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Archives: August 25, 2006

HOV Traffic Waits for No Man, Even the President

Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Blogging All the Way to Jail

Republican Chutzpah on Iran by Larry C Johnson

Last lawsuit dropped in Carthage turkey plant odor case

China's New Architectural Wonders

HISTORY: Bio's of Olmert and Nasrallah....what I could find, interesting.

Inquiry Opened Into Israeli Use of U.S. Bombs (NYT)

Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization

Hezbollah warns Blair: you're not welcome in Beirut

Hizbullah 'settles score' with SLA families


Israel adds 2 nuclear-capable submarines

WTC7 Lobby "Gone"

Walker vs Members of Congress (Article V)

San Diego Election Contest Goes to Court Friday 8/25

Heads up coastal DUers


Klein will lecture in Washington D.C. after leaving politics

Bloc opts for united front against reopening same-sex marriage debate

Can I ask a question about Auto insurance in Canada?

Attacks on homeless up, activists say

Developers Illegally Bulldoze National Park Service Land at Harpers Ferry

Faux News Brit Hume: New Clues About Who Leaked Valerie Plame's Name

Church hires sex offenders

More children removed from Ozarks church amid sex abuse case

Border Patrol chief doesn’t want Minutemen near agents

NYT/AP: Linda Ronstadt Cancels Tour After Surgery

Election of Alabama lesbian overturned by committee

Hundreds of pets homeless in New Orleans a year after Katrina

LAT: Solicitor General Sides Against School Integration Programs

Kurdish rebels say they won't disarm ("We are not terrorists")

DeNure wants to be Wisconsin's Lamont

Venezuela: CANTV to bring worker pensions in line (with minimum wage)

New Orleans Mayor Takes Swipe At NYC ("Can't get hole in ground fixed.")

Inquiry Opened Into Israeli Use of U.S. Bombs

GOP candidate says 9/11 attacks were a hoax (Huh?!?!?)

(Ben) Nelson (Dino-Ne) endorsed by Republican Principi

Venezuelan Troops Take U.S. Embassy Bags

Dems use ignored rule to oust gay candidate

Rep. (Mean Jean) Schmidt's marathon ad questioned

Want to see my tattoos?

Apple recalls 1.8 million Sony (Mac laptop) batteries

What are your favorites from Traitor Joe?

weeee, new digicam...

Q & A in prep for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver

Man, these two weeks are becoming the longest year of my life!!

What is the smallest residence you have resided in (for a length of time)?

This is weird. I have kind of an amazing flea story.

Post a line of generic movie dialogue from any kind of film...

Did you make a model of the solar system in school?

How often do you get a haircut, and why?

DU homies: Haruka, Sugah Smack, GiC....

Damn. I may have to leave the mountains for Manchester NH

I can't fit into my old underwear anymore!

BBQ Lie - "the secret's in the sauce". WRONG!

When do we get to change our names, again?

Best base ingredient chip?

Is Karl Rove behind the demotion of Pluto?

So, ummmm, where is Rob Corddry going now?

Well I just sent an e-mail about a job that I want to get...

Has anyone mentioned that Bush is the first president to lose an

If someone you knew very well left half a beer undrunk

Cinnamon Graham Crackers vs. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups?

As much as I love being an Uncle....

Hop. Pop. Hop on Pop.

So I choked on my dinner tonight...

Lefties sinister and rich

Ik beloof dat (can you translate it?)

So what's your favorite thing from THE DAILY SHOW so far?

Is GoddessOfGuinness one of the sweetest people on DU?

Remember the O'Reilly listener...

Guess I need to start locking my door.

I wonder how Pluto the dog is taking the demotion of the planet

Enough about JonBenet, damn it!!!

Any net experts here?

Our local grocery store had a sale today (drool alert)

Bush's thoughts at the Popes funeral...

Great new video game came out!

Have you heard of Holly Williams?

LW film on cable right now.. Braddock the boxer, 'thirties

ooops wrong section

A lotta Ditty. inspired by GD

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip.

what do you do when you're doing nothing?

DU this poll! Lounge Style that is...

New season "Reno 911" now starting to show up in re-runs.

So if it is not a planet and is not a moon, and near Uranus, so is it a...

WAKE UP!!!!!

I am listening to Mike Malloy, he has some freepers on tonight.

Cats that look like Hitler?

Wish-granting Efreeti: Now open for business!

Who has ever seen DPS stop/slow freeway traffic with side to side 6 lane


I know you all are wondering....

Since I can't sleep, I'll show you my new swing (pic).

Note to people with new cars - don't drive recklessly.

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich.

Prayers and/or good vibes desperately needed

People are basically good

God, I'm old. Was just enjoying Japan on YouTube. Any other fans?

Creative DUers! I need a name for a newsletter!

Need to buy a used car

I'm moving to the Beach! A place of my own!

a little late afternoon cubism...

What makes a person "old" in your mind?

I lost.....

Any good new indie/progressive musical discoveries?

New Numonics now that Pluto's not a planet

Go to google, type in your birthdate, and then post the first picture.

What is the most reputable site for phone spoofing?

Rob Corddry's last night on "The Daily Show".

Odd abstracts to clear your head

OMG! Tombstoned! I don't know what to say.

One year ago today Sweet Sirius died.

Band leader, trumpeter Maynard Ferguson dies

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch fans check in here......

How many times a week do you eat meat?

Should I get a tattoo?

Stop Michael Jackson!

What are your favorites from Trader Joes?

Should I get a tutu?

We finally got our first big Hollywood review for the movie that I

SAD Summer Reflection..

What the cross means to me

Why do we have Hate Crimes?

Who has killed more, Satan or God?

Astronaut Spills Big NASA Secret = Blah! Blah! Blah!!

Dems use ignored rule to oust gay candidate

Pre-Pluto - Post Pluto

I have a confession to make.

A Republican friend of mine sent an appeal

The DC establishment Dems and their influence

Finally attracted some Hummingbirds

Some shots with the new lens.

Keith Olberman's worst person today was

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

COUNTDOWN: London Terror Plot "Deflates"!

stem cell research is the moral equivalent of Nazi experiments?? LOL

War, the economy, Global Warming, Criminals in the White House

Plan which would save a billion gallons a year in gas usage - underfunded

Iraq PM censors TV from showing bloody images from daily attacks

What is the smallest residence you have resided in (for a length of time)?

