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Archives: October 16, 2007

Marty Kaplan| The Pet Constitution

Bush, Pelosi, And Congress: Dumb and Dumber / William Cormier

Speaking for the Dead

House Speaker Pelosi lashes out at antiwar protesters

In The Kingdom of Fear

Paying for health care is not rocket science! By Jack Lohman

French Explorer Unveils Plan To Cross Arctic Basin In Airship - Reuters

Scientists Call For Drastic Cutbacks In EU Cod Fishing - Reuters

I just posted a semi-long rant/discussion in the Lounge about environmental consulting

Explaining Global Warming - A Junior High level science lesson

Hu Jintao Addresses Party Congress - Rapid Economic Growth Must Be Top Priority - FT

AOL to Lay Off 20 Percent of Staff

Obama pledges an army of teachers

Clinton would use violence against Tehran

Saddam's US jailer goes on trial

Spending Outpaces Donations for Romney and Giuliani

Verizon Says It Turned Over Data Without Court Orders: Letter Details Government Requests

Police in Nevada Say Arrest Made of Man Wanted in Videotaped Sexual Assault of 3-Year-Ol

Smithfield, union fail to reach deal at pork plant

David Ortiz has been playing baseball for HOW long?

Where the hell is George Stephenson's Rocket?

Counting the cars on the NJ Turnpike

"Aliens in America" -- Hilarious!!! While those people in GD...

Have you ever cheated

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

So yeah but.....................

I'm in a Seal kind of mood tonight

I love you.

I could go on and on about Republican hypocrisy, lies, and the politics of personal destruction.

I'm, once again, buzzed on booze! Ask me anything!

"Dancing" with the "Stars"

I'm in a "Good Will Hunting" kind of mood.

Any Folk Implosion fans?

I have lost my sense of humor...

Joey, have you ever been to a turkish prison?

Isn't it about time they finally banned spitting in baseball?

Mandatory Sex Thread #1 10/15/07

Screw off

how much should I grovel to EarlG to get him to let me moderate again?

Evidently Chickentown


Has anyone seen the "Smile" concert DVD?


In one word, describe your mood at the moment

Anyone else watched (or watching) the Power of Nightmares?

Goodbye Lounge - I am going to GD!


Yeah, but uh...

Note to self: Don't use the cheapass corner liquor store EVER again

Ok, i beyond hate this song

Rockies Rockies Rockies Rockies!

I would be willing to speak with Oeditpus or Billyskank, but I only speak with North Maldeners.

Fuck Monday Night Football - This Baseball is the best!

The Great Gatsby - What a joke

Some monday evening fractal art. (Dialup warning)

Name some home movies you think everyone should watch.

Hey everybody! I'm freaking out (in a good way) and I just have to share:

Hey, I have not talked to billyskank OR Oeditpus Rex

g'nite lounge

Do you know what your Dad's Name is?

So, tell me...

I am now on my third evening in a row having a headache!

They are bringing in LaTroy Hawkins???

Nicholson to paparazzi: "When you eat that f***ing light, that's when I'll tell you how dinner was"

Post something about yourself that most people on DU don't know

Ladies of DU: do you get tired of being treated like a rabbit's ass...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread 10/15/07

Driving up and down a rock near Moab, Utah - photo and videos

Paris Hilton: 'I want to leave a mark on the world'

They caught the guy that was in the NV child sexual assault videotape!

Go fuck yourself OR Go fuck your robot!

Annotated photo of entire southwestern U.S. (dialup warning: 1 Mb)

I spent the morning picking pecans with two little kids age 2 and 4, they had the best time.

In the year 2525

Radiohead's Mercy Upon Us Mere Mortals Knows NO Ends

Name some movies you think everyone should watch

If the Indians win the ALCS, Matcom's life will be in danger

The Day George Bush Met Procrustes

My Alzheimer's stepdad now has very advanced prostate cancer; this is it

my mother-in law has passed away

Grandson needs ideas for cool science project. Due in 2 weeks. 6th grade.

Goonies vs PeeWee's Big Adventure

Game 4: Diamondbacks vs. Rockies: The OFFICIAL game thread!

I'm really not sure what I want to do with my future, but I don't think I want to be a consultant

Behold! The almighty Breakfast Machine!

HOLY CRAP! Who would eat this damn thing??

What would it take to get you to leave DU?

I talked to miss_american_pie!!!

I just talked to billyskank!

I'd like to direct you all to Yahoo's recipe of the week: Cornflake-crusted chicken!

Let's play 6 Degrees of DU!

Canadians! Anbody ever heard the song "Yolanda Wong" by a group (?) called Andre?

Post a song that changes your mood for the better...

Want to hear what happens when you combine a zero tolerance policy and a idiot elementary admin. ?

Annville-Cleona faculty rejects arbitrator’s report

Imperial Sugar Company Announces Three–Year Agreement with Louisiana Union

NFL: Lingering injuries lead former stars to support players

Cemetery workers reject pact ( included a four-day work week)

Nursing home sale concerns officials (Carlyle Group)

Seneca students walk out to protest strike

Burger King: You Can’t Have It Your Way

NYT: No Need for a Warrant, You’re an Immigrant

By Julius Getman Professor of Law, University of Texas: Right to Organize, Right to Strike

A slow fade for free trade

Save My Home Hotline Set Up for Union Members

OSHA should've acted sooner on popcorn

Striking Nurses Locked Out at Five Bay Area Hospitals

AFL-CIO survey shows most mortgage owners lack understanding

What Happens to Republican Children When They're Bad!

Former Iraq War leader says Iraq a "nightmare"

Meet Bethany (another child saved by SCHIP)

Olbermann: Worst Persons In World - Sen. Graham, Malkin, Ailes

Olbermann: Graeme Frost Family Interview

News Hour: Medical Marijuana & The Drug War in California

Media Studies project

Oblermann: Uncle Sam Is Watching You (Qwest; Immigration Forced Drugs)

John Kerry Phonebanks for Niki Tsongas


Hip Hop Summit - Get Your Money Right

Senator clinton Welcomes New Partnership Between Torvec, Inc. and Lockheed Martin

WTF CNN allowing Rick Sanchez to rip into the military industrial complex?

Do you want some of our troops to stay in Iraq permanently?

Another loss for the Right Wing over Intelligent Design?

Turkey Takes Step Toward Iraq Operation

Youth Issues Group?

Reporter's "Shield Law"

Why is a Matt Blunt campaign ad appearing on DU?

Clinton Details Foreign Policy Agenda

mp3 players

just setting here eating my evening meal and watching Countdown and thinking

Rachel Maddow on Abrams (MSNBC now - 9:02pm est)

Bill just admitted it on his show!

Government agencies run by temps

Voter purge riles group

So yeah but.....................

Olberman re: Graeme Frost --->>>

Wisconsin Republican Leader Charged in Teen Sex Scandal

How Will George Bush Satisfy His Psychopathic Urges After He Leaves Office?

Meet Bethany.

NOTE TO RUSH: GOP Pushed Turkish 'Genocide' Resolution in the U.S. House in 2000 and Again in 2005

Oxy Moran ---pix--->>>

Lurking Freeptards: Quit the Target-bashing, look up some facts for a change

New Chimp Photo

Increasing adolescent suicide rate

You know, I don't usually like to bring up Laura Bush's tragic accident....

Judge Asked to Reconsider $220,000 Award - AP

Played with mercury? LOL We hid in fields to get sprayed by crop dusters as kids

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Peter Werbe subs for Mike

CAN'T WE just put GORE on the BALLOT?!

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) on with Tavis Smiley now -- Check your PBS time

dupe -- please delete

Top Air Force procurement officer commits suicide under mysterious circumstances

Arianna Huffington's Interview With Nancy Pelosi: "Are You Too Well-Behaved To Get Us Out of Iraq?"

