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Archives: August 24, 2006

'Significant gaps' in American intelligence on Iran

Bush's New Iraq Argument: It Could Be Worse

Iraq and the Republican and PNAC Miscalculation and Lesson they never seem

NYT: Child workers in sharp decline, but sub-Saharan Africa is exception

WP: Bush's New Iraq Argument: It Could Be Worse

WP: 'Shiite Giant' (Al Sadr) Extends Its Reach

NYT editorial: Losing Afghanistan

Idealism versus pragmatism in government

Blumenthal: Like father, like son

Amory Lovins: Hydrogen cars may hit showrooms by 2005.

Swiss power executives consider new nuclear plant.

Arrests Made At SF Protest At Jewish Community Federation

Is it anti-Semetic to say that Zionism was and is a mistake?

Who's Anti-Semitic......A Fascinating matter who you are......

Doubting Official 9/11 Story Is ‘Disloyal To The United States’

Coming Out Of The Conspiracy Closet: Bush & Osama In Cahoots

Howard Dean and the DNC STILL doesn't get it.

X-Post:You gotta see this: a Wine Enhancer that uses " resonate frequency"

I just tried a turkey sausage

Liberal website gaffe reveals donations, home numbers

New 'Survivor' to group players by ethnicity

CO school flags- Carmody Middle School email link

EU Warns Ukraine Over Low Gas Stocks

(California) State GOP suddenly dumps newly hired evangelical lobbyist

CRTC asked to block access to U.S. websites

$50 million in mistaken refunds sent out by Medicare

(Congressional) Report rips U.S. intelligence on Iran

VFW post in O'Fallon, Ill., cancels male dancer show

(State Sen.)Buttars insists his radio remarks were not motivated by racism

WP: U.S. Spy Agencies Criticized On Iran

WP: Coal Miners' Lawsuit Seeking Safety Measures Is Dismissed

Firm makes "ethical" embryo stem cells

NYT: Some in G.O.P. Say Iran Threat Is Played Down

Christian Coalition losing chapters....

Pastor accused of Molesting Girls

WP: Bush's New Iraq Argument: It Could Be Worse

Democratic Breeze Being Felt in Fight for State Legislatures

Israeli shelling left carpet of bomblets

Some in GOP Say Iran Threat is Played DOWN

Company to pay for election problems

Slowing pickup truck sales hurt profits (Down 15.7%)

ADN/AP: Problems with touchscreen machines slow vote count (Alaska)

Firm sends cosmetics to poor women in North (Korea)

Falwell decries stem cell research

Two (UK) bomb plot suspects freed

Judge Orders Probe of Leak in Spy Case

US Warns Banks Of Stigma Of Iran, North Korea Links

WP: Marine Called Haditha Shootings Appropriate

Several Clemson students protest freshman reading assignment

Witness: Taliban dead may be civilians

JFK (airport) illegally targeting Muslims, groups say

Asian students' shock at ejection from jet by passenger mutiny

100 tons of U.S. milk powder rejected in China

Canada reports new case of mad cow disease

Sen. Allen Apologizes for Offensive Remarks

NYT: Some in G.O.P. Say Iran Threat Is Played Down

Navajo Nation talk business without Fidel

Austrian girl 'found' after years (8 yrs missing, good news)

NYT: Evolutionary Biology Major Vanishes From Approved Federal List

British to adopt the tactics that beat Rommel

Rebel group funded congressman's trip to Sri Lanka, sources say

Straight (Unmarried) Woman Wants Gay Partner Benefits

I put a photo of * on my fridge door -- and lost 5 lbs.!

Knockers Up

Pucker up!

LOVE this sticker....

Has this ever happened to you?

Gollllllly Omaha Steaks are good!

Do they serve foie gras at Olive Garden?

Strangest DittoHead Ever... She Married a Gay Man...

So I had this dream last might, where the Republicans

HELP! My fiancee is being neurotic... but it's still MY turn!!

What should I be more pissed off about?

Why don't we use the word "bawdy," anymore? I like it!

Girlincontempt and I invite you...

I got lost on my way to the Lounge tonight

I am listening to Mozart's violin concerto, guess which one? hint

Mr. kt and I won two free nights at the Burbank Hilton!

Wish me luck! I just applied for two more jobs.

I am having a Lena Horne, Etta Jones, and Dinah Washington

I don't want a pickle . . .

So how is everyone doing tonight?

Do you ever get tired reading at night, and think to turn the light out--

Most overused rhyme in music?

What can you tell me about Ta'i Chi exercises?


What is Patriotic?

Yakkity Yak

WORST rock tune?

any "rescue me" fans out there?

Watching "Pleasantville"

Right Wing smack down big time

Who is watching Project Runway? *SPOILERS*

Cat problems: 2 cats with matted fur

I'm a filthy rich guy who likes China instead of America. Ask me anything.

ok, a question about foie gras.

FinnFan was right - Little Miss Sunshine was brilliant!!!

Come fatten your liver with ZOMBYLOVE

Are you lovin' it?

How much did it cost to go to the movies when you where a kid.

Katie Couric thinks people want to go a little deeper

Are you old enough to remember " Candy Cigarettes"?

DU men - sign up for fall classes now! (one for the ladies)

8 planets or 12

For those who have longer hair, what do you "do" with it?

Who wants to watch a donkey beat up on an elephant?

Kitty Malone sat on a mule...

Paul Krugman on The Colbert Report

Court hears teen's detailed confession in mother's slaying

My pick for greatest rock tune...

I think ex-stinky girls are naughty.

The War is Over

Which Flame Warrier are you?

George Bush is Really Evil Kinofevil!

The Mets magic number is 24.

Have you ever seen the northern lights?

10,000 reasons civilization is doomed.

Yahoogroup users: are you having bouncing e-mail problems?

It works! (Record player can record to .mp3's)

Tax question on winning a trip.

Most Annoying Movie Cliches

I just want to tell all of you people.........

Faith Full Of Folly

Greg Laurie: We are Living in the End Times (fear merchant)

Message from Ascended Master St. Germain - August 23, 2006

"Hitting the Bottleneck with Nowhere to Go" - Karen Bishop - 8/23/06


Israel signs deal to buy 2 nuclear-capable submarines from Germany

So this local church has had a message on their billboard for the last 3

Israeli president investigated for sex abuse, possible rape

There's Muthahfucking Aliens on the muthahfucking internets!!!!!!

