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Archives: October 10, 2007

New US military aid to Israel and the Lieberman-Kyl amendment bring the US closer to war with Iran,

Barbara Ehrenreich: The Right's Academic Universe

John Cusack: The Real Blackwater Scandal: Build a Frontier, You Get Cowboys

Making a Killing: A Blackwater Timeline

The Iraq Occupation and the Coming War Against Iran: Political Wickedness and Moral Bankruptcy

GOP debate winner: Hillary Clinton

Dowd: Bomb, Bomb Iran (Hillary Clinton)

Friedman: Generation Q (Too Quiet College Age)

Two Japanese Refiners Have Begun Paying Iranian Oil Suppliers In Yen - AP/Business Week

Associated General Contractors Of America - Construction Input Costs For NYC Will Rise 8% In 2008

Saudi Aramco Unveils New Mediterranean Pricing For Refiners - Splitting N., S. European Consumers

Energy, Biofuels, China, Collapsing Dollar - All Combining To Hammer Grocery Shoppers - CBS News

Canadian Natural Says It May Cancel $7 Billion ($7.08 US) In Oil Sands Work If Royalties Rise

300,000 In Uganda Affected By Massive Floods - Malnutrition, Cholera Threaten Tens Of Thousands

Even Cato Economists Say Energy Deregulation Does Not Work

Steven Andrews Inteviews Richard Nehring On Global Oil Production Projections

China's Net Oil Imports Up 18.1% Through First Eight Months Of 2007 - AFP

Global Warming: 10,000 wildebeest drowned trying to cross a river

Russians Cutting Back On Caviar As Price Explodes, But Only 4% Cite Extinction Risk As Reason

How About Another Steaming Mound Of Bullshit From Nordhaus & Shellenberger?

Monbiot - "Governments Love Growth, Because It Excuses Them From Dealing With Inequality"

The Long Emergency

It is time to speak truth to US power

'Sub' teacher not hired by board taught 3 days; situation regrettable, Harrison superintendent says

Record Industry: If Anyone Can Hear Your Radio, You Are A Pirate And A Thief

Venezuelan Doctors to Receive 60% Pay Raise and More Investment in Hospitals

Gunmen kidnap Basra Int'l Airport's director

Judge halts transfer of Guantanamo detainee (to Tunisia and Torture)

Army Speeds Up Efforts to Add to Forces

Michelle Obama's campaign van in car accident (she's ok motorcyclist injured)

Gov't may buy thousands of Miss. homes

Laura Bush speaks on Burma sanctions

TSA pulls plug on Orlando's ShoeScanner

White House threatens to veto housing bill

Official: Deputy fatally shot himself

How do I see/change my Profile

I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin' - Because I'm free!

To all those kind folks out there that suggested the hard liquor... thanks!

There is kudzu growing out of the grill of my Rolls Fucking Royce!

No one in Michelle Obama's Chevrolet Uplander was hurt, despite the fact that the van was totaled.

laszy krybirdang thechniguq makeas for goof spelling anfu ig uopu fon't loke it uopg can guvck ofgg

The Thread In Which I Ask A Question About Yo Momma

The Studs Terkel "Working" Post

The Rolls FUCKING Royce is spreading like Kudzu. Link?

Car Wash - I Wanna Get Next To You - Rose Royce

I just Rolled a HUGE Royce. (Nice Picture)

video: That guy in the Rolls Royce drops the


Not sure if this is a real picture of a talking Ghost but It's rather convincing

HOLY just started pouring rain like a Muthafucker!

Glenn Close or Barbara Streisand....

Roy's Rolls is the best fucking bakery in the fucking world god damn it

If you travel a lot, would you purchase this suitcase?


I'm driving my Rolls FUCKING Royce to Olive Garden...

The thread in which I offer drugs...

The Terror of Nothing

My answer to "life is short, have an affair"

A THREAD on Copycat POX

A copycat on POX threads!

The thread in which I offer jugs...

A POX on copycat threads!

Jeez the thunder is really loud here!

Awright, just settle down now, people.

I miss having a kitty

We are all going to die

Does anyone know the name of a canine disease

I've been...

'Dear Abby' announces support of same-sex marriage

You guys see the video of the kangaroo on the race track?

We're YouTubing you now, Skinner!

Planter's Peanuts...yummy

CopWatch Recruits DNC Volunteers

I just watched "shot at love" on MTV...............

What have I gotten myself into?

I am SUCH a freakin' klutz! Just fell down the stairs.

Cops: Tazed and Confused

I'm on my first crotch of the evening

ask me anything

I just received an email informing me that 80% of women...

How come we don't fart in our sleep?

Russian serial killer says murder is like love

How come we don't sneeze in our sleep?

For Southpawkicker

Did Everyone Forget that Halloween and Thanksgiving

I got a flu shot tonight

Give me your expert opinion on the book Moby Dick.

Is it Halloween, yet?

pumpkin simulator-this is FUN!

Do You Have an "Irrational" Fear?


I've wondered how a Samurai could lop someone's head off

*My family is making me crazy!*

Any of you ever miss tropical weather?

OMG....FUCK GD....these people are insane

John Lennon desktop wallpaper just for you

The Last Thing You Would Say

I want more Junior Mints

God....COP shows are just plain stupid.

Planters warts...owie

The thread in which I offer bugs...

Couple says they drowned cat to 'end its suffering'

Girly, handbag loving types ---- seeking your opinion.

Need advice on dog care/grooming.....

best advice to give an 18 yr old moving out ...

I'm so disillusioned with internet friends

If you could buy a new car under 25k

Rolls Rice

Hot off the latest picture:

I'm on my first scotch of the evening.

I love Boston Legal

Tomorrow, the president of my church (denomination) is going to Washington,

Oscar got run over by a Rolls FUCKING Royce!

TheThread In Which I Ask A Question About The Comma.

we just had to abort our landing at SFO

A Box Of Copycat threads!

Will there be a Rolls FUCKING Royce waiting for Billyskank at the airport?

How long did Mork and Mindy's marriage last?

Preferred burial method

May 29, 1934- October 10, 2005

Meet our new kitty, Sunflower! (warning - several pics)

The thread in which I offer hugs...

huge fucking SEX AND THE CITY spoiler- do not look, - you'll hate this.....

Union campaign targets Manor Care buyout, nearly 60,000 employees


Union truck drivers approve 10-year agreement with city (will Chicago get the Olympics now?)

Record-Setting Get-Out-the-Vote Union Volunteers in Kentucky

Looking for the union label: All over the party

Chicago Hospital Workers Struggle For Better Than $9 An Hour

UTLA plans camp-out to protest payroll glitches for thousands of employees since February

Union-bashing in a union town, Buffalo NY

criticizing his Democratic opponent's running mate, who is a surgeon, for refusing to cross a nurses

Mitt Romney on Iran authorization-Let the lawyers sort it out

Gore criticizes Bush for ignoring Iraq's ties to terrorism

Elizabeth Edwards on Iraq, Education, and New Hampshire

New Clinton Campaign video starring Rob Reiner

Joe BIden The Education Candidate - Speaks at East High School

Sen. Craig - Village People Spoof

Olbermann Adding On To The Nexus Of Politics & Terror: New Developments

Chairmen Conyers, Reyes Introduce FISA Revision Legislation

Beautiful memories and current moments from Kenneth Harbaugh (NPR)

Craig's "wide stance" excuse finds its way into the lexicon - Ranks right up there with macaca now

Several GOP House members denounce Islam

Two capitulations by Dems today should have progressives marching on the Capitol with pitchforks.

