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Archives: August 6, 2006

JASON MILLER: An Evolution that Would Blow Darwin’s Mind

PARTY OF GOD AND REAGAN: A Hezbollah History Lesson

U.S. policy on Israel, Lebanon must change

NYT editorial: California, not Washington, Leads on Global Warming

The real estate war (Israel's greed for land "that doesn't belong to us" )

Lieberman Loss Could Be a Party Watershed (impact on 2008)

Concerning the mercenaries based out of North Carolina

One Ring to Rule Them (Juan Cole) :Peak Oil Theory

Debating the Course of Chile’s Rivers (Damming Patagonia)

River dig mix-up harms rare mussels (BBC) {endangered worldwide?!}

Repeated drought forces Southern Alabama to abandon corn planting.

Anyone have good info on Nasrallah's background and how you think

Down the Memory Hole:Israeli contribution to conflict forgotten by Papers

Can an "Arab" be a citizen of Israel?

Israeli stabbed to death in Australia

Ending the neoconservative nightmare

So now Israel can just arrest dully elected officials of another people?

Should Iran supply Hizbollah with weapons?

Key Gaza crossing fails to reopen despite agreement

U.S. policy on Israel, Lebanon must change

Donzella James Contesting Primary in Georgia E-VOTING MACHINES (X-POST)

NYT: Baghdad’s Chaos Raises Questions on U.S. Plan

Despite Image, Cheney a GOP Rock Star

DOD Watchdog Agency Finds No Evidence of Intentional Deception About 9-11

Paris Hilton to Magazine: I'm Celibate

Taiwan breaks relations with Chad

Washington Deal Maker Details Palm Greasing

Heat-related death toll in NYC climbs to 20

NYT: ‘Dead Zone’ Reappears Off the Oregon Coast

Canadian soldier killed in crash near Kandahar

Thousands recall Hiroshima A-bomb

(MEX) Lopez Obrador will continue protests despite ruling to limit recount

Suicide car bombing kills 10 in northern Iraq

NYT: New Registration Rules Stir Voter Debate in Ohio

Harris Workers Saw 'Classified' Document

Passive smoke 'bone risk boost'

Rising gas prices cripple New York taxi drivers (Reuters)

Israel drops call for immediate deployment of int'l force in S. Lebanon, U

Gays flee Iraq as Shia death squads find a new target

60% of Americans think the U.S. is on the wrong track

Fury at Blair as 100,000 take to the streets over Lebanon

Arizona Shootings Described by Suspect as ‘Random Recreational Violence’

Governors bristle at Bush guard proposal

Republicans are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other-Share your photos!

Compare and Contrast

Difference between a trademark and a copyright?

Monday was running...

Holy Crap! I've become the Main Course at a never-ending Mosquito Feast!

Why do people tell you they're going to do something and never do?

Have you ever had Tie Aiced Tea?

Female Private Detective

So...It's Saturday night. What do you wish you were doing instead of this?

So THIS is where the rainbow ends!


omg...Korean soap operas are amazing

Argh! Restless legs!

Do you prefer TEAM sports or INDIVIDUAL ones?

What are you Watching?

Oh, God, No!!!

Now, here's a little story I've got to tell

I saw the scariest damn movie trailer today

Chips and Pico de gallo salsa

Raul's Wild Kingdom

I am a total dog anyone else this way???

Does anyone else like or go to Drum Circles?

Cute dog someone needs to adopt...

Almost at 1,000 posts

If I post about pork & meat by-products over and over in the Lounge...

Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) turns 50 today

Ray Davies=Best concert I've seen in years

I can set my fingers on fire...

Cassius Clay and The Beatles.

MMMM....Can you smell it?

Favorite Cover of Bob Dylan's Lay, Lady Lay

Who's seen Ray Davies lately?

CHiPs and Officer Francis Llewellyn "Ponch" Poncherello

I wore my Bjork t-shirt tonight. No one got it.

CPeg was NOT the first to drop the F-bomb!

A funny thing happened to ginbarn at the restaurant today...

It's late. ask me anything

Post here and I will reply with something completely random in Latin.

Ooooh.. I LOVE the RaptureReady Board

Beer, anyone?

Gene Simmons Family Jewels reality tv show.

Warning: Don't order the "Chocolate Factory" toy! Major ripoff.

Looking for a great album? Guster.

I'm tired of working- Should I go dancing instead

Pregnant Women [Do children go in the rapture?]

Okay, I'm going bald up top... why is hair now growing on my shoulders?

Hmmm. If you don't pay for your gas, they now take away your license...

Do NOT go see "The Night Listener". It sucked balls.

I drank a McEwan's Scotch Ale for the first time last night

Ohio meetup pics *****extreme dialup warning*****

printers replacing typewriters: THE GREATEST CRIME IN HISTORY

ATT: DU Cat People!

Greetings from Fucking, Austria!

Have you ever been obsessed with something or someone and then

I Finally Got to See Tom Waits Play Live, Tonight & Gots One Thing to Say

How... hot... WAS it?

Where are all the naughty people at?

Paris Hilton to Magazine: I'm Celibate

Name your favorite MST3K episode

Dumb stuff you didn't know you didn't know

I am 29 posts shy of 10,000. Ask me anything about Abraham Lincoln.

For my 901 post. . .

