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Archives: August 28, 2006

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 257

"...American troops are deserting..."40,000 plus since 2000

Guardian:Internet may solve democratic crisis, says Gore

Spying as a form of censorship

The curtain falls on Baghdad movie theatres

California moving toward legalizing hemp as an industrial crop.

U.S. proposal would expand Karni crossing, place int'l observers

Humbling of the supertroops shatters Israeli army morale

Israel still occupies 9 positions

Attorney: Justice Min. plan would 'launder' illegal West Bank outposts

Israel denies negotiations with Hezbollah

British director Ken Loach backs Palestinian call for boycott on Israel

A resistance to war

Need Your Help-Targeted Tx State House Seats

Brave Combo Concert in Fort Worth, August 31. 8:00 at the

Wild blackberries in cobbler --- yum

How to cook Okra?

NDP leader says Canada has the capacity to send troops to Lebanon

Softwood deal widely panned

San Francisco hotel workers vote in favor of strike

Expulsion of Asia Energy demanded (Bangladesh)

Four bombs at resort in Istanbul wound 27

Wall Street braces for flood of economic data

Iraqi leader denies civil war as 50 people die ("never be in civil war")

Norway pensions drop Wal-Mart

City, officer battle over 9/11 photos

Horizon turns gloomier for bumpy US economy

NYT: Rumsfeld Sees Some Progress in Missile Defense Plan but Seeks Test

NYT: Global Trends May Hinder Effort to Curb U.S. Inflation

Bush Heads to Gulf Coast for Hurricane Anniversary

S. Dakota Abortion Law Faces A Big Test

WP: At Least 69 Killed in Attacks Across Iraq

Democratic challenger Webb pulls ahead of GOP Senator Allen by one point i

Hizbullah's efficiency leaves Lebanese government behind

British ambassador explains troop movement near Iraq-Iran border

Obama draws crowds on slum tour

Real Wages Fail to Match a Rise in Productivity

'Democracy is under attack': Gore

Activist Group Draws Praise, Ire Over Campaign Tactics

Pope prepares to embrace theory of intelligent design

Why the frick do people always stare at me when I go out?

MySpace users - how long before you got a response on your page?

The Daily Show just won an Emmy !!

is this a painting?

Conan is doing a great job hosting.

I have a problem... I start my third week of teaching tomorrow...

Don't you just LOVE finding a kick-ass new tune?

The blues?

Say something nice about rutabagas.

I'm SO excited to go see the Patriots this fall!!

SWM seeks Progressive single lady

David Blaine or Criss Angel?

They all laughed at me when......?

Anyone have problems navigating or posting in the last 10 minutes?


One Hit Wonder Videos - post some

My wife has been CODEPINKed

Anybody else have problems accessing DU just then?

I'm listening to the High Llamas

I'm having the greatest alcoholic drink ever!!!!!!

There is nothing better than when....a long lost DUer comes back

I wanna go see Idlewild.....

Dick Clark honored on Emmys....

It's the Bilbo Appreciation thread!!!

I'm baking cookies again

Whassup peeps? How y'all doing?

My heart is hurting. Kentucky Plane Crash.


I bought something really cool today, for $1.07.

Morrissey the cat is enthralled by Mark Warner

Official worst of Youtube thread

Best complaint letter ever

It's the Bibo Appreciation thread!!!

Republican Dictionary ......

Most horrifying thing you've ever worn?

Best cruciferous (green leafy) vegetable?

oooo baby

Unofficial "The Boo-KAAY residence, the lady of the house speaking" thread

My cats have lost their minds

Seriously...what's up with that Criss Angel guy?!

Jon and Steven just SMASHED the Emmies n/t

Another poem, this one by WIMR, only inspired by Peggy's.

The Emmys: Who the Fuck Cares?

Freeper Scene from an Italian Restaurant

My desktop is cooler than your desktop.

Why Oh Why was that the season finale for Entourage?

"London Bridge" by Fergie. WTF.

these gals are looking a bit worn these days

Opulent weddings....yes or no?

Post a viscous lie about another duer

Who was your strangest/oddest teacher in high school?

Costco already has christmas shit!

Some crazy cookie* stole my lesbian coupon!!

It's the Bilge Pump Appreciation thread!!!

Best variety show!!!

Spoof and Sims

House of Rock=what a fun movie

Forrest goes to the movies

ever see a butterfly with clear wings?????

What is a current significant event in your life? How are you coping?

Tips on making Cabbage Soup interesting?

Wasn't tonight the finale of Deadwood?

What should I do on my holiday since I'm not going anywhere?

National Geographic Photo Of The Day:

There are other birthdays in the world to consider


Senator Kennedy: "treat them as the heroes that they are"

Good news: (Barfbag going down)

Looking for t shirts or mugs with your SAYINGS? Tell me what you want.

Laura Flanders is doing an EXCELLENT show on New Orleans

A freeper commented on my Cindy Sheehan vid...

Clint Curtis has a parallel election web site - sort of - check it out

Iraq militias show strength at Baghdad bomb site

'Turkey Should Send Businessmen to No. Iraq Instead of Troops'

A progressive agenda for America.

Ok, say you live in Fl. and your choices for senate are

I need help. I want to install solar panels.

WP:Bin Laden, Most Wanted For Embassy Bombings?

The Emmys: Who the Fuck Cares?

