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Archives: August 5, 2006

American People Didn’t Fall for Bad-Faith Senate Bill–Here’s Why

Families of soldiers killed in Iraq launch party (Britain)

End the Slaughter in Israel, Lebanon and Gaza

Terry Hicks deserves father award nomination: Stanhope

Militants merge with mainstream: Hizbullah emerges as symbol of resistance

A Slightly Different Take

Friedman: ‘Staying the Course Is Pointless,’ ‘Disengage’ From Iraq

Opinion: AIPAC's Hold (The Nation)

"Why doesn't Israel Work for Peace" (by holocaust survivor)

Fisk: A terrible thought occurs to me - that there will be another 9/11

Castro the Environmental Conservationist?

"Global Warming Beer" Taps Melted Arctic Ice

AIPAC's Hold (The Nation)

14-Year-Old Nasrallah Recounts Ordeal During Baalbeck Commando Operation

Israel exodus leaves old and poor to face rockets

Militants merge with mainstream: Hizbullah emerges as symbol of resistance

How do the players line up for WWIII--bombs are nearing Tel Aviv

9/11 poll - where do you stand?

Boom in Psychic School Enrollment

The Smoking Gun - Sept. 11th Plane Impact Time Discrepancies

Enquirer Politics blog: Election Reformers comment on this blog post

Harper wants 'lasting peace' in Middle East

More bullshit from the Katherine Harris campaign:

Commander: Violence in Iraq Stems From Varied Sources

Mass. National Guard: Money Owed Soldiers

G.I. Crime Photos May Be Evidence

Soft lights, Moroccan cushions and a lot of self-love

Prosecutor Calls Accused G.I.'s War Criminals

Senator Pins Lieberman Hope on Primary (drop plans to run as an independen

New poll spells woe for Joe, joy for his foe (300,000 SEIU endorsed Lamont

NYT: G.I. Crime Photos May Be Evidence

Nevada Hispanic population growth outpaces general increases

(Indiana Supreme Court) Justices rule same-sex couples can adopt

WP: GOP Candidates Claim Degrees Of Separation From President

Iranians Coming To Santa Clara Conference Sent Home

Tax reduction for (Ben) Nelson on acreage scrutinized (Senator Ne)

Book: Sept. 11 panel considered Pentagon probe

Rice urges Cubans not to flee homeland

Thousands to march in support of immediate ceasefire (UK)

Actors Equity Protests 'American Girl'

Group of 9/11 widows 'question the veracity of the entire Commission’s rep

Ex-local radio host allegedly violates probation (exposed to 11 yo girl)

More than 100 MPs sign petition attacking PM

Missiles neutralizing Israeli tanks

Delta seeks to terminate pilots' pension program

American Indians Confront Bikers

Who wants to pick my beef?

Hundreds expected to come to Masturbate-a-thon

Armistead Maupin (Tales of the City) to be on Countdown tonight

I'm gettin' pissed. Ask me a question

Best smily ever.

Are you feelin' Okay?

I am eating a warm muffuletta with....

Someone PLEASE tell me this is a joke, OFLMAO!!!

does this qualify as "the shocker?"

Dennis Rodman participates in Finnish Wife Carrying Contest.

Paris Hilton Vows to be Abstinent for One Year.

Why oh why am I craving oreos?

Have you ever just wanted to scream and hot wings a comin'....

How to make a duct tape wallet!!!!

Ever have a crush on someone you can't stand?

Very first thought on seeing: CD

I wish that parents kept their children at the zoo

How much does your dog weigh?

Funny bumpersticker

Requiescat in Pace

Sometimes, your number is up.


Half a mile from the county fair

it's ten oclock: time for gecko games with Lewis the Cat

Laurel and Hardy "Way out West" dance.

Heading up to the Boston area to take an exam this weekend


This has got to be the saddest day of my life

Look! DU is for sale on E-Bay.

b & w video from the late 60s early 70s is trippy

Bonus baseball!

heavens to murgatroid

Oh Lord, Search My Heart

WTF? It's Friday night...where the HELL is Redstone?

Miscellaneous questions, apropos of nothing....

There's a place I want to go...

Funniest TV show in a long time.

Max and Ruby - Ruby and Max

larry storch appreciation thread

don't take this wrong way

The next grocery store to play "Summer of '69" on the PA is getting kicked

Oddest yet most harmonious Fleetwood Mac song ever

Politiican Jokes

For MissHoneychurch

Has anyone here ever had a sex change?

List films that have unanswered questions in them

thinly veiled flamebait

So I think this sounds fun. Change one letter in the word and

What browser are you using?

People! Your quick advice, please.

which du'er would you like to have as your "cellie"

post pics of people in tuxedos

what's the most you've ever won (or lost) at a casino?

Soon the world shall be mine...will you be a survivor?


Which du'er would you like to have as your "cello?"

Stupidest, most embarassing thing you ever did while DRUNK.

I'm having a junior high flashback! Care to join me?

KITTENS ***dial-up warning*** git yer six day old KITTENS HERE!

What instruments do you play?

What's your beer personality?

Do you get Wolf Brand Chili With Beans in your corner of the Universe?

