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Sunni, Shia and US ME politics

“Poverty is no excuse for child labour” 400,000 returned to school India

Strong-Arming the Vote (NYT)

Forcing change in Cuba could plunge U.S. into new crisis

Spike Lee documentary: "When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts"

Robert Fisk: Entire Lebanese family killed in Israeli attack on hospital

Blumenthal: The neocons' next war

More economists are using dreaded "S" word

US Donates $100K (!!!) For Indonesian Forest Conservation - ENN

When chaos replaces oil

New Beer Brand Brewed With Greenland Glacial Melt Water - BBC

July Hottest Month Ever Recorded In Scotland -

July Poland's Hottest In 227 Years - AFP

How Australia got hot for solar power (Business 2.0/CNNMoney){Solar tower}

40% Of Midway Island Albatross Chicks Die Stuffed With Plastic Garbage

1/3 Of Lebanon's Coast Fouled With Oil From Bombed Power Plant - Reuters

Vail Resorts To Buy Wind Electricity Credits For All Power Needs - MSNBC

Portugal On Fire Alert Until Next Monday - 104F Temps On The Way - AFP

1,200 Tons Of Coal Dumped Into Thompson River (BC) - Fears For Fish

Gaza 'crisis as bad as Lebanon'

Israel/Lebanon: End indiscriminate strikes on civilians

What remains of the Sharon legacy?

OIC mulls Muslim peace-keepers, 'war crimes' trial for Israel

Israel mounts new Gaza incursion

Fight Between Hezbollah,Israel Looks To Be Long And Bitter

How Israel's gung-ho leaders turned victory into calamity

Hizbollah rockets pepper Israel

Who schedules NORAD's "war games"?

9/11 was an inside job

Webster Griffin Tarpley scheduled for Malloy 8/3/2006


Mark Crispin Miller in Highland Park, IL on Aug. 18th

Blackwell's Cuyahoga VVPAT Scandal - don't let it print!

Anybody going to Camp Casey this Sunday?

I just spent way too much money at Penzey's.

will using bleach water on my blue tiles hurt them?

MacKay on a hot seat

Emerson out to salvage softwood deal

US terrorism suspect Padilla's trial delayed

Rumsfeld Decides to Testify on Iraq War (reverses decision to skip)

AP: Gonzales Holds Line on Terror Detainees

A third of U.S. public believes 9/11 conspiracy theory

Give Hicks a fair go, says ex-G-G

AP: Former Bush Aide Expected to Plead Guilty (misdemeanor theft)

Coal Mine Cleanup Added to (Min. wage/Estate) Tax Bill

22 Cities Join Clinton Anti-Warming Effort

Rumsfeld, in reversal, to attend public hearing

U.S. Army recruits more than 300 older soldiers after raising enlistment a

Las Vegas Sued Over Homeless Feeding Law

Israeli troops in fierce fighting on five fronts across southern Lebanon

Some Chavez foes boycott process

Venezuela's Chavez meets Mali leader

Bush Finds Economy Is Turning From Potential Asset to Liability

NYT: White House Asks Congress to Define War Crimes

Rumsfeld says Army is better now than it was in previous years

Crazed Doberman destroys Elvis' Teddy bear!

Oy! It's the "show us your headlights" thread!

I don't care what you people say, Lethal Weapon is a great fuckin' movie!

How have you been part of history?

The real reason why The Rapture Index is going up

What's my subconscious telling me when I dream of talking swiss cheese?

I like Chilis and Chevys

New soup flavor that I don't think I'll try...

Chinese county culls 50,000 dogs

I'm not a sailor

I love reality TV and Tastykakes... but hate Olive Garden

Would you give your life so others could live?

Gah! Why do people DO this?

Steely Dan are fighting with Owen Wilson

Sex threads?

Photo: a cretin-in-chief triptych (thanks to Keith Olbermann)

"He and his ukelele shall go wanting."

I just had lunch at Zippy's!

Or as my 3 yr old daughter used to say "Cracker Burial"

Post randomly from your cache thread.

Soul Coughing says:

The Spirits of Mel Gibson are following me around

Ex-'Survivor' Hatch (the fat naked gay guy) now in W.Va. prison

At last, the upside of global warming: Inuit glacier beer!

Be honest...How often to you brown nose?

You want a piece of me?

Why hasn't anyone collected a million bucks from James Randi?

15 packs of cigarettes

"He and his Urkel shall go wanting."

Wagner just took the mound...

FCCFU (youtube) - Anti-FCC anthem

Rock Philosophy with Writer

Rolling blackouts here on LI tonight

Leonard Cohen is just plain cool.....

I wonder if my dad is letting himself die?

Marx Bros. on TCM tonight.

New Drugs - come and get'em...

I was going to write something

Tucker and his producer were making fun of how weak Chris was...

Do any of you use Pandora Radio?

A co-worker of mine died tonight.

I'm scared. Dear husband has finally admitted

What kind of fish goes with stuffed red peppers?

Tell Me Something I Don't Know. I'll Go First:

We are all going to die. It is a fact of life, or the other thing.

I *hate* mood swings and anxiety...

Tony Snow says the pResident is fit for doodie. Would you agree?

Faboo, Narf!

Why the (Bleepfuck) is Ty Cobb in the MLB hall of fame?

Eeks, we just had a little earthquake.

I'll tell you a true story

Fine art for the masses--the Thomas Kinkade pencil by number!

What are some good stores to register at for weddings?

What is your great contribution to the Fall Lyrics Parade?

Food Review: Duke Hospital

Listening to Tool..."The Patient"

What is "Cracker Barrel" code for?

Some of God's creatures I wish he'd skipped.

I think more straight women and gay men should hook up. Here's why:

I hate it when older men lie to me, thinking that I'm naive...

That guy on Art Bell's show has predicted a nuclear blast on August 3.

I just got a new kitty!

anybody ever play at online poker sites?

RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!11

OU's quarterback kicked off of the team!

I can't keep up...last week it was Olive Garden, this week Cracker Barrel

God damn it... I'm 48 and my nose looks like I'm gonna

"Neuro Programmer 2" Self hypnosis with visual effects,

Liking a chain restaurant doesn't make you an anti-snob hero

Let's Play Dead Or Alive

It's an oven, but at least it's a convection oven.

Ay yay yay yay...

Project Runway fans! Who's getting kicked off?

How are you Feeling tonight..Hows Life treating you?

What is the purpose of the DU Lounge?

Rules of Thumb

Geez, it's my 4000th post already... Hi again from Boston!

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and I'm shitting my pants over it.

Some of God's preachers I wish he'd skipped.

37 and Never Been Married

OMG...I am eating the best cookies EVER!!!

Presiding Bishop Elect suffering from Resume Inflation

"Baby Got Book" (The Bible)

Is a Lutheran a devout Catholic? Is an Episcopalian? Neither is Mel Gibson

I received a letter from my Congressman today (Rep. John Lewis, D, GA-5)

Trouble for the Texans?

"The Shark Frenzy Energy" - Karen Bishop - August 2, 2006

Tell us about your astrological chart

Yes, I'm A Clarkie, But The Pics In This Thread Are Beautiful

Snarky, nasty comments at Blue Mass Group

Question for the pros ( again )

KOEB 8/2/06 The Haditha findings

Who will you vote for in the next Presidential election?

New Orleans warily eyes Tropical Storm Chris

It doesn't matter what religion you are

Bush Mocks Media; End of an Old Era

Ex-'Survivor' Hatch (the fat naked gay guy) now in W.Va. prison

Up means down, no means yes, worse means "better"

Tim "Imagination at Work" Ru$$ert on Hardball

Arab women lead Lebanon coverage

Do You Agree With The Sentiments Dylan Expressed In This Song?

Standing on their own, Venezuela and Bolivia can aid the Cuban people

Heads Up: PBS Edward R. Murrow, American Msters 8:30 p.m. CST

Rummy Admits We are "Closer Than Ever" To Civil War In Iraq

Repub. Candidate 'war veteran' and 'Harvard degree' claims challenged

i'm sick of hearing about mel...what a tiny distraction that diverts

Go figure....

Charlie Rangel... to quit the House if Dems don't win it back......

