be unfair to poor families

Iraq Drawdown to Begin in Volatile Area

Pirate attacks rise worldwide

Iraqi Writer on US Killings

The Pro-War Undertow of the Blackwater Scandal

Patriot missile fired accidentally in Qatar

On F-35, pilots can soon talk to their planes

Today in labor history October 17

what can you do if you're being forced into early retirement?

Powells books, a union company sale

Labor board orders Bashas' to pay back wages

GM to lay off 767 workers at car plant near Detroit

Seneca Valley strike could go a month, No incidents reported, reaction mixed as teachers' walkout

Nurses contract OK'd by trustees

Studios withdraw demand involving residuals in contract talks with writers

Pro union Ben Affleck, Boston Workers and Bad Faith CEOs

I only have time for a few posts until Saturday afternoon

Help needed with choosing cell phone company


Mukasey compares US torture to Holocaust (TPM TV)

Go Johnny Go! (Johnny B. Goode)

Wal-Mart Lobbies Against Food Safety Measures

Turkish Parliament Approves Incursion Into Iraq...

Appeal for Redress: Rep. Lee: There is "No Military Solution" to the Iraq War!

MSNBC’s Countdown 10/16/07

Requiem For Myanmar...

Appeal for Redress: Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee: "Let Us Wake Up America!"

Appeal for Redress: Playwright Eve Ensler: "A Filibuster Would End This War!"

Paul Simon Speaks in Support of SCHIP -

Appeal for Redress: Rep. Woolsey: "Majority of Americans Want Our Troops Out!"

Sam Seder subbing for RR

Start Answering Your Phone With *Fuck Bush!* ~ Olbermann...

Hillary's Blackwater Ties

Naomi Wolf talks to Joe Scarborough about the End of America

Josh Marshall interviews Markos about our Dem Candidates! Who does "Kos" Support?

Phelps' Freaks in Emmitsburg

Al Franken Blasts Sen. Norm Coleman For Lack Of Iraq Oversight...

BeeCCD update & Australia's drought (Australia is in crisis)

Want war with Iran? Vote Hillary! (clip)


Naomi Wolf speaks at the U. of Washington

Misdirection. This blew me away! Follow instructions!

Isn't it time for the frontrunners and the Beltway to STOP dissing activists and idealists?

I have a LEGAL question for all of you.

"If You Don’t Like Pat Robertson, You Must Be Crazy" says Pat's law school

Justice Dept: 876% rise in terrorism prosecutions...most were not terrorist acts or plans

Wed. morning Portland City Council will hear testimony in support of impeachment

Houses Easily Passes Shield Law -- Bush Promises Veto

"Pentagon sees one authority over contractors", the military

Open Source Code in voting machines makes progress in NY & CA.

Status of Justice Department firings probe ?

Bush Calls for Simplifying Military Disability System

Mr. Romney, go tell my brother-in-law that he can't have his pot...

Anti-IED training: An exercise in life or death but not every soldier goes through them

WP TV critic Shales on the Craig interview: Matt Lauer, Making the Least Of an Opportunity

Many GOP Donors Yet to Open Wallets-Some Contributions Going To Dems

Norwegian TV: AL"I have no plans to be a candidate"

Rice on Mideast peace: We'll keep stalling, thanks

Interesting BBC documentary on the battle between Science and Intelligent Design

Pope John Paul II 'appears' in bonfire vision

Legal question (personal, not political)

Man wins $4 mil. in case vs. cops | Says officers assaulted him with a screwdriver

For what it's worth: Gore rules out presidential bid

Early Caucus Date a boon to Obama?

I had a dream about all this.

Thousands cheer Farrakhan in Atlanta

Dowd: Rudy Roughs Up Arabs

Support Wanes in House for Genocide Vote

New Cold War: Simultaneously, Russia and America Conduct Major War Games

Blackwater picked a perfect name for themselves

No comment needed.

Who Will Try the War Criminals?

Staph Fatalities May Exceed AIDS Deaths

Top US Air Force official 'suicided' as Iran war nears

Seen on the streets of Washington, D.C. this morning..