OMG! It's time for a Friday Who The HELL Are YOU? Picture Thread!

Did you guys just hear what Keith Olbermann said about Mann Coulter?

HELP ME!!! I'm addicted to the Rapture Ready website

Favorite sandwich

Bush's Health Savings Accounts Are Badly Flawed: John M. Berry (Bloomberg)

Sensory illusions dazzle at graphics conference

Scientist thinks invisibility possible in future

KOEB 8/4/06 - Hillary gets cojones edition

9/11 wodows issue statement regarding Pentagon's alleged deception

I wish that parents kept their children at their side while at the zoo

Do it before it becomes illegal

one for benburch

More bullshit from the Katherine Harris campaign:

Censorship on DU

Keith, Best Person in the World!!

Businesses With No Paid Employees Increase to 19.5 Million

A 45 year old virgin with an adams apple!

The "Culture of Life"

Gawd, this woman'e eyes say it all! * pic>

"Democracies don't go to war with each other" and Iraq war spin

Stop insulting the transgendered!

Cat fight on Joe Scarborough now!

China, Hungary sends humanitarian materials to Lebanon

Some things are so important

'Hezbollah aren't suckers, they know how to fight. You're scared...

Animation: "SmartyBombsalot"

So. The Heat doesn’t bother You, eh?

I'm tired, but


This is Not What Democracy Looks Like

Annie Spell has recieved death threats - no radio show tonight

New primaries for Texas in November (Court redistricting)

It's about annexation, stupid!

What would you think of someone who's finances looked like this.

U.S. Watches Dreams of Transformation Dissolve

Sept '06 Playboy Interview: Michael Brown - pretty scathing...

Ending the neoconservative nightmare

The reason behind Joe Lieberman calling for Rumsfeld's resignation

Bill Maher

It is time to end this meaningless contention; it is time to begin to...

How do the players line up for WWIII--bombs are nearing Tel Aviv

"Life isn't fair."

Ex-Bush advisor gets probation for shoplifting

Whose primaries are Tuesday?

Remember folks, the Bush administration took the seeds of peace

Detroit police run out of cash in gun buybacks

Getting prescription drugs to the poor

Hezbollah / Nasrallah has time (Haaretz)

Ann Coulter your time has come- the 9/11 WIDOWS ARE ON THE MARCH!

Just a heads up for a great political flick - - Joe Dante's Homecoming

‘Hard to tell Christians from lions’ - The Baptist Standard

Bought this bumper sticker today

Interesting page on Israel's main battle tank... looks like a badass

Help! How do I find the title of a petition that got signatures?

Internal arguments

Judge Dismisses Suit Against John Kerry

Guardian - Hippie hero Arthur Lee dies aged 61

Out On The Weekend (I think I'll pack it up and buy a pick-up)

Does the racist views of past political leaders....

The GOP and their Rapture

An Oath Betrayed -- U.S. Doctors Complicit in Terror War Torture

Just heard a "Nexium" advert. I can get a discount on a coupon!

The Israeli Prime Minister's Speech

My email to Michel Medved regarding his statement on Michael Moore..

Clinton Has Kind Words for Gore

Anderson Cooper blog: Sadr City today was a mass of white shrouds

Peace. It's an attitude. The World Peace Passport

Pro-military group plans showdown with Sheehan

Bush didn't know there were two Islamic sects

What will Joe Lieberman say in his concession speech? Weigh in.

I gotta know what you think.

Navajo presidential candidates express frustration over leaders

Our meddling is accelerating this descent into civil war

Why are American Indian soldiers serving in Iraq?

Be sure to sign Feingold's health care petition!

US lawmaker pursues dialogue with Iran

Does the evangelical Christian right, now stepping up their pro...

Stick a fork in me, I'm done...

Isn't this what we all feared in Nov. 2004?

CO2 - Some call it pollution. We call it life.

Have you noticed that roses need so much more water this year?

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers Check in, It's my day to play!!

RiverBend has another post up - Summer of Goodbyes...

“I thought the Iraqis were Muslims!” George W. Bush Feb 2003

Just saw this bumper sticker in Willimantic, CT.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad asks: are Jews human beings?

Bu$h attends Blackwell fundraiser on your dime

Congressman Conyers:How to be a Millionaire

My theory on Joe Lieberman....

I'm NOT getting behind Swamp Rat's Tea Bags!

Israeli bombardment kills 40 civilians

no peace no peace for the children of Israel

Iran: We supplied Zelzal-2 to Hizbullah

I know now that I am losing it. I misread this headline on CNN:

The Transgendered are not

Cynthia McKinney did good in that debate

Be careful where you spraypaint "Troops Out Now" in Ohio....

"LBN" on KNTV, SF/San Jose: "Viewer Sees Face Of Jesus In Shrimp"

Lockdown as poll protests increase

So, there was this landlord, and somebody broke into his house

IMHO... America's fucking insane.

Fred Phelps to picket at Senator Baucus' nephew's funeral

Starbucks and Israel

Russia takes Syria under its protection (countering PNAC?)

