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Archives: August 8, 2006

Home Depot CEO Rewarded as Stock Price Sinks

The Draft UN Resolution on Lebanon (Karim Makdisi)

Israel is losing World War III

End the Cycle of Militant Islam's Aggression

10/06 Brits will have a $9.30 minimum wage compared to the $5.15 in the US

Water War In Sri Lanka

Israel demands U.S. alter draft on Lebanon (Haaretz)

Israel, Oil and the "planned demolition" of Lebanon

Lebanon Is Not a Victim

"Hizbullah is proving to be, an Arab guerrilla arm"

Bush Cautions on Lebanon Cease - Fire (NYT)

Israel in revenge attack

Nasrallah tapes a bestseller

Palestinians probe suspicious envelope

"Bin Laden Determined To Strike In U.S."

Reminder: 17 States at High Risk For Compromised Election Results

Which machine do I choose

Blast from the past: Presidential Signing Statement for HAVA (circa 2002)

E-voting Security Under Fire in San Diego Lawsuit

Whistle-blower Lawsuit Alleges E-voting Fraud

U.S., Afghan officials to vet Canadian probe

Magnitude 6.7 earthquake near Vanuatu in Pacific, but 'no tsunami risk'.

Lebanon ready to deploy army in south (Guardian)

USW Members at BFGoodrich Ratify New Three- Year Contract

WP: House Incumbents at Risk, Poll Finds

CBS: Whiskey And Golf Before Rape-Murder? (14 yr old Iraqi girl)

Israel withdraws Venezuela envoy

Softbank Capital invests $5 mln in Huffington Post

Baghdad bombs kill nine people -- police sources

Probe into KBR role in Nigeria bribe case

U.S. probably won't see immigration compromise this year, Hagel says

Medicare payment cuts set for doctors

Evolution reversed in mice

Army Ponders Amusement Venue, Hotel At Ft. Belvoir

Texas Republicans Abandon DeLay fight

NYT: Lieberman and Lamont Battle to the Wire

Argentines Give Thanks for Jobs

Israeli Qana raid may fit pattern of violations-UN

Kremlin Warns of Strain in U.S. Ties

Sweltering July was 2nd-hottest on record

BP: Pipeline Closing May Last for Months

I Just Bought Maureen Dowd's Book 'Bushworld'

Has anyone been to

I am rarely amused when someone jabs my eye with a pencil.

Screw the pants! I lost my shorts!!!

Has this news item about the $2,000,000. comma made the rounds here?

I can't see the avatars

Helping Hand

Summarize a DU thread in one sentence & let us guess what forum it is in

Begathon time here in WI...

Sign I've been in GD too long: I keep reading "Lebanon" as "Lieberman".

First time Ive seen this since te 70s : No gas

Did anyone else just see the commercial for SNAKES ON A PLANE!?!?

Are there any "herk" DU members?

What is the nature of time?

Jobs, Wages and Misinformation Poverty: 1959 to 2004

Why do many parents need to identify themselves as a "Dad" or "Mom"?

Interesting Hell's Kitchen tonight - let's converse about creativity

I'm tired and I'm punchy. Ask me anything...

Has anyone tried home hair highlighting kits?

I'm watching Bunnypalooza on Starz right now

Could you have a crush on a Republican celebrity?


Little fucker.

Good Will Rocks! Two Great Videos for $2.00

Do you have a favorite Mulderism and/or Scullyism?

I will soon have a Harrison Ford-esque scar.

Monday dinner thread

Nice sentiment. I wonder who first expressed it.

This flippin' movie sucks me in every time.

What were you in your former life?

Just when I thought I'd heard every euphemism for, er...

I bid you goodnight with some kitty pics (dialup warning)

Tuesday list thread

Is being intimate with a chihuahua really all that weird?

I'm all fucked up in the head, my parents are dead, and my dog died.


I am never cranky.

Funny joke I get from a friend

Prayer for a mate (funny)

Sharon Tate tribute

Self Deleted

Don't you hate it when your work environment starts to SUCK?

PLEASE Help me! (Sex, death and bad taste!)

A Scanner Darkly, just saw it. Thought it was pretty good.

European farmers dream of Polish wives

How Many Words Can You Get Out Of "Celebrate"?

Do you want to know how hot it was today?

Post a photo of one of your pets with one of his/her favorite toys.

Is Tom Cruise's kid deformed?

Is Tom Cruise's kid deformed?

Ten straight!

What would you really like to be doing right now?

I have magic shell. Neener, neener.

Woman finds frozen dog in her fridge

It's time for Truth.... Or Dare

I have a guitar my students affectionately nicknamed "the Cheese Grater"

I'm cranky too

I think I have a crush on my dentist.

Okay, turns out I went about this college thing all wrong.

Know what?

Is anybody a Lucky Louie (HBO ) fan? I just started watching. There

Time To: Post Your Desktop

Interesting night in Hell's Kitchen, let's converse

Silly Song About My Dog/Pic Hope It Makes You Smile

Good Kitty News/One Photo

Which Of These Looks Most Like Your Personal Checks

For those of you as old as I am -- a treat

Sylvester the cat ... WARNING! More kitty pics!

"The Secret Life Of" on Food Network should be purged.

Has anyone had experience with progressive auto insurance?

i'm cranky, talk to me

Restaurants you commonly eat out at or take out from for dinner

Anyone know of a sure remedy for moles

Here's my Utopian dream - what's yours?

Has there ever been a cooler TV show than "The Avengers"...

Though you are a progressive liberal have you ever

Favorite essays

Some pics from Ohio.....

What's the worst song by your favorite band?

Name a guitarist with a signature tone

Lonely, Cranky, Working, to me please.

Did you see Dustin Hoffman on "The Actors Studio?"

Ron Howard: A Portrait of the Artist as a Bald Man

What Is/Was Your Favorite or Least Favorite Amusement Park Ride

I think I want to crush my dentist.

Should Medina's mayor apologize for the attack on Mecca of the year 630?

What does God want with a spaceship?

Breastfed infants may need vitamin D supplements

GLSEN job opening(s) in NYC and/or DC

Full Moon in Aquarius - Wednesday, August 9 - 6:54am EDT

I was looking for something else and found video

couple shots from Detroit

Noam Chomsky on Israel, Lebanon and Palestine

* says Condi's doing a fine job, on Lebanon, that is.

olberman is on..bush's vacation

Mexico Goes for Partial Recount

KO is just blasting Bush for going on vacation.

Oh For God's Sakes! It Is The Parents Fault! NOT The Shopping Carts!

Howard Fineman thinks the Dems are in a civil war

France seeks changes to Middle East ceasefire resolution

Israel, Oil and the "planned demolition" of Lebanon

Lebanon government joins forces with bid to have Blair tried in Scotland f

If It Works For Evil, It Will Work For Good

War could be the right answer.


"a sick, sorry excuse for a human being"

MAJOR Take Back the Vote Rally in Illinois on Aug. 19th!

Bush the Brainless.

"It's like Deja Vu all over again" - John Fogerty - KIA = 2592 +

Warning! Before you buy a Congressman. There's no Warranty!

"Yeah, thanks to the Democrats!"

Three Kids and George Bush

For someone who loves polics, election day itself is nerve racking

Heart Connects Camp Casey Day

Who's the WORST? Nixon or bush?

hero of the week

Why is this still a "Great Nation"

So what happens when Islamic hardliners take over more countries?

Why do we give Bush an out by arguing whether Iraq is in a civil war? - What do we tell the children?

A song for Sibel Edmonds now...