Chertoff calls for end to ban on deporting Salvadorans

Scientists Develop Embryonic Stem Cells That Do Not Harm Embryos

"The Left" a misnomer applied to people who really are just advocating....

Media Coverage of CT Sen vs. RI Sen -- Appalling!

Clinton Curtis testimony regarding election fraud

I've come to believe that it doesn't matter if * is on vacation or not

in a world so polluted with bush's anger and violence,

Faith Full Of Folly

Time to hold Perry's nads to the flame

Why Bush will Choose War Against Iran by Ray Close (former CIA analyst)

Bush on Hurricane Katrina: "A one year anniversary is just that.."

Keith is ripping Dubya about his FART jokes!

Anybody else watch the Chafee/LAffey debate?

"In the Footsteps of Bin Laden" starts now.

About this pResidential fart story:

Court hears teen's detailed confession in mother's slaying

Swedenborg: On the End of the World

Hypothetical Question

Right-wing activists attempt to force censorship of porn onto hotel corps:

Mike Malloy's website on Rockey and Katrina

RNC Outraged that Markos Moulitsas Zuniga took a 'relaxing vacation'

Feb. 1, 2006: NINETEEN CONSPIRATORS INDICTED by Patrick Fitzgerald

My invitation from Blackwell's (Ohio-yeah that one) running LG

I would just like to send a Thank You to the Fellow DUer who...

Scientists Harvest Stem Cells Without Destroying Embryo

MICHIGAN DUers: Rally 8/24 1 p.m. Demand Ruth Johnson Step Down

Ex-Gays: According to right-wing spin machine CITIZEN

Strangest DittoHead Ever... She Married a Gay Man...

Not to be mean to a Katrina victim...

When Dittheads go bad...

(VIDEO) Jack Cafferty on the Three Stooges (Burns, Allen and Tramm Hudson)

Never Mind....

i is the Jaberwok...

Republican Congressman and his strange dealings with the Afghan mujahideen

Conscientious Objection and Alternative Service

does anyone want to reply to this columnist in my local rag?be my guest

Rocky V. was just discussed on Mike Malloy radio show. He was a

What a long strange trip it's been.

Really, are you surprised? "U.S. says Iran proposal falls short"

I wonder how long he could have lived if he hadn't smoked until he was 90?

ricky santorum....

Anti-Schwarzenegger Ad: "George Dubya Boosh"

CA Dem Ad: Ahnold for Boosh. [Video]

State Dept.: Iran’s Offer Doesn’t Meet Conditions

OK folks...I'm fixin to be a pollworker!

Evolution Major Vanishes From Approved Federal List

Is it anti-Semetic to say that Zionism was and is a mistake?

TSA Employees Struggle To Interpret New Policy (First Hand Observation)

I can't believe CNN is re-running all of their 9/11 footage.

Allen phones, apologizes to Webb aide (Aide wonders what took so long)

Richard Dawkins

Attorney/Author Fred Lane to Appear on the Daily Show Wednesday

Doubting Official 9/11 Story Is ‘Disloyal To The United States’

I don't know which theory makes me more nervous...

Mine survivor and others file lawsuit

Mandatory Malloy Wednesday Truthseekers Check in

I think we're going to win.

Like father, like son By Sidney Blumenthal

Anyone seen the 30 Days episode tonight?

Katrina Survivor Lauds Bush in What Democrats Call PR Stunt

Karl Rove: Warrantless surveillance might have prevented 9/11.

I spent the afternoon at the holocaust museum in D.C.

Miller and the Aspen trees

A side note re: Iraq disengagement. Cheney, Rummy and Condi

When will John McCain make up his mind...for certain; he supports...

No KO bush Fart Joke Video Yet

Its the Law:Returning Veterans Get their Jobs Back ya right

Why Do Stupid, Childish, Angry and Hurtful People Seem to Rule the World?

Children's Zoo Horsey Wants Liberal Media Traitors Executed by Firing Squa

I am so sick of seeing ads for that World Trade Center Movie...

1- Step To shut Up an Evangelical ....

Can anyone tell me what good "DUing" an unscientific internet poll does?

Help unfreep this poll.....

*** Wednesday TOONs: Fiscal Responsibility Party ***

The War on Christmas is rejoined. AFA vs. Sam's Club

How safe are these Senators?

KO to report on Bush's flatulence!

Reminder: Have an emergency kit at home, in car, at school, at work

How's your electric bill this month? Better, worse, same?

Rightwing radio kills Dixie Chicks' Houston concert

False Confessions

Help UNFREEP this poll!! "Is Osama planning another attack"?

Rev. Falwell DECRIES stem cell research: Not BIBLICAL, fails "smell test"

What blew up today about a GOP paid Katrina victim?

George Dubya Bush and Co.: MISSION DEMOLISHED

Inhofe: UN peacekeepers teaching girls in Africa to be prostitutes:

Connection between child porn and legalizing marijuana?? - - -

Countering "Stay the Course"

Thanks CNN! Thanks for NOT mentioning the CIA-Osama connection

Why isn't HBO doing good Job promoting Spike Lee's Katrina?

Tomorrow Wendy is Going to Die

Garrison Keillor slams Giuliani on 9/11

On repealing the 14th Amendment

Belief in God and Astrology the same..view of faith reflection of politics

New Peace Takes Courage Video - HURRICANE KATRINA

Waiting for gasoline in Iraq

A Poll About Polls

Is The KO bush Fart vedio up Yet????

Rubbing It In Sen. Burns Face....

Could the NSA wiretapping lead to impeachment?

Do you believe that George Bush is a horrible President?


President Says 9/11 and Iraq NOT Connected

A Letter From John Edwards

WTF? From

What "impending attack" on the US will be declared on Katrina Anniversary?

MI DUers: Rally 8/24 1 p.m. Ruth Johnson must step down as Clerk

Viva la revolucion! The people rise up in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Joe the Zombie Democrat

Has anybody else noticed how the polls seem a little off?

Ohio Election Problems

Would Al Gore campaign for Lamont?

You Know It's Sad - * Could Have Been The Best President Ever But....

The battle for the soul of the Democratic Party...

Bush's Last Day In Office Celebration Site

Senator Joe Biden Editorial WP: A Plan to Hold Iraq Together

Dean on George Allen: "I don't think he belongs in public service."

Would you prefer if Saddam were still in power?

