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DJs in the desert

The Capital Times Editorial: Rep. Nass' latest UW crusade - WIN

Is Bush a Clear & Present Danger?

Bush's Arab Dream Palace Is it Narcissism?

Poll Shows a Shift in Opinion on Iraq War

Bush faces revolt on Iraq

Scarborough's fair

Method Anchor (Anderson Cooper)

Iran Sanctions Could Fracture Coalition

Fisk: Untold story of the massacre of Marjayoun leaves blame on both sides

Time to downsize Rudy 9/11 myth

Methane Hydrates Discovered @ Surprisingly Shallow Depths In Pacific - AFP

8/22 Tropical Storm Debby WNW 300 W. Cape Verde Max Sust 40 1003 MB

Lebanon's Oil Spill May Take Up To One Year To Clean Up - AFP

Despite Slow Season Start, Ocean Waters Toasty Warm For Hurricanes - AFP

Mercury Hits 100F As Two Major Fires Rage In Greece - AFP

New England salt marshes are dying.

Israel accused of war crimes in Lebanon

Fisk: Untold story of the massacre of Marjayoun leaves blame on both sides

BBC: Hamas speaker charged in Israel

"Cheating Chips and Doctored Drives": Aviel Rubin in Forbes Magazine

Good thread on John Bonifaz in GD:Politics

spicy beef and basil salad....

Canadian killed in Afghan suicide attack

UN permits wide use of force in Lebanon

Apple Shareholders Sue Apple

Marines to recall troops to active duty

Children still drawn into war in Sudan: UN

Iraq Oil Workers on Strike

U.N. draft rules of engagement detailed

Reports document failures post-Katrina

WP: Sen. Clinton Delays AIDS Law's Renewal, Citing Cut in N.Y. Funds

US, British military say attacks down in targeted Baghdad districts

NYT/Reuters: Bush Prods Congress on Medical Liability Limits

Reports Document Failures Post-Katrina

Charter schools fail to top their public peers

A Times--US, Philippines Weigh New Military Marriage

Bush to raise cash for Allen

Change in Democratic Nominating Election Calendar Riles New Hampshire

Biden faults Bush's hardline Iraq view

Bomb Plot Evidence 'Immense,' British Say

51% in Poll See No Link Between Iraq and Terror Fight (NYT/CBS Poll)

Sarkozy woos French voters with flip-flops and signed condoms

NYT: Nation Faltering, Afghans’ Leader Draws Criticism

Voter Group Banned From Wal-Mart Stores

NYT: Conflict of Interest Is Raised in N.S.A. Ruling

Sheehan hospitalized after surgery in Waco

Amnesty urges UN to probe Israel strategy

Dixie Chicks documentary could be election issue

AT&T says cooperation in NSA spying was legal

(Sen. George) Allen memo to supporters lashes media for Senator's woes

(CA) Senate backs plan to give electoral votes to popular vote winner

ForrestLove comes with FREE WILLY

Good action/suspense or comedy movies that will hold my attention?

Who wants to join me for a Led Zeppelin party???


Ooops - duplicate deleted - sorry

*rant* Windows XP sucks sucks sucks sucks

So, a snake, a pit bull, and some kitty cats got raptured on a plane...

LostinVa, you are wonderfull!

"night office with sleeping baby and kd lang"

I waited all day for the Rapture and all I got was a damn T-shirt.

So what's your heritage?

Sad news, folks. The Bush economy claims another victim.

Will Ferrell does Bush talking about Global Warning

So what would you and 3 other friends do with 8 Treadmills?

Ou est la Sugar Smack?

anyone here know about hibiscus scale?

Rattlers freed in "Snakes on a Plane" theater prank

Did I miss something? What's with all the rapture posts?

Nancy Grace is not my friend

Because any time is a good time for Miles.

My friend Shannon spins fire.....!

Post synonyms/euphemisms for "unmarried partner" here.

ben burch.. is he alive?


Well, now my life is just complete!

jpgrayEnnui comes with an empty plate and a loud Sunday morning lawnmower

Beltran, Pujols Make their Cases for NL MVP on crazy night in Shea

I detest my Ex....


Dear DVR thingy,

So. Your earth as you knew it is gone

RabrrrrrrLove comes with free FOIE GRAS and VEAL MOUSSE!

I just spent 30 minutes playing Katamari Damacy

Do I *dare* cook again tonight?

Things to do: Wednesday, 8/23

It's Dryin' Time Again. Apologies to Buck Owens

I don't pee on the bushes, honey, 'cause I love you

There's a crazy woman in your house

okay, I've been busy all day

I give up....I'm done...

I don't like cats....but I'm still a good person

High School sure did change a good way

Keane singer Tom Chaplin goes into rehab

My Dad started on the road

Its my anniversary

Good thoughts for my dad, please

His cold, dead eyes reveal the soul of a mass murderer...

Anyone know where in DC area to buy a house?

Love is................

I double dog dare you to take the Sleaze Test.

Post a subgenre of Rock music, and one band as an example

Songs about booze, drinking or getting drunk.

A virtual hug, please?

Anyone here living in the east Texas area, what's the weather like.

The Crunge is the finest piece of Brit Funk. Ever.

Nick Markakis is awesome

Fuck the Rapture, what about the Reunion?

I feel like Tom reaped what he sowed.

Hey Mack Daddy Todd...... Could ya turn the bass up a little

ok, the Mets just don't quit

SwordLove comes with FREE VANILLA

Ick. I just read GD. Clean me.

With what region of the country do you most identify yourself?

My Sunday morning

the 10 best songs in the world today

It's well after midnight on the east coast. I haven't been rapturized.

Best Led Zeppelin album

First time in almost six years that I have the money for the mortgage

I just got a collections notice for $46,446.25

I just got the WILLY'S!

XemaSab bitterness comes with cheap American pee-beer

Outdoorsy DU'ers who live in cold, wet climates

How tall are you?

Worst tasting American beer

Do you think this is a good definition of "religion"

A nearly unbelievable conversation today

Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos Beltran!

Good Editorial on Dangers of Hacked Voting Machines

Channeling F. Gordon...

Nancy Grace DOESN'T CARE!

Olbermann's running Nexus of Politics and Terror again "by popular demand"

I bought the DVD of the "Homecoming" episode from Amazon.

Global War on Terror Numerology

Did anything come of the idea for Hackett to step in the Ohio Race..

(VIDEO) Hackett on Hardball

Sen. Inhofe: “What’s happened [in Iraq] is nothing short of a miracle."