Update on Marla Monster Kitty (rescued from the side of the road - PICS)

Any Annie Lennox fans in here?

I'm looking at porn whilst reading the rapture-ready board.

Remember Oscar?....Funniest DU thread (EVER!)....A classic!

All right Ohioans! I want Pictures!!!

Name a guilty, somewhat childish pleasure of yours...

Best. Video game. Ever.

MORE Ohio DU meetup pics! **Dial-up warning (11 big pictures)**

My father-in-law needs prayers/good vibes

I just broke my leg, ask me anything!

Summarize a REPUBLICAN in one sentence ....then let us guess who it is

So most Jews do not believe Christ was the son of God

What's the relationship between the Old and New Testaments?

Death by Medicine (and) I have noticed that the NIH, Medline,

More Meade Madness. . .


I'm bored

Hypermileing-driving for maximum fuel economy

Deputies Solve Mass Egging

Wired News: Music Industry Squeezes LimeWire (P2P program)

Woohoo, An Inconvenient Truth is released in my country next month!

Didn't Repukes say it was impossible to have a cease-fire w/terrorists.

Good news from Sri Lanka

Not as hard as they say- Hackers Clone E-Passports

I Would Imagine he Smells As Bad as he Looks......

A gold Star moment - Seems our troops are missing some needed things:

Seems to me things are getting worse...

Conrad Burns is a flaming Assh0le. (BWAHAHAHAHA)

Tomorrow Lieberman vs. Lamont on Russert: Joe's 3 options.

Moe makes a political statement.

Jimmy Carter: Bush's “Erroneous Policy” In Middle East Fostered Violence..

Chafee Taps Wife Of Phone Jammer For "Consulting Services" (WaPo)

Democrats Campaign For A New America (Go get Em!)

Letter: GHW Bush to Bar "sweetie-pie coo-coo" Lets Fake It For The Cameras

Now, More than Ever...

Wanna see the enemy close up? C-Span discussion

So now Israel can just arrest dully elected officials of another people?

Syrian foreign minister: Qaa village attack on farmers was intentional

Ceasefire hopes rise as thousands march in London against war

kiss of death = DeLay, Coulter, Kristol Defend Lieberman...

If you were to move out of the state you currently live

ATT: DU Cat People!

America raise the stakes in attempt to head off civil war...

Can an "Arab" be a citizen of Israel?

End of the GOP?

What is next when people begin to mail their keys into Mortgage Companies?

Saudis to sue Israel over $14 billion Lebanon invesments

Pakistan, India expel diplomats

Several Indicators Looking Very Good For Dems in Congressional Elections

Electric bills triple in S. Calif.

And now for some MORE Meade Madness. . .

Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill

Finally some good news for those involved in the war on hunger!

Turkey begins controversial dam (BBC) {will flood archaeological site}

Mandatory Malloy Saturday Truthseekers Check in for a Best of Malloy!!

How can the neo-cons defend this?????

A new name for the Bush misadministration--- Tour De FARCE!

The Iraq "fiasco" has taught the Arabs they do not have to cease-fire...

I just saw Syriana

Oh. My. God.

U.S.-backed Afghan government: "But we will use only small stones."

National Collector's Mint is at it again, the bastards!

Are Laura and George taking "Separate Vacations?' Where is she?

Misreading the Lieberman - Lamont race...

Is Bush the Republican Carter?

My smackdown to a reply to my previous Climate Change LTTE.

Hahahahahaha! Jean SCHMIDT's personal essay!!!

Has anyone bought the Ronald Reagan stamp?

20,000 People Register As Connecticut Dems Before Lamont/Lieberman Vote...

Got my Prius today (for 1500 below MSRP) --- Production must have doubled

Florida voters deeply divided on key issues

Just a question to anyone who lost a job form GM or FORD

Should US Officers be prosecuted for participating in an “illegal War"?

Oh. Please. Here they go again: "Iran's plot to mine uranium in Africa "

Our dried up lake snags several cars and a tow truck. Teens being cute.

Shampoo ingredient harmful to mice brains

Help!! Need someone to post the Moran photograph!

Gary Hart: “Karl Rove Will Concoct A Patently Phony Iraq Exit Strategy”…

Sports fans: Do most athletes use steriods or other drugs?

Washington Deal Maker Details Palm Greasing ( NYT)

Mideast fight ramps up despite U.N. deal

Urgent! Looking for a Mr. Rogers-type math wizard.

OAC: John Edwards Blogs !

Katherine Harris - Joe Lieberman 2008

Anyone listening to Laura Flanders?

I just found this old e-mail from Maria Cantwell, is this the same person?

The Week In Priorities-A Pictorial

Ending the neoconservative nightmare

The Pension Reform Bill -- Educate Me, Please

Santorum staffers gathered signatures for Green Party candidate

Wes Clark endorses Jerry McNerney (CA-11, Pombo district)

‘Civil War’ Is Uttered, and White House’s Iraq Strategy Is Dealt a Blow

Mexico’s Critical Moment

MICKEY Z.: This Woman Really Wanted People To Stare At Her Chest

My Letter To Congressman Ralph Hall (R-Texas)

Balz: Lieberman loss could prevent Clinton 08, lead to Gore 08

Robert Fisk: Slaughter in Qana

WP book review: Eliot Spitzer: In the footsteps of Teddy Roosevelt?