I'm logging in from the Internet Cafe in Heaven right now and all I

Suicide risk high with body image obsession

Predictions of an Economic Hit Man (Privacy World)

If people are so concerned about gas prices

Ned Lamont Victory = The Beginning of the End of the Iraq War

Defending RFK Jr. - Channeling TruthIsAll About Democracy & Democrats

Iraqi civil war has already begun, U.S. troops say...

Raw Story acquires 91-page Republican playbook for 'homestretch' campaign

New Riverbend post........

Israel's Oil Interests and their strategic new role protecting pipelines

Can Hillary talk without reading from a script?

Fisk: A terrible thought occurs to me - that there will be another 9/11

A Memo to LA Times: Immigration Reduces the Deficit

V for Vendetta - there are no coincidences

Thousands to march in support of immediate ceasefire (UK)

Still hate PETA?

What is Sam Seder talking about....not sure about being back??

Guess who else is backing Joementum?

Wal-Mart CEO : Business Is At "Tipping Point" On Health Care Reform

A great graphic. Just wonderful. Story isn't bad, either

Don't believe the B.S. about Lieberman "throwing in the towel".

Cook: Dems will take House; 50-50 chance for Senate

A terrible thought occurs to me - that there will be another 9/11

Lamont's Rally in Greenwich: Pictures

Gallup poll: Lieberman more popular with Republican than with Democrats.

For Omaha worker, wage bill's loss stings 58 years old makes minimum wage

Professional Discussion Board Posters... Issue Drivers...

"politics is the art of compromise"

What the hell is this bull shit: Dems praise DeWine

Should the Democrats move to the left on economic policy?

Lieberman's New Thug Strategy

DeLay, Coulter, Kristol Defend Lieberman

Does anybody believe what happened in Iraq today is death to GOP?

"Is that why you are a 45-year old virgin with an Addam's apple?"

How To Speak To A Republican If You Must

Ceremonial Godliness, actual Godlessness. Conservatism in America

8 months ago today in San Antonio....the world nearly came to an end.

Israel has killed 900. Hezbollah has killed 24.

Anyone here a poll worker?

WP,pg1: As Power Bills Soar, Companies Embrace 'Green' Buildings

A message to the GOP

Trial and error: Tribunal plan would weaken our cause

Vietnam: The War Crimes Files (9,000 pages nearly every U.S.Division)

Oh God (redux) (Guardian)

Cyber-Thieves Steal $700K Via ATM Hacking

A War Crime at Qana?

NYT: Baghdad’s Chaos Raises Questions on U.S. Plan

Michael Moore fest ignores plea to pull born-again Christian film

Fools rush in to another quagmire

"they are the men....who were liberated by the occupation"

Israel Disappoints the Neo-cons: More on Lebanon as a U.S. Proxy War

"Osama Has Won"

China Makes Huge Breakthrough in Wind Power Technology

Nuclear Loses Its Cool (Scientific American blog)

Swedish Politicians Question Safety of Its Nuclear Reactors

Drought related shortage of colored corn delays corn palace decoration.

Abundant Power from Universal Geothermal Energy (MIT Technology Review)

But Where are the Solar-Powered ICBMs? (DOD energy use)

Please provide ONE EXAMPLE of Israel provoking armed conflict

A question about the soldiers that were "kidnapped"?

B'tselem: 163 Palestinians killed in July in Gaza, 36 minors

Israel's Lost Moment (Krauthammer)

Bombing is backed by most American voters

Since the Six-Day War in 1967, Israel has not won a war

'Hizbullah committing war crimes'

Text of draft Security Council resolution to end fighting ...

Action Taken Against Two Israeli Checkpoints that Close Nablus

Mother, two daughters killed in rocket strike on Bedouin village

Explains A Lot?

Palestinians: Parliament speaker seized

questions about the Israel media

Excerpts of French-U.S. draft UN resolution on Mideast cease-fire

I Haven't Heard Any Reports On Israel's Other Front.....

Letter from my cousin living in Israel

When you destroy a nation's infrastructure, you create a diaspora.

ZOG Ate My Brains

Micheal Bronner On the Flight 93 "shoot down"

Poll: MSNBC Has A Live Vote Now On 9/11 & Pentagon

Webster Tarpley's radio show on 5 PM Eastern today Saturday 8/5

Belief in a conspiracy theory, depends on one's POV doesn't it?

POLL: Why do people not include 'NONE' as an option?

Mexican electoral court rejects recount ! ! !


Why so many links broken? mentioned on Cinti. Enquirer politics blog...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, August 5, 2006

Fort Bend Democrats put up signs today and something amusing happened

Hi, I'm Lindacooks, and I do cook - and bake.

PM adopts softer tone on Mideast conflict

Trade row looms as US-Canadian lumber deal fails

Fundraising tallies too low, Liberal leadership camps say

Tories drop 12 points in B.C.