Sensenbrenner Statement on Cost for Reid-Kennedy Immigration Bill

Islam's Struggle and the West, Veterans For

God is Google. Read it an weep..................

Rattlers freed in "Snakes on a Plane" theater prank

Army now targeting little kids

Nancy Grace is not my friend

Barack Obama being profiled now on the Biography Channel


I do not see any headlines today about violence in IraQ. only

A sequence of events.

MIke Malloy's blog on Daniel Ortega's comeback

So, is leaving the answer? (Good morning Venezuela)

Who are the Democrats?

Serious question

Daily Show preview!!

Foul slick settles into seabed off Jiyye (Lebanon)- Greenpeace

YAY! Keith is back!

Harry Reid statement on 10th Anniversary of Welfare Reform

Good grief! Look at what I found at wonkette

naval aviator exam question

My Angels Have Talked To Me and They Said

"The Fertility Gap Liberal politics will prove fruitless"

What changed America more?

Tony Bennett: 'America is Culturally Void'

Know Your Racists

If You Don't Like the Corp. Media, Pls Read This Now!

How many soldiers does the Iranian military claim?

Windows Vista Beta 2 Plagued by Bugs


Who do these Freepers calling AAR think they are fucking kidding?

So who here is comfy with their search data being released?

who says shrub & the gang aren't supporting "the republican guy" in ct?

Their Levees - Our Levees: We need to Demand Protection

Heads up: Krugman on Colbert tonight!! n/t

Toles toon:Snakes (three different ones) on a plane

Katrina vs. chernobyl : a comparison

Catholic church to hold Katrina collection this weekend - for the CHURCH!

Where would you take the RNC site selection team - Plain Dealer Q. day

BIG Fun...Just got a call from a market

Just about perfectly describes CNN

As the day draws to a close...

I'm Tired of Radical Leftists Who...

Was Rove in Texas today? Powder closes Waco VA hospital

If you support illegal immigration, then you support Bush...

Judge Blocks Logging in Sequoia Protected Forest

Mr. President: "Stay the Course is not a strategy, it's a slogan"

Where do John Stewart get his clips of Bush tonight?

Plame considering suing Richard Armetage

I got older, and remembered that I didn't feel afraid

Are Circumstances Speeding Up Bush's Attack on Iran Timetable??

Marines recalling 2500 troops to active duty.

Senator Conrad Burns and 'that little Guatemalan man'

I am free

Need help responding to a RW email

Lake Ponchartrain is a bitch. My friend "Doodle" Smith died there.

I just had Rapture and God Danm it was good.

"The Hill" debuts Wed., 8-23: Documentary series on Rep. Wexler's office

Saline Breast Implants

Economic Report: Coffee cuts back chances for Type 2 diabetes

What is an accurate death toll from Katrina?

Rapture Ala Jung

What politician do you trust, and would vote for?

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers Check in

The Earth Was Targeted

New Orleans "dodged the bullet" : early deception

Why haven't we seen any troop mutinies?

TD4 Gives Birth to "Debby"

2 Women who stood out

Daily Show handling the Press conference

Another reporter takes Bush's ridicule in stride

August 22nd is over

A different kind of 2008 poll!

Britain can't pull out but it might be able to slither away

Well "August 22nd" came and went and nothing happened

Is fundraising the only thing this SOB knows how to do?

Joe Rosenthal Dies - Flag Raising At Iwo Jima Photographer

Barbaro remains a happy, comfortable horse


MA: July single-family home sales drop at sharpest rate in 11 years

Evangelical professor tackles 'religious right'

ADL Slams Christian Anti-Evolution Film for Linking Darwin and Hitler

The DU Katrina Thread That Haunts Me To This Very Day.

The Rapture is Over. It's Aug 23 UTC. I'm still here.

And another supposed 'doomsday' date passes by without incident.

Toon on Kos: troop coffins wonder ''who the hell is Jonbenet Ramsey?''

Don't let the boss get you hooked on BlackBerry . . .

HBO (Spike Lee) Katrina Parts 3 and 4 Starting Now

DU Poll: Should Canada get rid of law against speaking to terrorists?

Dean said world believed that Americans could "fix anything." Not so now.

Anybody ever have any luck with U.S. lemon law for a

Consortium News: Is Bush a Clear & Present Danger?

Army Intel Analyst Targeted For Suggesting New 9/11 Investigation..

Forced Abortion by Corrupt GOP: "I see girls whose bleeding did not stop"

For Anyone Without HBO.... (Pic heavy)

Creative help needed: T-shirt and button ideas!

Legal Community Against Violence Report Shows US Gun Laws Are “Inadequate”

here are two personal Katrina pics

My first ever "Letter to the Editor"...

"In the End It’s a Matter of Simple Justice"

*** Tuesday TOONs: Fly the Friendly Skies ***

A serious question about Neo-Nazis and Fundies

When did the concept of a Mid-Eastern terrorist enter the American psyche?

Post your reasons why Giuliani is a Dic*!

The Secret...a movie which can change your life

Nancy Pelosi on Letterman tonight

DNC: Dean on Promises Made and Promises Broken After Katrina

Two Veterans Committee members make statements about their trips to Iraq

If anyone can provide details on the Congressman whose 29

Read this - Its a great rant

Check out how far Chuck Hagel has strayed from Bush

The thugs in the WH unleashed "shock and awe" to cow

Any other cheeseheads that think Doyle better start hammering....

CSPAN - Charles Murray of AEI (and his RIDICULOUS slam on women!!)

WP op-ed: This Year's Southern Prodigy: Harold Ford is a sight to behold.

It is an oxymoron from a moron for W to say that he (W) fully

Report: Iran wields influence in Iraq

Transcript of Chairman Dean's Remarks in Chicago

Blogger conference call with Ted Strickland

One million jobs could disappear' if benefits lost

Voter group that tore up Democratic registrations in '04 resurfaces

I'm very pissed! Someone took 2 political signs

Joe lauds Glenn Beck: "We are proud of you, friend. Keep on going."

Bush photos: CONFIDENT! STRONG! FIRM in his RESOLVE! F-u-c-k-e-d UP.

We must be honest - there ARE Democrats trying to take people's guns away

Ok... so the voting booths JUST closed in Alaska and......

Pelosi on Letterman

Brother Merv Kilgore Campaigns In Texas

Conrad Burns has done it AGAIN

Where Do The Dems Stand On Globalization/Privatization?

Thanks for the LIBERATION, Mr. Bush

Hackett Manhandles GOP Talking-Points Action Figure

Bush interrupted, "Sounded like the question to me."

