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Archives: August 7, 2006

NYT: The Beginning of the End of the (Neocon) Adventure

Mirror Mirror - The Passion of Hypocrites

Robert Fisk: This draft shows who is running America's policy... Israel

Democrats who oppose illegal wars and torture want to reclaim the party

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 254

Large Alaskan oil field shut down

Hey!!! MSM gets Global Warming!! But no credit to Gore.

Mexico's energy problems hurt U.S.(getting closer to peak?)

I am Israel

Arab World Finds Icon in Leader of Hezbollah

9/11 conspiracy theories persist, thrive

9/11 Conspiracy Theories Persist, Thrive

Amazing photos sept.13 2001 WTC --I haven't seen these yet.

Who would dare to give the true story at Wikipedia re 9/11?

The Granite State Delivers Rock-Solid Information on Hand Counting

Nancy Tobi Really Has a Problem With HR 550!

John Courage will run in CD21 against Lamar Smith

It's blackberry season!

Report: Most N. Korea missile tests successful

Senior official says 'there won't be int'l force in Lebanon'

Fighting Erupts in Baghdad's Sadr City

9/11 conspiracy theories persist, thrive

South Vietnamese Flag Can Fly On State Buildings

US Punishes Arms Trader, Sukhoi--Moscow Times (Iran)

New US Vietnam war abuses unveiled

IDF plans attacks on key (civilian) infrastructure in Lebanon

Sri Lanka aid workers 'shot dead'

Schwarzenegger wins dream ticket for re-election-Spielberg defects to Reps

Family of abducted soldier asks Jewish community for help

Senator's Nephew Mourned by Hundreds

Egyptian Islamic Group Denies Joining Al Qaeda

Dubai to take control of offshore oil resources

Newsweek: Exclusive: Iraq—Plans in Case of a Civil War

Cats infected with bird flu in Iraq -report

Military Blimps Report for Duty

Youth Give Bush Poor Grade, Hurting Republican Hopes, Poll Says

Does Blackwell's Election Day Sticker Promote a Religious Message?

Alcohol sales zoom 62%: Changes in Utah's population among reasons for inc

Lieberman Explains Iraq War Stance in Speech

IDF plans attacks on key infrastructure in Lebanon

Bomb wounds U.S. soldier in Afghanistan

How the US fired Jack Straw (Rumsfeld not happy w/ "nuts" to bomb Iran)

AP: 3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Bombing

WP: Welfare Changes A Burden To States (Work Alternatives Cut)

John Glenn, wife leave hospital (at Strickland fundraiser before accident)

Prudhoe Bay oil field being shut down, 8% of U.S. production

In lieu of a Mexican MIL, I need a really good Mexican cookbook

Quench my curiosity: What do you know about me?

Leave the gun.....

Where's Khashka?

Did the fonts on here get smaller?

Study: Americans getting lonelier and lonelier and lonelier

when was the last time you talked to a doctor on the phone?

fucking fox network affiliate in lake chuck, louisiana

I just watched "KUFFS"

I see my photo made it to the Ohio Meetup!

when was the last time you talked to a du'er on the phone

Look at what lelapin drew for me!

Anyone know if there is anything to do in Knoxville, TN?

i was going through some old emails

Can you believe there is a site called

I should be cleaning my room. Ask me anything.

So who saw Talladega Nights and how was it?

What would you be doing if

With the new 9/11 movie coming out, I think ill make some new T shirts to

So, what should I draw?

My parents make me wish I was adopted.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. Somebody offer me a job.

what is the second-to-the-last animal on earth

I have made a very important scientific discovery

TIGER! 436 wins as of 1907!

TIGERS! 75 wins as of August 6!

Any glaucoma sufferers out there?

i went to a full gospel pentecostal service this morning

I'm back.

Sunday dinner thread

Am I being cruel to my cat?

Tough word game

Peace Dammit!!!

Does your car's AC need a kick? Here's an idea

A Message to the Greedy Wealthy

I don't want to work, I just wanna bang on the drums all day.

The triplets' mother just called me...from her anniversary dinner date.

the drunk took a trip .... shameful.

you should call your mother more.

Freepers on the Internet Movie Database

ask me any question and i'll answer like david bowie would on the dick

Is CNN offline?

I'm taking a break from DU.

Behold: The greatest movie of all time

Kate Bush - Army Dreamers (YouTube) (anti-war song)

Iron Chef America

When was the last time you talked to a deer on the phone?

Best film about or featuring animals

Device-Guided Breathing to Lower Blood Pressure: Case Report and Clinical

Any glaucoma sufferers out there?

Moon's Strange Bulge Finally Explained (

I need help finding a good book on math logic and set theory.

I went to my 20th reunion this weekend

About your Daily Dose of Gratitude

Hillary now getting Kerry's old heat

IDF Ditches Plans To Reach Litani River

Peace Dammit!!!

McMansions and Resource Allocation

Advice to President Bush on the Middle East from Lazlo Toth

Here CNN : pic and age determination of raped Mahmoudiya girl.

Picking up on the Earth's vibes....?

What ever happened to the woman who protested the Chinese PM

Al Gore YouTube Spoof Not So Amateurish

Do "capitalists" plan for the long-term?

No good military options in Iraq: leading US senators

when is that Lieberman/Lamont debate?

Weeks Of Bombing Leave Nation In Ruins

"Steaming" - take a look.

Worst Ad Placement. Ever

Iran/Iraq Bumper Sticker.... revision 2 from suggestions... now T-Shirts

Questions for anyone who has paid for Air America online content.

Okay, the fearmongering is working great. Now what?

Kudos to HGTV for their "Life After Katrina" Special

ok-I'm forcing myself to watch Condi on Meet the Press.

Disturbing Pronouncements From Condi and Dubya...

Drug Dealers Devise Ingenious Ways to Hide Stash in Vehicles

Welcome To THERIGHTWINGOVERSE (Tom Tomorrow)

A song for the tea campaign

Does Cheney and Halliburton have the no-bid contract to rebuild Lebanon?

Hurricane Alley seems rather benign..(a good thing for a change)

***CSPAN2 at 10pm - "Talking Right" -Time for us to change the language***

Slate - Is the President Shrinking?

Does anyone here use Vonage?

It won't matter pretty soon

Jews, Palestinians seek conflict answers in Bosnia

Help fact or fiction? Snopes hasn't got this one.

Jane, er, Cokie, you ignorant [email protected]#@!!!! (video)

Should we be worried now that Bush is on vacation?

