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Archives: October 1, 2007

Our Disgraceful Refugee Score Card

Peter Galbraith: Review of Treacherous Alliance by Trita Parsi

IBM Seeks US Patents For Offshoring US Jobs

"This is a story I should have written 12 years ago"... Hey, no foolin'!


The nag, the witch and the media

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 308

Time To Stop Insulting Iran

Bush struggles to stay relevant in climate debate

U.S. Embassy Rips Senate Plan on Iraq

Rebels Kill 10 Peacekeepers in Darfur

States debate how to maintain bridges

Faslane protesters make a last stand (UK)

Vladimir Putin Soothes Fears Over Currency Reserves (no intention of infiltrating Western economies)

Report: Israel unhappy with U.S. plan for Iran

Man Accused in "Sex-Tape" Case in Custody

Iraq Police Evidence: Blackwater Guards Fired Unprovoked

Canadian navy: volcano erupts off Yemen

McCain Buoyed by Polls, Fundraising

U.S. leads arms sales to developing countries

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,803

US job market data present a clouded picture

Iran ready to work with US on Iraq

Air Force Arranged No-Work Contract: Experts Question Official's Deal With Nonprofit

Family Mourns Woman Who Died at Airport

Mich. Government Partially Shut Down

GOP Is Ready to Roll Out the Klieg Lights for Craig: Threatens open ethics hearing

Would Belle & Sebastian ever release their Hollywood Bowl show on CD or DVD?

is bullshitting really a sport?

I have eaten NOTHING but crap this weekend.

Highway 237 is the ONLY way to Heaven

What is it about the White Stripes that makes me love them SO much

Girl stripped in class for missing homework

2:15 1/2 Marathon

Meet the Mets, greet the Mets, step right up and beat the Mets

Well, I guess we've run out of *good* ideas, & this is all that's left...

Saw a white Dummer H2 today

I *think* that my kitten stole my IPod earbuds...

Prepare to laugh

Do your cats like human blood?

Anyone remember Kanye West's car accident? Through The Wire...

Beep beep beep. Beep beep beep. SHUT UP!!!!!

What triggers that flaming icon in the first column?

what do you think about this, ethically?

We are all Romans

Anyone giving out hugs?


**My Poem**

Help me pick out a new computer - My budget is $1,000

Movie re-makes you'd like to see

Are 3 liters of wine too much to drink over a 2 day period?

Mithras is the ONLY way to Heaven

Can frogs get constipated?

Whatever happens, do NOT click here unless

my next tat

DU Wave for Stacey in 10 minutes! Join us if you can!

craigslist's "free" section is a menace!

Hey, has anyone heard from Aliengirl?


A gift for Katie Couric

I have a serious problem with a jalapeño. Please help!!

I'm rebuilding my credit

what does it mean when an electrical cord gets really warm?

Fashion: Spring 2008 Colors! > Golden Olive, Snorkel Blue, Freesia, Croissant...

HypnoToad is Heaven

On Tap tonight at Tavernertavern: Piraat Belgian IPA

This'll crack your nuts for you ...

I Was Made to Love Her- Stevie Wonder...

Is Jenna Bush cross-eyed?

I just broke up with my girlfriend

Magazines for a 9-year-old who loves to read and write?

Are you supposed to stay out of work if you have pink eye?

Is your gravity working OK?

This is what hell must be like

Family IQ test results are in

Anyone still watching Ken Burns' The War?

my new boots

Cheap Trick appreciation thread

Inside an Anti-Union Seminar

USA to replace striking space center workers

Rahm Emanuel on Maher....doesn't make a good impression about Iraq.

John Edwards: With My Own Two Hands

Democratic/Hillary Hypocrisy On Public Financing Re-Brands With 'All The News That's Fit To Click' Theme

"Are you now, or have you ever been..."

My LTTE to The New York Times

Mich. Lawmakers Try to Avoid Shutdown

Letterman: It's kind of hard to tell Iran, US presidents apart

witnesses not being protected as well as they should

The 13-Point Combat Scale, updated for Iraq

The Conflicted Consumer (Great Read!)

One year ago today: ironic video of Mark Foley dissing pedophiles emerges...

Cindy Sheehan was a cancer in the Democratic Party

Compromise needed to avert Taiwan crisis

My new t-shirt came!


Warmongering Against Iran Gets More Time Than Diplomacy On “Fair and Balanced” Hannity & Colmes

Robbery suspect accused of murder

Sen. Robert Byrd at the Senate Appropriations Cmte. Hearing on 2008 War Supplemental

Bloggers who risked all to reveal the junta’s brutal crackdown in Burma

Looks like the author of the "If Al Gore steps in now" got their ass kicked.

President of Bosnian Serb republic dies

Fight Back Against Giving Kids’ Names to Military

Justice Kennedy on Photo IDs?

I haven't donated anything for the national election

Gitmo detainees on Supreme Court docket

Anybody miss Matt PUDGE & his airport screening of his "reading" material??!!1

Seymour M. Hersh: Shifting Targets

Iran War: Big Coffers and a Rising Voice Lift a New Conservative Group

This Modern World The sensible liberal and the right-wing nutcase search for common ground

The Rock Opera Republicans


Bolton calls for bombing of Iran (Bolton??)

How do you and your candidate match up?

60 minutes now. Clarence Thomas talking of Anita Hill

"War is mostly telling lies, stealing from others who have better things to eat...

Hey Dems who just voted for the Iran war resolution, "U.S. Embassy rips Iraq partition plan"

Get ready, DU!!1 Tomorrow is ALL Uncle Clarence ALL day long!!1

Wild Bill Kristol fell to his knees

another Candidate matcher

Matt Drudge Radio Show Cancelled - Final night tonight, 9 years to late!

Bush so pathetic, his family rarely mentioned anymore

DU I had a lousy week last week....

I just donated to John Edwards through ACT Blue, because I spent most of today talking

Blackwater has hired at least 60 Chilean commandos trained under the Pinochet regime

Anyone have link to Springsteen's Political Statement on "Today Show?"

U.S president re-thinks Iran strategy

The USA attacks Iran...let's say


(In)Justice Clarence Thomas says progressives are as bad as southern racists

**Signatures required to get Kucinich on the ballet in these states:

Wanted: Husband with Canadian health care

Got this in an email from a neo-con before 2004 election. Oh the irony!