What if Jimmy Carter were President instead of Bush?

Where's cranky old man Rumsfeld? Taken to a secure location

Katrina recovery has 'gross inequalities' -Oxfam

Power grab / Bush asks too much of the states and the Guard

What they went through - Garrison Keillor

Lessons of history

Bill's Misremembered Bipartisanship (re:Clinton's op-ed on welfare reform)

A Law Unto Herself.

Breaking the silence on war photographers smeared by right-wing bloggers

When war is on the horizon, follow the money

MICKEY Z.: Osama Wants Your Mortgage

How We Ended Welfare, Together By BILL CLINTON NYT

Six Questions for Michael Scheuer on National Security

A Times: Lifting seven veils of the Iraqi illusion . (Very Informative)


Influx of Mexican migrants crippling American culture, says Pat Buchanan

This Day in Radical History- August 23rd


Giant yellow jacket nests perplex experts

Jack Nicholson's hydrogen car in 1978

Now At Ralph's & Whole Foods - New Mercury-Reduced Tuna!

Drought, Corn, Ethanol Accelerate Groundwater Demand On High Plains - ENN

Harper Plan Will Strongly Link Canadian & US Climate "Policies"

Build a Solar Food Dehydrator

Limiting Climate Change: The Neglected Obstacle (WP)

China To Launch Environmental Satellite In 2007 - AFP

Chomp! Tiny Ant Has World's Fastest Jaws - 78 - 145 MPH - ENN

Alaska Gov. Vows to Push Pipeline Deal

Active Power Sells 7 Megawatt (Flywheel UPS) to N. Africa sugar refinery

Russia Oil Production Overtakes Saudi Arabia

Scientists Warn Of Caribbean Coral Bleaching - Temps 3F+ Over Normal Highs

EPA Voluntary Factory Farm Pollution Plan Years From Finish - Reuters

Philippines Tanker Spill Spreads, Hits Key Fishing Area - Reuters

Spain's Reservoirs Below 43% Of Capacity - Down 1.2% In 1 Week - Reuters

Alaska Opens Its First Geothermal Power Plant

A majority of rank-and-file Democrats support neutrality - not alignment

Hezbollah has few fans among bitter Christians [Sydney Morning Herald]

Israeli president investigated for sex abuse, possible rape

Syria warns against international troops on their border

Israel signs deal to buy 2 nuclear-capable submarines from Germany

Israel delays West Bank pullout - Plan is casualty of war in Lebanon

Israeli Soldier Killed in Lebanon Blast (AP)

Isralli troops push for leadership resignations

Egypt: Desperate Olmert resorting to radical moves

Israel holds Nasrallah, the grocer

Israel must be ready for any Iranian attack: minister

Air Defenses on 9/11

SCIENCE APPLIED to the WTC Collapses– SEPT. 2 Jim Hoffman in KC

Russian Passenger Jet Crash Reminds Me That When Jets Crash..

Michael C. Ruppert's permanent goodbye to the United States

This is IMPORTANT: VotersUnite! Analysis of ESI's Ohio Diebold Findings

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday-8/23/06 Oblivious NO MORE


Zogby Results Published; Eureka T-S Reports Without Verifying, Again

Official Zogby Release Out: 92% Support Public Supervision of Elections

Tremendous video of Avi Rubin on Lou Dobbs last night.

Look Who's Talking About Near-Unanimous Support For Transparent Elections


NOT a good year to be a Republican.-The Hart-Luntz Polling Roadshow

Slight delay in release of Zogby press release to Noon Wed. EST

SANS Institute -- Voting machine security warnings

x-post from election reform.. Not a good year to be a Republican.

Brandon woman rebuked by her church for criticizing city

Another day, another vote of confidence

So the softwood vote will be tantamount to a confidence motion, huh?

The Capital Times Editorial: Rep. Nass' latest UW crusade - WIN

Bush faces revolt on Iraq

Ozone-friendly chemicals lead to warming

Iran 'boosted by war on terror'

No letdown in Mexico protests

LAT: Schwarzenegger, Democrats Reach Deal for Prescriptions Discount

Light sentence given Henry Kaiser scion

Ecuador's top court rejects claim against oil law

U.S. plane bound for India turned back to Amsterdam

New Orleanians heap most Katrina blame on US govt

British forces attacked in Missan, Basra

9/11 air fears stifled (Memo: City Hall divided over asbestos danger)

Hicks getting worse: lawyer

Iraqi PM says sure his forces can handle security

Oil majors maneuver for prime position in Iraq

Iraq violence rages on but US coalition optimistic

Katrina money remains unused

Amnesty report accuses Israel of war crimes (Guardian)

Bomb narrowly misses Iraqi (interior) minister

Conflict of Interest raised in NSA ruling

Biological Warfare in the Food Industry (Viruses as food additive)

WP: Roadway Deaths Rise to Highest Level in 15 Years

Once a rising star, Harris fights for credibility in Senate race

Reuters: US plane turned back to Amsterdam

Rocky Vacarella says 4 more years

SAVE THE INTERNET from Corporate rule ! ! ! 4 articles from today...

NYT/AP: Number of U.S. Troops in Iraq Climbs

Lebanese soldiers die clearing Israeli shells (Reuters)

City cuts back on plan to regulate biolabs

Alaska Governor Concedes Defeat in Primary

AP: Court: Nader Must Pay for Election Suit

Iran to offer $1b credit line for Iraq’s economic projects

Female Citadel cadets report assaults

New Orleanians heap most Katrina blame on US govt

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 23 August

NU (Northwestern University) trio challenge 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy

Iraq: Beefed up flour to tackle anaemia

Stay Out of the Water

US commander says militias hard to spot in Baghdad

Katrina, Rita Cost to Oil Industry Rises to Record $17 Billion

Bush revives, revamps message

Mexico's Fox rails against "messianic" leftist

NYT/AP: 1 of 5 Women Cadets at Citadel Report Assaults

Man accused of telling airport security penis pump was a bomb

Russia's Red-Era Debt Put To Rest: $24 Billion in Foreign Debt Paid Off

LAT: Katrina Anniversary Draws Bush to Gulf Coast (overnight in N.O.)

