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Archives: August 27, 2006

Experts warn U.S. is coming apart at the seams

Compliant and subservient:Jimmy Carter's explosive critique of Tony Blair

Dancers Land in Iraq. Marines Offer No Resistance.

Hoekstra’s Hoax: Just When You Thought You’d Seen Everything

… and PM faces more difficulties on Iran sanctions (Tony Blair)

INTRODUCING: Ask a Lobbyist (Horrifying, and fairly accurate!)

Enforcer in Chief

Bulgaria to decide on contractor for new nuclear plants.

Lebanon oil spill photos. Now ruining the Syrian coast as well.

Leftover Israeli bomb wounds four Lebanese children

Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV survived attacks

GU Special Reports - Hizbullah: the new heroes on the streets of Ramallah

Haredi writer accused of racism, slander

Gene Simmons sends video to Israeli

Israeli colonel attacks army

We Will Never Forget

British terror plot interrupted "coup" attempt to remove Tony Blair?

DNC Spits on Election Integrity - Endorses INTERNET VOTING

my new experiment. catfish nuggets

UK Troops risk their lives in Land Rovers while MoD sells off armoured veh

Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV survived attacks

Deaths decline as reservists play smaller role in Iraq

Activist's Remark Starts FBI Probe

CT State Democratic Party V. Leiberman ?

Protests Intrude on President's Visit to Family Compound (aw, poor George)

Senate Hopeful Explains Anti-Gay Columns

WP: Democrats Split Over Timetable For Troops

Hundreds jeer neo-Nazis at Wis. rally

The Man Who Said Too Much [Armitage responsible for Plame leak]

NYT/Reuters: Soldiers' Families Question Rumsfeld on Deployment

Former US president slaps down 'subservient' Blair

US housing slump fuels crash fears --Guardian/Observer

Anyone suggest a good german export brand beer?

I just drank an entire bottle of cheap peach wine.

Salsa Doritos


Fun new tool - Google Trends

Am I being a stick in the mud saying that the "Jackass" skits...

It's probably a good thing I'm home tonight

Who here puts some 'spice' in their LTEs?

where do suggestions go?

Thinking about cooking out tomorrow. I could use Mongo's help.

I just bought a bottle of Absolut Apeach....

Fucking FUNNIEST thread ever

Kevin Federline is kinda.........cute.

Updates here...please?

Create your very own "Dummies" Book

Fun with Google Trends

Old picture thread


I'm in an au gratin mood

FINALLY! Back online! What did I miss? (Lie to me, if you must)

I am a fool,

As promised-- a pic of my new tattoo!!


Wow...Nothing yet on my GD thread.

Some more cool lyrics

I'm in a rotten mood...

where are my homies?

Working Sat night sucks!

Boots the cat has a new home!!!

It's DU Karaoke Time!!! What song and what drink to give you courage?

Do you have any superpowers?

Can men cut their own hair?

Is anyone still awake??? N/T

Oh My Gawd, another weekend night without alcohol.

Picture thread: You gotta tat? You wanna post a pic??

What should I make for dinner?

"Invincible" was a helluva good movie.

Just got dumped after seven years.

who here has a purse?

Have you tried putting yourself on ignore?

who here has a pulse?

Holy Crap! There is a doll clone of me!

Lawyers, Guns and Money

Pick Up Stix House Chicken - Ingredients?

Grocery store drama: Coupon-stealing old man!

Life can turn in an instant

What is the Great American Novel?

Post a youtube video that touches you in some way

Can't believe I'm doing this: PICTURE THREAD!

I'm gonna kick Vash the Stampedes' butt!!!

It's coming through a hole in the air,

Sigh. Another Dennis Stanton episode of Murder She Wrote

Diorama. what do you think of this band?

wait, let me get this straight...!

Interesting, politically relevant movie on DVD "Land of the Blind"

Paris Hilton sings "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"...

Great News!

Who here still has the 'spice' in their LTRs?

Control freak much?

Time To Say Goodbye...

So, I'm not done after all.

Anyone remember the "fun bubbles" guy?

(Australian accent) "That's not a knife..."

Do you have a linguistic pet peeve?