How in the hell can this be allowed?

Chicago police to disband elite unit

Remember this asshole?

CUBA: Ecomaterials for Low-Cost, Hurricane-Proof Housing

Time to fact check Malkin's family that doesn't need "socialized" medicine

National Association of Black Journalists: Putting Don Imus back on the air is "inconceivable"

Barbara Boxer: "Look, I Have Always Said Impeachment Should Be On The Table..."

Iraq government - Blackwater must go

Today I discovered that I have a choice in the 2008 election

Ohio House Speaker to allow sectarian prayer before sessions

Here is what Brownback actually said

How Many Foot Tapping Closet Hypocrites are on the stage tonight?

Live on House Fl. cspan1 -the Transgender question

The GOP debate starts again. Will I be sane when its over if I watch it? Can someone sum it up?

Lo... Those That Doubtest So... Behold The Power Of The Internets !!!

The Facts

FOX News reporting Michelle Obama

Barney franks LIve on House floor now. The transgender question.

October 27 - Nationwide Protests

Pastor Lobbies To Double Minimum Car Insurance

Advertisements during the Puke debate

So why doesn't O'reilly allow Media matters or Olbermann on his show?

5 Myths About Sick Old Europe

Al Gore's United Nations speech online now!

Turkish PM clears way for Iraq assault

What Do Taxes Pay For, and Why Do They Exist?

I came in late -- how much has Tweety embarrassed himself SO FAR?!1

I watched the pukes debate: Rudy is finished, count Fred Thompson in

Money Money Money Money

Dana Perino is the WORST LIAR in terms of technique

Charlie Savage: Cheney Plotted Bush's Imperial Presidency 'Thirty Years Ago'

What would your agenda be if you were elected President?

I have decided that no candidate is good enough for me, so I'm going to write in... ME!

The world's most violent terrorists unanimously support Hillary Clinton in 2008.

If You Are A Non-Troll Democrat That Is Totally Confused On How To Vote In 'O8...

Why can't Tweety get his lips off Giuliani's ass?

Fred Thompson, after watching him today i'm convinced there is something medically wrong with him.

House or GOP Presidential Debate?

Combat-Ready? Sir, No, Sir.

FISA Thread = Here It Is: The Full FISA Legislation = on TPM

Does the ad about the oil company investing in solar and geothermal power

'24' Star Kiefer Sutherland (AKA Jack Bauer) ordered to go to jail for 30 days for DUI

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Sam Seder subs for Mike

Bush Cheney '08... wtf????????????????

Is The Constitution Now Just a Worthless Piece of Paper?

Watch out for Xenu

Liz Smith"Gets Seduced" by TWEETY! GROSS!!!!

A question I would like to see asked of ALL Democratic Presidential candidates

Jon Stewart's TDS tonight: Tiki Barber

A song all the candidates need to learn.

After watching the debate today I can't believe how stupid Americans are

Hey, I got a music review published (bonus: Cindy Sheehan reference!)

ALERT -- House FISA hearings moved up to TOMORROW MORNING!

here's the top 10 most visited internet sites ->

Another inflation observation

Eid Al Fitr

McAfee Site Advisor's info on D.U.

Old Man Thompson Sure Does Love His Bronzer ---pix--->>>

Hillary s*cks and so does her 'man'

MEOW!! Debate watchers, what say you?

Man Not Guilty In Homeless Feeding Case

Is the Bush Administration paying to outsource intelligence to some lady in Jersey?

Approval Maps: Just One Red State Left! (Guess Which One...)

St. Joe Co., FLA's largest private landowner to cut 80% workforce, scrap dividends, sell 100K acres

Gore aside. Who is NOT running for President, that you feel should be President??

4-year-old girl dies after falling off edge of Grand Canyon

So what does an Indian think about on Columbus Day?

Jon Stewart just hit a new level of EXTREME Exasperation with *Bush on The Daily Show!

Olbermann on O'Reilly: Worst Person In The World - "Not Enough Of A Man To Apologize" (For Comments)

Sicko Freepers Post 12 Yr Old Graeme Frost's Family Address


Why not begin rotating regional Primaries - take turns going first?

Hillary is a Horrible nut-cracking Harridan with a witch's cackle!

How green are you?

RIAA Juror: 'We Wanted to Send a Message' - took them 5 minutes to decide guilty

Would you vote for Edwards if it meant we defeat Hillary, the most conservative Democrat?

The RIAA vs. The World

Banks report Q3 in 1 week

Mario Cuomo to Clinton; read the constitution don't write new laws

OK, I will go out on a limb about H. Clinton

Is the goverment using small flying surveillance devices on the antiwar movement?

I lost $50!

Turkey issues fresh warning of military incursion into Iraq

Why would someone do an interview with their kids on their laps?

Climate change. Hot or cold, wet or dry, has it affected you this year yet?

The story about global warming in LBN today had the most mild headline available....

Voting in the Repuk-lian primary

People Close To GORE: "Convinced That He Is Looking For An Opportunity To Jump In The Race"

Dirty Bomb "Exercise" Topoff 4 Portland, Phoenix & Guam Oct 15 to 24, 2007.

Just for the record: Al Gore will not win the Nobel

Essential reading for those who still think we do not live

Video - the sound sucks but the message is good. nt

Check it out, guys. I was going to post this but Hissyspit already did.

Thompson met lowered expectations, barely

Hillary ditches "Baby Bond" idea she very recently proposed to the Congressional Black Caucus

American Public vs. Bush on Children’s Health

Activists Target Republican House Members on Child Health Veto Override

5 True Things and 5 False Things

Falling Behind And Homicides – What’s The Connection?

"Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow!"

Did Mathews ask GOP candidates about their thoughts on Blackwater?

Nearly Half of Costa Rica Voters Reject CAFTA

Nobel Rumors Boost 'Draft Gore' Activists

Charlie Cook: The Coming Challenge

The ignorance on DU astounds me - take for example Hillary's 401k proposal today

Behind The Scenes, Liberals Ponder Supporting FISA Legislation

Help me form a question for city council...

Romney apparently got the best line of the night in at Thompson's expense...

One way to avoid these primary date contoversies...

Will the decision of not appearing in Michigan's ballot affect Obama,

Elizabeth Dole challenger ?

Some angry comments from Michiganders...Michigan blog..

In NH, Obama is asked his favorite former President: "A tall, skinny guy" from Ilinois..."

Edwards Cultivates the grassroots

After sparring on stage, Giuliani, Romney find common enemy

If We Get Attacked What's Romney Going To Do? Call The Lawyers!

Paul and Tancredo hint at not supporting GOP nominee

Is Hillary better equipped to defend herself from right wing attacks?

John Kerry cuts in line and other BS stories brought to you by the MSM

So are Edwards and Obama going to remove their names off Florida's ballot too?

Name Removal from MI ballot: Will this be an issue in the General Election?

TIME: Grading the GOP debate (Fred Thompson earns a C+)

Great speech on health care.

