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Archives: October 12, 2007

Indian Outsourcers Thriving

What’s Really in Your Food?


Let's abolish the Electoral College

Newsweek: Blackwater Is Soaked-An arrogant attitude only adds fuel to the criticism

9/11 and the neocon cabal will be the twin foci of the post 2008

Blackwater faces war crimes inquiry after killings in Iraq

Republicans Go After 12-Year-Old Boy Who Gave Democrats Weekly Radio Address

Ann Coulter Will Annihilate the Jews

What was CBS thinking?

Death Reveals Harsh Side of a (Welfare) ‘Model’ in Japan

The Nation: Iraqis Sue Blackwater for Baghdad Killings

Hugo Chavez...Venezuela May Lower Voting Age, Add Gay Rights in Constitution

Ventura: History from 2017, con't (F-USA): How the U.S. finally fell...

The German Salute

E. J. Dionne: Meanies And Hypocrites (The attack on Frost Family)

Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife’s Breasts...?

Oh look! It's The Oregon Institute Of Science & Medicine, Back With A "New" Paper!

Rowan Companies, Nine Employees Plead Guilty to Environmental Crimes

Cassandra's Choice

From The "Just In Time" Dept. - EPA Will Formulate Rules For Carbon Storage - ENN

Penn State Reports Minor Reactor Leak - AP

Walruses invade Alaska beaches, alarm conservationists (AP/CNN)

Broadway shows go on despite stalled talks

House aide subpoenaed in investigation of Calif. Rep. Jerry Lewis

Officer Drops Suit, Placed On Leave

Son of murdered Armenian journalist convicted

Edwards Denies Tabloid Report of Affair

"No Nukes" Stars Reunite to Fight Nuclear Power

U.S. Attack Kills 34, Including 15 Civilians (6 women, 9 children)

H-1B Visa Foes Join To Pressure Congress On Green Card Reforms

'Jena Six' Teen Mychal Bell Back in Jail

U.S. wants Canadian airlines to disclose passenger info

J.C. Penney recalls more than 90,000 toys for lead

Gore ignores calls for '08 White House bid

Beat poet Ferlinghetti's art gets yanked from S.F. building lobby

Rice says Iran 'lying' about nukes

Blackwater Guards Fired at Fleeing Cars, Soldiers Say

Crackdown Upends Slaughterhouse’s Work Force

Abortion rates same whether legal or not

Racist incident roils Pa. high school

Coulter: We want 'Jews to be perfected'

Mel Brooks is coming back to television!

Big Hands I Know You're the One (youtube)

The Fratelli's - hot or not?

something is really bothering me

Is it possible to get 'the munchies' from being drunk?

Musician you should check out: Judith Owen (Harry Shearer's wife)

Have you ever felt you haven't done everything in life?

If you like Creedence get John Fogerty's Revival

Wow- I saw a bike wipe out today on the interstate.

You know what's lame?

Horror Novelist Boils Girlfriend's Flesh

By the way, I have a brand new show coming on tonight

batman never jumped the shark

Man Faces 5 Years for Beating, Tasering, and Drowning Possum

About these wiglines...

there are really people who expect a reverential silence when their "show" is on

Nellie McCay is an incredible lyricist

Pssst... psst pssstttt

Layoffs at work

Who wants to go to the Olive Garden in my Rolls Fucking Royce?

the olive garden is the narrative engine that defined a generation

Count off!

Bush at the Pope's funeral

Damien Rice-Rootless Tree Lyrics


a commitment to hospitaliano?

Sales of $2.8 billion in FY07.

Darden's Core Purpose


Richardson wants U.S. troops replaced in Iraq---by ABBA

it all began in waycross, georgia

The other shoe dropped, but the house of cards still stands!

Smoking in your Rolls Royce on the way to the Olive Garden

A shameless plug

So.. I ran it up the flagpole.. (youtube)

So I told Joani not to molest my monkeys...

I hate the people who stole my card number!!

Canada's own God of Thunder

Henceforth refer only to the 0live 6arden

About Those ER Trauma Real Life Reenactment Shows - Love Em' or Hate 'Em?

So, I Told Joani Not To Molest My Billyskank....

5 Free iTunes Songs For Facebook Users

Spinal Tap Mk.II, Jazz Odyssey

i spoke with a divisional VP of darden restaurants (olive garden's corporate parent)

GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!

Ugly Betty!!!!! Any Fans!!!!??

Breaking UnNews - Iran planning to invade Iran.

how much would it cost for THEM to buy you off?

Wild Thing

Frida and Agnetha...What a duo!

It is my sweet 16 in two days.

Wow I have a post in GD that hasn't degraded into a flamewar!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/11/07

The Goodness That Is Tina Turner

Have you ever felt, that if you disappeared


Yvan eht nioj. Yvan eht nioj.

If we can have eating competitions

Everybody's Got Something To Hide ---

sinking like a rock

Datasuspect... Real or...

About these Silurians....

Damn, that Rockies pitching is awesome!

Is there a Rockies/Diamondbacks thread going yet?

Is this painting allowed in the Lounge?

Un probleme de laundry

I swore I'd limit myself to 10 minutes on DU tonight.

By popular demand, another kitty video (and new Kyra pics!)

My Kitty is back from surgery

How do you want to die?

A friend of mine was killed today

Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

In the real world, how similar are you to your DU persona?

In case anybody wonders...

The Ultra Scientific DU Lounge Straw Poll

How would you change baseball?

The Golden Notebook who here has read it?

What's a word that you hate?

The Great Shrinking Labor Strike

Pastis Drops Wild Edibles, in response to IWW lockout

Farmworkers sue labor firms

Banged-up Ford next target for UAW

USW Reacts to U.S. Trade Commission Vote on Hot-rolled Steel; Tariffs Retained on China, India, Indo

Dozens protest privatization of child support court

The Struggle For A United ENDA- Pride At Work Gender Identity Inclusion Update

United Pilots Pick New Leaders

The Hill: NLRB A Far Cry From Fair

Washington Post: Where Labor Holds The Upper Hand!!!!

Coalition of Labor Union Women Meeting In Las Vegas

IBEW Employs Creative Recruitment Strategies

230,000 Teamsters voting on pact with UPS

Expert: Bosses who cause problems'too expensive to keep'

Lee Camp: Blackwater Letter

Olbermann: Interview w/ Hillary Clinton - Pt. 1

Olbermann: Interview w/ Hillary Clinton - Pt. 2

AYN RAND's Message To The GOP Candidates

Paul Wellstone Iraq War Speech

Happy coming out day! - If you know someone who has....

Border Crossing Deaths: A New Record

The next wingnut pundit who uses "McGovernite" as a synonym for un-patriotic needs their ass kicked.

After all these years, the Right Wing is still smearing Orlando Letelier

Utter Incompetence

The American dream now made in China

Anything Billo can do, Gibson can do better

Performer Gets Third Ear For Art

Promote your candidate this halloween (oh, and stay out of the malls....)

Big Fat Phoney, Howard Kurtz, coming up on Hardball

The Rude Pundit makes it abundantly clear, he's not a Coulter fan.

From Air America - Schwarzenegger just vetoed the industrial hemp law...

Elliot D. Cohen: Media Mum While Congress Considers Giving Telecoms Blank Check to Eavesdrop

So let me get this straight- we pay big bucks to blackwater, then pay more to our commandos

Is chest massage by a dentist legitimate care?

Is there a Worst Persons in the World book? I would buy one yearly

Are Muslims becoming the new Jews of Europe

Well isn't this special Russian wants to know ARMENIA WHY NOW?

Horror Novelist Boils Girlfriend's Flesh

Hillary Clinton: Fooled Again or Neo-Conned?

I just got an email from my dear Mother.

U.S. Military Rethinks Gitmo Policy

Tracking the Freepers (How many times have they done this before?)

Murder-For-Hire Admission Dooms TV Show

KO is pulling some truth from Howie Kurtz, on now

Something to think about.

Hillary is killing me!


9 children killed in U.S. raid in Iraq

McCain's health care proposal further shows how conservatives are detached from reality.

Any updates on Dan Rather and his suit against CBS?

If Bush wins the Nobel tomorrow, we'll know FOR SURE the fix was in

On Olbermann Last Night...

Question about Hillary and Saul Alinsky

New testimony details alleged Rove ties to prosecution of Democratic governor

I can't believe it's not torture

Private Debt Collection of Federal Taxes: House Passes HR 3056

Mayor Begs Residents To Conserve Water

My E-Mail From Barbara... Hmm...

If I give all the Hillary posters a nickel, will they take it to GD: Politics?

If Turkey invades Northern Iraq, all predictions and warnings before the war would be provent rue

Jena Bush On Why She Is Not In Iraq

Would you be willing to see a lowering, or a freeze,

Last thing - cause I am usually not here lately -

Re my mom's roommate's son's death

Peak Petroleum and Public Health - Journal of American Medical Association

Baseball right now: Entire Rockies team pulled from field after Arizona fans...

Re my neigbor who waas slashed in midtown Manhattan

Clarence Thomas... what a man!

In the real world, how similar are you to your DU persona?

Anybody listening to the asshole on Seder's show

Response to Asinine post about Hillary Clinton Posters

Liberal Base Proves Trying to Democrats: "moment of truth for responsible liberals" (Barney Frank)

More questions over White House e-mail

Brian De Palma forced to redact his Iraq Redacted Film

Kucinich to be on Colbert on Oct. 16...although...