Intimations of Recession (Krugman, NYT, 08/07/2006)

Here's a banner for the "Tea Bag Brigade" effort

Woman Seeking 'Cute Cop' Gets Probation

9/11 Conspiracy Theories Persist, Thrive

"A Rubber Stamp For BUSH Is Politically Dangerous To LIFE-THREATENING"

Scott Ritter on TV. FSTV on the Dish network channel 9415.

Keeping Up With the Washington Times

Of the following which do you prefer? (ref: Compassionate Conservatives)

Where's the top 10 conservative idiots for tonight?

Democrats should look at Joe Lieberman's "crisis" as an "opportunity"..

Lonely nation

U.S. wiill not allow another dictatorship to begin in Cuba

The Western White House sure is full of itself

Major Alaskan oil field shutting down

Youth Give Bush Poor Grade, Hurting Republican Hopes, Poll Says

So, You Think You Know the Cost of the Wars?

When your friends are in trouble

Lieberman makes "LAST DITCH attempt" to explain his Iraq stance

If I were Jewish...?

Robert Fisk: This draft shows who is running America's policy... Israel

It appears that the neo-cons next move is to devaluate the

The "hearts and minds" are lost, perhaps for good...

Even dead people can't escape AOL

Give me liberty or give me death

Caption If You Dare...

What is the U.S. doing in it's secret prisons?

Lebanon is Turning Into a Massive Environmental Disaster

Awful parents. Mom cuts off son's toungue!

Shouldn't this fellow have been charged with terrorism or something?

India bans Arab TV broadcasts under pressure from Israel.

Do you eat organic...and why?

U.S. Jews on 'heightened alert' as crisis escalates

Dubai Ports World Now Control 23 US Ports 'til, at the earliest, Next Year

Eskimos buying air conditioners. Mayor says it's been getting hot lately

Rickie Lee Jones sings: Have You Had Enough? Time for a "Blue America"

Maybe the Marshall Plan was not such a good thing

How Many of You Remember Lieberman During the Dubai Port Deal?

Medic Describes Scene of Rape/Murder-So Horrific Made Him Sick For 2 Wks

Some Lovely Sunday Night Bedtime Reading Re: 2006 Mid-Terms !!!

Once Again... The Words Of One, Mark Twain !!!

Who here can't look at the threads with pics of the hurt children?

98% of all mountain glaciers melting (60 Minutes)

Do we REALLY need this new Oliver Stone "World Trade Center" movie?

Israeli intentionally letting Hezbollah kill Israeli civilians

Music Row Democrats working with the 50 State Strategy. I love this idea.

Finally a CNN reporter tells the truth that Hizbollah is NOT firing from

Why Ned Lamont Should be Senator and Why Lieberman Shouldn't

Nuclear near disaster in Sweden

Fed bets for Tuesday's meeting

Do you respond to authority, without even being aware of it?

Pro-abortion and pro-life discussion

Staff "taking PAINS to PRESENT Bush as 'deeply involved'" during vacation

I have an innocent question about Marijuana

Why not give to some of the guys on the brown end of the stick?

How can we keep from one party rule? I mean, we have just seen

Coulter:"I think he should come all the way and become a Republican"

The jerk from Montana

It's the day after the 06 elections: The Democrats took back Congress in a

Had Enough? Here's The Song for You!

The New Yorker Bush Quiz

Why won't the Senate speakout for a cease- fire in Lebanon?

Senate Millionaires Against Raising The Minimum Wage

Centrism is for Suckers: Excellent post over in the Iowa forum

The hatred of the left

The Unofficial DU Connecticut Senate Primary Pool thread

A blast from the past: Clark tears Perle and Hunter a new one

'The focus should be on Damascus'

Cease fire immediately

An Amazon nation draws a line against developers

Offshore oil royalties a rip-off in the making

In Southern Lebanon, Weary Resignation

My Dinners With Fidel

Breslin: In case we all forgot, Americans are still dying in Iraq

Estate Tax Would Aid Privileged Few. Minimum Wage Hike: Many More

Two labor rivals have US Airways marriage

Hertzberg/New Yorker: they say "Democrat Party" on purpose!

A Higher Power: James Baker puts Bush's Iraq policy into rehab.

NSA risking electrical overload

JAMES KUNSTLER: Heating Up, Melting Down

Mexico editorial tilts to the right

David Sirota: Addressing the country’s health care taboo

Being pro-Israel means being able to criticize Israel...

Pop down to High Street and pick up Solar Panels (AFP)

Time: Why Harold Ford Has a Shot

U.S. taking on characteristics of global bully...

Cato Inst: Only traitors try to make us afraid of terrorists

Don't Blame the Apples When the Tree is Rotten

The Washington Post VS. AMLO

Sexual Discrimination Isn't 'Trivial'

Lamont Victory Disaster For Democrats (?)

Kucinich on the canvas:

Gloomy tale of N.Y.'s libraries

AP Explores Media's Role in Popular Belief in Iraq WMD

The King of Fairyland will never Grasp the Realities of the Middle East

In case we all forgot, Americans are still dying in Iraq (50 since 1 JUL)

Gazprom's huge Venezuela gas deal alarms US

How the US super-rich 'dodge' taxes

An idiot speaks on Intelligent Design

India Bans Arab TV Channels Under Pressure fr Israel

High-tech bills in low-tech hands: Congress short on techno knowledge

WSJ: The 401(k) of the Future

China Considers Array Of Carrots And Sticks On Energy & Climate - Reuters

The Oil Drum

Nuclear power links to 'sham' (UK) energy review

Plant Introduced To Stop Desert Now Poisoning African Livestock - BBC

The caribou and the pipeline - BP leak story related

Energy Dept. Ready to Tap Emergency Oil

Governors weigh in on energy policy

500K Homeless In Indian Monsoon Floods - Mumbai 2 Feet Deep In Rainwater

Ga. Peaches touted as future fuel source

Massive Manatee Favors Manhattan Suburbs

Investing in funds that invest in environmental research and development

The Wild Boar Returns To England - Escapees Repopulate Island - Reuters

Bye Bye Birdie- The Ivory Billed Woodpecker & The Mechanics Of Extinction

John Howard Snubs Australia's Invitation To Water Conservation Conference

Gulf Coast Vibrio Bacteria Turns Up In Narragansett Bay - Never Seen In RI

HK 31 Places Below Singapore As Business Location Thanks To Filthy Air

Easy Jet Dismisses Talk Of Climate Tax As "Lunacy" - Guardian

Terrorist Groups and what to do with them.