Is crime worse under Democratic or Republican Administrations?

Mobility on Iraq border amid talk of incursion

Rice mum on Israeli strike on Syria

A New Hampshire Write-In for Gore Can Win (Brent Budowsky)

Looks like Romney broke the evangelical glass ceiling-Bob Jones university Deans endorses him

CONYERS requests details & documents about potentially unlawful surveillance activities before 9/11

Donald Trump just called bush out on the war.


This post on this site talking about Ann Coulter,

anybody have a preview of PBS Frontline's report on Cheney?

why are anti war t shirts illegal?

Reporting The Obama Campaign Coast-to-Coast: Democrats More Undecided Than Polls Suggest

The Contents of Dennis Kucinich's Pockets

Who was worse? Lee Atwater or Karl Rove

Since the September "report" notice that Iraq has magically calmed down?

Why does Blue Cross need to know my medical history...

Provision makes child-porn defense tougher, lawyers say

Administration's Oct. 9 al-Qaeda lie laid bare today by the Joint Special Operation Command in Iraq

Is this what we have to decide?

Telecoms barred from disclosing spying (state secrets privilege formally invoked)

Democrats will want some hard promises from Mukasey

Old Man Thompson & His Trophy Wife

Abizaid: ‘We’ve Treated The Arab World As A Collection Of Big Gas Stations’

"War on Christmas" silliness comes early to suburban Detroit

After a Five-Day Weekend, Old Man Thompson Is Back to Campaigning ---pix--->>>

Possible House pick up: Berkowitz (D), leads Rep. Don Young in Alaska

Gas prices and gas guzzling

Matt Lauer - We'll have Coulter on Today if she has a Vital View on something

Diana inquest - 'white flash' seen in tunnel

Just another day..of Bombs Away....

Al Gore gets Current with Web 2.0

Graeme Frost’s parents on Countdown

CNN's Rick Sanchez re: Cheney "This is a guy that would have a hard time putting on combat boots."

What is going on with "Hillary Exposed"?

Rapper in jail on weapon charges

How to build a bigger Democratic majority! Kerry phone-banks for Tsongas

Dennis Kucinich For President!!

How the New Deal was passed: Hint: There were a hell of a lot

Send Randi Rhodes a Get Well Card at This Address-->

"The Real Iraq We Knew" (12 former Army Captains in Iraq)

Gore as head of the EPA?

With the GOP offering a slate of fools, does Bloomberg get in?

BUSHCO's "Fiasco" Working Out Just The Way It Was Planned-Million Deaths & All

"There is no difference between Democrats and Republicans"--echoes of 2000?

Al Gore will succeed, again.

Wealthy colleges questioned about costs

Amazing. Many of our mothers and grandmothers

Jon Stewart is "Gettin' all up in Tony Snow's Grill!!!" Right Now! On TDS!

Fundies are the TRUE beneficiary of America’s religious freedom

Unions do more to help Democrats win elections than anyone else I know.

The Independent frontpage and Steve Bell on the Lib Dem leader's resignation


Don't Let our Soldiers Die in Vain

Is it possible to be pro-police, yet not an authoritarian yutz?

Dennis Kucinich On The Colbert Report Now

Bursting foreign exchange reserves in China

Army Of One

Hanging Witch effigy; Hate Crime or anti-Hillary statement?

Kennedy, O'Connor, Scalia and Thomas...the sad, sad repercussions of your decisions...

Randi Rhodes mugged!!

View from Mark Twain

Clooney, DiCaprio to Make Howard Dean Movie

Man dies after Taser shock by police at Vancouver airport.

Men walk to end violence against women

I've been watching 'The Power of Nightmares'...finished parts I and II tonight...

Sometimes I do believe in the death penalty

Failing Schools Strain to Meet No Child Law

Ok here is the foundational philosophy for the US

Abizaid "we've treated the arab world as a colllection of big gas stations"

Active-Duty Military Members Will Hold a Press Conference Calling For An End to The US Occupation

Biden at it again - this time with Myanmar

Hello Biden supporters. Your candidate has won me over!

Nice to see Biden included in the "possibilities".

Why I Walk

Clinton's Campaign is Tough, Efficient and Joyless

'Member the Young GOP Pres and the Surprise BJ he did on a sleeping man?

Gore's Iraq Position Similar to Hillary, Obama, etc

Bob Jones University Dean Endorses Mittens

Ghouliani bumbling through a response to alien attack question: "We'll be prepared" (VIDEO)

MP3 of Russ Feingold on Obama and Clinton candidacy

The Swamp: Hillary Clinton Edges Out Obama for Primary Cash in the Bank

It's such a shame...

What happened to Lieberman calling the FBI on Lamont?

In Dover, Edwards speaks about global warming

Tony Snow is one dim bulb.

ABC News offers a classic photo of a true Hall of Fame GOP hero

"Coalition of the Willing" Redux? Gates reveals his formula for success in, I mean "Iran"

Alan Sloan about the real picture of the deficit

Despite a zillion requests, Huffington steered clear of the "I" word in her Pelosi interview

GOP targeting Clinton on phone-call snooping

Obama's wife in London on charm offensive

National media blacking out Edwards

I can't wait for the primaries to be OVER.

Looks like Obama is burning money faster than Hillary

How Hillary could tank

Obama Team Blankets Iowa

Obama has $32 million in bank for primary. Had 108,000 new donors--more than Hil's reported 100,000

Hillary just flipped again on her position on Iran

Vote Democratic. Period.

An Edwards question: Where does he 'live'?

Why is Hillary talking about war with Iran, according to Wall Street Journal?

Al Gore - Carbon Credits

Has a debate forum ever been attempted here?

Nacchio and Qwest: Another Political Prosecution? Retaliation?

Wasn't Dennis Kucinich supposed to be on "The Colbert Report" tonight?

What do you consider a good solid source for news and views re: Venezuela

Clinton on "The View": It's hard running for prez as a woman

Obama greets 4,000 of the faithful in Madison, promises open doors

On Oct. 16, 1972 the House Majority Leader's plane went missing.

Anyone know anything about this Bilderberg group?

FRONTLINE presents CHENEY'S LAW = Tues. Oct 16, 2007, at 9 P.M. ET on PBS

Gen. Wesley Clark: Clinton's approach deters a rush to war

Take The Pledge

14 year old eye witness to boot camp beating talked to the Miami Herald last year.

And the Non-Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Is ...

Yeah, I'm supporting Biden, it's a DE thing. But if Gore runs....


Question--What Makes John Edwards so "electable" in the GE to those who say this a lot?

General Advocating For ‘Victory Declaration’ Over AQI Also Declared ‘Major Combat Over’ In 2003


Apple Faces Potential Environmental lawsuit

Now he tells us-...surely he had a moral responsibility to speak out sooner?

Norman Solomon: The Pro-War Undertow of the Blackwater Scandal

Sweeping Our Inhumanity Under the Rug

From Naomi Klein: The Amnesiac Torture Debate

NY Magazine: Barack and Hillary, When They Were Young

Necks Out, Chins Up By Ann Medlock

Life is harder now, some experts say

Despite embargo, Cubans get inheritances

Gun Love in America Is Strong as Ever

Well, I just finished experiencing the terror drill...

American Crisis - The Voters' Bill of Rights

Abizaid: ‘We’ve Treated The Arab World As A Collection Of Big Gas Stations’

Malkin stalkin Ahaip's colon [satire]

Mike Gravel: Note to Obama and Edwards: Step-Up on Iran

Year of the Rat: A Campaign 2008 Diary By Matt Taibbi--PART 2

Giuliani: Obama Is "Not Ronald Reagan" (Brilliant Observation!)

Drought-Stricken South Facing Tough Choices

Retirement season hits GOP hard

Dave "Mudcat" Saunders: How Many Americans Understand Hillary?