PKK Kurdish rebels offer ceasefire to Ankara

Political analyst downgrades Burns' re-election chances (Montana Senate)

U.S. Army creating jobs in Iraq's south

Video of Kidnapped Journalists Released

(Sen. Lindsey) Graham bleak on world affairs

Oil majors maneuver for prime position in Iraq

Looters Raid Military Camp After British Handover to Iraqis

Bush: Katrina recovery will take time

Deported man was actually U.S. citizen

'Clear evidence' Iran is arming, training Iraqi extremists: US general

Lieberman Warns of Danger of the U.S. Pulling Out of Iraq

U.S. says Iran reply falls 'far short' of demands

Court Orders New Trial for (Pain) Doctor - (AP-Wash Post)

Iran to announce nuclear 'breakthrough'

Troops kill boy, 10, after Afghan attack

Missouri: Progressive Party qualifies for ballot

Christian Coalition losing chapters

AP: Gov. Murkowski Concedes Defeat in Alaska

Diocese cancels nun's Duluth talk because of anti-Bush newspaper ad

Annan ignores US objections with visit to Iran next week

New Method Makes Embryo-Safe Stem Cells

Iraqis appoint prosecutor over troops' rape case

Poll: 74 Percent of Americans Expect Attack

WP/Reuters: Congress report faults U.S. intelligence on Iran

12 Passengers Arrested After Flight to India Returns to Amsterdam

Marines badly in need of funding, report says

Israel Buys Upgraded Subs To Counter Iran Threat: Report

(Colo. school) disciplines teacher over foreign flags in classroom

Judges asked to declare their stances

Marine call-up greeted with anger, suspicion

Recession will be nasty and deep, economist says

AP: Syria threatens to close Lebanon border (if UN deployed there)

Owners, dealers singing the SUV blues (values dive, market dries)

California's largest labor association takes position on abortion

It's Lieberman, I-Conn. for fall ballot

NASA Confirms New Moon Vehicle is Orion

24.5 minutes before I have to sleep, ask me something/anything

My boyfriend made me brownies

Disco fans check in here!

Any fans here of "Cold case?"

Well, it's almost that time again...Goodnight, Lounge!

Do you download TV shows for free using BitTorent?

"If The Kids Are United"- Sham 69

Good morning everyone

do i tell my friend's girlfriend that he cheats on her like crazy?

Someone MUST have that "Double Horrible Fantasy"

Self Delete

Fuck it I'm going to bed........if anyone gives a shit

Do I need an anti-virus prog. If I have Spybot S&D?

I'm bored


I am no longer a slave to the mouse

Favorite reclusive Russian math genius?

"My kid is better at HALO than your honor student"

Ever try and solve life's mysteries late at night....for instance,

Josh Hartnett should play Tommy Lee Jones' son in a movie

Say it ain't so Fido, say it ain't so!

Congratulations lonestarnot!! 20,000 posts

Got a 'new' used truck a few weeks ago; ordered the following magnets

Good Wednesday morning, Crew!

self delete.... dupe

self delete.... dupe

self delete... dupe

What do you do

Ask me anything.....I am omnivorous!

had my first day of in prison classes today

Bad taste or just good fun ? Cats that look like Hitler.

Happy birthday GardeningGal!!

Dear DU Admin: A small request. Please add this smilie, thank you!!!

We're number one! Milwaukee rated America's drunkest city!

I think the Cheetah Girls should remake "Hard Days Night"

Thread to vent about people who make internet viruses and stuff!


"The Marine"

Just back from my trip to the East Coast

I just want to say "Thank You" to Spike Lee - your Katrina Doc was amazing

something that tickles me every time I hear it

I don't know which is more entertaining....

Fuck the duck! Pass the pate'.

I'm making Guacamole today!

Seriously, how do these Rapture people survive disappointment AGAIN

Man convicted based on moose DNA

"There's nothing healthy. They're forcing us to eat sugary crap now."

Best Who Album

Grammar Nazis gone wild!!

Politics/History Quote Trivia:

Help.... pillow top mattress owners.... pros/cons?

stupid bankruptcy question...

Most deserved of the rock god title: The Gun Club or the Germs?

Food Network fans-Sandra Lee tells two alcohol stories *hic*

I've had "Dilate" by Ani Difranco in my head for 3 days now...

hey Who donated for me and got me a STAR!!!!!

What the hell did either Betty or Veronica ever see in Archie?!

Man Wakes Up Wondering Who Took His Pants

Girls: Do you walk around in the summer with your shirt off?

I'm about to seek a consolidation loan thru my credit union. Should I?

Those here with 4 or more nationalities in their ancestry check in!

Man Shows Up To Court For DUI Drunk

How cool is that? Sony Transparent TV

Hey! For all of you who know how to post .jpg pics on DU - - -

Forget about what music you are listening to now..

Has anyone ever stayed at the Hyatt, Waikiki Beach on Oahu?

Is this ad truly trying to promote a beer festival?

"V for Vendetta"

Life is strange sometimes. A long story with TMI.

Yum. Pop rocks.

I just got kicked out of a counseling center!

Grills: Charcoal, Electric, Propane,?

Zeppelin fans: Top 10 favorite LZ songs of all times

Project Runway fans - who's going to be auf'd tonight?

"Boy Charged for Meowing at Neighbor Lady"

Aaaahhhhh... I keep clicking on "Activist HQ" instead of "DU Lounge"

What is the greatest band that has never had any of its members die?

Good afta'noon, my Sugar Bums!

Guys: do you walk around in the summer with your shirt off?

Funny Five Year Old Story

Can you help me find a DU'er?

Most deserved of the "Rock God" title: Zeppelin or the Who?

This is an amazing find!!! John Paul Jones singing "That's the Way"

This fall will be the first time in 19 years...

Gene Hickerson nominated for Hall of Fame !!! Woo Hoo!!!

We're dead, Jim...


"Martyrdom is the highest form of narcissism" - True or false?

Which of your dreams have come true?

Any cork soakers online?

GLBT DUers: If you have a lover in your life, what do you call him/her?

XM radio what is the difference in receivers?

Does it bother you to watch someone eat foie gras with your spouse/SO?

Ok So What Do I Wear When The Rapture Comes? Is Disco Music Appropriate?

I'm in the mood

Blue-Tooth People, what's it all about...

What are your pet peeves?

Who's having post-apcocalyptic depression?

Can I get a bud?

I'm gonna kill those goddamned woodpeckers

Your choice?

Arg, 2 computers died in two days!

This Friday, we have a very important 15th birthday:

Yikes......this horse was euthanized with his broken leg.....

Will you watch this?

'Survivor' Teams to be divided based on race

"To get your playing more forceful, hit the drums harder."

a rapture ready thread, pornalized!!!

Error: You must be a donor to use the search function.

My sister-in-law is just a STITCH.

The people we will NEVER reach....

Is flashmobbing already old school?