== Wi-Fi, the death of us all = By Mark Morford

Do enough people actually want substantive

Syria backs Turkey’s plans for Iraqi incursion

bush (whether george bush, jeb, their poppy, or their mommy) = life depleting name

89 House Members Tell Bush: No More Money for Occupation

Going Against Bush, NIH Director Urges Expanded Stem Cell Research

Question for NYC'ers: just how bad is Giuliani ?

Today's featured Wikipedia article: TRUTHINESS!

Air Force official caught up in apparent scandal dead of suicide...

Dear Al; thanks for the memories....

RE:Cosby - The Class-Consciousness Raiser

Bush press conference at 10:45?

Laura shilling healthcare overseas while Americans do without

'Mom' and 'Dad' banished by California??????

Not Dealing With Reality . . . by Rob Sheffield . . . Rolling Stone #1037 (10/18) , , ,

Kucinich: "If Congress does not impeach President Bush...the next president should...

Mukasey hearing begins at 10 this morning.

Craig and the Lobbyists

Gore Says Still No Plans to Run

Homeland Security's Use of Contractors Is Questioned

If Gore isn't going to run, he should endorse somenone soon.

UN report describes new mercenary activity

Bush Still Raising Money for Rethug Candidates, But No Pictures Please

New twist in FISA bill/ telecom immunity saga

Will turkey commit genocide again ?

msnbe just said Bush will 'challenge" Congress on spending bills-ot new conf at 10:45 ET

stream available for Chimpy's presser?

Rove/Jeb Bush and Cleland/McCaffery to Debate:"Should America Bring Democracy to the World?"

Iraq drawdown to begin in volatile area

Does anyone really care that Congress is dragging their feet on spending our money?

Jeri Thompson, wife of republican Fred Thompson, cancels the first public appearance on her own

Top Air Force Official Dies in Apparent Suicide (Tanker Competition)

On Who?

Bush Taps Birth Control Critic to Head Family Planning Programming

Media Freedom List: US ranked #48 compared to #17 in 2002

US works on alternative to Turkey supply route to Iraq

Hey George Bush

The Bush Administration Defiles the Rule of Law

While Bush is imploding, some "Questions for Mukasey"

Last Night on NBC News

bush was asked, you critisized the Dems in Congress, how do you rate yourself

Nikki Tsongas WINS house seat....

New Zogby Poll-George Bush Approval -24%

HELP**I keep getting this VEOH Client Update Message on my screen

2007: A record-setting U.S. drought year

Max Cleland And Rove will debate.

Bush (lies) falsely claims SCHIP bill not focused on low-income families

Breaking: Turkish parlt approves N.Iraq incursion request

Ah, the truth! * is using the veto to prove he's 'relevant', out of the

NYT Report Randi Rhodes Accident (Strange to say the Least)

WOW! Cheney must have been watching B*sh with Tim Russert!

What kind of threats have the Democrats received?

Democracy For America Pulsepoll...

Japan refiners pay for Iran oil with yen

A story about falling down and knocking out teeth.

Why does Voting Day always have to be on Tuesdays??

Dutch pull the plug on e-voting

bush "We are doing some dialog-ing with da Turks."

US army enlists anthropologists

Bumper stickers spotted in Tulsa, OK this week:

After First Debate, Thompson Disappears From Campaign Trail, Cancels Event in New Hampshire

Democracy for America wants us to vote for our favorite candidates AND you can WRITE IN A NAME!

This tells what would happen to an honest politician.

The Nation: Apocalypse Now?

Caption *

OK! Anyone who talks about todays press conference and is punching

Official Bush Press Conference Thread 10:45 Eastern >

So bush is trashing congress under its "new leadership". What did they expect?

Krugman is on Democracy Now! today.

Transcript of Larry Craig Interview: "Matt, I use bathrooms for bathroom's sake." --->>>

Progressive Caucus Website

Well, if we can't draft Al Gore, draft Cynthia McKinney!

MediaMatters: Media ignore British judge's conclusion re: An Inconvenient Truth

Bush used "Presidential Bully Pulpit" to get the Armenian genocide

Rightwing Radio Host Challenges Audience to Devise Most Horrible Death Penalties Possible

Mars Rovers mission extended two years...

