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NYT: Bill Clinton makes lasting mark in global fight against AIDS

Senator Hillary Clinton: All Show and No Substance

Dionne: Slowly Sidling To Iraq's Exit-GOP Candidates leaving *

Real Wages Fail to Match a Rise in Productivity

NYT: Drought ravaging Plains States compared to Dust Bowl of the 30's

Larry King: he's ahead in the polls talking about Lieberman

NYT editorial: A year after Katrina, a tribute to the living

American deaths in Iraq, Afghan wars approach 9/11 toll

Wind Power Outlook for 2006 - installation of 3,000 megaWatts expected

South Korea signs contracts on two reactors with Westinghouse.

The average capacity factor of nuclear plants in the US, 2005.

Energy industry preparing for limits on CO2 emissions

Ahmadinejad acknowledges the Holocaust in letter to Merkel.

WP:Pronouncing Blame on the Israel Lobby

"We are walking with open eyes into our next war."

Two scholars say pro-Israel lobby has warped U.S. policy

Touring the Katyusha trail

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 8/29/06

Vote Pad: A queen of hearts sort of day. "Off with their heads!"

To anyone who has doubted the nat'l significance of CA-50

Please help with my MEXICO thread in GD

TexasT is moving to Austin! Since she can't start her own

To the elitist defeatists: Get you GONE!

Talk to me about silicone bakeware...

Alberta same-sex bill blocked by opposition

I'm visiting Canada (Toronto) for the first time this October

3 companies sued for failing to make insurance payments

Pentagon to reorganize policy office, add new job

"We are walking with open eyes into our next war."

An Arrest in the Plame Case is Imminent

Financial Times: Hong Kong admits pollution is hurting business

Prosecutors Drop Case in Ramsey Slaying

Bush says Katrina recovery just starting

Comments May Cost GOP Minority Votes

With Kazakh's Visit, Bush Priorities Clash

AP: 71-Year-Old Gitmo Detainee Released

Rushdie: Fundamentalist religion 'evil'

Rumsfeld Makes Case for Converting Missiles

Kerry revives 2004 election allegations

NYT/Reuters: Incoming CBS Anchor Couric Lands Bush Interview

Britain 'is now biggest security threat to US' (says neocon mag.)


Ah, my dear DU friends...

So I went to the supermarket this afternoon...!!!

Have you ever

Gah! My Jeep is fucking dead.

I finally worked up courage to attempt some CANING. Wish me luck!

myspace is incessantly glitchified...


Dammit. I've misplaced my Obi.

Feeling a little disappointed tonight

BAGeL Radio kicks ass!

Romantic song lyrics!

Kitty V

Can you make yourself require less sleep?

And now for something completely different (VIDEO CLIPS)

Remember the thing I was telling you about my RW roomie?

The boys of summer from Georgia

What is your favorite sense?

Give me your links to your FAVORITE web sites!

Hey Grouchy!

If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be?

Get your Armor of God PJ's right here.

Radiation Levels...From GD...Increasing...

Emergency Alert and Disaster Service.

Glenn O'Brien's TV Party

Carson Palmer is a Football God

Curious: Any DUers study Forensic Psychiatry or

Where do those "I'm so Lonely" and "I'm suicidal" posts go to, anyway?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!

Random lyrics stuck in my head

Best screen name, EVER!

A friend of mine is in great need.

Let Us Now Praise Van Morrison

On the verge of a breakdown if it doesn't RAIN! HELP!

How To Learn Chess?

I'm sleepy and I've still got two hours to go.

Please explain this to me.... I don't get it

Post a smilie of how you felt today!

Liberate the Heineken! Free them!!

What's your earliest memory?

We got custody!!!!!

well by gosh it finally rained and cooled down in Texas

We're back home.

Best aural cotton candy of the summer?

Chicken McNuggets

I finally worked up courage to attempt some CANNING. Wish me luck!

MrsGrumpy... did she or didn't she?

My life is so very, VERY Lame...

Please vote for my friend Cindy Alexander!!!

The High School appreciation (or dis-appreciation) thread

I'm watching the movie "Proof" - wow!

"The Punisher" is the best movie superhero.

Cool! I got lightheaded when going up in the elevator today!!

Ohmigosh...Pandora just gave up Billy Joel's "Zanzibar" on my 'Dan station

"Everyone person for himself"

The Guardian - I'm looking forward to seeing this, but I'm biased.

ROFL! Best customer support e-mail ever!

Just watched Bill Maher...Christopher Hitchens is the

Cleft Lip and Palate

Good fortune (Bruce Cockburn)

I have noticed something that disturbs me about some threads

What's the wierdest food you've ever eaten?

I Hereby Nominate tinfoil tiaras for Homecoming Queen...

How is Spanish food?

"Are You Ready? We Are! - Bad Brains"

Seattlites, some help please.

Post here about some good DU memories you have!

Add your own Wanted Poster here!

Gospel Evidence: Eyewitness Testimony or Anonymous Tips?

A meeting of civilisations: The mystery of China's celtic mummies

Steroids Prescribed to NFL Players

Election Fraud issue about to come up again.

Q about Max Cleland

Bill Maher gives props to JK on Larry King Live

Please help - Urban Dictionary definition of "swiftboating"

Just one person's take here, but I'd like to say that the anti-Kerry

Uh OH!

So, Karr's free to go? Not charged with obstruction of justice?

Which event will happen first?

Please Folks: Turn our eyes and hearts south to Mexico

Its PROVABLE: GOP CROP(Bush/CheneyRove/etc Infected with

9 US Troops Down the Memory Hole

Sadr supporter says US ‘occupation forces’ are provoking the fighting

WOW! Brian William's special on Katrina....speaking candidly about

Brian Williams on NBC says media "found their voice" during Katrina

US forces arrest top Kurdish Al-Qaeda ‘bomb-maker’

Media's Embarrassing Treatment of Ramsey Case Reaches Its Apex

Today in History - Martin Luther King, Jr.: "I Have a Dream"

Invested Interests: Analyzing Rep. Jeb Bradley's Portfolio

JonBenet: did the tinfoilers win one?

Selective Incompetence

"The Internet of Tomorrow"

what do you think about Malloy's interview with

Salmonella outbreak in WalMart deli

Is there a website that lists the advertisers of cable news shows?

If it bleeds, it leads...

Mexican flag raised at Maywood, CA post office

Most viewers distrust network and cable news

What we should be asking every Republican politician:

Veterans for Peace were here today!

Seen this video of security contractors shooting at civilian cars?

Hitchens, by proxy, showed us all how Maher feels about his "fans".

