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Archives: August 4, 2006

Sunni, Shia and US ME politics

Broder: Doubling Two Bad Bets (Iraq and Israel/Lebanon)

Network news hits the dumpster

Hizballah: A Primer (from Shia point of view -but factual/fair)

Bush's fundamentalism seen as a decisive, negative factor in his policies

Lobbying for Armageddon

Traumatised and afraid - 300,000 children who want to go home(Independent)

Network news hits the dumpster

Global Eye - Running Scared

Dionne: The End Of the Right?

Absence Of America's Upper Classes From The Military

NNadir, your assistance is needed in this GD thread...

Logging Protest (OR)

Wikiality, Truthiness, Orwell and Anti-Semitism

"Please don't Forget what's Going on in Gaza"

Israel's warplanes. Is it just me...?

Rachel Corrie's memory being exploited by anti-semite on myspace

Seven killed in Gaza air strikes

Should we KILL Nasrallah and have his morgue photo's plastered on CNN?

Alex Jones interviews Nafeez Ahmed.

Webster Tarpley author of "9/11 Synthetic Terror" on Mike Malloy now

Who Is This Web Guy On Malloy's Show And What Is His Angle....

WTC-7 Evidence that the attacks did not go according to plan.


Who has what experience?

Strong-Arming the Vote: NYT editorial connecting the dots?

I need an idea for a sign,

The World's EASIEST Cheesecake Pie Recipe

Timber truce ultimatum draws fire

Seven killed in Gaza air strikes

Mom, Roommate Accused of Starving Girl

CDR Boss Says Reconstruction Can Start as Soon as War Ends--Daily Star,Leb

British Ambassador Says Civil War in Iraq 'Likely'--Independent, UK

Judge: GOP Rep. Bonilla could be 'odd man out' in Texas redistricting

Where Did That Video Spoofing Al Gore's Film Come From

CNNMoney: AOL to slash 5,000 jobs

Six Marines charged in Iraq assault


Designated driver says he was tossed out of bar for not drinking

Six Marines charged in Iraq assault

Network news hits the dumpster

Lieberman Hopes Poll Will Jolt Backers (Lamont double-digit lead)

WP: Insurgents Set Sights On Fallujah

Army: Second son's death was suicide

Murtha backers outnumber critics

Peru peasants take miners hostage to demand jobs

Reuters: Plan B decision made before data review: FDA staff

Most opposed to new nuclear weapons (UK poll)

CNN: Lieberman accuses Lamont of lying about blogger relationships

Israeli Warplanes Pound Lebanon

Senate Moving Toward Pension Bill Vote

WP: More Frequent Heat Waves Linked to Global Warming: Researchers

More troops to head to Afghanistan (Australia)

Report: Israel asked UK help on ceasefire last week

Texas GOP Says Will Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court to Keep DeLay Off Ballot

NYT: Republican Senator Roberts Faults Bid to Classify Report on Iraq

General Briefed Murtha After Murder Comment, Marine Corps Says

France's nuclear tests in Pacific 'gave islanders cancer'

U.S. fails to extradite Quebec men on drug charges

Carter-Mondale Teaming Up Again

Iran sends Bin Laden's son to Syria/Lebanon to operate against Israel.

WP, pg1: Vietnam Wall Visitor Center Approved

LAT: Poll: Majority Disapproves of Bush's Environmental Policies (56%)

US fears Baghdad cannot fund rebuilding

NYT/AP: NASA Plan for Moon Rocket Includes Foam (that endangered shuttles)

Senate Rejects Estate, Minimum Wage Bill

Bush makes immigration overhaul argument on border

Republicans Face Off for Frist's Seat (In early returns, Corker leads)

Morgue and MADD for Mel?

Cuba on alert as Bush calls for democracy on the island (AFP)

Cuba Perks Up as Venezuelan Foils Embargo

Summarize a plot of ground in one...



Why didn't J.C. Watts go into the NFL?

Would you believe it's coming out in Fall 2006?!!!!

Does "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" apply to veneral disease?

Why all this raptor talk?

Silk ribbons and two hours...

what thoughts race through our brains when we post in the Lounge?

Log Ride

Nano-Warhols of Fame in the Lounge

Jeebus Rice, I just had to school my dad in ancient Greek and Latin nouns.

The Anti-Impotence Gel That Will Take on Viagra

Are you paying attention?

Just wondering how to get on your ignore list is all.

Your Tube - When did it become so huge ??

Goddammit, maybe no Canada next week.

Do you use skype or other VOIP?

Pictures of my new kitty Dee Dee!

Oh wow. I just looked in my PM box and found messages going back 3 years!

Come and smile! Don't be shy! Touch my bum! This is life!

Tom Vu said that you too can have women on your yacht.

Do you know me yet?

Pet Peeve: Calling Sept. 11..... "nine-one-one"

Freezer burned ice cream doesn't taste very good. I would advise against

When was the last time you picked your nose and ate a booger?

It's raining...

Watch Mel Go From Hunk to Drunk

Name a movie you used to like but now detest

Holy crap, this stuff is good.

Lol, everything is funnier when it's late; Including fake cyber

A husband's nightmare:

Anyone have trouble with Demanding Dames

Did you ever have gas so horrible you couldnt stand being around yourself?

goodnight time to dose off to the daily show

I'm 22 posts from 7,000.

Okay, so some of my neighbors don't suck.

How Brutally Honest Are You?

What did Mel actually say... and why do we care?????

Neighbors: Dog Drove Car Into House

Luke Skywalker has a horrible nightmare...

How Open-Minded Are You? (Fun little Blogthings quiz)

Johnny Cash fans: CNET's free stream, "American V: A Hundred Highways" CD

YOUTUBE. When did it become so huge?

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

I am headed to the family cabin in Pike National Forest

Can someone explain the season finale of Hex?

Boston Tea Party ...August 16 2006

post the subject title of a message in your du mailbox

I'm still sitting at the airport. I'll be on DU until one of two things

Favorite movie(s) from the 1970's? Billy Jack....

What sign is your true love?

Da Matta injured in a collision with a deer

Why you shouldn't become a reefer addict (A warning in pictures)

MacBook Security Gone in 60 Seconds

Anyone have XM Satellite?

Um . . . . Can we have honesty in our profiles?

When is the last time you cleaned your refrigerator?

Great nuclear physics book for an adolescent.

yankees win boston loses

The Official Contest Theme for August is****Texture*****

KOEB 8/3/06 Rummy Upstaged!!!! Edit + Factor Fiction!!!

1,787 days since 9/11 and Bin Laden STILL A FREE MAN....

U.K. Official: Iraq Likely To Split Up

Sign up for Poverty, etc. Data Training: Aug. 17 (looks good

Olbermann talking about the 9/11 NORAD Tapes (O'Reilly in few minutes)

A simple, inexpensive, symbolic gesture...

Accused U.S. soldiers refuse to testify

GREAT NEWS! a new technique to stop pollution!

Iraq's Shia in 'million man march' In Support of Hezbollah

Condi has Finally Come Through! "Rice/Peretz Possible Compromise!"

Keith's great

dismissing Rumsfeld....

"Please don't Forget what's Going on in Gaza"

Do you know me yet?

John Kerry takes fight against cancer personally

Rumsfeld is deranged and should be fired; withdraw troops from Iraq now

What did Mel actually say... and why do we care?????

Bush at the border: Operation Take The Picture

Tomorrow, the United Nations Will Be Hit with a Nuclear Weapon

Santorum signs letter protecting gay, lesbian employees (???)

Can the Democrats filibuster the minimum wage bill?