Interpreting a Lamont Win and Lieberman Loss-- Who Else Wins and Loses?

LAT: Healthcare for the Oceans

Air controllers' history repeats itself

James Taranto- July 28, 2003- WSJ

A terrible thought occurs to me - that there will be another 9/11. R.Fisk

LAT: Mexico: The Bite of Corruption

Gideon Levy (Haaretz) : A war born in Israel's greed for land

‘Civil War’ Is Uttered, and White House’s Iraq Strategy Is Dealt a Blow

WP editorial: Kansas voters move science education out of Victorian era

The New McCarthyism: Academic Freedom After 9/11 (Neve Gordon)

Daniel Levy (Haaretz): Ending the neoconservative nightmare

The Bombs of August: In Remembrance of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Hotlist

British troops in Afghanistan 'on the brink of exhaustion'

The Political Corruption of Science

Henny Penny Harridan Maureen Dowd

3 million fish die at Salton Sea

With New Ann Arbor Pump, E85 Now Available In 17 Michigan Gas Stations

Global Warming Could Slam Food Supply - ABC (Actual Headline!)

Lebanese Oil Slick Now On Its Way North To Turkey - Times Of London

Pelamis P1A machines unveiled in Portugal

In Spain, About 1/2 Of 48 Forest Fires Contained - 107F N. Of Lisbon - AFP

Oregon Ocean Dead Zone Reappears For 5th Year In A Row - NYT

Environmental Disaster Looms of Lebanese Coast

Lakeside residents play big parts in drama of a loon birth (Maine)

Bigotry pins blame on Jews

Around 150 Israeli casualties today alone?

TV station makes a perfect target

Syrian foreign minister warns his country ready for regional war

We have learned nothing from history.

The Security Council's 'solution' can only create more problems

i just made a donation to help israel. it's called Table to Table

So if Hezbollah has 10,000 rockets

"Haifa hit by heaviest rocket attack yet"

For those who believe that Israel are not the good guys

Israel favourable to UN draft on Lebanon war

What does one mean when they say they oppose Zionism?

The Katusha/Not A Katusha Primer...

From Haaretz "A Smart, Successful War"

What's so hard to understand... Part II

9/ 11 conspiracy theorists thriving

Phone calls off all planes according to the FBI

Phantom Flight 11: Source found!

Photo of American 77's (alleged) Cockpit Voice Recorder

Is it time the Sept.11 forum is brought out of the basement?

Another lie about how the government identified the 19 after 911

Clint Curtis in Orl. Sentl "Primary to Face Feeney for now a 1 man show

Take Back The Vote Rally features Miller, Kohler, Fitrakis

Fresno Marijuana Initiative = voter fraud Republican Style!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, SUNDAY August 6, 2006

We partied like Rock Stars last night!

The prodigal reports in.

The Ribs are marinating!

Hey, fruit growers!

I'm puzzled about this recipe

PM's mailbag full of Afghan complaints

Olmert tells Europe to stop preaching to Israel

Palestinians: Parliament speaker seized

Lieberman Loss Could Be a Party Watershed (impact on 2008)

Sheehan, World's Troubles Ruin President's Vacation

Israel pounds Lebanon as UN debates resolution

Governors object to Bush's Guard plan

WaPo: Hezbollah Rockets Kill 10 Israelis Near Border

Federal judges redraw 5 South Texas districts

‘Civil War’ Is Uttered, and White House’s Iraq Strategy Is Dealt a Blow

US military hearing on Iraq rape case starts

Tamil rebels lift water blockade

AP: Iran Plans to Expand Nuclear Activities

(Lebanon) Hospitals lack fuel, may shut

AP Lebanon rejects cease-fire resolution

New Voters, Unaffiliated Rush To Join Democrats (in CT)

US troops roll into Baghdad to stem sectarian bloodshed (AFP)

New Book: Bush didn't know there were 2 sects of Islam Before Invasion!

Capitol cop, coach charged in sex case

Former Astronaut Glenn in Car Accident

Union ratifies BFGoodrich contract (Woodburn; Opelika, Ala.; and Tuscaloos

Syria ready for regional war, blasts UN resolution

GOP Spars Over Mich. Congressional Seat

AP Rice: U.N. draft alone won't fix Lebanon

Reuters admits image of Beirut after IAF strike was doctored

9/ 11 conspiracy theorists thriving

Religion top theme as Fringe turns 60

U.S.: Fighting Unlikely to End Soon

Half of U.S. still believes Iraq had WMD

NYT/Reuters: Some Parts of Military Still Hostile to Gays

Pension Provisions Have Special Targets

Menendez faults GOP on port security

Blair holds Lebanon talks with Bush, Putin, Chirac

NYT/AP: Advocate: Bad Nursing Home Care Persists

Israel strikes Qana after rocket barrage

Marine killed in Iraq shot by insurgents in Fallujah

NYT: Hong Kong Surveillance Law Passes

Lieberman Campaign Promises a Fight

I'm staying for another year at least, vows Blair

Pa. soldier avoids prison with plea in Iraqi slaying case

IDF: We hold one of the men behind soldiers' abduction

Bomber kills 10 at funeral in Iraq

Lebanon fighting must stop now: Putin

Sheehan resumes war protest near Bush ranch

Syrian Minister Rejects Cease-Fire Plan

Experts say new requirements could hurt pensions

Israel hits civilian vehicle near UN Lebanon convoy

Hagel opposes sending more troops to Baghdad, for Clinton/GHW Bush conf.