Riverbend 8/5 post

Big Embassy in Iraq, Lord Pissypants for Ambassador to Iraq

For all trolls, disruptors, and Freeptard lurkers....

Everyone: Look at HOW they stole the last two elections (no fear in CT)

The first time I ever voted (which was for Bill Clinton) was in 1992

Gibson Converts to Judaism

What is Lieberman doing in this photo?

Bush's new plan to combat global warming

Palestinians probe suspicious envelope

Troops in Afghanistan told to wait for armored vehicles

Anderson Cooper just said a C-130

Win Or Lose 2006, Should We Go Purple Finger ???

"We killed all the males.. can we keep all the virgins like Moses did?"

How do Videogames influence Military skills, responses, attitudes, etc.?

The nations single most important oil field?

C-Span right now .... President Stumbling Idiot

We Need Full Financial Disclosure by All Politicians .....

Well, In X days -X division are are going to engage -

Election protesters rally in Mexico City (pics)

Holy Shiite Batman! - Hezbollah zeal grows in Iraq

What's with the "Lamont is lazy on election eve" meme?

My 1000 post

300 pit bulls seized at Liberty County home

Friend or relative in Connecticut who may vote for Ned Lamont?

Going on record now re: the CT primary

2007 economy not so rosy...

Yes or No : A Lieberman defeat will be good for the Democratic Party

Why would Joementum's web site be down on Election eve?

B.C. comic strip....

Oh Mellie Mel Mel........

Conyers: Polling Numbers Continue to Reflect 1994 Conditions

If you're not listening to Malloy, you're missing a classic!

The Neocons Might Drag Israel into the Abyss

Goodnight Connecticut...Get Your Rest and Don't Let Me Down !!!

Lieberman says Connecticut voters who oppose him have forgotten 9/11

Will we be able to force Cheney to turn over the energy policy names...

An interview with the Bush pilot (German with subtitles)

McCain on Leno now making the case for war

Annan: Israel raid may be part of pattern of violations of law

NSA and wireless carriers: Who betrayed us?

joe lieberman, you are a liar.

watched Good night and good luck. We need a few Ed. R. Murrows now

Lieberman will become a Zell Democrat if he loses?

So... What Sites Should Un-Connecticuns Be Monitoring For The L v. L Race?

The Corporate Media Sure is Coming Through for Joe Lieberman.

Yeah for KO! He just called O'Liely a sick sorry excuse of a human being

House Incumbents at Risk, Poll Finds

Can I get some opinions here? (Please)

August 9, 1974. The day Nixon resigned, the day I prayed for

EU and Arab states say Lebanon's concerns have to be factored in

McCain is the biggest fucking idiot I have ever seen in my life.

Bush was in rare form today

When did Shi'ites become Shia?

Israel responded to an unprovoked attack by Hizbullah, right? Wrong

Israeli Warships Blockading Aid To Lebanon's Needy.....

Wow check this out..

What the fuck is up with Hollywood nowadays?

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers Check in

"Optics of the Middle East War" -- Wanna hear how bad we're fucked?

FR spreads rumor Kerry suffering from secret illness. JK finished 111mile

15 States Expand Right to Shoot in Self-Defense

O reilly slammed murdered girl

Suicide on Campus

Dominionists PLAN to use vitriol and hatred, plan to destroy Democrats.

This guy should be charged with MURDER!

Israel's March of Folly

LONDON : Cheney involved in Halliburton Nigeria fraud

Watching Bush on News Hour I just have to tell someone, these...

Monsters rule our world.

Holy Crap, On Holy Joe !!! - Malloy Just Read This On The Air, You Should

GD at DU - is bias getting to some here?

regarding illnesses who has a right to know?

Israel is withdrawing its Ambassador to Venezuela

Attempted suicide, the consequences. PSA..Don't do it

Um, if Lieberman's such a good Democrat

Here's the address to support Sam Seder. I hate what AAR is doing.

Russ Feingold did a great job with his answers to an MSNBC interview

Newsflash: Without a Democratic Congress, Bush will Never be Impeached.

The IRS is ilegal

All CT VOTERS VOTE NOW Lamont or Lieberman

If you lived in CT and Joe Lieberman wins tomorrow...what would you do?

Bush Arrested Outside of Camp Casey (satire)

What is the Repuglican version of the DLC?

Best wishes for tomorrow to all DUers in Connecticut.

Daily Kos covers AFSCME

A New ABC/WP Poll

Lieberman and Rival Near End of Key Primary

"Hizbullah is proving to be, an Arab guerrilla arm"

If republicans really think a Lamont victory will ruin the Dem Party

Mike Malloy just read this. Read it. Know it. Embrace it.

"Some events are so important, interpretation begins before they happen."

Iraq is the Bush administrations Nanny State.....

Amway Republicans

Media Matters: Set the WashPost straight about Al Gore and Iraq

Find out what Cheney is up to !

Scalia: DeLay must remain on ballot

I heard on a fox radio station something good.

Photo: Bush with Condi at the ranch and that My Pet Goat look on his face

WP: House Incumbents at Risk, Poll Finds

Connecticut DUers...Updates, we'll need updates.

Here are some of my thoughts on the eve of Lamont vs. Lieberman.

INCREDIBLE: Lieberman's Web Site Down for Non-Payment, Hacking Accused!


Question for Texas DUer's:

Gamblers have Lamont vs. Lieberman odds at 3:1

Zogby: Dems lost in 2004 because of poor war position ...

IMO, Lieberman will retain his seat.

The EXIT POLL tomorrow

Consider 1 day in the life of the Bush democratization of the middle east.

The media has started there BS already on the dem party

How safe is an 'American in Paris' these days?

Sick, Poor Suffer Most in Israeli Shelters

Teen in Beirut 'very scared'

MICKEY Z.: "I have a right to keep my house safe"

Freedom of religion

Missing Computer Holds Data for 38,000 (another VA data theft)


A New Coalition?

Washington Monthly Magazine/"A Higher Power" (re: James Baker)

A new version of the Pentagon Papers needed...

Giant Robot Imprisons Parked Cars

Green (Party): This Color Does Run

Israel, oil and the "planned demolition" of Lebanon

Advice to George W. Bush

WP Cohen: Civil War? What Civil War?

Greenwald: Neocon Policy, R.I.P. (Salon by way of Truth Dig)

Cuba's first family not immune to political rift

Lanny Davis: Liberal McCarthyism

Cuba's military men loyal to Raul Castro

"Shallow Throat" on Nov. Vote: It's Now or Never

Israel responded to an unprovoked attack by Hizbullah, right? Wrong

development of low operating temperature fuel cells using low cost alloys

Sea-bed plan to store carbon

WV Orders Plant To Stop Dumping Mercury Into Ohio River - Co. Will Fight

Microbial Fuel Cell that Generates Electricity from Wastewater

2nd Chinese (mitten) Crab Found in Chesapeake Bay

Declaration Of Water Emergency Likely Today In SE Queensland

Areas of Power Grid Congestion ID'd

More Than 1/3 Of China's 85,000 Dams Rated Unsafe - China Daily

Kansas Corn Crop Shriveling In Intense Heat - 32% Rated Poor/Very Poor

slide show Spirit of the Great Bear rainforest

Bodman Confident Oil Supply Can Recover

EU Vacationers Warned Of "Unprecedented" Levels Of Jellyfish At Beaches

Ecorazzi... what a cool site! - funds sustainable energy projects in proportion to use.

As Water Flows Slow, Utahns Wonder About Global Warming - SLT

Does Israel understand what it's doing?

August 22.