OK, we all need a laugh for a change!!!!

Iraq -Was the US a stooge and a pawn of Iran in the 1st place?

Woo Hoo!! Bill to repeal estate tax does not pass the senate nt

George Mitchell to Condi...You suck. Your Administraiton sucks.

Minimum wage bill is flawed

I may be crazy..

Is it time to start thinking about a Middle East War memorial?

Cuba Perks Up as Venezuelan Foils Embargo

Mutiny grows as Blair admits Cabinet dissent

Don't ya just hate it when cartoonists go on holiday?

Quick question about Ned Lamont

Olberman is a FRICKIN COMIC GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blair admits Cabinet is split over Middle East

Israel's Nuclear Weapons, the French connection, and more

Where Did That Video Spoofing Al Gore's Film Come From

Did you ever feel lonely?

Chavez withdraws Venezuela ambassador to Israel

TDS is cracking me up......

Israel's warplanes. Is it just me...?

Jon Stewart is ridiculing the MSM and the Fundies at the same time

In Tennessee... it's Corker v. Ford

Rachel Corrie's memory being exploited by anti-semite on myspace

Laughing @ his death Art Buchwald goes to the beach and shows style.

Now this is cold from 1911 :)

Boston Tea Party August 16, 2006


The "Trifecta" bill goes down 56-42

The Wasteland: III The Fire Sermon

Thank you, Malloy, for playing a song from Rodger Water's 'Radio Kaos'

QUICK! Reuter's steals DU'er SwampRat's Photo of Condi!...Story here:

Perata raises eyebrows with "cracker" comment

Tonight: Danny DeVito on TDS, Paul Hackett on The Colbert Report ~

Oh look...stupid f*cks!

Robin Williams on Terry Gross - FIRST of all.....

Re-post for the night crew (Very powerful video) You should see this.

If you missed KO tonight, the rerun started three minutes ago

Art boosts Alzheimer's patients' spirits

Webster Tarpley author of "9/11 Synthetic Terror" on Mike Malloy now

Da Matta injured in a collision with a deer

Paul Hackett on Colbert: He ran and cut...

Neighbors: Dog Drove Car Into House

Lobbying for Armageddon

Ugh: Out of Control Spending on the Iraq War

Why The US Will Never Have A Woman President

The numbers show Lieberman had a Fox habit

Rumsfeld breaks his own record

Bombing is backed by most American voters

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

Formaldehyde in FEMA trailers?

Paul Hacket: "What the hell does McCain know about a fox hole?

Please tell me why globalization is so great.

Hizballah: a poll

Okay, the tea bag thing: We need more coordination

Mixed emotions - Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand

It's Up at C&L Olbermann’s Factor Fiction

Has anyone asked if there was an assassination attempt on Castro?

Video: Jeanine Garafolo analyzes FReepers

Pat Buchanan just said Lieberman is going to get nailed on Tuesday

What I haven't seen on MSM: Hezbollah Takes BBC Into Wasteland of Lebanon

Couldn't forsee a civil war?

Wikipedia bans Stephen Colbert

the ends of times segment NOW on abc Nightline (support of Israel)

Congressman Conyers: DeLay and the Tidal Wave

Soldier in Afghanistan committed suicide amid call to Fort Irwin

Russia says UN weakened by US support of Israel

Faces of US Muslim and Jewish dissent (CSM)

The End Of the Right? Is conservatism finished? By E. J. Dionne Jr.

Just when I thought I'd heard it all... (fundie/racist BS)

Xcel's Monticello Nuke Plant (MN) May Have To Shut Down Due To DROUGHT

Charlie Rose has Oliver Stone on, with the new 9/11 movie. Who thinks

A somber flight from Boston to Washington: "Flags of Our Sons"

Hizbullah offers to spare civilians if Israeli military does the same

Would you move to outer space?

UN report a 'moral indictment' of US (Larisa Alexandrovna, Raw Story)

NYT editorial: Rumsfeld "stuck in time warp," "in denial of reality"

Wonder how Clinton feels now about Lieberman....verifies Indy run.

Why is CBS ignoring the obvious about electric power?

Suspected child molester commits suicide

Green Is The New Red

Larisa Alexandrovna: UN report a 'moral indictment' of US


Juan Cole, "A letter to the editor worth reading":


It's not the "bad things happening to good people" that gets to ya'...

Activists slam India panel's OK to "toxic" ship (SS Norway to be beached)


Huey P Long - Monster or Martyr?

Just WHY are people buying homes anyway?

Liebermann THUGS begin fights with Lamont supporters tonite

WP, Dionne: "This is the week conservatism reached the point of collapse."

Lets get behind Swamp Rats idea of tea bags.

Israel admits air war has failed to end the Hizbollah rocket threat

BOOK TV Schedule August 5th - 7th... abbreviated version

This is the Democratic Underground and I'm here to support DEMOCRATS

Food Pantries in Crisis Across America -- Alert!

Senate candidate Lamont goes after Walmart!!!

News for Aug 4, 2006: The Poll

Al Gore should call for Rumsfeld's dismissal

Molly Ivins: Press, including Bob Novak, kneels before King George

What would Rove replacing Rummy do for our election chances?

Bush Grants Self Permission To Grant More Power To Self

Local elections can lead the way

NEW: "Far Left Jeans!!!!"

{NC} State's innocence commission is a first (AP/CNN)

Palast: leaked State Dept memo - why we invaded Iraq

NYT: Lamont campaign harnesses bloggers' "energy, anger, muckraking zeal"

The Politics of Oil--CNN graphic, data from Center for Responsive Politics

Is Laotras' model viable to you?

The Big Dog is in Nashville tonight

Activist thrown out of conference vows to plague Blair (UK)

A libertarian media. A trivia symbolism congress.

The Big Pension Bill: Is That All There Is?

Planning an Impeachment Blog Action

"His shortest summer vacation since taking office" (10 days in Crawford)

I have read on a number of threads about a Bill Clinton/Lieberman deal

Senate rejects estate, minimum wage bill


Hundreds NOT Thousands of Lieberman Workers! ONLY 817 Indie Signatures!

We Got Your Back Jack (Murtha) - Max Cleland Counters Swifties

So, tell me about Cuba.

congratulations Ned Lamont: a pre-mortem

Why we are Republicans

Help, what is this? K Street Project Corruption Alert: Sen. Harry Reid Pre

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Poetic Beauty of Al Sharpton

John Warner(R) suggests Congress re-examine authority for * to wage war

poll: Lieberman behind double-digits; says he will run as an independent

Pat Roberts (liar) is pretending he didn't stall the Iraq inquiry

Ned Lamont is NOT a 'darling of the netroots' .....

Nader Rips Lieberman -- & Lamont

Wesley Clark Delivers Another Wow Performance - Newshounds

Hillary Clinton will ignore some of her critics

Senate Shoots Down House Estate-Tax Bill

Murtha's mind / Congress's defense expert tells the truth on Iraq

Taking back their tips

Jailing of Reporters Send Powerful Signal

Liberal Advocacy Groups Who Support "Moderate" Republicans Enable GOP Tyra

Day to Day Among the Viet Cong

Bush Grants Self Permission To Grant More Power To Self (The Onion)

NYT: The Latino South: In Georgia, Immigrants Unsettle Old Sense of Place

The Pinocchio Syndrome: Lying Just Because You Can

New Statesman: Blood on his hands (Blair)

Apparently The publicist does not know the 13th commandment... "How Lebanon Rescued Me"

Dysfunction Rules In Middle East Conflict By: Joe Conason

Military Waste In Our Drinking Water

The "Armageddon Lobby" - a very good short read

Future History: A Glimpse of What US Lebanon Policy Could Spawn

Tony Blair means only one thing when he talks about his values

Chris Dodd campaigning for Lieberman this weekend

CNN/AP: Drug violence, political unrest mar Mexico tourism

AnaIysis: Israeli army eyes Litani River

Tomgram: Judith Coburn on Flunking Counterinsurgency 101

Dehumanizing others is no virtue BY ANDREW GREELEY

Bill Maher - The World IS Mel Gibson

Terry Jones: Nice one, George

A vote is a vote, and never a throw away.