WP: On the Hill, Parties Stake Out Election Stands

Iranian official admits Tehran supplied missiles to Hezbollah

Ex-radio host in indecency case may go to prison (Yes, he's conservative)

Mexican electoral court to meet in open

MSNBC: Book: Sept. 11 panel considered Pentagon probe

WP: Negroponte Orders an Update On Terrorism's Influence in Iraq

Floyd Landis returns positive B sample

WP/AP: RNC Chief Faults Democratic Leaders on Terrorism

Israeli Commandos Renew Attack on Tyre

NYT: PBS Firing of Host of ‘The Good Night Show’ Draws Protests

Iranian official admits Tehran supplied missiles to Hezbollah

Book on 9/11 Probe Says Backed Off Grilling Giuliani Due to Editorials

U.S., France OK deal on Lebanon fighting

Israeli commando raid near Tyre kills 5 (Reuters)

Lieberman Reduces Effort to Get Out Vote (NYT)

Employees unionize at Chinese Wal-Mart (their second trade union in China)

Man bites off, chews brother-inlaws' finger.

Washington Deal Maker Details Palm Greasing

CNN is reporting big explosion in Amman, Jordan

Tigers kill 100 refugees, Sri Lanka says, amid new moves to halt bloodshed

Bush asks Congress to allow more immigrants into U.S.

WSJ: Big Three Restructuring Hits Minority Suppliers

Families of soldiers killed in Iraq launch party to challenge ministers(UK

Globe/Savage: Group opposes loss of signing statements

Fearing Attack, Cuba Readies Troops

Ex-CIA contractor David Passaro to stand trial in Afghan beating

US Activists, Iraqi Lawmakers Demand US Troop Withdrawal

Ynet: Western Galilee: 3 women killed in rocket attack

9/11 panel heads say Rudy got off easy

Texas Remap ruling gives Dems a boost

U.S., France OK U.N. Mideast Truce Pact

India and Pakistan in expulsions

Raul Castro MIA, Fidel Castro Cancer Report Emerges

Warfare intensifies in southern Lebanon

Governors' Groups Tops in Raising Cash

Online Poker Players Face Legal Issues

NYT/AP: 2 Teens Arrested in Theft of VA Laptop

Lawyers Say Many Left Out of Tax Refund (class action suit)

Carter: Bush hurts prospects for peace

No evidence commanders lied over 9/11: report

WP: Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms Director Resigns Amid Spending Probe

Lamont holds 10-point lead over Lieberman

NYT: U.S. Issues New Rules on Schools and Learning Disabilities

Zawahiri: Egyptian Militant Group has Joined Al Qaeda

U.S. enforcements arrive in Baghdad

New Voters, Unaffiliated Rush To Join Democrats (CT primary)

CBS News: (Fmr Dem Senator) John Glenn 'Fair' After Car Crash

IDF’s next destination: Sidon (Sunni town, full of refugees)

Landis tests positive (second test), may lose title

'Hizbullah committing war crimes' (Human Rights Watch)

Democrats say GOP is assisting Casey foe (Santorum staff collected sigs)

Predictions of civil war coming true, troops say

Lebanon rejects initial text of UN ceasefire draft

Clinton Dodges Political Peril for War Vote (NYT)

E&P: Journalism Educators Ask White House to Abandon 'Anti-Press Policies'

Human Rights Watch catalogues Israeli war crimes in Lebanon

Dealing with the PLO didn't prepare the Israeli army for Hezbollah

Iran's plot to mine uranium in Africa (Sunday Times)

Vietnam: The War Crimes Files

(MEXICO) Court Recommends Rejecting Full Recount in Mexican Elections

LAT: Hollywood Democrats Endorse Schwarzenegger

John Edwards calls for immediate withdrawal from Iraq

Democrat Slams GOP on Minimum Wage Bill

Cuba Calm as Castro Recovers

Is Ma Kettle hot?

I went to a cashew festival last night...

Hello everyone - tell me , what did I miss ?

Anyone heard Wolfmother?

Night shift loungers: How would you interpret this...

New video: Think Blue

Ostriches are people, too.

Any weight-lifters in da house?

Rapture slogans

Good Saturday morning, crew!

Perseid meteor shower: August 12, 13 2006


378 reviews of tuscan whole milk on

What Mythological Creature Are You?

I think I'm totally in lust with Storm on Rock Star: Supernova

What are some funny/annoying written phrases you've seen?

Is there anything better than

What is the weirdest "MUZAK" version of a song you've heard?

So I washed my car yesterday...

People are just like ostriches

Are you Rupture Ready???

People are like a can of shitty, mass-produced beer that's gone skunked.

this is me today....

progmom on the air from 12-2 - post jazz requests here

Brandon Routh pic thread

I cant sleep. Is it too early for coffee?

Should HypnoToad grow a goatee?

My third painting in 23 years...

I haven't seen the anal probe guy in the 'My DU' adetisements in a while

I am freakin' hungry

snicker, snicker, snicker....

Treadmills rock!

"The Descent" is an awesome movie

Wretched Parents! (GF's)

What is your favorite peanut butter concoction?

where's the Arthur Lee thread?

If you play the lottery, PLEASE STOP!!

Nursing mothers are unattractive hippies. No? If you nursed, post a pic.

"They call us walking corpses..."

Ideas for Will Ferrel Movies

I wish my ebay addiction was as inexpensive as my DU habit....