US Chamber of Commerce making phone calls to derail SCHIP

Dope on a Rope ---pix--->>>

Bush in Charge ..The EMPTY PRESIDENCY...The Winning Score Box is EMPTY on all fronts

British military and gays

Zogby: Bush approval ar 24%, Congress at 11% but more importantly

Al Gore is not running

How come no one has ever proposed the simplest solution to social security?

Sweet shot-Speaker sitting next to Dalai Lama on span just now.-tune in if you want.

Brian Williams: "Something like 15 minutes short of an hour."

Who or what is the middle class? (a must read?)

Corporations as American individuals.

Colbert Announces Presidential Pursuit

Social Security increase the smallest in 4 years....

The mugging that never happened, and the mugging that did: An open letter to conservative bloggers

“Instead of having primary mode or general-election mode, how about we have telling-the-truth mode?

What will it take for a candidate other than Hillary to have a "breakthrough"?

Sex, Nazi, burrito and Viagra: Who Googles what?

" . . . if you're interested in avoiding World War III".

Bush: "It seems like, if you’re interested in avoiding World War III..."

Right-Wing Rag NY Post Reports Randi Rhodes 'propelled to the ground,' cites anonymous sources

Right wing sounds like my sister and my brother-in-law...

A Moral Authority now honored in the House Rotunda

Mukasey: ‘I Can’t Simply Say We Have To Close Guantanamo’

I awarded this Gold Medal to George W Bush in 2001.

cspan mcConnell speaking. I think Pelosi up next at Dalia Lame event.

What if Al Gore were to become the most powerful Secretary of the Environment ever?

Are the BIG GOOPERS going to sit this one out (meaning 2008?)...

When do the men in white coats come and throw a butterfly net around this nut?

Looking for source for statement by James Madison.

Bush Family Planning Appointee Called Contraceptives Part Of The ‘Culture Of Death’

Good attitude can add 7.5 years to life expectancy

Nigeria: Al Gore's Award: A Fresh Impetus

"I am a God...."

If The Democrats Really Wanted Out of Iraq They Would Site This "It's the Resistance, Stupid"

Mukasy on torture memos: Whoops, sorry about that

Is anything happening with "Net Neutrality" in Congress?

Don't think too hard George, you'll mess your pants...

Articles like this make you wonder about who are the "real" Christians

The Stepford Republicans

Piss off China,Turkey and Russia,and it ain't even lunch time yet.

Bush threatens world

Prince William (VA) Passes Illegal Immigrant Plan

SCHIP-It's not just the children

Does anybody know who owns

Global Warming Spliting GOP Contenders

Tony Snow Sees First Amendment Threat from Media Practices

Bill Scher: Conservatives Have Already Lost The SCHIP Debate

We went to see Obama last night.

"We Are Progressives"

Scientific pioneer unveils racist beliefs...

Why are we allowing this fucking lame duck asshole to dictate terms to us?

UK prepares for Antarctica landgrab

What Could Get Al Into The Race

Dems excoriate US attorney in 'Jena Six' hearing

Who did not one of the WH Press Whores

Walmart, reciepts, and punches thrown...

Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

The Nation: GOP Spins Defeat as Victory

Right-wing rag: Randi Rhodes Mugging a Hoax.

Pence (R-Ind.) pushes vote against Fairness Doctrine

Days After Claiming U.S. Less Safe Due To Iraq War, Counterterrorism Chief Suddenly Resigns

Caption George & The Dalai Lama --pix--->>>

Colbert announces presidential bid

Guy James just read a DU post on his radio show

Gore rules out presidential bid

Call Your Senators & Tell Them Not To Give The Telecoms Immunity

Real News - their take on Putin's Iran visit

Reid: President Bush's Lectures On Fiscal Responsibility Lack Credibility

Turkeys impending invasion of Iraq what the MSM doesn't say

Bill Kristol: "And there are all kinds of other good things happening in Iraq"

DU This Poll:

Huckabee Compares Safe Sex to Domestic Violence

IMF says dollar ‘overvalued’

Robert Parry: MSM Buries Military Dissent on Iraq

Prince William County Passes Resolution on Illegal Immigrants

Candians are discussing getting rid of the penny as its value has decreased too much

Are we anywhere near a Veto over-ride on SCHIP? (sorry, been living in a box)

Video starring Larisa Alexandrovna

Do you expect Partisan Rancor in our national discourse to increase?