On Bush's Religious ideology and its effects on Policy (4 articles)

Trees- good or bad for global warming..

Iran says oil may hit $100/barrel on geopolitics (Reuters)

Al Gore's Penguin Army -- a YouTube film by... Exxon.

Could this be the last great decade for America??

A Bit of History for Global Warmers: Look at 1930 [CNSNews]

Pat Robertson and Global Warming

Sea Urchin Dieoff Underway In Southern California - ENN

Energy Chief Offers Nuclear Incentives

Head Of Royal Society Implores G-8 For More Funding Of Alt. Energy - BBC

Japan's Rainy Season Intensifying - Tokyo Awash After Solid Week Of Rain

Sales of fuel efficient vehicles makes Toyota #2 in the US, passing Ford.

EPA has proposed banning carburofan

Recovery is a dangerous word in the hands of politicians.

Wind farm testimony offers different spins (Maine)

Venezuela's Chavez compares Israel to Hitler

Border Police search Israeli Arab homes without warrants

Israel, not Hizbullah, is putting civilians in danger on both sides of the

This could be much worse than most here imagine.

Israel kills three Palestinians in Gaza - 162 total have died

Killed 300 - here's 10,000 more

Two killed in northern Israel by Hezbollah rockets

6 Palestinians killed in Jericho prison

Maybe the US and Israel want to use "The Flypaper Strategy" in Lebanon

What is the consensus? Tarpley, Ruppert, Lance, Hopsicker, Griffin, Marrs

9/11 wodows issue statement regarding Pentagon's alleged deception

Air America's Sheldon Drobny sees 9/11 "inside help"

Alex Jones was Peter Boyles' guest 2 hours this morning 8/04

American 77's black box data released

Hijacker documents found in Shanksville

Different Color Ballots, How Clever !!

Lehto:The Stain of Duke Cunningham is the Stain of Secrecy Now in our Elec

A challenge for HCPB supporters

Voted today here in Tn. Asked for paper ballot...

Assuring Fair Elections Video (cross post)

I had an idea and I got it from Santorium....

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRIDAY August 4, 2006

Wasn't August 2006 set as the date...

'06 Washington Tea Party !!!!!! (X-POST)

New Web Ad for Chris Bell [Pro-Stem Cell Research]

Texas Democrats have good day in two courts

Pew Research Center Article on Privatizing Social Services

Who will be left once everyone transfers? Will they close the school?

Chris Bell, Glenn Melancon, and Barbara Radnofsky in Plano Saturday

Former radio talk show host, Jon Matthews, violates probation

Redistricting Decision is out!

Anyone in Austin/Cen-Tex up for a last-minute brunch on Sunday?

I found a white bread recipe my hubby will eat

kind of a weird legume question

Canadians want to ensure foreign policy is developed with Canadian values

Liberal power couple back Harper on Mideast

Klein rejects environmental concerns over oilsands boom

GOP Chair Says Democrats Weak on Terror

Hagel: Begin Iraq withdrawal within 6 months

CNN hires Castro's estranged daughter

In Iraq, bomb turns engagement party into funeral

E&P/AP: Latest Jailing of Journalist Sending A Message to Bloggers?

Editor&Publisher: Reporters Shut Out Of Cuba At Key Moment

WP: Cuba's Divided Dissidents Keep Low Profile

Mexico's Exchange Blockaded by Lopez Obrador Protests

World must race to develop green energy, urges Rees (Pres/ Royal Soc)

Pentagon Generals Warn of Iraq Civil War

9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes

Jailing of Reporters Send Powerful Signal

Muslim civilians killed as Sri Lanka battle for water intensifies

Reuters: Bridge bombing paralyses Lebanon aid pipeline

Cuba Perks up as Venezuela Foils Embargo

Iraqi Shiites Chant 'Death to Israel' (and "Death to America")

Unemployment rate hits 5-month high...

Iranians pelt British embassy with stones

Guantanamo detainees may remain indefinitely: Gonzalez

Rocker Arthur Lee dies in Memphis

Officials Say Kerik Faces a Second Investigation

Tribe impeaches leader, is snarled in abortion battle

GOP to Take DeLay Case to Supreme Court

Thousands flee worst Sri Lanka fighting in years

NYT/Reuters: Schools in Afghanistan Under Growing Attack: UNICEF

Israel blocks supply of fuel to Lebanon

Castro's sister dismisses rumors

Gallup: Sen. Lieberman Now More Popular With Republicans Than Democrats

BBC: Deadly attacks hit northern Iraq (Hadhar, Mosul)

Thousands flee on foot as Sri Lanka fighting rages

AFSCME planning new organizing effort (legislation, electoral politics)

Blair delays holiday to work on Lebanon deal

Yanukovych approved as Ukraine PM

Air America Stream is Down?

Activists: Advisory proves Blackwell suppressing vote

New voting system won't be glitch-free (trouble in MI)

Asian suicide bombers dispatched to attack Jewish interests

nonfarm payroll employment increased by 113,000 in July

Michael Moore fest ignores plea to pull film

Chavez: Venezuela to Get Defense System

Southeast Asian suicide bombers dispatched to attack Jewish interests

Mexico ramps up airport, oil security amid protests

Three ISAF soldiers killed, 6 wounded in Taliban attack

Iran's reformists redirect their anger toward US and Israel

WP: In Iraqi Town, U.S. Feels Push Toward an Exit(Residents Blame Troops)

Judge dismisses filmmaker’s defamation suit against Kerry

McKinney challenger says 'Arab surnames' of donors mean 'I could say she's

Israel bombs Beirut bridges

Latest: The Road to Camp Casey

Texas Republicans to appeal DeLay ballot ruling to Supreme Court

Israel warplanes destroy Lebanon bridges (& the cars on the bridges-look

US Democrats see more unity on Iraq ahead of (November) vote

Grand jury to probe La. bridge blockade

(Hizbullah) Rockets hit Kuneitra in Syria; none wounded

Two US marines killed in the Anbar province west of Iraq

Translator pleads guilty to bribe offer (buying armored vests in Iraq)

Poll: Public split on Bush handling of Mideast crisis (disapprove 46-43%)

Court redraws 5 Texas congressional districts

Rising jobless and cost-of-living figures: stagflation on the way?