Pelosi has got to go!

What you guys gotta do - you need to make people feel

I haven't read anything from undergroundpanther in a while

What are your suggestions to legally and peacefully remove the likes....

GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!

just about 5 hours to Nobel Peace Prize time

WP,pg1: U.S. soldiers: Blackwater shot at fleeing civilians, no Iraqis shooting; "criminal event"

If I were a conservative, my day today would have been much different

How do sanctions promote peaceful negotiations? I don't understand

Which do you trust, social security or your 401K?

"They are advocates. We are leaders." - Nancy Pelosi

Grand jury subpoena issued to Appropriations staffer in Lewis (R-CA) probe

NBC News unveils new headquarters at 30 Rock; speakers are execs, Williams, Mayor -- and Olbermann!

"Who's Gonna Build Your Wall"

OH, This soooo deserves a caption...

Maybe Al should turn down the Nobel

EGYPT: After Summer Shortages, Promise of Water Runs Dry

How can Ann Coulter be "perfected"?

Has MSM Missed the Turkey/Iran/Syria Alliance v. Kurds? Role of Russia and China? Regional War?

This *has* to be a repuke. Any way to find out for sure??

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Sam Seder subs for Mike

In India, a $2,500 Pace Car

Krugman: Sliming Graeme Frost

"For me to say that for you to become a Christian is to become perfected Christian is not offensive"

I thank you for your vote of confidence in judging my

Call to return Inconvenient Truth Oscar

Freepers Forsake Ann Coulter,,,,

By Nov 7 th - you need to go Mr Gore -

Who is in more trouble - these cute dogs or Ann Coulter?

Florida Cop To Drop Suit Against Toddler's Family

McConnell Staffer Complicit in Frost Family Attack

Tracking the Freepers and their stalking

Texas high school bans student from wearing John Edwards T-shirt

Cut the crap! Demand that Kucinich take impeachment to the floor now!

RE: The US/Turkey/Kurdistan issue. Seymour Hersh from 2004: Plan B....

OMG! You MUST Watch Ann Bury Herself COMPLETELY in this Video. She's DONE.

Check in if you are stupid for where you live

The problem with criticizing what Ann Coulter said this time...

'Jena Six' Teen Mychal Bell Back in Jail

Which DUer came up with "F**k Bush and the horse he's

CIA chief Hayden is ordering UNUSUAL IF NOT UNPRECEDENTED internal inquiry into agency's watchdog

Ann Coulter calls for Jews to be "perfected", All Americans to become Christians

The powers that be at doesn't care much for the avatar I want to use.

Joe Conason on Gen. Clark's memoir - "Seven countries in five years"

Maping the Migrant Trails on the Arizona Border

Speaker Pelosi Says Telecom Firms Should Not Receive Immunity

Yes, it is always about Al Gore's "Moral Imperative" and not ours

The Free Republic welcomes conservatives..The Democratic Underground welcomes everyone.

What will Bushco do tomorrow to steal the limelight

Is one of your Senators on this list? (phone companies)

Gore ignores calls for '08 White House bid (S.F. hall erupts in thunderous chants of "Run, Al, Run")

University of Arizona newspaper apologizes for comic viewed as anti-Semitic

I apologize to everyone who was upset by my anti-smoking thread.

Newsweek: Blackwater drew guns on US Soldiers

It feels like Christmas eve....Hoping Gore gets the Nobel tomorrow!

The NEW Politics by RUMORS. What do you think about rumors becoming news?


You have to admit she IS beautiful

World Without End arrived today and NewHampster is hybernating

The best damn anti-warrantless wiretapping political cartoon ever!

Madame, Who Do You Speak FOR and What IS On The Table? What Will You Do Without The Base?


I have a present for all of you -

Wal-Mart Fights Paying Fair Share of Property Taxes

Edwards to Help Rural SC Schools

Will you commit to the Hillary Pledge?

Washington Post: Between a Veto and the Base

Interesting. The Nobel is often awarded to encourage people to see their effort through...

Watch it, and think about it.

Edwards Denies Tabloid Report of Affair

Hillary's naivete: She would negotiate with Iran "with no conditions"

" know, when you get to be our age, it’s kind of nice to have all these men obsessed with you"


Senator Barack Obama's Union Leader Op-Ed

The Hillary Nutcracker ad is back, it's just in text on the top of the page.

The more that Hillary gets slammed around here, the more she kicks ass. Figure that.

Ann Coulter does it again: She wants Jews to be "perfected" (I think this is it)

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Happy With Democratic Congress

It's unfortunate...

Peace and Nuclear Disarmament: A Call to Action


George Soros on the Democratic Presidential Candidates

Nebraska governor endorses Johanns for Senate

Democratic Scenario #1: Hillary wins the nom and the GE. In 2016, our next

Licking your wounds: Recovering from a political loss.

Last night I sat in my car with Mother Theresa...(SHE supports HRC!)

Two Presidential Candidates voted No on the IWR

Monday morning the world will be flipped upside down(again) with a new war.

Obama enters the desperation phase of his campaign: No more Mr. Nice Guy

Hillary way ahead in Virginia...2 to 1 over or near 50%...

George Soros: "My favorite candidate is Obama" (O'Reilly's head will explode)

The Bluing of Virginia...

Obama: Bye Bye Mr Nice Guy?

Trove Of Clinton Memorabilia Seized From Fundraiser Hsu's Flat

Hillary Clinton Eats Babies

Anybody who still has delusions that Tweety is anything but

OS & friends took on conservatives in Omaha in 2001, documentary film now on DVD

Does anybody remember when "30 strikes and you're out" was instituted during last primaries?

The Hill will report that Walter Mondale is endorsing Hillary.


Hillary Clinton on Olberman was extremely impressive.

I want to share a converstation I had with a Hillary supporter

"...Murdoch OWNS the post.Murdoch is a Clinton supporter." Ergo...

Dirty Politics from the Clintonites! Guess who owns the National Enquirer who ran the

Keith Olbermann: Up close and personal with Senator Hillary Clinton

I need help pairing my four candidates to two.

Hillary is on COUNTDOWN NOW!

Howard Kurtz is Full of Horse S**T: But The MSM Loves Him For Covering Their Rears

Should the electoral college be abolished?

Smile, Though Your Head Is Aching

Is a vote for Nader a spoiler vote/should James Dobson encourage people to vote Republican?

Is there any way to stop the hysteria here?

NH Union Leader: Clinton "is" moment: Who cares what words mean?

Who thinks Pelosi has to go?

Sanctions Aren't the Answer for Burma

'Because He Was Right: The Long Campaign of Dennis Kucinich'

Climate panel head "overwhelmed" at Nobel prize

Gore and peace

Who Lost Turkey?

US to reduce visa delays (India)

Feds Won't Let Go of Case Accusing Artist of Bioterrorism

Corporate Donations are Now favoring the Democrats

The Martyring of Che Guevara

Can you believe this???---the “rubber room.”

Sirota interview: Big Money Equals Bad Politics

James Dobson and the Implosion Factor

It’s a Small World After All

Good Wasserman toon in the Glode today

Gore Speech to, November 9, 2003: Freedom & Security

Nobel Prize Caps Year of Highs for Al Gore

Fact check: Inconvenient Truth and Judges List of 9 ERRORS

What To Expect From Fox Business Network

Watchdog of C.I.A. Is Subject of C.I.A. Inquiry


Tom Lantos.... United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Krugman: Sliming Graeme Frost

Wonkette: Rudy Giuliani's Best Friend Will Be Indicted, Too


Thom Hartmann: Coulter and Justice Scalia to Synagogue - Jews Are Safer with Christians in Charge

Americans Don't Believe in the American Dream-the game is rigged against them

A Grand Misjudgment

Nobel Booby Prize Goes to GW Bush!

Harpers: Sources: CIA legal official quit in protest over “enhanced interrogations”

Bush's Campaign of Lies to Conceal War Crimes


Does the extremism of some progressives spell danger to delicious evolution?

Juan Cole: Who Lost Turkey?

E.J. Dionne: Meanies And Hypocrites

Blackwater and me: A love story it ain't by Lt. Col. Robert Bateman

Why Al Gore deserves the Nobel Peace Prize - Carl Pope (Sierra Club)

What Gore might learn from Teddy

Ask the pilot: The absurdity that is airport "security" continues

Bill Maher: American flag pins are for idiots

EPA to develop rules for storing CO2 emissions - Reuters

Costa Rica expropriates land to protect turtles - Reuters

Congratulations Mr. Oscar (and Emmy) winning Nobel Laureate President Gore (and the IPCC)!

USDA Projects Global Demand Will Drive US Wheat Stocks To Lowest Level In 59 Years

"My Turn" - by Al Gore

German Aerospace Center - Though "Hole" Smaller In Size, No Improvement In Polar Ozone Depletion

Winnie-The-Pooh And The Magical Lead-Tainted Toys - Penney's Issues Recall

Chinese Logging Firms Stripping Myanmar's Forests - AFP

After erecting Three Gorges dam, China warns of its perils

National Ice Center - 12 October - Still Zero Chukchi Sea Ice; NW Passage Still Open

Pollution pouring into nation's waters far beyond legal limits

Rare China tiger seen in the wild (BBC)

Bush Administration Quick To Emphasize: No Change In Climate Policy - AFP

AFP - Greenland Ice Cap Melting (All Together Now!) Faster Than Expected - Up 400% In 3 Years

Solar Decathalon Web Site

Mountaintop Mining Opponents Win West Virginia Battle

Congratulations, President Gore!