The Value of Life

You believe in God because your parents believed in God

Same-Sex Marriage: Mental Health Perspectives (Psychiatric Times)

Baby Pics!!!! From DC

OT, but link to funny story about Sen. Barfbag in GD-P

F.Gordon actually uses a Digital Camera

The Power Joe Rosenthal Knew

I can't face killing children in Iraq, said suicide soldier

U.S. Arab and Muslim men wages slashed by 10 percent since September 11

Russia rejects sanctions against Iran

Hate Groups and the Attention to them is on the Rise In USA! CBS's New

PHOTOS: Happy talking George W. Bush!

You wouldn’t catch me dead in Iraq

Maureen Dowd says W needs a spanking.

'Independent' McCain Flip-Flops on Bush Iraq assessment

Fun with Google Trends

Remember Harriet Miers?

Families Allege State Veterans Home in EL Paso Neglects Patients

Sunday Talk Shows

Tony Blankley: "Terrorism still works for Bush"

Tasini struggles for recognition (interesting comparisons to Lamont and $)

Lebanon oil spill photos. Now ruining the Syrian coast as well.

Opus- What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Sunday talk show line-up, hurricane edition:

Christian Newswire: 'ISLAM VS. AMERICA' Conference in Anaheim, California

Bible belt

Ok, I'm just going to put this out there:

Beat Box Bush

Privacy World's August 2006 Newsletter Issue 4A

Apparently the citizens of Kennebunkport don't raise an eyebrow at *.

Agent Orange lives on in Vietnam

A beautiful rant - "Let us now speak with dolphins". Mark Morford

Helen Thomas to Speak to Oakland county Dems in MI

My job went to India

Mandatory Malloy Saturday Truthseekers Check in for a Best of Malloy!!

Rumsfeld: "I'd love to be Santa Claus. I'm not."

Poor GOP Pubs...unable to BRAINSTORM Positively, they BRAINWASH

2,621 U.S. troops now dead in W's Iraqi war

Rumsfeld lies until he's caught, lied about policy of excluding reporters

Terrible day at work--freepers made my head explode

Total (Terror) Information Awareness, John Poindexter, etc...

On CSPAN2 11pm - The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument

please give the thread below some K/R's-exploding FEMA trailers

Congressman Conyers: Bad Intelligence

How Democrats shoot themselves in the foot.

This job will go unfilled forever

A third food chain is recalling bottled water

Bill for Depleted Uranium Screening Passes Calf. Senate

A 58-year-old man enters a suicide pact with his wife of 22 years

I made a freeper mad today...

Ernesto Discussion #9

CBS, NBC Clean Up Bush's 'Happy' Talk

Clinton's Counter-terrorism bill was outstanding... Republicans failed.

State Dept.has known for years about Armitage according to a new book

The era of Republican rule in photos

New Book: Giuliani's Hero Status a "Grand Illusion"

CSPAN2 @ 1:45 AM Eastern - Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen?

The Man Who Said Too Much - Newsweek Confirms - Armitage Outed Plame

DUer Ocelot asks, "What is it with freepers and punctuation?"

Bush Family Home Picketed. Photos------------------>

"The media is not doing it's job"?

Science vs. Spirit

Activist's Remark Starts FBI Probe

Who should be a host on a progressive TV news channel?

Food, Water, and Women

Democrats urge union members' support (Gibbons bad for labor, Titus warns

Bush's Nomination For Regulatory Chief Is A Deadly Dud

Brown & DeWine Announce Debate Schedule

Brown's latest ad responds to DeWine smears

Help...Why did the minimum wage bill fail?

Iraq war protest in Kennebunkport

CT State Democratic Party V. Leiberman ?

Gone Fishin’

Medicare ads paid by drug industry

Set Your clock! You MUST see!

Hitchens Gives Audience Finger On Bill Maher's Show (click link 2c video)

Some thoughts on seeing the Nazis in Madison, WI today

need help here--some quick links to some of coultergeist's more

Rumsfeld is not Santa Claus, he says, even though he was

GOP told to ignore Detroit at its peril

My job went to India

PHC Joke: Why is there an oil crisis that affects ANWR, really?

Harris:"If you're not electing Christians--you are going to legislate sin"

George Allen......No Show!

Let Me See If I've Got This 'RIGHT' ...