Noam Chomsky on Israel, Lebanon and Palestine

Lebanon proposed to put "it's troops" on Border to Patrol Peace if Israel

215 Members of Turkey-Israel Friendship Group Resign

The cold arithmetic of blood

Anti-Semitism on the rise in Holland following Mideast events

Settlers Suspected in Drive-by Killing of West Bank Palestinian

Israel Aide Cautiously Welcomes Lebanon's Troops Plan-CNN

Anti-war activists board US plane

Seven ill in letter scare at Palestinian PM office

Seemed appropriate here

US Congress Forms Israel Allies Caucus

George Galloway Interviewed on Sky News (video link)

Villaraigosa Apologizes to L.A. Muslims for Pro-Israel Bias

Isn't occupation the "root cause" of the problems in the Middle East?

Here's a read I found interesting...

9-11 Truth Movement: Focus or Die

Al Suqami's magic passport

About that site, ""...

9/11 conspiracy theorists energized

CIA Instructions to Media Assets re: Assassination of President Kennedy

Debunking 9/11 Myths - THE BOOK (being rushed to print)

Turning off the transponders. How easy? How hard?

Twin Towers wreckage turning up all over the place - (JFK airport)

Who is Justin Pope AP Education Writer and the author of

Franken just blew off 9/11, Bush/Nazi theorists

ERD News 8/7/06: $270 Million in Bribes for in Mexican Election - $270 mil

How to Hack a Diebold Voting Machine

HR550 and Secret Software Code

How 'Bout Having Hand Counted Paper Ballot (HCPB) Houseparties

Mexico election, paper ballots and all, per Greg Palast

Mexico election, paper ballots and all, per Greg Palast

BradBlog: People With Disabilities Set Up For Failure In Vote-PAD Testing

Activists: Advisory proves Blackwell suppressing vote

Texas Futile Care Law is flawed

If Lamont wins will BAR attack KBH on her war record?

Please help shut down the GOP spin that the DeLay case was about keeping

It's raining in Dallas AGAIN!

Texas State GOP Party eats its own

Scalia rejects appeal in case to keep DeLay's name off ballot

With Bugman staying on the ballot, every car in the district needs one

TX-32 Pete Sessions' robo-call

"Texroots" rolls out first endorsements

DVO is HALFWAY to his fundraising goal!

Campfire Bananas question.

Found something interesting at Longs Drugs yesterday

x-post of the new kitchen tiles

Now here's a job posting that is unlikely to garner many applications:

American here, curious

Israel recalls Caracas envoy after Chavez compared state to Hitler

Levin and Stabenow support pension bill

'Bomb' protesters board aircraft

Republican candidate’s wife sues political rival

2 get prison for praising dead al-Zarqawi

BP shuts oilfield- When it rains it pours.

EU says Australia too close to US in trade talks

UN's Lebanon peace bid under fire

Seven ill in letter scare at Palestinian PM office

Report: Israelis to hit civilian infrastructure, symbols of Lebanese

AP White House pushes for U.N. resolution

Some ten-thousand Iraqi workers in Saddam's regime re-employed

Military Officers Attempted a Coup in Iraq

NYT/Reuters: Iraqi Woman's Blog Taken on Stage ("Riverbend"!)

Arab League to seek amendment of U.N. resolution

GOP Candidates Claim Degrees Of Separation From President

Sen. Clinton Hedges Lieberman Support

US, Iraqi forces battle Shi'ite militia in Baghdad

Iran mulls cheap oil exports to poor nations

Arab FMs adopted Lebanon's seven points to end crisis-Kuwait's FM

Dodging drones on the road from hell

Lieberman shows signs cutting into Lamont lead, poll shows

The loser in Lebanon: The Atlantic alliance

40 killed in strike on Lebanese village (AP)

Mexico editorial tilts to the right

MoveOn Hopes to Claim 1st Election Wins (with victory for Ned Lamont)

Energy Dept. Ready to Tap Emergency Oil

BBC: Google warns (with pop-up) on 'unsafe' websites

(Sen. Robert) Menendez paints GOP as weak on security

Ex-Harris aides provide peek into campaign

Suicide bomber kills 10 in Samarra

Israel cuts main artery for aid into south

Lebanon army calls reserves, may deploy to south

Only 1 Person Died at Houla-not 40/per pm of Lebanon

The Washington Post VS. AMLO

Straw's sacking insults Britain.... dismissed by the US President

Bush Reiterates that Hizbollah to Blame for Lebanon Fighting

Demand better health care, Clinton urges

Teen Kills Mom During Driving Lesson (CBS)

Half of US still believes Iraq had WMD

Time: Why Harold Ford Has a Shot --- or, DINO for TN.

Governor (Huckabee): GOP at Risk on Immigration

(Ben) Nelson (D-Ne.) calls land's status news to him

Scalia: DeLay Stays On Ballot

Democrats call on Congress to probe BP shutdown

Clear Channel Lobbies for Media Ownership Rules Change (here we go again)

Baghdad security to improve by end-Sept-US general

Women show discontent in union survey

LAT: In a Shift, Union Group Backs Abortion Rights

Massive manatee favors Manhattan suburbs

Israel shoots down suspected Hizbollah drone

LAT: LAX Instrument Landing System Fails

NYT/AP: Oil Prices Spike on News of BP Shutdown

CNN: An Israeli air strike hit a south Beirut ... mostly Christian .. 20

Troops in Afghanistan told to wait for armored vehicles

NYT: Putting on Game Faces in CT: Could Lieberman pull this thing out?

NYT/Reuters: Democrats Call on Congress to Probe BP Shutdown

9 illegal immigrants killed trying to elude police

Reuters admits to more image manipulation

PM launches UJC campaign: This war fought by all Jews

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 7 August & - AP: Lebanese Cabinet approves sending 15,000

Iraqi PM breaks with U.S. over attack (criticizes Sadr City attack)

Administration Shifting Cuba Policy

Israeli Attacks Kill 55 Lebanese

Senator: Bob Ney Won't Seek Re-Election

Army says recruits are monitored for psychological issues

Lieberman team "thrilled" by latest primary polls

VA loses another computer with personal info

CNN/AP: Investigator: Troops drank, golfed before Iraqi killings, rape

Pataki outlines energy alternatives for U.S.