Not only were they spying on people before 9/11

Election Day .. Changes

Migrants caught crossing border on unguarded Quebec-Vermont roads

Lieberman-Warner Climate Legislation...Could Have Record Corporate Giveaways

Justice Dept.'s Focus Has Shifted

I went to a lecture by Ken Burns last night. He is a remarkable

"What is it if you have (Rudy) Giuliani and Hillary (Clinton) in the general election?"

Where the hell is Sam Seder

US business fears backlash from Iran sanctions bill

A DUer gets a book published

Mediabistro - Tom Shales on Lauer's interview with Craig:

Flashback to 2000: "Sixty percent say that Gore would say anything to get elected President."

Question: what's a Wed. without a CAPTION? Answer: a Mon. on drugs. Come do *!!!

Nooses Found Hanging From Forklift On Long Island - One Said To Be Hanging Around Doll Painted Black

Randi is back already? ..... Or is this a "best of" show on right now?

******* OFFICIAL Senate Judiciary Comm. Hearing = Mukasey Attorney General Nomination ******

Giuliani pretty much defies critics to make joke

Baby Jessica waits to collect $1M fund

Is Pat a pretty version of Bay or is Bay an ugly version of Pat?

Extremist Anti-Science Candidate Huckabee is crazy even by the standards of many Republicans

In 1965 Hillary was a Young Republican...

Join Democratic Socialists of America!


The differences between ANY repuke nominee and ANY dem nominee are not small if

Krugman on DEMOCRACY NOW was good.

All in the Family...

Our Moronic Nation: Meet the Last Bush Supporters

Question For Those Who Stomached Press Conference By IDIOT

Did I hear this right???? (About the water crisis in Georgia and endangered species)

Didn't Mr. Dali Lama support Bush's illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq?

Why would Larry Craig lie about not knowing how to use the internets?

President of Oral Roberts University: "I've not done anything for which I should have to step aside"

Before Rural Was Red: Prints from the Schmidt Collection

RESTORE ACT POSTPONED-Not Enough Votes To Ensure Passage!

We're not alone. 25 Percent of Germans Think Being Nazi Not So Bad

Freep this Anti S-CHIP Poll - Marsha Blackburn's Most Biased Poll Ever Written

Did anyone else think that Matt Lauer was going to just go ahead and blow Larry Craig?

Bomb Bomb Bomb. Bomb Bomb Iran .......

GEs talking points : WWIII -Tweety takes up Russert's lead

"What are these people smiling about?!"

Does it seem to you that Nancy Pelosi the worst obstructer of justice in the history of justice?

Is this sexist?

American Grassfed Association Rejects New USDA Grassfed Label

Pelosi should make overriding Bush on Schip a test of party loyalty and her leadership

Bush’s Misstatements on Children’s Health Insurance Bill Continue

Bush Admin Won't Fund Mental Health Svcs For Katrina-Scarred Children-Cutoff contradicts Congress

Cynthia McKinney Turns on Democrats

a note of thanks

Hide the CHILDREN, it's a Preying Coulter (pic)

On Turkey & Armenia: has US admitted genocide of Indians and ethnic cleansing of blacks in Rosewood

Conservatism: Group makeup for selfishness.

Has Oral Roberts been called home yet?

RNC Gala Disappoints as Only Two '08 Candidates Show

For those who need a reminder of what the GOP is destroying

Tweety "Today * sells what he sells best--fear of Armageddon."

Chocolate Jesus sculpture returns to NYC

Is there an Idiots guide out there explaining "Fiat Money" and why it came to be ?

America needs a Time Out.

Pelosi Codemns "Hate Radio" re Graeme Frost...yet says: "Would fight to Death their Right to Say it.

Please critique my LTTE on SCHIP

Bush Family Planning Appointee Called Contraceptives Part Of The ‘Culture Of Death’

Was looking for Chimpy rodeo pics from his childhood

Bush: "Look, in all due respect to you and Gregory, this is not my first rodeo"

When politicians accuse other politicians of "playing politics". . .

Is it possible to make generalizations based on someone's heritage?

"Bush warns of World War III . . . and other amusing tidbits from today's press conference"

Fred Thompson and Fred Phelp's church once saw 'eye to eye'?