Did someone mention "thermodynamics?"

Al Gore - another terrorist??

Volvo has announced that it will stop buying nuclear power

Go, Go, Gadget Wind Power

Sheila Watt-Cloutier Admits Disappointment,, But Says "Earth Is A Winner" With Nobel Decision

Commentary: Stealth nuke effort should be stopped

Indiana wants to let US Steel pollute Lake Michigan more

At least One Child Dead in Reported Suicide Bomb in North Iraq Playground

Bush Says Low Taxes Cut US Budget Deficit (Fiscal Restraint? lol)

State must hear parents' plea for help

Navy SEAL to receive Medal of Honor

Alameda woman becomes doctor with help from Cuba

Gore Shares Nobel Peace Prize with UN Panel

WWII fighter ace 'Tex' Hill dies at 92

Sutter nurses (13 Bay Area hospitals) plan to work today; some face lockouts

Six-figure bonuses retain US commandos (In Army)

CIA head ordered probe of inspector general

Impromptu Putin Says Missile Plan a Mistake

Tommy Thompson to Endorse Giuliani

Union Group (AFL-CIO) Critical of Anti-Terror Plan

Income inequality worst since 1920s, according to IRS data

China's Sept. Trade Gap Jumps 56 Percent

Rivals rip into Clinton over Iran vote

Travel agents worried about proposed U.S. rules (Canadians and Cuba travel)

U.N. Report on Iraq Details An 'Ever-Deepening' Crisis

White House 'happy' for Gore's Nobel Peace Prize

Ed Schultz quoting National Enquirer on Edwards infidelity

Ailing Myanmar prime minister dead at 59

CIA Chief Investigating IG (Inspector General)

Guards acquitted in boot camp case

(Jimmy) Carter would back Gore bid

Income-Inequality Gap Widens (Wealthiest 1% Share of National Income Hits Postwar Record)

Guards acquitted in boot camp case

Chair of UN climate panel 'stunned' to share Nobel Prize with Gore

Insurgent groups condemn al-Qaida tactics

CIA investigates conduct of its inspector general

Prisoner 'throws boiling oil' over terrorist leader who plotted to murder thousands with dirty bombs

Sources: CIA legal official quit in protest over “enhanced interrogations”

Rebels vow to step up Turkey raids

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 12

Mom charged with buying guns for son

NSA Domestic Surveillance Began 7 Months Before 9/11, Convicted Qwest CEO Claims

Blood of women and children stains Iraq's Eid

Lawsuit: ICE drugging detainees set for deportation

Kennedy in surgery on blocked artery

Conyers Issue Statement on DoJ/John Tanner's 2004 Ohio 'Investigation' & Upcoming Hearings...

Venezuelan, Colombian presidents open gas pipeline, seek regional energy integration

PKK rebels say heading into Turkey from Iraq

U.S. Investigating Strike That Killed 15 Civilians

Lawyers Face Sanctions in Qualcomm Suit

Oil hits new record high on rising tensions between Turkey and the PKK

Rice: Missile Defense Plans to Proceed

Prosecutors expected to file charges against Bernard Kerik

Unsettling re-emergence of 'gay cancer'

Earmarks Put Candidates On the Spot--p.A01 Obama & Clinton

Court Reinstates Some Apartheid Claims

CEO says Wal-Mart needs low-cost imports

Pollution pouring into nation's waters far beyond legal limits

Giuliani Tries to Distance Self From Former Police Commissioner Facing New Legal Woes

(Iraqi) Father dies after failing to stop playground bomb attack

Terrorist Mastermind Now A Christian?

Chairmen Waxman & Tierney Introduce Iraq Corruption Resolution

US-Russia missile defense talks fail (RICE)

Bush talks trade in Miami appearance

Civil Rights Pioneer (Lewis) Endorses Clinton

Nobel-Winning Economist Meets Chavez

IRS says rich getting richer: report

Turkey Ponders Iraq Campaign

Gore gives Nobel Prize proceeds to Palo Alto nonprofit

Teaching Union Slams Gore Film Ruling

(CNN) Source: Gore thinks Clinton unstoppable

2007 Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Al Gore & IPCC

Former Top General in Iraq Faults White House (Sanchez)

Boot Camp Employees 'Not Guilty' in Boy's Death (Black Teen/All-White Jury)

Concert ban for 'Chavez critic'

Sanitation campaigner plans to open toilet-shaped home

Any Bonnie Raitt and Aretha Franklin fans, check out this video.

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (10/12/07)

One of my current favorites on my iPod

I used to walk this path.

The subject lines in the lounge are short this evening.

Note: Pan's Labyrinth is in Chinese

Well apparently I can't add myself to my buddy list. Damn.

Put on your seatbelts-- in a few minutes or so the Nobel...

So apparently there is a button thief at the local Goodwill store

Does anyone know who won the Nobel Peace Prize?

I am going to do a background check on someone. Which service would be best to use? Anybody have

Share your Pandora stations!

What gets ya going? Baseball players or NFL players?

I need some help please.

I want my next president to have an Oscar, and Emmy, and A NOBEL!


Al Gore Awarded Special Nobel Literature Prize!!

Most live and retire "cheap" books are a joke

I can't work anymore

Jon and Liz

universal health care...Joke

Greetings!!! I'm from the Fullabul Prize foundation - please provide me your nominations

should i apply to be a mod?

Who steals paper cake plates???? cripes! nt

Let's taLk souL food

I got my Ryan Adams tickets in the mail today...

I need some recommendations for Hawaiian music.

In honor of Al Gore's Nobel prize win - what awards would you give George Bush?

Question on soft drinks - coke/pepsi/sprite freshness

Hey, folks, get ready -- here we go again!

"Half of Americans don't have necks. And Rachael Ray's up there saying 'Eat some Dunkin' Donuts.'"

Here's a puzzler...why can we not like right-wingers due to past transgressions...

Teenage Mutant Ninja .... poodle?

get off my porch, you little bastard

do you think they will give Al Gore a Rolls Fucking Royce for calling people Hitler in GD?

Someone just called me Adolf Hilter in the GD.

OK, put on your dancing shoes

I think we can finally put this issue to rest, once and for all.

so the Goregasm in GD shows no signs of letting up

Someone just called me an Avian Pugilist!!! nt

You only have toothpaste and a few pieces of candy to eat...until Dec. 23rd..

"Bornagain Bob" is whistling the "Andy Griffith" theme.

I saw Nosferatu last night with a live band doing the score.


Woah! Al Gore won the peace prize!

So what would happen to the Progressive psyche if...

If nice guys finish last,

Nice Pot , Pol posted.

Al Gore sez: "I've got your face!"

My hero is playing for his career this weekend

I am going to say it, Gore/Richardson in 08!!!

Al rules!!

Additional thoughts re: Gore

Jeezum Crow! Looks like bi-focal lenses for me.

Boy, 3, Takes Toy Car For Spin On Busy Road


Nobel Prize Committee Adds 'Most Ripped Abs' Category

I didn't get the job


I have a screened porch off of my home office. All summer long,

Wow - a hawk just flew past and tried to take down one of my chickens.


Breaking: Nobel committee to recount Peace Prize vote

Springtime For Hitler

Many of you weren't even born in 1973...

Just posted a new song and am humbly submitting it here to the members of the DU Lounge for their

Should I write 5 Paragraphs as to why i need to leave DU?

Something I said I'd never do -

I lit my furnace this morning

PDB of Oct. 12, 2007....

Wow - a chicken just flew past and tried hawk a loogey down on me!

Any Gay,Lesbian,Transgendered Young Folks Needing Parent Figure to Talk to?

Get that DU mojo going for me

wow, Doris Kearns Goodwin got old fast!

If Al Gore is So Smart... Explain Joe Lieberman to Me....

I'm currently doing research from a book published in 1906!

Happy Eid to all Muslim DUer's!

Most horrifying story of the day: Man killed on I-880 held onto back of truck for 20 miles

I enjoyed brown rice sushi in my Rolls Fucking Royce today while illegally downloading

"Aryan Nationalist" is the word of the day. Replace a word in a thread with "Aryan Nationalist"

So what *would* GD look like if Gore decided to run?

Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Boot camp employees not guilty in boy's death

Help me name my new Green Energy Company

Are you guys watching "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia?"

Happy Friday, peeps!

If today isn't the shittiest day ever...

Amazing Bland Painter

i got 2 BS overdraft charges reversed, ask me anything!

Maybe some DUers that speak Gaelic can help me

I can visualize next week's Onion headline: SCOTUS awards Bush Nobel Peace Prize.

keeping with the season my new wallpaper

BREAKING: Aryan Nationalists name janesez their "Fraulein of the Month"

Feeling ambivalent about my grandmother's death

Remember Land of the Lost?

In other news, Bush wins Nobel Punk Prize.


The tale of the treasure in the trash

If you loved your country, you would be in GD talking about Hillary...