Oral Sex and the Economy

Signatures required to get Kucinich on the ballot in these states

Dowd makes the statement that 40% of the people in this country

The Constitution in Peril (Newsweek)

So my employer, Catholic Health Initiatives, now requires respect for God, is this even legal?

Kudos to DUer GumboYaYa!!

Something strange I've noticed this year reference insect activity

Putin tells Tehran "They're going to bomb you!"

Am I the first to say that I hope Bush *does* veto SCHIP?

"Why Is US Grad School Mainly Non-US Students?"

Do you support the DLC?

I posted another Biden thread about SC endorsements

I believe the Hillary haters are in the first 2 stages of the grieving process (denial and anger)

Go Left TV: Best of the Left News September 30th

Howard Kurtz on Reliable Sources this morning on CNN

Any reasonable person would see that Obama is not going to make it

Has Apple's iPhone wipeout update crossed the line and tossed netware into the

I Like Hillary

Mark Foley GOP sexual deviant

Who among candidates will show courage and leadership during debates.

Needed PSA: At this stage of the game

Any reasonable person would see that primary season is in

"Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion"

Any reasonable person would see that Senator Brownback needs

Bill Kristol: Heartless Attack on Children "a good idea."

9/30/07 Top Tier Straw Poll

How many of you have an open Primary?

Obama Strolls through Portsmouth

Christian Conservatives Consider Third-Party Effort

ARG SC poll: Hillary Clinton 41%, Barack Obama 30%, John Edwards 7%

Early polls only give a basic idea of who the top candidates are

Cate Edwards: On gay issue I'm with mom, not dad

ARG NH poll: Hillary Clinton 41%, Barack Obama 22%, John Edwards 10%

The Nepotism Tango

Crowd of 13,000 greets Hillary in Oakland, CA

Preemptive Impeachment...

ARG Iowa poll: Clinton 30%, Obama 24%, Edwards 19%

Barack Obama: Hillary Seeks to be an Extention of the First Clinton Presidency

Hispanic workers call for boycott in Northern Nevada (raided 11 McDonald’s restaurants)

The BIG PICTURE...The RePublicans hardly ever touch on the BIG PICTURE.cause it shows their FAILINGS

Why can't we have a "Campaign 2008" forum so I don't have to pick thru all this candidate crap? n.t

Obama and Edwards: One has to drop out for the other to win...what are the scenarios?

State of Texas: Bush is a "constitutionally ignorant power-grabber"

Frustration, retribution, Iraq and Hillary

Rasmussen: Edwards Handily Leads Giuliani, Thompson

Democrats in the West Fear Impact of Hillary at the top of the Ticket

Attention John Cornyn! Another media smear of General Petraeus!

How Shall We Prepare For Hillary Clinton's Presidency?

Obama Speaks Out on the Clintons

A gentle suggestion to supporters of "A" that slam "B" repeatedly

Biden to pick up two South Carolina endorsements

Giuliani Inspires Threat of a Third-Party Run

Memo to Hillary Supporters - Tell it like it Really is

We will lose if we continue to let the GOP control the conversation.

If you prefer one of the other candidates to Hillary, you'd better start raising some hell

16 Million Black Americans voted in 2004.

Big Coffers and a Rising Voice Lift a New Conservative Group

10 Million Americans Busted for Pot: Enough is Enough

Importers Cry Politics Over Tough Taiwan Food Inspection

Ethanol’s Boom Stalling as Glut Depresses Price

U.S. reports nuclear stockpile shrinking at fast pace

Soldier describes killing unarmed Iraqi

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Sy Hersh reports on plans for attacking Iran.

Living in the Land of Nod

No Gr_du_te Left Behind

Iraqi official: Blackwater exit not feasible

Normon Solomon: Political "Science" and Truth of Consequences

U.S. Senate vote unites Iraqis in anger

Two Different Accounts of Deadly Airstrike in Baghdad

Washington Sees an Opportunity on Iran

How to Address Humanity's Global Crises? Challenge Corporate Power, Embrace True Democracy

Democratic Agenda for 10/1/07


This city is not nearly as liberal or different as New Yorkers believe

George W. Bush in "Are You Smarter Than a (Brain-damaged) 5th Grader?"

Shifting Targets The Administration’s plan for Iran by Seymour M. Hersh


Notes on the News making Naomis by Glitzqueen

The Best of Don the Conservative

New York City's Explosion in Police Repression and Surveillance a Threat to Us All


Policing dissent and "homeland security" protection money are now a way of life.

Understanding Anorexia: A Thin Excuse


The farm bill opens a loophole that could allow processors to sell you tainted meat.

The Whores of War By Neil Mackay

U.S. Is Top Arms Seller to Developing World

Turning sun's rays into gold

Newsweek: Death From All Sides

Robert Parry: Bush's Global 'Dirty War'

Naomi Klein: Greenspan and the Myth of the True Believer

U.S. 2-party system looks like a 2-family system to some voters

Double standard? Media largely ignored Limbaugh's "phony soldiers" controversy

NYC mayor: Get used to surveillance

Vanity Fair: White House Civil War (extract from a new book on the Clinton-Gore years)

The Mega-Lie Called the “War on Terror”: A Masterpiece of Propaganda By Richard W. Behan

The Empire is Over by Charlie Reese

In Greenland, potatoes thrive as seal hunting wanes

Charlie Maxwell - By 2011 BP, Shell, Conoco, Total Will Be Unable To Increase Production - Bloomberg

Commodity Online - Rice Yields May Drop 10% For Each Degree C Increase In Average Temperatures

Ongoing Dengue Fever Outbreak In Latin America One Of The Worst In Decades - SacBee

Canada's GHG Emissions Hit A New Record High In 2005 - 32%+ Over Kyoto Targets

29% Of Bangladesh Citizens Affected By Arsenic In Wellwater - People's Daily

14th Tropical Depression Forms - Three Active Storms In Atlantic In One Week - AFP

Huge stores of oxygen found deep inside Earth

SUEZ Energy To Supply City of Dallas with Green Energy

TrustPower Gains Approval for 200 MW Mahinerangi Wind Farm

Cowlitz wind farm ahead of schedule, to go on line in November

Thai Scientists Link Toxic Seaweed & Food Poisoning To Warming Climate - Bangkok Post

Westar Launches Kansas' Largest Wind Energy Program

Arctic ice island breaks in half (BBC)