LAT: Firms Said to Stop Supplying Tower Records: Has ceased paying bills

US, France close to deal on UN Mideast resolution

NYT:100,000 March Against U.S. and Israel in Baghdad

Pension Overhaul Bill Sent to President

Texas redistricting solidifies Hispanic vote

US Marine accused in Haditha may expand libel suit (to a MN congressman)


Rep. Katherine Harris Predicts Senate Win

Poll: Americans' approval of Bush creeps upward, but lags approval of Rice

Breast isn't best: readers tell US parenting magazine

White House rebuffs Clinton criticism of Rumsfeld

3 bucks for your suffering (Con Ed Credit for Week w/o Electricity)

Officials: Israeli strikes in Lebanon flatten houses, 57 buried in rubble

Professional Lobbyist Thuggery Exposed (Aldon Hynes on Lamont harasser)

Case Dismissed: Judge Dismisses Entire Sherwood vs. Kerry Lawsuit

Military prosecutor brands accused US troops 'war criminals'

Two held over US serial killings (Phoenix murders)

Bush, Annan discuss U.N. resolution on Lebanon (15 minute conversation)

FEMA does U-turn, will test trailers for toxins (Katrina trailers)

Nashville Tennessean/AP: Bill Clinton praises Al Gore at Tennessee rally

Reuters Breaking: Israeli strike kills 25 farm workers in Lebanon

LAT: Gas Costs Eat Into Restaurant Sales

CNN/Reuters: NASA joins search for elusive ivory-billed woodpecker

Lieberman to call for Rumsfeld resignation

Iranian official admits Tehran supplied missiles to Hezbollah

Second Mass Dog Slaughter In China

Lieberman rival owns stock in Wal-Mart

Uzbekistan seizes US mining giant’s assets

Senate opposes military hunting plan

McKinney Must Fend Off Primary Challenge (run off election)

Soaked El Paso hopes earthen dam holds

AP: Israel Severs Lebanon Road Link to Syria

(Lebanon) U.N. warns aid supply could be cut off because of...bombing...

Petty officer held in secret for 4 months

US imposes sanctions on Russia

Police: Three NM men beat 18-year-old gay man to 'scare him straight'

Senator predicts Lieberman would abandon run if he loses primary

Pentagon silent on inquiry into Cunningham contracts

Inquiry Begins Into Police Refusal to Let Katrina Evacuees Enter Town

WP - Ex-Bush Aide Pleads Guilty to Theft

U.S. Threatens Suit if Maine Probes Verizon Ties to NSA

Bush begins 10 Day vacation in Texas

Wiccan widow seeks help from church-state group

Slow Dancing. What does it mean to you?

NOOOO!!!!1111!!!!!11! YOUTUBE IS DOWN!

What's on your television right now...

revisiting oil on canvas

Well, the Rapture failed to happen today.

Q for DU ladies: How long do 30 year-old women stay "in season?"

What's your Unitarian Jihad name?

HeadOn! Apply Directly To The Forehead!!

Four Candles ....

Good Friday morning, Crew!


From today on

It's not bad enough I accidentally bought the ones with the stupid wings..

Designated Driver Kicked Out Of Bar For Not Drinking

Cal Peg has arrived safely!

Are there certain words we can't use in referring to racism?

My Friday's night ask me a difficult question thread!


Woo hoo...I'm gonna see Talladega Nights this afternoon!!!

Dog Drives Car Into House

Snakes On A Plane


Which browser do you recommend?

Free screen cleaner:

was there a RUPTURE?

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (Post your Travel Woes)

it's phonics people

I'm surprised there aren't more sports teams called The Goats

If it's raining and the pressure is rising

Woman Bakes Cookies On Her Dashboard During Heat Wave

Dear "Maura": I found your private Journal in a used book store.

TEASE: Tomorrow the kittens will be a week old (this thread has a photo)

Beautiful parents have more daughters

Woman gets stuck on toilet, suffers burns

Diabetes? There's no DU Group about Diabetes.


OK. I'm Stupid. What Is A Raver?

Is RRRs daughter still missing? I'm way out of the loop.

Where is everyone?

My Best Bud is Gone. but I'll get over it.

Pizza Hut or Pappa John's?

My Internets are double-plus-slow today. Who's DNS-ing me?

The only thing cuter than a baby panda is

forget it

Friday, August 4. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Just discover a really cool site called

74 Year Old Womans' License Plate Deemed Obscene By State ("NWTF")

listen to me play Wabash Cannonball....i bought a cowbell....

Goddammit! I need a stiff drink! NOW!!!

School Board Chief's Son Arrested For Breaking Into School

Chinese entrepreneur trademarks Zidane headbutt

Allright, let's see... pants..

It just occurred to me that we all have the pleasure of being CEOs...

The other mental health center's plumbing exploded!!!

I remembered Poland today, but forgot the coffee!

I have no real plans for today

seems nobody has a beef to pick with me. Why dont you?

This is kind of an odd question, but...

Damn! I'm such a procrastinator...

I need a haircut. I'm starting to spring a mullet.

With gas at $3.00/gallon what is a typical mileage reimbursement?

How many days per week does your devotion to DU make you late to work?

My momma told me that girls are hollow

The French position is simple

Help, I've been HYPNOTIZED!!!!!

Camper Falls Off Cliff While En Route To Pee, Sues U.S.


Create your own Chick flix

things that annoy you

Mel Gibson questions answered!

So, should I start buying food for the post-Rapture party yet?

Arthur Lee (of Love) dead at 61

Hello from Airport Hell

Mel Hates Jews

My new Mac is a big, expensive paperweight

Married and Never Been 37

What is in your NetFlix queue?


I have you all on ignore

BREAKING from the DU Lounge weather watch!!!

secks thred

Isn't this a bit too personal, even for the Lounge?

Does Pablo Cruise offend you?

Does seeing a woman without a comma splice, offend you?

Does seeing a woman without a colon, offend you?

Does Veracruz offend you?

Does tomahawk cruise offend you?

Does Counting Crows offend you?

What they say about fulfillment

Yippee!!! My SO is visiting me in Oregon for a week!

Now posting on MySpace

I am on a big avocado kick

Does seeing a woman without a shirt offend you?

Goodnight, you lot

Do easily offended people offend you?

YAY! Solved the ant problem

Do multiple copy posts on being offended offend you?

Does being Raptured offend you?

EPA has proposed to ban carburofan...


Samuel L. Jackson just e-mailed MUST try this

I had the day from HELL!!!

Make up a lie about yourself.

Does Pablo Escobar offend you?

I'm down a tree!

I'm treed and I can't get down.

Is Michelle Malkin hot?

Body Modification: A New Trend - How do you feel about it?

Do rowing crews offend you?

Can magnet mess up post office?

Happy birthday mainegreen!!

Is a bowl of fudge hot?

Mel Hates Juice

When we are Raptured, can we also take our Pets?


There's nothing like an infected tooth to make you appreciate

Count off


KA-RACK KA-BOOM. And then dark.

Awww man. sweet. I think the rapture is here.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 8/4/06)

I got the One Touch(TM) can opener.

What's black and white and read all over?

Who will join me in praising Graham Chapman?


Are Milwaukee and Pittsburg good places to live?

Couple: Peephole provided view into their room at Sybaris

Two weeks ago, I was sweltering in an ungodly heatwave

How's this for a First Date From Hell?

Down 35 pounds and counting.

The Earth Is Yours

Does Tom Cruise offend you?

So, I'm sittin' on a cross smoking a cigarette

Naked Man Walking Along Interstate Says He Was Hot

Baby Panda -- sqqqqqqueal!!!!!

Seems everyone else has a beef to pick with me - what's yours

Yay! 5000 posts for me!

I have a new favorite band - The Slumber Party... what's yours?

Does anyone know a thing or two about home entertainment speakers?

My pet spider Horace is missing.

Do people whose false teeth pop out in front of you offend you?

Looking for some ebay selling (international shipping) advice

I dreamed about a DUer again last night

What's your favorite Elvis movie?

Congratulations SharonRB!! 10,000 posts

We men don't need to ask for directions

Car repair question

Happy Coast Guard Day. 1790-2006

I went to college with Michelle Malkin, ask me anything

How much is gas in your neighborhood? Today I saw $3.05 - $3.19

RAPTURE ROLL CALL PLEASE!! Who survived the Rapture?

