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Bribery, blackmail and Bond-style gadgets. What the FSB says Britain is up to

The Cackle joins The Haircut and The Sigh


Violent Rhetoric, Violent Viewers

Democratic-Led Congress Breaks Record For Highest Number Of Roll Call Votes In History

Waxman in no rush to silence Rush

Wearing virtue on our lapels

High-Stakes Flimflam By BOB HERBERT

35% of US Americans Still Support Bush: Diagnosing the Insanity By Jason Miller

The man who stands between US and new war

Iraq's displaced people nightmare

Smile, Though Your Head Is Aching By Dana Milbank

EPA Joins Settlement of Lawsuit but Adds a Waiver

New Zealand plans cuts to greenhouse gas emissions with new energy strategy

Report: Most Of Kashmir's Small Glaciers Now Completely Gone - Larger Ice Fields Shrinking Rapidly

CalTech-Led Team Finds Strongest Evidence Yet Of CO2 As Driver Of Ancient Warming Episodes

30+ Years Of Australian Records Show Alterations In Bird Migration Patterns Thanks To Climate

Anthony Zinni: "We Will Pay To Reduce GHG Emissions Today Or Pay Later In Military Terms" - Nature

Curious George And The Toys R Us Doll That Had 10X The Legal Lead Level - ENN

None dare call it genocide

Full Sail Ahead for Wind Energy

Mafia clan accused of diverting dangerous fossil fuels to kill people.

As Global Powers Prepare To Carve Up The Arctic, US Doesn't Even Have Enough Icebreakers

World Grain Supplies Not Enough To Produce Biofuels - Asia News

Judge blocks U.S. illegal worker crackdown

2 to be sentenced for Cuba travel ban violation

Starbucks recalls plastic cups (made in China) for children, citing choking hazard

Alberto Gonzales hires defense attorney

Judge blocks U.S. illegal worker crackdown

Attack on US base in Iraq kills 2, wounds dozens

New military leaders question Iraq mission

The man who stands between US and new war

Increased violence continues in Iraq

McGuinty wins 2nd majority, but NDP gains in Ontario

NLRB criticized for decertifying Maremont union

Bush, Congress face showdown over warrantless eavesdropping

Marines Press to Remove Their Forces From Iraq

Uranium Killed 37 Italian Soldiers

Partisanship Accusation Expanded in Alabama: Riley, Jr., boasted GOP judge would "hang Siegelman"

Spy Chief: West Trying To Crumble Russia

US bill on Armenia moves forward

House Democrats defy Bush, approve spy bill

Doctor at center of stunting debate kills himself

Let's all take a break and listen to Donna Fargo.

I should have said 6 instead of 4.

Lena Horne on "Sanford and Son" on TV Land now. Good stuff.

Ho-la Amigas

I'm almost done reading "I am America and so can you"


west side

Revolution Calling!

Am I the only one that hates that Cingular commercial

Would snack sales increase if news anchors and talk show participants munched on the air?

Halloween Decorations are up. my daughter and her friend

i downloaded the new radiohead thingy

Is the new Bionic Woman the hottest or what

The Actual Purpose of a GWB White House

A follow-up to my "Someone used my debit card" thread...

Qiuckly....Please help me pick 1 photo to enter the DU May Calandar photography contest

Has anyone here read a short story called "The Party"? I think it's by William F. Nolan

If appointed as a Moderator, would you crack down on discussion of Tofurkey?

I can't do my job anymore

I'm here.

"Over 60's" folks - are you at all close with your siblings?

Dear god in heaven, the new show Life SUCKS.

Lefty loosie, Righty tighty

are there any other survivors of ritualistic satanic abuse here?

Was Kerry borked or kerried?

Laughing my ass off! (Travelocity ad)

Datasuspect, are you drunk AGAIN???

The Earth Does Not Deserve to allow your relatives to inhabit it

What Time Does DataSuspect Go To Sleep?

Inka bink a bottle of ink

I just saw a Christmas-is-coming shopping commercial.

I just got into a car chase, ask me anything

what is the sexiest thing you've ever done?

Video....How to make Mountain Dew glow in the dark....easy and fun



I am so depressed.

I just ate a Slim Fast burrito. Ask me anything!

Getting ready to watch "Platoon" again.








Okay, I'm leaving.



Admit it: If you still like it LOUD, you also AIR IT OUT!



Identify the Dwarf Whose Time Has Come...


What do you do when you feel like Giving Up?

The Cutest Images

$1000 Reward for Return of Lost Brain.




Image: Just Hanging Out

I want to try an experiment. I want to Godwin a thread before it's even started. So here we go.


If I Were a Mod

Video: 300 Cats Parody

Write something goofy

True Political Confessions!


How About Some Kinks?

Are Privately Owned Gravedigging Companies Legal in Russia?

what's the most awesome yet horrible thing you've ever done?

Don't try this at home, kids. We're what you call professionals.


The Navy/Pitt Game is now over


Mmmmmm...bloody mary

Is it or not and if not WHAT is that child chomping on? (Thompson interview)

I'm lonely and bored...


My cat is trying to chase me out of my or should I say her computer chair.

Bionic Woman is incredible!

The only thing we have to fear,is fear itself. And spiders.


We need Brand new TV shows On TV.

Southpawkicker for Moderator!

Why am I sad tonight?

New Myth

Has anyone ever gotten access to your checking account - not talking of someone you know

Do any of you Stumble!?

If a myth starts among a densely concentrated community of 999 people

do you have a deep, primordial substrate of fear and shame that is nameless and without form,

Out of Here for awhile


marshall amplification

The Complete Mom in Under 3 Minutes Video Musical--A Scream!

Good God! Look what's happening to this gal's face!


what's the most horrible thing you've ever done?

Video of little Sunflower

I told my son that Satan is watching him.

Last song you heard, that made you rock the fuck out?

DU job interview

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld Play ''Totally Hilarious'' Practical Joke on War Crimes Court of Justice

Lars Vilks Hiding from Al-Qaeda in Secret Location on 453 Storågatan in Örebro

Christian Democrats Change Name to ''Son-of-God Jesus Christ's Christian Democrats''

I Just Posted 16 news stories on DU today! Ask me anything!!!


Thanks for all the GREAT vibes...

NEW South Park alert - looks like heavy duty toilet humor


Yet another puerco-bellies picture thread from last Sunday.

Someone ordered $500 worth of Banana Republic stuff on my debit card!!

somebody go look at this thing and tell me what the hell to think


Just saw an ad for 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age' and got crazy goose-bumps.

Pink Floyd rules n/t

I live in a shit community where everyone is a freeper except me

Last movie you saw, that scared the SHIT out of you?

I just got a Nigerian e-mail

Quick—horror fans of the Lounge: what's a GREAT haunted house short story?

have you ever almost accidentally posted hardcore pornographic images

Tonight's Dinner Thread: Green Chile Stew, made with HOT Hatch Chiles

Question for the lounge...mainly for the guys, but the ladies opinions are welcome,too

‘Supervisor’ Bill Likely To Face Battle In US Senate

Edwards rallies union support in Oregon

How Wal-Mart Can Be Beaten (And Why the AFL-CIO Failed)

Dennis Kucinich Tells Latino, AFL-CIO Audiences that He Would Cancel U.S. Participation in NAFTA, WT

Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination

A Time to Break Silence - By Martin Luther King

Hyperbole - penniless vs terrorist victim

"Why don't you have a first world government that supports its own people?"