Last night I was reading the Bible and missed "The Office"

help me say thank you to someone in as many languages possible

Lounge vibes are an awesome, awesome thing

Anybody know what the record for the most recommendations is?

Maybe some DUers that eat Garlic can help me

I just sent my first text EVER

Name something stupid you did in the past and vowed to never do again.

Tried something new to learn Spanish

Have you noticed Google's logo today?

Bumpersticker seen today in Charleston, SC

This may be the best song about young dudes ever written

I Love Apple

BREAKING NEWS: Bush to declare Al Gore an Enemy Combatant.

Hunter S. Thompson's widow writes book

I'm listening to Pro-IRA Irish folk music on youtube Ask Me Anything

It's official! Cats with opposable thumbs will soon rule the world!

Do you drink green tea regularly?

My Aunt won a cruise at her work

My grandfather, the Republican, has had a rug like tapestry of JFK on his Furnace

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Grandmother's protest most shocking part of 'Girls Gone Wild'

Sometimes I feel like a shit in here

Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) to play Scotty

You can't even watch the baseball game unless you have cable

"The oil is all in Texas, but the dipstick's in D.C."

It's Friday ! Are the DUZY's posted yet!!???

Brokers snatch joy from Hannah Montana fans

Why in the hell would anyone want to be President after Shrub?

What's an "anal log?"


The jerk store called, they're running out of you!

Amazing blind painter

Having dinner w/ a freeper tonight.

This thread has photos of cool hats!

I got called an Aryan Nationalist in GD!

Do not be jealous... Al Gore emailed me!! I knew we were meant to be BFF4E

Anybody following the World Pinball Championships

I don't know how to turn on the heat at my new house.

In honor of Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize: Sean Connery SNL Celeb. Jeapordy

Has there been a study of teachers who had sex with their students, and what subjects they taught?

So, who's experienced this?

"Bob Boudelang" is whistling the "Andy Griffith" theme.

15 minutes until the start of Cleveland's DEMISE!

The bar is open

Friday, October 12th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Obligatory Friday "What's For Dinner?" Thread!!!!!

I Would Like George Bush

sniffa is over in GD being a problem child --- AGAIN!

I can. not. get rid of this girl.

Here's a new drawing from a series I'm starting

ARRGH, Some Idiot Is Defending The Attack On Frost.

Goodbye, cruel world!

Netherlands bans magic mushrooms

List your favorite sounds...

No-pets clauses in apartment/condo buildings

The New Faces of Star Trek XI

If Al Gore tells us that now he's going to Disneyland, I'll...I'll...

Nice post, Pol Pot

Are you on a "Live" album/CD?

Omar the very fine cat, RIP


"Six ways from Sunday" or "Seven ways from Sunday"?

Getting a new phone line hooked up is frustrating the hell out of me

Tell me something good

Did you ever "divorce" a friend?

Anybody here following the Rugby World Cup?

The 50 Worst songs ever

Sometimes I feel like I don't fit in here.

Unconventional/unusual celebrity crushes

Generals slam Marine wish for Afghanistan mission

2nd BCT prepares to leave Campbell for Iraq

California reinforces predatory lending law

Clothing allowances go up for sailors

Before heading to Iraq, tank crews test abilities during live-fire practice

Researchers Report First Successful Treatment of Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury

Army making progress in Baghdad despite heavy losses for 2nd Cavalry

Meza is seventh Vilseck GI killed in less than two weeks

U.S.: Once-violent Baghdad district was murder-free in September

VA likely to assume disability rating duties

Marines will investigate the killing of 19 Afghan civilians

Prince of Darkness: Blackwater is Bad for Service Members

Don't Worry Son, No More Vietnams

AP Exclusive: Afghans crack down on private security; 2 companies closed

Soldier hurt in accidental shooting at Drum

Army sought radiation to kill Cold War leaders

New CG planes closer to entering fleet

Russia, U.S. differ publicly on missile shield, Iran

Six-Figure Bonuses Retain Elite Troops

GE profit jumps on equipment demand

10 soldiers mobilized from N.C. guard unit

U.S. Army lowers its recruiting standards

Report: DDG 51 class ‘buckling’ under stress

Pregnancy, single sailor-mom numbers rising

Today in labor history October 12

Go Left TV: The Fair Trade Democrats

Union talks to lawyers about 3,200 stuck miners

Union may face a tougher fight at Ford

Showbiz unions clash over strike rule ("The Simpsons," "Futurama" "Rugrats," at risk)

NLRB Foxwoods Hearing Planned for 3,000 Today

Congress: Are you with our kids? Free call to Congress!!!

AFL-CIO on Workers' Rights in Bangladesh

Govt getting ready to reply to USTR queries

The middle-class “left” and the UAW-GM contract

Pa. university union members approve contract

In Celebration of Al - How Dare They

CREW's Melanie Sloan: Who in White House Leaks Classified Information?

NN - 071012 - Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize - Announcement in English

Media "laid down for Bush": Olbermann with Kurtz!

Telecom Immunity Or Bust!

The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize goes to ... (official video from

AL GORE WINS NOBEL PRIZE - CNN International (Very positive coverage)

== Imagining imaging ==


Total Denial Trailer - Burma

Bipartisan Summit: Biden-Brownback

"Soldiers Speak Out" Trailer

Bush lying in the Election 2000 Debates

Al Gore Speaks at Nobel Peace Prize Press Conference

Moment of Change: 80% by 2050

Run, Al, Run!

Vatican publishes Knights Templar papers

Rachel Maddow's Campaign Asylum: Meet the STRATEGISTS

911 Tapes: Police Hide Gotbaum's Death from Husband

O'Reilly: Osama has a John Edwards bumper sticker


Al Gore - 'Come Monday...'

Stop The Nuclear Bailout -

"You're Making a Killing in Darfur"

How do you want to die?

John Gibson: "black shooters don't shoot themselves; "they shoot and move on"

PPI: How Democrats Can Continue to Bridge "The Security Gap"

Speak up you boys of autumn -

GD is an unbelievable fucking freakshow right now.

Oh - please cut out the war references with me -

WE are the United States - this person was a bad custodian

I think that this is Bill Clinton's goal: to win a Nobel prize

How Long untill the Nobelpeace prize gets annouced???

Pope lectures South Korea: reject stem cell research!

Some things that increased in the 90s

NYT: CIA director controversially orders investigation of CIA Inspector General.




V.P. Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize!!!!

Damn, I thought Bush had it hands down...

Richard Clarke wants to close the Internet

If Gore Wins the Nobel Peace Prize how will the MSM Handle it?

Voyage, voyage

Coulter whining Deutsch blind-sided her - Waaaaah

Looks like Nobel Peace Prize is to be announced in less than 4 hours...

Firestorm Over German TV Presenter's Nazi Remarks Grows

Waiting up for the Nobel announcement is like waiting for the Great Pumpkin...

Karl Rove directed head of Justice Department public integrity section?

Speaking of Nobel prizes...

Nobel Press Release (link)

Meanwhile the naked emperor's army has killed

What will happen if the Jews are perfected?

Question about the Primaries

NY Sun's Nobel Nominee Gen. Patraeus shunned

Joey the Scar is horrifyingly cynical this AM.

CONGRATULATIONS, Al Gore and IPCC on winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Gore says climate change "not a political issue"

Krugman: Why Do Right-Wingers Mock Attempts To Care For Other People?

Draft Gore Has A Full Page Ad In The NY Times Today! Just reported on my local NY

GW Bush wins the 2007 Nuremberg award

Bill Bennett: why didn't they give Reagan a Nobel Peace Prize?

Now that Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize, the assholes

Scandalous photos. Who's caught up in it? Pat Robertson.

Al Gore has me bawling right now.

WJ this morning: What do you think about Al Gore winning the

Will the fake president meet with the Real President? ((PICS))

Has any republican President, Vice President or former officials ever won a Nobel prize?

Keep the responsibility on the Republicans

Video: Al Gore: The Climate Crisis, interview with the Guardian

Poll shows Hillary leading Giuliani in three key swing states

Pelosi implies her critics should be jailed

This Ann Coulter BS - Why is anyone surprised or shocked?


Iraq Body Count: “A Very Misleading Exercise"

Al Gore has brought Honor to the United States and I Thank Him For It

"My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times building."

The Media Ignore Credible Poll Revealing 1.2 Million Violent Deaths In Iraq

Righties are crying now, saying that Reagan should have got the Nobel Prize too

UK judge should've waited to issue this ruling: 'Alarmism' in Gore film

A link to a thread I bookmarked back in Jan. regarding Al Gore.

Who is going to listen to pimple butt limbaugh's show today & report

Why is DU in a frenzy over Al? Video : 2006 MLK-day speech

The FairTax

Chasing its tail: CIA investigates it's own investigator

The Terrorists Among US

"I invited a bunch of regular people over to me house" says Bill O'Lielly-those

Uphill climb for Rice on Mideast peace

Bush did it ! He dumbed down the Army !

An Oscar, An Emmy, A NY Times Bestseller, a 24-hour, 7-Continent Concert,

Breaking on FOX NEWS: Upon further review, Nobel goes to George W. Bush

CNN Quick Vote about Gore deserving to win the Nobel Peace Prize

Journalist Lara Logan was told to do a puff piece from Iraq on

Osama bin CIA?