3 Israelis evicted from paradise

UN 'stands idly by' Lebanon 'bloodbath'-Arab League

Question About The Israeli Constitution

Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions - Numbers Four and Five

Kevin Ryan: What is 9/11 Truth? - The First Steps

why do people shut their brains off completely when it comes to 9/11?

Conspiracy theorists blog that Flight 93 photo is fake

RW comes out guns-a-blazing on 9/11 conspiracies

Official Presbyterian Publisher Issues 9/11 Truth Book

Is the Loose Change forum down/hacked?

The Looming Tower - Lawrence Wright

Diebold defrauded the Federal certification process.

Delay Runs Away! Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tues 8/8/06

For Melissa G. and the rest of Tex

Debra Bowen: Do CA SOS Voter Database Restrictions Violate Fed Law?

Cuyahoga County Board of Elections chooses their fall guy

Palast: on Mexico's Paper Ballots

CT: Corrupted Voting Machine Discovered In New Haven

Does anyone know how votes are tabulated in CT...

So I voted on Diebold tonight

Judge rules against Sheehan

Truck wreck spills Penguins, Octopus onto East Texas highway


Lampson one of two One America Votes Winners!

Right-tilting Rasmussen poll confirms Perry's weakness, Bell's gains

2nd Annual Houston Peak Oil Conference, 8/13

Bento boxes!


Here's a site that Canadians might find worth bookmarking.

Judge orders talks halted in Caledonia dispute

Iran Mulls Cheap Oil Exports to Poor Nations

Ex-CIA Contractor on Trial for Beating Detainee

Three soldiers killed, six hurt in heavy fighting in southern Lebanon

Iraqi Leader Slams U.S.-Aided Attack

Teen in Beirut 'very scared'

Sick, Poor Suffer Most in Israeli Shelters

Protestors Gather At Board Of Elections

Olmert ready to consider Lebanon's offer

Aid groups fear worsening Darfur chaos

NYT,pg1: Public Pension Plans Face Billions in Shortages

Ex-Clinton Official (Bill Richardson) May Go to North Korea: Report

Indians tell cola giants to reveal all

Sunnis form their own militias in fight for Baghdad

2 Iraq journalists reported slain in Iraq

Poll: Giuliani Tops Sen. Clinton for '08

Sen. Thune Won't Seek GOP Campaign Post

'Car bomb' hits Sri Lanka capital

Suitcases selling well in Iraq

Bono takes 40 per cent stake in 'Forbes' magazine

Broken seals another glitch on eve of special election

Gen. Casey calls Iraq troop cuts unlikely

Pentagon says half Iraq's Army divisions take lead

Wal-Mart Raises Wages, Inserts Wage Caps

Public Holds Conflicting Views of Press Reports about Government Monitorin

Beirut hit by massive fuel shortage

HHS Secretary Mike Leavitts' tax write-off provokes tax audit

Fed Keeps Rates At 5 1/4%

(Israeli) Police arrest 12 protesters blocking air force base in north

Cuba's first family not immune to political rift

DeLay plans to withdraw as candidate on Texas ballot

US says Iran may use Lebanon war to hurt Iraq

Israeli minister says Russian weapons arming “terrorists"

Halting Iran Nuclear Program Trumps Oil Price - Bodman

BBC: UN halts convoy to south Lebanon (curfew)

Lopez Obrador Protesters Take Mexican Toll Booths

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 8 August

Cuba's military men loyal to Raul Castro

(Bush money launderer)Noe sentencing in federal case set for Sept. 12

Desperate Lebanese Flee to Syria on Foot

Pregnancy drug (DES) doubles risk of breast cancer

Half of all Christians have fled Iraq since 2003, says Baghdad bishop

U.S. Forces Push Further Into Afghanistan

Early problems at New Haven polling place (Ohio 04 flashbacks)

Liberal bloggers come to the fore

Israel's Military Invincibility Dented by Hezbollah

No Water at Libyan Embassy in D.C.

Down To The Wire For Lieberman, Lamont (CBS/AP)

BP destroys those who warn of pipeline corrosion...Profitable timing

NYT - Lieberman Camp Blames Foes for Web Site Crash

New aid route sought in Lebanon

Truck wreck spills Penguins, Octopus onto East Texas highway

Feuding neighbours Chad and Sudan restore ties (Good news!)

(Ben) Nelson (D-Ne) accepts assessment

Voting Machine Problems Surface in Ohio

Philadelphia yanks criticized HIV ads

Swift decision expected on morning-after pill

Israeli soldiers seek to freeze sperm

GOP-leaning Fidelity tilts Democratic

(Rep. Howard) Coble urges Bush to admit mistakes in Iraq

(San Diego) City Fell Prey to Enron-like Mismanagement, Report Finds

Saudis, Mexico pledge help on US oil: White House

BP Shutdown Puts Pressure on Gas Prices

Special hearing set for brewer's request to end labor pact (Bankruptcy)

Officers Arrive 11 Hours After 911 Call

Response to Skipping School Riles Chertoff

Israeli strike in south Lebanon kills 13 (AP)

Dixie Chicks Cancel Shows, Add Others

Uh-Oh At Uncle Sam's Money Factory

Attacks kill 24 in Baghdad despite security crackdown (69 wounded)

Military court hears of combat stress in Iraq rape case

TIME: DeLay Leans Toward Standing Aside, Endorsing Write-In

IDF warns UN troops will be attacked if they repair bridges

DeLay vows to take name off Texas ballot

Lieberman website hacked

Turkey cancels USD 500 million deal with aircraft industry

Bono takes 40 per cent stake in 'Forbes' magazine

Rivals confront (Katherine) Harris at forum

Fed May Finally Be Finished Raising Rates

CNN: Israeli gunboats shell Lebanon's largest Palestinian refugee camp

Brown Leads Incumbent DeWine (8-point lead,same as 2 months ago)

Lindsay Lohan wants to visit troops in Iraq

UN "stands idly by" Lebanon "bloodbath": Arab League

LAT: GOP Leaders Are Hoping to Turn Iraq War Into a Winner: Memo

Brazilian synagogue attacked

Lebanon Oil Spill May Rival Exxon Valdez of 1989

Dennis Miller to Join Fox News This Fall

West Point Thesis Challenges Gay Policy

Consumer Debt Jumps Sharply

Was the BP pipeline problem preventable? (Criminal Investigation)

Katrina homeless in search of trailers

Boston-bound plane returns to London:Rider's name on no-fly list

Search Under Way for Egyptian Students

Arab delegation to present Lebanon's case before UN

BBC: Mexico protests target tribunal

CNN/AP: Oil shutdown expected to hit West Coast hard

Ha ha ha!

Junior Caremels Are Much Better Than Junior Mints

It's time for my weekly post.

Watching the Carson Daly Show is is beyond painful.

Iggy and The Stooges, Crosley Field, 1970's been about 10 mins since someone posted a YouTube link

Oy, I'm not sleepy....damnit....

Pretty Frickin Cool

Casino slot machine gives out generous payouts

Oral surgery tomorrow! Ouch.

For the fans of "Superman Returns"

So if I am listening to a podcast (at with quicktime, Isn't

Nazca lines. How? Why?

Yes, someone else can do the morning thread again. And it is worse than

Why do you all hate me?

Rabrrrrr's FAVORITE Singer Is 33 Today! Scott Stapp!!!!11

Apparently, I've only used "moran" once since 2002, and that was a URL

"The Secret life of.... Rabrrrrr and Scott Stamp"

I am so tired of judgmental people

so are the Admins gonna do a prize for the 25millionth post ya think?

Cops Quickly Find Stolen Doughnut Truck

And for my 100th post, I present...