Farmers: Cows mooo with a twang

Woman Smuggled Heroin In Her Girdle

Technically I should be having office hours right now...

Honey, why's the water bill so high?

Wednesday desktop!

Anyone here ever see the famed "The Wall" tour in 1980?

PF Sloan is BACK!

Who would sponsor Spike Lee's Katrina film if it was on TV?

Apparently it was not necessary for me to die to save the lounge

There's Muthahfucking Aliens on the muthahfucking internets!!!!!!

Q about income taxes and dependents.........

Chicago's wild foie gras chase

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 8/23/06)

Need help. Iraq info

I'm going into hiding for a while

Knack drummer Bruce Gary dies at 54

You gotta see this: a Wine Enhancer that uses " resonate frequency"???

Wednesday, August 23. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I am officially old today. I need bifocals according to the doc.

Update: Who's Out At SNL? Parnell, Sanz, Forte Floated

Man accused of telling airport security penis pump was a bomb

hola! I am back from vacation!

But seriously, all the talk about Zep or the Who, nobody could top

Which smilie (smiley?) would you most like to fight?

What are you guilty of today?

Cats that look like Hitler!!

Got this funny email today. Have you seen it?

Post song lyrics that don't make sense

Ever-Happy Mouse Sheds Light on Depression

Name three things you like about yourself!

"I don't want to hurt you..."


This is the ultimate Internet product. How come it exists since 1999...

My 23-month-old knows all his letters!

I think I have a case of thread rage against thread hijackers.

Hey all you members of DU Fantasy Football Team: Draft tonight

Anyone heard of Oedipus Rex??

Which Fight Club character are you?

POLL: What is the source of my dull headache?

Nominate your Anti-Christ here

Post an Insecurity (any insecurity)

I think Naughty Girls are extinct.

Question on online resume posting

I Got My Tattoo...Lambda on Upper Arm

Last movie you saw that made you teary-eyed, at best?

Bob Dylan on Free MP3 Downloading (you'll love this)

What is your favorite green thing?

Your dream concert - who and where?

Would you describe yourself as "city," "country," or both?

Does it bother you to watch someone flirt with your spouse/SO?

Post your favorite Sniglets (words that aren't in the dictionary but

Favorite Simpson's Episode?Doh!

To All Non-Pet Owners Who Visit And Like To Complain About Our Pets:

Hair dyein' ladies;

My first ever Cat painting featuring my late great cat Calvin

I have a very serious question for MrCoffee.

New 'Survivor' to group players by ethnicity

A big thank you to whoever got me a star!

***Skunks In Our Yard!*** NEED HELP FOR A REAL PROBLEM!

Worst. Break Up Line. Ever.

Was "Poke Salad Annie" really about Kudzu?

Which is the proper spelling?

Just a quick question

God's Country? Fundamentalism, Liberalism, and Evangelicalism

So this local church has had a message on their billboard for the last 3

rapture will involve aliens (angels) beaming up true, dedicated Christians

Biological Warfare in the Food Industry (Viruses as food additive)

"It's my party".

"Family-values" candidate shuts out gay son

DU Fantasy Football Draft tonite

Boxing: The Heavyweights

Travers Stakes: A Horse Racing Tradition

Free Visualization Tool From "The Secret"

Where is that thread about the Hiwaian h..

I think I want to learn Kabbalah.. do you?

Thousands of Marines face involuntary recalls

Sen. Kerry responds to "Wal-Mart Front Group's Attacks"

Post count update: 99,630 and counting.

What's on your summer reading list?

Joan Vennochi Quotes Kerry Favorably

Insulting post to JK and JRE

Excellent Robert Parry article

Bath time

McHummer Sign-O-Matic...

Americans Link Hurricane Katrina and Heat Wave to Global Warming

Say it ain't so Fido, say it ain't so!

I visited the National Holocaust Museum in D.C.

Motherfucking snake in a theater!

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My Last Good Haircut (please finish this story)

sidewalk artist paints in 3 D.. best I ever seen..


2,613 U.S. troops now dead in W's Iraqi war

House Punishes Hurricane Victims

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AP: Deported Man Was Actually U.S. Citizen

Liberal Bumper Stickers In Repukie County

WJ-Business for Diplomatic Action rep on now...Corporate image

A coupla of bumper sticks for the morning shift...

It's Backlash Time Again: Re: Media slanting welfare reform as a success

How many people died in Katrina?

Not being hairstylists...we believe this is the chee wee hairstyle

One? B.D. we're not cleaning your teeth here.

Did I miss the Rapture?

cspan caller: "I'd rather be feared than loved" in the eyes of the world.

How the rapture got screwed up.

Fields Medals awarded, reclusive Russian refuses Math 'Nobel' Prize

"You, sir, are no Abe Lincoln" but Bush IS a lot like Andrew Johnson

I just saw a article stating "gas prices may continue falling"...

A challenge for all DU youtube wannabes:

The only thing that makes bush's polls bounce is terror.

The saddest thing about New Orleans

Allen's "Macaca" Mess Hurting Bid For Re-Election

Joe Sestak to be featured on CNN today

Iran has now superseded the US as the most influential power in Iraq

Inhofe has got to be one of the craziest senators around...

Most in US see no tie between Iraq, terror war despite Bush's insistence

"Coming Up Next On WCBS…"

MoJo's Ridgeway on C-Span, Talking Subpoenas and Impeachment

Let me get this straight

Iran the Winner- Won by Using its Soft Power

DEATH TO caps lock: the new frontline in online manners

Late Summer's GOP Strategy - Bypass Katrina anniv. as "a regional concern"

Michael C. Ruppert's permanent goodbye to the United States

(VIDEO) Daily Show :Desperate Soundbites


Street corner evangelists

CAPTION an ordinary citizen doing his duty...

Dick Armey on WS CSPAN whistling past the graveyard for the GOP.

Didn't they try this in VA already. . . .

Is the public catching on finally?

Iraq violence rages on but US coalition optimistic

Lieberman: “Iraq has now become what everyone thinks it was before."

IWT - The Real News is hiring!

McCain faults Bush.........Go To Hell John.....

Bad taste or just good fun ? Cats that look like Hitler.

Coalition of conservative groups believe hotel porn may be prosecutable

Father of Army Officer Resisting War Speaks Out

Please DU the Quill Book Awards (vote for "An Inconvenient Truth")

Daryl Kagen CNN tries to put words in guests mouth to blame LA

As Marine Corps Gay Discharges Increase, Bush Issues Involuntary Recall

Bush to make Katrina comments

Lifting seven veils of the Iraqi illusion

The world didn't end yesterday as predicted by RW'ers

Wal-Mart Bans GOP Group From Stores

What does this mean (Bartcop photo)?