3 Republican senators secretly met a corrupt

USA Today: Protesters intrude on Bush's RELAXATION

SWM seeks Progressive single lady

It's the state legislatures stupid.

Saddam, hugs and kisses! Regards, Kurdish leader Talabani.

Gore Wants TV to Welcome More Users Internet - Style

Mr. Fish Does Lieberman

My previous post was NOT a snip and should not, therefore, have been cut.

Anybody else...

One of the only "political" moments at the Emmys (No spoilers)

A Year After Katrina Disaster, Bush Still Fights for 9/11 Image

the Cheney Presidency

Is anyone else watching "Intervention" on A&E right now?

THIS post is not a snip.

Did anyone see "Baghdad ER"?

It's Official: We're Working Harder and Making Less

Holy crap! You have to try this, a bush speech writer online ROFL!!

Do you keep a journal, and what forum do you post it to?

Have You Had Enough?

You do know why the Fox "reporters" were released...right?

Sicker and sicker and sicker and sicker and sicker and.....

1993 State Of The Union Address (man, I am missing the 90's...)

Mean Jean Schmidt Shatters Marathon Record

TIME Photo Essay: New Orleans - A Year of Disaster

Pls DU THIS -- rate it Down! And comment, if you would.

I made it through the summer without air conditioning!

The youngest protester.

VA and DOD don't know how to pay Veterans Backpay owed

Looking for Poster as Joke (Bush in "Prayer w/ Wash and Linc on side)

new $1 billion radar system sits in Hawaii-victim of poor design

I just came home from the Marc Maron Comedy central taping in NYC

When the Levees Broke by Spike Lee

Democratic Ads have no (round things)

Can you smell that smell? Katrina after one year.

Well the DCCC just called me for money. And I sent them a check

Sitting here watching "Independence Day"

Abu Ghraib Emptied -- Cropper, Bucca, and Suse the New Gulags

Well, the DCCC just called me for money. And I gave him an earful

Bush's christian hypocrisy

Iraq: a War About Nothing

Should American Indians have tried to have a dialog with the terrorists?

Lake Minnetonka scene of boaters protesting Bush (Great pics!)

Just watched "Why We Fight" and I am LIVID.

A Prayer for America by Dennis J. Kucinich:

Study: Teacher’s gender affects learning

Kristol: College Guys Are ‘Very Happy’ About Plan B Approval

Where did the term "Kool-Aid" come from


Bush administration ends ABA review of judicial candidates

THIS is what being a Moderate gets you.

So now that Lieberman is a non-combatant

Important issues neglected while MSM focus is on distractions


Time Magazine Profile: Nancy Pelosi - "Anybody Knows Not To Mess With Me"

Is Bush stupid?

Fish Story:environmentalist labeled a suspected terrorist for dam comment

David Corn Reveals More of what is in new Book Hubris

Kennedy letter helps troops get flight home

Webb leading Allen in latest WSJ/Zogby Poll...

Harris' excuse:"speaking to a Christian audience"&recognizes Holocaust

Webb (D) leads Allen (Macaca R) in the Virginia Senate race!!!!

What is the DU interpretation of a 'moderate Democrat'?

Here's what I want to know about Iraq.

Why don't the Democrats run on impeachment?

Gore attacks media consolidation ...

Katrina Memories: Cakesucker-In-Chief & the Fake-Ass Crying Twins


Why Bush will choose war with Iran

The Housing Crisis Goes Suburban

Katrina One Year Later: ‘I Knew Our Unions Would Come Through’

International Labor Leaders Predict More Iraq Labor Strikes


After a yr in Iraq, Soldiers face 18-hr bus ride home

The Fugitive Girl Act

CNN - Katherine Harris Church-State separation "a lie"...

Polluters are sued, as Bush administration fails to regulate or enforce

"Some people celebrated the elimination of blacks from the community."

EDITORIAL: The new Arnold: CA gov compromises his free market principles

Firing Squad Looms for the Dem Party Oligarchy

If the Auto Industry is Dead What does that Mean for Workers?

The Goo Bombers

Bush administration fulfills few promises

Bin Laden, Most Wanted For Embassy Bombings?

They Hate This Country

An Ex-Official Offers Glimpse of Iranian Views of U.S.

Cenk Uygur (nails it): The NeoClowns Are at it Again

Washington hit by curse of the kid bloggers

What Is the Latest Thing to Be Discouraged About? The Rise of Pessimism

AFP: Damage to environment threatens the poor: pope

BLM underfunded as thieves, vandals put valued ruins across West at risk

Is The Bubble Catching The Attention Of Mass Media?

Beltway Media Pleased to Distort GOP Position on Iraq

John Tirman's 100 Ways America Is Screwing Up the World. npr just

WP,pg1: Impoverished Central American children risk all to reach US, alone

Iraqis swapping houses in Baghdad to avoid sectarian violence

This Day in Radical History- August 28th "I have a dream"+ Chicago police

Don't Provoke Tigers

US wants South Korea to take wartime control in 2009 (US would be in

L. Pitts, Jr: The Bush doctrine of ignorance

Cops cut / Homeland security should begin at home

Whispers of Mergers Set Off Suspicious Trading (41% suspicious in past yr)

Wireless Providers Poised to Win Spectrum Licenses (big guys to win again)


New Engine Combusts Old Ideas

For struggling West Texans, giant turbines bring winds of change

Tyson, et al

More power to make power (NV schools)

2006 Build It Green! Homes Tour in Portland Oregon

Want Solar Energy Write-Offs? Try New Jersey

2 years to areas of major N. American vegetation die-off & desertification

Bush's first energy rule: efficient enough?