U.S. has killed more than 100 civilians in 3 months — U.N. report

CNN to rain on Gore's parade

BREAKING: Al Gore wins Nobel (seen on MSNBC) NT

The wingnuts are acknowledging Al Gore's Nobel Prize with

Hepatitis shots recommended for Talladega and Concord

Al Gore: "We need to reclaim the integrity of our Democracy"

Self-Delete Dupe.

Carter hopes that Gore will join the race.

AL GORE Wants to Replace All Payroll Taxes w/ CO2 Emissions Taxes on Companies

The US media tried to downplay Dr. King's Nobel Peace Prize, too.

Veteran, Journalist, Scholar, Author, Professor, Senator, Vice-President, Emmy, Oscar, Nobel Prize

Draft Gore Petition

send this fable to a certain "news" network, regarding Al Gore

I have gained an enormous amount of respect for our President this past year.

Biased judged puts Mychal Bell back in jail

Jimmy Carter coming up on Morning Joe (right after this break)

Putin warns against U.S. missile defense. Has Rice and Gates wait for 40 minutes.

Sour Grapes Make Whine

Jimmy Carter had congrats for Gore and a wish that Gore would get into another 'political event'

Call Me Crazy

FREEPERS GONE WILD: Al Gores Nobel Peace Prize

We now, PROUDLY, can say we have two Nobel winning former Presidents.

Private security firms begin to close in Afghanistan


Abortion rates high, even where illegal

The Good News of Al's Win Hits Home (Pix)

What?? A December 11th Primary Date For NH??

Poor Freeptards. Their idol is a drug addicted GED getting 4 failed marriages with no Nobel prize

Alameda woman becomes doctor with help from Cuba

DU ROCKS----And, kudos to everyone....

CNN Disses Al Gore

== The whine of voracious liberals = By Mark Morford

DU this poll!

Obama Rips into Clinton's Iran Vote

Want to play a nasty joke on Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic?

Here's A Headline I'd Like To See More Of !!!

Al Gore Awarded Second Nobel!!

Dear Conservative, Republican, Global Warming Deniers,

ENOUGH! No more draft comments about Bush, Cheney, Lumbutt or...

who are these assholes on CNN

Please go and recommend the LBN thread on NobelGore as well

Goof fugging grief

Congrats to Al Gore

Time: Gore Wins The Nobel. But Will He Run?

Joshua Holland: Americans Don't Believe In the American Dream (Survey)

Did anyone take MonkeyFunk up on his $100 bet?

If Al Gore would have been President in 2001 would he...

Media will start to denigrate Nobel Prize

Bush responds to Gore's win

Al Gore should put his $1.4 million to good use by starting his campaign fund.

John gibson colunm is ripping into gore

Bush is crushed he didn't get the Nobel, since all he wants is piece, piece, PIECE!!!

Congrats to Al Gore. We are screwn.

President Carter to be on Morning Joe

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You (RUN AL RUN!)

DU this MSNBC Poll - Do you think Gore should run in '08?

Got an email from my friend in Kurdistan

Ok I haven't done this before and I feel a bit silly, but here goes...

Bill Richardson Calls for Iran Resolution

Heaven as 2004 Republican National Convention

Question: Judging by the standards of the last few years, isn't

Al Gore go vote on CNN 's question does Al deserve ....

There will be polls all day long about Gore

Rice says Iran 'lying' about nukes

Al Gore

U.S. DEMANDS passenger lists for sun flights

Income Disparity

Are you telling me that Bush didn't win the Nobel

Please 5 star this MSNBC story on Gore

Ron Paul on CSPAN 1

Tell me I heard wrong. Rush Limbaugh was a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Al Gore Awarded Special Nobel Literature Prize!!

Pentagon officials concerned that the "Surge" has made it harder to respond to emergencies

Satire: Gore Wins Nobel Prize, High Court Gives It to Bush

Stressed Kids Fret About the World

Massively stupid and reactionary LTTE today

Gore a sayer and not a doer....

Blackwater currently has ~$340 million in security contracts with US

NSA . . . Tap THIS!!!

Despite Supplemental Postponement, More Funds Poured Into War Coffers

(NBC) Meredith Vieira Gets Valerie Plame Interview

Nobel Peace prize winner the great Al Gore will speak to

I cannot BELIEVE no one mentioned the Ig Nobel prizes!

Guard your elders - Carlyle Group to pay $6.3 billion for nursing homes

Listen MSM hacks: If Al Gore decides to run

Gee, can anyone in GD tell me who won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Mark Haines on CNBC:

NOT HAVING THE 2000 ELECTION STOLEN FROM GORE-Would have Been Greatest Step For World Peace (TPM)

Rudy attacks Romney for "You sit down with your attorneys" comment re: attacking Iran

DailyKos is down for maintenance -- If the Nobel crashed them

Hmmm, let's see: Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize; Bush kills 15 Iraqi women and children...

DU this CNN poll on Gore

Facts about getting nominated (and folks like OxyRush who claims he was)

Gore turns Republicans GREEN with envy

Science Committee Chairman Gordon Commends IPCC, Gore on Nobel Award

Civil rights hero John Lewis endorses Clinton

FLORIDA: Ex state Rep. Kosmas to challenge "most corrupt" Rep. Feeney

US General from Iraq having news conf. on cspan1---rather hardnosed sorta

Terms Expire Today For 11 Of Gonzales’ Handpicked Interim U.S. Attorneys

Who believes THIS? Retail sales post strong gain, led by autos

Sooo...Gore won the Nobel Prize. When will we "Conserv-obel Prizes?"

Josh Marshall: Gore Won the Presidency in 2000...where can we go from here?

Terms Set To Expire For 11 Of Gonzales’ Handpicked Interim U.S. Attorneys

Send Lawyers, Guns & Money : The Poor and Brown edition

We have a small window of opportunity to take back the word "PEACE".

What does climate change have to do with peace vs war?

Evidence emerges in slaying of Arab American leader

More questions over White House e-mail

I finally have come to understand the phrase "Sore/Loserman"

(from WaPo)High-Tech Surveillance Robobugs at Political Events. WTF?

Takeover: The Return of the Imperial Presidency and the Subversion of American Democracy

How long before LTTEs start showing up with the debunked claptrap about Al Gore's house?

Here goes the spotlight , Al!

This is NOT an Al Gore thread

Reuters Headline: Nobel is sweet revenge for Gore, blow to Bush

Fact Checking Fox

Sign a congrats card to Gore from DSCC

White House 'happy' for Gore's Nobel Peace Prize


WP: Blackwater Guards Fired at Fleeing Cars, Soldiers Say

CONFESS!!!! For the GD - who here has met Al Gore (even if it was to shake his hand)

Gore press conference at 1:30 PM EST today

In 2000 we were cheated out of our President. I believe Gore will announce in November

Is that OUR Granny_D on "The View"?

MSNBC Poll--Should Al Gore run for POTUS in 08

Romney vows to stop Iran

Just for the record: Al Gore will not enter the race

Hispanic Day

New Orleans activist runs for City Council

so when does the Supreme Court strip Gore's award, and give it to Li'l Bush?

So How Much Control Is The Corporate $$ Exerting Over The DEM/REPUB Presidential Nominating Process?

If Gore had been in the senate - how do you think he would have voted in the Iraq War Resolution?

What's the MOST vicious user sigline you've ever seen at Freerepublic?

Rudy's adviser re: Nobel committee:"I hear they’re going to the electoral college process next year"

Lack Of Funds Forces New Orleans To Scale Back Rebuilding Plans

AP Reports Turkey Recalls Ambassador to US -- LINK

U.S. Spent Over $100 Million In Six-Figure Bonuses To Top Commandos

Will Hillary Clinton call for GORE to run for President? How about other candidates?

NKorea criticizes Bush remark

Where Have You Gone, Paul Wellstone?

IRS says rich getting richer: report

Private security firm accused of overbilling in Afghanistan

Al Gore, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

drought & water complications in Israel

New federal charges against Kerik. Ha Ha!

Good luck, Al Gore. I hope you are awarded the Nobel Prize.

Is there anything good about the US?

Just in from Al

No love for Rajendra Pachauri today?

Why didn't George W. Bush and Richard Cheney win the Nobel Peace Prize?

5 year old boy searches for fathers name on the wall of Armed Forces Memorial

Waxman, Skelton, Lantos, Obey chide Rice on Iraq corruption

Prepare to get annoyed--the worst quotes about the peace prize

Where Are Burma's Monks?

Let's give Gore back what is rightfully his! It's up to us. All he needs to do is

Charges expected against Kerik...bribery, tax fraud and obstruction of justice

Is GW Man Enough To Congratulate Al Publicly

Laura Ingraham: Nobel prize is part of a European conspiracy

Larry Johnson is on the Stephanie Miller show

Patriot Act Hysteria: Steve Kurtz Case Update - DOJ Persecution Forces Ill Professor To Plead Guilty

How could Gore win, if he entered the race this weekend?

CNN International report: Pakistan's 'missing'

I am deeply honored

Bet you would have heard of this if the guy was a Muslim, Neo-Nazi arrested with terrorism plans

Are You Ready for Another Installment of The Republican Travelling Clinton Attack Circus?

Could someone please help with a letter to my state senator...