Spoof or Sincere? Juche Girl: "I love Dear Leader Kim Jong Il"

Man bites off, chews brother-inlaws' finger.

Humans are not causing global warming you fools!

What live in your stormdrains/sewers...

"A blood tide of filth is engulfing our country...."

Anyone watching the live simulcast of Lollapalooza?

Men... do you have the guts to admit you're a snuggler?

Heard on the radio they are making a Liberace movie starring......

When is the last time you cleaned THE Refrigerator?

You know you're pimpin it when your Emily Lamont's facebook friend!!!

Do 3-ring binders that also hold legal pads exist?

HUGH!1I Ironical 11!11 It's TALK LIKE A FREEPER DAY 11!!11!

The more pleasantly surprising places you have visited...

August 29th: Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD Set Volume 10

Bat Watchers Gather at Dusk at Northeast Ohio Farm

Neighbors cut down my maple. How pissed should I be?

Rave about something, dammit!

I have a hornet's nest on my house! (dial-up warning)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 8/5/06)

I'm a bit worried about this hazardous candy...

is there any free web hosting space associated with a gmail account?

Tough guy trucking

Now on G-4: Star Trek "Devil in the Dark"

Describe the worst food you have ever been served in a restaurant

Hiked 7 miles round trip to Carter Notch, NH today.

Happy birthday KamaAina!!

What's the name of that pizza joint in Austin?

Cat location update

I saw a truck the other day

May I ask you a personal question:

Make an odd, funny, or totally sappy

Saturday, August 5. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Hands up who loves toxic people?

I just shaved my head. Ask me anything.

Gawd my ex-wife pisses me off!!!!!!!!

I submit to you...the most vicious creatures on the face of the planet.

"Robb! This is Samuel L. Jackson."

Hell on Earth is Fort Worth,Texas

Pick a Duer and guess their favourite song

It's the Which Sesame Street Persona Are You test?

Are you a cheap or expensive date?

Everybody hates me! I'm gonna eat some worms

I Went to a demolition derby last night in KANSAS!! ask me anything

Hello from ENGLAND!

Some advice from a pregnant woman

Canada pictures, part 2: downtown Vancouver *** dialup warning! ***

White Rock

How close is your grocery store to your home?

BillySkank is the greatest person!

BillySkank is on the greatest page!

Texas School District Bans Cleavage

I just spent $160 for computer training books. Should I bother?

Things Some DUers will never say:

THEY'RE MAKING JACKASS *TWO*??!!?!?!?!?!???!

Bought this sweetheart at a yard sale last week. (pix)

What (mis-)pronunciations drive you up the wall?

Congratulations CaliforniaPeggy!! 25,000 posts

Don't let your cat drink from a squirt bottle.

Need more friends on mypace! Please?

Summarize a TV Show in one sentence - then let us guess it what it is


How evil are you?

On bookstore work.

What are you listening to?

Have you ever had Thai Iced Tea?

MP3 of Lieberman interview highlights with Ed Shultz

Talladega Nights: One of the best kiss scenes ever in a movie

Funny! People Against My Circle Foundation

Foxfire! The glowing forest!

questions about blood pressure

New treatment strategy could greatly reduce HIV

For those who need their livers there is policosanol, fiber,

One giant blunder for mankind: how NASA lost moon pictures

National Tennis Center To Honor Billie Jean King

U.N. chides U.S. on gay rights

World Pride to kick off in Jerusalem!

"Ashamed" Daughter of Gay-Baiter Apologizes to Strickland

Boxing!!! Saturday Night Fights (8-5-06)

Has anybody here read Richard Tarnas, "Cosmos & Psyche?"

An interesting article on the "netroots"

Despite image, Cheney a GOP rock star

Stupid comment

People think this is

need help here

this is who we're fighting--professionals not just a part-time group

Thomas Friedman Echoes Kerry Plan: Time for Plan B for Iraq

OT: Excellent smack down of the neocons

Return to Tipsoo Lake (DIAL-UP WARNING)

9/11 poll - where do you stand?

Thinking abour the ME hostilities, Sheehan's stand in TX, & all the

Do you have the answers? I have the following questions:

Suddenly, in an election year, there's a new distraction

A life changing event

There's method to their madness

If there is another 9/11 in this country...

Israel Disappoints the Neo-cons: More on Lebanon as a U.S. Proxy War

Pretty Good Article That Makes Clear Why The Green Party Are Not Allies.

If 9*11 and Iraq were lies - what else has been lies?

The "Hero of Crawford" reassigned to the Jail - Punished good cop

Remember Wes Clark's five year war plan allegation (included Lebanon)?

"...yet he had no respect for life...." - bush's legacy

I thought the Iraqis were Muslims - utter Bush stupidity

on CNN at the moment Anderson Cooper is reporting on how

Li Beirut - A song to break your heart

It's ALWAYS about the f*cking money, isn't it?

As a female reporter I am not really offended by covering the Political

it happens

Cross-posting: Think Blue - Video

Editorial Considerations and Moderation?

Do you know when it really sucks?

Busted? Or Not?

Have My posts been signaled out for exclusion from recommendations?

Getting Lipstick On The ....