Four-time Iditarod champ (Susan) Butcher dies (51)

Rice: Iraq Isn't Becoming Another Iran

Israeli pilots 'deliberately miss' targets

(U.K. Pound) Sterling heading for $2 barrier (BBC News)

U.S. Punishes Arms Trader, Sukhoi

AP: Supreme Court Justice Kennedy: Jury's Out on U.S. Democracy

Eight dead in rocket attack on Israel

Casey Leads Sen. Santorum in Pa. Poll

Four anti-war protesters arrested at UK airport (Reuters- Boston globe)

Sen. Hagel absent from Iowa politicking

Reuters admits altering Beirut photo

Hizbollah fire wounds 3 UN peacekeepers in Lebanon

Iraqi Football Team Relocates From Baghdad to Irbil for Safety

Hunters join debate over oil exploration

RFID passports vulnerable to hackers, security expert says

Variety: Filmmaker Michael Moore pays visit to Michigan film fest

Medic Discovered Body

Post-Katrina block may price out tenants

Half of All Christians Have Fled Iraq Since 2003, Says Baghdad Bishop

Chavez: Castro out of bed and talking

Haifa hit by heaviest rocket attack yet

Campaign staffers talk about K Harris' erratic behavior.

What did you think of the movie "Signs"?

Wal-mart has lower prices? I don't think so:

"You will NEVER be a fisherman!"

There seems to be a POLICE INCIDENT brewing outside

Pic of my cat watching TV :

Is Dane Cook the funniest human ever?

Well, let's not do THAT again.

I sucked balls...

Ooops. I overdid it with the cayenne pepper

Ok, what's with all the beer and ball sucking?

Harleydad just left.

You! Yes you! Stand STILL laddie!

Do you have a dirty moran?

Rename yourself!

Do you go down stairs?

I made it!

If you have a Geo Prizm, read this

1329 posts from 45000 and I can't think of anything to say

Check in....If you are not here

Whoa..partied a little hard last night...oy

I just got my schedule for my junior year of high school. Yeah, Yeah...

Is Phishing a Bad Thing To Do?

4-time Iditarod champ Susan Butcher dies

Want to see John Stossel get slapped?

Got Myspace? Befriend Wes Clark!

11 posts from 20,000 and I can't think of anything to say

Introduce the new girl to the friends last night.... yikes

"Townhome: 10 years new!"

I ain't afraid of no ghost, but I sure as heck am afraid of this:

Union emerging as powerhouse in Ohio politics


If I Only Knew?

Thread about demon weed at FR

Finally, a proper trailer for the Borat movie

58 Brats in 10 minutes? OMG!!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 8/6/06)

4 posts from 1000, what should I do now?

How do I post photos from my hard drive?


Two truths and a lie, DU lounge edition

Happy birthday dannofoot!!

In this Google era, is it better to have a unique or generic name?

Post a Picture of a Hot! politician

i have to confess

Probation for woman who sliced son

Pirates' knocks Passion of the Christ outa the top 10 alltime domestic BO

Men of DU: how often do you think about sex?

My car was vandalized last night.

Hey everybody- what are you wearing?

Sunday, August 6. William Shatner's Thought For The Day:

wall cleaning

Computer help! Can't find where to enter WEP key for wireless connection

Dead On A Slab In Iraq For 9 months With No Family Contact Or Next...

I have 900+ posts!

No to pillow shams! No to dust ruffles! Just want a #$% bedspread!

No to bottles! No to toilets! Just want a #$% bedpan!

So, barely a year later, another "Capote" movie. WTF?

A Scientific Explanation of Superman's AMAZING Strength - - !

DMB Fans Vote here

Are you the first listing when you google yourself?

How do I post photos of my hard drive?

Mars - closest to the earth in years

fuck War! who want's CHILI !!!???!!11??!!

Let us now praise Mr. Willis Carrier

I just cleaned and re-grout-ed my bath

Caption this!

Frank Zappa on The Steve Allen Show (1963)

Seriously, I don't normally pick fist-fights with men...

Alright, I need a GD break... so ask me anything

'Lover Of The Bayou' - The Byrds

Frig. UK Pound is 1.91/1...

Yet more sexist claptrap on women's brains

I just cleaned and re-grout-ed my teeth

Life of the party or attention addict?

You know how they have that invisible leash thang for dogs, right?

Anybody know of a good skin lightener?

How not to fix a scratch

Mr. Hillltop, if you will please hop off this bed and stand up...

Post an image of the last album you heard for the first time

DAMMIT! Thin Lizzy's Boys Are Back In Town in a Wrangler Jeans Commercial

The new Republican dog.

If I had a cooking show, this would be today's episode.

Slow day at the Ptah household,

Remembering hydroplane racing's "Black Sunday"

How do I find a stud?

The new BALDWIN COUNTY, AL DEMOCRATIC HQ is officially open!

Do you think it is rude for relatives to invite themselves over?

ginbarn has mad skillz

60 Minutes has a story about computer game pros going to tournaments.

If I shot a man in Vegas, just to watch him die...