Observation: Before 1939 WWI was known as The Great War...

This thing I wrote for the campus 'zine

John Dean on Cheney 101 - KO

Ohhh.....Big baby did not get his Wire tapping


Bush thugs wrote a law in 2004 giving mercenaries immunity from Iraqi law no matter what they do

larry Craig TOON

For what reason?

Got a notice from the bank about my equity line.

Just turned on tweety show waiting for Countdown

Only a U.S. Withdrawal Will Stop Al Qaeda in Iraq

This is just the warmest thank you to Keith for being so clear

British Judge rules against An Inconvenient Truth

If I was a neocon fascist freak child

Jimmy Carter on Cheney - Wow

What is Busholini's excuse now?

Speaker Pelosi's Reasoned Message on Withdrawl

Romney's abortion flip-flop will provide cover for those who are uneasy voting for a Mormon.

British didn't lose Basra, it's just that success was based on "false expectations"

I have a friend who is totally apolitical, although I would suspect that

Abrams just opened with Jimmy Carter speaking clearly about Cheney

Clark will be on Colbert Report this evening.

S. Africa's silent war in Iraq

Good God! Look what's happening to this gal's face!

FBI Warning Issued to North Texas Law Enforcement

Looking like Helen Black this week.

I posted this awhile back...but let me say it again

Janet Reno on w/Tavis tonight. George Clooney on w/ Charlie Rose.

Fox News hires ex-CEO of HP Carly Fiorina

Reuters vote match site:

Nex t Cheney clusterfuck coming up

ROFLMAO !!! - Randi's Peeps Truly Know The Feeling Out Here !!! (Audio)

"An Arab Woman Blues - Reflections in a sealed bottle..."

"Alberto Gonzales Hires Defense Attorney"

Marines Press to Remove Their Forces From Iraq

"Presidential contender may hire Joe Torre"?

State Dept. may phase out Blackwater

Do DLC members ( economic conservative, social liberals ) belong in the LP?

Was there a poster, a few months ago, who was warning about the north of Iraq

Liberals win 2nd majority govt., Conservatives gain no seats in Canada's biggest province

Michelle Malkin is a (fill in the blank).....

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Sam Seder subs for Mike

Progressive Talk Radio

in the FARM Bill, Help clean the air

"Don't Snitch"? F**k 'em. Charge them as accessories.

Did We Forget to Pay the Bill of Rights?

It's time for Mitch McConnell to resign his seat in

Waco, Texas - 84 year old woman accused of trying to run over neighbor

Diehard whomever supporters: what is it that makes you a diehard supporter?

Stephen Colbert just came on Late Night with David Letterman!

Lynn Cheney is the guest tonight on The Daily Show?!? Oh Goodie!

Dennis Kucinich on Colbert Report, Monday, October 15th

which will go down as the biggest disaster in our little Iraqi Invasion?

Do we have a Liberal Media or a Libertarian media?

FLASHBACK: In 2000, Candidate Bush Called Armenian Massacre A ‘Genocidal Campaign’

"Only the strong survive."

Diehard Obama supporters: what is it that makes you a diehard supporter

Depression: It's a crying shame

My hero is going to the Middle East to document the carnage


Whoa! Get this: Alberto Gonzales hires defense attorney

TONIGHT on The Cobert Report: Gen. Wesley K. Clark!!!

This stuff about Congress's low approval ratings is a complete joke

Marines press to remove their forces from Iraq

Holy MOTHER Of MASSIVE MASSIVE HYPOCRISY!!!!!!!!!! (My Brain Blew-up)

PSA: 25 free tools to encrypt literally everything.

Salmonella alert! Pot Pie recall

Al Gore tipped to win Nobel

Lynne Cheney should be afraid of Jon Stewart, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND

They may be throwing Bongwater under the bus! Operative word "may"

Al Gore will run for president. I am certain of it.

HRC supporters: Would you support the Dem presidential candidate if she doesn't win the nomination?

Diehard Edwards supporters: what is it that makes you a diehard supporter

Why do telecom companies need protection in the FISA legislation?....What were they collecting?

President misquoted over gays in Iran: aide

GORE ADVISOR: He's Not A Candidate YET- "Sometime later than today"

Oh Pelosi...

I am calling out Joe For Clark.

Leahy CAVES to BUSH?? Sets Confirmation Hearings for Mukasey to be Attorney General

I simply cannot describe this. You have to see it for yourselves.

How many pot smokers do we have here?

I Officially Give Up On The Democrats !!!

Who would NOT vote for Al Gore?

Diehard Hillary supporters: what is it that makes you a diehard?

For those who wish to post a thought, a poem a pic for OMC

US holds 860 Iraqi's 16 and younger

Malkin on health insurance when she had to buy it: Must read.

Diehard Biden supporters: what is it that makes you a diehard supporter


BUSH TOONSTONED (check it out) ====>

Have at it, Bidenites! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE

Have you guys seen this video?? Ben posted it on LittleClarkies thread. I'd

This is a really good thread

The myth that Republicans appear strong on national security exploded on the planes on 9-11

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today at Prince Georges Community College in Largo, Maryland

New Yorkers: Hillary stories requested

a constituency of one ? on MSNBC

Obama's Army

If Michigan is an open primary and has no Dem delegates in play...

They say that you should pick on someone your own size....

Obama's real Stand on Free Trade Treaties.

Candidate With an Eye on Edging Up to No. 3: Richardson "slowly and steadily rising in the polls"

Arnold’s Veto ‘Dashes Hopes’ of California Health Care Reform

Interesting scenario from a blogger at Huff Post. Tells Gore to run in FL and MI

I want the Dem candidate to destroy the Republican Party by

The Scents of the Senate: a little re-reading of Kyl-Lieberman

The Offshoring of Hope: Obama Now Misleads Voters About NAFTA Expansion

Anyone seen that horro flick 416 WeeksLater?

I just turned off John Stewart when Lynne Cheney came on

Maureen Dowd: Bomb, bomb, iran

CNN answers a very important question.

Hunter Finds Two Legged Chihuahua Abandoned In Woods (plus video)

Feds Could Create a Phony Illegal Voters List Just Like the Florida Phony Black Felons List of 2000

Just received this from B Boxer cancelling tomorrows Gore he on his way to receive the

Howard Dean, Lee Rainey C-Span 3 tomorrow GMU's Political Journalism series.

Barack Obama: "Five years after Iraq war vote..", goes after Clinton in NH Union Leader Op-Ed

Prediction: Who will win Iowa? Please give us your numbers.

Roll Call: Supporters of Dennis Kucinich, report yourselves.

A message to DLC supporters and members. Why not just join the Libertarian party?

Washington Post: Ms. Clinton's Trade Adjustment

Careful. This speech may make you cry.

And HR 676 (Medicare for ALL) gets yet another co-sponsor -- that makes 85!

Hillary Clinton on Keith Olbermann's Countdown on Thursday night!

Should I run for the Democratic nomination, or continue to attack Nader?

If Bill Clinton wasn't hated so much by Republicans would Gore have won easily in 2000?

BushCheney08 bumper sticker

Clinton selling substance over style in Iowa

Gordon Fischer: Clinton could harm Iowa Caucuses

Obama's new ad, "Quiet", tells NH why Obama is different from the rest.