Obama wins the flag pin argument: 7 of the 9 Rep. candidates didn't wear one today

So much for the pledge, Barack Obama was at a fundraiser in FL just last week.

A Hillary Campaign stop.No voter is invisible ,except if you have a question!

Flag pin "issue" is now REALLY over; only 2 of 9 GOP debaters wore them

The Accomplishments of the Democratic Congress

Can anyone provide evidence showing Hillary will drive up GOP turnout?

Maureen Dowd, "Bomb, Bomb Iran": Hillary's vote

Still don't know who to support in 2008?

Is this an ad FOR or AGAINST Mitt Romney?

Blacklisting in Hollywood....

Anyone know where there is a good list of accomplishments of the Democratic Congress?

BREAKING: Obama Says He Will Vote for NAFTA Expansion

I'm watching the Republican debate. I'm surprised that four of the candidates

What Does Hillary Clinton Plan to Do About Global Warming?

It's pointless to look at the "greatest" page anymore

This is why I support Biden-

Funny Clinton Campaign video starring Rob Reiner

More facts revealed on Hillary's 401K plan

Clinton may get hit in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina with Michigan choice

Pelosi says it is not Florida's fault at all. So if the speaker says it I must be wrong.

Gary Hart| Interview with Vice-President Richard Cheney: July 2009

Hale "Bonddad" Stewart| The Economic Lies From the GOP Debate

David Bromwich | Iran, the Decider, and the Enablers

Facebook face-off

Anti-Abortion Movement Borrows Tactics from the KKK


Matthew Rothschild: (Desmond) Tutu Banned From Campus in Minnesota

The Imperial Fallacy

John Nichols: Mitt Romney Goes All Alberto Gonzales on the Constitution

Will the Military Halt an Iran Attack?

Garrison Keilor: Hot October & Blended Orgasms


Some promise of an advance in the treatment of multiple sclerosis

The Deal between Shia is Basra is to rid place of foreigners: I thought so...

Sidney Blumenthal: How a little-known rule let loose the dogs of war

Universities Bow To Right Wing Pressure, Censor Scholarship, Cut Off Debate


The Nation: Veterans' Health-Care System Does Not 'Support The Troops'

John Cusack: The Real Blackwater Scandal: Build a Frontier, You Get Cowboys, Part II

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Five Years On....

Bill Scher: Intimidating Kids Backfires Miserably

The Republican Debate: Who needs the Constitution?

Video - Jimmy Carter: America Tortures

Opium for the people

What's Behind the Iraq-China Weapons Deal

Behind The Blackwater Debacle: The Shadow Of America's Top Spy

Once again, Bush Administration blows intelligence network. Renders another intel asset useless.

Tom Paxton sings "George W Told the Nation" a reworking of his Vietnam era

We need a new Constitution

Video - Coulter said that we Christians just want Jews to be perfected

The Hill: Centrist Dems tied to Clintons press influence in trade debate

Indian Students Take to the Streets of Lawrence, Kansas in Protest of Columbus Day

BBC: Gore Climate Film's Nine Errors

The Real Clarence Thomas BY JOHN YOO

How Hospitals Systematically Harm People

House Democrats Defy Bush, Approve Spy Bill

In Mississippi, Democrat Runs in G.O.P. Lane - NY Times

Galloway: Shame On Congressional Democrats For Dereliction Of Duty

Michael Ventura: History from 2107: A look at the Former USA (F-USA)

Harper's Magazine: What to do? General Strike.

New power plant breaks ground, environmental group balks (Illinois)

Solar power lights 100 more Mindanao villages

Photovoltaic solar power grows fast in Spain

Heat may kill hundreds of New Yorkers

Pulling the plug on wasteful lighting (BBC)

Journal entry November 3rd 2019...

Wind turbine tower plant coming (Iowa, 400 area jobs)

Scottish government rejects new nuclear

Davis-Besse witness set to testify against trio; Engineer to discuss coverup accusation

Mafia clan accused of trafficking nuclear waste and trying to make plutonium

Independent: Shipping pollution 'far more damaging than flying'

Wind power generates jobs across Texas

University Of Bangor Oceanographer - Arctic Meltdown Shows Region "Locked Into Spiral Of Decline"

Aussies urged to eat moths

Clean-air settlement delights Northeast

Konarka wins $4.7M to help build solar-power windows (Mass.)

Gov't may buy thousands of Mississippi homes (hurricane protection zones)

Ice Caps Melting Fast: Say Goodbye to the Big Apple?

Image of collapsed sheet metal Entergy would like to see disappear

Sen. George Voinovich says he will block mileage standards bill

South Australia Cuts Wheat Harvest Estimate Again - Down Another 13% From Last Month's Projections

All eyes on Calif. climate-change fight

Jewish PM questioned on corruption allegations

U.S. Intelligence Officials Will Probe Leak of Bin Laden Video

Doors closing on Iraqi displaced

Democrats no longer pushing Iraq pullout bills

Debate on troop withdrawals put on hold

Bush Meetings With Grieving War Relatives Yield Tears, Resolve

Venezuelan activists has different view of Chavez

Global warming puts winter fashion out in the cold

(URG) Security guards fired randomly: Iraq official

Capitol Feud: A 12-Year-Old Is the Fodder

Black Journalists Group: Keep Imus Off The Air

Chicago Police to Disband Elite Unit (Rampant Misconduct)

Lead found in toys, backpacks in US stores: group

Increasing crops to make ethanol risks water supplies

U.S. military hits recruit goals; 2008 looks tougher

Feds urged to get rid of possible 'dirty' bomb tools

Bush administration to appeal Patriot Act ruling in Oregon case

Venezuela's Chavez on moral crusade

Report: Teen gunman killed after shooting spree in schoo

Putin Snubs Sarkozy Over Stance On Iran

An Israeli Strike on Syria Kindles Debate in the U.S.

Turkish firms leave (northern Iraq) as tensions rise over Kurdish rebels

Hangman's Noose Found on NYC Prof's Door

Democrats defy Bush, approve spy bill

Turkey bombs suspected Kurdish rebels

Boot camp guards describe disciplining of teen

Union Reaches Tentative Deal With Chrysler

UAW Goes On Strike At Chrysler

UAW and Chrysler have an agreement

Union president blasts American Airlines CEO, threatens picketing

After disdaining arms control, Bush seeks to engage Moscow

Huckabee: Rivals might consider suicide

Military: 2 U.S. soldiers die of non-combat causes in Iraq

Mortars hit US military HQ at Baghdad airport

U.S. debt collectors seek cellphone, e-mail access

Judge Bars Bush Crackdown on Illegal Workers

Bush urges rejection of Armenia genocide resolution

GOP Opposes Attempt To Revise Wiretap Law

(Democratic) Alaska lawmakers query Big Oil in bribery scandal

Dems opens door for immunity in spy bill

Bush: Bill must protect telecoms that helped surveillance

Leader Says He Intervened in an Inquiry in Colombia (Bush ally Uribe)

Atlantic City Mayor Resigning, Lawyer Says

Boeing to delay first delivery of 787

Congress panel rejects Bush eavesdropping demand

Billions Owed Indians Debated in Court

Turkey Prepares for Operation in Iraq

Global Warming May Make Humidity Worse

Carter says U.S. tortures prisoners

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 10

State Dept. May Phase Out Blackwater

Gonzales Hires High-Powered Criminal Defense Lawyer

'Draft Gore' Movement Makes '08 Pitch

Jimmy Carter calls Cheney a "disaster"

Cop who fell on the job sues family of baby who almost drowned

Noose discovery stuns Columbia University

2 to be sentenced for Cuba travel ban violation

Morales says U.S. soldiers should leave Bolivia

Two students shot at Cleveland school

Abused Workers Fight Back by Slacking Off

Aide: Iran president misquoted over gays

It's Official -- Belmont Bans Smoking In Some Homes

$mokers pay the price (company fines employees $1200/year)

Democrats Pass Bipartisan Bill To Stop War Profiteering

Optical scanners replace touchscreen voting machines

Woman Accused of Grandchild Shopflifting

You can lead a herring to water, but you have to walk really fast or he will die...