30 days in on. About job outsourcing to India

Oil Vey: Congress Sides With Big Oil

Pat Robertson is a "funny" guy

Im Getting Drunk With Joe

Israel's Big Mistake:

Is the Lebanon invasion DEAD on DU?

Nightline: phone interview with jailed GI - accused of premeditated murder

9/11 was an inside jobs

Need info on Professor Kevin Barrett for a friend.

Roll Call: Who will be attending Camp Casey on Sunday?

Just call me Pollyanna.

The Long-Term Battle: Defining ‘Victory’ Before the World - NYT

The Guardian: 638 Ways to Kill Castro (New film and book)

Alan Dershowitz's vs. James Zogby up next on Larry King...

U.N. Talks Stall Over Terms of Cease-Fire

Is a Lutheran a devout Catholic? Is an Episcopalian? Neither is Mel Gibson

Is this a campaign venue or a press room?

What ever happened to Gary Bauer?

(FIORE) Smarty Bombsalot

J Stewart: I give up. You're f****** insane.

Remember when Iraq reconstruction was only going to cost U S $1.7 billion?

paula zahn just said

The Real Agenda Behind Bush's Support of Israel

Tax evasion havens take toll on U.S. economy

Israel, a "Strategic Ally"? (

YAY:Evolution Opponents Lose Kansas Board Majority

Rumsfeld Decides to Testify on Iraq War

World War Two -vs- Iraq 2003 Invasion....

Well, I've finally done it....

The DID ROVE LIE Ad at the bottom of several DU pages is bizarre

Why does this country lock up and throw away the keys

Roles Reversed in Wage Vote

I have to be honest. If WE are attacked, I'll feel,...

Don't the Lebanese have any right to defend their lives against attack?

Sen. Biden

Is Tommorow the day Syria is Provoked by Israel...

OMG! South Park is Playing one of the "Banned" shows! "Bloody Mary!"

Is 0.12 actually drunk?

Fox Urges End to Mexico City Protests: but the Mayor says ...

I need a Middle East education. I am ignorant and I admit it....BUT

Did you side with JFK or Castro during the missile crisis?

So What The Hell Does This Mean (rummy 11th Hr. "reversal")

Grassley From This Morning's Washington Journal Replay On C-Span 2 Now

Tony Snow says the pResident is fit for doodie.

Video: "Will you (Sen. Lieberman) return WALMART contribution?"

Lieberman Uses Rival’s Wealth as Issue in Race

News agencies accused of staging Lebanon deaths

Christian morality weakens Israeli war effort, innocents are fair game.

Nightline ABC has one of the three Marines

Mandatory Malloy Wednesday Truthseekers check in

Pissed Off Wife

What if the Rapture actually hurts?

Anyone know a really good website to shove in the face of

Pic from Bagram Airbase (Impeach Bush)

CNN/AP: Heat wave burning up sports world

Strategy behind the ceasefire delay is to give Israel time for 'victory'

Mother Sentenced For Cutting of part of Son's Tongue: Probation. WTF?

Zort Muckerman?

Mel Gibson: defends father, says holocaust a numbers game

WHOA! EARTHQUAKE! Anybody else feel it?

TOONS: The Passion of Mel Gibson Edition

Rebel Flag: "if you see a symbol of hate, your ignorance is to blame"

Watch TV on my PC? Anyone know about this?

Tony Snow doesn't answer questions -He debates with reporters

Hurricane Chris Strength Predictions?

I Am A Disenfranchised American. I Have No Country...

Venezuela's organic chocolate revolution (Government helped kickstart)

FIASCO... Thomas Ricks... Gotta Get THAT Books!

Wow! We just had a sizable tremor! N Bay, San Francisco.

"It's the stupidity, stupid"--Great op-ed piece!

Discussion with a 16 year old Israeli boy from Hadera

College Republicans at Princeton stumping for Lieberman - who's paying?

Guardian: Qana Bomb Made in the US

Have you seen this:

I/P forum posting rules.

What a waste, Mr Blair':Grandmother of Scot who died in Afghan ambush

Thank Frigging God.

Bush Admin May Have Urged Israel To Attack Syria

Quake in SF. Pretty sharp! Yikes.

A Katrina diary...

2 Jordanian Freelancers Quit Working For "Blatantly One-Sided" Faux News

Hasan Dib Nasrallah is now in Israeli custody.

This is VERY strange! Thunderstorm line approaching NY from Canada

500 Women Seize TV Station & Broadcast Homemade Video in Oaxaca, Mexico

Bill Maher: the world is Mel Gibson


Christian News: Where's The Compassion for Mel Gibson, liberal hypocrites

Why is D.U.I. not considered to be a more serious crime?

Bush Postpones 2008 Election - A satire that feels too real to laugh about

Las Vegas Sued Over Homeless Feeding Law

Don't be a Sucker

Why I support Cynthia McKinney

Who are the most dangerous nations on the planet?

The 6 & 7 y/o girls starved by stepmom? Their school reported abuse TWICE

Cheney lied about issuing 9-11 command

Drunk-In-Chief cracks up WH press corps as another soldier buried

What are you fighting for?


The neocons' next war - By Sidney Blumenthal

Natives or Whites? Who were the greater victims?

Green Is The New Black

All this talk about vicious dogs, let me tell you a breed that

Hizballah: A Primer

Bush Nominates Another Fox to Guard Henhouse—At Workers’ Expense

Violations of trade union rights around the world MUST WATCH VIDEO

Republicans load estate tax bill with popular breaks

"Party Endorsement" of primary election canidates should be banned.

"See if you have that same "non-senators" attitude when you LOSE in Nov"

I want you to love me. You WILL love me ........ or I'll kill you.

Sherrod Brown Calls for Changes in Medicare Drug Program

Saw this today, and thought I'd share it:

Lieberman has only submitted 817 signatures with 7 days to go

McGavick sued over Safeco payout

Dean rallies Democrats on campaigning

In (dis)honor of the Pennsylvania Greens: how to talk to a Naderite.

They're trying to pick Dems off one at a time for Estate Tax vote

Democrats Suffer From McKinney-Itis Too... or...

Chris Paine on the Daily Show talking about Electric cars...good interview

In Iraq, It’s Difficult to Trust Anyone in Uniform

WP: On Wal-Mart, Lieberman and Challenger Can Agree

Bush Nominates Another Fox to Guard Henhouse—At Workers’ Expense

I believe that I will eventually die as a result of right-wing policies

ostriches and the bush twins - all in one video

GOP Donors Funded Entire PA Green Party Drive

DCCC Announces $51.5 Million Ad Buy Targeting 32 Districts

I Might Have Snoozed And Didn't Catch - But Mexico - Who Won?.....

Mel Gibson, An Anti-Semitic Actor

Do you treat politics more as ::blank:: or ::blank:: or ::blank:: .....

disgusting bumper sticker seen today:

NYT: Lieberman Uses Rival’s Wealth as Issue in Connecticut Race

NYT: (Bush Justice Dept.) Strong-Arming the Vote

Bush dodges NE Ohio flood victims, attends Blackwell fundraiser

Blackwell refuses to release his tax records

I think I'll be the judge of who the real Democrats are.

Lieberman has support from regular people too...

I keep getting an error message when I try to donate by credit card.

Great LTTE re: Clinton stumping for Lieberman.

America is not a democracy and it never has been

Yes I am one of the far left and I am proud of it

New Moderate GOP Web Site Kicks Off

All the Lou Dobbs E-Voting Video Segments In One Convenient Place!

The Nation weighs in on the Ned Lamont.

Desperate Cynthia McKinney: Our Brightest Light

No guts, no grace Press, including Bob Novak, kneels before King George

Governor Ted Kulongoski fights against labor rule change (what a guy!)

LAT, part 5 of 5, "Altered Oceans": A Chemical Imbalance


To Israel with love: Why America gives Israel its unconditional support

Signing Statements Strike a Nerve By Dan Froomkin--WaPo

Human Rights Watch Accuses Israel of War Crimes (Jim Lobe)

Zippy on Al Gore and elections!