Robert Fisk: Why should Europeans protect Israel?

Bush 'palace' shielded from Iraqi storm (The Age)

Jonathan Schell, The Nation: Too Late for Empire

Israel: Time For Soul-Searching

More Than Just Politics As Usual (Robert Scheer)

Warsaw mermaid has chest covered for Miss World

Rebel killing raises stakes in Pakistan

gumbo, Bush "Rock" (per Bush), Gumbo, and tea.

Iraq war has Bush Doctrine in tatters

Bush & Katrina: Return to the Scene of the Crime

Louisiana Justice: The Long Struggle of Gary Tyler

NYT, pg1, lead: Whispers of Mergers Set Off Suspicious Trading

Still Blind to the Poverty (Bush/WH)

Alive or passed on, Fidel Castro will be a great symbol to the Cuban peopl

WP, pg1: Life may never return to city haunted by Katrina

Pain, Fury Still Rage a Year After Katrina (abc poll)

WP: The Housing Crisis Goes Suburban

WP: El Paso's Paisanos al Rescate pilots drop water to border immigrants

Iran's Nuclear "Threat"

Feeling a money pinch? 'Wealth effect' begins to reverse (OH Paper)

The Housing Bubble Blog

Perfect example of right-wing media distorting science of Global Warming

The Ad That Started The Environmental Movement

Meet the pleasant, if apocalyptic, 'Dr. Doom'

Argentina annouces it's intent to expand nuclear power program.

Maine energy official contemplates new nuclear power in Maine.

(New Jersey's) Oyster Creek liner a near catastrophe, group says

Defying U.N., Iran Opens Nuclear Reactor

Oil-driven energy era coming to end?

Global warming effects more severe for cities

UN: 202 Palestinians killed since operation 'Summer Rain'

Deliberate Destruction or Collateral Damage?

Nasrallah: We wouldn't have snatched soldiers if we thought

UN force won't stop smuggling of arms into Lebanon

'Defense demands could set standard of living back 20 years'

Hebrew news sites buzzing about the fox reporters

Building demo theories are a huge embarrassment to the 9/11 truth movement

Alex Jones "TerrorStorm" Premiere draws near-capacity crowd in Dallas

Professor's 9/11 theories outrage NH leaders (NH Union Leader)

New Documentary: 911 Press for Truth.......

Is this graphical representation of 77's final approach correct?

Does anyone know where the WTC steel was shipped?

Election Reform,Fraud on Sunday 08/27/06: Why is Rush Limbaugh irate?

"Paper Ballots Hand Counted" only way to secure elections


Help.... I need a good Stuffed Green Pepper recipe

First Ever Attempt(s) at Home Canning

Need tips on lamb chops

Peppers "Tennessee Cheese"

My pastry dough completely sucks.

I harvested a bunch of tomatillos today.

On Guard For Thee: iPod prompts airport scare in Ottawa

Experts warn U.S. is coming apart at the seams

Witnesses: Israel strikes Reuters car

What's Moore Up To? (surprise screening of "Great '04 Slacker Uprising")

Bomb blasts offices of Iraqi newspaper, kills two

Robinson is released by Vikings(Dwight Smith arrested for indecent coduct)

Tribune correspondent held as spy in Sudan

Fox News team released by kidnappers

Reuters: NATO soldier killed in attack in Afghanistan

UK ministers to recive “life coaching” at taxpayers’ expense

WP: Iraqi Museum Sealed Against Looters: Antiquities Chief Flees Country

16 killed in latest challenges to new Iraq peace bid

Sunday airtime has tuned America in to Hagel (R-Ne)

Military lawyers see limits on trial input

Iraq govt plans reshuffle, cites loyalty doubts

Report: Israel, Hezbollah to hold prisoner exchange in 3 weeks

Suicide bomb blitz kills 45

Hurricane Ernesto expected to hit Florida (Now it's a hurricane!)