India's Call-Center Jobs Go Begging

Telecoms Want Off The Hook


AP: Pa. woman cited for cursing at toilet

Will Democrats Commit Political Suicide in 2008?

Anti-fur campaigner faces prison over seal cull film

Fort Carson to Host the Army’s Largest Solar Project (Colorado)

British Explorer To Measure Depth Of Arctic Ice Cap

Virginia Tech to "green" Washington DC

MSNBC labeled global warming skeptic (William) Gray a "top meteorologist"

10/16 11:14 AM EDT NYMEX - Oil Hits $87

What Was Behind the Honey Bee Wipeout?

CA firm eyes Oregon for 100MW thin-film PV module factory

As Need For Food Rises, Food Costs Soar - "Perfect Storm" Of Drought, Demand, Conflict - Reuters

Two More Unique Hawaiian Bird Species On Brink Of Extinction - ENS

Guardian - In Brazil, The Amazon Burns Again

Endangered Balaeric Shearwaters, Native To Mediterrenean, Relocate To UK

China's "Gray Wall" Of Pollution Looms Above Hopes For "Green" Olympics - WP

US Military Oil Consumption

Unfair meddling in Cape Wind (Boston Globe)

Surf's Up! Forecast For Pensacola Beaches - Coughing, Sore Throats From Red Tide

Salvation Army In Virginia City No Longer Accepting Donations Of Toys On Lead Fears

UK Health Minister Apologizes For Clostridium That Killed 90, Notes It Was An "Isolated" Incident

SoCal DUers: Alternative Car and Transportation Expo this Fri-Sat

Killer cow emissions-Why isn't anyone raising a stink?

No mangoes for you: nukes-for-mangoes deal in "deep freeze"

Major Insurance Companies Cancelling Homeowner Policies All Along East Coast - NYT

It's Official - Oil Prices Have Surpassed 1981's Inflation-Adjusted Peak - Bloomberg

WSJ: New Hurdle for Nuclear Plants

Mutant trees use rabbit genes to clean polluted soil

Toxic mold aflatoxin found in Iowa and S.Dakota corn

NZ plans to harness ocean energy

SunPower to build power plant in Spain

Bush: Kyoto approach on climate is "bad policy" - Reuters

Rare Tropical Fungus Spreads From BC To Washington State - 100+ Infected, Two Dead So Far

In SE United States, Drought Building To Crisis - Some Cities Months From Running Out Of Water - NYT

Gap Inc. to Host 1 Megawatt Solar Power System on West Coast Distribution Campus

Sales Strong At Winnebago - Q4 Earnings Up 59% On Sales Of Larger Models

John Howard Stands Tall In Absolute Opposition To Kyoto

World Oil Forecasts Summary - Crude Peak Still Holds In 2005, Total Liquids Static Until 2009

Southern California Edison Unveils Nation’s Smartest Neighborhood Electricity Circuit

Chernobyl: Coming to a Highway Near You

Think $80 oil is painful? Wait until spring - Reuters

Today Show To Broadcast From Arctic, Antarctic - MSNBC

U. Of Illinois - 10/16 - Arctic Ice Anomaly Scale Recalibrated, Line Already Below 2.5Mkm2

More Napa Wineries Switching To Solar Power

Rice arrives in Cairo, seeks support

Procurement Official Questioned About No-Work Deal Found Dead

Suspect Arrested In Taped Sexual Assault of Girl, 3

Putin in Iran against military action in Caspian

Failing Schools Strain to Meet U.S. Standard

Bolivian ex-official sued over '03 riot deaths (tracked down in Florida)

Fugitive accused of raping toddler captured

As Defaults Rise, Washington Worries

House Panel to Weigh Jena 6 Case

Democratic Candidates Keep Outraising Republicans

Post-9/11 Case Weighs on Mukasey Confirmation

US loses cotton subsidies fight

Suspect arrested in 3-year-old girl's videotaped sexual assault

Danish army officer dies after Afghanistan attack

Marine Chief Worries Force Growing Heavy

India-US nuclear deal stalls indefinitely

Iraq bombs kill 11 in Baghdad, northern city-police

Crude oil contract hits new intraday all-time high

Romney's "Republican Stool"

U.S. Plans Alternate Route For Iraq Supplies Amid Turkish Turmoil

Craig opens another legal battle

Texas senator will not seek re-election, may leave early

Phone Companies Muzzled On Eavesdropping

Miami Herald: Radio host Randi Rhodes hurt in attack

States May Reduce Number of Children In Insurance Plan

Cuban dad's lawyers: Law unconstitutional (Cuban girl custody case)

U.S. scientists warn of threat to deep-water reefs

New York willing to talk settlement in 9/11 suit

Cuba travel ban violator gets probation (another gets 2 1/2 years in jail)

America's 1st Baby Boomer applies for Social Security

Poll: Dems have more trust on child health

Iraqi adviser: Blackwater shooting unprovoked, guards must go

Britain details cost of birthday party for Rice

An Iraqi probe finds Blackwater security team committed unprovoked, random killings of civilians

Giuliani sends sharp warning on Iran

Tibet officials "furious" at Dalai Lama's U.S. award

Turks Bombard Northern Iraq

Iraq drawdown to begin in volatile area (Diyala)

UW scientists create pollution-sucking trees

House passes measure to protect reporters

Dealers at Evansville casino win right to unionize (petitioned the NLRB in August)

House rebukes State on Iraqi corruption

Cisco cooperating with Brazil tax evasion investigation

Suit OK'd against anti-gay group (Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist)

Leahy expects Bush nominee Mukasey to be confirmed

Execution halted with 90 minutes to spare

McCain Prays for No War With Iran

MSNBC Breaking News: Paulson says homes crisis presents 'significant risk' to economy

Lobbyists leveraging SCHIP bill

Reid's letter condemning Limbaugh fetches $50K on eBay

Bush Threatens to Veto Any Legislation That Raises Taxes on Oil Industry

Libya elected to UN Security Council

Ex-CIA analyst says lies led to war

Namibia: 2 Americans Deported in Iraq Hiring

Poll: No Spike in Interest in Gore

(12) Army ex-captains want US out of Iraq or a new military draft

Dad: Blackwater blew up son's and wife's 'skulls'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 16

U.S., Mexico plan $8B drug war effort

Low in Polls, Bush Makes More Time for Friendly Crowds (Classic)

All in the family: Cheney and Obama are related

Texas Senator Hutchison Won't Run for Re-Election

"Love thy enemy" -- U.S. soldier gets discharge

Putin warns US against attacking Iran

Brownback to pitch proposal apologizing for slavery

South American nations to launch bank as rival to IMF

Turkey To Approve Troops To Iraq In Defiance Of U.S.

GOP Leader Faces Charges for Sexual Encounters With Minor

Women’s secret sect raided after follower dies in savage beating

Pelosi Wavering on Armenian Resolution

'Superbug' bacteria deaths exceed those from AIDS

Air America host Randi Rhodes wasn't mugged

Im getting my roots "plained" in 10 hours...Ask me anything

Congrats, Rox!

Fearful looks get brain's attention faster (study)

Do you honor baseball superstitions?

Another sucky night in the big city.

Whoa_Nelly - what are the exact dates of your foray into the OC?

Country Stars Challenge Al Qaeda With New Song

Here are some funny TV ads.. (probabably NOT seen in the US)

Night all!

SoCal meetup - Probably Dec 22 - near Anaheim Resort district

Your favorite "Watchtower"?

Rockies Rule - Yeehaw

I give up - I'm just not meant to listen to the new Radiohead album

Daylight savings time has started in Brazil. I'm a walking corpse.

I went out hunting in comfortable hills.

OMG!!!! I go LIVE Friday!!!