Private pessimism on Iraq grows (BBC)

Ira Chernus Helps Us Understand the Administration's 'Scheherazade Stories

The Herd Changes Course and Runs Away From S.U.V.’s

"Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land" - on Democracy Now!

Ground to a Halt (NYT ... Robert Pape ,,, Lebanon)

O'Reilly and Geraldo, our brilliant careers...whiney bitchfest

The Collapse of Enlightenment...

Rich work harder than the poor (David Brooks)

The Neverending Saga of Phase II - David Corn

Why Saddam Had To Go-- Greg Palast

Shocking Poll on Americans' Views of 9/11

Qana Massacres - Warning, graphic photos

Pit Bulls Out of the Doghouse (Mostly Positive Story)

I Want to Vote Democratic, But...

Co-op Paying Michaels $100K Attributes Global Warming To Plate Tectonics

Despite Drought, Corn Crop Still Ahead of Last Year, NCGA Notes (8-1-06)

TS Chris watch... or not

Heatwave Drying Up Europe's Water Resources

... what is Southern Co. going to do about it?

RE: The Tragedy of the Commons - a re-examination of moral behavior

Impoverished Haiti has sugar to burn (CNN) {sugar cane waste, actually}

Mediterrenean May Be Too Hot For Tourists By 2020, Thanks To Warming

Colorado Resort to Invest Heavily in Wind Power

Nuke Dump Timeline Questioned

8/3 Ice Update - Northwest Passage Open, Svalbard Edge Still Melting

Pat Robertson Admits To Existence Of Global Warming (!!)

Their Animals Are Dead, The People Are Next

China's Sulfur Dioxide Emissions Hit 25.5 Million Tons In 2005 - P.D.

Govt: 914 MW of renewables to start up by year-end - Brazil

ChimpCo Slapped In SUWA Suit - 16 BLM Lease Sales Overturned In Utah

"A Chemical Imbalance" - (Part 5 - LAT - Altered Oceans series)

LaGuardia 12:00 AM 8/3/06 - 92F - 17 Cities Set New High Low Temp Records

xpost Where did that video spoofing Gore's film come from? (Exxon Lobbying

UK's DEFRA Cuts Environmental Budgets By 200 Million Pounds - Independent

Manure mountains will power ethanol plant - (90% reduction of fossil fuel)

House Sbcmte Meets Twice To "Discredit" Climate "Hockey Stick" - WP

Bangladesh Praying For Rice Crop In Face Of Mid-Monsoon Drought - Reuters

The United States vs China: the war for oil

Media attacked for 'climate porn'

8/1 Drought Monitor Update - Huge, With Multiple D3/D4 Centers

Does Israel get a pass because of the mid 20th century holocaust?

A Solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Israeli warplanes hit house in Lebanese border village, killing three civi

In Lebanese ghost towns, Hezbollah waits

Hezbollah rockets kill eight

"Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land"

Israeli troops raid south Gaza; 8 killed

Hezbollah fires record number of rockets at Israel

Claim: Half of Gaza fatalities in July – civilians

Israel Made War Inevitable - Vetoed Secret Peace Agreement

Olmert: Nasrallah is a murderer and Assad is hasty and immature

Two Israeli Soldiers Killed Fighting In Lebanon - Army

UN will likely vote on truce next week: Olmert

Israelis line up behind Lebanon campaign

Hezbollah: Fired Rockets At Israel Bases In Golan Heights

BBC: Seven killed in Gaza air strikes

Hijacker documents found at Pentagon

Moussaoui Trial Video of Pentagon crash made by Womble Multimedia, Inc.

Seattle PI (Front Page): "Was 9/11 an 'inside job'?"

Guardian - Sept. 11 Investigations Still Going On

Multiple bombs were used in the Oklahoma City attack?

Tune in, call in, NOW!

Hijacker documents found at WTC - Suqami's passport

Yes or No ONLY--Do you believe the "Official" 9-11 Story?

New documents!

What my Secretary of State says about election transparency

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday Aug 3

Legal Challenges to Election Conditions From Coast to Coast

Are Americans happy with the electoral system?

Austin Town Lake Clean Up Sunday

Party Like a ROCKSTAR for Planned Parenthood of Houston!

"We wanted to make the district more compact."

DeLay to REMAIN on ballot!!!

DVO Whistlestops and TTC (Hill Country, Coastal Bend)

James Wright calls for Kevin Brady's Indictment

what to do with cheap 'nilla wafers?

Yummy salad from back of dressing bottle summarized.

Canadians reject government's `principled' stand

Canada and 9/11: FYI

Weekend demonstration planned against war in Lebanon as Tory support drops

Harper may venture into B.C. as popularity declines

Four Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan


Gaza 'crisis as bad as Lebanon'

Israel mounts new Gaza incursion

Israel bombed Qana building by mistake - inquiry

Robert Fisk: Entire Lebanese family killed in Israeli attack on hospital

Calif. prison audit finds waste, abuse

Hastert stumps near Bush's Crawford ranch

Senate Panel Weighs Toxic Chemicals Law

New plan drawn for trying foreign terror suspects

More economists are using dreaded "S" word

Senator Seeks to Fix Damage Over Remarks

Los Alamos develops underground radio

Panel Says Miami Police Overreacted

Robert Fisk: Entire Lebanese family killed in Israeli attack on hospital

BBC: Seven killed in Gaza air strikes

New Lamont-Liebermann Poll

US Idle as Lebanon Burns: Saud

Central Wis. soldier pleads guilty in Iraq bribery case

Hezbollah in Lebanon Gets Show of Support From Key Iraqi Shiite Cleric

AP: Motorcycle Bombing Kills 12 in Baghdad

Several killed in Afghan violence

US military says two of its soldiers killed in Anbar province

A grim anniversary (the tragedy of Lima Company)

Officials discuss Iran gas deal

LAT/AP: Senior Pentagon Generals Raise Fears of Iraq Civil War

AP: Shiites Go to Baghdad to Support Hezbollah

Buried in rubble, mother saved lives in Qana

CNN: Abizaid - "Iraq Violence Is Probably As Bad As I've Seen It"

US troops accused of killing Iraqi detainees refuse to testify

Ukraine's Yushchenko proposes rival Yanunkovich as PM

Goodrich buyouts on table

AP: Afghan Bombing Kills 21; Canadian Dies

Claim: Half of Gaza fatalities in July – civilians

Blair Plans to `Stay the Course' in Iraq as Violence Builds

US troops fire on radical cleric supporters-police

Officers Allegedly Pushed 'Kill Counts'

Israel: IDF Inquiry Into Qana A Whitewash

BREAKING: Appeals court won't let GOP replace DeLay on Texas ballot

Israeli troops raid south Gaza; 8 killed

Israel warns of consequences of Tel Aviv attack-TV

Gallup: 55% Now Back U.S. Pullout from Iraq Within a Year

Hezbollah leader offers ceasefire, but threatens Tel Aviv

BREAKING: DeLay must stay on congressional ballot

Four Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Polygamist gets 45 days...

Journalist Killings in Iraq Condemned

Seattle PI (Front Page): "Was 9/11 an 'inside job'?"

New Poll Shows Lieberman Losing More Ground To Lamont

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 4 August

Toronto's sewage sludge may go into lake (Lake Ontario)

Iran, Other Islamic States May Call for UN Meeting (Lebanon)

AOL to lay off up to 5,000 workers (Global 1/4 Work Force)

Santorum signs sexual orientation non-discrimination policy

CBS' Kimberly Dozier Leaves Hospital

France slams call to destroy Israel

Annan wants UN mission in Iraq extended one year

Dead soldier's grandmother challenges Blair

Beirut residents warned by Israel

U.S. Military increasingly using air lifts (Convoys Too Dangerous)

Sen. Clinton rips Rumsfeld over Iraq decisions

China hit by rising air pollution

AP: Bush to Take Shortest Summer Vacation Yet

Senate asks Bush for intelligence update on Iraq

Jordanian king 'enraged by war'

Senate threat to revisit authority for war in Iraq

America will attack Iran, Syria in October: Gul

BBC: Civil war in Iraq 'most likely'

Court refuses to replace DeLay on ballot, lawyer says

Rumsfeld warns against early Iraq troop pull-out

Ford Expands Recall by 1.2 Million Autos

U.S. Gen. Abizaid says civil war possible in Iraq

Rumsfeld, Rice Approve Plan to Help Train Lebanese Army

Lieberman rips W's war plan

U.S. to help train, equip Lebanon army

Reuters: Iran working with N.Korea on missiles: Institute

pResident B*ush to visit [my town] today

Swedish nuclear reactors stopped

AP: Contractor claims Big Dig warning a fake

Rare Snowfall Across South Africa

'Israel Will Devastate Lebanon If Tel Aviv Attacked'

Mortgage defaults up 67% in California

WP: Top Military Lawyers Oppose Plan for Special Courts

Iran warns oil could reach $200 on sanctions

OIC is concerned over the UNSC failure to halt Israeli aggression on Leban

AP Provost to Instructor: Stop Seeking Publicity (views on 9.11)

Shells kill 15 civilians as Sri Lanka fighting rages

Iraq's Shia in 'million man march'

AP: Hezbollah: No Cease-Fire Without Pullout

Where did that video spoofing Gore's film come from? (Exxon Lobbying Firm)

Sweden Stops Venezuelan Arms Sales.