Everybody hates me! I'm gonna eat some worms

More leaflets

Is Bush successfully dividing the Democratic Party with Israeli support?

Cost of war on terror / US Citizen

Joe kissed the man who had cheated him

A smart, successful war

Bomb Blasts Wound 8 in Baqouba Market

Congratulations Oscar Pereiro Sio

Is this inconceivable for you, my fellow DU Americans?

Israel warns residents of Sidon to leave. Many thousands of refugees there

An interesting message in V for Vendetta (spoilers)

Interesting! "Rivers of Oil Traced to the Sources" (online)

O'Bully finds rape/murder victim at fault

You have got to listen to this


Radical Fringe TOON - Saturday 8/5 --- it's the heat?

Poll: Should Rumsfeld Resign?


9/11 demolition work suspended for 1 day (found toxic dust, human bones))

President Bush w/ Neil Cavuto--Saturday, 10 am ET (interviewing)

Iraqi Damage Assessments Are DEVASTATING

GOOOOOD MORNING, DU! Why isn't this on the "Greatest page'"

Any more earthquakes in CA?

Letter from my cousin living in Israel

What UNITES Democrats?

Notice to other conspiracy phreqs! DU Is not out to get me...

Anybody see MSNBC anchor try to blame Floyd Landis on the French?

Gibson Clues Dismissed in "Passion of the Christ": Press must address now

David Brooks and the DLC: Best Friends Forever?

"Thousands of British protesters demand Lebanon ceasefire " With Pics!

U.S., France OK U.N. Mideast Truce Pact

Breaking on CNN France & US agree

Interesting articles in Der Spiegel on Cuba

NBC Today: Despite Housing Bubble Pop, You Buy That $600K Second Home!

Kentucky bans "infidel" books

Line-up for "This is Hell!" - streaming LIVE now to 2pm EDT

Monday night world wide peace vigils

Funny and informative video on global warming(9 minutes)

Cubans Fear U.S. Attack-White House Says Talk Of Invasion Is "Absurd"

I just checked my in box...

London protests: Unconditional ceasefire now

A question about the soldiers that were "kidnapped"?

Military helps Bush keep his promise:

Consider Today's "First Read"

9/11 Commissioners Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton failed America

Crosspost: Important announcement in the DU Lounge, here:

Your Tax $ at Work: CPA Contractor trying to Launder your Tax $$

Democracy Mexican Style


U r sckd: worker fired by text message

No vacation photos this year?

Hillary and Joe-mentum are reading from the same...

200 Indonesian suicide bombers ready to join Middle East conflict

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Apocalypse

"Republicans face working vacation to survive", poor bastards.

Where can I find a video of the Clinton/Rumsfeld exchange?

Sikhs fear stabbing could set off hate-crime trend

For all the Hagee/ Armageddon fans

questions about the Israel media

Bushitler "broke the record for most time off for a 2 term president

URGENT - Any DUers who are either attorneys or know of any in CE NY State?

Bush "fetes" border security improvements ?

British marchers urge end to Lebanon war

what's with the 'civil war', 'civil war', 'civil war' mantra?

Joe and George . . . A Love Story

email: TN Progressives Score Victories on Election Day!

Families of killed British soldiers form party to take on Blair

Just Puttin' This Question Out There: What Prompts You To Recommend Or

Man bites off, chews brother-inlaws' finger.

Mideast Resolution Emerges:“A Major Victory For US And Israel”…

Gov't Adding Fruits, Veggies to WIC List...finally some good news.

more Repuke dirty tricks.

Myths of the World

Need a good laugh....

MPs demand ban of Coke, Pepsi (slow death due to pesticide residue)

Oh yet, just another night without rapture

AP: Matrons demand postponement of Rapture until Fair judging complete.

"The Siege" . . . 1998 terrorist film is eerily predictive . . .

In Defense of Floyd Landis

"No wrong doing"

Spoof or Sincere? Juche Girl: "I love Dear Leader Kim Jong Il"

Feed The Enemy

Hey what happened to

I'm calling out "Invisible Dick" Cheney.

(imo) The Funniest Lounge Thread, Ever:

Polling on Santorum-Casey race - anybody got new figures?

"We're fucked."

O'Reilly says Jon Benet was asking for it

Minimum wage: I'm mad at my leaders!

MP3 of Lieberman interview highlights with Ed Shultz

UK: Thousands to march in support of immediate ceasefire

Seeing Rove "seeing stars" in the ad on the homepage MAKES MY DAY!

Ahmad Chalabi- is he is or is he ain't an Iranian agent?

A decade of peace was too much for the world's decisionmakers.

How much money have you saved for retirement?

Bush Too Busy Reading About Lincoln To Think Of Cindy Sheehan

a blogger posts from Gaza....

AIPAC's man Haim Saban endorses Schwarzenegger

Repubs like to talk about predictions of an 'Ice Age' in the 70's

Isolated Americans trying to connect

repukes eating each other - this is so much fun to watch!! LOL

Bu$h will wave gas taxes to privitize highways ='s every road a tole road

CNN is reporting big explosion in Amman, Jordan

Some idiot repuke on Book TV

France, US strike deal as Lebanon endures heaviest battering

The US vs John Lennon starts playing in Theatres Sept. 15th

"Nice work, but we're not done killing yet. Close . . . but, not yet."