Scalia rejects Texas GOP appeal on DeLay

Degrading lyrics lead to early sex, study says

Lebanon retracts claim that Israel killed 40

NSA risking electrical overload

(Karen) Hughes on mission to change views abroad - and at home

U.S. troops endure 125 degrees in Iraq

Higher Minimum Wage No Longer Seen as Sure-Fire U.S. Job Killer

IDF reservists: Our missions are unclear, our combat equipment is antiquat

New photo of 'Lady of the Lamp' (Florence Nightingale)

Three IDF soldiers killed in heavy clashes in south Lebanon

Santorum sets off on campaign bus tour

Reuters: Peaceful succession underway in Cuba: official

Texas GOP asks Scalia to block ruling

AOL Proudly Releases Massive Amounts of Private Data (Astounding)

McKinney, Johnson On-the-Air (McKinney to draft impeachment resolution?)

Hizbollah fighter tells Israel he trained in Iran

Firefight Against Iraqi Insurgents Claims the War's First Navy SEAL

Cross-country running 'is physical abuse'

Ziggy had Garfield neutered? Now that's funny!

There's no place else to surf

How Many Times Per Day Are You Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter?

Can you accept me for who I am?

DAMN!!!!! Stuck behind an accident for 4 HOURS!!!!

Just returned from my son-in-law's 50th b'day party in SF ...

tenn. governor switches to wal-mart fascism...

Most ANNOYING character ever portrayed by Donald Pleasence?

alright whos up??

I'm going to cross/post this one

I am not a "tool-person", but I have found a gadget I LOVE

urgh, I am very busy. Would someone do the morning crew thread?

where is it 1700 where you live?

I want some

Wisc. cheese workers will be spending MY Powerball money.

Good Monday morning, crew!

It was a year ago today that Peter Jennings passed away.

How Is Your Health Care

The One Article Of Clothing You Love That You Are Ashamed of Owning

Lonely Nation

Kobayashi Sets Brat-Eating Record (58 Bratwurst In 10 Minutes)

what goes better with beer?

Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a weasel across my head.

Happy Birthday Rodney Crowell

A Thank You to HEDGEHOG

I no longer feel guilty about piracy.

"Rambo IV" starts production Oct.1 for 2007 release

Robb dingbat or not?

SEVEN Canadian holidays today-the get the week off today

A Fundamental Truth


So how much is gas gonna cost by the end of the day?

Cheese Factory Workers Say They Won Powerball

Been married 24 years today; first kid moved out last Monday.

Simon Cowell, Super Nanny, Gordon Ramsay, Weakest Link

From the Rapture Ready folks: Top 15 ways to find a wife

Update on Saturday night's fistfight, hehe

Your thoughts on Landis? I heard he failed another drug test

*moral/ethical dilemma* or.... maybe not ?

Need help on a book Scrabble

Who is your favorite musical figure of all time?

popularity thread...

how's your day going progmom?


GM Bringing Back Chevy Camaro (Yeah, THAT will boost GM sales)

It's morning in California

Cats That Look Like A website for our times.

dolo amber is also a special du'er

whoisalhedges! come on down!

dolemite is also a very special du'er

Scientists: U.S. Infested With Bed Bugs

Where do you think Sundog has been?

Strangest place you've ever been in the US?

Do You Regularly Back Up Your Important Data?

Because you've all been so very nice (so far), I give you

Cheese crackers with peanut butter

Nerdy rant: graphics cards

Awesome Joke to Share -- the "New Diet"

how's your day going MadAsHellNewYorker?

In-N-Out Burger co-founder Esther Snyder dead at 86

You post...but what is your relationship TO it = the thread, are you...

The weatherman exaggerates, the hard news guy understates

Don't think I can afford a vacation this summer.

I'm getting my "happy dance" ready for tomorrow.

I don't care if she's celibate

I heard Abner Mikva tell this joke over the weekend.

Stressed Chinese flock to 'Anger Release Bar' to beat up staff

Goodbye, all!

Hello from ENGLAND part 2

Robb is NOT a dingbat

LOL -- Look at this Super Hero

sundog: creature to be revered or pitied?

Short story, "Monkey House", about a Chimp in Chief. If you need a laugh.

Do You Regularly Shack Up Your Important Data?

I'm having my little dog euthanized today.

how's your day going GirlinContempt?

What is the object of this game?

Monday, August 7. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

HOCKEY PLAYERS: we can agree with Condi on something

On second thought,

Star Wars: A Lost Hope

Homeland security my patoot

Tax free lingerie

I just finished validating 200,000 lines of payment data. Ask me anything!

Is there a way to tell the 18yo guest of my daughter's who has been living

Best fast food to eat while listening to Prog Rock?

ATTN BREAKING: Karl Rove caught with three dead children

Ever notice that Shell Beau and sundog disappear and reappear together?

How is it I have no De La soul in my music files?

HELP ME!!! I'm addicted to the Helen Reddy website

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 8/7/06)

Woo Hoo! Anyone with High-Speed Road Runner, check in.

Two dislocated ribs - ask me anything

Okay. I'm pissed off, tired and very grouchy

Arby's - the very best in fast food restaurants

Did right-wing Spanish dictator Francisco Franco go to war with Prussia?

Argh! All my classes are waitlisted

I just tried an Unfiltered Cigarette for the first time...

Do you hold a grudge?

All right Fedex, you just made "the list"!!!

Best part of the Stephanie Miller Show?

What is it that you want? (material)

I caught a fire a little bit ago

So glad I have a scooter!!!

Everytime I spit, it is a new adventure in vain.

I'm takin' it to the streets.

Wizmark, the interactive urinal communicator...

its official, ive gone tinfoil

Ever notice that every time the Ford Mustang gets bigger, gas skyrockets?

Would you rather be eaten by a shark, or by piranhas?

Name a "fish out of water" film or TV show.

If "sixty is the new forty" then the dime must be the new penny

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary

I'm going to Montreal - 1st time

A monday morning Heidi appreciation thread

Gender-specific toys.

I've been accepted into an honors class for english.

I'll admit it... I'm an Illuminatist.

What does this country have against nursing homes?

Stuck in a chair and I cant get up!

can anyone recommend a good place to buy wigs online?

My cable was out.

PassingFair is the best!

Everytime I swallow, it is a new adventure in pain.

Anyone In The NJ Area That Has T-Mobile? Please Respond!

I'm reading Tevye's Daughters

and who could forget arwalden??

I'm Nobody! Who are you?