Ta na na na... Ta na na na... Ta na na na...

Summarize a DU Lounge regular in one sentence. Then let us guess who it is

Good morning, everybody! I am in Ohio..........

How would you cook wild salmon fillets?

Congratulations BuffyTheFundieSlayer!! 15,000 posts

Lenny Kravitz: Boring

I am going out with NSMA for beer this afternoon

BigMcLargehuge's day, in pictures!

What is the SEXIEST food?

What obnoxious question would you ask a movie star in person?

Carb Frenzy Has Hit - BADLY!

Fundies upset that Jeff Gordon is marrying a supermodel

Don't join myspace.

I wish that parents kept their children at their side while at the zoo

**How Much Weight Would You Like To Lose?**

Damned Raccoons!


Who's been to Maui? What would you recommend?

Is Joe Lieberman hot?

Does seeing an extraneous comma, offend you?

Does seeing a man without a shirt, offend you?

never mind

Wanna see puppies being born?

Arthur Lee has died

Worst place you've ever been in the U.S.?

My pipes CNN now!

Apocalypse Watch: Is it just US TV news, or the entire country?

Breast isn't best: readers tell US parenting magazine

Teenage milk consumption linked to acne

GOP gay haters need to become more clever with their insults! LOL

Home Depot thinks we're animals....

Da Matta in Intensive Care (Champ Car driver)

Case Dismissed: Judge Dismisses Entire Sherwood vs. Kerry, “Stolen Honor”

Lie and Die.

Watch O'Neill spew lies on youtube.

Official Kerry Podcast launched

Is there a video clip of JK from yesterday?

I must post a positive sign.

Whew! I got my donor star back!

Is this the Clarkie in the Kerry forum week? :)

Repub arrogance and the quagmire

Photosynth by Microsoft and the University of Washington

OMG, ya'll, quite the baby mama drama you had around here when I was gone!

Self delete to am

Watching "Twilight Zone - The Midnight Sun"

Match This Great & Dear Leader Pose (Of Dubya) An Image Finding Game

PHOTO: Vapid and vapider.

Everybody SING ALONG! "A kiss to build a dream on"

Does Hizbollah have a right to negotiate just as a country does?

2,585 now dead in W's Iraqi war

Man, you guys gotta see this.

New to NORAD/911 info? Well here are some other thing you should know.

Which of the following would you rather have?

Gas Price check-in. . .And how to manage a budget???

ANALYSIS: Hezbollah still has thousands of rockets

Fundy LDS member's trial: Polygamist gets 45 days for sex with minor

When Survival Became Uncool

NBC just referred to Sen Clinton as "Hillary"!

I'm still here...

Please help settle family argument about terrorism

Wikiality, Truthiness, Orwell and Anti-Semitism

I bet Cheri Blair is ticked....

I Saw A Teenage Girl Today At Wal-Mart Wearing A Hammer/Sickle T-Shirt

Blair claims he will lead new Mideast peace drive, criticizes Israel

Major protest in Iraq for Support of Hezbollah, "Death to America"

1,200 killed in Baghdad last month, Generals say Civil War MAY occur.

Idea for the November Election - The Republic Protection Team

Anyone else see and hear it?

Aaaah the TEA BAGS

Petty officer held in secret for 4 months

c-span 7:30et topic: should rumsfeld resign?

Take This Quiz And Post Your Results

Four Candles ....

Hundred thousand Iraqi Shiites demonstrate for Lebanon

August 4, 2006 We Are Up To 2585 Today

"Health Care is not a Right... Unless you are a Fetus."

Why I disagree with Sen. Clintons' smackdown of Rumsfeld yesterday

Video: One of the best "This Week in God" segments ever on TDS.

celebrities and soldiers

Did anyone else catch this on Anderson Cooper 360 last night?

“Let the bodies hit the floor.”

How many here work for the Minimum Wage?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - FRIDAY 8/4 -- ..raising the pot?

Can bush loving born again Jesus zombies be de-programmed?

Bush Appoints Negroponte Iraq Ambassador - April 20th, 2004

David Cay Johnston ("Perfectly Legal") on C-SPAN's WJ - 9am EDT

The Dirty War in Iraq

Sheriff Strain on the front page again this morning -- the heat is on

Lieberman: Does Anti-Incumbency have anything to do.....

MSM: Typical misleading caption

Does this sound like "sectarian violence" to you?

There are people flying the Hezbollah flag in Iraq. What does

Iraqi Shiites Chant 'Death to Israel' and ''Death to America''

Hey DUers-did you hear me on Washington Journal (C-SPAN) this a.m.?

== God Is In The Magic Mushrooms = by Mark Morford

Prosecutors mull pre-election indictments in Congress

The Chickenhawk society page

Happy Coast Guard day!!!

The Unitary Jihad

Whatever happened to Overtime Pay?

The French position is simple

Michael Moore fest ignores plea to pull film

Maybe the US and Israel want to use "The Flypaper Strategy" in Lebanon

An open letter to Democratic event organizers

Center for American Progress coming up on C-span

Bush Backrub! Work those fingers... Work those fingers!

Another bumper sticker idea to play with the fundies

Wondering how W put on those extra 5 pounds?

The DLC are the lowest kind of scum . . . .

Did Dick Cheney try to cover up the "shooting incident"?

Rapture Ready folks don't stand with Robertson on global warming

Viva Chavez

If the US goes to war with China over the Middle East,

The Great Disconnet

Next time a Chickenhawk tells you how patriotic they are

One of the Two Valez Bros. killed in war KILLED HIMSELF.

Gen Peter Pace Regurgitates Gillerman's Talking Points At Senate Hearing

BUSINESS GROWS BEARISH on Republicans holding Congress.

Time for Int'l Commission of Inquiry to investigate Israel’s war crimes ?

Now what was it Bush was saying about this great economy?

Well, it ain't "Mission Accomplished" but apparently Bush does have a plan

Paul Krugman: Centrism Is for Suckers

I wish every Democrat could garner the courage from within like Hillary,

Five Things Bush Should Do While "Working Pretty Hard" In Crawford

Cavuto Lobs Softballs To Bush, Displays "Conservative Media Bias."

Same "human interest story" on CNN as on the front page of my newspaper.

Bush--the Prezident that "never was".

Bush's incompetent diplomacy with Israel/Lebanon spills over into Iraq

Bush Seeks Retroactive Immunity From US War Crimes Prosecution

Bush's talent: Subverting the Truth by Ron Reagan

Front page roundup: Your Liberal Media on last night's Senate vote

What can we do to reverse the slump in DU registrations?

Constitution in Crisis Final Report Released-by Congressman John Conyers

A New Hub for Terrorism?

Mushrooms and Science

Bagram Airbase banner: "Impeach Bush"

Basic opinion poll on the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict

Satellite picture of Beirut bombing (before & after)

You think were after Joe now--wait until he runs as an Independent.

Hackers clone E-Passports

Woman gets stuck on toilet, suffers burns

Beautiful parents have more daughters

The first presidential primary of 2008 is 9/12/06 in New York

I'd be happy if the U.S. admitted defeat in Iraq , cut and run quickly


Let's Send Books, not Bombs to the Middle East - Faithful America

Reid: It is Time to Change This Do-Nothing Republican Congress

Help. We need "rosy picture" quotes from Rumsfeld.

turns out guy who attacked Lamont for Lieberman is a Washington Lobbyist

I'm not even going to begin on how much is wrong with this column.

Press Ignores Church's Effect on Bush's Policies

Voting Machine 'Sleepover' Fever Hits the Nation...PLUS: GOP Sex Crimes...