Chafee/Laffey senate debate from Rhode Island LIVE now on CSPAN

The Country Formerly Known as America

can someone clue me in, please? I have been at the hospital all day-

Fill in the blank...I am a _______ Democrat

Guess what? YOU can initiate Articles of IMPEACHMENT.

Hizbullah's Victory

Bush's recall / A misguided Iraq policy seeks more reservists

This Day in Radical History- August 24th

Late Night Humor from White House Briefing--Froomkin --WaPo

Reform Worth Rescuing (Campiagn Financing) Dionne--WaPo

The Oil Plundering Act, The Sheehan – Rockwell Affair, and Targeting BP

CNNMoney/Fortune: Insurance companies take on global warming

MANUEL VALENZUELA: Dear “Terrorist” Child

Sent two letters to the editor today

JASON MILLER: A Little Poverty Never Hurt Anybody

MICKEY Z.: The Numbers Just Don't Add Up (And "They" Still Have The Guns)

Justice submerged

7 facts you might not know about the Iraq War

Internet Addicts halfway house opens in Shanghai

Molly Ivins (Truthdig): The New Activist Judges

Black students ordered to give up seats to white children

The author the House intelligence report on Iran helped 'out' Plame

Australia:General slams recruitment strategy

A year later, fallout from botched Katrina response still haunts Bush

"Porn Again" Christianity

Lebanese Children still being injured by unexploded Cluster bombs

Remedial Democracy

Op-Ed: Lieberman's Third Party an Election Year Sham

Harris: Separation of church and state 'a lie'

"Executive Branch Of State Corporate Rule" Of North America To Begin 2007

Soaring Medical Bills Squeeze Families - Newsweek

Activists: Atttacks on homeless rising

Enough state-worker bashing (Center for Union Facts again)

Politically Incorrect - Another Gem from from the Houston Chronicle!

When homeowners are desperate to sell

Wind power, downsized (community wind farms, OR)

Polar Bear Genitals Shrinking - POPs Possible Cause - Livescience

Slow Start for Revival of Nuclear Reactors

Tropical Depression 5 recognized by NOAA.

Arctic Sea Ice Update - Breakup Under Way Near Pole - 85-86 N

8/24 Drought Monitor - North & South Plains Terrible, Deep South Worsening

Top Ten George W. Bush Solutions For Global Warming

Mystery Beach Slime In FL A Mix Of Red Tide, Blue-Green Algae

NOAA Reconfirms Global Temperature Rise Of 2 - 10F By 2100 - Denver Post

McCain, Other Puke Senators On Junket To Watch Greenland Melt

IEA - Europe's GHG Plans "Probably Too Late" To Avoid Dangerous Change

New Chinese Law Designed To Smother Reporting On Disasters - CSM

the future of sensible energy usage in homes and businesses is here

EPA Budget Cuts Will Slash Research Access To Scientific Libraries

Chinese Drought Cost 5 Million Tons In Grain - 1% Of National Output

Judges Deny Permit For Huge Coal-Fired Power Plant Near Waco

No GHG Targets In Harper Climate "Plan" Until 2025 - Bloomberg

Army Corps - "Huge Amount Of Risk" For Louisiana Levees - AFP

W. Canada's Pine Beetle Explosion Ravaging BC Forests, Moving East

Howard - Australians Must Recycle More Water

How To Avoid War Over Water

Drought Causing Worry For U.S. Farmers

A weaker US hand in the Mideast

One might have expected solidarity

Human Rights Group Accuses Israel of War Crimes

Israel may 'go it alone' against Iran

Hizbollah's reconstruction of Lebanon is winning loyalty of disaffected...

U.S. Policy on Jerusalem

Israel says situation in Lebanon 'explosive'; shelling again tests truce

Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood Smack Down Steven Jones

DATA DUMP: "9/11 was Clinton's fault"

GOP candidate says 9/11 attacks were a hoax

Another reason to believe 9/11 was LIHOP or MIHOP...

Last tower hit, first to fall.

Insider Trading Tied to British Liquid "Terror Plot"

Have you seen these photos of building 7? I hadn't until this morning.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 8/24/2006

Voters to revisit Prop 2 revenue cap in fall

Federal Judge Orders Abbott to Explain X-Ray Evidence Siezure

Universal Health Care Workshop in Austin 9/19

The Republican criminals in Wiliamson County

Photos from the Courthouse Tour

We had the BEST grilled corn-on-the-cob last night.

Okay, who on this forum am I to blame for my Maypo accident?

Tuscan Milk--

I need some of that cooking & baking group love.

[Are Canadian soldiers] Dying in vain?

Tory MP [Jason Kenney] spoke to rally of group on terrorist list

WP: 'Shiite Giant' (Al Sadr) Extends Its Reach

Israel says situation in Lebanon 'explosive'; shelling again tests truce

Activists: Atttacks on homeless rising

[AT&T sues] data brokers from Unauthorized Access to Customer Data

Lebanese Children still being injured by unexploded Cluster bombs

Lebanon holds train bomb suspect

Deutsche Welle: Police Nab Second German Train Bomb Suspect in Lebanon

Soaring Medical Bills Squeeze Families - Newsweek

A weaker US hand in the Mideast

Court refuses to block dredging of river

No jail for cop in robbery of illegals

Activists: Atttacks on homeless rising

AP: U.S. soldier killed in Iraq raid

Allen phones apology to Webb aide (keeping it alive)

Air strike kills Afghan civilians

Reuters: BP Alaska production cut some more

Apple to Pay $100M to Settle 5 Lawsuits

Suspected Colombian drug lord extradited to US

Kenya ready to fete Obama return

White House Softens Iran Nuclear Response

U.S. senators drop objections to FDA nominee

Author: Peter Lance Book about 9/11 was watered down for TV

White House fires back at McCain's comment on Iraq

TV Newser: "Meet the Press" Announces 2006 Senate Candidate Debates

Victory for plan B

Weird - Nude Body of Former Giuliani Aide Found Strangled

Israel may 'go it alone' against Iran

Protest to mark visit by Bush

The race tightens (Santorum/Casey)

Dam broken to restore Calif. wetlands

Katherine Harris speaks out .....