I still need a DU arch nemesis

Fun at Home Depot: ask them where the "peak oil" is.

Oh For God's Sakes! It Is The Parents Fault! NOT The Shopping Carts!

Do you ever get nervous in the presence of someone you're attracted to?

Are there any "greek" DU members?

miss_american_pie is totally obsessed with me

So my (possibly new) method of animation now has a name.

Congratulations bicentennial_baby!! 10,000 posts

"I got hit in the rear"... "Lizard licks his eyeball"...

Tim Buckley & Jeff Buckley video's

Is it ever okay to Robb a dingbat?

I caught on fire a little bit ago

What musical group do you like only ONE song by?

Best music video ever! My first YouTube link

Heads up - amateur magician turning political

What does this country have against cursing gnomes

Sci-Fi Lovers... Help Me To Remember A TV Show...

How's your day going, sundog?

Kittens. (*** dial up warning ***)

Summarize a Word in One Word & Let Us Guess What It Is.

Are there any "geek" DU members?

I'm Depressed and Can't Eat

"Half of Americans still believe Saddam had WMD"

Let Us Now Praise Peanut Butter & Jelly

I'll say it.......chilled soups are disgusting

Ferrell's NASCAR Movie Called Anti-Christian, Racist

So I'm on vacation for the rest of the week. What should I do?

God bless drivin 'n' cryin

Summarize a Book In One Word and Let Us Guess What It Is

Photoshoppers: What color/lighting tools would you use to fix this photo?


Radio_Lady is ill. Won't be posting much for a while. Tried to read and

Who's coming to Folklorama with me?

Yeah i'm an Elitist

I wish more sports people had this chutzpah

I'm sliding into Depression

How Sarcastic Are You?

I get to go to New York!! Woo hoo!

If there were a Rock n Roll Hall of Shame, who would you induct?

Who is your liberal hero?

What's your gut reaction to Dennis Miller?

Prog Rock Fans: What are the ultimate 5 Prog Rock Albums

What do you think of this hue and cry to make shopping carts "safer"?

Are there any "meek" DU members?

I am so proud of myself (it don't take much...) ! three little photos:

Saturday morning, at 7:00 a.m., I let Jessica go

Windows XP glitch

Hum your favorite tune and I will try to guess it.

Summarize a comic in one sentence - then let us guess it what it is

The bat wasn't rabid.

progmom is ignoring me!

It looks like a great opportunity in my life has vanished.

Summarize a comedian in one sentence and let us guess who it is

Summarize a canadian in one word & Let Us guess who it is!

Say something nice about another DUer.

Happy birthday wishes to:

Make up something nice about a DUer

Are you convinced that nobody here knows who you are?

Summarize yourself in one sentence - then let us guess who you are!

An open question to believers in the Rapture.

The Downside of Upright

Record mirror for Euro telescope (BBC) {42m reflector planned}

Ocean Dead Zone off the Oregon Coast

Evolution reversed in mice

'Alma' sets new heights for {radio} astronomy (BBC) {huge terahertz array}

Big bang pushed back two billion years

Announcing: Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance (WA-DOMA)

Feeling Unwelcome, Some Gays Vacate Virginia

New recipient for white light this week John Conyers.

Is there a "gay" or "bi-sexual" indicator in a chart?

Export Products Not Jobs Act Introduced in Senate by Sen. Kerry

I need to vent: this is getting really offensive

More coverage of Kerry Health Care proposals

Here Are A Couple Of The Pics I Promised:

Kerry gets an 'A'!

The Fire in Tranquility

What the **** are they?????

Please help us take back Texas!

Calico mommy came back with two of her kits this evening!

KOEB Meeting: 8/7/06 -- No! mentum Edition

Today at DemBloggers

All the News That's Fit to Read (yahoo)

No additional words needed

"Presidential Prayer Team" urges prayers for Bush due to short vacation

so Wal-Mart is going to be getting help from Tennessee community colleges

New site to watch them in DC!

"Quite Early Morning" . . . by Pete Seeger . . .

TPMCafe: Mark Schmitt: A Few Last Thoughts on Connecticut

How long before They're Fighting Us Over HERE?

From C&L, what should be the Dems theme song this election..

Breaking...Rob Ney quitting race

Bush's motivations in Iran.

2,591 troops now dead in W's Iraqi war

Get A LOT Of Rest Today Connecticut DUers

August 7-Gulf of Tonkin resolution, Love canal, & Gulf War I

A Win-Win Solution: Change Israel's Name to Something Else.

Lebanon Is A "Total Human Disaster"! Hospitals Running Out of Fuel

I oppose stem cell research!

US sanctions threaten Russian ties: Moscow press

Shiite militia clash with Iraqi and US forces in Baghdad

I don't want my kids & grandkids sucked into the neo con wars.

Just started reading, "Fiasco" -- 3 thoughts...

August 5, 2006 The Number is 2591

Olmert to Europe: Stop 'preaching'

Every tine they say "Democrat" Party

How Bolton tried to sabotage the UN resolution on Lebanon...

The Iraq War Enablers by Bob Herbert

In case we all forgot, Americans are still dying in Iraq (Jimmy Breslin)

Want to keep Wal-Mart out? Maybe a living wage will do it.

Joe's Hail Mary pass still completely misses the source of anger

Democrats who oppose illegal wars and torture want to reclaim the party

"Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the rest of your evening"?

"I don't see the Liberals offering any Ideas for winning the war"

GOP challenger threatens Robert Byrd with big gun in ad


Connecticut Rs calling WJ saying they'll vote for Lieberman

they are so cuuute ... stepping out pointy toes,like ballerinas on their

In Wake Of Qana, Israel & U.S. Seen As Terrorists - Time For A Clean...

What are some good sources of news about Latin America?

Is each life worth something?

The Other Lamont

In Cuba, it's business as usual for Canadians

Bush Arrested Outside of Camp Casey

Time cover story: 'Life In Hell - A Baghdad Diary'...

Israeli planes dropping bombs on civilians always seems to be big news

A political earthquake?

Inside Global Hawk...

Message from Governor Granhom

Blair, In London, Offers Optimism On UN Resolution. Bush Offers Much Less

George W. and the Dominoes: Iraq was supposed to trigger a democratic ...

CNN should borrow KO's popsicle stick puppets

Naked Goats

Remember George's Pride in Lebanon and the Cedar Revolution?

Bill Nelson wasn't holding a 'possum

Iraq's Shi'ites going their own way...