Approval Handed Down for Largest Federal Land Wind Project (200 MW)

crosspost: Free Range Poultry Under Assault

1999: Nuclear Energy nears peak...faces slow slide into oblivion.

Accidental emigrant (by Amira Hass , Haaretz)

Voter Size question: Jewish, Muslim US voters?

Uri Avnery: America's Rottweiler

PM sets up special committee to probe government

From Hamas Figure, an Unusual Self-Criticism

Annan Demands Hezbollah Free Israelis (AP)

Lebanese and Aid Groups Find Dangers in the Rubble

Continuing Comedy Gold From the Breakup of the "Scholars"

Morgan Reynolds Endorses the Onion's "Single-Plane" Theory

Why is the the story of WTC#7 in the dungeon, instead of on 60 minutes?

Popular Mechanics "9/11 Myths" Debunker Cancels Radio Debate

Want to talk to a 9-11 Expert?

Remember those diesel fuel tanks at WTC 7?

Florida Judge Rules Jeb's Voter Registration Rules Unconstitutional (WaPo)

CA SoS McPherson Officially Denies Vote-PAD Certification

NYTs tries to reframe vote suppression: X post from LBN

ERD News. 08.28.06 Election Nullification 2: "Scoop" Follow Up

My journal on the "John Ashcroft Treaty"

Hill Country Whistlestops for 8/31 and 9/1

Great editorial: Which side of his mouth is Kinky talking out of?

New Poll: Perry continues to fall, Bell continues to rise, C4n3p crashes

We need to focus on helping Juan Garcia beat Gene Seaman in District 32

Valli Market in Schaumburg, IL is the bomb!!!

Anyone know how to make a tamarind sauce?


"Cooks" versus "chefs"

Tried my hand at cooking oysters

Angus Reid: Tories Gain, Other Parties Drop in Canada

Report says prime minister to appear on hit Canadian TV show Corner Gas

BQ member Benoit Sauvageau dies in traffic accident near Montreal

Honeymoon between Quebec and Stephen Harper over: Bloc Quebecois

Duceppe seeks answers on Canadian mission in Afghanistan

How did CanWest get its scoop? By going on PM's list

Bush: New Orleans may need a decade

The curtain falls on Baghdad movie theatres

Professor's 9/11 theories outrage NH leaders (NH Union Leader)

"...American troops are deserting..."40,000 plus since 2000

Suicide bombing in Afghan town kills 17

Saudi "corrects" ideas of 700 Qaeda sympathisers

AP: 34 killed in clashes in southern Iraq

UK: Despite bombs Iraq more secure

WP: Federal Jobs Decline As Contractor Market Expands

CNN Developing: Two killed in explosion at Turkish resort town

Real Wages Fail to Match a Rise in Productivity (NYT)

AFP: Damage to environment threatens the poor: pope

Consolidation Of Media Control; Threatens Democracy (Gore)

(CNN) "Dungeon Captor: 'Part of My Life'"

WP,pg1: Homicide Charges Rare in Iraq War: Few Troops Tried

An Ex-Official Offers Glimpse of Iranian Views of U.S.

Gallup: Just 22% view Rove favorably

NYT: Shiite Militia Clashes With Iraqi Forces, Killing 15

NYT: Voters Find Some Machines Harder to Use

Tough streets await Iraq's NATO-trained cadets

Fresh trouble in Pakistani city

Receptionist-Turned-Lobbyist Faces Probe

Lebanon opposition tells cabinet to quit

Iraq launches fierce offensives on Shias

Bin Laden, Most Wanted For Embassy Bombings?

Southern Iraq security deteriorating despite British troops

From Hamas Figure, an Unusual Self-Criticism

Two Iraqi units have refused deployment

Poll: Americans say nation isn't ready for disaster

Suicide bomber attacks Iraq newspaper

U.S. envoy presses China on WTO talks

NYT/Reuters: Japan Makes Plans for Greener Cars, Batteries

AP: Judge Blocks Fla. Voter Registration Law

AP TV: JonBenet suspect won't be charged

Hurricane watch on S. Fla.; direct hit by Ernesto possible

Roadside bombs kill five US soldiers in Iraq

CNN - Katherine Harris Church-State separation "a lie"...

MSNBC Breaking: Small plane crashes at Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, KY

Mortars hit U.S. consulate in Hilla

After the Deluge-Big Easy organizers confront racial tensions

Troops use up ammo as war with Taliban claims 14th life(UK)

News Alert:: A U.S. Airways flight from Philadelphia to Houston made an em

AP: FBI: No one to be charged in diverted flight (diverted to Bangor)

Karr case dropped due to DNA not matching!!!