Sen. Biden brags about Delaware being a "slave state"?

Operation Forward Together

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers Check in, with Peter Werbe

Americans Concerned Over New World War

"How Bin Laden's Spy Suckered the CIA, FBI and Army" - on TV tonight

Another good political film: "Mardi Gras: Made In China"

Did anyone watch the NBC Brian Williams special on Katrina?

Think Terror is bad - Check out video NO LOCK IS SAFE - "Bumpkeys"

Well... At Least PorkBusters Has My Two Senators In The Clear !!!

Amy Goodman and David Goodman - The Democracy Now! Tour

Can you spot the irony?

Buchanan: Bush should be impeached (over Immigration, not Iraq)

some pics from Mexico today

Just when I naively thought everyone was on board w/ existence of

Hey Check Out "Mission Accomplished" On Urban Dictionary

This photo is absolutely amazing....(NO debris field)

Strange question..what is the difference

Thom Hartmann; Reclaiming The Issues: Islamic Or Republican Fascism?

Brilliant prank exposes federal neglect of New Orleans

Cable TV Alert: Primetime Emmy Awards being rerun on Bravo now.

Have you ever been called "soft" on Bush?

Bill Maher on Larry King (CNN)

So...John Mark Karr ..Biz class to the US. 1st class back to Thailand?

Ghost Town:Bush returns to a place forever scarred by the wrath of Katrina

Boulder PD Deserve more Contempt than Karr

"Feel the pre-love"

Katherine Harris: Elect Christians or legislate Sin (Graphic Image)

I participated in a Rasmussen poll tonight!

We Are Not OK

An Arrest in the Plame Case is Imminent

General Says Iraqi Shiite Soldiers Refuse Duty

Blitzer again let Mehlman claim public opposes Iraq withdrawal timetable

caption RITA. .

Was Brian Williams special on Katrina tonite called "In His Words"

To everyone from Louisiana posting about the anniversary of the storm

ProSense's-"One Year Later:The Real State Of New Orleans" thread needs K/R

When Your President Farts

Does your suntan tell your boss anything about your work habits?

Rove scratching his head and Bush scratching his nuts...

Maher is looking for an elitist on Larry King, who might best represent

Ex-Colleague Says Armitage Was Source of CIA Leak (Plame)

Not to count our chickens...

The Front Yard, After Katrina

Caption this photo with Nagin's thoughts...

Yale Schmale


*, Laura, and Mayor Nagin have dinner in New Orleans - pics

Sergeant Buswell Is A True Patriot

AAAAAaaaaahhhhh !!!! - My Eyes, My Eyes !!! (Caption... Or Not!)

Can't there be another strategy?

My Brother Veteran and friend Max Cleland seeks treatment PTSD

Are you prepared for a disaster/terrorist attack?

Katrina, one year later: How much have you done?

What would happen if foreign forces occupied part of the US?

ZDnet: Vista Prices Revealed

Saddam forced to watch himself in SouthPark movie

Can John Mark Parr be charged with obstruction of justice?

Radio Lady Seeks Your Ideas: What should we do for Monday, Sept 11, 2006?

Bus drivers refuse to cross teacher picket lines in Gary

Tony Blankley and Tucker flack hacks

Kos predicts Republicans will keep House and Senate.

Ohio Workers Locked Out In Dispute Over Pensions and Health Care

At least 100 die:US spokesman, said violence dropped by half since July

from swami beyondananda-- to face the music and dance

bill o'reilly is a centrist

Old Hat-but I REALLY want to recommend the movie "The Corporation"

Hey Felix...not as dangerous as a Dude Ranch I know...

"We didn't whine"

Allan Burns Seeks US House Seat from Rightwing Extremist

Anyone know the current status....

DNC--The Bush Administration has let down Veterans

Corruption: *Yawn* Voters Don't Care

Caption this: */Pickles in NO:

Bob Novak outs a journalistic source ( Armitage), in verse

25 Congressional Democrats were on the Gulf today and not ONE headline

Republican Hounded Down the Street by Unhappy Voters

Does Bush ever wear anything other than a blue shirt

Another poll gives Granholm the lead over DeVos, this time 48-43

Will the "Religious Right" turn out for the repukes in 06?

Peter Galbraith on C-Span

I can not serve in Iraq for the same reason my hero Rush did not serve

Rahm picks a fight with MoveOn and Soros

Kerry sends e-mail in support of Strickland and nails Blackwell

I truly believe they have Bush quite medicated

Announcing a day of mass resistance: October 5th

U.S. Military Civil Disturbance Planning: The War At Home by Frank Morales

Twenty Things We Now Know Five Years After 9/11

WP: Karr coverage one of "greatest media embarrassments in modern history"

Senate moves to give Bush more power to wiretap (Russ F. objects)

I Am Guest Columnist In Today's Seattle PI !

Another miserable milestone for Bush's war

Women’s pay falls farther behind men’s

Molly Ivins (Truthdig): Cow Whisperers Against the War

Saddam being made to watch his appearance on South Park

WALTER BRASCH: Canned Hunts--Sports Afoul

Beauty parlor gals had enough Bush

Why We Can't "Win" Any War -- Kathleen Reardon (HuffPo)

THE ENABLERS -Tom Tomorrow

CNN anchor leaves MIC ON as bush yammers on about 'levees'

Iran's Leader calls for Direct TV debate w/bush

The Numbers Don't Add Up ...and 'they' still have the guns

Camp Democracy Sept 5-21

SEESHOLTZ: Impaled on the Horns of the Devil

Why it's not working in Afghanistan; no peace, democracy, reconstruction.

Just Shut Up and Listen

Had Enough Yet?

The Falling Paycheck (NYT)

Bloggers provide focus, attention, nuance in political coverage

On "Today" show, ex-FEMA chief Michael Brown blames Bush administration

Thom Hartmann: Reclaiming the Issues: Islamic or Republican fascism?

What Else Will Bush Break Before He Goes?

All The News that Fits the Bush Agenda

The death of deterrence

Year-long series of articles about Antoine's ends on downbeat note

WP: In Mississippi, Hope of Going Home Dwindles: Still Waiting for Fed Aid



This Day in Radical History- August 29th Seagulls reportedly disinterested

Household income posts first gain in 6 years....but wages slide..

Inhofe Speaks! Warming Just Liberal Hype, Defends Stance With Op-Eds

Thousands Fan Out Across India To Count Remaining Tigers - ENN

Current Warming Moving 20X Faster Than PETM Catastrophe (55 MYA)

Hydrogen cell to provide electricity (Maine)

Remembering the victims of the Buffalo Creek disaster.