U.S. Military increasingly using air lifts (AP spin: good news from Iraq)

Marine who lost arm, leg in Iraq mugged outside Washington

Breaking on ABC News: H. Clinton calls for Rumsfeld to Resign...

Chavez withdraws Venezuelan envoy citing Israeli 'genocide'

Molotov Cocktail Hits Jewish School

Struggling Harris loses four more campaign staff

Rallies for and against Murtha held in Johnstown (Max Cleland There)

Six people killed in rocket strikes in northern Israel

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah today vowed to strike Tel Aviv

Speaker Hastert touts TaylorÂ’s veteran background

Ahmadinejad: Destroy Israel, end crisis

Heat makes Pat Robertson a global warming "convert"

Israel/Lebanon: End Indiscriminate Strikes on Civilians (HRW)

FBI monitors Detroit area for activity related to Hezbollah

Auschwitz council of survivors appeals for peace in the Middle East

Parents of wounded woman call for tolerance (Seattle shooting)

Judge won't stop sale of Nazi, KKK items at county fair

Man Says Sex With Kids a Sacred Ritual

My Candidate for President in 2008

Every night I hear my cat knock over something in the other room

Ok, If your laundry is flying around a waterfall...

Living on the edge...

What are you not afraid of?

You want entertainment? Here's George Stanton!

I like it when older men lie to me, thinking that I'm naive...

Thursday list thread.

When you look in the mirror - what

beat me to it

good morning everyone I actually slept last night

Earth Quake!!! Portland, OR

I have haruka3_2000's pants right here!

Hello, is there anybody out there?

Anyone else got a problem with getting Chicks?

I do not like pants

According to Sylvia Brown - Next President Will Stop the Madness

Nude Man Leads Police To Marijuana Farm

Dog Destroys Elvis' Teddy Bear

Elvis' Teddy Bear Chewed Up By Museum Guard Dog

Man Who Shot Himself In Head Calls For Help The Next Day

How should we track voting records?

Good Thursday morning, Crew!

Doctors Find Nails, Knife, More In Man's Stomach

Ay yay yay yay...

I have chiggers all over!!!!

I am now the proud owner of a Mirena IUD

Two... TWO people from my recent past (6+ months ago) have called

Local Team Wins Big Trophy

I am supposed to be in bed........but I cannot sleep!

"I'm one of those cliff-hanging Catholics. I don't believe in God, but I

I love the world and everyone in it.

My dog has a thing for Steve Buscemi...

RZA baby!

"If Jesus had been killed 20 years ago, Catholic school children would be


Dog the Hawaiian bounty hunter

Prince Paul!


The lady on the HughesNet commercial

Attack Kittens should be banned!

Moving a friend. (arachnophobe warning)

I hate Comcast

Favorite Ethnic Cuisine?

Anothe great yahoo troll and another great flame fest!

Guess the Exact Date & Time of the Rapture & WIN COOL PRIZES!

Dammit, the rapture happens today, I'm getting my haircut and my cutter

Just for you, Lounge - and it's NOT from a chain!

Tavernertoddler thinks he's Paul Lynde

World's Smallest Drug Dog?

Trivia...which stadium in the U.S....

Barnyard features transgendered cows.

Holy floating crap!!! Someone just floated through the ceiling!

Paris Hilton's pop single "Stars are Blind" (video):

Cats that look like Hitler...........

How much of each day do you spend in panic about your finances?

Why are 'girls gone wild' adverts shown at 1AM on Cartoon Network?

Holy floating crap!!! Someone just floated through the ceiling!

So, Why did the chicken cross the road?

Men always tell the truth

This is just WRONG

Freddie Fender has incurable cancer

Anybody Familiar with Blu-Ray DVD from Sony? Opinions?

Game: Where In The World Is Ken Lay?

I had lunch at the Bamboo House

I will NEVER watch MTV ever, ever again

Here's a picture of a vicious dog that needs to be banned!!

If you had a time machine (and I don't mean a watch), what era...

Google Earth is the coolest program in the world!

I had two forms of sausage for lunch today

What cartoon character best describes the GOP?


Anybody know what time zone God is in?

I had lunch at the sbj house.

For months, my friend has been teaching her daughter to drive

I just found a stale-dated cheque

California Drivers Exam (for fun....)

Are TV commerc ials louder than they used to be?

Is this for real? -- L.A. Riots Spectuacluar -- the movie ( a comedy)

*WHEW!* Heat Index between 110° - 114° today!

Where did Midlodemocrat go for Lunch?

I just got back from lunch and if you think I am going to tell where

I should really be doing a book report for Honors English. . .

I'm bored as hell...Ask me anything!

Happy birthday lionesspriyanka & never cry wolf!!

I really AM sick and tired of being 'sick and tired' -

w00t! ^_^

Paris Hilton Look-Alike Poses Nude For Playboy

Bezier curves suck!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - the the Macarena!! (well the song anyways)

Turn me over

Me and the PCH

Stephen Colbert does a song & dance just for you.

The weather has broken!! w00t!!

talk like Donald Rumsfeld

SNOT! Who wants to eat snot?

I'm waiting for the A/C service person

Why do you care about surveillance if you have nothing to hide?

It's true. Listening to Brazilian music makes you hotter

What do think about Joe's Bar and Grill?

SHOTS! Who wants to do a shot?

Hijack this Thread

Man Arguing With Girlfriend Kills 10 Puppies In Front Of Her

Urgent - earworm help needed - the Rolling Stones song in Goodfellas

The Big Lebowski: The F*cking Short (Chicken) Edition

Helena Bonham Carter joins 'Potter' cast

Is ChavezSpeaks around - I found him a new bulletin board

Dallas Texas Residents

Sappy greeting cards .

I took my kids (7,10) to the Animal Shelter for the first time today.

Thursday is BBC Day!

I'm being stalked by another DUer..with razor blades to stick in my eyes

I can't find my pants

This could be the coolest thing since the binary clock

My 1000th post!

This is Goodbye, DU

Popular/common electronic thingees you don't own?

What is a "gay bear"?

Video: Mr. T introduces Jeff, the hippest kid in town, & his tight pants

Elizabeth Hasselback is a nut job....

Here's a vicious dog breed that needs to be banned

Is Raul Spanish for Roy?

I Watched The Changing Of The Guards Today...

Which chain restaurant has better chicken wings

Yummy Dinner at Chez Sniffa this evening...

That was weird...

This is why I own a cat

Attacks on Mel and other celebrities

Woody Allen ate fried chicken while watching "Fat Actress".

Which chain restaurant has better flame wars?

Going to tape both Olbermann and Stewart tonight...

Do you have suggestions for kids' games at family reunion?

Middle-age rules!

Now how's THIS for a treat!!!!!

MrScorpio's School of Cinematic Metaphors

Yummy Dinner at Chez Haruka3_2000

What are your 3 favorite songs on the last CD you heard?

This didn't take long - Mel Gibson is my designated driver T-shirts

Overheard at Chez Midlo tonight. We are battling those little

Under advice from my attorney, I can't tell you where I'll be eating

I'll be drunk and discharging large-caliber firearms in my yard shortly

Love.... Plus ..... Lust......