GE to deliver wind turbines for $400M

NSIDC - Arctic Sea Ice Shatters All Previous Record Lows (Season Summary 1 October 2007)

Rebels kill 10 AU peacekeepers in Darfur

Cuba's Castro says ex-Spanish PM Aznar urged bombing of Serbian media

Supreme Court Convenes to Crowded, Controversial Docket

Thai coup general quits position

Putin eyes prime minister's job

Air Force Arranged No-Work Contract

Chimp gunned down in ape escape

Peru FTA Goes Back to Congress

Candidates Anxiously Await Third-Quarter Fundraising Numbers (Thompson: $8 M)

Spy Satellite Program on Hold

Iraqi parliament to debate reply to U.S. Congress resolution on Tuesday

Why Bush resists child health bill

US offers US$200,000 in new 'Most Wanted' campaign; teen hanged for having dollars

U.S. kills 7 top al-Qaida leaders in Iraq

Mystery surrounds U.N. peace envoy in Myanmar

Credit crisis strikes UBS, Citi, Credit Suisse

Pentagon gives Blackwater new contract

Iraqi vaccinators fight against enormous odds with UN help in anti-polio campaign

Supreme Court Won't Hear Birth Control Case

Yale Law, Newly Defeated, Allows Military Recruiters

Ramadan violence haunts Baghdad Shiites

Richardson fundraising tops $18 million for the year ($5.2 M for 3q)

White House dismisses report of Iran attack plans

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 1

Blackwater Fired 122 Employees

Highest-ranking soldier convicted of Abu Ghraib abuse is paroled

Thomas Merton Center (for Peace and Social Justice) to Honor Activist Sheehan

Groups struggle to tally Myanmar's dead

U.S., Iraqi civilian deaths fall sharply

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech angers Norma Lerner

Inspector General Report: FBI still vulnerable to insider espionage

Obama raises $19 million in quarter

Democrats go after Limbaugh

McCain Campaign Clarifies ‘Christian Nation' Remarks

Kids drag wagons to White House as part of insurance protest

Correa Wins Majority in Ecuador Vote to Rewrite Constitution

Washington State's primary system argued

8 states sues Bush over children's health insurance

Theft Of Gap Laptop Puts 800,000 Job Applicants At Risk

Report says U.S. contractor involved in 195 Iraq shootings

Burma: Thousands dead in massacre of the monks dumped in the jungle

Many soldiers get boot for 'pre-existing' mental illness (Denied Coverage)

Sources: Blackwater contractor wrote first U.S. report on shooting

Suspected Nazi War Criminal Found In Metro Atlanta

GM may close 2 more plants under deal

Waxman questions State Dept. actions after drunken Blackwater contractor killed Iraqi VP's guard

Senate approves $150B in war funding

Former Presidents Can't Withhold Records

Israel FM pressed for world action against Iran

Torture like Jack Bauer's would be OK, Bill Clinton says

Burmese monks 'to be sent away'

Chertoff: Illegals 'degrade' environment

Zimbabwe 'running out of bread'

Bush attacks 'Hollywood values'

Oregon prison guards get Tasers

Some Rolling Stones old thing on KBTC (public tele) for any of you who receive it...

I just broke up with 3 liters of bullfighting and a jalapeño. Please help!!

Cheap Liquor is the ONLY way to heaving

When you see hypocrisy, be sure to look more deeply for it's closest befellows

OMG!!! you're just so *boring* tonight...

My cat's breath smells like cat food.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Which is worse for your career?

Movie sequels and remakes you are hoping either rule or do not happen at all.

What does 'Ni!' mean?

Novena to St. Jude

The M-113 Salt Vampire

Less than 30 posts to 20,000 - ask me anything

What does "nt" mean?

My drive to work was kind of long this morning; am I an athlete?

Has anyone bought one of the new Ipod Nano's

Just in time for the holiday season: Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

Damnit - when are they going to let me know I was picked for Led Zeppelin tickets

Should punishment be harder if a crime is committed to an elderly person?

Hey DEADHEADS! You Gotta check out Phil's new band!

Mission accomplished!

I've been feeling like a traitor so I'm going to make a confession

Since it's October, worst halloween costume poll.

I miss the show Animal Face Off!


The turkey is outside again today

Mom gives birth to 9th child in SUV

Language evolve's

Fundies lose two court cases by default

Oeditpus Rex!!

Mom gives birth to 19th child in SUV

If I turn left out of GD, is this where I end up?

Spanish town tosses world's biggest salad

Howard Stern on Sirius...

I'm all out of faith, this is how I feel

I'm slowing today, ask me anything

I just scored 75 points on one word in Scrabble just now!

What rock & roll is supposed to be!

Is there any way to get a problem with a non-chain hotel addressed?

Who wants...

A question for military retired and active duties folks?

'A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request' by Steve Goodman

Fear and loathing!!!

Just got back from Germany last night. Ask me anything!

Giving money to the Church :)

Good Bye America

Image: They Should Have Used Another Font

Our cat has no upper front teeth. All of the other cats we have

A Helpful Scotsman :)

fuck the RMV

Anyone here into salt water aquariums?

A I the only one who finds the name of this airline amusing?

I'm fasting today, ask me anything.

What happened to American mens professional tennis?

Mom gives birth to 9th child at Olive Garden.

Anyone have any experience with changing vacuum bags?

Woman gives birth to nation. there a comprehensive place where I can search for phone numbers...

"October in the Railroad Earth"

Finally watched the Transformers movie - the best worst movie EVER.

I just pre-ordered "I am America and so can you" by Stephen Colbert

Speaking of black cats

Spent last night in the ER waiting room

The 2007 New York Mets Motto: "You Gotta Bereave"

I'm not going to run

ANYBODY in the Dallas area know a really KILLER sports medicine doctor?

Bush: Brazil cheated at Women's World Cup

BMI Index illustrated - slideshow. "Morbidly obese"? Really?

"Mom's Overture" brilliant!

Can you spot the Innuendo?

Old Photo of the Day, neat blog I found...

They just said 'fucked' on PBS!

Who is recommending every thread?

I see it's time for the Orgy.

I see it's time for the Ogri.

I am the world's stupidest dumbass

Money Where Your mouth Is Dept: Disclose your 3Q campaign contributions here:

Wish Me Luck

Just learned Mr. DTBK got his research funding!