Maine’s Annual Report Card for Global Warming: Finest Kind in New England

Katrina, Gulf Coast wildlife, wetland habitats (SF Chron, 8/27)

1,500 days until the Peak

The Glaciers Of South America: Cities In Peril Of Losing Water

17-Nation Study: Europe's Springs Come Earlier, Autumns Later - Guardian

Glaciers Across Washington State In Retreat, Melt Rate Accelerating

Howard Rejects Call To Cut Australian Emissions - Wants "Compelling Proof"

NEF Slams Blair For Endless, Empty Promises On Environment - Observer

Cities in peril as Andean glaciers melt

Indonesian Gov. Promises End To Forest Fires In 2 Years - Reuters

China Misses All Targets On Water, Air Pollution, Conditions Worsen - AFP

1/3 Of China's Landmass Subject To Acid Rain In 2005 - ENN

Pope Urges Better Care For Environment - ENN

Latin America, Caribbean Face Stormy Future - BBC

Solar (concentrator) Cells for Renewable Energy, Boeing Wins (US) Contract

Renewable energy revolution (Oregon)

Morales Revokes Energy, Logging Concessions In Bolivia's National Parks

BioTown (IN) Conducts Tests to Produce Electricity From Organic Waste

crosspost: Hurricane Ioke: First Cat5 Hurricane ever in the Pacific

"Control the food and you control the people"

Israel and Hezbollah went to war - and Hamas lost

Hope buried for Gaza's old settlements

Incoming tourists plummet in 2006 to only 1.6 million

US: Settlers assaulting American citizens

Shiites increasingly critical of Hezbollah

Hizbullah's efficiency leaves Lebanese government behind

Israeli forces detain Hamas politician in dragnet

Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy: 08/28/06 Broadcast by C-Span

Iranian VP visits Lebanon as aid package takes shape

Lessons of War / War could have been shorter

Nasrallah for Prime Minister - of Israel

Treasury, Defense clash over budget request, as Peretz goes on defensive

Saying aloud what we were afraid to say 5 years ago.

What's going on here?

Formal Invitation Challenge to Structural Engineers, Physicists, and Pol S

So have any religious organizations spoken out on Crop Circles?



Kevin Cosgrove

David Ray Griffin/more info, 9-11/an inside job book

AFA Bozos Complain About "Profanity-Laden" 9/11 Documentary

Flight 77 - What hit the Light Poles?

Judge Throws Out CA-50 Case on Constitutional/Jurisdictional Grounds!

SNEAKY! Perry calls special election for DeLay's unexpired term

Do you know of a source summarizing recount laws by state?

Waiting...and holding my breath...CA-50 Hearing

Race to Adopt Electronic Voting Raises Concern Over Elections

SDEC report? Anyone?

Perry calls special election for DeLay's unexpired term

No excuse for no district election

Your cooking achievements that astonish your guests/family..

Kennedy on the attack

Defence minister visits Canadian troops in Afghanistan

Police find 10 bodies in Baghdad school yard

Venezuela sends U.S. protest note in cargo spat

South Africa: Former minister washes clergyman's feet in apology (BBC)

AP: 2 American Soldier Killed in Iraq

Iraq fuel pipeline blast kills 15

Iraqi army agrees truce with Shiite militia after deadly clash

AP: Banks Said Severing Ties With NKorea

Mexico starts marathon vote recount

Endorsing Lamont, union says Lieberman hurting Democrats

Latino state senator asks Chafee to denounce Republican ad

Rumsfeld says Terrorists manipulating media

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 29 August

US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales arrives in Baghdad

Scientists find 'anthrax blocker'

'Missing Israeli pilot' on film

Rove Has Unparalleled Influence With Bush

Americans Without Health Benefits May Have Set Record in 2005

Afghan bombings kill 24 over 2 days

Uganda begins ceasefire with LRA

WA: GOP Senate Challenger McGavick Reveals Drunken Driving Incident

900 French troops, tanks due in Lebanon mid-September

Mainers recall biking with president

Italy sends troops to "long, risky" Lebanon mission

Detroit Sees Cheap Gas as History

Prudential to Pay Fine in Trading

DuPont's traditional pension plan to end

Reuters: Ahmadinejad defiant, challenges Bush to TV debate

Ahmadinejad challenges Bush to TV debate

Iran's president says wants TV debate with Bush

Iraq strikes peace deal with militia after scores killed (Mahdi Army)

Gonzales in Iraq to push 'rule of law'

Iraqi PM declares fuel crisis over as pipeline blast kills looters

CNN/Reuters: BP hit by oil trading probe

Fugitive polygamist leader arrested

Indonesia agency reports 6.4 magnitude undersea quake, possible tsunami

Bush White House to be Supoened over Wire Taps.

Skinheads attack 2 Israelis in Belgrade

Arizona Republic: Will McCain's Age Be An Issue? He Turns 70 Today ...

Rumsfeld complains of success by extremists in manipulating media

71-year-old Gitmo detainee released

Rumsfeld’s visit prompts demonstration for peace

South Africa may enrich uranium

New bill aimed at reducing veteran suicide rates

American soldier killed in Anbar, another dies in Humvee accident

U.S. says Iraq poised to take control of its ground forces/ Moonie Times

Chertoff Seeks More Air Travelers Data

Rumsfeld: Bush foes lack courage on terror (CNN)

ACORN Files Suit Against FEMA

Hitler Restaurant Renamed the Cross Cafe (India)

Navy lawyer once posted at Cuba base is charged

Iraqi Shiite: No Interference From Iran (U.S. has not provided proof)

Fed Members Saw Pause as `Close Call'; Unsure of Further Moves

Bush Remembers Victims of Katrina

(Sen. Hillary) Clinton Rivals Spat Over 3rd Party Lines

FEC Won't Ease Limits on Interest Groups

Grisly discovery made at Iraqi school (24 people tortured and executed)

Iraq resolves oil sharing issue, says deputy PM

Deputy PM Optimistic About Iraq Progress (more like delusional)

US attorney general discusses interrogation tactics in Iraq (torture ok?)