Blanco, Nagin tell nation N.O. is ready

Cheney to veterans: U.S. safer because of Bush policies

TV station reports that Karr won't be charged

Dell and Nokia Top Greenpeace Ranking, Apple Scores Low

Japanese Firm’s Sales to Iran Under Scrutiny (nuke tech)

Energy industry preparing for limits (greenhouse gas regulation)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 23 August

BBC: 'Two dead' in fresh Turkey blast

KUSA-TV: Karr DNA Not A Match

Bush job approval at 40%

McCain would consider Bob Jones University invitation

Olmert rejects state inquiry into handling of Lebanon war

Allawi visits Lebanon to support 'brother country'

Operation in Sadr City part of Baghdad plan: US military

Cancer cell 'executioner' found

(Senator) Kennedy letter helps troops get flight home

AP Dozens killed in Iraq; 8 U.S. troops die

Bush sees renewal after Katrina

NYT: Mexican Court Rejects Election Fraud Challenges

Rumsfeld says terrorists manipulate media

Year After Katrina, Bush Still Fights for 9/11 Image (NYT)

U.S. Set for Biggest Missile Defense Test in 18 Months

Democrats See Victory in U.S. House Races, Senate Within Reach

Rumsfeld: US able to take new fight despite Iraq

GOP's anti-Rocky plea overwhelms city phones (speaking @ anti-Bush rally)

Violence in Baghdad cut by half: military

DuPont to cut pension contributions by two-thirds

'Daily Show' scribes unionize (Jon Stewart stood by his writers)

Judges rule on Mexico's bitter presidential vote

Real Wages Fail to Match a Rise in Productivity

Hussein forced to watch 'South Park'

"Ethical" embryo stem cells still horrify Vatican

John Mark Karr released

Details Emerge in British Terror Case

Saudi Arabia beheads guards over drugs

(Max) Cleland Seeks Treatment For Depression

Ahmadinejad Claims Holocaust Invented to Embarass Germany

Lebanon: Poll Shows 51% want Hezbollah Disarmed

Turkish F-16s bomb N. Iraq

Today's Femme Joker

Man who was killed by Killer Bees had a giant hive under home

The Welcome Wagon has come...twice

String Theory, 1:41AM

The next person who reminds me my GF is leaving in a week gets slapped out

I finally, finally, FINALLY got to see The Cramps....

Good Morning my Homies

Scary story thread!

are those hip bones I see ?

Happy International Beatles week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

Affordable Health Insurance: Need Advise

I'm trading in the caffeine buzz for a sugar rush

So how does Game Cube Mario Kart compare to N64?

Question for fans of Blues music.

Bourbon & St. Louis - May 2000

Mom Parties At Bar Hours After Her Baby's Funeral


A Poem on Love

Can your goldfish do this

Woman Crashes Her Car While Teaching Her Dog To Drive

The Diligent DU Hurricane Watcher UPDATE

Sony's releasing the original 98 minute Japanese version of "Godzilla"

Hey kids! Only 5 more days until we get to......HOOK 'EM!!

We Got 6" of Rain Yesterday

On my music box

"Intervention" on A&E- does anyone else here watch it?

"I lost to Barry Manilow!"

Mrs Sniffa is a Bibo-Phobe

Can you send my daughter some good vibes?

Hi y'all....

Multi-use trail rant

Overheard at the Mall on Friday

Never pick up a metal handled pan when it's on a high heat burner

My pc keeps going on standby, how do I adjust?

Does anyone have a copy of this Groening cartoon?

Personally, I think *I* should make MrGrumpy's coffee!

Regarding Arrowhead Etiquette *HELP*

Question for fans of Freestyle jazz...

I get to make my triumphant, if only brief, return to radio tomorrow

I wrote this a while ago...

LIGHT BULB ENTHUSIASTS: What the hell are these bulbs for?

Funny pet story....

how do you block caller ID?

NO!!! NAY!!! NEVER!!!

The black-hole vortex in Wheeling, WV

Help wanted - getting help for credit report (where to go)

My essay "The Merits of Lying"

I had a Freeper encounter at the Wendy's drive thru last week.

Discussion question for you all. Zomby's thread got me thinking on this.

So i saw a grand slam yesterday...

Some crazy coupon just stole my lesbian cookie!

I just put together an Exer-Saucer

Scale of 1-10 how do you rank Conan's hosting of the "Emmy Awards"?

Costco has Halloween shit at the beginning of October!

Apparantly I sleep walk.

How many have grown children living at home

AL v. NL

If you are Marvin, anyplace is a good spot for a nap

So do you think anyone

Good apartments in Madison, WI?

Live from Stevens Point, WI!

Caddy, valet, secretary...

Since Zomby's Restaurant Thread Was Such A 'Hit' I'd Like To Repost One

I just got a semester job!

Does anyone else besides me remember this album?

A moose once bit my sister...

How dumb are people?

For supper I am making creamed chicken.

There's a tornado on the ground in southern Columbus

I'm just a totally disgusting jerk


Congratulations MyPetRock!! 10,000 posts

Happy Joan_Alpern day!!!

Beautiful Flowers, Ugly Working Conditions

Don't you get tired of companies treating their employees like mushrooms?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 8/28/06)

I fear those "no refrigeration" pork products I see at the grocery.

Man Throws Phone 292 Feet To Win Contest

On The Eve of Dylan's New Album: Dylan Lyrics Thread

diane benson

Do you dream in color?

POLL: Most Beautiful Song Lyrics

Just so nobody worries...

C'est le temp pour un autre fils en francais.

15 questions for an overcast Monday morning.

Would you stay with someone you loved if you knew they'd never marry you?

Your Library II: List 10 MORE Favorite Works of Fiction

Poll: Greatest living female actor...

i'd make a post, but I dont have much to say right now

What are your feelings about the Ignore feature?