Hey kids.. Do Your Christmas Shopping at Blackwater Pro Shop

((( ((((A TV show on "remote guided planes flying into buildings")))))

Poll: Black support helps Clinton extend lead

Greetings: Day two. Many of us have radiation exposure after Tuesday's dirty bomb

Nova: Ghost In Your Genes"....

War and Deliverance

Rachel Madow's voice is lower (nicer) than Pat's MSNBC

Is this tinfoil fodder? (a tangent started from another post)

I wrote to Elizabeth Dole in regards to hate crimes and this is what she wrote back

BUSH Admits: We Use A Combo Of Painful Physical & Pschological Tactics...

Rep. Diane Watson signs on to Cheney impeachment resolution

For DUers with guns either concealed or not. Would you intervene

Rightroots Fails In MA

Corn-Derived Ethanol Shares Blame for Food Price Hikes

Bush went from lying to Congress to lying about Congress

Who is behind the property rights movement in the U.S.?

Incredible survival story...

Chimpy McChucklenuts chuckles at the oddest times...

WOW! Bush is declaring victory over your Democrats!!!

Has anyone heard anything about efforts to organize a Nov. 7 general strike? .......

Bush jokes about staying past 1/20/09

Homebuilders Levitt & Sons Halts Construction On 2 Dozen+ Residential Projects In SE States

************** Live Stream of * bitchin' 'bout congresssss **************

Wednesday TOONS : Wasting time on worthless hearings

Rescue animal agency denies families with kids to adopt small dogs...Why?

Religious Organizations Call For Override Of Bush's S-CHIP Veto

Peru, Panama & Colombia: NAFTA Expansion to the Rainforest and Beyond

Not to bum anyone out even more, but its not just global warming: Global Dimming

Gore supporters: If Gore doesn't run who will you support?

wow. watching our president has turned into a horror show.

If we DO have WWIII, will the rapture people go away? will it be a big day for them? I am all for it

Biggest Mystery of the 2008 Presidential Primaries...

Another lying repiglican: Richard Roberts takes leave of absence

Barbara Boxer says Bush is

Where is our new Allen Ludden? The word is DOVEtail,,NOT ducktail

So now Turkey is in the mix of quagmire

Weather forcast for this winter. Little relief from drought

Mitt Romney gets "Vanilla Steamer" and refuses to pay for it.

City To Charge Fees For Firefighter Help (fires, car wrecks)

my god...

Does ANYONE know if there will be a link carrying Gore's speech tonight?

Rep. Etheridge SWITCHES VOTE-To Override Bush's VETO Of SCHIP

The Democratic Party Needs To Go And GET AL GORE TO RUN!!

Attorney-Gate Probe to Continue Without Domenici

House Judiciary Sets Date for Siegelman Hearing

Blackwater Lackey Darrell Issa Falsely Claims Waxman And Pelosi ‘Go After Our Troops’

Hmmm. Mukasey Aligns with Goldsmith on Executive Power

Caption Bush, Pelosi, and the Dalai Lama

maybe it's time for a mass pro-Gore 2008 rally in Nashville

How the hell does Michael Savage stay on the air?

***Bush's 1st Rodeo Pics***

Daffy Duck Diplomacy

Can US citizens be detained indefinitely? Mukasey won't say

Here's your chance, Democrats! DO NOT CONFIRM MUKASY

Bush: ''I Don't Remember What I Was Doing In 1981''

Pelosi: On the President’s Press Conference Today

This is among the most painful press conf bush has ever allowed...

they printed my 111th ltte Re:Refugee crisis in Iraq

Help me respond to this loyal Bushie's LTTE on SCHIP

My NEW hope for Al Gore - that he endorses Edwards or Obama!

Is it clear now that Bush is NOT your normal President?

Max Cleland Set To Debate Karl Rove

Why is pointing out the obvious construed as an attack?

GOP Maneuver Succeeds: House Dem Leaders Postpone FISA Vote Until Next Week

What is the REAL unemployment % ? Here's a clue.

Thom Hartmann is talking about 'Free Thought Radio'

Bush quips during presser that he might stay in power.

Al Gore: Blows Against the Empire

The difference between taking Impeachment off the table, and TELLING THE WORLD it's off the table

"Hillary's Rove" Comes Through for Blackwater

GOP Trick Could Derail FISA Fix

Is it just me... or did the Dali Lama just hand Bush his ass?