Which One Of These Looks Most Like Your Personal Cheeks? are ya watchin'?

I went to Lousiville KY last week.

My 60-something year old friend thinks FOX's Bill O'Crackpot is great

I miss Ava

What Temperament Are You?

Man Mauled By Pet Tiger Can't Sue City

You know what sucks

I am making Shrimp Creole for dinner tonight!

Friend has a fancy prius - gets an average of 50 mpg

Talk Show Host Throws Chair At Guest On Air (Video at site)

buenos dias assholes

What age is "of a certain age?"


How do unpopular Republicans hope to win in November (sarcasm)?

Anyone care to join me for a hoagie?

Where is the best place to buy textbooks?

I awaken each and every day breathless with anticipation of seeing

Please suggest some really silly websites.

Positive vibes needed, please!

Why do you all Love me?

Has Your Gas Gone Up Since the BP Announcement?

Damn, I'm up early.

Summarize a theory in one sentence - then let us guess what it is

Is it me, or does Anne Hathaway look like Liza Minelli's daughter?

My cat seems to be permanently in heat

Summarize a summary thread in one sentence - then let us guess what it is

Biggest EARTH WIND & FIRE fan ever

After you change a password

Today's DU laugh of the day

Miss American Pie!

I think the one good thing about the heat this year is

Does this picture scare anyone ?

Coming to a theater near you soon

US Marshalls is possibly one of the worst movies ever made.

I find myself strangely addicted to the TV show Cash Cab

Those little conjoined twins who were recently separated

Maniacs: Why do you drive like Canadians?

The lounge is dead today!

Bedbug infestations on rise across U.S.

Lieberman Will Become an Independent if He Loses Dem Primary

grrrrr, I've got an ear infection!

Mel Gibson's kids - turns out the apples don't fall too far from the tree

The join my class action suit guy

Hey gals- looking for a date? Well have I got the hot spot for you....

Snakes on a plane personalized call from Samuel L. Jackson

You are seldom breathing life but instead death

I've been stoned to the bone everyday

Am I too old to go out in public in an Alvin and the Chipmunks tee?

Looking for cat thread - help please!

Haven't seen "Fahrenheit 9/11"? Want to? Here you go!

The latest on the Boiling Oil Murder

Do you ever wonder about certain DUer's?

I need a cheap "romantic activity" idea.

what's for lunch?

La Seacrest flirts w/ La Cooper

Aughh! Don't cut a sandwich with the knife blade facing up

I am now incredibly giddy.

QUICK GET OVER TO GD!! Arrests in Lieberman hacking!

Nip/Tuck Season Four!! Coming next month!

DC Area Peeps. I need your direction.

Ask me about my new kitty -- she is almost 9 weeks old!

Huge Fish Jumps Out Of Water - Knocks Man Off Jet-Ski

Just stopping by to re-post my doob.

What would you have done in this situation?

I'm really for some (not the NFL) football!!

Say something really, really NICE to Will Pitt.

i FINALLY get the whole cowbell reference

You ever get songs stuck in your head that

Goodnight everyone!

Teenagers Lit Turtle On Fire Twice (So they could get a better video)

Jude Law in talks to play General Zod in next Superman

Remember the "bees in your head" thing?

Icky incident at the County Fair.

One of my cats is pregnant.

Jesus' General goes to Lieberman campaign HQ

Interesting AOL search


Paris Hilton gets back with her ex, Stavros Niarchos, then breaks up again

Say something to piss off William Pitt!!!

You ever been stung by a jellyfish?

I'm in total lust with Storm from Rock Star:Supernova

I have officially registered for gradschool classes

What's a good laptop to buy for my kid going to college? I am

You ever been sung to by a jellyfish?

Snakes on a Plate!

"Evil" technical question. Untraceable emails?

Happy birthday wildhorses & amybhole!!

This DU'er doesn't want to glue myself to Election Results...Movies?

If they can put a man on Venus, why can't they...

I posted this in GD...but What Fresh Hell is this?? Army World???

Dumb & Dumber: Overheard in a restaurant today.

Lamont supporters hacked my website!!!!

I don't care what anyone says! Chiropters RULE!!!

Tuesday, August 8. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Breaking... Mel Gibson Crashed into Lieberman's Web Site

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 8/8/06)

Goodell chosen to succeed Tagliabue as NFL commissioner

Three rare Amur tiger cubs born at Pittsburgh Zoo

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

Day old panda bear twins ...(picture)

Which Modern President Are You Most Like?

Cold showers for me

Pics from a town near Frankfurt *DIAL-UP WARNING*

I didn't realize that Kathy Griffin has a smokin' bod

stop whining about gas prices

Just stopping by to re-post my boob.

Who paid your undergrad tuition?

Favorite songs written to trash someone (subtly or otherwise)

Say something mean about this DUer!

Any birthday gift ideas for 12 YO boy?

SpongeBob Squarepants sucks

Love love love love love love

Hugh Hefner: Bold Innovator or Exploitative Pimp? exactly does a straw man argument work...

FUCK AOL! Just cancelled them GRRRRRRR

The fundie went and did it!

I don't care what anyone says! Chiropractors RULE!!!

Do you find posts in The Lounge "meaningless"?

I prefer the version of Don't Fear the Reaper without cowbell

If you didn't need a college degree for employability purposes,

Philly, PA Pets Desperate for Adoption

Canadians: Why do you drive like maniacs?

We have the Naughty Girl's club How About a Studly Stud Club?

How old are you?

Get your Smurf name here!!!

Meerkats Destroyed at Minnesota Zoo

It's time for a THEN & NOW picture thread!

Who's the best rock bassist?

Name a popular singer with a distinctive voice.

anyone else love trashy 70s horror movies?

Just went on internet banking - oh dear...

hey...we havent had a Truth or Dare in a while....

You ever been hung like a jellyfish?

Gary Glitter's big hit falls into disfavor among sports fans.

I'm Wolf Blitzer and You're in the Situation Room......

Who's the best rock bass?


Wow the finance market is getting really competitive

I'm done! I'm done! I'm done!

Prophecy News Watch. (I don't think it's a joke.)

The Surprising Explanatory Power of Intelligent Design

Looks like Pareto’s 80-20 rule applies to health care costs

Bottled Water - How long can you keep it stored?

Meteorite mystery vexes NASA scientists (AP/CNN){Mars 'fossil' reexamined}

In praise of ... the Voyager space probe (reaches 100 AU next week)

Rainbow flag cut down! - - GEE, I wonder who did this? I just can't

the White Sox suck

I'm so excited, I had to share with you

I'm sending light to the people in CT today.

Can someone here explain the relevance of solar return charts?

Could someone summarize the idea behind the "Secret"?

about Your Chart II

With more missing data, Reid seeks VA chief's ouster

He's HERE !!

Does anyone feel slightly saddened by the Lieberman debacle?

PAN-MASS Podcast

Interesting book about election reform - 10 Steps to Repair American

More Nikon D80 info...

Countdown Newsletter: 08/08/06 -- Smells Like a Power Shift?

Just had a "Road to Damascus" moment about how to discuss the war

2,592 U.S. troops now dead in W's Iraqi war

Why the Lamont and Libermann primary is important

Texas Republicans Abandon DeLay Fight - AP

For our night time DUers, a WMD poll

DUHbya's theme song.. Iraqi Bombing Way

Today's press conf inspired me: "President Shit-For-Brains". Yes-it works!

Gibson's SIGNS 2 trailer.

Can we all agree with these two ideas re: US/Cuba policy?