I went out hunting for comfortable heels.

Notre Dame is going to a bowl

Can I get some Lounge vibes too?

I went out hunting in comfortable heels.


My photo on Weather Channel

Hee hee...Nebraska fired its Athletic Director!

Anyone listening to Stephanie Miller?

Question about cosmetics

You know.... this is pathetic...

Just when I think I have seen it all...

Tony Bennett is incredible.

Explain to me why Crack is so popular

Expalin to me why the Crooks are so popular.

Finlly -- teh purrfect prezydenshul kandidat

Ohiosmith Loves Breast Rubs

Grey squirrell canape anyone????

I put two spoonfuls of what I thought was sugar in my coffee

The worst thing ever to come out of Ohio - Wild Cherry

I put two pounds of what I thought was sugar in my coffee

Having Sex Daily 'Improves a Man's Fertility'

What if British rock groups hadn't held the economy afloat during the '80's and the UK had collapsed

What are the best breast rub songs ever?

Explain to me why Kroc is so popular

"Breast rubs" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "breast rubs".

Have You Learned The Art of Sharing?

Given everything that I've been complaining about openly today...

Battle of the Heads: Radio- or Motör-?

Post your stupid human trick

A prediction concerning the Admins (I hope this is allowed)

Paula Deen is trying to kill us

Which one of you heathens stole my passport????

Need help from some DU women - composing a letter to a guy

I have really been hitting the salad bar hard lately!

Explain to me why Crocs are so popular

If zombies took over the world, wiped out (that is, infected) all the human race,

Bitter basil?

Someone please pass me that handbasket!

what are some good arguments for and against circumspection?

Does this picture make you want to smoke or want to quit smoking?

Do you ever say things backwards?

Billyskank and Joani are on their way.

I just love getting new music

Just Shut Up You BIG DUMMY!

Meryl Streep will be on The Daily Show tonight.

Nngghhh! I want it to be Thanksgiving now! (And how hard is basic Swiss German?)

Proof That J.K. Rowling Is Damn Sexy!! Wowza! Hubba! Hubba!

So somebody attacked Randi Rhodes Sunday night

GRRRR!!! NEVER use for finding music

Something easy to caption!

Worst band named after a location

Nobody, and I mean nobody, can talk a junkie out of using

Is there really such a thing as a "frivolous lawsuit"?

Are you a left brain or a right brain progressive?

Who is lamer? Matt Lauer or Katie Couric?

I'm no longer an earthquake virgin!

Paris Hilton’s Rwanda trip to be a reality show: "The Philanthropist"

Anyone feel like critiquing some art?

'WKRP's' 'Mama Carlson' dead at 87

Caption THIS!!!!!

Okay, this cheese is weirding me out big time

uh-oh KitchenWitch - I need to borrow that Flame Retardant Suit I gave you

The Evangelical New Testament Bible Belt

Father Of 67 Wants To Marry Again

Who is lamer? David Letterman or Conan O'Brian?

if my coworker wants to sign up at a site i think is garbage

Whoa, d00d, I've passed 16000 posts.

What Is Your Favorite Halloween Holiday

For the thousandth time- Grapes are not six.

twenty-three posts to 9,000

Adorable new pet or tiny food source? (Serious "Awww" factor)

What Would You Give To A DU'r Who Came To Your Door On Halloween

For the thousandth time - Frapp'e is like Sex

Ain't this some shit?

Well hello!


First chemo treatment! Need advice

Any advice for a mid-life career change?

Hey, Sam Seder Fans, Check Him Out In Lucy Daughter of the Devil

Photos from our Long Beach Meetup! VERY pic heavy!


Favorite US non-state?

The best thing ever to come out of Ohio - The Ohio Players!!

Use hiking shoes for regular walking around the neighborhood--

If my handle weren't already Ellen Forradalom

For the thousandth time - Rape is not Sex

This is the saddest thread on DU

Best Band named after doom and/or gloom entities

Does this hat make you angry?

I need to get groceries, but I do not want to wear clothes.

Rachael Ray's audience is more annoying than Rachael Ray....

Lights Out San Francisco

Swearing at work good for morale. Efing A!

So what's all this about Dusty Rhodes getting his teeth knocked out?

I need to get clothes, but I do not want to wear groceries.

Could Someone Do A Photoshop of Tom Brady In Braids, Looking Like

voicemail critique: "i'll get back to you at MY earliest convenience."

Ant Time

Courtney what happened to you?

Best musician named after a mountain in Alaska

Best Band named after an animal

why didn't you people tell me 30 Rock is hilarious?

Rag time

"It'll make you smell like Elizabeth Taylor...


I bet you never even heard of her -- Introducing Chi Coltrane

She: Did you know that Dr.......... was in the office last Friday? Me: She was? She: Yes, and it

Wow! I was flipping through the new Vanity Fair

Seventy-six posts to 3,000! Ask me anything!

Probably my only comment about pro football this year:

He he he, take that, Dad

Hey, at least Britney was sober when she did her hit'n'run last night!

Where are the Duzy's? Isn't this Fri...opps

Your Favorite Holiday

"Juvenile and stupid" is the phrase for today.Modify a thread title to include "juvenile and stupid"

I could care less. I couldn't care less. Please think about what you're saying

If you were in a beauty contest... I mean, "scholarship competition"... what would your talent be?

is this hanging scare crow a hate crime? or anti-hiLLary supporters?

Can you break a 20?

All right, this irks me. Which is it?

GRRRR!!! NEVER use for finding flights

Ru Paul fanclub meeting in Lounge

Hrmph. Not a single locked thread

Father dies after a fight with another parent outside school (fighting over their kids fighting...)

Strong Possiblity Virginia to send SECOND Democrat to Senate

Bravo's doing a Kathy Griffin marathon

After the White House, Bush is planning to

Ron Paul fanclub meeting in GD

Smothers Brothers '68: Dion live with Abraham, Martin and John

Is buying a house in a buyers market always the way to go?

BBQ sandwich advice?

Tuesday, October 16th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

OMG! The Huskers' New Interim Athletic Director = TOM OSBORNE!

Anyone into vintage dressing and hair? (Radio Lady, check out the pics!)

Question: When you're...

International air travel is somewhat amusing.

I just wanted to thank you all . . .

Dog question.

starving kitty living under the neighbors porch - need advice!

70 Ways To Tell You've Been Online Too Long

Spammers, Illiterates, Perverts, and Trolls, or why I love DU.

What type of businesses, does your city/town have too many of?

We got our DOGGIE REPRIEVE from the City Planner

I Just Saw billyskank driving down the road

Who is lamer? you or me?

Get a haircut you damn hippie!

Oh! Darling,

Best band named after things you can do to people

Rant time

Temp jobs. . .

Maxim magazine on how to perfect Ann Coulter

Bob Ross quotes

Pictures from our DU dinner last night!

Name The Airports

What Airplane Is This

What the hell is this thing?

The Effects of a Black Hole on Fmr. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

Lab technician - cool idea or no for a career?

Uh oh... I can't find my wallet

80 More Posts Until 10,000 Ask Me Anything

This is a picture of a man who I believe knows his "life" is pretty much over.

I jsut signed up for Netflix. Any recommendations?

What's your favorite new show this fall?

Please keep kagehime in your thoughts.

Man of the house :)

Tell the truth: doesn't it piss you off to see pix of happy, shiny people (DUers), having

CLEAR THE ROADWAYS! bilyskank is driving!

Paging Mr. Matcom...... Introducing Thomas Kinkade's

My employer is offering flu shots tomorrow--should I get one?

Audio_Al and Radio_Lady say "Hello from Southern Utah!"

Where's my MOM???

Aww.... Ellen is really crying

Why I Live In San Diego - Picture thread - POST PICTURES OF YOUR HOME TOWN- DIAL UP WARNING!!!