Bush, Unfiltered

24%: *'s job approval rating


Understanding Why Islamophobia is on the Rise

Jena and Rove's dirty tricks

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Best Buy ends sales of analog TVs

Bush: I veto bills to ‘ensure that I am relevant.’

My efforts to bring to bring attention to Sibel Edmonds is beginning

Should a single payer healthcare plan cover nursing home and/or assisted living?

HELP! with info on the Graeme Frost Smear

This poll could use some DU love.

On Bush, World War III, and Peanuts

Fury as DNA pioneer claims black people are less intelligent than whites

Who or what is the middle class?

Priests Protesting Torture at Fort Huachuca Jailed for Justice

I just couldn't keep my mouth shut!

Ensign is blasting Larry Craig on CNN

Larry Craig to Lauer: "I've never used the Internet"... oh really?

Lara Logan Appreciation thread

Just Call It Halloween, Nothing Else, Anne Arundel Council Proclaims

"The Football"

Misleading headlines on Gore's status nothing new.

Bush & World War III ... Remember This Old Joke?

Please Democratic primary voters: Anyone but Clinton

Does sitting on the board of a large, multinational corporation make you a "corporatist"?

It's the end of the world.

Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) despicable SCHIP push poll...

40 years after conviction, birth control activist returns to former Boston jail that imprisoned him

I have seen the following statement several times

Southeast Drought: What happens when the water runs out?

Follow-up to story of the kid shot & killed for a bale of hay

The window on a possible Gore campaign is closing very quickly.

The bomb changed everything

Degeneres... legitimate or ridiculous?

Al Gore: "Decided" vs "Planning"

Gore's favorabilities up 10% since Aug. Now 79% among Dems. Also, Gore handily defeats Guiliani

Report: California One Costly Place to Live - $50,383 for family of four to meet bills

Elizabeth Ferrari: Nancy, I AM your neighbor

Congratulations Nancy! You have handed Chimpy a FANTASTIC talking point..


I can't find Limbaugh's eBay auction - was it pulled? Thanks. nt

***July Calendar Contest***

If you live in a state with a Repub or conservative Dem Senator (or two)

"When you trust your television, what you get is what you got..."

We need more liberals/progressives in Congress

From: Kelsy Subject: piece of shit!! (Absolutely hilarious nut-job rant)

The reason for the Randi story

Bush: ‘I don’t remember what I was doing in 1981.’ (caught in another lie)

From his speech this morning, Bush lied about the SCHIP bill

Article II Section Four

Wow - 1 Canadian dollar is now worth more than 1 US dollar

Check This Debate Out on FAUX News From The Daily Howler!

If Impeachment is a Waste of Time, BITE ME!

McCain smears Romney with Dick Swett

Cynthia McKinney CAMPAIGNS for democrats!

Wanna be freaked out?

Check this out from a college student -

This thread will probably get removed - but -

Biden thread I just posted

Excellent thread about Biden's first senate campaign


Biden Op-Ed in Iowa City Press Citizen

Joel asked that we promote this article

Have you seen this? I voted for Joe and it was REALLY difficult to choose my



Just posted on Edwards video

WP,pg1: Does Obama's Message Match the Moment?

Stan Goff.... Ping and Pong...what is left unsaid.


Explaining Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize

Y'all wonder why the Feds don't go after the noose-hangers in Jena?

Stephen Colbert Announces he is running for PRESIDENT in SC only! As Favorite Son

Giuliani Trails Hillary, Ties Obama in U.S. Race

Gore rules out presidential bid (BBC)

Civil discourse is beyond our ability during primary season

Apathy in the GOP? Candidates bail on RNC fundraising dinner

Many GOP Donors Yet to Open Wallets

Army of average Joes culls through candidates' files, bios

Veterans take their war views to the trail

Is Obama a uniter, not a divider?

Political Skill.

Global Warming Starts to Divide G.O.P. Contenders

Max Cleland vs. Karl Rove in a steel cage match!

Must Read. Juan Cole writing in Salon today: The Iran Hawks

Early Caucus Date a boon to Obama?