Lil' Annie Adam's Apple, comfy and grinning in her favorite place: the center of "controversy"

Truth In Advertising- What if the Military had disclaimers like Pharma Ads?

PLease send a LTTE (letter to the editor) in support of Mr. Gore.

AOL Poll On Gore

If you are represented by a (Democratic) Senator who was in office in 2000

"It's Al Or Nothing!"

Another Gore/Nobel poll: "Do you think Al Gore should have won the Nobel Peace Prize?"

MSNBC: Guiliani could be called as a grand jury witness re: Kerik charges

Stephen Colbert May Run as a Candidate for President -- Seeking Nod of Both Parties!

GO AL GO!!! RUN AL RUN!!! ---pix--->>>

Immigration / Customs is injecting deportees with Haldol, Cogentin

Which candidate will be the first to run this ad?

Anti-Poverty Index Scores US Last on Environment Policies

At THIS point in time, with THIS level of hostility coming from the RW smear machine

Well, crap. Gore adviser: 2008 run is "extremely remote"

Read the Daily Howler today. Goes to show that even -winning a Nobel prize- can be spun as negative

Is Amy Goodman Ill?

Gore's Nobel Peace Prize is a right-wing distraction

Washington's Holocaust Deniers

I just turned on rush & he is going to auction off the

Oh what might have been....thanks SCOTUS!

Should Malkin and Rush be sued if anything happens to Graeme Frost

Bush Administration Will Oppose Environmental Ruling

Internal Review of Blackwater Prompted Firm to Leave Lobbying Assoc.

LA Times: They love to do their homework (College Program in Homemaking)

Al Gore Speaking At Press Conference Now! (Brings Up Polar Ice Caps; Will Use Award For Awareness)

Why does Ann Coulter advocate that women should not have voting rights?

Turkey PM: US "came tens of thousands of kilometres and attacked Iraq without asking anyone's perm"

Top Shiite cleric (Sistani) hits out at Iraq security contractors

"We have to go far, quickly...."

Did Faux News mention anything about Al's Nobel Peace Prize?

Boo EFFING hooo

Boot Camp Death All Guards Found NOT GUILTY

Sarasota is running amuck with Ron Paul bumper stickers & signs.

Top CIA Legal Official Quit In Protest Of Bush Administration’s Torture Policies

Child-killers go free in Boot Camp case

Carville: "I Still Think There Is A 25% Chance Gore Gets In & Jeb's The GOP Nominee"


Gore ahead of Obama now by oddsmakers in winning nomination!

Joint Chiefs chairman assures Turkey that he is "working hard to warn Congress"?

That woman on MSNBC just said that Gore was able to springboard on climate BECAUSE of the Clintons?

Write a complaint to the Florida State Board of Nursing

Do you think the freepers will be this excited when george wins his Nobel prize?

Dear Abby On CNN Now Supporting Same-Sex Marriage: "I never thought I'd agree with the Cheneys..."

Fox News And Right-Wing Bloggers Attack Gore’s Nobel Prize poll: Did Al Gore and the U.N.'s Climate Panel deserve to win the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize?

Group from India caught trying to outsource Hogwarts. J.K. Rowling sues.

GOOD ON GORE!!! that twirly-eyed whackos! n/t

'How best to use this honor'

She said WHAT?

A small note from someone who lives with it on "socialized medicine"

Giuliani's Business Partner Kerik to be Charged with Bribery, Obstruction

OCT. 17: Hearing on the Nomination of Michael Mukasey to be Attorney General

18 Minutes and counting...

"Cnn Readers Sound off on Gore" is a news story?

"I will be thinking about how best to use this

Condi fails again, missile defense talks collapse readers sound off on Gore, Nobel Peace Prize

"Gore was a valuable asset to Bill Clinton...and he will be...for the next president"

In honor of our Once and Future President - remember this song?

Re Gores Prize::::What sayeth Rash LimpBalls??? or Bill O, or Sean Hannitee?

Gores' speech last evening in San Francisco...

Faux News Headlines

Rumsfeld Debate Heats Up At Stanford

wow, Doris Kearns Goodwin got old fast!

Al Gore will not run for president. I guarantee it.

Taxes= Bad, Credit Card Economy = Good. The mantra of the idiot right.

Blackwater keeps its eye on a tiny East County enclave.

AP: `God' back on flag documents

Breaking: Ted Kennedy recovering after surgery

So the asshat flew in. I had trouble getting away from the office

So, I've stumbled upon Al Gore Underground

Bush gets bitch slapped by the NOBEL COMMITTEE...Gore wins and Bush looks like SHIT

Homeland Security nominee - criminal **Bernard Kerik**

This is from a national anti-same sex marriage group putting up billboards in MASS

Giuliani at Yankee stadium

Blackwater guards shot at fleeing Iraqis, says GIs' report

Gore News Conference - 1:30 PDT

16 years of health care TOONS by Tom Tomorrow

Leadership Void-Cindy Sheehan

Ohio Republican Rep. Ralph Regula Announces Retirement

CNN to talk about Gore Presidential run,on Now!!

Who is your dream VEEP for Gore?

"Pro-Life" GOPers Blasted For Opposing Children's Health Care Bill by Catholics United

Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) for Oct. 12, 2007....

Does the money from the Nobel prize offset dues paid in by

Al Gore, "I predicte (Global Warming) will be the top issue" in this election

POLL: Should Al Gore Run for President?

Some posts should be on the front page-- Like this one

Y'know what bothers me about the lady at the airport, who died?

CNN International is RIPPING this Repub. mouthpiece.

IRS Report Shows the Worst U.S. Income Inequality on Record

You're missing the story of the day: Larry Craig, Hall of Famer (happens tomorrow)

Ban Ki-Moon Hails Nobel Laureates/Al Gore, IPCC

Compare and contrast:

[email protected]

Not about AL. . .katie couric just reported that

How will Baby Bush react to Gore getting Nobel?

I wonder....what does it feel like?

Anybody know the breakdown on credit card debt?

See not all Texans are crazed right wing racists

Richardson: "Rivals can't say they want to end Iraq war and then leave behind thousands of troops

Soooprise, soooprise

TPM: Bush's Legacy on Voting Rights: A Story from Ohio = Tanner's cover-up letter

Is George * hitting the bottle again?

Try your luck in giving Bush a brain (game)

A funny, but TRUE, story about a Nobel Prize announcement.

The right wing will now proceed to vilify the Nobel committee and all recipients

"For every Scientist that says Global-Warming is real, there's....

Gore needs to keep doing what he is doing - running in our country for pres would be a mistake

Gore on CNN Live Now Speaking With Wolf Blitzer

Bush: "You are either with us or against us"

Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize, Bush Pushes — The War of the Worlds

Bush: "Put a little good news in your newspapers. Be a novel experience for you."

US demands air passengers ask its permission to fly

Things that make me laugh: all these MSM

I want Al Gore to.......

Carter hopes for Gore run

Alex Witt on MSNBC just said Al was richer!

Faux News: Who is the real Dick Cheney?

Armenian sway over US lawmakers

apparently rudy does not have it within himself to offer congratulations to the winner of the

Florida vacation?? Not me,not ever!

BREAKING: Boot camp defendants not guilty

Anita Thompson on Hunter S. Thompson: "He believed we were better than what we were electing."

Illegal Government Surveillance Opens Door to More Privacy Violations

I am now reminded of when Martin Luther King Jr. won the Nobel.

To all the Anti-smoking, anti-scent, fascists out there

We know Gore wants out of Iraq. So do the others. What distinguishes his Iraq stand from the others?

Speaking Truth to Torturers == Poll: Americans Agree, Bush is Lying

And the bad parent award goes to . . .

Respect Iran sanctions, US warns China, Russia and other countries

McCain: Gore shouldn't have won Nobel Prize

Political Prisoner Don Seigelman: Karl Rove Linked to Siegelman Prosecution

When the ground melts in the North

Larry Craig, Hall of Famer

So how many of us got up this early to see if Al Gore won?

Coulter back on CNBC Tonight (Fri) - Kudlow & Company

Mr. Wide Stance inducted into Idaho Hall of Fame. No jokin'.

Our IVAW president returned his medals today

Source: Soldiers found no evidence gunmen fired on Blackwater

Wow, DU Has Come Full Circle on Gore

Ex-Commander Blasts Iraq 'Nightmare'

Gore has class.

Apple's front page pays tribute to Al Gore

Black man kills dog? Jail. Black boy murdered by guards? Shit happens.

Gore/Hillary. A deal?

Nobel is sweet revenge for Gore, blow to Bush

Vatican publishes Knights Templar papers

Another senior repugnant Congressman calls it quits....

Another case of police gone wild on citizens and macing toddlers!

Fight over court role in US eavesdropping

Bill Clinton thinks Gore could enter race. Ostroy: Gore/Obama ticket is "unbeatable"

Please DU this poll.

Al Gore - now watch his drive!

If freepers whine and complain about shiftless do-nothing people, why complain about Al Gore?

If Gore wanted to run for president again--why didn't he try in 2004?

Do you Like the Sound of "Madame President"?

For my 1,000th post, I wonder if I should wander around with my Guy Fawkes mask

DoJ's Tanner to Testify to Congress on 'Minorities Die First' Comment and Ohio 2004 Questions...