Let's hear the applause for the DU LOUNGE! On Tue Oct-16-07 06:45 PM

What kind of a doctor would be the best specialist for hearing problems?

Army delays rollout of joint-service HR system

Contractor fraud on Kuwait base investigated

West Coast combat casualty center opens

PTSD vet ‘chooses’ homelessness

M4 competitor testing underway

ACLU: DoD sought citizens’ bank records

General: N.C. to get 11,500 more Marines

Conway: Corps is becoming another Army

Raven aircraft proves useful in Afghanistan

Ohio’s departure from Bremerton delayed

Troops in Europe, Mideast speak out on Sanchez’s criticisms

50 detainees released from Iraqi, U.S. custody

USS Fort McHenry to deliver training teams to Africa

Prosecutor Says Reservist Aided Enemy

Lawmaker under fire for Marine T-shirt order

Silly String Finally on its Way to Troops

Military Declares Victory Over Al-Qaida

Next President's Tricked-Out Supercopter

McCain: Bigger force is top defense priority

I'm Afraid to Say Rush Limbaugh is Right

Greg Brady made honorary member of squadron

Lawmakers seek one winner for KC-X project

An Unforgettable Reunion

AF acquisitions official apparently kills self

Residual resentment slows Hollywood talks. Writers and actors want more.

Union, two downtown Vegas casinos reach tentative contract deal

U of M workers who walked off job approve contract offer

Snag Paul Krugman's New Book Today

Settlement reached in three-month forestry strike

College faculty voting on union; Results will be announced Nov. 6

Strike begins in Lake-Lehman School District, Luzerne County

Pa. lawmakers pushing to ban teachers' strikes; unions balk

Nursing Home Workers From Across the Nation to Rally in for Improved Nursing Home Care

Prism - Armageddon

White House Halloween (1 of 5)

Moment of Change: Edwards on Nurses

Enough! Campaign on The White House - 9/23/07

Eradicating Breast Cancer

Opening of Presidential Debate 1992 (Bill Clinton of 1992 endorses Obama of today)

He Swapped The Bottle For The Bible...

Rebuilding the Democratic Party

Larry Craig confronts Mitt Romney

Obama Web Ad - Close The Gap

Why Senator Clinton?

Al Gore: Get the troops home

United States vs Josh Wolf...

Colbert and Kucinich

Left Behind Eternal Forces

Draft Gore 2008

are you right brained or left brained? Cool quick test:

Is this, then, the Democratic plan to end the war?

Rockies Rule - Yeehaw

The Invisible War

POLL: Reid's popularity plunges in own state of Nevada, rates poorer than Bush!

Putin arrives in Iran for historic visit

Top ranking Air Force Officer suicide after WaPo investigation...

Sen. John Cornyn 's arguments for supporting Bush's veto on SCHIP

(Oops!) Misfired Patriot missile hits farm in Qatar: report - Reuters

Arianna Fluffington pets and purrs with Pelosi...

Got Fascism? New Zealand does. "Terra" alert - to pass "terra" bill - DUer althecat Tells Truth

Man alleging '83 torture by Burge crew gets new trial - Been in prison 24 years

Randi Rhodes is the Victim of a Violent Attack

It's official. We have to be pricks to be successful in America.

Duck Cheney

Justice at Stake

Interesting - Bush

Suspect arrested in sex assault on 3-year-old (Nevada child porn video)

Why don't they just rename the Nobel economics prize the Ronald Reagan-Milton Friedman prize?

$86 a barrel...

Many of these people hate al-Qaida but found themselves fighting on the same side

Mixed feelings on kids' health insurance

Here is what our troops are killing and dying for

US builds self-contained bunker of an embassy in Iraq

Matt & Larry

Foreign forces accused of abandoning interpreters

Conyers Asks DNI McConnell, Asst. Attorney General Wainstein to Explain Qwest Allegations

Oil sprints towards $88

Giuliani's plan to handle space invasion revealed!

Telecoms Barred By WH From Disclosing Spying

Man dies after Taser shock in Vancouver Int'l Airport

Lost to a vague purpose in Afghanistan

Edwards is RIGHT! Dems need to Draw A Line in the Sand & Swear Off Corp Campaign $$$$$....

STOP terrorizing Americans! Law center: Little evidence of jihadists in the U.S.

"Contractor-Linked Air Force Official Commits Suicide" ... LINK

Spiro Agnew resigned in 1973, over a charge of tax evasion.

Why there are no liberals on talk radio

First U.S. baby boomer applies for Social Security

5 Days After Army Offers $35k-12 Army Officers Give Bushco "The Collective Finger"

The 2008 Presidential Victory Playbook That Nobody's Reading.

Christian image is turning youths off

Retirement season hits GOP hard

Wash. Post says Foley, Vitter and Craig belong to the only party that votes their "values"

Well, sounds like the USA isn’t the only industrialized country going down the toilet.

Medicare: $15B could have been saved if admin costs had been cut

TPM Reports EDWARDS To Announce Nearly 1 Million in New SEIU Labor Supporters...LINK

The S.O.B. caught: Fugitive accused of raping toddler captured

Dole/Shalala: A Duty to the Wounded - Our Newest Veterans Need Help Now

War on Christmas strategy session: please RSVP part In saving The Planet/Plant A Tree In Niger

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Under Bush, it's a great time to be a white-collar criminal or corrupt public official

Need help with local poll after Bush's visit here yesterday.

"Countless Iraqis have become victims of sectarian kidnapping in Iraq's capital."

Nearly 300 Iraq war veterans have committed suicide - Thousands more tried but failed

e-mail to Verizon - Cannot wait for a reply.

Nobel raises hopes of northern Nevada Gore fan

Afghan president concerned over alleged US Koran abuse

New Homeschool Resource For Tennesseans Who Don't Want Faith Based Program

My conversation with an Iraq war veteran

In case you missed it: Top Ten Messages On Al Gore's Answering Machine

Why Is AAR NOT Talking About Randi?

Wiretapping Lies Continue, This Time in the NY Post

Hate Group leader a member of Romney's Faith and Values Steering Committee

Has anyone on this site EVER posted a private citizen's address online?

My photo on Weather Channel

I have a small "Gripe" about the software used on DU

IMAGINE PEACE: Yoko Ono on Dem. Now! today for full hour:

Bush administration was either incompetent or is guilty of malfeasance

Prosecutor Drops Charges Against Former Va. Candidate

Rudy returns $9/11 contributions

Are there No U.S. made toys left???

The new face of vandalism?

Belfast Telegraph Op/Ed: Could Al Gore Clinch The U.S. Presidency?

The term "cowboy diplomacy" is an insult to cowboys around the world

Bernanke 2005: No housing bubble to burst...2007: housing woes to slow economy.

Edwards: Still in the Hunt

Army ex-captains (12) want US out of Iraq or a new military draft

Soldiers: institute a draft or withdraw from Iraq now.

Where would Bill Clinton be today without Ms. Clinton?

12 Former Army Captains: "LEAVE IRAQ IMMEDIATELY"+Dole & Shalala Shame Bush For Vet Treatment (WAPO)

TX. storm- schoolbus accident lands bus in ditch on side

Corruption in Iraq 'Pernicious,' State Dept. Official Says

Hey Mods

Verizon provided data to Feds 720 times without court order or determining its legality

The senseless attacks on Al Gore

Add Kay Bailey Hutchison's Name to the List of Repubs Not Seeking Reelection....LINK

A Declaration of Crisis

Imus preps radio revival (multimillion-dollar deal w/ Citadel's NY station WABC-AM), eyes TV

When Jon Stewart shook hands with Dennis Kucinich, I noticed one of these.

Caption this * pic...

U.S. not ‘tactically’ safer as a result of Iraq war, but created a 'giant recruiting tool'

Thom Hartmann listners!