China Bans Made-In-China Antibiotic

Conrad Burns has bees in his bonnet

Congressional cafeteria: "Freedom fries" are once again french fries.

how to stop vote stealing.. they are checking signatures of voters and if

Should Democrats have supported the estate tax/min wage bill?

Bush's fundamentalism seen as a decisive, negative factor in his policies

OK. I'm Stupid. What Is A Raver?

College Republicans organizing for Lieberman

If you were the huge underdog in a war, wouldn't you fight dirty?

Get your mind off of world events

Does Iraq "sectarian violence" and "civil war" remind you of Iraq "WMDs?"

anyone having trouble bringing up Malloy's site ?

Do you really think we'll get a minimum wage increase if we win in Nov?

Peace is not something you wish for-It's something you make

Rummy's "Oh my Goodness" comment sounded like he got kicked in the Balls.

Anyone know why MSNBC thinks we want to hear what is being said

Keyboard Shrinks: What makes Neo-Cons Tick, deep down inside?

Living the Dream or a Nightmare??

Washington Post article says Bush's popularity is "just so-so"

Rep. Katherine Harris predicts Senate win

Corker wins GOP primary in TN will face Harold Ford

Trunking and Driving Awareness

This worries me. Bush begins his vacation in Texas.

Carter/Mondale reunite for fundraiser for Jack Carter's Senate race

Awww. Sad. DeLay's lost his Conceal/carry gun permit. Oh, the Humanity!

Justice Dept. threatens to sue Maine to stop domestic spying lawsuit

Did TV ads ever get the same response the "netroots" do now?

The Saran Wrap - Microwave - Cancer connection. Fully debunked?

Census: Top Draw for blacks in the U.S. is Broward County, FL

WHO WORKS WHERE: Lebanon latest(aid agencies/humanitarian overview)

Deleted Dupe topic...

Do you want a peaceful prosperous tomorrow?

Why don't ALL cubans get health care as good as Castro?

Bush fails in environmental poll

Help score a big progressive win in CT ACTION >>>>>>>>>>

Al Gore and Franklin Roosevelt

Protests in 24 states to demand an end to nuclear weapons and war...

I REFUSE to pay TAXES to the Lebanese Defense Department!

Military Waste In Our Drinking Water

Staring into the abyss.

Fox VIEWERS find Fox News "pointless and annoying."

Juan Cole on now with Thom Hartmann

What Scares Repubs? "True" conservatives staying home election day

GOP Loves JOE!!!

Brits raise money for HIV/AIDs in an interesting way, rofl indeed!

Isn't it really unusual for a "moderate" Dem to win over a "moderate" Repu

High Number of Polluted U.S. Beach Days Motivates Lawsuit

Swift Boater's Case Against Kerry "Dismissed With Prejudice" By Judge

Johnson courts Jewish vote in 4th District race

What would a fair estate tax be to you?

22nd day of war, not one single military target reached? Is this true?

Cindy Sheehan in Jordan (Iraqi Tells Her Iraq 'Beyond Repair')

Sun Blamed for 60,000 Preventable Deaths Annually

Rep. Lewis Supports Lieberman but Not McKinney

Atlanta Braves drop-kick Dobson/Focus on the Family

Domesday Book medieval census goes online

Lautenberg: Lieberman won't go independent if he loses big in primary

Lieberman is the last sincere Republican left

msnbc has a map up right now. they are drawing the attacks

Rush Limbaugh's ex, Darryn Kagan, leaving CNN

GOP Chair Says Democrats Weak on Terror

Getting hands on fake IDs much easier

Air America Stream is Down?

DNC: Republican Do-Nothing Congress Vacations

"Lie and Die"

The signs of lying-apply these when watching our esteemed leaders..

Coulter put "even money" on Sen. Clinton "Coming out of the closet"

Joe Conason: "When Cowards Attack" (Rethug brutality against Murtha)

Israeli ambassador calls Hizbollah offer to end attacks "sign of weakness"

So, are we still awaiting the Abramoff "explosion"?

Israeli planes hit Christian areas around Beirut

Dozens buried in rubble after airstrikes

Israel, not Hizbullah, is putting civilians in danger on both sides of the

Rockets hit southernmost point of conflict...

Iraqi Shiites Chant 'Death to Israel'

Trouble Streaming Randi Rhodes from Air America???

We invaded Iraq to do what, again?

Does anyone know what kind of storage is required for all these

Does seeing a man without a shirt, offend you?

Mayor Announces Arrests in Phoenix Case

Lieberman has been known as "Holy Joe", right?

Northern Israel exodus leaves old, weak and poor to face rockets

RNC Advises Candidates NOT to Defend Bush

Iran to supply Hezbollah with surface-to-air missiles

but, how many times has Rumsfeld been asked to resign already?

Southeast Asian suicide bombers dispatched to attack Jewish interests

About Hillary's performance yesterday.

Ned Lamont on Randi Rhodes NOW, also AAR in NYC moving to 1600am

Check out this great video from Soldiers for the truth

When did Kath Harris become a joke?

Excellent LTTE in NYT on Middle East conflict

Opposition blames 'militarizing' Afghanistan mission for soldier deaths

Israeli military accused of whitewash on Qana bombing

What the heck is Paula Zahn's problem?

Uzbekistan seizes US mining giant’s assets

Summer Update: No Vacation for Media Reformers

Five thousand Egyptians protest US, Israel at Cairo mosque

CNN wants people to submit news stories to them...

Iran supplied missles to Hezbollah...

Anyone else having trouble getting AAR and streaming Randi?

Lieberman: If I were the president I'd ask Rumsfeld to leave.

Agony of New Orleans, Through Spike Lee’s Eyes

Texan DUers help me out here with your Senator

Israeli strikes reportedly trap up to 50 in rubble

Mother, Police Search For Missing Iraq Veteran

Is there one talking head

Indonesia deports five Saudis after sham marriages

China slaughtered 50,000 dogs

To what extent does the Civil War affect politics today?

If you have children, please read.

Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women convenes

Thanks to Internet, Lies of Powerful are Quickly Exposed

Have you contacted these Senators to say "Thank you"?

Prediction: Lamont wins, Liberman Sec of Defense before end of Sept n/m

I TOLD YOU Housing Was In a BUBBLE!!

What Joe Lieberman Would Have To Say To Get MY Vote:

The so-called 'religious' right has practically taken over

Is "Majority Report" in trouble?

Breaking Alliance

How strong is the case the war was chiefly about oil?

Missiles neutralizing Israeli tanks

Interesting take on why Israel is targeting Northern Lebanon

LOL-Jon Stewart was great!...F'd Troop..his new Army nickname

Singlehandedly Bush has made a National Paradigm Shift from Red to Blue

Why Does ROVE Want Us To See This? (91-Page Repub Campaign Playbook)

Does Don Rumsfeld suffer from advanced Alzheimer's Disease?

I might have to break down and watch timmy's press the meat Sunday

9/11 panel members: we were too soft in questioning Rudolph Giuliani

I"m going to Camp Casey Sunday...

When is a civil war, a "civil war"?

China to Slaughter MORE Dogs

Does anyone know how many active Hezbollah Israel is facing?

Wolfie seems surprised: Israel's war in Lebanon may

Randi has an Iraqi Contractor on the line

EPA has proposed banning carburofan

Krispy Creme Donuts going to Indonesia! Wow

TX: FED Judges Rule In Favor Of Dems - New Map to Put TX-23 in Play?

Listening to Condi makes my head spin.