ATTN: September/October babies.

Candid Camera-like prank in Brazilian TV

Dude, where the fuck is Pandora coming from?

Rejoice with Me! We just found out we're having TWINS!!!

Do you post in a thread before reading all the other posts?

Don't turn on the Sci Fi Channel today. Galactica 1980 is on.

Tiger Woods, y'all.

Everybody Loves Me Baby, What's the Matter With You?

Monday, August 28. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Goodnight, lounge dudes and girl dudes

we have a new Freeper word: HATERED

can I hide in here for a while?

Would you be more inclined to watch a male or female

Do you respond to all posts in a thread, you originate, or not?


Funky Cats

My 10 year old daughter watched porn

Happy Birthday dpbrown!!

Excuse this really a "Cool new Person"?

Air Force One = Snakes on A Plane

I think it rained today.

Sound effects question

Greatest political music video ever made...

Howard Kaloogian sent me this wonderful video of Iraq

Time for another what music are you listening to thread

"I wish he was Dick Cheney's cardiologist"

Govt-mandated threats costly to air travel - and other coming headlines

I escaped a czar that was on fire.

Question for DU magicians...

Going to the bank. Can I get anybody anything?

TV - cable or satellite?

I listened to the samples of Paris Hilton's CD at ITunes and I can

Who Killed Superman? Tonight on Court TV (9:30 Eastern)

THIS is a warning for excessive plastic surgury!!

So I'm pulling out of my parking space at the grocery store


Would you feel secure or worried if there were a lot more cop cars

What could Pluto have done differently to keep planet status?

Best Make Out Songs?

Poll: Greatest living male actor...

Circumsicion: Yes or No?

There is no God. This is Heaven.

Army of God pajamas for kids

My personal experience with atheism, religion, ghosts, what have you

Transitive Verbs and Gay Marriage

Alabama Dems reinstate lesbian candidate for Legislature...

Gay Supporters Outnumber Phelps Clan In Flag Protest

Was Tiger actually glad that it started raining?

Raiders sign Jeff George....

Praise for our psychics and sensitives here: my new job sucks.

Calling all psychics/sensitives

well, dammit, I was in a car last Saturday morning

Ted's outraged! You should be too.

I guess TNR doesn't like Kerry very much

OT: for New England DUers, or anyone.

Kerry responds to Bush's Katrina remarks

OT: Check out

Nice to see you: Fundraiser by THK in Boston upcoming

Some 'shrooms and other things...

Photos look different in various programs?

A Day by the Cold, Dirty Lake (Dial-up warning)

Urban Farmer's Market at Dawn

Ruby Beach (sort of...)

Media Matters: "Important Issues Are Neglected" JonBenet vs. NSA spying

Jon and Steven just SMASHED the Emmies n/t

Local PBS station did a retrospective on Watergate this weekend.

Anybody else see a similarity between tonite's DEAD ZONE and the

Katrina Memoirs

I'm a Christian, therefore you can trust me.

Was just watching "Inside 9/11" on NGC and ...

Do you like surprises? I have some anti REPUBLIKLAN Post card designs.

Rumsfeld: Troops' families have no reason to be mad


Public Service Announcement -

Ohio Governor: Strickland by 25 (Over Blackwell)

Bush Could Not Name 60 books, Let Alone Read them ....

abc news just said SIX US soldiers were killed in Irag on Sunday. One

Rumsfeld eyes ICBMs in terror war

"The buses are on the way to New Orleans to take care of those people"

"Bush to mark first Katrina anniversary" aka: Photo-Op Time!

I want W impeached for the same reason as Clinton: LYING.

Dozens killed in Iraq; 8 U.S. troops die

Let's just admit that W is the King & there is no Democracy.

Recruits eager to serve Uncle Sam


Would you advise a kid to get interested in politics?

When Will Armitage Be Charged And Arrested?

Maybe in actuality it is pickles and kinda'

At least it looks like Ernesto is not heading for NO

300,000 Americans

Must DU media blitz using Will Pitt's 9-11 post. ABC needs a wake-up call

Over/Under on the "federal, state, and local governments" line?

Miami local TV stations now in full hurricane mode

Google, eBay form advertising alliance

Ah, Timmeh's show was a joy this weekend

Count the Errors!

Sometimes The Stupidity Is Stupendously Stupifying...

NYT 9/14/01: GHW Bush compelled to defend his son's actions on 9/11

Tweety: Keith is smart to pick fight "UP" with O'LOOFAH

One man's fantasy radio line up

We can keep "shampoo bombs" out of hand luggage but we can't

Legionnaires in Utah already; most supporting Bush on Iraq

Very apt cartoon!!! Don't know if you've all seen this from Wapo

What kind of a Role Model is bush for our children?

Manic Depression (A song by Jimi Hendrix)

A quick Iraq review...

GOP thieving and neglect more damaging than any terrorist group!

Pres. Bush a cut and runner now we know of the fart jokes?

(CNN) "Dungeon Captor: 'Part of My Life'"

Greg Palast on Democracy Now today, RE: Katrina

Whats with all the 9/11, terra terra tv shows??

What Should/Can We Do with Our 2006 Victory?

American Idolatry (christian music, amer. Idol etc.)

Ahmedinejad: "Iran is not a threat to any country," including Israel

Waste disposal collection point after Hurricane Katrina - pic

Another hurricane is coming, and Bush is staying on vacation (again)

Now looking like Ernesto may land around the Everglades area.