Sen. Hutchison may leave office early, Houston Chron reports

The water wars begin (Georgia vs. Upstate South Carolina)

The Real Iraq We Knew - 12 Army Captains

Sam Seder filling in for Randi today (Tues) and Weds.

Qwest is available in the following states:

outsourcing libraries - war against education

Firearm law perception poll (please vote)

Hey I just got Sirius

Randi May Not Have Been

Do you think TV and movies are propaganda devices?

Oct. 27 - Keep marching against endless war and militarism

What's up with Don Imus being in the news again? What's happening

Don Young's legal fees mount.

Big Ed opens show with fifteen minutes on Randi..

Iraqi tribal leaders say conservative Islamism on rise

George Bush sums up his record!

Randi's attack hits Free Republic

Gates Says All Options On Table For Iran

In Iran, Putin Warns Against Military Action

Is Bush trying to sabotage diplomatic efforts with Iran?

Where would Bill Clinton be today without Ms. Clinton?

Waxman and Kucinich are "gathering information" regarding the Hunt Oil contract in Iraq

It's the resistance, stupid

My LTTE on Bush's speech yesterday in NW Arkansas.

Stop creationist federal money grab.

Anyone heard how Randi's pup Simon is?

News media complicite in helping BushCo lie about economy, just as with Iraq

Need Help With SCHIP Bill

Where is the MSM with the attack on Randi Rhodes?

TEDTalk Tuesday: discovering DNA


Now Evil Michelle Malkin rips Frost Family for letting KO show photos

Adorable new pet or tiny food source? (Serious "Awww" factor)

"Jena Six" & Hate Crimes - CSPAN 3

Robert Parry: Why Big Media Slimes Al Gore

'Draft Gore' 2008 petition has received 70,000 new signatures since Nobel prize win

Strip Club Offers Free Flu Shots

God was missing for six days...

The Middle East is coming apart at the seams....

Revealed: the man behind court attack on Gore film

Miami Herald reports Randi Rhodes attacked in NY

Test Your History Knowledge

MSNBC becoming a subscription service?

Air America-Re-Randi Rhodes: "reports of a presumed hate crime are unfounded."

Prepare for new RW Valerie Plame smearing - Two major interviews scheduled for next week

Between the incessant Hillary bashing and the non-existent Gore campaign "support"

I'm in Washington DC, and DHS is recruiting for TOPOFF4 observers

Historical Quote of the Day - (Freepers will love this one)

Of Dem presidents from FDR on--Who do you think accomplished the most during his term?

The Clintons have a symbiotic relationship

Libya wins seat on U.N. Security Council

Police Release Composite Sketches of Suspects in Randi Rhodes Assault

Regent University Meltdown

Father dies after a fight with another parent outside school (fighting over their kids fighting...)

Florida regulators subpoena Allstate companies to explain profits

Institute a draft or leave Iraq - a letter from 12 former Army captains:

Did anyone else just hear Limbaugh--

I have pink eye. It's painful. It's annoying. And quite contagious.

ACLU: DoD sought citizens’ bank records

Dad: Blackwater blew up son's and wife's 'skulls'

They Thought They Were Free

Two pieces of shit talking shit on teevee right now.

So, I Haven't Yet Watched The New Al Gore Videos

Sam Seder is filing in for Randi today

Sam Seder in for Randi!

Top Air Force procurement officer commits suicide under mysterious circumstances

Cheney bothered by the criticism over "hunting accident" -- “It never goes away”

Why was the propaganda reader on NPR morning news saying "Deli" Lama?

Caption Pickles

Pope John Paul seen in flames

So Jon Stewart Respects A PROFESSIONAL LIAR As A Person?

States Attorneys Scandal Comes to Mississippi

A get well Randi Rhodes thread...

WA POST Page A01: Verizon Says It Turned Over Data Without Court Orders

Limbaugh to journalist: "{W}e're going to find out where your kids go to school"

Gov. Bill Richardson: We're Taking George Bush to Court

Meet the New Frosts, Same as the Old Frosts-New SChip Family Attacked

Watching Eric Prince on Charlie Rose

Any advice for a mid-life career change?


Comcast: charging the government to spy on us

Won't The 2007 Campaign Be A Nice Memory?

People, please call TODAY - free call- Help override Bush's veto of SCHIP!!

MoveOn is not a part of the Democratic Party

Meryl Streep will be on The Daily Show tonight.

TX-Sen: Kay Bailey-Hutchinson quitting

Report: Young (R-AK) Earmark Scam Unconstitutional

Some Congressmen Need Campaign Funds Just to Keep Out of Jail

A couple of questions.

For the people, by the people

Russia's Putin Warns U.S. Against Attacking Iran

Georga entering new area in water restrictions

delete, dupe

Do you think they will make a coin for Al Gore...

There are not four strikes in baseball.

Marie Cocco: Sweeping Our Inhumanity Under the Rug

Regarding mindless vitriol.

Conflict Takes Deadly Toll on Journalists, Especially Those From Iraq-5 killed Sunday

When Bush began arming Sunni tribal figures, there were warnings it could backfire

Here we fucking go again, Oil Futures at highest level ever!

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Who Watches the CIA Watchers?

for perspective on who's ahead in polls, here's October 1991 story:

How much criticism of Hillary and Nancy here is driven by sexism?

Army experts study increase in non-combat deaths in Iraq

Cookies Scare Me ---pix--->>>

Real estate problem belongs to Bush and GOP

The Osprey Vs. the CH-46

Edwards and Giulani have the same amount of money to spend on the primary.

Jeff Gannon claims to have a daily readership of more than half a million

With all the unchecked government power to spy on citizens...

* does some speechifying . . . Please come CAPTION!!!

Lynne Cheney: Dick and Barack Obama are eighth cousins

Is Condi Rice trying for Jon Stewart's job?

I heard Randi Rhodes became a Republican and got hired at Fox News!


Master of the Universe Crusades Against Social Security

GWB Heavy Metal Album

Tuesday TOONS: More Gore, Please....

DNC calls on Republican candidates to denounce Ann Coulter

Poor Don Imus. Cut him some slack. He's a funny guy.

Attorney General Nomination Hearing = 10:00 AM EDT

When did our country become so divided?

WTF: MSNBC Online Poll: Gore 54% - Hillary 9.6% (166, 699) votes....

Libya has been admitted to the UN Security Council

House "Rebukes" State Department

Democrats split on Armenian genocide resolution

Iraq demands Blackwater leave the country

Cisco Systems Confirms Police Raid At Brazilian Offices

Kucinich: Administration Abuses Classification Process To Cover Up Its Failures In Iraq

Britain details cost of birthday party for Rice

Revealing statistics about the death toll in Iraq

U.S. Misfires Patriot Missile, or Why they Really Hate Us

Al Gore Toons

New Gallup Poll: Gore stature increases since Nobel but not his standing as a candidate

Rip up your most hated Democratic candidate here!

U.S. Army Military Police Seize Camera at Protest in Darmstadt, Germany

Crosby & Nash call Bush dictator/junta.

Obama v 911iani flap.. C'mon Barack..SAY it !!!

House condemns State Dept " for its refusal to divulge public details on Iraqi corruption"

Obama and Cheney distant relatives!

If Gore doesn't run, whom do you think he will endorse for the nomination?

And in other news...Britain putting RFID chips in cigarette packs

WOW! A Clearer Picture As To What Exactly Senate Dems Are About To Approve (Americablog)

CNN saying Putin signs bill to build Iranian reactors.

Wrong Forum....