Hound dog mauls Elvis's teddy bear (the HORROR)

Seriously, won't we look like a bunch of dumbasses when the Rapture comes

World's easiest Cheesecake pie recipe

Has Google changed their layout?

Ex-Doobie Brother Michael McDonald reunites with Steely Dan for tour

Thank you for holding, you call will be answered in just a moment

This wave of nostalgia for old flamewars is making me misty.

Solved:One of the great mysteries of our time

I can't stop listening to

Why all this rapture talk?

Remember the Tom Hanks movie "Big" ?

Who is the porpoise of the DU Lounge?

Anybody up for a flamewar on the Rainforest Cafe?

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn broke up??

Ahh the DU Lounge --a great place to unwind and exaggerate..

Middle-aged life sucks

The best way to cook broccoli ?

Should I go chase the Yellow Grosbeak?

I'm a guppie and I'm proud!

Post a pic of your gorgeous kid(s) !

New York City is a FURNACE!!!!

Questions on job headhunters & job agencies

Vatican threatens Madonna with excommunication

Had Johnny Cash really "been everywhere?"

Who's fighting the heat by being nekkid?

A very close friend betrayed my trust


Olive Garden and Cracker Barrel together add up to less than DICK.

Just raising my post count

Thursday, August 3. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 8/3/06)

AArghhhhh!!! A/A ripoff, Dallas to Calgary

Killer Cat (Warning - Graphic)

Yummy Dinner at Chez Retro this evening...

Some Say 10-Foot-Tall Lotus Blossom Sculpture Is Too Phallus-Like

Best, longest, hardcorest (worst?) flamewar on DU?

So, what does one WEAR to a Rapture?

Dog goes nuts. Destroys Elvis's teddy bear...

Why am I craving ice cream & French fries?

I am a yuppie and I'm proud!

Worst earworm ever. Not sure how this got in my head, but I thought I'd

Today is Lucille Ball's 95th Birthday! Did you love Lucy?

Incredible story about an elephant's memory

I can't find my stamps.

Foundry job available in my area-wish me luck

fishwax goes to Mexico; fishwax brings back pictures (dial-up warning)

Summarize the theme of a great song in one sentence - then let us guess

A Night with Ann Coulter

Question regarding PC power supplies

The Post Yourself Thread

Who the hell wants pie?

Ten Cent Beer Night - Cleveland June 4, 1974

I don't need CNN or FOX when I have RAPTURE READY FORUMS!!!!

Wish Corruptor Time

Who is Your Inner European?

Do you or don't you?

"Six Feet Under" Fans: Did anyone else think of Dorothy Sheedy today?

Village Voice Critic's Poll - 100 Greatest Films of the 20th Century

Another vicious dog breed that really needs to be banned!

Summarize the plot of a great MOVIE in one sentence - then let us guess

It's the first annual DU BBQ in our backyard, Sunday, August 20th!


Parents! Don't leave your small child alone -- EVER! (FUNNY PHOTO)

Let's play "Dead or Alive"

Dumpster diving- chain restaurants or only indies?

Miss Honeychurch is coming! Where will you be on Labor Day Weekend?

Summarize the plot of a SONG in one sentence - then let us guess it

on converting people to liberal politics or a liberal God.

States petition US FDA on generic insulin, hormone

Introduction to coenzyme q10 (wow!)

X-rays reveal Archimedes secrets --BBC

Strange 'twin' new worlds found (BBC) {"planemos"}

It's Alive (ish)

Residue of Life

NPR's Morning Edition uncritically reported lawmaker's claim ...

(Boxing) "Atlas:

Solid lock prediction for the NFL season

Mayan calendar day upcoming, 8-11. Link.

If true, this could be HUGE

I swear this is my last post of the day, but take a look at this:

Vennochi's at it again.

John Kerry Rally Packed with GOP Stooges

Clinton calling for Rumsfeld's resignation

Kerry's going to speak this afternoon

delete - dupe

Video up of Kerry's Healthcare Speech

Welcome me to the 10,000 club!

Woo hoo! Tom Delay endorses Joe Lieberman over Lamont!

Does anybody speak Thai?

A Voting System I Think Everyone Can Agree On

Karel, subbing for Bernie, playing NEW 9/11 NORAD tapes

Children arrested, DNA tested, interrogated and locked up...

What'll it take, to get this guy off the street?

Post your evidence of America's crumbling Corporate service record!

Grief and Sacrifice Reach Into the Halls of Congress

Anyone catch Kissenger tonight on Charlie Rose?

Nephew going to Iraq and needs help

"We would like to return to the old Middle East"

What is left anti-semitism?

ACLU/NAACP Town Meeting on Sheriff Strain

2,582 American troops now dead in W's war

JackBoots for the *fashion conscious* Fascist.....

Human Rights Activist Bill Quigley has asked us to join him in Haiti

AIPAC helping John Bolton

The Geneva Accord and International Humanitarian Law

Multiple bombs were used in the Oklahoma City attack?

Facts that may have escaped your attention

Radical Fringe TOON - Thurs 8/3 -- more fuel

Dog goes nuts. Destroys Elvis's teddy bear...

1% in Armed Forces. 32% are Lobbyists...

Earthquake - Portland, OR - 3.3, per USGS - centered Cherry Grove, WA

Israel Made War Inevitable - Vetoed Secret Peace Agreement

Did ya hear Lou Dobbs take Congress apart last night?

Manatee Spotted in NYC

Do you ever worry that Osama will attack us again?

Iraq civil war warning for Blair

As I listen to yet another story about Mel's drunk night out,

A 500 bomb costs $268.50

Reuters: Rights group slams Israel for bombing civilians

Bush to take shortest summer vacation yet...!

Will there ever be a president WORSE than bush?

Bush sees himself as God's tool (MUST READ!)

Election Protests Cripple Mexico City

They Are Not Coming (The most powerful Katrina story I have read ever)

great article about the seattle jewish center shooter. detailed

GI testifies of threat to him in Iraq slayings

Why do these people need to flee from their employers? Are they slaves?

Target says forget it to Chicago. We ain't going to pay a living wage here

Chimpy's Shortest Vacation (ever) - 9 Days in Crawford

Almost half of the dead are children

Great Daily Show tonight! Plus! Director of "Who Killed the Electric Car"

Webster Tarpley on Mike Malloy's Thursday show

Women Now Choose Plasma TV Over Diamonds


NORAD 9/11 Air Defenses Damn

Look who stopped by Rep. Adam Smith's daughters 6th Birthday

Are charges of anti-semitism sometimes made to deflect criticism

Hezbollah Rocket kills Newton, Mass. man trying to get his dogs to safety

Call Target about leaving Chicago to escape paying fairly!

Vietnam Veterans for Truth, aligned with the Swift Vets and POWs for Truth

GOP Donors funded Entire PA Green Party Drive....except for $30!!!

August 3, 2006 - The Number is 2582.

Feds Ordered To Revisit Energy-Market Manipulation (CA)


Bush & PNAC Gallery want wider war

If Israels invasion of Lebanon is a "crisis" what should Iraq be called?

How to end the slaughter in Lebanon and Iraq, AND all other problems.

Same statue, different name planned for judicial center

Candidate Forum at Focus on the Family...Scary Stuff from the Springs!

FatalStrikes: Israel’s Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon

Gen. Moshe Yaalon on C-Span said that Israel is doing the world's work

I am very aware that Israelis visit this site.

Less than 100 days until we throw these assholes out!

Rummy will be on CSpan 1

Meanwhile, Israel is still bombing the shit out of Lebanon


Ohio Shuts Out Voters.Again

"9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes" author's on NPR next hour

Will Joe Leiberman now call Diebold? I wonder....

Military Madness

Woo Hoo! Telsa Motors Is Working on a Zero Emission Family Vehicle!

Granholm ad in Michigan, how do you like it?

Katherine Harris's campaign mgr accused of petition fraud in Massachusetts

Brit Ambassador: Prospect Of Civil War More Probable Than Democracy

IF Lieberman loses to Lamont by a WIDE Margin, will he concede?