OK now this is TOO far... Just TOO far... All I can say is EEWW and OWW. Warning Graphic...

The Mars Volta

Genius of Love

Why am I so exhausted today?

One of the worst fall outs I have ever seen in MLB - the Mets

OK Loungies, my new griddle just arrived, what should I cook for dinner to

If I take custody of Britney's children will Hillary give me 10k?

I don't know whether to go to bed, or have another cup of tea then go to bed.

Good advice on credit card balance transfers?

I am an adult child. Will Hillary give me 5k?

Once again, DU provides profound enlightenment for me.

So, I won this essay contest :)

Message Sent To Mets Fans On Mailing List

Has anyone ever tried NV weight-loss pills/cream?

My imagination is working overtime here

Cleveland RTA best transit system in North America. Uh . . . yeah.

Dog Lovers!

Does anyone have an update

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right?

I just got a PM from Skinner, himself.

I had my tea. I'm going to bed now.

Dr. Rockso: "I Do Cocaine"

Man Plays Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" With His Hands

Are there non-latex condoms that have no sheep in them?

English Beat: "Save It For Later"

B-52's Rock Lobster

UB40 - Red Red Wine

Who Is Going To Win The World Series

Madness - One step beyond

King Crimson "Elephant Talk"

Devo - Beautiful World

Barack Obama's 9-Year-Old Shuns Hiltons

Need some financial advice - would it be crazy to take out a three year arm? Any financial experts?

The Specials - Ghost Town

Would you eat 21 pounds of grits?

Mets Appreciation Thread

Two jokes guranteed to get you banned from...

Radiohead more or less giving away new album

It has a name: the latissimus dorsi.

delete me

How can you stop someone from snoring?

Any Junior Hockey fans?

'Diamonds are Forever' sucks.

Image: The Circle Of Feet

Anyone else get The Big Book from the Census Department?

Pleeeeaase delete me, let me go.

Anyone have experience with DeVry University?

Depeche Mode - Everything Counts

Are Mormon Missionaries Rude to You?

Chimp gunned down in ape escape

Why are you all forcing me to post today?

Why are you all forcing me to be rude to DeVry missionaries with YouTube videos?

I like NASA and space flight, but the "return to the moon" by 2018/20

Is DeVry college, to learn classes anid get a degree online, any good?

Whatever happened to BuffytheFundieSlayer?

Now it is the Clenis' fault that Gore did not become President...

How much should I pay for decent DSL internet per month?

I am SO Evil...

Latest Update from OperationMindCrime

I think my Cat needs eharmony

MNF thread - what's your pick(s)?

So... no one posted anything about the new Radiohead last night?

File-sharing sites that are LEGAL?

woot! another smoking war in GD

Happy Birthday Vladimir Horowitz!

AWRIGHT - who is the rascal that is recommending all the threads willy nilly?

It's the Al Bundy appreciation thread!!

It's the Ted Bundy appreciation thread!!

What was that song the Astronauts were singing on the moon?

James Bond's Miss Moneypenny Dies in Australia

Hey,I just discovered that new show: Eureka

Any Fans of "Lucy, Daughter of the Devil" Here?

Hey, it turns out that I'm a poet!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/01/07

Everything sucks.

Britney Spears loses custody of children

home sick today. bleh. I hate being sick, even though I am

out sawing wood then all of a sudden WHOOSH!!!

Attention - I added some "beefcake" pictures to my bikini thread

Breaking: Britney Spears loses custody of children.

A Gift to Thomcat: One of the Sweetest Du'ers Ever!

Somebody just shoot me already.

Some people should not hit the enter key.

Anyone Here Have Any Knowledge About The PMP Certificate?

Are You Rude to Mormon Missionaries?

I keep biting my tongue in the middle of the night...

Updated with bikini pics: "Less than 30 posts to 20,000, Ask Me Anything"

Bittersweet feelings about October

My TV boyfriend is on many of you should I be jealous of?

What causes you to be irrationally upset?

Albuterol is going bye-bye after 31 Dec. 2008...

Rock of Love-Bret Michels....was I the only person who watched the finale?

Been Hanging Around To See If OMC Would Post

Loungers: How often do strangers make incorrect assumptions about your sexual orientation?

Tovah - 1 week later.. big changes

Well, I shaved my head last night.

Bird popularity contest: Blue Jays vs. Cardinals


anyone know where i can get a cackLe ring tone?

Alleged Fallujah killings may be hard to prove

Corps expands Reserve enlistment bonuses

Lack of funding, room jeopardize Guam buildup

Some Air Reservists Reject Uniform Rule

Data-protection plan earns acclaim from Army

‘Winglets’ could save Air Force millions on fuel

Insurgent ‘body count’ records released

No one DIED since Thursday per DOD

4:21 video of V-22 Osprey in 'action'


250 Rakkasans deploy for Iraq

A question regarding my disability status.

Bill would let VA buy advertising for benefits

Dems cut DAV benefits to give benefits to Filipino Vets ?

Today in labor history October 01

GM May Close 2 More Plants Under Deal

UPS, Teamsters reach agreement

Pat Buchanan on Snubbing Minority Voters

Fox News thinks SCHIP is an Immigration Issue Ads, Maj. Gen. (ret.) Batiste on the Daily Show

Mike Gravel vs Hillary Clinton on Iraq/Iran

Major General (Ret.) John Batiste, RE: Rush Limbaugh

President Ahmadinejad meeting with Jewish leaders Sep 2007

Post-Dartmouth Debate Interview

Obama on Tyra Banks Show Part 1 of 7

Ann Coulter Wants A Fatwa

John Edwards - A Personal Question

Tom Harkin on Senate Floor on Rush Limpbaugh

All That Is Beautiful

Dennis Kucinich - Dartmouth Democratic Debate 9/26/07 interview

Emergency Summit to Impeach Bush 4 War Crimes, Rev. Yearwood

The Iranian War and the Man-Eating Tiger

Burmese monks to be "sent away". BBC

Navhind Times (India): America sinking in Iraq quagmire. Bush AWOL, Dems met their Waterloo.

Frances Moore Lappe is now on the Peter Werbe Show.