Is the Democratic party ready to take on the Military Industrial Complex?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the War on Terror Board Game!!!

Isn't occupation the "root cause" of the problems in the Middle East?

Louisiana paper decides to keep Coulter...

The "peace" Democrats are back. It's a dream come true for Karl Rove.

More from the 'Western White House' - news conference pics

A few top-notch reporters are getting their "anti-blogger" pencils out...

Even Russia agrees with US-French draft resolution

HBO's Baghdad ER being released Aug 29th on DVD

ALERT: Ney to Forgo Re-election, latest round of Election Administration

Q: Is Leiberman poll gap closing to point where race can be Diebold'ed?

Bush babbles about those who kill innocents in order to stop democracy

Bush really enjoys talking about Lebanon doesn't he? He is smiling...

Arab league: French-US Draft Resolution is Discriminatory & Unacceptable

Echoing Lyndon LaRouche, Horowitz and Poe smear 14-year-old George Soros..

Bush: "Civil war this...civil war that..."

Why the bias?

Bechtel Takes a Hit for War Profiteering...

Has U.S. MSM news coverage of Israel's bombing and subsequent...

Cindy Sheehan: Heart Connects: Camp Casey Day

However much the rightwing neocons/repukes hated Bill Clinton,

How to reduce exploitation of third-world laborers in three easy steps

I met the wife of one of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers

Bush supports Democracy in the Middle East....

Why not call a "cease-fire" in Iraq?

President Monkey Ass to make statements on ME crisis-9 am Central

Energy Policy: (Poynter) Primer on power grid and reducing electricity

Republican Foreign Policy Lacks "Christian Values"

David Horowitz and Richard Poe team up

CNN's cloud of death in upper left corner -- WTF?

U.S. troops endure 125 degrees in Iraq

Can we laugh them out of office?

So BP has a leaky pipeline.

Israeli strike kills 40 more

I am watching Siniora in tears

MN Senate Poll: Klobuckhar by 12 but Pawlenty rebounds in Gov race

"I Miss Monica" - New Song

CNN Video: Ex-Bush priest wants same-sex union

Last poll shows Lamont-Lieberman race is tightening

What other primaries are tomorrow besides CT?

cnn to show video of bush press conference

What would you rather have as President?

Light a candle for peace at

They call us bush haters ....

Update on goings on in Stamford

Who of us old hippies would have ever envisioned that when we

Bush Arrested Outside of Camp Casey -- SATIRE!!! (Pics of a Nekid Bush)

Dammit, Condoleeza....Let Cubans decide what they want

Vice-President de facto , Dr. Condeelza Rice?

Republicons are so angry about dems votin for lamont...

Gingrich calls Lamont supporters "insurgents"

Iraq: Workers in Saddam's regime re-employed - Saddam going to be next?

McGavick lastest victim of poisonous politics

Alaska Pipeline SHUTDOWN

wtf? "Half of U.S. Still Believes Iraq Had WMD"?!

George Bush singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

Pro-Life GOP Senate Candidate Caught Owning Stock In Morning After Pill...

One person, not 40, dead in Israel strike -Lebanon

Woman pours boiling hot oil over sleeping husband

Pit Bull Breeder shot and killed

If anti-Israel is equal to anti-Semitic

Zero tolerance for anti-semitism on DU -- anyone with me?

What do you do when you see a display of "Godless"?

Slick Willie Morphs into Slick Hilly-As Carnival of Death in Iraq Goes On

If a report falls in a forest…

Will this nightmare ever be just a bad memory?

Just a gas-prices-here survey thread....

US-Falken und Islamisten prophezeien den Dritten Weltkrieg (DEUTSCH)

Bob Herbert in the NYT: "The Iraq War Enablers"

Formerly secret files show coverup of Vietnam atrocities

Breaking on CNN -more air strikes

Saturday morning, at 7:00 a.m., I let Jessica go

George Allen, hypocrite: anti-choice but holds stock in Barr Labs

Foreign media (video) look at turmoil in Middle East

Froomkin: "This Is Diplomacy?"

Franken just blew off 9/11, Bush/Nazi theorists

What a Difference Nine Months Makes "I understand that many Democrats...

Administration to consider release from SOR

Here is an airplane ride I never want to take

heads up for you Randi listeners - she's under the weather so no live show

C-Span's Week On Retirement Issues

Video cameras on the lookout for terrorists

Caption this * pic...

‘Terrorist attack conducted by U.S’

Arab nations reject UN draft resolution as biased

CIA Instructions to Media Assets re: Assassination of President Kennedy

U.S. troops endure 125-degree heat in Iraq

Russ Feingold Listening Session

Israeli Reserve soldier sentenced 14 days detention for refusing to fight

Wasn't it brazen of America to even suggest taking the Iraqis oil...

Great Koolaid moment #1:"Iraq's oil revenue will pay for reconstruction."

Twin Towers wreckage turning up all over the place - (JFK airport)

Got Pissypants? (photo from press conf. today)

K. Harris Tortures Possum To Impress Knuckledragging Freepers!

Caption *

CNN reader just called Lieberman a Senator and Lamont

Terrorist Groups and what to do with them.

The "good guys" and the "bad guys" should be retired as labels

'Stay course' leaves Iraq stuck in fiasco

New update on Stamford happenings.

Who is paying for Cheney's bunker?

Blog: AOL Proudly Releases Massive Amounts of Private Data

A sliver of good news from New Orleans

Prudhoe Bay and ANWR

Church tells Katrina mom it's time to go

Do you want Edwards, Clark, Gore to have a chance in 2008?

Firedoglake has just posted what's happening in Connecticut. Its the media

Abramoff-linked Rep. withdraws from re-election bid...

Jill Carroll Kidnapping Story To Be Told In 11-Part Series Next Week

Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines on Mel Gibson

Have you seen Daily Kos's list of "duelling" Lieberman quotes?


BP says Alaska field restart may take months

Stamford mystery is solved.

Schwarzenegger wins dream ticket for re-election

Bush's image proving an asset to political enemies, liability to friends

Has anyone heard any reference to the Mossad

Why is it fine for the US to give financial help to Israel, but some how

Rep. Randy Kuhl still uses "the media isn't showing the good news in Iraq"

100 actions in 100 days: Day 93

Cindy and Supporters protest outside *'s ranch 8/7/06 - pics

It is time for a "windfall profits tax" --begin with $10Bil/Q Oil Co .....