Rumsfeld Lashes Out at Bush's Critics

Brain injury budget faces cut, Military research, treatment at risk

Oil explosion kills 36* in Iraq

Sen. Barack Obama Electrifies Kenyans

UK readers blocked from NY Times terror article (Guardian)

Atlantis going back to the pad (after getting halfway to VAB)

Sen Lugar Says Imported Oil Makes U.S. Vulnerable; Outlines Energy Program

Jerusalem police: Forget about gay parade

Former VP candidate Jack Kemp to campaign for Lieberman

Bush government 'did not support' effective Katrina recovery (Brownie)

US Official Says Iran is 'Central Banker of Terror'/ VOA

Blistering Drought Ravages Farmland on Plains

Twin Cities' convention hopes rise (bid for Democratic '08 gathering)

California Assembly passes bill to provide universal health care

Drug plan's role in fall election is uncertain

Wake Island evacuated as 'super typhoon' roars in

AP Bush comforts New Orleans, urges hope

U.S. dismisses Bush-Ahmadinejad debate

Inouye Abandons Lieberman

(AFP) Four more US soldiers die in Iraq (12 in 3/days)

Democrats Now Favored to Take Over DeLay’s Old Seat

Angry Lebanese boo Annan

State (CA) Proposes Limit for Perchlorate (rocket fuel) in Drinking Water

UK readers blocked from NY Times terror article (Guardian)(NYT)

Sheehan Not Coming to Utah (complications from her surgery)

T-Shirt Inscription Keeps Iraqi Man From Boarding Flight

Frist Medical License Renewal Questioned (LOL he lied to them

NYT: A Watchdog Group Warns Against AOL’s Free Software

(Mark) Warner voices frustration with Dems

CIA Used 'Micro Nuclear' Bomb In Bali: Bashir

Vice president visits Omaha (fund raising for U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry)

U.S. appoints envoy to counter Kurdish rebel threat

Gallup: Katrina Did Not Cause Bush's Decline in Polls

Scalia had 24 expense-paid trips in 2005

Guy in SUV goes crazy- Up to 14 hurt in SF hit-and-run spree

Painter (Kinkade) Said to Be Focus of FBI Probe (bilking Christians)

Lopez Obrador to create parallel govt. in Mexico

Gag order requested in Ky. trial (Pfc. Green's rape-murder trial)

Inquiry Criticizes US Broadcasting Official (Tomlinson) Over Hiring

U.S. report: More nicotine in cigarettes

CNN: FAA: Tower staffing during plane crash violated rules

Zogby: Gov's race begins to tighten; Lieberman still ahead by 10 points

Data show one in eight Americans in poverty

Mental illness up among Katrina survivors - study

it's cold in here....

I can't sleep. HELP!

Video: Full Color Holographic 'Terminator II; Cyborg Poster

National Lampoons Vacation

B.C. man selling Gilligan's original S.S. Minnow

...and then in a single moment everything changed...

If you've ever been curious about "Natural Male Enhancement"...

The Good morning/night/early afternoon thread

Worst package shippers?

Lonely housewife's husband is at work and she needs my help!!

Hey XNASA. Here ya go

We're going to be so embarrassed when the Plutonians come and kick our ass

Hurricane Ioke: First Cat5 Hurricane ever in the Pacific

Happy Birthday to Charlie Parker!!

BREAKING! John Mark Karr confesses to the Natalee Holloway

Anyone know anything about temp agencies?

Circumference: Yes or No?

Circumspection: Yes or No?

Happy Birthday to me!

It's a BEAUTIFUL damp October Day up here in New England

Police On The Lookout For Naked Tickler

Mouses in the local houses

why is it when I'm on a diet, the whole office pigs out???

so when you have someone on ignore, what do threads look like?

What should I do today?

*groans* To be done today:

Calling in sick - Funny joke I got in an email.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 8/29/06)

Circumnavigation: Yes or no?

I feel like death warmed over...

Circumlocution: Yes or No?

What's wrong with this picture?

Hey, I just figured out how to win the elections!

First those kids in Vermont and now this...

Anyone have any Encounters With LaRouchie's?

LSK is a virgin

Would you all PLEASE stop picking on Oliver Garden!!

I finally worked up courage to attempt some CANING. Wish me luck!

Self Delete.

You let it die! You bastards let it die!

Mrs Sniffa says I look like Grandpa Marsh today...

Could you medal at being a dork? Video games at Olympics?

Olive Garden/Red Lobster

This day in history - 1957

Someone please put me out of my misery

I'm SHOCKED I tell ya!!! Paris Hilton's record not selling well

We lost our Fergiewerg 3 years ago today

I saw a red fox in my urban backyard

how many messages can we have in our inbox???

Be glad you're not watching TV in Florida today!

I'm working on 11,000 posts without the aid of responses.

Post a pic of somebody else's pants.

Post here about some good DU mammaries you have!

You want real, hearty Texas chili?

Which sports car are you?

Im here to amuse you? What do you mean Im funny??

So, I Googled "Olive Garden Sucks"

Smoke angel... or proof of the FSM?

PETA lashes out at singer Beyonce, citing alligator cruelty

Look, I don't care if your office is messy...

Post your favorite "Smilies"

A new supermarket near me takes shopping to a new level!

Dyed too young?

Why I'm One Proud Daddy is just for photoshopped pics, right?

So, I googled 'matcom sucks'...

This Is National Good Looking Persons Day. Send an Email To Someone

Willie Nelson...Greatest Living American Songwriter?

Best Speech

Okay, boys and girls, which Bush doesn't belong with the others?

bad day... just a bad day....

Not a movie quote, but oughta be

movies that were better than the book?

It's spelled: "vacuous".

Anyone else here get a kick out of reading the Rapture Ready board?

Who will play Cheney in the movie?

It's COLD here!

oooooooh, I feel love, I feel love, I feel love

Problems with embedded youtube videos

Union-Built Computers Support Labor Movement Fairness Begins to Click

great Katrina Anniversary song

So I Googled "Democratic Underground sucks"

time to learn French

Life is so unfair

Maverick update!!!

I have been a very bad boy..

I Garfunkled your mother.

I Really Like To Type The Word Fuck

Why Is That CNN Dude Standing Out In The Rain?

Happy birthday RedXIII!!

Any Maria Callas fans around?

One Year After Katrina

I was told to f**k off today.

Just watched the movie: "11:14" Brilliant!!! If you haven't seen it

John Wells is a Hack, or, Why I Can't Get Over Season Four

Your Library III: Your 5 Favorite History/Political/Current Events Books?

What uncool "correctable" do you have at home?

YOU can buy Britney Spears a $1,200 chandelier for her new baby's room

Post here about some mediocre DU memories you have!

Why are we so obsessed with dirt?

Update: I still feel like crap

Post here about some bad DU memories you have!

Tattoo Assistance

Young skull full of mush

My daughter is 16 today. I'm 31.

What if all you could see were tits and cell phones?

So I Googled "Bush sucks"

What would you do if you saw Santa Claus while shopping?