B*sh: "You know, nobody likes to see innocent people die."

MUST READ: Republican clip on about Republican woman - 1917!!!

Russia's LUKoil, Pennsylvania ethanol deal.....

Who has ever seen DPS stop/slow freeway traffic with side to side 6 lane

DU this Coultergiest and shut her down!

"FDA poised to change the health & wellbeing of all Americans"

Media carrying Bush's water again--"Iran more dangerous than Bin Laden?"

How many times a week do you eat meat?

Something I just read on DU regarding "Shock and Awe" made

Have any FOX employees ever been kidnapped by Saddam regime?

The freeper Mindset: or Killing is my business...and Business is Good

DU this poll on Lt. Ehren Watada

LTTE. Use if you like it. Replublican't Party.

KO worst person in world,....zoo that named horse coulter

Catholics and white evangelicals not as happy with GOP as they were

A Guide to Neo-Con Doubletalk in Double Time

Anybody watching Primetime Live tonight? (AIDS In Black America)

Building a "top ten" lending library list for helping recovering Repubs

Wal-Mart gets communist branch in China

What do people have against Pluto?

ATTN: Rpt. of Clemon's Middle East Forum with Dobbins TONIGHT

Fellow Sacramento du'ers, Bush is cutting out police funding

Since the FDA has approved virus spraying our foods: you know that

Head injury not sever enough to keep military benefits.

These Dreams- a pictorial trip down memory lane

Fresh Hot Freeper .... fresh hot freeper

"Pull the Plug" - warns about Diebold

Geography Teacher Suspended - Displayed Foreign Flags In Class

Happy Birthday to me!

HELP: Can anyone find out who owns the site

This one is DUH! American Legion Survey VA underfunded

Do some people actually want civil war in Iraq?

Call from MoveOn PAC

Lt. Watada's person just called Air America---

Why Eliot Spitzer?

I have figured out how Bush can cheer up the troops.

wanted: link to House Intel Cmte report (only if unclassified) on Iran

When do we get to change our names, again?

Regular petrol is down to $2.65/g in upstate SC. Premium is $2.75.

Delay, R-nowhere, "I will never again run for political office."

I'm taking a 17-hour international flight. On September 11. From NYC.

Jay Diamond filling in for Alan Colmes. Anybody listening?

Jon is ripping ROCKEY

Crybaby Coulter chased off H&C by Colmes Substitute!!

Do we need to Retool our message on Terror?

Are these Marines involuntary recalls new with the * administration?

Israel Adds 2 Nuclear-Capable Submarines

"Even though a heartless administration is in power.." (from Patti Davis)

My WASP-Y friend in Connecticut who supported Lieberman

Conyers: Democratic Opportunites This November

Boycotting Target? What's the story?

Right-Wing ‘Guide to World War III’: ‘Kill ‘Em All, Let Allah Sort ‘Em Out

Cuba proves size doesn't matter on the world aid front

Mike Luckovich chronicles the decline of America (imho):

Faith-Based Boondoggle Out Of Favor But Not Out Of Action - Gets New Chief

Overheard At the Las Vegas Airport

California may be on to something with SB 1441

Rich Sheik rap.. (mencia) hilarious and really slams bush

Stem Cells on The News Hour tonight

PHOTOS:"Bush to visit Gulf Coast, New Orleans to mark Katrina anniversary"

Another fine republican mess (Schmidt)

when did tony snow become the WH's press secretary?

Does the "anti-incumbent" movement hurt Dems or Repubs the most?

I agree with Joe Scarborough RE; Bin Laden. He is showing clips from the

Pluto Killed the Scientific Star

Shays Urges Iraq Withdrawal : Calls for Timetable

Quills nominees include Al Gore, Stephen King

Where is Condi?

Words do really mean a lot. Think of all the "isms" or "ists" that you

Is Rockey's trailer really from FEMA?

Camp Casey, War Resistors and a mothers womb

A Hero and a Zero

Republican Chutzpah on Iran-by-Larry C Johnson

Why We Fight

Democrats v. Party: Attacking the Means of Protest

A matter of safety and health :>)

Schwab strategist sees high risk of recession

Japan Confirms Activity at N. Korea Nuclear Site

From our "That's rich" dept.: Lynne Cheney on acrimonious politics

Ban on Sale of Pet Cats, Dogs--Arab News, Saudi Arabia


Boy Charged For Meowing At Neighbor Lady

I heard some conservative askin what will it take for libera to understand

Bill Moyers warned us in 1988: 20min excerpt from "The Secret Government"

Help....The lady was registering people

Who are your heros?

KO to interview the cop who ticketed the wanker for blasting Billo's show.

Dallas to consider if it's governments job to tell people where to wear

Jon Stewart Blows Head Off (well, kinda)

Scientists: Bush No Longer Considered A President

Remember President Johnson's war on poverty?

*** Thursday TOONs: Can't Think of a Title ***

girl escapes her "master" after 8 years

PNAC intentional destruction of US military in order to privatize it?

Al Qaeda waited until Buffoon Bush and rePUKES were in power to strike

TN will be BLUE this November!

Keith Olbermann gave a hilarious roundup of John Mark Karr news tonight!

Thank you to whomever donated in my name to the DU third quarter drive.

"George Bush don't like black people" remember this song...

Heads up Gulf Coasters...Ernesto is headed your way..

So...give me a scenario where bush could remain in office longer than 2008

Blackwater Shot Down in Federal Court

"Macacagate", a great op-ed and republican wiggling

The classism showed by some of the more well off DUers is pathetic.

a 9/11 Home Companion

Lamont to meet with Hillary Clinton in NY tomorrow!

So this is where Katherine Harris' former campaign staff is working....

NYT:In Poll, G.O.P. Slips as a Friend of Religion

Is Fox News biased or what?

How much is a Russell Simmons (Def Jam) endorsement worth?

Help Wanted: Satire Website

3 US Troops killed: but Top U.S. generals: Baghdad effort curbing violence

There is more to Harris's remark: "God is the one who chooses our rulers"

WAR games begin

Media Matters asks, Who is Jonathan Kaplan?

Ned Lamont Dines With Shimon Peres

Wishful thinking? Macaca remark tightening VA Senate race

I just had it out with my Ivy-educated conservative brother about the war

Remember Joe Republican?