Bloke buys supercar 'without proper consent from the wife'

lolnews (dial-up warning)

A Halloween rant that really nails it!

Italian Priest removed from Parish for expression of heterosexuality.

Kitties Should not Break Dance

Leaving for Armenia on Saturday- Any Advice?

I'm drunk- imagine that- youtube me plz

Here's to Rhode Island

Let us never forget who hired this bozo

Dead Reverend's Rubber Fetish

Planter's peanuts... zowie!


I Have Found My NEW HERO!!!

Man Jailed for Trying to Pass Off $1M Bill

"Well, at least they can't all be president."

Saw this on the drive home yesterday....

Bob Dylan Movie Generator

Oral Roberts's son details bathroom encounter with Sen Craig.

There are 4 printers on the floor!!!!!

what is todays Rolls Fucking Royce?

6 year old boy hungry,car jacks Rolls Fucking Royce, drives himself to the local Applebees

Ugh. My closest friend and her husband are getting divorced.

Boy, 6, tries to drive to Applebees

Get Your Collector Nutcrackers HERE!

I don't have to move out after all!

Old movie you'd most like to see in a theatre on a big screen

"Rubber Fetish" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "rubber fetish".

Hospital gives man drip-feed of vodka

A Christmas At The Mall rant that really nails it!

Does Jennifer Lopez have any actual talent?

pretzel nuggets with peanut butter filling

Today I am 4 years old.

Bradley Whitford's Next Gig - on BBC Two

we just had to abort our landing of the UFO

Anybody take Ambien specifically for the sleepwalking?

There is a rumor that billyskank is going to invade Boston.

WHY do I still look around GD?

do you know people with sushi phobia?

Pathological Liars For God

This person must be new at spamming...

Anybody out there ever used oven cleaner to clean soapscum from a shower?

Yankees fans - should A-Rod stay or should he go now?

we just had to abort our UFO landing

NY/NJ Area Cat-Lovers... Cat Show at Madison Square Garden: 10/13 & 10/14

I have decided that I love YouTube!!! So Much Fun and info!!

Strange aborted landing story.

Well, the Nobel prize committee screwed up again.

New character confirmed for Super Smash Brothers Brawl!

4 years ago today I joined DU and theres something I want to share with you

Late Night Loungers! Radiohead's new album now available for download!

Hospital Gives Man Deep-Fried Vodka

I got baby germs!!!

Lets all take a break and listen to Mistah FAB's Ghost Ridin It


Nine posts away from 8,000, mothra fakers!

Today's Album for the Lounge: Buckingham Nicks

Loser wrestler sues Danny Bonaduce

I need some Lounge vibes

Most people here don't want to admit this but

Ancient earth works or natural formation?

Breaking up via text message

Moscow zoo worker killed by elephant

Blogging my London escapades for the morbidly curious or spectacularly bored.


Hospital Gives Man Drip-Feed of Vodka

just the thing for running down those Pesky rePukes.

Hasn't Michael suffered enough?

So I just got out of this meeting....

6 year old boy hungry, drives himself to the local Applebees

My new co-worker has noisy bodily functions

Holy Hanna!!! Another School Shooting!!!!

Sifl and Olly. Crescent Fresh or no?

Guys! If you don't mind bikini lines on a tasty chick, this is for you.

I have come to the conclusion about what kind of man I want to be with

I just received my advanced copy of Stephen Colbert's new book!

Anyone seen "factory girl?"

Preferred birth method


4 years ago today LSK joined DU and why DU hasn't banned his ass perplexes us all!!!

The brazilian joke makes an appearance in GD...

Do you walk around naked at the gym?

Cancer...fuck you!

Hey - can some techno person tell me what's happening to televison?

All Male DUers check in ... I need your perspective.

Latest genius moment from CFO...

Ok this is just so bizarre


hungry 6 year old Baptist minister with rubber fetish


Holy freakin' crap, Lois! Two-thirds of GD agrees with *Brownshirt*!

True or False:

ever heard of urbane chickens?

ever heard of suburban chickens?

Just curious. Who here is still holding out for a realdoll?

This afternoon, I am four hours sober

Bush opposes Armenian genocide measure

How long does a headache last after...

Just curious. Who here is still holding out for Mr./Ms. "right"?

City bans smoking in some homes

Golden Retriever Nurses Stray Kitten

Only 62 posts until I reach 9,000

Fans of Beer, help me

Something I just realized, upon reaching my 8,000th post...


Democratic Underground Needs EWE!

X-post. What will Bush veto next?

My precal teacher today: "Would you feel safer if everyone had a gun, or if no one had a gun?"

Time to take my work day to the next level. You are now about to witness

Poll Poll

Say it ain't so! Gonzales returns as AG???!!!

Preferred death method

Democratic Underground needs DEW!

True or False: Your opinion is just as valid as anyone else's

The rumors on the "Internets" are not true...MC Hammer is NOT dead.

Singer Bobby Brown has heart attack

Baby Drowns While Mom Online, Police Say

I just realized that my makeup is made in China!

Green Apple Twizzler Pull-and-Peel are the BEST!!

Best De Niro/Scorsese collaboration?

Cop who fell on the job sues family of baby who almost drowned

12,000 porn site hits in 2 months.... at work

"Stray kitten" is the NEW phrase for today. Modify a thread to include "stray kitten".

Dead Reverend's Rubber Fetish

Rubber Reverend's Death Fetish

Suffering Grovelbot withdrawal. Please send hugs.

Frightening how quickly your life can crash.

Want a good recipe for Spinach Artichoke Dip?

Is anyone else getting a lot of emails in RUSSIAN!!

Liz Taylor and The Cure's Robert Smith. Separated at birth?

My best advice is go to the dentist... don't put it off like I did.

You've heard about "impact players"? How about "affect players"?

papa don't take no mess

Ladies and gentlemen: The sexiest woman alive - Charlize Theron

"The Empire Strikes Back" is a perfect film, isn't it?

Anyone here make AMV's/MV's/other random youtube videos?

Post something that was invented during your lifetime.

he's got two guns

I believe those people who score the lowest on Civil Service tests get Exec jobs at US Post Office

Senator Craig's new music video!

greg evigan - a man and his monkey

Democratic Underground needs Pooh!!!

Yay! I get to go to Iowa in the dead of winter!!!

Let's hear it for The Swanky Modes!!!

Fortunes you don't want to find in your cookie.

Hey meegbear: did I see a shout out on the Rude Pundit's blog?

Do you ever wonder what your true artistic potential is?