The Victimization of Children and Youth:

9 die while fleeing Arizona Border Patrol

Could special legislation draft neocons into the military?

Bubble gum blowing defense attorney at Iraqi girl rape/murder trial

How many Wal-Marts does one town need?

Radical Fringe cartoon - consider it a summer re-run (with apologies)

shoot me, but i gotta share these rightwingnut toons!

Only traitors try to make us afraid of terrorists

Today is "L" day....

What do you want to bet?

Ah, jeez, Madonna has gone and insulted Christians again.

Last week, LBN had all sorts of environmental doomsday news. This week

(AFA)Christian Critic Blasts Talladega Nights' Anti-Christian Content

Parts of South Beirut flattened (satellite photos before and after)

No, Susie or whatever your name is, the economy is not slowing.

The loser in Lebanon: The Atlantic alliance

New debt collection scam, really underhanded and illegal!!

Bernie Ward is Back! Hooray!

Reuters: Oil shortage not anticipated with Alaska closure

I haven't forgotten Cindy Sheehan

Happy PEACE DAY Iraq!!!

How Bush attacks ME pb: "I sat on the porch thinking until Laura arrived."

2nd Annual Houston Peak Oil Conference, 8/13 we go.....ready...set....pray!!!

Joe Lieberman brings in DC lobbyist to disrupt Lamont campaign

If you act like a Nazi, don't get all indignant when you get called one.

They are still struggling for democracy in Mexico

Stop the widening of the mideast war:

"They call him MonkeyBoy" shocked CSPAN caller says of Londoners.

(Iraqi Puppet) al-Maliki Is Pissed at the US for using HIS Security Force

An American Moment

Little Baby Jesus, all 8 pound, four ounces of you, please let Ned win!

Clinton calls killing of Sri Lankan aid workers 'wanton act'

Here's the Real Questions to Ask Yourself before Voting in Conn.

The Best outcome for CT or a need for a party purge????

Californians: Just saw a pro Prop 87 Commercial

Iraq PM criticizes U.S.-led attack


The Victimization of Children and Youth:

Offshoring views

Iran's supreme leader urges Muslims to 'defend' Hezbollah

Good luck on the Dino Hunt CT voters

In warmer world, even Inuit buy air conditioners

Anyone listening to Pataki

Will Connecticut lead America in a new direction ?

DeLay's a Candidate Again so he MUST report Legal Defense Fund Contrib.'s

Is Torture Effective?

The troops were under stress and it caused them to gang rape and kill a kid

Restarting Prudhoe Bay production may take months, says BP

Is Wall Street leaning more Democratic?

CT Voters: Now's Your Chance

Clearly this cat missed the "Pentagon lied people died" memo...

Where are the Republican voters?

State's Rights

I am very suprised this has not moved...DoomsdayClock

Who besides the U.S. gives Israel $$'s and Arms?

We don't need attention. We are the "underground"...

Will Dick Cheney be Disappointed on his death bed?

Don't blame the billionaires

National Defense Authorization Act 2007: FEDERALIZING NATIONAL GUARD >

A Solution to the Problems in the Middle East from Lazlo Toth

We are up to 2592 this morning and more troops to Baghdad.

Will Israel really bomb the engineers trying rebuild bridges in Lebanon

9/11 Commission Chairmen Admit Whitewashing (Book)

Economist Nouriel Roubini is extremely pessimistic about the US economy

CT Bob Has First INFORMAL Exit Poll On His Blog

Northern redneck....

I just found out the name of the airport in Johnstown Pa.

Michael Steele (R-MD) video, done by students

Here We Go Again-Iran tried to smuggle uranium from the Congo

Dino being hunted in CT now.

An Observation On Lamont/Lieberman

Can o' fun videos?

Can we talk? Please??

Watch Lieberman And Bush's Fabulous Wedding

Did Lieberman announce that he would definitely run as Independent?

Is the United Nations finished?

The Answer to McMansions -> Offsets

Ned Goes to Vote (Great Pic)

soldiers applying for political refugee status in canada

"Ding dong, the witch is dead,"- two months ago today

How is it were you have worked?

Uncle Talking-point...

*'s nonuse of the veto was a mechanism to steal power for the Executive.

Laurence Tribe on Signing Statements

argh, jerry springer is dead to me now. trashing 9-11 truth

MSNBC: "If Lieberman wins, the first call tonight will be from...

What Time Do Polls Close In CT?

Embryos made to order

It's getting harder to laugh at Bush (read)

US trashes Lebanon's proposals to the 'peace' plan brokered without them

been wondering what James Baker has been up to?

Question About The Israeli Constitution

what will Joe Lieberman be doing Wednesday?

Mark Twain's "War Prayer," just because . . .

The old story about the hillbilly chasing a bobcat...

There is no such thing as a lazy mother of three

Israel warns they will hit terrorists amongst civilians with extreme force

WTF!!!! Army to Build Amusment Park!

Does anyone think we are on the verge of WW3?

Its. The. War. Stupid!

Here's a new "I VOTED NED" avatar for any CT DUers (even in spirit)!

America Struggles With Its Own Evangelical Taliban

So, as soon as a rescue witness on the ground in Lebanon says

Breaking: NEY's "replacement "may have A DELAY Problem

The Turkish lingerie caper

Tweety: "My hunch is that this will go Lamont's way"

LAT: U.S. Clout a Missing Ingredient in Mideast

When did the kingdom of heaven become a red state? (Good book review)

Can we replace Ney and Delay with Dems?

NGOs urge U.S. to place a moratorium on the death penalty...

Poll stories from the CT Bloggers

Those little conjoined twins who were recently separated

Primary day bummer

Anyone here seen "World Trade Center" yet?

A poem about the aftermath of war, by VVA poet laureate Steve Mason

Tweety just called us all the Pajamakadeens (sp?) that all

I have noticed that here in NE OK the repukes running for office aren't

Has anyone had experience with progressive auto insurance?

Hannity is confronted to give up the Saddam - WMD meme

WaPo Poll: Democrats NOW Trusted-46% to 38%-To do Better Job On Terrorism

Bush's Green Zone Puppets beg to the UN to keep US Troops In Iraq

Tweets just said he thought Lamont would win...

Lieberman going not just because of war but because he demonizes Democrats

Today marks 35 years since I separated from the Army.

Man rolls pig's head into mosque; cops laugh

32 Years Ago Today - August 8, 1974: President Nixon to resign from office

Norah O'Donnell is a smug little twinkie

Bedbug infestations on rise across U.S.

On a lighter note: Let's give Joementum post-Senate job suggestions!

MSNBC--Lieberman's website hacked; he's blaming Lamont supporters

Who's enemy is he REALLY? People of the world hate Bush

If Lieberman wins will he have learned anything at all?

Lebanon Oil Spill May Rival Exxon Valdez of 1989, UN Says

A quiz on the 'christian' Right and Muslims

HuffPost on Medicare for All (Tasini vs. Clinton) --->

Oh my! Sean Smith needs to get a life!

Anybody surprised that "bin Laden" hasn't come out for Lamont?

The latest on the Boiling Oil Murder

CAPTION this photo

LOL -- Joe & Dub's Fabulous Wedding

* billboard in Cuba - 'The Assassin' - pic

Lieberman's Troubles Go Beyond War

Bombing of Lebanese harbor sinks fishermen's hope for the future

A brief post from Atrios in CT (Eschaton)

Why the Lieberman Website Story is Bullshit.

Jim Dean:The defining issue

It's fair and feels like 100 degrees, I wonder .....

Live stream for CT news?

Crazy anti stem cell fundie at the poll this morning

Uh oh! Dastardly Lamont supporters have now hacked Lieberman's forehead!