Let's say the world falls to pieces. What are your regrets?

Anybody need anything from the store?

Paris Hilton to Magazine: I'm Celibate

At the risk of being deemed a food snob . . .

I'm back from the store

My opinion of the new Georgia Aquarium.

Channeling Dear Abby

If you were living on a fluffy cloud

hm, hm, hm...

"Little Miss Sunshine": You must see this movie!

So, this weekend is tax free weekend in VA. No tax on anything

Anybody awake

Sunday Night Preseason Football

Post your favorite internet radio stations.

TIGER! 50 Wins At The Age Of 30!

Texas School District bans eye contact by women

Is Fishing a Bad Thing To Do?

I've decided I'm going to be offended by "I'd hit that"

Who is feeling at peace tonight?

Why are childrens' toys so damn loud?

You know whatI like best about the the lounge?

Darth Kitten to Vanity Fair: I'm celibate, pay me for an interview....

When is a discount not a discount? (The customer of the day)

How Many Times Per Day Does Your Home Phone Ring?

Poll Question: Do you leave your doors unlocked when you're home?

Women of DU: how often do you think about sex?

"Was he wearing a helmet?" ... "It didn't matter."


"It sucked balls"

Sexual intercourse is not a recreational activity.

Canada photos, part 3: Stanley park sea wall *** dial up warning ***

Tinfoil Tiaras's Awesome Athens Adventures

Ohio Meetup 2006 Photos!

what exclusive club are you a member of?

May I please rant about my own damned rights?

Successful Neighborhood Rummage Sale (Lots of photos)

Kiss fans protest Rock Hall of Fame snub

Ohio DU Meetup.... thank you

My mom is ill.

Great mysteries of life #9999: Why do wedding singers ALWAYS suck?

What should we have for dinner?


Flavor. of. Love. 2. Tonight. At. 9. PM. Central.

Post a movie quote, then challenge DUers to name the movie!

a #2 pencil sketch of batman....

I'm guilty of thread ABANDONMENT

Agent Orange Outside of Vietnam

Good news for salt lovers.... and just think, this is ONLY

Boom in Psychic School Enrollment

Oh great, here comes the James Lovelock/Gaia Hypothesis bashers...

Just Curious

A little inspirational music....from a diva. . .

JR Chess Report for August 6: Kramnik, Svidler win Dortmund as Leko chokes

Does Anyone Know Anything About "The Secret" Soundtrack?

This POW that speaks truth needs your responses

The NYT resorts to Dems have no plan


People from PA, what is wrong with Ed Rendell?


Seafair - more non-July-4th fireworks...

Texture poll

Bvar22, wasn't it you

Rocket Larkspur for which our dog is named.

James Nachtwey

Hey, Botany: Accused 'Serial Shooter' described as 'really sweet'

A must see vote this up & get it on the home page K. Harris & 'possum

New Voters, Unaffiliated Rush To Join Democrats

I just got back from a day of campaigning for Ned Lamont.

"Bill" Clinton for VP?

Susan McDougal on C-Span

Any advice for a 17 year old joining the Army this month?

Jury's Out on U.S. Democracy:Justice Anthony Kennedy

Oh, goody. Al-Qaida's new 'NUMBER 2 ' announces a branch in EGYPT!

A little Late Saturday Night inspirational music?

billmon's latest-- excellent-- "The Portmanteau Resolution...."

2,588 of our troops now dead in W's Iraq war

TPM: "Big Shoe Drops; Wilkes Decides to Bring the Big Gang Down

What will the pundits say if Lincoln Chafee is defeated in his primary?

Sheehan, World's Troubles Ruin President's Vacation

Which TV show would you pick for bush to get his comeuppance?


Is this a good thing? Wireless spectrum to be auctioned by FCC

Satelite photos of Beirut, Lebanon

is the Israel/Lebanon conflict similar to the United States/Afghanistan ?

Why would anyone want to Conquer Earth?

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (Bush's False Dichotomies)

2 Teens arrested in VA Laptop theft....hhmmm

In case we all forgot, Americans are still dying in Iraq - Jimmy Breslin

Are we in a Disastrous Catastrophe yet?

What does one mean when they say they oppose Zionism?

Will the chaos in the middle east soon be resolved?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sun 8/6 --- Ding Dong Reality calling

Today is the 61st anniversary of Hiroshima bombing

2 Teens Accused in Theft of VA Computer

Unwilling troops obtain legal aid, solace in Canada

Observer: Fed admits US recession on cards

Despite image, Cheney a GOP rock star

Beirut fishermen devastated by Israeli port attack

The aristocrates

Nobody's Child

The real estate war (Israel's greed for land "that doesn't belong to us" )

Scenes from the London demonstration against Israel's assault on Lebanon

Should Iran supply Hizbollah with weapons?

Good LTTE - Bush facts and fiction.

The Katusha/Not A Katusha Primer...

The BEST Lamont/Lieberman video EVER!

Down the Memory Hole:Israeli contribution to conflict forgotten by Papers

It's Time To Say Good Bye

What is the purpose of the Lebanese army?

Does America have the right to Exist?