Amazing how scripted Israel and US are to the point of using same words.

Why is Exxon Mobile and Shell raising their prices?

Dead people? Who cares - there's money to be made!

Canadian PM Harper using same "support troops" club as Bush admin.

Wow! Riverbend's blog has been made into a theatrical documentary

Can we say that America's Image has suffered in the last 6 years?

CNN: Flight to Boston sent back to London w/no fly list passenger

Doesn't BP do preventive maintenance on its Prudhoe Bay oil field lines?

Record Prices For Oil Soon

Why is it when Hezbolla kills innocent citizens it is,

Watch for mass voter fraud in the up coming election...

Could someone tell me...

DU meet-up in Williamsburg, VA tomorrow night - 8-8-06

Mr. President, you can pick up your prescription at the pharmacy window.

OK Bush just flip-flopped....He said that we must have a end to the

UofA study: how cultural beliefs shape natural disaster recovery and

"The Psychology of Suicide Bombing" - propaganda?

New 401K Rules Everyone should know about

Prewar Intelligence Report "Might Not Come Out Until After Election"

ANOTHER V.A. Laptop gone missing?...hmmm

Texas GOP asks Scalia to block DeLay ruling

Colorado Republican Candidate Has WTF Gameplan For Middle East

Received reply from PBS about Melanie Martinez fired host of

If Joe-mentum actually wins the primary, will he change his stances?

Thank you Mr. Bush, and thanks to....Halliburton...

For all concerned with getting an Iraq withdrawal - would you find it

Former GOP Gov. (AK) "Cheney ought to stay out of local politics!"

Place your bets (BP announces that it's shutting down a pipeline)

Media attacked for 'climate porn'

"Freedom of speech is good until it gets out of whack."

CNN reporting a cease fire agreement has been reached

Is a kiss still just a kiss?

Does lieberman or any congressman or senator own the seat...

its strange how everyone keeps saying they don't know what is

Baby winning fight for life in Lebanon

1 yr anniversary of Peter Jennings death..

DUers in Britain

Candy Crowley's on Lou Dobbs selling Joementum right now.

Bush says that the terrorists...

Kentuckian Soldier Hallucinates In Iraqi Heat (of a Wal-Mart)

God, it was heart-wrenching to watch the Lebonese PM on TV crying

2nd Battle for Baghdad starts pertty soon.

I was always taught to respect my elders...

Stephanie Miller says she'll be on Paula Zhan tonight

Bush Energy Policy - Wars for NO Oil - Increases Profits

Call me a fruitcake...

LA Newspaper to keep Coulter column even though only 10% emails were local

Damn, I wouldn't want to be flying in or out of LA today.

Jimmy tells it like it is: Carter: Bush Israel's 'worst ally' in D.C.

herrin twins


Top Democrat facing ouster over support for Iraq war

HEYYYYYYYYY,Just talked to Cindy Sheehan

Sen. Jay Rockefeller (Wussbag -- W. Virginia)

Toll of a war that shames the world

O M G! K Harris Has Jumped The Shark. I Mean The Possum! Yikes!

Lieberman as the "biggest US political casualty this week"??

How can something be Blasphemous AND be Politically Correct as well?

Iraq PM criticizes U.S. on Shiite militia attack

Mike Malloy's blog: Joementum comes to a screeching halt, plus...

Homeless Veterans need the DU's help

AOL Proudly Releases Massive Amounts of Private Data

Its about naked goats and erotic veggies.

That unit couldn't help itself when it raped that Iraqi girl and killed

Reuters says Mideast photographer doctored shots

Are we supposed to feel sorry for BP????????

Who is your liberal hero, and why?

Since WWII, how many "democracies" has the US actually created?

Did YOu just hear Lou Dobbs smacking down SHRUB?????

This is why oil is so high.

Bush salivating over future of Cuba.

Reuters withdraws all photos by freelancer (920 in total)

Fat Tony Scalia - A Pig, But An Honest Pig

And in comes the justification... AOL searches

What the hell is a "safe nuclear weapon"?

Breaking : Bush cautions on Lebanon cease-fire

Arab anger at their governments grow (via Yahoo News)

Am I the only one sick of seeing Rove's mug in the ads here?

Lebanon and Kosovo: an instructive comparison

Joe Lieberman Loss Equals President Al Gore?

Every network/cable news show I hear is setting us up for a Lieberman win,

What's Happening with Sam Seder and Majority Report?


"How much oil is one human life worth & what happened to peace on earth?"

DU disaster preparedness

Obrador, the potential for upcoming violence in Mexico

Ad published in Haaretz, (Monday) August 7, 2006

Glenn Greenwald: Why do neoconservative extremists love Joe Lieberman?

joeNOmentum on o'liely slamming Lamont called him a stalin lover

Please DU this WMD poll

My rabid repuglican co-worker is fed up. (possibly FORMER repuglican?)

Realtor Dickishness. What are home owners' recourse from this?

US soldier described rape and murders, Iraq hearing told

Anyone have link to that Breaking News Proposal by Lebanon?

Pentagon Refusing to Be Drawn Into NeoCon Scripted Iran-Isreal War?

BP and "An Inconvenient Truth"

It will hurt our wallet, but BP is doing the right thing in Alaska (gas)

Maintaining Sanity -- No TV

The media has started there BS already on the dem party

Something big may be happening in Stamford.

Which is more likely?

Some political analysis from Frank Zappa ("Crossfire," 1986)

NPR airs the most horrific story I have heard from Iraq

How safe is an 'American in Paris' these days?

Israel's Looming Defeat: By Larry Johnson

Announcing: Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance (WA-DOMA)

Anyone remember this Bush quote from 2000?

Gas going up!!!

A Shameless Bumper Sticker/T-Shirt Kick for Monday Morning...

Arlington, TX School District bans cleavage

Say you have 1 million you MUST spend on housing. What would YOU buy?

History of Oil - Robert Newman

What's your level of involvement in the midterm elections?

Rice sees an 'opportunity' for a 'New Middle East' in the Lebanon crisis

If you build 30,000sf home for two, can you take it with you when you die?

Biz Journals: Best quality of life in the U.S. is in Bozeman, Montana


My New Bumper Stickers for Election 2006

Reports of boys molested by women on rise, experts say

Letter: Why don't Democrats talk about OIL motive for Iraq War?


Please help shut down the GOP spin that the DeLay case was about keeping

I Am Pro-Israel, Therefore I Criticize Israel

Is there any value in seeing the other guys point of view?