Hunt Oil talked to State Dept. prior to signing oil deal with Kurds, contrary to prior statements

Fox Business Channel

Wouldn't it be interesting to see a side-by-side history of

Catholic group targets members of Congress who voted against S-CHIP

Arianna Huffington: What Would You Like Me To Ask Nancy Pelosi?

Al Gore, usurper of Greatest Page -> let's do it! (recommend roundup)

Tonight on Real time with Bill Maher

Another Gore poll....Add your voice for Al

I'll bet any amount of money conservatives start their own "peace" prize

Kerry Congratulates Gore, IPCC on Nobel Peace Prize Win


I was just watching faux news...Gore did NOT win the Nobel Prize

Mother of a British soldier killed in Iraq claims MOD sent some home the "wrong limbs"

To celebrate the Nobel win, a month-long effort to redouble our efforts to fight global warming.

New Airport Body Scanners Troubling to ACLU Privacy Expert

Stephen Colbert on Larry King was great

Friday Rudeness: Gore v. Bush

Bush Crony (sicko Clay Johnson) Could Decide Fate of CIA IG

An Inconvenient Truth: Errors or "Errors"

If you voted for Gore in 2000...

Carlyle to pay $6.3 BILLION for nursing homes

Polish election foes go head-to-head over Iraq

"copy-cat" nooses??

The Real Reason Why Lynne Cheney Ran Off TDS Stage

What's the deal with the Turkey thing?

Tucker - Morning Joe probably gets better guests than you

CNN's lead story: CNN readers don't like Gore winning Nobel

God, I love Rachel Maddow. She is on a roll today.

Hillary quit asking me for money

Beware the media encouraging you to blame Hillary if Al chooses not to run

If anyone saw Gen. Sanchez's interview on CBS news - he severely criticized


Wow, I don't recall EVER seeing more than 300 recs for a post

Ever wonder why Congress is not holding Bush-Cheney accountable

Some Democrats reactions to Gore's Nobel Price

Bush v Gore-The Aftermath-Nice call by the SCOTUS in 2000-Do You Think They Are Proud?

FauxNews,com seems to missing something today....

Special Election in MA 05 a wake up call for Dems?

ABC gives EXCELLENT coverage of Gore (no link)

OMFG! FOX is talking about Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize and the guest speaking just suggested that

MUST SEE: Beautiful Short on GWB and 22nd Amendment

Have the wing nuts issued their official talking points on Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize yet?

Conservatives and Harry Potter

US air strike kills 15 women and children in Iraq

Just received an email from Al Gore

Time for Keith Olbermann's Coverage of Al Gore Nobel Prize Win

What stupid things did you hear said about Gore winning the Nobel prize?

HELEN THOMAS: Bush Says "We Do Not Torture"-Will He Say It Under Oath?

I wanted Gore at the top of the ticket in 1992

Gore has calculated that Clinton is unstoppable

Even The Freepers Are Getting Sick Of Ann Coulter

Condi swears in Race for the Cure Buddy Brinker

I hate it when people claim Gore has "reinvented" himself. I even see that on DU

Doris Lessing: Nobel Prize for Literature

Well, the wackos are out in force, as one might expect, trashing Al Gore

Nobel Peace prize reactions from across the globe.

Brief history of the Democratic Party

How dare the communists on CNN say this!

New Clinton campaign memo destroys Obama's attacks about Iran

Even the corporate CEO of Air America doesn't want Gore to run

Why did Gore win the Peace prize? What's global warming to do with peace?

Best. Gore. Picture. Ever. (needs captioning big-time)

It is right THERE in front of you to see: HRC and Gore, he opposed the war

Freepers have gotten to this Gore poll...Give it some love...

Helen Thomas: US Torture Tactics Shame Us All

How can you tell if a bumper sticker was vandalized, or merely ripped on it's own?

Congratulations, Al, we here in this household love what you're doing...

Nice touch on the Clinton website

Friday Night TOONS

Conyers: Why Did DoJer Justify Bad Ohio Vote?

"Made in U.S.A." Stages a Comback

Only an Unpatriotic IDIOT would attack Gore for Winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Right Wing group seeks to turn away Iraqi Refugees

I hate to say Gore wouldn't win the general election...


Jimmy Carter wants Al Gore to run

DU These CNN Polls: Did Al Gore Deserve To Win The Nobel Peace Prize?

Breaking : Global warming due to Nobel Peace Prize offset by FreeperFreezing

Beat a Bush Democrat

Does anyone here listen to Lynn Samuels on Sirius Left?

An essay written by my sister in law Re: Desparate Housewives Filipino insult

Al could run AND continue the work he got the highest praise for!

If Al Gore is So Smart... Explain Joe Lieberman to Me....

Ronald Reagan: "Trees cause more pollution than people"

US Infantry Officer: Blackwater twice came closer to killing me than did any of the insurgents


Limbaugh has boil removed!...

Al Gore has made me feel something i have not felt in a long time...

Do not spoil my GOREGASM

911 tapes show airport police hid woman's death from husband (Carol Gotbaum)

Qwest was targeted

Oh, goodness, guess what they (freeps) have done now.

Why I like Gore…

I am wondering >>>IF

Al Gore Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize once said "Check the Machine Count with Careful Hand Count


Last night I saw Tom Harkin in San Francisco, checking into the same hotel that Al Gore is at...

Bernie KERIK - the gift to prosecuters everywhere

Poll at Wall Street Journal about Gore and Nobel peace prize

Al Gore's approval ratings are almost identical to Hillary Clinton's

Atlanta running out of water. What climate change?

DU this biased poll on police aggression against protesters

Bush asks GOP debate host whether she was at the debate.

How to Make Al Gore President

BREAKING Sen Edward Kennedy undergoes Surgery for blocked artery in neck...LINK

The Left needs to take back control of the dialogue

Karl Rove & Co go after John Edwards

Craig ethics complaint backfires on GOP

Yes, Mr. Gore, make the media wait for you

Nader Voters - Has Your Opinion of Gore Changed?

Did you know that only one other person has ever won both a Nobel and an Oscar?

DoJ voting chief ‘poisoned the well’ for OH ‘04 probe.

How AT&T and Verizon Profited and Qwest Suffered from their Role in Illegal Domestic Spying

Picture capturing a majority of DUers' wishes

Did everyone read Coulter's DISGUSTING comments about Jews?

Okay -- How do YOU define "Left" or "Lefty?"

The difference between LIBERAL and PROGRESSIVE

Top Republicans comment on Gore's Nobel Peace Prize

Blackwater disarmed US troops after accident

Cindy Sheehan: "Leadership Void"

Parents... Are you afraid when you send your kids to school?

Will Gore's award convince those still on the fence that global warming exists?

Question for the mods or anyone who knows the record for the greatest page.

CIA "rendition" flights cover for drug smuggling: Did the IG discover the Agency's dirtiest secret?

Two Saudis To Receive 7,000 Lashes For Committing "Homosexual Acts"

A tragedy in Bay County, Florida. There was no justice for Martin Lee Anderson.

Al Gore won. I was wrong.

Jenna Bush: "It's Not Even A Practical Question" To Ask Why I'm Not In Iraq

NEO-CANNIBALISM: Just exactly when will the poor start eating the rich?

Vanity Fair: "The People vs. the Profiteers" OMG - A Must Read

From a Lefty to the self-proclaimed Lefties here: Seven Points (a rant)

What is your definition of a Police State?

Venezuela Cancels Chavez Critic's Concert

John Denver died 10 years ago today...

How the Military Can Stop an Iran Attack - Predicted by Brzezinski in Feb of this year.

Little Boots must have been tantrumming like crazy today

shouLd you be abLe to caLL the poLice if someone is smoking near you?

Al Gore makes me feel proud to be American

***DUzy Awards for week ending October 12, 2007.***

Leave it to a DEM to bring some honor back to America.

Uh-oh, Rudy! MORE criminal charges coming for your buddy, Bernie Kerik!

FEINGOLD: Bushco-Legally Dubious & Morally Indefensible


Gereral Who Authorized Torture In Iraq Calls BushCo Incompetent & Iraq A Nightmare

Ted Kennedy Is Doing Fine After Surgery Today

New Biden thread

BIden's statement on Gore EDIT TO CORRECT LINK

Little snip of Biden and Brownback today.

E-mail I just got from Biden's Campaign Mgr.

Meet and Greet Report from youthere...

Delaware Poll - check it out.

msnbc just mentioned Biden!

Live MSNBC poll

Cnn Reporting on Biden/Brownback!!!!!! Calling them the odd couple

Hey! What happened to the Ear of Corn on Biden's site that was keeping

Concord Monitor: Obama focuses on personality (Interview with Barack)

Switch your vote to Clinton to avoid five headed Robo-Clinton

Clinton and Richardson Push Plans to Cut College Costs

Breaking a Primary Logjam

Re the Pub Debate:: WTH did Alan keyes have to say?? There was not a peep in the press

Please go and recommend the LBN thread on NobelGore as well

Rush wasn't even mentioned as a contendah!!! I shall volunteer

Breaking: Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize

The aforementioned "words from Rush" amounted to a blurb about

I Want To Share A Conversation I Had The Other Night

Will the White House issue a statement on Gore?

Go Left TV: Bringing The War Home

Make a Greatest statement! (get your recommend finger ready)

Clinton v Giuliani. Might that outcome produce a four party race?