Some problems with Corn and Isikoff's Armitage was the Second Source

What is the definition of conception? (Pre-empt Plan B siliness)

BushCo and Dick Cheney are at it once again, pressuring CIA...

Ken Starr Files SCOTUS Petition Against Student in Bong Sign Case

New Documentary: 911 Press for Truth.......

Sunday Times (UK): 40,000 US Troops Have Deserted Since 2000

London Sunday Times - Politician kids "pack of wild, savage...racist brats

The Rule Of Reason/From Jefferson To Gore

Why is the the story of WTC#7 in the dungeon, instead of on 60 minutes?

I get to make my triumphant, if only brief, return to radio tomorrow

I hope I didn't just screw up, I tried to add a pic to the gallery

The Plame thing in Newsweek

Is this the best he can do, I won't let it happen again, jeeeze

All the Congressmen are at home listening to their supporters...

FYI: Christy Harvey and Tom Oliphant co-hosting Al Franken's show

Uri Avnery: America's Rottweiler

Ensign leads Carter by only 4 points

Eulogy for a soldier

After watching the Discovery Channel's "Surviving Katrina"...

NYT 9/13/01: Bushists Stung at Criticism Bush Did Not Inspire Confidence

(VIDEO) Stewart and Colbert at the Emmys

Bankrollers of Swiftboat Vets and McCain Smear in Trouble With the Feds

10/05:$15 mil FEMA contract awarded to developer of failed N.O. evac plan.

What was Your President Doing During the Worst Natural Disaster in U.S. Hi

More Hardball: Smoke Out Senate to Find the Secret Hold

Is Armitage falling on his sword

'NYT' Terror Story Not on Its Web Site Due to British Laws

Wow! I just Googled my DU screenname

There needs to be specific Hurricane Insurance

Depleted Uraniam ... got this information today

Karl Rove is Making Troop Deployment Decisions to Influence Election 2006

Shi'ite militia, Iraqi troops in fierce clashes

Religion Causing Obesity Says Purdue Study...

We Need Today's Historians to say "That was then, This is today..."

According to the military, violence in Baghdad is dropping by 10% a day

Anyone else notice how Cons are calling themselves.......

The Madhi Army takes on the Iraqi Army

The lengths to which the White House & Media go to sell bush

Behold The Amazing Jesus President

From Secrecy News

One year ago this hour

A Modest Proposal For Governmental Reform

Mexico's apparent winner looks ready to rule

Men/Women Problems: Capricious Rush to Judgement?

dupe; please delete

Freedom — to abuse and manipulate?

"The beaches are beautiful".."There's a Mississippi Renaissance"

Don't use DU's link to the Stephanie Miller show.

Cheney Chooses Chief Propagator of False Iraq-9/11 Link To Be Official Bio

Executive order 12803

President wants Senate to hurry with new anti-terrorism laws

'Not long' before US troops can withdraw: Iraqi PM

I just got a personal reply from the NYT editor, with explanation:

One of the scariest pics of Bush...

Mike Malloy filling in for Randi Rhodes today and this week

Good poll data from Ohio in Governors and Senate race

Rumsfeld: I’m not Santa Claus

Hey......we paid for that......WE, THE PEOPLE...with our taxdollars.....

How many think we should attack Iran ?

RW says FOX News reporters committed "the gravest sin known to man"

HUD Imposter at meeting in N.O.

" keeping an eye on Ernesto in case it requires presidential attention"

The Babbling Idiot Is On C-Span. Notice Something New?

Biden says Del. can help him as a former 'slave state'

Gallup: Just 22% view Rove favorably

One year later

Did anyone else hear Cafferty?

Iran attack? Will it go down, and how.

Maybe Katherine Harris killed JonBenet Ramsey

Some good news from New Bolton Center--Barbaro

Veterans Covoys info four States

Santorum: Fight against 'Islamic fascism' akin to World War II

Frist wrote a book about his family "Good People Beget Good People"

CNN: No DNA Match does not mean case is over:UPDATE

UK Terror Plot: the estimate of 10 planes was speculative and exaggerated

Cleaning up Great Britain's Imperialist mess

Activist Alert: Email MSM Re: News Dump For JonBenet

Cheney Picks Chief Liar (False Iraq-9/11 Link) To Be Official Biographer

LOL - Allen's (Macaca's) new web site

GOP's Plan: Hang on to Power, Stay the Course, Ignore the Common Good

Who do you think is the most delusional?

Salt Lake Trib :Utahns: Dissent aids enemies

Breaking News On MSNBC: Rita Cosby: "I am an Idiot"

Now that the John Karr story is dying, its time to rev up the fear machine

Bush and Saddam Should Both Stand Trial, Says Nuremberg Prosecutor

Gawd! Are Tom Oliphant and Christy Harvey great, or what?

Writer/producer of "The Path to 9/11" acknowledges he's just a hack:

Has anyone been watching how the republiCONS ...

Msg. from Sen. Barack Obama, RE: Katrina

US military in Irag Gen. is having a press conf. on cspan1 good questions

Deadly weekend for US troops in Iraq - Huh?

No more McCarthy-era loyalty oaths in Pennsylvania

Bush in Biloxi: "I was here a couple of days after Katrina hit."