The Dangerous Framing of Congress as an Inept Community

Dear Madame Speaker : Alice Paul – American Suffragist – Broke with the Dem Party

Odds Favor Al Gore for Nobel Peace Prize

Clinton leading in new primary and general election polls in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

Kucinich challenges Democratic leadership

Only One Congress Member Gets It

Biden Takes on Bush, Clinton and Giuliani

Say it with me Gore for President!, Gore for President!, Gore for President!

Do caucus primaries cause family strife?

Hillary expertly puts Barack in a Box.

The Politicians Who Love War, But Don't Want To Pay For It

The United States Attorneys Scandal Comes to Mississippi

Supreme Disgrace

Edwards Statement In Commemoration Of 5-Year Anniversary Of Iraq War Authorization Vote

Too Timid for Tax Increases

How Many Moral Waivers Has Blackwater Issued?

Bush's Campaign of Lies to Conceal War Crimes

Our Drinkable Water Supply Is Vanishing

Gov. Crist lauded by African-Americans, called 'first black governor'

Arms sales: How the US is not winning friends

Bush and the Phone Companies: Partners in Crime

Joe Conason: Why ‘Socialism’ Evokes No Fear

Karl "turd blossom"Rove Linked to Siegelman Prosecution

It's the Oil (Jim Holt, London Review of Books)

A Love of America Turned Ugly

What happened?

CommonDreams: It Takes A Village to Start World War III

Tell the Damn Truth Already

Dave Lindorff: The Marines Have Figured It All Out: It's Time to Quit Iraq

Rep. Lewis (R-KY) uses "socialism" tag for S-CHIP

Victims of Blackwater shootings file lawsuit against company, founder

The Nation: Rudy's Dirty Money


This Song Ain't the Same

Rice Says Iran lying About Nukes

GOP lawyer Ties Rove To Siegelman Case

Republican Rep. Dumps GOP, Switches Party


America’s Armageddonites

Alterman Critiques Ken Burns WWII Opus on PBS...and interesting read of it:

1929 Redux: Heading for a Crash?


Spreading Awareness or Smearing a Religion? ("Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week" )

Braggone captures more light for solar cells

Solar power's secret recipe

UNC Faculty And Students To Develop Plan To Get Clean Water In Poorer Homes

"Biofuels Plans May Cause Water Shortages"

Westar Launches Three Kansas Wind Farms

The Solar Farmer (CO)

A sea change: the wind farm revolution (UK)

A new website: "Science Progress"

New reason for old farm to grow (Chebeague Island, Maine)

The Scale Of The Problem: Bristol Airport (UK) Plane CO2 Emisisons = CO2 Of Entire Nation Of Malawi

Puget Sound Orcas so full of pollutants, it's enough to sicken them

Tuna fishing kills endangered birds, sea life: WWF

In Cuba, Sturdier Housing In Hurricane Belt Uses Pozzolan Plus Biomaterials

Ships asked to avoid whale route (BBC)

World Conservation Union Red List of Threatened Species 2007

Interview with Frank Bowman (CEO of Nuclear Energy Inst)

WP - The Downside Of Endless Summer - Even Beltway Denizens Sense Something's Wrong

crosspost from science forum - Robert Bussard has passed

x-post -- please say NO to Alaskan Wolf AERIAL THRILL KILLING (last day for comment)

Warming climate shrinking Glacier Park's glaciers

In which I post an abstract question about the maximum:

Norway leads, U.S. lags on environment policy

GRL - Canadian Science Team On Harper Climate Plan - "Maybe They Have A Ouija Board"

Oyster Creek relicensing opponents establish Web site

New Refinery to "Fix" Key Flaws in Biodiesel Production

National Energy Board Report - Canadian Natural Gas Output May Fall 15% In Next Two Years

man facing charges for shooting mountain lion

IPCC Scientist: "We Are All Used To Talking About . . Our Grandchildren. Now We Know That It's Us"

Gore climate film's 'nine errors' (BBC)

what are your thoughts on Carbon Capture and Storage?

Here's An Interesting Graph, Courtesy Of Bjeknes Centre . . .

Pentagon Report: Space-Based Solar Power As an Opportunity for Strategic Security

House May Vote Soon on Reporters' Shield

Gov't May Buy Thousands of Miss. Homes

Alberto Gonzales Hires Defense Attorney

Democratic Field Leaves Some Still Wanting Gore

Congressional panel OKs Armenian measure

Report: Marines press to move units from Iraq

ConAgra defends pot pie health alert (Banquet)

Study gives hope of narrowing breast cancer chemo

2 Coalition Force Troops Killed in Iraq (40 Wounded in Attack on U.S. Base)

Car bomb attack on Iraqi general kills seven people

U.S. forces raid police precinct in western Baghdad

Israeli Doctors Treat Iraqi Patients

India PM meets IAEA head as nuclear deal clock ticks

Myanmar Dissident Dies Under Questioning

Outraged Iraqis condemn killings by foreign guards

Zimbabwe a laughing stock, says Mugabe

Mukasey confirmation hearings next week

U.N. Wants Security Guards In Iraq to Face Law: Advocates probe into possible war crimes

Democrats target GOP leader with Abramoff ties

Drugmakers Recall Infant Cough/Cold Medicine In U.S.

Baghdad shooting victims sue Blackwater

Burma man dies under torture

Bhutto 'to ignore Musharraf plea'

Homeless Families in New York Lose a Loophole

After criticism, UK to pay more to wounded troops

Foreclosure filings nearly double

Sallie Mae swings to 3Q loss of $344 million

Enrollment in Medicaid Takes a Rare Dip

Dick Cheney Disagreed With President Bush Over Donald Rumsfeld Dismissal

GOP Sources: Regula to Retire (OH-16)

Iraqi victims' families file lawsuit against Blackwater security co in US

Prosecute Iraq's 'Rogue' Security Guards, Says UN

Turkey recalls ambassador to U.S. for consultations over genocide bill

Private NTV television reports that Turkey has recalled its ambassador

Union vote sought for casino workers (mid-Michigan’s largest employer)

Utah Mine Probe Won't Be Open to News Media

Union To Kroger: Pay Up

Gates plays down report Marines want Iraq exit

Cuba Urges Environmental Education

Stop embryonic cell research, Pope urges

GOP: A love of NASCAR is contagious, but its fans are not

Regula confirms: he's retiring

Clinton Defends Michigan Ballot Stand

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 11

"You are no longer monks," Myanmar prisoners told

Study Says Kids Often Don't Get Right Care

'God' now allowed on certificates for Capitol flags

Ex state Rep. Kosmas to challenge Congressman Feeney

19 Insurgents And 15 Civilians, Including 9 Children, Killed In Raid Targeting al-Qaida In Iraq

Afghanistan cracks down on private security firms

State Sales Taxes Flash Recession Warning

Army Offers Big Cash To Keep Key Officers

Residents occupy seat of local government, fed up with officials selling off communal farmland

Johnson & Johnson recalls infant cold medicines

McCain health plan includes $2,500 tax credit

Unprecedented Muslim call for peace with Christians

TSA Promises Privacy For Subjects Of Clothing-Penetrating Scans

SEAL to Get Posthumous Medal of Honor

Argentina's torture priest given a life sentence

U.S. demands passenger lists for sun flights (that don't take off or land in U.S.)