More than 13% of DWP workers are paid $100,000 and up

Canadian navy reports a "catastrophic volcanic eruption" on Red Sea island off Yemen

My new agitprop campaign

US corners 42 percent of world arms market

Palestinians in Iraq tortured: Amnesty

Constitution makes us solemnly swear to keep religion out of government

Bush's Unhealthy Veto

Mothers of prevention, Schoolgirls in Lancashire and Yorkshire [UK] are falling prey to sinister gan

Dems ineffectual, rethugs intransigent on war, now turn to taxes, health

Milan Jelic, president of Bosnia's Serb Republic has died. He was 51.

Which Dem 08 candidate can regain control of the Joint Chiefs,

A Bushie with more gender issues than Ann Coulter

Iacocca-"There's something wrong philosophi- cally with how Bush's brain works."

She's not inevitable, you know.

Exoneration Using DNA Brings Change in Legal System

Did Dennis make the mark?

Idiotic left! That's great!

Arbitrator rules for union in dispute with IRS

GAO analysts vote for union representation

Could/Should Biden Sue Thomas For Defamation?

Afghan Boy With US Dollars Hanged

I just sent this email to a local radio station.

Police: University Student Fatally Shot (Univ. of Memphis)

Anybody see the interview with Jenna Bush on the Today Show?

Mystery surrounds U.N. peace envoy in Myanmar (Reuters)

DC Gay Bashing Suspect Has Ties to Bush Adminstration

Passports now needed for Western Hemisphere travel

Pentagon bean-counters won't compensate troops for mental trauma, claiming illnesses pre-existed

Government: U.S. beef safest in the world

Congress again extends funding for abstinence-ed programs

Schools, colleges underreport crime

Congress raises limit again as U.S. debt nears $10 trillion

Q: Why does George W. Bush have such a flat head? . . .

DU just disappeared from my bookmarks bar

"I just want to do God's will." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ann Wright: More Bounties in Afghanistan and Pakistan will result in Detention of Innocent Civilians

Which is Clarence Thomas? ...

eBay sets $1.43 billion charge to write down the value of Skype, co-founder becomes "nonexecutive"

Just my two cents on the subject

Jabs at Cheney an "Ugly" truth of VP's infamy

Ron Silver another has been actor turned RWer.

So who is the woman Virginia Thomas said "apologized" to her and Clarence, for her role in opposing

How many here realize we are still operating under a Presidentially announced 'state of emergency'??

Walter Pincus: U.S. Pays Steep Price for Private Security in Iraq

Cartoon that illustrates Democratic lack of leadership

IACOCCA's buyer's remorse: Supported Shrub 'cause he's from "good stock"!!1

Iraq oil city reports 100 new cholera cases a day

Bush speaking Cspan1 Pace retirement (LOTS OF PRAISE)

I lost my internet connection for a couple of hours this morning

Witness To & Participant In D.C. Protest / Street Blockage: Young Code Pinker Shares Her Thoughts

Shipment of water purifier to prevent Cholera is being held up at the Jordanian border

PAUL KRUGMAN: Enron’s Second Coming?

China's trillion-dollar kitty is ready

Gotbaum kin's plea before dying: I'm not a terrorist! (Handcuffed woman died airport)

Trouser snake kills Cambodian man

The Women Who Are a Part of the Struggle for Myanmar/Burma

Tell me, 'Justice' Thomas, why do we get a book of whines rather than something scholarly?

The indeflating sub-feral government

Please drop a line to my local editor-my friend's column on SChip-calling out our reps

A Divided Iraq Unites Against Partition Plan

Question If most DUers agree that the MSM is so abysmal

"We are not the world's Policemen!" Things that Republicans once said, for $500.00

Which candidate has the best plan to eradicate breast cancer? Vote here

Iran sends 40 tons of drugs to Iraq to fight cholera

Oh no..Perino's Speaking..& answering questions..(groan)

Marijuana Laws Cost Taxpayers $41 Billion a Year

Do you support amending HR 333 to include impeaching Bush?

Earn more than your man? - Sick, Sick, Sick

To anyone assuming Hillary's lead is a sure thing...

So I was Googling "Masters of Illusion", and look what I found ...

Three point restraint. - Restraint Asphyxia - PRone Hobble...

Can someone link me to the duzzies?

Dkos liveblog on Kerry Faneuil Hall speech on bushonomics (and economics)

Does CBS have any monetary gains by doing long stories on Thomas and Greenspan?

Fox News runs column attacking U.S. military generals

FIRST Christmas Ad in Newspaper Sept 30th ... How early is too early??

SUSA: how Clinton, Obama, Edwards do vs. Rudy, Grandpa, and Romney in CA, OR, WA

How much power can the wind generate for $454 billion

TPM: Ben Stevens on Talk Radio: You Got Me All Wrong = "feeding frenzy" and a "blood bath."

Clarkies! General is on with hartmann!

Wouldn't it be strange if Russia's new president was a chess mastermind...

Are we willing to settle? How much will it take?

Oak Park school bans hugging

Video Shows Texas Legislative Members Voting For Each Other

To all those suffering from "Outrage Overload regarding the Rich":

Children protest *'s veto - pics

Organizing DU Klavern! Sign up here....

Conservative Mag Mocks Petraeus

What should I read?

Podhoretz: ‘I Believe Bush Is Going To Order Airstrikes On Iran Before He Leaves Office’

"Nazis" and "Hitler" -- the Right's casual, trivializing political insults

"Michael More Hates America" on DVD?

Procreation uber alles

ENDA: My letter to Rep. Bobby Scott

I don't want to be right and I don't want to say I told you so.

I'm Terrified When I See Dick Talking with the Chimp Alone --pix--->>>

TOON: Ted Rall - Congressional Scatology

Does posting on DU put us in peril?

Good morning DUer Moms and Mr. Moms!

Is DU Worldwide?? Can we communicate with DU Germany

Sources: Blackwater contractor wrote first U.S. report on shooting

Watching A Whore At Work (Chuck Grassley)

US Mil: al Qaeda leader in Iraq left hand written note: "We are so desperate for your help"

That Full House Episode Where They Meet The Beach Boys Is On Tomorrow At 3 P.M.

"How we’ve won the war in Iraq"...Reality will show her face soon....

Colleges add racial sensitivity to curriculum

McCain on Muslim flap: 'I'm Not Talmudic'

Boy Charged in Fatal Fire Released to Relative

The Mandelas Live! (I Thought Bush Said Saddam Killed All the Mandelas.)

Clarence Thomas on Pigboy's show today? So, ... what day will he appear on Mike Malloy?