Sticking it to Ken Blackwell in Southwest Ohio, Day 1

greed: the REAL republican agenda

Vice President Cheney will be nominated by the RNC

Picture of Bush's last day as President!

YOU Lead, WE Follow!

"Casey has to define himself before Santorum defines him completely"

Watching Hannity & Colmes finally pays off: Coulter shut down.

Rolling Stone: The Worst President in History?

Rosa Brooks: No Escaping Sexualization of Young Girls

Threatened teachers fleeing Iraq

Krugman; The Housing Bust

Race to save historic town from sea of oil (SMH)

Time: Is Iran Running Militias in Iraq?

Juan Cole..... Republican Congressional Report on Iran Riddled With Errors

Repugs shamelessly exploit the "T" word...

Krugman: Tax Farmers, Mercenaries and Viceroys

"George Bush, Reader" - some arithmetic on his "reading list"

Bush snapped: "There ought to be limits to freedom."

Broadband Abroad: Internet Connectivity Outside of the US (US far behind)

Where Bush's Arrogance Has Taken Us

Communication in the Bush age: Mum's the word

LAT: Wal-Mart joins National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

NYT: 9/11 Shrine, With the Tragic, Toxic Dust

Pension Protection Act: A Missed Opportunity [Rep. Michaud]

NYT,pg1: Failed Shops and Faded Charm Are Dual Worry in New Orleans

This Day in Radical History- August 25th-Reagan outed!

Raid leaves children behind

11,000 Java resident's homes succumb to steaming mud: Oil drilling mishap.

Maine displaces nuclear power with fossil fuels.

Ice sheet melting faster than ever

More Tropical Fish Sighted in R.I. Water

Race to save historic town from sea of oil (SMH)

Feinstein Unveils Democrats' Plan to Cut Greenhouse Gas

U.S. dealers are set to sell Chinese electric vehicles

European coal mining revival? (UK, France)

The Merchant of Menace (Coal)

Osama eyeing nuke plants? CNN seemed to imply that. You decide

In May bush met w/ Israel and told them to "get their war on."

AIPAC, the Religious Right and American foreign policy

More than 60 pct of Israelis want Olmert to quit-poll

Abbas gets green light to form unity government

Italian FM: Harsh U.S. approach to Mideast failed

Israel appoints coordinator of possible war with Iran: newspaper

Hunting monsters in Jerusalem...

Italian FM to Haaretz: Int'l force could also be deployed in Gaza

Structural Engineer doesn't buy "official" WTC collapse theory

Is there any information on the insurance claims for WTC buildings?

Hear The Voices Of 9.11/Garrison Keillor

There is ANOTHER video of Flight 11 hitting the north tower.

WTC Construction Documentary (1983)

Astute Second Grader Describes Bush's Reaction at Booker

Help please with this GD thread (Busby)

vote on mechanical/lever machines

Court Day Special: Election Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 8/25/06

Eureka Reporter: Election transparency supported (Zogby)

Abbott warns of steep money and job cuts

Sept. 3rd event in Sugar Land with a TON of candidates!

So apparently I've been making congee and didn't even know it.

Is anyone familiar with Dominican-style Tortillas?

There's a New Usenet Group Right Up Our Alley

So I finally went hog-wild online yesterday, and ordered...

Does anyone here take Prinivil for high BP?

Cooking spray is evil

Tories slip back to election level: poll

Bullets fly. Ottawa ducks

Monetary policy hurting Canada, Duceppe says

Not quite as good as the cowboy pic, but maybe worth keeping.

Mo. pastor accused of molesting girls

Democrats cite no-bid Katrina contracts

AP: Rep. Schmidt's marathon ad questioned

Raid leaves children behind

Iran letter to Germany says both facing "tyranny"

Russia still considering troops for UN force in Lebanon: minister

New Chief Oversees a Less Visible Faith Office

Spanish councillors suspected of covering up torture

ACLU files suit to force relocation of Mount Soledad cross (San Diego)

More than 60 pct of Israelis want Olmert to quit-poll

RawStory: Democrats plot 'no confidence' vote against Rumsfeld

Israel appoints coordinator of possible war with Iran: newspaper

Ban on Sale of Pet Cats, Dogs

Fletcher will be allowed to create legal defense fund

Democratic Committee in AL use ignored rule to oust gay candidate

Threatened teachers fleeing Iraq

Former Marine who sparked Okinawa furor is dead…suspected murder-suicide

Shays calls for troop withdrawal time frame

Broadband Abroad: Internet Connectivity Outside of the US (US far behind)

Java: 11,000 people flee homes as hot toxic mud engulfs villages

`Daily Show' to take road trip to Ohio

Democrats focus on GOP Katrina blunders

Lieberman to Stay on Democratic Rolls (Washington Post)

McGavick (WA GOP candidate for Senate) reveals '93 DUI charge


EU to provide 7,000 troops to UN force in Lebanon

Poll: 1 in 4 Americans believe U.S. was safer before 9/11

Harris rival to air ads in Republican primary

CBS TV: Flight 112 Aer Lingus Evacuated for "some threat".

(Religious Activist) Crusader’s son faces child-porn charge

GOP plans $40M ad push for House races

NYT: Chinese Peasants’ Advocate Sentenced to 51 Months in Jail

GOP businessman seeks Granholm supporters

Jewish and Muslim vets file new suit to remove cross from war memorial

9/11 health woes reach far beyond New York

Ryanair sues British govt over security(Airline fed up with terror scares)

DeLay Says Courts Erred in Ballot Ruling

Flags get classroom green light - Lakewood CO

Cheney, Rumsfeld to visit Reno ( private VFW convention )

U.S. tanks shell Iraqi mosque after attack: military

Judge Nixes Plame Secrecy Bid

El Salvador to move embassy to Tel Aviv

Report: Trans-Atlantic flight diverted to Bangor (Maine)

FCC Upset Over Verizon, BellSouth Fees; Expect Formal Inquiries

Russia says no need to discuss Iran sanctions

Chirac: 15,000 peacekeepers 'excessive'

Charges dismissed in Scaife assault case (Wife Ritchie)

Judge Blocks Northwest Employees' Strike

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 25 August

Philippines asks for hair, feathers to soak oil spill

Senator Obama Received Warmly in Kenya (NYT)