Documents: Qwest was targeted (by government agencies)

Starbucks Recall: Coffee Maker Won't Stop Using Chinese Products

World's oldest wall painting unearthed in Syria

Orbiting solar panels' day may be near

Colombians protest Uribe government

Turkey blasts Armenian genocide bill

Richardson wants U.S. troops replaced in Iraq---by ARABS

Rebuild or retreat: US debates evacuation of Gulf coastline

Islamists damage giant rock Buddha

Grad student suspended after pro gun rights e-mail

Literature Nobel for Doris Lessing



All we are saying is give peas a chance.


I have a new avatar

Fred Thompson score big corporate backer

Holmes on Home, anyone else watch this show.

I know the General Discussion forum has a bad reputation in the Lounge, but damn...

i am such a bonehead

My team's gonna crush Army this weekend

Uh oh... Lucy and Ethel just bought 500 baby chickens...

at 3:33 AM i just got an automated phone call from AFSCME !

Never mind the fact I'm torrenting six things all at once


I just found out my cat likes yogurt. Is it okay if I feed it to him?

I want to do this before I die!

Pssst....there's a pol pot in GD man....

Pssst....there's a pot pie in GD man....

Pssst....there's a pot pie in GD man....

Whoa! Anyone seen the preview for "Rendition"?



Last song you heard, that made you fuck the rock out?

I live in a freeper community where everyone is a shit except me.

Someone shot my house with a paintball last night

I told myself: I'm not going to get up at 5am. I'm not going to get up at 5am!

BSG fans...a teaser

Pssst....there's a pot poll in GD man....

Why don't vaccinations last for a person's whole life? nt

My Cable Is Out!!!! What the hell do I do NOW?

If Carl's Jr. wants me to eat their food

What's the most romantic thing you've ever done?

Dog saves family from fire blamed on cat

Serious shortage of unblogged cats

I went to GD and got called Kitler! Is this a rite of passage or something?

This popped up on my screen. HELP ME.

OK, I seem to be missing something here...

I went to GD and got called Hillary! Does this mean pod people like me?

Not only should some people be banned from driving but they should be sterilized so they don't...

Internet Tough Guy Quarterly

Why don't vacations last for a person's whole life? nt

Grindhouse. Yowza.

I think someone stole my blinker.

Can I convert an M4b file to a regular audio file?

"The Film Crew"...MST3K's Nelson, Corbett & Murphy reunite on DVD (without the bots)

How come men who are sinister are sexy? I mean men in movies,

How $%#^@ hard is it to COMMUNICATE information effectively?

Some freak smashed my windshield!

I'm looking to buy a minivan for my blinker - anyone know where I can buy one


I'm looking to sell a blinker for my minivan - anyone know where I can sell one

I'm looking to buy a blinker for my minivan - anyone know where I can buy one

i'm a starving orphan shut-in

photoshop the new RNC logo (FARK)

Which one to eneter for "spooky" photography contest? please


star wars video to the tune of muskrat love....

Seriously - what crack are you all smoking today

Characters in movies...specifically the movie "No Reservations".

You want some chicken, baby?


NY cat show kittypics

The Goonies star Sean Astin says sequel is 'certainty'

What's the greatest thing you've never done?

Regarding the new Radiohead

Who comes to mind for you?

Day four of spirit week. They tried to TP us last night, but I

I've been pretty snarky to both Ohiosmith and LSK. I'd like to post my sincere apology here....


Dogs vs. cats

I think this will be my theme music from now on. Think people will be bothered by it?

Hello Lounge, I am back

I am driving my minivan to buy a blinker for my Rolls FUCKING Royce!

i too owe an apology

Two years ago today I got a phone call from a DUer.

Sorry kiddies, you'll get crappy candy this Halloween

"Cameltoe" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "cameltoe".

my 1000th post...........

I. am. freezing.


Whatcha think of my new logo?

I just met William Gibson

Found a cool blinker in the Olive Garden parking lot.

It's a day late, but Happy 90th Birthday, Thelonious Monk!

30 minutes in hell

Hard to believe I've been a member of DU for five years...

Sorry kiddies, you'll get cameltoe candy this Halloween

I Just watched "Jesus Camp"! Ask me anything!

Sniff-sob, I posted a pic thread yesterday and it sank like a lead fish.

OK this is hysterical- this guys act is awesome

"Banality" is the PHRASE for today. Modify a thread title to include "Banality".


"For me, singing is a way of escaping. It is another world. I'm no longer on earth." Edith Piaf

Anyone downloaded the new Radiohead album?

Baby As Weapon

Do I have too much A-V stuff?

Beer instapoll

Damn, my sister is dating psychobithch again.

Rub salt in that wound, Mom.

What I did this summer - my summer in pictures (**dial-up warning**)

Artist Implants Third Ear On His Own Arm

Note to self. . .

I'm Psyched! I Just Got Over $500 Bucks Worth Of Stuff From Banana Republic!

What is the most DISGUSTING thing you have ever done?

General Jesus is coming

Important Internet safety tip...

Today is national Hiding Out day

Oh just great! Peru will be closed the day we arrive in Lima!

Help me bite da lemon

Today is national Coming In day

can you give me some directions please?

Can I get some Vibes please?

Help me with a bit of a dilemma.

Lounge Lizard vibes request

Yeesh. My computer almost got a virus from the Yahoo news page.

Al Gore did NOT win the Nobel Peace Prize!

I need your REALLY good Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes!!!

I'm calling out TreasonousBastard

TreasonousBastard does not win a DUzy.

Damn fine day. One of my clients who is mentally and physically challenged just landed a job.

How did you punish as a Dominatrix? For whom?

Wedding music-Urgent help needed

TreasonousBastard wins a DUzy!!

My roommate just lit the kitchen on fire

Today is National Coming Out Day

does anyone use the gmail chat feature?

I'm posting from lynx - just to see if it's possible

From the "damn, I feel old" file

LOL this is hilarious! Check it out...ANOTHER RECALL FROM CHINA

Kelly Ripa

Al Gore Won the Nobel Peace Prize!

Calif. bans bears in cars with kids

I just watched Hitchcock's LIFEBOAT, starring the late, great Tallulah Bankhead

Can you recommend freeware/shareware for printing business cards?

The Rebel vs the Rifleman

How DARE my box of wine do this?!

I'm going to Beer Mecca this weekend. Recommend me some brews to look out for.

Any DUers in/near Flatulating Texan?

Question regarding south/central american immigration into US

see Tovah Grow.... (dial-up warning)

They want $300 freaking dollars to fix my car horn

and so can you

Stop whining it is not an empty box, it is the Force.

Why can't I recommend a locked topic?

The scariest Halloween costumes (of 2004)

Help me with a bit of an enema.

Mourners remember Virginia congresswoman

The feel-good video clip of the week: clueless kid squats over bottle rocket aimed at his own jewels

Bad Poetry Contest

self delete

Hey, dig this bird. And you thought you could dance!

Why do they make chewable aspirins and gummy vitamins?

Five year old boy Injured In Road Rage Dies. All because of two asshole shit bags.

My opponent is melting down!

Anyone know where to get a giant laser?


Somebody wants $300 dollars to install my car porn

Smoldering Moisture Farm...

Woa, just got home from work expecting DU to be in flames

Anyone know where to get a giant loser?

Ipod question

WOW!! EarlG just emailed me and told me he needed me!!!!

Which dictator is most like Bush ?

Tonight on Tap at Tavernertavern: Piraat Belgian IPA

Smoldering Manure Farm...

My waitress was watching me eat creeped me out.

What's the greatest thing you've ever done?

How many regular posters and lurkers are there at DU?