Bad News for Big Money in California

UNICEF official: War 'hitting kids the hardest'

Air America's Sheldon Drobny sees 9/11 "inside help"

Rumsfeld's resignation could be bad for Dems

Motorola First to say "Mideast Conflict Could Affect Business!

Investigative journalism needs your help NOW (DU to the rescue!)

Jack just read my letter

Help clarify the Republican Party Platform

How significant is the Sunni-Shiite divide in Iraq?

Is there a peaceful, secular Shiite country/society?

"Mommy and daddy are in heaven now". To Lebanon, with love from US-UK

Hezbollah: If air strikes end, we'll stop rocket fire

CAPTION W suddenly realizing he is near a National Guard deployment

Fuel running low in Lebanon, threatening hospital services

A big thank you to Skinner and the DU mods for DU and the

Probing a Bloodbath

Highways of the Internet

Civil War in Iraq? 6,000+ dead in sectarian violence since May.

THIS from an idiot who was dating Limpballs?????

Roula Talj's open letter to Clinton

An Israeli airstrike hit dozens of farm workers loading vegetables

Kudlow on CNBC has Annie Coulter, Peter Beinart supporting Harold Ford!

Jeff Cohen: Being a TV Expert Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry

NYT editorial: "Freedom fries", like "mission accomplished," stale relic


Tucker seemed positively GLEEFUL talking about Hillary

Iraq’s New Freedom on Display: 100,000 Chant ‘Death To America'

I've been put on freeper email list at work...

France and US lock horns on Lebanon

HEY, I do believe Jack Cafferty just read a DUer's email!

Olmert: I hope Germany sends peacekeepers to South Lebanon

The stronger Hezbelloh looks, the more my sympathy tilts towards Israel

Haditha evidence implicates Marines, but if war drives people

I need a forum recommendation...

Why can there be no mention of the USS Liberty incident in GD?

Book: 9/11 Panel Considered Pentagon Deceptive

Ending the neoconservative nightmare-By Daniel Levy (finally some answers)

C-Span today showed the whole Nasrallah Video, Unedited!

Iraq is not in a Civil War, and not about to fall into a Civil War

I just can't watch anymore.

Latest: The Road to Camp Casey

Shiites in "Free and Liberated" IRAQ: Death to Israel, Death to AMERICA!

Atlanta Braves give Dobson the heave-ho

Muslim summit warns of 'clash of civilisations' (from Irish news source)

Breaking: Syria Now A Russian Protectorate (?) Can we confirm this?

Who are *, Condi, and Rummy talking about when they refer to

China poised to slaughter 500,000 more dogs (!?)

Traumatised and afraid - 300,000 children who want to go home

A couple of toons here...

Did Israel flatten this village or not?

Blair - Blood on his hands

Asian suicide bombers dispatched to attack Jewish interests

Has Israel adopted the moral values of Hezbollah?

Do you see the big picture? Help me put this jig-saw puzzle together.

Petition:President Bush, End our Open-Ended Commitment in Iraq!

Condi Rice doing PR work while the MidEast Burns.

Why do Republicans want to surrender our liberty to al-Qaeda?

I'm Shocked, Shocked That There is a Civil War in Iraq

Who would take Rummy's place if he resigns?

It's the annexation, stupid!

Our High School was one of the only 19 in the ENTIRE state

CNN: Pentagon hawking Iraqi Shia protest as pro-Lebanon

Interesting article I found on Crooks and Liars.

Taking advance snack orders for the "Joe Lieberman Goodbye Party"

Bush's Mideast motivation: Anti-Poppy? Fundamentalist? Neocon? End-timer?

White House Adviser Claude Allen: 'Katrina Made Me Shoplift'

The Democratic Party's Orwellian Response To World War III

NEW DOCUMENT: Senate Millionaires Against Raising The Minimum Wage

Tower Records stops paying their bills; Retailers stop CD shipments

The debate is over -even for the media -Climate Change EXISTS -pbs

Indian state bans soft drinks after Coke, Pepsi gets toxic label

Money is not the answer, its the problem! What do you think?

Chemist Creates Safer Form of Ammo

It's NOT just because Joe supported the war.. Candidates pay attention !

Phase II 911Report - Stuck On Chalabi

John Conyers: The Constitution In Crisis (His Finalized Report)

Rush Limbaugh's Dominican Stag Party/29 Viagra pills, two "24" producers

Boy, 8, accused of playground sex assault

IDF hacks in to Hezbollah TV signal, displays pics of Hezbollah corpses

Roula Talj offends Blitzer by seeking Bill Clinton's help

Israel's assault on Lebanon is going to blow back, big time.

The difference between Republican and Democrat

How do I get rid of a (condemned) mobile home?

MSNBC Crawl: Hizbollah Launches 190 Missiles at Israel. 4 Israelis killed.

I just sent this to my senators urging a ceasefire:

What's the point of asking Rumsfeld to Resign?

CNN Poll Now--Do You Know Someone Who Is Having Trouble

What about Hillary's look; it's all like, "I just kicked Don Rumsfeld...

Israel is destroying Lebanon so that it is free to bomb Iran next year?

OMG Roula TALJ called this whole thing Bush's crusade! Calling

WTF? What happened to the Rapture?

Bush, Blair Agreed Israel/Lebanon War BEFORE Kidnaps?

POV/PBS Documentary "Waging a Living"

NAFTA--Trans Texas "Whoridor"--Mainlining Cheap Goods

So we shouldn't pull out of Iraq because those US Troops

French frigates Lafayette and Montcalm sent to Lebanon

Time is running out...

Dehumanizing others is no virtue


Join Amnesty's Global CEASEFIRE Vigil

Hmmm check out the rope line today in Mission TX


U.S. expands Guantanamo...

whats wrong with me, whenever I hear or read anything about the Big Dog

Two months before the Iraq invasion Bush didn't know what

Exxon Funding Propaganda Mocking Global Warming Concerns

The blogbarians have eaten Joementum! .

How big was your house growing up?

Is it a cheap shot for me to point out Lieberman's manboobs?

Does war offend you?

In The Arab World: "Right Now The US Is The Kiss of Death"!

Thieving White House Adviser claude Adams: Katrina Made Me Do It (!)

Is Mel Gibsons antisemitism prevalent among Republican Catholics?

Meanwhile Back in Iraq:HUGE Shiite Demonstration Against Israel/America!

David Horowitz is being sued

Our Missing Children need your Urgent help and/or advice!

About Face!

So Bush & CondiLiar got a "bump" from the current ME crisis? WTF?

Only the neocons could succeed

Bush: “I thought the Iraqis were Muslims!”

Toon...or not

I was mean to a Republican yesterday.

Please sign onto Rabbi Michael Lerner's call for peace!

Tucker: Swift boater does a logical back flip as basis for attack.

Both M. Shields and D. Brooks just said Lieberman will lose

Saw This Bumpersticker On The Way Home From Daycare. You All Seen It Yet?

Best liberal cities to move to with CHEAP cost of living

VIDEO-Sen.Clinton & Rummy yesterday (9:53)

Laura Bush speaks on young people at DU

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Helen Thomas !!

Remarks by Rabbi Yoffie at Evening of Solidarity with Israel

BUSTED! Lieberman brought in pharmacy lobbyist to harass Ned.

Conyers: The Constitution in Crisis Final Report Released

"Prussian Blue" on Youtube! Nazi music on youtube??

Some Cubans enjoy comforts of communism

Beaches for Muslim Women Planned in Italy

LOL!!! Lieberman to call for Rumsfeld resignation-On Ed Schultz Show!

AP: Matrons demand postponement of Rapture until Fair judging complete.