Ad Age think Arnold Schwarzenegger ads will win re-election VIDEO

I have a great way to save money on an airline ticket to Thailand.

"People can't imagine what the world looked like then." Bushspeak!


Destination: Moon.

Any WW2 history experts here?

I want what Susan Collins (R-somewhere) is smokng. -- CNN Report

Matthews ignored Allen's display of Confederate flag, hangman's noose

Our own lala on Malloy (subbing for Randi - AAR)

Saddam Hussein being forced to watch 'South Park' repeatedly.

John wayne to the rescue....

5 time draft evader Cheney to veterans: US safer because of Bush policies

Are YOU a part of the nation?

Cheney Wins Secret Election!

Katrina "Most expensive storm in history." To whom?

John Karr booking photo: a flashlight shining from below his chin?

Karr Released. Now he can sell the book and movie rights.

Dahr Jamail's interview with Ray McGovern, Pt. II

Church Readerboard

Shays (R-CT) Getting Grilled on Hardball By Noran

I just hit 1000!

A group more powerful than PNAC?

How many blackwater security personnel are there in Iraq

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers Check in, Mike's filling in for

Krazy Kruella: Electing non-Christians a SIN

Proselytized at the doctor's office!

I am not a donor, but here's an unofficial poll:


Recounts support Mexico election result

NEVER forget: Katrina showed us B*sh's "Government in Action"

Dick "last throws" says early pullout will be ruinous to security.

Looks Like MSGOP/Dan Abrahms Big Karr Scoop...Is A Bustarama!

Here's MY read about Bush, John Ramsey, Karr, and Homeland Security.

The media must be outraged over Karr's exoneration

Marines carrying a wounded soldier...

DHS confiscated my Maybelline GreatLash Mascara!

CNN Needs German Subtitles

Urban Dictionary Has a Word for Ann Coulter

Walmart contractor & illegal immirants: busted in Gorham NH

Latest Zogby poll--TX governor race--surprise!

School knocked for mocking Yale grad Bush (yaleshmale)

Caption *

Bill Maher on Larry King Monday; e-mail questions to him:

"Rumsfeld says terrorists manipulate media" - X post from LBN

*** Monday: One TOON ***

What is/would be on your Christmas Wish List????

Poll: Lieberman, Lamont running neck-and-neck

Did the actors have their little awards shows during WWII?

Repub donor responsible for failed evacuation of N.O. -Greg Palast

AOL Poll: Rate *'s Katrina Response

The Answer is Blowin' in the Wind you Son of a Bitch.

Being freeped - can we help?

Your comments? NBC apologizes for Emmy awards mock air crash skit.

Brownie is doing a heck of a job.... On hardball

Daily Show -- did i understand correctly that the show is off for the

Just watching MSNBC. Plane diverted to Bristol, TN.

So are the Ramseys back on the top of the list? sheesh.

Obesity? This is a job for Supernanny (obesity concerns all of us...)

You MUST see the ad FT. Bend Dems (DeLay's district) wants to run:

Yes Men dupe media in New Orleans this morning

Rockey To Katrina Victims: Stop ‘Sitting Around & Complaining’ About Bush

9News Learns of Reasons for Karr's Arrest - surprisingly disturbing read

DU Katrina vigil ... this time last year

From Cindy Sheehan: Celebrating Irrelevancy!

DNC condemns Bush's emergency readiness...not ready for another Katrina.

Replacing FEMA

Terrorist shampoos her hair in Airliner rest room.

What makes people think it's okay to send this to acquaintances?

Breaking on KUSA TV: 2 sources say Karr DNA sample doesn't

A simple Yes or No: Have you changed your mind about 9/11?

What happens when Russia and China Veto any U.S. action against Iran?

No DNA match, how about a collective

Cheney: Early Iraq pullout 'ruinous' to US security

Rocky was on Fox: told victims to stop sitting around and complaining.

Hitler and Stalin were possessed by the Devil, says Vatican exorcist

What is the deal with this - Big Business in Politics?

I think I found a photoshopped photo in the NY Times

Department of Homeland Security was deeply involved in Karr's arrest

It's hillbilly, intellectually vacant and morally repugnant

A Cure for Cancer May Have Been Found

New Uniforms for the Department of Homeland Security

Kerry to Bush: Photo ops won't get the Gulf Coast back in business.

"Scoop"/Autorank: Election Nullification 2-Denny's Source on Bilbray "win"

DU the urban dictionary's definition of "swiftboating"

What will the MSM come up with next to avoid reporting NEWS?

Glenn Beck just said New Orleans mayor is mayor of chocolate town.

The Vast Majority Of People In This Country Are MORONS!

Can someone educate me on HOW centrist is The New Republic?

Governor Owens blasts Boulder DA

DU [email protected] rank #198

What Will Be Karl Rove's "October Surprise" This Time?

Transitive Verbs and Gay Marriage

I hope they bill that sick f*** Karr for first class flight from Thailand

Almanac Predicts Unusually Cold Winter

George Felix Allen fights racism with new pic on his website!

You could build 20 houses with what it takes to fill Air Force One.

Whoop! Jeb's FL voting laws stricken down!!


Using Katrina is a sick thing

They Are Going After Conan O'Brian

Anti-Choice Activist claims she "was sadly stripped of her child"

Every vet I've encountered is voting for Jim Webb.