Congratulations acmejack!! 10,000 posts

Tell me, who do you love?

Can you park this car?

Strange day indeed

Not a good day.

I can solve all of the countries problems in three easy steps

how many women vs. men are on DU?

An airport security story.

In praise of the mighty avocado.

Tell me your favorite thing about me.

I found it! On

Serpentes on a Shippe!

Recommend a good overnight talk radio show available via streaming?

I'm just getting out the door.........Wanted to let you know........

Let's talk skin care

My kitty of 16 years passed last night

what would you do if you saw the take home chef while shopping?

Two cute video files! (Kitty alert!)


There is a GOD! Kinkade, that hypocrite fuckwit, being investigated by FBI

Don't feel like posting on DU anymore.

Your Library IV: 5 Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novels

Stupidity generated 28 years post divorce... folks, it never ends

Saw Andre Agassi win last night........

Aaron Brown, formerly of CNN, speaks out about changes in TV....

Brake pads have 10/32 of an inch left - how long do they have?

Quote of the day: "All I see any more are tits and cellphones."

so rolling stone handed bob dylan yet another 5-star review

are the beatles the best band ever?

Should I stay or should I go?

Please send good vibes for my friend...

Tuesday, August 29. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

It's spelled "vicious."

Advice to people considering having kids

Holy crap! My grandmother . . . (Alzheimer's & dementia)

The "Marriage Killing Side Effects of Breastfeeding", by a ManO'God:

I Am "---" Today:

Who do you think died too young?

Pictures! Including 1 cute baby!

death sucks.

More Butterflies from Costa Rica (photos)

Question about the Borat movie...

Quite possibly the sickest thing I've ever seen yet on youtube.

I'm bored even on DU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Radio Lady Invites YOU to view our PHOTOS of Seattle and Victoria, BC !

I blame the entire state of Wisconsin.

Post a pic of somebody else's pets.

"Classic hit" you can't stand anymore?

To all of my dear DU friends...Thank you

Gwen Araujo Murder Case Closes As Fourth Accused Man Pleads Guilty

Did anyone see the dedication of the Billie Jean King

Boycott of gay march may cost British firefighters jobs

Warriors may bring back Don Nelson

Wells on the block

Biggest NFL Draft Blunder Ever?

Completely off topic, but

Has Anyone Here Read or Heard Dr Dawn E. Clark?

September 2006 - Light and Prayer Thread

Has anyone been following the mystery of the "secret hold"

Response to today's controversy on Kerry

Hey, I wonder who Rummy is talking about in this speech 8/29/06

JK's Ohio Battleground Email

Mr. Ahmadinejad . . . you are no John Kerry!

John Kerry Revives 2004 Election Allegations

Great diary: it takes Barfbag DOWN so eloquently.

Ready for a shock?

Negative dKos diary about Ohio email

Donnie's Katrinacrat Blog

Tom Oliphant fans:

No, seriously, Ted.

Costa Rican Butterfly photos

Ahmadinejad acknowledges the Holocaust in letter to Merkel.

I'm cross posting this from the lounge so everyone can wish him well

they made a mistake and they paid with their lives

S.Korea on 24-hour watch for N.Korea nuke test with seismic, sound sensors

Iran poses new challenge to UN on nuclear issues

Christy Harvey/Tom Oliphant (Al Franken subs) Replay... NOW!

E&P: "Karr Cleared in JonBenet Case - After Millions of Articles?"

Elizabeth Kucinich to lead peace walk

Poor, poor Rita -- what a nightmare...

More Americans will have died in Iraq than on 9/11 by Dec. 8th.

What are your news interpretation filters?

All Democrats Need to Echo the Republicans "war on the middle class"

I read this, though my head was going to explode, like Lewis Black's.


blackwater loses appeal-sometimes the bad guys do lose

Who cares about the beaches?! Have they fixed Trent Lott's house yet???

Gulf Coast DUers: What do Repubs in your area say re Katrina & shrub?

Impeachment: Rothman (NJ-09) stands by his OATH -- needs to hear from us

Brownie is on the Today show

Springsteen posts message denying split with wife

Latest Rove Distraction - Falling Gas Prices

7:45 AM CDT: a moment of silence please, for Katrina victims in N.O.L.A.

Would you vote for someone who had a DUI in the past?

(PHOTO) Osama Bin Lamont? Lieberman supporters make me sick!

Friends and enemies.....

(VIDEO) PBS NOW on corrupt politicians facing easy reelection

quiet protest...

Forget Ernesto, meet Super Typhoon Ioke

Washington Journal

RADTOON - 8/29... meet the potemkins

The Debate

RW hack Alert Frank Gaffney on Washington Journal

CAPTION the stroll down memory lane...

That "Great Gig In the Sky"

Thanks GOP! Hate groups using immigration anxiety as recruiting tool.

Mainers recall biking with president

CA Senate backs plan to give its 55 electoral votes to popular vote winner

Anyone catch the fed official saying thousands of trailers won't go to NO?

Watching Ned Lamont On C-Span Now (9:55 AM Eastern)

A Public Service Announcement Of Importance.

Salman Rushdie: Bush Administration setting up Authoritarian state

VR launches 3 campaigns to protect our Democracy! (I miss you Andy)

KABC radio host apologizes for Bush vote

Ned Lamont coming up on Washington Journal in a few

Yep its warren jeffs all the time now, I feel so safe now, I really do

John Carr looked to me like he was TOTALLY guilty!

Look who addressed the VFW Convention...

Ahmadinejad challenges Bush to TV debate

abstinence being taught in my son's Health class

What is a bigger problem in America, Rascism or Classism?

Stupid Slogans from the bush years.

Those who live close to Haley Barbour; did I hear correctly that

A personal message to George W Bush :

Repukes, the Media and Orwell

I believe the "democrat" party is politicizing...

Heaven or Hell?

Consumer Confidence: Falls to 9-Month Low

Tracking Senators on the Secret Hold - need DU help

A Debate with Ahmadinejad - taking Bush out of the Equation

How much $$$ does Big Oil make off of us from "hot fuel?"

Abu Ghraib Prison Has Been Closed

Dan Abrams failed his first test at MSNBC

Do Ohio voting machine problems spell trouble in Utah? (ehem... YES!)

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

New 'Caught Red-Handed' Report: GOP waste billions of tax payers $

The "Marriage Killing Side Effects of Breastfeeding", by a ManO'God:

Buyers paying $400-700K and up for homes next to Santa Clara County jail

Pharyngula: The new Republican alibi for crippling stem cell research

Say A Prayer For The Victims Of Hurricane Katrina

Johnny White's Bourbon Street bar never closed

Bush: "We know that...We know that...We know that..."