Are you a religious fundie? You probably don't have a graduate degree.

State Department Condemns Rice Cartoons

It doesn't matter what religion you are

Anybody watch "Off To War" on Discovery Channel?

Meet Jean Hay Bright:: anti-war ,pro-impeachment, next Maine Senator?

On a scale of 1 to 10: How tense are you about the world right now?


Some good news out of Iraq...

Hank Johnson's long rap sheet.

The Decider>>>So Perfect:

Ted Rall comic: the anatomy of anti-semitism explained

Why are we still working on hydrogen as a fuel? Check this out

Does Lieberman have a "right to exist" (politically)?


Die Chris Die (Tropical Storm)

Another vicious dog breed that really needs to be banned!

It's "The Hail Mary Pass" Folks - Lieberman Rips W's War Plan

LIVE NOW (West Coast) | Cindy Sheehan on Good Morning America

Anyone in the Netherlands? Need something to do tonight?

This is how Journalists should address spokesperson for Israeli military

How do we get to the truth of the who and what were behind the events

The Lieberman race is a message to Democrats and Republicans...

How long will it take for the U.S. to defeat the enemy utterly?

Top Model scribes choose picket line over catwalk

Need some short "sound bites" to prove an idiot wrong

Here's a poll to DU.

Hitler Hated Science, Just Like Bush

5 years later, people don't really care about 9-11 it seems.

War for Dummies - By Art Buchwald

Is it true that Bush hasn't talked to Israeli PM Olmert?

Rummy blinked. He's at the Armed Services Com. Hearing - CSPAN

You're ALL MISSING THE POINT about the Pentagon lies, Cheney lies re:9/11

Attack Kittens should be banned!

Was Israel trying to kidnap the Hizbollah leader's son in their raid?

"Bush taking his shortest summer vacation yet" BOO-FRICKEDY-HOO

Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah - pro-Zionist?

$1.22 A Gallon For Gas - Benjy Dunn's Filling Station - Biscoe, NC

Signing off on a constitutional crisis - "Just Kidding"

Another head butt. No kidding.

Bush's Vacations and what happened during and afterwards

More incompetence at Ford...

rumsfeld seems like a pissy old man while answering his own questions...

Sid Blumenthal: The neocons' next war: NSA intel share meant to widen war

Maury Povich should be charged with child abuse!

The film, “American Blackout,”

LAT: Some Attorneys Voice Surprise as Gibson Is Charged Only With DUI

Iran: The Next War (a Rolling Stone article)

Daryn "I love Rush" Kagan is leaving CNN to start "online community"

A Solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Yes or No ONLY--Do you believe the "Official" 9-11 Story?

Did anyone see Law and Order last nite? A bizarre twist on Palmegate

This PA Green canidate is a lying piece of crap.

"A third of U.S. public believes 9/11 conspiracy theory"

I think we need to define the Grand Liberal Conspiracy for the pundits!!!!

Condi on Larry King Live - send your questions......

Holy floating crap!!! Someone just floated through the ceiling!

Hezbolla - like "civil-rights movement of the 1960’s"

Paris Hilton, asked in London if she "fancies" Tony Blair: "Who?"

Yowza! New poll: Lamont 54% Lieberman 41%

US General Channels Golda Meir in analyzing Iraq

"US joins North Korea in isolation" says Asia Times

This Vanity Fair article is going to be IT.

Is Ann Coulter Projecting? Now she says HRC's gay, and....

NV: GOP mailing "tricks" against Reid

ATTN: New GD Guidelines for Threads Relating to the Middle East Situation

Where are those 5 "terrorists" who were going to blow up the Sears Tower?

Byron Dorgan on WJ from this morning.

Israel/Lebanon/Hezbullah Casualty count from Guardian+Iraq/USA

Israel's dropping fliers telling Lebanese to leave, then bombing roads out

PM: Israel Reaching Lebanon Goals (really???)

Qana death toll lower than originally reported: Human Rights Watch

Caption Sen. Kennedy and rummy - pic

CNN's Barbara Starr says that Iran will give Hezbollah Chem/Bio Weapons.

Scowcroft points way out in the Middle East, but will Bush Neocons listen?

Here's a vicious dog breed that needs to be banned

Since some may be intimidated from responding on the original thread..

Protesters disrupt Mexican stock market (pics)

Riddle me this, Robin. If we have "the best forces in the world" and

OR: GOP at odds with the 14th amendment

Anyone's Gas Just Jump?

"Israeli forces appear to have deliberately targeted civilians"....

Battle of the Republican Hair

Hey there Iran, Syria, Venezuela

Tamil Tigers a Terrorist Organization? Or is Sri Lanka a terror state?

Caption this Rummy pic...

The Attempted Ethnic Cleansing and Theft of Water Must End Immediately

Human Rights Watch alarmed by cease-fire breakdown in Sri Lanka

Bush raises $1.5 million for Blackwell, behind by 20 points!

Gen Abizaid says Iraq headed for civil war. Gen McCaffrey says it's here

The Zionist Dream

Court will decide on Texas district map soon...latest sleazy play by

Check this out -

Did I just hear right (on AAR)?

The latest Hizbollah killings of Israelis show the Lebanese died in vain

Why the F#CK is John Hagee on MSNBC?

John Kerry on C-Span 2

Conservative Eye for the Liberal Guy - - - - > Scary scary VIDEO

CNN: DeLay will stay on ballot...

Justice Department to monitor election in Tennessee

What's the Difference between China and the US when it comes to ....

Bill Clinton speech 7/31 -- AWESOME!!! My hope has been restored.

Marist Poll: Clinton would lose New York to either Giuliani or McCain

GOP Challenger: Murtha Wrong On Haditha &Target of Bribery Investigation

75% of SBA contracts go to Boeing, General Dynamics, Northrop, et al.

"The Last Plantation" -- Capitol Hill officers say racism in DC

Iranian Pres ,anti-Zionist, calling for immedate cease fire...

On the way back from lunch, I saw a truck with a Dole/Kemp

Hezbollah threatens Tel Aviv with rockets if Israel continues to attack ..

Soldiers Uploading Iraq Footage To Youtube

Is it "anti-Arab" to not be pro-Palestinian?

How long will it take for America to remain in Iraq before the Iraq War

BREAKING :DeLay must stay on congressional ballot

How moral of them, wanting the death of another person.

If you were a nation with no natural resources and deeply in debt ?

benburch ... what happened ???

Free Tibet

Are 9-11 "conspiracy" theories going mainstream?

Update from a Soldier in Iraq

Lieberman: "I am not George Bush"

Joe Lieberman of YESTERDAY vs. Joe Lieberman of TODAY:

IRAQ: Shi'ite and sunnis shelter each other - Bad news for Bush's puppets

Who killed the electric car?

GOP to take DeLay case to Supreme Court

Israel's leader offers up yet another excuse for attacking Lebanon

News survey shows disturbing trends


Big News: DeLay Stays on the Ballot

Tamil Americans Gather at US Capitol to Protest Against War Crimes

Colorado Springs is about 72 degrees today...and cloudy...

Air America stream not available - need a link to Randi's show

Can't Get Fooled Again.

Penalties for Santorum

ATTN: New GD Guidelines for Threads Relating to New GD Guidelines

You can buy a basic 500 Pound Bomb for only $268.50. (*2000 $)

An E-Mail from Greg Palast (and link to talk with Bobby Kennedy

John Kerry, Max Cleland and John Murtha...

Are we creating a mono-culture?

What I learned from Congress today.

Maybe I missed it...Why is the USA backing up Israel? What did the the

My most recent complaint about the Pharma Companies

So is now the time for the red heifer sacrifice?!?

Israel Bunker Busters Used to Attack Qana made in USA - damn

Why not put guidelines on the Hillary, Lieberman, Iraq, DLC threads?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Has A Solution To The Israel-Lebanon Conflict

At the Senate Armed Services Commitee Hearings today, McCain

Torie Clarke is a pathetic hack.

Cafferty's questions. Check out the one for the second hour!

More Israelis killed by Hezbollah rockets and Hezbollah refuses ceasefire

Is Hassan Nisrallah the new Osama bin Laden?