Medicare Ads Paid by Drug Industry

Video Discloses Alleged Plot To Target Sears Tower

Ga. Family Of Beheaded Contractor Sues Syria

McCain stresses support for Iraq mission

Lieberman declines to rule out Shays call for troop withdrawal

State Dept. official faces bribe charge

Guilty plea in kickback scheme (U.S. Army Reserve officer in Iraq)

Blaze rips through Russian church (dramatic pictures)

Madison (WI) police prepare for Nazi event (Milw. Journal-Sentinel)

Violence down 40 percent in Baghdad: US commander

Head of GOP women's group arrested on voter fraud charge

Tasini struggles for recognition (in NYS vs Clinton)

Cooling towers are a hotspot for evolving disease to replay 9/11 attacks coverage

Clinton, Lamont meet to discuss campaign

Urgent Fundraiser? Bush Wanted Carpool Lanes Closed

Feinstein unveils Dem plan to cut greenhouse gas

Iraqis loot base after British leave

Whistleblowers Say State Farm Shredded Documents to Avoid Paying Katrina

Tropical Storm Ernesto threatens Caribbean

Bush arrives, meets families of slain troops

Protest permit alarms Utah's Jews ("Death to Israel" demonstration)

Security Incidents Plague Airlines

Front line Iraq 'too dangerous' for Prince Harry

Fairfax Native Says Allen's Words Stung

Rumsfeld says Baghdad violence is coming down

Bush and Saddam Should Both Stand Trial, Says Nuremberg Prosecutor

G'night, Lounge!

A longtime DUer is no longer with us...

Complete this: My Very Elegant Mother Just Sat Upon N_____________

Are polls disabled right now?

Its official: Pluto is a dingleberry

What's up?

I'm awake. who's bored?

I'm bored. Who's awake?

Just need a friend tonight, depressed

Its 4 AM and I'm watching Gremlins 2, what are you doing?

Do they have a firm date for new "Battlestar Galactica" yet?

Oops Wrong place

New Tattoo Picture

Good vibrators needed

ever have "phantom" flavors

The Beatles gave up drugs

Bush Wanted Carpool Lanes Closed For His Use Only (Virginia)

Have you ever been tempted to reply back to someone in GD with...

Happy birthday LINUX!

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

Man Dies When He Is Buried In Mulch

Friday Funny: The Al Gebra Movement

Pluto's been Diebolded


At 86, great-grandmother Morjorie Newlin keeps pumping iron.

Tropical Depression #5 (would be Ernesto) not looking good

Twin Peaks:

Oooh....Oooh...ELO! ELO! Yah! Yah!

Happy Birthday Elvis Costello

GD sure is fun today! C'mon and join in!

no way

Now on CNN - there was a bad twister in Minnesota!

I bet the 60's are gonna happen again.

thank god it's friday!

RW Can _NOT_ Blame The Loss Of Pluto On Clinton! ...

Who Has Seen The New Yellow Pages Commercial?

Does anybody still can produce? freeze produce?

Products Sweetened with Xylitol Can Be Toxic To Dogs

Really trippy Optical Illusion

Please send me white light.

Sophos has a free anti-rootkit tool for PC lusers

Pizza and beer in the conference room!



How do you "DO" a car ala FreeCycle !

Christ on a trailer hitch I CANNOT listen to Franken anymore!

"Say 'what' again."

Richie Havens just sang live, on our local (right-wing) TV morning news.

(oh Lynne's achy breaky heart) Happy Birthday Billy Ray

Tell me one thing that you like about George W. Bush


I have never been more ashamed of DU

What "One-hit wonder" band/song is in your head recently?

Nude teens raise eyebrows in Vermont town

Get a phone call from Samuel L. Jackson.

It's the Rapture, folks!

I'm bored. Everyone get naked and dance for me

I threw a paper coaster at my cat this morning

If you could bang anyone......

Live blogging my attempt to cancel SIRIUS

Hell, there are all kinds of jobs to apply for out there

Reminder: Today is the last day for Burning Man internet sales

For when your cat grows tired of the cat nip......

Wondering about my Politics Addiction

If you could bang anyone...

I'm lonely today

The wind still blows....

Can anybody still produce frozen does?

who went to sister(catholic) school?

This isn't medical advise, but I was wondering..

Oh, this isn't political, but it is awesomely funny and cool....

Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith has throat cancer

New Airline - Terra Air

Cat People - Did You See the Acrobatic Cat on CNN?

anyone going to Burning Man this year?


Linda Ronstadt recuperates in Tucson after surgery

Apartment moving (to another state) advice:

I want me to want you!!!


Made-up question for the ladies

Hey, jpgray! You got your Bonaroo tickets yet?

Man Claims to Be a Terrorist, Flees Police

Bill O'Reilly actually did get it right!

in honor of lynnesin

Anyone here ever been in The Cult?

Happy, happy day!!!

Favorite Elvis?

Favourite Elvis?

is this TOO cute?

Good Coulter joke I just heard...

Favorite Beatles song

Sirius is approaching 6 million subscribers


The Gap Band Dropped A Bomb On Me

Is there a more perfect song out there than "Comfortably Numb"

"Wow, you packed a fancy lunch. I don't cook. In fact, when I have kids...

I know it doesn't matter but who in the lounge has the loosest C

Okay, the story about the passenger arrested for saying his penis pump was

I'm bored. Everyone get naked and dance for matcom.

Time for a **photo** thread!!!


Lets lighten up folks!

The movie Rear Window is on, one hell of a movie.

Anyone want to help me planet???

Cat advice needed!

the scene in red dawn

Holst composition "The Planets" is now up to date again!

People flip for pancake film (Youtube)


Bill Maher is back!! tonight onHBO!!..just fyi!

Post fun creative links

Favorite Journey song

Those poor Plutonians...

What's for lunch, Earthlings?

Mickey Mouse is pissed that Pluto got dissed.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 8/25/06)

My employer would have made a good Ancient Egyptian

What an attractive 'weed'....

Anyone here ever been in a cult?

Make-up question for the ladies.

Last night I saw a guy that looked just like Cheney at a Democratic


This gem just popped up on streaming radio..

you give love a bad name

TONIGHT FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! Bill Maher

Tell me one nice thing about the person who posted right ahead of you

The ladies wouldn't need a make-up question

Hey - We've got Thunder

Okay, Pluto is no longer a planet. What's next to go, Mercury?