"Crusty Old CNN Coot Jack Cafferty" on The Daily Show tonight

More "difference" from the Dems? Congress extends funding for failed abstinence-only sex ed program

6 New Documentaries to Air As Part of Sundance Channel's THE GREEN Presented by Robert Redford

A PC Kelly Essay ON SECURITY - Part 1

they lie, and lie, and lie, unabashedly, without shame, without being disconcerted ...

"We Can't Make It Here Anymore" by James McMurty

Woman punches, kicks and screams at airport security then strangles herself

Save a wild buffalo ......

Udall to introduce ‘Rush’ resolution on Monday.

Why is "Ginny" Thomas invited on the AM coo-fests?

Texas oil man pleads guilty in oil-for-food case

The "Seal's Lair" at Coronado NAS, San Diego

Oversight Committee Raises New Questions About Blackwater Actions in Iraq

HAHA! Tom Harkin on Rush "maybe he was just high on his drugs again"

Colleges Open Minded

Fred Reed takes a hiatus

The End of America by Naomi Wolf

The Pushing Of Clarence Thomas Book

Prosecuting Military Contractors: More a Problem of Law in Action Than Law on the Books

Waxman questions State Dept. actions after drunken Blackwater contractor killed Iraqi VP's guard

Blame it on Disabled Veterans

Holy Robocop Batman. Death by vat of acid! Someone call OSHA!

Madam President

Why Big Newspapers Applaud Some Declines in Circulation

Olbermann Rocks! K. O.the new Murrow - 10/06/2007 The Nation

Barak Obama to the Supreme Court?

The Definition of Insanity on Iraq-Doing The Same Thing Over & Over & Over Again (Sirota)

Temperatures will be in the 80's all week long

Harkin: ‘Maybe Limbaugh was high on drugs again.’

Russia blocks U.S. bid to impose sanctions on Iran


Kennedy faces tough choice in 2008 race

Fox "News" hit piece on Rolling Stone

A Chinese version of Jena 6 - selective prosecution

Cheerleaders for peace!

Rush Limbaugh is now interviewing Clarence Thomas

Wilkes: Leave The Hookers out of It

Video of private contractors shooting Iraqi civilians

Why Bush resists child health bill

McCain blasted over religious remarks

Will Rep. Udall or others put forth their Resolution this week against Rush?:

Wesley Clark at Powells Books in Portland today...

Tweety Tantrum - Wants to ban David Gregory from his show

WTF! 12 More Years of Corrupt Elections? *** Get Back! HR811 ***

Guiliani for President in 2008: 9/11 Changed Everything

How Dare They Accusse Hillary Of Nepotism.......

Could a late Al Gore surprise result in a brokered Dem Convention?

Now that brittney has lost her kids, let the thread games begin!!!

Mexico Drug Bust,Tom DeLay,A.Khashoggi, Jeb Bush,Wally Hilliard Terrorist Flight School

FBI to probe Blackwater role in shootout

'Strongest' Law Against Online Sex Predators Announced In Florida

Caption this pic

Gibson aired edited Limbaugh clip to "prove" Media Matters had edited Limbaugh clip

Just to be a complete YAHOO, a simple proposal for smokers:

U.N.: Afghanistan suffering most violent year since 2001

Afghan boy with US dollars hanged

Harry Reid slams Limbaugh as ‘unpatriotic’

If Bush had exercised due diligence so that 9/11 would never have happened:

Your average run of the mill congress critter.

The Declaration of Independence Game - Let's Play

Naomi Wolf: Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

AP article about the McCain controversy -- Guess who's quoted defending him????

Chief Joseph could teach John McCain a lot about the principles our nation was founded on!

Airport screeners scrutinizing remote-controlled toys

Just in case anyone forgot

Niklas Zennstrom Steps Down as CEO of Skype

caption * and Pace...

Today's feel-good story: Union County NJ will not prosecute woman who helped injured pedestrian

From Last Night's "The Simpsons" Episode

only 27% say funds for War while 72% want funding for kids health insur. abc eve

"Move America Forward". Yea, OK, even if America is perched

`We'll hold the distinction of being the only Nation in the history of the world

Live on KPFK right now William Rodriguez last man out of WTC Listen live

Good news from Iraq!

Tony Hahahahahaha Perkins (Mr AntiWomen'sRights) talking about Hahahaha Third Party run against Rudy

Jefferson Parrish (LA) Sheriff Harry Lee dead at 75

Iran ready to work with US on Iraq

Some See Red Over Highway People Scanners

Bolton: We Should Carry Out Regime Change In Iran Because ‘It Did Work In Iraq’

Giuliani's Most Persuasive Argument To Conservatives Is That He Can Beat HC. But What If...

Schuster subs for Tucker tonight...makes it worth watching...usually n/t

Eight states support suit vs U.S. over kids' health

Stupid rightwing email and my reply.

German website adds international angle to 'draft Gore' movement

Apple iPhone Warning Proves True

Clinton to cosponsor Webb bill on Iran

FBI steps into Blackwater fray

Good discussion on Hardball right now (ie: Hillary's inevitability / the cackle / etc.)

Town torn over 'confession' by accused killer arsonist, 10

the importance of neckties

McClatchy: Congressman: State Dept., Blackwater cooperated to neutralize killings

Here's a pictorial assist for some who seem confused.

abc eve news doing interview with C. Thomas now

Groups Struggle to Tally Myanmar's Dead

Emerging Right-Wing Group Aligned w/AEI Raising Millions to Lobby for War With Iran

Limbaugh apologizes to the troops

Bush's Candidate For AG Gets Seal Of Approval From N.Y. Jews

"The Prophecies of Asu-The Uprising"

Judge Invalidates Bush Order on Records

"Christian Conservatives Consider Third Party Effort"(to block Giuliani) LINK

AP misrepresented context of Limbaugh "phony soldiers" comment

Gibson aired edited Limbaugh clip to prove Media Matters editted Limbaugh clip

Monday TOONS: 9/11 makes everyone stop thinking

So WHEN will Thompson officially drop out of the Repub Nomination Race???

The unbearable lightness of DENTAL threads on DU:

After Vote, Ecuador's Correa Pushes Leftist Reforms

Laziest Nigerian Scam letter ever

Writers Guild of America, East:Broadcast Newswriters Speak About News Quality

Here we go again! Thompson: Iraq had WMDs before U.S. invaded

Have free traders jumped the shark yet?