Don't you hate those spoiled, soft rich brats who reap the benefits of

caption this * pic...

TV Newser: Aide burned Bush a DVD of Brian Williams' Katrina coverage

BBC Newscast: Iranian leader suggests debate with American president.

Rumsfeld claims he is personally immune to criticism

Hell froze over. I saw a fair and accurate TV news expose.

Regarding the Mexican flag on the Post Office in California

Weird update on Katrina crying sis's: Homeless; But ready for new photo op

Video - Short and Sweet: Freeway Blogger - Inspiring!

Will somebody please inform CNN....

Seriously fucked up--Fake officials "reopen" New Orleans public housing

Has there ever been a more disgusting scum bag than dick cheney?

Another lost thread-Suicide # among vets over 1K, new bill-please K/R

Top Bush ADmin. "Hedge Fund" Prober Gets $2.5M Buyout -- From Hedge Fund

Tom Hartman just talked about the news I found

Iranian President Calls For A Televised Debate With Bush

CT Republican vows support for Schlesinger, calls on others

Where does class division come from?

Robert Kuttner: United States Of Cheney

WH ensures friendly Biloxi visit, invites same people from last year

What is the end game of progress?

CNN Poll Question: Who Would Win The Bush/Ahmadinejad Debate?

New media circus/diversion - 'Most Wanted' polygamist captured

Blood boiler: Big Sugar Rules FL, and is buying Gov election

Evangelical Conversion-for-Parole Program Thwarted

Vatican Meeting with Intellectuals to Discuss Evolution

It's really not about Democrats vs's about America

War claims UConn student: Message from UConn's President

Bush's Speech - Same As Yesterday - One Long Introduction

'We Have Very Little Gang Activity On Fort Lewis'

Worst Corporate/Company Threats to Freedom and Democracy?

Bad Polling News on CA Gov-race: Arnold 52% Angelides 38%

Lineup for Malloy's Katrina memorial show (Randi Rhodes fill-in)

We the people are starting to look pretty ridiculous.

Part II of II: Katrina - The Federal Response

Is Ernesto now two storms?? check this infrared pic

Cindy Sheehan will NOT make it to Salt Lake City for protest on the 30th

let's ensure american racial purity

Looks like Ernesto may be headed into the gulf.

CAPTION the vicariously manly man...

Rumsfeld: "The enemy is so much better at communicating."

Bush White House to be subpoenaed by wiretap lawyers

Rumsfeld talks about Fascism. Wow, pot calls kettle out.

U.S. states widen scope of executions...

Toles Toon: Earth urges Americans not to vote for a single Republican

Fun Poll: Who would win a debate: Bush or Ahmadinejad? on

Reform of secrecy laws?

One word this Friday: Impeach.

how do you fine tune your hate?

NTSB: Pilots rolled on despite unlit runway (IMHO these were FU pilots

Hitler restaurant in India renamed "The Cross Cafe"

Part I of II: Katrina - The Evacuation

Cheney safety precautions forbid liquids, gels

Do you get very concerned over people's use of the Mexican flag

RE: Warren Jeffs, it sure didn't take the media whores long

Christian organ donor wants it back after recipient loses her religion

Da: Karr's Words Were only the Evidence

Michigan Governor's race: Fun Animation

Our top story: John Mark Karr did not kill JonBenet Ramsey.

Bush offers "Macaca" Allen his unqualified support.

Lieberman to crash Democratic parade as an unvited guest?

* attends church service in New Orleans - pics

The Guy James Show will commerate "Katrina" today with great guests

A Father's Ode to His Lost Son

Shrub's teleprompter reading looks so lame today.

Cut and Run Amok - By Art Buchwald

Mexican Crisis: Stage Two --What Does It Mean For US???

Seriously: is the Nation too big to stay under one government? Or...

Interesting graphic comparing Bush to Nixon approval ratings

New Dan Rather biography blasts CBS for "Memogate"

Cindy Sheehan Unable to Speak at Rally Tomorrow

"Stop doing anything I don’t like"

Hitler Restaurant Renamed the Cross Cafe (India)

Oh this is rich!!! bush wants YOU to do more for the parks, while he cuts

Rumsfeld: Bush critics are confused.

From Fearless to Fear-wracked in one generation

Karr will now fade as Warren Jeffs, Polygamist Fugitive was just arrested.

Iraq’s parties reach deal on oil-sharing

'Most Wanted' Polygamist captured! Thank God Almighty.

New 'missile defense' test: "We're not going to try to hit the target"

Hard Core Young Voter Organizing Discussion

What if W died & we suddenly had president cheney?

I wonder what % of White House staff work in "Crisis Control"?

Sister Angele Sadlier kept from entering Kartina commemorative mass

UDC marks another black Confederate grave

So have any religious organizations spoken out on Crop Circles?

One year ago I took this snapshot from a NOLA webcam

HELP! Email header problems! I sent a message and's

Katrina was a wakeup call but people are still pretending about poverty

Please DON'T GO AWAY - The Media Needs You!!!

Any NOLA-folk demonstrating against Chimpy's Drop-in?

Harold Pinter, British writer and Nobel Litt. Price winner, about Iraq

Michigan median income down 12% in past 5 years--devastating.

Illinois schools could lose $130 million in Medicaid plan

Rothenberg Predicts a 15-20 Seat Gain in the House Races for Dems

THEY have something already lined up for an October Surprise

Lindsey Graham in GQ mag. He still talks about Juanita Broderick/Rape

Rumsfeld on war: 'A series of catastrophes that results in victory.'

Tucker Carlson on Dancing With The Stars????

Pay to be saved: The Future of Disaster Response

Who does he remind you of?

Republicans who denounce electronic elections.......

Lest we forget...

Since we now know a secret hold can be put

Does anyone have a link to that picture that was put on a billboard truck

Who's watching Hardball with

History of Early Primary question

NY Times: South Park Refugees

Malloy on Katrina

Conservative mag: GOP is collapsing

Couric Gets Bush Interview For CBS Debut

Did anyone see General Wesley Clark on Neil Cavuto's show?

Indian software companies cannot find enough qualified workers

Why are people and the media more outraged about Karr than Iraq?

Kiss the Earth goodbye

Impeach!!! - pic from New Orleans

Excellent! Very powerful Mike Malloy at his best on now - LIVE! If you've

Senator Stevens Responsible For "Secret Hold" Scandal?

New Orleans TV Station rebroadcasting Katrina stories from last year

frank gaffeney was on c-span this morning -draft

Are you bothered that foreign policy experts, don't seem to...