I'm Giving Out Used Syringes For Halloween

What does it mean to be a "mature" person?

Thursday, October 11th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

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Gates: Changes possible for officer promotions

Turkey launches airstrikes near Iraq border

Trainers help communities help military kids

Roadside bombs target 2 U.S. convoys in Iraq

52 suspects killed in Iraq ops over past week

Mayor who claimed to be Green Beret resigns

U.S. releases prisoners for Ramadan

Charge dropped against Guard general

New AF hospital complex opens at Anaconda

Airman pleads guilty to distributing drug

Some diesel coupon books distributed after shortage

Carter Says U.S. Tortures Prisoners

What The Captain Really Means...

Home-Front Connection: A Blessing or a Burden?

State Dept. considers ending use of Blackwater

SNCO allegedly snatches UA Marine at gunpoint

Chu: Some lawmakers would need moral waiver

Quick action urged on vet disability checks

Marines Want Out of Iraq

Fallen SEAL to receive Medal of Honor

Don't Hate San Francisco!

5,000 nurses strike against Northern California hospitals

SkyWest pilots to decide whether to join a union

Chicago teachers file unfair labor charge

Labour's foes have neither law nor history on their side

Honda, UAW clash over new factory jobs in Indiana, residency rules exclude most union members

AK Steel, workers settle on health care creating a $663 million managed trust fund

Electrical workers say no to DTE pact;

Should strikers work other jobs? (civic strike enters its 84th day)

Labor wary of Miller-Coors merger plan

Labor Board Pushes to Clear Cases (3 R's backing probusiness positions; 2 democrats backing union)

Union event attracts political hopefuls ((Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards)

Judge denies news outlets access to mine disaster inquiry

Frist Diagnosing Terry Schiavo on Senate Floor

Al Gore: Be Our Bodyguard...

Two Presidents: Which once is lying about torture?

Rep. Chris Murphy on Right Wing Smear of Frost Family

Pelosi: Impeachment isn't about putting pressure on the Prez

Wes Clark on The Colbert Report

World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime

Demand Action For Our Veterans

Moment of Change: Health Care Plan (JRE)

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Child

I'm with Joe: Rep. McKinley Bailey

U.S. Congressman Schiff (D-CA) questioning Secretary of State Rice Armenian Genocide

An hour with Jon Stewart (3 yrs.old)

Countdown: Republicans Attack 12-Year-Old Boy (w/ Rachel Maddow)

Cheney's Law

Ancient earth works or natural formation?

The man who stands between US and new war

Nobel Prize: "The most likely candidates to win are Al Gore and Sheila Watt-Cloutier."

Fiore flashtoon: It's "Tickle, Fuzzy, Hug"! not Torture!

Utne's Rough Guide to International Opinion

Not really GD material but here goes, for those needing relief new element "Bushcronium."

Breaking News. Fred "Sam the Eagle" Thompson beats Gulianni in debate..

Bush allows torture: Jimmy Carter

Judge Suspends Key Bush Effort in Immigration

UN High Commissioner blasts US for lack of help for Iraqi refugees

Is it really necessary to have Boosh, Coulter and Limpboy on our discussion page?

Sidney Blumenthal: "An Open Letter To Karen Hughes"

Approaching an intersection guarded by U.S. troops...

But the Terri Schaivo circus was all about the sanctity of life, right?

Color me shocked. State Dept. tells CNN: "We NEED Blackwater. Unlikely to stop using anytime soon."

Bush does more damage than Herbert Hoover did

When (And Why) Gore Will Run

The only Lynne Cheney book I want to EVER read is "My LIfe With a ......."

U.N. says prosecute Iraq contractors who commit crimes

delete - dupe

Mika Brzezinski on Scarborough: "Some people" say Carter shouldn't be criticizing Bush

Doris Lessing Wins 2007 Nobel Prize in Literature

Who were the Dem frontrunners in Oct of 2003, 1991, etc?

"That's your opinion Christopher"

Camp Victory was attacked... That's where cousin-in-law is stationed.

Radar Magaizine...this is so wrong...

Sessions. Why does that name ring a bell?

Cordesman warns against partitioning Iraq

U.N. wants security guards in Iraq to face law

The Clinton Retirement Proposal: (The media is) Missing the Waste

Turkey condemns US Armenia vote

Army projects shortfall of about 3,000 captains and majors for every year through 2013

lynne cheney on MSNBC later this AM

Weird dream last night.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

NSA & Other Gov Agencies RETALIATED Against Qwest For REFUSING To Go Along With Phone Spying Program

Gore cancels appearance at Boxer fundraiser, has been called "overseas" for a trip (Nobel Time?)

U.N. says prosecute Iraq contractors who commit crimes

Obama Says He Will Vote for NAFTA Expansion?

The Hillary nutcracker ad is gone! So does this mean...

"My President is Charlton Heston"

Do caucus primaries cause family strife?

Ga-Ga for Gore! ... A Swamp Rat Classic

NRA getting desperate or gearing up for big donations to campaigns?

Collectible quotes from the Corporatist mind-set.

Report: Top Marine Wants His Forces Out of Iraq (Video)

NYT: Supreme Court-Supreme Enabler Of Bush Admin's Efforts To Avoid Accountability

Howard Kurtz on The Daily Show tonight.

Dial 911 and die….

John Fogerty: "Long Dark Night"

Dilbert skewers Shrub's "leadership" again: "cronyism" and "loyalty over competence"

US detains nearly 25,000 in Iraq- Nearly 1,000 Under The Age of 16

CNN slowly learns that there are "inner city" ;-) kids who excel

Janessa Gans, "I Survived Blackwater", on Dem. Now! today:

EXCLUSIVE - Family Members of Slain Iraqis Sue Blackwater USA for Deadly Baghdad Shooting

Brent Budowsky: Al Gore for President

3rd Solar Decathlon Opens Friday; Highly Recommended DC Activity

I Love Mika on MSNBC...

State Department Shuts Critical Military Out of Blackwater Probe

Making a Killing: A Blackwater Timeline (Mother Jones blog)

Barron HIll will vote to override SCHIP veto! it me

Police thwart another school threat

David Duke refers to Ron Paul as "our king"

EXCLUSIVE - Family Members of Slain Iraqis Sue Blackwater USA for Deadly Baghdad Shooting

Gates: British drawdown due to improved conditions

UN: Blackwater May Have Commited War Crimes

email from Sen Boxer re Gore traveling overseas tomorrow

Body, Body, wanna touch gotta feel....

I read that someone was having something weird happen

Stalkin' Malkin's hypocrisy on health care

Congressman Tom Cole's (R-OK) office just called for Dr. DemoTex.

AF's top civilian takes Battelle post

NJDC Calls On Media To Stop Inviting Coulter After Anti-Jewish Comments

Why isn't $8M set aside for DNA innocence testing not being used?


No Gays in Iran’? An Aide Says, Make That ‘Not Many’

Reminder - Hillary on Countdown tonight

When you need the numbers on The Iraqi War: The Dead and Wounded of All Sides and More:

Jimmy carter is on Thom Hartment radio show right now. just starting.

English Writer Doris Lessing Wins Nobel Literature Prize

"I have nothing to hide, so what if they listen"...

Five year anniversary: Senate votes to authorize war

Foreclosure Filings Nearly Double

Undocomented Worker Crackdown Blocked

ACLU Demands Fourth Amendment Protections, Says FISA Fix Must Include Individual Warrants

How long do you think it will be until Blackwater changes their name?