Kristol: It's anti-American and anti-Semitic to be anti-Joe

"The female" "A female", bah on CNN (Dehumanizing victim)

pshopped Reuters photo-just on Cnn

One of my former Sailors was promoted to Chief Petty Officer

Lieberman v. Lamont tomorrow: Place yer bets, place yer bets!

20% Bush Approval-Bloomberg Poll of 18 to 24 Year Olds

Ferrell's NASCAR Movie Called Anti-Christian, Racist

GOP rival urges Katherine Harris to save her self-respect & quit race

CNN's history of affliliated Military PsyOps (FAIR)

Ode For Joe's Last Night - "This Kiss" - Pic Heavy

John Dean and Al Gore on the Politics of Fear & its Consequences

Researchers unable to figure out why half of Americans believe WMDs were

Who do you think will win the CT primary tomorrow

There's going to be a HUGE Impeachment PARTY in NYC on September 15th.

Sexual lyrics and Sexual objectification

Iraqi girl : it was a group rape

Where can I send someone who is looking for message boards...........

Galloway destroys Sky Journalist

Exactly How Stupid Are the Obscenely Wealthy?

I stopped by my local Borders Book Store today

Smaller Unions Pursue Mergers To Gain Clout With Employers

DU Ad featuring a "toon-esque" Rove

New site to watch our pals in DC!

"Reach Your Constituants" at anybody

Lieberman in 2004

Comical note from a discussion on Netscape re: Rumsfeld testifying


Ney's replacement Padgett is scum

Social legislation by Republicans is like a fast-food franchise telling

House to Put Federal Agencies, Programs on the Chopping Block

Half of Americans still believe Iraq had WMDs (new poll)

Bush's popularity plummets amoung young Americans

NYT: Critics Say Politics Driving Immigration Hearings

Professional Employees Win Support for Employee Free Choice Act

This Modern World: Welcome To The RIGHTWINGOVERSE

World in Crises\Out fearless leader goes on vacation.

Blair, In London, Offers Optimism On UN Resolution. Bush Offers Much Less

'Splaining the Lieberman thing to the MSM

David Brooks and the DLC: Best Friends Forever?

AP: Rice: Iraq Isn't Sliding Into Civil War

If bush won't negotiate....

Snow: Death of soldiers unimportant - not even worth a staff meeting

Prairie Home Companion Humor

Wait a minute - could the RNC/RSCC be giving up on Rick Santorum

In Montana Senate Race, Focus Is on Local Issues Rather Than Washington

I just had to share this one. Want to see the perfect example of

Hypocrisy Watch: George Felix Allen Jr.

15 States Expand Right to Shoot in Self-Defense

Here's a well writen peice.

Union ratifies labor agreement with Michelin; trades wage reductions for j

How's the Oil?

NY mag: George W. and the Dominoes (reality); Bush's remarks (insanity)

Remark by GOPer Inspires LttE About B*sh's Recent Visit

Latest Quinnipiac poll for CT Primary: Lamont51/Lieberman 45

Serial Killer's Paradise (Iraq)

Lieberman: Bush's agenda "wrong for our country and our future"

BushInc proves secretive government is WRONG for America. Why trust any

Why does nobody question them on these numbers?

Please help shut down the GOP spin that the DeLay case was about keeping

Schwarzenegger wins dream ticket for re-election (Spielberg defects)

Colorado Republican Candidate Has WTF Gameplan For Middle East

"Anti-stupid" pill - Maybe there's hope for us yet.

Are there any DUers that hold elective office or are running this fall?

Will Liberman Election be Diebolded?

Iraq PM criticizes U.S.-led attack

Regardless of the Connecticut, the netroots have already won.

Hey Knuckledraggers, Mouthbreathers, etc.: BOO! Its Al HizbuhlQadaMas

Gas for $1.22 - Dem Candidate Kissell in NC - Brilliant Strategy

Gov. Matt Blunt's (R-MO) staffers abandoning ship.

Could this be the dumbest thing Bush has ever said?

Nobody could have possibly forseen that...

DU this poll on Iraq/WMD, it's about 50-50, I can't believe it

Santorum's tour begins with a real blowout - Hope this is an omen

CNN is stumping for Lieberman

UK Guardian: Why Joe Lieberman is in the firing line

Embattled Ohio lawmaker (BOB NEY) drops out of race - NEED FAMILY TIME!

NEWSFLASH for the Idiot-in-Chief: Terrorists LOVE Democracy

Rick Jacobs says it better than I could. Lamont defined the CT race.

Republicans lie, the public buys. Half of Americans believe Iraq had WMDs

In response to Bill Kristol ...

I find it very interesting seeing Lieberman, Santorum going up in

Just heard on the 5 O'clock news, that Lieberman is gaining...

Who murdered Harari and how did it affect the current war?

Sen. Clinton Hedges Lieberman Support

Is The Stage Being Set To Steal The Leiberman/Lamont Election?.....

This is the final Lamont vs. Lieberman poll.

Time: Why Harold Ford Has a Shot --- or, DINO for TN.

Politicstv has Fox News segment on Lieberman featuring Karl Cameron...

Oh Goody - The DSCC Pretending To Be Cool

How big is the split in the Democratic Party?

Before tomorrow I would like to praise the Connecticut Democrats

Think Tank Fires Fellow For Criticizing Bush

WTF is up with PA? Santorum catching up?

The Nagasaki principle - James Carroll - Boston Globe

Lieberman's flop sweat: "Look at me, folks - I'm not George Bush"

Hey Hey Hey .... Ney Neighs Nay

Poll: McKinney trails Johnson 52-39

CNN Reporters.... In Bed with the Israeli Army.....

CT: Just turn out.

Do-It-Yourself Impeachment... CHECK THIS OUT!!! "Jefferson's Manual"

Santorum gaining on challenger.

A Lieberman win means ......

Slick Hillary: Covering Up the Trail

News search reveals one mention of Conyers' "The Constitution in Crisis"

No matter how bad it gets the media continues to ...

Do you know of any republicons who have finally had enough...

Wow! Lou Dobbs Sure Reamed Out George

The ten "most harmful books" of the 19th and 20th century

PREDICTION: Lieberman loses tomorrow

Ned Lamont is not 'Karl Rove's dream come true' (spin unraveled)

Iraq Not a "Single-Issue" For Those Hurt Most

How strong was the opposition to the Vietnam War in 1972?

Will you help us turn Texas a little bit blue?