O'Reilly: Rape, murder victim was "wearing a miniskirt and a halter top. .

Book TV Panel: Assuring Fair Elections Palast, Freeman, Robeson , VIDEO>>

OK-I'm in a parallel universe-Alice Cooper and Kyra Phillips-talking about

Book to tell how inside story of MSNBC canned Donahue for antiwar views

I'm a PC. And I'm a LYING Mac. Apple caught fudging numbers

Support Annie Spell on talk radio tonight re: Sheriff Jack Strain

Mike Malloy Bares the Naked Truth of Neocon Foreign Policy...

Stephen Colbert on cover of WIRED

FAIR: Weapons Deserve Scrutiny (Israel's cluster bombs, phosphorus)

What kind of weapon

I have a few questions about DU.....

Not through watching V for Vendetta yet, and know it's old news

Every talking-head, MSM whore should be strapped to one of these.

Just How BRAZEN Are The Bushies?

AFP/Daily Star: Israel Targets Christian Area in Lebanon

The Anti-YOYO party. Your thoughts and suggestions, please.

Lebanese evacuees' plea: Let us stay in U.S.

Lieberman concedes the race.

What is Prime Minister Fuad Siniora doing while Lebanon burns?

Legalizing Marijuana - A New Republican Strategy?

Dr. Seuss, & the Parable of the Semite Sneetches

What's the Going Rate for Bribing a Politician these days?

Quick Update on Libby Filings

Do You want Universal Health care?

CNN's Michael Ware reporting from Lebanon has definitely done the best...

Al Franken's "Feces" commercial - hysterical!!

Lamont’s victory ... would only embolden the crazies in the party

Does seeing a woman breastfeeding offend you?

Ken Lay in Switzerland?

Pro-Murtha rally drowns out swiftboating tactics!

Oh. My. God. Ted Kennedy and the Irish Look of Death.

Kickin' Ass in Your Behalf: Lehto (DUer Land Shark) Op Ed on Busby-Bilbray

Serious Question Here: Why can't they pass a LAW...

TV War: Gladitorial Battles for the New Roman Empire

Pistons center Tasered during arrest in Miami Beach

Who Is This Web Guy On Malloy's Show And What Is His Angle....

So when the Dems take over the House and maybe the Senate...

Another Kennedy nails it

ImpeachPAC's anti-Lieberman ad to be aired by Comcast

Did you ever notice?

Why Bolton Will Win (Republican arrogance)

Why Single Out Rummy ......

New Jersey Senate: Menendez Maintains Lead (Rasmussen)

Air Power Won't Do It WA-POST

In support of Hizbollah, IRAQIS: "Death to Israel" and "Death to America"

Idiot Republicans

"One step from clash of civilizations"

More on the End Timer-in-Chief

Sen.Burns ( R-MT) yells at Va. firefighters

Boortz insults minimum wage earners

E&P Reports: Sen. Lieberman Now More Popular With Republicans Than Democra

CNN is saying thousands of Iraqis will demostrate in the streets for Hezbo

DU a poll: How likely is civil war in Iraq?

I want you to stop and think about this and its meaning . Bush will be the

When their brightest day is your darkest, you know you're not being served

petition (Russ Feingold and his Health care plan)-

LIEberman's new ad

Self Delete - Dupe

I Just Happened Upon This Description of The President's Story ...

In very broad terms, are journalists as right wing as they appear to be?

This may make Lieberman supporters happy.

Lieberman is a Democrat...

Check out this great video from Soldiers for the truth

Among the many things that tick me off about CNN

Are you going to be a passenger or a driver?

Dems should be USING the GOP support for Lieberman AGAINST the hypocrites

Poll: Is Rasmussen Lamont-Lieberman poll reliable???

Question - is it legal to burn the "Confederate Flag"?

Hate Mail... Boy, Do I Get Hate Mail

Won't You Please Come to Connecticut?

"Analyze Diss" (Republicans Learn the Fine Art of Bush-Bashing)

Slot machine multiplies deposit by 10 - Must have been made by Diebold

Israel kills three Palestinians in Gaza - 162 total have died

AP: Rep. Katherine Harris Predicts Senate Win

Santorum Staffer Hijinks with Green Party Candidate Petitions

Framing the debate

The Trouble With Our ME Foreign Policy...

Save The Ballots! Please help......

EMAIL... How To Deal With Peace Activists!!! From A Former Classmate Who

Is this news, or reporting GOP talking points?

Bob Somerby is right (again) - Progressive have got to stop pimping McCain

Special Guest: President Bush--Cost of Freedom — Sat. 10am — Noon ET

The dumbness of our dumb president

CNN- Lebanese political analyst- has written a letter to CLINTON!!

Who will take Rummy's place if he resigns? Bush does not have the ability

the collapse of the republican right-wing?

Iraqi Shiites show massive support for Hezbollah

CNN: Massive Rally in IRAQ Against ISRAEL Bombing of Lebanon

The latest Republican NEWSPEAK word??

US, France close to deal on UN Mideast resolution

BREAKING! W seen near a horse!

“No, no, no, c’mon, c’mon,” Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) complained recently

Cavuto Lobs Softballs To Bush, Displays "Conservative Media Bias."


WOW! Condi's offering her opinion on Iraq in a "Hardball" exclusive. WOW!

Fight fire with fire....

FL Gov candidate Jim Davis kicks off initial TV ad with Bob Graham

The Message of the Democratic Party

Bush Awards Mel Gibson Presidential Medal of Freedom

Lieberman to be on Ed Schultz at 2:30ish central time.

21 Congressmembers tied to Abramhoff - Post from DailyKos

Global Business Leaders Now Worried About the Economy

VICTORY: Judge Dismisses Entire Sherwood vs. Kerry, “Stolen Honor” Lawsuit

Bush says "Sam Donaldson is a has-been." He is, but Bush saying it right

Missiles neutralizing Israeli tanks

Bush on the Texas border: Photo with a DOUBLE CAPTION opportunity.

The 'netroots as loonies' meme continues .......

Lawsuit claims House candidate threatened opponent's wife

Bush's Would-Be DHS Chief Faces 2nd Probe (Kerik)

When did the Chamber of Commerce become the R.N.C.?

Lobbying for Armageddon .Iran. Chri$tian$ United for Israel at it again

McKinney challenger says 'Arab surnames' of donors mean 'I could say she's

Dems will win house according to website

Conyers Releases Massive New Report on Bush-Cheney Crimes


Can someone explain to me the difference between Hezbollah firing

"Pull Down His Britches and Switch Him". Oh, Ralph. Your 'R' is showing.

Five Things Bush Should Do While "Working Pretty Hard" In Crawford

Kudlow on CNBC has Annie Coulter, Peter Beinart supporting Harold Ford!

An Iraq Civil war offers US choice: pull out or take sides: analysts

All over but the shouting

CT Countdown - four (4) days until Lieberman loses the primary

Who Dresses Hillary?.......

I must post a positive sign. My husband just participated in his first

Ex-Sen. Edwards stumps against Wal-Mart pay, benefits

Lieberman abandons GOTV operation.

GOP Senators Set to Hunt Whistleblowers

Slate: Global Warming could melt the Repub. majority


The Woeful Health Care Voting Record of Senate Republicans

Watching MSNBC trying to repackage Tucker as

Should The Perfect Be The Enemy of The Good?

The 50 State Strategy: What are YOU doing to help


Jim Dean to be on MTP Sunday to discuss Lamont campaign.

Okay, it appears Joe is going down. Who might/should be next?

The '08 Ticket

DU's population is out of sync with the rest of the Democratic Party.