Presenting the art of Chet Zar.

Cat needs advice

What not to wear

Uncle Fucka

jeeezzus! even though Tiger hits a ball onto the clubhouse roof

Here's one for the WTF file

Khash does lyrics. Again.

Two employment questions

Yesiroonie Positoonie Zip Zam Zoo....

Shit. Paris Hilton acts like a Ho in her latest (only?) music video

What's the word? Thunderbird.

Thinkers Anonymous! Funny.

HUZZAH! Off to the Bay Area on Wednesday to visit Bullwinkle925!!!

I propose we form the DULAU

The importance of underwear....

Just saw a funny comment at C & L

Happy Friday!!

Make-up question for the ladies.

Anyone here ever read Farley Mowat?


PLUTO is now posting shit about us over in that *other* Solar System.

I'm starting to get into the Clash. What would be their best album?


The Quintessential Matcom Thread

Project Runway fans

Which Irish band is the best?

My Apologies to the Lounge!

Does anyone remember Manny the Hippie?

On how many occasions have you found yourself wearing a ballgown?

Our Gas Just Dropped Again - $2.699 now

Cute kitten alert!

Friday, August 25. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Emergency repairs have been made to Wm Shakespeare's "TFTD"

It's FOOTBALL Season!

Anyone else made the "O" a part of their life.....

How can it be income when it's a LOAN?

two people i have an irrational hatred of

Try this next time you are down

This weeks People magazine

the Ultimate TV Show


Why am I here?


HypnoToad got soggy buns.

Friday Shoe Blogging

Favorite Pixies Song

Classic 80's pop video. From the Middle East? I present...

Pick a DUer and the SUPERPOWER they would most likely abuse

I'm off to get buns for my burger. Anyone want me to pick up anything

What do you do better than anyone else?

I am so glad I am a rich social worker.

'I feel like God wants me to run for President.

Let's see how well you park a car.

Do our homes really smell that bad?

Have you seen my woody?

Nelly Furtado: Promiscuous Girl?

Help - I need to move to the middle of nowhere

Pluto does not care.

Can you sing?

I know size doesn't matter but who in the lounge has the biggest D

Anyone want to help me plant???

Is this ugly, or what?


Happy birthday u4ic, neweurope, Hissyspit & TK421!!

CONFESS!!!! First album (any medium) you ever bought

I was just bashed for naming this one of my favorite shows ever...

hey Progmom & MisU!

I want you to want me!!!

Make-out question for the ladies.


****** August Photo Contest FINALS ********

Hey, night owls: "The Dead Zone" is about to start on TNT (3am EST)

How many of Christ's miracles were "pull yourself up by bootstraps"

Comic Sues Jews for Jesus

Guess whose support for Bush is dropping?

New Portrait of Jesus

So, according to Religious Right Logic (so to speak), scientists have

Spilling ketones?

A diabetes question

China-Russia plan joint mission to Mars

Backlash to 'planet' definition.

Total recall : Scientists Erase Memories in Rat Brains

Noah's Arc

"Wild Card" Phillies? MVP - Ryun Howard?

Happy Birthday to u4ic

East Coast Birthday Card Update.

Kerry LTE in today's WSJ

OT: ...

Rep. Shays (R-CT): To Succeed In Iraq, We Need A Timetable For Withdrawal

OMG!!! This is HUGH!!!1!1!11

Mono-tonality. One example: A Leaf. (Fall is coming)

HEY EVERYBODY!!!! The August FINAL Poll is UP!!!!

Wish-granting Efreeti: Now open for business!

crosspost: San Diego Election Contest Goes to Court Friday 8/25

A puzzle to me...

Cheney Ordered Plans For IRAN SPONSORED "SECOND 9/11"

Once-starving boys testify they ate garbage, dog food

RDICAL FRINGE CARTOON - Fri 8/25 -- take two and call me in the morning

Just need a friend tonight, depressed

Blowing up Nagan's remark.... (here we go folks!)

Scottish fundies are So Macho!

Everyone Who Has Posted on the Healthy Foods/ Poor Foods Threads

Making it in George W. Bush's America

An interesting "American" story I encountered this evening...

Let’s Landslide: Part 2

Hunting the white mafia: Putting good ole boys on notice.

Patti Davis: Why we should never forget Katrina

9/11 gets a graphic retelling

Why in the hell do the neocons and shrub want all of this power?

In May bush met w/ Israel and told them to "get their war on."

what would you REALLY do if you came face to face with bush?

The Joseph McCarthy era.

AP: U.S. Generals Say Baghdad Violence Slows (18 dead)

Anyone ever watch LINK TV?

NYT Calls Out The Neo-Cons - "Wanted: Scarier Intelligence"

Every Repub Who Thinks Rummy Has Done A Good Job-Raise Your Hand

Tell the REPUBLIKLAN Party stop calling us the Democrat Party.

Online Consultants Turn Down Lieberman

Here's A Headline For Ya: Terrorism Issue Breathes Life into GOP

Putting it all in perspective

Guy gets a DWO (Driving While O'Reillying) - Awesome Keith clip

If the "War on Terror" is with radical Islamists or Muslims why did we

Rockey and his display of faith

Hunting monsters in Jerusalem...

Help! Need some good articles on how Iran has been the big


August 25 - the Number is up to 2619

bush, why? why are you so full of hate that all you can think about is war

Wife of Soldier killed in Iraq tells Bush "it's time to stop the bleeding"

In Case You Missed It: Dems use ignored rule to oust gay candidate

RW Can _NOT_ Blame The Loss Of Pluto On Clinton! ...

Standing up in Iraq as we stand down? If you can afford the bullets . . .

What's a guy have to do to get arrested for war crimes in America?

Bush Spends 90 Minutes with Military Families -

US Army reviewing combat deaths

German State Rules: US Gov Spying Of Int'l Wire Transfers Is NOT Legal

Snopes. Are they not to be trusted anymore?

Where Did the Money Go? Katrina..... Hold them ACCOUNTABLE!

Tornado Warning Issued For NYC Area

RawStory: Democrats plot 'no confidence' vote against Rumsfeld

Bush "Putting Aside The Troubles Of The World" For Another Vacation

Where is Laura Bush, the First Wife?