Ernesto downgraded to Tropical Storm

U.S. soldier killed by bomb near Baghdad

'Not long' before US troop withdrawal

China says acid rain hurts one-third of country

Fox News journalists describe captivity

Reuters seeks Pentagon probe on journalist's death

CNN: Iran test-fires sub-to-surface missile

Israeli colonel attacks army

Pa. drops loyalty oath for candidates

Shuttle launch delayed until Monday

Mexican leftist candidate wins in volatile region (Sabinas)

Kidnapped Fox journalists convert to Islam on video

Ten Britons hurt in Turkey blasts

US politics 'obsessed' with ads (BBC article about Gore)

2 NYC Marines die together in Iraq

IDF blows up massive Hizbullah bunker

Commercial plane crashes at Blue Grass Airport in Kentucky

Chavez: Venezuela's U.N. Bid Thriving

CNN: Kidnapped Fox journalists released

Harris attempts to defuse controversy

BBC: Nasrallah regrets triggering war

Google releasing package for the office (AP)

Washington Hit By Curse Of The Kid Bloggers (GOP's wild'n wacky kids)

Gov. Bush declares state of emergency

Hezbollah says won't resist UN troops

Brown says White House wanted him to lie

Key Dem US legislator says will block aid to Lebanon

Don't you wish they screwed up with the Superman doll too? (Rated R)

anybody drunk?

How do you wash your brain?

I'm going to bed, loungies.

Do you consider yourself "disturbed"?

What the hell is wrong with the Japanese?!

Sniff 'n the tears.

I'm watching a Pink Floyd tribute band on PBS

It's a mad world.

WTF am I awake right now?? Good morning :)

Alright you heathen insomniacs, it's the Sabbath, so let's Praise Jesus...

Big Trouble in Little China!

Why are we awake at this hour?

What is the best pick-up line ever used on you?

Q-Tips. If they're not for cleaning ears....

Do you take life seriously?

Happy birthday Bullwinkle925!!

I love "Pink Flamingos"

Old Dog Butt

Good morning

Fake-out question for the ladies

It's almost 4am, there's an unopened bag of Fritos on the table

Who here still has the spice in their kitchens?

Why do you hang out in the lounge

Show me your favorite smilies and I'll show you mine

i got spilkas in my genecktegezoik

Daniel Boone was a man....

NYT: Tucker's rehearsing for "Dancing with the Stars" (photos)

DU Lounge Official Enemy Pool

DU Lounge Official Enema Pool

DU Lounge Official Emmy Pool

Today is the Sabbath and today I am also a new man!

Do Bill Maher's Guests Get Paid For Appearing On His Show's Panel?

Ugh, I'm having one of those mornings where I just can't wake up

well, the nail polish remover took out most of the hair dye

Baseball card collectors: best online resource for pricing?

I'm getting married next week. ask me Anything!

This is your brain on...

It's baked potato time!!

Have You Ever Used Those Bioré Pore-Cleaning Strips?

Why didn't they just make Clive Owen the new Bond?

DU, du, Du, dU, ud, Ud, uD, DU.

Good Sunday morning, DU!!

This ham sandwich I'm eating is WAY too big.

nostalgia thread--when you were a kid did you---

Have you seen the Tom Cruise morph?

Are you a shampoo waster?

Holy moley. For the first time in weeks, I just heard thunder.

Deal with your own problems lady.

Kitten video

Peanut butter, mayo and bananna sammich

I got a used copy of "The House of Yes" for $1

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 8/27/06)

List examples of an entire family becoming a singing act.

How's this for a cute kitty?

So I've rented 2 movies... which should I watch first?

Blanche Deveroux appreciation thread!

Who else loves Giada De Laurentiis?

Ever just wish you hadn't watched the news?

A huge magpie just flew headlong into my window.

Buy new headphones buddy

We need a vacation.

Quitting smoking

Certified in pet CPR and first aid, I am.

Kill Wayne when the hog is mooning.

People will steal anything, it seems.

Flights out of Newark delayed for weather? 5PM EDT Sunday

Definitely one of the best rock songs, period:

I've beendrinking since 2 in theafternoon

Ever think you accidentally stepped into FR on DU?

Is it easier to be "out" younger?

Anybody here play FreeCell?

Sleep tight...........Bed time for this Bonzo.....

I'm moving--see you in a while

Question about women

DU Lounge Official Emma Peel

On this, my 44th birthday:

The BEST kind of dog:

Kill hogs when the moon is waning.