Had nightmare of being imprisoned. Used the words ‘battery’ and 'terror’ in an email last evening.

Congress raises limit again as U.S. debt nears $10 trillion...


Mayor Daley: "we have cameras programmed to detect SUSPICIOUS behavior."

WW ll Questions

AFP: Bush wants diplomatic end to 'Iran problem'

I would like to see an in-depth investigation of "the Heritage Foundation"

Republicans ask Waxman to postpone Blackwater hearing

I am taking time off from my veterans' board...

House Panel: U.S. paying Blackwater USA $1,222 a day for each of the company's guards

Links to data on Iraqi War: Casualties, Costs, Suffering, Privations, etc.

Jane Hamsher: Want to Really Rebuke Rush? Take Him Off Armed Forces Radio!

I'm not going to fight against this war any longer.

Pelosi's Daughter Says People Don't Support Impeachment or Leaving Iraq

What will fill the shelves at the BushCo Presidential Library?

If Jesus Christ gets the Democratic nomination...

Latest update from OperationMindCrime

Police searching for 39 stolen firearms from one house.

Al Gore's Environmental Campaign Appoints Global Agency

Fred Thompson: Iraq had WMDs before U.S. invaded

I Want To See Bruce Springsteen In The U.S. Senate

havocmom and Zero Tolerance

Military Contractors: ‘Can’t Win With ‘Em, Can’t Go to War Without ‘Em’

Jimmy Carter was the first president to be born in a hospital did ya all know that

Perino Dismisses Sy Hersh And ‘All His Anonymous Sources’ On Iran

I believe Anita Hill. I believe IN Anita Hill.

McCain: "The Constitution established the United States of America as a Christian nation."

Lt Ehren Watada being threatened with another trial. That is called Double Jeopardy.

PSA: New Paypal/Monster Phishing Scam Alert

Kerry Plan Would Reverse “Bushonomics” and Strengthen America’s Middle Class

(Unlimited Battery Power) + (Antifluoridationist ) thread !

Gulag of racial incarceration

Is Freedom’s Watch PNAC in populist drag?

I'm fed up with the frenzy over HRC's laugh as a political "issue"!

I couldn’t believe Perino actually said this but I heard it with my own ears

Staff worried about Rudy's cell phone calls

Who is "Retarded?"

Info on New England voting trends


Can Pelosi end the War?

The horror: PBS had "Fuck" in its program

Blackwater Coverup Had Help Of State Department - NYTimes

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Raising my voice does not constitute a threat to national security

Why Did GQ Kill This Story About the Clinton Campaign? --->>>

Anyone notice Amy Goodman

Chris Matthews just screamed at Tony Perkins re "pro-abortion"

From an Iraqi mother - 35, with 3 children. Her blog Oct 1, 2007.

Home "flippers" were following American Dream

Regardless of all else, do you support impeachment-beginning with Richard B. Cheney?

Limbaugh to Reid: "Say it to my face"


Study: Iraqis May Experience Sadness When Friends, Relatives Die (The Onion)

Fighting wrong enemy in cancer 'war'

Are we fighting on the wrong battlefield?

Steph is running for Vice-President!

Six Inconvenient Logical Fallacies

(Fmr.)Sen.Mike Gravel: Hillary, War with Iran is No Laughing Matter

Seven presidents nobody remembers (Mental Floss/CNN) {Oh, if only...}

Damn, I wasted my 1000th Post arguing with a Dentist

Happy Birthday Jimmy Carter...

Scientists Invent 30 Year Continuous Power Laptop Battery

Stuff in my Dad's wallet

Hillary Clinton joins Webb's effort to ban funding invasion and control Bush's options in Iran

Reid's floor statement condemning Limbaugh's attack on our troops:

Let me get this straight...Good polls for HRC count but good polls for progressive ideas DON'T?

BIG News! Judge rules Bush can’t block presidential records!

NEW BOOK OUT! 'Vanity Fair SNIP" How Clintons Sandbagged Al Gore's 2000 Presidential Candidacy

The Hillary "Machine."

Dems put forth resolution condemning Limbaugh. And what is the GOP reaction?

1st Lt. Ehren Watada Back on Trial

CREW: Charges Dismissed Against Rev. Yearwood!! Who Was Targeted and Tackled by Capitol Police

The War On Halloween & Thanksgiving Has Begun

Stop The Military From Getting Your Children's Names... Opt Out

After long legal battle over over a disabled access lawsuit, Basketball Town Shoots Last Hoop

Craig remains in Senate & Did Craig Tap His Foot to Keep the Beat?

Did Hillary's Senate run cost Gore the White House?

Goldwater/Miller '08

Teenage girl beaten, expelled and arrested...for dropping cake

Help me understand a few things about Hillary's health plan

Senate approves $150B in war funding

Handcuffed woman who died in Airport Daughter-In-Law of Democratic Activist

Anyone else hear Scarborough saying Bomb Iran would be popular with American people?

Resolved: Punching William Kristol in the fucking face should not only be legal ...

Pelosi Throws in The Towel

Should grandma divorce grandpa

Posting “In God We Trust” in classrooms proposed (Kern County CA)

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: Confront the War President

BURMA RESOURCES THREAD: News, Actions and More!

New Biden thread

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Joe Biden Talks About 9/11

A DU poster by the screen name of GumboYaYa (how cool is that?) produced

Please write a LTTE regarding impeachment editorial

NYT: The Everyman Who Exposed Tainted Toothpaste (video at link too)

Clarence Thomas: The Justice Nobody Knows

"Do they really want to reward the Republican attack machine?"

Warming up to Hillary

Clinton Draws A Crowd of 14,000 In Oakland

Study: Premiums for Medicare drug plans jumping 8.7%

Anti-war crowd; far left fringe of the democratic party? + papers that get quoted on C-span

I responded to a post with an comment about Edwards that I like so much, I impressed myself.

I'm surprised none of the candidates are out crowing about how much dough they raised

Edwards/Obama - Obama/Edwards ...Does anyone else

Is Jenna Bush cross-eyed?

Thompson, Obama "Win" in Farm Bureau Poll

Conservatives support single-payer universal healthcare

Out of the Eight Candidates, who will win 2008 Presidential Election?

Ok, not strictly a political question but...Which is Clarence Thomas?