The latest from the radical religious right

Bush Blair Endless Love: Video

Compare & Contrast these two "Katrina Response" images.

"Katherine Harris words connect with UNAMERICAN nature of Bush power grab"

Conservative Mag: GOP Fracturing Under Bush....

Lieberman's Tries Out "Orwellian Thought Control" In New Ad

Possible Geneva Violation

"Kyra Phillips Covers President Bush"

HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY John McCain!

Laura Bush needs an exorcism. Body taken over by Rumsfeld

I'm not some hippy peace freak Rummy, I just hate YOUR war.

`Challenged' Books Drop to All-Time Low - American Library Association

The number is 2636 today.....Up another 6 from yesterday?


Mexico Leftist to Create Parallel Gov't


'Death To Israel' Rally Permit Holder Attends GOP Committee Meetings

(rant) They hate us, they hate us, they hate us.

I can assure you Hilary Clinton will never be President , thank goodness.

So, if YOU knew that the FBI was looking for you, would you be

Dine Out Tonight and Help Gulf Coast Relief Efforts!

"I walked down to where Salvagio's used to be and just cried"

Did anyone read this, "A Father's Ode to His Lost Son"? This young

Data show one in eight Americans in poverty

Four more US soldiers die in Iraq


Bush speech at NOLA: We screwed up and won't do it again. The nx

Katrina: One Year Later

Watch Camp Democracy's Press Conf. C-Span Today August 29 from 6-7 pm ET

Atomic,Biological,Chemical "Test Vets" lose court case

What Dem team do YOU want in charge of countering election fraud and

Sen Reid: WH More Interested In Lashing Out Politically Than Ending War

Hilarious Rita Cosby / Karr picture from Rocky Mountain News

Ahmadinejad defiant, challenges Bush to TV debate

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers Check in, Mike's filling in for

Laura Bush redux

Video of Nancy Grace and Her Nostrils reacting to latest in JBR case...

Doomsday sells. "Terrifying special edition of 20/20."

Today, Rummy compared critics to Nazi appeasers in WWII.

2,630 American troops now dead in W's war

Kyra, Krya, Kyra..Google's all over this (and a few other blunders)

Two sub-stories that I remember from Katrina

Hysterical YouTube. Colbert and Stewart giving award for Reality Shows.

Water temperatures in Ernesto's path

Pic request - media racism in Katrina

Caption * leaving New Orleans - pic

Bush Admits He "Turned His Back" On Katrina Victims

US Options In The Mid East Amount to Choice Number 1, 2 or 3.....

Suckers for the 'Son of Star Wars'

Ahmadinejad vs Kristol: I'd love it.

When was the last time that one man wreaked so much damage...?

Canadians renew fight over Agent Orange exposure

How much $$$ does Big Oil make off of us from "hot fuel?"

Does anyone else remember LBJ after Hurricane Betsy?

Tourists warned to stay away as bomb attacks rock Turkey

What % of America does DU represent?

Where did all the black people go?

Sex slave 'pregnant by kidnapper'

If bush leaves New Orleans I think I'll stroll the quarter tomorrow

What I Remember 1 Year Ago Today: Cake, Photo Ops, Criminal Negligence

All Katrina all the time today; will this retrospective help or harm W?

Sex toy terror trip

Inquiry Criticizes U.S. Broadcasting Official Over Hiring (NYT)

TUNE in RIGHT now!!! Malloy has Palast on!!!

Back to Crawford - * pic

Unpaid Katrina tab has (Oregon) Guard hurting

Any Free Internet TV sites with HBO?

Child Senses EVIL

Is the FBI worth all the money they get and the damage they do?

Anyone remember how Bush didn't know what "sovereignty" meant

Fact or fiction? October surprise? The strange things one finds online?

WaPo trying to float story that Armitage was Plame leaker

Micheal Chertoff and Patrick close a relationship

Red Dawn Redux

Can we impeach the media?

How do I remove 'add to my journal' from the bottom line?

Most Terrifying Photo of the Day...

Who says TSA doesn't know how to have a good time?

If it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is

So they bring out Pickles first in NOLA (Katrina remarks on CNN)

Can any objective person think of one positive thing Bush has accomplished

Have you seen this laxative ad?

Lou Dobbs poll...Hurry!


Christian Wire: "Schwarzenegger Squashes Religious Freedom!"

CNN: Anchor Potty Break captured live on air (hilarious video)

A question about Ford stock for the market savvy among us.

What kind of restitution should we expect once we prove the 2000 & 2004

Carlyle Group strong candidate for US Ports Purchase

Army says soldier "Disloyal" ! Has this been posted?

HEADS UP: "P.O.V." on PBS tonight...."Waging a Living"

Drumroll please: The Thing that keeps Rumsfeld awake at night

“Waging a Living,” has its premiere on the PBS series “P.O.V.” tonight.

Brownie: " Torn between telling truth, and relying on talking points"

We need to help fing out who the Senator is who is blocking the

Raw Story Acquires Bush Subpoena In Wiretap Lawsuit (PDF)

Religious right fumes after Arnold signs gay rights bill

Leave it to Drudge to inject a little humor into the Ernesto situation

This is EXCELLENT! but I need some DU help

Terminally ill woman bikes across the USA and the media totally ignore her

NEVER FORGET: National Weather Service warning 8/28/2005

Presented without comment....

Flowers for Max Cleland UPDATE

Dear DUers - Please help.

Travellers: Will you avoid air travel on 9/11 (5 year anniversary)?

Pickles lied: $$ went to a private Univ in Afgan--NOT the public schools


Did anyone hear Kyra Phillps' bantering....LOL!

I Just Saw a Totally Depressing Commercial re: Health Care


"Support Bush and our Troops" bumper sticker on one side and...

******Please take action to support Lt. Ehren Watada********

Poll worker fired over touch-screen voting comment

Katrina problems were NOT incompetence. It was Conservatism.

Bush: "I've Got an Epileptic Reading List"

There is a poll on CNN - Bush is losing

Inouye retracts Lieberman endorsement:

BILL FRIST'S SON Facebook messaged me!

Backwards Assed Poverty Argument

why are Iran's Mullahs so afraid of the female?

Thomas Jefferson was a Christian....NOT Website


Illegal immigration poll.

Whistleblower Uses to Expose Security Flaws in CG Ship

St. Katherine Harris: Ten Commandments "the basis of our rule of law."

Bush's strategy is all PR and propaganda...

Have you ever seen anyone cross their arms in church like Bush is doing?