Anyone want to see a Freeper rant that sweetheart saved just now?

I don't know what's for dinner.

how can I compress a bunch of folders into one uploadable file?

AXIOM: Anyone who yells "Get in the hole!" at a golf tourney is an asshole

The most femme thing about me is

How many languages do you speak?

I saw one of my favorite teacher's from HS today ...

How is time clock rounding legal?

A 66-year old woman polishing her nails

DU Ladies - how often do you get your males done?

Some crazy lesbian* stole my cookie coupon!!

Cool beans!

Gee. I liked Legends of the Fall when it came out, but I'm watching it now

Ow....I fell off a horse!!

Quick word of advice, from a lesson learned

DU parents of school age kids: a rant about school forms

Are you a "Buddy" or a "Lady"?

Question about offensiveness of new Survivor

What else should I put in the marinade?

Test your bandwidth!

The Most Lesbiany Thing About Me Is.......

Highly Effective Anti-terrorist System Deployed for Airlines

That deer is back.

What month is your birthday in?

I swear I didn't chuckle when I was younger

Worst earworm? (song stuck in your head)

DU Ladies - how often do you get your nails done (manicure) ?

Are you a misogynist?

Sad day, 16 years ago we lost Stevie Ray Vaughan


"Promiscuous" Furtado song okay for kids?

My Kois from last summer, short clip:

The Genevieve Bujold appreciation thread:

What was the song the peckerwood played

Congrats NewWaveChick1981 6006 post

Happy birthday DeposeTheBoyKing!!

Congratulations jpgray!! 20,000 posts

Am I the only person at DU who still irons???

60 minutes blithering about how people become gay

Post your Picture..pretty please..with sugar on top!

I have to catch up on my kitty picture posts....


****A Poem****

The 2006 Emmy Fashion Thread... Let's rate em!!

I need an AVI to MP4 converter

Do you ever worry about Duers whom suddenly stop posting

Hurricane a comin! Looks like Charley part 2, dammit.

Food TV: Paula Dean Just Used A POUND Of Butter To Make Brownies

I escaped a car that was on fire.

Strangest gift you've ever received?

Cool! It's foggy out this morning!

Some Bumper Ideas

Weird dream I had last night

Make-out question for the ladies(ya wanna)

Are you a shampoo taster?

How much do you love trees?


Hi everyone!

In regards to television censors,

Google tip of the day

Beer: How much is that in cans?

speaking of killing hogs, I've discovered a perfect formula

Greenday/Oasis video on youtube

Does it matter whether your gynecologist is a man or a woman?

The basic foods we eat:

What cool collectible do you have at home?

***Artifact geeks: Have you ever seen a crystal arrowhead?***

What counts as a prayer?

Some scholars think David was mythical king

One need not run away from the problems

Why one should ask some worldly things?

Worldly desire make the devotee impure

A generous Atheist Vs a Selfish Theist

How to enjoy worry

God will feel happy if the souls are happy even if human incarnation is no

Memory restored in Alzheimer-model mice

Anybody know a good source of free/cheap science ebooks?

UK Observer: Result! Top Club Backs Gay Rights

Robinson is released by Vikings(Dwight Smith arrested for indecent coduct)

Jack Rabbit Chess Report for August 27: Sokolov wins the Staunton

Redskins fans--- team's looking pretty SHARP huh?

How to beat stress in the heat of battle

Arlington East (Cape Cod) will mark Iraqi war dead

Sometimes DU gets so ugly

Anyone have ALL Katrina related reports and legislation from Kerry that

Has anyone seen The Hill?

As we countdown to 100g, Thankyou all for your commitment to democracy

The Nation: Debate Among Democrats On Iraq Boils Down To

Great dkos diary about why Lieberman can't be stripped of rank

The myth of American imperialism

A newbie photoshop question for the gurus:

Saving OLD photos

I need information on crossing the Canadian US border

British terror plot interrupted "coup" attempt to remove Tony Blair?

Conservatives Without a Conscience by John dean

9/11/06 -- The *first* anniversary...

Can you believe there is a party to the LEFT of the NDP in Canada.

Big profits oil the wheel of loan fraud

Two killed, 20 wounded as rebels bomb state-owned Iraq newspaper

Iran may pull out of NPT; U.S. weighing sanctions without UN

The Real Cost of War - a Reminder....