Is Karl Rove Running The Lieberman Campaign?

So what if Joe's site was hacked on election day?

So Lieberman's site was hacked previously...

Report from the Lamont Blogger War Room in CT

Hugh Hefner: Bold Innovator or Exploitative Pimp?

Is a Transition Gov't Already On the Job in the White House?

Are people as equally pissed @ Cleland for supporting Joementum


How fast will Fox sign Lieberman after he loses?

You know, Lieberman is becoming more Repub-like by the day

Who Was Taking Bets On An Intrest Rate Hike Today

Lawyers: Can Lamont SUE LIEberman for accusing him of voter fraud?

Listen up all you Internets minions of Al Gore, stop pickin on Joe.

Has anyone talked to the hosting company?

What Time Do Polls Close

Lieberman's website "hacked", yet he accuses us of being weak on security.

TerrorStorm documentary

Born too soon..(another set of conjoined twins)

Science Channel--Species Oddessey.

Here's the Question of the Day for Voters in Conn.

We Can Build A Healthy Global Society (Kill the Empire, Stupid)

Do we need a new Secretary of Offense?

Join us on "The Guy James Show" today. Call toll-free

Exit polls, Exit polls, anyone heard about any exit polls?

Lieberman and Lamont Battle to the Wire

Larry O'Donnell on Franken: LaMont will win "handily"!!

When will we know primary results - Lieberman & Lamont?

Who is Thehacker?

Lamont Blog: We've Offered To Send Our Tech Guru Over!

Oh woe is me....

What of this claim that those who promote Global warming

Three years ago today "Secret Talks With Iranian Arms Dealer" (8-8-2003)

This is OUTRAGEOUS! "Katrina’s abandoned cars finally on the way out"

Since there won't be a Revolution, what WILL happen to the U.S.?

Here is another company to stay away from

Update to Lieberman Site: Statement Blames Ned Lamont

Suitcases selling well in Iraq

Wise words from one of the GOP's very own, Teddy Roosevelt

The BP pipeline screw up-what really happened

Kris Jansing MSNBC--Tech consultant said Lieberman's site hacked

The trouble with 2592.

Iraq: More al Malaki Malarky

NOT A CHANCE! - Lamont Campaign Official Response To LIEberman Smear

If Lieberman DOES pull out a victory...

George Galloway Savages SKY NEWS!

With Luck, This Bumper Sticker Goes on Sale at Midnight EST tonight...

Look Out! The Iranians are Going to Obliterate Israel and End the World

CT voter turnout - wow!

We feel for ya' Joe, we've been hacked a few times ourselves.

Excellent Charlie Rose Show - Stem Cell Research & AIDS Vaccine (VIDEO)

Ahmadinejad, Ahmadinejad, Ahmadinejad

So, chalk up two new Dem House seats? (Delay and Ney)

Who do you think is most likely behind "hacking" Lieberman's website?

Scarborough says Laura Ingraham needs Anger Management


Place your bets here. Today Leslie Blitzer will:

Lamont campaign manager offers tech support for Joe.

The Georgian Creed

trouble w/Air America Radio stream

15 lousy bucks a month and 10 G's of space--- uhhh HELLO!

Is this the watershed moment?

Danny Gillerman can kiss my ass

I'd like to know how hacking someone's website could impact

Hey Skinner/Earl--how fast would DU crash on 10 G's?

How do we challenge the MSM on their defining the CT outcome?

"They can't leave us in peace," said 15-year-old Fatima

You know who is quaking in boots in CT at all this publicity???

CNN just said that Delay will not run!!

I hate to post this. My network security guy who is a part of some

I am really concerned one of these American reporters embedding...

Never Forget: Joe Lieberman and the Enron Democrats

RW'ers redefining the election

Neither Dem's or Republicans like a guy who isn't in the "club" do they?

I think DU is a great site and...

If elections were valid before websites existed

Is photo manipulation in the media more common than we think?

How Much Is Too Much: Is the President Too Chunky?

From April 2006: BP ignored "dangerous condition". of Alaskan pipeline

Do you know who commands the military in Iran?

Are we, as Tweety says, in our parents' basements?

Drs. Without Borders Form Human Chain Over Latani River to get Aid to Tyre

Media steering away from "Theocracy"?

The Lieberman website story is meant to put a damper on Lamont's victory

Gerstein: No Vote Challenge Planned

No KO tonight? Drats!

Dennis Miller to Join Fox News This Fall

Ahhhhhhh Memories, Sweet Memories. How Far We've Come.

Can the Rove picture PLEASE be eliminated?????

Breaking... Mel Gibson Crashed into Lieberman's Web Site

A Bushite explains it all

Star Trek alternate universe episode explains Bush & our foreign policy

Prediction: Lieberman (I - Asshat) will implode.

Norm Coleman is...

Lindsay Lohan wants to visit U.S. troops in Iraq - with Hillary Clinton

When LIEberman loses, d'ya think * will woo him into the Sec Def job?


MyDD, FDL, both slow or down, any plans here for tonight Skinner?

Israeli strike kills 13 near mourners

The true test of anti-semitism

Has any one considered the danger of a lame duck Lieberman voting record?

Whose Environment is this Agency Protecting?

5% of the troops are on antidepressants--Barbara Starr on CNN

Joe put the Ho in "Ho-Mentum" - joe kisses ass, pass it around

I Was 50 Yards from Darth Cheney Yesterday

Anyone ever read Said Aburish?

Check out this website, it's coming soon....

Star Trek mining episode explains Bush's domestic policy

Tweety: Is Joementum a "profile in courage"?

"Talladega Nights" and its political overtones. (Possible spoilers.)

Best news I've read today about the CT race.

AP: "Lieberman race" instead of CT Race? ABC: Lieberman only this AM?

Luntz: Republicans staying home this fall

Food for thought ...

DU is getting un-readable

McKinney campaign claims name left off ballots

Some interesting info re turnout in Mansfield, CT...... 80%...?

A Personal Story, Or

Californians call Boxer now I just did on Joe's independent bid

CT Sec of State says turnout in CT primary will be 50-55 percent

U.S. Postal Jobs are being sabotaged right now by the GOP!

MyLeftNutmeg reports amazing turnout in Stamford, CT! (

Yahoo Story posted 31 minutes ago STILL include BOGUS hack charges

I just got an invite from the Head of Elections here in town

Some good news: Separated Twins doing well

Tell MSNBC "Technology Correspondent" Bob Sullivan that HE'S WRONG

LBN-BREAKING ! Arrests made in Lieberman hacking (pic)

Underpants was mistaken... Joey's hacker pictured here

I agree with B*sh: Iraq is not in a civil war

Please help 10 Eritrean reporters.

C'mon Kids!!!! Let's go to Army World!!!

HELP Joe's Internet Problem - the man needs TUBES!

Reporters attacked by US troops...

From ABC's The Note, concerning exit polling in CT Today

Tell me what you think of this new Harold Ford Jr. Ad!

"More than 900 lives ago, we asked for an immediate cease-fire"

More Things to Consider re Constitutional Crisis.

An interesting report re: the CT primary

repost : Deadly Israeli strike scatters mourners

About the reporter Fund...

ABC says most CT. polls use lever machines.

A profound thought..Catch 22

ABC is conducting very thorough Exit Polls in CT

2nd Vermonter in 3 days killed in Iraq.

Homepage and my journal are very slow -- am I the only one?

Lamont Now Generously Hosting Joe's Site!

Glenn Greenwald: The Anti-Semitism Smear

Why did Lieberman's site crash? Easy answer.