New Orleans, Cafe Du Monde and the Bush drive by.

screw * for this crap: If this does not p*ss you off, nothing will

Sen Allen, Welcome to America (outstanding diary on Dailykos)

Scary graph - A History of Home Values - Housing Bubble about to implode?

How Many Lightbulbs Does it Take to Change the World?

DU impact on public opinion.

I had the most horrible experience on the way home from work

not sure where ERNESTO might be at this hour (1:25 AM) ... last i heard

Kyra Phillips on the air from the bathroom during Bush’s speech

"Who'd have thought Kerry could be a worse loser than Nixon?"

Remembering Katrina: Al Gore leads Charity Hospital airlift


Robert Novak and the Perfect Stranger - By Jason Leopold

Rumsfeld lashes out at Bush's critics (fascism appeasers)

"Nappy Birthday"? Did I just hear Bush say that?

The NEW Symbol of the REPUBLIKLAN Party.

NBC Nightly News: Brian Williams BUSTS Bush on Iraq/Terrorism.

Drop in SAT scores biggest in 31 years... Is our children learning?

Sen. Frist Admits - He May Have Lied On His Medical License Renewal

Gore for Pres? What does RedState know that we do not?

South Park Republicans?

1,637 Arabic Videos on Show IED Attacks on US Soldiers!

NO waitress: "Mr. President, are you going to turn your back on me?"

The most surreal pictures I've seen

Why do so many Americans support the GOP's anti-immigrant plans?

Poll: At what age did you recognize the class war?

Anthrax...why is it down the memory hole?

Two questions about election fraud

Kerry alleges misconduct in 2004 Ohio vote

9/11: Press for Truth: help with the new 9/11 documentary!

What stories did John Mark Karr knock off the Front Page?

Why Shouldn't We Politicize 9/11 & Katrina -- BUSH'S TWO BIGGEST BLUNDERS?

Australia: 107 construction workers - first victims of Howard's anti-union

Bush wants us to forget Katrina - the man with the moral lobotomy

Feel safer?

Has the Dixie Chicks website been hacked?

Watergate crook running a Wisc AG campaign & a 527 at same time

Fox News spin: increasing violence proof Iraq gov't stronger - huh?

"People Vote With Their Feet" --What will it take in '06 and '08???

Virginia Senate...Larry Sabato comments...Felix in trouble

Hey, Chertoff - you moron. Read your column today in WaPo

Anybody Watching Ned Lamont On Washington Journal?

Bush** looks bored and pissed off at Katrina memorial.

WELCOME TO AMERICA-If You're a Journalist, Bend Over & Spread 'Em!

Round *3* Allen/"Macaca" LTTE's Richmond Times-Disptach

CAPTION sometimes there just aren't enough fingers

AP: Rumsfeld Lashes Out at Bush's Critics

WOW Look at this poll about W 19% APPROVE U may vote if your on excite

Hefley ponders run at seat as write-in

Katrina, One Year Later: 1600 Candles Burn in NOLA

Evil Doesn’t Describe Wal-Mart

Who's contacted their Senators (Re:S.2590 hold)?

GOP sees post-Fitzmas Rove as a mystic with increased stature

CT-Sen: Inouye dumps Lieberman

"The Ground Truth" - watch the trailer, buy DVD, host screening

Anyone following the DEM primary fight in NY CD 17?

bush to relocate White House to New Orleans

Bush Comics Flashback: Katrina

Protesters Swift-Boat Bush

The bigger 'national security' crisis that nobody is talking about

Has Florida had their primary yet?

for those who haven`t seen this...take a moment

Religious Hucksters for Blackwell

Jerry Fallwell: "U.N. is the infrastructure, the stage for the AntiChrist"

Shouldn't Bush's support of "Plan B" demoralize his base?

Happy Birthday Molly Ivins

Bush in Biloxi: The fine art of the "carefully orchestrated backdrop"

Arizona Republic: Will McCain's Age Be An Issue? He Turns 70 Today ...

Sen Inouye(D-HI) reverses his support on Lieberman, now endorsing Lamont

“One of the Worst Abandonments of Americans on American Soil Ever”

"Had enough?" I think the answer's getting increasingly clear

The $40 Million Question: Why Does Politics Matter to Organizing?

Confirmed: Inouye Dropping Lieberman and Supporting Lamont

"I take no pleasure in finding out that the president was more incompetent

are we a nation of carrots or sticks?

Waging a Living: Tonight on PBS

Photo-ops: "Bush gets a hug, prays for Katrina victims in New Orleans"

A ***TOTALLY*** small, petty gripe .....

1 in 8 Americans in poverty in 2005

Dean On The Failed Katrina Response And The Dream Of A Better America

The Growing Sink Hole of Poverty and Injustice.

What is the Chosin Few?

Lunch room consensus: Bush dictator

Inouye Pulls Lieberman Endorsement

Bush: "You know, commitments in politics sometimes mean nothing"

FDR, JFK, and St. Ronnie all did it. Is GWB doing it too?

oh no Mr. Bill: Frist makes a mockery of continuing ed requirements


And Kyra takes a potty break with georgie..

So lemme understand this ..... Nagin botched it but Barbour's a hero??

Would this be too long for a bumper sticker?

DNC: America Needs Real Leadership From Rumsfeld Not Political Attacks

Rumsfeld on Iraq War Critics: ‘Quitters’ ‘Cannot Stomach A Tough Fight’

When did YOU, your FAMILY, your NEIGHBORS learn of voting machine fraud?

Kangaroo Court / Sec State of CA refuses certifying VotePad

Ted Kennedy on the One Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Have you visited this site?

Real Median Wages Declined 2% since 2003

Aug.2002 - Al Gore REPEATS his warning to Dems about election fraud.

Laura Bush To Campaign For McGavick

Cheney, Rumsfeld vow to press on in terror war (terra, terra, terra!)

So who's more accurate...... KOS or Stuart Rothenberg?

bush will "cut and run" from Iranian Pres. debate challenge

Best bullshit line of the day......

My conversation with a Medal of Honor 'Recipient' - a followup

Prepare for the next "Red Shirt xxxday" - you know it's coming

Warner seems unaware of the 50 State Strategy. And other gripes I have.

is Germany's Merkel religiously insane?

Feingold to Propose Housing-Assistance Bill for Katrina Survivors

Kerry Revives '04 Election Allegations Against Blackwell in Email

Jack Kemp (R) (former VP candidate) to come to CT on behalf of Lieberman

Deadbeat governance

Are any of Carville's books any good?

Progressives Don't Buy Hillary

We need to Amend the Constitution

First Anniversary of Katrina Day