Has DU been a tremendous learning experience for you?

omg too funny ...lights camera and a strand of fense...* interview on immigration

US buying loyalty of 'concerned' Iraqis

The roar of the masses could be farts

the Jews believe that my savior, a Jew, was a raving lunatic

Cost of Iraq war: insurance for 15 million plus kids from birth to 18

Tens of Thousands Phone Records Handed Over Without Warrants

Bob, Can I Git the Name of Your Plastic Surgeon? ---pix--->>>

RE: PAT ROBERTSON: Frightening, because the print edition is different from the web editions I found

Paul Simon to send Bush a 'message' on Blitzer/CNN next


Specter finds his spine (today): No Retroactive Immunity for Telecoms

Barack Obama on the Tom Joyner Morning Show today

SupremeCourt takes Gore's Nobel Prize & Gives it to *!

I'm a lifelong D and I donated $100 to Ron Paul

Just to be clear, Ron Paul is a xenophobic, anti-choice wacko.

Kay ain't running ........... another one bites the dust!

Which Dem Candidates Will Step Up & Condemn The DOJ Political Prosecutions of Edwards' Fundraisers?


There is a destabilization program against America involving Americans-True or False?

The 12 Captains....

The 9 errors in Al Gore's film

Democrats: Bush Ties May Have Led To Iraq Oil Contract

Transgender Woman, IRS Fight over Tax Deduction

CNN covering drought in Georgia, Bama, etc.

Here is what our troops are killing and dying for in Afghanistan

This cross eyed Rethug says Condi has been an

Toronto Star: Sun sets early on the American Century - US power elite think Bush/Dick out of control

Report: Young's Secret Earmark Edit Not Proper Procedure

TAKE ACTION! FISA! I Just Received This Email From Russ Feingold's

Listening to the Randhi show

President James Madison: The Most Dreaded Enemy of Liberty

McConnell Aide Acknowledges That He Tried To Spread Bogus Smear Of Graeme Frost

Big bucks in big wiretaps. Comcast charges $1000 each to install + $750 per tap per month

RWing Fundies are being pressured to support Mitt.

Girls Forced To Leave Football Game Over Painted Bodies (boys allowed to stay)

Do you Reject the Sleaze? The stuff on VH-1? Oxygen?


CBS’ Logan: ‘We’re doing extremely badly’ in Iraq.

Florida Dems angry with S.C. Democrat

Massachusetts District 5 voters - Get to the polls and vote for Niki Tsongas today

But why do you think it makes any difference who the Democrats nominate?

Kucinich > Gore?

CCR: Maher Arar, rendition victim, to testify before Congress on Thursday!

My personal anti litter campaign

A Look At Cheney’s Relentless Pursuit of Executive Power

Apparently was hacked today

Why, in the age of the internets, does a Senator have to be in D.C. to vote?

EDWARDS Gets Most SEIU State Support(930,000), 10 to 2 for Obama ... LINK

Iraq Wraps Its Blackwater Investigation, Sez: GET OUT!

Kucinich: Private Medicare Drug Insurers Are Driving Costs Through the Roof

The price of vice increases in Venezuela

What button is your hottest of the hot?

Tactics of Right-Wing Talking Faces #1

Putin Visits Iran & Warns US Not To Attack

How Come Oil is at all time high - yet our prices are lower than they have

Photo shows Pope ghost in flames

despite the utter implausibility of the enlightenment of * (re: the Dalai Lama)

How low can they go? R/W Gleefully Smears Two Yr-Old SCHIP Recipient Bethany Wilkerson

AIr America States that Randi Rhodes Attack NOT A Hate Crime.

New Doubts on David Kelly's suicide

Tenn. Judge Ousts 12 Elected Officials

Child Killer To Get Life-Saving Operation

Health insurers run amok??

Senator Clinton Why did You Vote for an Amendment That Could be Used as Support for Attacking Iran?

Bush "hasn't considered apocalypse": Rapture Ready board outraged

Lynne Cheney Falsely Attacks PBS Documentary As ‘One-Sided,’ ‘Predictable,’ And ‘A Hit Job’

Brent Budowsky - New Hampshire Write-In for Al Gore

So now we know Chimpy was lying through his teeth (Again)

What is the law regarding threats on the life of a sitting president?

Oops! U.S. Patriot missile accidentally launched in Qatar

Fugitive accused of raping a 3-year-old girl on videotape finally arrested

NYDailyNews: Air America host Randi Rhodes wasn't mugged

Surreal! Bush surrounded by the 30 percenters.

Failing Schools Strain to Meet U.S. Standard

Pelosi needs a new image sooooo.....

Roadblock Republicans in action, blocking NO disaster relief bill from being signed


'Many in the US Military Think Bush and Cheney Are Out of Control'

17-Year Old Boy Dies from Drug Resistant Staph Infection

Prisons should NOT be for punishment.

Jon Elliott apologizes for faulty report of NYC mugging of Randi Rhodes

Where Would Ms. Clinton Be Without Bill??

Sunni and Shiite Iraqis who aren't under US occupation seem to get along just fine

Gore has nearly won the Democratic primary according to a new Gallup Poll!

Man taking Monsanto to court

Bizzaro World: I'm Under Suspicion By My Doctor Because I PASSED A Urine Drug Screen

Sam Seder - Jon Elliott - Perfect Solution

To Southern State DUers - can the Dems win down there?

An Open Response To Rush Limbaugh Operatives (we know you read DU)

I think the battles on DU are healthy and represent Democracy in Action!

Hey Randi Rhodes --> I will do your new crowns/bridge for free.

What is known for sure about Randi Rhodes .... thanx

How Can One Be Pro-Life And Against The S-CHIP Program? Can Someone Exlplain This Incongruity?

History's Lessons

The anti-universal health crowd - just when you think you don't need help - you need help

True moderation versus false centrism. How words hurt a party.

He didn't invent the Internet.

Just who swindled whom in home mortgages

WARNING! Do NOT show this picture to your kids...

If You Want To See A Landslide, You'll Need To Root For $100+/Barrel Oil

Question for lurking freepers, "gun nuts" and regular DUers alike; re; Iran's Nukes

RANT: Is it Sophistry Yet?

Spitzer is trying to help the Dems become the latino party of choice

Reich Wing goes after an even younger SCHIP kid.....

Teenager Shot And Killed After Allegedly Stealing Bale Of Hay

Cops: 81-Year Old Shoots Man in Laundry

Randi Rhodes was not mugged

Stevens, Corrupt VECO CEO Campaign Contributions. More R Senators Involved.

Another Biden video

This is for fun - for the dog lovers

Forbes "left or right" rating on the candidates - Joe's looking good!

Biden picks up 13 endorsements from Massachussettes.

Vote: Should we post the Corn Cob Counter to solicit help, or not. It's

Rebuilding the Democratic Party (older video but I posted it anyway).

ugh - I hate these polls. But as long as they are posted----

Great interview of Gelb

Iowa Independent Diary on the Biden family (w/video)

Ahem...caucus poll....bottom right side of the page... - donag's video plea to Al Gore.

How Housing Turmoil Could Hurt Republicans in '08

NY Post Exploits Kidnapped U.S. Troops To Push For Expanded Spying Authority

Reuters Photos: "Bush waves upon his return to Washington"...that frat boy's MESSED UP.

Gore's rightness drives right nuts

Politico's Roger Simon: Gore won't run

Compassionate centrism

Coult*r’s Clinton comments unusually ludicrous

The non-verbal cues that candidates give are a window into the real person..

Slaughter of the Innocents: Something is Rotten in Iraq and the Pentagon

Florida sues over Democrats' primary rules

Democratic filibuster-proof majority in the Senate possible

Retirement season hits GOP hard: Will defend more Congressional seats with less money than Dems

A question for "legal eagles",, I f Bu** was complicit with another

Al Gore believes Hillary Clinton is unstoppable

Rebuilding the American middle class = blowing off NAFTA?