Let's all take a break an listen to James Taylor.

I told my son that Santa is watching him.

True or False: You're just as full of shit as anyone else.

Thanks for telling me I'm not crazy. Why is my brother serving 29 out of 36 months,...

Destination Unknown - when did music surpass such metaphysical self-awareness?

Condi is wearing a nice mauve power suit.

Has anyone else read "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" (A Year of Food Life)?

Holy Crap! There's a huge dead cockroach in my room!

Some asshole made me cut them off in my Rolls Fucking Royce with my WWJD bumper sticker today!

Democratic Underground needs GNU!!! dial up warning....

I just wanted to say thank you...

Ho-la Amigos

No threads about last night's HOUSE? OK, I'll start.

the time has come: execute order 66

I'm buzzed on booze right now, ask me anything!

How many cocktails do you have in an average night?

The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of Broadway Musicals

Raindrop terrorizes Northern California!

It's time to again tell us all why YOU should NOT be a Moderator.

True or False: Ohiosmith is more full of shit then everyone else on DU combined

Who knows about credit card companies?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/10/07

Can anyone recommend good books for healthy eating?

Where does your clothing come from?

Which NHL franchise has the best uniforms?

Britney Spears "went into hysterics" when restaurant told her she couldn't eat with dog in her lap

My son tells the world what he thinks of Bush*:

Brain Found in Bag Near Richmond, Va.

Have you ever found yourself stuck

ever heard of urban chickens?

Someone with a WWJD bumper sticker cut me off today.

Just curious. Who here is still holding out for Al Gore?

Sting tops list of worst lyricists

What would you be doing, professionally, if you weren't doing what you are doing now?

Hobbling painfully into the Lounge after my surgery and I have a question!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/10/07 Bonus

those Lord of the Rings books, based on the movie or vice versa..

Vagetable Tempura

Only in Redding:

Old Folks like me — do you still like it LOUD?

Today I am 4 years sober.

I went to GD and got called Hitler! Is this a rite of passage or something?

white rice sushi vs brown white sushi

Hospital gives man drip-feed of vodka

Albums you just can't ever hear enough of...

Any word on OMC & the boys?

For OMC: Post a pic, a word or two or both

anyone get the new Radiohead album yet?

Anything as/more reliable than a Honda?

3,500 Fort Hood soldiers to deploy to Iraq

Family questions care after wounded GI dies

Guard set to rebalance, grow

Gen.: Reserve strong, end strength an issue

New Elmo DVD takes on deployments, injuries

Bill would stop Native vets’ co-pays

Casey: Army to add troops faster

Lawmakers wary of Iraq buying arms from China

Top Navy acquisition official Etter resigns

Osprey may get turret-mounted machine gun

Empty Pacific islands offered for training

Congress aims to crack down on war fraud

Manas’ air refueling a vital link to war effort

rain o'er me

Reflagging puts a confusing twist on deployment schedule

Chain gun looked at as possible .50 cal replacement

U.S.-Led Coalition Withering Fast

Less spendable income means drop in COLA

Experts: Dollar to likely keep falling to won

Troop Withdrawal Debate Put on Hold

Australian Firm Kills 2 in Baghdad

Another New Sniper Rifle on the Block

War Costs Reach Deeper Into Your Wallet

Navy's Deadly New Darts

Seven GW students admit to hanging controversial posters

Why can my brother be asked to serve 29 out of 36 months?

San Fran Again

Work Stoppage Likely on Broadway Today

Windstream, CWA in Lincoln tentatively agree on contract

Unfair Labor Practice Charges Filed Against Safeway, Supervalu, and Kroger

Today in labor history October 10

USW Challenges Bill Gates Foundation to Support Organizing Workers

George W Bush - The Elite My Base

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth (Monterey 1967)

Olbermann's coverage of White House leak of bin Laden tape

The Big Brother Pizza Shop, Welcome to the Police State.

Vicente Fox on Larry King about NAFTA, NAU currency and spoilsport Chavez

Grampa Fred's First Debate

STOP Blackwater in San Diego county, CA... Dial up Warning

Charlie Savage: Cheney's lust for power revealed in Iran Contra report

"Quiet" - Barack Obama's New Hampshire Ad

Everybody look what's goin' down!

Tempers flare at Brockton, Mass. mayoral debate

America's Energy Policy- 30 years of promises

Jailhouse Army Recruiters

Kucinich1 (Iowa Johnson County Democrats)

Robert Greenwald's Brave New Film: FOX ATTACKS! Business

Olbermann: What is the damage from White House intel leak?

Western Kentuckians Talk About Their Visit From John Edwards

Larry Craig's New Music Video

Rep. Kucinich to Dem. Leadership: "Stand Up" to Pres. Bush

7 minutes of sanity in 2 hours of boredom


Olbermann's Most Disgusted 'Worst Persons' Ever: O'Reilly, Free Repub, Limbaugh & Novak

Repub tricked into interview with a Norwegian 'Daily Show' program

Ron Paul on Hardball post-debate 10-09-07

Jeez the thunder is really loud here!

October 9: Born this day -John Lennon. Died this day - Che Queverra

Hoyer: Info for Immunity

DUers - do any other DUers ever change your mind?

Yoko Ono Lennon on Dennis K.

Arms factory explosion near Rome kills worker

Bakersfield mosque attack investigated as hate crime

U.S. needs to get back on track

Russia France Press Conference live on BBC International

'Dear Abby' comes out in support of gay marriage

Democrats propose safeguards in Bush's spy program (Reuters)

We deeply regret this incident,” the company said.

Fire devastates Palestinian refugee camp in Iraq

Is the Senate taking the week off?

ANOTHER mercenary "security company" kills two civilians: THEN SPEEDS AWAY

ACLU-New info shows government's forcible drugging policy more widespread than previously suggested

Shooter in Wis. deaths apparently killed self

Fact vs. Fiction in the Limbaugh "phony soldiers" controversy

Wednesday TOONS: We do not "Torture"!

The Republican National Convention

Is There a DU rss feed?

This guy's got some "stuff" he'd like to sell you...

Former Bush Aide Blasts GOP Field

Dobson more principled than Democrats?

Sting tops list of worst lyricists

Scarborough keeps saying the most important issue to me as a Dem is pulling the troops from Iraq

We know that the republi'CONs are against us so we have to go after them to get them unseated

15 percent of Minnesotans said they favored an immediate withdrawal from Iraq

== Let us get drunk and meditate = By Mark Morford

Head of US Forest Service spends time at the most important place in the country for foresty....

If Jack Bauer is the new American strategy, why didn't it win Jimmy Carter a 2nd term?

(RALLY) SAVE KLSD - SAVE San Diego Progressive Talk Radio!

Cop sues after 911 call-- This is simply amazing.

House Judiciary Markup Hearing (FISA) C-SPAN 2 - NOW

Hillary Clinton is Ten Times the Woman Sheehan is

I'm in a blue funk these days, help me get my hope back, folks.

What would have satisfied you?


Has cable media pretty much stopped reporting about Iraq or am I imagining things?

Someone please explain this part of the Draft Gore campaign to me:

Music: Convenience Wins, Hubris Loses and Content vs. Context

Will the Military Halt an Iran Attack?