Massachusetts: Iraq question to be on Nov. 7 ballot

1,000 evacuated after Louisiana bomb plant blasts

Oil prices rise on Iran-related concerns

Transgender inmates seek sex changes

Rev. Jackson Offers To Negotiate Middle East Prisoner Swap

14 Iraqis and three US soldiers killed

FDA Approves OTC Plan B for Women 18 and Older

Jet alert suspects 'to be freed'

Casey lead (over Santorum) narrows

Iraqis used to cleaning up after carnage

AP Newsbreak: Army reviewing Afghan & Iraq casualty reports

IRAQ: Turkish jets strike Kurdish bases as PKK moots truce

Bombay restaurateur to rename 'Hitler's Cross'

DU SCOOP : France sends up to 2000 men to Lebanon

Iraq PM bans TV from showing attacks

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 24 August

Army Turns Away Gay Man

Yepsen: Increase in registrations bodes well for Iowa Dems

GOP Dips in Religion Poll

FDA Eases Limits on Plan B Sales (Morning After Pill)

Al-Qaida Possibly Behind FOX News Kidnappings

AP: Wal-Mart Opens Communist Branch in China

(Veterans) Group: Bush can reinstate the draft, or lose the Iraq War

Mum's the word on $24K gag deal( think TS -things that make you go Mmm

US Army to Use Force to End Baghdad Violence

Gov't not to use force to clear Mexico City demonstration Stumbo confirms talks to drop charges against Fletcher

Bush revamps fighting terrorism message

British forces pull out of base in southern Iraq (lost cause?)

Former Giuliani Aide Is Found Strangled at Home, Police Say

Report: U.S. gave Iran 1st nuclear reactor

City Won't Un-"Democrat" Joe (Lieberman)

Dissident group: Tehran producing centrifuges to enrich uranium

(Rep) Shays calls for hearings on Iraq (Iraq: Democracy or Civil War)

Court Rules against Green Challenge; Case Heads to PA Supreme Court

Land Mine Victims Hit by McCartney Divorce (Paul pulls out of fundraiser)


Democrats form waste 'truth squad'

Kenya ready to fete Obama return

Apple to recall 1.8 million notebook batteries

AP: IRS Warns Against Phony Debt Collectors (posing as agency hires)

Maynard Ferguson, trumpet virtuoso, dead at 78

New Yorker arrested for broadcasting Hizbollah TV

Rove blames 9/11 on lack of illegal wiretaps

U.S. to delay Medicare provider payments

Homeland security moving to classrooms

Dutch Minister Donner Says No Terrorist Threat On Flight 42

12 Arrested on U.S. Plane to Be Released

Is Ford Just Junk? (pushing unsold cars off on bad risk buyers)

Former POW Jessica Lynch expecting baby

Anti-union ads (The Center for Union Facts) target state workers

Scientists decide Pluto’s no longer a planet

Wal-Mart moves to draw gay shoppers (does not offer domestic partnership)

Report: 70 percent of Katrina pacts awarded without full bidding

Black students ordered to give up seats to white children

Who do you know shares names with celebrities?

What autographs do you have?

I passed my CDL test today! Ask me anything!

Pictures from my vacation!

Candy . . . .

JBR alleged perp John Karr married his wife when she was just 13...

My house is the way I like it.


I can't sleep, so ask me anything...

I can't get to sleep

I am sleeping like a baby.

I signed up to work two weeks of early voting, that is 14 days straight.

Calling DU mechanics

Gave my notice at work yesterday. You've got to hear this!

So I have yet another job lead

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

My right-click stops working after being on the internet over 45 min-hour.

If BattleStar Gallactica landed on "Lost island"

Stop Paying for People to Lie to You

How stupid is this statement on Pluto Demotion

I need an ego boost and something to cheer me up

Morbidly obese PETA members used Foie Gras while levees burst



Who's up at this ungodly hour

Chasing Cars

Wife Pulls Into Driveway - Runs Over Sleeping (Drunk) Husband

New Pneumonic Device for Solar System:

I just heard someone call Vince Young "Uncle Rico"

Sugar Smack... you...

My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas

Just saw Day of the Dead--funniest script in the history of mankind

Is it true "Hail to the Thief" is Radiohead's last album?

Which "Office Space" character are you?

Favourite Radiohead Release

Why the IAU decision to downgrade Pluto may already be all wet

Yay for me I turn 26 years old today ! :)

Standard & Poor Trying To Shut Down Single Mother's Coffee Shop

Google "failure"

I've never been in the lounge before...

What info should I put on my dogs tags?

ongoing saga of beautiful coworker. It took all my energy today

When you log onto MySpace, you're also paying Rupert Murdoch.

Mozilla problem

Dammit!!! Why didn't any of you tell me Hitchcock Chair Company

post things you should do but have been putting off

Tom Cruise depreciation thread

Workers: Man exposing self at coffee stands

Sad news from the jazz world - Maynard Ferguson dead at 78

Once there was a way...

RPG motivational posters.

We had such a yummy dinner last night!

Breaking: Pluto not god of the underworld!


Breaking: Pluto not a planet!

40 orgasms-a-day help trap benefit fraudster

Man survives 1,000m skydive fall

Does anyone remember the "Harmonic Convergence?"

I was dwelling on the immortal words of Socrates, who said...

Are you prone to laughing at inappropriate times?

funny cat item

Man Tells Security His Penis Pump Was A Bomb (Embarrassed to tell his mom)

Limbaugh predictions for the upcoming season of Survivor *gag*

Who else has Betty Crocker screamed at, besides me?

Ugh! I had the pleasure of firing someone!

Super Mario Bros. : Great game, or the Greatest game?

Well, I'm going to be unplugging my computer now

Hair dyein' gentlemen;

Vegas Closing 24-Hour Marriage Office

There's one sad pup today

I feel like crap this morning...

I want a new band

My cousin is dead.

Need advice quick. Alternatives to Uhaul.

Yelling at this puppy always makes me feel like a jerk

"Oh no! I've read about this! Cat juggling!"

So would it be safe to say Pluto was raptured?

I just bought my cat another weazel ball, this makes the 3rd one.

Do Not Talk To Me When I'm Standing At A Urinal

If you're REALLY bored, watch John Mark Karr's odyssey live!

Aiight Ladies! It's the funk-da-fied poll of your dreams!!!

My yacht has broken down!

I was dwelling on the immortal words of John Lennon, who said....

Good "Oprah" episode today on socioeconomic class in the U.S.

Do posts ever get bumped from the Lounge to GD or GD-Politics?

So, ol' Pluto isn't a planet anymore.