What a great dad

Russia rejects sanctions against Iran

Let's suppose for a moment... (Tropical Depression #5)

Most important article of the year about pensions

A Jerry Garcia quote for our times:

Evidence Of Whitewash & Cover-up - Military To Review Tillman's Death -BBC

Fox News' question about Bush was "dumb," says media critic

Wal-Mart courts gays; wingnuts go, well, nuts

Complete this: My Very Elegant Mother Just Sat Upon N_____________

Girl escapes after being held in cellar for 8 years

Don't you just get really angry when you stop and think

Tom Cruise met with Armitage: Plame talk? No.... Scientology talk.

Ronstadt Cancels Tour After Surgery: She's on our side -- best, Linda!

The most trusted names in news

Beloit College's Mindset List Released-- Rodney King=Lennon?

WP: Fairfax, VA, Native S.R. Sidarth Says Senator Allen's Words Stung

Under The Radar: Over 52 mil Personal Info either stolen or made public...

Iraqi Shi'ite politicians to US: enough with the Iran bashing

Amnesty International Accuses Israel of Committing War Crimes in Lebanon

Juan Cole: Republican Congressional Report on Iran Riddled With Errors

A conspiracy I can believe in, from Altercation by Bateman

LAT: Bush Administration Opposes School Integration Plans

I got called for a HORRIBLE walmart poll

Products Sweetened with Xylitol Can Be Toxic To Dogs

Video of a wasted Gov. Bush

How many of Christ's miracles were "pull yourself up by bootstraps"

Jackie Mason Sues Jews for Jesus Over Pamphlet

If your wife supports you financially, then don't complain that she is

Rove admits administration didn't do everything it could to prevent 9/11?

Companies that give money to Speaker Dennis Hastert.

Forbes' "Don't Marry a Career Woman:" ABSOLUTELY!

Cheney's money votes "No confidence" in US economy

"We will fight the Sunni till they have a clean heart towards Shiites"

Quote of the Day: "I am Macaca"

"Free flow of information" not allowed under Bush....

MIchigan Group asks Lt. Gov. candidate to step down from Clerk post

I wonder what the outcome of the bush* regime's Reign of Terror

Does anyone know anything about this? 9/11 Toxins

What does President Bush mean by freedom?

When is a "war" not a "war" ?

Babs re: * "I don't want his feet on my coffee table. "

(FIORE) America the Shootiful

Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff Announce Presidential Bid

Friday just wouldn't be Friday without a **CAPTION**

YAY...Bill Maher is back tonight

I think these folks have been raptured.

Rep. Shays (R-CT): To Succeed In Iraq, We Need A Timetable For Withdrawal

NRO neocons are sweating bullets over the election and prospects for war

"I Was Made to Feel Like an Outsider in My Own Country"

Do You Know Who This Woman Is ???

Oh, this isn't political, but it is awesomely funny and cool....

Katrina Help Still Needed

Reminder: Today is the last day for Burning Man internet sales

The Times of India: 'Indians are unruly fliers'

Ever wonder about some of faces behind the power in DC?

Repuke strategy for getting the Democrats to re-instate the Draft...

US to go ahead with e-passports

This should blow up some freeper heads Wal-Mart Partners With Gay-Lesbian

"I can't face killing children in Iraq", said suicide soldier with Republican phone numbers!

NewsBusters (Bozell's Group) tries to smear S.R. Sidarth

Legal Experts: What allows them to "interview" you after deboarding?

Is Your Busboy a Serial Killer? Nation at Fear Pt II, Immigration

TV's overplaying Karr story -- and news directors know it

Osama had a spy in U.S. Army Intelligence before 9-11? Nah, no way.

TX-22 vote machines cock-up. GOP write-in name can't be entered.

Interview with a Vampire (Katherine Harris)

Hackett: "They're doing it again" Ohio. Helps Sherrod Brown.

Guess who did and didn't go to Kennebunkport?

Anyone know how to look up the pResident's phone number?

The fight against Islammyfascism

50 things Faux viewers believe (funny)


Doing violence to violence

Looking for a quote from the asshole-in-chief.

VeriChip Sells First Baby Protection System, in Talks with Military

Things are going SWIMMINGLY in Afghanistan.

Buzzflash: Bush stinks. Literally.

I saw a recruitment ad for the CIA yesterday

Have we hit the bottom of the barrel. Re: the media? to Replay 9/11 Attacks Coverage

Beck: Just to piss them off, I'm going to put in Braille on the coffee pot

Bush wrong in thinking he has the power to start (or end) wars.

A teeny tiny good news story from Katrina

Gas Prices

I don't think most grandmothers give a shit...

Yet again, terror in the air. Can we call it a trend now?

Americans love to watch train wrecks, that's why there's Coulter.

Flight Lands In Newark After Dynamite Found In Luggage

Great - Now Drudge Has a Huge Headline About Terror Plot

State Dept. official faces bribe charge

BREAKING NEWS: TN GOP Official Arrested

Petition: Tell National TV News Anchors to Focus on Stories that Matter

Hannity: Hang on, Ann.

Vermont's looking better all the time

Is there an equivalent to AIPAC in Canada or the UK?

Yet Another Outfit: "In Case You Did Not Know. I am The 43rd pretzeldent"

"philosophical discussion about the pros and cons of the war."

Busted! Jean Schmidt (the Schmidthead) caught in another apparent lie.

Reid and Clinton are lending Lamont crucial logistical support

Bush Helping Lawmaker Who Used Racist Term

CNN omitted Bush's failure to send more troops to Tora Bora - OBL special

(Music Video) Okay, this is funny, but not for the kids.

So are we fighting the first of the Oil Wars?

CHENEY THINKS THE ECONOMY SUCKS: invests most of his fianances overseas.

Toyota activism -- >>>>>graphics alert

Airline flights TERRA Suspicious device on car windshield TERRA

Republican Congressional Report on Iran Riddled With Errors

Republican Rep. Shays Changes Stance On Iraq Timeline...

'I can't go to Iraq. I can't kill those children' - Suicide soldier's dyin


Nagin "criticizes" WTC recovery. Who thinks this is nonsense?