Buchanan: Hispanics Not Assimilating Into America Because They Like Rap

CSPAN now: NO restraunteur "pres needs one more term"

Where has the outrage gone re-the soilders accused

Life in Mexico's political 'tent city'

Bushist Lebanon policy is as doomed to fail as all its other policies

"...I believe I made a horrible mistake..."

I had a weird thought about Republicans and abortion

Leave poor Dubya alone? Yeah, right.

Debate grows on "out of wedlock" laws

Wal-Mart front group member compares Democrats to Hezbollah

Questions about on-line registering to vote. I happened upon

Would a terror attack before Nov. Help or Hurt bush & his masters?

Is this true? Russia has paid off ALL of its foreign debt?....

Sigmund Freud Bush

Losing A Marketing Campaign

Jim Clancy tours little Mehdi's home in Lebanon on CNN.


Are Other Dems Concerned About Influx of K-Street $ to Dems on Hill?

the religiously insane jewish have opened their mouths on Israel

Bush.....9/11 and Pearl Harbor...

A couple of days ago.....

How Many Days Have You Felt Secure Since Bush....

Lieberman is lying AGAIN, now about his WMD position!

Murtha Says Marine Call-Up Means Iraq War Getting Worse, Not Better

Arabs dancing in the streets while the towers fell???

DUer who called Armey on use of Democrat Party step forward

Radical Fringe Cartoon - 8/23 Wed. -- NOOOO, don't wanna leave

Crooked water deals exploit the poor around the world

Four incumbents have been defeated in one month.

Chaffee is the Republican's Joe Lieberman ?

Rocky Vacarella says 4 more years

dubya can't stop breaking laws.... does 3 strikes come into play?

Connecticut's secretary of the state says Sen. Joe Lieberman has gathered

How many right-wing nuts does it take to change a light bulb?

Freepers! This is your chance to save the military and America!

Noam Chomsky on live now - WORT radio - link

Guardian: US interventions have boosted Iran, says report

Diebold, E S & S, Sequoia, & Populex Voting Systems Approvevd Wisconsin?

ARG Poll: Bush approval rating at 36%

One year later, 'help center' opens for Katrina evacuees

The Chimp is Martin Short on SNL

"It's our god against their god." Washington Journal caller

SAVE THE INTERNET from Corporate rule ! ! ! 4 articles from today...

Good quotes in the era of manufactured fear...

50 year contracts for toll roads: are they legal?

Russian Passenger Jet Crash Reminds Me That When Jets Crash..

Earth to Joe Lieberman... here's the correct way to do it -

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Breakthrough.....

Bush, Cheney in deep funk after Israel war performance (Insight Mag)

12 passengers arrested for acting strange on N.W. Flight article: Sam Seder to move to 9-noon; goodbye Springer!

One-Track Idiots

Seriously....Is anybody ready to impeach Bush?

Giordano demands back pay (Former Mayor and convicted pedofile)

KO: O'Reilly Rage : pulled over driver uses the O'Reilly defense

What does Iraq have to do with 9/11? "Nothing."

Oldie But Goodie: bu$h In 10 Years Video:

The straw that broke the camels back RE: Hillary Clinton

If the terrorists hate Bush so much, then why do they keep helping him?

Dave Lindorff discusses impeachment on's table talk...

Iran to announce nuclear 'breakthrough'

How do the very wealthy spend their money? You may not want to know..

George Allen's record is better than these two GOP racists's scores

Today's Luckovich

I think I have a case of thread rage against thread hijackers.

Republicans plan media blitz after Labor Day

This will blow your mind

Bob Casey to finally run statewide TV ads

Did anybody here frequent DAILYDIRT.COM????

The Dean Scream and YouTube

Great OP about a Repug district...

Bigger Bush Administration Failure: Katrina or 9/11?

Is that a grenade in your pocket?

Need link -- US help with British terror plot

A multiple-choice Quiz for Bush: The Stranger

WTF?? RNC attacks Kos for taking a vacation????

Judge Gives 15 More Months In Jail To Man Who Blew Up Arab Family's Van

Many Americans believe we'll get attacked again

"A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against

September is October's October

Bad Reporter- "Bomb the pedophiles!"

Prewar- How many congress critters actually read the NIE document?

Is your cellphone spying on you?

Has Daytime MSNBC Jumped the Shark? WTH?

OK Texans...does * speak Texan?

No matter how bad the candidate might be

Why is this pinhead in the US Senate?`

If You Could Ask the Sec. of Labor One Question, What Would It Be?

Biden: "...we should be drawing down our troop numbers by September."

The Guy James Show today!

Should the architects of the Iraq invasion be tried for War Crimes?

Will there be a war with Iran?

Bush administration encouraging destruction of embryos

IWT - The Real News is hiring!

Paul Hackett calls Stephanie Miller!!

Is Bush a Clear & Present Danger? By Robert Parry

Explanation for freepers: "An idiot is a genius to another idiot."

"The Democratic party"

Peace Corps

Bush informally addresses NOLA:

Another Republican Racist Exposed

FYI: Howard Dean to be on Hardball today. nt

Post Chimpy's book report for "The Stranger"...

Looking for charities that support our troops

I was looking at the TSA list of prohibited items

CNN-Jessie Jackson going to ME to negotiate humanitarian

"Independent" Women's Forum, my ass!

Has anyone ever stayed at the Hyatt, Waikiki Beach on Oahu?

Extra time to quiz UK terror suspects- means they've got nothing on them?

Q: Why are all Bushbots so rude and incoherent?

Is Someone Murdering People Who Know Too Much About NSA wiretapping?

CNN: In the Footsteps of bin Laden

1975: panare indians FORCED into christianity with this true????

the DU spell checker is awesome! here's why.....

Who do you think ran the better campaign? Gore or Kerry?

Colbert's "The Word" about VFP & IVAW

Randi is getting freeped. AAR must be making a difference or you'd never

Link to Spike Lee's Masterpiece about the Levees nt

No stunt left unpulled! Danger Karl Rove still at work!

We've changed the "My Forums" section on the Latest & Greatest pages.

Washington Times illegal alien fund & Moon’s billions that moved us right

Hitch: "Mass murder of people on aeroplanes is a leading cause of poverty"

LOL...Leslie just got

Poll: 1/3 Adults UNAWARE Repub Party Is More Conserative Than Dem Party

Everything I said turned out to be true - Jack Murtha

Why Bush will Choose War Against Iran

New Song Nails the Truth dead on.