If Gore wins Nobel, get ready for the dumbest RW meme ever

Jimmy Carter is on Thom Hartmann - NOW!!

Thank you, President Carter for telling it the way it is

Interesting quote from an early critic of the Mormon Church.

Former CIA task force member faces death as part of Saddam's Regime

CNN poll: Should Al Gore win the Nobel Peace Prize?

CBS's Sixty Minutes Interviews Jill Simpson for Siegelman Exposé.

Sen Leahy found in Oz.....

dick and w*, war crimes and the International Criminal Court

I saw an interesting commercial about Mitt Romney today...

GORE guest appearance in San Francisco is back on...trip to China cancelled

Impeachment support materials, including support by former Reagon officials

Does DU track my IP number for political advertising purposes??

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs 10/11 GOP Takes Wide Stance on Taxes

We've Been Disenfranchised, Folks. How Do You Start A Breakaway Party?

Blog Action Day - October 15th. If you have a blog, get involved !!!

Uh oh, white supremacists are killing white men too!

How did the French elect Sarkozy??.... Is it the backlash

Let me guess: Next GOP debate, the student shooting in Cleveland will be blamed on:

Eric Alterman: Burns's War: What Is It Good For?

Re: The tantrum I just had all by myself and Al Gore

I still don't get how the climate change stuff equates to Peace? re: the environmental people and

Some Organizations,Reporters or shows YOU would nominate for a Pulitzer Prize?

never happened before - iceberg near coast of S. Africa

To those who denigrate Gore supporters as "Savior seekers"

Wyoming is Fighting the Feds to Expunge the Records of Domestic Violence Abusers and Allow Them to O

Médecins Sans Frontièreswarns more food will not save malnourished children

Meet Dirty Harry- Atomic Testing In The US and It's Victims

The Swift-Boating of Graeme Frost

Gore cancels fundraiser with Barbara Boxer to travel abroad tomorrow.


Cheney Confirms He Disagreed With Rumsfeld's Ouster: He Was Still "Right Guy" For The Job

Turkey tells it's ambassador in the US to come home

Please,someone wiser than me,explain why the House Foreign Affairs Committee

U.S. Embassy in Turkey warns of possible violent repercussions.

U.S. Army lowers its recruiting standards

Could Nobel Prize Spur Gore To Run In '08? - CBS POLL PLEASE VOTE

Under Bush*, the US has become a fascistic, imperialistic, yes terrorist nation

AP Reports: Dead Inmate's Mother to Speak Against Private TX Prisons

Victims of Blackwater shootings file lawsuit against company, founder

Straight-Talkin' Voting Rights Chief to Appear before House Panel

Jimmy Carter announced his presidential candidacy on December 12, 1974.

Freepers go ballistic over Jimmy Carter's pronouncement of Cheney as a "Disaster"

my 1000th post...........

Gonzo resigns...and nothing happens, Just like I said......

BlueDoggers caving on FISA immuminity bill-says blogger on Thom Hartman right now.

The new Republican Convention logo, truthified

Newt Gingrich: Blaming Society First

WTF -- Bush stays execution of mexican national rapist/murderer in deference to Intnl Court

3 reasons Gore deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

X post Steve Freeman's Power Point presentation at the 2nd Annual National Latino Congreso in LA

The full horror of Burmese junta's repression of monks emerges

Priceless Malkin screen capture

Nobel Prize details


Strange Days Indeed

Another legacy for the Bush Administration


Wonder if Jeri Thompson was in LOVE

Don't Vote and Avoid Everyone! n/t

Telegraph - "Al Gore's 'nine Inconvenient Untruths'"

Notre Dame football star Gipp's body exhumed for DNA testing

Fascism or Paranoia?

Gore for President, Obama for VP = Unbeatable!!! 16 years of prosperity and peace!

The Free Republic & Right Wing Attack On A 12 Yr Old Boy

Glenn Greenwald: Joe Klein's defense of warrantless eavesdropping and telecom amnesty

Senator Clinton Calls on EPA to Better Protect the Health of Our Nation's Children

Larry and Suzanne Craig agree to "exclusive and wide-ranging" interview with Matt Lauer

Matthews says Cheney's Office tried to silence him on Iraq

How America wastes talent

What a Republican Hears

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee’s poll shows voters oppose Iraq supplemental

Hey! Freeper Pencil-Dicks!

Kennedy on NCLB

Deutsch on Coulter's 'Big Idea' Comments

Dow took a 180 point nose dive in the last 45 minutes. Anyone know what happened?

Hillary Supporters - You're Angry at the WRONG Person(s)

Kucinich will vote to override Bush veto

Ernst and Young love crooked retirement homes

Former Bush counselor Dan Bartlett describes Cheney's "hunting accident"

12 minutes with Lynne Cheney (VIDEO)

Memo to Congress: First Take the Genocidal Beam Out of Thine Own Eye"

Clooney and DiCaprio starring in a film "loosely based" on Dean's 2004 Campaign

I've yet to speak to anyone who likes any of the candidates

Edwards on the Iraq war vote -- also the Kyl-Lieberman Iran vote

President Carter: I'd Rather Redo the 2000 Election Than the 1980 Election

The Swift-Boating of Graeme Frost

Guarantee it will be a Hillary/Obama ticket.

Report: African wars cost billions (AP/CNN)

The Gathering of Fools: October 19-21st in DC (Washington Hilton)

Chris Matthews elaborates on being silenced by VP's office

Dolphin Slaughter and Mercury contamination, Taiji, Japan

Jerry Falwell's disappointment

A message to the naive.

New Jersey Officials Fear Terrorists Could Poison Gumball Machines

To Al Gore hold outs - if it is not to be Al, who would you vote for?

"(We) need to wake up, now."

9 children killed in U.S. raid in Iraq

How poorly trained are U.S. troops in Iraq?

"Annoy a Conservative: Think Before You Vote!"

Officer Killed

Group panhandles for slavery reparations

If Gore gets in, I won't be immediately jumping on

Is Hillary an opportunist?

"Rice Says Iran 'Lying' About Nukes"

"SURVIVOR OF THE FITTEST" -- this is rich.

Is anyone troubled by these so called fake dirty bombs drills in

The Nation: Whose Genocide Counts?

Only Now, The Full Horror of Burmese Junta’s Repression of Monks Emerges

Ann Telnaes gets a little risque....

jimmy carter knows the evil that lurks in cheney

Rice says Iran 'lying' about nukes (pot meet kettle)

Here Is To Al and the Nobel Peace Award he so much deserves!

BRAD BLOG: Colbert & Reid on Impeachment; PLUS: Jesus Loves You!

Did McConnell accidently send something to Reid about the kid in Md?

Coulter thinks America should (and heaven does) look like NYC during the 2004 GOP convention

6 Iraqi insurgent groups announce formation of a "political council" to liberate Iraq from US

Ronald Reagan on George W. Bush: Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Who introduced the Armenian genocide bill?

Al Gore did NOT win the Nobel Peace Prize!

Looking for a video created by a DUer (I think)...

Contractors will eventually come home - -- and do WHAT?

Foreclosure filings nearly double

Who appears to be most opposed to a Hillary Clinton presidency?

Is there any possible way we can get Gore nominated for a TONY?

Six-figure bonuses retain US commandos

How Chalabi went from playing footsie with Pickles to being a complete unknown

Why is the lack of school prayer blamed when a kid does a bad thing?