Law of Reversed Effort

Big shoe drops. Wilkes decides to bring the gang down with him.

Rush Limbaugh - World’s Worst Person Again!

Israeli left wing activists attend a peace rally in Tel Aviv

Coming right up on CNN: "Call it a WORKING vacation"

Lebanon: Israel wages war of starvation

Israel to continue attacks "without letup" while they "study" agreement

Mexico orders partial recount in presidential vote

School Funding in the *W* Age

McKinney/ Johnson debate on C-SPAN Now

Okay, I'm an idiot. What the hell is a "sub thread"?

Do You All Think This Could Work? Or Is This A Helpless Case?

Is bush afraid of negotiations or..

Gary Hart Predicts Bush to Announce Iraq Exit Strategy

Hearing set in rape-slaying of Iraq girl

Bat Watchers Gather at Dusk at Northeast Ohio Farm

could a smaller minimum wage increase pass?

Military academy scraps Vietnam for Iraq

Please provide ONE EXAMPLE of Israel provoking armed conflict

Pentagon Says 40,000 Deserters Since 2000

Webster Tarpley's radio show is streaming now - 5 PM 8/5

Something for us all....

So after the Israelis bomb the hezzbolahs back then what...

Important! More proof of Republican's professional Smear Jobs--must read

*** Some Weekend TOONs ***

Thoughts on Hillary

Remember when we made fun of the Eastern Bloc for steroids?

Since the Six-Day War in 1967, Israel has not won a war

If Iraqi citizens want to have a demonstration against Israel & America...

"Insurgent" Whose word is that? MSM? Administration?

Hezbollah attempting to draw Syria into conflict...

Here's how we force the REPUBLIKLAN congress to increase the minimum wage.

CNN's Daryn Kagan to Exit, Seek Good News

Do you realize the Iraqis we are fighting today were only 12-14 years old

I wonder what Jerry and Pat think about JoHo and Bush kissing?

Banned Books Week Handbook Online

Common Household Chemical May Harm Lung Function


Jesus and Christian arrested in V.A. computer theft

More damning news for rep doolittle. (jack's back)

can someone explain to me how you listen to the "The Brad Show"

Peak Hurricane season just beginning

Comments on the draft cease fire resolution that Lebanon

Political FIlms

Funny freeper juxtaposition

Take the Media Bias Polling Point Survey

Freeper / Repuke Knuckle-dragger --- Chain Email of the Week

We are about to find out what happens when you have a war and no one comes

"whackos on the left"

LIEBERMAN!!! ENJOY Your LAST Weekend As Connecticut's 'Boy'

Stoning adulterers: Iran mother of 4 due to be stoned to death soon

Terrorist Arrested in New York!

Rove pic ads here ... what about that indictment?

the closer sides move toward cease-fire, the more they escalate violence

Attention Democratic Politicians!

"starve them out, bottle them up and smash them"/ defeating terrorists

Hezbollah minister says combatants will fight as long as Israel in Lebanon

If Enron and other big corporations lied about their earnings...

Mexican electoral court rejects recount

As much as we all try not to admit it it seems as though...

More than 100 MPs sign petition attacking Blair

2,586 now dead in W's Iraqi war

Arnie Arneson sitting in for Laura Flanders on Air America tonight

Raul Castro MIA, Fidel Castro Cancer Report Emerges

General Clark on Fox "Heartland" in 30 min (8:00 est)

DeLay, Coulter, Kristol Defend Lieberman

McLaughlin panel last night all unanimous....Lamont steamrolls Joe.

DU Awareness days - just tossing out an idea here

I'm not going to be happy with just the House! I want the Senate too!

Internet speeds the debunking of right-wing lies...

Traumatized, Afraid - 300,000 Lebanese Children Want To Go Home

John Edwards calls for immediate withdrawal from Iraq

"Hey Iraqis! The American Soldiers Are There To Protect You!"

.......... Economic Civil Rights..........

Cool. Somebody finally compiled a comprehensive list!

WITHOUT A VOTE WE HAVE NO VOICE. It's that fucking critical.

Bush Didn't know of the two Islam factions in Iraq - Shia and Sunni:RAW

Despite Image, Cheney a GOP Rock Star

Does This Pass The Smell Test? CNN.CON Warns Against Free Speech

Republican state senator joins Democratic Party

To dispel some of the myths circulating on this board . .

Is Rove scheming to create new WH press room to "neuter" reporters more?

With a simple click of the mouse you can help feed the hungry!

Would you buy an all electric car? How about this one?

The lobbyist for Lieberman, Goldstein--- had his ass handed to him.

Reasons for the US/Israel Jihad Against Hezbollah

Have some patience with me...please


Israel flattens 15 villages, but fails to stop Hizollah rocket barrage.

Has ther been any kickback to Chimpy calling Sam

Gas up to $3.19 today- what are you NOT buying because of gas prices?