New Indian Restaurant bears Hitler's name

Backdoor Draft

"Pray Ball:" "Faith nights" come to minor league baseball

does anyone else find it ironic,

JonBenet coverage makes me feel ashamed to be a journalist

Iran has weapons of mass destruction. And OUR Oil. They must surrender.

Should we learn from the past or wallow in the past?

Does anyone remember "January is Alien Registration MOnth"

In '00 why didn't Gore pick Graham of FL. to be his running mate?

"Wanted: Single White Mommy "

"Plame Considering Suing Armitage"

Am I freaking missing something here??

(VIDEO) Nancy Pelosi on Letterman

Kerry: Wal-Mart 'Swift-boating'

CNN poll: Most Americans think Osama will attack us again.

"army stretched thin" and other hard to believe statements..

Judge may have had conflict of interest, group says (RE: NSA wiretap )

You know what I just realized about Air America's new Sept. 1 schedule?

Antidote to Taylor "Conflict of Interest" Story from Glenn Greenwald

Anyone know anything about education level and political leaning?

So much fear just to speak the truth

P. Ashdown (Dem Senate candidate in UT) holds benefit for hunger charitys

White House Begins Katrina Anniversary "PR Blitz"

Quotes of the Day Contest: Who said what?

The U.S. is being OUT-NEGOTIATED by Iran in the U.N.

Caption the asshats!

Mining Co. Wants To Leach Alaska Gold With Cyanide

Man oh man, bush & crew - Save a school, cut down some trees!

"New Method Makes Embryo-Safe Stem Cells"

Where Should The UN Be Located?

New GOP meme: We fight them over there, or we'll fight them in our malls

Fat ass Charlie Cook thinks Lamont's days are over

Pretty Good Dobbs Right Now

War on Xmas : decisive battle won by naked terrorists in NZ

Wolfie just got punked a few minutes ago.


The Rebirth of Populism in Latin America

Caption The New Bush Photo

Christian Coalition of Alabama says national group is too liberal

If Lieberman doesn't win under the "I" party, are you prepared for his

AAR moving "Majority Report" to 9A-12P ET, displacing Springer

GAO: Security contracts don't violate ban on quasi-military forces (Iraq)

Hard-Disk Drive Hits 50th Year

Are you charismatic in front of a camera?

GOV DEAN: With Katrina - We Saw A President Descend Into Failure

DHS alters plans for transportation worker ID program

Rudy, how could ya? The failings of America's Zero, I mean hero.

Tasini: A vote for war is a vote for higher taxes (Thanks, Hillary!) The Home of the Cowardly

Latest Connecticut Poll: Lamont Cuts Lead to 2%

A SIMPLE REASON for Bushies Failures: DRUGS: Multiple signs

What the hell just happened? Was it just my machine? The Home of the Cowardly

Planned Parenthood has had some recent victories that we can celebrate

What's the deal with Rockey Vaccarella?

The problem with taking out Irans nuclear sites

Verizon, Cingular or T-Mobile - what's best for South Florida

Armitage Met With Tom Cruise Same Day He Met With Bob Woodward?

Howard Dean is on Tweety

CONTEST! Name ONE Bush success, WIN A FREE DVD!

Sometimes I don't think I represent progressives very well.

WH Press Briefing Transcript (Rockey Is a shill)

ABC Blotter: Is the Next Step a Draft?

I see Osama is making a comeback. Tonight at 9. Know your enemy.

Are they going to lose the next two elections on purpose,

Did anyone watch C-Span today? It was off the hook. You had

Penis pump bombthreat at US airport

What do you all think about this Fox News reporter hostage tape?

I Challenge EVERY Bush-Lover (freeper) & Others

Complete transcript of Bush shill "ROCKEY VACCARELLA" available:

Worst President Ever.

Fox News Journalists Video Released.....Captured by Unknown Group..

Which is better?

Read this & WEEP if your Will has a "Waiver" giving Body Parts to Science!

Bush met w Rockey this a.m., but won't meet with Cindy Sheehan?

Mexico: People of Oaxaca seize control of TEN Radio Stations

What will the October Surprise be to help GOP in 2006 election?

== It's Not Bush's Fault!= By Mark Morford

Middle school teacher burns American flags in class


Randi Rhodes Has Been No-Fly Listed!

Bush on Katrina Anniversary: it's just a date

Jim Hightower strikes again...

Stay Out of the Water

Long Live The Fregans.

I just talked to Cindy Sheehan's sister

Leak Investigation Ordered (AIPAC)

War in Iran? Nah, no way. Don't be silly. Not gonna happen. No way.

Is EVERYTHING they say about Osama True? Or is some of it Bullshit?

Little Monkey, I'll forget....

When The Levies Broke - Will Be Re-shown 8/29 - All 4 Acts

A year ago Katrina was named... Think Progress has a


I was just watching Tweety and thinking...I like John McCain...

Ex CIA-We Are NOT Safer & They Hate Us For Our Actions Not Our Freedoms

Killing is being done by US backed death squads from the Interior Ministry

San Francisco Zoo Horse Named "Coulter"... !

Abu Aardvark: "what the Iraqi people want" (not what bush says they do)

VIDEO: Chris Matthews gives dimwit GOP pol grilling that would wilt Bush

Another good reason to own an Electric Auto

Lieberman on Iraq:"If we walk away..the Iranians will..take over..the oil"

MSNBC poll: Did Bush administration mislead Americans on the Iraq war?

Here's the Issue I'd like to see the opinion polls address again...

Fred Kaplan: What a Moronic Presidential Press Conference!

1 in every 5 female cadets has been raped at the Citadel, 1 in 25 men

Is it time to get a divorce from America?

Maybe they're just not as evolved

"Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class" - NEW Hartmann book

Has Outsourcing Gone Too Far??

Hillary Clinton Queen of the Democratic Party

Can we get a forum for Video and Audio?

Zogby Poll Released (Links) - 92% Demand to View Vote Count

OMG! Condi Rice's "Birth Pangs" is a freakin' Rapture reference!

Does The Left value or believe in Personal Responsibility?

Anti-Semitism: What it is and isn’t

The President reads books. Do you?

I don't understand the Hillary for President talk

"Scoop" El pueblo mexicano: Héroes de la democracia *Por favor*

Dumbest freeper comment ever!!!

Scout prime's Katrina video: Watch it

What idiot thought this up? (Survivor)

"Body parts harvested in N.C. recalled " Feds Tried To Keep it Secret!