TreasonousBastard does not win a DUzy.

CNN: Genl. James Conway proposing that Marines pull out of Iraq and...

Where in the hell are the mods? Switch my vote to ? to stop Clinton. Last I looked she was a DEMOCRA

WHO'LL STOP THE TRAIN (WRECK)? Reject Theft-Enabling Voting Computers(X)

TreasonousBastard wins a DUzy!!

Size Matters, Condom Experts Told

Wal Mart blaming warm weather for poor sept sales BUT THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING

Hey Fugger listen Cheney was a draft dodger

Note to oil companies regarding their commercials:

I thought I'd say something profound in honor of my 911th post

Gov. Crist lauded by African-Americans, called 'first black governor'

Can we please stop with all this genocide stuff please?

Al Gore Won the Nobel Peace Prize!


Please check your Dish and Directtv lineups for LinkTV-tonight is a must see

Officer Drops Suit, Placed On Leave (drowing baby's fault story)

War!!! Redux

Congress changes rules on religious expressions on flag documents

Police: Teen Fires Gun, Enters School Bus

On the nuclear bombing of Japan.

Jimmy Carter interview coming up on Lehrer News Hr (pbs)---

Scapegoating Blackwater ~ by Ted Rall

Lou Dobbs did a great segment on the lack of safety in food and drugs imported

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Researchers Report First Successful Treatment of Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury

Ben Affleck tells about Jimmy Carter in Darfur


Imagine Gore/Kucinich, Imagine Peace

Nancy Pelosi is not going to be President. She just doesn't have the votes.

Gore folks, your man is being an opportunist at best

BUSHCO Loses Icon Of Pick-up Trucks+Rebel Flags-Merle Haggard-"Where Did America Go"

OK DUers: today is day six of non-stop rain

Why isn't there a bigger in the U.S. push to boycott the Olympics in Beijing?

Tucker Carlson: Obama campaign's targeting of young voters has "a Khmer Rouge quality to it"

I'm not even half way through, "ARMED MADHOUSE" and,...

Classy guy, that Hannity

Schumer retools bill to lift caps on Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, wh not happy

Are you ready to give 110% to keep your family warm this winter?

Last April I was so pissed at BushCo that I filed an extension

Is this possible . . . ?

Phony Cabinet Meeting Photo-Op Featuring Drunken Imbecilic Chimp ---pix--->>>

Robert Fisk: A reign of terror which history has chosen to neglect

Is this why Democrats are pushing the resolution on Turkey?

Arrested for being at home after Katrina, in jail for 7 months

LAPD Police Chief: "War On Terror" Jeopardizing Crime Reduction

Officer Drops Suit, Placed On Leave (Story update)

I don't care if the kid was bullied. You don't stockpile weapons and shoot lots of people.

Boy, 7, Killed By Fake Gameboy Charger Bought On Holiday

Should a journalist who's recently worked for a politician

RIAA Hits a Sour Note With Its File-Sharing Witch Hunt

One reason that Kucinich's plan for single-payer non-profit health insurance

Why don't we condemn every single country that has ever committed genocide?

Will there be a holy grail for Pubs next year?

Woman Jailed for 50 Days Over Cat Urine - Cops mistake it for meth

Mark Morford: "My Life With Jenna Bush"

Turkey Threatens Repercussions for U.S.

What it's REALLY all about.

* to be at Clearwater-St. Pete airport tomorrow morning around

Despite your feelings about Hillary as a candidate: how do you rate her as First Lady?

Naomi Klein on Randi Rhodes, talking about Shock Doctrine/ Disaster Capitalism NOW.

Nobel Peace Prize to be announced 5AM EST

Pelosi Armenian Genocide Measure Will Go Forward

Jimmy Carter interview starting on PBS

DUers - I appreciate you all!

I leaving to go phone bank. What are you doing for your candidate tonight?

Inspired by my abhorrence of Nationalism and wariness of Patriotism, some quotes:

Did you just listen to Lou Dobbs' heated argument with Gen. Grange?

Why is the name of "Success Tech Academy" bothering me?

FYI: Steven Colbert on Larry King Live tonight. CNN. nt

Ill. House overrides veto to require moment of silence in class

"Hillary's Goons" Strike Again at Oakland Rally. Hill Hates Free Speech!

The media, even Jon Stewart, has bent over for the Cheneys.

RawStory: Senate preparing to fold on telecom immunity

Turkey recalls ambassador to U.S. over Armenians

Thanks to many in life, I now see my mom was evil and a destroyer of worlds :) (it's satire folks)

Should "celebrity news" be banned from the cable news channels?

Nobel Peace Prize - what time is it announced?

What nation is most likely to use a nuke (overtly or covertly) on another in the next 5 years?

Illinois takes a step to the Right on Plan B

If Turkey does send in ground forces - and they probably

Ok, Gore is NOT Nobel bound...

Kids Nation reality show (no this does not belong in the lounge)

Freepers may have gotten confidential info on Graeme Frost and his family from MITCH MCCONNELL

Chris Matthews: "A concerted effort to silence me...from three different people."

If we lose the 2008 GE, who will you blame?

Since we're on about "I Remember DU When..."

Unprecedented Muslim call for peace with Christians

Baron Hill: Will Override SCHIP Veto

Let's face it: the real reason Pelosi will never bring up impeachment...

Thursday TOONS: Fred Sure left an Impression!

+ + + + + 3,821 + + + + +

Thom talking about a DU post now

Dennis on Colbert in November. Anyone recall the date?

Breaking: Turkey recalls it's ambassador to the US

stop Aerial Wolf Hunts! last day for comment (10-11-07) -- say "NO" to THRILL KILLING!

Jimmy Carter vs Richard Nixon

I Saw the Dalai Lama

CNN Pins Blame On Democrats For Right-Wing Smear Of 12-Year Old Boy

Even though I support Clinton, I hope other supporters KEEP PUSHING

Keeping America's Promise Launches Six State Radio Campaign Targeting "Roadblock Republicans"

Seeking legal opinion: If the telephone companies do not get the retroactive immunity they want

What would happen to the Clinton campaign if GORE runs?

The Life Of Al Gore: Will Nobel Be Next?

I remember DU when

'Twas The Night Before Nobel

Boot Camp Nurse: It's Not Her Job to Interfere....shocking statements

The 2000 steal had 30 years of steals behind it . . .

Larisa Alexandrovna: Rove's Further Exposure As A Political Hit-Man

Al Gore's Moral Imperative

Bruce Castor, Jr.. "Parents must take responsibility for raising their children"

What kind of mother buys troubled 14 year old an "assault" rifle?

What I learned about smoking at Arizona's Sonic Drive-ins.

CBS on line poll "Do you want Al Gore run for President in 08"

Do you use public transportation regularly?

SEYMOUR HERSH: "I think the Democrats are going to lose the elections if they don't wake up."

Why Were Telecoms Talking To BUSH/CHENEY About Wiretapping In 2000?????

Worth $4 Million -- and Unable to Retire

Is anyone watching the weapons haul at the home

Jewish Group Calls On Media To Boycott Right Wing Author (Ann Coulter)

"I’ve sat with all these people who we think are in charge, and they don’t know what to do".

check in all us tree-hugging antiwar liberals, and be counted!