I just became insured through my job- prescriptions $587/month insured

Randi's Rant On Rummy--Classic--One For The Books

Two Americas - a slice of life

Public schools would suffer from false promise of vouchers

5th anniversary of "BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO STRIKE IN US" PDB is 8/9/06

Why doth the Muslim rage?

A song for Crashcart

Should the traits of Kindness and Generosity be considered Socialist ?

Know your scumbag Swiftbot: Craig MINNICK (against MURTHA)

Federalization of National Guard without governors' consent...

what havoc is global warming causing in the mid east?


Floyd Landis' "B" sample tests positive. Fired from team Phonak

* in Crawford - pics

Stars & Stripes letter: Sick men in power

Link: a photo to drive Bill Clinton haters nuts

Aid has been arriving in Tyre. Israel is bombing Tyre and staging raids.

DON'T FORGET MEXICO! Reporters without Borders NAILED!

I want to reclaim JFK, FDR, and Truman from the "Wing-nuts"!

Well, Dennis Miller now makes it official that he's a RW shill

Driving While Brown in Phoenix

Shrub to Goldstar mother: " Don't go selling it on eBay"

40,000 thousand troops say they won’t fight - AirForceTimes

oh he is sorry so he gets no jail time!

What we need is a smaller maximum wage... one that would reduce

BREAKING: Donzella James Contesting Primary in Georgia E-VOTING MACHINES >

AFL-CIO Bargaining Digest Weekly 8-5-06

NYT: Judges Redo Texas Districts, and Democrats May Gain

VA Senate race: Allen's campaign manager called Rove's "heir apparent"

Think primaries hurt the Democratic party?

What the wars are really all about? And Israel.

Bush Radio: "Immigration reform meets the needs of our economy"

How to keep College Repuke disruptors away from Democratic events.

So we remove Saddam the Evil Murderous Dictator - MIA?

Lautenberg urges Lieberman to drop "independent run" idea

Where else will the Puritans ban...

there is NO "immediate cessation of violence," in US/France deal.

It's the WAR! (or: Stay the Course vs. A New Direction)

WTF is up with the John McCain google ad??

Every Republican is named George W.

Mexican Electoral Court Rejects Recount

I think that Bolton has gained from the recent battles

Do the Republicans really think that they can go back to the voters

100 Actions in 100 Days: Day 94 (counting down)

Are these conservative pundits insane?

Have you donated to the Democratic Party?

He really was a Fox News Democrat

How can George win Cuban hearts and minds?

Lamont up by 10 in new poll

DU This Poll: MSNBC Live Vote: re Pentagon & 9/11 Attacks

Mehlman shows new GOP Script: Democrats want to "Surrender"

New "Employee Policy" on Lying to the American People

Lebanon: It's the water, stupid!

A message from the Republican Party

I Haven't Heard Any Reports On Israel's Other Front.....

The Week in Political Cartoons

In Israel, Questions About the Conflict (Washington Post)

Lieberman has NOT stopped his ground game:

Tuesday in CT is not really about who wins. It is the beginning...

Ending the neoconservative nightmare

Aftermath of Bush's rosy rhetoric on democracy: ME engulfed in violence

More Ramblings of A Sane Man - By Dick Kazan

Joke... but I cannot remember comedians name. Was at Montreal

I'm not usually one for "conspiracy" theories...Lieberman prediction

Whats good for the goose, is good for the elephant.

Doomed Dems: Rolling Stone on the "Marriage" of David Brooks and the DLC

Sen. Salazar, Dem weekly radio address: Minimum wage "trick" "blackmail"

Riverbend's Blog has been updated.

Will Republicans succeed in turning minimum wage votes against Democrats?

The plan is to use U.S. troops to stop a civil war? (Crazy neocons!)

"RNC Chief Faults Democratic Leaders on Terrorism."

Union seeks to block PV Wal-Mart

The great right wing disconnect from reality

Okay, so now its up to you. Iraq is in civil war and you've been appointed

Final McKinney-Johnson debate (C-Span 12:30pm et - Saturday)

America’s Working Women Struggling, Frustrated and Ready to Vote

Up to 100 from opposing campaign disrupt Lamont's Greenwich rally

George Allen's "Bored Ambition Tour"

CAFTA Bait-and-Switch Destroys Georgia Community

"Beat Them With a Stick, They Will Do" - ROFL Alert!

Lieberman VOWS AGRESSIVE END to primary campaign

Thomas Friedman Echoes Kerry Plan: Time for Plan B for Iraq

AP: "Despite image, Cheney a GOP rock star"

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep ...

200,000 Iraqi Troops - 30,000 Insurgents. Do the Math

I am so disappointed in Patrick Fitzgerald....

NYT and Lieberman think Hillary has skated on wrath of anti-war crowd.

WaPo editorial attacks Dems stance: Bush Social Security soundly rejected

How does Ambassador Lieberman sound..... My prediction

An Analysis of the Lamont-Lieberman Debate

Gary Hart: An October Surprise (Friedman, Hagel and others...hmmm!)

Salon: "Lieberman And Home State Democrats...Troubled Marriage"...

Senate GOP Pushes More Tax Cuts, Kerry and Kennedy Attend Marine's Funeral