Please help me find a site that shows campaign disclosures

Lest we forget: "Sen. Lieberman Literally in Bed With Drug Lobby"

BP: Profitable Timing of Pipeline Shutdown...Smeared Whistleblowers

Two hours until the first results from CT counties

Joe is particularly religious tonight.

I owe an apology

Conspiracy theories abound


ABC News just put a big R, next to Lamont's name!!!

Greenwald: Lieberman's Bad Habit--Demonizing Other Democrats

What do you say? Jay and Silent Bob?

Candy Crowley's on Lou Dobbs trashing bloggers right now.

According to CNN's Crowley in Connecticut

Union Workers Should be for Lamont Over Lieberman........

planning for the holidays yet?

Howdy Du! I've returned with an update

The Next Big Spin: Liberal Bloggers=Hackers

WTF..Dobbs reports Israel just struck a Palestinean refugee camp.

A suggestion; could those of you that are way into the CT issues

Mr. End-Times Goes to Washington (The Nation)

Was the BP pipeline problem preventable? - MSNBC

For ralps - A new parody

Wonkette digs up LIEberman campaign's hosting tab from its FEC reports

Conyers' Report Newly Updated: "Constitution in Crisis"

Wolfie just said there is a major shakeup in Israel's top military...

DeLay Vows to Take Name Off Texas Ballot

You think you something about the ‘Internets’?

CNN Poll....Energy Policy Act of 2005

CBS just repeated the lie.

'06 Senate race in CT could evoke '70 when Dem Senator ran as Indy

Wonkette performs her own investigation to the Liberman non hack story

Castro the Conservationist? By Default or Design, Cuba Largely Pristine

Prediction - Castro will "die" shortly after the 13th

Georgia polls now closed! Results available at link!

Idiotic new meme "It's only a real win if it's a blowout for Lamont"

Dupe topic.

heroic in the face of evil

Israel's Military Invincibility Dented by Hezbollah

Proof no one supports Joe: He had a $15/mo. website and it only crashed..

Yanno, I haven't felt this hopeful about an election since 02/11/04

It can happen here..

Joe will go third-party

MediaMatters: Fox:"A Lamont Win, Bad News For Democracy In Mideast?"

Excuse Me While I Kiss This Guy.

ConnecticutBlog poll Who is to blame for Joe Lieberman's site problem

So the next time a repub says the Dems are "soft on defense"

Is Lieberman Going Try and Steal The Election

100 British MPs to demand recall of parliament (ME conflict)

Best way to get Connecticut election results tonight? nt

Chirac to hold urgent talks on Lebanon

When you exceed bandwidth on a website, this is the message you get

Lieberman's ISP is located in Dallas, TX

Town in Maine plans to ban sex offenders from public places

Why would Joe buy his internet bandwidth from an untraceable no-name?

Brutal U.S. Attack On Unarmed Afghans Captured by Photos

Get Mel Gibson's rant for your cell phone!!

Inside the Hezbollah

France is backing out of mid-east deal

Connecticut: Find your polling place.

Know a Ned Lamont supporter in Connecticut?

Kos nails it about Lieberman website

Joe is so desperate, he's giving away T-shirts on the street corners!

L-L results: 4 sites worth checking out.

Looking for an official CT primary thread?

Ya gotta dig Maxine Waters

Cloaking Devices and Cones of Silence

Forecasters LOWER hurricane forecast

Joe has a lot at stake, for one thing his wife's lobbiest position

"Lieberman fights for survival" - now that is a great headline :)

Has Jim Dean (Howard's brother) been involved in politics long?

The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil (and Water):

Lamont vote is Anti-Bush (much more than it is anti-war)

Tweety is COMPLETELY full of shit

Wingnut sends me Lanny's "Liberal McCARTHYism" piece. My response.

Tweety is handling New Haven crowd quite well.

Some local analysis here in Connecticut.

Why do we get accused of moving to the far left?

New job idea for Holy Joe! Find a name for.....

does anyone else think Repukes are afraid because Conn. has lever machines

There is a danger the Democrats will read the vote the wrong way...

ConnecticutBlog: WTIC local radio and update


Diebold confesses to "hacking" Lieberman?

Can we take up a collection to send Dana Bash a meal?

DeLay and Nixon both resigned on August 8. How fitting!

Connecticut DUers! PLEASE Keep Us Informed During Today!

We need to invest in DIFFERENT car technology.

Help again, the pro war goups are coming back with the Nam myths about the

What did Bush say to Lieberman when they kissed?

ARGH!!! WHY is a Republican Strategist doing the commentary

Beirut oil slick devastates the Mediterranean

Does anyone know how votes are tabulated in CT...

the govt. of Egypt is not our friend, nor is it the friend of the Egyptian

Is it a coincidence that after a day of MSM "Left Wing Blogger" reports

In the MSM and other, Lamont = HACKER before any evidence

Feel the Joe-nertia!

? If Bush* declares it's Civil War and pulls Iraq a non-issue?

Mel Gibson vs. Larry the Cable Guy

Is it Kissmas yet?

Iraq's president Maliki melts down over U.S. raid on Sadr City

Hezbollah ballbearing rockets maximise injuries

I just received this email

So I’d like to know where you got the notion…

Inside the world of "Girls Gone Wild" douchbag, Joe Francis

Bush's new welfare rules kick in, nasty!

BP in Alaska had 50 leaking wells (whistleblowers outed them)

Breaking....Ted Stevens accidently crashed Liebermans website.

Report from West Hartford CT

Well, these guys lost my business. Pretty dumb move on their part.

How many Managers are there at a McDonalds?

Today's new Bumper Sticker.. some things are simple in Black/White


Tweety just said that "the grownups" will decide CT, not "pajama-udins".

Another "wow, a Republican friend is waking up" post

Why Lieberman's site is down-Host Site Is Down-Not Enough Bandwidth (Kos)

American visits his outsourced job in India

TN Senate: Watch Congressman Harold Ford Jr.'s New Ad Here!

Army Considering Military Theme Park

Guys, we need to grow some ovaries. - MUST READ

Did Anyone Else Receive This E-Mail About Israel & U.S. Targeting Iran?

There are two Democratic Parties, Begun the Democratic Civil War has...

Exxon Valdez Size Spill of the 21st Century NOW In Lebanon! Thanks Israel!

The good life in Havana: Cuba's green (organic) revolution

The Brilliantly Profitable Timing of Alaska Oil Pipeline Shutdown: Palast


Cause for concern? - Egyptian Students vanish in NYC

Sir No Sir now available on DVD

DUer makes the paper in a feature story about losing his job and home

Ney replacement may not be able to run

Doctors successfully separate twin sisters

I don't know if this is a journal, more a thank you

The Leiberman "Hack" Bogus?


So I'm pretty psyched.

Touchy conversation with wife's boss re: Joe, Bush, and Israel.

Lanny Davis can kiss my ass

I have a few words for the MSM:

Bush: Addicted to Fantasy, Foolishness, and Failure: Is Rehab in order?

Behold The "NORAD/Pentagon Lied People Died" MSM News Blackout...

By the way... DLC Vice chair says Lieberman should run as Independent:

Can we ALL agree that climate change is the most important issue now?

IRONY ALERT - Ultrasound can affect brain development

Does anyone here give a damn that Lieberman has a lifetime

IMPORTANT: Comments Due RE: WORKERS and Medicaid

Dan Rather Massively Popular Per Gallup Poll: Why Did CBS Bow to GOP?

SCOOP/AUTORANK: Political Free-Fall In The USA - Impeachment Demands

Anyone in the campaigns, I'd love to know who got the most

CNN has Let us down on all coverage!