Mexico court rejects full recount - I have seen this movie before

abc news (George S.) just had good segment about How, if Joe L. loses

Construction employer on WJ CSPAN just now complaining because

Afghan hijackers allowed to stay in UK

Narco News: MEXICO: Partial Recount begins Wednesday!

Oliver Stone's New 9/11 Movie to be Niche Marketed to Fundie Christians

August 5, 2006 - THE NUMBER IS 2588


this "The Western White House - Crawford Texas" shit is an utter....

A very important Juan Cole blog entry today:

100,000 take to London streets to protest Lebanon war, condemn Blair.

B'tselem: 163 Palestinians killed in July in Gaza, 36 minors

CBS Sunday Morning - a repeat?

I got into a debate with some repub friends last night--I pounded them.

Big oil and our future, a good read btw

MUST READ: Juan Cole explains the massacre and destruction in Lebanon

In this Google era, is it better to have a unique or generic name?

Names of the lost are calling (Lessons of Hiroshima falling on deaf ears)

Listening to this "Hizbollah" is a "state within a state" that

Ned Lamont: "Yeah, I'm a Liberal and I'm a Progressive"

What would have made Adlai Stevenson a good president?

George S. show (Abc) looks to be good show -starting now. Condi up

Newt has more air time with Chris Wallace AGAIN (fox news)


TIME: Life in Hell: Everyday Struggle in the Chaos of Baghdad

2 teen VA laptop burglars arrested Sat. 8-5 (turned-in for reward 6-28)

Judge orders new review of BU biolab. Alternative sites must be weighed

Is suggesting that the USA invaded Iraq for its oil a "conspiracy theory?"

Israel's Air War: Pilots Disobey Orders, Refuse to Hit Civilians.

DU scientists: help debunk dumbass LTTE from global warming denier

Public can't see pRez'cause libs & commies"want to kill him"for godliness

WTF? Where's Lieberman and Lamont on MtP?

the tweety show is about to discuss "the daily show"

Look at this post I made last December!

The Western White House - pics

Condi, get off the television and BROKER A PEACE!!!!

Azz the Stomach Turns

Presidential authority over National Guard troops?

Jimmy Carter says that Bush has encouraged Israel and Hezbollah to attack

I think I'll just leave this damn DU!

Rice and Potato -- crisis is opportunity

New Book: Bush didn't know there were 2 sects of Islam Before Invasion!

ABC's This Week & The "McGovern Jab"

If I were gonna leave DU

Bush will no longer meet with the families of soldiers killed in Iraq

* has a teleconference with Blair (working hard) - pic

The new thing....They are running as Reagan Republicans

Iran says it will expand nuclear activities in defiance of UN Security Cou

August 6, 2001 ... A Date That Will Live In Infamy! =====>

Feces - Some call it pollution. We call it life.

Is anyone watching Ann Coulter on C-Span Book TV?

Baghdad diary: LIFE IN HELL - Special Report(

Reuters admits altering Beirut photo

New Republican cut-and-run strategy pre08 "It's a Civil War!"

US troops roll into Baghdad to stem sectarian bloodshed

Executives ride high on boom in energy (pay up 28% this year)

what the hell is condi talking about?

The Bush Junta Will Sue

I found a good Bill Clinton video from the 2000 Democratic convention.

Please delete

Reuters admits altering Beirut photo

Condi makes my flesh crawl.

!!!! Paper Ballots and Hand Counts NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t

Neither side happy with resolution

Did Kerry file a lawsuit against the swift boat liars?

"I Think About President Bush With Every Bite I Take"

registered democrat

the world is coming apart at the seams and what is this administration

Satellite view: Beirut before and after

Witness describes scene of horror in Iraq rape case

Gary Hart Was Right-Bush/Rove CUT&RUN "Iraq—Plans in Case of a Civil War"

Why is this plane displaying evil death skull banners?

When a Pill Is Not Enough (AIDS in South Africa)

Israel hits civilian vehicle near UN Lebanon humanitarian convoy (2 dead)

Sorry Joe. Its not JUST about Iraq.

Liberman Just said - I have been Scapegoated...

Why are people so eager to characterize Lamont vs Joe as an anti-war issue

"It's Morning In America"

Former KKK Leader Indicted On Federal Explosives Charges

The Betrayal of Joe Lieberman - Let us count the ways...

Bush Losing Core Supporters

Ex-CIA Contractor Passaro To Stand Trial In Afghan Beating Death

Ausweiss Bitte!!, Gilmore vs. Gonzalez

David Byrne on Jesus Camps: like Madrassas, with less literacy

CNN's John Roberts is now embedded with the Israeli military (screen cap).

If I have ever had a reason to fight for this country it is now

Additions to Godwin's Law

There are now so many charges against US Servicemen in Iraq

Half of America believes it: Why the enduring faith in 'Saddam’s WMDs’?

United Nations Resolutions mean NOTHING. So what's the point?

Lebanon refuses UN cease fire plan.

looking for Michael Steele video clips

Has there been any definitive studies on school vouchers?

Chilling program on Global Warming "Baked Alaska" on FSTV

Isn't it great the Russians didn't take us seriously in 1984?

Whatever became of the reporter who embarrassed Bush in 2000?

When the Bush "ranch" is described as a "Pig farm" are you...

Massive rocket assaults on Israel by Hezbollah...