Clarence Thomas: LIAR

So does Clarence Thomas and his book and 60 Minutes

Obama Hints He’d Seat Florida Delegation

Kennedy faces tough choice in 2008 race

Howard Kurtz: Rudy is being Swiftboated

Edwards: Dr StrangeKos or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Public Financing

ok, anyone have any data on Ari Fleisher's activities in the PR campaign?

Obama breaks donor number record*

An open letter to and

CNN POLL - Does Obama have enough experience ...

Thought About the New Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Obama Backtracks On Plan To Fund Health Care Plan

SC state Democratic chair...afraid to go to Florida..."I'm afraid people might shoot me"

Is The GOP Committing Suicide?

What Are Iranian Americans Thinking About All This Talk About * Bombing Their Country?......

Chris Matthews , on The View just now, was asked what the biggest thing in this campaign would be

New York in play with Giuliani as Repub nominee and Obama or Edwards as Dem nominee.....

Email from Edwards...YOU DID IT

The DU "give it up Hillary" Obama supporters are following the script. . .DON'T FALL FOR IT!

hay i have a question

Where are all the anti-Edwards threads today?

From Bowers at Openleft: Giuliani vs. Top Dems

Israel releases 57 Palestinian prisoners - AP

The Full Mainstream Canadian News Magazine Cover: See Maclean's Cover Here

Barbara Ehrenreich: Clinton and Obama: Running on Ambien

Kennedy Faces Tough Choice in 2008 Race

More photos from Hillary's 14,000 person Oakland event (LARGE images)

Logan security again goes too far

Confessions of an Ex-Truther

This Modern World: The sensible liberal and the right-wing nutcase search for common ground

Rasmussen: Clinton Opens Up Double Digit Lead in SC

2008 Presidential Poll

Spc Ciara Durkin KIA Afghanistan

Independents May Be Crucial in New Hampshire

DU the House and Senate

A.P. Hot Flash 2 middle aged women seek the White House.

(From the Wayback machine) Who do you support for the Demicratic nomination?

How deep did John McCain insert his foot in his mouth?

Obama: The 80 million dollar man

David Shuster subbing on Tucker right now

Walter Shapiro: John Edwards banks on sincerity, woos voters with authenticity

Locals Dispute Growing Story of Jena 6

Headline: GOP Condones Soldier Slur!

Bookmark this page - before the bush brainwashing begins

Why Edwards' message may resonate: The Rise of the Have-Nots

The monk's tale: 'We cannot turn back'

Okay, what's stupider to argue about, the cackle, the comb, the blackenoughness...?

Who is a better heir to the WJ Clinton legacy?

Can someone please explain to me what this Motion to Invoke Cloture means?

Challenge to Edwards supporters: What was John Edwards biggest accomplishment as a Senator?

So what happened in the 1992 general elections?

Does Hillary Clinton know when the first day the next President starts in 2009?

Three General Election Maps(SurveryUSA): Giuliani vs. Top Dems ...Hillary only dem to top Guiliani

Apparently Hillary and Bill were co-presidents in 1993 and 1994

Barack Obama on Tyra Banks

"We like to see a contest": How the media will Gore Hillary

You know who had a shitty record in the Senate? John Kennedy.

Who would you support in the 2008 GE?

Stephanie Miller On Hannity & Colmes Tonight! Be There Or Be Square!

October 1: Clinton extends lead in national polling. Also leads comfortably in Iowa, NH, SC, FL...

Hillary's Cackle: Utterly Endearing (YouTube)

Obama's Security Contractors Admendment Wins Senate Approval

Is it appropriate for a sitting SC judge to go on a partisan grudge tour?

Obama Announces Another Historic Quarter in Grassroots Support

No way to fudge the Iowa caucus votes, right??

The Hillary Signs Are Up. I was hoping they'd wait....

RASMUSSEN REPORTS: Clinton Nomination is Not Inevitable

huffington post: Congress extends abstinence only funding

Latest Iowa poll shows Obama leading Hillary

49% Negative Ratings (fact check)

Does the media pump-up of Hillary's laugh remind anyone else of the big Gore sighing story?

Obama to play Iraq card against Clinton

Neil Boortz , Rush, Sean Insanity And Glenn Beck Hate Hillary

Is Clark influencing Hillary?

Could You Pass the New Citizenship Test?

Kerry criticizes legacy of "Bushonomics" on middle class

"he is far too straight a shooter to ever become president"

Biden picks up 5 -yes I said 5 endorsements in SC

Challenge for all the Hillary people

More than 40 Giuliani speeches interrupted by calls

SCHIP bill includes parity for mental health, addiction treatment w/medical care.

Hillary panders to the "it's all about the children" set

Senate approves $150B in war funding

Congress Quietly Approves Billions More for Iraq War

John Edwards Raises $7 Million for Q3, makes a total of $17 Million with Public Financing included.

Does Anyone Else Feel Obama Is Holding Back His Fireworks?

Obama: "Why are you yelling?!"

CNN: With Bush's popularity shattered, "transformation of SCOTUS is his most enduring triumph"

The Rude Pundit: Pictures That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Drop Acid With the Bush Twins

Biden Defends Senate Vote on Partitioning Iraq

Texas oilman pleads guilty in Iraq oil/food case

Hillary Joining Webb For Measure Opposing War With Iran

Why is it a "cackle?" Because she's a woman? Stop the sexism

Slate: What is a "likely caucus goer"?

Clinton, Edwards, and Obama: What are the MAJOR differences in plan/proposal/position on issues?

We’re outsourcing our investigations of Blackwater to Blackwater

Ardent supporters: some questions for where your candidate stands and why

NOT ONE REPUBICAN voted to condemn Rush Limbaugh

Is Al Gore running a dead issue? Maybe not

Al Gore in Victoria BC (Sept 29th) -- event report

The DU "give it up Obama" Hillary supporters are following the script. . .DON'T FALL FOR IT!

The White House Civil War between the Clintons and Gores/Friendship Betrayed/"Vanity Fair"

Money Where Your mouth Is Dept: Disclose your 3Q campaign contributions here:

Democrats were charged to end a war, not start one.

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment

JOE BIDEN - letter to the editor, DesMoines Register

The Lie That Keeps the Occupation Going

A "find your candidate" quiz I ran into:

Kucinich......We did it !!!

Kucinich on not for profit health care

Just a hunch, but is Vanity Fair magazine helping to clear the path for a Gore candidacy?