Hey! Who Wants To Fuck With Limbaugh Today?

Clinton wins endorsement of civil rights leader John Lewis(Dupe Please Remove)

The Reason O'Reilly is attacking John Edwards

Rasmussen: Hillary hits her highest level of support so far in Daily tracking poll...

Retirements Create Historically Big ‘Open Seat’ Gap for Senate Republicans

The audacity of Rush Limbaugh never ceases to amaze me. According

DU this CNN poll...Does Gore deserve the peace prize

Gore/ Clinton?

Barack Obama is JFK heir, says Kennedy aide

Thank You Al Gore

So how can Obama overcome the faux lapal pin distortions?

NY posts negative comment about Gore in front page

Al Gore wins Nobel Peace prize.

In honor of Al Gore's historic achievment....

New television ads campaign targeting Members of Congress who voted against the SCHIP program

Bush & Gutter Politics

Boston Globe, Defining Moments, Barack Obama: Early defeat launched a rapid political climb

Washington Post: Democrats Wage War Over Iran

Politico: GOP ranks no match for Democrats' legions

Okay DU, I know you'll have the answer... How many...

WaPo's neocon Charles Krauthammer praises Hillary today: "Clinton's Attractive Lack of Principles"

A Letter from Al Gore:

Why haven't those Dems who voted for war demanded release of misleading intel

I need some Hillary Propaganda

AP: Clinton would meet Iranin officials without pre-conditions.......Ummmmmmm

Breaking News: The Supreme Court is going to allow Al Gore to keep his Nobel Peace Prize

philosophical: a problem with an exclusively two party system

South Carolina Debat, July 2007...negotiations with adversaries

Rush Limbaugh is a small and petty person, not even really a man.

The number of Republican Presidents who have won the Peace Prize:

Rep. Regula (R-Ohio) Joins Growing List of Retiring Republicans

My final plea to Al Gore

Clinton says she'd negotiate with Iran

cnn's idiots do it again-- did anybody else hear that nonsense this morning during the

By giving all the money away Mr. Gore crosses the T's and dots the I's

75 percent of people who answered my poll will switch to Edwards

Al Gore is giving his prize money

Waiting for Gore: "Run, Al, Run " is the New Democratic Chant (Huffington Post)

Do endorsements matter to you deciding on which candidate you'll support?

Would you switch your vote to Gore if he decided to enter the race?

Curbing Illegal Immigration

The polling companies are pushing Hillary because

Political Endorsements: The Absurd, The Comedic, The Unimportant

I'm Proud For The First Time In Years....

Okay, I LIKE Hillary, but I still won't vote for her in the primary...

Study: 41 million in U.S. can't afford basics

Nice to see Giuliani show class when asked about Gore's award......NOT!!!

Why is there a campaign ad for Matt Blunt (R) Governor of MO on...

Dear Democrats - Let's bask in Al's Glory and to hell with anyone else!!!

The GOP should nominate Laura

what changes would you make in the legislative process?

Source: Gore thinks Clinton unstoppable

New Poll has Gore ahead of Hillary in nomination bid by 15%

More (reasoned, I hope) thoughts on the "support the nominee" question...

"We have to go far, quickly..." Al Gore

Billo attacks Edwards...again.

Question..Postal employees health care

We The People...

GORE Press Conference in about 2 minutes (1:54pm) W/take NO questions.

CIA "rendition" flights as cover for drug smuggling: Did the Inspector General discover the Agency's

Sources: CIA legal official quit in protest over “enhanced interrogations”

O'Rielly "bin Laden has a John Edwards bumper sticker up on his cave wall."

The Rude Pundit: Gore v. Bush

Durbin, Obama demand more answers from VA about doctor's hiring

Which Dem do you think is the least trustworthy when it comes to mainstream Democratic Values?

Hillary is a Republican!*

Debunking another lie: Hillary is "conservative", "corporate"

Memo: Seasons of the Campaign

Al Gore/Live Earth!

Has John Edwards chosen his New Orleans rebuilding team?

Is this what a conservative voting record looks like?

Gore already WON. He now just needs to take back what is his and he has the

Hillary Clinton is surging in the polls! She at 110 percent

Lawmakers back CIA's inspector general

Could Kucinich win the Michigan primary? nt

Gore congratulated on the front page of Hillary's website

Associated Press Is Outdone In Accuracy By...Fox News!

Obama's statement on Gore and the Nobel Peace Prize

Photos: Barack Obama speaks at a town hall meeting today, Warren County Fairgrounds, Indianola, IA

McCain the first classless repuglican loser to slam Gore for winning the Nobel

Mark Warner IS the next VA Senator

Big Ed: I know for a fact Obama has more boots on the ground in Iowa

No 'Groundswell' for Gore for President

The MEDIA is doing it AGAIN

"My show is better 'cuz I don't have to do any kissing." Chris Matthews

Obama on the Nobel Peace Prize

Go Left TV: News for October 12, 2007

Hillary campaign memo on Obama's "next phase"

Who Do Ya Like And How Much Do Ya Make?

MSNBC Live Vote: Should Gore Run?

Are you seeing political ads in your area featuring Bush and/or Cheney?

DU poll on member's incomes - how much do you earn?

Dkos: Update/results on the Gore - Will you switch? Poll

Dick Durbin: Obama will win Iowa

Question: Does anyone know who Tom Harkin of Iowa is supporting for President?

If HILLARY dyed her hair black what would you make for dinner tomorrow?

It is all over for the republicans; they have lost Merle Haggard

Taking Another Round with the Clintons....Will Bill manage to keep himself

Please Delete

"Did You See The Man You Voted Against In 2000 Won The Nobel Prize"?

If Gore entered the race, how would the primaries play out?

FYI, Dennis Kucinich got a 100% pro-choice rating from NARAL in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Is Rush Limbaugh supporting a particular presidential candidate?

Clinton Increases Lead Over Giuliani, Pummels Thompson, Improves Favorable Ratings

Do you think Gore will endorse a candidate before the Iowa caucus?

Why Al Gore will not run for president in '08 (unfortunately)...

The Obama campaign says...

ABC: Clinton Privately Weighs Social Security Tax Hike; Edwards Goes After Her

Former Kennedy Speechwriter Says Barack Obama Would be Good President, Clinton Will Lose

Draft Gore?

What is "negative campaigning"?

ANyone else thing Clinton's support is a mile wide but an inch thick?

The "corporatist" candidate is rated 100% progressive in "corporate subsidies"

Ed Schultz quoting National Enquirer on Edwards infidelity

Gore won the Nobel Prize.

Condi stunned by Putin's frosty tone.

Gee , with all the MSM negativity about the Gore Nobel ,it is almost like someone with media

The new DLC - the New America Foundation

Sen. Boxer response on constituent support on oversight and accountability, re: Blackwater, et al.

White House spokesman Tony Fratto: "Of course we’re happy for Vice President Gore"

CNN Poll - Does Gore Deserve the Nobel Prize is only

Rasmussen:Clinton Increases Lead Over Giuliani, Pummels Thompson

Last night I sat in my car with God

Once Again, Ann Coulter Shows Her True Colors

Wash Post VA Poll Gives Mark Warner Wide Lead in Senate Race (30 pts)

Why does Gore seem to get a pass on NAFTA?

Al Gore makes me proud to be a Democrat! After all the garbage the past few days

This Week's Top Ten Questions To Ask Republicans

Campaigning For Clinton In Carroll, Vilsack Seeks To Return Favor

Clinton wins endorsement of civil rights leader John Lewis

Manufacturing controversy to attack Obama? Some DUers make a big deal out Obama's acknowledgement

An Inconvenient Controversy: Fox & The Wingnuts vs The Peace Prize

DU this AOL Al Gore Poll!

Clinton leading by 26% nationally; almost at 50% support.

Tommy Thompson to Endorse Giuliani

For all of the folks that want Al Gore to run for President.

NPR Poll - Dems lead by 13 -- Hillary drags us down

The poll we have all been waiting for...Delaware

Brownback, Biden reject Iraq status quo

Anyone see this "joke/cartoon" from House Republicans on SCHIP?

Why single out Clinton for her Iraq vote, Edwards was the worst

Des Moines: Obama Goes After Clinton on Iraq, Iran

Michigan Pullout--What's the damage?

No offense, but people advocating downfall of DEMS

Edwards Statement on Gore Receiving the Nobel Peace Prize

Source: Gore thinks Clinton unstoppable

Would you support a Democratic candidate who has the following anti-choice record?

In one sentence Obama spokesman Bill Burton manages to insult John Lewis, Hillary Clinton...

What Level Of Education Do You Have?

I Figured Out Gore's Problem

Hey has Bill Clinton weighed in on Gore's Nobel win yet? I would think he should be the first

GORE FOR PRESIDENT: A Thread for Supporters

How to turn a soft Clinton supporter into an Undecided in 10 minutes

Just so you know, you are like so pushing me towards Hillary Clinton.

A tale of two men

GD experiment: What do you think about this statement?

GALLUP: Despite Nobel Prize, No 'Groundswell' for Gore for President

Wanna know how to turn a soft supporter of your opposing candaidates? Lie to them!

Do you think Hillary Clinton is a corporatist?

PNACo Fascism Awareness Week