Support and Defend

Gates and Rice on TV claiming resolution *might* harm troops

The Grand Old Pervert (this week)

Capitol Feud: A 12-Year-Old Is the Fodder

Democrats no longer pushing Iraq pullout bills

Bush Meetings With Grieving War Relatives Yield Tears, Resolve

On Hannity & Colmes, Coulter vowed to fight Clinton because "I do not want to be fitted for a burqa"

Can somebody explain the "shrinking deficit" to me?

Breaking Supreme Court rules NYC has to reimburse parents for private school

Indiana family charges Army failed wounded soldier

Horse slaughter ban and the law of unintended consequences

AP Poll: Growing numbers see economy as top problem facing nation

After All the Money and Time the Repugs Have Already Spent Demonizing Hillary

How a freshman senator got something big done

Who the &(*^ is the jerk on Washington Journal now

Progressive talker Ed Schultz ties Bill O'Reilly in audience size

Boeing says it is delaying deliveries of its 787 Dreamliner for six months

I'm typing this underwater, re: global warming

If they locked him up with Paris Hilton, would it be torture?

Was A McConnell Staffer Behind The Campaign To Smear The 12-Yr Old SCHIP Recipient?

An Israeli Strike on Syria Kindles Debate in the U.S.//between cheney & condi

Mild prediction on kurds, turkey and war with Iran...

Breaking: UAW workers seen walking off the job

Topps Meat Has Closed but its Slaughterhouse Hasn't; more E. coli in store?

Interesting aside by Joey the Scar this A.M.

Capitol Feud: A 12-Year-Old Is the Fodder

UhOh Bush will hold a 'thorn garden' press conference

I Want to Bug You ---pix--->>>

Boy I bet this is an interview McCain wishes he never gave

Israeli doctors treat Iraqi patients

Here's how one thing can lead to another.

Pelosi defends refusal to put "God" on flag certificates


Chavez Outlines Proposed Social and Economic Structure for Venezuelan Socialism

St. Pete Times: End the torture regime

Robot Insects Spying on Protesters?

The latest Iraq security incident/Why the word Christian?

Steny Hoyer: Amnesty for Telecom Corporate Criminals Who Spy on You

Here's another chance to 'vote' in a stupid poll about flag pins!

Is this the poll Republican Joe Scarborough keeps using to slam the Dems on the Iraq funding?

FRONTLINE presents CHENEY'S LAW on Tuesday, October 16, 2007,

Clinton in, 5 Dems out of Mich. primary

The attack dogs are snarling, snapping furiously at Obama and Hillary, esp. Faux

Rudy re: 9/11: "if we had known about it ... maybe hitting a target there ... helped prevent it"

O'Reilly Called Springsteen Anti-American & Irresponsible

Anyone else suspect the White House or friends of the WH (Saudis maybe?) are making Al-Qaeda videos?

Congress Ignoring Critical Report on Pentagon Spending

Reid said he was happy with the improvements on Iraq.

Norwegian Foreign minister wants Arnold, not Albert

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

R-Rated Movies Allowed In Class

MSNBC fact checks Fred Thompson

Fox & Friends Say Seizing George Clooney's Medical Records & Rush Limbaugh's Are The Same Thing

I almost posted another Al Gore might run article!

An Open Letter to Al Gore


The "Hidden Day" Israel Deliberately Attacked American Ship, Killing 34

can't he just pardon them

Any way to spin all the Hillary-bashing by GOP candidates?

Letter to Bush: We Will Only Vote for Money to Bring Troops Home

This isn't about the Nobel or electability or stopping Hillary or anything else.

Hey morans--I think I know what happened to your brain!

Anyone watching House Committee re: Armenian Genocide Resolution?

"Possessing" Information Can Now Brand You A Terrorist (United Kingdom)

House Judiciary Rejects Telecom Immunity

If Al Gore doesn't run and endorses a candidate, who do you think he would endorse?

Bush Administration to Slash Half of Protected Habitat for Endangered Peninsular Bighorn Sheep

Well if these don't just scream Christmas Spirit...

Child pornography charges filed against children's performer

Sept. 11th survivor gives up fight with condo board over dog

Blackwater introduces the Global Peace and Stability Operations Institute

FEMA: NOPD misses out on federal funds due to lack of insurance

Candidates are tired:

Experts predict internet-based dirty tricks campaigns

More evidence about the nature of gender

nearly 90 on Sunday, barely 50 today, I love Chicago weather

Cop who fell on the job sues family of baby who almost drowned

Brent Budowsky: Dick Morris and the Hate-Hillary Republicans

Europe Rallies Against Capital Punishment

Just heard on Thom Hartman re: MSNBC

Tuesday I was on the front of Free Republic - Should I

ACLU needs help re: FISA law

Doesn't It Seem Like Things are just getting Worse?

Isn't the Natrional Democratic Party a constituent of every elected Democrat?

Few Conservatives but Many Centrists Found in American Academe

Robert Levy, Atlantic City mayor resigns after stay at psychiatric hospital

Al or Hillary, which do you want?

Democratic-Led Congress Breaks Record For Highest Number Of Roll Call Votes In History

MASHED POTATOES wins Short Documentary Award

Do you feel Powerless?

A government of the people, by the people and for the people

My crazy-assed dream to save this country (warning: another Gore post)

Pay to watch Olbermann on MSNBC???

Bush urges rejection of Armenia genocide resolution (of course)

I was watching BBC America news last night

Peter King, you dumb fuck. How is R9/11U9/11D9/11Y9/11 an 'experienced' terrorist fighter??

Dragonfly or Insect Spy? Scientists at Work on Robobugs

Al Gore Going To India To Teach About Climate Change

Hey - can some techno person tell me what's happening to televison?

Hurt Boy at Center of Political Firestorm

Brain found in bag near Richmond, Va.

Minnesotans unsure of how the U.S. should resolve Iraq situation

So, whats with Karl Rove these days?

The Olympian newspaper today highlights pics of 48 dead soldiers

Feingold Statement In Response to the President’s Remarks on FISA

Study: Even kids have trouble keeping weight off after losing it

Book brings letters to Hitler to light

That MASSIVE 'fuck you' is stuck in my throat. Its like a bad case of heartburn or bile ......

Thompson and Piglet ---pix--->>>

donna brazil

How many military officials are discreetly acting as partisan PR flacks for the Iraq war?

Robert Parry: "The More ...Dems Think they Might Win in '08 the More Timid they Become..."

Bush pushes for telco immunity...Restore Act does not provide retroactive immunity

Clipper Wind to develop 7.5 MW wind turbine

Cops Writing Cops. Is this for real?

Can my Wife's work place deny her vacation?

“I feel about Ron Paul the way I felt about Ronald Reagan.”

Which FISA bill passed? The FISA Modernization or the Restore FISA?

Aryan Brothers in Texas collecting names and addresses belonging to policemen.

I wish to bring your attention to a daily thread that has been lacking in recognition...

Tenn. School Fight Over Jena 6 T-Shirt

Orlando police department turns to prayer to help solve crime

Hillary Clinton vows to return to business-as-usual style of government

The end of Wal-Mart?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Wed 10/10 Umbrella coverage?

Mukasey hearing scheduled for next week

Yet another republican yanked out of the the closet...err...bathroom stall

Deputy likely killed self with 3 shots to head

The president of the University of St. Thomas acknowledged he made the wrong decision

Anyone need a good laugh today? Here ya go

Fellow DK Supporters: Where do we make our stand?