Differences in reporting on the Middle East

Desperate Santorum Asks Non-Conservative Pennsylvanians To Go Green

Has anyone seen the film "America: From Freedom to Fascism" yet?

17 Civilians Killed as shells hit four schools being used as shelters

Republicans and Democrats falling over each other to please Israeli lobby

Is it possible to defeat an opponent in asymmetrical warfare?

William Butler Yeats on Mideast Affairs

"the Iraq war has presented one of the most significant threats to Israel"

Does Israel get a pass because of the mid 20th century holocaust?

Terrorism of Water

Randi is having a field day with Rummys testimony

Texas GOP will appeal Delay ballot ruling to US Supreme Court.

(VIDEO)Tasini press conference on attempt to shut him out of the debate

Lesbian Discrimination

A refreshing bit of honesty from...

Who killed these civilians? (Reports completely contradict each other)

I stopped believing & trusting the govt. in Nov. 1963

Randi Rhodes Rips Into Rummy

Neo-Conservative = Jew

Air America Radio, Sunday 8 am MST Recruiting & Counter Recruiting

Playing With Fire!

Sen Byron Dorgan making great economic sense on CSPAN right now

AAR/Franken listeners: Who was the RW shill Al had on yesterday? "Mark"

The Jews are split; don't be misled into thinking they support Israel

Chomsky, Zinn, Roy, and others letter on Lebanon Crisis

U.S. to help train, equip Lebanon army

Would Bush rather have the Iraqis killing each other or our soldiers?

Republican speaks out, admits that Democrats are victims of Election Fraud

How stupid are we? Needless "crisis" and likely war. Falling for it again.

Why Is NORAD Closing Colorado Mountain Facility???

Bill Nelson needs to _____ or get off the pot. Still on the fence.

Cafferty talking about lieberman now ...

billy graham on right now. MSNBC. says god is responsible

Afghan suicide attack kills 21, 4 Canadian soldiers die

Israeli Leaflets warn S. Beirut to Evacuate

Kill Nasrallah! We killed Yamamoto after Pearl Harbor! We kill those who

This is how they take over everything. (Liberal media silent)

Go Randi!

McKinley High School student records found at recycling center

Rumsfeld Blames Rising Insurgent Violence On Weather…

Calling all Duers! click here to support immediate ceasefire in ME



AP: Jailing of reporters remains rare but sends powerful signal

US slams Raul Castro 'imposition'

Been Gone Most Of The Day. How Was rummy's Testimony?

"President's only restful summer stay at the ranch was his first one"

What is your favorite form of discussion?

How Ned-a-licious are you?

Trying to say bye again.

Wolfie drags that old neocon creep, Woolsey, out now and

General admits Iraq on the verge of civil, really? DU Poll pls

TV Station Sets $$$ Threshold to Block NY Clinton vs Tasini Primary Debate

CNN frontpage poll on Global Warming being Freeped...or people are idiots.

2 night ago I saw a John Hagee broadcast that is shocking.


Attacks on Mel and other celebrities

Is Dan Rather A Neocon?

Text of H.R. 5970: (Estate Tax bill)

How do you recognize a civil war?

Free camo caps for the first 20,000 chickenhawks...

This didn't take long - Mel Gibson is my designated driver T-shirts

Cafferty wants to know why Dems have turned on Lieberman!

Israel extends Lebanon occupation plan

What is the historical significance of the Eastern Mediterranean?

Randi: B*sh afflicted by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome???

The DNC's new national voter protection hotline, 1-888-DEM-VOTE

If CT had Diebold machines... do you think

Hound dog mauls Elvis's teddy bear (the HORROR)

Hizbollah threatens rockets to Tel Aviv

Which Of The Following Statements Are Anti-Semitic?

God's gotta be a schizophrenic by now...

Iraq's Shias gather for massive pro-Hizbullah march

Bush's attachment to Israel started with trip to the Holy Land

Where is Dick Cheney?!!

Bombs now falling on Beirut according to Blitzer on CNN

just received this message from CEO Jon Miller @AOL

I'm aware that this is the NY Post, however, could they be more smug?

Rumsfeld Claims He Never Said ANYTHING About Iraq Being "Rosy" >

"Democrat" Lieberman paying for College Republicans to campaign for him

how does one post links to house bills???

"Conduct Unbecoming"....Howard Dean ROCKS!

"Israel is doing Lebanon a favor"

Pat Robertson a Global Warming "Convert"

Just found this censored video from the Easter egg roll at the WH

MSNBC giving Forum to Fundie John Hagee to spout "End of World" but

Satellite picture show Beirut devastation, Lebanon is dying

Diane Sawyer SHOCKED to Learn Evangelicals Support Israel

NBC evening news ran Rumsfeld over the coals.

Why the switch to a vote in favor of the fence?

Grenade vest stokes fears of attacks against Koreans in Afghanistan

Local power company must be worried, they're doing chopper inspections

I am afraid that the neocons will get what they want.

Blitzer's Blogger attacks Jane Hamsher and "firedoglake" Website

Sen. Mc Cain Uses a DU Phrase From Two Years Ago Regarding Iraq Fighting

The neocons' next war

What's The Skinny On David Grange??? Who's Paying Him??

Just got off work. Where's the daily Ed Schultz bashing thread?

'TIP' earners in Nevada, California, Washington, Montana, Alaska, Oregon

What difference does Ann Coulter make?

Are personal videos by U.S. troops coming out of Iraq showing

Where is *'s horse? - pics of * with border patrol agents in Mission, Tx

Are you Afraid of our Government?

Home School (legal question)

Went to the P.O. today. Chatted with the P.O. employee.

Reid May Ask Hillary To Succeed Him As Dem Maj/Min Leader-Steve Clemons

"cat stranglers"

Did anyone hear Tony Blair's Press Conference? He talks and gestures

Perspective does make a difference! A rant

Wasn't The Rapture supposed to happen today?

Today's the day, right? Rapture Day?

is anyone else having trouble streaming AAR?


eBay is one of the Good Guys...

Is NYC Power Is About To Get Shut Down - NY DU Please Report Here,,,

Max Cleland coming up on Hardball re: Murtha Swiftboating

Ettrick Va (Petersburg area) right NOW- 109.2 degrees

Blowback from A Bad War

Question from Norway - Next Democratic administration?

Yesterday roads buckled but today windshields....

It is 104 degrees in the shade on my back porch

Howard Dean asking for your help on minimum wage NOW!!

Clinton (Hillary) to Ole Alzheimer (Rumsfeld)....

Map of Lebanon bombing targets

U.N. panel accuses Israel of racism in Lebanon

Who is Laura Berg and why was she investigated for SEDITION!??!

US, UK watching two different wars

Tune in NOW to the Diane Rehm Show

If Joe loses by ten (+) on Tuesday I don't think he will run as an Indy

"Rice sees progress among the bombs" this Govt. Ho on Crack?

Fundies whipped into a frenzy in support of Israel no matter what they do

Bobby Kennedy and Palast on why Saddam had to go.

Rumsfeld: ‘I Have Never Painted A Rosy Picture’ About Iraq

Cost of Iraq War Theft to Americans-- Federal Budget Tradeoff figures.

Sen. Clinton Rips Rumsfeld; Calls for His Resignation

Heat makes Pat Robertson a global warming "convert"

Thursday is deadliest day yet for Israelis

Max Cleland Condemns Smear of Rep Murtha As "Un-American"

Are you prepared for an Emergency?

Sept. 11 Investigations Still Going On

I am so embarrassed to have this.....THING as my president....

OK apparently Condi is wearing something to close the gap in her

Water Torture of the Soul: Watching War

Breaking--bush offers Democracy to Cuba!

US Troops Kill 2 Iraqis on Way to Anti-Israel Protest

Should "Passion of the Christ" now be considered an anti-semitic movie?

Castro's Daughter Signs With CNN

Does Israel place military targets near civilians?

How do you feel about America being the World's #1 Arms Dealer?

Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War (VIDEO)

Times interview with Ehud Olmert (August 2nd)

Evidence published: United States v. Zacarias Moussaoui

Petition for an immediate ceasefire from: Act For Change

Why was South Africa "singled out" by the international community?