Narco News: Mexico: Reporter gets PICTURES of Goverment Hired Killers:

Can you guess who'd be smiling thru a 9/11 memorial service? (big pic)

The CBC on Sunday September 10 will air TWO new 9/11 documentaries ...

Most dems I know are not concerned about die-bold voting

HEADS UP: Scariest Article 'O the Week

Unbelievable graphic on housing prices

So Cuba can manage to evacate 600k people for a hurricane

CNN "officially" predicting democrats win big in November.

Court Told - Constitution Says Votes DON't Have To Be Counted (Raw Story)

I like Obama

Air America make-over. Is it desirable or necessary for their success?

I'm done...

Bush Fiddled While New Orleans Drowned ----pix--->>>

John Dean on the Rise of the Dminionist Judges.....(Christian Nationalism)

Terror Scare Apparently Works as Hoped for GOP According to Gallup Polls

Frist son facebook lists him as a member of "No Jews Allowed" group

Watch Out For Voting Day Bugs (WaPo)

Maliki: "violence is on the decrease" - he was kidding, right???

Looking back at Katrina: "On another matter ..."

The Perfect presidential Candidate for the PUBs Joe Lieberman

Looking back at Katrina: Emboldening our enemies

Tis the Season to Remember

What will happen at Nov Elections if Voting Machines Shut Down?

Hey Democrats, its 90 days to elections. What issues are important to you?

Web Firms to Lieberman: "We work exclusively with Democratic candidates"

Is it OK to be just a little bit optimistic?

Looking back at Katrina: Cleveland radio blames the victims

AP Bush administration fulfills few promises (great headline)

TMW: Defending the administration's every blunder -- it's the Enablers!

Al Hunt: Democrats See House Victory, Senate within Reach

Looking back at Katrina: Bush's leadership problem

Anybody knows not to mess with me (Nancy Pelosi)

In Close Races, Most Democrats Reject Rapid Pullout from Iraq

What was THE MAIN REASON for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq?

Note to Rummy: US Troops DID NOT "volunteer" to fight for lies

Anniversary of Bush's Katrina response, illustrated (appropriately)

Back in the day ......

Anthony Mantova: All glory, no guts

Iraq War: 1267 days. U.S. victory over Nazi Germany: 1244 days.

Librarians at the Gates

Will Katherine Harris Actually Win The repub Nomination For The Senate?

Looking back at Katrina: Bush's Bullhorn Moment, Pt. 2

One Year Later: The Real State Of New Orleans

Senator Mikulski wrote me back about endorsing Lamont

DU Poll: Scarborough: Is It Wrong To Question A President's Intelligence?

A letter to the editor

Why is it the Lamont Lieberman poll with Ned trailing by 10 points is

Incentives To Cheat: OSHA Recordkeeping And Its Toll On Workers

Lieberman/Lamont Primary-BIG MSM DEAL! Laffey/Chafee Primary-MSM Yawns

Camp Democracy Is One Week Away

Hey Media People ..... why is it always "some on the left'?

Free marketism, same ol same ol

"My timeline's better than their timelines" Nya nya nya

Five Years Since 9/11: "Support Our Troops" New Meaning

Question about House Candidates.

ILRF sponsors Wal-Mart Sweatshop Workers speaking tour around the US

NRO's Jonah Goldberg borrows "Bush-Haters" to create "Wal-Mart Haters"

I know I am not the only one with family from 2 Div here.

Casey Supporters get in to scuffle with Hecklers from Santorum's Camp

Labor Department Official Poses As ‘Conservative Analyst’ On Fox News, PBS

Heckuvvajob Brownie .....

Reid needs to be replaced ASAP

C-Span Live: John Mearsheimer is giving a remarkable speech

Iraq? The next president's problem. Katrina? The next president's...

George Bush is a simple man.

Judge Blocks Fla. Voter Registration Law

Four State Veteran Convoy set

Grandson Gorilla vs. Rick Santorum the video you must watch!

Blue shirt, sleeves rolled up: Junior's Katrina photo op has begun.

Yanno what pisses me off? The King Prawns and the Champaign

What would you do with two months to change the direction of the country?

Average decline in compensation for flight attendants, 2001-06:

Cheney Chooses Chief Propagator of False Iraq-9/11 Link To

Trivia time ... date this quote:

Just a very trivial observation...

DU this poll on Barack Obama

rummy the dummy: we got plenty of troops for lots more wars

"Y'all gettin' this picture? C'mon, it's a good ' shows I CARE"...

Does anyone have the total number of US troops in the ME right now?

Bill Winter (CO-06) is winning over Repubs - Tancredo CAN be beaten

The natives are restless ........

Karr and the Involvement of the DHS - a great big WTF????

Carter within 4 points of Ensign?

Too damned funny :)

SpongeDob freak event in DC

Write Keith Olbermann

Kerry: One Year Later, Action is the Only Option

Looking back at Katrina: American genocide

Question: Where Can I Find The Vote The House Had To Give Themselves

When Did James Carville Make His Comment About Democrats???

The problem is so-called journalists who know nothing about journalism


NY Times mourns Bush's loss of his "Bullhorn Moment" & "9/11 Image"

I don't believe it was Armitage

Bull Moose is right. "Sensible Center" Dems "sensible" about Iraq.

sibel edmonds hates hillary clinton

Please Help Me Go on Living Ground Zero volunteer no health insurance

Winning the good ol' boy vote