Mortgage company woes, plans for the big crash

Got another slimeball email from a BushBot today

You Suppose The Mediawhores'll Ever Call Jr. The "Unpopular President"

Bush To Iraq Widow: "No Point" Discussing "Pros And Cons Of The War"

Lets lighten up folks!

I don't like the name "Ernesto". Neither did Guevara

Gee, terrorism threatens globalization? Meanwhile, let's compare prices.

James Hill: Pirate for Congress. At HONEST politician.

Mike Stark asks Sen. Allen to his face if he's a racist! F'ing rockstar.

Can MSNBC please find a better Dem. voice than Jenny Backus?


I did not realize Bush signed law to invade the Netherlands....(ICC)

Fox News host comments on a sexist article...

What Happened to All My Teabag Supporters?

Hey Freep, what do you think of the George Allen epithet?

Staying The Course In Iraq Means a Draft in 2007 -- We Are Out of Troops

Lieberman Confirmed Heckuva Job Brownie W/O Checking Any References!

A little reminder about CA-50, Francine Busby and the Nov election

Repub admits the GOP has been hijacked over the past few years

Embryonic Stem Cell Breakthrough Reveals Religious Right Hypocrisy

In Iraq, "far from civil war", US forces blow a hole in Ramadi mosque dome

Trans-Atlantic flight diverted to Maine

Pope Replaces Intelligent Design Critic at Observatory

Why do we allow Baronial Scum like the bush family to oppress us?

A question for everyone who thinks Karl Rove is behind all the

Clinton vs terrorism,

So I thought Amsterdam might be a great place to move.

Oh mighty fonts of DU knowledge:

"It Was Katrina That Broke The Sense That Republicans Could Govern Well"

After A Few Tough Questions, Ann Coulter Walks Off Hannity & Colmes

Is Harris Trying To Show Off Her Boobs Here ??? (Caption This !!!)

Iraq-Bound UK Soldier Suicides, "Couldn't Kill Children"

An amazing photo of a bottle of water

Look what I found while searching Google

Scrubbing Ann Coulter? Need DU help

Remembering Katrina's Victims

Shadow’s taxicab reports: Marching to the beat of the broken drum.

War Widow To Bush "The People Are Not Being Served With This War"

"5th Anniversary WTC 9/11 Commemorative Coin" - Why does this bother me?

Can you forgive those who've supported bush all these years?

Iraqis loot base after British leave

"Security incidents plague airlines " TERRA TERRA TERRA!

Will there never be an end to the Indian wars? (racist thugs)

"The republicans will lose in 06 because they've solved all the problems."

It's official: post 9-11 air contamination in NY

Tropical Depression #5 is starting to feel scary...anyone got any info?

Fun Friday Song

Wow... The Irony... Coors Beer exec (Pete Coors) pleads guilty to DWI

Greenwald: Who Decides What US Does in Iraq and Iran? Congress or Bush?

Has anyone else seen the movie "World Trade Center"?

Scott Ritter, Ray McGovern, Jeff Cohen, Jonathan Tasini >>> in NYC SUNDAY


Bush sucks

Bill Maher's guests tonite, anyone know who they are?

Ramsey suspect's DNA at Denver lab

Storm Tracking Time Again

What not to wear

'Arlington East' (on Cape Cod) will mark Iraqi war dead

Revised Army Regulation on Conscientious Objection! 21 Aug 2006

President Bush is the first minority President.

Common sense about these airborne Terra 'Lerts:

2 More "Terra Planes Diverted" in USA Today (CNN, MSGOP)

PAY ATTENTION: "Iran has been the chief beneficiary of the war on terror"


Health Police

Tweety once again shows his bias

The Simpsons used by Neo-Nazis

My Kleenex Moment: Oprah's "Leadership Academy" in South Africa

Why isn't the MSM condemning Bush for polluting the oval office

"like doing 'Schindler's List' from Hitler's perspective.''

Question: About organizations/ land mines/ loss of limbs.

Islam and the absence of Chinese terrorists...

So, Is "Gonna" An Acceptable Word Now For All Talking Heads?

Taibbi: Surreality at the Lieberman Insurgency Launch

Need a chuckle? Read this!!!

Variety: What's Michael Moore up to now? (new "secret" doc)

Cost of Iraq war: " We All Owe $1,075."

"Non-Combatant" Lieberman Won't Back Democratic Candidates

Raleigh-Durham Democratic Party MeetUp Group

Just When You Thought You'd Seen Everything-Hoekstra's Hoax: Ray McGovern

So, is Kirsten Powers still being allowed on the Fox News property?

John McCain just can't get enough of Bush's loving embrace...

Are Dick Cheney's Money Managers Betting on Bad News?

VIDEO: Interview with 9/11 Air Traffic Controller for Flight 175 shutting down

Cindy Sheehan: A Mother's Pain

Sooo ... Bush likes to fart in front of White House interns?

Today's Lame Allen Excuse

Just in case Americans are interested: Labour members defect over Lebanon

Free Congress Foundation on CSPAN - are you watching?

What Makes Hurricane's Grow? Hot Water

Kirsten Powers appreciation thread

Housing slump, fuel costs weigh on consumers

YAY! Bill Maher is back tonight!

Was Abraham Lincoln a divisive President?

A Mother's Pain - by CindySheehan

A conversation with the S.S. department today..

DEMS SHOULD ASK: Why does GOP side with big oil against Americans?

U.S. Rice Supply Contaminated

When you think about it - it's all the republicans have left

Spike Lee added to Bill Maher's "Real Time" tonight ~

Camp Casey here I come!

Are you neoconservative on crime?

Bush and Saddam Should Both Stand Trial, Says Nuremberg Prosecutor

the IRS...

Hard Labor

Dr. Ben Marble is tearing Rockey V a new one on Hardball!

Must Read: GOP TX 22's Write-In's Name is So Long, Voters Will Give Up

Heard on AAR: Hillary Clinton holds fund raiser for Lamont!

EPA scientist says agency hid dangers at ground zero from first responders

You Gotta Admit. So Far They Have Managed It Perfectly.

Helen Thomas: Lets Hope Higher Courts DO NOT Allow Bush To Break Law

Finally! I have something in common with George W Bush!

Things will probably get much worse before they get better.