War disappeared. Soon to be replaced by gay marriage and flag burning

Ask Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani

Kidnapped Fox News journalists freed

Former US president slaps down “subservient” Blair

Iran test-fires sub-to-surface missile

Question about Bush`s policy......Point----Say "terrorist"---- Kill.

You've Spoken Up, Now Will You Be Watched?

Too Late for Empire (A long but good read by Jonathan Schell)

NEW Bush Comic: Hey Yo Rocky, 4 More Years

and the war continues, you know the one that is going so swimmingly

Meet the Press. Mayor Nagin of NO on now.


Meet the Washington Generals

Democrats split on timetable

300+ boots, symbolic of 169 NY, NJ soldiers killed in Iraq on display

An email exchange

Ernesto goes east

Pat Buchanan’s Anti-Hispanic BS Echoes Earlier Anti-Immigrant Hysteria

NYT: Tucker's rehearsing for "Dancing with the Stars" (photos)

Novak just said on MTP that it is past time for the preson who leaked

"What The Iraqi People Want" Is The US OUT of Iraq!

Private tax collection costs more

Coulter, Darwinism, Hitler, Eugenics and Caring

Leave no Veteran Behind Convoy Supports Boyda

Bill Maher on Larry King Monday; e-mail questions to him:

Reuters wants journalist's killing by US troops investigated. No response.

Anyone else have to put up with Kathleen Parker in their newspaper?

George W bush's war on terror success list

Fear and Loathing of the American People

Hurricane (yep, already) Ernesto heads towards GITMO.

"Resolute and firm in his convictions" is not the same as....

republicans are better at: _____________

"extramarital lesbian relationship"

DoD official calls extended tours a "death watch" for soldiers

New Navy nuclear sub debuts in Atlantic

Does pickles recent departure from the scene be indicative of

Anyone else reading Kristen Breitweiser's book?

Anyone remember that 80's show "Cosmos"?

Next time a Senator says "Civil liberties are no good if you're dead,"

Bush and Saddam Should Both Stand Trial, Says Nuremberg Prosecutor

Translation of Morning Idiot on Face the Nation this morning.

Wolf just asked Lugar the dumbest question

Any plans to make a film about Marla Ruzicka?

Two Time Losers

on CSPAN2 at Noon Eastern - Breach of Faith: Hurricane Katrina and the ...

Ernesto Discussion #12

Fareed Zakaria on Foreign Exchange - PBS.

My theory on why 50% of Americans still insist Iraq had WMDs

Who here is using DSL?

Poli Sci people: A question about GOTV?

Nazi rally sparks huge protest (Madison WI)

What's "really" on your mind ??

Kenneth Blackwell reports embarrassing buy of Diebold stock

Omigod....RW fury over Katrina

America the Beautiful -- An Internet Choir

The WORST president in history is protected by.....

I saw "V For Vendetta" again...

Critics call registry for sex offenders vague, unfair

You know, it could be me, but i get the feeling that the release of FOX

CourtTV: On Native Soil: Documentary of the 9/11 Commission

Remembering KatrinaBush: Navy ship nearby underused (Chicago Tribune)

This needs to be DUed

Fill me in on the Sunday talk shows. I live in Lexington

Did kidnappers decide Fox news journalists help terrorists more than hurt?

Taller people are smarter: study

Bush's War

Art Buchwald defies the odds by living.

36% reduction of murders across the city of Baghdad . . . this month?

They keep saying we're safer because we haven't been bombed since 9-11?

The Apologist Exposes the Religious Right

Joe Biden: A plan for Iraq

Should John Mark Karr be so popular?

(VIDEO) NY1 covers Hillary's support of Lamont (mentions Tasini)

News Breaking: Armitage's admission to outing Valerie Plame

Is N.Korea more of a threat to the US than to S.Korea? Rummy doesn't know.

The monopoly on violence (being disarmed a hallmark of a dictatorship?)

Ala. Dems: Darby (Holocause Denier) Not Welcome In Party

'ABC This Week' panel: Will, Brazile and a Bush Shill

"Violence sweeps Iraq; more than 50 dead " Al-Maliki in bush Style Denial

The Georgie Bush Oval Office Choir: "Let's Bomb Iran!"