Is There A Special Electric Nose Hair Trimmer Just For Women?

Cheez-Its are a conspiracy by the beverage industry...


Naked Tomato Thread

Post here if you want to be raptured by GoG

Naked banana thread.

Who do the Rapturists think is the Anti-Christ?

Snakes in a theater for Snakes on a Plane

A veteran and a sucker.


The Lounge has a new mod called ELADTEST?

Naked couch potato thread!

I am simply astounded at the amount of profanity

Gay Planet? I blame the fundies/freeptards for kicking Pluto out of the

Most Annoying TV/Animation Cliches

Things you do not see every day! Cross country travel edition

Do pizza companies pay for their employees' gas?

I can't *bleep*, so ask me anything...

Naked potato thread!

Hairless Creature Supremacy

Indian & the Buffalo

LARGE tornado warning in St Peter Minnesota.

I just got back from a 53 mile ride!! I've ridden over 152 mi. since Mon.

I want Chinese food and beer....

Need guys perspective

For the love of God...DEODERANT PEOPLE!

It's official! Pluto is no longer a Planet

Shit! I just drove without a license!

Most Obnoxious Smilie?

You know the second-worst thing about having wisdom teeth pulled?

Sprinsgteen leaves wife , kids for 9/11 widow? SHUT UP!

Holy shit, it's pitch black out.

Samuel L. Jackson just called me...

I can't do anything, so ask me to sleep

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III on SciFi right now

Monster on a plane!


It's Engrish Time!!


karl lagerfeld's new look

Breaking: Pluto not a dog!

Naked photo thread!

I hope pluto gets pissed and fucks shit up for the Solar System

Forbes' Female Trouble

Smoking Is Chic... And Doctor Approved!

Wax lips/Fangs

Barney the dinosaur sued after legal threats

Kymco Grand Dink

Speaking of comets

My most excellent fajitas . . .

Naughty poll: Who likes to bake cookies?

If your boss treated you like shit would you give her a baby shower?

Driving past the McDonald's parking lot, I saw a truck with a Bush/Cheney

Yes! There's a thunderstorm rolling in!!!

Rate your doctor!

FinnFan was right - Snakes on a Plane ROCKED!!!

Eww, man, "new tire" smell makes me want to puke.

One more reason to hate Diebold: no ATM song!!!!

Breaking! Genessee Cream Ale wins 2nd best American beer

Just for DU Buddies (especially Wm. Rivers Pitt !)

Folks who are/were into the goth scene, please help me settle an argument.

Cash Cab

Street? Terrace? Drive? Avenue? Place? Road? Boulevard? Lane? Circle?

I come here hat in hand, seeking enlightment...

Tommy Lee is Dead to Me

I'm Challenging ELADTEST To A DUEL!!!

Know anybody in real life that has the name of a fictional character?

Keep On The Sunny Side of ZOMBYLOVE

What happens to all the Scorpios out there if Pluto loses planet status?

Best spam so far today

Best Neil Young solo album?

Thursday, August 24. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 8/24/06)

BEST.PROJECT.RUNWAY.EVER!!!! **Many Many Spoilers**

Another house showing... and surprise! (mini-rant)

Coffee... Flavored or unflavored?

Happy birthday wishes to.......


Too Cute - World's Smallest Monkeys

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

oh, Why aren't I at the beach?

Harold is 95 and lives in a Senior Citizen Home.

What Meal Reminds You of Home?

Who else has Betty Friedan screamed at, besides me?

Happy Birthday Dear nothingshocksmeanymore!!!

Have you never been in love?

Make your own McDonald's sign!

"Cruise Watch" Cartoon - the saga continues/LINK

What clergy would you pick to fight off vampires & zombies?

The Naughty Girl Appreciation Thread!!

Dinner tonight: California BBQ Tilapia

One of my flying cats has been grounded!

A great and fun way to help our troops

Hey, NewWaveChick1981...

My cat died today - can I please get a hug?

Brushes with Celebrity - Make a list!

I'm glad that Garfield's Jon has found love

Happy Birthday JOANI

What popular religious ideas are not usually considered religious?

Athletes can warm up with infrared light: study

On this day in 79 AD - The cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae

Prions cling to surgical equipment

Back to School - Ensuring Safety and Inclusivity

Phoenix mayor comes out against state amendment to ban same-sex marriage

Calf. Assembly Sinks To Homophobic Shouting Match

Astronomers declare Pluto no longer a planet

OT: Some people are really confused

WOW. Anyone listening to Big Ed????

from happier times, JK on Jon Stewart

Wonder of wonders - the sun shines in Alaska for a day!

Question for NW photographers who use Costco for prints (RANT)...

Canon responds -- Digital Rebel XTi (or 400D outside the US)

WoooHooo, It looks like I just might be getting . . .

JBR alleged perp John Karr married his wife when she was just 13...

Megadeth targets United Nations on new album

Conservatives Dominate Radio Dial In Politically Purple Colorado

Stop Paying for People to Lie to You

[TV POLL] Does the segregation aspect of Survivor offend you?

Call right wing radio, get the message out

Katie Couric thinks people want to go a little deeper

You Tube

EVERY Prophet or "Other" has told us, it's just a matter of "will".

Still trying to understand why bush can ignore the law, but we can't.

related to the BUSH LETTER

Dem control of the Hill is the best shot we have now of govt by the people

WJ CSPAN-Wall St. Journal article Rs upset because Intell not hyping Iran

W says Dems want to leave Iraq before the Job is done. Really?


I hate having to boycott Olbermann

The silent but deadly killer...

Do You Support Impeachment Of George W. Bush?

Morning, DUers! What fresh hell can * and gang visit on us this day?

Bush's Katrina schedule

Caption: Bush/Cheney

Veteran's group; bush must start Draft or Lose Iraq

Hackett kicking GOP behind

Apparently, one of my suitemates is a Repub with no concept of irony

Two can play this stupid childish game.....

Phonebook Highlights New Orleans Changes

I´m tellin ya they are just as nuts as he is.

US Complicit In Iran's Development Of Nuclear Capabilities (Chicago Trib)

Rush Limbaugh handicaps the new "Survivor"

Slobbering mad dogs backed into a corner...

FED Health Officials Approve Sale Of "Morning After" Pill W/O Prescription

Israel/Lebanon: Evidence indicates deliberate destruction of civilian infr

How to bone up on Mideast history- lecture series

The_Casual_Observer is a man of his word. A real standup guy.