Gen. Batiste: Rumsfeld ‘Served Our Military A Huge Bowl of Chicken Feces'

Police: Fla. Man Had 1,200 Sex Images Of Children Or Young Girls

"The Joe Lieberman for Joe Lieberman candidacy"

Bush and Saddam Should Both Stand Trial, Says Nuremberg Prosecutor

Today again VA turns down five returned troops from Iraq

Election of Alabama lesbian overturned by committee

Nancy Grace Equates Transexuals with Child Molesters/Killers

I'm taking bets

I could have went my whole life without learning that Bush...

Create your own Colbert "On Notice" Board!

Sen Conrad Burns'(R-MT)State Finance Director Accused Of Securities Fraud

Bush has changed DRASTICALLY in past 6 years,,,for the worse

a picture is worth a thousand words...pipeline routes etc..

My paper was just published!

What progressive book changes lives?

Lieberman To Remain On New Haven Voter List As A Democrat

*** Friday TOONs: People Like Pluto Better Than Bush ***

Taller people may be smarter

Nomenclature - Moderates vs. ________.

Remember Lynne Russell from CNN? I found her on TV in Canada! (PHOTO)

Nation at Fear

Increased military activity in PA

Larisa Alexandrovna: The Most Trusted Names in News (Really!)

Enough JonBenet! True Majority ACTION >>>>>>

The Big "Globalization" LIE

Judge rejects Bush pesticide rule changes

Black Conservatives and The Myth of Sisyphus

Monte Python meets Peak Oil

Mission failed: In Baghdad, all roads lead to the morgue

Jesse James: "Everyone in Iraq knows Bush is a d**khead"

Congressional Election Nullified – Nobody Noticed (Busby\Bilbray)

Bush to widow: "No point" in talking about the war

Autorank: The Strange Case Of The Psychic Speaker & The Contested Election

Propaganda Techniques of German Fascism (1942)

Democrats "fighting back". A new trend?

Group asks Lt. Gov. candidate to step down from clerk position

DNC: Democrats are going on the offense right now.

"What could lure our president from the spa-like oasis that is Crawford?"

Campaign to redefine "right wing" as "wrong wing"

More Coulter video (00:14)- captivates another reader

Pre-Iraq War statements by the Bush administration

Ads in Casey/Santorum Race Get Nasty (Casey finally going statewide)

Underlying "Boy Scout" Sensibilities?

The top 15 Governor's offices likely to change party

Bill Maher (back on HBO tonight) here's a "preview" link

Rep. Rothman supports impeachment inquiry...

The neocons gift to the US....

While Osama plotted 9/11, Repukes were busy impeaching

Whistelblower protection bill stalled; Tell your U.S. Rep. to get busy...

I just don't get this

How a real Democrat handles a political setback

Sacrifice the stem cells from the Plan-B children on the altar of abortion

Republican-Led Congress To Cut Money For War-Related Brain Injuries

From Welfare To Poverty

*People For Edwards* Sign Up:

Mark Warner:Lets elect Jim Webb to the US Senate

Why Bush Can't Talk, It's Not The Drugs and It's Not Senility

Joe Republican revisited

Fairfax Native Says Allen's Words Stung

Photos: "The Bush family oceanfront estate"

Wanted: Scarier Intelligence (also, Iranian badge story author is back)

Iraqi soldiers have to pay for their bullets??

It's the Hydrocarbons Stupid!

Religious Zealots kicking the GOP to the curb?

Is it fair to compare

This Week's Must-See Video

Maine candidate wants 'Hero' on his name

Hate Mail... Boy, Do I Get Hate Mail

Bernanke says globalization benefits face threats

WA Senate candidate "reveals" he had a DUI arrest plus other mistakes


Jean Schmidt: “A reckless disregard for truth"

Round 2 Allen/"Macaca" LTTE's Richmond Times-Disptach

Lieberman challenges Lamont to debate over Katrina relief

Populism: A Strategy For Democrats.

Blow up the moon

Sensenbrenner considers poorly attended immigration hearings a success

bushco GOTV in Chicago, 2 months from election.

Freeps: "It's time to take out all Arab states that support terrorism"

Who are the top 20 Democratic '08 Presidential potentials?

Drug Companies to GOP:The Ceck is in the Mail

Diplomat faces visa bribe charge

I need a Katherine Harris fix badly. Somebody

Casey finally steps up and goes negative on Santorum...

The 'Liebrman-as-SecDef' theory .... with a twist.

February 5, 2007. The Dem Congress votes "NO" to Iraq Funding

Why Is It Flip-Flopping For Kerry... But Simply Thoughtful Changing Of

Carlyle Group company AuthenTec Ships Record 10 Million Biometric

I've tried for 5 days to get to the Library when it's open. (Funding Cuts)

U.S. Army reserve officer pleads guilty in Iraq case (money laundering)

Google Not Helping Bush's Poll Numbers

More Harris quotes from former campaign manger.

if repubs retain control of the congress this year despite exit polls....

I don't think John McCain will run for president in 08

Let us dispense with any notion that Hillary is not committed to Lamont

NBC's Brian Williams (NBC Nightly News to the Old)hits "Cluster Bomb"

So I was thinking . . .

Breaking: The Busby/Bilbray Cong. Race Decided In DC, not in San Diego!!

Anybody familiar with

Alexandra Walker: "What Reich Gets Wrong", a Rebuttal

Editorial from a friend

New analysis shows Democratic takeover of House likely

Tweety on McCain: "He grieves at those who made Iraq sound easy, but..."

Bush planning "emotionally delicate" photo ops at Katrina and 9/11 sites

Bush the perfect fool?

Rumsfeld: Stays or goes before November?

Republicans don't like our freedom or they would uphold the US

Tancredo mulls running for president to push illegal immigration issues

Here's What's Actually Happening, Folks

Who are the top 20 Republican '08 Presidential potentials?

Lamont Brilliantly Attacks Lieberman 4 Killing FEMA + Confirming Brownie!

Sherrod Brown and Paul Hackett "today."

ELECTION NULLIFICATION in California (Bilbray sworn early to thwart law)

Is Laura with George in Maine?

Anyone know why Jim Webb (VA) sent Campaign Op onto Tweety's show?

Kerry answers WSJ editorial claim "Lamont Wing is a Threat to Security"

I believe the bloggers on our side will hold Nicco Mele accountable.

Why does bu$h have a health savings account?

Adopt A Senator Campaign: This Means YOU!

Democrats projected within one in the House!!