Will the next FISA bill rescind your right to sue the telecoms that illegally spied on you?

I thought this was interesting. And I think we are susceptible to it as well


War Room: Gonzales said to be fearing prosecution for lying to Congress

Conyers' Judiciary Hearing on FISA!!!! On NOW on C-SPAN 2!!!

State Dept. may phase out Blackwater (cover-up alert)

ACLU Tries to Prevent Deportee Druggings

Could this be a reason why our democratic representatives and senators

McClatchy: Increased violence continues in Iraq

AP: State Dept. may phase out Blackwater, other contractors in Iraq

Remember Farmers Branch, Texas...the town that made it illegal to rent to undocumented...

Anybody else notice how much Dobbs' head bobbs lately?

The quoteable Miss Bette Davis

Tibetans Storm Chinese Embassy

Ron Paul "Why don't we just open up the constitution and read it."

Dr. Arun Ghandi teaches nonviolence at SU {Salisbury U, MD}

Public Transportation Ridership Continues to Climb in 2007

This list is growing:

Remind me which party tried to bring Terri Schiavo to the House Floor?

BUSHCO Points Again To WMDs As Congress Considers Spy Powers


Poor George..

I signed up on DU 4 years ago today

See why "reconciliation" is a pipe dream?

Republicans denounce but bash Democrats for denouncing Armenian Genocide

Guardian UK: Claims of a turning point in Iraq are just wishful thinking

How Similiar is USA 2007 and Nazi Germany Mid to Late 30s?

The squirrel is a Socialist

Bush pushes for telecom immunity

How much do I really know about Hillary?

Detroit Free Press Brian Dickerson: "Dems Chaos Could Infect GOP."

What do you think about the easy access to chemicals we have used in the creation of explosives and

I just spoke on CSPAN Washington Journal.

Help needed on local Blackwater poll

Poll: Americans Reject Unconditional Iraq Funding, Support Congress Using Funds to Redeploy Troops

A brief synopsis of the last week on DU GD....

Samzdat = Same as that.

Dodd is giving away 2 tickets to a Red Sox game

``I hold you responsible for my husband's death . . . it's your responsibility to end this war''

Little more than 24 hours remaining on Clinton/Byrd pledge to repeal the IWR

ACLU says support "Fisa Modernization Bill" instead of Restore Act.

Black Journalists Group: Keep Imus Off The Air

Thompson said "It is a global war - Islamic fascism has declared it upon us,"

Without DU here is what I know from this week

U.S. Intelligence Officials Will Probe Leak of Bin Laden Video

Defending Against their al-Qaeda Failure at the Site of their Iraq Folly

Race for the Cure head Brinker takes State Dept Seat today

The average American believes about 9,900 Iraqis have been killed since Mission Accomplished

Making change

87 House Dems sign letter pledging to no longer fund war

Shooting sprees, road rage and Light the Night...

Genetically Engineered Corn May Harm Stream Ecosystems

I wasn't here at DU for the 2004 elections, so can I ask...

Alberto Gonzales hires defense attorney

Lynne Cheney on The Daily show tonight, Wesley Clark on The Colbert Report.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Wrongly Imprisoned Man Freed In Texas

3fer: Kurtz's UNscoop on Dan RATHER. Rupert, Shrub-hater? COULTERgeist's Dem boyfriend.

Just FUCK why do cops give each other preferential treatment?

Two Significant Anniversaries Today

Maybe this was Bush's plan for Iraq all along

What would you do if you had been given a national security letter?

Bookmark this topic: Al Gore will NOT run

John Nichols: The "Draft Gore" Moment

When Do you Think Al Gore Will jump into the race?

War criminals of the Bush/Cheney administration

Jimmy Carter: I Know the Bush Administration Tortures

The whats Al Gore going to do poll

Why is this Armenian genocide resolution such a big deal all of a sudden?

Officer Hurt On 911 Call Sues Family - Woman Broke Knee After Slipping On Puddle

Impeach and indict or wait to elect more Democratic politicians?

Is Congress On The Road To Self Destruction?

Repugnant 2008 Logo (updated image)

Steps needed to close down a society

It's Official -- Belmont Bans Smoking In Some Homes

Larry Flynt to Expose Another Senate Sex Scandal Soon

Whoopi Goldberg: Sharpton should apologize to Duke lacrosse players

Are black heroes being singled out?

You have got to be sh***** me!

oh no - John Edwards caught having an affair

Remember Farmers Branch, Texas...the town that made it illegal to rent to undocumented...

McCain promotes his “Christian Nation"

Civil War curators walk through minefields

'Draft Gore' Movement Makes '08 Pitch

Making the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize political is wrong

Olympia, Wa. Newspaper Salutes Fallen Members of Ft. Lewis-Based Army Brigade

Get this to Keith Olbermann, your favorite bloggers (and anyone who thinks Huckabee is an okay guy)

Kucinich challenges Democratic leadership to force showdown with President over war funding

A 14 year old kid is dead in Cleveland. Shot by police after shooting fellow students.

What would Gore vs. Clinton primary be like?

I believed her. Would you?

Vincente Fox admits: United currency a long term goal of Bush

Why We Can’t Forgive or Forget IWR

Protesters Building Large "Buddha" Outside Pelosi's House

Tell you what: If Gore does run, the battle here will be bloody...

We cannot allow RW talk radio to shape the '08 election

I am convinced Bush could eat babies on live TV and 30% of Americans would still adore him

Conyers releases Simpson transcript on Siegelman case-Rove linked

Wowie Zowie...Ex-Mexican prez: Yes, there will be an amero

This is why Armenian genocide resolution is such a big deal all of a sudden?

Kiefer Chooses Extra Jail Time

Larry Craig's hot-dog-and-potato recipe ("Push hot dog through the center")

Hillary and Michigan

more evidence pharma barons don't want cures

Should Al Gore Run? By Robert Parry

If every student, teacher, worker at that Cleveland HS were heavily armed today

"Under the Mark of Genocide" - Priest Convicted in Argentine "Dirty War" Tribunal

America is Fighting With Itself...but's it's really about our Political System...

Warner Bros. Officially No Longer Making Movies With Female Leads

Oh my!!! Dead Reverend's Rubber Fetish (including sex toy found in interesting place)

Where are the bang your shoe on the Table Democrats!

HR106 PASSES through House Committee 27 yea- 21 nay

Gore was backed by 12 percent of Democrats in this month's Associated Press-Ipsos poll

For American dentists, times have never been better. The same cannot be said for Americans’ teeth.

Attn Randi Rhodes re Keith Olbermann.

Another day, another school shooting, another round of excuses from gun enthusiasts

Nuke Transportation Story - Explosive Implications - Retired USN Lt. Cmdr- !!!

"You will just shut the fuck up"

Ann Coulter: 'We Christians'... just want Jews to be perfected.

It's Official...We're On Strike!

Why are the ‘tough ones’ always the biggest cowards?

so I heard a bit ago on hannity that ann-the-*** coulter has

One Republican candidate openly declares a dictatorship

Desmond Tutu reinvited to College after first being banned by campus prez...

Flame inducing post regarding the potential of someone running for the prez...