Wolf: "We've Just Been Howard Sterned" (with video)

CBS News video on kidnapped Fox reporters

SOS – Is there anyone out there!

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON - THURS 8/.24 -- Terror Alerts....

You still think soccer is not a dangerous sport? Check this video

The Osama Bin Laden show has been renewed...

10,000 reasons civilization is doomed

LT Gen Robert Gard on CSPAN WJ now.

Neo-Cons Say Iran Threat Is Played Down

"Atlantis" Eruption Twice as Big as Previously Believed, Study Suggests

Lets make 2006 a Tsunami - Lets make 2006 a landslide!

What ever happened to the "Satanic child sex ring" in Ponchatoula?

MSNBC Poll On Plan B "Morning After Pill" Decision Here:

New Terra Words From bush: "They Will FOLLOW Us Here!" Will it Work?

Judge Taylor and the Judicial Watch Smear

What was Bush saying about our great economy?

Your President, the Visionary Genius

Molly Ivins: The New Activist Judges

Bush's New Iraq Argument: Um, Er, It Could Be Worse...

Is the almighty one going to entertain us today or are we spared

Who is listening to AAR in BOSTON? They are repeating AGAIN!

Christian Coalition losing chapters

If the US military didn't cover most of the globe

Sen. 'Macaca' Allen Gives A Direct Apology To Sidarth


Everyone still ok? no mass murders, muggings, robberies?

Openness loses out to secrecy

Sidney Blumenthal Book: "How Bush Rules - Chronicles of a RADICAL Regime"

Judge Taylor and the ACLU

When would you want someone who only knew as much as you doing a job?

What a piece of work is man- Hamlet in words and pictures

What happens to all the Scorpios out there if Pluto loses planet status?

Jerusalem Post: Israeli official hints US won't attack Iran until 2008

Mark Morford: It's not Bush's Fault!

Comedy Shows & Survivor Tribal Nicknames

Reject FEAR: Don't be SCARED enough to vote Republican

Israel: We Can't Prove Civilians In Southern Lebanon Were Purely Innocent

Mark my words: Lieberman to jump ship. Campaigning with Republicants.

An Open Letter To The South. *WARNING - SATIRE*

Why the IAU decision to downgrade Pluto may already be all wet

Coming Out Of The Conspiracy Closet: Bush & Osama In Cahoots

Judge Taylor and Conflict of Interest

Hey--you Lieberman fans here on DU--Ya still here?

NYT: Lamont Nearly Even With Lieberman

The Top 10 Corporate Democrats-For-Hire

Secret Senator places hold on openness bill

Flush Thrusdays turds away, . . . . . . . . . . . please come CAPTION!!!!!

Cluster Bombs a Cruel Legacy of Lebanon Conflict (NPR)

Katrina survivor wishes Bush could have four more years.

It's My Party and I'll Flee If I Want To

New "Survivor" to Divide Tribes by Race

TRUTHOUT: Housing Bubble Burst & The Coming Recession >

Interview video of Rumsfeld's replacement smuggled out of WH (Satire)...

Why is calling out Lieberman fans, flamebait?

Is air conditioning ruining the environment?

Anyone know any more about the changes to Air America's schedule?

Just got back, I THINK I heard on the car radio the Cellphone 12

U.S. School Kids Donate More to Katrina Relief Than Most Big Corporations

So some would like to see a draft instituted..........

"Fiasco" author on now with Franken.

MONSTER postings on Aug 24, for Border Patrol Agents.

My favorite RW'er "Christian" shows his religious bigotry, again...

12 Asian Men Taken off NW Flight Because They Used Cellphones?

Hizbollah's reconstruction of Lebanon is winning loyalty of disaffected...

Elizabeth Dole Defends Montana's Burns

Just finished a Zogby poll

Fact Sheet: the One Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (WhiteHouse)

This is beautiful....

Blow To Free Free Press: OK To Spy On ANYONE Who Handles "Secret" Gov Info

No right to hold me hostage to the madness of the Western Religions !

Powerline's Hinderaker and his nauseating worship of "Big Brother" Bush

I am not sure what to make of this, written by GOP-led panel....

The 'New Middle East' Bush Is Resisting

Rove Suggets Warrantless Surveillance Would Have Prevented 9/11

Not to sound like I am defending Walmart: FAR FROM IT...

In their own words . . .

" demanded the release of Muslim prisoners in U.S. jails"

Venezuela, China Sign $11 Billion Oil, Transport Agreements

Brooklyn Man Arrested For Providing 'HezbollahTV'

Backwash Blogger "Absolutely Riveted" by the Cheerleader Chickenhawk...

Imagine the wave of nausea that hit me when I opened my hotel "newspaper"

Mr.bush/Rockey transcript

So who else is resigned to the fact that they will be "taken" eventually


Despite the Karl Rove propaganda

To my Southern friends here on DU:

what has happened to kkkondi

Apple to recall 1.8 million notebook batteries

Katherine Harris Thinks God Has Chosen Her To Become The Next President

Rove: Illegal Wiretapping Might Have Stopped 9/11 Plot

What should Bush do when (if) his term ends?

BREAKING NEWS: (rumored) new AAR schedule

Jessica Lynch pregnant

What would the RW'ers do if...

the FDA approved over-the-counter access to the "morning-after" pill

karl "blasts" judge taylor and the judiciary won`t notice?

""Stay the course is not a strategy–it’s a slogan and we ....."

YEAH, let the orgies begin....They approved the morning after pill

CAPTION the "I DID SO cut my vacation short this August" workaholic...

Subjective poll: What do you look like?

What is the most ridiculous thing that you have heard a RW'er blame

Clarification Toon w/*

OK then, it's unanimous

Do you believe Bush's presidency will somehow be extended...

On this day last year (Katrina)

Losing a Fight They Stupidly Started, Bitter Wingers Want to Go Nuclear

The Unending Torture of Omar Khadr (Rolling Stone)

so we MIGHT reclaim ONE house of congress this year.


Adam's Riff: New TSA Rules Result in Banning Half of Each Passenger

Elementary school shooting in Vermont, 2 people dead including teacher

The American Family

OMG!!! Clinton Fell Asleep At A Mets Game!

Another reason to believe 9/11 was LIHOP or MIHOP...

If your boss treated you like shit would you give her a baby shower?