Is Michael Steele ashamed to be a republic?

US coverup of gassing of Kurds, to the present occupation, "immoral"

What kind of campaign are you working on?

Student Charged With Packing Dynamite

American deaths in Iraq, Afghan wars approach 9/11 toll

Looking for image

Again Veterans are Shortchanged By VA

I Can't Give Enough But I Don't Have Enough To Give

While they're busy clearing the Florida Keys

Ray McGovern: WATERBOARD CONGRESS Until They Tell They Truth!

I laughed so hard;

The most important issue for me is for the house and senate

C-Span and HBO Certainly Have Been Pleasing This Past Week

We are living in a post-Katrina world. Katrina changed everything.

Maliki refuses to support Israel and condem Hezbollah

Sirota:Front-Page Wash Post Story Distorts GOP Position on Iraq

My LTTE: back to basics -- why are we in Iraq?

Just from the pictures-- which one of these candidates is the Republican?

I just watched a political ad on TV

Ok, so what's the GOOD news? What do you think of this article?

Watching Dixie Chicks

Question about offensiveness of new Survivor

DEM Message: LESS Safe, LESS Free and LESS Prosperous!!!

50,000 dead. $315 billion spent. And just WHAT have we accomplished?

What will happen in Iraq if we left today?......

I cringe every time I hear an Air America host or news announcer

Blame Clinton? You need to read this rant that sweetheart saved

Harris has the Freepers arguing with one another over Church & State

Rush L. is on cspan1-about to led a panal (homeland secur. I believe).

Should we have a "Countdown" clock ?


Minutemen want immigrant deported

Some Bumper Sticker Ideas

I found Pickles, sort of

They know all about you

Ernesto downgraded to tropical storm

Caption this * PIC

B*sh makes the NOLA annivesary for the dinners & pre-election photo op

128 students suspended at Ind. school

Just watched Gangs of New York. What else did history class

Comair plane took off from wrong runway

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury ("History Here To See You, Sir")

Georgie Boy Can't Protect Us over here OR over there!

Is this Bush's secret bunker? Mount Weather?

WV wood products company to cut wages to entice workers....

I've suddenly seen the face of this war, up close and personal

Thomas Ricks ("Fiasco") on Russert's CNBC show

Am I on the No-Fly list?

Can we have the November elections now? PLEASE!

Oh my GOD, literally

Pope prepares to shift Vatican's view of evolution

? What is the total # of known dead and missing from Katrina

Free Range Poultry Under Assault

Curbing McMansions? L.A. studies limits on the size of houses

AMLO "As of September 12th there will be Two Presidents of Mexico"

Prison, jail staff cited in sex cases (2/3 of guard rapists are women)

"Experts warn U.S. is coming apart at the seams" & bush ignores the issue

Coalition Forces Cut & Run in Amara, Basra and Kandahar. DRAFT in 2007?

Forbes Reporter Wives vs Prostitutes - like Coke vs Pepsi?

The Power of Delusions - A look at 5 of the biggest lies of the RW

At least 57 Died in Iraq TODAY! Including an American soldier.

Planet Earth Urges US To Vote Democratic (Great Toles Cartoon)

British troops quit Iraq base, adopt Rommel’s WWII tactics

State Farm Insurance is a vile, disgusting, evil entity

Dem response to Katrina

So that fucking whackjob Katherine Harris is at it again...

Florida DUers, Ernesto is coming this way

ABC docudrama will blame Clinton and Dems for 9/11.

Israeli airstrike hits Reuters vehicle

Attack on Iran is Coming

Military wants terror suspects to see evidence against them. Bush says no

Appearance on CSPAN Book TV sends "Case for Impeachment" soaring!

I really wish our Team would fight harder.

Having a teacher of the opposite sex hurts a student's academic progress?

I think maybe Bush was chosen by Allah

Comair flight crashes near Ky. airport

Zogby: Webb in lead over Mr. Macaca

They Are Not *AFRAID* Of Us.

RW e-mail on immigration/cheap labor

Another miserable milestone for Bush's war

*** Sunday TOONs: A Message From Your Planet ***

Was "The Pet Goat" the right story for Bush to read on 9/11?