Inspired by mtnsnake's Hillary Clinton as Shirley Jones thread...

Is it simply a coincidence that Bush would schedule a presser

If Hillary wins Iowa what happens next?

Factions threaten to destabilize the GOP in 2008

GE Kentucky: Hillary leads over Giuliani by 2%, Romney by 9%

I hope Edwards and Obama keep trashing Hillary, maybe she'll hit 60% next

Repub Rep having no fun so he'll retire....

Press conference-- today

Dem Leadership Unbelievably Stupid

Tsongas declared winner of Mass. special election

New Zogby Poll-George Bush Approval -24%

In 24 hours, the supposedly stalled, faded candidate has raised 930K+

Looking for a Republican with a LOWER level of support than Bush? Try Fred.

Are those of us who would never support hillary out on our ears

bush just said he was responsible for blackwater

To Impeach or Not To Impeach, That Is The Question ...

"Congress has more important work to do than antagonizing a democratic ally in the Muslim world"

I would hope the congress would fire back after Bush laid into them.

Dems prepare to cave in ... v1.96

Another Reason for Turkish Anger

The Rude Pundit: Live Vodka-Blogging the President's News Conference

OK kids! Time for another gratuitous "Hillary bashing" thread

Bush talking about putting politics aside on TV but has done nothing

Bias alleged in probe of bonuses (Phil Inq re: Corbett)

Rudy promises to fill Court with "people like Scalia and Roberts and Alito"

Turkey approves Iraq incursion

Besides Being Against the Occupation of Iraq, Why Are People So Enamored with...

Bookmark this: Iowa candidate visits

George W. Bush speaking yesterday. Notice the banner from the man who hasn't vetoed 1 spending bill.


Somebody Should Do A Reconnaissance Mission

L Cheney's real message was, "Obama we know everything about you". We

NPR/Kaiser/Harvard poll: 62% support Dems. proposed increased funding for SCHIP. 32% oppose

Rudy’s Doin’ It! New York Dems shocked Giuliani may be GOP nominee

A big thank-you to the mods

Replaying '04: rumors of election cancellation

Larry Craig And The 1982 Congressional Page Scandal

Never mind Armenian Genocide...what's going on with the Subpoenas?

Iowa Caucus: Clinton 33% Edwards 22% Obama 21%

Democratic Iowa Caucus Latest Poll Results

So Hillary surpasses Obama (who lead thru the 1st 2 quarters) in Wall Street funding.

Clinton unveils Family Leave plan

Rare DU primary unity opportunity! Lets get together to override SCHIP video, then go back to . . .

On the Verge: Black and Republican—They Still Don't Mix

Keep smearing Hillary. Knock yourselves out! I like the results!

Newsweek: Subprime collapse didn't bother Bush admin until Wall Street bankers started whimpering

Fieger attorney calls charges political retribution (Detroit News)

Memo: Barack Obama is not conceding the women's vote to Hillary Clinton.

Between 4 out of 5 and 3 out of 4 Democrats do not support Obama as the Dem nominee.

I Am Watching The Gold Medal Presentation Ceremony To The Dalai Lama On CSPAN Now....

What images and sound bites should the Dem.Presidential candidate use against the republicans?

"Human Behaviour"

This IMO needs to be kept on the top.. Very disturbing for sure....

Obama joins fight over GI benefits

Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church Says Fred Thompson Shared their Homophobia

Nevada fundraising 3rd Q

Extremist Anti-Science Candidate Huckabee is crazy even by the standards of many Republicans

Amway, the ATM for the GOP, is Imploding! Celebrate!

McCain links Romney to "Dick Sweat"

George Will Agreeing With Clinton; Another Conservative that likes her ideas

Please go vote in this new DFA poll -- you can write Gore in if you're so inclined

Post-It reminders to Pelosi & Reid: a SPINE is a terrible thing to waste...

Is This The Man That Has Some DUer's Quivering In Their Boots?

HuffPost: Off the Bus - Obama Interview

Do you live in a district with a republican congress person you're trying to get rid of?

Barack Obama fans: Great video of Barack in Emerson's barber shop in Marion, S.C.