McCarthyism: From 1946 to 2006 (The Nation)

Tom Oliphant will sub for Franken next week?

What I would do to end the Iraq war and bring the troops home...

Perhaps if Bush wasn't on vacation all the time ignoring Briefings about..

I thought Jack was just back from vacation, CNN

That Texas Longhorn drawl...

We know they have WMDs, we have the receipts...

What Right-wingers see when they read the New York Times!

O'Reilly wants "Answers in the JonBenet Murder Case, NOW!" And a falafel.

New PR campaign to abolish the Estate Tax is doomed to fail

I got myself in trouble again!

I almost have to agree with this article - we need to reinstate the draft

Just got a call from my sister (file under "sick story")

Judge dismisses charges against Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher

Dallas Gun Store Opens “Kids Corner” (throwing up in disgust)

Evolution Major Vanishes From Approved Federal List

Happy Anniversary, Katrina (you bitch)

If you're REALLY bored, watch John Mark Karr's odyssey live!

MEXICO: Two Days in the Life of Oaxaca's REVOLUTION!

Happy Birthday David Gregory ! (36 years old)

A true "morAn" moment from Bartcop's page

Sen. Obama to take HIV test in Kenya

How high are your utility bills this summer?

Saudi: "America Can No Longer Be Trusted"

Honest question: If people can be drafted, why not property?

"You can all just Suck It so long as I'm the president"

Google "failure"...Google "miserable failure"...Have a nice day!

Jail Overcrowding Leads to Two Arrests in One Day For Manteca Crook

Education data breach puts 21,000 student loan borrowers at risk

Come on DU let's give it up for George Bush

Freeper thinks McCain "backstabbing" Bush on Iraq is a Rove ploy

Good "Oprah" episode today on socioeconomic class in the U.S.

Snakes on a boat (photo)

GOP opposition to Clinton's anti-terrorism policies. Esp.-taggants

Planet Lieberman

Snakes in a theater for Snakes on a Plane

"Country Singer Charged With DUI Reaches Plea" (John Michael Montgomery)

I'm hosting a house party fund raiser this Sunday

Morning After Pill now OTC, thank you Hillary.

Now there trying to push for a Iran war

Cripes, KKKrove On CNN And * Poll Bullshit

Barney Frank vs AnnieMan Coulter on CNBC with Larry Kudlow....

Gay Planet? I blame the fundies/freeptards for kicking Pluto out of the

Are powerful neocons again pressuring the intel community for "facts"?

BREAKING: Apple recalling 1.8 million laptop batteries, fire hazard cited

The 9/11 anniversary has never been of much help to Bush

my brother said the Iranians attacked and took a foreign oil platform, he

"It's time for the Iraqi Government to step up! Create JOBS & SECURITY!!"

In Central Asia, US's Hard Sell is no match for Iran's Soft Power

"Building Gods" video...

Paul Hackett: a recall order could be coming

Fuck you, CNN, you war-loving fear-mongers!

Blakeman says Bush has no reason

"Cruise Watch" Cartoon - the saga continues/LINK

I'm so worried right now.

MSM declares that "all types of cancer are Clinton's fault"

Canada's military industrial complex finds endless war profitable too

Please read this...

Evolution Major Vanishes From Approved Federal List

The 2001 Anthrax Attacks 5 years on: Is this a Cold Case still?

New Orleans' phone books get thinner


Teacher's flag burning inflames many

MediaMatters taking action on Jonathan Kaplan's unethical journalism

"Islamofascist" Muddies Rather than Clarifies the Picture

Katrina video testimony from Katrina survivor, check it out, is good!

Ned Lamont on Katrina, Lieberman, Brownie and more

Those Bastards Did Insider Trading on Airlines Before Liquid Bomber Arrest

Yahoo News: Israel Adds 2 Nuke-Capable Subs To Arsenal

Attacks on homeless up, activists say

No republican hugs for Joe at event, but that doesn't mean they don't care

Sprinsgteen leaves wife , kids for 9/11 widow? SHUT UP!

Is George W. Bush redeemable?

Researchers create adult stem cells with embryonic cell features

Jersusalem Post: Israel may 'go it alone' against Iran

Insurance Company Yields in Fight With Parents of a Tay-Sachs Child [NYT]

Listening to Tweety & Buchanon in the background. Muthafucka.

Tucker: Ann Coulter's name causing some trouble at the San Francisco zoo.

Al-Qaida Possibly Behind FOX News Kidnappings?

Where The Hell Is Lou Dobbs?

Americans rescued in Beruit vs. Americans "rescued" in New Orleans

I've been thinking...

WH still will not approve stem cell research

Memorial Medical Center, New Orleans GRAPHIC

Katherine Harris: "We are as white as snow."

GOP drops in religion poll

Damn here comes Tropical Depression#5

Bush is the first sitting President to appear in a military uniform.

Black officer beaten in hate crime at N.J. shore .

Will John McCain be too old to run for president in 08?

Video interview with Code Pinker arrrested at Karl Rove event on Sat

Joke: "Sir, Mr. Bush is no longer president and no longer resides here."

Katrina Analogy Revisited-Castro Attacks Miami

CNN - J.C. Watts just called Plan B “an abortion the day after”

"Why We Fight" - award winning documentary airs on CBC at 8pm EDT

Emotion rules the brain's decisions

I claim at least partial VINDICATION.

Dumbass Bob Sheiffer on CBS News Called Plan B an "Abortion Pill"!

November 5, 2006

TN Senate: Watch Harold Ford Jr. New TV Ad Here! Tell Me What You Think!

Write what you think about Rockey. Link here

If they can dump Tom Cruise for his bizarre behavior, why can't we dump W?

When GOP says "privatize," Dems should say "privatization is corruption"

Gary Hart: "Unprecedented Imposition Of Neoconservative Ideology"

IAU unveils definition of "planet" - and Pluto is off the list

ALL Amsterdam "terror suspects" to walk: cell phones started 'problem'

Bush "I can't get the job done"

It takes GUTS to watch bush speak. Can you hack it or not?

Bill Maher: Why Not Impeachment?

How many bike commuters do we have

Are you dis-saving?

How will the demotion of Pluto as a planet affect astrologists?

Developers Illegally Bulldoze National Park Service Land at Harpers Ferry

What Do You Think Of Senator Susan Collins?

How is it WE can see the truth behind w's lies but the suckers can't?