Don't Marry Career Women

US Ambassador to Iraq Casts Baghdad as Occupation's Last Stand

Teacher Placed On Leave For Hanging Foreign Flags

"Political Free-Fall In US - Impeachment Demands" by Autorank

Surprise! Bush-lover "Rocky" V from NOLA...IS A GOP POL!!

Wal-Mart Publicity Operative Calls Democrats "Hezbocrats"

Bush: "Rock is a plain-spoken guy...fellow I feel comfortable talking to."

POLL: (D) Ford leads (R) Corker for senate seat, DEMS MAY RETAKE SENATE

"Scoop" - The Mexican People-Heroes of Democracy *Please* get this out

Avi Rubin on Lou Dobbs last night discussing e-voting machine flaws

Look Who's Talking About Near-Unanimous Support For Transparent Elections

Does the 9/11 anniversary really help Bush's ratings? (Data and Evidence)

Bush Conveniently Forgot Letter He Wrote Re: Iraq’s 9/11 Role

Recent Encounters with Republicks-- they're getting ugly

Mexico Approaches the Combustion Point by John Ross

Katrina Survivors Still Need Us: Remember Plaid Adder's Charity Lists?

Union convention expected to draw 500

The REPUBLIC party

Kerry, Miller & Dodd--Oh My! On Election Fraud

Western Town and Ben Nelson Senators new music video online!


Memorial Service For Harlan County Miners: "No 'Freak Accidents' In Mining

Surprise, surprise... George Allen's Durfur Scorecard score...

John McCain just moved to the LEFT of Hillary Clinton!

Ohio jobless rate hits 5.8%

"The Hill" debuts Wed., 8-23: Documentary series on Rep. Wexler's office

Tweety and Hacket Eviscerates a Right Wing Puke

Alaska governor loses bid for 2nd term

Starbucks anti union actions audio story while you read the DU

so who is supporting Schlesinger?

Sen. Robert C. Byrd Unrelenting

Is anybody ready to send tea? Ready to impeach?

Dick is stupid Armey spoke stupidly on Wash. Journal this a.m.

Bin Laden On TV

Whitehouse's "Wait & See" Middle East Policy Costs Lives

Thom Hartmann's got Pat Buchanan coming up on his morning show

The Racism of the Right - Breadth and Depth

My LTTE in The Day: Lieberman Really A GOP Candidate

Gallup: Dem lead Narrows in Generic Ballot(47-45)

Fighting Fear with Guns: An Evaluation of the "War on Terror"

Reuters: Iran's Mideast influence boosted by "war on terror"

Junior & Evil Dick "disappointed by Israel's failure to defeat Hezbollah"

Well, that explains why the exit polls haven't been working

GOP leaders desperately working to derail network neutrality !!!

Conrad Burns asks for the Green Card of Guatemalean House Painter

Miss America

women, recruiters, rape and sexual misconduct!

Cheney's WY house seat still seems like a possible dem pickup

Is It a"Political Pivot" or a Legitimate "Flip-Flop"? to Bush: Reinstate the draft or lose the Iraq war

Gas prices have dropped nearly 30 cents in a month here

Did GHWB and James Baker throw the 1992 election

The reason why Sen Clinton held up the AIDs bill

New Bush Comic: Master of Disaster Part 2.

Democrats, Big Labor, and the auto industry ... a winning combo?

All invaders and occupiers need to read this...

"With God on our Side": George W. Bush

George W. Bush, reader

"Fox Fans" Iran solution? "Massive pre-emptive missile and air-strikes"

Where are we currently standing in the polls on taking back congress?

I got a letter today from the national gop congressional committee

Mind-blowing manifesto explains some of GOP mind control techniques

The Bush White House: A Disturbing Mix of Sycophants and Sock Puppets

Democrat saddles up for a red-state ride (Kleeb-Ne) Chicago Tribune

Yesterday On Hannity's Radio Show Pukes Were Bashing Pukes!

In The George Allen "Macaca" Incident The Person In Question Whom ....

Republican Party Chair for Massa


Wolf: "Are Democrats losing their Congressional polling advantage?"

Send a sign to Ken Blackwell

On AAR at 7:30 pm eastern.. LaMont's campaign chairman.

UAW goes for Ned

Charles Brown (CA-04): "My son flew John Doolittle (R) out of Baghdad

Wake the hell up America Replugs still fail on Katrina

Go, Kitty Pilgrim!

BILL WINTER, CO-06: Don't support Democrats... (a MUST READ)

Which issues are most important for the US today

Bush can reinstate the draft, or lose the Iraq War

How to run a convention on a record of failure (short video)

A Few Thoughts For A Late To the Party John McCain.

Just recieved Byrd's unrelenting contribution request. YEAH!

Reasons to celebrate truth seekers & peace lovers..America sees the light!

Bush supposedly in a....GET THIS..."book reading competition with Rove"

Check this out, Think Progress link RE: Tweety and Iran

Photo Op Red Alert: "Bush puts his arm around Hurricane Katrina survivor"

Rockey Vaccarella: repug shill?

Bush revives, revamps message

In a Wayzata (MN) yard, 2 signs of trouble for Bush and GOP

"MEXICO ON A KNIFEBLADE headlines the British Guardian,"

Bush ensured the Iran deal would be rejected...

"Stay and Pay Republicans"

The Corps of TeeVee Generals

Top GOP leaders sending message to Big 3: Drop dead

What Happens If The 22nd Article Of Amendment To Constitution Is Repealed?

Hillary Clinton Holds Up AIDS Renewal Bill

How did Schlesinger become the GOP Senate candidate in Conn?

Islamic-fascism is an unsuitable name

We saw the "small man behind the curtain" during Katrina. Dean on CNN

"Godwin’s Law" is bullshit

Latest Senate race rankings from five sources

Once again Sec. Reich is right....

I cut this from Stars and Stripes - the military news cause it is

Reuters: Bush raises cash for senator in "macaca" flap

AP-- White House Dismisses Third - Term Talk

Allen says racial slur "nothing to apologize for," gets Bush's endorsement

Bush is heading to Kennebunkport for some relaxing golf with Poppy

Its time to turn on the fans and let young Americans feel a draft

"12 *Assingers* Detained"

George Bush is a saint!

So my Bush-supporting co-worker sits in my office and sees a sign

Kerry: "it's gut check time for Democrats"

Bush likes to disrespect staffers by farting in front of them

Sen. Kerry responds to "Wal-Mart Front Group's Attacks" on Democrats