Don't get excited by low GOP$; as soon as GE starts, it will come & its slime machine will attack

Bush: I Veto "To Ensure That I Am Relevant"

Many GOP Donors Yet to Open Wallets

MA Governor Deval Patrick to endorse Barack Obama (& rally)

I've been predicting a strong second for Huckabee in Iowa... but not this strong!

"If you really, really want war with Iran." Part 2: Rudy and Podhoretz

Obama's Plea For Funds Nets Over $1 Million -- In One Day

Mitt Romney National Security Advisor: "I'd stick a knife in somebody's thigh in a heartbeat."

Nobody should vote for Hillary in the primaries

Free game, Whack-a-Murdoch!

Al Gore: Wild horses couldn't drag me into this race!

New Film Explains How Rudy Failed Firefighters On 9-11

Evening with Hillary's Campaign Manager Patti Solis-Doyle

They call one Osama and they just accused another of having an affair.

For all the DUers working the field for their candidate of choice

Poll: Black support helps Clinton extend lead (big MOE)

Bush: I Think I'm Wiser Than That...

The "draft Gore" movement is joyfully bound to fail.

What sort of arbitrary inexplicable decisions will Ralph Nader make if he won't sign bags?

Obama: $836K + and counting! All in less than 24 hours!

Karl Rove and Max Cleland to Debate at Pat Robertson's Regent University on October 26th

The Deadlines to file

So $1 million+ in about 24 hours... CAN YOU FEEL IT?

Al Gore won't run. Colbert runs only in S. Carolina. To where can we turn? One man's spirit lives

Why I can't vote for Clinton in the primary, no matter what.

Barack Obama on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno TONIGHT!

Obama on

Obama smacks down Lynn Cheney's discovery: "Every family has a black sheep?"

Isn't Edwards running ahead in South Carolina

Barack Obama Raised over 1 million in less than 24 hours

Edwards hasn't lead in an Iowa poll since late August...

Now that Russia has an alliance with Iran, are Darth Cheney & Emperor Bush

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to endorse Barack Obama

IA Poll (Rasmussen) - Clinton opens double digit lead

Hillary & Bill Suckered Obama & Edwards Into Petty Fights Making Their Negatives Closer to Hers.

If the dems don't respond to this crap; I have no idea what they will respond

Need some help re an Al Gore speech

Why "Drop Dead" FRED, Mormon MITT, and Trice Married Cross Dressing RUDI Won't be the GOP Pick !

I am now more convinced we have a MAD man in the White House

Obama creates 195,000 NEW members on Black Planet

I'm predicting an Edwards or Obama win in Iowa, and here's why.

Some Disturbing News for Dems in Nikki Tsongas Election in MA...51% to 45%..

Contrary to DU conventional wisdom,

In praise of rancor

Are you a paid shill?

Wall Street loves Hillary! She's their girl! Raises More Than Obama, Giuliani, Romney Combined!

Are You Scared Of Rethuglicans?

Obama and Cheney are cousins. Obama: "Cheney is the black sheep of the family"

Write in "Al Gore" on this new DFA Pulse-Poll

WOW Shrub and Peolsi on CNN Giving Dali Lama Medal

Senator Joe Biden..Take a good hard look, you might like.....

A good read from the NYTimes

A Bridge ALMOST Too Far-We may have been had.


The Biden Campaign Is Starting to Remind Me of His First Senate Campaign

Obama defies Reid, blocks Bush's FEC nominee!!


Read it. Understand it.

HILLARY will be more impervious to GOP attacks during the GE because.....

So Obama raises all this money...and is still 30 points behind

Phone banking for Obama into Des Moines last night

Thompson: Cut Medicare benefits for the wealthy

Gore is THE ONE - only he can REBOOT THE MATRIX

Florida Dems cried "disenfranchisement" too often, now having to back pedal.

What to do about Iran?

Are people REALLY this STUPID? Man expresses dismay that Bush can not run again

Richardson: Born negotiator; Growing up in 2 worlds, he learned to see issues from both side

Flashback to reality: Iowa/New Hampshire/South Carolina polls in 2003-2004

Lou Dobbs: I worry about whether or not U.S. can survive 15 months of ebbing Bush presidency

Obama's message a "hard sell" to an angry Democratic Party

Joe Cannon: "If Gore runs, how long before you hate him?"

The RTL will run a third party race in NYS if Rudy wins the GOP nomination