Lieberman on THIS WEEK: Iraq is better and Worse

Thank God for Bush

For Any Of You Who Still Doubt The Power Of One Mother !!!

Gingrich: There Is An ‘Insurgency’ in CT Which Says ‘Can’t We Come

NYT: Military spokesman: “I don’t think anyone could have anticipated the

Repost for comment: "What bugs me about Lieberman"

Impeachment blog action planned for Sept. 1....

ABOLISH CNN, Let CNN International do the work!!!

El Pretzeldente's summer reading list

Around 150 Israeli casualties today alone?

The temp just hit 112 degrees. A bit north of Muskogee, OK.

What's next? The pilot praying on the P.A. before take-off?!!?

Pentagon covered up 320 verified war crimes in Vietnam (L.A. Times)

MSNBC: Bush brainstorming in Texas

ALERT!!! On NOW!!! C-Span 2... Interview With T. Ricks/ His Book FIASCO!

Can't find the MTP thread for Joey today. What happened? nt

Landshark on AAR soon!

Is there any chance voters won't turn out for Lamont on Tuesday?

Blair holds Lebanon talks with Bush, Putin, Chirac

Thousands of Mexicans Protest Election

So if Hezbollah has 10,000 rockets

Has anyone ever read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" ?

Land Shark on Air America Phoenix with update on Busby Recount etc.

Susan Butcher passed away

I finally saw "V for Vendetta" last night...

Palm Beach Post interviews K.Harris campaign aides/managers-it aint pretty

Don't Blame the Apples When the Tree is Rotten

Need assistance finding a NeoCon quote.

song from Israel

bush planning to 'cut and run' in case of civil war...

AOL Poll: Should * take control of National Guard

Send Karen Hughes to the middle east, she can solve it.

Dead On A Slab In Iraq For 9 months With No Family Contact Or Next...

Thanks for the Sanctions

Someone told me that NEVER in the past 500 years has an aggressor...

"Witness describes scene of horror in Iraq rape case"

What If Lieberman Pulls It Out This Week?

My Latest Bumper Sticker... a warning to all ...

on CSPAN2 now 4:45pm - Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism

This is the most crucial midterm election ever

Its not against the law to murder gay people in Bush's "liberated" Iraq

What in the hell ever happened to Able Danger?

Press the Meat on in the UK right now, no spoilers please

Prediction: Rumsfeld is gone by Labor Day.

Is anyone else just plain tired of all the ME news?

We have learned nothing from history.

Damn, What Did I Miss ??? - Anybody Know Which Left-Wing Blog Went...

Join Russ Feingolds Online chat session. (Talk to Russ)

Military analyst on Fox News asks "Why doesn't Israel have F16s...

Wow check it out..

Was there ever a history of racism at Walmart?

Are Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts regulars on "This Week" again,

Need DU assistance with Washington Tea Party.

A question to all who support Israel's war..Should the US

Did anyone keep the pictures of bush falling exiting air force one

50% Belief in WMD Poll: A Critical Look at Americans' Lastest Idiocy

"Was he wearing a helmet?" ... "It didn't matter."

Forgive me, I accidentally turned on Faux news...

Latest Zogby Interactive Survey -- Celebrity!! Celebrity!! Party!! Party!!

Horrors of "Reality Check" when searching for Lebanese Recipe/Eggplant

Vandals Smash Menorah, Damage Jewish Chapel

'The US is the kiss of death' in the Arab world

Without a VOTE, we have no VOICE. It's that simple and critical. VIDEO>>>

I *HATE* Julie Banderas

New Comic: Dick Cheney: GOP Rockstar

NYDN: Hil foe eyes Conn. race-Tasini covets support from anti-Joe crew

Hey pundit class: how does a = b and b = c ... NOT equal a = c?

The US: Too late for empire

New Comic: Dick Cheney: GOP Rockstar

Finally registered as a democrat so I can vote for Ned Lamont.

Retail workers are so screwed. Sad tale:

A simple, telling point. Rumsfeld still has his job.

GOP and Big Oil Behind "YouTube" Spoof of Al Gore's Film

In a disaster which would you expect to be more likely to

RNC Advises Candidates Not to Defend Bush

Hannity Omitted Facts About Anti-American Protests In Iraq

Does anyone think it should be against the law for journalists to distort

Why would Katherine Harris think stuff like this will elicit support?

A Question For Both Sides Of The Debate

A review of bush's Nov 2005 "Victory in Iraq"

Lieberman to give speech on Iraq Sunday night alongside Max Cleland

Rice Gives Iran Weeks, not Months, To Decide on Nuclear Talks - 6/2/06

May I please rant?

Blowback From a Bad War

WTF happened with gas prices late last week???

Iran threatens to use 'oil weapon' in nuclear standoff

Supercalifra ... how's that go again?

Welcome to Elections 2006/2008...

Environmental tragedy added to the mix. Oil spill the size of Ex Valdez:

Have we seen the worst of the bush years, or will it get even worse?

Dundee man found dead in prison cell

How ironic. Diebold website

VIETNAM: THE WAR CRIMES FILES-Civilian Killings Went Unpunished(LAT)

Anyone wonder about the timing of the World Trade Center movie?

'Baby, Give Me a Kiss' LATimes reporter writes about GirlsGoneWild jerk

Is the world better off now than it was in 2000?