"Come Hell Or High Water" -- necessary viewing and reading!

What do you think about non-partisan ballots?

Couple in drug case say marijuana is sacrament


I just realized something about Republicans and Kennedys...

Free energy

Why are we all Pretending?

Intellectual summit! When great minds meet.....

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

"I'm a Ronald Reagan Republican..."

KUDOS to Senator Mary Landrieu (D) Louisiana: ABC This Week

do you think public schools are a conspiracy to keep kids dumb?

Tampa/St. Pete and W. Florida, Shop NOW! ERNESTO is coming!

When is it OK for boys to be girls, and girls to be boys?

Good morning America, how are you?

Barack Obama Gets Start Treatment in Family Village in Kenya

NYT: Suddenly, New York Seems to Have No Shortage of Possible Presidents

Asshole Alert-Haley Barbour on CBS now CDT time!

Sunday Non-Sequitur... I promise you'll laugh!

Nancy Pelosi meets JFK (1957)...a candid look at our next Speaker.


Angelides Borrows Tactic From Truman in 1948 (only 63% support among Dems)

NYT: Lieberman's "independent" run may hand the House to Republicans

Joe says he and his Republican friends saved ANWR

Liberman sees himself as a "team player," offers plan for Iraq

Will Schwarzenegger sign prison condom bill?

What does this have Miss. event have to do with Jim Webb's campaign in VA?

Vernon Robinson...This guy is F*****g delusional!

Bush: "I'm responsible for the Federal government" (He's not)...

WaPo mischaracterizes poll numbers to portray electorate split on Iraq

They keep saying we're safer because we haven't been bombed since 9-11?

Have Harris and Blackwell's campaigns made you believe in karma?

Ray McGovern: A Modest Proposal - Waterboard Congress

Why being part of the 'hate America crowd' might be a good thing

Rummy lies, troops die, then he says he's not going to get into...

A Question for All, Should Edwards Reflect the Values of North Carolina?

Do-nothing Congress

Democrats, DO NOT be Moderates. It doesn't work. Proof . . .

Kenneth Blackwell reports embarrassing buy of Diebold stock

Ken Mehlman on "Anti-Incumbent Sentiment" (spot the talking points)

Novak on MTP: It wasn't Armitage

Haven't repugs cut and run from intelligence

Maybe this kid's ashamed of his president, not "turning from the wind"

Alabama screws another Dem. UNREAL

AP: Rumsfeld Urges Russia on U.S. Nuke Plan (conventially armed ICBMs)

Ala. Dems: Darby not welcome in party

NYT: For Bush, Subdued Trip to Family Home

Lamont's Op-ed in today's Hartford Courant

Idiotic WaPo article: "Service in Iraq-just how risky is it?"

Ann Coulter is a Dangerous Bitch

Is there an inherent fallacy in the political aspects of 'regionalism'?

What we need to learn from Hezbullah.

Photos: OMFG! This is HUGH! Poppy, Junior & PICKLES in Kennebunkport!

Why are businesses registering more than 2 million workers to vote?

Bumper Stickers

Ascribing all ills to 'Diebold' is a disservice to the effort to fix .....


TIME: Don't Mess with Nancy Pelosi

NEW Bush Comic: Hey Yo Rocky, 4 More Years

"whiting out the names" - the bush admin's MO

A message to the lurking freepers: a lie is not a difference of opinion

Lieberman's Op-Ed in today's Courant uses Rovian techniques

For those who have voted for Repub candidates in the past

Anyone watching the RI Senate debate?

Russert looked sick in his interview with WaPo's Ricks

News Breaking: Armitage's admission to outing Valerie Plame

Self-Proclaimed "Team Player" for "Team Connecticut"... Push-Polling.

blackwell is getting C-R-U-S-H-E-D ...

Air America and liberal radio: what would you change?

What's Fitzgerald up to? Haven't heard anything lately.

Chris Hitch implied that since an Iraqi allegedly mixed

Looking a website that shows state by state presidential election trends

$10 an hour, 4,000 apply

My conversation with a freeper neighbor's friend...

George Galoway, a true global treasure. Must see vid!