On our Authoritarian government and American Exceptionalism

Lynne Cheney on last night's Daily Show

"I knew shooter was white-as soon as he shot himself-Hip-hoppers don't do that-They Shoot & Move-on"

DUers who helped with the freaks stalking Andy

I have just returned from hell I'm trying to figure out how to communicate what I have seen

***May Calendar Contest***

Jenna Bush - Practically an idiot.

DU's hit the big time!

2 Pictures, 1 Graph --> Focus everyone; for the sake of humanity

Newsweek-Blackwater Drew Guns On US Soldiers-"We're F--ing Security-Don't Have To Answer To Anyone"

Here we go again: Cheney admitted that he could have prevented 9/11 but didn't!


Calif. Bans Smoking in Cars With Kids

Pelosi Asks for Impeachable Offenses

IPCC Scientist: "We Are All Used To Talking About . . Our Grandchildren. Now We Know That It's Us"

911: I will now speak heresy

On Armenian Genocide, Bush caught in another lie and hypocrisy

Naomi Wolf: American Tears

Scoop: Suzan Mazur Asks Carl Bernstein Why Mena Is Not In His Hillary Clinton Biography

RFK Jr : I’m For Hillary

New Mexico governor wants Michigan's water

New song parody from The H.O.R.N., America's Liberal Voice!

Court Papers: NSA Warrantless wiretapping, "The Program", started pre-9/11.

Biden talks about Iran - new thread

Let's K&R so maybe more people who would like to contribute will see this. Thanks.

New Thread and Video:

Is it or not and if not WHAT is that child chomping on? (Thompson interview)

Dennis attends Johnson County Barbeque

ADL Troubled By Implications Of Cancellation Of Tutu Speech

Was A McConnell Staffer Behind The Campaign To Smear The 12-Yr Old SCHIP Recipient?

NH's Concord Monitor: Obama offers more than rock star persona

Dennis Kucinich Accepts Stephen Colbert Challange

Local advocates for children’s health hope for override of president’s veto (SLO, CA)

Who Will Hack US Elections?

"Woman In Charge" book about Hillary

Clinton Steps Away From Pro-Israel Lobby on Measure to Rein in President

How the Military Can Stop an Iran Attack

It's likely Dean will be out of job soon. What will happen to the DNC then?

"This is how liberty dies—with thunderous applause."

NH Telegraph editorial board interviews Barack Obama

Berkowitz (D-AK) announces run for Don Young’s seat

Debate on Troop Withdrawals on Hold

Hillary & Gore in bitter feud - Who will Al endorse?

How does a minority get a bill passed without help from the majority?

Arizona: Can McCain Win Re-election to Senate? (Rasmussen)

Poll shows Hillary leading Giuliani in three key swing states

'00 and '04 elections in a joke

This Rasmussen article will probably bum out some DUers but...

I think I'm gonna go hire me a lawyer.

Double post.

NYT, Gail Collins, "Calvin Coolidge Redux": "If Fred is a man of the people, I am Jennifer Lopez."

Clinton Faces Men, Glass Ceiling in Iowa

Poll question: If Democrats weren't hated so much by Republicans would Gore have won easily in 2000

I would sure like to know who is going to enforce this law?

Pullout By 4 Democrats Could Have Repercussions In Michigan

I did not watch the Republicans debate

If you are wondering why single payer insurance never gets anywhere...

Is There No Decency Left in the Republican Party?

Obama in Union Leader op-ed: Five Years after Iraq Vote, We're Still Foolishly Rattling Our Sabers

Inevitable Hillary?

Radar Magazine cover

I'm Registering as a Republican in Michigan

Congressional Fashion Statement: New lapel pin makes a Constitutional point

Michelle Malkin responds to progressive blogger who challenged her to a debate on SCHIP

Edwards backers seek impeachment

Minorly Good Economic News

How does the minority get a bill passed without help from the majority?

Oye Como BLAH: Junior's Hispanic Heritage Month photo op, with congas (could use more cowbell)...

Barack Obama: Can Mr. Cool Get Hot?

In Iowa, Michelle Obama picks up campaign pace: "We can do something special."

Democratic Field Leaves Some Still Wanting Gore

China has 106 billionaires

Hillary's EXCELLENT Statement on The GOP's Frost Family Attacks

Florida's GOP Gov. Crist lauded by African-Americans, called 'first black governor'

Self Delete

Today's ironic newspaper headline

Switch your vote to Kucinich to avoid Clinton

Switch your vote to Biden to avoid Clinton

Army "buying" soldiers

Gore Supporters’ Movement Lacks a Candidate

Switch your vote to Jackson Kirk Grimes to Stop Clinton!

Obama supporter (and fellow Illinoisan) Dick Durbin on Kyl-Lieberman...

Why does Rush Limpbaugh continue with the phony soldiers story? (Conflict at work)

More poll numbers.

Rasmussen - Clinton -45% Obama -24% Edwards -12%

Charlie Wilson (D-Ohio) in stable condition after surgery

Switch Your Vote To Nader Or Paul To Stop Clinton

Switch you r vote to me to avoid voting for Hillary.

10 things I want

Switch your vote to Tastes Great to avoid Less Filling.

Let's talk about Edwards, public financing and what that means should he get the nom.

Switch Your Vote To Fred Thompson To Stop Clinton

Switch your vote to Nader to avoid Gore!

Pssst. Don't tell Iowa and New Hampshire...

Switch your vote to the Republican if you want to stop Clinton!

Who here is a "Hillary's Politics Hater"?

Architect of the Capitol flips on using the word ‘God’ on flag certificates

Who here is a "Hillary Hater"?

Switch your vote to Hillary to avoid Joe Edobamadodd...

Preserving "A Tax Loophole the Size of A Mack Truck" -

Civil Rights Hero Congressman John Lewis May Be Endorsing Clinton In Atlanta Tomorrow.

Will Bush invade Turkey?

Yepsen: Ballot jockeying designed to gang up on Clinton

Biden picks up yet another endorsement in Iowa - State rep/Iraqi war veteran

Why is James Carville in our playground????

How many people do you know, not including yourself, that support Hillary?

Clinton -43% Obama 24% Gore 10%

NM-1, OH-15 Could Tip to Democrats

Durbin voted yes on Kyl-Lieberman cause Robert Gates assured him that we had no plan to attack Iran.

Email from Barack

More of that politics of hope from the Obama campaign! MI ballot chicanery

How many servants you know live better than the people that they are serving?

Rumor that Al Gore has been called "overseas"

Anybody know if there are any Vegas odds posted about Gore and the Nobel Prize?

Would you believe a Democrat saying they would leave the country if Hillary were elected?

So Lynn Cheney want’s to lie and claim that there have been no al-Qaeda attacks on American Interest

McConnell's office helped spread attacks on 12-year-old Grame Frost

Do You Think Bush and Gang are Racist?

I take it back. Gore is a shoe-in!

Ron Paul gets it: "We have been propping up the Saudis for more than 50 years"

Just like Unca Dick, Jenna has "other priorities."

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IWR 5th anniversay debate right now on Hardball (MSNBC)

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I see all these polls with Senator Clinton leading by a wide margin

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I actually LIKE and admire Hillary

Does the Democratic Party fear

More to Michigan ballot bailing than initally thought....

Gore would be wasting his time. Hillary would destroy him in the primaries

Today is the 5th anniversary of Hillary's ill-fated vote to authorize the war.

RFK Jr.: "I'm for Hillary"

BIDEN: "The most disastrous thing we could do right now is invade Iran"

I want to share a conversation I had last night. I sat in the car of a neighborhood friend last nigh