What do you think of organic food?

July Southern California Edison bill $517.86

Abeer was her name.

Gasoline's Days Are Numbered

Whalen camp draws fire for farce

Corporate/Conservative Infiltration of YouTube Videos

MoveOn Seeking 1st 2006 Election Victory

TIME: Is Kos Really the Kingmaker?

What if the entire GOP agenda were accomplished?

Which outcome scenario do you believe to be most likely...

Did anyone else get phony email from John Edwards recently?

Lieberman raised $1.2 million in past two weeks ...MYDD

The entire front page of local paper dedicated to Ney (vote in their poll)

I just voted for Ned Lamont!

NV senate: Ensign (R) 46%, Carter (D) 39%

Joe Lieberman is an asshole!!! He works for the people, does he not?

Question on voter registration and CT.

Voting rules for Ct Primary?

Here is one way Joe HAS been good for democrats...we should thank him.

woo hoo! we've got a new voter!

Poll: majority of Dems say "Dems have no Iraq strategy"

Oh, it's so unfair!!!

Lieberman says if all "real" Dems come out and vote, he'll be comeback kid

Lamont's Election Day e-mail to the Netroots -- or the "Nedroots"

Did you "get their message," Joe? Did you REALLY "get their message?"

WP,pg1: Lieberman's Troubles Go Beyond War

August 8th, another proud day in republican party history

Joe in wedded bliss to W, HILARIOUS FLICK! Read the credits

Connecticut Senate: The Five Questions

Lieberman has until tomorrow 4:00pm to run as an independent

Lamont vs. Lieberman: For the Sake of the Party

Who Is More Apt To Be Right? The 50+% That Think Iraq Had WMD or......

Rep. Wexler - Colbert - Sundance?

Employers Pocket Medicare Money, Cut Employee Benefits

It's about trust...

Tell Congress: It's Time for a REAL Vote to Raise the Minimum Wage E form

The Boston Globe this AM.

Is the Liberman-Lamont primary in CT also a referendum on the DLC?

LIEberman in a nutshell:

Lieberman campaign accuses Lamont supporters of hacking his website

anyone know how many primaries taking place today and where?

Fux news on air just now stating that lieberman website hacked

Another good slam at the LIEberman hack lie!!

Biden letter reminds the NYT that his Iraq strategy was a NYT op-ed web site in down!!!!!

President Bush- Up to his eyeballs in charisma.

Analysis: GOP on Defensive

Lieberman Falsely Says His Website was HACKED. See proof it was NOT

How old are you?

RW comes out guns-a-blazing on 9/11 conspiracies


lieberman kiss

Democrat primaries swell voting lists

AP: DeLay to withdraw from Texas race

Lieberman's Dog Gets Fleas - Joe Blames Lamont

what makes joe lieberman a DINO

Fun with FReepers!

Firedoglake reports Lamont campaign already responded to hacking charge.

Whoa! Lieberman may file voter suppression charges to invalidate primary?

Lane Evans a the new Veterans data

A Follow-up on the Lieberman Hacking Lie

Lieberman's Dog Gets Fleas -- Joe Blames Lamont

Poll: Democrats Now Preferred On Terrorism

Lamont up 51 to 45 percent, according to Quinnipiac poll (edited)

who will count the votes today in Ct.?

Heavy turnout reported in CT

4:40p.m. - drudge still peddling the liberman web site lie

Lieberman Spokesman: No Evidence Of DOS Attack

Not that anyone knows or cares with the whole Lieberman thing going on...

What time can we expect CT results to start coming in?

Lieberman Camp Now Admits No Evidence in Accusing Lamont

It`s The Pajama-Hudeen, stupid.

More Lieberman Web Wackiness: Completely Unique Error Message!

The 5 most idiotic books of all time

Tweety to Sean Smith: Are you telling me if Lieberman gets

Hotline: Lieberman prepared to file 20,000; expect call from Bill Clinton

ATTN: CO, CT, GA, MI, MO voters: Today is PRIMARY DAY!!

Photo: Bush, clearly not enjoying his "working vacation" on the Pig Farm

Tweety Watch - Live from CT

When Joe Loses

Kudos to my mom!

stop the insanity - stop crying (election) wolf

Congressional seats belong to the citizens, not to the person

Reuters: With more missing data, Reid seeks VA chief's ouster

Firedoglake reports CT Sec State now reporting turnout will be 50-55%!

CT Att Gen to Investigate Lieberman Hacking Allegations

Anyone seeing any exiting polls?

Lieberman guy: We pay "a bit more" than $15 a month for web hosting.

governor's conference

Tell me what you think of Harold Ford Jr.'s new campaign ad!

Breaking - Lieberman cancels the rest of his scheduled public events today

Raw reporting some vote machine problems.

Ok post me some links regarding the primaries today in Any state

"I vote for the policy - not the man." Rev. Al just said on Tweety. The

CT Exit Polls?

Admins can we get one thread for all the LIEberman website Hack threads?

Joe Lie's website hack-- what difference does it make?

I can not frigging believe MSM reporters are talking about all the mean

Curt Weldon gets all afraid of an Eagle Scout and calls cops

Exit Polls in GA?

oooo Fox Noos is getting EVEN more impressive! Dennis Miller

Lieberman Site Goes Down Second Time: THIS WEB SITE IS NOT CONFIGURED

Hardball is doing its best to encourge Joe to run as an indep. Will it

An infuriating Lieberman quote

live talk radio from Hartford

Kos has the joe2006 FEC website filing up.

"Whenever we can do the job to maintain Iraq in a great democracy"

I just got back from voting, and had trouble with the machine

Drug tests for those on unemployment!! Watch Congress

How 9/11 Could Have Been Prevented - Rory O'Connor

So After Iran is attacked, Where Do the Other Countries Fall??

A few things that really caught my eye regarding the CT race.

I was going to vote for Ned, now I am going to vote for Joe, they hacked

Why the GOP May Not Be Able to Capitalize on a Lieberman Loss

Tonight John Leasch is Debating Hastert

Should Lamont run as an Independent if he loses by - say 3%??

The hacking story is just a desperate ploy to get an asterisk

If Lieberman won it would be a Pyrrhic victory

Who Do **YOU** Think Hacked Joe's Website?

Gore satire not so amateurish - GOP disinformation shop at work again.

The Lamont crowd seems hugh on Hardball compared to Joe's crowd.

I don't think Lieberman will run as an (I). Too much ridicule.

Kos is on Countdown tonight.


The big hole in the "I would have done the war different' argument

Jim Dean on TV and radio tonight and tomorrow. .

I have a question about this Lamont/DLC issue...

Coming soon: Anti missile laser

Can Wolf just not do a show without breaking the same news over and over

McKinney/Johnson Election Results Link

If Lieberman (I - Asshat) runs do the usual rules here apply?

Only 1 issue, anti-national security, hatefilled hacker blogger nuts

Lieberman Campaign Admits No Lamont Involvement in Alleged Hacking

5 killed Central Valley farm labor contractor fined $70,000 in penalties

I think this "hacking" stunt is a desperate ploy by Joe

The utter stupidity of a FOX "news" viewer

Support Stem Cell Candidates : $5 Donated for Every Donor

McKinney being Diebolded; name not on ballot

Your CT election prediction here please

George Galloway shocks Sky News reporter on air - 10 Minute Video

San Francisco Puts Impeachment on November Ballot

In Ohio, Strickland leads by 22 over Blackwell

Lamont attack site at the SAME IP address as Joe's "hacked" site is up!