"Lieberman campaign promises a fight "

Tamils call shelling 'declaration of war'

Bush referred to the Middle East conflict as “a moment of opportunity.”

Immortal Technique

Whatever happened to truth in advertising

CNN says age of raped and murdered Mahmoudiya "woman" not determined...

"For What Noble Cause?" Cindy marches with supporters to *'s ranch -pics

Primary dates for the remaining two months

Support for Israel

4 short interview videos that will leave you trembling - a must see

Fuel Prices - Supply and Demand

Why don't all the damned Civilians get out of the way so we can wage war?

"She had been burnt from the waist up"

Right-On Doonesbury today.

Why I Don't Listen To The News Any More.

Had an interesting conversation last night

Man doused in burning grease by wife in Mississippi dies

What is the latest news on Net Neutrality?

Call me crazy but...put Saddam back in power

During a disaster I expect

V for Vendetta - what creeped me out... (spoiler?)

Dear Friends,

Apparently the NSA doesn't have enough electricity to spy on all of us

IMPORTANT MOMENTS in American History.: 5 years ago today ...

4300 Men killed or disabled! No questions asked.

Democrats controlled Congress for forty years then lost "Big Time" in '94

Should Clinton Face the same punishment for Kosovo as Bush faces for Iraq?

PC is just another form of censorship and repression. Discuss.

Any DUers with boots on the ground at Camp Casey in Crawford yet?

Cindy Sheehan at the opening of 'Camp Casey' today - pics

What the doctored Reuters photos tell us... about ourselves.

So now Dubya is a friend of France??


The Beautiful Lala RawRaw ends the Gibson Discussion.

A Republican Revolution

Lanny "Disagree with me and your an anti-semite" Davis on MTP...

WP: Conn. Race Could Be Democratic Watershed

Which endorsement is Feingold most likely to get in 2008

GOP uses DLC

NYT editorial: A Timetable Isn’t an Exit Strategy

Is Jim Dean on MTP Related To Howard?......

SOME TIES STILL BIND Labor spending $40 million on mostly Dem candidates

If actions were louder than words, ware would we be?

WA Post: "A watershed, a significant political triumph if Lieberman loses"

LAT: Ned Lamont Went From Zero to Favorite in 7 Months

Lieberman Reduced to Buying Votes with Beer

Since one of the Repuks ploys is to delete Dem voter registration

Join Russ Feingolds Online chat session. (Talk to Russ)

Class warfare in the so-called liberal media...Chicago area Daily Herald

So, say the Dems win enough races to take over one or both

Why are the Clarkies so quiet? SPEAK UP!!!

Oh Damn. The Day (New London, CT) endorsed Lieberman.

Apparently, Ohio Doesn't Care - NY Times Op/Ed

Rice wears same clothes 2 days - Photos

Mehlman and Rove to Visit Toledo in August

Economic Report: Rich man, poor man, and earned "entitlements"

The rightwing media meme - Lieberman paying for being "bi partisan"

Israeli support for war slips

The withered pundits of the Old Media

It's all about the Iraq war, Joe

Screw Iraq, Newt wants to tackle the REAL CONNECTICUT!

The strategists are bringing brought in to run the 08 campaign.

Neweek claims Bush is contingency planning in case of Iraq civil war

Big Bang vs Big Bust

Pete Rickets ad lays out why Repubs just don't get it.

Clock running out for GOP; Speaker Pelosi in 07 Looking Good (TPM)

Ex-Katherine Harris aides describe the boss-from-hell abuse

The NYT editorial denouncing a timetable for withdrawal is more spin

Right Wing Group "Accuracy in Media" Advocates Bombing Journalists

US sees ethnic strife -- not terror -- tearing at Iraq

Any editorials for Ned Lamont besides the NY Times'?

On Chris Matthews, David Brooks said DeWine making an amazing comeback,

I don't have the polls, but hope the Democrats in the 4 races spotlighted

DU a poll... CapitalNews Should Rummy Resign?

yet another reason to despise lieberman!!

Who Is Nervous That Lucy Will Yank The Football?

New Comic: Dick Cheney: GOP Rockstar

Even Republican Congressmen are Ashamed to Be Republicans These Days

Dems - Attack Allen-Burns close Senate ties. Burns' anti-firefighter rant

Cheney: GOP Rock Star

Ned Lamont: "National Health by getting employers to cover workers"

the Joe Lieberman appreciation thread..

Dan Rather on "roundtable" on Chris Matthews Show

Best approach for Democrats to win future elections?

Nuke Iran: MN Repub candidate's foreign policy idea

Which political leaders do you trust (U.S.)?

Before I waste my time, has anyone had any luck showing freepers

Tom Tancredo--Why no Dem equivalent working for Bush Impeachment...

Here's your chance to pile on with a Dem 'conspiracy theory' re: 08

Montana senator's tirade "Burns" firefighters

Blackwell changes "I Voted" sticker

Job Growth. I don't know about you but this looks like, oh, BAD NEWS?

Congress may need to re-approve troops during "all-out civil war" in Iraq

Class warfare card, we must quit playing it, to win.

STARBUCKS INFAMY: IWW Organizer Daniel Gross Terminated for Union Activity

Mrs. Clinton, Time-Warner and 'democracy', NYS style.

"... and take your BOY with you"