O'Reilly & Rivera Stick Up For Mel - Rip Olberman, Stewart & Colbert

Does Rumsfeld? Ever say a sentence? Without a question?

Gallup: 55% Now Back U.S. Pullout from Iraq Within a Year

CBS Kimberly Dozier Out of Hospital - Injured in Iraq in May

The greed of a few does destroy the Earth.

Mr. Scalia is the SC Justice to whom DeLay must appeal. Interesting.

What neo-cons (and/or Republicans) don't grasp.

Human Rights Watch releases report on the current Israel/Lebanon conflict

HOLY CRAP! The deficit is really $3.5 TRILLION!!!!!!!!!!!

ROFL!!! Tom DeLay must stay on November ballot!!!

Molly Ivins: Media With No Guts, No Grace

Hizbullah's attacks stem from Israeli incursions into Lebanon

what is an Islamofascist???

Quinnipiac: Lamont 54%, Lieberman 41%

thoughts (and some pics) about Mexico's election, after my visit there


What toll-free Capitol Hill numbers are now in operation?

LOL..Look what the RNCC sent me!

Ode to Al Sharpton

Tax the Rich Republicans !

Are liberals finally getting through to Clinton?

What difference has the 50 State Strategy made for you?

Israeli attacks spawn environmental disaster -

Was a U.S. navy ship in Israel a NSA spy ship?

Big police stand-off in Tampa right now (12:30pm eastern)

Chuck Hagel: Opposition Senator

global warming- Artificial clouds can end it -Also other ideas.

Representative Cleaver's speech to GKC DFA

SCOOP/UQ WIRE: 11 Questions Avoided by the Media On NORAD Tapes

Armbands for Peace - I need a bit of help.

By their deeds, ye shall know them (Very powerful video)

Some Neighbors Oppose Neo-Nazi Meeting in Lexington Co.

DISTURBING: Chemical castration to prevent teen pregnancy

I was left behind!!! Check in if you were too!

Just chill out.

The biggest federal failure in American history. (rant)


Vitamin tablets 'may do more harm than good'

Looking for Bush pic - "Cocaine's a hell of a drug"

Why America gives Israel its unconditional support (From The Economist)

Want to really stick it to the oil companies?

You Must Have Half a Million Dollars to Debate in New York >>>

Chicago exporting homeless many miles from their home

Satellite photos of Beruit before and after the bombing campaign

Check out the new documents! Hot off the press! Diebold training manual...

Kerry countering Bush and Rumsfeld's BS on Iraq. "It's civil war"

Oklahoma Republican State Senator Joins Democratic Party

The fantasyland of proportionality

The Uncomfortable Truth From Charlie Rangel

POLL: Who do you want to be the Dem nominee for prez in 2008?

Sad day at kestrel's humble abode.............

Joementum gets the endorsement he needed!

Emperor and Supreme Chancellor Lieberman!?!?!?!!

No skin in the game

This Lebanese reminds me of Bush's mentality, his quote:

WP: Future of Orthodox Jewish Vote Has Implications for GOP

Does Bush have pointy ears?

Rumsfeld live on C-Span 1 NOW. They are filing in they keep

Reuters photo: "President Bush greets veteran reporter Helen Thomas..."

Listen Up, Senate Republicans: The Heartland Is on to Your Tricks

Rove wants to subject civilians to military tribunals

McCain Was Pretty Harsh In This Hearing......

Mel Gibson can't be President

Ohio: Blackwell caught in photos with Bush

DoJ Sues CT to Hold Primary Open Over Military Ballots

Miami's celebrations provoke rebukes from Cubans at home

Responsible for 9/11- Reagan or Clinton?

Fox News Continues to Suggest Israel Did Not Bomb Qana

come join me. MOre fun than trolling on FR and we can educate politcs

Gen. John Abizaid, US Central Commander- Great, big crybaby

CSPAN-1; Hillary up now, questioning Rummy and cohorts. FYI-nt


Blair, Bush Sr. and Schultz will be at Bohemian Grove this weekend

Call Your Senators NOW to Kill Estate Tax Giveaway to the Rich vote tonigh

Bush Grants Self Permission To Grant More Power To Self

Charlotte Observer: Gas for $1.22? For 1 hour

Class warfare!

George W Bush and the Chaos Theory...

Lieberman paying to feed and lodge Republican College Students

Desperate Santorum Asks Non-Conservative Pennsylvanians To Go Green

Rummy now set to testify on Iraq at public hearing today, per MSNBC

"The Last Plantation" -- Racism among the DC Capitol Hill police

What's the real federal deficit?


Illegally placed campaign signs & what to do about them

Joe's Priorities

Tom DeLay will be on the ballot (MSNBC)

37th Mine Death This Year (fox guarding the hen house again)

Oooh Ouch! Bayh "If there is a civil war, which side will we be on?"

Here's a challenge -- Name the quoted politicians...

US Begins Building Treaty-Breaching Germ War Defence Centre

Scary Stuff: Candidate Forum at Focus on the Family

MI-GOV: Granholm comes out swinging in latest Ad-watch it here

College Republicans organizing for Lieberman

Your Senate at work (today's action)

It's offical, Matt Druge has a spin-off!!!!

Don’t get mad – get even. StemPAC asks you to support Stem Cell Champions

Reid offering Clinton Senate Majority Leader if she doesn't run for Prez?

Want to bet this asshat is a Republican?

Father knew what Guard visit meant

How Successful Was Cindy Sheehan's Fast.....

Another Republican Legislator Sent to Jail (PA.) - Faked Anthrax Attack

If you haven't seen An Inconvenient Truth yet

How the Democrats can win in November--a commercial

Life Is Good..........

The right and the Jewish

Rasmussen: Culver (D) 41%, Nussle (R) 38% for Iowa Gov.

The next big Repub scam, the Electorial College?

Rasmussen: Dems kicking ass and taking names in PA

Yet another example of live Freeper stupidity (sign)

For the afternoon and evening crowd...

Kudlow of CNBC brings on "Populist David Sirota" to defend Al Gore and

Annoyed, top Cuban official, Quizzes NPR Host, "Where's Mr. Cheney Now?!?"

Lieberman Falls Short on Recruits

Help a tired old clown who missed the fireworks on CSpan today

"It was studied and analyzed by the President"

Ken Black"not-so"well

What did Bernie wear and other dumb questions about Bush's Cleveland visit

Academic Freedom: Lieberman and Lynn Cheney - remember this?

Why has Joe Lieberman hired the racist College Republicans to work

Removed by refine thoughts.

Carter-Mondale teaming up in Minnesota fundraiser for Carter's son Jack

This post irritates me. It shows that nothing DNC does will satisfy..

Republican 100% for Lieberman

A question to everyone who won't vote for an Anti-choice democrat!

Atlanta "Progressive" News slimes Civil Rights Hero John Lewis

Lieberman spokesman tried to use Jane's black face of Joe

More on the PA Green Candidate Donors: Anti-Choice & Halliburton Lobbyist

legit question: since the Israeli thing, I've noticed

Is "Hankerchief Head" offensive, And does it matter who says it?

Is your opinion of Joseph Lieberman...

Check out Dept of Defense Bio on Rumsfeld

Top 10 Reasons Blackwell Won't Release Tax Return

Iraq: much worse than just civil war ... hello? Democrats?

Worrying about sustainablility is the selfish pastime of rich spoilt brats

The mideast crisis and internal effects in the US and other observations

Lieberman gets political endorsement - from Tom DeLay



Does the Jewish population living in the U.S. nor see that the republican

Hillary Bitchslaps Rumsfailed -- "Why Should We Believe You?"

Democratic Insurgents ? According to this headline:

For MSNBC Viewers .......

How To Confuse A Neocon (So Easy It Should Be Patented!)

i beginning to have a "little" respect for tucker carlson. he's

One Nation, Under Threat...

Quinnipiac poll: Lamont Leads Lieberman 54 - 41

Democrats need to shift further to the left

Kerry on Senate floor - It is a civil war

FWIW: Rumor of plan for HRC to succeed Harry Reid IF she doesn't run in 08

Support Cynthia McKinney

Housing Bubble Update: 8/3/06