Kill your beloved historical analogies, and kill your radicalizing of the debate

Impeachment: Is there any other Way to Restore the Rule of Law in our Nation?

Defenders of Pelosi and the House Democrats take note.

Anybody have an astrological chart for Biden in the next months?

Biden thread - please recommend if so inclined...

A day late, but Biden is actually mentioned on CNN - this is in regard to the

A nice article about Biden

Biden Alerts

Long time lurker

Story in Boston Globe

right-wing bloggers caught lying about 12 year old boy

Articles of Impeachment of President George W. Bush

Josh Marshall: "Obama"

The smallest distinctions become magnified between candidates

Hugh Cort for PRESIDENT!

US to Turkey: Stay out of Iraq

Obama's energy program...

Barack Obama on NAFTA

Turkey and US head for showdown over vote on Armenian 'genocide'

can non citizens vote? and if they do, what impact do they have on elections?

Did I miss the House & Senate resolutions condemning Rush?

Pelosi: "This isn't about Democrats being concerned about the next election"

Republicans in Congress whining about 5 day work week.

Republicans Shudder as Economic Slowdown Adds to 2008 Concerns

Raising Progressive Offspring By Emily Spence

We have GOT to get him kicked off Armed Forces radio

Hillary's favorables continue to rise...most popular among Democrats...

Hillary Crushes The Ghoul In Cali And Leads Him In The Sunshine State

Pelosi steers spending debate to costs in Iraq

self delete - dupe

Romney On Bombing Iran: I'd Have To Ask My Lawyers

If elected, Hillary will offer Obama a seat on the Supreme Court...

Blue is new route; Red being abandoned.....

Obama Assails Tax Lobbyists - and Hires One

In every corner of America, Democrats are undermining Democrats, and who benefits?

Bush pushes for telecom immunity: Profile in Courage moment for Dems

Dems Pulling Out Of Michigan: This Has To be Playing Well Somewhere Right?

The Silenced Majority

Pelosi does not call anti war protestors a "waste of time"

Random musing while in the shower this morning...

BUSH nixes execution of illegal alien

Can Someone Please Explain To Me What All This Skipping Primaries Stuff Is All About?

Clinton Maintains Commanding Lead, Majority of Americans now express favorable view of her

To win in '08, Democrats must "represent a decisive break, not a partially veiled continuity..."

The New Democratic majority

Okay, I get it. Dems must call piles of crap.... strawberry sundaes.

Barack Obama: Clinton Wrong on Foreign Policy

Is Steny Hoyer the Stupidest Democrat in HISTORY?

Bill Richardson should run for the New Mexico Senator seat if presidential bid fails

FISA - guidelines from ACLU

Where is Hillary on Closing Tax Loopholes for Mega-Billionaires? Right Here, Katrina Vanden Heuvel

New Yorkers To The Ghoul- "You Suck" We Love Hilllary ! (LOL)

Best fundraising idea yet: Chris Dodd

Hillary on Private Equity Firms or Katrina Vanden Huevel wrote a lazy blog

Tinkerbell democrats?

Fliers warn of KKK revival at school

Arizona (ARG): HRC 41%, Edwards 16%, Obama 14%

What bill will Bush veto next?

Worst Person in the world poll.

do you think most things you don't agree with here, are posted by freepers?

Learning about Mike Gravel on "This is America"

Barack Obama on tomorrow's Situation Room. An interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Quinnipiac: Hillary only Dem to beat Guiliani an all three top Swing is deep...

Thompson A Little Snarky to Tweety??

"The president knows bad policy when he sees it,"

WP,pg1, interview: Clinton Cites Lessons of Partisanship: Says She's Best Equipped to Unite America

I don't want Al Gore to run

Feeling abandoned?

McAuliffe (Hillary spokesperson): Hillary's Iraq position due to her gender.

Lieberman Has No Plans To Investigate Blackwater, Corrupt Iraq Contractors

Shout out to Edwards supporters and other interested parties:

911 Truthers response to Bill Maher

Was A McConnell Staffer Behind The Campaign To Smear The 12-Yr Old SCHIP Recipient?

How do you feel about the DU Primary Wars?

Four Years and Counting.

Gallup: Obama +27 net favorable for GE - 10 points over Edwards; 20 over Clinton

CNN poll: Agree with Obama not wearing flag lapel pin?

Have you seen MSNBC's debate ratings????

Thom Hartmann read this post by NanceGregg on the air today.

My pick for the best Bush/Cheney clones are Romney/J Roberts.

Obama and Edwards rap clinton over Iraq Vote

He doesn't have a suit that fits?

"Republicans are known as the party of national security and of moral values"

Better name for "No Child Left Behind" is "No Child".

cspan just showed Condi press conf.-strongly urging House NOT to adopt

Hillary kicks GOP ass!!!!

I remember a time when we called republicans sheep and koolaid drinkers

Don't know if many here watch Lou Dobbs, but he had a good segment...

Nader's history of violent tactics to collapse US society from 1977

The Nation's Katrina Vanden Huevel: Where is Hillary on Closing Tax Loopholes for Mega-Billionaires?

Would a Christianist third party bid help us or hurt us? Israel's Rising Right Wing

Gore as head of EPA?

Nevada: Fourth state poll showing Hillary topping 50% ...

SCHIP and The Big Republican Lie:

Des Moines Register Poll..."no poll gets and deserves as much attention"...

I feel better now after reading "Edwards will win Iowa"

Michigan Governor Granholm to endorse Hillary?

I envy you guys with primaries that count.

The Big Lie: ‘Iran Is a Threat’ By Scott Ritter

John Edwards on Macneil-Lehrer right now -

I'm so tired of reading on DU how Democrats are weak and pathetic

Kucinich files incorrect paperwork twice, remains on MI ballot

DCCC targeted all anti-war candidates with dirty tricks, or why we're in this mess

Arrghhh... conversation with my mother

I consider the antiwar protests and sit ins a waste of time.

So I was watching Tucker earlier and he had Mann Coulter on & she said

The Situation Room: Jimmy Carter on Hillary Clinton's vote on Kyl-Lieberman

Politics Match: Which Candidate Represents You Best?

Pelosi calls anti-war protesting "a waste of time". (Edited for accuracy)

Dennis Kucinich on the issues

Jesus Facing Multiple Charges

Taylor Marsh: "Giving the Finger to Michigan is just nuts..."

Bush urges Congress to reject bill recognizing slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians as "genocide"

I WANT the right-wing to hate our candidate....

About this whole Ron Paul love/respect on DU, would you love respect David Duke if he were anti-war?

Tom Toles cartoon.....strange post 9-11 climate of fear.

So, I'm wondering when Skinner is going to change the name of this place


Which of these Hillary supporters is the biggest Right Wing/DLC/Corporate Shill...

Despite being the most progressive populist of our top 3 candidates, Edwards does best in Red states

Here's why Hillary will energize the REPUB. base to come out and vote:

How to answer: "How do I becoming Illegal?"? I just got a classic load of pablum from a

Nancy's Seething???? Too GD Bad...

The Malkin/Graeme Frost Battle Heats Up

O'Leilly promises Habitat for Humanity $25,000 if Springsteen comes on his show to defend himself

Valerie Biden Owens (Joe's Sister) Has A Request.....

Challenge to the Obama-ramas! Post your guy's accomplishments here!