Black students ordered to give up seats to white children

So, what will be the October Surprise ?

Faux News Brit Hume: New Clues About Who Leaked Valerie Plame's Name

Ban on Sale of Pet Cats, Dogs

My friend's embryo told me the other day it has a right to life.


PROFILE THAT MUSLIM!!! (Photo Heavy!!)

What is the best source of the news both domestic and international

Cuban doctors defect, speak out

Who ELSE has Sony sold lithium-ion batteries to?

Calling us the DEMOCRAT Party IS a Proven Conspiracy says Houston Chron.

Write Your Own Script: Bush Family "Vacation Verbal Jousting"

Saying people shouldn't have sex if they don't want a baby...

Establishment Dems treat their party like a house in the fucking Hamptons

One year after Katrina, let's remember this quiet American hero...

Last night was 'fee night' at the High School my kids attend.

Police: Family Lived In Filth, Bathed In Pond

Our Voting "System": What are you doing about it? Time to PREACH.

Folks, a whole SLEW of docs/films just out and coming out in September!

Why does healthy food cost so much more?

Supporting the Troops

Lieberman Joins REPUBLICANS On The Campaign Trail

Poll shows Governor Granholm leading challenger Dick Devos [MI]

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young last night......WHAT A SHOW!!!!!!!

Racism on Capital Hill

Will Bill Clinton respond to ABC, CNN's lies about his record re Bin Laden

DATA DUMP: "9/11 was Clinton's fault"

Let’s Landslide: Memo to Democrats

The most right-wing State Senator in Minnesota...

"Mystery" Senator Puts "Secret Hold" On Bill To Open Federal Records

Yes, I've been called a conspiracy theorist, because....

Bush's New Iraq Argument: It Could Be Worse

What is the difference between a Liberal and a Progressive?

TSA Employees Struggle To Interpret New Policy (First Hand Observation)

Analysis: U.S. House To Spend Just 79 Days In Session This Year


Northeast Republicans Distancing Themselves From Bush

Rove dodges questions about Noe at Blackwell fund-raiser

*HOW* can they win a majority in Congress?

Ruling may favor (Mike) McGavick (in Washington Senate race)

Racism "survives" on television

You should talk, Tucker ...

Freeper's explanation of Iraq and 9/11 connection - UNBELIEVABLY STUPID!

more media bias: "Corruption dogs both parties"

Lieberman campaigning with Repug candidates in CT today.

Why Lieberman has to go

Which of our Dem leaders/candidates are picking fights with the Repubs?

Political analyst downgrades (Conrad) Burns' (R-MT) re-election chances

Chuck Todd says Howard Dean's web guru is now working for McCain

The Resurrection of Chocolate City (NOLA Version)

So...GOP shill Rockey Vaccarella "wishes Bush could have a 3rd term"

What happens if, after November elections, we have:

Fortune Cookie Neoconservatism

Photo: Another shot of "Blowfish Bush," the prez who puffs when questioned

Good for a smile

Bush's New Iraq Argument: It Could Be Worse; Abizaid "very optimistic"

Christian Coalition losing chapters; "They're a total disgrace."

Bob Parry is one of the last REAL journalists left

Is globalism the new religion?

NYT - Neo-Cons Pissed at CIA for not justifying immed. Iran Bombing

LAT: Schwarzenegger Robs Opponent Angelides of Some Key Issues

Katherine Harris speaks out .....

Haunted Bush makes more empty Katrina promises

Veteran Candidates broaden message on Iraq and other points

Brilliant op-ed from Subodh Chandra on George "Macaca" Allen

grr Not one word of the 12 released Muslims on CNN site

Anti-Gay Lawmaker: Brown V School Board Ruling "Was Wrong"

MI-09: Democrat Nancy Skinner Ready to Pickup a Seat!!!

"Executive Branch Of State Corporate Rule" Of North America To Begin 2007

Attn Dem Candidates: Stop Doing What *They're* Doing. Stop it right now!

Was the Mexican Election Stolen?

GOP anger about the CIA not fearing up the people into Iran war

First salvos prepared for statehouse redistricting battles

Kennebunkport Peace Protest during W's vacation

I am ashamed to admit this.


I'm Suspicious - There's Been Too Much Talk About OBL In MSM Lately.....

Army studies accuracy of casualty reports

Wishing for a Democratic Congress? Be careful what you wish for

What's wrong with this picture?

The most liberal Prez since Nixon's time might well have been...Nixon

Iowa Republican Caucuses 2008: Giuliani Leads

SurveyUSA Poll: Harris 43%

Does anyone else do stuff like this?

Warner Republican's Worst Nightmare

Who Will the Republicans Nominate in 2008?

Why is Tucker Calson constantly bashing Nancy Grace?

Bush changes tune on Iraq, things could be even worse

Why we should give Bush another couple years as President after his term

State heeds GOP, alters finance rules

Cowardly P.O.S. Ed Gillespie floats ABL ("Anyone But Lamont") on Hardball

If the DNC picked this up and ran with it ======>

History Help, please

Barbara Bodine Ambassador to Yemen will be played by.... Patricia Heaton

Yanno ... we have NO idea why we're in Iraq

Is this the DLC...??

Islamo-Fascism?.....Did I miss something?

Will Cheney Duck and Run From Bush's Promises? (DNC Release)

So long as he's the president....

Margaret Carlson on Dem Vet Candidates: a GOOD column!!! (Bloomberg)

WTF ?-Democrats for McCain

Bush Meets With Republican Good Ol' Boy, But Not Sheehan

Former DFA webmaster a McCain supporter

Polls, polls, polls show growing diaspproval of Bush

Photos: "Fuck Iraq, I'd rather be fishing," live from Kennebunkport

Rep. Case holds firm to position on Iraq (pro-Bush anti-Akaka)

Have you seen this website to verify your 2006 vote?

Live From Planet OH RIGHT SURE... It's President Pinhead W. Bush!

McCain's age could affect expected presidential run: 70th BD next week

Is McCain's Wife a Democrat?

My ten minutes of limbaugh today

Debunked: Rove's claim that illegal spying could prevent attacks

Rove: Warrantless wiretaps might have prevented 9/11

you want a Democratic landslide??? then read this ...

Why Didn't Liebermann Just Switch to the Republican Party?

A question for Carolinians and others who know about John Edwards

Let's fight 'em here, so we don't have to fight them over there!