Republicans bring brawl to Washington this week

Big spenders in the White House race (Where are the vast sums being spent?)

Third National Poll Has Clinton Breaking 50% - USA Today/Gallup

Missouri Governor: Blunt (R) 44% Nixon (D) 43%

Report: GOP Leaders Pressuring Rep. Doolittle To Retire

Keep DU'ing this poll

Award the Current Regime an Ignobel Prize!

GOP targeting Clinton on phone-call snooping

Turns Out Obama Still Found More Donors and 92.5% of all 550,000 donations less than $250!

Frontline Doc Profiles Cheney: Tuesday night

Hillary's article in Foreign Affairs

Cries And Whispers

New Jersey 2008 Presidential Election- The Hill 51% The Ghoul 40%

Edwards was supposed to fold like a" house of cards", and Still in The Hunt..why?

Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix: Florida Snub Endangers Democrats

Romney represents Republican Wing of Repuke Party?

Is the media ignoring Edwards labor endorsements?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Italian Democratic Party is born!

San Mateo Democratic Straw Poll - October 21. Wanna go DUers???

If Obama ignored his campaign debt like Hillary his cash on hand is $36m to her $34m

Clinton edges Obama in cash on hand

Louisiana residents I'm begging you please

How Obama is playing in Iowa

What is a REAL REPUBLICAN???..What makes them do the things they do?

Brownback To Introduce Apology For Slavery And Segregation

American Research Group National Democratic poll.

The Rude Pundit: Right-Wingers Use Holocaust Hero To Bash Gore

Should taxes on Internet access be permanently banned? Total Votes: 705

Seriousness is at a premium, or so it would seem.

Media: Hillary camp exaggerating numbers--raised $34,140,200 for the primary to Obama's $33,106,400

Lyenne Cheney catching hell on Diane Rhem today.

What was Clinton showing at the back of her head?

What's (So Badly) Wrong With Hillary Clinton's New Foreign Affairs Article?

Romney's "Republican Stool"

Why Can't We Bash Bush* ?

Can we somehow get Rush Limpbaugh off the air? (work update)

If you want to see how Forbes ranks the GOP 'compassionate conservatives', take a look!

How important is the number of hits a Presidential candidates website gets?

Marc Ambinder: Obama Raises $431,000 in Hours. Now it's $471,967 and rising!

What is a "Military Conservative"?

Hillary pulls to 37 point lead in California...

The Healthcare LIE

Photos: Barack Obama in Fairfax, Iowa, unveiled his "Real Leadership for Rural America" agenda

Putin Warns US Against Attacking Iran

Video link for Kucinich emptying his pockets on The Colbert Report.

Rasmussen: Hillary holds comfortable lead over GOP in New Jersey...

Giuliani has a plan against space aliens!........

Centrists, Progressives, and Verizon

So what will be Bush's next excuse for staying in Iraq?

Senator Obama's spokesman just took a huge swipe at Giuliani, who

Gen. Michael (Strangelove) Hayden public appearance:

Romney's New National Security Adviser Said He'd Torture "In A Heartbeat"

'Girlfriends' Star Campaigns for Barack Obama in South Carolina

Dodd to Dem Leadership: No Immunity for Telecom Companies

Bashing Dan Rather....Ed Schultz and Howie Kurtz.

Gore Derangement Syndrome....(I didn't see this posted before so)

self delete. Do unto others......

Which republican candidate would you most enjoy doing opposition research on?

Obama has more money on hand for the primaries than...

I know this is a wasted thread, but I couldn't help myself

Treasury Sec'y Paulson: Housing slump correction "not ending as quickly as it had appeared it would"

Strong Possiblity Virginia to send SECOND Democrat to Senate

Do you Reject the Sleaze? The stuff on VH-1? Oxygen?

Why are "undecideds" so much lower this election vs 2004?

I hate to say it but this idiot is right to ask this question of Hillary

Ghouliani caught on tape: endorses Cuomo, criticizes tax cuts, "not a Repuke," "ran as a liberal"

BREAKING: New Hampshire moves its primary up to last week

Warts on Democratic candidates

Crooks & Liars asks you to caption this photo

Tucker Carlson tease regarding Gore

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

How Hillary Could Tank by Salon's Walter Shapiro

Army experts study increase in non-combat deaths in Iraq

LOL! Did Matthews just cite a poll from MAY to prove Hillary is unpopular with men?

Subject: Left, Right, or Center - Forbes rates the candidates

Was Randi intimidated from reporting to the police?

Hillary Only Top-Tier Dem To Receive Wal-Mart Money

My email from "Barack".

Remember The Media Crap About Edwards Haircut; Check out Romney's Makeup Cost!

Iowa GOP sets vote for Jan. 3, raising problems

Senate Intelligence Committee meeting Thursday to draft FISA bill, behind closed

"Well, Jerry Falwell can ask the Lord now himself about this matter of climate change"

CBS News: Putin to Bush re Iran - Don't even think about striking Iran

"I don't do those things." Larry Craig

NBC TONIGHT! Cheney & Obama are 8th Cousins! Brian Williams Reports!

Can someone tell me if the following site is designated to be a...

New Hampshire set to name the date for the 2012 primary....

This thread is reserved for posting good things about Hillary Clinton.

How Hillary could tank. the top 10 reasons why Clinton could dive.

Clinton's fav/unfav 53/44 in new USAToday/Gallup.

If you're in MA-5, did you vote today?

WHat is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Thinking???

Gen. Clark: 'Experience Is Key'

I'm the devil, advocating. What the heck is a "corporatist?"

Call your Representatives today - free - to override SCHIP veto!!

New CNN Poll: Hillary 51%, Obama 21%, Edwards 15%...

Let's face it, Hillary Clinton is the most FAKE person this country has ever seen...

Gore warms to another Clinton run

Okay folks , it is time to flood the MSM with emails demanding they cover Edwards SIEU Endorsements!

(Edwards IS being ignored) NY Times: Good News For Edwards Not Fit To Print


Obama calls out Giuliani for doing work and getting paid by Citgo (Chavez)!

Will the next President of the United States be male or female?

Mark Green: Why 2008 will be a Perfect Storm for Republicans

Kathleen Casey-Kirschling is Public Enemy No. 1. Her offense: being born.

Stop picking on Hillary! So WHAT if she hugged a terrorist on camera!!!!

Randy Rhodes Mugged

Malkin lies about misleading Gallup poll, says "most Americans support Bush's SCHIP veto"

This thread is reserved for posting good things about Dennis Kucinich.

Why national polls don't matter 90 days away from the first votes

I'm tired of being disenfranchised by my own party

How Obama is playing in Iowa

If Obama and Hillary are "tied" for cash on hand, please explain why Obama sent out an email...

Limbaugh says he told journalist writing story on him: "[W]e're going to find out where your kids go

Isn't sort of hypocritical to now like Gen Sanchez?

Average of 5 most recent national polls has Clinton with 28% lead over nearest rival.

Paging Draft_Mario_Cuomo...

Please DU this poll: "Did Al Gore deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize"

How low will he go?

Challenge to Hill-arians / Hill-raisers / Hill-entropes! Post our girl's accomplishments!

Ignobel Moments — Glenn Beck at it again re: Al Gore!

I think part of Hillary's worldwide appeal & success can be attributed to her beauty & charisma

Clinton-50% Obama-21% Edwards 13%

Matthew 7:3 (Look It Up) By Cindy Sheehan

Should the World Community allow Iran to develop Nuclear Weapons?

I think I am going to vote for all Republicans this time.

Rep Fletcher Smith discusses why he changed his endorsement from Richardson to Biden

Biden picks up ***13*** endorsements from Massachusettes

For Bidenites...Nice Letter of Support..

Has anyone else noticed that Obama talks kind of like Martin Luther King, Jr?

Ten Silent Senators